1. A position that really suits you in a pleasant hotel
  2. Lyric poem by matthew arnold first published in 1867
  3. A member of a people indigenous to north africa
  4. Capital of cameroon, a country with some 250 languages
  5. Number touring limited region? hot region
  6. The minister of propaganda in nazi germany from 1933 to 1945
  7. Pop the loose tees inside with the coin
  8. Bill turning club around
  9. Attend to some wiser veteran
  10. Dogs noted for their spotted coats
  11. Model vehicles aren't its components
  12. Second no.1 hit single by wham!
  13. Everything in pallet
  14. Crippled character in 1839 charles dickens novel nicholas nickleby
  15. Still television picture, typically a geometric pattern, broadcast to help viewers fine-tune their reception
  16. Group of people in swimming area
  17. Adorn part of ship
  18. Plan one’s manoeuvring to capture old emperor
  19. Plane attendant
  20. Politician perceived to bewilder
  21. Promoted after firm’s sudden success
  22. Rapidly acquire garden tool at home
  23. River’s wiggly line
  24. Serious type of play
  25. Set of documents: may it be at your fingertips?
  26. Sportsman taking a bow
  27. Steep bank or hillside
  28. Summons intelligence to overcome resistance
  29. Vermin back at church for carbohydrate
  30. Very earnest, wounded old soldiers
  31. Very small, like the prong of a fork?
  32. Wakes; moves slightly
  33. Without hesitation, enter corner and get involved
  34. (coming) one after another
  35. A few find wooer not crazy
  36. A pint perhaps for the doorman
  37. Abroad, busy excelling
  38. After ten years, good books decaying
  39. Boy engaged with a piece of music
  40. Confined: out of prison at last, went straight
  41. Costs for flyers
  42. Deep red gem stone
  43. Eg, march
  44. Finally agree on new price formula
  45. Gall on tree — fine to eat a fruit
  46. Girl eaten by cannibal
  47. In a quaintly amusing way
  48. Indian ruler's wife
  49. It holds up a top order
  50. Nauseated; irritable
  51. Offering french wine during performance
  52. One clamping down on wickedness
  53. One se asian in hot area — mountain range
  54. Communal meal at a place of worship
  55. Sabre oriental
  56. Ugly terrifying being
  57. Purchase with money
  58. Bushy-tailed mammal
  59. Luftwaffe attacks on english cities
  60. Become calmer 3 4
  61. Man stands downwind
  62. Flavouring that makes money
  63. Officers' instruments
  64. Old irishman living abroad!
  65. I'd seem odd in passing
  66. That woman's lad upset messenger
  67. Mammal of north america with alternating light and dark rings on its tail
  68. 1963 stage play by john arden
  69. Sculpture painting or drawing of the dead christ supported by the virgin mary
  70. Marine mollusc with a conical shell that clings to rocks
  71. Part of the lower back also called the lumbus
  72. Commune in brittany france with a cross channel ferry link to plymouth
  73. 1960 no 1 single by anthony newley
  74. Marine mammal with a beak-like snout
  75. 1855 novel by herman melville subtitled his fifty years of exile
  76. Old world bird with a brown plumage and speckled wings associated with song the twelve days of christmas
  77. 1996 action film starring keanu reeves and morgan freeman
  78. City in southwest england housing hmnb devonport
  79. Samuel beckett stage play premiered in 1953 featuring characters vladimir and pozzo
  80. American mammal with a black and white coat and bushy tail
  81. The — 2011 novel by ruth rendell
  82. London underground line coloured red on the tube map
  83. 1960 uefa european nations' cup winners (inits)
  84. Make a choice -- the compiler's is electronic to get best result
  85. First name of the duchess of cambridge
  86. Party political document
  87. Dennis ---, labour mp nicknamed 'the beast of bolsover'
  88. Noticed carpenter's tool
  89. A region in central italy, site of a cathedral with a dome designed by filippo brunelleschi in its capital
  90. Noisily peel fruit
  91. Cybershopping business
  92. Animal which, theoretically, may be both alive and dead
  93. Fine black wood
  94. Empty inside as a tree
  95. Pungent burger topping
  96. Dont make any progress
  97. Baseballers toppers
  98. Where surgeons work: abbr.
  99. Faked as a signature
  100. Style of sweater
  101. __ of measure (mile or gallon)
