1. Pious, given to prayer
  2. Person with views contrary to accepted beliefs
  3. Two-wheeled vehicle pulled as passenger transport in far east
  4. Opposing factions or facets
  5. Does little, just ticks over
  6. By . . . . - by memory without thinking
  7. Childish display of temper
  8. Puzzling questions or problems
  9. Thrusts or packs tightly among other things
  10. Hard seed of tropical tree used as spice
  11. Additional payment as reward for service
  12. One who makes amends for wrongs done
  13. African burrowing animal, feeds on termites
  14. Hostile, unfriendly
  15. Largest of the four main islands of japan
  16. Flounce, frill
  17. Baffin island headland
  18. Take away a person's doubts or fears
  19. Inanimate, unfeeling
  20. Coined
  21. Castrated ram
  22. Boats on the canals of venice
  23. On which to skate
  24. Shoe with no laces
  25. Metric tons
  26. A little hungry
  27. Research scientist
  28. Extra component for machine
  29. Vehicle for carrying a coffin
  30. Flavoured or hardened
  31. Protruding rupture
  32. In which things follow in logical order
  33. Spear of the bantu-speaking people of africa
  34. Customs document listing the contents of a ship
  35. Defences of being elsewhere at the time of a crime
  36. Lacking professional skill
  37. Common infection of the sinuses
  38. Borough of new york city
  39. Evergreen plant with thick stout stems
  40. Take into one's family
  41. Leaping marsupial from down under
  42. Xxi - used to be the coming of age year
  43. Enter or examine in depth
  44. Eric clapton song with the lyric darling won't you ease my worried mind
  45. Be excessive, perhaps in cooking food
  46. Stifle, feelings or rebellion
  47. Coffeeshop order choice
  48. Kind of ladle or shovel-like tool - reporters seek it
  49. ___ missing something? (2 wds.)
  50. News show host
  51. Number of seasons in spain
  52. New mexico city with a ufo museum
  53. Piri thomas memoir down these mean ___
  54. A lump of metal, perhaps gold
  55. Jazz musician mahal
  56. State of togetherness
  57. Don't bring me down band to fans
  58. Spoke off the cuff or impromptu
  59. Lose as trees do leaves
  60. One of eight in a gallon
  61. Star-bellied or plain-bellied dr. seuss character
  62. Suffix meaning 53-across
  63. Bank cashier or narrator of story
  64. Angela's ___ (frank mccourt pulitzer-winning memoir)
  65. ___ it when a plan comes together (the a-team catchphrase) (2 wds.)
  66. First name middle name last name and rank of a catch-22 character
  67. Tai-___ (second book in james clavell's asian trilogy)
  68. Things ___ apart (chinua achebe novel)
  69. Recovers strength after illness, or mass meetings
  70. Three scored in a row as in soccer match
  71. Mon petit may be powerless
  72. 2019 colson whitehead novel set in a florida reform school (3 wds.)
  73. I would like some kitty food please
  74. Annie proulx's that old ___ in the hole
  75. Avoid a trial by coming to an agreement
  76. Cruel people or evil spirits
  77. Like messages that just arrived in your inbox
  78. Classic cookbook the ___ of cooking
  79. Item of personal property that is not freehold land and is not intangible
  80. Overjoyed, in high spirits
  81. 2009 colson whitehead novel set in the hamptons (2 wds.)
  82. Stimulate to creativity or other worthwhile objective
  83. Star in a movie say
  84. Lemon-scented furniture polish brand
  85. William styron's the confessions of ___ turner
  86. Airport monitor guesses (abbr.)
  87. Appliance needed for baking cookies
  88. Swing from side to side, or influence opinion
  89. 2001 colson whitehead novel set at a west virginia festival (3 wds.)
  90. A taxi in america
  91. Distinguished or outstanding
  92. Go, dance on geometric figure with ten sides
  93. French fashion designer's initials
  94. Head of government succeeding family members
  95. The ___ of the dawn treader (third volume of the chronicles of narnia)
  96. Defer being liberated
  97. Those who get the money as for goods or services
  98. Sir william ___, 17th-century english poet and playwright buried in poets' corner at westminster abbey
  99. A slang swindle
  100. Unusual or unconventional - perhaps in music
  101. Flavourings and relishes
  102. Feature of place that makes living pleasant and convenient
  103. Imposed limit upon - or selected to play for country in rugby?
  104. Swedes lie about small white flower in switzerland
  105. Attacks bitterly or violently in words
  106. It can save you walking from shepherd's bush
  107. Physical sports for trained competitors
  108. If not, then - vaguely threatening
  109. Line between the northern and southern hemispheres
  110. Rubbish, litter
  111. Starlet is having final sacraments before death
  112. Popular card game, sometimes solo
  113. Glutted or cloyed with excess as of food
  114. Threatening, indicative of wish to harm
  115. A climb or way up
  116. Rich soup made from lobsters
  117. Convince of veracity like accurate bell?
  118. Footway or track
  119. Class make simplistic gender choice
  120. A gas city for wisdom and know-how
  121. Big bad fairy tale villain
  122. Unemotional person like icy piscine
  123. Cry after a rough week
  124. Like drive-up window orders
  125. Grains as food
  126. Ancient christian church of egypt
  127. Nuke deal signer of 2015
  128. Discount receiver often
  129. Are you in paris informally? first sign where bores may be found
  130. Kim and kanye e.g.
  131. Alternative medicine advocate chopra
  132. Mrs. huxtable
  133. Muscle injury perhaps
  134. Beatles tune featuring a sitar
  135. Enjoy a nature trail
  136. Romano cheese sources
  137. Vietnamese festival time
  138. Peter of casino royale
  139. Wahlberg of blue bloods
  140. Faint feature on a $100 bill
  141. Places to wear white coats
  142. Krueger of elm street
  143. Desire, by way of a view
  144. Tot's magic words
  145. White-tie affair
  146. It's equal to 100 centimes
  147. Street musician's income
  148. Architect or couturier, say
  149. Hay fever season sound
  150. Declare to be true, again
  151. One less than penta-
  152. Chinese meal, a variety of dishes served in small portions
  153. Heidi range
  154. Toward the centre of the vessel
  155. Sporting less clothing
  156. The cradle of western civilization
  157. Result of a steal of home
  158. Rafter's hazard perhaps
  159. ___ sells sea shells . . .
