1. Peter, to the french
  2. Religious musical composition for voices and orchestra
  3. Stretched, extended to the limit
  4. Strip or deprive of
  5. Dark brown freshwater mammals
  6. Distinctive clothes worn by particular groups
  7. Put a muzzle on the joke
  8. Satisfy or gratify
  9. Drives, forces
  10. In the process of broadcasting - floating aloft?
  11. Good mannered and civil
  12. It normally falls between 1pm and 2pm
  13. Strong desire to achieve, fame or fortune
  14. Pre-euro money unit in spain
  15. Powdered tobacco taken through the nose
  16. Vertical wooden pieces in cricket wicket
  17. Feeling or showing great ill will, cancerous
  18. Put upon, say a tax
  19. Great mountains of western s america
  20. Informally, make a mistake - lose footing?
  21. Finds not guilty and discharges
  22. Footwear for an athletic boarder
  23. Choice, selection
  24. Chute des cheveux 6 lettres
  25. Old guitar-like instrument played by minstrels
  26. Exotic flower with strong perfume
  27. Winged heavenly messengers
  28. Cause to be mentally unbalanced, like faulty door
  29. Branch of maths - ask euclid
  30. Hold dearly, like buried gold etc
  31. Able to be moved about - like modern phone
  32. Walks proudly like farmyard rooster
  33. Thin tissue lining organs
  34. Part being transported
  35. Consumes during teas
  36. Rope fibre from leaves of tropical plant
  37. Palm device for giving light
  38. It grows on the vine
  39. They jump using poles
  40. Relatives able to do many things
  41. Billiard shot in which player's ball hits the two others
  42. Pierced as with a stick or stake
  43. Fearful and timid
  44. The highest point, above in the sky
  45. Colloquial american, a doodle dandy
  46. Beams from the sun
  47. Sin city of the bible
  48. Free from restraint, say a dog
  49. Rush about wildly in par game
  50. Long-barrelled weapon, normal army equipment
  51. Of a period, happy and peaceful - say youth
  52. Possibly the nicest part of the cake
  53. Make home, put down roots
  54. Loose white vestment for clergy - sounds excessive?
  55. Lack of facial colour as from illness
  56. Gp. with moms dads and educators
  57. Thereabouts suffix
  58. Men or teeth grammatically
  59. In greek myth, one of a race of one-eyed giants
  60. One of ringo's set
  61. In the usual or average situation
  62. Absurd as a scheme
  63. Autodialed annoyance often at dinnertime
  64. Protection for political refugees
  65. Philosophies: suff.
  66. Computer event with a blue screen of death
  67. A coalmine and its buildings
  68. No racket for inflexible mind
  69. Black or red waters
  70. Downpour concern
  71. Infatuated with with about
  72. __ land: 2016 best picture? not!
  73. Elite english boarding school
  74. Have the financial means to do
  75. Deadly 2001 computer
  76. Accumulate, amass
  77. Johns to brits
  78. The tree is strangely so creamy
  79. __ can play!: it's easy!
  80. Similar things happening one after another
  81. Emails
  82. Style, vogue
  83. 'up the . . . . mountain / down the rushy glen' (william allingham)
  84. *deadly game in the deer hunter
  85. *ones helping with the horses
  86. Low-pitched brass instruments
  87. Severe reprimands and a hint to the starts of the answers to starred clues
  88. Slight market slide
  89. From times long ago
  90. Keeps in unaltered condition
  91. Hand-to-hand grappling
  92. Kitchen master
  93. *trio after turtle doves
  94. Paris pronoun
  95. Italian hour
  96. We're __ schedule here!
  97. Expose one's body in order to get a tan
  98. Snake or crocodile, say
  99. Bugs bunny animator tex
  100. Ballade's last stanza
  101. Commercial undertaking that risks a loss but promises a profit
  102. Person from whom you are descended
  103. Distinction, high status
  104. Wildfowl
  105. Association of ardent followers
  106. Formal separation of a church into two churches
  107. Conscripted soldiers
  108. Oscar hopefuls
  109. Accentuated or strained
  110. Clumsy and unsophisticated
  111. Mass departure of people as of jews from egypt
  112. Just rolling along with agnostic
  113. Sweet or melodious sound, no disagreement
  114. Emperor of ancient rome, like julius
  115. Disk-shaped toys
  116. A disciplined food regime
  117. Prepared copy for publication
  118. Fictional tibetan paradise from novel 'lost horizon'
  119. Henri's hi
  120. Greek orchard plantings
  121. Particular like or dislike, or a craze
  122. A rebuff for turned-up sort of nose
  123. Saturday plus sunday
  124. Portable like a smartphone
  125. Prefix meaning under or inferior
  126. Pokes with a prod
  127. Archaic word for good-looking, say maidens
  128. Chronology spans
  129. Sharp rights from manny pacquiao
  130. Deity prayed to in mecca
  131. Two-faced roman god who guarded doors
  132. Cola sold at taco bell
  133. In heraldry, of or on the right side
  134. Furry visitor to oz
  135. More intelligible, less cloudy
  136. Super bowl highlight
  137. Shooter projectile
  138. Many pre-christmas buys
  139. Fragrance purveyor
  140. ___ of rice (entree part)
  141. Gift accompanying an 11-down
  142. Tangy green dessert
  143. Designs in sleeves
  144. Carnivorous plant's prey
  145. First-string squads
  146. 1969 rolling stones classic
  147. R8 spyder automaker
  148. Watch with a crown logo
  149. Stuff for smelters
  150. Realize as interest
  151. Generational divider
  152. District under a bishop's authority
  153. Imprecise salt measure
  154. S american animal like a camel with soft hair
  155. Drum major's twirler
  156. Give zip to
  157. Entrails, organs, animal rubbish
  158. Jeopardy! intro word
  159. Breathed hard from exertion, panted
  160. Unworldly sorts
  161. ___ peacock (clue suspect)
  162. Guessing game aid
  163. Shining like a full moon
  164. Port of northwest germany
  165. Adjust as a front end
  166. 38-across-wearer's dance
  167. Auto dealership area
  168. 1990s collegian most likely
  169. Exclamation of surprise or praise - a palindrome