  102. Supreme court complement
  103. Pawn a type of dry white wine from germany?
  104. Atmospheric layer of oxygen
  105. Made a complaint
  106. Buildings for tools
  107. Go __ for the ride
  108. Unite two companies
  109. Floorboard sounds
  110. Lone rangers face covering
  111. Athletes post-season honor for short
  112. You might need a rest during this game
  113. - - why the caged bird sings; one o maya angelou's autobiographies
  114. Nothing is as extraordinarily amazing
  115. Scraped away or wore down by friction; eroded
  116. Reporter's not changing paper?
  117. Bigamist baker in 1954 radio drama under milk wood by dylan thomas
  118. Jonathan —, former leeds united defender; 1999 england debutant against bulgaria
  119. Stop bullying entire team drained of energy
  120. Stop upper chamber briefly going in a little lower
  121. Suggestions to improve performance
  122. Tall sunflower in the middle, yellow perhaps?
  123. Tenant accepting lease finally to regain admittance
  124. Top of a short run
  125. Trojan widow even having love affair, dropping name and securing husband
  126. Turn on leader of establishment overwhelmed by sarcastic jokes
  127. Vile thing
  128. Washing lemon
  129. A new vault over the poles? much more
  130. A painful condition oppresses one rodent
  131. Abroad, met implausibly wonderful man
  132. Actors considered fixed
  133. American city, say, sir ken almost roused
  134. Bad person - googly
  135. Berlin regularly leading this silly race
  136. Bodybuilder's fiendish quiz question?
  137. Bone in grave: i'm not sure
  138. Bought for peanuts?
  139. Carpet to decorate with feathers
  140. Charmer backing winner, i seethe somewhat
  141. Cricketer bats, surprisingly, in red
  142. Cross-country riding
  143. Derisive giggle
  144. Determined where nomads live?
  145. Difficult cricket delivery to play
  146. Ending in detention, the short red skirts bringing expression of mild reproof
  147. Explain when bit of fish found in river
  148. Feeling nothing new in intestine after treatment
  149. Fish day
  150. Fortune collected by seed in sport
  151. God has no time for a break
  152. Gone to outside broadcast carrying disc and record player: just as well
  153. Caring about conifer's last leaf
  154. Great man has guns to hand
  155. Green area, red and green ultimately
  156. Green wire attached to complete circuit?
  157. Grey in red, most striking
  158. Grouch mean, or miserable
  159. Half behind machine
  160. I hurl stones, but three caught surprisingly
  161. In prayer, deified sun, gazing up a little
  162. Instrument, though not in red
  163. Men replaced in best part of a squadron
  164. Monastery gambling with a million that is shrewdly invested
  165. More smartly clothed
  166. No black children regularly rejected their raw seafood
  167. No end of religion for this girl
  168. Old man, german, nods and regularly drops off
  169. On top, solver's blessed with outstanding dining equipment?
  170. One set of books bulky to lift as a whole
  171. One up, we hear - on course for this cup?
  172. Papal order initially in red reaching troublesome conclusion
  173. Peacock feathers finally put in hat
  174. Piece of music has to carry a sound
  175. Plant most of bed so comes up in red
  176. Players squint
  177. Prime cut available to buy outside hotel entrance
  178. Puzzle on something red in london
  179. Red ball frayed either side: movement around that
  180. Red meat at bottom of stream
  181. Redpoll in red, good for bird
  182. Repeal bold move? scandalous!
  183. Repressed, although more vigorous
  184. Robin perhaps flying in later
  185. Scoring marks, 51 in red
  186. Sculling sport?
  187. Side at a future date meeting arsenal wingers
  188. Small body containing the female germ cell of a plant
  189. Small bottle, one in private chamber brought up
  190. Spilling blobs, make mess on small disk
  191. Copper alloy
  192. Rubber source
  193. Dessert-eater's confession
  194. Circle spokes
  195. Make lumber out of
  196. Sailor's lockup
  197. Poker price
  198. Sandwich chain whose name means ready to eat in french
  199. Of the home or family
  200. Relating to trees dan word
  201. Hbo anthology crime drama starring 47-across in 2019 (2 wds.)
  202. Lip sync battle co-host ll ___ j
  203. Lingerie brand
  204. Suffer after a yoga class say
  205. Program opened with a fingertip
  206. May to peter parker of spider-man
  207. Actor burton who played geordi la forge on star trek: the next generation
  208. 2016 film for which 47-across won a best supporting actor oscar
  209. 15-across 27-across and 36-across actor whose first major role was on tv's crossing jordan (2 wds.)
  210. ___ eagles (robert redford/debra winger film)
  211. 2018 film for which 47-across won a best supporting actor oscar (2 wds.)
