1. Which utensil is used to strain flour
  2. Expensive leaf vegetable
  3. System on your phone
  4. These aren’t facts, this is pure and hearsay
  5. To flock, crowd together
  6. She’s forced to leave, she didn’t do it
  7. What is the deep violet color called
  8. Dulcet, amiable
  9. Hamlet had it in his hand
  10. To obtain, acquire
  11. I’m tired of walking on around him
  12. Attacker in hockey
  13. Precise, unerring
  14. Example endorphin, insulin
  15. Famous, well known
  16. Powerful stream of water
  17. Neighbor behind bars
  18. Pink migratory fish
  19. Jesse james was an
  20. To use other words to say the same thing
  21. Spot of water from the sky
  22. Prominent nose
  23. What is the large vein in the neck called
  24. Person with black hair
  25. Small minded concern with minor stuff
  26. He is not capable of sound
  27. Political , shortage, bank
  28. Bathroom flooring unit
  29. Instrument to announce things to soldiers
  30. To locate precisely
  31. To feel compassion
  32. To come face to face
  33. After his with my car, it won’t start anymore
  34. Strong attachment
  35. Person who gave birth
  36. Who is a person who decided to move abroad
  37. You can’t walk around right after the of the plane
  38. Raucous, jarring
  39. You need it to play the violin
  40. To add flavor to the meat
  41. Bali is famous for its jewelry
  42. Boots, sneakers, flip flops
  43. Please use to introduce footnotes
  44. To stifle, suffocate
  45. In , i should have known better
  46. Number of a cat’s lives
  47. To come down from the sky
  48. Shipper, issuer
  49. Emphatically, markedly
  50. To hug for a long time
  51. I literally over this actor
  52. To shake violently
  53. To get a goal in football
  54. Cruel and wild
  55. Short tempered, irritable
  56. The great of christianity
  57. Feminist movement, for example
  58. Overjoyed and happy
  59. Take this bracelet as a of my friendship
  60. Another word for “bandana”
  61. Meeting him can bad memories
  62. Venomous snakes eater
  63. The you read, the you know
  64. To wrinkle into folds
  65. To strike, punch
  66. Water storing plant
  67. Let’s the pleasantries and speak directly
  68. = two weeks
  69. What makes sweet stuff taste even sweeter
  70. I’d never speak of this again, ever
  71. Horribly ugly
  72. Apollo and hermes to zeus
  73. Common gym pants
  74. Popular pet that lives in water
  75. To be antsy
  76. Having moral standards
  77. Help the cat navigate his environment
  78. I milk, that’s why i prefer americano
  79. Not firmly attached in an unsteady way
  80. He added to injury
  81. Sanitary, meant to protect health
  82. To have one’s snout in the
  83. Coy, playful
  84. To say no
  85. He usually some errands in the morning
  86. Stuff that takes the most space in a house
  87. Not one jot or
  88. Candy made of molasses
  89. To decrease, reduce
  90. There’s a in my shoe, i can’t walk anymore
  91. Expanses where farmers work
  92. Person outside recognized religions
  93. His cheerful transformed after those events
  94. Hostility, animosity
  95. In tennis a powerful, unavoidable stroke
  96. Item used to record bank transactions
  97. Amusing, merry
  98. Use a cast iron to cook this meat
  99. Dexterously, expertly
  100. Neither to win, nor to end in a draw
  101. Reason for cold sweats
  102. We decided to the house, it’s getting old
  103. I always try to keep with the news
  104. Which leaves does a fern have
  105. Screens, blinds
  106. She’s an of buddhism
  107. Ciao, bye
  108. There’s no like an old
  109. We live in such times, you need to be ready
  110. Administrator, chief
  111. Like the smell on a farm
  112. To give up or give in
  113. Chess games usually last 5 minutes
  114. The most useful kind of water
  115. I felt and depressed after the breakup
  116. Sexual maturity period
  117. The ball the window into pieces
  118. Reliable, steady
  119. Habitual performance
  120. What was newton’s first law about
  121. He’s moving ahead one at a time
  122. To deceive by false appearance
  123. Covered with marks here and there
  124. It was so funny i was about to with laughter
  125. The cone is a kind of volcano
  126. Professional singer
  127. Very strong wish
  128. Silly, nonsensical
