1. Labrador sea sighting
  2. Like some shopping/bumper-to-bumper
  3. Vaguely viewed
  4. Prone to error
  5. Deal facilitator
  6. Reason for some primping
  7. Latin american pilaf dish
  8. Im option
  9. Where o.j.'s mayo and simpson both went to school
  10. 55 down portion, often
  11. Canadian bird coin
  12. Author's story?
  13. Made it through another day, in a way
  14. Olympic assignment
  15. The 47%, as it were
  16. '___ enfants terribles'
  17. Tragic lunar module
  18. Berkeley neighborhood
  19. Sundance film festival founder
  20. Not just a token deceleration/freeze
  21. Do one's bit for the environment
  22. With 119-across, 'house' co-star
  23. Cancellation fighters
  24. Very uncommon thing 2 words
  25. Sanitary headwear
  26. Common iron oxide
  27. Back fence sound
  28. Fear the walking dead
  29. Balkan land, in the olympics
  30. H h munro
  31. Frank or rice
  32. Valuable aid for a cat owner
  33. Bake in milk, as potatoes
  34. "war and peace" prince
  35. Election prize
  36. Got, gained
  37. The greatest is beginning to fall into alignment
  38. Red cloud, notably
  39. Light work on a stage
  40. Phonetician's semicircle
  41. Last name in skin care
  42. I'm getting on b&i to cuba with a verse
  43. "rolling in the deep" artist
  44. Very plain in style or appearance
  45. One of ptolemy's 48 constellations
  46. Enforcer's place, often
  47. She goes to north with a rupture
  48. Yanks' #13
  49. "whose line is it anyway?" moderator
  50. Cofounder of vermont
  51. Sounds like working on stage is good for muscle
  52. Amorous arrangement
  53. Bad pictures?
  54. Used for drawing 20 down into trick
  55. Dory movers
  56. Naval vacations
  57. "gone with the wind," for one
  58. First name of west germany's first chancellor
  59. Names on some apple products
  60. Sounds like everyone is on their marks by now
  61. Ma back with you to give permission to keep evil away
  62. Sticky deposit on teeth
  63. Tests for prospective ph.d. students
  64. Making rich pot with concern for nutrition
  65. River phenomenon
  66. Common novel conclusion
  67. Oxygen barrier provider
  68. Person very interested in something providing leather velvety finish
  69. Samuel johnson's only play
  70. Former "idol" panelist dioguardi
  71. In africa, car test leads to expression of hesitation from holy place
  72. "hula" or "hoop" follower
  73. Either of two brothers with a pulitzer prize in poetry
  74. It¿s not that hard perhaps getting one to moon
  75. Allude to as referee breaks right toe
  76. Short verse sung by a priest
  77. Soldier of fortune, briefly
  78. "stella by starlight" lyricist washington
  79. With 34-across, company's present occasion?
  80. Pallet units: abbr
  81. What revenge-seekers get
  82. Harp's home key
  83. Four-time lpga tour player of the year
  84. Premier who deposed the gang of four
  85. What 'sesqui-' means
  86. Superman's foster parents
  87. Locate on a radio dial
  88. Britten's "billy budd," e.g
  89. Low-battery signal
  90. Quarterback's concerns
  91. Comic strip with the characters rat and pig
  92. Acoustical foam pattern
  93. Nicklaus rival
  94. Big name in pain relief
  95. Ted who wrote 'the kennedy legacy'
  96. Orange-handled pot beverage
  97. Soprano kiri te kanawa, e.g
  98. Only a day away, say
  99. Casting site
  100. Magician's bit
  101. Rv park chain
  102. Percussionist's setup
  103. Dentist's concern, and a hint to what the longest answers have in common
  104. Like bouncy, fast music
  105. App-using device
  106. Triton, to neptune
  107. Partridge flock
  108. One may begin "reminds me of the time ..."
  109. Breakfast or brunch order
  110. It may be found behind a wall
  111. Men's suit specification
  112. Berliner's cont
  113. Spoonbill, for one
  114. Healing ointments
  115. Daintily small
  116. Shot liquids
  117. Lapful, maybe
  118. Nighttime refresher
  119. What dead men are said to do
  120. Airing at midnight, say
  121. Old-fashioned boiler input
  122. Enjoyed food
  123. Cardinal's resting place
  124. Jfk, in the '50s
  125. 1937 hit with the lyric 'you're like the fragrance of blossoms fair'