  160. Languorous
  161. List of employees and their salaries
  162. Restaurant for light meals
  163. Message informing of danger
  164. Showed the way out of a little difficulty
  165. Large oven for reducing calcium carbonate to 22 ac
  166. Suffering from a high temperature
  167. Regain or fetch
  168. Poor nigel, neat but lacking grace
  169. Dangerous food bacterium
  170. Farther along in space, time or degree
  171. Hung about, with intent perhaps
  172. Instructed, taught
  173. The intense sorrow of loss
  174. Seat for a royal
  175. Make dirty in a gorge?
  176. Canine assistants for blind people
  177. Phrase for himalayan mountain climber
  178. Informally eccentric person - sounds spooky
  179. Male voice with deep register
  180. A lover of fatherland
  181. Allows or causes to
  182. Welcome with shouts of approval
  183. Sean o'casey wrote 'the shadow of a . . . . . .'
  184. Which verb describes a horse standing on its hind legs?
  185. An american frontierswoman who was born martha jane cannary
  186. Place authorised to make a country's coins
  187. Willing to be guided, being nameable
  188. Sudden involuntary contraction of a muscle
  189. Segregate into popular post-lenten sweet
  190. Very small measures of length
  191. Dairy product's not long-lasting, for the most part
  192. Induces to stray from the path of duty
  193. Consumer at table
  194. Systems of letters or symbols, used for communicating in secret
  195. Take the . . . . . . - jump right in
  196. Singular achievement by golfer - literally
  197. Placed separately from others -as at repast?
  198. Warning light on a hill
  199. Left alone and unhappy
  200. I'm elated over advance period before start
  201. Goes around like paths of planets
  202. Device that closes clothes - may be a zip
  203. Sacred book of jews with ancient writings and laws
  204. Building resting against larger building
  205. Stick to as by suction
  206. Flatters using common dairy product
  207. Unlock door - again
  208. Covered passage with shops on both sides
  209. A little bit open, like door
  210. The process of going or passing - sic . . . . . . . gloria mundi
  211. Tax imposed on deceased asset's
  212. Make it last, like a resource
  213. Having nice views along the way
  214. Fierce sharp-teethed fish found in the amazon, lots of them
  215. Descriptions in advertising matter in praise of products
  216. Woven container for carrying food etc
  217. Become bent like timber through heat
  218. A hop-along cad?
  219. Graceful grey bird with long neck
  220. Conversant with - in france
  221. Small and remote, town perhaps
  222. Had lia this peculiar flower?
  223. Lacking self-confidence or assurance
  224. Copies, reproductions
  225. Similar to the colour of an egg yolk
  226. Containers into which liquid is poured to create shapes
  227. Minimum number of members to conduct business
  228. Rodeo riders, say
  229. Gentle and kind
  230. Form of emphasis in writing
  231. Modifier of a noun
  232. Vegetable in a strange cool crib
  233. Someone who receives wages in return for labour
  234. Where aquatic vertebrates are raised for food
  235. Man who leads prayers in a mosque
  236. Of blood tubes
  237. Or heal the strange pakistani city
  238. Being performed at the time of hearing or viewing
  239. Piece of porous rubber
  240. Permissible difference or amount
  241. Thick liquid that doesn't dissolve in water
  242. American viper
  243. Serving vessels
  244. Assented or concurred
  245. Splendour or magnificence
  246. Places in correct sequence
  247. Take into custody as police do
  248. Elevate to the priesthood
  249. A loving greeting card sent on february 14th
  250. Small and pretty, delicate
  251. Artists or tradesmen found in pantries
  252. Amusing and often pointed drawings in newspapers
  253. Bouts of excessive and prolonged drinking
  254. Strong cable that secures a mast, chief support generally
  255. Stain or blemish, silver or reputation
  256. Julius caesar's last words, according to shakespeare
  257. Musically, englishwoman said to rule the waves
  258. Small group nested inside larger group
  259. Syrup used on pancakes?
  260. Cinema worker
  261. Codes of conduct in business affairs
  262. Abnormal mass growing in the body, may be malignant
  263. Surrenders or yields
  264. Practical jokes, pieces of mischief
  265. Layer of cartilage between vertebrae
  266. Cheerful and positive, as in music
  267. Go back, tide or hairline
  268. Remains of plant now hardened in rock
  269. Poorly lit, not bright
  270. Medieval collection of animal descriptions for sybarite
  271. Go away suddenly or secretly - leaving tent?
  272. Too trusting and innocent
  273. Sticky wet material or sickly sentiment
  274. Person who commits crime of marrying while still married to another
  275. Fight over covers perhaps
  276. Not intelligent, foolish
  277. Mate for a group of players
  278. Person with lofty and unselfish aspirations
  279. Sets forth or explains in detail
  280. Slander, spread false rumours about - as peers may?
  281. Finger-ring with engraved design
  282. Applies moisture
  283. Young foreigners who live with families
  284. It's linked to the mediterranean by the suez canal
  285. Linear display, of numbers say
  286. Transparent or cloudless
  287. Comedies of extravagant humour
  288. Truncheon
  289. Joint on which something turns
  290. Nasty sneering
  291. Streamer for advertising
  292. Ones or elevens in cards
  293. List of a ship's contents
  294. Reflected light 6 letters
  295. Buildings for the workshop of gods
  296. Quercus
  297. Organisation for those with high iqs
  298. Preserve in brine or vinegar
  299. Type of bay window
  300. Place, lay
  301. Minder gets score altered on time
  302. Housed around river
  303. Started new ode with writer
  304. One of vital cosmetics
  305. Flipping secretary hiding in one tree or another!
  306. Wear down hesitation with poem
  307. Isn't arranging cans
  308. Holds and brandishes, say a weapon
  309. He conducts confusing hotel ruse
  310. Acknowledges applause as actor does
  311. Rivulet or brook
  312. Small tasty crustacean, nice in cocktail
  313. Requiring exact obedience or compliance with rules
  314. Painful inflammation of feet - too much rich food
  315. Go faster than, on the gallop
  316. Hard hat for cricket thrower?
  317. Just about normal
  318. Returns money loaned
  319. Word systems devised to create secrecy
  320. Set of ideas formulated to explain something
  321. Take your time, walk slowly
  322. Well done, good man!
  323. Holiday home on the isle of wight where queen victoria died in 1901
  324. God of sleep and dreams in greek mythology
  325. Rene — french physician who invented the stethoscope in 1816
  326. God of the sea in roman mythology
  327. 1997 action-comedy film starring and co-written by john cusack
  328. Ancient town in asia minor; scene of a 333 bc battle at which alexander the great defeated the persians
  329. Perennial grass used as pasture and fodder for livestock
  330. — i holy roman emperor from 962-73
  331. The — 1948 novel by irwin shaw
  332. Emil — painter and engraver whose works include 1913 lithograph the three kings
  333. 1993 crime film starring eric stoltz and julie delpy
  334. Australian actor-manager who wrote produced and directed 1916 musical comedy chu chin chow
  335. James — actor who played tony soprano in hbo series the sopranos
  336. More pleasant or courteous
  337. Altering so as to be necessary to the whole
  338. 2001 novel by gregory maguire
  339. Ben — best writing original story oscar winner for underworld
  340. Small social insect that lives in a formicary
  341. Radioactive element; symbol ac
  342. Add ornamental details, make more colourful
  343. Pawns, knights, bishops etc - males only
  344. This day is memorable for scarlet missive
  345. Charles . . . . . ., great scientist of evolution
  346. Shopkeeper who sells food and household stores
  347. More unattractive or repellent to the eye
  348. Make resentful and hostile
  349. Riches he found with the . . . . . . . . cat from 'alice in wonderland'
  350. Dances as chubby checkers used to
  351. Tag master with cunning plan
  352. A playing card given added value in some games
  353. Archaic injunction to be careful, look out
  354. Object worshipped by primitive people or of abnormal sexual interest
  355. The essential point of the matter
  356. Nw italian city with famous shroud
  357. Disturb or stir up
  358. Flanks, or opposing teams
  359. Small open boat, maybe a rubber inflatable
  360. Former pupil or student
  361. Searches into closely 6 letters
  362. Lacking shoes
  363. Kind of encryption designed to disguise content
  364. Kind of insider slang, may be pretentious
  365. Of hair, untidy and tangled
  366. Very tired or bored stiff
  367. Piece of embroidery showing skill in needlework
  368. Pile, stack
  369. Brown or red rodent
  370. Thoughts, creative perhaps
  371. Flavoursome relish or dressing
  372. Stuns, jolts
  373. Fag
  374. Corridor or narrow laneway
  375. Errors in printing
  376. Animals nourished with milk
  377. Enclosures of wooden posts
  378. Showing compassion for animals
  379. Removed from office (6)
  380. Body of work of an artist (6)
  381. Where kublai khan built his pleasure-dome
  382. Soaring birds of prey (6)
  383. Long pointed weapon of old
  384. Carpet or lino, say
  385. Fair city or coronation street, say
  386. Tiny green, grey or yellow plant found on rocks or trees
  387. A glaring mistake, sounds noisy
  388. Be disloyal to, abuse trust
  389. Soft animal tissue, meat
  390. Period on the throne
  391. Ltr. extensions
  392. Wanders off the intended route
  393. Concentrated essence in a bottle
  394. Consequence of too much booze the night before
  395. Tomorrow in malaga
  396. Not safe or confident in oneself
  397. Symbol of a 26 across
  398. Very big, exceedingly great
  399. Consign to less important place - maybe a soccer team
  400. Hurricane response org.
  401. 25 down meas.
