1. Snide sounds from trekkers
  2. Rich but dense playboys
  3. Item carried in an academic procession
  4. Nova in our galaxy
  5. Certain warriors in magic the gathering
  6. Bike wheel parts
  7. Zit
  8. Wisecracking
  9. Like macdonald of song
  10. Protects the quarterback
  11. Tnt seller of cartoons
  12. High-ranking officer informally
  13. Fails at dieting
  14. Activist author paton
  15. Squid-eating dolphin family member
  16. Biceps pic say
  17. Icy orbiters
  18. Bewhiskered behemoth
  19. Attendance check
  20. Cinco de mayo snack
  21. Endorsers' needs
  22. Hot cocoa ingredient
  23. Protein-rich legumes
  24. Place for horse-drawn carriages
  25. Loewe's broadway collaborator
  26. B-29 replica e.g.
  27. Turn-of-the-century conflict
  28. Achilles heel figuratively
  29. Some little leaguers
  30. Tsa agent's scanner
  31. Gathers concerning a footnote
  32. Mistle -; bird known as a stormcock because of its habit of singing in the tops of trees during wind and rain
  33. Kate —, actress who portrayed ava gardner in 2004 biopic the aviator
  34. Will —; one of the merry men in the robin hood legends
  35. Name a one arab state
  36. A small, shallow-draft vessel carrying mounted weapons and used by coastal patrols
  37. Sleep on kojak's idea
  38. Chris __, 1975-78 us open women's singles tennis champion
  39. French civil engineer and architect who designed and built the tallest building in paris and the structural elements of the statue of liberty
  40. Large head-dress - don't remove it, my boy
  41. Try hard to get right into cornish town? not quite
  42. Bore into writing cut a story
  43. Wild mountain creature of africa that is also called a barbary sheep
  44. Uninvited, spontaneous
  45. Went along with a deadly sin
  46. What helps one remember to stock rice wine
  47. A later idea mad hatter fought
  48. Allergy regularly does for part of the body
  49. Arctic footwear
  50. Bound; placed equal
  51. Decorative knotted work
  52. Deliberate avoidance
  53. Doctor concerned with substance not entirely uncommon
  54. Eccentric old king losing head
  55. Fabric made from odd bits of tow, poor in quality
  56. Far from stiff from marathon, perhaps, west of new york
  57. Fish of mackerel family
  58. Former beer is a seller abroad
  59. George —, 1984 author
  60. Hold up in one country military establishment
  61. Idea so far is to change given expression earlier?
  62. Indifferent beginning to operation after distress call
  63. Keep quiet about a persian ruler
  64. Long traffic queue
  65. Machine for turning articles in france and here
  66. March could feature this bird before tons in september
  67. More than just the colon during exam in english?
  68. Native of, eg, helsinki
  69. No one from space is real thing, unfortunately
  70. Quickly running past those
  71. Quickly stop work in post office
  72. Readily imbibing a litre in bar
  73. Root internet protocol under change of direction
  74. Ship having good passage
  75. Some sugar, licorice and another pungent flavouring
  76. Time in channel island is bleak
  77. Call swiss-style
  78. Kind of spring found in a mousetrap
  79. Screen from direct light
  80. Heavy armoured fighting vehicle
  81. Habitual sleeplessness
  82. Laws made
  83. Calculate roughly
  84. Lesson or lecture
  85. Effective strong forcefully convincing
  86. Compliment student with less lean exterior
  87. Money for brioche
  88. Sing unknown poem by lake
  89. Rampaging on a riot in province
  90. Sluggard has to draw
  91. Gloating small face
  92. Hunt reconsidered as fair
  93. Object is almost modest
  94. Ring round for a smile
  95. Returned to battlefield in the wrong direction
  96. Wear down little rodent in the middle
  97. Soldier with his own disease
  98. A beat managed to ease off
  99. British artist in lingerie
  100. City in russia at the confluence of the om and irtysh rivers
  101. Extinct eurasian giant deer of the genus megaloceros
  102. Region of southeast italy; capital bari
  103. Kevin — best director oscar winner for dances with wolves
  104. Colourless highly flammable gas used as a lighter fluid
  105. Sheikhdom in the northeast united arab emirates
  106. Kenneth — author of 1908 children's book the wind in the willows
  107. Small insectivorous bird such as the new zealand — or mindanao blue —
  108. Shrub or small tree with red purple or black berry-like fruits
  109. Type of music whose styles include bepop trad and modern
  110. Small carnivorous mammal related to the civet inhabiting wooded regions of southern europe and africa
  111. 2003 woody allen romcom starring the director jason biggs and christina ricci
  112. Yannick — 2012 olympic 200m freestyle swimming gold medallist
  113. Mickey — author of novels i the jury and the erection set
  114. Town in south yorkshire between doncaster and rotherham housing an 11th-century castle
  115. Vinnie — former wimbledon and wales midfield footballer who played the sphinx in 2000 action film gone in sixty seconds
  116. Bob — 1932 olympic 400m hurdles gold medallist
  117. One of several horny or bony plates protecting the skin of fish and reptiles
  118. Capital of the republic of the congo
  119. Gareth — actor-comedian associated with fellow actor-comedian norman pace
  120. Ben _; american actor and film producer
  121. Industrial city of sw poland formerly called stalinogrod
  122. Our class is left for minutes in west end musical
  123. Édulcoré e
  124. Repandre la civilisation chinoise
  125. Ground living parrot of new zealand
  126. Talk more appropriate for utilities worker
  127. _ pudding, a baked sponge pudding with a layer of apple at the bottom
  128. Brave woman that is missing the bird
  129. Little — rabbit; character in books by alison uttley
  130. Thunderstorm precipitation
  131. Wood struck by a sphere in an alley
  132. Sticky cellophane on a roll
  133. Second airing of a program
  134. __ major (bear constellation)
  135. President from 2009-2017
  136. Auto tank contents
  137. Irregular as fog
  138. Spike on a soccer shoe
  139. String-on-finger toys
  140. Ceramic flooring material
  141. Disk struck with a stick on ice
  142. Tiny dots of land in the sea
  143. What prunes once were
  144. Much too confident
  145. __ count your chickens . . .
  146. Initial comment for short
  147. Horses comment
  148. Sphere struck at wimbledon
  149. Target struck in 53 down shooting
  150. Bit of a jigsaw puzzle
  151. Fill your suitcase
  152. Pelosi of congress
  153. Knitters fabrics
  154. Show joy on ones face
  155. Scary fairy-tale giant
  156. Food on a cob
  157. Tie the __ (get married)
  158. Flashing light on a car used to warn other road users of manoeuvres including turning, changing lane, exiting a motorway and overtaking