  126. With 'the,' former sketch comedy program on cbs ... fittingly enough
  127. Against one's will
  128. Three-time all-star pitcher frank
  129. Birder's andean mecca
  130. 'bald' fliers
  131. Command to a soldier
  132. Silvery-white element
  133. Birthday work for mom
  134. 2010 movie with a plot to steal the moon
  135. Italian ladies
  136. Cassette player
  137. Certain kind of sucrose
  138. Duck-billed swimmers
  139. Suddenly focus
  140. Worked on seams
  141. Two-color whale
  142. Mimieux of movies
  143. Ob (doc who delivers)- --
  144. International credit source
  145. Old exclamation in chant from a fool's paradise
  146. A butcher's examination?
  147. 1 and 1? figure with one more
  148. Transom site
  149. Getting organisation to go to protege is inconvenient
  150. Seaside swooper
  151. It has its ups and downs at end of january with nothing year round
  152. Playfully modest about 50? it can be a bit much
  153. Ran for office
  154. Driver's licenses, say (abbr.)
  155. Ladder company member
  156. Going to illinois to work hard
  157. Lloyd's of london, e.g
  158. Scribbled (down)
  159. Vicar of winkfield gets it on christmas day for game
  160. Murray or perkins
  161. Bishop holds one captivated by 'primate with sword'
  162. Camel's hump, mostly
  163. Have the wedding invalidated
  164. Scoff up, kidder!
  165. Mounts or ascends
  166. Take no notice of disorganised region
  167. Against the current higher school grouping
  168. Songbird with streaky brown plumage
  169. Gross, to children
  170. Camels' south american cousins
  171. Inexperienced, as recruits
  172. An ideal, in chinese philosophy
  173. Animal up for run
  174. Scott joplin tune, e.g
  175. Sure thing, if it's dead
  176. Musical pieces for two
  177. Old-fashioned 'please' becoming tripe, eh?
  178. Travel permits
  179. Being apt to turn, fathead spat
  180. Swank of "amelia"
  181. Ring one from 01-6758000
  182. Large gathering for tory to give a damn about nothing
  183. Do some dodging
  184. Illegal steroid use, e.g
  185. Geek (var.)
  186. Wilma flintstone's hubby
  187. Er case
  188. Western with elvis
  189. Sound from a water cooler
  190. Aspiring actresses
  191. Encased dagger
  192. Expeditious type of delivery
  193. 18-down, on a sundial
  194. Bite-size pies, maybe
  195. Rover's relative
  196. 100-yard race, e.g
  197. Like bedroom communities
  198. Wayne movie
  199. Commercial writer
  200. Flippantly
  201. Havoc and haver
  202. Clique's attitude
  203. Is a successful running back?
  204. Left-column accounting entry
  205. Initial labour on a project
  206. Repeat symbol, in music
  207. Quiz contestant
  208. Copper's partner in brass
  209. Male alligator
  210. Woman's closetful
  211. Person who makes articles of clay
  212. Citizen under caesar
  213. Mural surface
  214. Revealed, uncovered
  215. Numbers one to nine on square provides poser
  216. Campbell's line
  217. Draw a line underneath organisation of the german with result
  218. Bored states
  219. Tell partner to keep shed drunk
  220. Reveal school method
  221. Pairs fight dust with energy
  222. Jack finds one to be a sneer
  223. Lisa folded a piece of canvas
  224. Late translating fable
  225. Six on crack team get permits
  226. Material for flattery
  227. Maintain feature of castle
  228. Group ready with charlie
  229. French cake-like bread
  230. Plaster-fiberboard mix
  231. Destroys what’s left of a building
  232. Wild wise man takes a victory
  233. Checked by a doctor
  234. Winding line of waterway
  235. Got a new beast
  236. Built on arrangement of beads
  237. Cleft in the german bum?
  238. Church service late in the day
  239. Idea that may spread via the internet
  240. Agriculture giant celebrating its 175th anniversary this year
  241. … happening while there's still time
  242. Tale about bing in a way is capable of being treated as fact
  243. One can be found in each of the answers to 17-, 24-, 54- and 63-across
  244. Choose selectively from the best available
  245. Outdated, as a wd
  246. Objectionable progeny born to traitor
  247. Desktop icon, e.g
  248. Samson's weapon against the philistines
  249. Dominant savage worries about interrupting
  250. You might not think to use it
  251. Bryant of the 35-across
  252. Login requirement
  253. Call attention to old french on foot
  254. In paris i came across a disgusting envy
  255. Cream-toned
  256. Produce result up north
  257. City of witch trials
  258. Runs protection racket perhaps for tomorrow¿s care-worker
  259. Morose types around king leading to those who hide with sinister motive
  260. Realist artistic movement
  261. Holy ark contents
  262. Heat resistant portal
  263. Cavern quaintly
  264. Make a counterargument
  265. Tax prep. advisor
  266. Otto's vehicle on 'the simpsons'
  267. Apply sense of sight and smell to garden feature
  268. Alcindor : abdul-jabbar :: clay : ___
  269. Appointed task — turning back the clock?
  270. Rush hour sight
  271. Something's brewing here
  272. Cuban leader raul
  273. Descends a cliff
  274. Geller of psychokinesis
  275. Go out, as a fire
  276. Former boxing champ billy
  277. Put away some groceries?
  278. Aikman and donahue
  279. Some cubans
  280. Golden triangle flower
  281. Roof component
  282. First responders, briefly
  283. Paper's last words for orchestra leader going to pieces
  284. Use some tact in selecting what's for show
  285. Butterfly produced by queen
  286. Catalyst for ease covering in the end my return to new zealand
  287. Intend to definitely
  288. End abruptly, nasa-style
  289. Unit that, for example, is central
  290. Verbal version of an elbow in the ribs
  291. The nutcracker or giselle, say
  292. Target of bill maher's 'new rule: stop wearing plastic shoes'
  293. It's in one's head when tallymen come together
  294. They may have fake ids
  295. Do more than listen
  296. Areas near altars
  297. Eluding (anag)
  298. Tiny hole in the skin
  299. Word before gun or beacon
  300. Refrain from giving
  301. Common nickname for a redhead
  302. Fan-cee!
  303. Bikini bottom fry cook
  304. Former clannad singer
  305. Early stage of most tornados
  306. Significant time span
  307. Who __ thunk it?
  308. Gift for a creative kid
  309. Hawaiian barbeque
  310. Let me restate
  311. At full volume
  312. Push-up target, for short
  313. They dawdle
  314. Most steaks
  315. __ park (edison lab locale)
  316. Seems to me, in dialect
  317. Urban recreation ctrs
  318. Rivera in cooperstown
  319. Laws on the books
  320. First-rate, informally
  321. Any member of the fam
  322. In legend, one of the founders of rome
  323. Slide organisms
  324. Icy end-of-the-world region
  325. Grease getter, supposedly
  326. Home near a barn
  327. Coloring name since 1903
  328. Shortest air route
  329. Pliable seat
  330. __ your own risk (road sign)
  331. Mlb replay aid
  332. Sultans spouses
  333. Fit __ tee
  334. Who am i? speaker, perhaps
  335. Suffix for young or prank
  336. Greek islanders of old
  337. Mrs claus mister
  338. Some digital watches
  339. Cassette tape successor
  340. At once, in many poems
  341. Hashtag symbol
  342. Work of art from university in washington or new york, say
  343. Vp who killed hamilton
  344. Verb in 'the raven'
  345. Bo in a twist finds a violin in blackout
  346. Fundraising frenzy
  347. Socks complement
  348. Opts for post, say, in an indian city, beginning in march
  349. Old boston's liberty tree, for one
  350. St. consisting of two peninsulas
  351. Canine warning that the answers to starred clues have in common, initially
  352. A wife inhabiting one part of africa or another
  353. Sales ___ (company agent)
  354. Word on a lawn sign
  355. Island group studied by margaret mead
  356. Stud's partner
  357. Distant regions of the universe
  358. ___ bator (mongolia's capital)