  402. What a 113 across has six of
  403. Salon specialists
  404. Houstons weather herder songbook
  405. Film reviewers strong recommendation
  406. Person hearing youve got mail!
  407. Cheerleading routines
  408. Put on play or other performance
  409. Usual location of nearest neighbour
  410. Free of deceit, truthful by nature
  411. Cannon blast
  412. Person with great sensitivity towards the arts and the beautiful
  413. Where archer keeps his arrows
  414. Homeland of 126 across
  415. Playwright david
  416. Describes in detail
  417. Tour ride
  418. Join two words using common sign
  419. Fuss and nuisance
  420. A tibetan buddhist priest or monk
  421. Regal kind of beer
  422. Greek salad sprinkling
  423. Article in spains el mundo
  424. Feud group
  425. Convoluted process
  426. Righteous! in the 90s
  427. Formal disagreement
  428. Honor with a presentation
  429. Betsy ross, notably
  430. Cost to travel
  431. Refutations
  432. Hat with wide brim and high crown, maybe a cowboy's
  433. Lincoln-to-topeka dir
  434. Own network proprietor
  435. Lloyd webber broadway score
  436. Gym storage
  437. Propane or petroleum
  438. Early article version
  439. Pre-euro milan money
  440. Aliens demand to be taken to this man
  441. Infamous african leader
  442. Creator of horton the elephant
  443. Welcome break
  444. Porcupines and prairie dogs
  445. Monopoly die
  446. Thriller writer hoag
  447. Docs written order
  448. Go over again in the mind
  449. Four-door, usually
  450. Promising young actress
  451. Stride pianist art
  452. Small cakes of flour and fat, usually buttered
  453. Narrow shard
  454. Garden hose inconvenience
  455. Shore thing for a sailor?
  456. Cybercurrency
  457. Good name for a tuxedo cat
  458. Get nearer
  459. Skating no-no
  460. Rainy day wear
  461. Ecological assessment
  462. Toys __ (erstwhile toy chain)
  463. Gasbags bagful?
  464. Sandwich shop devices
  465. Keys brethrens pageant lands
  466. Residences for rabbits
  467. Burgundy wine grape
  468. Rocks queen + __ lambert
  469. Army field ration: abbr
  470. Once-and-future mach 2 flier
  471. Half a musical doll?
  472. Asian region of egypt
  473. Initial or sign, say
  474. Speed deterrents
  475. Beatles leisurely bowman
  476. Matter basics
  477. Unfortunately remote
  478. Elvis younger emotional ethos
  479. Wad in a pocket
  480. Corals with branching arms
  481. Jfk but not sfo
  482. Beethovens atonal smoothing
  483. Carls jr bread
  484. Contents of a quarry
  485. Tiny farm worker
  486. Certain tex-mex tortilla
  487. The fly fisherman's stick
  488. Prizes on the mantel
  489. Photo-filled keepsake
  490. Makers of animal tracks
  491. Tried to win favour by obsequious behaviour
  492. Declined slowly
  493. Pact between nations
  494. Sample piece of cloth or other material
  495. Separate dishes in meal
  496. Attractive girl embracing charlie
  497. Quite understandable - not difficult visually
  498. Carry lion oddly with head in grasp - this will end in tears
  499. Coarse fish, with love, thrown back
  500. Cross off the sauce, eating fish? on the contrary
  501. Detection equipment sub-standard?
  502. Doctor anyone can hassle
  503. Explain cut on, say, farm animal? wire
  504. Grippy thong, to an extent - it squeezes everything tightly
  505. High quality of sound after soprano departs
  506. Homer's hard poem going in novel
  507. Knowledgeable editor supports european coin
  508. Lecture supporting his excellency's ceremonial attire
  509. Little child, after change of heart, was first to be named
  510. Magician utters this poetry and she's transformed
  511. Nice lady required me to keep nothing i trade in
  512. Plan to avoid returning after school
  513. Priest absorbed by roman catholic memorial
  514. Quicker way - that's a soldier's style?
  515. Ragbag drags brooms around
  516. Resuscitate king? calamitous to rescuer short of oxygen
  517. Shift blame on new fellow who's 8
  518. Small pants restricting republican's bits and bobs
  519. Stay up penning the man's dissertation
  520. Stiff uniform - daughter's after one
  521. Still footballer - one tries to prevent a shot?
  522. Stone's thrown at them outside flipping small yard
  523. What about this writer, wearing lieutenant's headgear!
  524. Whitewashes vessels crossing from side to side
  525. Sayings as of a people or group
  526. My fault - . . . culpa
  527. Room where beautician works
  528. Small arctic rodents noted for mass suicide
  529. Sections taken from books, films etc
  530. An abnormal condition that affects and inhibits eating
  531. Plays in which the words are sung
  532. Neat volcano in sicily
  533. Observe in eton
  534. Richard brinsley . . . . . . . . was a great 18th century irish playwright
  535. Arthur miller wrote 'death of a . . . . . . . .'
  536. Punctuation marks indicating slight pauses
  537. Makers of reactors (8)
  538. String for footwear
  539. It's played or sung at a lover's window
  540. His wings melted when he flew too near the sun
  541. Child from a spouse's former marriage
  542. Unhealthy compulsion
  543. Traditional allegory
  544. Judge to decide a disputed issue
  545. Of shared knowledge and values
  546. Reserve or put away
  547. Exhaled explosively
  548. Toy building bricks
  549. Deep shade of 16 dn
  550. Pressing, immediate
  551. Bucketlike vessel
  552. Album info
  553. Kind of network in computer science
  554. Professional japanese hostess and entertainer of men
  555. Rats, mice, foxes and other harmful creatures
  556. Bargain of soft wood?
  557. Voracious african or asian grasshopper
  558. Inflatable sphere, may contain hot air
  559. Empty, not occupied
  560. Mighty hunter of the bible
  561. Ghost or liquor
  562. Parts of a long piece of leather
  563. Solidify like jelly
  564. Repeats passage aloud from memory
  565. In short, not an amateur
  566. Excuse me, kindly overlook
  567. Stock of money available for particular purpose
  568. This hour is when traffic is busiest
  569. The american autumn
  570. Imperfection - go over to the enemy
  571. Get or receive
  572. Protector or watchful angel
  573. Drawn out to be inconvenient or awkward
  574. Gloomy and irritable like sour old man
  575. Staggers about in irish dances
  576. Converts to another use, say novel to stage
  577. In olden days, the bride's parents paid this to the husband
  578. Red consul may be a rogue
  579. In mountaineering, a steep slope to be crossed from side to side
  580. Makes an effort, tries
  581. Shrewd, quick to spot advantage
  582. Lady from coventry who rode naughtily nude, making peeping tom peep
  583. Leave train or dismount
  584. Insults or causes displeasure to
  585. Tideless expanse of salt water between russia, turkey etc
  586. Canal boats, used to be towed along
  587. Easily taken in, too quick to believe
  588. Detail is about person with aspirations toward perfection (8)
  589. The smallest possible amount, or the greek i
  590. Trap with noose for catching animals or birds
  591. Unit of electromotive force
  592. Uses verbal intimidation for purpose of 34 across
  593. Stand with sloping top to hold reading material
  594. Out and about, not passive
  595. Strauss wrote some classic dance melodies
  596. Delude, having escaped capture
  597. Actual and tangible
  598. Staggered about
  599. Breach of moral code
  600. Nationality of citizen of riga
  601. Returned to original condition or place
  602. Foolish words or ideas
  603. North or south, it's a continent
  604. Dealer in clothing
  605. Vegetables, emblem of wales
  606. Similarity of word-sounds
  607. Habitual imbibers
  608. Hidden, undeveloped
  609. Wheeled vehicle drawn by a horse
  610. Storyline or piece of land
  611. Use up, exhaust
  612. Not complete or whole
  613. Brief report issued to the public
  614. Bend, arc
  615. Term of duty
  616. Leaders, bigwigs
  617. The spiritual part
  618. Awfully
  619. Body of beliefs
  620. Control for making or breaking connections
  621. Protected from attack
  622. Eye apertures
  623. Offences punishable by law
  624. Make short shrill signalling sound
  625. People who coach athletes, or running shoes
  626. Have ambition or desire for praise
  627. Analgesic drug or agent 11 letters
  628. Increase of feeling in a population
  629. An animal like the kangaroo, female with a pouch for carrying young
  630. Study of moving surfaces
  631. Rules over, occupies throne
  632. A really rotten existence of canine origin
  633. Song from porgy and bess
  634. Challenged head-on as in rugby
  635. Substance that neutralises acid
  636. Remote measurement by radio
  637. Portent or prophetic sign
  638. Mingles, becomes a mixture or a whole
  639. Retract statement or return goods
  640. Clear and penetrating, as of speech
  641. Something left out or not done
  642. Subject to death, like all mankind
  643. Maryland retreat of american presidents (4.5)
  644. Nationality of citizens of kabul
  645. '. . . . springs eternal in the human breast'