  129. It’s used to produce paper
  130. Storm with snow and wind
  131. What do you call a dummy pill
  132. Inflated decoration
  133. Trustworthy, valid
  134. This method is , no one uses it
  135. To be made unhappy
  136. Overanxious, obsessed
  137. Slight, cool wind
  138. To exhibit, display
  139. Vocation, occupation
  140. Rejected, discarded
  141. The resistance movement tried to the government
  142. Beeping gadget before mobiles
  143. Can you the exact moment when you realized that
  144. Agony, torment
  145. This land produces little food
  146. Deep fried food
  147. Another word for “snake”
  148. Which compound is mostly used in fertilizers
  149. Expert, virtuoso
  150. He made a lot of towards recovery
  151. Will it you if i go out with your sister
  152. Prophet, oracle
  153. Heavy, thick mist
  154. Planning, drawing
  155. Minister at a church
  156. One of the most intelligent birds in the world
  157. Large but short axe
  158. Is that your a wig and a pair of glasses
  159. Contempt, scorn
  160. To happen in a bad way
  161. She was constantly and indulged as a kid
  162. Which bird is the symbol of the usa
  163. Milk, cheese, cream
  164. To question about a mission
  165. To check websites
  166. To choose, select
  167. I all my money on that car
  168. Part of a federation
  169. Napoleon or charlotte
  170. What was used as a sweetener before cane sugar
  171. Inert, still
  172. Flat carrier for food
  173. Aroma used for worship
  174. I have no with him and his nonsense
  175. To go on an angry tirade
  176. Transport for toddlers
  177. House of swine
  178. Good sleep out your complexion
  179. Disgust, repugnance
  180. There’s complete on this question
  181. You need to your ticket before getting on
  182. To be a sovereign
  183. Green stuff in your pool
  184. Goodies received on halloween
  185. A ran down her spine
  186. Another word for “crane’s bill”
  187. Transparent, mirrorlike
  188. He for a second before replying
  189. Nasa’s helicopter on mars
  190. To reverse the position
  191. He’s to remain loyal for life
  192. Ghost, phantom
  193. Quality of using few words
  194. Producer, director, order
  195. Metal pin on jeans
  196. Surplus, overabundance
  197. Not your , not your monkeys
  198. Official instruction
  199. To change direction sharply
  200. Common endearment for kids
  201. Can i you to a cup of coffee
  202. Instinctive, innate
  203. = gee, wow
  204. She in pain and rubbed her arm
  205. Popular movie genre
  206. Person from the audience
  207. It’s a bitter pill to
  208. Colonist, early settler
  209. He couldn’t the pain and cried
  210. Shop window ad
  211. To inform, notify
  212. To coax by flattery
  213. That was , you should apologize
  214. Snail’s protection
  215. Don’t you are okay with this nonsense
  216. Type of street harassment
  217. The other side of a pencil
  218. What are the of that
  219. A bar and a tv program
  220. Tussle, fight
  221. Diva’s song
  222. Thin strands
  223. Does anything your fancy
  224. Disgusting, distasteful
  225. Wizard’s weapon
  226. Antagonism, malice
  227. It wakes you up
  228. Don’t drink water
  229. Extra game for championship
  230. Laertes to polonius
  231. Representative at a conference
  232. Honey comes from it
  233. He bought a whole of milk
  234. Who is the antagonist of a fairy tale
  235. Obviously, she has her own in our dealings
  236. First ever performance
  237. He for presidency twice
  238. Can’t be seen
  239. She went outside to bask in the
  240. Loneliness, isolation
  241. Platform in a theater
  242. Greeting in korea
  243. To go underwater forever
  244. To have a deep desire
  245. Heathrow or incheon
  246. I always support the team in football
  247. Secret fighter at war
  248. Wartime shelter for the rich
  249. He all our plans we have to think of a new strategy
  250. I beg to
  251. Cloak and dagger activity
  252. The main asset of a bloodhound
  253. To have compulsive thoughts
  254. When is the shadow the shortest
  255. Add a splash of oil
  256. This is my , so i should have some fun
  257. To display, exhibit
  258. The business needs transformations to survive
  259. Violent natural disaster
  260. Thick and sticky state
  261. The program has a major
