1. Wide awake for each score will knock you out
  2. "date night" actor carell
  3. Sweet centre in the middle (4'1,3)
  4. Half a wet-weather pair
  5. Extremely muscular slang nyt
  6. Wide-screen technique introduced in the '50s
  7. ______ , quebec municipality
  8. Butcher's item
  9. "it" author
  10. Eden evacuee
  11. April 18, 1775 rider
  12. Attached ___ (legalese phrase)
  13. 2001 hurricane and ontario town
  14. Choice of a political party
  15. Boffo show sign
  16. ''. . . or __!'' (ultimatum ender)
  17. Trombone piece
  18. New york city with a name from antiquity
  19. Uncertain response
  20. Range sizes
  21. Pieces on a board
  22. Placement determiner
  23. Muhammad ali strategy
  24. Football tactic involving a tee
  25. Many a song at a dance club
  26. Skating champ lipinski
  27. Cover for centre of a car's wheel
  28. Bird's digs
  29. Sends back mirrors
  30. Sign a contract, perhaps
  31. Move closer to firm with me
  32. Sportscast's second showing
  33. Small african antelope — sprig per kiln (anag)
  34. Passed the time unwisely, as a youth perhaps
  35. Temporary release catches skinhead in herb garden
  36. Woo like cyrano
  37. Musical speeds or rhythms
  38. One who's not on the honor roll
  39. Resident band embracing artist gets to use sidewalk
  40. Part of a chair, perhaps
  41. Happy accepting permit in scotland
  42. Groom's wear
  43. Heard damn function produced strange sort of person
  44. Boxing or soccer manoeuvre
  45. Substitute performer
  46. Cold mass permanently covering the polar regions or mountain peaks
  47. Romantic interludes
  48. Hardware store perhaps sells cheap airline tickets
  49. Divine companion upset coddled creature
  50. A feeling of regard or fondness
  51. "clueless" star silverstone"clueless" star silverstone
  52. To cover mysterious ditch around castle is gardener¿s delight
  53. Uncontested, like some hockey goals
  54. That's not to say it's foolish
  55. Cry of pain stifled by eccentric dramatist
  56. Wild and free in the capital
  57. Resin in varnish
  58. Strong spate
  59. Wood-carver's tool
  60. Utterly miserable
  61. Get emotional support from
  62. With 40 and 41 across, does overly creative accounting
  63. Something that makes stops on the ocean?
  64. '70s sitcom family name
  65. Fido's greetings
  66. Important bee
  67. Certain billiards scratch, to a brit
  68. Get rid of, electronically
  69. Had a fine meal
  70. Stress, as a key point
  71. Heat again, as water
  72. Composer strauss
  73. Where billy budd went in 'billy budd'
  74. Grammy winner ronstadt
  75. Primer sentence
  76. Jack russell or wirehair
  77. Withdrawal device, briefly
  78. Carpenter's boring tool
  79. "city the sea-o"
  80. Like some refrigerators and freezers
  81. Like certain odds, paradoxically
  82. Ski lift component
  83. Like many eighth graders
  84. They have no height requirement
  85. Make up name to give to germany for parasite
  86. Some dress in it for halloween
  87. Blank countenance when not wishing to give anything away
  88. Fliers and swimmers like rakes
  89. Voted off, on a bygone tv talent show
  90. Veteran worn out by clock
  91. Regulated ali era on the radio
  92. Cargo planes forget about military ones
  93. Casual, physically fit, trains here
  94. Sausage flavoured with garlic
  95. Red political faction, briefly
  96. Like flights round ireland to no-frills destinations?
  97. Flower — pale yellow
  98. First-time fliers slept fitfully in shorts, i gathered
  99. In cuba a servant nearly sent back starchy food
  100. Candy bar choice
  101. Nissan hybrid
  102. Trick-or-treaters' costume items
  103. Odd chap turning up at officer's fling
  104. Convertible fitness area, casually
  105. Thin, as a fracture
  106. Connect with father coming back to find josephine in
  107. Stretch limos for 20 event?
  108. Bowling center rental
  109. Fish liquid burst at the printers
  110. Wear the trousers to avoid shocks
  111. Thrush from seoul, strangely
  112. Tiny prams missing from repayments
  113. Eg tom cruise's no use performing with a large female
  114. Georgia o'keeffe painting comparison
  115. The latest possible time is 11am
  116. Coach of golf to quit working online
  117. Star who fancied helen to bag oscar left?
  118. Visit a boxing gym to see star
  119. Temples with up-curved roofs
  120. Film about a dog on the court
  121. Keenan's actor father
  122. Coming to an end in vandalised dingy
  123. Yosemite's second-highest peak
  124. Triumph duly blessed by a rabbi?
  125. Feel badly?
  126. Popular pie nut
  127. Nancy's comic strip friend
  128. One might be signaled by a raised hand
  129. Villain's chuckle
  130. How 'the lady' of a chris de burgh single dresses
  131. Spanish territory in the sahara
  132. Express checkout units
  133. Lindsay of terrible life choices
  134. Mythological fire-breather
  135. Rings, bracelets etc
  136. Southwest party snacks
  137. Illinois senator who became president
  138. Stacks the deck
  139. Letters before a handle
  140. Champs-__: paris boulevard
  141. Name in kitchen foil
  142. Bassoon part in two pieces
  143. 'from my cold, dead hands!' sloganeer
  144. Peter ___, general manager of the met
  145. College women's grp
  146. Lack of knowledge leads to snub over broken tin
  147. Ice zooms during this geological period
  148. … old entertainment in pub? it sounds extremely fine
  149. Capri or man, perhaps?
  150. There's one at the beginning of each of this puzzle's four theme entries
  151. Hog parlors
  152. Often-injured joint
  153. The rh in 'rh factor'
  154. Like taking wings off
  155. Word with "snail" or "chain"
  156. On the surface it's never engineered around spain
  157. Emulated a tourist
  158. Russian cake
  159. Process start
  160. Looks like a racket on foot for those travelling to arctic
  161. Like growly stomachs
  162. Organic compound with a double-bonded oxygen
  163. Do overhaul assembly
  164. Producing a definite result
  165. Cricketer goes on a head from derby
  166. Make every effort to get horse in chaotic result
  167. For a laugh augustus gets mouldy
  168. Christian dropping right in it? what a plonker!
  169. Toothpaste flavouring
  170. Princess known as the defender of the elijans
  171. Access aid
  172. Relating to a building
  173. Extending
  174. Crummy tool keeps fouling up at first
  175. Gyroscope part
  176. Mixologist's supplies
  177. Building in the branches
  178. Tongue depressor sound
  179. Tributary of the high rhine
  180. Birds very cold at the poles
  181. Boat with less ballast?
  182. Venue for drunken singing
  183. It's between kue and ess
  184. Paper moon oscar winner nyt
  185. Visual aid in test centre's fixed after expression of regret
  186. ___ anchor (stay put, nautically)
