1. 63-year british monarch born in 1819: 2 wds.
  2. Completely deplete like a person’s energy
  3. Group of top-tier people: hyph.
  4. ___ out a meager existence (just scrape by)
  5. Silas marner author born in 1819: 2 wds.
  6. Wintour who has edited vogue for over 30 years
  7. Beings who might visit earth: abbr.
  8. It’s not a loss or a tie
  9. I’m a ___ mean fighting machine!
  10. Nickname for theodore
  11. Gravity-powered snow vehicle
  12. Seattle ___ (racehorse awarded the triple crown in 1977)
  13. Single part of a staircase
  14. Tube attached to a fire hydrant
  15. Absolut berri ___ (brand of flavored vodka)
  16. Congratulatory hand slap: 2 wds.
  17. Circle dance at a jewish wedding
  18. Alert to a risk
  19. Tuna ___ (hot sandwich)
  20. ___ kind of you!
  21. Companies paying for commercials
  22. Currency in nagasaki
  23. Solo performance in an opera
  24. Coupe or convertible for example
  25. ___ tide (ocean event when there’s a half-moon)
  26. Prefix with marine or man
  27. One of longest rivers in asia
  28. Machine deciphered by alan turing and co. at bletchley park during the second world war
  29. A us mixed drink featuring an alcoholic spirit with lemon juice and sugar
  30. Kindness in welcoming strangers or guests
  31. Motorway share is an error
  32. Form of needlework one may get hooked on?
  33. Soldiers could be sloshed, taking name for composer
  34. Booze more expensive, hence empty glasses
  35. Awful fate met the woman in the aviary
  36. Delays or hindrances
  37. Acting-mad, gets a new small lorry
  38. Somewhat defective in sound sense
  39. Another name for the penalty box in ice hockey
  40. The red ring in an archery target
  41. Glower at such dazzling light
  42. Fire prodder
  43. Fruit preserve
  44. Hairstyle; gullet pouch
  45. High singing method
  46. Illicit plot
  47. Important; rank
  48. Mix up; items for sale
  49. Question; one trying to impress
  50. Ready-made building
  51. Tart, acidic
  52. Tonic, pick-me-up
  53. Vie, contest
  54. Cause of aids
  55. Speaks in public
  56. Limitless in extent or size
  57. Band of broadcasting frequencies
  58. Colonisation
  59. Imitation gem
  60. Momentary drink
  61. Clever nowadays at pet management
  62. Woman to sail away
  63. Tries out rows
  64. Speaks about a store
  65. Called after parking accident
  66. Creature of pride
  67. The old time nevertheless
  68. The hollow tree managed to sway
  69. 2005 biopic starring joaquin phoenix as johnny cash
  70. Netherlands football coach from 2000-02 and 2012-14
  71. Mediterranean seaport and resort in alpes-maritimes department southeast france
  72. 1963 detective novel by alan hunter
  73. Roman god of doorways passages and bridges
  74. 2007 novel by ken follett
  75. Gerry — co-founder and first leader in 1970 of the sdlp in northern ireland
  76. The — 2003 film comedy starring michael douglas and albert brooks
  77. Toa — rugby league centre whose clubs included warrington wolves and widnes vikings
  78. 1996 comedy-action film starring leslie nielsen and nicollette sheridan
  79. Michel — spain defender; real madrid 2000 and 2002 champions league final winner at blackburn rovers from 2009-12
  80. Sea goddess in greek mythology and the wife of poseidon
  81. The — john kennedy toole novel published posthumously in 1989
  82. Irish singer and film composer born eithne ni bhraonain
  83. 1935 opera by alban berg
  84. The — greek epic poem describing the siege of troy
  85. Best actor in a leading role oscar nominee for the elephant man
  86. 1980 stage play by alan bennett
  87. Son of man painter
  88. Nobel prize italian playwright
  89. Like lady liberty
  90. Something clever
  91. Arousing antipathy
  92. Recent grammy recipient
  93. Goes to low on the road
  94. Achieve prominence
  95. It may tell you to exit
  96. Lodging mentioned in luke
  97. Home of the olde peninsula brewpub
  98. Being remedied
  99. Thousands of asian un peacekeepers
  100. Towages for instance
  101. What doyle called ear-flapped
  102. What really? might mean
  103. Common romcom feature
  104. West saxon or yorkshire
  105. Digital version perhaps
  106. Many nicknamed eras
  107. Hard things to hit
  108. Much less than a roar
  109. What a cranial nerve serves
  110. Newtons navigational invention
