1. Older school child
  2. Seat on the sidewalk
  3. Formation of geese in flight
  4. Enters a password
  5. Airport city east of los angeles
  6. Lil nas x song subtitled call me by your name
  7. Film festival hype?
  8. Excel function
  9. Himalayan ox
  10. Dip in the mediterranean?
  11. Bucket list item for an aspiring astronaut?
  12. Cookbook writer garten
  13. Nagging newlywed?
  14. Menzel who won a tony for playing elphaba in wicked
  15. Sausalito summer hrs.
  16. Bygone russian royal
  17. H.s. class with a unit on heredity
  18. Classic arcade game with pixelated aliens and what three answers in this puzzle have
  19. French houses
  20. Citation software
  21. Outwitted a predator?
  22. When dinosaurs roamed the earth
  23. Jack-in-the-box appendage
  24. Collections of cattle
  25. David who won the 1994 al cy young award
  26. Thats a terrible hiding spot
  27. Pens in
  28. Studio site maybe
  29. Business ltrs.
  30. Home security?
  31. New age singer from county donegal
  32. Silver alerts e.g.
  33. Toddlers perch at times
  34. If i had to bet …
  35. Sweat the small stuff
  36. Grove of palm trees maybe
  37. Use as an ingredient
  38. Tennis great profiled in espns 30 for 30 special arthur and johnnie
  39. Like sarah lawrence since 1968
  40. Alcohol in a pina colada
  41. Out of the picture
  42. People of canada
  43. Noble gas that's an anagram of organ
  44. Bone or squeaky ball e.g.
  45. People who aren't yet of age
  46. This situation's overwhelming!
  47. California county for wine lovers
  48. Christmas purchase that's often thrown out in january
  49. Like some numbers?
  50. Word after standing or information
  51. Company in the plastic business?
  52. Adjective for a shoppe
  53. Apollo 11 highlight
  54. Ryan o'neal movie
  55. It comes in reams
  56. Printed document
  57. Complete; certain; free from restriction, limitation or exception (adjective)
  58. Unable to satisfy creditors or discharge liabilities; pertaining to bankrupt persons or bankruptcy (adjective)
  59. To forgive or free from guilt or blame; to release from an obligation (verb)
  60. Firmly set in purpose or opinion; determined; unwavering and steady (adjective)
  61. Two countries ending with ya
  62. Six best picture winners
  63. Pillow cover type
  64. Cali college
  65. Shut forcibly
  66. _ffects _aves _ave _ften?
  67. Longtime lakers owner jerry
  68. Kind of oil
  69. Turning chisel companion
  70. Had feelings for
  71. Basics core