  212. Charlie to martin sheen
  213. Seattle clock setting (abbr.)
  214. Hammock snooze
  215. Field of dreams actor james ___ jones
  216. Value of a q tile in scrabble
  217. ___ the bunny (touch-and-feel baby book)
  218. Gracefully refined
  219. Darkest ___ (2017 film with six oscar nominations)
  220. Shortened word in some private-school names
  221. Izombie zombie played by rose mciver
  222. Shapiro who co-hosts npr's all things considered
  223. Singer/actress midler known as the divine miss m
  224. Such transport is for the ministry, otherwise
  225. Glove compartment items in pre-gps days
  226. Board game of world domination
  227. Voice part in four-part harmony
  228. La ___ (california-based shoe company)
  229. Hey you! in a library whisper
  230. Our ___ are sealed (hit song by the go-go's)
  231. Garden clod chopper
  232. State between mississippi and georgia (abbr.)
  233. Plant that yields a healing juice
  234. Airport boarding zone
  235. Dodge new ship to venus, say
  236. A girl 'well ungrateful' (rejecting lover's gifts, perhaps)
  237. Private place for major employer
  238. R s —, england test cricketer who hit 104 against west indies in bridgetown in 2009
  239. Rings tramp
  240. Royal spouse, criminal type
  241. Royal sycophant is cooking local delicacy
  242. Reportedly changes tables
  243. Reportedly save lots of people
  244. Recluse regularly taking drug in outskirts of leicester
  245. Rub to relieve pain
  246. Ravenous pests, many seen outside clubs regularly
  247. Rush of blood to the hand
  248. Reusable rocket-launched craft flown by astronauts
  249. Regret drinking port with royal head of state
  250. Remains very sick in north-east country home
  251. Rabble-rousing lacks its initial impression
  252. Ran over judge? tell us the story!
  253. Remarkably safe recipe for emergency exit
  254. Run by russian river in the countryside
  255. Run from the house in panicky retreat
  256. Nick leeson was this kind of trader
  257. Creature akin to the pelican?
  258. French term for a ballerina or female terpsichorean
  259. Run away together in a way
  260. Freon or neon
  261. ___ miami football club to be based in miami headed by david beckham
  262. Illness of the lungs and respiratory system
  263. Exacting, not giving
  264. Large bladed farming implement for cutting or turning earth, typically drawn by a tractor or draught animals
  265. Fishing net currently seen in paris
  266. Swimming pool feature
  267. Joined together especially oxen
  268. Jot tiny bit
  269. Organization of petroleum exporting countries (abbr)
  270. Direct effect
  271. Incompetence
  272. Drunk when the pips have been removed
  273. Layered or lined gemstone
  274. Cups and saucers
  275. Speak in grand manner
  276. Where teeth sit
  277. Finance trail around heart of kansas
  278. _ _ blue, a 1979 hit for blondie
  279. Gratuitous guidance
  280. Kind, helpful person
  281. Language of north-east spain
  282. Lion king broadway director
  283. Runnin college team
  284. Body system with bones and tendons
  285. Repeated survivor setting
  286. Gathering for eagles
  287. Metropolis managing video game
  288. Noeud coulant
  289. Ferme de campagne
  290. Noeud coulant 4 lettres
  291. Prefixe qui signifie en mouvement
  292. Much hustle about nothing
  293. University term or exam for short
  294. Unruly kid say
  295. Oh before i forget… in text speak: abbr.
  296. Pickup truck often found in australia for short
  297. Common frying pan for chefs in china
  298. Continent of spain briefly
  299. Actress who plays heidi bergman in the psychological thriller web tv series homecoming: 2 wds.
  300. Area where cars are parked
  301. Trash and dust holder
  302. Actor who plays walter cruz in the psychological thriller web tv series homecoming: 2 wds
  303. Great misery
  304. Solidify as jelly say
  305. Actor who plays craig in the psychological thriller web tv series homecoming: 2 wds.
  306. Unadulterated or spotless
  307. Louis armstrong's ..___ skies of blue and clouds of white…: 2 wds.
  308. So near ___ so far
  309. Shape of a round bracket
  310. Duvernay of a wrinkle in time
  311. Meditative state in buddhism
  312. Maths or history in school for short
  313. Frantic speech
  314. Embellish and decorate
  315. ___ brute? (famous line of accusation): 2 wds.