  359. Connections to the www
  360. Of the gall bladder
  361. Fix the wrong way
  362. Sock result, perhaps
  363. Tommy lee jones film "___ in black"
  364. Devotees: suffix
  365. Unorthodox stance about a religious teaching can be this
  366. Far from fictitious
  367. Nascar event broadcaster
  368. Taste, sight and touch
  369. Water container before indoor plumbing
  370. No page-turner
  371. Greek capital, to airlines
  372. Trademark of 1899 that's no longer protected
  373. Confronting
  374. It might be pounded out
  375. Wearying routines
  376. Subjects of moral exploration
  377. Stacked cups?
  378. Thoughtless way to stare
  379. *noted scythe bearer
  380. Sanskrit dialect
  381. Like fuzzy slippers
  382. Sour cherry
  383. Of four-year games
  384. Card game akin to euchre
  385. Crow's-feet treatment
  386. 'the conning tower' writer and algonquin round table member, for short
  387. Legendary pirate
  388. Browns' org
  389. Apple messaging tool
  390. Look for a website
  391. A swiss army one has several blades and many tools
  392. Maritime robbery
  393. Use the mind
  394. Celebrites go around about returning snakes
  395. Partly, not wholly
  396. Beat time, having raised orchestral baton, initially
  397. Portmanteau, e.g
  398. Erratic poke around oilcase for director with optical toy
  399. Loretta of country music
  400. Fugitives wary as unprepared?
  401. The $10 million awarded to ''spaceshipone''
  402. Noted essayist — symbol of innocence
  403. Simple and guileless
  404. Gets bored, we hear, with work keeping an eye on children
  405. Pbs acknowledgment
  406. African country gets as far as one goes on expedition
  407. Oddly, lauded as the creator of the labyrinth in which the minotaur was kept
  408. Piano for a couple of monkeys
  409. Encomiums, paeans
  410. Goes out of sight
  411. Dry figure ÷ 5 across
  412. Woolly garment
  413. "jeopardy!" emcee trebek
  414. À la mode serving
  415. In a way, tiny tree lasts forever
  416. Gas (um, no) about to decline capital
  417. Parisian pastry
  418. Handle a big burden
  419. Uninspired to make dog lie in with pigs
  420. Digitize an old lp, e.g
  421. Needed filling up
  422. Bung stops, no power circulating
  423. Ss supplement, for some
  424. Thing frequently aboard ship, vessel
  425. Words represented by a colon, in mathematics
  426. The raelians, for one
  427. Lead ore samples
  428. Euro fraction, in spain
  429. Like scratchy throats
  430. Needing a late pass
  431. Film about the sea?
  432. Responsibility not yours, then?
  433. As it is, reel off jacob's descendants
  434. Rock singer liz
  435. Amish relative
  436. "the man without a country" lieutenant
  437. Genghis's 100%-wooden cousin (as screamed in 'lumberjack trek ii')?
  438. Novelist mary ___ russell
  439. Not having a smell
  440. Money for a ride?
  441. Outdoor playhouse
  442. Park place enhancer
  443. Doris day hit '___ magic'
  444. Hapless victims
  445. Perhaps ladies occupy hospital lounge
  446. Old fashioned son sliced duck with mushroom
  447. Name on a spy's passport, perhaps
  448. Ask for time during hot contest
  449. Country in caucasus dan word
  450. Unexpected but welcome thing 7 letters
  451. Incidental tantric music played on a lyre originally
  452. Designs made of initials
  453. Fred australian ex tennis player
  454. Long high kick 4 letters
  455. Feeble or ineffectual youths
  456. Actress/country singer kramer
  457. Frosty the snowman's eyes
  458. How some things are overstated
  459. Dance popularized by madonna in the 1990s
  460. 'omg, yes!!!1'
  461. It might make you forget your lines
  462. Nuisance that is over detectives does away with bugs
  463. Full rounds of golf
  464. Beginning bars
  465. In itself, in latin
  466. Self-referential words at the door
  467. Relaxing getaway spot
  468. Call includes green light for hospital produced by roman invader
  469. Electrical engineer and inventor nikola
  470. Deals with baseball players
  471. ''harry potter'' series teacher
  472. Twirling medals can result in deliberate collisions on the floor
  473. Movie reviewer's royal twin?
  474. The nations of the east, collectively
  475. Mathematical assertions that two expressions are equal
  476. Year during emperor justinian's reign
  477. Dance similar to the cha-cha
  478. Bayer painkiller
  479. Rolls-royce could accommodate passengers on the outside with teeth
  480. Lively enthusiasm
  481. Macbook option
  482. Polling information
  483. Golf clubs also called mashies
  484. Joe flacco option
  485. It goes on floor in kitchen for exotic cat
  486. Bolivia secret service is in charge
  487. Ex-laker silhouetted in the nba logo
  488. The main bodies on earth still restricted by stupid asses
  489. Travel restrictions?
  490. Scottish broadsword
  491. A watch's final indicator?
  492. Beer cans proudly displayed beneath chest?
  493. Singer/actor zac
  494. Car "go" liquid
  495. Seldom-stocked shoe size
  496. Neurofeedback device: abbr
  497. __ cabos, mexico
  498. -1 (not repeated)
  499. Art meant to stimulate?
  500. Therefore tim dances outside university in which waltzes are played
  501. 'walk on by' composer
  502. Spot that many avoid
  503. Electronics company with a super intense nazi past
  504. Turkey day utensils
  505. Very english to enter 'damnified foreign' us store
  506. World war ii army magazine
  507. Response to a drought ending
  508. High tea goody
  509. Did research
  510. Disorganised union admits end is hinted at by implication
  511. One sells clothes
  512. Expresses pain, in a way
  513. Inspiration for jambalaya
  514. Shooter's pair
  515. E.l. james color
  516. Happening at the end of a process, final
  517. Mudder who likes fodder
  518. Some traveling performers
  519. With 37-across, eurasian lake
  520. Miss ___ quested ('a passage to india' character)
  521. Wine-serving twin of a fictional mouse?
  522. Box-office disappointments
  523. 1971 top 10 song by 28-across with the lyrics we've got to find a way / to bring some understanding here today (3 wds.)
  524. No good ___ goes unpunished (cynic's comment)
  525. Cobra ___ (youtube series based on the karate kid)
  526. Fantasy world created by c.s. lewis
  527. Yogi who was catcher in the only perfect world series game
  528. Javelin or harpoon
  529. Sunblock of a sort
  530. Bygone computer brand
  531. Nijo castle setting
  532. Kate to randall and kevin on this is us for short
  533. 14-across and 45-across singer who was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 1987 (2 wds.)
  534. Blade mounted on a boathouse wall
  535. Like some promises, stares and threats
  536. One side of an airport display board (abbr.)
  537. ___ moment (flash of understanding)
  538. Keep ___ to the ground (2 wds.)
  539. Resort lake between the silver state and the golden state
  540. Film credits lists
  541. 1971 top 10 song by 28-across with the lyrics oh things ain't what they used to be no no / where did all the blue skies go? (3 wds.)