  646. The familiar king of rock music
  647. Durst sit with lack of confidence?
  648. Hirsute trophies taken in battle by early native americans
  649. Star that suddenly becomes brighter for a time
  650. Reject scornfully, rebuff
  651. Start a fight or criticise strongly
  652. Vehicle or ship for carrying oil in bulk
  653. Small canoes for eskimos
  654. Charm, win the interest of
  655. Choose to be excluded
  656. Circular iron plate used for baking
  657. Wise old birds - quite slow
  658. Imposing time code or keeping social engagement
  659. Blood vessels leading from the heart
  660. Young domestic male fowl
  661. Formal and deferential address to a man
  662. Enough space to move or work
  663. Of water or crowd, spread beyond the usual limits
  664. Painting of inanimate things like flowers and fruit
  665. Freedom from pain or anxiety
  666. Easily angered - cliché or what?
  667. Swallowed up as by the waves
  668. Completely faithful to one's principles, straight azure
  669. Cheerful old song: 'roll out the . . . . . .'
  670. Thrust lips forward sulkily
  671. London's traditional eastenders
  672. Holder of an academic degree
  673. Flip, coin or pancake say
  674. Defensive or confining enclosure
  675. Small drum beaten with hands
  676. Warn strongly
  677. Payment for older people
  678. A slow speech pattern
  679. Large serving dish for soup
  680. Makes comprehensible
  681. Cruel, harsh
  682. Action and legal document
  683. Table of dates
  684. Rc devotions of the cross
  685. Sean . . . . . . wrote 'juno and the paycock'
  686. Calm endurance as in card game for one
  687. Too bad, how sad
  688. Drew meaning or response from
  689. A maker of stockings
  690. Hole in needle through which thread passes
  691. Make accusation or charge against an accused
  692. Greatly fears, is most apprehensive of
  693. Shone brightly or smiled widely
  694. Begin journey or arrange for display
  695. Rubber ring thrown to encircle peg in game
  696. Making an effort - it's irritating
  697. Diamond, ruby, or emerald
  698. Travel by shank's mare
  699. Private or civil wrong - trot after it
  700. The art of speaking expressively and well
  701. Made firm statement about a dessert
  702. Summary of facts for barrister to consider
  703. Higher in place or position
  704. Reject, perhaps the devil
  705. Arab people who live in tents in the desert
  706. Spanish queen patron of columbus
  707. Traditional songs at christmas
  708. Old headdress for a nun
  709. Uproar, fuss and fury
  710. Little critter that follows mary in a nursery rhyme
  711. What have i done to deserve this? band ___ shop boys
  712. Planning session contribution
  713. Tax month (abbr.)
  714. Actress dudek of big love
  715. Blue bloods actor who plays former manhattan district attorney robert morgenthau in 33-across (2 wds.)
  716. Deviation from direct course
  717. Youth organization with merit badges (abbr.)
  718. Emmy-nominated netflix miniseries created by ava duvernay and starring 15-across and 49-across (4 wds.)
  719. The closer actress sedgwick
  720. Say my ___ (famous walter white line on breaking bad)
  721. Barely-there underwear
  722. Deceived into false belief
  723. Myth or traditional story
  724. Website with lots of celebrity gossip
  725. Claws actress who is nominated for an emmy award for playing delores wise in 33-across (2 wds.)
  726. Nectarine centers
  727. Tv musical comedy set at william mckinley high school
  728. Doctor who wrote the cat in the hat
  729. City on a hill actor kevin
  730. Zack and miri ___ a porno (2008 kevin smith film)
  731. Gracious! (2 wds.)
  732. Utah's fourth-largest city
  733. Cougar ___ (2009-'15 courteney cox sitcom)
  734. Nfl live anchor kolber
  735. Illegal freeway maneuver for short
  736. Actor ed who played lou grant
  737. Bb's for some shooters
  738. American horror story actress jessica
  739. Underground cell for prisoners
  740. Treated hide
  741. ___-and-eat shrimp
  742. Military mail address (abbr.)
  743. All, in combinations
  744. Saturn sights
  745. Far from a dearth
  746. Putin's employer in the 1980s
  747. 'he can't hit the broad side of ___'
  748. Cook quickly, in a way
  749. Close friend, in surfer slang
  750. Doesn't raise or fold
  751. Drawing card
  752. Subj. of an '80s-'90s financial crisis
  753. Best supporting actor of 1983
  754. Sports legend who wore the number 10
  755. Craps table tactic
  756. Semi-sheer fabrics
  757. Frontier
  758. "first, ___ harm" (doctor's axiom)
  759. One's air
  760. Like racist jokes
  761. Lyrical poetic form
  762. Spots with slogans
  763. Having voluted capitals
  764. 36 for nine, often
  765. Weird al's 'amish paradise,' for one
  766. Leg, in a detective novel
  767. Aspirin place
  768. Journal page
  769. Cowboys compete in it: abbr.
  770. Swarming crowds
  771. Just outside of
  772. Think that just maybe one can
  773. Blues singer washington
  774. Romulus and remus, to rhea silvia
  775. Classmates of james franco
  776. Join wrongly
  777. Brothers' nephews
  778. Prussian pair
  779. 'hoarders' airer
  780. "because seven ___ nine" (punchline)
  781. John lennon's wife ono
  782. Online aid for drivers
  783. Speak with conviction
  784. Cambodia's currency
  785. Person faking a smile at an awards show
  786. 1972 woody allen film shown on encore, appropriately?
  787. 2003 animated film shown on discovery, appropriately?