  159. It leads to dudes getting romance, put another way?
  160. In geometry, a portion of a circle enclosed by two radii and an arc
  161. Check son's left 25 across
  162. Wherein planes perhaps reach their ceiling?
  163. Worry over radiation initially given to doctor returning to x-ray unit
  164. Writer wrote timeless moving lines
  165. A royal stamp of approval protecting source in newsweek magazine
  166. A white toy was unexpectedly found as an illegal item on board
  167. American demanding expenses whatever happens
  168. … called in sinister medic
  169. Believer pulled from filth in dungeon
  170. Books to get on earlier vehicle
  171. Charlie, a star popular musician, is a tough case
  172. Chief designer admitting resistance to shock treatment …
  173. Chinese work on the double
  174. Communist star managed to infiltrate company
  175. Composer changes not one note
  176. Contact about professional disapproval
  177. Dessert has whiskey with it
  178. Digression from set phrase in translation
  179. Discovery made by european leaving norway behind, going to germany
  180. Dog's urine discovered round bottom of haystack
  181. Drunk bowled in to serve old committee
  182. Dustman idle outside job centre?
  183. Entertainer gets time in small part in fairground attraction
  184. Expressed clearly for greek character on preceding day
  185. German paintings with the queen reflected in an upper chamber
  186. Give address on back cover and melt away
  187. Government allowance incudes points for breeding
  188. Heating unit in the space vacated
  189. Hot part of roof lifts up
  190. Idiot taking assigned drug shut up
  191. Irritation shown by gambler cleaned out in william hill, say
  192. Island where gardeners penned poem
  193. Killer naturally hated unstable explosive
  194. Loudly accuse mrs peacock?
  195. Mark request about unorthodox rites
  196. Nick wants height advantage
  197. Nurse removes husband from danger
  198. One who courts danger on purpose
  199. Only partly formed popular colourless sweet
  200. Pauses in abnormal and danger­ous breathing pattern
  201. Plug connecting to a different port?
  202. Poet's last letter in time associated with pen
  203. Lodger puts article in shelter
  204. Professional reviewer of literature, art, drama or music
  205. Reward band name hated report may suggest?
  206. Showing signs of stress and worry
  207. Spectacular entrance made by parliamentary leader with premature bill?
  208. Spurious blues tune almost without nuance
  209. Stallone to conceal his 72 years as wise man?
  210. Talking animal's mane?
  211. Think at length about
  212. Thus far the lonely heart's desire?
  213. Tree expert gets flower
  214. --- vii, 16th century pope whose papacy was the shortest in history
  215. Trout-like fish found in mountain streams
  216. Southern peas and rice dish
  217. Objects spinning in an orrery
  218. Pith holders nyt
  219. Moulure plate ou saillante e
  220. Sequence or set
  221. Widespread reputation especially of a good kind
  222. Oily product used as theatrical makeup
  223. America's most reliable network telecom company
  224. Spot on a window for a cooling pie
  225. Whose ___ have your boots been under? (shania twain hit song)
  226. Just like that! fingers sound
  227. Borough of berlin whose prison held nazi war criminals until 1987
  228. Milton ___, ugandan politician; prime minister 1962–66 and president 1966–71 and 1980–5
  229. Organic compound made of amino acids
  230. Egg white used as an adhesive
  231. One of the three main types of rock, formed through the cooling and solidification of magma or lava
  232. Country bordering syria and jordan
  233. Carving on ship’s bow
  234. Take a flight to marry
  235. Reading material (abbr)
  236. Controlled steady
  237. Intent on insistent on
  238. Vaporization
  239. Manure for example
  240. Range of notes of an avocet
  241. Duration of monarchy
  242. Rap vile sort of win
  243. Mandy of a walk to remember
  244. Superlative form of bad
  245. Former servicemen’s organization: abbr.
  246. Surface that gets swept and mopped
  247. ___ olay (former name of a skincare brand): 2 wds.
