1. Device that can show you your account balance: abbr.
  2. “you can ___ on me” (“i’m here for you”)
  3. ___ pet (clay figurine that sprouts plants)
  4. 1972 elton john song with a sharp-toothed title: 2 wds.
  5. ___ e. coyote (looney tunes character)
  6. “she ___” (1984 cyndi lauper hit)
  7. 1982 survivor song with a sharp-toothed title: 4 wds.
  8. What members of a jury aren’t supposed to have regarding a case
  9. Feeling of mourning
  10. ___ storm (invisible woman in the fantastic four)
  11. Recent viral children’s hit song with a sharp-toothed title: 2 wds.
  12. “it’s all over ___ the shouting”
  13. Mother of cain abel and seth
  14. Room that might contain a coffee table or trophy case
  15. Group that rates potential judges: abbr.
  16. Gift of ___ (ability to chat)
  17. Play songs for an audience say
  18. Australian bird that can run 30 mph
  19. Rental car company that shares its name with a san antonio landmark
  20. Best guess as to when a flight will get in: abbr.
  21. Covering for a can
  22. Off-the-___ (not custom-made)
  23. Filet mignon for example
  24. State that produces the most potatoes
  25. Person who may audit a company’s finances: abbr.
  26. “poisonous” 2004 britney spears hit
  27. Computer image type that’s often animated: abbr.
  28. Grant’s opponent in the us civil war
  29. Like someone from dublin
  30. Year of the ___ (2020 in the chinese zodiac)
  31. What the “p” in “rpm” stands for
  32. With “the” nickname for new orleans: 2 wds.
  33. “hit me ___ your best shot!”
  34. Incorporate into a blog post as a video
  35. Grand ___ opry (tennessee music venue)
  36. “___ got a friend in me” (song from “toy story”)
  37. Bookie’s transaction
  38. Cairo’s country
  39. “the masked singer” judge jeong
  40. Double-decker vehicle in london
  41. The --- night, oil painting referenced in the movie poster for woody allen's midnight in paris
  42. Bad snag to hit flood defence
  43. The fourth and final stomach compartment in ruminants
  44. Clumsy butcher with his hands full
  45. Chaps an inexperienced driver notices
  46. Recidivist con man?
  47. A written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, for use as evidence in court
  48. Just as lovely
  49. Suggestion in support of a site
  50. Line parallel to and four feet in front of the bowling crease in cricket
  51. Extinct, long-necked marine reptile of the jurassic and cretaceous periods
  52. Girl over boy rents second place
  53. Woman not finishing card game
  54. German for 'good day'
  55. Characteristic of an academic
  56. Henry ford misquote
  57. Publicising exaggeratedly
  58. Portable steps
  59. Baseball term
  60. Light cardboard container
  61. Student’s 12-month break
  62. Trickery or chicanery
  63. Woodland plant
  64. Following day
  65. American marching song
  66. Total zero at sport
  67. Develop into a vegetable
