1. Cats' quarries
  2. Put up as posters
  3. Making purer in a way
  4. Suffering a moment of weakness
  5. Bit of jai alai gear
  6. Very dangerous snakes in an indy jones movie
  7. Slim and muscular
  8. Arithmetic to memorize
  9. Voice higher than 6-across
  10. Psych class topic
  11. Conga or djembe
  12. 43-across essentially
  13. Burro's kin
  14. Caddy items
  15. Sub purveyor
  16. Veggie served with catfish
  17. Release an iceberg as a glacier
  18. Nah! opposite
  19. Masters starting point
  20. Timer contents perhaps
  21. Space oddity singer
  22. Stable chow
  23. Flock's assent
  24. Spinners of 21-acrosses
  25. Small akc breeds
  26. Jigsaw border pieces
  27. Guest's bed perhaps
  28. Prop for miss piggy
  29. Paul's biblical companion
  30. Bishops' assembly
  31. Following loyally
  32. Support across the top of a window or door
  33. Home furnisher's concern
  34. Pliable plaything
  35. Wyatt of western lore
  36. Bestow with a title
  37. Texan mission that was site of a siege in 1836 by mexican forces
  38. Half one’s friends are in shape
  39. ___ purchase, olympic rower
  40. Amusing old hands?
  41. British winner of the tour de france in 2013, 2015 and 2016
  42. 1954 musical-comedy starring doris day and robert cummings
  43. Hungarian writer's writer
  44. City in veneto, italy, on the bacchiglione river
  45. Run up from all directions
  46. Operate smoothly
  47. ___ city hall 36-across-designed building (1978)
  48. Sites of some strikes
  49. Omnipotent and all-merciful one in islam
  50. One's marriage or graduation
  51. With 10-down 36-across-designed museum (1995)
  52. Script unit
  53. Subject of this puzzle (1917-2019)
  54. Ricotta cheese source
  55. Place for an atlas
  56. Runner's space
  57. Claymation pal of wallace
  58. Basic duties can spread with this inspiring work
  59. Asian capital designed by british urban planners
  60. Warty arboreal creature
  61. Help for the disabled?
  62. Classic opera in which every leading character dies
  63. Portmanteau for 36-across
  64. Mystical and puzzling
  65. Sicilia and sardegna
  66. Stick in a boat
  67. With 26-down 36-across-designed hong kong skyscraper (1990)
  68. Talking with one's hands for short
  69. Bawl over
  70. Sack so to speak
  71. Legally charges
  72. Tv booth alert
  73. 36-across-designed paris landmark (1989)