  170. Danube can flow with plenty
  171. Viscous substance as lubricant
  172. Points out faults
  173. A young domestic hen less than one year old
  174. Joins or brings together
  175. Table of months and days
  176. Notation indicating alternative name - palindrome
  177. Take it easy, don't be so tense
  178. Festival commemorating the showing of christ to the magi
  179. Short trumpet or ice-cream holder
  180. State of being free from illness
  181. Violent attack in action or words
  182. Of one's private life - nobody else's business
  183. Dolls on strings
  184. Tanglers who suffocate
  185. Trace in order to serve
  186. Essential, as scenery may be
  187. State of raw diamond before processing
  188. Hellenic kind of fabric with long velvety pile
  189. In serious and sincere manner
  190. Nervous and tense, irritable
  191. Person who holds or slows things up
  192. Speaks lazily with prolonged vowel sound
  193. A coarse ignorant fellow
  194. Word added to noun to qualify meaning
  195. Hi, angus - that hurts
  196. Friction or division in church organisation
  197. Scientific studies of light and vision, the eyes
  198. Fanatic person, much too enthusiastic
  199. Ill-mannered and coarse
  200. Not in active use
  201. Make visible or apparent
  202. Turn pale, in fear perhaps
  203. Spanish range of mountains
  204. Signal to proceed
  205. Fruits such as oranges or lemons
  206. State capital of south australia
  207. A quick look around, military term
  208. Yellow-green colour of a fruit
  209. Framework or typical example
  210. Parts of plants that are underground
  211. Innocuous or inert medication
  212. Close up, obstruct
  213. Produced by intense heat, rocks say
  214. Reflection of sound waves
  215. Cloth with a crisscross design
  216. Impaired, spoilt
  217. Conditional release from imprisonment
  218. Angel shown as a winged child
  219. Unfortunate mishaps or chance events
  220. Last breath
  221. Strict, demanding
  222. Order, tell
  223. Old monetary unit of portugal
  224. It connects points of equal barometric pressure
  225. Speech sound
  226. Usually the smallest room
  227. Written agreement between two states
  228. Large bodies of water
  229. Top line of a hill or wave
  230. Munches noisily like winners
  231. '. . . . . vessels make the most sound'
  232. Ex . . . . . . - done as a favour, no charge
  233. Small explosive - can be damp
  234. A gram can for a french brandy
  235. Loop with sliding knot in a rope
  236. Disturbs smoothness as of feathers
  237. Poor and needy
  238. False idea or conjuring trick
  239. French city - sounds pleasant
  240. Die down like a wind-storm
  241. Animals entered noah's ark in this order
  242. Expected deliverer of jewish people
  243. Relating to being complete
  244. Goods for sale - swear it
  245. Waiter or computer facility
  246. Fills person with opinions or feelings
  247. Discontinued with hatchet?
  248. Harsh and stringent
  249. Painting of inanimate objects like fruit
  250. Discharge from prison or enlarge garment
  251. Instrument of torture or wooden framework
  252. Lift to higher place or position
  253. Fish like cod but smaller
  254. Try to do as well as
  255. Great waterfalls on canadian-us border
  256. Of woods and trees
  257. Chop or hack at
  258. Argue about price while bargaining
  259. Promise or oath
  260. Accustomed baby to food other than milk
  261. Of married couple, legally parted
  262. Braggart with noisy oral orifice
  263. Native irish trefoil
  264. A vegetable spike
  265. Native himalayan mountain climber
  266. Dig up something buried
  267. Of the arteries supplying blood to heart
  268. Place inn on the very top
  269. Soft material for dressing wounds
  270. Read or study carefully
  271. A district sphere of influence
  272. Examines, subjects to scrutiny
  273. Weakens, deprives of energy
  274. Shine like something wet
  275. Envy another's possessions or good fortune
  276. Tedious, tiresome
  277. One with absolute authority
  278. Sharpening
  279. Woman's lace scarf
  280. Fake, sham
  281. Insurgent, renegade
  282. Impose, inflict
  283. Japanese verse form of three short lines
  284. Instructive, perhaps excessively
  285. Outline or sketch
  286. Tiny fish, usually canned
  287. Gizmo, contraption
  288. Person trained to travel in a spacecraft
  289. Challenge, dispute
  290. Moves slowly, near the ground
  291. Humorously sarcastic or mocking
  292. Small fragment of wood
  293. Discretion in practical affairs
  294. Frozen dessert
  295. Impairment of health
  296. Surreptitious, furtive
  297. Person serving a jail sentence
  298. Only animal with a chin
  299. Something that has been in a family for generations
  300. Fatuous, mindless
  301. American republic
  302. Cancer of the blood
  303. Showed indignation about driblets
  304. News gatherers for the media
  305. Cowboy film of occidental origin
  306. A brief view or sighting
  307. Lasted, being preserved
  308. Steal or purloin
  309. Itemised grouping found in silt
  310. Quick at learning, bright
  311. Of or about city areas
  312. Make sound of applause
  313. Sudden urge to do something
  314. Be a nuisance, annoy with requests
  315. Cupboard or small room for food
  316. Setting agent used in sweets
  317. Advance beyond the usual limit
  318. Set of clothes or group of people
  319. Widespread dislike and contempt
  320. Acted with courage - or dread?
  321. Finished or above
  322. They look after the sick and old
  323. Painting, drawing or film
  324. Write clumsily, hardly legible
  325. Thin covering of expensive wood on furniture
  326. General . . . . . . lost a great battle at little big horn
  327. Relate it, being well read
  328. Enshrined in law
  329. Shrivel away
  330. Mythical giant or dwarf of scandinavia
  331. Plundered and pillaged
  332. A single self-contained item
  333. A thin mist, perhaps from heat
  334. Portents or prophetic signs
  335. 'birds of a . . . . . . . flock together'
