1. Support across the top of a window or door
  2. Texan mission that was site of a siege in 1836 by mexican forces
  3. Half one’s friends are in shape
  4. ___ purchase, olympic rower
  5. Amusing old hands?
  6. British winner of the tour de france in 2013, 2015 and 2016
  7. 1954 musical-comedy starring doris day and robert cummings
  8. Hungarian writer's writer
  9. City in veneto, italy, on the bacchiglione river
  10. Run up from all directions
  11. Basic duties can spread with this inspiring work
  12. A region of new zealand on south island
  13. Bowed old soldiers
  14. Pint i delivered in company after returning drink dispenser
  15. Small genus of flowering trees in the pea family whose best known member is the carob tree
  16. Industrial city in southern poland
  17. Avoid source of heat in fine weather
  18. Cathedral city supporting man, just when needed
  19. Cease arguing; submit
  20. Charlie spots lawyer removing street’s protection for drivers
  21. Conscious a king is surrounded by reverence
  22. Cute plane handled badly, prompting irritability
  23. Details snags after repairing church feature
  24. Empty tin put in tank
  25. Fragrant shrub: attempt to block tree coming up
  26. Get rid of reserve in collation of memories?
  27. Grimly cynical
  28. Infecting microorganism
  29. Key cricketer making comeback
  30. Leave somewhere uncultivated
  31. Lie around with newspaper and popular item of confectionery
  32. Loud volume nearby, though not initially
  33. Misfired a shot — very rash
  34. More imposing or magnificent
  35. One informing idiot’s in school
  36. Over-curiously
  37. Party time? there’s little point
  38. Pause from work
  39. Sentimental greek character retiring
  40. Sequence of notes hermit finally placed in old grotto
  41. Story i want rewritten after i prepare to attack?
  42. Style of swimming that’s chilly in cold lake
  43. Substantial front to garden, with colour around
  44. Subtract, take away
  45. Swirls, whirlpools
  46. Tepid conflict linked to first of manuscripts overseen by gospel writer
  47. Tofu
  48. Unjust or illegal
  49. Us soldier very into vocation — medical attendant?
  50. Call me by your name
  51. The hereditary title of the head of the ismaili sect of muslims
  52. Nickname of star of the 1957 film “pal joey”
  53. Chubby, fleshy
  54. They give the prices of food taxes
  55. R lee —, actor who played gny sgt hartman in 1987 film drama full metal jacket
  56. Let go of contact
  57. Musical featuring the song tomorrow
  58. One of 100 members of a senior branch of us legislature
  59. Motor vehicles for transporting goods by road
  60. Man of paradox omits nothing in branch of religion
  61. Intake of breath through a wide-open mouth
  62. Jordan sensitive about possible effect of competition in retail sector
  63. Levers on a piano
  64. Most of information about utrecht wrong - everyone contributes here
  65. Not familiar with tunes, duo bombed
  66. Not staged for an audience, so remaining calm
  67. One ahead, i say! press horn hard
  68. One may be beaten for one grand
  69. One who nudges people as she runs past?
  70. One's lager supply results in one producing memorable phrases
  71. One's married after church amid revolutionary swagger
  72. Packed bus finally pulled away
  73. Party with rector during the hours of darkness? absolutely!
  74. Partygoer's wake-up call i ignored, ending in disaster
  75. Personnel including family groupings back in the renaissance
  76. Put off job by somebody in police department
  77. Removing one's clothes
  78. Require massage, reportedly
  79. Sailing equipment that might be seen at parent's toga party
  80. Some rwandans are in shed 21
  81. Stay to consume university leftovers
  82. Suffer defeat in court in private
  83. Sweet delight met with snigger when excited
  84. Terrible yen for lecturer results in consternation
  85. Theorem overestimating stopping distance? on the contrary
  86. They manage clubs through refundable costs
  87. This evening, functioning drunk is going outside
  88. Tossed around odd bits of turf in all directions
  89. Tree repeatedly named in baby language
  90. Tv presenters swapping roles with queen's drink carriers
  91. Us chip manufacturer
  92. Vat not applied initially on large fish
  93. Voted to change round company in tiny house
  94. Waiter at alfresco meal?
  95. Went on a terrible date
  96. What's in this grid that may be your guide?
  97. Winger uses gap cleverly
  98. Wrestling sport adapted from jujitsu
  99. 11 in a file
  100. 500 of you?