  68. Repellent sporting misdemeanour
  69. Allow new entry fast
  70. Got used to being ruined sadly
  71. Notes glue is affected in flood
  72. 2001 comedy crime film starring bruce willis and billy bob thornton
  73. Australia new south wales waratahs and former wasps rfc utility back
  74. Jean — 16th-century french sculptor and architect noted for his decorations of works by pierre lescot
  75. Kingsley — author of 1955 novel that uncertain feeling
  76. Serpent-like dragon in greek mythology that guarded the golden apples in the garden of the hesperides
  77. Pakistan test wicketkeeper who made an unbeaten 158 against sri lanka in karachi in 2009
  78. Jim — us artist whose lithographs include 1973's big red wrench in a landscape
  79. Radioactive chemical element; symbol fr
  80. Actor who played william lamb in 1972 film drama lady caroline lamb
  81. James — actor who played bert lynch in bbc tv drama series z cars
  82. Polygon with six sides
  83. Burrowing bivalve mollusc such as the quahog
  84. 1961 film western directed by and starring marlon brando
  85. Comedian-actor who plays the title role in bbc tv series jonathan creek
  86. Official language of uganda kenya and tanzania
  87. Khagan of the mongol empire; founder of the yuan dynasty in china
  88. Andrew — 1997-2015 conservative mp; 2010-12 secretary of state for health
  89. Eager to say yes but not able to give the last word
  90. Convulsion, wearing a french garment
  91. Afraid a house will show this state inside
  92. Respectable location - where it should be
  93. Character forming part of a traditional puppet show with judy; or, a fruit drink with the spanish version sangria
  94. Record video in the 70s
  95. Popular family pooch
  96. Certain nobles
  97. French composer who wrote the carnival of the animals suite
  98. Contents of a valuable vein
  99. Its after due in italy
  100. Soon in verse
  101. Stock analysts discovery
  102. Road glare reducer
  103. Common vending-machine contents
  104. __ smasher (supercollider nickname)
  105. Rather less than lucid
  106. Title bout bigwig
  107. Metaphor for anxiety
  108. Courageous persistence
  109. Explain in detail
  110. Too predictable as a plot
  111. Rock for stone
  112. Rattlesnakes weapon
  113. Students of beethoven's pastoral symphony from awful reform school
  114. Oratorio solo
  115. Major papal convocation
  116. Untamed leapers
  117. 71 across of a stack
  118. Jackrabbits for instance
  119. Spanish archipelago
  120. Nine-digit nos.
  121. Mac partner
  122. For __ (not gratis)
  123. Water's swirling around -- leak indicated
  124. Pc cancel key
  125. Wyomings second city
  126. Provoke verbally
  127. Shop shavers
  128. Take internally
  129. Extended story lines
  130. Wintry mix element
  131. Candy-making supply
  132. Road with ramps
  133. __-globe (kind of paperweight)