  336. Distribute, give as share
  337. Mollify or remove weapon from
  338. Sends out or distributes
  339. A very brief portion of time
  340. Slang for dishonest or crooked
  341. Cease activity, stop it
  342. State of euphoria and drug that induces it
  343. Harmony, concurrence
  344. Engage in legal proceedings
  345. Ditch, as a fortification say
  346. Small long-tailed parrot
  347. University alumnus
  348. Alleviated, assuaged
  349. Type of insect
  350. Measuring the heaviness
  351. Secure against, infection say
  352. Ornamental three-legged stand, with caddie
  353. Boards balanced on fulcrums, children's playthings
  354. Women, of refinement perhaps
  355. Formerly an anaesthetic
  356. Allot or ascribe
  357. Stockholm is the capital
  358. Gelatinous container with medicine inside
  359. Level a charge against
  360. More potent
  361. Comical in an odd or whimsical manner
  362. Make progress as in the adage
  363. Heavy fall of rock or snow from mountain
  364. Excerpts from a film - or aggressive outbursts
  365. A one-eyed giant in greek myth
  366. Chain of interconnected computers
  367. Of hell, or tiresome like a nuisance
  368. Moved into a sloping position
  369. Large four-footed animals or cruel people
  370. Traditional christmas stage show with dame
  371. In cars, they must display l-plates
  372. He's not involved - just observing
  373. Don't beat about . . . . . . . - out with it
  374. Out-and-out, maybe nonsense
  375. Mushy food for children or invalids
  376. First woman in greek myth, with box of misfortunes
  377. Clever in vulpine manner
  378. He's not military or clerical
  379. Irk papa with mild red pepper
  380. Possessed of loving or romantic feeling
  381. American novelist . . . . . . hemingway
  382. Pale, looking tired
  383. Remove cover or expose to view
  384. Masticated between teeth - maybe gum
  385. Decline into an inferior state
  386. Put aside for the present - on a ledge?
  387. Internet address with prefix www
  388. They hold up men's trousers
  389. The demon barber of fleet street . . . . . . . todd
  390. Hardened, perhaps ruined
  391. Older and lacking freshness
  392. Register, for unemployment benefit perhaps
  393. Silver-tongued, fluent
  394. Means of control for a horse
  395. Unaffected or guileless
  396. Light-sensitive membrane in the eye
  397. Moved very quickly or hastily
  398. Pastry dishes
  399. Saclike organ
  400. Living quarters for wives and concubines
  401. Pointed conical tooth
  402. Many, many months
  403. Any solemn ceremony
  404. Roaring beast
  405. Program-changing remote button
  406. Type of blood vessel
  407. Mardi __ (pre-easter festival)
  408. Take away weapons
  409. Irritation from poison ivy
  410. Injections to stop the flu
  411. Small, pesky flies
  412. Extol, laud
  413. Groups of singers, in church say
  414. Titles for british earls
  415. Chunks of arctic ice
  416. Someone else did it
  417. Informal isnt
  418. Typical worshiper of india
  419. Acrobatic performances
  420. Attitude of admiration or esteem
  421. State in northeastern india
  422. Moulded, wrought
  423. Joint publication provides absorbing material
  424. Large tusked marine mammal
  425. Limit most of country's spending power
  426. Small, inadequate payment
  427. Little growth in season once november's gone
  428. Lots of powerless lackeys
  429. Lower status of french ace
  430. Made short work of ...
  431. Make more restrictive
  432. He surveys, or watches tv
  433. Male rewriting article using feet
  434. Met privileged groups carrying large revolvers
  435. Most inactive and poorly during second international
  436. Most rudimentary means of transport contains one empty seat
  437. A small thin stream of liquid
  438. Nurse is at scene, embracing elevated emotional states
  439. Made up for past wrongdoing
  440. Old men perhaps foil security measure
  441. One exploits setters about to retire
  442. Placed on scale of quality or value
  443. Outline direction to be followed by ship
  444. P.s. dad debauched wretched nude maiden
  445. Part of somebody's seychelles journey
  446. Peculiar variety found on borders of somerset
  447. Plump little man is retiring and bashful
  448. Prime commando unit outside city on june 6th
  449. Reportedly riding someone else's elephant? no way!
  450. Scripture upheld established practices
  451. Selfishness perhaps is in order
  452. Sense of time wasted knowing no bounds
  453. Seven-a-side team game - all bent
  454. Sounds like suitable party food
  455. Stewed lamb, say, is awful
  456. Still clutching front of sunday supplement
  457. Of mob, ran wildly through the streets
  458. Stupid bears smell beastly
  459. Tipsy chechens, full of spirit
  460. Tory's buccaneering plot
  461. Trouble focusing? yes, retina is damaged
  462. Unfinished business involving international crime syndicate
  463. Unflappability of working-class men
  464. Warning triangle is broken
  465. Way of working over summer period with queen's 26
  466. Whatever may have happened
  467. When all else fails, option carry on cleethorpes?
  468. Wrong to assume husband butts in here
  469. Sprout as in a regiment
  470. ... cardinal, formerly a sex offender
  471. Valence for small territory enclosed in foreign state
  472. A former film studio (universal) used in publicity for extreme sport
  473. Becomes less severe and more lenient
  474. Against poetry being recited
  475. Security man outside night-club, or a rubber ball
  476. Bitterness of american crook, regularly missing bounty
  477. Briefly anointed barbarous boris johnson?
  478. Churchman with no power over dispute
  479. Content to leave alcohol, rising qc consumes a lime and soda?
  480. Contents of book? bull about alien!
  481. Cops lose suspect in den of vice
  482. Cunning hero wins portugal title
  483. Cunning sort of critter's awkward around king
  484. Curly fleece of an asian breed of lambs
  485. Cuts classes, it's said
  486. Deacon has hinted regularly about upgrade
  487. Dull sound of rubbish piano
  488. Exercise skill returning home
  489. Failure to remember men lost in far east
  490. First of advance military units reach river on the russian-chinese border
  491. Free pardon from punishment
  492. French revolutionary losing clothes in us capital
  493. Gangrene initially appearing in undressed elbow
  494. Gets excited over detailed porcelain plates
  495. Over-crowded run-down city area
  496. Girls losing useful devices in coach seats
  497. Have sex in australian base
  498. Fold of loose skin that hangs below the neck
  499. Help idiot start to improve posture
  500. Absorb and assimilate, like food
  501. Second-hand, not new
  502. Heavenly infants with wings
  503. Likings as for food sensations
  504. Enthusiastic applause, may be be given standing
  505. Kind of dog, may be a cocker
  506. An american pub, as in the wild west
  507. Dish of ice-cream, fruit etc - sounds sabbatical
  508. Famous beauty of troy
  509. Archaic word for see, observe
  510. An avid reader or a kind of grub
  511. Maker of leather for old sixpence
  512. Use last remaining resource - . . . . . . the barrel
  513. Damson for wanderers
  514. State of freedom from war
  515. Huge prehistoric monster
  516. Got scare from edible french snail
  517. Assist and aid
  518. Fame or high reputation
  519. It's capital in venezuela
  520. Step by step, gradually (2.7)
  521. Christ's cup at the last supper, sought by medieval knights
  522. A wooden roof beam
  523. Turnip for scandinavian?
  524. Look thus to convey disapproval or distrust
  525. English horse racing venue on coast
  526. A blood-sucking mite or insect
  527. Domesticated, not wild
  528. Urge or command solemnly
  529. An excessive supply, just too much
  530. Of tune, lilting and easy to remember
  531. Hypocrite or peppermint sweet
  532. Small boat for pulling others
  533. Progress or success in work
  534. Poke with stiff finger to urge
  535. Menacing statements
  536. Study too much - or the student
  537. A rocky hill in devon
  538. A modern paid assassin