  74. Word that rhymes with treats appropriately
  75. George with a .390 batting average in 1980
  76. Fictional captain whose nickname is old thunder
  77. Lecturer's reading?
  78. Some hospital supplies
  79. Winner of four world series in this century on scoreboards
  80. Bud's bud in old comedy
  81. Nowhere near the target in a children's guessing game
  82. When soap operas usually air informally
  83. A region of new zealand on south island
  84. Bowed old soldiers
  85. Pint i delivered in company after returning drink dispenser
  86. Small genus of flowering trees in the pea family whose best known member is the carob tree
  87. Industrial city in southern poland
  88. Avoid source of heat in fine weather
  89. Cathedral city supporting man, just when needed
  90. Cease arguing; submit
  91. Charlie spots lawyer removing street’s protection for drivers
  92. Conscious a king is surrounded by reverence
  93. Cute plane handled badly, prompting irritability
  94. Details snags after repairing church feature
  95. Empty tin put in tank
  96. Fragrant shrub: attempt to block tree coming up
  97. Get rid of reserve in collation of memories?
  98. Grimly cynical
  99. Infecting microorganism
  100. Key cricketer making comeback
  101. Leave somewhere uncultivated
  102. Lie around with newspaper and popular item of confectionery
  103. Loud volume nearby, though not initially
  104. Misfired a shot — very rash
  105. More imposing or magnificent
  106. One informing idiot’s in school
  107. Over-curiously
  108. Party time? there’s little point
  109. Pause from work
  110. Sentimental greek character retiring
  111. Sequence of notes hermit finally placed in old grotto
  112. Story i want rewritten after i prepare to attack?
  113. Style of swimming that’s chilly in cold lake
  114. Substantial front to garden, with colour around
  115. Subtract, take away
  116. Swirls, whirlpools
  117. Tepid conflict linked to first of manuscripts overseen by gospel writer
  118. Tofu
  119. Unjust or illegal
  120. Us soldier very into vocation — medical attendant?
  121. Oxidation
  122. Call me by your name
  123. Container for household refuse
  124. Charge for sending mail
  125. Version of football
  126. Counterpane
  127. Small brooch or badge
  128. Entrusted with corrosion
  129. About duke being scumbag
  130. Lamp is not heavy
  131. Woman set out eating requirements
  132. Rogues serious about theory
  133. Wanting to include worker
  134. Australian birds in the museum
  135. Put dial back
  136. Anger after sailor gets cross
  137. Sinfulness in the village
  138. Sent figs with the first presents
  139. Flutes surround old guitar?
  140. Left university free to be sensational
  141. Tessa returned dear item
  142. Singer forced to hand in notice
  143. School airs off gowns
  144. You and i have nothing but sadness
  145. Flock members see rise around west
  146. Us comedian-actor who played harry mcafee in 1963 comedy-musical film bye bye birdie
  147. — peninsula area of southwest europe occupied by spain and portugal
  148. Rugby league team; 1984 challenge cup final winners
  149. 1850 opera by robert schumann
  150. Woodwind instrument with a double reed playing in the tenor and bass ranges
  151. 2000 biopic about james joyce featuring susan lynch in the title role
  152. 1960s bbc tv soap opera starring frances bennett and robert desmond
  153. Stephen — 2012 olympic marathon gold medallist
  154. Scarlet banner adopted by france in the middle ages
  155. Capital of bihar india on the river ganges
  156. Department of france; capital bourg
  157. Joshua — us pianist and musicologist associated with a 1970s revival in interest in ragtime music
  158. Artificially created human being in jewish legend brought to life by supernatural means
  159. Diane — actress who played daisy jackson in 1980s itv sitcom foxy lady
  160. 1995 novel by fay weldon
  161. Unit of weight equal to 50g used in china
  162. 1985 novel by craig thomas
  163. Prize given annually by the us film industry also known as an oscar
  164. Piece of metal held in the mouth of a horse by reins in order to control the animal while riding
  165. Xaviera — author of 1971 memoir the happy hooker
  166. Heinrich — winner of the 1972 nobel prize in literature
  167. Goddess of memory in greek mythology
  168. The hereditary title of the head of the ismaili sect of muslims
  169. Nickname of star of the 1957 film “pal joey”
  170. Chubby, fleshy
  171. They give the prices of food taxes
  172. R lee —, actor who played gny sgt hartman in 1987 film drama full metal jacket
  173. Let go of contact
  174. Musical featuring the song tomorrow
  175. Spherical roofs
  176. Hoofbeat sounds
  177. Tabby or siamese
  178. Brewpub selection
  179. Deceptive trick
  180. Metal-plated as some trucks
  181. Slow music tempo
  182. Ringed with an angels light
  183. Side-to-side measure
  184. Kids plastic bricks
  185. Mammal with wings
  186. Prefix meaning nerve
  187. Sewing tools
  188. Hospital scan letters
  189. Tiny cracker fragment
  190. Athletes knee protector
