1. #1 toto song that mentions the serengeti
  2. Whittling, for one
  3. Wavy patterns in some op art
  4. Cool one's feet at streamside, say
  5. Attempted coup participants
  6. Many an 18th-century painter
  7. Form close ties (with)
  8. "let's have at it!"
  9. Palm fruit … or what the creator of this puzzle's theme apparently is?
  10. Bellows of "the agency"
  11. Environmentally concerned
  12. Catching a glimpse of
  13. Source of an organic fiber
  14. When rome wasn't built?
  15. Film lover's tv option
  16. Pay, as a bill
  17. It may be fried or puffed
  18. Piece of rebar, essentially
  19. Suppress, in a way
  20. Part of naacp: abbr.
  21. Stretches on a couch?
  22. Some can be used forever–but only once
  23. Overblown critique
  24. Elaborate entryways
  25. Physician wearing a pink ribbon, perhaps
  26. Like potato chips, often
  27. How to receive a freebie, perhaps
  28. In the previously mentioned work, briefly
  29. Initialism for tom brady, according to most
  30. 2000s toon heroine __ possible
  31. Finger lakes locale: abbr.
  32. It might help you catch some rays
  33. Cost informally
  34. Italian vandals?
  35. Met as a challenge
  36. Younger sister of olga and masha
  37. Made the scene
  38. Quite smooth
  39. Pie fight among pastry chefs?
  40. Ta-ta from a texter
  41. Like fairways
  42. Colleague of sonia and stephen
  43. Tailor out the door?
  44. Great buy on some facial hair?
  45. Sandwich choice in a colombian city?
  46. Doorman's protector
  47. Queen victoria's favorite prime minister
  48. Lines at the movie
  49. Lacking skill in
  50. Spot to get clean
  51. Semper fortis org.
  52. Little boy e.g.
  53. Gangster's heat
  54. Brian of roxy music
  55. Wolf's territory?
  56. Classic skyscraper figure
  57. Patsy's plaint
  58. Cross seen in hieroglyphics
  59. Noah of er
  60. Included in an email chain
  61. Is wild about
  62. It's about 130 miles north-northwest of anchorage
  63. Enter via osmosis
  64. Go after a fly
  65. Future field
  66. Words with huff hurry or heartbeat
  67. Summer hours in chi.
  68. Accessory worn diagonally
  69. West coast sch. with an annual jazzreggae festival
  70. Instrument heard at a baseball game
  71. Actress ___ nicole black
  72. Berry from a brazilian palm tree
  73. Place worth visiting
  74. Word after coffee or fondue
  75. Podcast beginnings
  76. Podcast personality
  77. ___ west theatre (organization whose productions combine asl and spoken english)
  78. Greet someone with a gesture
  79. Liberty automaker
  80. Animal hidden in banana peel
  81. Word before sandwich or penguin
  82. Bassist's big moment
  83. Speak sharply to
  84. Stout or pale ale e.g.
  85. Figure made in the snow
  86. Putting on a friendly act
  87. Name on thesauruses
  88. Largest island in french polynesia
  89. Symbol in a text to a loved one
  90. Big cat that roars
  91. Gallon e.g.
  92. Eldest golden girl
  93. Beginning from
  94. Give funding to
  95. ___ pie (cornmeal-based casserole)
  96. Accessories for wizards and fairies
  97. The little mermaid protagonist
  98. Payment app
  99. Animal hidden in overhead (though it can't fly)
  100. Like the mariana trench
  101. Outcome of a successful interview perhaps
  102. Assassin in old japan
  103. Make as in math
  104. Kamala harriss college sorority for short
  105. N b a star curry
  106. Cure and care e g
  107. Bird on the south carolina state quarter
  108. Winter sundays
  109. Class ring
  110. Perfectly as in cooking
  111. Start of some sequel titles
  112. Territory expanding move
  113. Do a parents bedtime activity
  114. William henry harrisons cause of death after just 31 days in office
  115. Staples center team on scoreboards
  116. Enrique nieto 2012 18 mexican president
  117. Treatment option offering communal support
  118. Hatcher who told seinfeld and by the way theyre real … and theyre spectacular
  119. Hit 1991 film starring bill murray and richard dreyfuss
  120. Sup dude
  121. Something held for a stretch
  122. Opposite of svelte
  123. Performer with a single fan
  124. Eh give or take
  125. Put into a ponytail e g
  126. Impossible foods products
  127. Actress niecy on the hollywood walk of fame
  128. Harold manhattan project scientist
  129. U s open tennis champion of 2018 and 2020
  130. Quick swim in freezing cold water
  131. The worlds wealthiest family
  132. Red side for short
  133. Sports org for the colorado eagles and texas stars
  134. Sheets often come in it
  135. Last bunch to board typically
  136. Newly single and ready to mingle
  137. Precursor to a big flop
  138. Meme animals
  139. Like a bad signal
  140. What happens when two people miss each other a lot
  141. Part of many a gas station
  142. Más
  143. Superpower of cyclops in the x men films
  144. Be above pettiness
  145. It is impossible to love and to be francis bacon
  146. Second word of a game name that rhymes with the first
  147. Feature of the new york review of books
  148. Break some ground
  149. Duke #1 hit for stevie wonder
  150. The masters or the u s open in golf
  151. Gossipy person from the yiddish
  152. Prayer before eating
  153. Part of an elephant that can weigh up to 100 pounds
  154. One for whom a play is work
  155. P e class