  539. Acceded, submitted
  540. Kampala is the capital
  541. He was trained in chivalry
  542. Someone who tells a story
  543. Grasped or abducted
  544. Usually, ordinarily
  545. Shade of pink tinged with yellow
  546. Formerly a soviet state
  547. Nomadic tribe of arabs
  548. Act as delegate or spokesperson
  549. Fine powder from certain plants
  550. Violent weather conditions
  551. Average weather conditions in various locations
  552. Rub to make the surface shine
  553. Six-leggged creatures
  554. Lest harm come to rising currents of air
  555. Joins up with loners
  556. Deliberately, with firm intent (2.7)
  557. To do with horses
  558. Put into service, do something with
  559. Give confused account, hard to understand
  560. Small winged mammal, may be vampire
  561. More pristine or recently invented
  562. Entertain and pick up the tab
  563. Lacking vigour or strength
  564. More expensive or loved
  565. Person's build and muscular development
  566. Rashness, audacity
  567. That's gone on for enough time - make shorter or briefer
  568. They have been canonised
  569. Acronym i construct with bitter words
  570. A slang cat
  571. Great jewish leader who led the flight from egypt
  572. Make an active start - for a fight?
  573. Fixed in place like plants in soil
  574. Neighbour lives in the house . . . . door
  575. Very bad poetry or verse
  576. Walk lamely or use rope to restrict horse
  577. Nonsense and garbage
  578. Entry halls to theatres or cinemas
  579. A high-pitched nervous laugh
  580. Meat slicer or chair with arms
  581. Breach or lacuna
  582. Counterfoil of cheque, receipt etc
  583. Sets of twenty
  584. Favourite, may be teacher's
  585. Ventilate or give expression to
  586. Spoils or ruins completely
  587. Attacked with words or blows - or whip?
  588. Edge or boundary
  589. Small african lemur, like shrubbery infant
  590. Person who lasts the course, doesn't quit
  591. Where a coalminer goes to work
  592. A bricklayer's carrying pole
  593. Those with characteristic community belief
  594. Cut or tear irregularly
  595. Distinct or discrete
  596. Energy that causes a rise in temperature
  597. Fish and haircut
  598. Exert much effort
  599. A medicine used to relieve pain
  600. List of times of events
  601. Hailed, heralded
  602. Bounded, circumscribed
  603. Powdery starchy food
  604. Looked surreptitiously
  605. Dog-like animal of africa
  606. Time a product stays fresh
  607. Impervious to persuasion
  608. City in lorraine 5 letters
  609. Inane person 4 letters
  610. The amount added to the cost to arrive at the selling price
  611. Long narrow excavations
  612. Dried up 8
  613. Snooping, nosing
  614. Have in mind
  615. Examine the component parts
  616. Straight lines that touch but don't intersect a curve
  617. Come into possession of
  618. Lookouts, guards
  619. Black or red berries
  620. Tropical tree with yellow flowers
  621. Halo of the washing sponge?
  622. Native of a country on the arabian peninsula
  623. Imaginary one-horned horses
  624. Prejudices that prohibit the mention of something
  625. Booted out of office
  626. Wretched, pitiful
  627. One of a mythic nation of women warriors
  628. Sharp, shrewd
  629. Doughnut-shaped roll with hard crust
  630. Came to logical conclusion like sherlock
  631. Where a prisoner is kept
  632. Not repeated - singular
  633. In glaring colours, too vivid
  634. Large seabird or constant burden
  635. Permit or acknowledge
  636. Shallow part of river for crossing
  637. Alluring beauty, very sexy
  638. Appeal to, draw towards
  639. Study of living things in relation to environment
  640. Rest against for support
  641. Loose flowing garment for woman or judge
  642. Product of milk curds
  643. Puzzle with pieces for assembly
  644. Clown from french panto - tripe or what
  645. Form of singing entertainment in pubs
  646. Beautiful women - of the ball?
  647. Heavy winter outer garment
  648. Collection of miscellaneous articles
  649. Followers of hitler and mussolini
  650. Smiled broadly like sun's ray
  651. Tree-climbing marsupials in australia
  652. Inhabitant of country before colonisation
  653. Latin zero
  654. A tropic or a malignant disease
  655. Convey information to
  656. Complained of, lamented
  657. To regale other self
  658. Sheer or very good
  659. Members of great indian religion
  660. Latin phrase for in secrecy or confidence
  661. Hats, bonnets, caps etc
  662. Indicating last month, usually abbreviated
  663. Redeemed or rescued
  664. Desiring or being short of
  665. Detestable, greatly disliked
  666. Frequently, many times
  667. Informally dubious, not definite
  668. Draw out information
  669. Person who interprets system structures
  670. Quantity or book
  671. Former stables converted into houses
  672. Anyone who accepts a challenge - the lot
  673. As pretty as embroidered material
  674. This leg is artificial
  675. Pass from existence, become extinct
  676. Kind of meal where guests serve themselves
  677. Generosity in giving - or mutinous ship
  678. Scale for measuring earth tremors
  679. Determined and unyielding to requests
  680. Aid as in committing crime
  681. Paleness of face
  682. Beetle, considered to be divine in ancient egypt
  683. Reconstruct, recast
  684. The force of one body against another
  685. Noticing
  686. It contracts in the body
  687. Shrub with white flowers and berrylike fruit
  688. Al's red trees, strangely
  689. Showy fowl
  690. Wheeled support for a camera
  691. Felt hats with creased crowns
  692. Provides with weapons again
  693. Perky, like a bird?
  694. Relating to the first month of life
  695. Quickly and skilfully
  696. Shiny cotton fabric used for furnishings
  697. Do i moan about biblical ruth's mother-in-law?
  698. Free from something unwanted
  699. Percy out to get an accurate reproduction
  700. Privileged or posh group
  701. Glazed piece of earthenware as for lining walls
  702. Stuffed from eating, filled with food
  703. Just perfect as in thomas more's fictional country
  704. Raises up or glorifies
  705. Close or nearby
  706. Walk unsteadily as is about to fall
  707. Passes formally into law
  708. Tone of a short record
  709. Group of stalls, or oriental origin
  710. Sound and logical, also legal
  711. Art design for road slopes
  712. Napoleon's plaint: 'able was i ere i saw . . . .'
  713. Break into computer system
  714. Remove clothes in small hut
  715. The lone star state of george bush
  716. They live in igloos
  717. Have recourse to - holiday venue?
  718. Hot-tasting root, or liveliness
  719. A short journey - stumble on it
  720. Brown colour acquired from sun
  721. Common conjunctions seen in sand
  722. Haul with great effort
  723. Worships as divine
  724. Silver-white element often used in food containers
  725. Glass container for table wine
  726. So locals may be huge
  727. Followers or faith teachers - the gospels name 12
  728. Caress gently
  729. Large flightless bird with fancy plumes
  730. Purple quartz, used as a gemstone
  731. Wailing woman who warns of impending death
  732. Measures of sound intensity
  733. Group of people arranged as for a painting say
  734. Fruit that has fallen from the tree or sudden good fortune
  735. Acquiesced
  736. Underwater echo sounder
  737. Delicate, tasteful
  738. Localised death of living cells
  739. Red fruit with a single hard stone
  740. The removal of constraints
  741. Nervous, worried
  742. Disruption of the body's normal rhythm as a result of air travel
  743. Lever to turn the rudder on a boat
  744. Showed people to their seats
  745. Lozenge to soothe the throat
  746. Courage in the organ
  747. Place of business
  748. Containers for food
  749. Car stopper or thicket
  750. Willow twigs used in basket-work
  751. Cosmetic liquid for the skin
  752. Soft wood or slang bargain
  753. Nationality of citizens of helsinki
  754. Of engine, just ticked over
  755. Old rattling car or slang sausage
  756. Substance that makes dough ferment
  757. 'to err is human, to forgive . . . . . .'
