1. Dress in delhi
  2. Tree for a partridge in a christmas song
  3. Used facebook messenger for short
  4. Prefix with -vore
  5. Major purveyor of mattresses
  6. Word repeated before me in a beatles hit
  7. Canned
  8. Visitors from another planet in brief
  9. Thats all ___ got
  10. Left unexpectedly in slang
  11. Holiday purchase … or a hint to the circled letters
  12. Number of lanterns if by land
  13. Fill to capacity
  14. Award for which 8-down surprisingly has never been nominated
  15. Like a small room with a roaring fire
  16. Stick (to)
  17. Redding who sang (sittin on) the dock of the bay
  18. Like some binary questions
  19. Grp. founded to resist communism
  20. Easy as pie
  21. It works like a charm!
  22. Puts back to zero say
  23. Aid for returning a lost pet
  24. Wise as ___
  25. Part of p.d.a.: abbr.
  26. Tone of some old photos
  27. Occasion for a locker room pep talk
  28. One of the manning brothers
  29. Its slogan is all the news thats fit to print: abbr.
  30. Marking as a gauge
  31. On top of
  32. It may be in the autumn air
  33. New mexico-to-missouri dir.
  34. Joins again as a race
  35. Easy ball to smash
  36. Red state once for short
  37. Component of an arnold palmer
  38. ___ college (school in poughkeepsie n.y.)
