1. A league of their
  2. Brews with 6 across
  3. Stock option in a seafood business?
  4. Works for literati
  5. Waterway dividing two sides of a college football rivalry
  6. Signer of the first of the oslo accords
  7. Pad kee mao pan
  8. One of many on massachusetts avenue in d.c.
  9. Webinars first slide often
  10. Treat traditionally paired with rc cola in the south
  11. Styling combs
  12. Fifth-century bishop in ire.
  13. Help for a broken-hearted bff
  14. Ok sure
  15. Ancient roman province now part of modern 16-across
  16. Diet option in black cans
  17. Motorized rides
  18. Sanitizes perhaps
  19. Playwright called the father of realism
  20. Dramatic advance
  21. Londons __ pie island
  22. Ancient physicians reference book
  23. Bottom-up in a way
  24. __ sunt dracones: line on an ancient globe
  25. Keep from cracking perhaps
  26. Yellowstone for one
  27. Good name for a knight?
  28. Try and reach quickly
  29. Shampoo buys
  30. Hurries toward safety
  31. Onetime producer of magna doodle
  32. Sex on fire grammy winners kings of __
  33. Pyrite crystal at times
  34. Abbeys husband on the west wing
  35. ___ blocker (option for trans youth)
  36. Willamette valley's state: abbr.
  37. Dallas hoopsters informally
  38. Tide units?
  39. Why are you mad at me?
  40. Freeway restriction
  41. ___ john (taylor swift song)
  42. Rising and falling inflection
  43. Deck with a pentacles suit
  44. Color darker than cyan
  45. Magazine whose archive was purchased by a consortium that includes the smithsonian
  46. Egypt-to-madagascar dir.
  47. John cusack movie, with the
  48. Prepare to
  49. House layout
  50. Spot for a penthouse
  51. Large circus tent
  52. Brag; boast
  53. Crying out loudly, vehemently and noisily; clamorous (adjective)
  54. Allowing the possibility of two or more meanings or interpretations; deliberately ambiguous (adjective)
  55. To support or urge by argument; to recommend publicly (verb)
  56. Two beverages served in mugs
  57. Nba team in phoenix
  58. (above the [?) macdonald]
  59. Cruise and brady