1. Cottian alps
  2. Like instant cocoa
  3. Samsung-versus-apple and others
  4. Dietary claim on some potato chip bags
  5. Heres one for you smarty-pants
  6. Source of illegal ivory informally
  7. Feminine suffix in spanish names
  8. Take the more difficult path metaphorically
  9. Something made for ones idols?
  10. Company with a purple-and-green asterisk in its logo
  11. National tree of india
  12. Celebration in ho chi minh city
  13. Series of visits to colleges maybe
  14. Actor whose roles have included both a fictional and a real-life u.s. president
  15. Answer to the riddle i form in an instant and last a lifetime. what am i?
  16. Queens we will rock you vis-à-vis we are the champions
  17. Sadiq ___ london mayor beginning in 2016
  18. Son of in hebrew names
  19. … for none of woman __ / shall harm macbeth
  20. Got ready to binge-watch … or a hint to phonetic changes in four puzzle answers
  21. Considered to be
  22. Dumps litter in the woods e.g.?
  23. Onetime part of portuguese india
  24. King's pulse bp etc.?
  25. Where to claim a w-4 head-of-household allowance
  26. Airborne mystery
  27. 56-across prefix
  28. Superior positions
  29. With 22-across proud parent's cry
  30. Element from the greek for strange
  31. '60s a.g.
  32. Joanie's beau on a happy days spinoff
  33. High notes?
  34. Score of a tennis game about to begin
  35. ___ message (put others on notice)
  36. Manipulative types
  37. Org. with posters in workplaces
  38. New york times columnist since 2011
  39. Words a bluffer dreads
  40. Exam that measures reasoning ability for short
  41. Human body's largest organ
  42. Threaded correspondence
  43. Dessert named for a measurement
  44. Shot an airball say
  45. Lion's pad
  46. Particles from a volcano
  47. You might pull a cord to make it stop
  48. Prefix for enemy
  49. Compliment in modern lingo
  50. Molecule with a double helix structure
  51. Fix for a sweater or a computer program
  52. Phone screen images
  53. Ramen add-in
  54. Slumber stopper
  55. Lizard that might lick its eyes
  56. Always be my baby singer mariah
  57. Confetti e.g.
  58. Site of a 1790s revolution
  59. Little fires everywhere author
  60. You might issue one for spoilers
  61. Beckoning whisper
  62. Film awards
  63. Enjoy an ice rink
  64. Number that's also a pronoun
  65. Hot dog stand freebies
  66. Overhead shot in tennis
  67. Actress rosamund
  68. Luge for one
  69. Search for secrets
  70. Lobster ___ & cheese
  71. Part of a double-decker bed
  72. Person in the spotlight
  73. One might go missing in the dryer
  74. College higher-up
  75. Primmer that sucks!
  76. Short musical releases
  77. Defeat in a hot dog contest
  78. Bad things for a movie's plot to have
  79. Coin that might be lucky
  80. A cube has 12
  81. ___ butter baby (ari lennox album)
  82. Word in a dorm's name
  83. Trip on a bicycle
  84. Figs. on airport boards
  85. Juvenile bird
  86. Geeks
  87. Aquatic greenery
  88. Narrate once more
  89. Rested sideways
  90. Body part below the ankle
  91. Beat conquer
  92. Agreement in aims or interests
  93. Intense feeling of deep affection
  94. Football game between local teams
  95. Towel wrapped around youngster
  96. Shoot last of films on puritan
  97. Small fruit as weapons
  98. Carelessly send with right dull people
  99. Panels sent to city
  100. Teller managed to inform again
  101. 2011 romcom starring claire forlani and dougray scott
  102. Will — author of novels shark the butt and dorian
  103. Christopher — actor who portrayed james herriot in bbc tv series all creatures great and small
  104. Charles — explorer who discovered the darling river in australia in 1829
  105. Songbird with long pointed wings and a forked tail to which the adjective hirundine relates
  106. Island in the inner hebrides housing fingal's cave
  107. Sweet fortified dessert wine
  108. 1996 adventure film starring ted danson and joely richardson
  109. Moon of saturn discovered by william henry pickering in 1899
  110. 2003 film western starring robert duvall and kevin costner
  111. English name of milou white fox terrier in the adventures of tintin comic book series
  112. 2010 film drama starring conor mccarron written and directed by peter mullan
