1. Class for the expecting
  2. Four-time emmy winner lynch
  3. Chances in atlantic city
  4. Otter’s foot
  5. Cat chow competitior: 2 wds.
  6. Monthly expense for a tenant
  7. Arrangement when only the 7 and 10 pins are standing in bowling
  8. Walt disney world theme park
  9. Live coal fragment
  10. Tibet setting
  11. Big nails
  12. Fish flock
  13. River vessels
  14. Hostilities between celebs
  15. Like new parents
  16. Symbol on road signs
  17. French painter of the card players
  18. Pronoun for a filly
  19. Tax-deferred plan for short
  20. Spartacus director kubrick
  21. Fire starters perhaps
  22. Pests on hiking trails
  23. Wicked sort
  24. Lead the cast of
  25. Most tip jar bills
  26. Whole boatload
  27. Touch and taste for two
  28. Stampeding bunch
  29. Shiny as lipstick
  30. Co-discoverer of radium
  31. Google photos e.g.
  32. Garment with hooks
  33. Memory devices for digital cameras
  34. Stat for jacob degrom
  35. Like a post-workout gym rat
  36. Sussudio singer
  37. Baseball executive jeter
  38. Shows signs of wear
  39. Pebble beach halves
  40. Cathedral city of tuscany
  41. Arctic ice chunk
  42. Designer of the tom thumb
  43. Arbitrator: hunc 'iudicem' in foro disceptantem
  44. Medical lab procedure
  45. One-and-a-half-turn jump
  46. Unlike vegan fare
  47. Trivia quiz website
  48. Disc golfer's starting point
  49. Observe surreptitiously
  50. Released as a postage stamp
  51. River level going over top of banks
  52. Egypt's primary source of water
  53. Fiery emotion
  54. Mustardy plant typically eaten with orange segments, mackerel, beef steak, parsnips...
  55. Giving a subtle difference to
  56. Tool place that is ridiculous being empty
  57. A book that indexes the principal words in a literary work
  58. Discipline governing positive spatial arrangement for happiness
  59. For this person, debauchery is simply too much
  60. At the rear of a fleet leaving shelter
  61. Note from a 6-down that might give you jitters
  62. Not an exact amount: abbr.
  63. Experience redundantly
  64. Dark force in chinese philosophy
  65. Moolah redundantly
  66. Like some telephones and tires
  67. Snitch redundantly
  68. Automated producer of spam
  69. 5/8/1945
  70. Malay word for person, the name of an ape found in borneo and sumatra
  71. Cottontail redundantly
  72. Hack redundantly
  73. Word in brackets after a mistake
  74. Spaced out mentally
  75. Different sides to observe
  76. Rude person in the bleachers
  77. Ship's galley worker
  78. Self-description after a major lifestyle change
  79. Question to a backstabber
  80. Give me a simple answer!
  81. Can't be found at the office
  82. How train cars are linked
  83. How many tv shows are viewed nowadays
  84. Contraction sung twice in the first verse of the star-spangled banner
  85. College subj. that covers freud
  86. Shocks in a way
  87. Like laundry being dried outdoors
  88. Goes for as when bobbing for apples
  89. Subject of an i.r.s. consumer warning
  90. Quickly change one's mind back and forth
  91. Shakespearean cry before what are you mad?
  92. One of 10 in a ten-speed
  93. Problem that has ballooned
  94. Mae lyons heard in first class school is blooming close to belladonna lily
  95. Constellation - sea monster
  96. Relation is vague, missing ending
  97. Provide a terminus at the town centre
  98. Accompanying sailor, attain goal
  99. Affectedly refined
  100. Animal, creature
  101. Brief attempt about right
  102. Cake, central point rising
  103. Calling for hospital department, sickly
  104. Car part collected in birmingham
  105. Coerce; mounted soldier
  106. Combine eg nitrate compounds
  107. Coming soon, formal wear for garment
  108. Dry river, save bottles
  109. Exercise before second drink
  110. In america, serious achievement of brilliant student
  111. Join by melting