  248. Actress ___ davis who played tonya in king hedley ii
  249. Flower making hearts but not head flutter
  250. One of the five basic food tastes
  251. Distant, unsympathetic or supercilious in manner
  252. Thrilling feeling from hunt in glen
  253. Check the key in, as a rule
  254. What the cardinal assumes is made from thread
  255. Extent of morning section
  256. Word in facebook and disney channels original name
  257. Thrill upon thrill
  258. New york born irish president
  259. Biblical story set to music
  260. Said of old foods that smell or taste unpleasant
  261. Someone who pens stories
  262. Truthful
  263. Necessary household jobs
  264. To make a hole in the skin with a sharp object
  265. Grand __, red rock arizona national park
  266. Stages in video games
  267. Particle representing a quantum of light
  268. Nationality of someone from copenhagen
  269. What to do with stocks and bonds
  270. Open this on a computer or in a house
  271. Sweet __; bedtime utterance
  272. Force a ruling or law onto people
  273. Slow-paced outdoor water park ride
  274. How often something happens
  275. Person whose job is to row boats in venice
  276. Bladed mixer on a bread machine
  277. Dug up, brought to the surface
  278. Female head of an extended family
  279. Firmly pressing to remove liquid
  280. Acquit, absolve from blame
  281. Snowy peaks region including the matterhorn
  282. To get in the way of something
  283. Part of a chair or sofa to lean against
  284. Illegally moved contraband into a country
  285. Educating athletes about sports
  286. Expert in the scientific study of plants
  287. Circus performers who keep balls in the air
  288. Growing vigorously, prospering
  289. Wishes that someone fares well
  290. Person who puts money into a business
  291. A sample for medical testing
  292. A gift given, typically for charitable purposes
  293. Explorer who crosses oceans in a boat
  294. Devices that help asthma sufferers to breathe
  295. Being upright, on your feet
  296. Put upside down or in the opposite order
  297. Informal name for the coccyx
  298. Fried squid rings
  299. Olympic sport that involves the butterfly stroke
  300. The ability to float
  301. Support structure on a staircase
  302. Pairs
  303. A medium; clairvoyant; fortune teller
  304. High-pitched barking made by a small, annoying dog
  305. An outline of buildings defined against a horizon
  306. They work in financial institutions
  307. People who illegally access online accounts
  308. The craft of forming fabric by interlacing threads
  309. To enter and call the wrong telephone number
  310. The person who cuts and sells meat
  311. Take great pleasure in
  312. Made; invented
  313. Person who encourages others to rebel or protest
  314. Stealing of the world's great masterpieces
  315. Make longer
  316. Social network where others can react to a post
  317. Official summons to court
  318. Clear cooking broth with a french name
  319. Arranging objects in a system
  320. The monarchs of ancient egypt
  321. Place of peace and sanctuary
  322. Person who accompanies & looks after someone else
  323. Sky-divers open this after jumping out of a plane
  324. Part of a thorny flower, often strewn on beds
  325. State of being legally responsible
  326. To begin or set up a company
  327. Hostility
  328. Change radically
  329. The pelt of a bunny, once used widely in fashion
  330. Babylonian king whose code was first set of laws
  331. Groups of performers, musicians or dancers
  332. Scholarly paper of a single specialized subject
  333. Preliminary version or draft piece of writing
  334. Aware of one's surroundings; awake
  335. Successful in producing an intended result
  336. Those who compete in the summer and winter games
  337. General agreement
  338. Official representatives at a meeting
  339. Not even or balanced in shape
  340. Competitions where free gifts are dished out
  341. Philosopher who tutored young alexander the great
  342. Can be healed with medication
  343. The use of aggressive tactics to boost one's ego
  344. Block of charcoal used as fuel for cooking
  345. A cavity in an organ; the heart has two of them
  346. Damaging, destroying, rendering unusable
  347. Capital and largest city of nicaragua
  348. Carve a design onto a surface
  349. Japanese therapy that focuses on pressure points
  350. Unable to escape; caged
  351. Genetic analysis done with one's saliva
  352. Person of authority in sports
  353. Disney movie about a clownfish that's lost __ nemo
  354. The upstairs seats in a concert hall
  355. A high fortress that protects a city
  356. Gunk cleaned out with a cotton swab
  357. Ancient items of historical importance
  358. Embarrassing failure
  359. Circus tent where the performance takes place
  360. Formal and dignified
  361. A person who provides information to a reporter
  362. Person who is exceptionally intelligent
  363. A long journey by sea
  364. Manufacturer of the large a380 commercial jet
  365. In motion, not still
  366. Goddess who sprang forth from zeus's cracked skull
  367. Underwater blade used to steer a boat
  368. Device that controls the spray of a hose
  369. Person who eats human flesh
  370. Dangerous, hazardous
  371. Debilitated; incapacitated
  372. Nanny mcphee actor, emma __
  373. Palm slapping gesture of approval or praise
  374. Ancient egyptian transport for pharaohs
  375. Traditional stories and customs of a community
  376. Support sticks to help injured people walk
  377. Tunes, harmonies
  378. Grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way
  379. Another word for a fast-flowing waterfall
  380. Space __; spacecraft system operated by nasa
  381. They're blown out on a birthday cake
  382. __ shopper, consumer who works incognito
  383. Morally good or correct
  384. Glass __, artificial barrier in business
  385. Result of not using protective lotion outside
  386. Exact, meticulous
  387. Small skin marking, often found on the face
  388. Written instructions for preparing dishes
  389. Tool used for flipping hamburgers
  390. Exploiting; taking advantage of
  391. Detailed coordination of complex operations
  392. All-consuming; fanatical
  393. The practice of spying or of using spies
  394. He composed the 5th symphony
  395. Limb injury due to exposure to extreme cold
  396. Free to use, accessible
  397. Entrance, fascinate
  398. Twirling crepe paper decorations across ceilings
  399. A trained wine steward in a fine restaurant
  400. What some animals do during the winter
  401. The action of misleading someone
  402. Large flightless bird that produces large eggs
  403. Spheres of glass for playing games
  404. Action taken to move food from mouth to stomach
  405. Spending the night under a tent
  406. Claim, announce, declare
  407. Blurred, smeared, e.g. ruined make-up
  408. Washing with clean water, then spitting out
  409. Trained bullfighter
  410. Large container for growing flowers in
  411. Beaming with delight and showing teeth
  412. Gives to charity
  413. Wicker storage container
  414. Breath out
  415. Groups of lions
  416. Hang or swing loosely
  417. Become dry and shrivelled
  418. Ring-shaped islands or reefs
  419. Bad spells from witches
  420. Combination of several sources in music or video
  421. Distributed among several people
  422. Making well again; preserving meat with salt
  423. Linked, attached
  424. Bunches of twelve
  425. Restrictive upper body garment with laces
  426. Business people use one to carry their documents
  427. Bird frightener; character in the wizard of oz
  428. Unsettled; tempestuous
  429. Stunt performer, one who takes risks
  430. People employed to staff telephone switchboards
  431. Asian mountain range has the world's highest peak
  432. Add-on building giving more rooms to a home
  433. The loss of the ability to move due to injury
  434. Hateful, despicable, detestable
  435. A tale of romance
  436. Country whose capital and largest city is jakarta
  437. Involves a sink and needs to be done after a meal
  438. Very difficult or requiring a lot of effort
  439. Kentucky derby cocktail with bourbon, fresh herb
  440. Son of edmund the black prince, ruled 1377-99
  441. Seafood restaurateur with venues in cornwall
  442. Pulp's "common people" featured on album __ class
  443. Not manual
  444. French revolutionary month, the month of heat
  445. Mexican __ party, joined by young frida kahlo
  446. Dollond and __, optician chain
  447. Brief __, very english weepie with dirt in the eye
  448. North carolina barbecue capital of the world
  449. Practical or functional
  450. Plant that pandas eat the most
  451. Hire for work
  452. Rule to be home by a certain time
  453. Award given to a winning sports team
  454. Spawning fish that has pink flesh
  455. Mix and make conversation with people at a party
  456. Corroded, like metal
  457. Remove the outer layer of packaging
  458. Medical term for irrational fear of something
  459. The words in a song
  460. Part of the body removed in a nephrectomy
  461. Regretful and embarrassed about one's actions
  462. Profession associated with florence nightingale
  463. Lucky charms, talismans
  464. Nuns' living quarters
  465. When the sea edge is furthest from the shore
  466. She wears ruby slippers on her way to oz
  467. The trip down a mountain
  468. Framework for a jewel in a ring or necklace
  469. Marches, demonstrations
  470. Social media site with a blue or white bird
  471. French word for "good morning"
  472. Fly larvae used as fishing bait
  473. Huge houses for the wealthy
  474. Period that preceded the jurassic period
  475. Cosmetic operation to remove wrinkles
  476. Shoe with slender heel or knife with thin blade
  477. Volcano that erupted and destroyed pompeii in ad79
  478. Sort into specific categories
  479. An attempt without much hope of being accurate
  480. Makes small changes
  481. Heath ledger's role in the dark knight
  482. Jewish festival during which a menorah is lit
  483. No longer legally married
  484. Cylinders of rolled, dried tobacco leaves
  485. Give someone the latest information
  486. Nice hotel with a lot of amenities
  487. Small, coarse stones used for paths and roads
  488. __ the sailor, maritime hero of the arabian nights
  489. Element with symbol c
