1. Mooch, hang about
  2. Recited in chanting voice
  3. No dealer in evergreen shrub
  4. Skint, without a cent
  5. Samson smote enemies with the . . . . . . . of an ass
  6. Farm labourers, now archaic
  7. Line from centre of circle to circumference
  8. The fasting month for muslims
  9. Bashed or drove into
  10. Actual, not illusory
  11. Impurities that rise to surface of liquid
  12. Muscular spasms and pains
  13. Triangular land patches at river mouths
  14. Burn slightly on surface
  15. Criticises strongly or condemns
  16. Crime of double marriage
  17. Person with high and unselfish standards
  18. Take as true or take for granted
  19. Healthy mental state
  20. Become smaller or less
  21. So drug is found in these fruit-bowls
  22. Passage of bodily fluid through porous partition
  23. Dispute the truth of
  24. Met - in a collision?
  25. Use secant with sharp perceptiveness
  26. Cloth for drying washed dishes
  27. Firedogs, iron supports for fireplace
  28. Not occupied, perhaps apartment
  29. A skilled worker in stone
  30. Location of us invasion of cuba in 1961
  31. At present, this instant
  32. A judge of rarebit
  33. Creator of honey
  34. Brief halts in motor-racing
  35. Did leo or i hear the tropical songbird?
  36. Harland and wolff, say
  37. Praise somewhat dishonestly
  38. One-named alternative rock star since the 1990s
  39. ___ garden (chain restaurant)
  40. Play at a high volume
  41. Directing or controlling
  42. Only animal with a chin weirdly enough
  43. Hit with a bent leg
  44. Do the honors at thanksgiving dinner
  45. What many a pointless meeting really should have been
  46. Wall street optimists
  47. Respiratory disorder
  48. Living things
  49. ____ roll (2 wds.)
  50. Competition in which a heavy metal ball is hurled
  51. Artist henri ____
  52. Thing or purpose
  53. Export
  54. Story from long ago
  55. Trousers that end at or above the knee
  56. Intense and irresistible love for yourself
  57. Free from physical desire, a friendship
  58. Hi, howdy
  59. Important topic for offspring
  60. A severe setback - to the torso?
  61. Simple and unadorned
  62. Influential dwarfs from zurich?
  63. I'm nut case for savoury lamb dressing
  64. These gains are the product of crime - need telling to
  65. An informal bath
  66. Pull vigorously at or tow
  67. People who fly for pleasure
  68. Stressed with local pronunciation
  69. Cheers, gives hope to
  70. Muhammad's daughter or catholic shrine
  71. Male womaniser, after 18th century italian
  72. Love, hate, jealousy etc
  73. Frenzied and out of control
  74. Mature for eating like fruit
  75. First name of gulliver, he of the travels
  76. Cited rep for being old and dilapidated
  77. Evidence given in court
  78. It bounces at the bank
  79. Multiple tarzans
  80. Trill or sing like bird
  81. Sideways, like creative thinking
  82. Rang out loudly
  83. 'little . . . . . ., she lost her sheep'
  84. Be too clever for, being vulpine
  85. Small devils or mischievous children
  86. Intimidatory words to exact compliance
  87. Actor in non-speaking role
  88. Kind of sarcasm, sounds metallic
  89. Shout of disapproval, maybe at ref
  90. Spiritual, not materialistic
  91. Adhere - or chop as with axe
  92. They are offensive to see
  93. Russian scientist who studied reflexes in dogs
  94. A drowning man will clutch thus (2,6)
  95. Made formal attempt
  96. Violent or personal attacks
  97. Trellis to train plants to grow flat
  98. Describes a rough sea with small waves
  99. Definite, sure
  100. Rude and boorish
  101. Black-and-white crow
  102. Spanish sheep with high quality fleece
  103. Train driver, say
  104. Ask ___ (newspaper advice column)
  105. Bounce as off a pool table cushion
  106. Singer with the best-selling albums 19 21 and 25
  107. Adhesive, gluey
  108. Hypnotise, spellbind
  109. Daughter of tom cruise and katie holmes
  110. ___ de tocqueville author of democracy in america
  111. Rocket-building company since 2002
  112. Destination for european hikers
  113. Body art that might be revealed by hip-hugger jeans
  114. Circular band, of flowers say
  115. Craftspeople
  116. Like a millennial who's a huge fan of 1960s-'70s music it's said
  117. Source of revenue for many states
  118. Hardcore chinese party adherent
  119. Rubber-edged too, for cleaning windows say
  120. ___ carr best-selling author of historical thrillers
  121. Kind of pork at a chinese restaurant
  122. Clark's crush at the daily planet
  123. Canonized pope of the fifth century
  124. Elon musk for 34-across
  125. Available to all as a bathroom
  126. Petting zoo babies
  127. 2000s stage name for rapper sean combs
  128. Aperture settings
  129. J.j. who directed star wars: the force awakens
  130. Kind of tire
  131. With no plan or programme
  132. Small thin sharp piece
  133. Germs or bugs
  134. Spill the ___ (reveal sensitive information)
  135. Sandwich whose initials have been rearranged in five other ways in this puzzle
  136. '. . . . . . . . . keep falling on my head' (song)
