1. Light songs
  2. Smooth talking in an insincere way
  3. Cannon fodder at a sports stadium
  4. Like marathons
  5. Largest of the big cats
  6. It's against the motion
  7. Law firm standout
  8. Stay afloat, in a way
  9. Rabbit predators
  10. Beauty is in the eye of the holder
  11. Warm, in a game
  12. Penn and princeton
  13. Acts disrespectfully toward
  14. Obtain by trickery
  15. Like joel goodson's business, in a 1983 film
  16. One granting three wishes
  17. Fits to __
  18. Dicaprios co star in once upon a time in hollywood
  19. South american shocker
  20. Live for evil, say?
  21. Dialogue-stopping button?
  22. "all that jazz" director
  23. Piano's soft pedal, for one
  24. Future educator's goal
  25. Wrap in a bandage
  26. Hang (around), as with a friend
  27. Out with permission, maybe
  28. Put on a jury
  29. Actress cornish of "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri"
  30. Bonneville racing venue
  31. Places to hang
  32. Got the point?
  33. Liquid transfer device
  34. More than simmer
  35. Did a flower garden task
  36. Tennis umpire's order after odd-numbered games … and a hint to the two sets of circled letters in each of eight answers
  37. Holiday that marks the end of ramadan
  38. Highland wear
  39. Catering supply
  40. Some "er" roles
  41. Toy with runners
  42. Bad day for caesar
  43. Lay down the law
  44. Probably not a good sign at a picnic
  45. Words in some pop group names
  46. Do a yard job
  47. Heaps affection (on)
  48. Swordfish __
  49. Word containing three of itself
  50. Helped plan a job, maybe
  51. Penny attachment
  52. "criminal minds" agent played by matthew gray gubler
  53. Delhi dairy drink
  54. Symbols in some pop group names
  55. "a hard road to glory" author
  56. Asmara is its capital
  57. Perth protest
  58. Ancient greek medical researcher
  59. Author's assumed character
  60. Left, as a sinking ship
  61. Flower named for its color and shape
  62. Proverbial bone breakers
  63. Sleek, for short
  64. Pga rival of tiger
  65. Nickname for esther
  66. Cry of defeat
  67. Impediment to compromise perhaps
  68. Stiff drink for a loose lady?
  69. ___ a high note
  70. Overcome by mal de mer?
  71. $7.2 million purchase of 1867
  72. Astronomical meas.
  73. Confirmed as a password
  74. Works in a gallery
  75. Father of goneril regan and cordelia
  76. One way to travel
  77. Put at rest
  78. Ore analyzer
  79. How french dip is served
  80. Grilled on taco truck menus
  81. Its flag includes sego lilies and a beehive
  82. Grandson of methuselah
  83. Black-clad teen often
  84. Native of 34-across
  85. Actors sean and chris
  86. Caldwell with four tonys
  87. Loser's demand
  88. That one-of-a-kind yeti say?
  89. Prepare for a drive
  90. Dress for donald duck's girlfriend?
  91. Persnickety poodle?
  92. Where do you get off?
  93. Carmaker based in bavaria
  94. God in the torah
  95. Shopping district of tokyo
  96. Per annum
  97. Gossip from a busybody?
  98. Like pedicure socks
  99. Repulsive dress?
  100. Morales of ncis: los angeles
  101. Author of a dull sports memoir?
  102. Class with divisions
  103. Simple choir part?
  104. What to do
  105. 1974 nobel peace prize winner
  106. The bell jar writer
  107. Offhand comment from a slacker?
  108. Cooks without oil as some corn
  109. Shut in
  110. Issued 10-across
  111. Japanese cars
  112. Mineral whose name is latin for crumb
  113. Where the clintons met
  114. Heeded the alarm
  115. Parts of hearts
  116. Bombards with junk email
  117. Org. screening suitcases
  118. God in arabic
  119. Sing with your mouth closed
  120. Opportunity to bet on jeopardy!
  121. Chest day unit
  122. Crown: an ___ to the fresh cut
  123. Chris redd's show for short
  124. Shows support at a poetry show
  125. ___ fresca (tamarindo e.g.)
  126. Knitting e.g.
  127. Seize by force
  128. Holiday celebrated with five-fruit trays
  129. Play a game of sardines say
  130. Adult ferrets have 34
  131. Baklava for example
  132. Pic to click
  133. Lighthouse keeper lewis with many rescues
  134. Traffic sign near a stoplight
  135. Activist ___ lady java
  136. Gained access
  137. Insufferable people
  138. In memoriam column
  139. ___ paulo museum of art
  140. Part of a peacock's train
  141. Speak ill of
  142. Soft wallet material
  143. The o in own
  144. City that's a stop on the taj express
  145. Makes an appearance on a show
  146. Comedic gimmick
  147. Former title for ursula burns at xerox
  148. Jewelry items sometimes attached to anklets
  149. State south of arizona
  150. Tax evader's fear
  151. Arctic archipelago people
  152. Big ___ (sons of anarchy character)
  153. Study into the wee hours perhaps
  154. Like this emoticon: :(
  155. Pass into law
  156. Oscar winning lyricist washington
  157. The slightest or the foggiest thing
  158. Mans name that spells a fruit backward
  159. Quinceañera e g
  160. Birkin stock
  161. Language group related to yupik
  162. Tool in a wood shop
  163. Jama contributors
  164. Mistruth
  165. In which you might do a deep dive
  166. Member of the inn crowd
  167. Word that when spelled backward becomes its own synonym
  168. Co founder of the n a a c p
  169. In essence
  170. Italian poet cavalcanti who influenced dante
  171. You cant fire me
  172. Land governed by the house of grimaldi
  173. Nancy who served as the first female member of the british parliament
  174. Little sounds
  175. Balls in the sky
  176. 1981 hit genesis album whose name resembles a rhyme scheme
  177. Eh not really
  178. Drift off to sleep
  179. Answer to are you asleep that cant be true
  180. Two thumbs down review
  181. Ng author of the 2017 best seller little fires everywhere
  182. Lead in to an indiana ville
  183. Young white comedian/correspondent for the daily show
  184. Tex who directed the first bugs bunny cartoon
  185. Drink up during a timeout say
  186. 2021 super bowl champs
  187. Home to the minoan civilization
  188. Brexit vote e g
  189. Ditto in scholarly journals
  190. Allen one of the founders of vermont
  191. Was uncomfortably hot
  192. Chops up finely
  193. Stop your foolishness outside
  194. Result of a merger between ralph lauren and starbucks
  195. Disneys world
  196. Been there done that feeling
  197. Leaves nothing to the imagination
  198. Waldorf the so called queen b on gossip girl
  199. Shot across the bow
  200. Reform cause for the marshall project
  201. 10 to 10 say
  202. Result of a merger between hormel and instagram
  203. Result of a merger between procter & gamble and jacuzzi
  204. My love in madrid
  205. Klum of project runway
  206. Firm decision maker
  207. Passive acquiescence
  208. Cheese offered tableside at italian restaurants informally
  209. Bird like the canada goose or arctic tern
  210. Result of a merger between hasbro and nikon
  211. Bad sound for an engine
  212. Rulers staffs
  213. Like the wights on game of thrones
  214. Result of a merger between google and planters
  215. Result of a merger between kraft and hersheys
  216. Second longest human bone after the femur
  217. Letters before gerald r ford and ronald reagan
  218. Musician who was booed in 1965 for playing electric guitar
  219. With 18 down what has four legs and sprints
  220. Night on bald mountain or finlandia
  221. Soft drink concentrate e g
  222. Maintaining equilibrium
  223. Result of a merger between quaker oats and greyhound
  224. Frontiersmans headgear
  225. Lower cost option on a popular rideshare app
  226. The a of james a garfield
  227. Men are pigs
  228. Owl flying close to the ground
  229. Overturns indicators of available 9a
  230. Overtone
  231. Overseas representative
  232. Overcome impudence that holds state up
  233. Outspoken glaswegian unable to fork out for appetiser
  234. Outburst from quiet oaf about maintaining independence
  235. Out of hospital, damages limbs
  236. Othello’s setback mostly provided by iago, principally
  237. Ornament to raise to one&rsquo s ear
  238. Organised a way to drink whisky
  239. Organic material from our group supporting the sound of activity
  240. Order return of inexperienced partner for rave
  241. Oratorio, i judge, with sound rising around
  242. Oppressed, intimidated
  243. Opportunity to wind up german leader, perhaps
  244. Opportunists, one waiting to open morning paper
  245. Operetta article somehow worried my wife
  246. Operations legal proceedings repeatedly failing to get answers
  247. Operating in colour that&rsquo s extra strong
  248. Opera star being tricky &mdash one creates divisions
  249. Openness familiar to photographers
  250. Openings in commonwealth area involving a commonwealth state
  251. Opening bars with some quaint rooms