  490. Cold, damp and humid feeling of the skin
  491. Represent in a drawing or painting
  492. Resting places in cemeteries
  493. Roar, yell loudly
  494. Add salt and pepper to food
  495. Empty
  496. Literary work that rhymes
  497. A person involved in the trading of goods
  498. Expressing disapproving comments or judgments
  499. Blood vessels that transport oxygenated blood
  500. Feline role for halle berry and michelle pfeiffer
  501. Relating to the running of a home
  502. Depression caused by collapse of land surface
  503. Came together again, joined up
  504. Formal celebratory event, sometimes with awards
  505. Strips of cloth to bind injuries
  506. Alternative name for a slow cooker
  507. People who box or wrestle
  508. Academic experts or researchers
  509. Cloth beds tied between trees
  510. Expert in machinery or bridge-building
  511. Group of symptoms that consistently occur together
  512. Forgiven for a crime
  513. Connected with the sea or naval affairs
  514. Terrestrial arachnid with lobster-like pincers
  515. They give off sound from electrical audio signals
  516. Painting of someone's face
  517. Fictitious, legendary
  518. Spanish black pudding or blood sausage
  519. Fantasy story that always has a happy ending
  520. Wireless connection to smart devices
  521. Revolt, insurgence
  522. Symbols displayed for motorists
  523. Don't shoot this bearer of news
  524. Strip at the top of trousers or a skirt
  525. Shy person
  526. Substance that can reverse a snake bite's effects
  527. Substance like ketchup, salt or mustard
  528. Pardoning
  529. Person who investigates a crime or wrongdoing
  530. Retail client
  531. Identify a disease or condition in a patient
  532. Clark kent's hero name
  533. Unblemished, squeaky clean
  534. Occasion for candles and presents
  535. The result of dividing one number by another
  536. Coating such as teflon, stops food adhering to pan
  537. Grace kelly became one
  538. Projected 3d image formed by lasers
  539. Reduce speed gradually
  540. Belief system that is opposed to war
  541. Medical professionals who perform operations
  542. Shiny as a result of being rubbed
  543. Productive; abundant
  544. Four-wheeled vehicle pulled by two or more horses
  545. Native of lima
  546. A written outline of a movie or novel
  547. Taking tiny bites, like a hamster
  548. Nova scotia's capital, named after montague-dunk
  549. Honest, frank, heartfelt
  550. Bill of sale
  551. Artist who painted les demoiselles d'avignon
  552. French chocolate and cream sauce glaze for cakes
  553. Someone who is moved to safety in times of war
  554. Conundrums; brain-teasers
  555. Bambi's rabbit friend
  556. Domesticated birds; turkeys, chickens, quails etc.
  557. Mortuaries
  558. Receive money as a bequest in someone's will
  559. People who are outside in tents overnight
  560. Unwanted folds in fabrics and clothes
  561. Slatted wooden boxes made to carry bottles
  562. Metal joints on a gate or door
  563. Bodily parts on which head hair grows
  564. Winter sport done on mountain slopes
  565. Shonda __, creator of grey's anatomy and scandal
  566. Expensive stone used in sculptures
  567. People who are native to gothenburg or stockholm
  568. Separate; to remove part of something
  569. Third place olympic medal
  570. Bird with large, bright bill
  571. Legendary jungle-dweller, raised by apes
  572. Next to
  573. Most terrifying
  574. Heaps of burning wood outdoors
  575. Connective tissue that joins two bones
  576. Betrayers, back-stabbers
  577. Curved metal for catching trout, salmon, etc.
  578. Producing or releasing
  579. Orange gourds, carved at halloween
  580. On-screen depiction of no heartbeat or output
  581. Finnish capital
  582. 366 days are in one
  583. Threatening, ominous, frightening
  584. Person legally responsible for overseeing a will
  585. High structure to transport water in ancient rome
  586. Atmosphere of a place
  587. At a high level; not beginner's
  588. Voting a person into office
  589. Edible fungus
  590. The direction that skiers travel in
  591. Issues, troubles, worries
  592. Social gathering for literary discussion
  593. Item given away as part of a promotion
  594. Bring to an end
  595. Elton john song: saturday night's alright for __
  596. Objective that takes preference above others
  597. Ceramic ornament, often placed on a mantelpiece
  598. Superman's girlfriend
  599. His given birth name is reginald kenneth dwight
  600. Tubes constructed to transport gas or oil
  601. Tanzanian national park with migrations of animals
  602. Delayed until a later date
  603. Coming first, going ahead of others
  604. Dutch master who painted the night watch
  605. Chairs that allow you to lean back
  606. Economic penalties for disobeying the law
  607. Father __, he makes wishes come true in december
  608. Study of ancestry and family trees
  609. Pits from which fuel resources are dug up
  610. In another place
  611. Initial design sample; preliminary model
  612. High wire suspended between ravines or buildings
  613. Storytellers
  614. Studs for fastening shirt sleeves
  615. Direct telephone number for donations, etc.
  616. Making food using heat
  617. First lunar phase, seen once every 30 days
  618. Attendant on a ship or plane
  619. Spaces on the top, bottom and sides of a page
  620. Leisurely walks
  621. Lotteries held at country fairs
  622. Protein in hair, skin, fingernails and toenails
  623. Illegal hunter of wild animals
  624. Hot springs in iceland, the azores and new zealand
  625. Pledge, oath
  626. Sketching with a pencil
  627. Hidden lines in the ground for detecting intruders
  628. Warehouses where manufacturing takes place
  629. Daughter of the duke and duchess of cambridge
  630. Clear, salty liquid globules from the eyes
  631. Artisans who lay rushes, reeds, sedges on houses
  632. Tree cultivation area, a botanical reserve
  633. Sternness or severity of manner or attitude
  634. Gases released by vehicle exhausts
  635. The action of abandoning a military operation
  636. Mind-to-mind communication
  637. Italian word for cheese
  638. A public declaration of policy and aims
  639. Making less restrictive
  640. Holly __; breakfast at tiffany's free spirit
  641. Roman amphitheatre that staged gladiator fights
  642. Exhibited, drawing attention to the best features
  643. Fried squid, often served with a spiced dip
  644. Ready in advance
  645. Mocking or teasing
  646. The length of time for which a person lives
  647. Finance records for a business
  648. Imagine, picture the future
  649. Striking with a fist
  650. Mechanisms that drive wind power generators
  651. Declaring; professing
  652. Person who runs without clothing in a public place
  653. White animal that's late in alice in wonderland
  654. Astonished, wowed
  655. Long strands for connecting electronic equipment
  656. Medical word for the tailbone
  657. Group of words that create an expression
  658. Inactive canine that lies on a person's knees
  659. A place of religious retreat in south asia
  660. Statement of intent to inflict pain on someone
  661. Ongoing light-entertainment tv series for laughs
  662. Get ready for the main exercise
  663. Feeling of frustration or tension
  664. Habit-forming
  665. Greek temple on the athenian acropolis
  666. Actors
  667. Professional driver
  668. Absence from work granted because of illness
  669. A false name, such as used by an author
  670. Placed under a spell
  671. Damaged or broken hairs
  672. A model to others, setting a good example
  673. The action of withdrawing from a political state
  674. Storage for a home's h2o supply
  675. Reach a climax
  676. Ringing, reverbing quality of a musical instrument
  677. Portable record of a round carried by a golfer
  678. __ cars; huge hit for snow patrol in 2006
  679. A usual pattern of activity
  680. What opposites do; pull towards like a magnet
  681. Italian layered pasta dish with meat and cheese
  682. Assign a job or role to someone
  683. Hitchcock's dizzy classic
  684. Polishing, removing smudges
  685. Bright cotton scarf worn over hair or around neck
  686. Betrothed, pledged to be married
  687. Gambling arcades with blackjack, poker, etc.
  688. Impassive expression that hides real emotions
  689. Beautiful and elegant
  690. Unclear, could be interpreted in two ways
  691. Open outdoor area surrounded by walls or buildings
  692. Not smoothly or gracefully
  693. Someone who deceives or swindles
  694. Someone who makes wooden furniture
  695. Reward, motivation to make a purchase
  696. Unkempt, out of control, e.g. an __ garden
  697. Enduring pain or hardship
  698. Misshapen body part; abnormality
  699. Temporary blocking structure in a street
  700. The dog breed kidnapped by cruella de vil
  701. A mineral and an electrolyte found in bananas
  702. Yellow or green bananas eaten only when cooked
  703. La __, iconic fellini film set in rome
  704. City in england where the beatles were discovered
  705. Rent out part of a rented property
  706. People
  707. Quick feline siesta
  708. Wind-powered aircraft with no engine
  709. Fin located on the back of a fish
  710. Vegetable used to make pommes frites
  711. A building devoted to religious worship
  712. Proper; correct
  713. Paper used to wipe noses
  714. Disease caused by a virus or bacteria
  715. Chores around the home
  716. Shoppers, buyers
  717. Fleeting; momentary; lasting for a brief time
  718. Singer whose hit despacito was remixed by bieber
  719. Oriental foodie district in many major cities
  720. Novel that you can listen to rather than read
  721. Cartoon character with square pants
  722. Actress married to ashton kutcher
  723. Pulse, number of beats per minute
  724. Completely unaware of something
  725. Mesh, keeps acrobats from falling to the ground
  726. Onlooker; eyewitness
  727. Established custom passed on through generations
  728. Grave marker with inscription
  729. Abdominal muscle used in breathing
  730. The mid-point
  731. Body sacs in which kangaroos keep their young
  732. What the five little monkeys were doing on the bed
  733. Betrayer, turncoat, conspirator
  734. They copy something illegally
  735. Natural sugar in milk
  736. Unimportant
  737. Lower facial contour
  738. Pieces of land completely surrounded by water