  137. Reference book that's published every year
  138. Northern country
  139. Precious gemstones
  140. Excessively high charge by landlord
  141. Edible grain for breakfast
  142. Sea creature or mischievous child
  143. One who gives, maybe blood
  144. A . . . . wire is a highly energetic person
  145. Cia scouts seeking properties of sound
  146. Ordinal number for the press - the . . . . . . estate
  147. Person who jeers speaker from the crowd
  148. Major joint in leg
  149. Walking support, fits under arm
  150. Formed by fire like volcanic rock
  151. Leave out or forget
  152. Hanging bed of canvas or rope
  153. From the blue, it's a big surprise
  154. Past its prime - in france
  155. Vibrate with rhythm like heart
  156. High male singing voice like pavarotti
  157. Together and combined - at musical performance?
  158. A hopeless mess or ludicrous failure
  159. Horizontal plane - a palindrome
  160. Ancient palestine, the promised land
  161. Cause to become unfriendly
  162. Stripe on a fairy
  163. I convert to achieve in clever way
  164. Shameless woman of old testament
  165. This view is from above
  166. Get into line with non-jewish person
  167. Isn't certain about, has reservations
  168. Distinctive personal way of doing something
  169. Fragrant oil obtained from roses
  170. Table utensils as for soup
  171. Try-outs at being required by law
  172. Blunt sue may be lacking in tact
  173. Existence beyond death
  174. Wooden hammer used in croquet
  175. A neat pointed beard
  176. The working man's drink measure
  177. Meet at which riders and horses display skills
  178. Quickly, immediately
  179. Mollycoddled, pampered
  180. Ludicrously false statements
  181. Fish trap after deductions?
  182. Line of twisted fibres or threads
  183. Small indian turnover, fried
  184. Kernels exploded by heat
  185. The full dna sequence of an organism
  186. Commercial vehicles
  187. Raft he made for a relative
  188. Musical composition of several familiar themes
  189. Reference point against which other things can be evaluated
  190. Behaved in a certain manner
  191. Person who does dull menial work
  192. Worshipped and venerated
  193. Thing spoken of as notable example
  194. Loosen ropes or knots
  195. One with prefix meaning new
  196. Single-cell organism, can cause illness
  197. Unintelligible talk, nonsense
  198. Tricks or swindles
  199. The skull, major head bone
  200. Better than, in a higher class
  201. Cause the ruin of, or cancel
  202. Easily deceived, naïve
  203. Dodges, escapes skilfully from
  204. Stuff for starting a fire
  205. Exceptional in intensity or quality
  206. Linen colour
  207. Geometric figure with four right angles, not square
  208. Nasal eruption - starting a cold?
  209. Drive back or reject
  210. Difficult situation - may have horns
  211. Flower seed or lighting device
  212. Cast ballot in favour of
  213. Reading glass for one eye only
  214. Made noise like donkey
  215. Ordinary, not unusual
  216. Common australian cage-bird
  217. Receptacle for household rubbish
  218. Person who studies hard
  219. Extreme lack of energy
  220. In greek myth, a lover of his own beauty
  221. Floral-like ornaments made of ribbons
  222. Stains on shiny cloths
  223. Relatives by marriage 2-4)
  224. Personal attractiveness and charisma
  225. Sinecure for those lacking in confidence
  226. Lodgings for troops
  227. Blabber-mouth, can't keep a secret
  228. Withdraw from organisation
  229. Person who sees things as they are
  230. Clever and witty sayings
  231. Stern man has left-over pieces
  232. High-kicking french dance, once considered naughty
  233. Follow and promote a cause
  234. Engine mounted at the stern of a small boat
  235. Northern whisky
  236. Boyfriends of old
  237. They live on the largest island in the west indies
  238. Asiatic wild ass
  239. Military call and design on the skin
  240. Feeling of resentment or indignation
  241. Smooth and easy progress
  242. Rural, countrified
  243. Luxurious railway coach
  244. Fry quickly in a little fat
  245. Make obscure or unclear
  246. Inert gas, present in small amounts in the air
  247. Dense, dim
  248. Indistinct or hazy in outline
  249. Group of words as part of a sentence
  250. Scuffle, rough-and-tumble
  251. There's one in mayo, wales and new england
  252. Make vague reference to
  253. Something of little importance
  254. Acquiesces, assents
  255. Elderly person, in short
  256. Maid ran between
  257. Story's thread
  258. Hinge joint
  259. Fish of questionable style
  260. Moving crowds, of bees say
  261. Smells of any kind
  262. Richly adorned and elaborate
  263. A person under legal age
  264. Nearly land-locked sea of scandinavia
  265. National ballots on specific issues
  266. Attacks or interferes with
  267. Jolly and bright
  268. Snipe at, being wise
  269. Walt disney character originally called dippy dawg who first appeared in 1932 animated cartoon mickey's revue
  270. Posterior part of the body behind the thorax in arthropods
  271. Piece of music in which a refrain is repeated between episodes
  272. Largest city and capital of limburg province the netherlands
  273. Spinster occupying satis house in 1861 charles dickens novel great expectations
  274. D j — england test cricketer who made an unbeaten 110 against south africa in durban in 1957
  275. 1934 novel by f scott fitzgerald
  276. Troy — 2001 2006 and 2008 superbike world championship winner
  277. Dorset village above which a famous chalk giant is carved out of the hillside
  278. Jonathan — author of novels number 11 and expo 58
  279. 1937 novel by john creasey also published as the man in the blue mask
  280. 2005 film drama starring anne hathaway and bijou phillips
  281. Rugby union flanker; 2005 australia test debutant against samoa
  282. Area of shorter grass between the tee and green of a golf hole
  283. A gaelic mountain like bulben
  284. Drive out, eject from office
  285. 1845 novel by benjamin disraeli subtitled the two nations
  286. 1999 novel by michael connelly
  287. White crystalline sugar; a major energy source in metabolism
  288. The — 1982 children's book by roald dahl
  289. Beliefs or creeds
  290. Hermit or religious recluse
  291. Greek hero who carried out 12 labours
  292. United or joined like mother and child
  293. A lengthy essay, perhaps for degree
  294. Scotland's capital
  295. Florence nightingale was the lady with the . . . .
  296. Cites ref as the most violent in temper
  297. Speak thus to be long-winded
  298. It is alba in gaelic
  299. Micro-organism that causes disease
  300. System that uses only numbers 1 and 0
  301. Supposition, set of ideas
  302. Spouse or informal friend
  303. Source of flower or light
  304. Jewelled crowns for women
  305. Make moist or depress spirit
  306. Burt bacharach
  307. Symphonie fantastique
  308. Fabric's feeling to the touch
  309. The m of m.a.
  310. A fanatic, driven person
  311. A real mess - or a boxing weight
  312. Small ornaments worn on chain
  313. Rue runt involved in process of rearing
  314. Give authority or permission to
  315. Contrary, untoward
  316. Disquiets, troubles
  317. Boisterous, disobedient
  318. Suggestive or sneering grin
  319. Someone held in custody
  320. Thrusting forward movements
  321. It's said to prove a rule
  322. Supply food for parties
  323. Sound of a knock on the door
  324. Eras, subdivisions of time
  325. Sound transmission from two sources through two channels
  326. Short stretch of railway track off the main line
  327. Console, comfort
  328. Reptiles, some venomous
  329. Refused to stop
  330. Themes, subjects
  331. Regal, royal
  332. Capital city and treaty
  333. Superintend, manage
  334. Filter, sieve
  335. Of great force or power