  111. Gotten by few
  112. Keep going down
  113. Book report of a sort
  114. Punchbowl.com alternative for hosts
  115. Pale-yellow punch packer
  116. Morsel in chunky
  117. High elevator
  118. What many people slip on
  119. Posting facilitator for short
  120. Sources for fine sweaters
  121. One may wear on an agent
  122. Big bovine
  123. Get from storage
  124. Curl perfection purveyor
  125. A singer might eat it
  126. Teutonic to the max
  127. One of the im not there dylans
  128. Popular choice for going out
  129. We are not amused
  130. Drink with a leaf logo
  131. It doesnt conform
  132. System that popularized faq
  133. Name from old norse
  134. Do an unbelievable scene
  135. Component of some ales
  136. I will drink life to the __: tennyson
  137. 22 scores having great influence but not well-liked to begin with
  138. Beat up apprentice overtaking learner driver?
  139. British rugby supporter follows opening of tournament without any feeling
  140. Cardinal heeded warning
  141. Cat scratching sleeve of jumper
  142. Creep about idly, unevenly and erratically
  143. Delegate's cycling changed over time
  144. Dinosaur with a long neck and tail
  145. Direction of new articles written in alternative way
  146. Draw tea service from a different perspective
  147. Ear membrane - my mp a nut
  148. Embellish contents of more books about celebrity
  149. European bishop's retreat showcasing paintings collected by wealthy writer originally
  150. Expresses audibly
  151. Fast food - begs cure here
  152. Fleece is beginning to conserve warmth
  153. Force railway to provide platform for school
  154. Fuss about timeless novel beginning to alienate fan
  155. Honour-bound men went outside and disbanded union
  156. Hours clocked up?
  157. Man's expected to embrace daughter
  158. Minister upset church before interrupting bishop
  159. Never about to stop working, though not against wanting more
  160. No 1 in the periodic table
  161. Number 10 tripled it in error
  162. One jailed by court after gunmen spread out
  163. Part one providing artist with inspiration for example
  164. Poetic rhyming device using words with the same initial letter
  165. Prove a bachelor of arts may be at a premium
  166. Registered being on board submarine?
  167. Rise and fall of latin garnering excessive coverage
  168. Rogue has hardly any support when it's time to go home
  169. Roguish person
  170. Skin cream to filter out ultraviolet light
  171. Stains
  172. Stands naked holding up end of wedding tackle
  173. Stuck together once law enforcement agent's arrested us
  174. These people must take blame for ill treatment
  175. Tycoon - ski slope mound
  176. Vitamin c
  177. Where davy crockett died, 1836
  178. Part of a brand id
  179. Response to danke
  180. Use taction
  181. Star's handle
  182. Price setting
  183. It began in 1968 for tennis
  184. Chance to relax
  185. Opportunities to watch the big game
  186. Titular woodcutter
  187. Middle eastern qualifiers loss of fuel bizarre
  188. Prefix meaning almost 5 letters
  189. Viva maria
  190. An ideal husband actor
  191. Viva maria actress
  192. Pig's supper
  193. Fingers crossed! (2 wds.)
  194. ___ story (tale of woe)
  195. Healthy heart cookbook org. (abbr.)
  196. Actor/director who plays scheisskopf in the hulu miniseries based on 39-across's catch-22 (2 wds.)
  197. The man with the golden ___ (national book award-winning novel by nelson algren)
  198. Bigelow beverage
  199. Walk back and forth impatiently
  200. C-section doctors (abbr.)
  201. Actor who plays cathcart in the hulu miniseries based on 39-across's catch-22 (2 wds.)
  202. Puerto rico's capital (2 wds.)
  203. Massage therapist's choices
  204. ___ let me go (kazuo ishiguro novel)
  205. Novelist who wrote catch-22 (2 wds.)
  206. Letters on a pc scrolling key
  207. Country between canada and mexico (abbr.)
  208. The way we live now writer sontag
  209. Military leader (abbr.)
  210. Pasta cook's potful
  211. 2014 yankee retiree derek
  212. Closer to fine band ___ girls
  213. Song heard at christmastime
  214. Letters on an old phone's 0 button
  215. Arnold palmer's sports org. (abbr.)
  216. The ___ seekers (rosamunde pilcher novel)
  217. ___ lingus (ireland's national carrier)