  113. Small finch-like bird such as the house — or tree —
  114. Welsh painter whose works include 1903's the student
  115. 1967 film comedy starring phil silvers and kenneth williams
  116. Comedian and actor who played the toymaker in 1968 family film chitty chitty bang bang
  117. Level of command 7 letters
  118. What a dealer may give you credit for
  119. Certain dots on a half-circle graphic
  120. Traditional time to sing por los días pasados
  121. Sought a place to eat informally
  122. Beclouded
  123. Steered
  124. Take a course without preparation
  125. Bk. in electronic health record systems
  126. King of polands composer (c. 1740)
  127. Boy scout handbook safety subject
  128. Worlds largest economy in headlines
  129. Hes just-__ better than he should be: burns
  130. Operator of battery gigafactories
  131. Pliny advises to treat their stings with vinegar
  132. Extremely agitated groom gives speech
  133. Fail to justify fellow's conviction
  134. Focus for one harbouring sentimentality permanently
  135. Fully, point by point
  136. Game in poland securing no-score draw
  137. Girl's name; ot book
  138. Going down of earth's satellite
  139. Hard light-coloured wood used for furniture
  140. He perhaps isn't seething with rage
  141. Heated dispute about blocking amendment
  142. Humble-sounding estate
  143. I write a new novel, one that may suggest madeira?
  144. In a to z order
  145. Intoxicating juice is perfect drug
  146. Intruder from quebec's very out of date, right?
  147. Layer of folded material
  148. Leaves kelvin to find wood
  149. Light for tanning
  150. More than one retailer feels bored by us idiot
  151. Not constructive
  152. Opera and revamped safari installed in pc laptop initially
  153. Over simple
  154. Plumbing fixtures for men only
  155. Post-closing time pub drinking session
  156. Raised road across wet area
  157. Respond - reply
  158. Road-surfacing substance
  159. Roman queen of the gods, wife and sister of jupiter
  160. Sinlessness
  161. Sort of affair one has when playing around close to nest
  162. Systematic investigation
  163. Task done for pleasure not money
  164. This writer's linked with religious warriors
  165. Tinker, a scallywag, covers it
  166. Top communist party political committee
  167. Unfinished business involving new part of church came to light
  168. Walk or run on street
  169. Watered with a flexible pipe
  170. Whispered endearments
  171. Without serious competition - hands down
  172. Work of a cartographer
  173. A back-cloth?
  174. A little bit powerless, die in berlin?
  175. A way to get artist some water in nz?
  176. At home with old officer south of yellow river
  177. Barrier where travellers pay
  178. Before, public transport could be hell
  179. Celebrity, with underwear half off, gets naked
  180. Charge (a president) with misconduct
  181. Check with respect to building material's extra strength
  182. Commercial breaks tastelessly cutting off british host
  183. Craft ale bore? it depends on the listener
  184. Creation of baker, for starters?
  185. Drags
  186. Dried salted meat
  187. Effect of independent member introducing law
  188. Unspecified example
  189. Parliaments neighborhood
  190. Adaptable vehicle, for short
  191. They play in trays
  192. Online header of a sort
  193. Ali had 37
  194. Hulu add-on letters
  195. Blackbeards backward
  196. Reacts in wonder
  197. Common fluorine partner
  198. Peeved cries
  199. Main menu openers
  200. Former tbs comedy __ tribeca
  201. Muslim womans face covering
  202. Longtime e street band member
  203. Low-tech travelers
  204. 221b, eg
  205. Boneless swimmer
  206. Combative, slangily
  207. Booster unit
  208. Material for some spas
  209. Occasional catcher
  210. Opposite of organization
  211. Like the weakest excuse
  212. Sends into a swoon
  213. Polypeptide chain builder
  214. Ruler from a tree
  215. Big name in comic relief
  216. Pre-euro finnish currency
  217. Corporate promotions
  218. Pupil mover
  219. Splitting tool
  220. Dissuade from doing
  221. No longer, in context
  222. Brought up too closely
  223. Unjokingly
  224. Reino ibrico
  225. Standard course number
  226. Stop being square
  227. Sony handheld debut of 04
  228. Auntie em, for instance
  229. Place for strutters
  230. Fawlty towers et al
  231. Unkind thing to turn
  232. Minor exchange
  233. Surely you jest
  234. Championship awards
  235. Employment hot topic
  236. American factfinder info
  237. Release a crew
  238. Bight, eg
  239. Some chargers, for short
  240. Sci-fi superweapon
  241. Rafting challenges
  242. Rival of kaspersky
  243. Sanctions, so to speak
  244. With nothing owing
  245. Scriptural guardian
  246. Public relations specialists
  247. Wood used for smoking meats
  248. Many a wedding playlist choice
  249. Get ready to break
  250. Nights in white satin band
  251. Often followed route would be apt when beneath
  252. Typeface first drawn in 1982
  253. Seek in vain 7 3
  254. Period devoted to an activity 7 letters
  255. Large crustacean valued as food
  256. Ocean's 8 actress who plays fantine in the 2012 film adaptation of 32-across (2 wds.)
  257. The amazing adventures of kavalier & ___ (michael chabon novel)
  258. Continent in which many james clavell novels are set
  259. 1862 historical novel by victor hugo (2 wds.)