  336. One who doesn't acknowledge your god
  337. Butchers' knives
  338. Negotiated, talked terms
  339. Pushes or shoves upward
  340. Setting alight
  341. Counterfeiting, forging
  342. Perceive, observe
  343. A type of china tea flavoured with bergamot
  344. Avow or corroborate
  345. First claim slangily
  346. What jack be nimble jumped over
  347. Interest-paying govt. securities
  348. Occupation ending for mob or poll
  349. Jack horners boast
  350. Amazes, astonishes
  351. American big cats
  352. What jack went to fetch with jill
  353. Mexican food thats folded
  354. Sports cable station
  355. Conquerors domain
  356. French-speaking caribbean nation
  357. One or more large merchant ships
  358. Provide furniture with padding, springs etc
  359. Temporary interruptions
  360. Start flying
  361. 70s dance club
  362. Toboggan for example
  363. Upscale german car
  364. Urge or propel
  365. Decree or edict from russia
  366. Be the first to find or see
  367. He services and mends cars
  368. Make a hash of the job
  369. Non-commissioned officer below sergeant
  370. Descriptive words or phrases
  371. Repair, as a trouser leg
  372. Not demonstrated as true or factual
  373. Draped roman garment
  374. Project for an archaeologist
  375. Alaska or arkansas
  376. On an even __ (balanced)
  377. Mix together smoothly
  378. Taste of food
  379. End a dispute
  380. Southeastern european
  381. Room just below a roof
  382. Large independent systems of stars
  383. Highest cards in bridge
  384. Pet hamsters home
  385. Comic drawings, may be animated
  386. Hotels place to swim
  387. Pumpkin pie seasoning
  388. Theyre stuffed into socks
  389. He travels daily to and from work
  390. Fully comprehend
  391. After-game summary
  392. One on a deans list
  393. Word after ink or knee
  394. Help for a small climber
  395. Civil war sword
  396. Well, start talking
  397. Md meeting an ambulance
  398. Conducive to arousing sexual desire
  399. Mythological night-sky hunter
  400. Hockey team on the ice, eg
  401. Loud noise of angry bull
  402. Medal metal
  403. French word in bridal bios
  404. Broadway hit, in slang
  405. Ship or kitchen pot
  406. Etudes, typically
  407. Feels otherwise
  408. Huge, really great
  409. This monster is envy
  410. Canine helpers to the blind
  411. Of clothes, mass-produced in standard sizes
  412. Belittle or disparage
  413. Precautionary or routine visit to g.p.
  414. Stringed instrument, may be electric
  415. Cutting side of knife
  416. Literal word for the dawn
  417. Deep ravine
  418. Elaborate situation created by streaker?
  419. Endless voting one expressed approval of - and tried to secure votes?
  420. Ex-uefa bigwig: "time to move on, for ****'s sake; we'll see you in court!"
  421. Female artificial in speech
  422. Femmes fatales near mates, misbehaving
  423. Name of disease from serbia in 26 down
  424. Football broadcaster beginning to stultify listener
  425. Girl and dog jump
  426. Go on social network, head buried
  427. Holland taking on italy - no score
  428. Placid, unexcited
  429. Illness reportedly went quickly
  430. Iv
  431. Lady troubled about first bit of knitwear that's polyester
  432. Small animal with slender body and reddish fur
  433. Larson taking uber rides regularly
  434. Leaf no stranger to plant?
  435. Left dearest bent copper
  436. Like some urns, terribly rare, nicked from the east
  437. Misshaped model is shedding pounds to get a heavenly body
  438. More than one boy that is attractive and healthy in scotland
  439. Most peculiar 22 briefly wearing reddish-brown
  440. No longer having time, stop - or run on?
  441. Old head of intelligence introduced to lovely, lively sailor's girl
  442. One assesses resistance to watershed being abused
  443. Outstanding university pad in barking
  444. Party hosting uzbekistan's first couple
  445. Poor seb coe, ex-conservative, getting very overweight
  446. Protest over bishop - something happening at end of service
  447. Rag i find appalling; below the salt
  448. Relating to the greek god of wine
  449. Rock in river
  450. Sailor reportedly does what he does: descends with a rope
  451. Mark special event with festivities
  452. She suggests tea...or perhaps cider
  453. She's married numberless men, including an old gardener
  454. Sheep's high-pitched noise, behaving violently
  455. Say yes to request
  456. Small drinks in vessels lacking height
  457. Small shrew, beginning to shiver, moves across the ice
  458. Solitary person would be left with this single thing
  459. Money deposits or servants to nobility
  460. The majority needing food to eat, being least contented
  461. Joined, having listened
  462. This writer's put on fake leather
  463. Thus short rope is needed in beauty parlours
  464. Torch carried by florida married boyfriend
  465. Tuck in early; hate it, tossing and turning
  466. Twenty joining club maybe - a record at a sports ground
  467. Unled soldiers overtake worker by the way
  468. Venerated husband given the thumbs-up
  469. 17th century french mathematician - si unit of pressure
  470. A bill, say, for a high-ranking turkish official
  471. A comic ran about like 'michelle, ma belle ... ’
  472. A sample of cheap ale, rough, somewhat lighter than ipa
  473. Amount of money paid all at once
  474. Anger about rubbish bins in part of north london
  475. Arrogantly obstinate
  476. B flat here?
  477. Backhanders
  478. Ball: good place for piercing?
  479. Breaking sacred italian trust
  480. Constance succeeded to poke her nose in
  481. Copper interrupting nonsense in voting procedure that's shocking
  482. Criticism not entirely crazy
  483. Dahl or amundsen?
  484. Male or wild pigs
  485. Decay of body tissue for want of blood supply
  486. False image like mirage
  487. Quick at learning, talented
  488. Draw out response or information
  489. Pre-christian celtic priests
  490. Follower of rastafarianism
  491. Support for public illumination
  492. Make merry, whoop it up
  493. Institution for worship
  494. Hurled, snowballs maybe
  495. Person who is unwilling to change even when there are good reasons to do so
  496. Placed restrictions on
  497. Ensure observance of rules
  498. Desecrate, despoil
  499. Fire at the new growth?
  500. Devices for controlling the flow of a liquid
  501. Irish peg, oddly, for the italian composer
  502. Powerful pain-reliever
  503. Breed of cattle from a channel island
  504. Attacks, violations
  505. Words referring to people, places or things
  506. Wide french thoroughfare
  507. Protective covering for a knife
  508. Great english painter, or worker with lathe
  509. Shoe or snake
  510. Doing what one is told
  511. Person fit for physical sports
  512. Opposite of 34-across
  513. You might take one from a mountaintop
  514. Surname in a brontë book
  515. “deal me a hand!”
  516. David bowie’s rock genre
  517. Willie in the baseball hall of fame
  518. Shift poet in order to halt robber
  519. Avoids skilfully
  520. Period with mammoth consequences for the environment?
  521. Like fred flintstone sartorially
  522. “matilda” author dahl
  523. Ugly sight, not nice to see
  524. “keep out of my business ” and a hint to 19- 32- and 39-across
  525. Duke’s athletic org.
  526. Milk buy
  527. Extol the virtues of
  528. Inset into earthenware mug for beer
  529. Startling revelations
  530. What a devout muslim uses five times daily
  531. Inset in the corner of a game screen
  532. Anderson of “wkrp in cincinnati”
  533. “gymnopédies” composer erik
  534. It wasn’t built in a day they say
  535. Playoff passes
  536. 1972 legislation prohibiting sex discrimination in schools
  537. Element component
  538. “___ around” (beach boys song)