  262. Abstinence, celibacy
  263. To bat one’s eyelashes
  264. High in social status
  265. To do as ordered
  266. Long winter jacket
  267. The decade when disco was popular
  268. Unforgettable and irremovable
  269. Red haired people have them
  270. Grand slam, cool victory
  271. He has a horrible handwriting, i can’t this
  272. Shock troops soldier
  273. Funny but odd
  274. To nip, peck
  275. What are the two strips of hair on one’s face
  276. Guns, rifles, etc
  277. To watch carefully
  278. I don’t have a car, i ride a
  279. To mistreat
  280. Odysseus, achilles, perseus
  281. There are 18 of them on a golf course
  282. He was framed for a crime while being totally
  283. Something is in the state of denmark
  284. Questionable, doubtful
  285. A tightrope
  286. It warrants a bleep
  287. What should you always wear outside
  288. To forgive, overlook
  289. Related to cattle
  290. Cold war relief
  291. He said that he saw a monster in the forest
  292. To counteract, neutralize
  293. To place a document in a folder
  294. Part of the face
  295. Drink = non alcoholic drink
  296. He should keep his mouth
  297. Airline attendant
  298. His attitude her, so she stayed away from him
  299. Related to kings and queens
  300. How come you are in love with a character
  301. Female rights supporter
  302. He decided to play at work
  303. To stumble clumsily
  304. Which australian animal can’t walk backwards
  305. Extra comment in a thesis
  306. To remove from memory
  307. To inspire, to influence positively
  308. After the shipwreck, only one boat remained
  309. Affix inside a word stem
  310. He begged on his
  311. She likes scents, like sandalwood
  312. Name, voyage, dividend
  313. Let’s talk about your background
  314. What do you need to go to the theater
  315. To deride, ridicule
  316. He kept falling and again
  317. Vehicle for relocation
  318. Inward feeling
  319. Music distributed illegally
  320. To lie in wait
  321. Which part of the eye receives light
  322. To complain, mutter
  323. Part of the door used to open it
  324. Worker assigned to supervise
  325. Painful indigestion
  326. To put on makeup
  327. Produced in the throat
  328. Secret affair or contact
  329. I hate movies with love
  330. To visit the mall
  331. Example mobile
  332. Texas or maine
  333. This is a topic, i don’t want to talk about it
  334. Based on many styles
  335. To solicit votes
  336. To flip a coin
  337. The child needs an to do the chores
  338. Is it a boon or a curse
  339. To swing wildly
  340. What do you normally need to walk a dog
  341. She tried to her cries, but he heard anyway
  342. Rival, adversary
  343. This cream will help the pain in your joints
  344. Uncommon, strange
  345. Slice of meat
  346. The last thing in pandora’s box
  347. You’re driving me up the
  348. Brutus caesar in shakespeare’s play
  349. I felt from the sun and almost collapsed
  350. Large water tank
  351. What never gets closer no matter how long you walk
  352. This dress doesn’t me
  353. Pirates’ main goal
  354. Authorization, subpoena
  355. Frankenstein’s aim
  356. Assertive, forceful
  357. The coup plotters tried to the dynasty
  358. The largest land mammal
  359. To discover the position
  360. 1024 bytes
  361. Weightlifting item
  362. This old building has been a real for years
  363. Sweet nectar product
  364. Urban horizon
  365. To file a formal complaint
  366. Suleiman the magnificent, for example
  367. Someone living in a lamp
  368. Defense plea
  369. Majestic insignia
  370. To take a pet from a shelter
  371. Europa to jupiter
  372. Don’t , we will manage somehow
  373. Robin of loxley was one
  374. Devotion, awe
  375. She is a person, who does things
  376. Oracle, seer
  377. I feel like his apology was
  378. Window furnishing
  379. Neither genuine nor real
  380. Bring some , she’s crying
  381. The dark knight had a appearance
  382. To break into tears
  383. Formal inspection
  384. Derisive, snide look
  385. To mentally prepare for hardships
  386. To use intimidation in order to obtain something
  387. Who used to follow a royal personage
  388. I he can’t even drive properly
  389. To support or endure
  390. It was his moment of
  391. Courageous, brave