  260. Spot for fast cash
  261. Meat on a hawaiian-style pizza
  262. The ___ on the train (paula hawkins novel)
  263. Olympic gold medalist torres who co-wrote age is just a number
  264. Gladiator actor who plays javert in the 2012 film adaptation of 32-across (2 wds.)
  265. Actor reeves who plays john wick
  266. Greet casually with to (2 wds.)
  267. Upper-left computer key
  268. Greek letter between theta and kappa
  269. Layered sandwich for short
  270. Waiter's implement
  271. Soft drink brand with a red-white-and-blue logo
  272. Hide-and-___ (playground game)
  273. Shrill: notes from ___ woman (lindy west book) (2 wds.)
  274. Nickname of 12-time french open champion nadal
  275. Charger and challenger automaker
  276. Folktales
  277. Havana singer camila
  278. African site of a 1976 rescue
  279. What a fool makes
  280. Old gaelic alphabet
  281. Insigne distinctif porté en broche
  282. Dutch word for farmer
  283. Central rib of a feather
  284. Genre for jay-z read backwards
  285. Bring down like prices
  286. Bow accompanier
  287. Reluctance to act
  288. Nasty office gossip
  289. Refuters words
  290. Alternative to home cooking
  291. Challenging hs sci class
  292. Where gurus gather
  293. Sounds from egypt and ethiopia
  294. Overly picky
  295. Flight finish
  296. Rogue on the road, eg
  297. Uncle vanyas niece
  298. Oscar winner for green book
  299. Field makeup
  300. Important evidence
  301. Bees young relative
  302. Insecure creator/star
  303. Alaskan vacation destination
  304. T size letters
  305. Pres mandelas nation
  306. Prom or party ending
  307. Desk phone part
  308. Swamp growths
  309. Anti-arms slogan
  310. Criminal code
  311. Start, electronically
  312. Big bird of fable
  313. Gonna soon
  314. Facilitation
  315. Nycs original subway operator
  316. Girl, condescendingly
  317. Shot stoppers
  318. Extremely troubling
  319. Sir paul, familiarly
  320. Online deal site
  321. Colorful dogwood
  322. Scuba attachment
  323. Unflappable to a fault
  324. Theyre run by three-year-olds
  325. Georges sitar mentor
  326. Helper of heracles
  327. Opposite of subjective for short
  328. ___ vera (soothing succulent)
  329. The expendables actor who plays lee christmas in the 2010 film and also starred as chev chelios in crank: 2 wds.
  330. ___- data another term for curriculum vitae
  331. Put into practice say
  332. Let you love me singer rita
  333. The expendables actor who plays gunner jensen in the 2010 film and also starred as he-man in masters of the universe: 2 wds.
  334. ___ your cup of tea
  335. ___ betty comedy-drama tv series starring america ferrera
  336. Chilling sound from a snowman
  337. What s stands for in asap
  338. The expendables actor who palyed tool in thr 2010 film and also starred as ivan vanko in iron man 2: 2 wds.
  339. Brewed drink that may be served in a pot
  340. Gardener's bagful (rhymes with toil)
  341. Museum contents in spain
  342. Largest and most populous continent
  343. Economic upswing say
  344. Widemouthed earthenware pot
  345. Groucho marx's hello ___ be going: 2 wds.
  346. What s stands for in ascap for short
  347. Maths or history for short
  348. Good in spanish
  349. ___ li the expendables actor who played yin yang in the 2010 action film and also starred as jue yang in shaolin temple
  350. Web address ender often
  351. Some alarm respondants: abbr.
  352. When doubled it's the name of asia's famous three-wheeler
  353. Smidgen or tiny bit
  354. ___ tyler composer who wrote original music for the 2010 action film the expendables and also composed music for now you see me
  355. Up-and-down toy: hyph.
  356. ___ roberts the expendables actor who palyed james munroe in the 2010 action film and also starred as michael z. in inherent vice