  788. Fly into ___ (become furious)
  789. The twins retired his number in 1975
  790. Masses in motion
  791. Palm sunday carrier
  792. Adagio or allegro
  793. Jasmine neckwear, perhaps
  794. Winter olympics winner's wall hanging?
  795. 'here's johnny!' memoirist
  796. Old hair-removal brand
  797. Word on oscars
  798. '1984' activity
  799. Adapt, say
  800. Brand originally called froffles
  801. Storm shelter
  802. Firrier?
  803. Need coolant
  804. Optional medicare section
  805. What some dictators end up in
  806. Sort of marker
  807. City north of sarasota
  808. Very short time, slangily
  809. Cartel for bordeaux red wine
  810. Trees suitable for building or carpentry
  811. Beats, cadences
  812. Passage connecting rooms
  813. Older or higher in standing
  814. One who has withdrawn from society
  815. Monks' and nuns' clothing
  816. Person killed or hurt
  817. Alluding, bringing up
  818. Gambling emporium
  819. Choice, pick
  820. Religious officials
  821. Month named after jupiter's wife
  822. Requests the presence of
  823. Cypher
  824. Leeway, scope
  825. Purify from sin or guilt
  826. Rotations of a motor, in short
  827. Show a connection between
  828. Part, piece
  829. Drink of pureed fresh fruit with yoghurt or milk
  830. Father of enigma in dc comics
  831. Fibre used as a bath-scrub
  832. Having a high temperature
  833. Derelict, deserted
  834. Woolly ruminants
  835. Ripe for payment or arrival
  836. Let hopes dwindle - real ethos involved
  837. Are involved in time span
  838. Mount on which moses received the ten commandments
  839. A fried roll of potato
  840. Juliet's immortal lover
  841. Nut often used for cake icing
  842. Agree or permit
  843. To this point or time (6
  844. Small hard growth on skin caused by virus
  845. A mighty particle, can be explosive
  846. Deaden sound, make quieter
  847. Literary infant or good-looking girl
  848. This small rectangular case carries documents
  849. Disturb the calm or stability of
  850. Abandoned project using chopper
  851. Tanned hal helped out
  852. Black and white bird, may be thieving
  853. Great academic knowledge
  854. Swallow wort
  855. Routs setbacks conquests
  856. With gymnastic skill
  857. Think deeply and long
  858. Throw away abandon
  859. Steersman found in mess or confused condition
  860. Proprietary especially in behaviour
  861. Evergreen tree or shrub with strawberry-like fruits
  862. Affront rebuff insult
  863. Morally wrong behaviours
  864. French city in which a 1919 treaty was signed
  865. A painter paints on it
  866. Chain it to popular italian wine
  867. Ornamental embellishments in writing
  868. Last in a series of games or contests
  869. Lout or hooligan - some boy
  870. Person not well suited to his or her environment
  871. River associated with cleopatra
  872. The working man's income tax system
  873. Large vase for funeral ashes
  874. Climax point in, say, a fever
  875. Large island south of greece, once ruled by minoans
  876. Red cosmetic to colour cheeks
  877. Quite ridiculous, laughable
  878. Transmission of exact copies of documents electronically
  879. Scares with loving stroke
  880. Restaurant meal ordered as separate items
  881. Tasty fish, brown or rainbow
  882. State clearly like cute annie
  883. In very high spirits, really chuffed
  884. Big group of musicians playing various instruments
  885. Harmonise as with musical instrument
  886. Divide in halves with knife
  887. Put a letter in the box - stop it
  888. They're equal to about 28 grams
  889. Hinder, obstruct
  890. Cruel and oppressive dictator
  891. Hinder or prevent
  892. High ranking female in india
  893. Tall perennial plant
  894. Mud, dust or grime
  895. Having fissures
  896. Set sequence of events to achieve a result
  897. Strong desire, craving
  898. Reject or disavow
  899. Soldier's knapsack
  900. Session of intensive teaching to an individual or small group
  901. Type of plastering for outside walls
  902. Greek mythological water nymph
  903. Design made of small pieces of coloured stone or glass
  904. Transfer of property rights as security for a loan
  905. . . . . . . . . putin, . . . . . . . . horowitz
  906. Suppress or smother
  907. Sent out or distributed
  908. A gap, or section missing from a book
  909. 'a . . . . . . knowledge is a dangerous thing'
  910. The record of past events
  911. Tasty ball of dough cooked in stew
  912. A stabbing knife
  913. Dries out for vehicle journeys
  914. Stretched neck to see something
  915. Old portable chair for danes
  916. The best of all gardens
  917. Tall blade of marsh grass
  918. Of ship, leans over to one side
  919. In the way or unwanted - in france
  920. A wise and learned teacher
  921. Something useless or unsuccessful, like expired mallard
  922. Sinister socialists?
  923. Irony or sarcasm in speech or writing
  924. Rather too simple and gullible
  925. Once a year, perhaps a book
  926. Quick and rapid like a long-winged bird
  927. Completely or entirely - be quiet
  928. Form of oxygen in earth's upper atmosphere - there's a hole in it
  929. Made to standard shapes and sizes, say clothes
  930. American state, capital madison
  931. In error in mankiest way
  932. Terminate in den
  933. Fiendish and cruel, like old nick
  934. Pass among snakes
  935. Person who cannot accept defeat with grace
  936. Succumb to charms - take a tumble
  937. Publication chief
  938. Kind of deposit of sand and silt left by rivers or floods
  939. Rapt kind of fool
  940. Astonish and confuse
  941. Lasting feud associated with sicily and mafia
  942. Small row between pats
  943. Schoolboy who dodges school attendance
  944. Tension and stress
  945. Sets sight on, having ambitions
  946. Notorious nazi concentration camp in poland
  947. Deserving of ridicule, laughable
  948. Strike in archaic way at times
  949. People who have made wills
  950. Swag, booty
  951. Made contorted face over decigram
  952. Brought to current level of completeness
  953. Net gain after expenses
  954. In brief, he's no amateur
  955. Old nick, satan
  956. Is niggardly, restricts to a small allowance
  957. Short tail as of a deer
  958. Gesture giving information or command
  959. Hit red in order to vacillate
  960. Deep worn track, a bad place to be
  961. Ominous, baleful
  962. Tagged, informally
  963. Gamblers exclamation
  964. Drawin a blank here
  965. Swerves back
  966. Diamond brackets?
  967. Doth depart
  968. Rhythmical
  969. Unlikely handouts with beers
  970. Dieters i
  971. Talk like a tough, say
  972. Con ___ (briskly, in music)
  973. Soft blanket material
  974. Number one nun
  975. Tvs ___ ruins everything
  976. Underlining alternative
  977. Word with club or cream
  978. Sharp and sudden
  979. Temporarily sated, with over
  980. Permanent spot?
  981. Tool for the carpenter
  982. Small prevarications
  983. Traffic-stopping grp?
  984. Game lovers purchase
  985. Creeped out?
  986. Garment worn by some muslim women
  987. Tip of italy?
  988. Longhair cats
  989. Extremely exciting
  990. Auto owners proof
  991. Well, for one
  992. Mary bach makes a lightweight woven fabric
  993. Oceans twelve role
  994. It can be old or breaking
  995. Starry band of light across the night sky
  996. Baking equipment
  997. Enclosed and distinct territories
  998. Supporter or suitor
  999. Prompting device
  1000. An artist could starve here
  1001. Chimpanzee
  1002. Number-one playing card
  1003. Calm someone down
  1004. Stop someone doing something
  1005. Entertaining all over the country
  1006. Communicate verbally
  1007. Knock lightly
  1008. Low areas between hills
  1009. Natives of seville, say
  1010. Cursory or nonchalant
  1011. Holder of official permission
  1012. Unbecoming, impolite
  1013. How ___ do you visit home? (regularly)
  1014. ___ christian andersen the fairy tale creator
  1015. ___ and tell (teaching method)
  1016. Shatter something
  1017. Legal document issued by judicial officer
  1018. Reigned or ordered
  1019. It's made from wood pulp generally
  1020. Loops around a thread holder
  1021. A flop - it's a palindrome
  1022. Return to base as in old film: 'lassie . . . . . . . .'
  1023. Good-looking - like old-time maidens?
  1024. Hitler's first name
  1025. Do driers create untidiness?
  1026. Prudent, slow to take a chance
  1027. A day nursery for child-minding
  1028. Utter insults, attack in words
  1029. A piece of shot from cartridge
  1030. A theatre company's stock of costumes
  1031. Goddess of retribution in greek mythology
  1032. Puts in between other things
  1033. Truly or admittedly
  1034. Latin name for the womb
  1035. Old word for near
  1036. Great american playwright . . . . . . o'neill
  1037. Praise be to ancient iran
  1038. Finish off, terminate - or issue receipt?
  1039. Begin with sudden movement of surprise
  1040. A social appointment - check calendar
  1041. About, here and there in circular way?
  1042. This kind of sideways thinking does not use conventional logic
  1043. Very thin - excellent?
  1044. Piece of material for wiping feet on
  1045. Daze or bewilder
  1046. Kind of leaf, or boy in old court
  1047. Staple for food containers
  1048. Mouth moisture, spittle
  1049. A flight of fixed indoor steps
  1050. Long poems about great events
  1051. Doing what one is told, compliant
  1052. Rubs harshly against, perhaps on nerves
  1053. Puts at rest, say fears
  1054. Of shares, fairly reliable as investment - like cerulean piece of potato
  1055. Ernest . . . . . . . . . wrote 'for whom the bell tolls'
  1056. Hurrahs - it's a toast
  1057. Biggest and best, like muhammad ali
  1058. Iron bars set into protective fence
  1059. Of time, pass by - please
  1060. Merit through work or effort
  1061. Waste away through under-nourishment or lack of use
  1062. Maintain direction, avoid swerving from
  1063. Goes around the edge
  1064. Completely confused - in a boat?
  1065. Trespasser
  1066. Retailers of meat
  1067. Mountainous state in southeastern asia
  1068. Evaluator, reviewer
  1069. Ruler in the absence of a monarch
  1070. Short holiday during school semester
  1071. Outward flow of the tide
  1072. Place of assembly for the people in ancient greece
  1073. Embarked
  1074. 5 cents in the us
  1075. Three-dimensional shapes with six sides
  1076. Kiss amorously
  1077. Surpassing the ordinary in courage
  1078. Goes or comes back
  1079. Document showing the legal right to a property
  1080. Impressive house in france
  1081. Horizontal surface
  1082. Open space at the base of a chimney
  1083. District in venice, and dublin
  1084. Written comment
  1085. Wart on the sole of the foot
  1086. ___ go song from the 2013 animated movie frozen which won the academy award for best original song: 2 wds.
