1. Test the water?
  2. Response to whos a good boy?
  3. Something you dont want in the bed
  4. Colorful bit of cereal
  5. It comes on little cat feet per carl sandburg
  6. Offer at the bar
  7. Face of modern technology
  8. Bit of bedding
  9. Puffed up
  10. Stops on the road
  11. Word with press or mess
  12. One of many for a ranch
  13. Told what to do
  14. Network of secret agents
  15. Can ___ an amen?
  16. Like claritin for short
  17. Caught off guard
  18. Negative response to shall we?
  19. Straight up
  20. Unite in defense
  21. Believability for short
  22. 2003 will ferrell comedy
  23. Sound followed by a whistle in cartoons
  24. ___ is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice: william jennings bryan
  25. Dress like
  26. Bring to fullness
  27. Bad thing to do
  28. Capital of belarus
  29. Off the wall
  30. Choice on many surveys
  31. Writes millenium or accomodate e.g.
  32. Sounds a bit off
  33. Hora for one
  34. Put in a snit
  35. Collection of five books
  36. Ideapad maker
  37. Sch. in charlotte
  38. Embrace love?
  39. Time often named for a philosophy
  40. Rental garage array
  41. Cancel the mission!
  42. Iberian capital locally
  43. Lawdy!
  44. Ready to go back?
  45. Joint protection … or in a way creators of four puzzle puns?
  46. Educated in the classroom as opposed to the street
  47. Is unable to sign the top-billed star for an ocean's 13 sequel?
  48. Springs for a vacation?
  49. Nikon setting
  50. Cdc headquarters city
  51. Soccer ejection indicator
  52. Pour to purify
  53. Start-up money?
  54. Janelle of moonlight
  55. Casual topper for elizabeth ii?
  56. Takoma park md. is part of it
  57. Gas company with toy trucks
  58. Site with powersellers
  59. Consume some deli meat?
  60. Washington's bills?
  61. __ fraîche: dairy product
  62. Helmet sticker
  63. Concern for lefty writers
  64. Gorilla who learned modified 50-down
  65. Hanes brand
  66. Jiminy cricket!
  67. They may pick up speed
  68. Cleans in a way
  69. Allow to go free
  70. Brand written in frosty letters
  71. Vehicle rarely seen in the summer
  72. On any occasion
  73. Sign for the superstitious
  74. Seek to please with to
  75. Give a new look to
  76. Not just two times
  77. What many parents do about their kids?
  78. Like grating noise
  79. Take the helm
  80. Fishy story
  81. Viral videos e.g.
  82. Type of column
  83. Buddy in baja california
  84. Island west of maui
  85. Charge toward
  86. Sets off as a fire alarm
  87. Least valuable u.s. bills
  88. Happy days ice-cream drinks
  89. Great bond rating
  90. Bring cheer to
  91. Cabinet dept. since 1977
  92. Nuisances for neatniks
  93. Crewmate of worf and crusher
  94. Liquid-confiscating grp.
  95. Betray astonishment
  96. Maker of t-bonz treats
  97. On topic
  98. Body of water between marie byrd land and victoria land
  99. Resident of washington's city of destiny
  100. Some action cameras
  101. Bösendorfer products
  102. Its annual school fee is about £42500
  103. Primer section marked with an x
  104. Coveted graduation gift
  105. Cabin cottage or castle
  106. Anthropologist leakey
  107. Pitcher matt harvey e.g.
  108. Money of 42-across
  109. Berger of major dundee
  110. God with wings
  111. Word found carved at roanoke's lost colony
  112. Rooms filled with sweaters
  113. Lake that's the source of the mississippi
  114. Rodent to a raptor
  115. Dedicatee in a salinger title
  116. Eldest of the march sisters
  117. Served soup say
  118. Dangerous compound in vonnegut's cat's cradle
  119. Capital midway between quito and adelaide
  120. Pursued as a tip
  121. Excitingly awesome slangily
  122. A boatload of
  123. Prince in disney's the little mermaid
  124. Nos. to measure against
  125. Velma's rival in chicago
  126. Its royal navy is based in seeb
  127. Part of a deck
  128. Presentation stand
  129. Ingredient in some bar soaps
  130. Cause a rift between
  131. Fuss's rhyming partner
  132. Tv correspondent marsh
  133. The p in a pg rating
  134. Mari copeny's city
  135. Attaches in a way
  136. Basic part of speech
  137. Sovereign rulers
  138. Image problem
  139. Bit of chocolate
  140. Fill with wonder
  141. Continent with 11 time zones
  142. Risked a ticket
  143. Girls who ___
  144. Cradles and cribs
  145. Voice actress ___ jill miller
  146. Be that ___ may . . .
  147. Guides for dressmakers
  148. Here's a perfect example . . .
  149. Tomato often used for tomato paste
  150. Get groceries for example
  151. Has the courage
  152. Puts on an unhappy face
  153. Still in the running
  154. Draw the short straw say
  155. Works for me
  156. Team photo e.g.
  157. Fixed course of action
  158. Trot or pace for a horse
  159. In one piece
  160. Lump of dirt
  161. Website that becomes a name if you add a b at the beginning
  162. Letters of urgency
  163. Small bodies of water
  164. Eggs on sushi
  165. Much of the time
  166. Apt rhyme for whacks
  167. __-century furniture
  168. Almanacs historical listing
  169. Theyre all relatives
  170. Name similar to hannah
  171. Two-legged squealer
  172. Dantes last name
  173. They may pick up speed
  174. Ship-shaped
  175. Tech for surveyors
  176. Dashboard device service
  177. Rather hard to notice
  178. Let have it good
  179. Last night, vis-a-vis today
  180. Creator of bart and homer
  181. Symbol of a british isle
  182. Concern for lefty writers
  183. Pour to purify
  184. Hunger, in one sense
  185. Start-up money?
  186. Bear partial to bamboo
  187. Lax display
  188. Chapman, __ appleseed
  189. What dali wasnt called
  190. Request for restatement
  191. Foot finisher
  192. Step, in dieppe
  193. Letters near some upcs
  194. Wintertime toy
  195. Art center of spain
  196. Sch in charlotte
  197. Moved like a hockey puck
  198. Private, as some neighborhoods
  199. What the tired might take
  200. Web-toed wader
  201. Islamic jurisdiction
  202. Hammer handle material
  203. Enters with care
  204. Some web-toed waders
  205. Par-three rarities
  206. New england haddock
  207. Arabian peninsula person
  208. Reminiscent of volcanoes
  209. Thought the worst of
  210. Give much less than ones best
  211. 4___ (permanently, to texters)