  758. Also, additionally
  759. Member of upper house engaged in treason
  760. Gazed at lasciviously
  761. Great plains of russia
  762. Meets defiantly - moves head accordingly
  763. Cooking mix of flours, eggs and milk
  764. Bait men to find surrounding, say, light
  765. Make effort to score in rugby
  766. Don't despair - . . . desperandum
  767. Use veil to be difficult to catch
  768. Raises mild objection
  769. Headquarters of usa department of defence
  770. Very thin or steep
  771. Small pieces, may be cut off
  772. Thus and thus - an unpleasant person
  773. They've come to see a play
  774. Obese lot may be out of date
  775. Seed men on landed estate
  776. Makes corrections in written or printed copy
  777. Informally, cease action
  778. A bishop wears it
  779. Traditional boatman of venice
  780. Interferes with, meddles
  781. About current events in capitol
  782. Informally, stop speaking - use waist band
  783. It controls rudder manually
  784. Small mischievous devils
  785. Cartoon hero of gotham city
  786. Raised fibres on surface of cloth or leather
  787. Having excessive desire for food or money
  788. Ceremonial tables
  789. Small portable computer
  790. South african antelope
  791. Poetry, music, painting
  792. Perch on a branch
  793. The stems are edible when cooked, the leaves are poisonous
  794. Backward-pointing part of a fish hook
  795. Grass of wet areas
  796. Loses freshness or vitality
  797. Furnishings and colours of a room
  798. First black actor to win 2 oscars
  799. Dreamy or lackadaisical
  800. Oscar winner for misery
  801. Plant native to arid regions
  802. Land border
  803. Make a pile, say
  804. Most easygoing
  805. Lab doctor?
  806. Starters in trattorias
  807. Star cluster?
  808. Anthology cousin
  809. Risk a hangover
  810. Skim, as milk fat
  811. Hair-raising applications
  812. Amiable and kind
  813. Still on the table, perhaps
  814. Victims of kitchen automation
  815. Makes more basic, with down
  816. Thus in citations
  817. Human quintet
  818. Coloring on nails
  819. Some crimean war combatants
  820. Incriminating evidence, maybe
  821. Bygone brand of polish
  822. Namesake of romes airport
  823. Barely secures, as a victory
  824. Many a cassatt work
  825. Basis of mendels research
  826. Tumeur dans le cou 6 lettres
  827. Seems to go on forever
  828. Four-legged leaders
  829. Never to be fixed
  830. Hides from gentle animals
  831. Cologne girl
  832. Bloodmobile unit
  833. Diapason 9 lettres
  834. Trousseau a l usage du nouveau ne
  835. Ali had this flower
  836. Residential district on the outskirts of a city
  837. Type of musical drama
  838. Jacqueline wilson
  839. Cult of virility
  840. Takes a position of power illegally
  841. Drollness, humour
  842. Presents for consideration
  843. Publishes false and damaging statement about a person
  844. Title of indian philosopher gautama, founder of religion
  845. 'put your . . . . . in god, and keep your powder dry'