  739. The most trendy or fashionable
  740. Always on time
  741. Feelings of pity for someone else's misfortune
  742. Tiny floating animals eaten by whales, etc
  743. Conquered
  744. Sutures to close open wounds
  745. Deep blue gemstone associated with september
  746. Believable or trustworthy
  747. Book genre all about personal improvement
  748. To comb out knots in hair
  749. Spread over a wide area
  750. Old king cole called for three of these
  751. Left out
  752. Lin-manuel miranda's founding father hit play
  753. Three-lobed leaf, emblem of ireland
  754. Complications, issues
  755. Relating to veins, arteries and blood vessels
  756. Rebellions, especially by soldiers or sailors
  757. Arguing for or against a motion
  758. Not permitted, illicit
  759. A substance formed from two or more elements
  760. A plane propelled by a gas turbine
  761. The hippocratic oath is taken in this profession
  762. Options to decide between
  763. Extend the duration of
  764. Compel observance of or compliance with a law
  765. Catchphrases used in ads
  766. Band that john lennon was in: the ___
  767. Audrey __ played holly golightly
  768. Coastal areas by the shore
  769. Angry, furious
  770. Powerful dog, with english and neapolitan types
  771. A junction between two nerve cells
  772. A mass departure of people
  773. Decayed, decomposed
  774. Most recent
  775. Remote-controlled aerial vehicles without pilots
  776. Oppressive ruler, dictator
  777. Expelled from one's native country
  778. Challenges, missions
  779. Canoe-like boats
  780. Hunting dogs with expert sense of smell
  781. Swapped, exchanged goods
  782. Illness, sickness, disorder
  783. Cleaner that removes dirt through suction
  784. Makes broader
  785. Sport on ice, with a puck and protective gear
  786. Friendly, chatty, gregarious
  787. Coated medicine tablets
  788. Use of poisonous gas to remove harmful insects
  789. Exact copies
  790. Silver roll of strong adhesive used in repair jobs
  791. Divided into two halves
  792. The opposite of plural
  793. Powerful and uncontrollable burning of many acres
  794. Underwear for women's upper body with thin straps
  795. Close-fitting protective covering for a book
  796. Disguised; under a false name
  797. Expression of grief, pain or dissatisfaction
  798. Smaller, less noticeable text in a contract
  799. Strips of hair grown on both sides of the face
  800. Noise, disturbance, ruckus, hubbub
  801. Instrument panel in a vehicle
  802. Not harmed, undamaged or unhurt
  803. To observe or oversee a project
  804. Protected from storms and other bad weather
  805. Circulation through veins and arteries
  806. Number of countries in africa
  807. Strongly held, false beliefs e.g. of grandeur
  808. These are counted in a haiku
  809. Industrial building where goods are manufactured
  810. Title of the imperial ruler of japan
  811. Claw mark
  812. Strikes; ambushes
  813. It is the spice of life, proverbially speaking
  814. Release from captivity
  815. Up to date
  816. Snake __, persuades reptiles to rise up
  817. Decayed plant material used to help gardeners
  818. Died out; no longer alive on earth
  819. Not on time; running late
  820. City where the uffizi gallery is located
  821. Breadwinner
  822. Countries containing the thar desert: india and __
  823. Annual celebration of becoming a year older
  824. Small bouquets pinned to clothing
  825. Place to trade items for secured loans
  826. Spanish city that hosts the running of the bulls
  827. Small insertable devices that block noise
  828. Bacchus, to the greeks
  829. French leader who commissioned the arc de triomphe
  830. Free from bacteria
  831. Drooping due to dehydration
  832. Section of a novel
  833. Ozzy osbourne-fronted band black __
  834. Assembled, gathered together
  835. Grand french hotel chain, part of intercontinental
  836. Jumping far and high
  837. Removing the innards from a fish
  838. Nail polish remover chemical
  839. Illuminated from behind
  840. Painter of the last supper and the mona lisa
  841. Causing hurt or damage
  842. Examination to ascertain cause of death
  843. Person who tries hard to fit into a group
  844. In fashion, not just in france
  845. Children of your aunts and uncles
  846. A characteristic, feature
  847. Single males
  848. Reparation for a wrong or injury
  849. Flexible connective tissue around joints
  850. Medical vehicle
  851. Four-digit code that allows access to bank account
  852. Sleepy hollow and corpse bride director
  853. Assessing size
  854. The ancient past
  855. She was part of a girl group and married beckham
  856. String of roman catholic prayer beads
  857. Low land between mountains
  858. Pointed structures on church towers
  859. Difficult experience, trial, torment
  860. Pretty and small; delicate
  861. Walk aimlessly
  862. They can be acute or obtuse
  863. Led by a tour leader
  864. Protective garments for cooks
  865. Release of a prisoner before end of their sentence
  866. Large arctic marine creature with tusks
  867. Deep holes in the earth's surface
  868. A guess; rough calculation, ballpark figure
  869. Those who committed the crime
  870. To suction fluid from parts of the body
  871. __ bing, friends character played by matthew perry
  872. The art of preparing cocktails
  873. Escape route that's flush with the floor
  874. Simple child's toy moved by wind
  875. Build-up of debris at the bottom of a river
  876. Launch into space, e.g. a rocket
  877. Homes for honey bees
  878. Event that marks the start of summer or winter
  879. Mechanical devices
  880. Clover-like plant with three lobes
  881. Asserting ownership
  882. Neither for nor against
  883. Strips of fabric used as hair decorations
  884. Device that turns digital documents into paper
  885. Executives with large salaries, or tubby felines
  886. Famous or successful contemporary musician
  887. The undead, brought back to life
  888. Someone who searches for food, a rummager
  889. Physical movement used to communicate meaning
  890. Formal public discussions about policy
  891. Equipment with straps and belts to hold a horse
  892. The quality of being easy to see or hear
  893. Funny or amusing
  894. Questionable
  895. "shall i __ thee to a summer's day" - shakespeare
  896. Thailand flat noodle dish with chicken or prawns
  897. Illegally gaining access to someone's account
  898. Wooden platforms used to move heavy things
  899. Bewilderment
  900. Hand-held wind instrument with bellows
  901. Outdoor area with ramps for wheeled boards
  902. Term for artificial rather than natural fabric
  903. Arguing or disagreeing
  904. Left without medical attention
  905. Severe snow storms
  906. Offer motivation; boost someone's mood
  907. Create a memorable impression; cause ripples
  908. Reductions in price
  909. South american river, largest in world by volume
  910. Indelible felt pen
  911. Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, law and justice
  912. A drawing representative of an idea or theory
  913. Transform
  914. Alice met a mad one in wonderland
  915. Military or police trainees
  916. Stadiums, purpose-built sports venues
  917. Save from danger, remove from harm's way
  918. __ frame; stop-start filmmaking technique
  919. To cause an injury to a joint by overstretching
  920. Attention to __; ability to spot small errors
  921. Red square is in this city
  922. Successfully complete a university degree
  923. Wise or practical
  924. Abductees
  925. Planning, scheming
  926. To automatically add data to a list on a computer
  927. Back boundary of a tennis court
  928. A group of similar things all close together
  929. Determined in character or ideas; unwavering
  930. In all likelihood
  931. Bladed utensils for chopping meat
  932. Leaving a mark that's difficult to remove
  933. To move closer to
  934. Envy
  935. Medicines that fix health problems
  936. Tiny blobs of water
  937. Words that are sung or spoken in an opera
  938. Hard, fired ceramic pots
  939. Substituting
  940. Polite, unimportant conversation
  941. One who watches
  942. Belly pain
  943. Self-employed contractor
  944. Putting nails into a wall
  945. Future aspirations
  946. Disc-shaped cells in the blood
  947. Two-wheeled, engine-powered racing off-road
  948. Written names of persons of interest
  949. Very tall and steep rock face or cliff
  950. No longer remembered; abandoned
  951. One that got away
  952. Small device blown to make a dog come back
  953. Rodent pursuit to earn more money than others
  954. Icons or pictures that represent game players
  955. Fragrance used to enhance scent
  956. Loving, worshiping
  957. Mandatory clothing worn for a job
  958. Steep gradient
  959. Long metal or bamboo sticks for cooking kebabs
  960. Perform an act to excess
  961. To make something firm
  962. Preserve a body with chemicals
  963. City-state that won the peloponnesian wars
  964. Cleaning a surface with a cloth
  965. Hair that is not smooth or neat
  966. Where the andaman islands are located: bay of __
  967. Calm, compliant
  968. French fashion house and maker of no 5 perfume
  969. Not just
  970. Sharks engage in this type of hectic feeding
  971. Da vinci's first name
  972. A traitor or someone who abandons their homeland
  973. Questioning; not trusting
  974. Capital of namibia
  975. Liquid that adds taste to meat before it's cooked
  976. Language of ancient indian sacred texts
  977. To swap one thing for another
  978. Make minor adjustments
  979. Second-in-charge in a kitchen
  980. Shiny particles, some are sewn on clothing
  981. Amorous, loving and thoughtful
  982. Canine that froths at the mouth with hydrophobia
  983. Mother of dragons on game of thrones
  984. Facial features that are raised when surprised
  985. Flat voice that doesn't change pitch or expression
  986. Don't __; say it how it is, show no restraint
  987. Nationality of physicist erwin schrodinger
  988. Fabric shapes sewn on to a bigger fabric piece
  989. Painted cloth used as on-stage scenery
  990. Allocated, designated
  991. Restaurant rating system that awards stars
  992. Taking place, scheduled
  993. __ diving, underwater in a box near great whites
  994. Scars left by severe acne
  995. Sunken sea vessel's ruins
  996. Deliberate blurring of a photo for romantic appeal