  542. Board game of global domination
  543. Crisp cotton fabric used for prom dresses
  544. Throw caution to the wind
  545. Criminal minds law organization (abbr.)
  546. Eight-time tennis grand slam champion andre
  547. Fast-food burger with special sauce (2 wds.)
  548. Box set components
  549. Days of our lives character evans played by deidre hall since 1976
  550. What decrepit windshield wipers do
  551. ___ yellows (plant disease)
  552. Aspiring doctor's exam (abbr.)
  553. Drugstore chain with an extracare rewards program
  554. Diamonds ___ girl's best friend (2 wds.)
  555. Frequent swing state
  556. Like death's dart, to shakespeare
  557. Greg's love on "house"
  558. Doesn't tread lightly
  559. Like some headphones (pop, jazz)
  560. Korean automaker that went bankrupt in 2000
  561. 2011 movie about a smitten macaw
  562. Guys with class
  563. Irish boy
  564. Ponders the possibilities of
  565. Early database-oriented language
  566. Dominance achieved through culture (rock, metal)
  567. Words of attribution
  568. Usual sat taker
  569. Rivals of the cougars of byu
  570. Genesis 7 vip
  571. Certain new york pro
  572. Good samaritan types
  573. Tripod feature
  574. Depilation name
  575. Feminine, say
  576. Device with an hdmi input, these days
  577. Sallie mae offering
  578. Hill with a 'slip face'
  579. Demands results, slangily
  580. Yao-like
  581. Typical univision viewer
  582. Old english spa town
  583. Worldly path?
  584. Like books in two volumes
  585. Altoids buys
  586. Doesn't carry the day
  587. Watergate-scandal evidence
  588. 'tobacco ___' (erskine caldwell novel)
  589. Sambuca's sibling
  590. Migraine attack precursors
  591. Double-reeded musical instrument
  592. Appease quieten
  593. Published on forum
  594. Apple flaw
  595. Fist-fighting arena
  596. Graceful aquatic animal
  597. Ache for really want
  598. Alphabetical contents list
  599. Lengthy isle in new york?
  600. Small open car racing
  601. Slimy silt
  602. Versatile military plane
  603. Staples of r&b
  604. Minnesota city that an actress was named for
  605. They've been dubbed
  606. Spam is removed from them
  607. Paper for former lover in the morning
  608. Magazine article extra
  609. Lyricist's specialty
  610. He sculpted adam and eve
  611. Strikingly effective
  612. Has clearance
  613. Saunas work out near paradise resort
  614. Keep her provided she's a chrysanthemum perhaps
  615. Snap at leaving 36 across for usual haunts
  616. Overcome or bring under control
  617. Starchy grain used in desserts
  618. Super bowl revenue generators
  619. Harmonics
  620. Spanish poet loses head with whale
  621. Attention seeker reveals writer gets to father for free access
  622. Journal goes into own shell for argonaut
  623. It is a name transformed by forgetfulness
  624. They're essential to film franchises
  625. Whatever way you look at it, it's an expression of disapproval
  626. Far beyond antsy
  627. Key of brahms's piano sonata no. 3
  628. ''it's on order''
  629. Designer of d.c.'s l'enfant plaza
  630. Start of an angler's lament (part 2)
  631. Its flag resembles the u.s. flag but with only one star
  632. Amount over due?
  633. Baseball stat that is better when lower
  634. Mann or kinski
  635. Hansel and gretel adversary
  636. It may be native
  637. Full of anticipation, perhaps
  638. Erstwhile muscle car
  639. One might go after pearls
  640. Do some bench work
  641. Little bit of power
  642. Memorable movie misanthrope
  643. Beck hit of 1993
  644. The chi-___ ('oh girl' group)
  645. Daytime cruisewear
  646. Small floral gifts
  647. One who's shortsighted
  648. Track adjunct
  649. Cohen of creamy consumables
  650. Dangerous, probably
  651. Cape may hrs
  652. Argentite, e.g
  653. Fabian, for one
  654. Latin god of love
  655. Lively folk dances
  656. Humorist ambrose
  657. Nobody owes nobody nothing
  658. Make docile
  659. Smelting leftovers
  660. Colorful autumn tree
  661. Eventually enter the mind of
  662. Inconsistent way to blow
  663. "et tu, brute?" day
  664. Crop holder
  665. Citrusy pie flavor
  666. Lady of lyons
  667. Belgian lager, familiarly
  668. Indian cotton fabric
  669. Ladder cousin
  670. Group of relatives: abbr
  671. Incan treasure
  672. Awaiting punishment
  673. Reward for one who 52-down?
  674. Daughter of king triton
  675. Actor who's married to diane lane
  676. Very chubby
  677. Time to see some football
  678. "crank up the heat!"
  679. Continuously, or this puzzle's theme
  680. React to pollen, perhaps
  681. Shakespearean dueler
  682. Seek favor with
  683. Ny state mountains
  684. Gauche fool
  685. Annoying or vexing
  686. Cautious movement
  687. Staff of life 5 letters
  688. Restricted parking area, in some cases
  689. Princess's pea, e.g
  690. High-volume pesticide deliverer
  691. Unschooled in
  692. Half a toy train?
  693. Annual auto maintenance, for some
  694. Give a bias
  695. John or julius
  696. Sport with a free throw lane
  697. Deer snack
  698. Take -- (rest one's dogs)
  699. Steel mill input
  700. Ratio for 25-across
  701. Org. with a wing and a globe in its logo
  702. Attempts to smooth ruffled feathers
  703. Shop class holders
  704. Pet food container
  705. Metaphorical refuges
  706. Bids silently
  707. Anchor cable opening
  708. Gabrielle of volleyball and modeling
  709. ''cosby show'' surname
  710. '70s lynyrd skynyrd label
  711. Central european capital
  712. Art class adhesive
  713. Flood blockers
  714. Gave props on facebook
  715. Browning's "how do i love thee?" e.g
  716. Drury lane resident of rhyme
  717. Units in nutrition
  718. British city whose natives are called loiners
  719. "let me get back to you"
  720. Crankcase components
  721. Husky relative
  722. Historical figure in isabel allende's novel 'inés of my soul'
  723. 'o fortuna' composer carl
  724. There's one surrounding atlantis
  725. Jazzman jones
  726. Stubborn ones
  727. Always, if the meter requires it
  728. Italian for 'girlfriend'
  729. Arboreal mammal resembling a squirrel
  730. 'the -- report' (1976 bestseller)
  731. Rooty tooty fresh 'n fruity establishment
  732. Presumptuous, say
  733. Author rule
  734. Lying about
  735. Warren site
  736. Football figs
  737. Guru's disciple, maybe
  738. Pirate's moniker
  739. Actress davis of 'the matrix reloaded'
  740. Pollen-producing flower part
  741. Acquiring knowledge
  742. I had a way of getting to the french good-for-nothing
  743. Text digitizing tech
  744. Await trouble on north pacific island
  745. In keeping with pal being mixed up in city
  746. Quick classroom test
  747. Self-gratifying act
  748. Eminently suitable to be excluded
  749. Saturn's biggest moon
  750. Plane-speaking gp
  751. Cons' opponents
  752. Wrong (anag)
  753. California vibration
  754. Be in charge of something
  755. The reason to go off course in a boat
  756. Do up price for tear
  757. Trigonometry ratio (abbr.)
  758. Peninsular mediterranean country
  759. Bearing it's in the net
  760. Feeling of grief in this way starts never-ending quarrel
  761. How to pedal to coast
  762. Summer picnic fruit
  763. ___ to exist (stop)