  191. Plush carpeting
  192. Tasting like granola bars
  193. Londons westminster __
  194. Camels andean kin
  195. Title for an earl
  196. Silent show of approval
  197. Common italian male nickname
  198. One of 100 members of a senior branch of us legislature
  199. Motor vehicles for transporting goods by road
  200. Man of paradox omits nothing in branch of religion
  201. Intake of breath through a wide-open mouth
  202. Jordan sensitive about possible effect of competition in retail sector
  203. Levers on a piano
  204. Most of information about utrecht wrong - everyone contributes here
  205. Not familiar with tunes, duo bombed
  206. Not staged for an audience, so remaining calm
  207. One ahead, i say! press horn hard
  208. One may be beaten for one grand
  209. One who nudges people as she runs past?
  210. One's lager supply results in one producing memorable phrases
  211. One's married after church amid revolutionary swagger
  212. Packed bus finally pulled away
  213. Party with rector during the hours of darkness? absolutely!
  214. Partygoer's wake-up call i ignored, ending in disaster
  215. Personnel including family groupings back in the renaissance
  216. Put off job by somebody in police department
  217. Removing one's clothes
  218. Require massage, reportedly
  219. Sailing equipment that might be seen at parent's toga party
  220. Some rwandans are in shed 21
  221. Stay to consume university leftovers
  222. Suffer defeat in court in private
  223. Sweet delight met with snigger when excited
  224. Terrible yen for lecturer results in consternation
  225. Theorem overestimating stopping distance? on the contrary
  226. They manage clubs through refundable costs
  227. This evening, functioning drunk is going outside
  228. Tossed around odd bits of turf in all directions
  229. Tree repeatedly named in baby language
  230. Tv presenters swapping roles with queen's drink carriers
  231. Us chip manufacturer
  232. Vat not applied initially on large fish
  233. Voted to change round company in tiny house
  234. Waiter at alfresco meal?
  235. Went on a terrible date
  236. What's in this grid that may be your guide?
  237. Winger uses gap cleverly
  238. Wrestling sport adapted from jujitsu
  239. 11 in a file
  240. 500 of you?
  241. A long time, but christmas is almost over
  242. About to eat, wife downed booze
  243. Aids to vision
  244. Banter to lift a high-class fighter
  245. Both slow mover's times are superseded by penny, a swimmer
  246. Bride upset by small junk
  247. Caught in outrageous denial
  248. Chance to blossom right out, getting confident on vacation
  249. Contemptible people's cruel quips are stopping points
  250. Control hips - they support 50% of core
  251. Convict protected by disgusting settlement
  252. Cross first part of fantastic city
  253. It's nothing to me to allow the making of a dish
  254. Cut line in manoeuvre on ice
  255. During this, watch cold disappearing somehow
  256. East african, or people from the six counties?
  257. Expelled, fought with lance but not jack
  258. Fair level: passed
  259. Feeble and ineffectual attitude
  260. Fills cash register without moving at all
  261. From the first, usually recog­nisable stars, actually major or minor
  262. Genus of trees that includes hollies
  263. Greek suffering, with leander oddly absent
  264. Heads of state are disproportionately unhappy
  265. Heard donkey tail is to be raised
  266. Hospitality workers with fine hair
  267. Implement termination of shiatsu, and of stretching endlessly
  268. In bad temper, visitor denied small piece of bread
  269. In front of family circle, uncle's last to trespass
  270. Mini market chain
  271. Congestion relief option
  272. Film festival movies based on ratatouille?
  273. Yoga pals for some nowadays
  274. Combination conjunction
  275. Pope who convinced attila to turn back his invasion of italy
  276. Kokoskov who coached the phoenix suns
  277. Support structure for climbing roses?
  278. Sonata on the street e.g.
  279. Bupkis
  280. Brews for adam and eve?
  281. Sand viper's home
  282. What a stuffed animal sits on?
  283. High morals
  284. Outpatient outlay
  285. Scratchy sound
  286. Venn diagram circles represent them
  287. Beaver wars participants
  288. Place to release your aggressions?
  289. Protection provided by a snug belt?
  290. Cry in a pool game
  291. Awed sound
  292. Puma purchase
  293. Bandmate of michelle john and denny
  294. Singer with numbered albums
  295. Response to i just…
  296. Sierra nevada torpedo for one
  297. Food pyramid section
  298. Novice video gamer
  299. Chopper spot
  300. Instagram action
  301. American league mvp of 1923
  302. Kind of 28-down or 57-down
  303. Two-tone predator
  304. Just william author
  305. Just william
  306. ___ tai (fruity rum cocktail)
  307. Star trek shipmate of mccoy spock and kirk
  308. Migrating geese formation
  309. Oscar-nominated peter fonda/dennis hopper film featuring 17-across and 28-across that was released july 14 1969 (2 wds.)
  310. 1980 summer olympics boycotter (abbr.)
