1. Crack cocaine's heading into us city, providing financial stability
  2. Devil beset by hindrance, a sucker
  3. Flower in trouble had to be pulled up
  4. Shakespearean reason for purchasing pc?
  5. One doing for the done for?
  6. Position for model, a stripper
  7. One better brought up has clenched hand, but he won't use it
  8. Cuba and carthage, virtually riotous, had problems rowing
  9. Sound punishment for murderer
  10. One who designs a register of homes in swine avenue?
  11. Herb is said to be in this sauce mixture
  12. Statute inapt - malefactor should be dealt with
  13. What are you trying to do? don't get angry! promise!
  14. He would present prime minister t. blair as ace - all spinning?
  15. Miss woodhouse sanctified in the family tree
  16. Holy record found in european community - english message of a religious nature?
  17. What is human but loveless - one politician establishing dominion
  18. Elf shows malice crossing river
  19. Checks on dialysis?
  20. Tyneside couple, monarchs of the system
  21. Fish is not well reported in the new testament
  22. Waterworks' official ensures ships' company has food to go round
  23. Honest fellow, fred (not harry)
  24. Congressman's acknowledgement?
  25. What could restore amour-propre? french state bringing in experts
  26. Delouse, as it were, when climbing with spikes
  27. Perform one in public and tire oneself out
  28. Express hatred with fun by firing european figures
  29. It's old-time retro for this song writer
  30. Move so move accepted, perhaps
  31. Point of order?
  32. Continued to give the total in a rush
  33. Locked up as a final course
  34. Wine from west part of east italy?
  35. A ship, say, with first-rate weapon
  36. Make a mark as a non-runner
  37. Best food mike's brother found in the continent
  38. Axe plot with ethiopian leaders
  39. Loathe old english jalopy
  40. Free-thinker's desert island record
  41. Bureaucrats concealed fertilizer
  42. Put a stop to a republican holiday
  43. A dissolute kidnaps maiden? not quite!
  44. Various ramblers initially planted in the west country
  45. Sack attendant admitting wrong
  46. One who aids rehabilitation of the offender
  47. One opposed to well-established painter
  48. A mauretanian fell
  49. Graceless rou¿elaxed in pool on sunday
  50. Peacock to briefly visit bird
  51. Time for leadership of saddam hussein to admit end of reign
  52. Confinement which sounds yellow?
  53. Totter at the bar?
  54. Criminal, one moving quickly to catch police out having hidden diamonds
  55. Ancient city of wild sheep and crossword setters
  56. Shark offering menu without humans more reliable
  57. Propose cryptic by tommy, thus setter's mess cleared up
  58. More creation sorted out for french singer shortly
  59. Come to a halt, whichever way you like
  60. Good or bad chap has wine-based drink in small container
  61. Stay with baby almost to the end
  62. Originally, patsy cline could have been a writer
  63. To be on the go is, maybe, subtle
  64. Boy embraces woman in black to get going
  65. What helps with bruises? fresh air can
  66. One in comeback for a second game
  67. Authentic old coin
  68. Insects not the first in the tree
  69. The air of one amongst the people
  70. A place to ring doctor for assurance
  71. Study panel member: he's possibly in the circle
  72. A thousand items delivered - and that's your lot!
  73. Player starts to open, bowling overs in second test
  74. Growth in imitation stone
  75. Right shaky about distorted rhythm
  76. Creature at the core is the bravest
  77. Redhead, into pot, becomes strident
  78. Dash to work and hope for an election
  79. Writer heading off to cause stir
  80. Eliza doolittle's refuge, a bower
  81. Impose about it with light-heartedness
  82. Duck keeps quiet: mother acquires top layer of skin
  83. Lash one with science, suspended round gold philosophical 1ac
  84. Girl receiving gunners' martial 1ac
  85. Toffs' 1ac-ed imperative in toff-free globe? that's unlikely
  86. Meaning to buy in
  87. 'compiler's in the car' - that's a quotation
  88. 1ac-ed gathering of the clans, a wicked ulster rising
  89. Transport put back on row
  90. Platform which starts having blame attached
  91. Military event with punctures
  92. Monstrous u-turn alan has to execute
  93. School report taken in
  94. Most of 18 in issue from 8 across, perhaps
  95. 12 feature ever constrains one to think during drink
  96. 12's street in the grip of digger
  97. The guardian is going to be a 10, unquestionably defeated
  98. Heartless shakespeare heroine keeping beret for a head
  99. Successful purchase by flier without raising quarrels over currency
  100. Seen on a lorry that's badly lit abroad
  101. Destitute writer on nile steamer
  102. Person standing, hoping for a seat
  103. Boards can make the connection
  104. Showed off, though sore and tired out
  105. A quarter remains almost submerged
  106. A girl who can appear inane
  107. Dance that makes one pale?
  108. How hack produced copy - reportedly by uninspired repetition
  109. Guy's covered in bull, resulting in plenty of choice words
  110. Statuary wide boy
  111. Handsome type reported in tuscany
  112. Hiss at scots and others found in africa
  113. Lucky jim, or possibly another one
  114. Recently seen on tv in california?
  115. There's nobody to sign up
  116. Feature informed on delft art
  117. Bounds within which wines are stored
  118. Grudging admiration of diplomat with nothing to lose
  119. Exhorted to be very topical?
  120. Act badly with impunity and leave in style
  121. Branch of the deer family
  122. Canst not be shaken?
  123. Head denied extra payment for responsibility
  124. Standard is found in france
  125. Falling in great haste
  126. Use magic dots for study of theology
  127. Show naughty child when to paint
  128. Cuts off valves
  129. Can more be stored in the pantry?
  130. He wrote about a tree
  131. Formal choice seen shortly
  132. In a cycle test, nine failed to enter
  133. Does vanity put right unpleasant picture?
  134. Field cut alongside home
  135. Might the military patrol this area in crotchless pants?
  136. Berserk, then pm not good enough?
  137. Vessel to fit inside dish
  138. Red pig almost gobbles one up
  139. Blame new management for pub raid
  140. Charge for time on court
  141. She's given a high score...
  142. ... and waits to provide surprise street songs
  143. What combatants were doing leaning over?
  144. Ne'er-do-well in walter's novel
  145. A line replaced from elsewhere
  146. Railway employee often charged with parking offences?
  147. Keeps money box motionless
  148. Narrows definition of second feature
  149. It's a cleric's job to climb one mountain in dangerous surroundings
  150. Act evasively with royal donors in the gallery
  151. A high throw turned to what's turned on
  152. Spots part of london, as the locals say
  153. