1. Pharmacist/philanthropist lilly
  2. Distinct disparity
  3. The late alex trebek for one
  4. Leonard who wrote the song hallelujah
  5. George or louis to william and kate
  6. Xeroxes e g
  7. Discs on hi fis
  8. Grand speechmaking
  9. Noted stretch of time
  10. Burglary e g
  11. Neighbor of ukraine once part of the u s s r
  12. Emptiness
  13. Many family cars
  14. Capitol insiders informally
  15. Minty drink at churchill downs
  16. The wonderful wizard of oz writer
  17. Sensations at amusement parks
  18. Fix ones gaze on
  19. Luxury german carmaker
  20. New haven alma mater of five presidents
  21. Perennial embarrassments for teens
  22. Common herb in pizza
  23. U s public health agcy
  24. 1 across in manhattan for short
  25. Cold and damp as a basement
  26. Marine animals with flippers
  27. Categorize simplistically
  28. Derisive cries from the audience
  29. Source for maple syrup
  30. Org promoting oral health
  31. Greener energy source
  32. One of 435 in d c
  33. Survey of election day voters
  34. Places among the troops as a journalist
  35. Place for a ships captain
  36. Some hotel and restaurant staffers
  37. Forlorn directionless type
  38. In the countryside
  39. Singer/songwriter nicknamed piano man
  40. Jeans or jodhpurs
  41. Dig in at dinner
  42. Where to get ones kix
  43. Story about zeus or hera say
  44. Emerged as an issue
  45. Word before actor and actress at the oscars
  46. Activity with a lotus position
  47. Knot 8 across
  48. Kings imprimatur lends organ­isation at first a certain weight
  49. King seen, perhaps, giving party
  50. King prepared to receive information having sacked weak 3
  51. King had this made specially for crossing river
  52. Kind of speech i had given shortly after power drink
  53. Kind of poem written in a country churchyard by thomas gray
  54. Kind of light garment under servants coat
  55. Kind of drilling tool
  56. Kind of brandy made from pressed grape skins
  57. Killer in wood, wife smiled devilishly in repose
  58. Kermit and jeremy fisher, say
  59. Keeps circling quiet trees, deriving pleasure
  60. Keep selfies circulating around removing one is simple
  61. Keep going, having disposed of energy guzzling appliance
  62. Keen, raising energy to get wasted
  63. Keen on opening piece right away
  64. Kareninas twelve pies
  65. Refrigerator once
  66. Home of the wnbas los angeles sparks
  67. Eight in ecuador
  68. Nowhere near appropriate
  69. The constant gardener oscar winner rachel
  70. With 38-across unpublicized skill found in each set of circles
  71. Early ihops structurally
  72. Mesa or boulder
  73. Flat-topped south african landmark
  74. Contact info item
  75. Giving 110% say
  76. __ de rossi of arrested development
  77. Stark in game of thrones
  78. Quiet on the __!
  79. Meir of israel
  80. Dining room pieces with cupboards
  81. Not at all subtle
  82. Kunta in roots
  83. Like a bicycle climbing a hill
  84. An arm and a leg is a high one
  85. Sounds of awe
  86. Strange one made by politics?
  87. Points in math class
  88. Acid-washed jeans fabric
  89. Love in sicily
  90. With __ breath: tensely anticipatory
  91. Fur tycoon for whom a northwest oregon city was named
  92. Quarter-lb. quarters
  93. Gps prediction
  94. Little point to pick
  95. Two branches of the military
  96. Lubricants/additives brand
  97. Clapton or church
  98. Cooking products brand
  99. Biathletes need
  100. Flyers drag wheeled ones behind them at airports