  997. Copy, fake, synthetic
  998. Communication in speech or writing
  999. 1993 film starring meg ryan: __ in seattle
  1000. Taking air in and out of the lungs
  1001. What tamales are wrapped in
  1002. Can easily be read
  1003. Arsenic and hemlock are these
  1004. Professionals who make and repair suits
  1005. Durable glazed cookware material
  1006. Best of friends, especially in a movie genre
  1007. Revolutionary; extremist
  1008. Samuel l. jackson plays this incredibles character
  1009. Add up again
  1010. Palm tree fruit
  1011. Admired, desired, sought-after
  1012. __ potter; creator of peter rabbit
  1013. Went off track
  1014. Leaves a ship before it sinks
  1015. Fixes an error
  1016. Naomi __, famous uk model
  1017. Units of relative loudness
  1018. Signed up for a course
  1019. Combine two liquids until they are smooth
  1020. Making a hole with a tool
  1021. Two openings at the bottom of a nose
  1022. People who sell puppies for a living
  1023. Not in working order, defective
  1024. Thick lobster soup
  1025. With great enthusiasm
  1026. Irish dog breed with reddish silky fur
  1027. Most populated country starting with the letter b
  1028. Big spoons for serving soup
  1029. __ of life, medicine that prolongs your existence
  1030. Hit song by the bangles: manic __
  1031. Evening party or social gathering
  1032. Longest river in india
  1033. Negotiate the price
  1034. Right to vote; sought by women in the 20th century
  1035. Quote or a reference in a scholarly book
  1036. Skin bubbles created by uncomfortable shoes
  1037. Spanish word for "castle"
  1038. Processed meals that are made and sold quickly
  1039. No checks or credit cards accepted here
  1040. They are handed out in a graduation ceremony
  1041. Plummet steeply downwards
  1042. Male who can sing an extremely high note
  1043. Fire up enthusiasm in someone
  1044. Moral stories from the bible
  1045. Portuguese explorer who circled the earth
  1046. Sport played with sticks that have small nets
  1047. Devices used to measure minutes while baking
  1048. Do this to a facebook page to stop following
  1049. Sign of shame or disgrace
  1050. Demonstrated to be true by evidence or argument
  1051. To eat or drink something
  1052. Examined carefully to make sure someone's suitable
  1053. Male part of a flower with an anther and stalk
  1054. Davy jones' __, a resting place for drowned sailors
  1055. How james bond prefers his martinis
  1056. Endure agony
  1057. Peace agreement, concord
  1058. Soak up moisture
  1059. Occurring twice within a four-week time period
  1060. Astrological forecast of someone's future
  1061. Cuts, grazes
  1062. To cause great damage
  1063. Grabbing something abruptly from another's hand
  1064. Italian pasta dish shared by lady and the tramp
  1065. Shallow plate for growing bacteria cultures in
  1066. Remove; detach; become disinterested in
  1067. German dog breed with a long head and beard
  1068. Alternative routes that are quicker and save time
  1069. Rock fragment from outer space
  1070. Family name of aussie actors chris and liam
  1071. Decade that saw the rise of disco music
  1072. Making artistic objects in a skilled way
  1073. Someone who lives or stays in a place
  1074. Marine delicacies often made into bisque
  1075. Trends, clothing styles
  1076. Made from the hide of a doe or stag
  1077. Can be seen or watched
  1078. Tiny extracts of music or pieces of information
  1079. Old spanish warships
  1080. Making changes to a piece of legal text
  1081. Relating to the chest
  1082. A nuisance; something that causes trouble
  1083. Manufacturer of automobiles
  1084. Mountain range between france and spain
  1085. Penned in
  1086. Pulling on a rope
  1087. Hindu goddess of fertility, wife of shiva
  1088. Foretell, forecast
  1089. Live alongside others of different beliefs
  1090. Sleeveless upper body garment with a u-shaped neck
  1091. It falls off a bird
  1092. __ knife, blunt flexible blade for mixing paint
  1093. The ability to understand another's feelings
  1094. __ domingo; dubbed the king of opera
  1095. To ask someone for money or information
  1096. A person with flaming locks of hair
  1097. Green vegetable used as the base of many salads
  1098. The antonym of success
  1099. Stucco
  1100. Anna in the 1956 film the king and i: __ kerr
  1101. 3d scene of a natural setting
  1102. Sopping wet
  1103. Lifelike; authentic
  1104. Contaminant, such as chemical waste in rivers
  1105. Cautiously
  1106. Composer of the pastoral symphony
  1107. A country's boundary with the sea
  1108. Medical term for inflammatory kidney disease
  1109. Worker in a book-lending institution
  1110. Preserved like an ancient pharaoh
  1111. A written record of historical events
  1112. Engage in conflict, like two bulls head to head
  1113. Made clear, clarified
  1114. Written reminders that can be ticked off
  1115. The conquest of constantinople ended this empire
  1116. Noises made by owls
  1117. High-up business official
  1118. Punctuation mark that separates two major clauses
  1119. Misappropriated money from a business, for example
  1120. Identifying symbols stamped onto gold or silver
  1121. Soft drinks machine, for example
  1122. Sweated
  1123. To prepare land to grow crops
  1124. Removing paint from walls
  1125. Race run by the final runner in a relay team
  1126. Author of a moveable feast
  1127. Type of compact piano, not an upright
  1128. Way of living
  1129. __ line, linked process in a car-making plant
  1130. Beauty's only __; look beneath the surface
  1131. A spherical three-dimensional object
  1132. Keyboard symbol that shares a key with the 8
  1133. Of a drawing done without special tools
  1134. Insensitive or inconsiderate
  1135. Slumdog millionaire and lion actor
  1136. Topping salads with oil and vinegar mixture
  1137. Gained knowledge with age
  1138. Mariners, seafarers
  1139. __ to hell; 1979 hard rock album for ac/dc
  1140. A father figure, married to someone's mother
  1141. Curvaceous
  1142. One who establishes a company or brand
  1143. Knock out, injure the head with a blow
  1144. Mounted nobles from the middle ages
  1145. Relating to touch, hearing, vision, for example
  1146. Workforce walkouts for better pay
  1147. Swollen with water
  1148. Ingenious technical devices can make life easier
  1149. Buyer's __; feeling of guilt over purchases
  1150. Most adorable
  1151. Dragged a heavy object
  1152. Small plate that accompanies a tea cup
  1153. Fortified old building where monarch might live
  1154. Matt damon's alter ego in a film series, jason __
  1155. Lying low, taking refuge in a safe house
  1156. Lake __, north american 1980 winter olympics venue
  1157. Things someone does regularly and often
  1158. Electronic devices that broadcast to listeners
  1159. Large, bright parrots
  1160. __-vous; 1979 abba hit with a french title
  1161. Ben kingsley played this leader in a 1982 film
  1162. What 24 hours equates to
  1163. Groups of chosen people in a courtroom
  1164. Steve __, the man also called captain america
  1165. Typical; usual
  1166. Plantations where lemons and oranges are grown
  1167. Energetic and rubbery
  1168. Heavy drinking or eating sessions
  1169. Officials who preside over court cases
  1170. Monopoly rule for collecting money at start corner
  1171. Apple’s famous mobile device
  1172. Acceptable, correct or formal
  1173. The last __, da vinci mural of christ's final meal
  1174. Scuba __, underwater swimming activity
  1175. Designer makes or names
  1176. Disease comes in bubonic and pneumonic forms
  1177. Make up or invent a story to evade the truth
  1178. Computer panels with letters for inputting data
  1179. Thigh muscle, painful when pulled
  1180. Condition or desire to set fire to things
  1181. The percentage of a hotel's rooms that are in use
  1182. Prevalent, widespread, persistent
  1183. Having qualities of a large underground chamber
  1184. She duetted with lionel richie on endless love
  1185. Card game played alone
  1186. Sport associated with japanese men: sumo __
  1187. Burning pain produced by a bee perhaps
  1188. Stranded, typically on an island
  1189. Falls into line, follows a standard
  1190. Street in nyc famous for theatrical performances
  1191. Materials, fabrics
  1192. Metal fastening locked around the wrist
  1193. Abdomens
  1194. Seriously afflicted by an undesirable condition
  1195. Cord used to secure footwear
  1196. Conservative ranks head touring thailand for top places in navy
  1197. Stand up __, a call to hold head up/shoulders back
  1198. Circus performers who keep clubs in the air
  1199. Former love
  1200. Without imperfections
  1201. Book: __ in the rye
  1202. Arrow-firing sport
  1203. Kings, queens, princes and princesses
  1204. French pilgrimage town
  1205. Fine locks of hair
  1206. Argentinian, brazilian or uruguayan cowboys
  1207. Removing lumps from flour
  1208. A container for footwear
  1209. Reflective objects
  1210. The greatest __; film about the life of pt barnum
  1211. Well-defined abs
  1212. Breathing tube used underwater when viewing reefs
  1213. To accept as true
  1214. An aspect or detail that makes something different
  1215. Retail customer
  1216. Recurrent theme in literature or mythology
  1217. Scooby doo's giant dog breed
  1218. Morocco tourist area with famous medina
  1219. Acquiring
  1220. Lack of objectivity, one-sidedness
  1221. Patterns that follow a logical order
  1222. Bills of cash
  1223. __ exits; safety escapes on a plane
  1224. Based on feelings rather than facts
  1225. Period that follows a terrible occurrence
  1226. Governed by rules and legislation
  1227. An avalanche or a runaway victory
  1228. A coffee maker in a coffee shop
  1229. __ through; barely managed to pass or succeed
  1230. Rectify a mistake
  1231. To reuse plastic or other material
  1232. Small band that holds items that open locks
  1233. Star of the 1954 remake of a star is born: judy __
  1234. Served cold
  1235. Largest planet in our solar system
  1236. Convert plain text to code to keep information safe
  1237. Deteriorate after improvement in health
  1238. Goods sent abroad to be sold
  1239. Violent wind storm that occurs in the west pacific
  1240. Deer horns
  1241. Trenches found at the side of roads
