1. A score of zero goals at the world cup
  2. Skin modification done with needles for short
  3. Just out of bed and detective has crash involving vehicles heading north
  4. Just like that, perhaps, net reportedly unravels
  5. Just not bad
  6. Junkie looking criminal ate acid with me
  7. Junk resort to a bit of mockery
  8. Jumper always having hole in it
  9. Julienne or fillet of fish re dressed
  10. Judge publication top class
  11. Judge banking fraud by extremely unfair account provider
  12. Journey to a shrine
  13. Journalists getting around including member of royal family
  14. Journalist’s statement when covering tense loan arrangements
  15. Jot down lp
  16. Jollies around indias border
  17. Joint operation in and on work posting
  18. Joiner in seat wearing garment, a certain style
  19. Join offensive to oust king henry
  20. John travoltas first to get sack
  21. John almost making a comeback, or george
  22. James , english actor, d 1984
  23. Meaningless talk 6 letters
  24. Stands up to
  25. Drinks with steep prices?
  26. Most populous nato country
  27. Light baked dish
  28. With resolve
  29. Peignoir trim
  30. *finish loads of work?
  31. Lack of continuity
  32. Starts to come out of ones shell
  33. *rust-oleum product
  34. Opera set in egypt that debuted in cairo
  35. Evasive maneuvering and what can literally be found in the answers to the starred clues
  36. Laura linney netflix series
  37. __ of averages
  38. Sir carter to beyoncé
  39. Project that must be defended
  40. Net-neutrality regulatory org.
  41. Cry with a finger snap
  42. Sprinkle that adds umami for short
  43. Makes soaking wet
  44. Potter character
  45. Gillians role on the x-files
  46. Not done all at once
  47. Donald glover series set in the south
  48. L.a. winter hrs.
  49. Awards for hunt and hunter
  50. Global news agcy.
  51. Polly-syllabic pet?
  52. Automaker named for a japanese river
  53. Crush it like a drag queen
  54. Bombard with snowballs
  55. Drink that some call pop
  56. ___ her standing there (beatles hit)
  57. Not out in softball
  58. 10% contribution
  59. Skeleton or luge
  60. Bite-size sugary sphere
  61. Quarterback who led the bengals to super bowl lvi
  62. Old train fuel
  63. Part of a dog's paw
  64. Where to find banff
  65. Arby's specialty
  66. Enhance, as security
  67. It's often cooked with carrots
  68. Metaphor for combining cultures
  69. Not capable of being read or deciphered; unreadable or hard to understand plainly (adjective)
  70. So small or unimportant as to be safely disregarded; of only minor importance (adjective)
  71. Two fish starting with s
  72. Seven words starting and ending with t
  73. _kin _overing _fter _leeding?
  74. Mother that can't be fooled
  75. Gone with the wind star clark