  764. ___ picchu an ancient incan site
  765. A rapidly replaced stone worker
  766. Capt. kirk's asian lieutenant
  767. It's old, decrepit and not easily moved
  768. Charged for a blanket when rick is on a campaign poster
  769. Aid from a road travel org
  770. Lex luthor's sidekick in "superman"
  771. Treasure at irish countrywomen's association involved in cake decoration
  772. Emulating a goat
  773. Showman who teamed with bailey
  774. Horror film director aster
  775. One of eight on most spiders
  776. Eschewers of military service
  777. Some garage jobs
  778. Dead space?
  779. Reverse course, slangily
  780. Aid for a thanksgiving chef
  781. Mom on modern family
  782. Coke and rc
  783. Coffee or beer, informally
  784. Part of an animal farm
  785. Reportedly, could lead to the french embrace
  786. Good for the earth prefix
  787. Went 0 to 60, say
  788. Comic actress rudolph
  789. Like many tv news interviews
  790. Tennis star nadal, to fans
  791. Club booklet
  792. Quick attack groups
  793. Tom who created jack ryan
  794. Not be heard from anymore
  795. Dwights 1956 opponent
  796. Hub of the northwest
  797. Loves red suit
  798. Bag checkers at lax
  799. Had some second thoughts about
  800. Visit, as a rest area
  801. Certain building beams
  802. Arthur, to friends
  803. Part of some encyclopedias
  804. Police cruiser feature
  805. Chico, of the marx brothers
  806. What may have a ring to it?
  807. View from the minster of bern
  808. Free app pop-ups
  809. Tahitian pastoral painter
  810. Gushing letters
  811. Demosthenes delivery
  812. Fish on a sushi menu
  813. Jin young kos org
  814. Face hider
  815. Arnaz who played ricky
  816. Video receivers, abbr
  817. Badger digs
  818. Companion of aws
  819. Country music icon, _____ connors
  820. Rainier, e.g.: abbr
  821. Grounds sign
  822. Hard-to-hit pitchers
  823. Lookalike missing key has nothing on old spanish gold coin
  824. One who knows his beans?
  825. Salad oil source
  826. Accessories for a "just married" sign
  827. Removing tie and uniform, navy psychiatrist catches cold
  828. Edge along some mountaintops
  829. Sounds like it¿s about keeping hands warm for sum of money
  830. To be on the safe side it's offering shelter
  831. Anxious need to make up at end following horror
  832. Bridge, e.g
  833. Positioned oneself to pray
  834. Quick way to pay
  835. Six love to let in shade of flower
  836. Old denial
  837. Yielding nothing crooked to cross pass
  838. Come across signs of mutiny with right money at local gathering
  839. Businessman's accessory
  840. Extensive treat for sightseers
  841. Chubby checker, famously
  842. Haughty, strutting sort
  843. Coup in bridge or baseball
  844. It's not right for norma to be taken in by laboratory developer
  845. Pressing the foot down, on grapes say
  846. Summer on the 55-down
  847. Puerto rico y la española
  848. What disabled people are entitled to on a subway
  849. 57-across best-seller made into a 1995 film
  850. Move crab-style
  851. Nicholas and peter
  852. Not just for males
  853. Actress winger of "shadowlands"
  854. Mud in a cup
  855. Revolutionary war hero nathan
  856. It may be standardized
  857. Teeny follower?
  858. A snake may swallow one whole
  859. Peer wearing band on cape for valour
  860. Bruce of marital arts films
  861. Mean drunk provides watery food
  862. Type of tray or cube
  863. Diva's opera delivery
  864. Hotel meeting room amenity
  865. Radius' comrade-in-arms?
  866. Org. suggested by the starts of 17-, 31-, 41- and 62-across
  867. James ___ (spy from the screens)
  868. Director gibson of hacksaw ridge
  869. Shelley's ___ the west wind: 2 wds.
  870. Cole follower that is often served with fried chicken
  871. You need to ___ taylor swift song: 2 wds.
  872. Screenwriter ___ ephron of sleepless in seattle
  873. Popular car ride service
  874. Gibbon or gorilla for one
  875. Popular halloween monster
  876. Daniel ___ actor who plays 8a in the movie no time to die
  877. Bad moon rising band: abbr.
  878. Body of salty water
  879. Sine ___ and tan (trigonometry terms)
  880. Ken's partner from the toy world
  881. Two mules for sister ___ (clint eastwood movie)
  882. Francis albert ..., singer and actor
  883. Staircase component
  884. 1980's sitcom alien who lived with the tanners
  885. Related to the church's holy text
  886. Breakfast item from an iron
  887. Rami ___ actor who plays safin an adversary of 8a in the movie no time to die
  888. Vessel for cruising or racing
  889. Paste served with sushi
  890. ___ seydoux actress who plays dr. madeleine swann the love interest of 8a in the movie no time to die
  891. One who hosts a ceremony
  892. Hard to find collectible say
  893. First 007 film starring sean connery: 2 wds.
  894. Kaiser's spotted ___ (brightly colored salamander)
  895. Porky or babe for one
  896. Secretly includes in an email: abbr.
  897. Water around a castle for defensive purposes
  898. ___ fiennes actor who plays head of mi6 in the movie no time to die
  899. Prefix with ware or function
  900. Sacramento's state for short
  901. Droop in the middle like a sofa
  902. Expensive orange-yellow flavoring agent
  903. Christoph ___ actor who plays ernst stavro archenemy of 8a in the movie no time to die
  904. ___ hershiser former baseball pitcher
  905. Face of toy designed to be indecisive
  906. Score tempo
  907. School-leaver perhaps on the hop in dublin
  908. City sits uneasily with trouble in waterworks
  909. School transportation usually
  910. Boxer portrayed by will smith
  911. Metered yellow car
  912. ___ the cake will be over in no time.: 2 wds.
  913. Nyc time zone: abbr.
  914. One covering tiny particle for dominic in russian architecture
  915. Tries for a change to do with leaving a second time
  916. Back of a public house, maybe
  917. Computer storage device
  918. Dance with lover, a sergeant?
  919. Debility, feebleness
  920. Ned starks sons
  921. Jam thickener
  922. National park in new mexico
  923. Rule where to abdicate is pointless
  924. Court case over drama, following dispute with referee
  925. Hachiko breed
  926. Vividly colored fish also known as sunfish
  927. Chute or legal starter
  928. Anons companion
  929. Antipasto goody
  930. Kind of glasses
  931. Tea set broken without blemish
  932. A "cosby" episode, today
  933. College gets on with creating alliance
  934. Sheepshank, for example
  935. Fiddle idly
  936. Measures impact of break-up of american geologist and lawyer on the beer
  937. Breathable gases
  938. Days in which we have dances where people are exploited
  939. The roster's best
  940. Shaking lemurs out running wild
  941. Plan ups extra revenue
  942. Sport has sign defect, but it keeps order
  943. Course for angus, say?
  944. Quebec due for a change to stand in line
  945. How i told pope i was leaving?
  946. Morning janglers
  947. 34-across, in mexico
  948. Alternative to 38-down
  949. Graceful sprite
  950. The guy next door
  951. Florida export
  952. Peoria hrs
  953. Ran afoul of
  954. Team captain's concern
  955. "the chosen" novelist chaim
  956. *"i can answer your questions"
  957. Bill riders, for example
  958. County in eastern ireland
  959. Soap site
  960. Trusty mounts
  961. Map reader's aid
  962. Title writer in a john irving novel
  963. Subj. of a wall street journal story
  964. Show some respect to a judge
  965. *space cadet's home?