  1242. Player of a large-framed stringed instrument
  1243. Can be used for identification: dental __
  1244. Caught an animal with a cord trap
  1245. Dome on a building roof
  1246. Fundamentals; elementary parts
  1247. Put quickly into water
  1248. Cardboard file for keeping paperwork safe
  1249. __ nature; personification of the earth as female
  1250. Country formerly called portuguese west africa
  1251. Beat, tempo
  1252. Gatherings or groups of witches
  1253. Anne of green __, book by lucy maud montgomery
  1254. Dried grape
  1255. Fast; moving at a rapid pace
  1256. Branch of nursing related to childbirth
  1257. Decoration or ornament
  1258. South american region shared by chile, argentina
  1259. Reserving a ticket again
  1260. In reverse
  1261. Village person who proclaims the news
  1262. Carried off by the waves
  1263. Small watery sea habitats made of stones
  1264. Losing all sense of calm; being extremely worried
  1265. Prosperity, wealth
  1266. Not definite
  1267. Weather event with heavy precipitation
  1268. Putting meat on a stick for cooking
  1269. Sensible on-off love interest of bridget jones
  1270. Get involved in; step in to prevent trouble
  1271. Riding on someone's __; relying on others' success
  1272. Mortify, make someone blush
  1273. Move around freely; flow
  1274. Searing, burning
  1275. Name label that tells you where to sit
  1276. Push-along device for trimming grass in gardens
  1277. Most populous city in ecuador
  1278. The living __ : 1987 bond theme sung by a-ha
  1279. The story of a book
  1280. Eavesdropped
  1281. Divide, like the yolk from the egg white
  1282. Someone chosen by a group to speak for them
  1283. Lumps of a hard black substance used in barbecues
  1284. Overhead window pane
  1285. Gives the nod of approval
  1286. Sport of sailing expensive, luxury boats
  1287. Gathered things together to form a set
  1288. Type of dance competition without many rules
  1289. Formal international agreements
  1290. Loss of respect
  1291. The act of not letting someone participate
  1292. To have cut off a limb
  1293. Farming tool carried in american gothic painting
  1294. Short brawl
  1295. Pest __; service to eliminate unwanted creatures
  1296. Extremely old; from civilizations past
  1297. Newly established tech business venture
  1298. City referenced in empire state of mind
  1299. Feeling, such as sadness or happiness
  1300. Medical term for loss of ability to speak
  1301. The f in f1, grand prix racing
  1302. Visited by ghosts
  1303. "double, double toil and __"
  1304. Violent rotating wind phenomenon
  1305. Chewing on a bone
  1306. Rust away
  1307. Ex-cnn reporter who married prince felipe of spain
  1308. Without boundary, unrestricted
  1309. Tropical silver fish, aggressive and predatory
  1310. Mark of expertise in martial arts
  1311. Name of three of henry viii's wives
  1312. Formal physical gesture when meeting an employer
  1313. Number of children born each year
  1314. Cleared of any criminal wrongdoing
  1315. Splendid, extravagant, opulent, luxurious
  1316. Instructing verbally
  1317. Person or ship commissioned to attack other ships
  1318. Naturally occurring warm water pool
  1319. Ellen __, sitcom star and tv chat show host
  1320. Short news broadcasts
  1321. What a shareholder receives
  1322. Number of people in da vinci's the last supper
  1323. Replenishes with water
  1324. First name of the literary character, scrooge
  1325. Work in __; ongoing, constantly improving
  1326. When everyone has the same rights
  1327. Where passengers begin and end a journey
  1328. Small laptop, or writing pad
  1329. Divert, take someone's mind off something
  1330. Baked, stuffed pizzas
  1331. Fashion designer in the incredibles
  1332. Thick fabric with a woven pattern or picture
  1333. A game designed to test your skills or knowledge
  1334. Indifference, lack of interest
  1335. Superior; a more excellent choice
  1336. Here, there, and everywhere: every nook and __
  1337. Chickpea spread
  1338. Flat dishes for eating dinner on
  1339. Puts a tennis ball in play
  1340. Rule of __ describes the classic photo composition
  1341. Individual pieces of garlic
  1342. Male hair-cutting professional
  1343. Crystal that regulates time in watches
  1344. Two gentlemen of __, play, cites an italian city
  1345. One who redacts obscene material
  1346. __ attract, says the old saying
  1347. Where a sling cocktail comes from
  1348. Snow vehicle
  1349. Simple water-soluble proteins found in many animal tissues and liquids
  1350. Singer, band member aka emma bunton
  1351. Adult who attends a party to watch over the kids
  1352. Fastening with discs, down the front of a cardigan
  1353. To remove dead skin by scrubbing
  1354. Edible marine animals like crab or prawns
  1355. To accidentally put a joint out of place
  1356. Mix in with the rest of society
  1357. Ruling a nation
  1358. Public consciousness or knowledge
  1359. Plant producing medicinal oil, or salves
  1360. Asked for a new court case to reverse decision
  1361. Type of restaurant serving udon noodle dishes
  1362. Seat pads or pillows
  1363. Sin city, nevada
  1364. Roomie in jail
  1365. Cold __; treat someone in an unfriendly way
  1366. Village people hit about a brute
  1367. Trilling song or call of a bird
  1368. Writing that uses too many words
  1369. Well known to someone
  1370. __ dog, upside-down yoga position to stretch out
  1371. Process of putting a bush or seed into the ground
  1372. Keep up, conserve
  1373. Overpowering, suffocating
  1374. Chemical added to swimming pools to kill germs
  1375. The most successful point or achievement
  1376. Angela __, actress, plays sleuth jessica fletcher
  1377. Movie where tom hanks talks to a volleyball
  1378. Extremely hungry and desperate to eat
  1379. Town or fortress that troops defend
  1380. Those in authority in the armed forces
  1381. Gilbert and sullivan's the pirates of __
  1382. Word for pepper in spanish
  1383. Criminal act
  1384. Crying, weeping, sobbing
  1385. Pour sauce onto a plate in a thin stream
  1386. Harmful computer agents like trojans and viruses
  1387. Spectral, spooky
  1388. Event with acrobatics in the sky
  1389. Heating gently
  1390. Month during which halloween falls
  1391. Dr —; character portrayed in a television series by martin freeman
  1392. Extravagant style of 17th-century european art
  1393. Make something worthy or important
  1394. Shouted angrily, raved
  1395. Modern and stylish
  1396. The outermost part of an area or group
  1397. European capital located on the river tagus
  1398. The start of the work week for many people
  1399. City in italy that had the first-known pizzeria
  1400. Below-ground storage rooms for priceless things
  1401. Hexed with a spell
  1402. Disney musical famous for idina menzel's let it go
  1403. Wildest members of the dog family
  1404. Recluses, outsiders, hermits
  1405. Where birds sit by windows
  1406. Making less wobbly
  1407. Wins; opposite of defeats
  1408. __ deficit hyperactivity disorder, or adhd
  1409. Internet articles aimed to grab your attention
  1410. Agile with the hands
  1411. Bee-made treat
  1412. Peaceful subtitle of john lennon hit happy xmas
  1413. Inspecting
  1414. Someone who has fallen behind
  1415. Spa facility with hot, wet air; a sauna
  1416. Spinning or rotating column of air
  1417. Bring an escaped prisoner back into custody
  1418. Optical __; pictures that fool your eyes
  1419. At this moment
  1420. Voice amplifier in the shape of a cone
  1421. Mementoes, small valuable items
  1422. Version or performance of a piece of music
  1423. African lion hunting dog breed: rhodesian __
  1424. To obtain something through force or threats
  1425. The globe is divided into 24 longitudinal sections
  1426. Put into practice
  1427. Shortening a book
  1428. People who work machinery
  1429. Shy; embarrassed
  1430. Big charity that collects funds for disaster relief
  1431. Impromptu gathering rallied by social media
  1432. Producing petals or flowers
  1433. Activities related to government
  1434. Barely hot
  1435. Performing backstroke or butterfly
  1436. Sleeping mattress that is filled with liquid
  1437. Selling like __; flying off the shelves quickly
  1438. Dian __, us zoologist studied mountain gorillas
  1439. Rounded at the top like a doorway
  1440. Treasure covered with earth, hidden underground
  1441. Informal name for champagne or other fizz
  1442. Highly attractive, enticing quality
  1443. Deep gorge in cliffs
  1444. Weekly or monthly payment from an employer
  1445. Marvel or dc publications
  1446. Recollection of a past experience
  1447. A vote, with options to choose between
  1448. A track, for mountain biking or skiing
  1449. Chastise, discipline
  1450. Adrenaline __; one who enjoys dangerous activities
  1451. To add someone on a social network
  1452. What many people do before they exercise
  1453. Mountain containing lava
  1454. Winter sport for flying daredevils only
  1455. Signs, pictograms
  1456. What was used before gps or digital navigation
  1457. Wearable audio/video device for the police, say
  1458. Quick dish of sautéed vegetables, noodles in a wok
  1459. Nationality of novelist leo tolstoy
  1460. Removing soap from dishes with water
  1461. A refuge from bad weather
  1462. Wtg means this; well done!
  1463. Ready and prepared to act
  1464. Taking a child off the mother's milk
  1465. Business id holder looped around the neck
  1466. Spirit guides
  1467. Just one hand?
  1468. Lough __, inlet between donegal and derry on the north coast of northern ireland
  1469. Setting the alarm off about nothing is unprincipled
  1470. Amphibian's leg removed by famous scientist
  1471. Beer delivery cart pulled by horses
  1472. Road in which helene hanff found her favourite bookshop
  1473. New itv encore drama about rival brothels
  1474. Artists' studios or workshops
  1475. __ sea, lake east of the caspian sea that straddles uzbekistan and kazakhstan
  1476. West of england city
  1477. Hand over more about diet
  1478. Lovely princess versus miner loses case
  1479. Canada holds a record of winning this sport the most number of times with a total of 21 medals: 2 wds.
  1480. Toy with a tail that can fly
  1481. ___ the week (1930s record label): 2 wds.
