1. Water in solid state
  2. Clouds abode
  3. The great pottery throw down material
  4. *i cant capture how amazing that was!
  5. *fallible in very ordinary ways
  6. Enjoy with relish
  7. Kristens the good place co-star
  8. Water from france
  9. Url destination
  10. Carpe diem acronym spelled out by the starts of the answers to the starred clues
  11. Greet casually with to
  12. Distributes as flyers
  13. Grand slam earned by jennifer hudson for short
  14. Piece in a lego helicopter set
  15. Curved part of a foot
  16. Toward the arctic circle
  17. Czech track legend z‡topek
  18. Out in the open
  19. Make a fake of
  20. Like tempura
  21. Give up formally
  22. Rom-com subject
  23. Has bills to pay
  24. Trompe l__: optical illusion
  25. Like carpaccio or ceviche
  26. Home to your microbiome
  27. Bird on south carolina's quarter
  28. Earnings per hour
  29. Snakebite ___ (hiker's safety set)
  30. Succeed at a high level
  31. Elusive fast-food pork sandwich
  32. Word after last or summer
  33. Droop like a daisy
  34. Motor home campsite
  35. Media baron who inspired citizen kane
  36. Thor to odin
  37. Goo from coal
  38. Bulbous-bottomed fruit
  39. Yoko heard on revolution 9
  40. Use for an old t-shirt
  41. Apple pencil users' devices
  42. Fluffy carpet or fluffy hairstyle
  43. I've got this boss!
  44. Yoga pose practiced by royals?
  45. Not far ahead on a scoreboard
  46. Verbal authorization
  47. Justified or how text may be justified
  48. Tv screen option
  49. Embroiderer's tools
  50. Yoga pose practiced on saturdays and sundays?
  51. Do some checkout work
  52. Swank with two oscars
  53. Yoga pose practiced in new york's most populous borough?
  54. Subject of conscription
  55. What an air ball doesn't touch
  56. Having full foliage
  57. Yoga pose practiced on facetime?
  58. Went from full to gibbous
  59. One of the rooms on a clue board
  60. With 36-across figurine that sprouts
  61. Dozen in a carton
  62. Implanted by heredity
  63. Assistant on 9-across
  64. Theater where ella fitzgerald got her start
  65. Lugers ride them
  66. Bunch of bison
  67. In need of hoeing
  68. Swamp as a workload
  69. Money clip contents
  70. Noncommercial url letters
  71. Capitol building feature
  72. Type of shower or salon
  73. Young heroine of beverly cleary's novels
  74. Stockings quaintly
  75. Southerner's speech feature often
  76. Talk over the din
  77. Second reindeer mentioned in a visit from st. nicholas
  78. Six-letter deli meat
  79. Goalie goal
  80. 'right' or 'fade' ending
  81. Free from faults
  82. Nascar contest
  83. Drops on blades
  84. Teases jokes around