  252. Onset of enmity has you, red hot, turning up making wicked stare
  253. Only understandable by an enlightened inner circle
  254. Onlooker, viewer
  255. Onion ring one boy consumes
  256. Ones taken by the dancing, not love
  257. Ones left poet to acquire round piece of furniture
  258. Ones avarice has no end, yes
  259. One&rsquo s taken wrong line in the dark, lacking this
  260. One&rsquo s predecessor reacts on being corrected
  261. One&rsquo s hiding the onset of fresh uncertainties
  262. One who gets further than expected
  263. One who flies through the air antenna first
  264. One who decorates mooring rope
  265. One who can bridle at americans somewhat
  266. One upset about verse is completing stanzas
  267. One undecided as to which party to support
  268. One that&rsquo s fostered trouble with power and support
  269. One that&rsquo s cuddled is naked, we hear, underneath some lingerie
  270. One spinning act of cowardice, perhaps, as high class
  271. One speculating alarm will see removal of second event in cruel sport
  272. One share in decision that&rsquo s a surprise
  273. One reveres irelands foremost injured soldier
  274. One remarkably animated in party, given drink
  275. One president or another turning crazy in a second
  276. One prepared for posting to west country, ultimately amenable
  277. One pound off reasonably unsubstantial christmas decoration
  278. One of us upset getting left inside was once bad
  279. One of two british prime ministers
  280. One needs time and motivation for such a crime
  281. One moving slowly with large account book
  282. One maybe giving drug in city to junior nurses
  283. One may be suited by this second short journey through wood
  284. One learning about wine region
  285. One knocking forest spirits
  286. One is inclined to stride after delivery service
  287. One included in stratagem designed to obtain justice
  288. One in a well, keen to pull themselves up
  289. One identifying secret agents features
  290. One greek character left in time to find another
  291. One goes with hose that&rsquo s found in gutter
  292. One goes round with a despicable person
  293. One getting back around half five seeing red
  294. One french eleven embarrassed about power still running
  295. One followed by a goddess
  296. One enters london school after european woman
  297. One enforcing a go slow emptied water barrel into reservoir
  298. One eating no fat fish
  299. One closely involved with labour lord
  300. One climbing snowdon circles in a weird manner
  301. One can time railway route
  302. One adds zest as liberal, in showing partiality
  303. On the streets
  304. On reflection, somewhat grim, a musty taste sensation
  305. On a mystic bent, adopting new expression of holiness
  306. On a bike, ones headed north, east or west
  307. Old school type, abrasive, leaving india
  308. Old woman upset over exam lacking principles
  309. Old way the french primarily regarded a stableman
  310. Old slip made of superior substance, perhaps
  311. Old slide projector
  312. Old printers good german book in sickly green
  313. Old performer partially unconscious, in a trance
  314. Old order to disperse rhino at intervals with sensitivity
  315. Old man very strict — bit of a nag
  316. Old man stewing fruit, usually known by another name
  317. Old man disturbed in tree
  318. Old machine for making yarn
  319. Old language the french can put together
  320. Old lady supporting one in english mystery
  321. Old king taking on difficult question
  322. Old jailers ignoring last of wardens failures
  323. Old historian&rsquo s account embodied in biblical book
  324. Old fogey rejected dessert and paid
  325. Old family, one at war endlessly somewhere in japan
  326. Old couple of females getting away
  327. Old chinese gesture of deference
  328. Old bit of dry grass cut by writer before noon
  329. Old birds from two parties succeeded
  330. Old beset by criticism, mostly long suffering
  331. Old berliner keen to cross street on island
  332. Old actress mae&rsquo s direction
  333. Oh nasty tartan politics, erupting now herein
  334. Ogle, needing to grab comp­anion well he might
  335. Often involved in mishaps it concerned pa
  336. Official bureaucracy
  337. Officer studies information, schematically presented
  338. Offer maker
  339. Offer for sale you&rsquo ve got to cough up
  340. Of the immediate past
  341. Of good character
  342. Of early invaders
  343. Of an earlier time
  344. Oddly, dress penny with possibly crude sack
  345. Odd nun eventually getting cut down to size
  346. Odd bod and i agreed to break up, naturally
  347. Occur at the same time or place
  348. Occasional aim to grasp word, italian
  349. Obsession, not initially serious, developed
  350. Obscure byzantine coteries
  351. Oap wild with anger about hotel accommodation not suitable for his age group