  539. Spinning mass of water or air
  540. Makes up with a stone
  541. Cd or photo book
  542. Sign of zodiac - kind of spider
  543. Fame and public acclamation
  544. Dark beer for the rather fat
  545. Kind of heron with long white feathers
  546. Chilly extremities due to fear
  547. Always and without end
  548. Sand hills by the sea
  549. Animal that lives on land and in water
  550. Dodge, steer clear of
  551. English university on thames
  552. Direction or advice
  553. Highest order of angels
  554. Alerting devices - burglars?
  555. Developed gradually over time
  556. Torn, due to landlord
  557. Woven cloth
  558. Oscar wilde: 'the picture of . . . . . . gray'
  559. Vegetable spikes on bushes
  560. Legendary american 'mammy' singer
  561. Noisy and confused fights
  562. Hebrew word for day of rest
  563. Informally, the british broadcasting service
  564. Raise mild objection
  565. Looking like trouble coming
  566. Open cake with jam etc
  567. Difficult to penetrate or understand
  568. Farm tool and star formation
  569. Five-sided polygon
  570. Acquiesce, defer
  571. Short account of an incident
  572. Honeysuckle and cigarette
  573. Breed of arctic dog
  574. Thrust, hurled
  575. Foolish or nervous laugh
  576. It's used to pluck a stringed instrument
  577. Letter, in the bible perhaps
  578. Devices for taking hold of objects
  579. An embankment built to prevent a river from overflowing
  580. Bottles with narrow necks
  581. Large juicy tropical fruit, or a grenade
  582. Takes firm grip of
  583. Convey knowledge to students
  584. Make heavy demands on
  585. An american lawyer or barrister
  586. Soft fabric and fluffy wool (6
  587. Shoo toff away with something subsidiary
  588. Modern dance hall, in brief
  589. Wildcat of central asian uplands
  590. As i recount being subject to abnormal anxieties
  591. Statement or action showing disapproval
  592. Annoy or cause itching
  593. Bodily cavity as in the nose
  594. Stomach having one large complicated obsession
  595. Outburst of angry noise
  596. Common bird of prey
  597. Napoleon . . . . . . . . ., the little corporal
  598. Theatre district in new york
  599. Collection of tunes performed as one piece
  600. A miner of coal
  601. Let it stand, don't alter
  602. Famous sea in bible
  603. Looking as if trouble is ahead
  604. An official tour at public expense
  605. Small cut or notch
  606. Thrusts tightly among other things
  607. Made dry and thirsty
  608. Informally great, really up there
  609. Head manservant of posh household
  610. Not in the ordinary way
  611. Indian dish of rice, meat, spices etc
  612. Extended family of a monarchy
  613. Make more intense - elevate?
  614. Desire to harm others, may be aforethought
  615. International distress signal for ships
  616. Trachea, breathing passage
  617. Weakness of mind from old age
  618. Writer of sacred songs
  619. He hides on ship to avoid paying
  620. Of the common people
  621. Choke by pressure on the windpipe
  622. Submerged ridge of rock or coral near the surface
  623. Common sense
  624. Eastern place of complete bliss
  625. Cleft, fissure
  626. Longs for the trees
  627. Impeccable, without error
  628. Membrane covering the head at birth
  629. Antic, prank
  630. Halted car, badly, at the important church
  631. Black substance, used on roads
  632. Slow-flying, duck-like bird
  633. Elongated plane figure
  634. Trace so as to serve
  635. Greek prophetess who foretold evil events
  636. Great greek poet who sometimes nods
  637. The american morman state
  638. Spoke with repetition of first consonants
  639. Nag like domineering wife
  640. Of or to do with bulls
  641. Camera lens that can alter size of image
  642. A scarlet birthmark
  643. Decision of a jury
  644. Large animals, polar or grizzly
  645. Unpleasantly cunning and secretive
  646. Newspaper headlines or flags
  647. Horse-food in barn
  648. Living thing that has undergone genetic change
  649. Law officers who serve writs to confiscate goods
  650. Ticked off one by one
  651. English beer in sales
  652. Of gem, fashioned again in truce
  653. Road that goes around a town
  654. The skill to create works of art
  655. Now and then, starting and stopping
  656. Units sold at auctions - plenty of them
  657. A child's pet or toy dog
  658. Short-legged hound that hunts hares
  659. South . . . . . . is american state with black hills
  660. How flag is placed for mourning
  661. Strife and struggle
  662. Tanglers - asphyxiate them
  663. Oration to an audience
  664. Negligent in duties
  665. Emphasis on syllabus or word
  666. Of building, run-down and abandoned
  667. Bicycle for girl in 32 across
  668. Be well shod thus to have money
  669. Rich soil with decayed vegetable matter
  670. Fate or destiny
  671. Military order - take place in formation
  672. Make clean again - clothes or money
  673. Arouse or stimulate, perhaps trouble
  674. Strong man brought down by delilah
  675. Money in the center of a poker table
  676. Combinations of ingredients
  677. Nickname of the first u.s. president born in 7-down
  678. Louisiana birthplace of 43-across (2 wds.)
  679. 2012 ben affleck film about the iran hostage crisis
  680. Initially, the top boss
  681. Female giant in fairy tale
  682. 2015 stage play featuring an iconic character created by 43-across (4 wds.)
  683. Yikes! a mouse!
  684. Wedding vow phrase (2 wds.)
  685. Stiffening stuff for an ironer
  686. Chase-scene wailers
  687. Top quality or classification
  688. Don't have too many in the fire at the same time
  689. Corrupt, open to bribery
  690. Actor sandler of netflix's murder mystery
  691. Essential ___ (aromatherapy choices)
  692. Brand of canned beans
  693. Solitaire game that comes preinstalled with windows
  694. Entertainer who turns 50 on september 13 2019 (2 wds.)
  695. Sofia, italian film actress
  696. Sign that may make one anxious
  697. Gushing review from a critic
  698. Melting clocks painter salvador
  699. All the loaves baked at the same time
  700. Boston ___ (james spader tv series)
  701. Largest animals
  702. Ludicrous, foolish
  703. Dead body of an animal
  704. Dimension through an object
  705. Ali baba's opening command
  706. Rule over, control
  707. Conspicuous or outstanding
  708. Reaches a desired goal
  709. Savoury jelly for meat or vegetable
  710. Broadcast or print again
  711. Aghast, horrified
  712. Spanish city, site of the alhambra
  713. The least favourable
  714. Sacred river to hindus
  715. It's used as an anti-coagulant
  716. He was betrayed by delilah
  717. Neck or head garments
  718. Figure with every point equidistant from the centre
  719. Pests, rats say
  720. A defence for bad behaviour
  721. Moving about aimlessly
  722. Hereditary social class among hindus
  723. Blue pensioner footballers
  724. American state . . . . .. island
  725. Place to escape into as for rabbit
  726. Privileged or select groups
  727. Favouritism shown towards relatives
  728. Acknowledge applause as entertainer does
  729. Pester continually
  730. Take this to show offence
  731. Supervisor or foreman
  732. Disadvantage imposed on competitor to equalise chances
  733. Nobleman of the highest rank
  734. Kind of bearer - don't shoot him
  735. Having higher rank or better skills
  736. Of car crash, full frontal
  737. Say it again for tire eater
  738. A lengthy speech or scolding
  739. Black mineral used for burning
  740. Passport stamps permitting travel
  741. Just about, nothing to spare
  742. Put or thrown out
  743. Penguin of largest known species - a great ruler
  744. They show others the way - may be girls
  745. A heavy-duty jungle knife
  746. Analytical essay written for university degree
  747. Resentful, being piercingly cold
  748. Tax paid for use of some roads
  749. Large wave - for tidying hair?
  750. Cadaver, dead person
  751. Sportsman who glides over snow
  752. Athletic games as in olympics
  753. Something placed into another using tines
  754. Final ceremonies for the dying
  755. Captain of plane or boat
  756. Really overjoyed, gleeful
  757. If so, dies, being changed into bone
  758. Wanting strongly
  759. Compulsive, fixated
  760. Gives off, discharges
  761. Raillery, give-and-take
  762. French blackcurrant liqueur
  763. Lay out, money say
  764. The capital city is reykjavik
  765. Levers to turn rudders
  766. Mist, light fog
  767. Old item given in part payment for a new one
  768. Oriental market-place
  769. Demon, fiend
  770. Hate, disdain
  771. Less illuminated
  772. Uneasy, apprehensive
  773. Irritated or painful
  774. Go . . . . . . - get lost
  775. Kind of textbook - or its peruser
  776. Small social insects
  777. Volunteer criminal hunter
  778. The sauce or jelly to go with turkey
  779. Restrooms to a brit informally
  780. Lower forelegs
  781. ___ acid (one of the b vitamins)