  134. Set-in-ways one supposedly
  135. Father verbally
  136. Assembled as angoras
  137. Giving a shout-out to
  138. Smartphone tool
  139. Venerable detergent brand
  140. Pooch at buckingham palace
  141. Not-bad bond rating
  142. Revered pioneer
  143. Legendary australian cricketer
  144. Sounding like toy pianos
  145. Pop singer bareilles
  146. One of the apóstoles
  147. Monsoon season nation
  148. Source of faraway waves
  149. Descriptor for basins
  150. Where locks are opened all day
  151. Rashly impulsive
  152. Good part of nut butters
  153. Second publication
  154. Inactive computer mode
  155. Bunkhouse noise
  156. Notable brilliance
  157. Tool on firetrucks
  158. Tech support client
  159. Org. for keglers or cops
  160. Discreet email inclusion
  161. First or earliest
  162. Confine some gujarati militants on the way back
  163. Track-and-field event in which a heavy ball is placed with great force
  164. Capital of germany with a king and a queen
  165. Champion in the rotunda
  166. Communist has to hide missing nationalist in overhaul
  167. Complete beginner returns for gift
  168. Cover heads of old ukrainian ladies in essential oil
  169. Dancing with north african around bar
  170. Excessive hint about award
  171. Festival regularly endears resident of new jersey?
  172. Film swedish manager touring spain
  173. Goes over religious symbols
  174. Grimmest earl arrested by tudors in revolt
  175. Instrument to stretch out the rank and file
  176. Jazz fan behind push to get american skunk
  177. Learner welcomed by second chess player
  178. Melt ham and nearly new processed cheese
  179. Notes occasion
  180. Old anglo-norman church holds single part of the bible
  181. Passage in left part of church
  182. Emperor of japan who abdicated in favour of his son naruhito on 30 april 2019
  183. Picture instruction to reader to embrace prostitute
  184. Picture of kairos with melchior?
  185. Pieces of software for gas and electricity companies?
  186. Pointed article removed from official
  187. Portrait artist eats indian food
  188. Record travelling back in canoe with divers
  189. Reportedly heard no-good ostler in trial venue
  190. Switzerland intervening in state's political organisation
  191. The french footing drinks bill for meeting
  192. Totter's tip - "play cards and pray"
  193. True incan sacrificed in the lap of the gods
  194. Trump's dressed in tailored timelessly cute red coat
  195. Tyneside author extremely short gets credit facility
  196. Allows westside gang leader to change
  197. Written guide for a business nyt
  198. 2019 snooker champion
  199. Traditional straw wicker beehive
  200. Impossible mathematical task
  201. Exaltation praise or honour
  202. The auld sod to the irish
  203. Comedy actor who voices grizzly on the cartoon network's we bare bears (2 wds.)
  204. Category on some utility bills
  205. Hospital scan similar to an x-ray (abbr.)
  206. Many an entry on billboard's hot 100 (2 wds.)
  207. Caribbean music related to reggae
  208. Designer mode voiced by brad bird in the incredibles films
  209. Rihanna song with the lyric please someone help me
  210. Completely dominates in sports lingo
  211. Comedy actor who voices panda on we bare bears (2 wds.)
  212. Comedy actor who voices ice bear on we bare bears (2 wds.)
  213. Month of the masters tournament (abbr.)
  214. Word after rain or tear
  215. Actor alda who won an emmy for his role on the west wing
  216. Long-bodied swimmers
  217. Dairy farm animal
  218. Full frontal with samantha ___ (tbs news satire show)
  219. Meet portion or portion of meat
  220. Windsurfer's wind catcher
  221. Feature at some fundraising dinners (2 wds.)
  222. Former comedy central series ___ & peele
  223. Challenge uttered while covering someone's eyes (2 wds.)
  224. Sneaker brand that sponsors the triple crown of surfing
  225. Network that airs morning edition and weekend edition
  226. Many titled members of parliament
  227. French landscape gardener who designed the parks of vaux-le-vicomte and the palace of versailles
  228. Bend it ___ beckham (keira knightley soccer film)
  229. An undercover cop might wear one
  230. Cohort of stooges larry and curly
  231. A thick, highly incendiary liquid used in firebombs
  232. Jean-pierre —, former france rugby union captain nicknamed golden helmet
  233. Two-wheeled vehicle such as a penny-farthing
  234. A big house for dad to do up
  235. Pale brownish-yellow colour
  236. Paved area outside a house
  237. Philosopher regularly ignoring mary beard
  238. Plant with leaves used in cooking
  239. Persist in support for architectural feature
  240. Perhaps doctor's responsibility is to examine piles?
  241. Pay them off, knowing how they feel
  242. Person who makes one cross electing 14?
  243. Phase of earth's satellite
  244. Pair touring olympic city earlier
  245. Permissible but to some extent duplicitous
  246. Person in custody
  247. Plan to get out!