  112. Leaders of think tank penning little message
  113. Line round head of ginger cat
  114. Low figure in question, essentially
  115. Marriage evidently over? don't say another word!
  116. More air circulating in wardrobe
  117. Mug in christmas stocking
  118. Northern people
  119. Old custom in movement of suspect abroad
  120. One million and two hurt
  121. Period before adulthood
  122. Peter paul —, artist
  123. Relating to pressure in still fluids
  124. Rising in heat, chilli coolish initially on good italian dish
  125. Runner beginning to run, one runs!
  126. Sculpture shattered
  127. Snapper arrived before tailless ray
  128. Special state
  129. Warming device, unit with cobra snakes
  130. Young child’s measure of spirit
  131. Former olympics venue
  132. Vinegar eg
  133. Dependence recovery centre
  134. Eat away by chemical action
  135. Mild or moderate
  136. Withdraw in haste
  137. Popular household pet
  138. Garments collectively
  139. Thin dry biscuit
  140. Evaluation estimation
  141. Outstanding performance in sport
  142. Tiny part of moat ruined
  143. City of priority
  144. Allow harold to be deadly
  145. Might love condiment?
  146. Unfortunate slip of the lips
  147. Get oysters with trifles
  148. About to get small signal to save
  149. Get beaten with nothing approximate
  150. Residence in yosemite
  151. New arts supremo
  152. Aide made strange impression
  153. Harass spy on the way
  154. Hear about british drug treatment
  155. Shrimp-like marine crustacean; principal food of whalebone whales
  156. 2010 novel by ruth rendell
  157. 1905 novel by h g wells
  158. 2012 novel by michael frayn
  159. Republic of ireland political party founded in 1933 led by leo varadkar since 2017
  160. 2007-08 channel 4 series presented by mentalist derren brown
  161. Dannie — author of poetry volumes running late and ask the bloody horse
  162. Julian — actor who played andrew foyle in itv drama series foyle's war
  163. 1999 biopic starring pierce brosnan in the title role
  164. Theodor w — frankfurt-born philosopher whose writings include prisms and negative dialectics
  165. 2010 action-comedy film starring will ferrell and mark wahlberg
  166. The — 1979 novel by peter benchley
  167. 1953 film western starring john wayne and geraldine page
  168. The — 2005 comedy-drama film starring directed and co-written by james franco
  169. Schoolmaster in william shakespeare play love's labour's lost
  170. Stephen — cyclist; 1987 giro d'italia winner
  171. Alain — canadian snooker player; 1996 german open tournament runner-up
  172. Peter — english tenor who created the role of peter quint in 1954 benjamin britten opera the turn of the screw
  173. Ruined city in central crete housing remains of the minoan bronze age civilisation
  174. Creature i am slipping into waterway - not the first
  175. William howard __, 27th president of the us
  176. In christianity, the feast of the purification of the virgin mary and the presentation of christ in the temple
  177. Witches’ irritation
  178. Leading british sinologist who wrote science and civilization in china
  179. Travel free to the end of the line
  180. Small fish that swims in an upright position and has a curled prehensile tail
  181. Lissom or lithe
  182. Two-tier way to send a letter
  183. International match forming one of a series
  184. Cashews and pecans
  185. Secretly so to speak
  186. Interest group for seniors
  187. Home for a long-eared hopper
  188. The japanese and chinese
  189. Butterflys casing
  190. Kids party game
  191. Harbor marker
  192. Cruel person informally
  193. Thats clear to me now
  194. Woolly youngsters
  195. Build as a building
  196. Hgt. above ground
  197. Tattered and __ (raggedy)
  198. Stockholms nation
  199. More overcast
  200. Rug that says welcome
  201. __ cards (seers deck)