  782. Former nfl quarterback dilfer
  783. Parking lot assistant
  784. The sun ___ in the west.
  785. Religious truth beyond human understanding
  786. Unit of weight for diamond
  787. To do with the supernatural
  788. Push forward, as fencer does sword
  789. A public discussion about a topic
  790. Rubbish for a beggar
  791. Comes to the end of allotted time, or dies
  792. Peak of scottish mountain
  793. Scolded continually
  794. He lured away the children of hamelin
  795. Not obese, just pleasantly rounded
  796. Grow smaller or less
  797. Hard cough and difficult breathing in children
  798. Extravagant wasteful
  799. Fragrant or spicy, smells nice
  800. Slight tinge or trace of some element
  801. Lacking sensitivity, saying the wrong things
  802. Embraced warmly
  803. Keeping busy, not lazy
  804. Mound of waste material
  805. Player of irish game resembling hockey
  806. Sharp and irritable like stinging insect
  807. Informally cowardly like domestic fowl
  808. Manual hay cutter, swing it
  809. Up-and-down toys on string
  810. Succeed in doing, get there
  811. Payment required to take part in
  812. Sea creatures found in lees
  813. Each separate part of meal
  814. Way out or exit
  815. Dechets lourds 9 lettres
  816. Wins victory against, defeats
  817. American state, capital helena
  818. A turbulent storm of wind and rain
  819. Changed size proportionately
  820. Casino i used in cyprus
  821. Time of severe difficulty
  822. In a row 6 letters
  823. Ancient british tribe 5 letters
  824. Musical composition in written form
  825. Occupied the whole of
  826. Standards of performance by students
  827. Reproductive flower organs
  828. He sailed in search of the golden fleece
  829. Chores, jobs
  830. Trip taken by an official at public expense
  831. Corresponds, matches
  832. Burden, load
  833. Bones of the ankle and heel
  834. Leading figure of the beat generation in the us
  835. Spanish painter born in greece
  836. Card-game, a form of rummy
  837. They can have wheels or blades
  838. Frivolous banter
  839. Insurrection, revolt
  840. Tranquil, perfectly calm
  841. Area where a river divides before entering the sea
  842. Small hard fruit
  843. Swing for acrobats
  844. Hackneyed, trite
  845. Black and white diving birds
  846. Small voracious carnivorous fish
  847. Impedes, obstructs
  848. Experts with bows and arrows
  849. Delicate open-web fabric
  850. Stick or hold together
  851. Implement for practical use
  852. Loss of prosperity or power
  853. In slang, it's a commotion
  854. The complete number or amount
  855. Disobeys openly and scornfully
  856. Confess, admit guilt (3.2)
  857. River of forgetfulness in hades
  858. From time to time, not continuously
  859. Having painful regret for behaviour
  860. Sweet music, tuneful song
  861. Impression produced on spectator
  862. I debar it, being a violent attack in words
  863. An officer's servant, tidy chap
  864. Listen in order to be quiet
  865. Retrieve from hell or pawn
  866. Informal clothes seen in rage
  867. Joined up, signed on
  868. Reserving for going backwards
  869. Stagger in irish dance
  870. Took good notice of - . . . . . . my words?
  871. Natural ability for some activity
  872. Salutes of guns firing simultaneously
  873. Intellectual sharpness as in business
  874. Artificial channel carrying water across country
  875. Dig up for haunter
  876. A lot of noise or stringed bat
  877. Form a mental image in the mind
  878. Fuss and annoyance
  879. Restore strength with food or sleep
  880. Take one's leave, go
  881. Rich shellfish soup - lobster is nice
  882. The cup that cheers but not inebriates
  883. The actual state of things
  884. Police use it for riot control, hurts the eyes
  885. Fine specimens, like good-looking women
  886. On a horse without a saddle
  887. Pinkish-brown nut used in american pie
  888. Strip away cover, make bare
  889. 'never speak . . . of the dead'
  890. Frighten, scare
  891. Most domesticated, least wild
  892. Quite splendid, extremely good
  893. 'a watched . . . never boils'
  894. Stark . . . . . . . . . - utterly bonkers
  895. Forced in using syringe
  896. Make black by burning, say toast
  897. Not cured after receiving heavy beating
  898. Lengthy written essay for university degree
  899. Modern phrase for being excited due to drugs or sex
  900. Arrested over resurfaced tyres
  901. Computer memory to read only, in short
  902. Battlefield around french river
  903. A concession given to placate
  904. A variety of mandarin orange
  905. Absent without permission, in short
  906. Northern valleys
  907. Learned person
  908. Keen, knifelike
  909. Exhorting, goading
  910. Shrimp-like crustacean
  911. Excavated, brought to light
  912. Long-haired ox of tibet
  913. Podiums, platforms
  914. Person who breaks into computer systems
  915. Primitive mammal, duck-billed
  916. Shade, tone
  917. Combats, battles
  918. Densely wooded areas
  919. Harangue, rave
  920. Flirt with at a bar, say
  921. Beast and cyclops, for two
  922. Patches i assembled to work from several sources
  923. Peach, pear or pecan
  924. Auditory inputs
  925. Prom accessories
  926. Aid for a sleepy driver
  927. Nearly plotz with pride
  928. Competent and fit, like sailor
  929. Aid for a novice bowler
  930. Cassette containing significant lawsuit
  931. Throaty cries of hens
  932. Am ___ out of touch?
  933. Aid for a tanker captain
  934. Surname in a bronte book
  935. Joined in matrimony
  936. Reentry destination
  937. Like 1960s-70s music
  938. Era-defining
  939. Beauty products chain
  940. Main source of online revenue
  941. Treat disdainfully
  942. Daring base runners goal
  943. Test before buying, as clothes
  944. Like 43, eg
  945. Reach by addition
  946. The police, metaphorically
  947. Secularise, remove from clergy
  948. What a weekly has once a week
  949. Absolutely adored
  950. Jan, feb, mar, etc
  951. Jack the . . . . . . was notorious london murderer
  952. Finishes in the top three, say
  953. Deer with no antlers
  954. An enlarged thyroid gland in neck
  955. ___ around (beach boys song)
  956. 35 to be president, eg
  957. Bygone swedish autos
  958. Leaving home, perhaps
  959. Machine that used dos 10
  960. Ruby with an emmy and a grammy
  961. Like gallery attendees, maybe
  962. Polish or massage
  963. Country person with awkward manners
  964. Uses or repeats words as from shakespeare
  965. Informally, straightforward or frank
  966. Formally, towards this place
  967. Be in charge of car in motion
  968. Look or be like, say parent
  969. Hooligan kind of boy
  970. Feelings of doubt arising from conscience
  971. Bring or assemble together
  972. Shrub with fragrant purple flowers, used to scent linen
  973. Harden, make accustomed to
  974. Of play, a huge success
  975. Feature to be considered, viewpoint
  976. Tapering fleshy fruit - reap it
  977. Oriental greeting or homage
  978. Diplomatic protest or manoeuvre
  979. Feeling great pain, tormented
  980. Rides the waves on board
  981. Small tower on defensive wall - or tank
  982. Rich fabric with raised patterns
  983. Substantial body of work from our eve
  984. Waste and nonsense
  985. This kind of thinking is unconventional
  986. Ventilates, say grievances
  987. Internal tree moisture
  988. Flattered obsequiously
  989. Rubik invented a puzzling one
  990. Put back in original position
  991. A high-pitched shrill cry
  992. Caped crusader of gotham city
  993. Made sound like contented cat
  994. It's the jewish sabbath
  995. Failed to perceive
  996. Islands keepsakes
  997. Mutton or venison
  998. Frameworks for holding objects or for torture
  999. Disagreeable sound
  1000. Athletic performers in a circus
  1001. Swiss district known for its brews?
  1002. Beauty and the beast narcissist in a merry mood?
  1003. ___ field (rockies' home)
  1004. Climbs awkwardly or stirs vigorously
  1005. Application, concentration
  1006. Laborers on manors
  1007. Tail-chasing aquatic mammal
  1008. Musical outros
  1009. Moving company freebie?
  1010. Package adornment
  1011. Type of neckwear
  1012. Dolly whose disposition never changes?
  1013. ___ i'm adam
  1014. Cuspid covering
  1015. Iditarod or ironman
  1016. Rare scrabble outcomes
  1017. Pacific islands wrap
  1018. Chem class site
  1019. 3-down notably
  1020. Store belowdecks
  1021. Prefix with gram or logical
  1022. College's website suffix
  1023. Syracuse and duke's sports org.
  1024. Confronted each other
  1025. Street name for mdma
  1026. Some flower girls
  1027. Rah-rah attitude
  1028. Root source of sugar
  1029. 33-down transport
  1030. Below freezing
  1031. Refuse to endorse
  1032. Inexpensive lodging house
  1033. Fixed a vessel to the seabed
  1034. Breaking into pieces
  1035. Tables made to fit closely together
  1036. Rhythmical, regular in movement
  1037. Look at with eyes half-shut
  1038. Fuel for barbecue cookers
  1039. Common garden molluscs
  1040. Precipitous or fine
  1041. Male upper garment
  1042. Agree or happen together
  1043. Iron blocks for blacksmiths
  1044. To do with cats
  1045. Offspring, or the point in question
  1046. Native marsupial down under
  1047. James bond liked martinis . . . . . ., not stirred
  1048. Bad doctors or duck sounds
  1049. People who have renounced former beliefs
  1050. Steep tea in boiling water
  1051. Filling with wonder, a huge surprise
  1052. Contempt for something unworthy of notice
  1053. Despicable in evil way
  1054. A 5-cent coin in usa
  1055. Metal protector for car wheel
  1056. A threat, in one's inmost feelings
  1057. Water animal with webbed fee, brown fur and flat tail
  1058. Rot on a devon hill
  1059. Pester without pause
  1060. Tv show about a high school teacher turning to a life of crime which is ranked 3rd on rolling stone's 2016 list of 100 greatest tv shows of all time: 2 wds.