  187. Public relations on foreign article is cut
  188. Record company charges umm al-quwain 17 with 27
  189. Pop-up blockers block them
  190. Worn advertising
  191. Washington's portraitist
  192. Get an inside shot?
  193. Drawer at a doctor's office?
  194. Some responders to 35 across
  195. Notable feature of each 1-across
  196. Country time suffix
  197. Giant slain by odin, thus creating the earth
  198. Money from ticket sales
  199. Digressing
  200. Roadie load
  201. Smart social set
  202. __ & bacon: textbook publisher
  203. Went into partnership
  204. Life is full of them
  205. Money or gifts given generously
  206. Most restricted
  207. Deadly italian knife
  208. As another option
  209. That-funny link
  210. Seaside resort in rhodes
  211. Getting gray
  212. Beauti-cian lauder
  213. On a steamer, say
  214. Player suspended in 2003 for using a corked bat
  215. Smoked seafood
  216. Fairlady automaker
  217. Omani or saudi, e.g
  218. Rip stamen off plant
  219. Drama about a rope
  220. Calm seen off with hesitation
  221. Installation of television at university
  222. Doctor gets sum wrong for bongos say
  223. Like 'wedding crashers' or 'bridesmaids'
  224. Hydro-carbon suffix
  225. With 74- & 75-across, 'invisible' part of a distribution list ... or a hint to this puzzle's theme
  226. Drink once pitched by yogi berra
  227. Strove for first
  228. Reaches, as a high point
  229. Padding from dr. scholl's
  230. In vogue for duplicate letters to include greeting
  231. How much sautéing is done
  232. 1990s girl group member with a tongue piercing
  233. O.j. and others
  234. Film director dropped in upright character
  235. Pony express riders in winter?
  236. Out of the mill, perhaps
  237. At the end of the week, vessel is carrying male with old form of lead poisoning
  238. Incentive (but not the stick)
  239. Major epidemiological subject
  240. 9,8,7,6,5 is all in a day¿s work
  241. A snack attack, you might say?
  242. Stallone's garden supply?
  243. One competes in sports
  244. Hydrogen bomb physicist edward
  245. Church hides old testament priest with historical object
  246. Language of the words dropped from 1-, 19-, 36-, and 56-across
  247. Nelson muntz catchphrase
  248. Creature that stabs frodo
  249. They look for a match for better reading over reshuffled cards
  250. In the end, duck replaces egghead on german river found in zoo
  251. Missile guidance aid
  252. Didn't need to guess
  253. Divisions of the tanzanian shilling
  254. Musical inadequacy
  255. Topic de freud
  256. 'i'm not going to dignify that ...'
  257. Dumpster location
  258. Cat proficient at catching small rodents
  259. Crude form of material is waterproof
  260. So sweet for charlie to make sense of tuesday
  261. (of tones) sweet
  262. More respectable
  263. Person following the coffin
  264. Misshapen genitals, funny things?
  265. Gm labor group
  266. Longtime klugman co-star
  267. Refine recipe for spike
  268. Sounds like wife is a revolutionary with browsing animal native to ireland
  269. Invention of a word
  270. Part of a manual for an old watch?
  271. Search picture for killer with gun in the distance
  272. Modern word of salute
  273. The quality of having no practical function
  274. Santa's risky undertaking?
  275. U.s.-oz journeyers?
  276. Eraser head?
  277. Eel sat up on the plant
  278. Bare minimum for the french to break up saturday
  279. Play down i am in ireland behind the car
  280. "the island ___ moreau"
  281. Stand on your head in a state of confusion
  282. News source since dec. 1881
  283. Tony-winning role for angela lansbury
  284. Concerned with corrections
  285. Movie about artificially grown bacteria?
  286. 1962 film starring elvis presley as a boxer
  287. Problemless quality
  288. Caesar's stars
  289. Salon product brand
  290. Those with expertise
  291. Rat artist's dropped as held in trap
  292. Add some meat to
  293. Wine flavoring
  294. Item of furniture's pedal wrapped in wire
  295. Baldwin on 'knots landing'
  296. Played a military flute
  297. Foreign harbors, e.g
  298. Charlotte pro
  299. Casually mention, with "to"
  300. Whale's ear boxed by princess, briefly
  301. Dominate in competition
  302. Reality show about vast waiting areas full of sick people?
  303. The 'you' in the lyric 'i'll see you in my dreams'
  304. Imperative in a carol title
  305. Certain chinese philosophy
  306. Brand with a 2012 centennial
  307. 2020 ncaa fbs champs
  308. Buyer's aid
  309. Three hes
  310. Source of hits for bob marley?
  311. Fuzzy film coward
  312. Juice supplier?
  313. Hair straightener of yore
  314. Bad-humored
  315. Does some fencing, maybe
  316. Wisconsin favorite in a bun
  317. That interests me some
  318. How china is sold
  319. It's always increasing
  320. Water power, familiarly
  321. Three shes
  322. Red giant with an abundance of carbon
  323. Touch-screen touch
  324. Emts expectation
  325. Beachfront condo asset
  326. Profit center for pizzerias
  327. Frost-resistant flower
  328. Music with movements
  329. Lead, say
  330. Epa scientist
  331. Hostile group
  332. 256-episode sitcom surgeon
  333. Recall-issuing org
  334. Veep candidate 99+ years ago
  335. Maps in maps
  336. Virtual people in video games
  337. Musical star merman
  338. Highest atomic number gas
  339. Side-dish brand name ender
  340. Grammy winner crow
  341. Rocket propellant, for short
  342. Dairy queens __ blizzard cake
  343. Owns part of
  344. Black-backed predator
  345. Web pioneer
  346. Travel website button
  347. Gets plastered
  348. Vets verb
  349. Some allergy symptoms
  350. Garden party crashers
  351. South fl hub
  352. Novosibirsk negatives
  353. Rtes often numbered
  354. Classified item
  355. Share the billing
  356. Document settings
  357. Place for staging
  358. Return to mayberry grown-up
  359. Three hes or shes
  360. Far from spherical
  361. Partnership initiators
  362. Spotify milestone of 2018
  363. Holy disk
  364. Texters yahoo!
  365. Head scarf of spain
  366. Retail website button
  367. Domestic boarding spot?
  368. Common toolbar selection
  369. Whats under a beret
  370. Fix, as a fresco
  371. Oxford tightener
  372. If that could only be
  373. Born on some newsprint pages?
  374. 'written in the stars' musical
  375. Colorful aquarium fillers
  376. 'much obliged, kazuhiro!'