  966. Paint swatch choice
  967. Attendee of the fictional lowood institution for girls
  968. Category at some banks
  969. Lipinski with a gold medal
  970. Vision of ghost around group of islands
  971. Bell-bottom trousers
  972. Card game for four players
  973. King accorded honour, no king for being backward
  974. Sour grapes perhaps here on any drive running wild
  975. Super-harmful
  976. Stumble over plumbing gunk?
  977. D.c. ballplayer, briefly
  978. Holy man with longing to switch direction gets sudden sharp pains in side
  979. Dog breed — steve mcqueen 1973 role
  980. Monster's supposed home
  981. Shannen's nickname, on 'charmed'
  982. Mass of rocky material in irregular mound hidden by greenery
  983. Looking back at last, no brother takes account of what comes from photocopier perhaps
  984. Summer thirst quencher
  985. Take away what sounds like ordinary animal
  986. Piece of furniture or government group
  987. One walking down an aisle, say
  988. The gulf of mexico has a big one
  989. Go get her we hear for job-hunter perhaps
  990. Large, imposing building
  991. Corazon of the philippines
  992. Units of sound
  993. Don¿t normally catch sun rising in bends leading to alley we hear
  994. 25 and three months roughly
  995. Virginia admits old independent card game is hot in goa
  996. Volunteers holding a soldier up in the forest
  997. Keenly desiring
  998. Astronaut john
  999. Angry game characters
  1000. Fast track to the italian bean
  1001. "satisfied now?"
  1002. It is demanding for philip to be in college
  1003. Mineral situation — pub's about to probe it
  1004. Reasoning ability
  1005. Everything bach composed, e.g
  1006. One who frequently sees spots, for short
  1007. "king ___" (novelty hit for steve martin)
  1008. Deposit formed in a kettle or on teeth
  1009. Big whig
  1010. Place for additional info
  1011. Assayed materials
  1012. Turns state's evidence, slangily
  1013. Like some footballs and boats
  1014. Innkeeper's offerings
  1015. 7, on some clocks
  1016. Where police look for matches
  1017. T-shirt size options: abbr
  1018. Old long introduction?
  1019. Cbs newswoman o'donnell
  1020. Kind of screening, for short
  1021. Audrey and katherine, film stars
  1022. Icon-based computer display (abbr.)
  1023. Horseshoe projection
  1024. Garden outcast
  1025. Admiral ackbar phrase
  1026. Variable-yield investment option
  1027. Complete change of fortune
  1028. Account of rounds
  1029. Folds in an ipod
  1030. From bottom of france to remote surrey town's dues to 12
  1031. Old-fashioned border of a skirt or petticoat
  1032. Assassin's asset
  1033. Change of leader for ’orse?
  1034. '90s nyc indie band that hopefully some of you still remember
  1035. Massive wild ox
  1036. Sitcom role for julia
  1037. Potential misfit
  1038. Oration delivered in canada
  1039. Reject, in a way
  1040. Lingering sensation is hard to swallow
  1041. Fashionable, some say
  1042. Anti-anthrax drug
  1043. Stakeholder perhaps against south african region in gestation
  1044. Cheap ballpoints
  1045. A ham might be on one
  1046. Light home of arabian spirit
  1047. Document feature with size options
  1048. See you on the radio essayist charles
  1049. Transplanting need
  1050. Holmes' comment about the ends of the four other longest across answers?
  1051. Cable network with classic sitcoms
  1052. Great greek american soprano
  1053. Many north africans
  1054. Mouth with no heart, evidence of camphor having been applied?
  1055. Hazmat monitor
  1056. Yankees all-star jeter
  1057. Period spawned by the manhattan project
  1058. Baseball strategy for a contact hitter
  1059. Congo critter with striped legs
  1060. Dick grayson's alter ego
  1061. Mac-and-cheese sauce, essentially
  1062. Group born in the '70s
  1063. Deejay's domain
  1064. Family girl, briefly
  1065. La scala production, perhaps
  1066. Iv-covered areas
  1067. Like many college texts
  1068. Hopeless part of 12 in 12: will telepathy find monarch in time?
  1069. Garden feature backed by a record agent
  1070. Bourgeois, to brits
  1071. Vex 12 character
  1072. Recreational craft produces material for robot in water around castle
  1073. Too much liquid left in what one eats?
  1074. Big scary white dude
  1075. Pronoun that's a homonym of a song
  1076. Fell asleep
  1077. A 'desperate housewife'
  1078. Pour over irishman coming back for mistress
  1079. Asiatic goat antelope
  1080. Individual things as parts of a whole
  1081. Mccourt memoir after 'angela's ashes'
  1082. Counsel far from going on ahead
  1083. Goes through the hoops for hamper at dance
  1084. Break noisily
  1085. Group and so on going into reverse
  1086. "marilyn: a biography" author
  1087. Abstain, refrain
  1088. As a result gives direction back to bring charges against
  1089. Declares an interest perhaps as you are overseeing with confidence
  1090. Under-cover duds?
  1091. Heavy dairy product made from reclaimed casino equipment?
  1092. ''__ for undertow'' (grafton novel)