  202. Cookies and candies
  203. Rodeo horse for short
  204. Actor kingsley or affleck
  205. Moon or june to tune
  206. Scoundrel has heavy accent, but not initially
  207. During trip, kid is infuriating
  208. Cruise isn't fit to inspect
  209. Assassin from town in japan
  210. End troubled about a king in the altogether
  211. Entrenched stronghold
  212. Examine competition (ignoring tories)
  213. Film and tv mask
  214. Fixing republican broadcast
  215. Food and drink for entertaining politician leading old city
  216. Friends gathering around wife - after end of troubles they cry
  217. German chap importing dutch bananas
  218. Goodbye, moving 18 27 soon?
  219. Henry - your majesty - touring the county
  220. I'm plugging commercial for disaster relief
  221. In dispute, heard report of expulsion
  222. Is brevity so different? yes!
  223. It's naturally sweet to see a lord on telly
  224. Katy's conference tipple?
  225. Leaders of home office order cheap home-made booze
  226. Dig out the centre of millstone
  227. Like a prophet travelling once around rome, say
  228. Listen secretly
  229. Medic suppressing anger...it's got even worse
  230. Off games? absolutely not!
  231. Offence caused by display of buttocks, bishop coming down with anger
  232. One union in debates spouting pious words
  233. Paid pounds for something at auction
  234. Painful condition keeping radius in plaster
  235. Performance by a kentish rebel not half showing a lot of power
  236. Pies cooked on board a ship where no germs are present
  237. Played with small cubes
  238. Pool or beach attendants
  239. Racing pigeon?
  240. Railway track features
  241. Rampant gi shot flier
  242. Recordings of songs introduced by agent
  243. Restrict to a single purpose
  244. Rich old king
  245. Right infiltrates pm's support - it has many branches
  246. Search shed, in which cameron finally is found?
  247. Second-rate 'strictly' particip­ant entertaining one and all - such may offer fun at blackpool?
  248. See paper suffering setback - get angry about it
  249. Short journey with poem in the tube
  250. Sports car ferrying upper-class duncan smith at the front takes the breath away
  251. Sprinkling part of garden on eastern side
  252. Strong man turning up, politician dancing and jumping
  253. Stylised lily
  254. The range of chagall
  255. Theme park features
  256. Theresa - in a mopy huff - flipped over a tendency for reckless spending
  257. Tricky navigation - a time one must leave city with a bridge
  258. Untie puppy, frequently having a tendency to bite
  259. Vehicle on notable run aiming to be eco-friendly
  260. Volunteers having to hang around a large area once
  261. Wanting to be like opponents at table competing
  262. "support turkey!" - american senate's leader
  263. 9's resolved to start with english pastries
  264. Abducted nad, drunk, having slept around
  265. Abuse of cocaine widespread?
  266. Activates trident, picking up the pace?
  267. African people go off into depot
  268. Ah! mr goodman, playing new instrument
  269. Am/pm separator?
  270. Amber fish ...
  271. Annual grass with light brown grains
  272. Beat harshly
  273. Begin to give a speech about independent spirit
  274. Blunder about french coast being an environmental threat
  275. Boaster's idle talk, something to fool you?
  276. Bottle of essential medicament finally disposed of
  277. Box-like container that slides
  278. Brother livingstone is finished
  279. Casual home worker, collecting very little money, starts to complain intensely
  280. City's form is ok, every now and then
  281. Coach for city with beer and sausage
  282. Comic friend of ollie attending party in belfast
  283. Connected with farming
  284. Constable wishes to hug inspector
  285. Container for ale, mostly dull and plain
  286. Critical assessment
  287. Daughter leaves niggardly, hopeless ferryman
  288. Disgraced liberal farron put up in small hotel
  289. Queen latifah's music
  290. Jockey who rode two triple crown winners
  291. Preface for a personal view in a text
  292. Company picnic conversation perhaps
  293. Gaseous layer surrounding the sun
  294. Opposition answer
  295. Poker hand finish
  296. Cynically callous
  297. Charon ferried the newly deceased across it
  298. Block sides
  299. Place to plug a picture perhaps
  300. Places into groups
  301. Driller's dream
  302. Creative seminar
  303. Student's bane
  304. Name on for whom the bell tolls covers
  305. They can cut intricate curves
  306. Kitchen come-on
  307. Heron's habitat
  308. Counterpart of vert.
  309. Trees with purple flowers
  310. Laundry problem for santa
  311. #1 song from pharrell williams
  312. Apt. ad abbreviation
  313. Gets rid of the paper trail perhaps
  314. Put on a button say
  315. Best foreign language film winner in 2019
  316. Allen of raiders of the lost ark
  317. An entertainment us sl
  318. The big bang theory prequel about one of the scientists as a boy (2 wds.)
  319. Grad student's pursuit for short
  320. Phased-out fast planes for short
  321. Pink-eyed white rabbits e.g.
  322. Bill clinton's instrument for short
  323. Tv prequel about superman's high-school years
  324. Birdman actress watts
  325. The x-files extra (abbr.)
  326. Slightly above-average grade (2 wds.)
  327. Fills completely as a gas tank (2 wds.)
  328. Chappaquiddick actress kate ___
  329. Like some outlet store merchandise (abbr.)
  330. Asks for divine guidance
  331. Bookings for rock bands
  332. Animated prequel featuring jim henson characters in a nursery (2 wds.)
  333. Hi-___ (sharply detailed as graphics)
  334. Give me a break commentator john
  335. Orange-flavored instant drink supplied to astronauts
  336. The loco-motion (1988) singer kylie
  337. C'mon be ___! (help me out!) (2 wds.)
  338. Pants leg measurement
  339. Tik tok singer who used to have a dollar sign in her name
  340. A fish called wanda oscar winner kevin
  341. Handling the last details of with up
  342. New pet owner's task
  343. Like de niro in meet the parents (hyph.)
  344. Critter that eats while floating on its back
  345. With regard to (2 wds.)
  346. Programs opened with a finger tap
  347. “i think i'll move...”