  248. Plastic cup without a handle
  249. Could grinding this pigment be a chore? l
  250. A short distance in progress
  251. Printing term used to denote an ornamental capital letter
  252. Balkan country whose capital is belgrade
  253. Multiply a drink
  254. Large bundle of hay, tied tightly
  255. Portable cradle
  256. Pool for performing marine mammals
  257. Prostitute's position when us president enters
  258. Priestly dictator's loftier loft
  259. Put on a coat, run away, and disappear
  260. Powerful infantry weapons used against the french at agincourt, 1415
  261. Powerfulness
  262. Political propaganda in art or literature
  263. Popular record, though initially awkward
  264. Principally known only as lovable australian?
  265. Principle of engined aircraft
  266. Musical instrument to open fair
  267. Dexys __ runners, uk pop group in the '80s
  268. Small tree aka the mountain ash
  269. Manhattan stadium
  270. Signs used at the beginning or end of a repeat in music
  271. French frigate 1795
  272. Godliest most virtuous
  273. Travesty 7 letters
  274. Someone regarded as unimportant
  275. Puppies or young wolves
  276. Deputy speaker of the house of commons
  277. Strange or interesting sight
  278. Win everything in a lottery with the directors
  279. Join sarge, managing to talk slang
  280. Being stupid i upset anne
  281. Short-legged wire-haired breed of terrier
  282. Dog outside hospital department, a beast seemingly half human
  283. Using numerals
  284. Grand _; winning every trick in bridge
  285. Venetian painter of venus of urbino
  286. Moeen __, english cricketer
  287. Old testament patriarch who is synonymous with longevity
  288. Lady _ _, the great granddaughter of henry vii, who was queen of england for nine days in 1553
  289. Electronic news-gathering spun virus and flood
  290. District in the royal borough of greenwich, london, where henry viii founded a naval dockyard in 1512
  291. Excursions from tunis go free
  292. Road flatteners
  293. He left her apartment, enthralled by
  294. Wind up radio
  295. Tee-___ (giggle)
  296. Make some money doing a job
  297. Continent with the taj mahal
  298. Emcee's hand-held equipment for short
  299. Tell me ___ (what's the reason?)
  300. Actor keach who played the fictional detective mike hammer
  301. Ludwig ___ swedish composer who won the 2019 oscar for best original score for the film black panther
  302. The glass castle actress ___ larson
  303. Alternate solution when the first one fails: 2 wds.
  304. Digit with no value on its own
  305. American composer who won the 2017 oscar for best original score for the film la la land: 2 wds.
  306. Stopwatch used in races
  307. Military alliance between 29 countries: abbr.
  308. According to me: abbr.
  309. Dies ___ (latin poem)
  310. ___ desplat french composer who won the 2018 oscar for best original score for the film the shape of water
  311. Grand in scale like some movies
  312. Elected ruling authority of the land for short
  313. Portray a role in a play
  314. Jog or sprint
  315. Born as (word after a woman's married name)
  316. Rick ___ morty
  317. Famous spanish island
  318. What starts with january and ends with december
  319. ___ is in charge here?
  320. Museum installation
  321. Chinese chairman zedong
  322. Rich and famous personality from the entertainment industry for short
  323. Suffix with show to mean the entertainment industry
  324. Tennis court bifurcator
  325. 2018 american biographical crime drama film starring john travolta
  326. Coating over iron after a long time
  327. Copacabana city ___ de janeiro
  328. ___ in the bud (cut out at the outset)
  329. Wooden frame on which a painting canvas would rest
  330. Aesop's fable the ___ and the grasshopper
  331. Will smith starrer biographical sports drama film about a legendary boxer
  332. Tastes so good! expression
  333. Me myself & irene actor carrey
  334. Universal code requesting for immediate help
  335. Cover something with cloth or other such material
  336. Three times twenty?
  337. Co-star in 30d ___ zellweger
  338. From a bygone ___ (distant past)
  339. Adam and eve's paradise
  340. Blood ___ (color)
  341. Yellow explosive: abbr.
  342. Wind up radio inventor
  343. Solid blow
  344. Plainly evident
  345. Stitching
  346. Fast flowing waters
  347. I said something stupid!
  348. Manufacturer’s identity
  349. Wiped with iodine maybe
  350. Cross frontiers aggressively
  351. One fourth of gallon
  352. Largeness mass
  353. Produce (rhymes with dawn)
  354. ____ off to you! (kudos)
  355. A trailer may precede it before it hits the theatres
  356. 2003 madonna album; _ life
  357. Garden structure for scented climbing roses, clematis etc
  358. A ruminant mammal of central african forests
  359. _ gay, the first plane to drop an atomic bomb
  360. Is it possible to get over there by the gorge?
  361. 2011 historical drama movie about roman britain based on a 1954 rosemary sutcliff novel