  316. Another word for conclude
  317. Santa's white hairy costume part
  318. Tibet's spiritual leader ___ lama
  319. Con ___ (direction in music)
  320. Whimper like a kitten
  321. Twisted shape like the letter s
  322. Sterling jewelers' brand ___ jewelers
  323. Home to great basin college
  324. Wild goat of the alps
  325. Like some twisted humor
  326. A play may be divided in these
  327. Max fleischer's animated cartoon character betty ___
  328. Expression of frustration
  329. Small guitar-like instrument from hawaii for short
  330. Lord of the boxing ring?
  331. Single-serve coffee container: hyph.
  332. Not at home say
  333. Playstation ___ handheld game console developed by sony
  334. Orange discards that are also used in spa treatments
  335. Spew out saliva
  336. Sleep disturbing sound while sleeping
  337. Hourglass content
  338. Path-finding puzzle
  339. Stop talking, it's an obsession
  340. Husband escaping from modest social class
  341. Lorem _, filler text used in printing and graphic design
  342. Put a line through some disclaimer as expected
  343. Marie _, the wife of louis xvi who was executed during the french revolution in 1793
  344. St —; cornish town, site of one of the tate galleries
  345. Leave bob to sleep
  346. Yearn for a try in the past
  347. Professor minerva —; character played by maggie smith in the harry potter films
  348. Large vessel with a tap for serving hot beverages to a crowd
  349. Trust hard work and a bit of experience
  350. Romania-born french author of 1921 stage play the gas heart best known as a founder of dadaism
  351. The goldfinch novelist
  352. Bill given to the french for piece of furniture
  353. Aston villa goalkeeper who replaced jimmy rimmer in the 1982 european cup final
  354. Force the spanish to follow the little devil
  355. 2014 romcom starring cameron diaz and jason segel
  356. Possibly told 2-down to become traditional
  357. Hindu god of rain and thunder
  358. Simbas mate in 23-down
  359. Not fully open
  360. Call me the greatest!
  361. 56-across roughly translated
  362. Where to have your hair done
  363. Song that opens and closes 23-down and whose title is literally described in this puzzles center
  364. Greek group thats not in greece
  365. Tries to lose some pounds
  366. Seasoning that can lead to high blood pressure
  367. One whos looking
  368. Only continent larger than africa
  369. Radio band options
  370. Qb tackle
  371. Song from 23-down
  372. 23-down setting
  373. Gentrification raises them
  374. Best picture winner based on events of 1979-80
  375. College that awarded the first ph.d. in the u.s.
  376. 23-down villain
  377. One of the bobbseys in childrens literature
  378. 1998 bp purchase
  379. Valuable scrabble tiles
  380. ___ sea (almost dried-up body)