  101. A long time, but christmas is almost over
  102. About to eat, wife downed booze
  103. Aids to vision
  104. Banter to lift a high-class fighter
  105. Both slow mover's times are superseded by penny, a swimmer
  106. Bride upset by small junk
  107. Caught in outrageous denial
  108. Chance to blossom right out, getting confident on vacation
  109. Contemptible people's cruel quips are stopping points
  110. Control hips - they support 50% of core
  111. Convict protected by disgusting settlement
  112. Cross first part of fantastic city
  113. It's nothing to me to allow the making of a dish
  114. Cut line in manoeuvre on ice
  115. During this, watch cold disappearing somehow
  116. East african, or people from the six counties?
  117. Expelled, fought with lance but not jack
  118. Fair level: passed
  119. Feeble and ineffectual attitude
  120. Fills cash register without moving at all
  121. From the first, usually recog­nisable stars, actually major or minor
  122. Genus of trees that includes hollies
  123. Greek suffering, with leander oddly absent
  124. Heads of state are disproportionately unhappy
  125. Heard donkey tail is to be raised
  126. Hospitality workers with fine hair
  127. Implement termination of shiatsu, and of stretching endlessly
  128. In bad temper, visitor denied small piece of bread
  129. In front of family circle, uncle's last to trespass
  130. Mini market chain
  131. Congestion relief option
  132. Just william author
  133. Just william
  134. Met up outside hotel? not us
  135. River of poland that flows to the baltic sea near gdansk
  136. 1979 bbc tv sitcom starring paul nicholas and su pollard
  137. Technical name for a rib, also used for the midrib in a plant leaf
  138. Loves to hold underwear
  139. Scoff when crossword's abandoned quietly for good
  140. One who strikes an attitude half an hour afterwards
  141. Some reported problem in school
  142. The upper atmosphere, the heavens
  143. Small metal container which dispenses its contents by propelling them under pressure
  144. Widely supported ship parking for miles in scottish shipping area
  145. Running water and heated water? that's about right
  146. Sir peter —; actor whose role in the 1960 film spartacus earned him an academy award
  147. Posterior or rear
  148. Lugubre e
  149. Block young lady reaching a river
  150. The insect synemon plana, one of australia's most endangered insect species due to the loss of its habitat
  151. The man has nothing but a garden tool
  152. Author of short stories including mr reginald peacock's day, the garden party, a cup of tea and the doll's house
  153. Large tropical marine fish noted for its leaping ability
  154. Urban area in north rhine-westphalia, germany
  155. Joker offering line in preston, not on perhaps
  156. Extinct language spoken in ancient etruria
  157. Crew intend to ignore one
  158. 1999 film starring chris o'donnell and renée zellweger and featuring the acting debut of singer mariah carey
  159. What does pig-meat seller say in new york?
  160. Christian _; english actor born in wales
  161. Put one's mark to trip out of the springtide
  162. South america has new name
  163. Old opponent of tory
  164. Chemical solution which softens colours in a photographic work
  165. Chopped garden clods
  166. The winding stair
  167. Back of the book explanatory comment
  168. Personne qui fabrique et vend des lunettes
  169. Finasser e
  170. Ruminant voisin du lama
  171. Vent du sud est soufflant du sahara
  172. Récemment e
  173. Very sacred or holy
  174. Somewhat smart conservative involved in blunder
  175. Give striker back in chance for revenge
  176. Trains the hose on clusters of flowers
  177. Birdman?
  178. Done internally
  179. In the guide movement, a closing song sung at the end of a meeting
  180. Don't agree with what's less than believable
  181. Person casting a ballot
  182. What the sitcom name 3rd rock from the sun referred to
  183. World capital where you could find many sumo wrestlers
  184. Single action described in an assembly manual
  185. West coast school that's the most applied to in the us: abbr.
  186. ___ & jeremiah by design (tlc show starring designer berkus)
  187. Banish from a country
  188. Haven't ___ you yet (michael bublé song)
  189. Skin ___ (personal coloring)
  190. Sticky and not easy to swallow
  191. Shaped like a cube
  192. One of the three rivers that pittsburgh's three rivers stadium is named for
  193. Pinkish like a person's complexion
  194. Hectic hospital areas: abbr.
  195. Walk hard: the dewey ___ story (2007 film comedy)
  196. Like a dripping faucet
  197. Song from thomas rhett's life changes album that topped the country airplay charts in 2018: 2 wds.
  198. Put decorations on
  199. Male equivalent of ma'am
  200. Highest degree for most academic fields: abbr.
  201. Put in place like a war correspondent
  202. ___ poodle (small dog)
  203. Cable channel that airs barry
  204. Skater harding played by margot robbie in a 2017 movie
  205. Goddesses of the arts in greek mythology
  206. Delete or caps lock for example
  207. Taking a ___ of faith
  208. Plaything that moves up and down: hyph.
  209. Tv show's name
  210. The girl ___ loved tom gordon (stephen king book)
  211. Diner handouts
  212. ___ peter to pay paul
  213. Capital of cote d'ivoire
  214. American tv quiz show in which contestants are presented with answers and must phrase their responses in question form
  215. Trying to avoid a punishment
  216. Call up first woman with average
  217. Leftover food from a meal