  846. Of poor quality or workmanship
  847. Insect in first stage of life
  848. Kings, queens and emperors
  849. Citizen of the usa
  850. Unpleasantly cold - sounds like hot stuff
  851. Openly, directed to people generally
  852. Word for small coins in pocket
  853. They're next below the nobility in position and birth
  854. Of shepherds or spiritual guides
  855. Person or thing of no importance
  856. Texas city where jfk was killed
  857. St francis was born in this italian town
  858. Way of doing something, perhaps in madness
  859. Gloss or colour produced by a paint
  860. Cause to lose courage - even run away
  861. Substance of the mind or intellect
  862. Move around an axis, or change
  863. Sham, not genuine or sincere
  864. Went on controlled food regime
  865. Splitting of atom with release of energy
  866. Initially, an acronym for domestic craftsmen
  867. Showered insults on, berated
  868. Repetitive rustling as of a silk skirt
  869. Pert and toothsome
  870. Encounters, perhaps by appointment
  871. Insofar as, as munich might be
  872. John steinbeck wrote 'the . . . . . . of wrath'
  873. Person risen to high position, arrogant with it
  874. Wrinkled or creased
  875. Physically upset
  876. Omission of parts of words, in poetry say
  877. Rib, annoy
  878. Extemporary remarks
  879. Ancient greek city where great self-denial was practised
  880. Leader of the argonauts who sailed in quest of the golden fleece
  881. Small fight about a small fragment?
  882. Line, of police say, around an area to prevent entry
  883. Wading birds that bring babies
  884. Able to live on land and in water
  885. Showy drooping flowers
  886. Send manna to this us state
  887. Not expertly made
  888. Explicit or in detail
  889. Triangular shape of glass or quartz, breaks up a beam
  890. Legendary greek king doomed to forever roll a boulder uphill
  891. Trinity
  892. Groans over distinct parts of animal body
  893. Of news, fresh and completely new
  894. Duly edits in intentionally contrived manner
  895. Risk cent, being affected as by grief
  896. Stubbornly persistent in canine way
  897. Bundle of soft material at end of stick for cleaning
  898. Makes safe or certain
  899. Kind of paper used in old egyptian manuscripts
  900. Wild american cat or fast car
  901. Creamy substance used for styling hair
  902. Gave function for guests
  903. It's worn on the outside in winter
  904. Total of goods kept by trader
  905. Deepest or most central parts
  906. Flavoured with salt, pepper etc
  907. Conceit especially about appearance
  908. Obscene matter
  909. Popular lecture series
  910. What hungry fish do
  911. Protector of free speech
  912. Moreau of jules et jim
  913. Arsonist, in brief
  914. Reaction to dog dander, say
  915. Washing machine unit
  916. Annual report chart
  917. Garbo of silent films
  918. Clothing store fixture
  919. Enjoys the flattery, say
  920. Nationality of citizen of ajaccio, birthplace of napoleon
  921. Sprite zero sugar, for one
  922. Portray me as being for a limited time only
  923. Metal-containing rocks
  924. Extra bed in a hotel room
  925. Salon job, briefly
  926. Protesting angrily - with weapons aloft?
  927. Cribbage scoring item
  928. Loss of power or prosperity, a serious tumble
  929. Like logs that have been cut
  930. Jazz quartet, eg
  931. Haulers measure
  932. Bearer of fdrs profile
  933. Aretha franklin specialty
  934. Judicial investigations to establish causes of death
  935. Nation in the himalayas
  936. Red-breasted thrush
  937. The beatles longest single
  938. Artists spot
  939. Jfk timetable abbr
  940. Seeker of the holy grail
  941. Sec school in baton rouge
  942. Eaters of eucalyptus leaves
  943. One providing great service?
  944. Opposite of verbose
  945. Will not, quaintly
  946. Basic figure of speech, makes comparison
  947. Continue obstinately, don't give up
  948. Limit supply in time of scarcity
  949. Interred, covered with earth
  950. Boastful, given to showing off
  951. Gloomy and dark
  952. He started off, being quite broken up
  953. Musical in which all the words are sung
  954. Small club for pounding substances in mortar
  955. Change produced by impact or other cause
  956. Old female headgear, once popular at easter
  957. Beach or single hair
  958. Reject greeting or approach
  959. Amphibious arctic tusked animal
  960. Made high complaining cry as of a dog
  961. Antarctic seabird with flippers for wings
  962. He initiated the theory of evolution
  963. A slang 100mph - heavy
  964. Popular form of cosmetic surgery
  965. Woman, of refinement perhaps
  966. Laments for the dead
  967. Food from milk curd
  968. Garbs worn in play and fancy dress ball
  969. Official consent, authorisation
  970. Save from sins
  971. Flag or flower in the eye
  972. Biblical leader across the red sea
  973. Avidly enthusiastic
  974. Cleansing agent
  975. Gesture that encodes a message
  976. Ancient headgear is out of fashion
  977. Apostles and months
  978. There are all in the imagination
  979. Browses or looks through
  980. Remains of something destroyed, at sea perhaps
  981. Exclusive circle of people
  982. Payment ahead of due date (1'7)
  983. Country and straw hat
  984. 'but i have promises to keep, and . . . . . to go before i sleep' (frost)