  357. Mystics mascot
  358. Wnba mystics
  359. One who bullies and teases
  360. Mayor of simpleton
  361. Manila pact grp
  362. I can confirm
  363. Device sold with a remote
  364. Excessif et violent e
  365. Sticking points for vampires
  366. Dairy farm product
  367. Nigerian novelist tutuola
  368. Endetter e
  369. Some sporting events
  370. Placed tightly
  371. Really hit ones stride?
  372. Messy food servings
  373. Opposite of calm
  374. Energy regulators in the body
  375. Good news for the office staff
  376. Japanese city on tokyo bay
  377. Topic in education policy
  378. Post-match report
  379. Onomatopoeic cry
  380. Reduplicative girls name
  381. Exhibit a male gaze, perhaps
  382. Word with big or goat
  383. Light on packaging
  384. League leader, informally
  385. Eu alliance
  386. Makeup experts?
  387. Eight were named urban
  388. Gemstone with bands
  389. Haircuts of yesteryear?
  390. Common crossword feature
  391. Italy neighbor: abbr.
  392. Hard puzzle
  393. Incredulous exclamation
  394. Speaking of which … for one
  395. Hashtag that took off in 2017
  396. Prescription parts
  397. Sport-___ (off-road ride)
  398. Former swedish car
  399. Animal that uses echolocation
  400. Teddy alternative?
  401. Diana ross was one
  402. Almost certainly will after is
  403. Gradually added to a liquid
  404. Unlike most mansions
  405. Cabernet or pinot noir
  406. Have for lunch e.g.
  407. Tokyo bay
  408. A guide to confident living
  409. Enlever la cloture entourant un lieu e
  410. Skipper's site
  411. Limit for riding a roller coaster often
  412. In — by itself (unique)
  413. Brand of skin cream
  414. Payoff of athletic training
  415. Spherical bacterium for short
  416. Rocker patty of scandal
  417. Animal that hunts but isn't hunted
  418. Reproachful clicks
  419. It has a 3d white product line
  420. Auntie played by lucille ball
  421. Fish in a garden pond
  422. Company that owns log cabin vlasic and mrs. paul's
  423. The isle of man to britain
  424. Barkin of film
  425. Ncaa conference of the midwest
  426. Lubing
  427. Sinking ship's call
  428. Discard from the memory
  429. Jab gently
  430. Company shuffle for short
  431. Onetime competitor of magnavox
  432. Kitchen scraps
  433. Fetus' place
  434. Source of wacky products in road runner cartoons
  435. Digital camera resolution units
  436. My friends in france
  437. 1983 j.p. donleavy novel
  438. Photo-sharing app for short
  439. Tables with data on daily ebbs and flows
  440. Similar-meaning wd.
  441. 2015 and 2017 best actress nominee ronan
  442. That's how it was told to me
  443. Bar code-scanning gizmo: abbr.
  444. Set of regular customers
  445. Bank stmt. id
  446. Oom- — (tuba sounds)
  447. Places to get body wraps
  448. Roman 2050
  449. Type of fish that a 59-across is
  450. 33-down's opposite
  451. Like mosaics
  452. They precede novs.
  453. Key-centered compositions
  454. Spanish dances like fandangos
  455. Tokyo beer
  456. Takeaway game of strategy
  457. Noisy nappers
  458. Tropical cereal grass
  459. Sublets e.g.
  460. What goes inside guns for short
  461. Joan of ___ (15th-century french heroine)
  462. Farm building for livestock
  463. Big little lies cable channel
  464. Intensive care ___ (what icu stands for)
  465. Wasikowska who played alice in alice in wonderland
  466. Greek letter between theta and kappa or a tiny bit
  467. Warning like a black cat or broken mirror
  468. Silvery metal that resists rusting
  469. Isn't it romantic actress wilson
  470. Eight-ounce measures for liquid
  471. African american activist novelist and rapper with a family name: 2 wds.
  472. Hole filled by a dentist
  473. American folk artist who started painting at age 78 and has a family name: 2 wds.
  474. Component of the big dipper for example
  475. ___ trip (self-serving action)
  476. Canonized nun who is known for her work in india and has a family name: 2 wds.
  477. Item on the plus side of a balance sheet
  478. Exceedingly long spans of time
  479. Give it the old college ___
  480. Marriage story actor alan
  481. Wintertime neck warmers
  482. Cabbage variety with dark crinkly leaves
  483. Good at manual work around the house
  484. They precede two-point conversions in football: abbr.
  485. Filled to the ___ (almost overflowing)
  486. It ___ me babe (bob dylan hit)
  487. Restaurant's list of choices
  488. What l means in box scores
  489. Mets pitcher degrom who won the 2018 and 2019 cy young award
  490. Batter's very short hit
  491. Great lake with the same name as a canadian province
  492. Provide lighthearted pleasure to
  493. Business organizations: abbr.
  494. Airport checkpoint group: abbr.
  495. Move backward when attacked
  496. Fought as knights did on horseback
  497. Sword with a french name that's used in an olympic sport
  498. Skittles flavor that was replaced by green apple in 2013
  499. On the loose as a convict: 2 wds.
  500. It brought frosty the snowman to life
  501. Be generous with one's belongings
  502. Part of a darth vader or lone ranger costume
  503. Huge bargain
  504. Hither and ___ (every which way)
  505. ___ major (constellation whose name means big bear)
  506. Looks after as farm animals