  377. Genuine versions of a lively swing dance?
  378. Grp. organizing booster shots
  379. Sushi restaurant freebie
  380. Allied leader
  381. Household current
  382. Talk to the trees?
  383. Woods wearing women's clothes?
  384. Laconian letter
  385. Fly-by-night option
  386. Top-10 us surname
  387. Solo delivery
  388. Solution for repairing snagged nylons
  389. Wine cask delivered to new york for big fish
  390. Do an impression of it between what i am going to eat anyway
  391. German rock star provides old stories brought home from hawaii
  392. 13th-century empire founder
  393. Ecstatic hymn
  394. Shutterbug's equipment, briefly
  395. Multi-legged crawler
  396. Sarong knotted from heart and stomach
  397. Green build in a class of its own
  398. Shapeless cell
  399. Blowout substitute?
  400. So long returning at first and at last
  401. Politico michael and others
  402. Be a scrooge
  403. Albert payson terhune book
  404. Offshore rock
  405. Apollo returns with beast
  406. American provides fourth of july article on lough in rocommon
  407. Young hunk, say
  408. Number before a slash, maybe
  409. Minor pair
  410. Microphone picks up writer with doctor
  411. Prefer, lean towards
  412. Four-time primetime emmy role, 1994-1999
  413. Direction to the driver
  414. Andrew for scotland, for example
  415. Fitness-focused parent's purchase
  416. Long-term fixed interest security
  417. Glaring quality
  418. Let go back over row for building walls
  419. Word from the latin for ''holy''
  420. Antagonistic org. in 'the simpsons movie'
  421. What a monkey may see or hear
  422. Make up for hospital ward flipping with seizure of power
  423. Knighted — nicknamed
  424. Not reduced or enlarged
  425. Lacrosse complement
  426. Modify an order?
  427. Ran back at any rate to tell a story
  428. It can have a tail but never legs
  429. Jennifer of the bbc production 'pride and prejudice'
  430. Unhelpful noughts-and-crosses line
  431. Caribou country
  432. Season finale?
  433. Accountant returns for money in manners of speaking
  434. Open and shut position for concierge
  435. River through richmond
  436. What autumn brings
  437. Reduce, as taxes
  438. Old french in the way not strict
  439. Capital near the caspian (var.)
  440. Far beyond busy
  441. Cyrillic letter between kha and che
  442. Roman senate building
  443. Brandy or whiskey
  444. Japanese surname addition
  445. What may follow 'no'
  446. Remove element #82 from
  447. Impromp-tu
  448. Like some old gaming consoles
  449. Original co-owner of disneyland
  450. Decorated pilot
  451. Subject of a 1989 bicentennial stamp
  452. Overemphasize
  453. Simple suffix
  454. Prefix with babble
  455. Mono improvement
  456. Subdivision at the mannequin factory?
  457. Country whose name means 'he that strives with god'
  458. Cause of a rowdy scene
  459. Divorcee's lament (part 2)
  460. French dugout
  461. 58-down 29-across
  462. Prefix that negates
  463. Overwhelming wins
  464. Chowder tidbit
  465. Ski resort vehicles
  466. 32-down datum
  467. Oak trunk
  468. Detrained, say
  469. African opec member
  470. Lawn uglifier
  471. Wallet item
  472. Acceptable currency 5 and 6 letters
  473. Harper lee's first name
  474. Detrain dan word
  475. Abc or bet, e.g
  476. Danny film score composer
  477. The masseter is an example of one
  478. Register of laws
  479. Scottish island craig
  480. One keenly interested in gilbert and sullivan operettas
  481. St custards fictional schoolboy
  482. Rawls or gehrig
  483. Brown and long grain
  484. King, in arles
  485. Condescending expert
  486. Word with "blocker" or "testing"
  487. Noted verdi aria
  488. Certain wall st. trader
  489. Divorcee's lament (part 1)
  490. Ouzo flavorings
  491. Seaworld barker
  492. Artery openers
  493. Certain work of subway art
  494. Volkswagen convertible
  495. Currently unavailable
  496. 1990 wimbledon winner
  497. Sty animal
  498. Maple and pine
  499. Prizefighter in a parisian novel?
  500. La jolla winter hrs
  501. "the luncheon on the grass" and "olympia," e.g
  502. Long-running cartoon network series
  503. Healy who created the three stooges
  504. To know, to marceau
  505. Paris was too much for him
  506. Antidrug commercials, e.g., briefly
  507. Bondi beach city
  508. It may contain traces of lead
  509. Basketball two-handers
  510. John maynard keynes's alma mater
  511. Certain cabochon-cut gem
  512. Kitchen flooring, perhaps
  513. Union elections agcy
  514. Compact car of the 2000s
  515. Start of an objection
  516. Pc bailout button
  517. Quality that produces taste
  518. Pentagon military group
  519. First college frat to charter a chapter in all 50 states
  520. Operating system between puma and panther
  521. Net guard
  522. Wagering parlor, briefly
  523. First capital of alaska
  524. Knelled
  525. Who said 'i owe the public nothing'
  526. Auto racer's pull-over
  527. With 114-down, not-yet-fulfilled necessities
  528. Wave receiver
  529. Nine to five, generally, in grenoble?
  530. Interview seg
  531. Mysterious scottish figure, informally
  532. Points where lines meet
  533. Arab- -- war
  534. People available for a game
  535. Medical school graduate
  536. Full-bodied drink
  537. Approximate price semi may make
  538. Bacterium found in the gut
  539. Luxury boat
  540. Aries or scorpio, e.g
  541. Alexander ______ , nova scotia brewer since 1829
  542. Chosen as if by divine intervention
  543. Gold in finals round? quite the opposite, resulting in a serious complaint
  544. Targets for tiger woods
  545. A father to fighting man finds love for slow movement
  546. Book size of 6 x 9 in
  547. Snap's cereal mates
  548. Sweet sort of lady giving children guidance
  549. Huey's fellow nephews
  550. Hitchcock thriller set in california
  551. John _____ , montreal brewer since 1786
  552. Lose copyright for art on rubber boat
  553. Do they keep to the beaten track?
  554. John _______ , canadian brewer since 1847
  555. Conferred holy orders on
  556. ___ runnings (movie about a jamaican bobsled team)
  557. Film studio whose logo features a torch-carrying woman
  558. Heated quarrels
  559. 2019 film featuring margot robbie as a tv network 32-across
  560. Where a movie is filmed
  561. Snake that was a symbol of royalty in ancient egypt
  562. Prada imitation, perhaps
  563. Diacritical mark above a vowel in some languages
  564. Stovetop setting for simmering
  565. Scandal-exposing figure portrayed in 17-across and 45-across (hyph.)
  566. Dr. pimple popper cable network
  567. Online marketplace for graphic designers
  568. The world's largest movie theater chain (abbr.)
  569. Participated on karaoke night
  570. Monarch's title in kuwait
  571. 2019 film featuring adam driver as a senate 32-across (2 wds.)
  572. Self-centered one's problem
  573. Beyoncé album and film of 2016
  574. Did nothing (2 wds.)
  575. Beef dish often served with horseradish sauce (2 wds.)
  576. Pump clog or mule
  577. Lottery tickets that are torn open (hyph.)
  578. Award for some stage performers
  579. Would-be attorney's exam (abbr.)
  580. Title pair in an oscar-winning sophia loren film (2 wds.)
  581. Greek letter that resembles a p
  582. Lsu site
  583. Miserable about an unrequited relationship
  584. Brings in, as money
  585. Supersized prefix
  586. Beer category that includes porters and stouts
  587. Highest possible rating on imdb
  588. ___ latte (dairy-free coffee order)
  589. Enjoy a comic book
  590. Health insurance up-front fee
  591. Universal greeting
  592. Twitter shorthand for amazing!
  593. Outer covering on some cheese wheels
  594. Three-pointer in basketball lingo
  595. Tam o' shanter, for one
  596. Promises of party in show ring
  597. Pick hat up and finally leave
  598. Aide-m¿moire
  599. Big drinks bring people to court
  600. "dressed to kill" star michael
  601. Irish beach poem for passover
  602. Times to send in the troops
  603. They may be fine or performing
  604. M. stewart, say
  605. Italian fast food
  606. Eat noisily, as soup
  607. Regal wands
  608. In latin 'i' is used by many showing vanity
  609. Cow swallows both ends of raggedy antelope
  610. Handle hassles
  611. Promise to leave imperfections to spread disease
  612. Magazine with a stylewatch spinoff
  613. Hair salon gadget
  614. "in the morning" radio host
  615. Tool with a rotating handle
  616. "fetch my smelling salts!"