  212. Henhouse, for instance
  213. Add to ones age
  214. Something named for victoria
  215. Female markers
  216. Crash-proof party
  217. Trooper runs after retreating gents bitten by croc
  218. Troop company undermanned, leaderless
  219. Trip over grampians premier hill range
  220. Trimming hair down there?
  221. Trim chop
  222. Trim end of toe in waders
  223. Trifle with pretty girl carrying a pistol
  224. Tried out eliminating two opponents, then tried again
  225. Triangular symbol composer of down set up
  226. Trendy suit, to a large degree
  227. Tree spotted with extremities eaten away
  228. Tree increasing? get trimmer
  229. Travelling us area, turk delivers cabbage dish
  230. Travel quickly back and forth, discovering whats out there
  231. Travel essential for dads hobby
  232. Trappers cry when cuppa arrived?
  233. Transshipper working in more than one business
  234. Traffic light acrostic for newspaper
  235. Tradesperson is more obscene we hear
  236. Tradesman, quietly, to move awkwardly
  237. Toy wind instrument that buzzes
  238. Town put together around square
  239. Tower completely infested by nasty bug
  240. Touring subcontinental state, antelope thats a bit petrified
  241. Tour de force from principal oarsman
  242. Touch hat covering charlie king
  243. Totally uninterested
  244. Total debacle
  245. Torn material valued
  246. Topless lingerie item giving you a turn
  247. Top notch communist broadcast
  248. Too hurried, this unsuccessful contestant?
  249. Tony upset about haul thats worthless
  250. Tom cries uncontrollably &mdash its cold and windy
  251. Tolerant of one german keeling over during fast
  252. Token is returned by gutted glaswegian gangster
  253. Toilet block’s latest leak i repaired it seems to be the same thing again
  254. Today klopp is lacking finishers, but looking towards the top spot
  255. To try new activities somehow was depressing? no
  256. To trade in answer not in fact fair, somehow
  257. To lust about anything in yorkshire is unsophisticated
  258. To crib and wail during mass
  259. Tiny moving parts visible in old timepiece
  260. Tiny cat, one trapped by current
  261. Tins for mogs and dogs?
  262. Time one secures a new opening for indian cooking
  263. Time for contraception? strip
  264. Timber used in cabinetmaking or so do we
  265. Type of crossword unfinished by the french in confusion
  266. Type of course where golf played
  267. Two gymnastic manoeuvres to complete course in beijing?
  268. Two cups overturned following half arabic source of fizz
  269. Two coppers join game
  270. Two characters abroad initially pursuing model
  271. Twisted healthy wolfs tail in squabble
  272. Tweets provide exciting ex­changes, perhaps shocking leaders
  273. Turtle, for example
  274. Turning prude, i tut on seeing this
  275. Turner song about exploitation
  276. Turned over page corner
  277. Turned up to get rice dished out promise to turn up again?
  278. Turned up noise to conceal military intelligence special release
  279. Turn sea into land
  280. Turfs out unruly civets
  281. Tuna swimming around northern river? weird
  282. Trunks and bikinis
  283. Tight spot in drug brawl? on the contrary
  284. Tigers or sharks, perhaps
  285. Tiered display of piping at the match?
  286. Tie on label cheers granny at first
  287. Ticklish
  288. Thwarted clumsy fraudster pocketing wallet, ultimately
  289. Thursday in march a girl appears
  290. Thrown weapons
  291. Throttle component of carburettor again playing up
  292. Thought money off did apply
  293. Those who dare put on hot band
  294. Those remaining, cunning, begin again
  295. Those in cast, otherwise selection of one
  296. Those dying for their belief
  297. Thomas mores book about life on an imaginary island
  298. This, under la, sf and santa a, in slippage?
  299. This will show when undressed
  300. This spake zarathustra in article about goddess