  1482. Dentist's request when checking the mouth (comparative form)
  1483. Boo-___ (scary shout)
  1484. Wrote a letter using a keyboard say
  1485. Befitting or suitable
  1486. Sports group with a mascot
  1487. China holds a record of winning this sport the most number of times with a total of 266 medals: 2 wds.
  1488. Send a patient to another doctor say
  1489. Day after wednesday for short
  1490. ___ campbell of country music
  1491. Netherlands holds a record of winning this sport's world cup (women) eight times: 2 wds.
  1492. ___ girl! (encouraging expression)
  1493. Holes or cavities in the ground
  1494. Deceptive move in boxing e.g.
  1495. Second largest university in the us which overlooks the rio grande river: abbr.
  1496. Common dental problem
  1497. Camera shot briefly
  1498. Move on a blanket of ice
  1499. German american puppeteer tony ___
  1500. I am not impressed exclamation
  1501. Very long period of time
  1502. Get unburdened. with of
  1503. Internet slang often used for victory: abbr.
  1504. United states holds a record of winning this sport's world cup 24 times
  1505. Curriculum ___ (written overview of one's career)
  1506. Addam's cousin in the addams family
  1507. Organization that co-sanctions the evian championship: abbr.
  1508. Man ___ mission: 2 wds.
  1509. It's ___-win situation (lose-lose): 2 wds.
  1510. Who ___ the dogs out…
  1511. ___ wrestling popular sport of japan
  1512. Sir belch
  1513. Sabara and hannah of hollywood
  1514. Del rey california
  1515. Déguerpir e
  1516. Everything in the display is lacking in depth
  1517. Mexican dish of fried food in soft tortillas
  1518. 2004 film drama starring imelda staunton
  1519. One of dumas pere's duellists
  1520. Document with an executor
  1521. Virtuosic piece
  1522. Angry diner patron's decision
  1523. Turned to compost
  1524. Word with call or ritual
  1525. *goes on a winning streak
  1526. Barn bale
  1527. Rudder's region
  1528. Fictional terrier from kansas
  1529. Satisfied exhalations
  1530. Kiddie-lit brutes
  1531. Famous potatoes referred to in a license plate slogan
  1532. Rubble-lifting machine
  1533. Pretend to be wealthy in old slang … and a hint to words that end answers to starred clues
  1534. Sufficient briefly
  1535. Shamu was one
  1536. Rr depot posting
  1537. Arnaz of early tv
  1538. Bike for a tyke
  1539. Great plains natives
  1540. Work under as a manager
  1541. More flamboyant
  1542. Nadal's sport
  1543. Electric co. e.g.
  1544. Tree-borne allergen sources
  1545. Assigned, distributed
  1546. *photogenic evening event
  1547. Natl. merit scholarship qualifying exam
  1548. Airplane! actor bridges
  1549. Western plateaus
  1550. Leave a paper trail?
  1551. One in a comb row
  1552. Open-sided structures also called summerhouses
  1553. Respect for predecessors upset two chairpersons
  1554. Person skilled in japanese camouflage
  1555. Designed doilies to put on a pedestal
  1556. Flawed heroes sully games manual
  1557. Special formulae or processes used by individual manufacturers
  1558. Characters taken in from a norfolk police area
  1559. Last month, king went on board
  1560. Long-bodied saltwater fish that has powerful jaws
  1561. Tall annual cereal grass also called maize
  1562. Investigating team in the x files
  1563. Chatting in brief
  1564. Emulated queen latifah
  1565. Warren buffett geographically
  1566. Tropical cocktails (see letters … 7-11)
  1567. Sacred spots
  1568. Timothee of call me by your name
  1569. Bumble or bristlr
  1570. City in french flanders
  1571. Back with a wager
  1572. Mommies' mommies
  1573. V.a. hospital concern
  1574. Awesome online
  1575. Guess i'm missing out
  1576. D'oh! accompanier (… 3-7)
  1577. Sporty spice
  1578. There will come soft rains poet (… 7-11)
  1579. Lettuce-drying tool or a hint to this puzzle's theme (… 2-6!)
  1580. Former cowboys coach in a fedora
  1581. Factory safety org.
  1582. One using juuls
  1583. One junior to a junior casually
  1584. Dessert topped with meringue (… 5-9)
  1585. Bran cereal fruit
  1586. Chips accompaniers (… 2-6)
  1587. A-apple connector
  1588. Congestion relief option (… 2-6)
  1589. She helped jason
  1590. Observatory instrument
  1591. 2020 e.g.
  1592. Longtime anchor rather
  1593. Calculator ancestor
  1594. Japanese veggie that's one letter short of a noodle
  1595. Get out of hand
  1596. Either avengers: endgame director
  1597. Wife of gomez addams
  1598. Shipment enclosure
  1599. Temporary suspensions
  1600. Casablanca denizens
  1601. Peculiar - in a stressed condition, earl moves towards the front
  1602. An act that violates an act
  1603. I see murray’s proclaimed a handsome guy
  1604. American carmaker losing one dollar
  1605. Katy —, actress-comedian who portrays sarah ferguson in channel 4 sitcom the windsors
  1606. The —, 1953 film drama starring richard burton and jean simmons
  1607. Openly, boldly, unabashedly
  1608. Was onto liquor, then did milk
  1609. Gladly set about hoskins and pound
  1610. Actress wanda who has a voice role in uglydolls
  1611. Folded tex-mex treats
  1612. Vinegary marinade used in filipino cuisine
  1613. Showy spring flower
  1614. 2019 awards event hosted by tracy morgan
  1615. Run away in the middle of the night (2 wds.)
  1616. Words often said in front of a priest (2 wds.)
  1617. Band on the ___ (1973 paul mccartney and wings album)
  1618. Grade school (abbr.)
  1619. Fraternal title for a fictional rabbit in uncle remus stories
  1620. Netflix sitcom about relationships starring johnny flynn and antonia thomas
  1621. 2015 hit song by ty dolla sign
  1622. Big name in swiss chocolate
  1623. Friends friend played by david schwimmer
  1624. Uk river, in devon
  1625. Woodwind instrument similar to a clarinet
  1626. Cool it ___ (new edition hit song)
  1627. Elton john's crocodile ___
  1628. Take a plane up without a co-pilot (2 wds.)
  1629. 2019 musical-fantasy film starring 17-across 27-across and himesh patel as a singer who is the only person in the world who remembers the beatles
  1630. Von ___ the sound of music family name
  1631. All-american ___ (garth brooks song)
  1632. Saturday night live cast member who plays talent agent debra hammer in 41-across (2 wds.)
  1633. Perfect singer who plays himself in 41-across (2 wds.)
  1634. Homophone of neigh
  1635. Weekly comedy series whose showrunner is lorne michaels: abbr.
  1636. ___ tomé and príncipe (african country)
  1637. Break in the action (only one letter different from 19-down)
  1638. Lounge on the couch perhaps
  1639. Bright-___ and bushy-tailed
  1640. Water droplets in a yard
  1641. Home screen image
  1642. Calla ___ (white flower)
  1643. Completely wowed: 2 wds.
  1644. Company known for noise-reducing headphones
  1645. Set of tracks for a train
  1646. Last remaining bits
  1647. Currency in cabo san lucas
  1648. If ___ a nickel for every time …: 2 wds.
  1649. Simple outdoor shelter
  1650. Nickname for a dallas cowboy perhaps
  1651. Hawaiian torch
  1652. Most common conjunction in english
  1653. ___ to none (lousy chances)
  1654. Mattress topper beneath the sheets
  1655. Original judge on the people's court 1981-1993: 2 wds.
  1656. Hooray! at a bullfight
  1657. Comfy sleepwear for short
  1658. Singer who sang lady marmalade with christina aguilera lil' kim and pink
  1659. Survivorman star stroud
  1660. If or jabberwocky for example
  1661. Current judge on the people's court 2001-present: 2 wds.
  1662. To all the boys i've loved before star condor
  1663. Final part of a college's url
  1664. Longtime host of the people's court 1981-1993 and 2016-present: 2 wds.
  1665. 1970s tennis champion arthur
  1666. Word that can go before sculpture or skating
  1667. First-rate: hyph.
  1668. Top of a crock-pot
  1669. Hitting statistic in baseball: abbr.
  1670. Apple music device
  1671. Pour water on
  1672. Stocking attachment
  1673. Support a fundraiser
  1674. *it's between 16 and 18 years old in most states
  1675. Readied the dart
  1676. Scolds persistently
  1677. Husking bee unit
  1678. Pap's sis
  1679. Pound enclosure
  1680. *laughing uproariously
  1681. How checks are endorsed
  1682. Preacher's delivery
  1683. Straight up singer paula
  1684. Sportscast replay
  1685. *game console introduced in 1989
  1686. Big name in artisanal bread
  1687. Sister of zeus and poseidon
  1688. Tech class setting on campus
  1689. Brief departure notice
  1690. Most populous hawaiian island
  1691. With 8-down boxer who retired undefeated
  1692. *nope still not right!
  1693. Carrier of some mlb games
  1694. Lotion applied before moisturizer
  1695. Jenny mccarthy to melissa mccarthy
  1696. Sound of censoring
  1697. Digital birthday wishes
  1698. Zeus or poseidon
  1699. Target of a rail-splitter's ax
  1700. Instrument with pedals and pipes
  1701. Electrical power systems
  1702. Joke hidden in the starred answers
  1703. An ancient egyptian fertility goddess, depicted as a woman with a cow's horns
  1704. Piece of asparagus
  1705. City trampled by godzilla
  1706. Bug targeted by an exterminator
  1707. Bar mitzvah party dance
  1708. Political commentator navarro who cohosts the view
  1709. Wild colt gets an embolism
  1710. Self-governing, heading off sumo action when wrestling
  1711. Chaps about to help girl
  1712. 1986 novel by jeffrey archer