  218. Old fashioned thing in a three dog night hit (2 wds.)
  219. Entry in roget's thesaurus (abbr.)
  220. Sandra boynton's the going to ___ book
  221. Agent's cut (abbr.)
  222. Word after collard or mustard in the produce section
  223. A localised collection of pus formed as the product of inflammation
  224. Baby did a bad bad thing singer chris
  225. Arrange in advance (2 wds.)
  226. U.s.s. enterprise officer played by nichelle nichols and zoe saldana
  227. Peony in love novelist ___ see
  228. I think therefore i am philosopher descartes
  229. Captain marvel actor law
  230. Broom made from a bundle of twigs tied to a handle
  231. Character played by larry hagman in us television series dallas
  232. Old thief to steal trendy headgear
  233. Opening quietly paper of a kind that gives the betting
  234. Old american beans preserved thus?
  235. Old authoress from eastern us state with predatory canine, we hear
  236. One's opening number? one of two
  237. Organised massacre of amorite king during ball
  238. One way of scoring at rugby
  239. Officer damages murderous computer
  240. Inner workings of a device studied in horology; or, a novel by philip pullman
  241. Inflict havoc or vengeance
  242. Serviceable workable
  243. French home to film festival
  244. Give latest news
  245. Lightly sparingly
  246. Safety restraint in cars
  247. Amuse an audience
  248. Best purest
  249. Main part of window
  250. Range of mountains
  251. Bed linen items
  252. Flower symbolizing love
  253. Music painting drama
  254. Excellent illustrious
  255. Weals
  256. Baby transport (us)
  257. Revert to earlier behavior
  258. Most readily to hand
  259. Small cart or truck
  260. Unpleasant slippery stuff
  261. One that is no longer famous
  262. Overcoat; irish region
  263. Hairdo for jimi hendrix
  264. Oboes and clarinets in an orchestra
  265. 1980s pontiac model
  266. Ham ___ (sandwich): 2 wds.
  267. Divided up and shared out
  268. Title of a book by alvin toffler and an album by herbie hancock
  269. Between soprano and tenor
  270. A murder carried out with listening apparatus
  271. Plain gold on denture?
  272. Cosmetic ingredient, mostly common and always kept in identical articles
  273. Jewish circumcision rite
  274. Recess appointment
  275. Any character with a token in
  276. Potential consequence of time travel
  277. Not pleased about the french vegetarian dish
  278. Ginette petitpas taylor
  279. Nba point guard listed at 5 9
  280. 30 rockefeller plaza
  281. Decline in value or price
  282. Bring in a social worker of some consequence
  283. Stage reshuffle in extra big shop
  284. Eric upset republican announcer
  285. Oxygen, i imagine, to be partly necessary for jinns
  286. Bird smaller than a wren
  287. Small picture or map bounded by a larger one; teacher training day; a piece of fabric stitched to strengthen a garment; or, a y-seam in quilting or patchwork
  288. A derisory sum (informal)
  289. Garment named after an acrobat
  290. On reflection, not prepared for hostilities
  291. A walled city in northwest india, in rajasthan
  292. Philosophy unknown only to georgia
  293. Much-loved female roman's greeting
  294. Apostle of jesus traditionally regarded by roman catholics as the first leader of the church
  295. People who mend things
  296. Agree, meet
  297. Dealers in fabrics and sewing materials
  298. Coinage of 2000
  299. Mexican chili pepper
  300. Symbol of san francisco
  301. Spaniard's love
  302. Kimono waistband
  303. Letters of negotiation at the end of a craigslist posting
  304. ___ of sight jennifer lopez and george clooney starrer
  305. Pattern on a fishing net
  306. ___ song (chart-topper)
  307. Vapor from hot water
  308. Word after pen or gal (anagram of lap)
  309. Greatly interested in something
  310. Ordering option at a fast food outlet: 2 wds.
  311. Thick dirt
  312. 2015 biographical drama film starring michael fassbender and written by aaron sorkin (birthday today) based on the co-founder of apple inc.: 2 wds.
  313. Birch or beech for one
  314. ___ off! (phrase of praise)
  315. May or june e.g.
  316. Snow hut often found in the arctic region
  317. Mathematical corner that is measured in degrees
  318. 2011 sports film starring brad pitt and co-written by aaron sorkin based on the oakland athletics baseball team's 2002 season
  319. Paperback or hardback e.g.
  320. What is tallied at the end of a competition: abbr.
  321. ___-mo a camera feature
  322. Refine a skill over a period of time
  323. High school dance with a queen
  324. Erno ___ inventor of the world-famous puzzle with a cube of six colors originally called the magic cube
  325. Man in a red suit spotted during christmas
  326. Sentimental rock music genre
  327. Bandleader arnaz of i love lucy
  328. The two dozen in a day for short
  329. Oval-shaped breakfast staple
  330. ___ it will rain soon! (i am sure): 2 wds.