  362. Criminal not in the house?
  363. Soundly rooted in cane
  364. The german revolutionary - or any revolutionary
  365. Ancient region on the adriatic sea that includes parts of present-day montenegro, albania and croatia
  366. Mr stallone's nickname
  367. Blissful course regularly taken by one female in charge
  368. They have a reputation for sizing up judge in recordings
  369. Travelling by boat, suddenly starts suffering
  370. Loud line - that's outspoken
  371. Very good local claret?
  372. Afrikaans for 'night monkey' - a bushbaby in south africa
  373. Katniss partner nyt
  374. Venerable detergent
  375. Personne qui subit la haine
  376. Renvider e
  377. Renvider 7 lettres
  378. Tissu conjonctif blanchatre elastique resistant et parfaitement lisse
  379. Canadian flag emblem
  380. Dde's opponent
  381. Inventor of wind up radio
  382. Tote bag part
  383. Corntucky fried chicken mascot?
  384. Emails asking you to wire money usually
  385. Its first syllable aptly sounds like pay
  386. Quarter of dodeca-
  387. Tofu protein
  388. Pooh's rhyming pal
  389. Stat. determined by weight and height
  390. Frozen ii princess
  391. Celebrate a corn harvest?
  392. Toy company with a bugatti chiron set
  393. Broody subculture
  394. Sorting system at a corn farm?
  395. Literary corn growers?
  396. Sicko mode genre
  397. Scream to make new cult aware
  398. New supply concerning children
  399. Edgar allan —, us short-story writer who died in 1849
  400. Athenian sculptor who directed the construction of the parthenon and the carving of the elgin marbles
  401. 2006 tony award best musical winner based on the story of frankie valli and the four seasons
  402. Sees lye in a recurring pattern
  403. Spanish formula one world champion 2005 and 2006
  404. Alternatives to h.s. diplomas
  405. Surgical removal procedure
  406. What might raise the roof?
  407. Reeling in a net is instinctive
  408. Come down in a way
  409. Line never said by 58-across
  410. Please hold the line
  411. Excerpt
  412. Subjects of expertise
  413. Lay an egg say
  414. Targets on chest day
  415. Line never said by 83-across
  416. Official language of a u.s. territory
  417. Secretion from impure animal
  418. Diminutive for theresa
  419. Will who played grandpa walton on the waltons
  420. Film villain who never said 23-across with the
  421. Some purchasers of expensive gowns
  422. Manhattans ___ stadium
  423. Counterpart of pitch
  424. Boastful, like plautus's miles
  425. Take no notice of slap in the face
  426. Commander who never said 36-across
  427. The first recorded one was noted by the greek scientist hipparchus in 134 b.c.
  428. 2014 hit film featuring oprah winfrey
  429. Announcement from a band
  430. Word before check or drop
  431. Overnighter
  432. Meat for the amateur radio enthusiast
  433. Tv detective who never said 121-across
  434. Exercise done while sitting
  435. Wax holders
  436. What a plus sign may indicate
  437. Belief of benjamin franklin
  438. Short, enjoyable trips
  439. May ordeal for some h.s. students
  440. Pop singer jason
  441. Line never said by 99-across
  442. Thoroughly enjoyed something
  443. Obstinate responses
  444. Oh lordy!
  445. Corporations and partnerships e.g.
  446. Moving too quickly to be seen clearly
  447. Half of an old crime duo
  448. Drinks in moderation
  449. Difficult kind of push-up
  450. German artist dix
  451. ___ love (cole porter song)