  392. She’s with all sorts of talents
  393. To encourage kindly
  394. Her left knocked him out
  395. To show diversity
  396. Fun river activity
  397. Maybe, possibly
  398. To add notes to a text
  399. To remain in line
  400. It was a nice and experience
  401. To crush underfoot
  402. Anger seemed to from her in waves
  403. Which animal likes to eat mouse brain
  404. To generate, produce
  405. To change in nature
  406. Did you expect me to just because you’re popular
  407. To spring up, arise
  408. Full moon creates them
  409. Shape, formation
  410. Formal dress usually requires it
  411. Repentance is good, but is better
  412. What’s with the , young man
  413. A reason you end a picnic early
  414. The lionheart for richard
  415. Can you how long it will take you to finish
  416. Inflection of the voice
  417. A good joke can easily the tension
  418. Van gogh cut it
  419. Enabling to learn for yourself
  420. What is saffron produced from
  421. Positive, confident
  422. Science, linguistics, pathologist
  423. Basic structure of a scientific concept
  424. To stop in doubt
  425. As a seer, she has the gift of
  426. Gentle, mellifluous
  427. To entrust with a task
  428. Me, but are you okay
  429. Mean, nasty, brutal
  430. Monthly payment to have a home
  431. All the media attention paid to an event
  432. It’s prohibited to use words at school
  433. Where do algonquian indians live
  434. To a lower position
  435. Troublemaker, rebel
  436. To find and fetch
  437. Very boring, repetitive
  438. It contains medicine
  439. Which fruit is named after a hobgoblin
  440. Junk , homemade
  441. Growing bacteria for study
  442. To guffaw, cackle
  443. This movie isn’t suitable for kids, it contains content
  444. Full bangs
  445. Her breath in her throat, she was paralyzed with fear
  446. What connects bone and muscle
  447. Water, tunnel, system
  448. After fleeing, they took in a church
  449. Synthetic substitute for sugar
  450. Money paid as punishment
  451. Me, where is the nearest hotel
  452. To hail, toast, greet
  453. He decided to up his car with neon lights
  454. To smile haughtily
  455. To jeer, barb
  456. He to hit you like that
  457. To be made up of, contain
  458. Shocked, unnerved
  459. Working for yourself
  460. Not to win in a war
  461. Part of a gps coordinate
  462. Sneakers in britain
  463. I don’t want to around the boss in the office anymore
  464. Corps, rights, casualties
  465. Yorkshire or bull
  466. Get an iron to flyways
  467. With passion, strongly
  468. Old fashioned and shabby
  469. To struggle with an issue
  470. Obsession with rules
  471. To renounce, deny
  472. To stroll leisurely
  473. As a software developer, he is pretty much in this company
  474. To discharge gas
  475. Short way from a house to a public road
  476. To transfer, convey
  477. European jack
  478. What is the 8th most common element in the universe
  479. To throw something from a plane
  480. How do ducks walk
  481. Cosmetic , vaccine
  482. Contorted, misrepresented
  483. He’s such an young man
  484. Lie, deceit
  485. Narcissus flower
  486. Common villain in kids’ fairy tales
  487. The punishment was than he’d expected
  488. Shot to prevent a disease
  489. It’s common to be polite to everyone
  490. She’s a actress, but not very successful yet
  491. Oil , sugar , metal
  492. To rip apart, sever
  493. She has more than one to her personality
  494. Attacking campaign at war
  495. Internal, inner
  496. Isaac newton discovered the colors of the
  497. Where do people get visas
  498. Daunting, unsettling
  499. Which animal is as smart as some primates
  500. He was from the country forever
  501. Seller in the street
  502. To do very well, excel
  503. The underworld tree
  504. Something connected to the anvil
  505. The first word of a famous financial street
  506. Science about the universe
  507. Time for newly weds
  508. And rite are homophones
  509. Circle’s width
  510. Cruelty, brutality
  511. It was a attack against democracy
  512. Beach suit
  513. This is what plants do in autumn
  514. A reason the work stops at factories
  515. She has a pretty much lifestyle
  516. The newspaper tried to the war crimes
  517. Idiot, fool
  518. To claim no knowledge of something