  331. Director brooks of spaceballs and the producers
  332. Recurrent or unifying idea
  333. ___ whitney man who invented cotton gin
  334. Yellowstone beast with antlers
  335. Oscar-winning director lee from taiwan
  336. Damaged as a result of much use
  337. Result of adding up all the numbers on a sheet
  338. One before april for short
  339. Dosage amount for short
  340. Pepper's partner which is a common food preservative
  341. ___ mcgregor christopher robin star
  342. Make someone extremely happy
  343. What l stands for in la
  344. What n stands for in ngo
  345. Afternoon rest taken in hot countries
  346. Labour mp for rhondda since 2001
  347. Sergei –, russian composer whose works included the symphonic fairy tale peter and the wolf
  348. Appropriate for rob to return argument
  349. 1984 musical film starring kevin bacon and lori singer
  350. In which romans followed status
  351. Of such a kind, correl. of qualia
  352. Plain pair turning right, that is
  353. Iron, cut to size where the beaks are?
  354. Boris --, english actor originally william henry pratt
  355. Carpet salesperson female's embarrassed about
  356. Images representing players in an online game
  357. Cycling's 'spring classic' runs from milan to ____
  358. Ostentatious female with leather?
  359. Surname of keanu, star of the matrix films
  360. Performance in carriage
  361. We get les out of town
  362. Dance of the seven veils play
  363. Naturalist who painted birds
  364. Techs character set
  365. City on a gulf of the same name
  366. Tip say
  367. ___ war (conflict unlikely to hurt anyone)