  1087. Place offering massages
  1088. ___ millionaire 2008 movie which won the academy award for best original song for jai ho
  1089. Cheez ___ (kraft's brand of processed cheese food)
  1090. Actor delon of purple noon
  1091. Of the physical properties of sound
  1092. Viscous substance in some trees
  1093. 8 ___ 2002 movie which won the academy award for best original song for lose yourself
  1094. Krakow's nation for short
  1095. 2017 animated movie which won the academy award for best original song for remember me
  1096. Montgomery's state for short
  1097. Tiny word that rhymes with fad
  1098. 18th century french philosopher
  1099. Ancient galley with two banks of oars
  1100. 2015 movie which won the academy award for best original song for writing's on the wall
  1101. The whole nine ___ bruce willis movie
  1102. Breaks through with full force
  1103. Unlocking implement
  1104. A toy that you may tie to your finger: hyph.
  1105. Who wants one? response: 2 wds.
  1106. Kick-___ nicolas cage action flick
  1107. ___ coelho novelist of the alchemist
  1108. ___-mex (spicy cuisine)
  1109. Handy piercer (anagram of law)
  1110. Israel's national airline: 2 wds.
  1111. Solicit brazenly
  1112. Singer who performed skyfall which won the academy award for best original song in 2012
  1113. It's symbol is zn
  1114. ___ wheels (feature on many sports cars)
  1115. ___ shaiman american composer who has been nominated seven times for the academy awards
  1116. Eject from office say
  1117. ___-sci (college major informally)