  39. 1980s-90s heavyweight champ mike
  40. Not comfortable with the limelight
  41. Iraq war danger for short
  42. The first m in the mmr vaccine
  43. Same __ story
  44. Ambitious outgoing sorts
  45. Beer named for a baja city
  46. Change for a twenty maybe
  47. Tie-breakers: abbr.
  48. With a clean slate
  49. Corporate verb whose consonants are apt?
  50. Biathlon firearm
  51. ___-than-life
  52. Get in the way of
  53. Word before heart or touch
  54. Child who's just starting to walk
  55. … venture to the center of the shire
  56. Girl scout uniform part
  57. Timothy leary's trip starter
  58. Domesticated farm squealer
  59. 22-across lead-in
  60. Like fran drescher's voice
  61. Spark singer amos
  62. Overwhelmed with diner orders as a server
  63. Elizabeth gilbert's ___ pray love
  64. Attorney general's org.
  65. More ironic as a smile
  66. Questlove hairdo
  67. … said __ ever
  68. Having prolonged success
  69. Air traffic branch of the dot
  70. Imbibes to excess
  71. Instrument from the french for high wood
  72. Eateries' outdoor seating areas
  73. Org. that collects workplace injury data
  74. Wee-hours program with james corden
  75. Take up again
  76. Treatise on verse
  77. Confession about the last piece of cake
  78. Lots of freedom as illustrated in each set of circles
  79. Alan of m*a*s*h
  80. Head of france
  81. App with pics familiarly
  82. Get fresh with
  83. Org. with the sun storm and sky
  84. Life is short initialism
  85. The neverending story author
  86. Word that oddly can mean good in slang
  87. Have __ in one's bonnet
  88. Common paint choice for ceilings
  89. Bob marley and bunny wailer
  90. Neighbor of greece: abbr.
  91. Grammy alternative
  92. Post-lecture sesh
  93. Leave ashamed
  94. Il secondo numero primo
  95. Targets of interventions
  96. On the ball or off the wagon e.g.
  97. Entree sometimes paired with mint jelly
  98. Pulpit speaker briefly
  99. Concern for keynes for short
  100. Place to put on a suit
  101. Like sashimi
  102. Election night shower
  103. Language of many ghalib poems
  104. Logan international airport code
  105. Come into sync
  106. Awed texter's response
  107. He played jefferson in jefferson in paris
  108. Pod particle
  109. Filing need
  110. The glass bead game author
  111. Show satirized on 30 rock
  112. On a tanker say
  113. From around here
  114. Far from original
  115. Loyal employees in 1950s lingo
  116. Dish with bacon cheese and eggs
  117. Inhalers inhibit it
  118. Mystery award presented by the wolfe pack
  119. North african reptiles
  120. Classic western ditty
  121. Potent joe informally
  122. What the circles represent given the words they hold
  123. Beekeeper in a 1997 film
  124. Trig follower for some
  125. Dump diner
  126. Approve gesturally
  127. Wrinkly-faced pet
  128. Simulates
  129. Startlingly weird
  130. Bathrobe securer
  131. Apt papal moniker
  132. Sorry 'bout that!
  133. Nyc site of christina's world
  134. Put up with
  135. Passionate partner dance
  136. Ariana grande song about needing space
  137. Programs on mobile devices
  138. Shy away from
  139. It can be caused by a hailstorm
  140. Had a hunch
  141. 62 for many americans
  142. Eschew nuptial formalities
  143. Prefix for cycle or athlete
  144. Trees with coarse-grained wood
  145. Pleasure trip informally
  146. That's just the way ___
  147. National donor day mo.
  148. Economic aid measure
  149. Like western alaska's population
  150. Commits a faux pas
  151. Place for a hibachi
  152. Traditional side dish for sauerbraten
  153. Meat inspector's org.
  154. Cady's mean girls love interest
  155. Forever your girl singer abdul
  156. Manila currency
  157. Senses of self-importance
  158. Serious-sounding name
  159. Tightrope walker for example
  160. Satyajit ray protagonist
  161. Toe accessory
  162. Org. in which becky hammon coaches
  163. Franchise whose main character is lara croft
  164. ___ don't lie (shakira song)
  165. Lapsang souchong and pu'er e.g.
  166. Sprinter's forte
  167. Plant associated with christmas
  168. Emma watson skill
  169. In all likelihood . . .
  170. Format for some memes
  171. Time for a lunch break often
  172. State with conviction
  173. ___ cake (dim sum item)