  617. My tailor somehow distinguishes right from wrong
  618. Exaggerate gin cocktail in window by bigger picture
  619. Legal document stating the facts of case
  620. Smudge, in a way
  621. Reach out for our protection
  622. Rachmaninov or prokofiev
  623. It was formerly christiania
  624. He comes a-courtin'
  625. Moe's slapstick pals
  626. Just behind the runner-up
  627. Sister goes to channel islands with ring for ambassador
  628. Drug with an opium base
  629. Boyfriend covered old city for department
  630. Lobster-poacher's take?
  631. Purse made former companion turn queer
  632. Sounds like instruction to thief in vegetable shop to find a home
  633. Song sung by a patriotic politician
  634. Is clout appropriate for treating the 2?
  635. Hook loses head with anger
  636. Not a rep
  637. Rider rejected transvestite garments from old witch
  638. Ointment for a frenchman round the bend?
  639. Buffalo player
  640. One of them can go to the hole in the wall for part of 17 across
  641. Farm butters
  642. Tempted argued into
  643. Hammer cudgel
  644. Infective micro-organism
  645. Without energy or will
  646. Popular flowering shrub
  647. Run out expire
  648. Prevents dissuades
  649. Can be worked out
  650. All of them individually
  651. Place of natural beauty
  652. Very low-pitched musical instrument
  653. One who asks too many questions
  654. Piece of metal plate or cup elsewhere
  655. To a degree, gone off vermin
  656. Alter altar plans, maybe
  657. Inactivity sluggishness
  658. Revolutionary bears a weapon
  659. Needing more time on the vine
  660. Cat like pope?
  661. Plead to dine out over monastic service
  662. Biol. class topic
  663. Ballot count
  664. It's strange, not being told
  665. For a change, bryce comes across room for surfing area
  666. Cinemax alternative
  667. Pasture grazer 41. busy place on 13-across
  668. Auntie of the stage
  669. Bombast — speechcraft
  670. Song covered by michael bublé, say
  671. Vogue competitor, for short
  672. Tarmac orders snake to stop
  673. Grossly unconventional
  674. Rooms in una casa
  675. Leaflet sent to a large group at the same time
  676. Respond to gravity
  677. Sidelong look
  678. After tea, they get all that belongs to them
  679. Dawn let loose about romney?
  680. One at an expo
  681. Sandy-colored
  682. Severed all ties
  683. Campaign fliers
  684. Flamboyant promotion
  685. Dog-behavior researcher pavlov
  686. Misbehaving kid
  687. Busy place on 13-across
  688. Flier on a pole, and at the ends of 18-, 25-, 45- and 57-across
  689. Wrap like a sari
  690. Water lilies painter nyt
  691. Fools hunt it
  692. Religious belief of eight u.s. presidents
  693. 'julius caesar,' for one
  694. Educational visit
  695. Smooch, in staffordshire
  696. Regular edible mushroom
  697. Aubrey graham
  698. Localised tissue decay from infection or lack of blood supply
  699. Scant amount
  700. Filet saillant 7 lettres
  701. Colonnette ornant le dos d un siege
  702. Archangel of the apocrypha
  703. Insecte marcheur 6 lettres
  704. Sunset boulevard cast
  705. Protest against a follower going to bed without a fight
  706. Water lilies painting
  707. Apart, remote
  708. Older, richer male partner
  709. Kind of pastry
  710. Optimist's comment
  711. Barbecue spit, e.g
  712. Figure features
  713. Nasty piece of work?
  714. One causing affliction or suffering
  715. Unintelligent and foolish
  716. Densely populated areas
  717. ''for shame!'' sounds
  718. Lively and resilient
  719. Type that may be 5th and 7th in military academy
  720. Question of time, to telemann
  721. Resort isle near curaçao
  722. Medical expert in treating eyes
  723. Working canine
  724. ''see, i did it!''
  725. Black and white firm sells our product
  726. Sadist amin with six wives
  727. Emerge behind next in line in the family
  728. They may be followed by trains
  729. Spain's __ de campos
  730. Israel's first representative to the united nations
  731. Dip out, as soup
  732. With a ph of over 7
  733. Interesting ale brewed in 22
  734. Rod — workforce
  735. Nap in nogales
  736. Sport for high jumpers?
  737. For mature audiences, say
  738. Like a huge fan of ministry and the church
  739. What the scientists tell us is unimaginative
  740. Brand of virtual critters
  741. Wordsworth country
  742. Web-footed diving bird
  743. Fisher-price parent company
  744. Cook-off potful
  745. Source of energy about player
  746. Mistake roar over box for making music
  747. Alternative to bath salts
  748. Two in three, perhaps, going north, diced with death: one reason for judgement
  749. Bracket partner's joint
  750. You are rumoured to be involved with masai warrior
  751. Run through a reader, as a debit card
  752. European union admits lawyer went to function with old money from lisbon
  753. Statute that protects journalists' sources
  754. Surprisingly successful film
  755. Sitcom-streaming service
  756. Long, winding sentence
  757. Well-hidden fellow of children's books
  758. Platform on which to receive a red dot on the forehead?
  759. Hearty dish with mutton and potatoes
  760. Org. concerned with crowns
  761. List of options on some tests
  762. Creative enterprise
  763. Passover ritual
  764. Cheese tested as ammunition on an episode of 'mythbusters'
  765. Sandstorm residue
  766. Hockey great cam
  767. Amelia of kid lit
  768. One of dancer's partners
  769. Flavorings for some stews
  770. Far-from-efficient vehicle
  771. Prepare for evacuation?
  772. Guofeng's predecessor
  773. Game highlights
  774. Vessels with handle and spout
  775. Like some garages, size-wise
  776. A typical example of former european politician freely taking liffey without iron
  777. Old irish politician gets on with switch
  778. 2007 horror film
  779. 'olympia' and others
  780. Elevate in dignity
  781. Sounds like should expect wife with the melon
  782. Queen (english) to depend on gold
  783. Tunnel effect created by blowing air through a line of empty-headed participants?
  784. Provoke, stir up
  785. Figure made from candle material
  786. Guy who complains there are too many trees in the woods?
  787. Harpo or karl?
  788. Cut aid to eat behind number 10
  789. Took a look at broken bones provided cross writer catches fish
  790. Queen and stoic with unending prejudice
  791. Qb who was twice a super bowl m.v.p
  792. Get lost in music near it
  793. Guitarist scaggs
  794. Cheat, in slang
  795. Detergent ad superlative
  796. Disparagement of something one wants but cannot attain
  797. With exemption from customs tax
  798. Nickname for an instructor
  799. Soul singer gray
  800. ___ chic (artsy style)