  368. Oxymoronic break
  369. Love lines?
  370. Had more than one could handle
  371. Sleepy still?
  372. Brief flashes
  373. Abbr. after u.s.m.c. maybe
  374. Was patronizing in a way
  375. Room backstage at a playhouse
  376. Step-by-step instructions?
  377. Bit of fudge?
  378. Pleasant forecast
  379. Palynologists study them
  380. Bit of fishing equipment
  381. Part of michelangelos david once maliciously broken with a hammer
  382. Send a revealing image say
  383. Stock holding
  384. Green film character
  385. Chance to take stock for short
  386. Risk territory bordering ukraine and afghanistan
  387. Star of north dallas forty 1979
  388. Public firing?
  389. The handmaids tale novelist
  390. Proceed wildly
  391. Just playing
  392. Cinematographers consideration
  393. Long gestation for a film informally
  394. They often start with elections
  395. Rams home for short
  396. Actress/singer gaynor
  397. Local leader
  398. Descriptor for a police force
  399. Plea bargain component
  400. Sister company of yahoo
  401. Nursery bagful
  402. Foreign language dictionary abbr.
  403. Porters may be found near them
  404. ___ sea body of water between borneo and the philippines
  405. Rabbits favorite chain restaurant?
  406. List from an etiquette expert
  407. Finally admit say
  408. Ignatius j. ___ protagonist in a confederacy of dunces
  409. Many lost generation poets briefly
  410. Norman vincent ___ best-selling motivational writer
  411. Keynote
  412. High-quality coffee variety
  413. Easy pitch
  414. Common commuter letters
  415. Slur in musical notation e.g.
  416. Not at all slack
  417. Spendable amount
  418. Set of keyboard keys
  419. Season ticket holders usually
  420. Personal ad looking for
  421. Many a twister character
  422. Colors in the family
  423. Rascals old-style
  424. Harassed snl clay character
  425. 1887 verdi debut
  426. Girl of avonlea
  427. Roman catholic prelate: abbr.
  428. Obsessions often
  429. Has every intention that one will
  430. Emulate time and warner
  431. Ford who championed the model a
  432. New orleans saints chant
  433. Singing like pentatonix e.g.
  434. Keeper of many books
  435. Meetings
  436. Gamer's icon
  437. Did a laundry job
  438. Tiny birthday cake perhaps
  439. Off-tangent link
  440. Flow counterpart
  441. Chili's competitor
  442. Car radio letters
  443. Name on the cover of dracula
  444. Syllables in some madrigals
  445. Er graph
  446. They run often in summer initially
  447. Usps stack
  448. Toon nephew
  449. Stella artois alternative
  450. Call the midwife nurse
  451. Wild revelries
  452. Peripheral remark
  453. Elicit a speak up! response
  454. Sanskrit for abode of snow
  455. Earth with its axial tilt e.g.?
  456. Princely proclamations
  457. Ibex feature
  458. Musical performance on a seesaw?
  459. Nobel-winning novelist canetti
  460. Kid cry
  461. Trophy for tom stoppard
  462. Indication of a last-minute candidate on an early ballot?
  463. They're held on the 15th day of nisan
  464. Home in a park
  465. Pandowdy kin
  466. Bugged maybe
  467. First supreme commander of nato
  468. Bringer of wisdom so they say
  469. Members of genus helix
  470. Secondary factory in case the main one is shut down?
  471. Head the bill
  472. Parrying athlete
  473. Garnet e.g.
  474. Shepherd e.g.
  475. Fanged creatures
  476. Viola da gamba's cousin
  477. Part of a pair of denim jeans?
  478. Thwarts as a course of action
  479. Word of gratitude in graz
  480. Knocked-over beer bottle perhaps?
  481. Rottweiler restraint
  482. Pink cat in garfield comics
  483. Comment from a real brushstroke appreciator?
  484. Exhibit unsteadiness
  485. Diamond blunder
  486. Don't succumb to
  487. Audio engineer ray
  488. City in a county of the same name on a lake of the same name
  489. Safe signaler
  490. Dryden called him the soft philosopher of love
  491. Proctored person
  492. Pyle's portrayer on gomer pyle u.s.m.c.
  493. Ship whose formal name was santa clara
  494. Audio boosters
  495. Rugs so to speak
  496. Dealership offer
  497. Less hesitant
  498. Private doctor?
  499. Four letters say
  500. Help desk workers
  501. Set of 32
  502. 2017 title role that earned margot a best actress nomination
  503. Enjoyed the alps
  504. Clearly stunned
  505. Target for toro
  506. Red salad bar veggie
  507. Turbine rod
  508. Cheerleader's cool-weather wear?
  509. Bonneville salt ___
  510. The o'hara home
  511. Viral sensation
  512. Spinner in a party game
  513. Trotsky or castro
  514. Henley-on-thames race
  515. Cleaner of brass instruments?
  516. Metaphysician immanuel
  517. Grant or hayes facial feature
  518. Prepares to dine
  519. Howls at the moon
  520. Raines of phantom lady
  521. Worrier's affliction it's said
  522. Drummer starkey of the who
  523. Homes on limbs
  524. Peashooters-and-aspirin conflict?
  525. Beach erosion preventer
  526. Closest pal in texts
  527. Multi-birth mother in 2009 headlines
  528. Good-sized suburban plot
  529. Worker in a fish-packing plant?
  530. Single-file dance
  531. Rope-a-dope pugilist
  532. Made as 33-down
  533. Plywood unit
  534. Sea predators that play with their food
  535. Seeks directions say
  536. Patrons' beneficiaries
  537. The worst ones are often the best
  538. Yiddish gossips
  539. Driver's license org.
  540. 18-down's menu
  541. Oman currency
  542. Erratic disposition
  543. Tree symbolizing strength
  544. What best friends may feel
  545. Northern israeli port
  546. Digital cookie source
  547. Severe statute
  548. Arc de triomphe's city
  549. Sundae topper perhaps
  550. Dress style created by dior
  551. Like spoiled milk
  552. Epic exertion
  553. Prolonged battle
  554. Vowel-shaped bridge support
  555. The beat with ___ melber
  556. Befitting a child
  557. 20-20 say
  558. Where buddhism and taoism originated
  559. Second-highest monopoly roll
  560. Goulash for one
  561. Len of blue bloods
  562. Proverb saying nothing you enjoy lasts for ever
  563. Military hat
  564. Premier pineapple producer
  565. Athlete whose winning heptathlon score at the 1988 olympics is still the world record
  566. Drink to flag, showing unfair bias
  567. A person belonging to or characteristic of the lowest social group in a city
  568. Bbc cookery show currently narrated by india fisher
  569. An old name for iron sulphate
  570. An italian could start something stimulating
  571. Flower after the first of february with greater speed
  572. Tender or benign; having a mild, kindly nature
  573. Irish author whose novels include the country girls, august is a wicked month and the light of evening
  574. Is it heard coming from mismanaged creches?
  575. Spanish ---, the great fleet sent by philip ii of spain against england in 1588
  576. Clifford _, 20th-century american playwright and screenwriter
  577. Singer who won an oscar for the theme to “skyfall”
  578. Wage ___ (difference in pay between men and women say)
  579. 1977 heart song with a sharp-toothed title
  580. “___ my party” (classic lesley gore song)
  581. It comes after “www” or before “com” in a url
  582. Maximum allowed amount
  583. Tool used by a firefighter or a lumberjack