  519. Storage of old artifacts
  520. Absent minded, scatterbrained
  521. Who was sherlock holmes
  522. The of the sun is very hot
  523. To apply an opposite force
  524. You must wear the in the kitchen at all times
  525. Distinguishing indicator
  526. I the day i accepted his offer
  527. To cut irregularly
  528. Please me at 7 am sharp
  529. Ingenious trickery
  530. Instrument for fishing
  531. I’m with my job and my salary
  532. Method, manner, way
  533. I have experience of these hardships
  534. Extra food and wine given as a religious gift
  535. Slacks, pants
  536. I’m looking forward to our cooperation
  537. Remnant, trace, relic
  538. The explanation was , i barely understood anything
  539. Miserable, despondent
  540. To have a trick up one’s
  541. My favorite dessert is the belgian
  542. He had to go to a homeless
  543. Process of skin coming off
  544. To distort, twist
  545. You are getting on my
  546. She was fired for industrial
  547. Feud, grudge
  548. His resolve didn’t for a second
  549. Show off, poser
  550. Cunning and clever plan
  551. Strange, unusual in a bad way
  552. He took a test to reveal his natural
  553. To travel across
  554. Female or male
  555. Example ballad, carol
  556. Prelude to a musical work
  557. Showing veneration
  558. Mystical creature with a horn
  559. I’ve discovered a new island
  560. Fancy country house
  561. This family has a special for weddings
  562. To charge with power
  563. Esoteric, hard to see
  564. I’m sure that they will to ruin your work
  565. Number of soccer players
  566. Honestly and frankly
  567. Drug, affair, trade
  568. Imaginative, original
  569. Data or facts
  570. Not entire or complete
  571. His voice shook, and it was a sign of lying
  572. To refuse to give up
  573. Let’s meet at the rink
  574. Example music, literature, theater
  575. I prefer fish, it tastes better
  576. To ambush, assail
  577. To put up a painting
  578. There wasn’t a person in the office, it was empty
  579. Ferret like animal
  580. Which animal has a 2 feet tongue
  581. Dogs are known for their
  582. Orientation device for a cat
  583. Dante’s “inferno”
  584. To twist, thrash
  585. To assign to a category
  586. I didn’t expect you to sink so
  587. Very long living animal
  588. I want to get away from the and bustle
  589. In a tightly drawn and tense manner
  590. They are twins, that’s why they look different
  591. Large cat that can’t roar
  592. Tidiness, accuracy
  593. That was one prank
  594. Stone fence
  595. Are you single or
  596. Medical assistance, cure
  597. To shatter, break with force
  598. To disappear, evaporate
  599. The king in full appeared in the room
  600. Snide, cutting remark
  601. We need to those old rules
  602. Masculine, brawny
  603. Which cat has the strongest bite
  604. Piece of chunky glitter
  605. She had all the information at her
  606. To feel bitterness
  607. You’re really on a slippery right now
  608. To reboot
  609. A watched never boils
  610. To throw a party
  611. And ‘sight’ are homophones
  612. Who is vanessa mae
  613. You’re doing such a job you’ll be fired at this rate
  614. The fee may be applicable in this case
  615. Metal pin on clothes
  616. Resonant, rich
  617. This writer has a remarkable gift
  618. Knitted piece of clothes
  619. To stumble
  620. It was an offer i couldn’t
  621. Which bird is scared of owls
  622. Money paid to fly
  623. Area with lots of trees
  624. She just does it for
  625. Ship stop strong wine
  626. Which instrument did hong gil dong play
  627. I think i passed this job
  628. Science of nerves
  629. Don’t around me like that, go do something useful
  630. The ocean is extremely nowadays
  631. Depressed neighborhood
  632. Always complaining
  633. To eat greedily
  634. She is a successful college
  635. Responsible for doing something bad
  636. To adjust the piano
  637. Round serving object
  638. Art thyself, though not a montague
  639. Central theme or tone
  640. He’s quite a carpenter, he knows everything about it
  641. Flimsy, very weak
  642. She failed to sarcasm in his words
  643. To swerve, veer
  644. Defamation, libel
  645. Don’t count your chickens before they
  646. Engine, fuel, price