  381. Director of 23-down on broadway
  382. Fleming at the met
  383. Bar mitzvahs and the like
  384. Job seekers success
  385. Disney movie released in june 1994
  386. Not at the dock say
  387. Russian revolution target
  388. British singer lewis with the 2008 #1 album spirit
  389. Need for doing toe loops
  390. 2015 tony winner kelli ___
  391. Long-eared lagomorphs
  392. Part of a cash register
  393. Org. behind the bay of pigs invasion
  394. Lead-in to plop
  395. Secretly sends an email copy to
  396. Run out of pants?
  397. Dickens' little __
  398. Steal tent holders?
  399. Xv ÷ v
  400. Share sewing cylinders?
  401. Choose in a booth
  402. Pharmacy tablet
  403. Praise guinness products?
  404. Carb-loading meal
  405. Spot with saunas
  406. Discuss cornfields?
  407. Arouse as an appetite
  408. Cook escargots perfectly?
  409. Cut with a surgical beam
  410. Fiddler busybody
  411. 63-across rival
  412. Star wars creator george
  413. Czech diacritical mark
  414. Joint for a bracelet
  415. Tree in a tray
  416. Phone downloads
  417. Polite hang on
  418. At last vocalist james
  419. Loch with monster stories
  420. Govt. ids
  421. Green shade with an irish name
  422. Skater slutskaya with two olympic medals
  423. The beatles' sexy —
  424. Reacting in rage
  425. Bus. sch. course
  426. Needle source
  427. One in a bar array
  428. In that case fine
  429. Sissy with an oscar
  430. Beer holder sometimes
  431. End for lemon or gator
  432. Upper atmosphere enthusiast: i'm ___!
  433. Tarot card enthusiast: i'm ___!
  434. Ride at a kid's birthday party
  435. First name in the empire strikes back
  436. Discussion between the lawyers and the judge
  437. Mountain map figs.
  438. Bible character enthusiast: i'm ___!
  439. Den youngster
  440. Number in icing perhaps
  441. Couldn't keep up
  442. Blue buffalo rival
  443. With 56-across pretzel enthusiast: i'm ___!
  444. What beanbag chairs lack
  445. It's bashed at some bashes
  446. Size-changing superhero
  447. Pullet's place
  448. Self-portrait with monkey artist frida
  449. Joined the freeway traffic
  450. Worth its weight in gold say
  451. Tv promos
  452. Election predictor
  453. Dom of blazing saddles
  454. Big name in borscht belt comedy
  455. Dozens in the dairy aisle
  456. A wrinkle in time writer madeleine
  457. Sun bowl locale
  458. Ending for sinus or senior
  459. Treacherous shakespearean character
  460. Pasta in soups
  461. Land that sounds like a spicy dish
  462. Wishing well toss-in
  463. Orchestra accessory
  464. Overdo on the grill
  465. Diy furniture store
  466. Oscar category word
  467. Much of a roadie's haul
  468. Sounds from dogs in comics
  469. Signal lights out in a way
  470. World's firstborn
  471. Award for playwrights
  472. Prepared as baking apples
  473. Cat named for an island
  474. Truckee river city
  475. Cause of some careless blunders
  476. Makes a fluff
  477. Workout exudation
  478. Priest's home
  479. Like redbox movies
  480. Result of doing crunches hopefully
  481. Job with an oil change
  482. Foe of us
  483. Area 51 visitor some believe
  484. Oft-counterfeited watch
  485. Delaria who voiced cars 3
  486. Diana of the wiz
  487. Songstress ____ turner
  488. ____ wing and a prayer (2 wds.)
  489. Author dr. ____
  490. Mani's partner
  491. Let's go gabriela!
  492. Quip: part ii
  493. Swiss mathematician who nearly went blind
  494. Worst yelp review
  495. End of the quip (which should be spoken aloud!)
  496. Quip: part iii
  497. Aquarius' zodiac opposite
  498. Most risky
  499. Blog's revenue source perhaps
  500. Dean's email address ender
  501. Float path
  502. Leader of india's salt march
  503. Plumbers' probes
  504. Actress dahl or francis
  505. Popular creole dish
  506. Horace poems
  507. Jenga structure
  508. Coachella blasters
  509. Sunny von ___ (reversal of fortune role)
  510. Difficult spots for golfers
  511. Ram's gender
  512. Sep plan
  513. Apt last answer
  514. Confident that idiot was rude in error
  515. Largest of the four main islands of japan, between the pacific ocean and the sea of japan
  516. I get in somehow to make light of things
  517. Shakespearean character to sort out crime
  518. Baltimore seafood treat
  519. — little (film)
  520. Impatient inquiry
  521. Agricultural machine for bundling mown and tedded hay on the fields
  522. Like ready-to-eat walnuts
  523. Small pack animal
  524. Team sport originating in the us whose playing field is known as a diamond
  525. Idris ___ , luther tv detective actor
  526. Lesser sunda island to the east of komodo
  527. Roman emperor from 96 to 98 ad
  528. Language elevated in sublimation
  529. Earn through increased volume?
  530. Striking or dramatic scene
  531. Block of flats separated people you see mostly
  532. Reels off numberless errors then anaesthetises
  533. It usually includes the letters www: abbr.
  534. Hot drink that’s associated with england
  535. Carve as a ham
  536. Group that restricts liquids on flights: abbr.
  537. Jacques cousteau explored it
  538. Iron-___ (some decals)
  539. Deer without antlers typically
  540. My chemical romance’s music genre
  541. Director and star of 1990’s dances with wolves: 2 wds.
  542. Defensive ditch around a castle
  543. 1989 baseball film set on a farm in iowa starring 18-across: 3 wds.
  544. Any teammate of quarterback jared goff
  545. Investment plan for the later years: abbr.
  546. ___ a dull moment
  547. 1992 romantic thriller with whitney houston starring 18-across: 2 wds.
  548. ___-ida (golden crinkles french fries company)
  549. Hoover product for short
  550. Platoon director oliver
  551. Secretary’s workstation
  552. State animal of utah
  553. December flakes
  554. 21-year-old actress fanning
  555. White house ___ secretary
  556. Church collection dish
  557. Tel ___ (city in israel)
  558. What you’re called
  559. Locker room’s smell for example
  560. Commando’s clothing pattern for short
  561. Old-timey poem
  562. What ___ supposed to say?: 2 wds.
  563. All ___ sudden: 2 wds.
  564. Quaker ___ bran (brand of hot cereal)
  565. ___ the world on fire