  801. Mil post, say
  802. Bond or bind
  803. Circle sectors
  804. Letter before quebec
  805. Late 1970s
  806. Group hqd in ramallah
  807. Big nos
  808. Frost formed from fog
  809. Actress/singer kravitz
  810. Milk-based
  811. Rock and roll legend sam
  812. Putin ally in the mideast
  813. Friendly predecessor
  814. Cologne containers
  815. Former calabrian coin
  816. Hs exam org
  817. Alley sight
  818. Some propellers
  819. Edit with photoshop, perhaps
  820. Route 1 terminus
  821. Type of column or compound
  822. Large, noisy insects
  823. Hood of lore
  824. Eschew dinner company
  825. Moon status
  826. Comic ___ (oft-derided font)
  827. Part of the knee, for short
  828. Ancient ancestors of frisbees
  829. Giles goat-boy writer
  830. Books that include legends
  831. Where to get a polysomnogram
  832. Sped away
  833. Prime factor
  834. Luminous crown
  835. Intriguing discovery in a cave
  836. Times publisher adolph
  837. Tour letters
  838. Mangrove swamp critter
  839. Specialized dialects
  840. Is written in old rome?
  841. Concentration goal
  842. Figures in academia
  843. Colorful wrap of bangalore
  844. Deposits for withdrawing
  845. Nbc drama that won 15 emmys
  846. High-level backups
  847. Updo hairstyle
  848. Trophy sites
  849. One's own loo in which to return paper used
  850. Queen with sacred thanksgiving keeping one very quiet
  851. Idi with an evil history
  852. Editing marks
  853. Girl golfers' place on first of month?
  854. At the top of the theatre no way back for sponsored child
  855. Spot for a lectern
  856. Warmup act
  857. Rock and roll hall of fame locale
  858. Successful auditioner's "award"
  859. How some military personnel serve
  860. Bellyachers
  861. Karloff or godunov
  862. Crotchety types
  863. Run like a top
  864. Contemporary of marcel duchamp
  865. Pours messily
  866. Lateen-rigged sailboat
  867. Latin abbr. that means "and others"
  868. It's behind the uprights
  869. Food associated with cable cars
  870. Sudden assembly that some find entertaining
  871. Wharton's frome or actor hawke
  872. "to all the girls __ loved before": 1984 #1 country hit
  873. Performs stitchery
  874. Idiot who drove his car into two feet of mud?
  875. What a realtor may give
  876. Raw area on body
  877. Head of compliance?
  878. Home-field advantage in football ... or what the last square of the answer to this clue represents in this puzzle
  879. Annual june race
  880. Where macarthur returned in 1944
  881. Put into french maybe
  882. Cover up feelings
  883. Class skipper
  884. Weed eliminator, for short?
  885. Without ambition
  886. Bunny bounce
  887. Play down gentle plea foolishly around department
  888. Wise guy graduate wearing scarlet shift
  889. Horseback troop groups
  890. Nothing wrong providing pub with old money
  891. Fop — fleshy outgrowth on a cockerel's head
  892. Time coverage
  893. Hopeful to find one topic containing cloud
  894. Car with a sloping rear door
  895. Euros exchanged for last of old money flowing through europe
  896. Former capital of the german federal republic
  897. Greeting to a rider, maybe
  898. Montana or idaho river
  899. Marsh returns to a city in south america
  900. Fortitude — protection for the spinal cord
  901. Strip of leather — minimalist beachwear
  902. Explorer's account
  903. Class right to have vital transmitter outside
  904. Fudge ingredient in 'the alice b. toklas cookbook'
  905. Writer rising against fine scottish town
  906. Person with strong liking for lawrence coming back around devious hunt for exotic asia
  907. April, may, or june, for example
  908. Sky blues football team
  909. Make into a movie, say
  910. Movie about the most gorgeous oboe?
  911. Killed many animals turning them inside out
  912. Fox sports reporter oliver and others
  913. Pepper, e.g.: abbr
  914. Create large solution of sweet liquid
  915. A mountain, a river and a desert
  916. Make unreliable, as data
  917. Alito replaced her
  918. Experience of sensing something has happened before
  919. Sound recording of dance without orchestra leader
  920. Use of words to convey the opposite of what they normally mean
  921. George lucas's fx co
  922. Ak?
  923. Proof of being elsewhere
  924. School head has power to flog shower
  925. Floral fruit
  926. Letter after quebec in a radio alphabet
  927. Jewellery not allowed for 2
  928. Unacceptable by societal standards
  929. Palindromic band behind dancing queen
  930. Actor ___ calhoun of how to marry a millionaire
  931. Turns bronze on the beach say
  932. Tree-ring count say
  933. Direction to a party lacking taste
  934. 'old ___' (country music classic)
  935. ___ trump 45th president of usa who was time person of the year in 2016
  936. Rock band ___ maiden
  937. Sierra ___ mountain range
  938. The american ___ community representing the u.s. forces in the iraq war which was declared as the time person of the year in 2003
  939. Pig's palace
  940. Botanist leaves obliterations in bay window
  941. Word representing individual content creators on the internet who were declared time person of the year in 2006
  942. Bill ___ 42nd president of usa who was time person of the year in 1992
  943. Jeff ___ founder of amazon who was time person of the year in 1999
  944. This one ___ me.: 2 wds.
  945. Bar seat with a swivel top
  946. Imitate in a humorous fashion
  947. ___ charger (engine booster)
  948. Polar ___ (arctic hunter)
  949. Question's reply for short
  950. Funny picture that may go viral
  951. Financial statement issuer
  952. Country singer ___ lovett of pass me not
  953. Uv-absorbing layer
  954. ___ percentage (baseball stat): hyph.
  955. First ___ (top-notch)
  956. Like muscles after a workout
  957. Voice above baritone (anagram of toner)
  958. A single might get you one
  959. River waterfall
  960. Popcorn holder say
  961. Being head of state with the spanish force
  962. Was like a lark with laryngitis?
  963. Early source of nourishment
  964. Radio host boortz
  965. Cal.'s ocean
  966. Kansas governor
  967. Nile diverter
  968. Blue pottery of holland
  969. Ones duty or responsibility
  970. Optimists expectations
  971. Aches and pains nyt
  972. ___ express (intl. shipper)
  973. Temporary spear
  974. Gotten back
  975. How cognac is usually served
  976. Nd?
  977. Like many warnings
  978. 'i could care less what you think'
  979. Nocturnal songbird
  980. Prized prosciutto
  981. Koan discipline
  982. Mission man
  983. Instrument a vent
  984. Record-breaking compound (black)
  985. Patriotic symbol
  986. Hangers near tongues
  987. Appliance adjunct
  988. Sent back hotpot dumpling
  989. Inform, ___ but when (the fourth of july?)
  990. One causing affliction
  991. Sizable sum
  992. Hanger at a graduation
  993. Bermuda setting: abbr
  994. 2009 best picture
  995. Bluecoats who get up early?
  996. Crimson corundum
  997. Last of the time lords
  998. Many a layover locale
  999. Free from stress
  1000. Dermabrasion target
  1001. Companion of "mighty"
  1002. Apt puzzle answer, in this case
  1003. Mediates, when spite erupts between opponents
  1004. 'bossypants' author
  1005. Sharpshooter oakley of the old west
  1006. Lobby attachment?
  1007. ___ fish (passover staple)
  1008. Beginning of a quote from 65-across
  1009. For example, maggie thatcher (british prime minister) once admitted a wrong
  1010. ___-gate (reagan-era scandal)