  1061. Bodily troubles
  1062. Chambers actress thurman
  1063. Day ___ (facility for children)
  1064. Dad's wife
  1065. Gone missing from work without approval: abbr.
  1066. Discount shop activity
  1067. If ___ (if given permission): 2 wds.
  1068. One of the structures in the mouth that helps you chew
  1069. Ventilate with breathing gas
  1070. The rules of attraction actor somerhalder
  1071. Typist's metric: abbr.
  1072. ___ live american late-night tv variety show with comedy sketches which is ranked 8th on rolling stone's 2016 list of 100 greatest tv shows of all time: 2 wds.
  1073. School group with parents and the school staff: abbr.
  1074. ___ moment's notice (with little time for preparation): 2 wds.
  1075. Avant-garde jazz group from chicago: abbr.
  1076. The eldest son is ___ in line to the throne.
  1077. Bed's underlying structure
  1078. See no ___… (words from three wise monkeys)
  1079. Music label from the 70s: abbr.
  1080. Doctor's temporary replacement
  1081. Chore using pale brownish colour (5)
  1082. The ___ tv series focusing on law enforcement in baltimore which is ranked 2nd on rolling stone's 2016 list of 100 greatest tv shows of all time
  1083. Bon jovi song livin' ___ prayer: 2 wds.
  1084. Little ___ riding hood (fairy tale)
  1085. Disney character ___ pelekai
  1086. Story one could hear from one's grandma
  1087. Throws in a new feature say
  1088. Town in netherlands which has a cheese variety named after it (anagram of made)
  1089. Tv series revolving around an italian-american mobster which is ranked 1st on rolling stone's 2016 list of 100 greatest tv shows of all time: 2 wds.
  1090. Had as purpose or design
  1091. Ancient rulers of egypt
  1092. Breaks into two parts as with axe
  1093. Steve latshaw's 1995 horror film: hyph.
  1094. ___ out (tired)
  1095. Expect as news
  1096. Love to a spaniard
  1097. ___ in the family tv show about a working class man and his family which is ranked 9th on rolling stone's 2016 list of 100 greatest tv shows of all time
  1098. ___ men tv series based on the lives of advertising executives which is ranked 4th on rolling stone's 2016 list of 100 greatest tv shows of all time
  1099. ___ of thrones tv series adapted from the novel series a song of ice and fire which is ranked 12th on rolling stone's 2016 list of 100 greatest tv shows of all time
  1100. Give ___ rest now! (let it be): 2 wds.
  1101. The ___ from u.n.c.l.e. action spy film
  1102. ___-old (something that's been around for a long time)
  1103. Money or property left behind by someone
  1104. Gracias! in sms lingo
  1105. Special psychic ability: abbr.
  1106. Large industrial vessel
  1107. American rights protection organization: abbr.
  1108. Smell emanating from the body
  1109. Ready to be consumed as a fruit
  1110. Change or tire in the trunk e.g.
  1111. What's expected as a standard
  1112. ___ in distress (like a princess in trouble)
  1113. Pre-columbian american empire
  1114. Modern internet abbreviation requesting a summary for a long piece of text
  1115. Edible tubers, spuds
  1116. Former ugandan president amin
  1117. Rule of the land
  1118. ___ a penny two a penny… (lines from hot cross buns nursery rhyme): 2 wds.