  1093. Use a pouffe
  1094. Sex pistols fan, e.g
  1095. Feminist author maxine ___ kingston
  1096. Moe's brother
  1097. Prince in 'henry iv'
  1098. Where seals might sun themselves
  1099. Kin of 'i.e.'
  1100. Many a berliner
  1101. Aggressive, violent behaviour in short
  1102. Girl scout's award
  1103. Homeowner's expense often
  1104. Battery in a digital camera perhaps
  1105. R.n.'s work area
  1106. You may need one to drop a line
  1107. Formally revise
  1108. Feeling it in one's quads, say
  1109. Olympic skater ohno
  1110. Greek god with arrows
  1111. Prep as water for pasta
  1112. You can count on that! … or what you may do with a 17- 27- or 42-across?
  1113. What a 4runner runs on
  1114. You might have an a+ on yours
  1115. Santa maria's chain
  1116. Some are fudge covered
  1117. Low-maintenance plants
  1118. Blackmail fodder
  1119. Become very unpleasant
  1120. One and one, side-by-side
  1121. Display some guns
  1122. Noted union ironclad ship
  1123. Superfruit in a bowl
  1124. Field for marie curie
  1125. Hair on a mare
  1126. A terrible thing to waste it's said
  1127. Dramatic rejection of an apology
  1128. 2019 n.l. rookie of the year pete
  1129. ___ xtra (soft drink)
  1130. Color of lime sour patch kids
  1131. Key used to type its name
  1132. Reliable choice
  1133. It may be drawn at the end of a tough day
  1134. Injury to a toddler
  1135. Given name of virginia woolf
  1136. Sase inserts, sometimes
  1137. Figure on a receipt
  1138. Sexually insecure gesture
  1139. Crack or shot
  1140. Ballplayer joe idolized by charlie brown
  1141. Many babysitters
  1142. Like muscle magazine models
  1143. Bill and ted and mario and luigi, e.g
  1144. "who goes there?" shouter
  1145. Detrol prescriber's field
  1146. Sharp-eyed
  1147. Big-grin borders
  1148. Mapquest owner
  1149. Colorful tin glazed pottery
  1150. Abbot's attribute
  1151. Popular historical video game
  1152. Famed picasso painting
  1153. ''carmen'' composition
  1154. Peer's possession
  1155. Currency in crisis
  1156. 1980s bandmate of izzy, duff, and slash
  1157. One hanging in una iglesia
  1158. G.i. joe, effectively
  1159. It can be felt on felt
  1160. Loaded guy
  1161. Untoppable gymnastics scores
  1162. Hydrox rival answer
  1163. Like group 18 elements
  1164. Makes music instrument in bit leading to garden bird
  1165. Sounds like one is telling philip it's not empty to achieve this
  1166. Teensy arachnid
  1167. Buyable, in a way
  1168. Bobcat kin
  1169. Bugged phone
  1170. Region where life is possible dan word
  1171. Western outlaws
  1172. Ceasing to work
  1173. Not having a smell dan word
  1174. Claimant to nt gold reef
  1175. Revolutionaries dan word
  1176. Lacking lubrication
  1177. Japanese martial arts fighter
  1178. Broad prospect
  1179. Carreras' met debut
  1180. Has experience of cards from previous deal perhaps
  1181. Bounce on one's knee
  1182. Dish of squid
  1183. '___ dinah' (1958 hit)
  1184. Cuts across
  1185. Stagger around belgium for revolting sort of person
  1186. Ups store convenience
  1187. Refusal of paris
  1188. Fate of some old ways
  1189. Moved like a pitched softball
  1190. Gets down quickly
  1191. ___ diggory, rival of harry potter
  1192. Allies who are also rivals
  1193. Starting in scandinavian country for negative link
  1194. Part company perhaps with army man and daughter
  1195. About 30 percent of africa
  1196. Vacuum tube part
  1197. Spectrum (anag)
  1198. Tennessee post captured by us grant
  1199. Universe explanation
  1200. Plot devices?
  1201. Org. that angola joined in 2007
  1202. Modern storage
  1203. Sounds like katie has illinois in scots dress
  1204. Five-cent coin in the us
  1205. Flip side for what's never in front of one
  1206. Minor lascivious look over boat
  1207. Whodunit writer paretsky
  1208. Pepper over surprise from asian ruler
  1209. More based in reality
  1210. Like certain versions of the bible: abbr
  1211. Where travelers may get their shots
  1212. College that convenes every four years
  1213. Gets ready to play provided dress code prohibits swimming trunks perhaps
  1214. Sounds like real turn off action in african conflict
  1215. Tops in improbability
  1216. Longford lad found in offaly familiar with us in d¿olier street
  1217. One often seen from behind?
  1218. "appalachian spring" composer copland
  1219. "the thousand and one nights" hero
  1220. In favour of pause in speech at public square in rome
  1221. Five-term mexican president
  1222. Eponymous chief of the penobscot nation
  1223. Exposed state
  1224. Operation crossroads event, 1946
  1225. It ceased to be a european capital in 1991
  1226. It may include gas masks and shields
  1227. Iconic broadway role for cobb
  1228. Resonant sound
  1229. Hybrid edible
  1230. Document classification
  1231. Sax great, to fans
  1232. Major key that uses all five black keys on a piano
  1233. First female skater to land a triple/triple jump combination in competition
  1234. Make an abjuration
  1235. Chickens named for an italian city
  1236. Function runner
  1237. Make the highlights?
  1238. When repeated, a las vegas casino
  1239. 1805 musical premiere
  1240. 2011 wimbledon champion
  1241. Cheerful superhero?
  1242. Soprano gig
  1243. Take out -- (do some borrowing)
  1244. Bar for birds
  1245. Snaffle bit
  1246. Pal to a pirate
  1247. 67-down mems
  1248. Small scented bag
  1249. Otherwise engaged
  1250. Scanned bars: abbr
  1251. Resident of bangkok
  1252. Ends of alaska?
  1253. Not so maniacal
  1254. R&b's rawls
  1255. Lyric forgetter's phrase
  1256. Number-matching game
  1257. Drink to throw back
  1258. Hellish performance of a slowish piece?
  1259. Doll's call
  1260. Lightheaded quito native?
  1261. Omits in speaking
  1262. On-demand video website
  1263. Lover of 105-across
  1264. Overacting
  1265. Dispute principals
  1266. Ufo drivers, ostensibly
  1267. Larry of country
  1268. Tv ad for a charity, perhaps
  1269. Two-faced deity
  1270. Australian anteater
  1271. Gps readings
  1272. Espresso's top layer
  1273. Core training muscles briefly
  1274. Actor alda who had a recurring role on ray donovan
  1275. Like a car that's sitting at a red light
  1276. Piano man singer who sang uptown girl: 2 wds.
  1277. Florida georgia ___ (country music duo)
  1278. Resident of davenport or dubuque
  1279. Stronger singer who sang it's quiet uptown on the hamilton mixtape: 2 wds.
  1280. Square in a kitchen backsplash
  1281. Koran reader's religion
  1282. Grenade singer who was the featured vocalist on uptown funk: 2 wds.
  1283. Round felt hat
  1284. What's displayed at many museums
  1285. Keg beverage
  1286. Slim plant in a swamp
  1287. Show that launched the careers of adam sandler and eddie murphy: abbr.
  1288. Where dr. frank-n-furter created rocky horror
  1289. ___ primo (berry-filled bowl at jamba juice)