  348. Scholar of vision?
  349. Approach to teaching reading based on matching sounds with letters
  350. Type of lettuce with very crisp pale leaves
  351. Plead with nurse to carry out doctor's orders
  352. King arthur's wizard
  353. Disco's beginning -- is essay put off?
  354. Windy shortcut primarily going to west country
  355. Surname of radio 2's departing breakfast host
  356. Ancient greek statue that is believed to depict aphrodite, housed in the louvre museum, paris
  357. Jos buttler's role in the current england test cricket team
  358. Cutting cruel wit
  359. Balkan state briefly
  360. Antler wrestler
  361. Wind driven spray
  362. Shirred eggs
  363. About to happen 8 letters
  364. Left gaps
  365. Word that modifies an adjective
  366. Bird’s neck feathers
  367. Utensil for beating eggs
  368. Focus most attention on
  369. Directional notice
  370. Arrogant haughty (inf)
  371. Mix associate with (inf)
  372. Roman equivalent of eros
  373. Sudden inward collapse
  374. Occuring every day
  375. Velvety and cushiony
  376. Common belief generally held to be true
  377. Another word for exams
  378. Performs a play on stage
  379. Tarot readers e.g.
  380. Director of 1930s horror films frankenstein, the old dark house and the invisible man
  381. Luminous discharge that never goes full circle
  382. John —, hooker; south africa 2007 rugby world cup final winner
  383. Scientist noted for x-ray diffraction who shared the 1915 nobel prize in physics with his son
  384. Seasoned liquid in which foods are steeped before cooking
  385. Measures for the control of pests
  386. Surname of guess who's coming to dinner actor sidney
  387. Hill outside the walls of ancient jerusalem on which jesus was crucified
  388. State capital of new jersey, us
  389. Frequently describes a group
  390. Has meal in great steakhouse
  391. It shows you’re sorry about the split
  392. The yellow or greenish fluid product of inflammation
  393. Act of chasing after something
  394. Young adults of the 2010s as viewed, it is claimed, by the novel and film fight club
  395. Learned to be adamant about closing time
  396. Fruit bearer?
  397. Connery of james bond films
  398. The ___ 2 and 2 is 4: 2 wds.
  399. Water in spanish
  400. Creator of the american animated sitcom family guy who also voices other characters of the show: 2 wds.
  401. Be at ___ (relax)
  402. The main character and father of the family in the american sitcom family guy: 2 wds.
  403. Divisions on a ruler: abbr.
  404. Gobbled up like a piece of cake
  405. Sense of self that may be inflated
  406. Measure or unit of power
  407. Morning droplets on the leaves
  408. Fleecy female in the farm
  409. Rose from a chair say
  410. Far from ordinary
  411. Composer of the theme music for the american sitcom family guy: 2 wds.
  412. Seattle-based indie rock band behind albums like discosadness and endless wonder: 2 wds.
  413. Ingrid bergman in casablanca
  414. Frankly speaking in text speak
  415. Content cat's sound
  416. Tear to bits and pieces
  417. Fifty percent of hundred
  418. Graphic designer's degree for one: abbr.
  419. Beatles' sutcliffe lovingly
  420. System that enables consumers to source food directly from farms: abbr.
  421. Eldest child of 18a in the american sitcom family guy
  422. Any domesticated bird like a hen
  423. Paul ___ director of bridesmaids and ghostbusters
  424. Morlock victims in the time machine
  425. ___ nevada (mountain range in the us)