  985. Small compact portable computer
  986. A slang toff - c'est bon
  987. Set of equipment, perhaps for first-aid
  988. Prefix meaning excessively or extremely
  989. The christian or jewish scriptures
  990. Place of refuge, sanctuary
  991. In quick or agile way
  992. Small box for holding jewellery
  993. Walk very quietly, in song through the tulips
  994. Informally searches as for concealed weapons
  995. Money received as wages, interest etc
  996. Flavoured wine made with calumets
  997. Feel elated - enough to float?
  998. He's married to your daughter
  999. Reject all connection or relationship with
  1000. Dried flour paste for making italian food
  1001. Rev nods to latin sellers
  1002. Bleated, being too late
  1003. Sudden rush of frightened animals
  1004. Cautious or secretive
  1005. People who die for their cause
  1006. Archaic word for look out, mind yourself
  1007. Be plentiful, say fish in river
  1008. Decay or nonsense
  1009. Fashions and manners
  1010. Playing cards given added value in some games
  1011. Desert - it's wild
  1012. Fever disease transmitted by mosquitoes
  1013. Suggestive of evil, to the left in heraldry
  1014. Archaic word for before - a palindrome
  1015. It goes with hope and charity
  1016. Pick with courage
  1017. Organic compounds taken by some athletes - do resist them
  1018. A slang swindle - by tearaway?
  1019. Place for young children or for rearing plants
  1020. Pots for the kitchen
  1021. A japanese woman who entertains men
  1022. Take unawares with rattles
  1023. A french kind of false rumour
  1024. Glove of armoured leather, thrown down as a challenge
  1025. Optimistic and cheerful
  1026. Two objects, or people, that don't go together
  1027. Long under-pillows
  1028. After agreeing a lower price with one person, accept a higher one from another
  1029. Unnecessary repetition
  1030. Heard and heeded
  1031. Prevent by a legal rule
  1032. Groups living under particular religious rules
  1033. Debris from an exploded star perhaps
  1034. One who takes calculated financial risks
  1035. Onion in some pancakes
  1036. Horses, trusty perhaps
  1037. Give up a position
  1038. Unsuccessful effort to vomit
  1039. Written forms of a musical composition
  1040. Marked mail with its destination
  1041. Fertile desert area
  1042. An added comment or instruction
  1043. He owed allegiance and service to a feudal lord
  1044. Longue tunique ample
  1045. Walking with regular steps in procession
  1046. Reptile is around, not really
  1047. A better than even chance of success
  1048. They can be used to refer to persons, places or things
  1049. Operate or control a vehicle
  1050. Ramassis e
  1051. Ancienne auge glaciaire envahie par la mer
  1052. The handling or management of something
  1053. Virus du sida 3 lettres
  1054. Impetuous irresponsible person
  1055. Conventional letter opening to man
  1056. Worthless or trivial
  1057. State of advancing baldness
  1058. Exits, ways out
  1059. Rot or suffer untimely death
  1060. Hold dear, keep in one's heart
  1061. Lacking ambition or target
  1062. Cord worn around the neck by boy scout
  1063. Sharpens, like knife on stone
  1064. Met pets in fierce storm
  1065. Kindly and cheerful
  1066. Muzzle in palindrome form
  1067. Thing used in conflict, gun or knife
  1068. Having great warmth of feeling like a lover
  1069. Civil and good-mannered
  1070. This is rolled out for vips
  1071. A mistake or inaccuracy
  1072. Person who pleads on behalf of another
  1073. Permanent abnormal enlargement of an artery
  1074. A small parting, in hedge or teeth
  1075. Hint for a snooker or billiards striker
  1076. Tomorrow in bilbao
  1077. They sell in latin
  1078. Induce or convince to do something
  1079. Condemned to exile
  1080. Carpenter's tool for shaping wood
  1081. Keep an eye on like foreman
  1082. Fee paid to secure services
  1083. Angelic beings grouped with seraphim
  1084. A crossing out of noted lie
  1085. Facts and figures arranged in columns
  1086. Dignified elderly women, may be titled
  1087. Kind of paper this is produced on
  1088. Prohibit by official injunction
  1089. Melt down fat or sing out
  1090. Satan, the devil
  1091. Set afloat or propel into action
  1092. Home for a pig
  1093. A short tail as of deer or rabbit
  1094. Very black or fast plane
  1095. Partition in nose between nostrils
  1096. Drill to be tiresome
  1097. Kills surplus animals in herd
  1098. Characteristic spirit of a community - for those
  1099. An army trumpet
  1100. Small part, particular
  1101. Ostensible, seeming
  1102. Unhurried and relaxed
  1103. Civilised and refined
  1104. Hot and humid, as north and south of the equator
  1105. Rapid succession of beats of percussion instrument
  1106. Downward extent
  1107. Customer of a hotel
  1108. Underground parts of plants
  1109. Golden to reddish brown colour
  1110. They hold the glass in window frames
  1111. Toss onto the playing field
  1112. Threaten, jeopardise
  1113. Isle of . . ., . . . o' war
  1114. Fracas, noisy fight
  1115. Physical magnitude
  1116. Pillager, plunderer
  1117. Takes a break from a meeting
  1118. Dial gaol up for the flowers
  1119. Relating to the composition of substances
  1120. Stresses and strains
  1121. According to legend, she rode naked through coventry
  1122. Wicked female giants
  1123. Everyone employed
  1124. Confined to a small space, as for intensive work
  1125. Take a case against her
  1126. Opportunity or luck
  1127. Formerly, unit of spanish money
  1128. Citizen seen in cinerama
  1129. Dark red bulb used as vegetable
  1130. He led children astray in hamelin
  1131. Muslim religious beggars - sound phoney
  1132. Cruel cops with blood cell
  1133. Highest social position - or sliding furniture box
  1134. Understood without being put into words
  1135. Bring together, become one
  1136. Torn apart, severed
  1137. Accepted general truths or principles
  1138. Person held captive as by law
  1139. Books of photos or music disks
  1140. Raises glass in tribute
  1141. Begs a cab to get vegetables
  1142. Women's underwear from france
  1143. Absolutely and completely
  1144. Set free or issued like film
  1145. Dry loofah for quality of rashness
  1146. Assisted, helped
  1147. Manually skilful, handling things neatly
  1148. Discussed in public
  1149. Brought or joined together again
  1150. Heed gag about slang intellectual
  1151. Damaged or spoiled
  1152. Reverse decision or commitment - while on bike?
  1153. Bog vegetable matter, turf
  1154. Codes of standards in business
  1155. Centre parts of nuts
  1156. Cause to lose lustre, say silver
  1157. Keep the faith
  1158. Become competent or eligible
  1159. Mouse-like rodent with long hind legs
  1160. Free from captivity, being innocent
  1161. Making a mess or hames of
  1162. All things considered, like lean bacon
  1163. Number of animals moving in a line, like camels
  1164. They check the accounts annually
  1165. Odd, like sailor's drink
  1166. Amusing in offbeat way
  1167. Chopping tool with heavy blade
  1168. Familiar or not refined
  1169. Allowing no exception as in business
  1170. Suitable or relevant
  1171. Be carnal consuming this shellfish
  1172. Furthest away, most distant
  1173. The tax system for the working man
  1174. A real titled lord
  1175. Votes of approval during 5 down
  1176. Benign, innocuous
  1177. Hounds with short legs and long ears
  1178. Poetic metre with unstressed-stressed syllables
  1179. Lay in wait and waylaid
  1180. Outcome, result
  1181. Proceeds or issues forth from a source
  1182. It indicates the reading on a measuring instrument
  1183. Imaginary, fanciful
  1184. Dish with shrimps or prawns
  1185. Castles and birds
  1186. Recurring again and again
  1187. Booths, stalls
  1188. Changing to suit a new purpose
  1189. Feigned, smarmy
  1190. Most underhand, dodgiest
  1191. Creature of exceptional size
  1192. Consistent, unvarying
  1193. Cotton fabric with a shiny finish
  1194. White crystalline substance
  1195. Uncombed and untidy
  1196. Alphabetical list of technical terms
  1197. Luxury, sumptuousness
  1198. No longer in use
  1199. Completely lacking in character or purpose
  1200. Banister, say
  1201. Most potent
  1202. Going backwards
  1203. Ill-chosen
  1204. Obtain money with menaces
  1205. Dark oily liquid, preservative for wood
  1206. Command to be tidy
  1207. Weld in lascivious way
  1208. Goddess of the hunt, or tragic english princess
  1209. Cited as an example
  1210. Be taken in by - romantically?
  1211. Exciting or dangerous journey
  1212. Wild west heroine annie . . . . . . - girl for a yokel
  1213. Confused like infertile egg
  1214. Rented accommodation for godlings
  1215. Figure out as sherlock did
  1216. Liam . . . . . . . . . wrote 'the informer' (1'8)
  1217. Any of the 12 divisions of the zodiac
  1218. Spanish mountains
  1219. Bounce or spring back
  1220. Critical assessment as of play
  1221. Tree associated with graveyards
  1222. Charlie . . . . . . ., great clown of the cinema
  1223. Container in which incense is burnt
  1224. Tasty tube of meat
  1225. A pleasant diurnal fantasy
  1226. Dollar, ami for s american animal with bony plates
  1227. 'thou shalt not . . . . . thy neighbour's goods'