  1290. Shift or tab for example
  1291. Pacific island where the last eight seasons of survivor have been filmed
  1292. Candied vegetable in a thanksgiving side dish
  1293. Unpleasant stink
  1294. Printer purchase
  1295. Holy book of christianity
  1296. Ginger ___ (soft drinks)
  1297. Brooks who directed spaceballs
  1298. Faint sound of a bell
  1299. Message that may have jpeg attachments
  1300. What the french word oui means in english
  1301. It might be crushed in a blender
  1302. From sunup to sundown: hyph.
  1303. How many shots it should take in golf
  1304. Flamenco concert shout
  1305. Alternative to mars
  1306. Twenty doubled
  1307. Hair above the eye
  1308. Multinational monetary unit
  1309. You're still the ___ (1998 shania twain hit)
  1310. Pardon me ___ (polite way to get a man's attention)
  1311. White temporarily took over for him as wheel of fortune host
  1312. Guy pal to a surfer
  1313. Sandwich that's not kosher for short
  1314. ___ of spades (the death card)
  1315. ___ meier's civilization (long-running video game franchise)
  1316. 1,000 years before the coronation of queen elizabeth i
  1317. P.r. hours
  1318. Still to be filled, as roles
  1319. Purring car parts
  1320. Like successful ranchers?
  1321. First-floor apartment, maybe
  1322. Priests of the fleet?
  1323. Travelocity quote
  1324. Richard of "the flamingo kid"
  1325. Motto of a group opposing a national song?
  1326. Stitcher's line
  1327. Kin of 'tut!'
  1328. Saharan hill
  1329. Adam's favorite fast food sandwich?
  1330. "body of proof" network
  1331. Softly exhale cheap sentiment?
  1332. Roth -- (tax shelters)
  1333. Popular coffee hr
  1334. ''fault,'' for example?
  1335. Suppose, to shakespeare
  1336. Creed of the 'rocky' series
  1337. Prime minister of 1945
  1338. What many players shoot for
  1339. Tasks around the house
  1340. Something to practice percussion on
  1341. Humorist ambrose who once defined alone as in bad company
  1342. Fans that jeer the home team informally
  1343. Exuberant cry south of the border
  1344. Title film character who declares nobody owes nobody nothing
  1345. Intervals between related events
  1346. Real english county on which thomas hardy based the fictional wessex
  1347. Where you might roll the starts of 17- 31- 43- and 56-across
  1348. George orwells animal farm e.g.
  1349. Metric distance: abbr
  1350. 'dragnet' message, for short
  1351. Like the leftmost stripe on le drapeau français
  1352. Emmy nomination number for which susan lucci finally won for playing erica kane on all my children
  1353. Producer of jingle-jangle in the pocket
  1354. Cry at a revival
  1355. Clicked the double vertical bar on a youtube video
  1356. Precipitates unpleasantly in a way
  1357. 10/24 celebration of global cooperation
  1358. Makeup of elsas castle in frozen
  1359. Sch. whose newspaper is the daily reveille
  1360. Putting on fancy clothes
  1361. Meatless sandwich filling
  1362. Slang for zero
  1363. 1986 jeff daniels movie
  1364. Hate coke?
  1365. Athletic contest with 10 different track and field events (noun)
  1366. Characterized by the use of the intellect rather than intuition or instinct (adjective)
  1367. A road, path, channel or course to one side or around a congested area; a surgical procedure (noun)
  1368. An ancient military device to hurl missiles or one to launch airplanes at flying speeds (noun)
  1369. Two seven-letter birds
  1370. Finish line, often
  1371. Three five-letter words starting with z
  1372. Six colors
  1373. British prince gawks?
  1374. _ocation _f _omething _bd?
  1375. Sirloin part
  1376. Fir or yew
  1377. Tease in fun
  1378. Places for bracelets
  1379. Manhattan's __ drive
  1380. Boy in mexico
  1381. Mall battle
  1382. Manhattan concert hall
  1383. “somebody’s gotta do it” host mike
  1384. Seafood soups
  1385. Seat of wisconsin's marathon county
  1386. With 44-across when mozart wrote his symphony no. 5
  1387. Provider of intel in spy jargon
  1388. Live-in help and what's contained in 17- 23- 38- and 49-across
  1389. Saffron-seasoned dish
  1390. Shopping spree bagful slangily
  1391. Klobuchar warren or sanders: abbr.
  1392. ____ loss (2 wds.)
  1393. Walked out of that rodeo
  1394. Three x three
  1395. Crime is the problem
  1396. Additive can’t manage to perform
  1397. Youngster has to lie about accident
  1398. Stop along the highway
  1399. Getting european ace to reach out is a pain
  1400. Old mice turned out to be musical
  1401. Stretching ringed asp out
  1402. I’d fail – ice melted from building
  1403. Control overflowing stream
  1404. Collapsed round part of church
  1405. Pressure to put symbol on fruit
  1406. I study tip about folly
  1407. Rule in bad conditions say
  1408. A speed that’s fast
  1409. Hamburger order, perhaps: abbr
  1410. Rather hidden article
  1411. See nothing in manila
  1412. Catholic owned land
  1413. Believe in a positive balance
  1414. Arc de triomphe city
  1415. It might be paid for with vanity fare
  1416. Like many slasher movies
  1417. . . . was the friends we made ___ the way
  1418. All i wanna do singer crow
  1419. Royal emblem
  1420. Assessments for drivers
  1421. Ginseng or ginger for example
  1422. Long-running vaughan/staples comic book series
  1423. Taco bar options
  1424. Hue that looks good on you
  1425. Reason for using a ladder at home
  1426. Cartoon brother of huey and dewey duck
  1427. Queen latifah's set it off role
  1428. Reference book containing insets
  1429. Some british nobles
  1430. Starting phase
  1431. Soccer stadium cheers
  1432. Bookshelf buildup
  1433. Cooking skewer
  1434. Strong who voiced bubbles
  1435. 2012 film that becomes a 1996 film if you add an f at the beginning
  1436. Why won't you date me? host nicole
  1437. Vice produces record-breaking tax
  1438. "para __, oprima numero dos": customer service option
  1439. Emma surname
  1440. Word after gold or guest
  1441. Monetary unit of mexico
  1442. Covers spread out
  1443. Where to buy playthings
  1444. Africaans corral
  1445. Five missing the ashes the month before last
  1446. System to measure bridge over temporary accommodation for prawns
  1447. "woman" singer's woman
  1448. Device producing an intense light beam — kind of sailing dinghy
  1449. Footwear that goes with the hose?
  1450. The answer to a preacher's prayers?
  1451. Fling — berlin's river
  1452. Looking back in the end, the french find tombstones in helix
  1453. They go round about, loud and heavy
  1454. Each era (anag)
  1455. Mission impossible commander
  1456. Like jim crow laws
  1457. Incensed by having to change banks?
  1458. _____ rocher, new brunswick
  1459. It's a problem to purge germany and the french
  1460. _____ slave lake
  1461. Do-or-die moment
  1462. Frost or bust ender
  1463. Arresting performance
  1464. Teacher after a test, e.g
  1465. Underground railroad traveler
  1466. Neighbour of iraq
  1467. Old chum
  1468. Cold room for forbidden smoke
  1469. Little woman with lieutenant gets a fright
  1470. One with plaudits for averting audits
  1471. African state graduate produces dance