  1118. Motley ___ (us heavy metal rock band)
  1119. At ___ end (frazzled)
  1120. Mr. parker of south park
  1121. Mirrored another's actions
  1122. Stage name of shaffer chimere smith: hyph.
  1123. Small, unmeasured amount
  1124. Game played by swimmers
  1125. Court order to attend as a witness
  1126. Red ___ (boston baseball team)
  1127. Name on a frozen tub (dreyer's ice cream partner)
  1128. Trimmed shrubs etc to promote growth
  1129. Unsuccessful attempt to impress, like moist firework
  1130. Willow twigs used in basket-making
  1131. Silent strips of water
  1132. Shows great fondness, perhaps for spouse
  1133. Large flightless birds of australia
  1134. Attitude that people's motives are generally bad
  1135. Period of group activity slangily
  1136. In the army, he's commissioned
  1137. Prolonged period of excessive imbibing
  1138. Star trek catchphrase said by dr mccoy
  1139. A sudden disastrous defeat or collapse
  1140. Cling to - just a second
  1141. Is homer involved in brave behaviour?
  1142. Dismissed with a hatchet
  1143. Reach objective, get there
  1144. A wild flesh-eating dog-like animal
  1145. Turning point, moment of greatest intensity
  1146. Chute des cheveux
  1147. Multiple burdens as of responsibility
  1148. On y fait des trous 4 lettres
  1149. Go away on holiday
  1150. Douillet e
  1151. Spécifier e
  1152. Delivered the ball in the net
  1153. Groups of singers, often in churches
  1154. Hidden destructive code in computer program - makes you sick
  1155. A cowboy's rope for catching cattle
  1156. It's jolly good in the great city
  1157. A confused vote, altogether negative
  1158. Mathematical rules expressed in algebraic symbols
  1159. Chinese port 1842 treaty
  1160. Small two-piece bathing suit
  1161. Concerned with the environment in colourful way
  1162. Indistinct and vague
  1163. Animals or people who exploit and plunder others
  1164. A bright sky-blue
  1165. Ancient inhabitants of mexico
  1166. Shut completely, perhaps a business
  1167. State of extreme fear
  1168. Pays suit to, woos
  1169. Enshrined in ancient stories or legends
  1170. Runs to get funeral vases
  1171. A view held as probable - well, that's mine
  1172. Man's haircut, close-cropped all over (4.3)
  1173. Scottish lough with legendary monster
  1174. Traditional christmas hymn
  1175. First christian ancestor
  1176. Make merry, have a ball
  1177. Drag or carry about
  1178. Discord, conflict
  1179. Filled a space, time or position
  1180. Large cask for alcohol
  1181. Anaesthetic into the spinal cord
  1182. Tripped, faltered
  1183. Korean car brand
  1184. M1 and m11
  1185. Craft or container
  1186. Room for the judge or the bed
  1187. Said to be the mirrors of the soul
  1188. Mock, sneer at
  1189. Pieces of turf dug out by golf clubs
  1190. Feature of personality
  1191. Light brown horse and wild plant
  1192. Elaborate and remarkable display
  1193. Refers, has a bearing on
  1194. Made comprehensible
  1195. Inelegant sort of sweetbrier
  1196. Bad-tempered and out of sorts, like one of the seven dwarfs
  1197. Makes sound like old floorboard
  1198. Cain's people in old peru
  1199. An oriental greeting
  1200. Prejudice on grounds of gender
  1201. Resemble or imitate someone, often parent
  1202. Recollections of past events
  1203. A cult act in kolkata, in former days
  1204. Sue for employment
  1205. Blood of the gods found in choir
  1206. Informal eccentric like damaged utensil
  1207. It fits into electric socket
  1208. Spanish dish of rice, chicken etc cooked in large pan
  1209. A north american indian or old parisian thief
  1210. Love for a small burrowing mammal
  1211. Bury, place in a crypt
  1212. Coat with mexican dish
  1213. Think deeply about, ruminate
  1214. A sitter for a performer
  1215. Part of horse's harness that goes on head
  1216. Makes belching sound like baby
  1217. Came to get ceremonial staff
  1218. Alcoholic drink made from juniper berries - it's a trap
  1219. It is neutralised by alkali
  1220. Satisfy demands by making concessions
  1221. In cricket, wooden cross-piece placed on stumps
  1222. Sacred book of the jewish faith
  1223. Follows or tracks stealthily, game or victim
  1224. Plural form of mr - sounds untidy
  1225. Do what ham thespian does
  1226. Build, set up
  1227. Money earned by money in deposit account
  1228. Brings foot down heavily onto the ground
  1229. Old hands-wielded grass or crop cutter
  1230. Closest i come to time when sun is farthest from equator
  1231. Capable of feeling and perceiving things
  1232. Classify, arrange in groups
  1233. Evils or sicknesses
  1234. No gore seen in this american state
  1235. Possessing fine flow of words
  1236. Formula for making something
  1237. Sacred utterance
  1238. Tall riverside grasses
  1239. Detonating mechanism with clock
  1240. Was afraid
  1241. Task set to practise
  1242. Deep inlet of the sea almost surrounded by land
  1243. Attack physically
  1244. Reflections, likenesses
  1245. System or strategy
  1246. Car with separate boot
  1247. Pay for someone else's enjoyment
  1248. Change into liquid
  1249. To hold flowers
  1250. German inventor of dirigible airship
  1251. Economise, cut down
  1252. Crinkled paper or fabric
  1253. Imposing a penalty on
  1254. Move down through on screen
  1255. Puffs, gasps
  1256. Competent, having a certain ability
  1257. Swiftest greek warrior in the trojan war who killed himself
  1258. Long-haired dog of chinese breed, or informal food
  1259. Bottom room where wine is often stored
  1260. Blades of windmill or propellers
  1261. Make musical sound with closed lips
  1262. Straight and honest
  1263. In brief, a hundredweight
  1264. Having the ability to do something
  1265. Very scarce, probably valuable
  1266. Waste metal or informal fight
  1267. In race, not placed in first three
  1268. Tended to the sick, cared for
  1269. Strong band of tissue connecting muscles
  1270. The tallest animal - what a neck
  1271. Listlessness, lack of energy
  1272. I've got to contend
  1273. Of priest, returned to secular status
  1274. Soothes, eases
  1275. Makes sounds like a duck
  1276. Person who renounces a former belief
  1277. Subtle kind of hubbub
  1278. Victory in battle
  1279. We live with small beetle that feeds on grain and tree-bark
  1280. Special ability of some kind
  1281. Harvester - death is a grim one
  1282. Judge who asked 'what is truth?'
  1283. A broad wide street
  1284. A wonderful or remarkable thing
  1285. A ship or plane's diary
  1286. 'birds in their little . . . . agree'
  1287. Burdensome as duty may be
  1288. Rugby score - make an effort
  1289. Kind of japanese chair-bed
  1290. A three-pronged spear as wielded by neptune
  1291. Venom, toxin
  1292. Region of northeastern france famous for its wines
  1293. Widest
  1294. First letters and first cities
  1295. Open pastry dish
  1296. Passage below ground
  1297. Open flat-bottomed boat
  1298. Large american felines
  1299. Violent thief
  1300. Tyrannical dictator
  1301. Institute legal proceedings
  1302. Pharmacists, say
  1303. Cordially loathes and detests
  1304. Exerting maximum effort - nobody home
  1305. A gifted public speaker
  1306. Brought or lured away from the proper path
  1307. Of ship, fat in the rear
  1308. Rubbishy bits of animal flesh
  1309. Mark on ship's side to indicate limit of loading
  1310. Pleasant sort of smell from cairo mat
  1311. Obstruct, present an obstacle
  1312. Close, but not quite on the target
  1313. Set upon by angry crowd
  1314. In flight after taking off
  1315. ___ exam (would-be lawyer's hurdle)
  1316. Apt anagram of acts
  1317. Campers' rain protections
  1318. Western u.s. gas chain
  1319. Common middle eastern currency name
  1320. Sweetheart slangily
  1321. Lip ___ battle (pretend singing show)
  1322. Negative answers
  1323. Cheech or chong
  1324. Taking a long time like long-winded speech
  1325. Person who assists a priest
  1326. The ability to perceive the true nature of something
  1327. Pieces in the game battleship
  1328. Don draper for one
  1329. Biological culture medium
  1330. Site of switzerland's oldest university
  1331. End of a complete phrase
  1332. Particular slant
  1333. Like feel-good memes or this puzzle's theme?
  1334. Don't bother someone - allow to be solitary
  1335. Old turk or long seat
  1336. Of an empire or its ruler
  1337. One counting calories
  1338. Pasta nutrient briefly
  1339. Sherpa's tool: var.
  1340. Bruce or harper
  1341. Connect with on social media
  1342. A boxer's corner assistant - not the first
  1343. Takes off like large flatfish
  1344. Listens accidentally without the speaker's knowledge
  1345. Diva's shining moment
  1346. Quarrels about where to eat out say
  1347. Thought the world of
  1348. Sea anemone say
  1349. American chinese appetizers
  1350. Greece's largest island
  1351. Datum on many forms
  1352. Target for some shadows
  1353. Did a scan of
  1354. Ate a snack
  1355. Keeping an eye peeled
  1356. Bovine team members
  1357. They may interfere with team play
  1358. Sharp-witted, intelligent
  1359. Layman attending to church duties
  1360. So caustic about properties of sound
  1361. 'when the cat's away, the . . . . will play'
  1362. Laze about with enthusiasm
  1363. Prefix meaning excessively or beyond
  1364. Furry animal, lives in lodge and builds dams
  1365. Hurts through constant rubbing
  1366. Clot of a slimy substance found in bog
  1367. Administer sharp blow, being below par
  1368. An informal swindle
  1369. Make melancholy and distressed
  1370. Greatly surprised and impressed
  1371. Point of an old-fashioned pen
  1372. A golfer's assistant-adviser
  1373. Line caused in cloth by folding
  1374. Let slip from grip or, informally, stop talking about something
  1375. Enigma dc comics
  1376. Roman goddess of the hunt, or tragic english princess
  1377. Colson whitehead
  1378. Hidden treasure for voter
  1379. Allowed, gave consent
  1380. Debars on account of facial growths
  1381. Maths dealing with lines, angles etc - euclid was good at it
  1382. Home speaker company with a palindromic name
  1383. Gives quiet or half-suppressed laugh
  1384. Create a rumpus, elevate murderer
  1385. A snooker striker
  1386. Small upright sea creatures with equine heads
  1387. Julianne moore
  1388. Flesh-eating dog with eerie laugh
  1389. He has just arrived or started
  1390. Informally, an unfortunate or unmerited outcome
  1391. To perish with prizes
  1392. Smiled brightly like sun ray
  1393. Putting question or requesting
  1394. Posture or train compartment
  1395. Vertical part of flower or drinking glass
  1396. Thaidene nene
  1397. Of conditions, simple and harsh as for ancient greeks
  1398. Grappin e
  1399. Partial suspension of breath, in sleep say
  1400. Jewish bread rolls
  1401. Branched centrepiece of the table
  1402. Larders
  1403. Set of rules laid down by authority
  1404. Marine substance, often forms reef
  1405. Reserve to draw upon when needed
  1406. . . . morrisson (singer)