  311. Nick jr. watcher typically
  312. Some facial surgeries (2 wds.)
  313. Aaron burr ___ (song from hamilton)
  314. Turn over ___ leaf (2 wds.)
  315. Warning to a pedestrian
  316. Yer out! caller for short
  317. Big name in paperback romance publishing
  318. Boxer's pre-fight attire
  319. Cradle of love singer billy
  320. The beatles' ___ love you (2 wds.)
  321. Actor sean of stranger things
  322. Homeland security screeners (abbr.)
  323. Met up outside hotel? not us
  324. River of poland that flows to the baltic sea near gdansk
  325. Small shed extension
  326. Madame karenina tolstoy heroine
  327. Russell gladiator actor
  328. Abnormally white animal
  329. Large south american wild cat
  330. Courts someone
  331. Succulent plant used in cosmetics
  332. Small winged insect
  333. Basketball goal
  334. Water slide
  335. No longer juvenile
  336. Prickly like a rose
  337. Community around church
  338. 1979 bbc tv sitcom starring paul nicholas and su pollard
  339. Low island on a reef
  340. No-no from the society
  341. Let you love me singer ___ ora
  342. Technical name for a rib, also used for the midrib in a plant leaf
  343. Loves to hold underwear
  344. Scoff when crossword's abandoned quietly for good
  345. One who strikes an attitude half an hour afterwards
  346. Some reported problem in school
  347. The upper atmosphere, the heavens
  348. Small metal container which dispenses its contents by propelling them under pressure
  349. Widely supported ship parking for miles in scottish shipping area
  350. Running water and heated water? that's about right
  351. Sir peter —; actor whose role in the 1960 film spartacus earned him an academy award
  352. Posterior or rear
  353. Lugubre e
  354. Block young lady reaching a river
  355. The insect synemon plana, one of australia's most endangered insect species due to the loss of its habitat
  356. The man has nothing but a garden tool
  357. Author of short stories including mr reginald peacock's day, the garden party, a cup of tea and the doll's house
  358. Large tropical marine fish noted for its leaping ability
  359. Urban area in north rhine-westphalia, germany
  360. Joker offering line in preston, not on perhaps
  361. Extinct language spoken in ancient etruria
  362. Crew intend to ignore one
  363. 1999 film starring chris o'donnell and renée zellweger and featuring the acting debut of singer mariah carey
  364. What does pig-meat seller say in new york?
  365. Christian _; english actor born in wales
  366. Put one's mark to trip out of the springtide
  367. South america has new name
  368. Old opponent of tory
  369. Chemical solution which softens colours in a photographic work
  370. Lend a hand say
  371. Group of oil producing nations: abbr.
  372. Not brightly lit
  373. 2011 american drama film starring nathan gamble which was inspired by the true rescue story of a marine animal named winter: 2 wds.
  374. Popular south asian dumpling
  375. Fair hiring letters: abbr.
  376. Position when the switch is not on
  377. Towards the tail of the boat
  378. Precious stone that may be fitted on a ring
  379. ___: the incredible journey 1993 adventure comedy film starring robert hays which is about three pets that embark on a journey to reunite with their owners: 2 wds.
  380. ___-de-sac (dead end of the street)
  381. Mythical monster (shrek for one)
  382. Earth rotates on one
  383. Month after april
  384. Third month of the year for short
  385. 2004 family drama film starring guy pearce which is about two tigers who are separated as cubs and then reunited a year later: 2 wds.
  386. 34th president of the us: abbr.
  387. Like water with ice say
  388. Rested on a recliner
  389. Pond hopper from the frog family
  390. Nano apple device
  391. Not occupied with work
  392. Coca-___ (carbonated soft drink)
  393. ___ perignon (brand of vintage champagne)
  394. German automobile manufacturer previously owned by general motors
  395. Brief reminder in an office for short
  396. American former professional baseball player who played in mlb ___ rose
  397. Texter's i didn't need to hear that: abbr.
  398. Genetic messenger: abbr.
  399. Animated drama film the ___ and the hound
  400. Cultivate the land with a plough say
  401. Here ___ there… (line from old macdonald had a farm): 2 wds.
  402. Richie's dad to his friends in happy days affectionately: 2 wds.
  403. ___ and tear (damage because of constant use)
  404. Sandwich staple fish
  405. Expression for an underwhelming experience
  406. Robert frost's the ___ not taken
  407. Be done and ___ (finished and ready)
  408. Chopped garden clods
  409. The winding stair
  410. Back of the book explanatory comment
  411. Personne qui fabrique et vend des lunettes
  412. Finasser e
  413. Ruminant voisin du lama
  414. Vent du sud est soufflant du sahara
  415. Récemment e
  416. Very sacred or holy
  417. Red ink list
  418. Word on diet food packaging
  419. Naturally lit courtyards
  420. Devious nestling's cry?
  421. Like a coach after a rough game maybe
  422. Watch for money usually
  423. Marriott-owned hotel chain
  424. Early-rising duck's call?
  425. Div. won by the braves 13 times
  426. Letters from the civil war
  427. Prizeworthy cornfield sounds?
  428. Look into again as a cold case
  429. Kit carson house site
  430. Catcher's interference in baseball rules
  431. Elegant dove's murmur?
  432. Elaborate cake layers
  433. Kohler rival
  434. Moon and starr of the nfl
  435. Locker room sprinkle
  436. Academic goal
  437. Contest where participants stand for a spell
  438. He played ugarte in casablanca
  439. Hgtv topic
  440. Equally hard to find
  441. Two before marzo
  442. Rehab symptom for short
  443. Like potatoes or rice
  444. *cross between an ape and an andean animal?