  1119. Meekest or least wild
  1120. Small amount of standing rainwater
  1121. Underground bulb-shaped stem
  1122. Longest nascar track
  1123. The third man or double indemnity
  1124. Forceful and aggressive speech
  1125. Pounding with a hand tool
  1126. Stock phrases made nonsensical by endless repetition
  1127. Cornhole channel
  1128. Extents downward, backward or inward
  1129. Taking possession by legal process
  1130. Giant of folklore who liked to eat humans
  1131. These friends are birds
  1132. Masses of frozen water and lettuces
  1133. Assigns, charges
  1134. All at gpo can go at this rate
  1135. Funeral i arranged for german miss
  1136. Codes of business practices
  1137. Poisson femelle contenant des oeufs
  1138. Burn the ends or edges of
  1139. Invite to contest, throw down the gauntlet
  1140. American burrowing rodent
  1141. A fancy feast
  1142. Hole in needle for thread
  1143. So denied being partisan
  1144. Ice-cream holders or fruits of pine trees
  1145. Heavy or slow, like dark-gray metal
  1146. Famous american university in connecticut
  1147. Thoughts from sadie
  1148. Loose-fitting jacket for school or team
  1149. Eruption on skin, imprudent
  1150. Routine jobs or tasks
  1151. In a row 6
  1152. Made sound like hunting hounds
  1153. Top for bottle or eye protector
  1154. Type of seed with short stiff bristles or hooks
  1155. Clear of blame or guilt
  1156. From the blue, it's a great surprise
  1157. Iron rod or drinks counter
  1158. Hallowed bovine in india or revered institution
  1159. Series of eight consecutive musical notes
  1160. Most agile, mentally of physically
  1161. Baby wise old birds
  1162. Learnt to be accepting of others
  1163. Squid prepared as food
  1164. In poker, they try to fool their opponents
  1165. Independent systems of stars in space
  1166. Italian dish of rice, meat and vegetables
  1167. Small savings for a rainy day
  1168. Disturb or shake
  1169. Able or physically equipped to do
  1170. Teeth are set in them
  1171. A young lady's beau - he thinks she's great
  1172. Just a palindromic flop
  1173. Unnecessary activity or bother
  1174. Natural multicoloured arc
  1175. Kinds of greens
  1176. Strict abstainer from animal products
  1177. Official prohibition as on trade
  1178. Positions or points in a process
  1179. Social climber or wise guy
  1180. Standard, criterion
  1181. Region between india and pakistan
  1182. Cart without sides, for delivering barrels
  1183. Plants of dry regions
  1184. Pirate or, oddly, a south african city
  1185. Gave for a limited period
  1186. Twist into a confusing mass
  1187. Rang, or charged for using
  1188. Drink to the health of
  1189. If . . . and ands were pots and pans
  1190. Hint, suggest
  1191. Bursts of strong wind
  1192. Plump game bird
  1193. Dreamlike, irrational
  1194. Performance held in the afternoon
  1195. Male elephant, say
  1196. Slang for worked out, realised
  1197. John millington . . . . ., irish playwright
  1198. Illegal drug from hemp plant
  1199. Summon with raised finger
  1200. Large wildcat poetically burning bright
  1201. Informally the self, numerically speaking
  1202. Familiar or affectionate add-on appellations
  1203. Pierce with pointed stick
  1204. Person who likes to inflict pain
  1205. Skull, bones enclosing brain
  1206. Exposed by removing face cover
  1207. Place for medical treatment or political advice
  1208. Excerpt from a play or film
  1209. Animal with long teeth like elephant or wild boar
  1210. Car wheel part or inflated tummy
  1211. Smartened up like skilled male workers
  1212. Wrap in layers or bandages
  1213. Shallow crossing point in river
  1214. Shock absorber, it lessens impact
  1215. The essential point of something
  1216. Styles of domes
  1217. Stuffed in between other things
  1218. Prizes or merit payments
  1219. Just perfect, couldn't be better
  1220. American game like rounders
  1221. Take away, get rid of
  1222. Relent, say, in sincere and serious manner
  1223. Made rough grating sound
  1224. Go stark . . . . . . . . . - completely bonkers
  1225. Examines in depth as dentist does tooth
  1226. Joke or muffler - a palindrome
  1227. Hebridean island with monastery founded by st columba
  1228. Herons with long white feathers
  1229. Eructated like baby
  1230. Sausage in roll for thermal canine
  1231. State of unhealthy fatness
  1232. Informal ship captains
  1233. Woody plants
  1234. Scrutinised, audited
  1235. Secured a vessel to the seabed
  1236. Completely destroyed
  1237. If you know your vegetables, you're well up
  1238. Describes poorly groomed hair
  1239. Adult males of domestic cattle
  1240. Oman air in the eastern european state
  1241. Pale delicate colour
  1242. Spicy pepper sauce
  1243. Place in the care or protection of someone
  1244. Nation in north america
  1245. Figures made in winter
  1246. Nimrod or orion, say
  1247. About six feet of water depth
  1248. Short compositions for solo instruments
  1249. Gradients, inclines
  1250. Considers similarities or differences
  1251. Puts money into a venture in expectation of a return
  1252. Blood type or kind of monkey (6)
  1253. Great european river, musically blue (6)
  1254. Lot of noise or bat for game (6)
  1255. Thorn or spike
  1256. Indecent and vulgar (4)
  1257. False vision or mirage (8)
  1258. A heavy resounding blow (6)
  1259. Father of all the jews (7)
  1260. Shakespeare's tragic king (4)
  1261. Simon & garfunkel hit and hint to the starts of 17- 24- 48- … and 35-across too!
  1262. Structure renamed for a president in 1947
  1263. Letters on broadway-bound letters
  1264. Mets slugger pete who won the 2019 home run derby
  1265. Spoil the surface of as with graffiti
  1266. Insect larva or slang food (4)
  1267. Something left in a will (7)
  1268. Made or became quiet
  1269. __ sanders only athlete to play in both the super bowl and world series
  1270. Old clock or slang heart (6)
  1271. Of clothes, worn and threadbare (6)
  1272. Happen again (5)
  1273. Acid rot in major artery (7)
  1274. Egg of a louse (3)
  1275. Takers of life, murderers (7)
  1276. It's capital in cyprus (7)
  1277. Becoming gradually narrower like some candles (8)
  1278. Small green mediterranean tree-fruit (5)
  1279. Fills with dismay or horror (6)
  1280. Be in legal possession of (3)
  1281. Be too clever for, like reynard (6)
  1282. Person who marries illegally - already wed (8)
  1283. Glutted or cloyed with excess (8)
  1284. Arrange systematically by group (8)
  1285. Eradicate - as with heavy foot (5,3)
  1286. 'i want to be alone' - ¿.. garbo (5)
  1287. Murderer entering mild objection (8)
  1288. Heavy material in ship for stability (7)
  1289. Factories that extract metal from ore (8)
  1290. Thought or notion (4)
  1291. Extraordinary - just one (8)
  1292. Way of doing something, even in madness (6)
  1293. Song from an opera (4)
  1294. A picturesque cave as in lourdes (6)
  1295. Intolerant people with biased opinions (6)
  1296. The informal patella (7)
  1297. Device on plane or vehicle to slow it down (7)
  1298. London's river (6)
  1299. Don't put this before the horse (4)
  1300. Small lace-hole in shoe (6)
  1301. Retain in old castle (4)
  1302. Keep from falling, as crutch does (7)
  1303. Tiny like time unit (6)
  1304. Centre of interest or activity (5)
  1305. State of innocence or simplicity (7)
  1306. He presides over an inquest (7)
  1307. Using poetic language, wax thus (7)
  1308. An article of clothing (7)
  1309. Holds back, causes to be late (6)
  1310. Working set of component parts (6)
  1311. Fragments left over (6)
  1312. Asia men with memory loss (7)
  1313. Holds tightly with device - illegally parked cars? (6)
  1314. A lot of noise (3)
  1315. Sheet for a corpse (6)
  1316. Affectedly playful (4)
  1317. Of hair colour, reddish brown (6)
  1318. Have leaning towards - put dent in (4)
  1319. Small basket for 13 across (6)
  1320. Determining the sum
  1321. Turns down as lighting
  1322. Just-add-a-zero multiplier
  1323. Electric guitars plug into them
  1324. One may be first middle or last
  1325. Historic texas mission
  1326. Part of a bicameral legislature
  1327. Rotten tomatoes for a tough crowd
  1328. Exclusive airplane area
  1329. Spot for a picture?
  1330. Seed vessels with prickles
  1331. Filthy water that collects in the bottom of a boat
  1332. Milkshake type
  1333. Succulent hidden in lisa loeb
  1334. Idaho spots?
  1335. Belief in a nonintervening god
  1336. Black church letters
  1337. Small two-wheeled carts for single passengers
  1338. Carefully observant or attentive
  1339. Realm of sauron in the lord of the rings
  1340. Place with hexagonal cells
  1341. Golden globe winner hugh
  1342. Tennis champion osaka
  1343. Candy in the checkout aisle say
  1344. Struck down biblically
  1345. Law enforcers on base: abbr.
  1346. ___ punk (get lucky duo)