  1011. Inconsequential cooing
  1012. First rapper to win a best song oscar
  1013. Filler of some shells
  1014. Login info
  1015. Wwii intelligence org
  1016. Hot drink holder
  1017. Queen ___ war
  1018. They may be threatening
  1019. Dog size
  1020. Trial evidence, perhaps
  1021. Cross a stream under an elm?
  1022. 'i guess that's ___'
  1023. Mario of 'new jack city'
  1024. Notice for bog road follower
  1025. Tribal trademark
  1026. Like the x- or y-axis
  1027. Exuding reverence
  1028. E.t.o. craft
  1029. Turns up, leg is hollow with irritation from minor problem
  1030. Bird along the coast
  1031. End of 11 across requires a start
  1032. Kolob arch locale
  1033. Refuse aid
  1034. Support staff for getting on in hospital
  1035. People from lyon use for cooking lump of crepe
  1036. Freon, generically
  1037. Necessitate a change in gears
  1038. Radical leaves declaration of memorandum
  1039. Russian dynasty before the bolshevik revolution
  1040. Result of middlemen being very loud and getting a shock
  1041. ''i see __ better in the dark'': dickinson
  1042. Like many beds
  1043. Writer returns with plea before tea to put message into code
  1044. Leave in a bad place, say
  1045. Paint company with an ursine image in its logo
  1046. One receives medical care
  1047. Firing spots
  1048. Structure for drilling
  1049. Knight comes back for name of german food
  1050. Pit item
  1051. Declaration of independence writer?
  1052. It's not working up north
  1053. Under the weather after swell won¿t stay down on board
  1054. L'air du temps perfume label
  1055. Lifelike, striking
  1056. Where wagner was born
  1057. Dagwood's love
  1058. Crossword clue division
  1059. It may be put on after a shower
  1060. 'creation' director jon
  1061. Balance-reducing equipment, often
  1062. Singer with the double-platinum album 'measure of a man'
  1063. Cause of screaming and fainting, perhaps
  1064. Annual cinéma prize
  1065. Division of hallmark
  1066. Council city of 1545-63
  1067. Show based on a french concept album
  1068. "____ house" (madness hit)
  1069. Sickeningly suave
  1070. Group of trailers
  1071. Common woodwind
  1072. 1980s hair fad
  1073. Make a call to see someone nowadays?
  1074. Cash for trash?
  1075. Gradual formation of mars, say?
  1076. Former facebook marketing director zuckerberg
  1077. "l'immoraliste" author
  1078. '___ ballet' ('a chorus line' song)
  1079. Cover of a kind
  1080. Time of reckoning, figuratively
  1081. One from nairobi
  1082. Humble pie eater
  1083. Target for many a political ad
  1084. Admonition against trying algebra problems after imbibing?
  1085. Bargain basement markings
  1086. Now, say
  1087. Celebratory swig after a football two-pointer?
  1088. Suffix with "wrestle"
  1089. Allow to flow freely again
  1090. Camper owners, for short
  1091. "__ always a woman": billy joel song
  1092. Dept. vip
  1093. Defense against a siege
  1094. Thaws the windshield
  1095. Concert hall, e.g
  1096. Demon's weekend plans?
  1097. Lendl and reitman
  1098. Subject to double jeopardy, say
  1099. Hid oneself expertly?
  1100. Party occasion, for short
  1101. Place that sells shells?
  1102. Old chevy minivan
  1103. Stat cousin
  1104. 1886 debut at jacob's pharmacy in atlanta
  1105. Catherine's demand of heathcliff in 'wuthering heights'?
  1106. One selling seats
  1107. Brother of dde's successor
  1108. All these steaks are too well done?
  1109. The power of now author eckhart __
  1110. Valentine bouquet
  1111. Sandbox user
  1112. Hilariously react to a butt-baring prankster?
  1113. Activist thunberg and actress scacchi
  1114. Winds in a south american city name
  1115. Capital of pakistan's punjab province
  1116. Candy man russell
  1117. Canaries locale: abbr
  1118. Burns black
  1119. Restaurant in the same corporate group as applebee's
  1120. Prepared to talk to a tot perhaps
  1121. Military installation
  1122. Phenom
  1123. Villainous 'star wars' title
  1124. Pipe-fitting and others
  1125. Derby margins
  1126. "animals jaywalking, use caution"
  1127. Irish lullaby opener
  1128. "just ignore landslide warnings"
  1129. ''white christmas'' star
  1130. Nay negator
  1131. The milky way and andromeda
  1132. ''get away from my dog food!''
  1133. Not hoof it, maybe
  1134. Mosaic material
  1135. He wrote 'words are loaded pistols'
  1136. Work on weeds
  1137. Chamomile beverage
  1138. Fed. arson-investigating org
  1139. Bored employee's quest
  1140. Hardy work
  1141. Doubled over, maybe
  1142. Treat for tired tootsies
  1143. Basic lessons
  1144. Real estate giant webb
  1145. Hedy of films
  1146. "approaching alaskan landmark"
  1147. Bussing overseer?
  1148. Cartoon voicer butler
  1149. Bard's 'git!'
  1150. Food label recommendation
  1151. Fit to be taught
  1152. Store that welcomes dogs
  1153. Like many company cars
  1154. .975 cents?
  1155. One 81-across, perhaps
  1156. Worst kept, as a motel
  1157. Stone crumbled over exceptional runner with big fish
  1158. Play¿ba¿ck¿is...slugg¿ish¿and¿ time¿com¿suming...
  1159. *speedy drop at an air show (see letters 4 to 8)
  1160. Bleeds in the wash
  1161. Fencing form
  1162. It becomes another instrument when f is added
  1163. Emmanuel of france
  1164. Loafing individual
  1165. One might hang ten
  1166. Secretively
  1167. Another cut for phoney dieter
  1168. *common military uniform color (3 to 7)
  1169. Unwelcome cry at a china shop
  1170. *unfortunate one (4 to 8)