  1407. Made illegal payments in exchange for favours
  1408. Who killed the radio star? (5)
  1409. Tip for a waiter
  1410. The von trapps lived there
  1411. A feather trimming (6)
  1412. On board first (4)
  1413. Sitting a lot and taking little exercise
  1414. Slowly and graceful, in music
  1415. Effective or persuasive language
  1416. 10,000 squaer metres
  1417. Extortionate, interest rate perhaps
  1418. One who had no equal, a paragon
  1419. Territorial
  1420. One who is absent without permission
  1421. Ancient egyptian kings
  1422. Curiosity, curio
  1423. System that gives a three-dimensional sound
  1424. Large heavy antelope
  1425. Heretofore (8
  1426. Indirect kind of plus in the bank
  1427. Pasted in by very skilful people
  1428. African warrior under chaka
  1429. Protected from the weather
  1430. Banshee who has become a failure
  1431. Black and white bird - a thief
  1432. Statue of mary with body of jesus
  1433. Done with good intentions
  1434. Hot-tempered person or british plane in ww2
  1435. Annoy with requests, be a nuisance
  1436. Become boring and uninteresting
  1437. Japanese craft of paper folding
  1438. Movable stand for coffin
  1439. William makepeace thackeray wrote '. . . . . . fair'
  1440. Not very often, seldom in fact
  1441. Hindu spiritual teachers or heads of religious sects
  1442. Musical or regular beat
  1443. Unhealthy excess of fatness
  1444. Season called the fall in america
  1445. Choose from pot
  1446. Hot powdered condiment
  1447. Male honey bee, an idler
  1448. Informally, convicted on false evidence
  1449. Pinch sharply, perhaps in the bud
  1450. Swoon, lose consciousness
  1451. Explore in search of something, perhaps gold
  1452. Kind of whisky spelt without an e
  1453. Ancient gutter-spout from glory age
  1454. Wrap in layers of, say, bandages
  1455. The pit of a theatre
  1456. Notation meaning answer the invitation
  1457. Make charge against
  1458. Nationality of citizens of jerusalem
  1459. The descent to earth of deity in human form
  1460. A state of perplexity, a dilemma
  1461. Lost toy belonging to count leo, writer
  1462. Lazy like slow-moving animal
  1463. Come to maturity like fruit
  1464. It's christmas in france
  1465. With great speed - after hurry
  1466. Sewing implement used to annoy
  1467. Greyish-white chemical element in bones and teeth
  1468. Doomed liner found in attic
  1469. Nursery . . . . . . are simple ditties for children
  1470. Groups of people with unconventional religious beliefs
  1471. Devious and furtive
  1472. Shakespeare - 'king . . . .'
  1473. Metal ball thrown in athletics
  1474. Drunk, pickled
  1475. Sign of a learner
  1476. Fixes as holey socks
  1477. Tyrannical people
  1478. Instrument to measure height above ground
  1479. And the rest, in short
  1480. Roger's window?
  1481. Device to connect computers by a telephone line
  1482. District attorneys
  1483. Ill-tempered or annoyed
  1484. Native quarter of north african cities
  1485. Black-and-white equine
  1486. Turn and sail into the wind
  1487. Largest living birds
  1488. Body tissue that expands and contracts
  1489. Pill in the form of a small rounded container
  1490. Cross-legged position in meditation
  1491. Does the reek echo for the native american?
  1492. Sticks to lean on
  1493. Manually clumsy from digital aberration
  1494. Aggregate, total
  1495. Support me being on top
  1496. Silent kind of water channels
  1497. Tall water grasses on lake shore
  1498. Last meal of the day
  1499. Go out as tide does
  1500. Things that are self-indulgent and costly
  1501. A formal room as for judge
  1502. One who walks laboriously or works slowly
  1503. Ideal, sir for old english prime minister
  1504. Gambling game with spinning wheel and ball
  1505. Carpenter's coarse metal file
  1506. Type of wood used to make plywood
  1507. Under ___ (sworn to tell the truth in a trial)
  1508. That's one ___ thing to worry about
  1509. Cabbage patch kids for example
  1510. Film for which 32-across won the best supporting actor oscar in 2019: 2 wds.
  1511. Plant gel that can help heal sunburns
  1512. State whose eastern neighbors are montana and wyoming: abbr.
  1513. Nun adorer may escape on the trot
  1514. Shakespeare: '. . . . . . ., thy name is woman!'
  1515. Street channel for carrying off rainwater
  1516. A baby's knitted foot covering - sounds like loot
  1517. Gemstone with bands of black and white
  1518. One complete unit of an exercise
  1519. Company that created sonic the hedgehog
  1520. ___ over (suddenly faint)
  1521. First black actor to win two oscars in the same category and only the second to win two competitive oscars: 2 wds.
  1522. Tablet that was first released in 2010
  1523. Taking all that ___ account …
  1524. ___ mater (graduate's former school)
  1525. Makes a cake or pie for example
  1526. Famous deliverer of toys
  1527. Popular american soft drink, coke in brief
  1528. Beat gout so as to go from place to place
  1529. Film for which 32-across won the best supporting actor oscar in 2017
  1530. It's sometimes referred to as the single currency due to its international use
  1531. Done in secret
  1532. ___ lost track
  1533. Spin the wheel network
  1534. Explosive compound: abbr.
  1535. It's on the side of the head
  1536. Piece of wood that can help make a cabin
  1537. Tv channel for fans of athletics
  1538. It might be hard or soft in a taco
  1539. Take a card from the deck
  1540. Bank facility to go into the red
  1541. Major arteries at left of hearts
  1542. Person who imitates another in feline way
  1543. Loungewear worn over pajamas
  1544. Polite denial to a man: 2 wds.
  1545. Garage band's recording
  1546. Jumping insect that's annoying to pets
  1547. Orange variety of tea
  1548. ___ weights (try to build muscle)
  1549. Only country that begins with o
  1550. Medieval period: 2 wds.
  1551. Tag identifying a product
  1552. Nervous condition that make you miss a shot to golfers
  1553. College board exam for the college-bound: abbr.
  1554. Separate with a colander
  1555. Door for departing
  1556. Coming up right after this
  1557. The bard of ___ (what william shakespeare is often called)
  1558. You know nothing jon ___ (game of thrones quote)
  1559. In a cup ___ cone? (question at an ice cream shop): 2 wds.
  1560. ___-hop (rappers' genre)
  1561. What many beachgoers seek
  1562. Long literary work about great events
  1563. Really dirty, disgusting
  1564. Hereditary army commander in feudal japan
  1565. Griddle wrapped around the middle
  1566. Multiple cars in road crash
  1567. He led the jews from bondage
  1568. Wolfgang amadeus . . . . . ., austrian composer of genius
  1569. Trivial or contemptible
  1570. Surrenders, gives in
  1571. Get around, being above it
  1572. Spoken or done without preparation, impromptu
  1573. Spooky, supernatural
  1574. Pay up for shrill bark (3
  1575. Make-believe, perhaps a phoney claim to status (8)
  1576. Yellow-red mineral from iron oxide used as pigment
  1577. Complete sets or series of songs or poems
  1578. Notation with initials indicating alternative name
  1579. International movement for the rights of women
  1580. Stripe for a cleric
  1581. The fatless part of the meat
  1582. In usa, part of prison where condemned criminals are held
  1583. Owns up or grants entrance to
  1584. Imitated, copied playfully
  1585. A clumsy mistake or movement
  1586. Restrained as by surrounding railings or bushes
  1587. A cola mug, strangely, could give you an eye disease
  1588. They cause things to happen
  1589. One's valuable possessions
  1590. Welsh breed of short-legged dog
  1591. Narrative song
  1592. Area sheltered from the sun
  1593. Mean mile, strangely, could be a type of resin surface
  1594. The best (or worst) performances ever
  1595. More comical
  1596. Shop making and selling popular italian food
  1597. Massive mammal with one or two horns on its nose, in short
  1598. In a straight row
  1599. To do with sea movements of lunar origin
  1600. Went on sight-seeing expedition as to foreign parts
  1601. Shock mam in swinging beds
  1602. Amen, in full
  1603. I printed this way, being daring
  1604. Intimidates with intention to harm
  1605. Eats grass like sheep
  1606. Emerge from the land of nod
  1607. Being without, wanting
  1608. An old cloak or a headland
  1609. Nag as a domineering wife does
  1610. Showing great fondness as for a spouse
  1611. Deceitful or insincere - on the double?
  1612. Very soft loaves of bread?
  1613. Abbr. about alcohol on a party invitation
  1614. Keepsake or memorial as of friendship
  1615. Neckwear with the letters a b c d etc.?
  1616. Indigo henna etc.?
  1617. You havent aged a bit and i love that jacket youre wearing?
  1618. Person who is deficient in courage
  1619. Where to take a car for repairs
  1620. Golf score of 5-down under par
  1621. Corn-husks separated from the grain
  1622. Adhesive to the touch
  1623. Class of animal including spiders and scorpions
  1624. Stereotypical material for a professors jacket
  1625. Unclean or indecent
  1626. Holds responsible for fault or misdeed
  1627. Greek hero and novel by james joyce
  1628. Spiritualists or mediums
  1629. Pet asking for milk purr-haps?
  1630. Tv show that originally included john belushi and jane curtin for short
  1631. Nationality of citizen of cairo
  1632. Writhe about and shrivel
  1633. Person or thing providing support
  1634. Raise a topic for discussion
  1635. Widen in detail as pupils may
  1636. Giant in a fairytale
  1637. Of building, be situated next to
  1638. North scandinavian region associated with santa claus
  1639. A buddhist priest in tibet (4)
  1640. Detain cad seeking appointment
  1641. An outfit of clothes
  1642. Rose high in flight like bird
  1643. A radioactive gas, symbol rn
  1644. An archaic servant or underling
  1645. Refuse to talk, be like shellfish
  1646. An informal helicopter, or an axe
  1647. Always and always - what ever for?
  1648. Go on board ship or plane
  1649. Bunches of threads or feathers
  1650. Additive in radiator that stops engine overheating
  1651. The greek i (4)
  1652. Dry and parched, as with regions
  1653. Graceful migratory birds
  1654. One's system of beliefs