  1347. It's set before bed
  1348. Operating room figure
  1349. Politico swalwell
  1350. Thing on a newsstand
  1351. Silly people
  1352. Some rodeo contestants
  1353. Native of southern european country
  1354. Stan who co-created ant-man
  1355. Pipe part clenched in the teeth
  1356. Anagram of who
  1357. Fourteenth-century japanese assassin
  1358. Houses with single storeys
  1359. Consecrated, holy
  1360. Manufacturing plants
  1361. Instrument of fighting
  1362. Lacking hair on the scalp
  1363. Repeal, cancel
  1364. Leader of an arab family
  1365. Created disorder
  1366. Professional who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems
  1367. Pieces of twine, say
  1368. Collected for a purpose
  1369. Step on men, strangely, to get to the flower
  1370. Ventilating, say a grievance
  1371. Properties that have money value
  1372. It's capital in new york
  1373. Low kind of wise bird
  1374. Informally good, grow larger
  1375. Lovelace of math
  1376. Perfume or distillation
  1377. A wire paper fastener for plates
  1378. Captures heart with our names
  1379. Wounded or injured, maybe disabled
  1380. They live in eyries
  1381. Made low mournful sound
  1382. Print news on this kind of paper - what else?
  1383. Retreat from previous position in argument - descend
  1384. Saying made tedious through repetition
  1385. Speak or say
  1386. Snuggle into, say, embrace
  1387. Summon with finger gesture
  1388. An absolute mess, what a farce
  1389. Former first lady who said make decisions based on hope and possibility
  1390. An artist may work in this room
  1391. Small open shop or telephone booth
  1392. English poet who wrote hope springs eternal in the human breast
  1393. Type squares
  1394. Palm starches
  1395. Coat fabrics
  1396. Send from one place to another
  1397. Go bareheaded thus to be obsequious
  1398. Cautious, doesn't give away secrets
  1399. Precipitation, get out umbrella
  1400. Immediate medical help pending full treatment
  1401. A licentious immoral party
  1402. Faults we consider being profligate
  1403. Incidental remark in latin - . . . . . . dictum
  1404. Self-denying, often for religious reasons
  1405. Stand about idly - in posh bar?
  1406. Look for similarities or differences
  1407. Empty, not solid
  1408. Mouldings at the tops of walls
  1409. Yields to another's wish
  1410. Tract of pastureland
  1411. Inscribed with ancient symbols
  1412. One of the mythological greek giants who ruled the world
  1413. Beautiful daughter of zeus and leda who was abducted by paris
  1414. These words are meaningless
  1415. Mythical wife who helped jason get the golden fleece
  1416. Equal in amount or value
  1417. Shining intensely
  1418. Tubular wind instruments
  1419. Concerned with principles of right and wrong
  1420. Suffering a dull persistent pain
  1421. Noisy free-for-alls
  1422. Outlook or aspect
  1423. Annoyances, pains in the neck
  1424. Plastic sheath to hold a screw in a masonry hole
  1425. They fly aircraft and guide ships into harbour
  1426. Solar deity, worshipped by ancients
  1427. Repetitive exclamation of impatience
  1428. Mechanical part that revolves, an acronym
  1429. Become visible as ghost might
  1430. Delays with food baskets
  1431. Assemblies as by committees
  1432. Encourage in cardiac manner
  1433. Animal with no bones or limbs - it may turn
  1434. Written or spoken comment
  1435. Of garment, worn and with loose threads
  1436. Make sound like phone
  1437. Over there, somewhat archaic
  1438. Folds of loose skin hanging below neck
  1439. Devices for making lights less bright
  1440. State of rest and peace
  1441. Pull the leg of - a fish?
  1442. Receive something proffered
  1443. Artistic, able to make new things
  1444. Fall or cause to fall
  1445. Nag alice to get fragrant plant
  1446. A series of prayers to god
  1447. State of perplexity in difficult situation
  1448. Scares, hopefully burglars
  1449. Not joined or united with others
  1450. Not conforming to a type
  1451. Shut away in private conference - in small room?
  1452. Concealed, placed out of sight
  1453. Thin piece of cord
  1454. Calls up memories
  1455. Tool with broad flexible blade, found in kitchen
  1456. Chianti and bordeaux
  1457. Soup buys
  1458. Tributes
  1459. Most sage and learned
  1460. Garden tool or loose fellow
  1461. Newspaper reports
  1462. Type of horse
  1463. Turns into a cryptogram
  1464. Reliant on military loo
  1465. A modern male swindler
  1466. Strapped for cash, it's tough
  1467. Dry stuff for starting fire
  1468. Small pools of rainwater
  1469. Came together, encountered
  1470. Sour taste or resentful
  1471. Mouth of a bodily cavity
  1472. Pin that holds two pieces of wood together
  1473. Terminating someone's employment
  1474. Metal cooking can, used when camping
  1475. Swooped in attack
  1476. Gloomy, grim
  1477. Disposed of, article or idea, say
  1478. Electromagnetic waves, for medical diagnosis say
  1479. Nests of birds of prey
  1480. Annual television award
  1481. Of short and solid stature
  1482. Medical speciality dealing with cancer
  1483. Second city to receive an atom bomb
  1484. Layered sedimentary rock
  1485. Rick of dried grass
  1486. First name of mitt romney's wife
  1487. World war ii veteran who played a wwii brigadier general in the longest day: 2 wds.
  1488. Frozen drink with cola cherry and blue raspberry flavors
  1489. Website whose categories include collectibles & art and business & industrial
  1490. Borg vs mcenroe star labeouf
  1491. Bird that's pictured on canadian dollar coins
  1492. Manchester united player in south american city, in short?
  1493. Hatchet used by north american indians
  1494. World war ii veteran who played a wwii submarine commander in run silent run deep: 2 wds.
  1495. The shining star nicholson
  1496. With 33-across world war ii veteran who played a soldier on a suicide mission in the dirty dozen
  1497. Part of a movie that a spoiler might spoil
  1498. Tyler perry character who has appeared in 11 live-action films and one animated film
  1499. Put on an ___ (make believe)
  1500. It's what a defendant might cop to get a lesser sentence
  1501. … and the ___ ran away with the spoon
  1502. Something a masseur might help relieve
  1503. Beef lo ___ (chinese menu item)
  1504. Pointy item on a golf course
  1505. Baseball's marlins on a scoreboard
  1506. Lake that rhymes with weary
  1507. Decayed areas in teeth
  1508. Happy-sounding brand of plastic wrap
  1509. Is lazy rather than working
  1510. Continent with the most chopsticks usage
  1511. Gems that come from oysters
  1512. Long pastry that is filled with either cream or custard
  1513. Internet phenomenon that often dies out quickly
  1514. Evidence obtained from a cheek swab: abbr.
  1515. ___ particular order: 2 wds.
  1516. Sound from an unhappy audience member
  1517. Presumed innocent actor brian
  1518. Frontal or temporal part of the brain
  1519. Nickname of j.lo's fiancé: hyph.
  1520. ___ krispies treats
  1521. Surface on which to practice the lotus position: 2 wds.
  1522. Turns from a book into a movie for example
  1523. Show with a weekend update segment: abbr.
  1524. Alabama-to-georgia direction
  1525. 747 or 787 for example
  1526. Government group whose employees may be called spooks: abbr.
  1527. Former tonight show host known for his large chin
  1528. What ___ you waiting for?
  1529. Swiss cheese with large holes
  1530. Nationality of yankee doodle dandy
  1531. More cold - really freezing
  1532. Chewy sweet made of egg-white, nuts and sugar
  1533. States repeatedly
  1534. Mafia code of silence, never inform
  1535. Less narrow, say vision
  1536. Person who has gained university degree
  1537. Loans unlikely to be repaid
  1538. Dislodged from position on chair?
  1539. A brief hitch or embarrassing sound
  1540. A place for bee-hives
  1541. Richly flavoured fungi growing underground
  1542. Ventilates or tunes
  1543. Nought, nil
  1544. Cheap lodging-house for young travellers
  1545. Real kind of english lord
  1546. Small variety of orange similar to mandarin
  1547. Lump of wood or ship's diary
  1548. Lighting device in palm
  1549. Melancholy, downhearted
  1550. Dialect or non-standard language
  1551. Unruffled, not excited
  1552. In your cap, this represents an achievement
  1553. Thick-skinned animal like elephant or rhino
  1554. Major island south of greece
  1555. Get stare from the mightiest
  1556. Disaster, great misfortune
  1557. New zealand rugby team, very sombre
  1558. A spanish grandee like quixote
  1559. Reveal, make information known
  1560. Modern usage for unacceptable
  1561. Gives support to or drops abruptly
  1562. A tough time or hardship
  1563. A literary libertine or womaniser
  1564. Cause for sanity
  1565. Expression of regret, very sorry
  1566. Kind of arachnid with stinging tail
  1567. Finds repugnant
  1568. Italian bread made with olive oil
  1569. Shipwrecked person
  1570. Ukrainian peninsula, scene of war
  1571. Humorous verse of 5 lines
  1572. Not said but understood
  1573. Make clear and more comprehensible
  1574. Japanese verse form of three lines
  1575. Computer object representing the user
  1576. Gala get together, of scouts say
  1577. Coffee expert
  1578. Leave behind empty
  1579. Currant cake for halloween
  1580. Not refined, oil say
  1581. Disturbing, crawly
  1582. Widespread decline in employment and trade
  1583. The little french general
  1584. Custodian, keeper
  1585. Biblical city destroyed for its wickedness
  1586. Acid pear-shaped fruit used in preserves
  1587. Post pouch
  1588. Language of kenya and lingua franca of other african areas
  1589. A feeling of righteous anger
  1590. They're tossed in scotland
  1591. Shaving implements
  1592. An indulgence, not a necessity
  1593. Feeble, decrepit
  1594. Large bottle for corrosive liquid
  1595. Destroy property by burning
  1596. Underground enclosure with surface access
  1597. Liquidate gradually
  1598. White liturgical vestment
  1599. Person engaged in trading
  1600. Title of a newspaper or magazine
  1601. Freshwater brown carnivore
  1602. Tortilla with meat and chilli
  1603. Standardised part in furniture - or spacecraft
  1604. In the wind, these are portents
  1605. Has being, is actual
  1606. Meat is roasted in it
  1607. A rotter, by jove
  1608. Rubble, lots of broken pieces
  1609. Greek god of booze
  1610. Frontier of a country
  1611. A sharp pull or a towing boat
  1612. Imaginary circle over saint's head
  1613. Compile to make verbal attack on belief
  1614. Make a feline's howling cry
  1615. Apeman of fiction
  1616. Indian city where mother teresa worked
  1617. Bodily fibre that transmits sensations
  1618. Bowels or intestines
  1619. Took contrary position to
  1620. More unfamiliar or odd
  1621. Made a profit, acquired
  1622. Booklet or pamphlet with information
  1623. Romantic musical composition