  301. This numbers dry without singers introduction
  302. This land could be mohican, a dakotan discovered
  303. This as basis for the annual blow out?
  304. Thin walled cavity containing liquid
  305. Thickness of hose from end fires beginning to go out
  306. Theyre forever blown at west ham playing blues to win two billion
  307. They say massage before flu treatment is essential
  308. They rent out tenements in unconnected capitals?
  309. They remove unwanted bits as well with most of the selections
  310. They help us to see tiny spots, we hear
  311. They give up introducing new underwear
  312. They check papers of old pitmen around area
  313. They can usually manage old horse dealers
  314. They are for promoting a cid officer
  315. These might be smuggled in carpets
  316. Theist arranged donations to the church
  317. Their sharp points scratch this, at intervals?
  318. Theatrical foundation to criticise piece of soap
  319. Theatres search for swimmer
  320. The woman traps animal, reflecting need for food
  321. The turn of the , henry james horror story
  322. The queens backed out here
  323. The norm
  324. The mum dashing around got off to a brisk start
  325. The mace deployed as a weapon
  326. The highest object of roman worship a large, almost spherical body
  327. The french general died very famous
  328. The first king of england and scotland
  329. The claims that could be made by such as paracelsus
  330. The x in x
  331. Thats how pie ceremony reveals a fine specimen
  332. Thats funny, uncovering vital novel
  333. That which exists
  334. That glen is to collapse eventually
  335. Test cricket, for example, filled with pressure
  336. Terrible regrets about english welcoming people
  337. Tense pressure applied to soldiers in focus of operations
  338. Tense expression of annoyance when restricted by employee of poor quality
  339. Tenor joins composer for tour
  340. Tennis call don overturned
  341. Temporary fault
  342. Temporary access to a docked vessel
  343. Temperature over havana is dire
  344. Television sound
  345. Tease lad eating core of rotting apple
  346. Tear shed first from soppy individual
  347. Teams regulars were introduced to six footer
  348. Teaching english and latin could flop after lecturers are expelled
  349. Tea in angels cup different &mdash though in essence its the same
  350. Tea and fruit taken round east of the lizard?
  351. Tasteless items of jewellery? a couple mentioned in rap
  352. Taper lit up, designed primarily for small explosive
  353. Tape small member of the mamas and the papas?
  354. Tangy starters of tomato and roquefort tortellini
  355. Talmudic adherents backsliding sin couched in common parlance
  356. Talked for a day with german agreement
  357. Talk tediously about old hunting weapon
  358. Talk on fairs source of illumination
  359. Talk about a long story!
  360. Taking lead from a south african
  361. Takes off bloomers after a day
  362. Take on inspiring role in puzzle
  363. Tabloid support for south east asian inhabitant
  364. Wise elder
  365. Maker of t-bonz treats
  366. Mission name in the martian
  367. Classic toy with colored pegs
  368. Crewmate of worf and crusher
  369. Linus or lucy, eg
  370. Nuisances for neatniks
  371. Debut album for dr dre
  372. Ubernerd of 90s tv
  373. Points raised while eating
  374. Well-polished
  375. Pursued, as a tip
  376. Sarcastic show of approval
  377. Dark red gemstone
  378. Cut again, say
  379. Startling sound
  380. Places to wear goggles
  381. Night owl, often
  382. Shade of deep blue
  383. Garb for the masses?
  384. Bozos, north of the border
  385. Reunion attendee, informally
  386. Tea, in mandarin
  387. Things found on old desktops
  388. Rooms filled with sweaters
  389. Suspects, informally
  390. San ___, city near berkeley
  391. Musical repeat mark
  392. Causes for alarm?
  393. Sci-fi general