  445. Mazatlan money
  446. Shows great joy
  447. *cross between a striped cat and a rodent?
  448. Quickly reheat
  449. Mi6 figure
  450. Busy cpa month
  451. *cross between a crustacean and a bounding beast?
  452. *cross between a four-legged reptile and a legless reptile?
  453. Busts e.g.
  454. Modern credit card feature
  455. Lebron's nba team
  456. Sign at a corner often
  457. Chernobyl network
  458. Some car bodies
  459. Fork component
  460. Like the mythical phoenix
  461. Name used by a 26-across perhaps
  462. Student paper
  463. Clear-cutting remnant
  464. Virgo preceder
  465. Adam and eve vis-a-vis eden
  466. Summer olympics host before tokyo
  467. Figure providing access: abbr.
  468. Like many garage sale items
  469. Z to persephone
  470. Took place at as a class
  471. Stimulants informally
  472. Noodle bar noodle
  473. Coin featuring monticello
  474. Greek marriage goddess
  475. Bus. structure option
  476. Undergrad deg.
  477. Tony-winning actress rivera
  478. Somewhat smart conservative involved in blunder
  479. Give striker back in chance for revenge
  480. Trains the hose on clusters of flowers
  481. Birdman?
  482. Done internally
  483. In the guide movement, a closing song sung at the end of a meeting
  484. Don't agree with what's less than believable
  485. (___ won’t you play) another somebody done somebody wrong song (1975 song)
  486. Carolina panthers’ organization: abbr.
  487. Based ___ true story: 2 wds.
  488. It could be served in a tankard or stein
  489. What waves do during low tide
  490. Person casting a ballot
  491. What the sitcom name 3rd rock from the sun referred to
  492. World capital where you could find many sumo wrestlers
  493. Single action described in an assembly manual
  494. West coast school that's the most applied to in the us: abbr.
  495. ___ & jeremiah by design (tlc show starring designer berkus)
  496. Banish from a country
  497. Haven't ___ you yet (michael bublé song)
  498. Skin ___ (personal coloring)
  499. Sticky and not easy to swallow
  500. Desktop computer that runs the mojave operating system
  501. Polytheists believe in many of them
  502. Wonderful performance!
  503. Waves of grain’s color in a patriotic song
  504. One of the primary colors
  505. Benefits like a company car and an expense account
  506. Do you have a better ___?
  507. Shaped like a cube
  508. One of the three rivers that pittsburgh's three rivers stadium is named for
  509. Pinkish like a person's complexion
  510. Hectic hospital areas: abbr.
  511. Walk hard: the dewey ___ story (2007 film comedy)
  512. Like a dripping faucet
  513. Song from thomas rhett's life changes album that topped the country airplay charts in 2018: 2 wds.
  514. Put decorations on
  515. Science guy bill who posted a fiery video about climate change in may
  516. Love in seville
  517. Unit of memory that’s often prefixed with kilo- or mega-
  518. Male equivalent of ma'am
  519. Highest degree for most academic fields: abbr.
  520. Put in place like a war correspondent
  521. ___ poodle (small dog)
  522. Cable channel that airs barry
  523. Skater harding played by margot robbie in a 2017 movie
  524. Goddesses of the arts in greek mythology
  525. Delete or caps lock for example
  526. Taking a ___ of faith
  527. Plaything that moves up and down: hyph.
  528. Tv show's name
  529. The girl ___ loved tom gordon (stephen king book)
  530. Diner handouts
  531. ___ peter to pay paul
  532. Capital of cote d'ivoire
  533. American tv quiz show in which contestants are presented with answers and must phrase their responses in question form
  534. Trying to avoid a punishment
  535. Call up first woman with average
  536. Leftover food from a meal
  537. Drunken spree
  538. Dr.'s field
  539. Physics bit
  540. High homes
  541. Senator harry