  1171. Actor morgan
  1172. Neptune to greeks
  1173. Stereotypical egghead
  1174. What aladdin rubbed
  1175. Forestland unit
  1176. Theoretical spacecraft system and a hint to the starred answers' indicated letters
  1177. Louise's friend in a 1991 film
  1178. Tent, sleeping bag, hiking shoes, etc
  1179. Bit of body language
  1180. Muscular slangily
  1181. Animal in the new testament?
  1182. Now just a minute!
  1183. Soft ball maker
  1184. Word before sports or weather
  1185. 25 singer
  1186. New york native
  1187. With 49-down classic sci-fi show featuring 57-across
  1188. City northwest of cheyenne
  1189. Bayer product
  1190. Historical rosa
  1191. Skipper's stop!
  1192. Star that anagrams to liger
  1193. Spanish speaker's enough!
  1194. Spanish dish of rice, shellfish and chicken
  1195. One of the r's of r&r
  1196. Treasure map measure
  1197. It's equipped for dispatching stock
  1198. Urges someone to get on with early birds perhaps
  1199. Without breaks? without brakes!
  1200. Wadena _____
  1201. No rest in assembly for these choir members
  1202. Looking back, a time for the neighbourhood
  1203. Justice scalia
  1204. Surrey ____
  1205. Folded square scarf worn on head or shoulders
  1206. Frivolous person with french liberal and bertie we hear went to the gallows
  1207. Stand for serving soldiers
  1208. Fruit to blame in a way for cold dish after meal
  1209. Hockey immortal bobby
  1210. Rounded church area
  1211. Ben chavis once headed it
  1212. Ukulele player from lancashire, d. 1961
  1213. Radon or radium: abbr
  1214. Sexual honesty
  1215. Wind in the willows
  1216. Winter cause of sniffles and sneezes
  1217. Surprised with smooches
  1218. City with a boardwalk on monterey bay
  1219. Cne for example
  1220. Coder's banes
  1221. Greek letter provides very little
  1222. Doesn't take kindly to making haste
  1223. General motors sedan
  1224. Horse marking
  1225. Western writer louis
  1226. Advertisements
  1227. Engravers tool
  1228. Be foxier
  1229. Classic cartoon (with "the")
  1230. Sport with greens and clubs
  1231. Italian knife
  1232. Made confusing
  1233. Salmon arm ______
  1234. Mps districts
  1235. Skating around
  1236. Unfit out of
  1237. Fashion guru
  1238. A snack before church for everyone
  1239. Operated by a power supply
  1240. Open, to shelley or keats
  1241. Melville _____
  1242. It prevents you from dropping dead
  1243. Public anger
  1244. Olin of 'enemies, a love story'
  1245. Result of a kid's hobby, perhaps
  1246. “snl” segments
  1247. Lady — (“paparazzi” singer)
  1248. Viewing point at the grand canyon
  1249. Or staffers
  1250. Droplet of sorrow
  1251. Children's imitation game
  1252. “spanglish” star téa
  1253. Phone-to-phone communication
  1254. Minnesota baseballers
  1255. Make melancholy
  1256. Actress emma of “little women”
  1257. Gets a job
  1258. How many it takes to tango?
  1259. Catastrophes
  1260. Given a pg or r
  1261. Georgia's locale
  1262. Snake dancers of the southwest
  1263. Chain gangs, e.g
  1264. With 18-down, exclamation in 'frankenstein'
  1265. Tournament rounds, for short
  1266. Uses spurs, say
  1267. Workweek start, or an apt title for this puzzle based on an abbreviation found in its five longest answers
  1268. African's southern tip
  1269. Starts the show
  1270. Like numbers in the periodic table
  1271. Load requiring separating
  1272. Beverages with amino acids and vitamins
  1273. Windy scot?
  1274. British thriller writer, hammond ___ , d. 1998
  1275. It's a new york method no matter what
  1276. Modern caller id, perhaps
  1277. Twelve-book trojan tale
  1278. Break water off the boat
  1279. Tokyo (anag) — former capital of japan
  1280. Angry birds, e.g., in 2010
  1281. Illegal voyeur
  1282. Gorgeous house built over crumbling sand
  1283. Publishers' expo
  1284. Chain i left among red coral at sea
  1285. Unusual capital city ultimately abandoned
  1286. Steeps in a liquid with herbs and spices
  1287. Stallion or bull
  1288. Belgium bird gets a dog for hunting
  1289. Be involved in, as treatment
  1290. Oversensitive — traditional british food shop
  1291. Distribute the report of a yobbish baker?
  1292. Ideological suffix
  1293. Kitchen rug
  1294. Get to a figure
  1295. After six, artist on the go with bad-tempered woman
  1296. Upscale sports car
  1297. Fruit — expression of contempt
  1298. 17 down 4, so an 8 then?
  1299. Not at all droopy
  1300. School vacation time
  1301. Picture — drawing that's deadly?
  1302. Strip of land cleared to prevent a conflagration spreading
  1303. Curly punctuation
  1304. Warm pacific ocean current
  1305. Constellation of scales
  1306. Loud music's pitch
  1307. Choice between bow and stern for argonaut on a vessel
  1308. Custody over a minor
  1309. Get it in the neck in the garden of eden (4'1,5)
  1310. Lawman inexperienced with second class scribble
  1311. Tv schedules
  1312. Stonestreet of tv
  1313. Model builder's buy
  1314. No way back for youth leader to find cross used to make jewellery
  1315. It's not odd to never come back without what's right
  1316. Painting, sculpture, et al
  1317. Crimson or maroon
  1318. N.f.l. hall-of-famer yale ___
  1319. In paris, i get oscar to pay outside street at risk
  1320. Post-lunch greeting
  1321. Go into combat
  1322. Landers of advice columns
  1323. Mouthing the lyrics
  1324. ''why are you hurrying?''
  1325. Plane passenger's document
  1326. Big inits. for hunters
  1327. Cubic cordwood measure
  1328. Uncle in acapulco
  1329. Red skelton character kadiddlehopper
  1330. Not great, not horrible
  1331. 'black swan' director darren
  1332. Like hor. puzzle answers
  1333. Many espn fall highlights
  1334. Bird on old quarters
  1335. College donor, often
  1336. One might say "shay" for "say"
  1337. Partition in case, creating a concealed space
  1338. Minstrels, often
  1339. A number (not quite 10) held in vulgar shelter
  1340. Like some borrowed library books
  1341. Fix, as a post
  1342. Commissioned twisted european politician to be behind rosy
  1343. Not odd to make gin for dolce & gabbana in black tie
  1344. Allies of the cheyenne
  1345. Viral disease in children
  1346. Irrational number in former times crudely labelled catholic
  1347. Like many ellis island arrivals
  1348. Unpleasant sounds
  1349. Words to a blackbird?
  1350. Quite the looker
  1351. Good name for a windy city nudist festival?
  1352. 28-down, to tokyo
  1353. Rockets' paths
  1354. Racket or rocket extension
  1355. Replaces actors
  1356. Steve ballmer for the los angeles clippers
  1357. ___ cap (camera protector)