  1228. A skilful manoeuvre
  1229. The world with all its features
  1230. Pretty flower or eye part
  1231. A gap, maybe in a book
  1232. Ideal, sic to be removed from priesthood
  1233. Attract or persuade with offer
  1234. Eric came to get confection
  1235. Organism with single cell changing constantly
  1236. Person seeking water using hazel stick
  1237. They add up to 40
  1238. Picture painted on wall or ceiling
  1239. Wearing clothes of distinctive kind
  1240. Severe discomfort, a tough time
  1241. Rhine rock where sirens once dwelled
  1242. Shrubs and small trees growing close together
  1243. Fever, a fit of shivering
  1244. Logic and rationality
  1245. Widen as eye pupils may
  1246. More noisy or bright
  1247. Relaxed, straightened up
  1248. I retain with slowness to act
  1249. Looks on with open mouth
  1250. Participant in competitive game
  1251. Threaten with harm or danger
  1252. Swift like naval force
  1253. Rude order to stop talking
  1254. A style of operatic singing
  1255. The leaves flutter in the slightest breeze
  1256. Providing food and services
  1257. Look this way in doubt
  1258. Facial fungus
  1259. Feral, untamed
  1260. Honourable, sincere
  1261. Popular yoga pose
  1262. Assail or attack on all sides
  1263. Medicinal, or magical, beverage
  1264. Raised trivial objections
  1265. Long flag, often tapering
  1266. Binged, glutted
  1267. Proposal for an appropriate course of action
  1268. Nun dedicated to helping the poor of india
  1269. Sailing vessel with two masts
  1270. In the direction of the ocean
  1271. Source of seed and oil
  1272. Animal excreta used to fertilise land
  1273. Sludge, gloop
  1274. Informally approved and agreed
  1275. Having limits, not endless
  1276. Mouse-like animal or scolding woman
  1277. Don't frisk about with non-alcoholic beverage
  1278. Holy or sacred state
  1279. Country in which supreme power is held by the people
  1280. Something very scarce, probably valuable
  1281. Stale like still water
  1282. Woman's flimsy nightgown
  1283. Yarn or fabric made from goat hair
  1284. Undergarment for trunk of body
  1285. Condition causing loss of hair
  1286. Medicine to make you vomit
  1287. As pretty as woven material with design
  1288. Milky juice of tropical tree used in chewing gum
  1289. Lack of life's necessities, a tough time
  1290. He aspires to join biblical hypocrites
  1291. Lacking a sense of right or wrong
  1292. Arab name of god
  1293. Thin strip of wood used in plastering
  1294. Moisture in wood of a tree
  1295. Thicknesses of material - or hens?
  1296. State of being dazed or numb
  1297. Informal young child or lobster claw
  1298. It's also called the mountain ash
  1299. Protest or disagree mildly
  1300. Trousers reaching to just below the knee
  1301. Deprive of dignity, make to feel ashamed
  1302. Suggested indirectly
  1303. Dracula's people
  1304. Persona . . . . . . . . is an unacceptable person
  1305. Rasped, perhaps on nerves
  1306. Pro . . . . publico - for the common good
  1307. Type of long dress with wide sleeves
  1308. Drug producing numbness or stupor
  1309. State of being free from danger or injury
  1310. Smelling or tasting of stale fat
  1311. Natty, dashing
  1312. Sign of quality assurance
  1313. Act of pivoting 180 degrees
  1314. Analysing to determine properties
  1315. Let norma go to the city
  1316. Hold back or set aside for future use
  1317. Basic unit of money in haiti
  1318. Dessert, sweet
  1319. Christian ranking below a priest
  1320. Do i boost the musician?
  1321. Islands in the atlantic ocean
  1322. Civilian dress, as worn by a soldier say
  1323. Fault or flaw
  1324. Triangular instrument with three strings
  1325. Treeless plain in the arctic
  1326. Mechanise to make something work without human intervention
  1327. Fictional hero raised by apes
  1328. Alter or regulate
  1329. Procreate or make a copy
  1330. Cuban folk dances
  1331. It tastes good but it's high in calories with little nutritional value
  1332. Forsook, left behind
  1333. Crease in book page like canine appendage
  1334. Conceal oneself, don't make intentions known
  1335. Discarded and unwanted clothes
  1336. Of investments, considered to very safe
  1337. Sets of connected things in working wholes
  1338. Small bathing costume or atoll in marshall islands
  1339. Emptiness, empty space
  1340. Fuss and irritant
  1341. Recooked dish for shah
  1342. Attic, room at the top
  1343. Person who has committed a serious crime
  1344. Laugh nervously in high-pitched way
  1345. Plunder and ransack
  1346. White in the face
  1347. Please answer the invitation, monsieur
  1348. Art of the late marcel marceau
  1349. A pity, being excessively naughty
  1350. A razor or its user
  1351. Travellers on bikes or horses
  1352. Thin coating on the outside
  1353. Great scientist from nineties
  1354. Having the nature of a sacred image
  1355. No chores on this sailing ship
  1356. Country's system of wealth creation
  1357. Drill or weary
  1358. Bog or swamp
  1359. Person who always expects to lose
  1360. Spectacles or drinking containers
  1361. Board game or exclusive business possession
  1362. Refining so as to act against rule or agreement
  1363. State of being unhealthily fat
  1364. Scrounger seeking help
  1365. What homer may sometime do
  1366. Informal australian food
  1367. A face - maybe mine
  1368. Food turner with flexible blade
  1369. De . . . . . ., french president
  1370. Ignoring danger and peril
  1371. The person who handles the equipment for travelling entertainers
  1372. Deliberately false account
  1373. Silly self-conscious smile
  1374. The weeds have prickly leaves
  1375. Putting in a horizontal position
  1376. Ring it to signal danger
  1377. Borders along the lower part of a wall
  1378. Lacking any legal or binding force
  1379. Greek princess who helped jason get the golden fleece
  1380. Act in a threatening manner
  1381. Bands of material for waists or shoulders
  1382. State of dishonour
  1383. Something that causes special pleasure or delight
  1384. Hill fire seen from a distance
  1385. Tall piece of furniture
  1386. Disorder marked by convulsions
  1387. Piece of material used to strengthen or enlarge a garment
  1388. Vehicles for carrying coffins
  1389. Disadvantage to offset an advantage to equalise chances of winning
  1390. Appalled, dismayed
  1391. Cord used by surgeons
  1392. Hairdresser who also shaves beards
  1393. Mid-morning snacks
  1394. Recently-married man
  1395. Drive with great opera composer
  1396. Covers or partly conceals - bride's face?
  1397. Although, despite
  1398. Physically powerful - feel 1 across
  1399. Pressurised container releasing fine spray
  1400. A scrap or shred of food
  1401. Conductors flourish them, or policemen
  1402. Bert isn't involved with heron-like birds
  1403. Capable of being stretched, kind of strength
  1404. Acts dishonestly in chaste way
  1405. Bimbo acts in boastful way
  1406. Moves clumsily in canal boats
  1407. Needs or demands
  1408. Beat up to help
  1409. Informally, can't be accepted or tolerated
  1410. Immortal beauty of troy
  1411. Object valued because of age
  1412. Of veins, permanently swollen and enlarged
  1413. Indicate assent with head movement
  1414. Spanish opera by bizet
  1415. A liquid medicine - or poison
  1416. Enter - you're invited
  1417. Tropical tree seed ground as spice
  1418. Woodwind instrument - artie shaw played one
  1419. Fills with horror and dismay
  1420. Cross or harsh, like outer layer of loaf
  1421. Sharp blow, perhaps on door
  1422. Bogota is its capital
  1423. Surrender informally
  1424. Lose footing or make mistake
  1425. The first to arrive - to get the worm?
  1426. Paths in church for lassie
  1427. A doodler in land of gold
  1428. Of excuse, weak and unconvincing
  1429. Worker skilled in machinery and cars
  1430. Something made for a particular purpose
  1431. Facial hair grown down one side of a man's face
  1432. Small greek restaurant
  1433. District occupied by a minority ethnic group
  1434. Hormone that regulates glucose levels
  1435. Festive merry feeling
  1436. Conduit to carry water over a valley
  1437. Lethargic, spiritless
  1438. Attack and move in
  1439. Pin to hold an oar in place, in hotel?
  1440. Of places ruled by distant governments
  1441. Dangerous fever transmitted by lice
  1442. Pole to support rigging
  1443. A us stock market
  1444. Assorted, miscellaneous
  1445. Person who has been moved out of a dangerous situation
  1446. Customary observances, religious say
  1447. Specialist in rocks
  1448. Generally, normally
  1449. They deny the existence of a god