  426. Rail vehicle also called a trolley
  427. Informal graphic shirt
  428. The things ___ for love: 2 wds.
  429. Palindromic explosive letters
  430. ___ lindgren who authored pippi longstocking
  431. Command to standstill
  432. Extremely impressed or flabbergasted
  433. Looks like trouble!: 2 wds.
  434. Don't interfere abbr.
  435. Third-oldest ivy institution
  436. Like a smutty joke
  437. There will come soft rains
  438. Largest fish in the ocean
  439. As i see it briefly
  440. Rhyming english class briefly
  441. Casablanca denizen
  442. Passage etroit dans les montagnes
  443. Venetian explorer who was one of the first westerners to travel the silk road to china
  444. Oddly, nature's at a loss for a carer
  445. Rome excursion is extra
  446. Muslim ruler's wife
  447. Ascertain directions to river
  448. Rose and ruby
  449. Dislike to the max
  450. *coming home and nebraska oscar nominee
  451. That scared me!
  452. Many a map dot
  453. *supply support for a claim
  454. Late in the evening, a duet faltered and weakened
  455. E-tailer
  456. *like many new job seekers
  457. It's never free of charge
  458. Card game declaration and a hint to what can be found in the four other longest answers
  459. Numbered market section
  460. Paris' pont __ arts
  461. Means not to scatter seed around
  462. Kfc title
  463. Relinquish officially
  464. Biblical garden denizen
  465. Superlatively 26-down
  466. Oyster or clam
  467. Brunch buffet station fare
  468. Highland waters
  469. Street in a law office
  470. Sedated
  471. Lpga golfer michelle
  472. Damned odd ultimatum
  473. Common weed of the parsley family
  474. Shoot proust novel
  475. People like paxman: they've all the answers
  476. Globe —; thistle species common in walled gardens or large potagers
  477. Thomas __, author of 1843 poem the song of the shirt
  478. Comic-book crime fighter
  479. Kate moss, for example
  480. Artist noted for mobiles or 'stabiles', colour lithographs and gouaches
  481. Pull candy
  482. Start of a very literal warning
  483. Relative of a tony
  484. Lead person in the middle ages?
  485. Japanese i.t. powerhouse
  486. Supportive garment
  487. Suitcase-scanning grp.
  488. Dance design informally
  489. Part three of the warning
  490. Part two of the warning
  491. Tmz interviewee
  492. Things broken by errant baseballs
  493. I'm unimpressed
  494. Physical locations?
  495. Salmon species
  496. 37-down subunit
  497. With 64- and 65-across end of the warning
  498. Hit with dodgeballs
  499. L.a.'s miracle ___
  500. It doesn't stop a mail carrier
  501. Actor/musician jared
  502. Dens and nests
  503. Venison e.g.
  504. Palm projection
  505. A shooting star supposedly grants one
  506. Crossword's basis usually
  507. Case of the ___ (low spirits)
  508. Study while under the gun
  509. Like good pop songs
  510. How pastrami is often served
  511. This many is a crowd to isabel
  512. Cologne feature
  513. Pet care org.
  514. Yet to be realized
  515. Island known for its big-headed statues
  516. Game-match connector
  517. Present or potent lead-in
  518. Fayed who dated princess diana
  519. Secret term for a military operation
  520. ‘koala' tree
  521. Zimbabwe's second-largest city
  522. Some gullible person an outcast
  523. Cold egg sandwiches denounced by scrooge?
  524. Splinters of wood or strips of twisted paper with which pipes, fires, etc are lit
  525. Domed tent-like native american dwelling
  526. ___ seeds trendy smoothie ingredient
  527. Zero-calorie part of a bagel
  528. With 1-down largest fish in the ocean
  529. Arrested development and veep actor tony
  530. Tablet with a retina display
  531. Face-offs like hamilton and burr's
  532. Aid and ___ (help in crime)
  533. ___ way you slice it …
  534. What ___ going to do without you?: 2 wds.
  535. Got white in the face
  536. 2019 daytime emmy winner kelly
  537. Make better with a few improvements
  538. Having tons of cash
  539. Entertainer who never speaks
  540. Roll-___ (some deodorants)
  541. Poet who wrote the line quoth the raven 'nevermore'
  542. Slicing part of a knife
  543. Not to ___ too fine a point on it …
  544. Actor and 12 monkeys director who cocreated monty python's flying circus 50 years ago: 2 wds.
  545. Cowpoke's looped rope
  546. Work ___ (get some exercise)
  547. Bird that's a-swimming in a christmas song
  548. Actor christian who has portrayed moses and batman
  549. 1980s rapper kool ___ dee
  550. Season when many trees drop their leaves
  551. Moray ___ (long fish)
  552. Black-eyed vegetable
  553. One of the seven deadly sins in the movie se7en
  554. With 37-across actor and spamalot writer who cocreated monty python's flying circus 50 years ago
  555. Marisa's role on the 2019 all in the family special
  556. Brooklyn nine-nine law enforcement group: abbr.
  557. Nickname that president lincoln did not like to be called
  558. First reformed star hawke
  559. Actor and travel documentarian who cocreated monty python's flying circus 50 years ago: 2 wds.
  560. Group for medical providers: abbr.
  561. Sign me up!: 2 wds.
  562. Brand of nonstick cooking spray
  563. Trees that are a symbol of massachusetts
  564. Phrase of understanding: 2 wds.
  565. Endings that are often described as grand
  566. Any of nine locations in the game clue
  567. One and ___ (everybody)
  568. Weapon with a trigger
  569. Royals singer from new zealand
  570. Husky ashore
  571. A muslim sermon that is delivered on a friday
  572. Topical variation? that's mine!
  573. Not entirely crazy business set up over a beer, ultimately, in land off east africa
  574. University city; administrative centre of lancashire
  575. Novel by hermann hesse
  576. Armoured combat vehicles moving on tracks