  452. Least productive
  453. British noble who never said 44-down
  454. Anastasias love in disneys anastasia
  455. Irritably answers
  456. Purchase for a lorry
  457. Impatient dismissals
  458. Line never said by 17-down
  459. Common landscaping tree with acorns
  460. Puts the kibosh on something
  461. Sport making its olympic debut in tokyo in 2020
  462. Number of spanish kings named carlos
  463. Small boat maybe
  464. Note meaning to be heard
  465. Home to the eads bridge over the mississippi: abbr.
  466. Rubin ___ (classic illusion)
  467. ___ graham oprahs longtime beau
  468. Former penn state football coach
  469. Go green say
  470. Hilarious joke in slang
  471. Cyrano de bergeracs love
  472. How paint is usually sold
  473. Performers in old-fashioned dumb shows
  474. Comp ___ (coll. major)
  475. Resort amenity
  476. Dq blizzard flavor
  477. Bridal gown decoration
  478. First one cast usually
  479. Speaks in a boring way
  480. It happens without warning
  481. Buzzard's snack perhaps
  482. Avoid as a puddle
  483. Truck propeller
  484. __ bridge which connects buffalo ny to fort erie ontario
  485. Carnival destination
  486. Tarzan critter
  487. 1998 film, starring michael keaton and kelly preston
  488. Reason for an ankle monitor
  489. Phishing target
  490. Exam given intradermally for short
  491. Salt on the seine
  492. 90-across garb
  493. Hollywood tease
  494. Keyboard centerpiece and a phonetic hint to six long puzzle answers
  495. Loose pants-wise
  496. Shapely school subj.?
  497. Milk sources nowadays
  498. Quotable star wars character
  499. North woods law critter
  500. Head of the party?
  501. Short bylaw?
  502. Wheel coup
  503. It's more than right
  504. Western skyline sight
  505. Skilled speaker
  506. Craft beer letters
  507. Nightly news segment
  508. I love __: irving berlin song with the line so you can keep your fiddle and your bow
  509. Fringe benefit for some reps
  510. Korean exports
  511. Products of 66-down
  512. Magical mary
  513. Garden of eating?
  514. Member of the first super bowl-winning team
  515. Boat for couples
  516. Identity theft target briefly
  517. Little created by e.b. white
  518. With 112-down classic faulkner story
  519. Examine in detail
  520. Preppy trio?
  521. Arrived on wheels
  522. Childcare aide
  523. Russian workers' cooperative
  524. Opening bout for short
  525. Word for us
  526. Swedish wheels
  527. Sneak off and hide
  528. Item on the best man's checklist
  529. Actress/activist married to ossie davis
  530. Waterside sights
  531. Curses! cousin
  532. Bring to the majors in baseball
  533. Presidential name in three centuries
  534. Wearable ads maybe
  535. Kid-lit maniac
  536. Cambridge university society which has produced many great comedians
  537. Hay ride seat
  538. Two-band radio type
  539. Indonesian surfing destination
  540. Major cable company
  541. Kept in a wine cellar
  542. Bionic humans
  543. Spiritual glow
  544. Jane who married mr. rochester
  545. Whack as a fly
  546. Bar you don't want to hit
  547. Carve into a tree trunk say
  548. Just by description
  549. Often-striped candy
  550. South sudan river
  551. 12 at times
  552. Turn! turn! turn! folk singer
  553. Triggered a radar gun
  554. British sports car
  555. Knight neighbor
  556. One may be clip-on
  557. Turn one hand into two in blackjack
  558. Mu alpha ___ (math honor society)
  559. Really sink in?
  560. That ___ then this is now
  561. Healthy milk choice
  562. Applied a rasp to
  563. Chunk light fish
  564. Coat room receipt
  565. Body part that has an iris and a pupil
  566. It might start a guy walks into a bar
  567. Sex pistols rocker ___ vicious
  568. What a w on a scorecard means
  569. A dozen minus a pair
  570. Pull an upset on say
  571. Like mixed nuts often
  572. Pacific tuber
  573. Wayne’s world costar carvey
  574. Bread for a hamburger
  575. Actor who reprises his role as cyclops in dark phoenix: 2 wds.
  576. Former us president who died last november
  577. Cookie that introduced a game of thrones-themed variety in 2019
  578. Beverage that might be a stout a porter or a pilsner
  579. One seeking pay dirt
  580. Caesarean rebuke word
  581. Accepts as a credit card
  582. Many english degs.
  583. Wake-up call of sorts
  584. Actor who reprises his role as beast in dark phoenix: 2 wds.
  585. 50 ___ to leave your lover (paul simon song)
  586. Stand by while someone else lifts weights
  587. The a in ipa at a bar
  588. Run in neutral
  589. Busted militarily
  590. Hydrochloric and sulfuric are two types of it
  591. Ice queen who makes an appearance in ralph breaks the internet
  592. Actor who reprises his role as professor x in dark phoenix: 2 wds.
  593. It's done to jigs and reels
  594. Nobelist marie or pierre
  595. Windows taskbar item
  596. Sculptured trunk
  597. Linzer ___
  598. Raised platform for a speaker
  599. Small floor covering in a bathroom
  600. Lodgings that might be far from an interstate
  601. Give ___ shot!: 2 wds.
  602. 29-down units
  603. Day-by-day accounts
  604. Mr. peanut's eyewear
  605. Ipanema's city briefly
  606. Doll word
  607. ___ in the morning (former radio program)
  608. Place with cardio and weight equipment
  609. Agreement from a sailor
  610. Like just-applied nail polish
  611. Chafing ___ (food warmer)
  612. Word after murphy's or lemon
  613. City southeast of tel aviv