  1358. Robbery that often involves a getaway car
  1359. Sports ___ (supportive undergarment)
  1360. Irrational number is a means to go deeper
  1361. Tit for ___ (quid pro quo)
  1362. Hall of fame red sox legend who served in the us navy and marine corps during world war ii: 2 wds.
  1363. Whale that preys on sea turtles
  1364. Hall of fame dodgers legend who served in the us army during world war ii: 2 wds.
  1365. League with grizzlies and timberwolves: abbr.
  1366. Let me ___ it this way …
  1367. Invite to see the house: 2 wds.
  1368. Sounds from someone in pain
  1369. Roth ___ (savings option): abbr.
  1370. Government group implicated in the snowden leaks: abbr.
  1371. Hall of fame yankees legend who served in the us army during world war ii: 2 wds.
  1372. Director anderson with the upcoming movie the french dispatch
  1373. Hearty chug
  1374. Look what i just did!: hyph.
  1375. Suitable for the task
  1376. Slip-___ (shoes that don't need to be tied)
  1377. It's a jungle out ___
  1378. Dog food container
  1379. Inwardly-directed compassion
  1380. One shooting the breeze?
  1381. It's always ___ in philadelphia
  1382. Female animal that's a source of pecorino cheese
  1383. Have a ___ for (strongly desire)
  1384. Myrtle and maple for example
  1385. Gradually increasing rage: 2 wds.
  1386. Backbiter perhaps on farm is annoying person
  1387. Something under a vase
  1388. Letter between alpha and gamma in the greek alphabet
  1389. John f. kennedy to maria shriver
  1390. Move around like a nomad
  1391. Bugs like z and princess bala in a 1998 animated movie
  1392. Cured sausage in sub sandwiches
  1393. Where the gobi desert is
  1394. Runs flour through a sieve say
  1395. Refuse to budge
  1396. Giant in multilevel marketing
  1397. Make a sound with your thumb and middle finger
  1398. Get more ___ for your buck
  1399. German automaker that's a sister company of peugeot
  1400. Ending for north south west or east
  1401. Hawaiian island with a population of around one million
  1402. Doll voiced by michael keaton in toy story 3
  1403. Website where artisans sell their wares
  1404. Star wars dethroned it as the highest-grossing film of all time
  1405. Wattles and clay antedate concrete in architecture's structural origins
  1406. Emperor palpatine's granddaughter in the star wars movies
  1407. Heavenly gatekeeper st. --
  1408. Russell brand's estranged wife, perhaps †
  1409. All of, entire
  1410. Places out of sight
  1411. Blabber's opposite
  1412. Holiday radio fare
  1413. Envious of the french knight with ring for you and me
  1414. Good name for a motor city butcher shop?
  1415. Good name for an empire city comedy club?
  1416. Result of a sad story?
  1417. They're below average
  1418. Bury cat in mysterious high mountain in scotland
  1419. Number 1: multiply
  1420. D.c. 100: abbr
  1421. What a clock checker might want to know, in brief
  1422. By accident, father gets to finish expressing hesitation for what¿s been added to book
  1423. Spider's cousin
  1424. Boatman's swallowed a number of coins
  1425. Backgammon impossibilities
  1426. Many a high-budget film
  1427. Learn shape of something to do with the kidneys
  1428. Cut it out! it sounds like the detector
  1429. 'the simpsons' saloon
  1430. Bisque or borscht, e.g
  1431. ___ kelly democratic governor of kansas starting in 2019
  1432. Old town road (feat. billy ray cyrus) for one
  1433. Spottings or detections
  1434. Jeff bridges starred in its 1982 and 2010 iterations
  1435. Show that betty white hosted at age 88 informally
  1436. Google results, and an anagram of 37-down
  1437. Op-ed
  1438. Trick to increase ones efficiency in modern lingo
  1439. Tree thats one of athenas symbols
  1440. All hell broke loose before june arrived on edge
  1441. Method of communication needed to understand 17- 25- 36- and 49-across
  1442. With faux shyness
  1443. Unlikely christmas gifts in tropical areas
  1444. Sea creatures that move by jet propulsion
  1445. When life gives you lemons make lemonade outlook
  1446. Berries for breakfast cereal e.g.
  1447. Second-largest private employer in the u.s. after walmart
  1448. Up to this point no
  1449. It might be shot on a winding seaside road
  1450. Shere who wrote sexual honesty: by women for women
  1451. Daughter of muhammad
  1452. Competitor like mcdonald’s to burger king
  1453. Who ___ wins (motto popularized by the british special air service)
  1454. ___-watching (tv viewing spree)
  1455. Serious crime involving fire
  1456. Pull an all-nighter, maybe
  1457. It might need a boost
  1458. What he uses to produce rain?
  1459. Medusa's sassy snakes?
  1460. Group of renegades
  1461. Soccer chants
  1462. Salvation army on road in italy with key to mediterranean island
  1463. Rectangular haberdashery purchase
  1464. Dye one's locks in camo?
  1465. Brita competitor
  1466. Confrontations with john q. law
  1467. Persistently pestered
  1468. Hidden undershirt?
  1469. Without regard to right and wrong
  1470. Drink order on a tough day and a hint to what's in 17- 22- 37- and 47-across
  1471. Most populous democratic nation
  1472. Dillinger's portrayer in 2009's public enemies
  1473. Something one doesn't want to be out of
  1474. Rosie of kid lit who's an engineer
  1475. Lester of the foggy mountain boys
  1476. What bob dylan has been on since 1988
  1477. Support system in a field perhaps
  1478. Chair of the senate judiciary committee
  1479. Best picture set in iran
  1480. Cass and michelle in 1960s music
  1481. Appliance giant
  1482. Basically forever
  1483. Concrete portion
  1484. Balloon or bubble verb
  1485. Punctuation for a query
  1486. 'tony n' ___ wedding'
  1487. Something funny to ask
  1488. Be goofy
  1489. Like holographic charizard, in pokemon
  1490. High-quality person
  1491. It costs more than coach
  1492. Good name for a gateway city gun dealer?
  1493. Prioritize
  1494. Any perplexing situation or problem; predicament (noun)
  1495. To assert falsely; to commit perjury; to pledge to give up a habit (verb)
  1496. Polygon having six angles and six sides (noun)
  1497. To hug; to clasp in the arms; to accept willingly (verb)
  1498. Mako or hammerhead
  1499. Two chess pieces
  1500. Five common bread ingredients
  1501. Totes dreamy
  1502. Prefix for pub
  1503. Language at gallaudet
  1504. Word that ohio state university tried to trademark in 2019
  1505. Person who's sharp as a tack
  1506. Stable occupant
  1507. Ignored some road signs
  1508. Not-so-good member of an otherwise good group
  1509. Millennials' successors for short
  1510. Invests
  1511. Piece of softball practice equipment
  1512. Lower-body exercise
  1513. Magic mike selling point
  1514. Small mammal that determinedly hides
  1515. Alternatives to tents
  1516. Partners of manis
  1517. Frequent channel surfer
  1518. Olympic swimmer michael
  1519. Celebrated holliday
  1520. Applies a viscous substance to
  1521. Comes for a visit
  1522. Midnight visit to the pantry maybe
  1523. ___ to gold teeth (danez smith poem)
  1524. Drinks made from leaves
  1525. 'i'm ok with that'
  1526. Tian shan's continent
  1527. Game of world domination
  1528. Like consignment shop items
  1529. Unit of electrical resistance
  1530. Close confidant
  1531. 1950s coup victim
  1532. Like the park family in parasite
  1533. Bit of tv guide info
  1534. Teachers plan them
  1535. Chicago clock setting (abbr.)
  1536. Result of a car loan default briefly
  1537. One who works with works
  1538. Arms flank it
  1539. Gambling town on i-80
  1540. 'if i had a son, ___ look like trayvon'
  1541. Words before ask or suggest
  1542. Actress harris of "thirtysomething"
  1543. Thanksgiving day, e.g.: abbr
  1544. Old horse or ex-wife?
  1545. Dodge bullet dodger
  1546. Angry exchanges
  1547. Person catching some rays
  1548. Reddit alternative
  1549. Poltergeist sounds
  1550. Procession of official vehicles
  1551. Inter-office communicator, often
  1552. Needed a massage, say
  1553. Insulting type of track
  1554. Number in a 'spinal tap' scene
  1555. Animated picture with the voice of will.i.am
  1556. They were big-boned
  1557. Bottom that fights the system?
  1558. Chuck norris, notably
  1559. Ashbury crossing
  1560. Top gear's car race caught in mirror, briefly
  1561. Careless pathologist got nasty cut in his workplace
  1562. Backyard water contraption
  1563. Big screen pig
  1564. Egyptian dangers
  1565. It¿s fifty-fifty timothy gets to reproduce mixed style of tudor building
  1566. Toothed fasteners
  1567. Easy to hold beer provided leading expert is with gangster on ecstasy
  1568. River pike's eaten — it's filthy stuff
  1569. Muffin pans
  1570. It fell in 1929
  1571. Clearness of mind
  1572. Point at first light, more or less
  1573. Chimes around new york provides big entrances for santa claus
  1574. Completes a magic trick, perhaps
  1575. Etch away
  1576. Open someone's eyes to hawaiian goose coming back over match
  1577. Seeing red paramilitary group looking back for alien
  1578. Certain semiconductor
  1579. Long-standing generation out-of-date
  1580. There are six hidden in this puzzle in appropriate places
  1581. Ssn, for example
  1582. North missing point of going to rio in chaos with concealed motive
  1583. Be just too sweet
  1584. Below-average joe
  1585. Homework eater, supposedly
  1586. Lawgiver's essentially changed customs of a people
  1587. Rats, mice, hamsters
  1588. City district occupied by a minority ethnic group
  1589. Listen up, control precious metal near gap found in french pastry shop
  1590. Take too much medicine
  1591. Uk flying corps