  647. Orange red color
  648. Stunned, surprised
  649. Both the greek language and a river have it
  650. To loosen, relax
  651. I guess we’ll have to start from
  652. Immature, infantile
  653. Spider’s art
  654. Uncalled for, unwarranted
  655. To give something a shot
  656. You can’t see the forest for the
  657. He’s those boots again
  658. Finally, i found the sheep
  659. Sometimes it’s best to bite your
  660. To stagger, astonish
  661. He was looking for a in crime
  662. This singer is an international
  663. Renewal of interest
  664. I try to myself with good people
  665. Large platform in a theater
  666. Nature vs
  667. In a frivolous manner
  668. Bumpy, rocky, uneven
  669. Cleansing liquid
  670. Bulky and hefty but also important
  671. In parliament 180, noes 50
  672. To harbor a grudge
  673. To unite, integrate
  674. Powder after burning something
  675. To refurbish, make over
  676. State of being neither asleep nor awake
  677. To understand, comprehend
  678. Someone’s prime
  679. Please check it and tell me if anything is
  680. Irrational and persistent fear
  681. To her , she failed the exam
  682. To fix, mend
  683. Bank , coal , refundable
  684. To try scaring an animal off
  685. And eros
  686. To leave, evacuate
  687. Animals that undergo metamorphosis
  688. To provide commentary on book
  689. Decorative trinket
  690. She glared at him, her face was like
  691. To delay because of unwillingness
  692. He ignored me as if i was an object
  693. His appearance was very different from his personality
  694. He managed to win by a small
  695. To advance, encourage
  696. Another word for “prison officer”
  697. Protective method for certain frogs and spiders
  698. What is the symbol of good luck
  699. A collar with many folds
  700. Editing, correction
  701. A tv program and a bar
  702. Granted entrance
  703. You either , or sink
  704. She’s a very face, i’d recognize her anywhere
  705. To predict, forecast
  706. I need to check the bus before leaving
  707. Distorting, turning in strange ways
  708. It’s such a matter, why are you so upset
  709. To decay, degrade
  710. Do you have any restrictions
  711. Compliance with all the ceremonies
  712. Agile, graceful
  713. I was to find you for days
  714. To limp, shuffle
  715. Just add the extra virgin olive oil
  716. To be able to buy
  717. To give someone the wrong data
  718. What starts contracting when you hiccup
  719. To be hesitant to believe
  720. She had pupils and an unfocused stare
  721. It wasn’t an act, he was
  722. Let’s take the from the airport, it’s cheaper
  723. Diatribe, harangue
  724. Wording on a coat of arms
  725. Tip, remark
  726. Mythical dwarf
  727. He has about befriending his subordinates
  728. Artwork with different pieces stuck on
  729. The kid is in his room and won’t come out
  730. Weapon for throwing stones
  731. She wanted to be a observer in this situation
  732. Which kind of voice did michael jackson have
  733. The collapse was a major for the entire industry
  734. Heartless, unfeeling
  735. The suitcase down the stairs
  736. Without any boundaries
  737. Suited for the task
  738. To put into groups
  739. Bridge made of arches
  740. Sharp witted, insightful
  741. What is the fruit of a fungus
  742. If you the rules, you are disqualified
  743. Constant, never stopping
  744. He was aware of her presence
  745. Get your facts before arguing with him
  746. Sulky, cantankerous
  747. Someone who cultivates land
  748. Proper, as it should be
  749. Think before you
  750. To regard with contempt
  751. Parallel, comparable
  752. Which flower is perfectly symmetrical
  753. We flew to new york, but had a in paris
  754. Extremely bad, awful
  755. The conflict caused a between the two families
  756. To decrease, diminish
  757. Where are the boats built
  758. The egg whites before mixing them in
  759. Caused to resurface
  760. Let’s the issue during our next meeting
  761. He has managed to become rich
  762. Newspaper’s opinion
  763. He always tries to his words clearly
  764. Powerful, manly, robust
  765. The easter island statues are all
  766. Another word for “chorus”
  767. Street , of venice, trade
  768. To tell someone danger is approaching