  174. Long lock of hair
  175. Eerie poe poem
  176. Imbibes to excess
  177. Air traffic branch of the dot
  178. Drift of fashion
  179. Nest on a telephone pole
  180. Pianists warm-up
  181. Passes the buck
  182. Stitches in baseballs
  183. Subscription continuations
  184. Plumbing duct
  185. Bright store lights
  186. Steam radiator device
  187. Log of hours worked
  188. Line on a grocery list
  189. State maps dots
  190. Needing urgent attention
  191. Change for a twenty, maybe
  192. Spark to action
  193. Car tanks contents
  194. Beer named for a baja city
  195. Opec amounts
  196. One on a police force
  197. More ironic, as a smile
  198. Bugs bunny foe fudd
  199. Life is short initialism
  200. Treatise on verse
  201. Rustic is also part crazy
  202. Russian empress in dire straits over article
  203. Russian ballets cocktail of sound
  204. Russia often put this out support an idiot as leader!
  205. Rush to expel german? yes
  206. Running nooses link posts
  207. Running down info about militancy, ignored by clubs
  208. Runner, one between two runs
  209. Run! carnivores outside in sheeps clothing
  210. Run through former play by goethe, hard for following
  211. Run out of gold street going after former husband
  212. Run nakedly
  213. Ruling torys name repeatedly disturbing people
  214. Ruined city, one where a king was killed and another is buried
  215. Ruin surrounds husband immersed in drink, the rodent
  216. Rows erupting over a sultanates athlete
  217. Rower in loud cry when losing lead
  218. Rowdy underworld boss gets hospital attendant
  219. Row in stadium about good competitor
  220. Route direction
  221. Round globe seafarer encircles it
  222. Roughly stripped and beaten for being into gruesome stuff
  223. Rose&rsquo s part in sophocles&rsquo s antigone finally overcoming friend
  224. Rope caught by type of seaman
  225. Roman square in mediterranean complex
  226. Rock forming mineral
  227. Rock plant lovers mostly want cultivated
  228. Rock found in ideal pudding served up in restaurant
  229. Rock and roll primarily lacking in training of singers
  230. Roadside greasy spoon
  231. Rival of s coe ran and ran desperately
  232. Risk complete outrage
  233. Rise in this? flood barriers up to protect nearly everything
  234. Rings from east london call?
  235. Ring round with green
  236. Ring a tree surgeon, without great desire for treatment?
  237. Rigid principles for the running of public transport
  238. Right to ownership
  239. Ridiculous trousers start to expand, and pop undone
  240. Ridicule, laugh at
  241. Rich, fit, and recovered from injury, say
  242. Revolver found at entrance to ground
  243. Revolutionary to stagger around leader of bolsheviks
  244. Revolutionary passed out drinking port
  245. Revise rent, i note, or enter into continued possession
  246. Review of alien not up for discussion
  247. Reveals record, comes second?
  248. Reveals it to be flexible
  249. Revealed by stance adopted by editor
  250. Returning wanderer tackles source of evil spirit
  251. Returning best trophy
  252. Return obscene material at last, and think about it a lot
  253. Retort from male writer after a drink
  254. Retiring manner adopted by fathers brother
  255. Retail transaction
  256. Result of guarantee republicans conceded
  257. Restored health, but on borrowed time again?
  258. Rest before we start in battle? it&rsquo s a trap
  259. Responsibility taken after wife stole
  260. Resort to guessing just a little bit
  261. Resilience of black cat
  262. Republican plugs a live diatribe deviating from the acceptable
  263. Republican party leader leaves, short of breath and in a rage
  264. Reprimanded and removed from list
  265. Replacing waste ground for health resorts
  266. Replaces fossil fuel that is found just below the surface
  267. Rent securing quiet location for theatre work
  268. Removed undesirables from garden both of us tricked, some might say
  269. Remove dirt and make a fortune?
  270. Remove coat in boring task to catch insect
  271. Remark on distinctive vocal sound
  272. Remains unchanged
  273. Relegated team getting stuffed
  274. Releases fastener
  275. Relax with partner after endless sex
  276. Relative&rsquo s jibe when head goes missing
  277. Relative close to collapse in pleasant surroundings
  278. Relating to the netherlands
  279. Relating to large masses may be called wisdom
  280. Related to a clergy members completed exam
  281. Rejected sensible restraining court orders
  282. Reject plate with large design
  283. Regularly tamper with gown and ppe
  284. Regularly ignored forlorn st pauls altar hanging
  285. Regular movie fan
  286. Regretting exercising authority without latitude
  287. Regardless of the price to pay
  288. Regarding last of houses
  289. Refuse to welcome tourists regularly coming back for cake
  290. Reduce slightly
  291. Red cloak left in fright close to forest
  292. Recover silver in cream
  293. Record tone
  294. Recline under mountain pass for sheepdog
  295. Recently wealthy people
  296. Recent sex cold, messy and unnecessary
  297. Rebound in success with line of goods having latest item promoted
  298. Rebels imprisoning family with son showing dangerous attitude
  299. Reasonable target in coconut shy?
  300. Reason soldier in company left in retreat
  301. Reason for crack paper over it in housework?
  302. Real enthusiasts will swallow this ostentatious display
  303. Ready for a good turn, foul defender
  304. Read with difficulty
  305. Rather excessive pre divorce settlement
  306. Rascals discourteous then nice, not one to show lack of caution
  307. Rapid simultaneous shooting
  308. Rap elbow nastily, a bit unwell
  309. Ranger, perhaps, in favour of development of trees
  310. Range of hearing aids originally despatched
  311. Ramberts head stopping basic support for dancers
  312. Raise or collect
  313. Raise burden put on server
  314. Railway station put out some pop, adding to noise
  315. Radio frequencies used for broadcasting
  316. Racket on its fourth shot at wimbledon
  317. Race to arrest corrupt mep at first on trial
  318. Rabbits on film
  319. Rabbit more appropriate for one to put in oven?
  320. Oscar-winning sophia
  321. Language of many ghalib poems
  322. Word on a deli scale
  323. Language quintet
  324. <b>will you marry me?</b>
  325. Concern for keynes, for short
  326. Seems about right
  327. Historic 1965 march location
  328. Targets of interventions
  329. <del>downward dog</del>
  330. <em>having a meal!</em>
  331. With sleight of hand, say
  332. Hershey caramel-filled candy
  333. Some cartridge filler
  334. Hot rod race
  335. Shoe company with a fish name
  336. Russians and belarusians
  337. Textiles and sundries
  338. Trig follower, for some
  339. Concern when buying shoes
  340. ___ de gallo (condiment)
  341. Girl in the our gang movies
  342. On a tanker, say
  343. Some diner seating choices
  344. Show satirized on 30 rock
  345. Pugilists goal
  346. Vegetable in succotash
  347. Mardi gras locale, for short
  348. Glue or a rhyme for glue
  349. Come into sync