  769. She’s an , she’s uncomfortable with big crowds
  770. What insect speaks with light
  771. To loathe, scorn
  772. And demand
  773. She got that ugly shirt at a sale
  774. This episode is just into my memory forever
  775. To say further
  776. It’s a very animal, stay away from it
  777. Hypothesis that has no alter­native for these people
  778. Husbands wearing make up and womens fashion crudely
  779. Husband roped in to sample traditionally female craft
  780. Hurry to wrap daughter in coat
  781. Hunter with dreadful curse has to be kept inside
  782. Hunter returning in the morning in good spirits
  783. Humming works in hit nearly written without al
  784. Humble catholic hasnt lost any fingers
  785. Hull market will contain fish, ultimately
  786. How to make bats sell out
  787. How to go from capitals of spain, russia, qatar and peru
  788. How the irish speak of knave crowned by britain
  789. How a tailor might make the grade
  790. House doctor about to enter dodgy hostel
  791. Hotel sign including everything to indicate quality
  792. Hotel annex in which spectre finally materialised
  793. Hose this gt after its overhauled
  794. Hoped despair might be resolved
  795. Honour soldier protecting lives and showing respect
  796. Honest, not rotten sinner in the appropriate place
  797. Honcho regarded as not seeing straight
  798. Hollywood film produced in america in two versions
  799. Hitch and tie other side
  800. Hit game returns
  801. Hit item of clothing
  802. Historic county on the west coast of scotland
  803. Historic city mostly held in regard, looking back
  804. Highly popular article everyone seethes about
  805. Highland chief making a racket in his armour
  806. Highest grade in clinical pharmacology
  807. Higher urban area now put in disarray
  808. Hide inflatable bed punctured by english women
  809. Hesitation to enter 20, possibly, as a figure
  810. Hesitant, using gestural and verbal forms of communication
  811. Heroic sailor, noble type, goes by car mostly
  812. Hero worship puck does have a go, after taking note
  813. Here, a calling to perform
  814. Henry’s english queen rejected skin decoration
  815. Heckle slow magician might get in work
  816. Heavyweight filling in expert without delay
  817. Heavy work, including some art, is laborious
  818. Heavy alligator, disorientated at being released
  819. Heavenly round these parts and others
  820. Heated take top off and get ready to fight
  821. Hearty eater cut short by that womans husband
  822. Heartlessly allow bird to suffer animal
  823. Heading across france occasionally to find grave
  824. Head office girls soaring cry of adoration
  825. Head of states love a shakes­pearean queen rejected
  826. Head back with a german to find station
  827. Head after meteor travelling in distance
  828. He looks out as former remote controlled vehicle enters bike races
  829. He is into tractors, weirdly initially easy to arrange
  830. He cant possibly employ singer
  831. Having determination to show authorship rests between pirate and criminal
  832. Having a change of heart, get lost somewhere in london
  833. Have opening of present delayed
  834. Have an increased effect
  835. Have a siesta, keeping most comfortable
  836. Have a go and weigh it rival uncertain
  837. Hasten to achieve a fashionable appearance
  838. Harry andersen caught
  839. Harry a competitor in the crucible
  840. Hardened criminal starts to give corroborative evidence
  841. Harden cover sons left out
  842. Hard to engage in a job with some rigging, turning to address someone else
  843. Hard nut, so sure to get a beating
  844. Hard and difficult climb
  845. Happy to welcome easy going host
  846. Handsome young greek god of beauty and fertility
  847. Hammers symbolic partner
  848. Halt var replay being broadcast to get treatment for wound
  849. Hairdresser punched by mike parr
  850. Had nothing to do with key getting cut
  851. Had a meal in south dakota, becoming full
  852. Visit stores
  853. Three two-syllable languages
  854. Competitive games
  855. Three golf shots
  856. Partner of franz on 'snl'
  857. Son of isaac in the hebrew bible
  858. Lawn products company
  859. –>to precipitation
  860. Cancellations due–>
  861. Industry safety org.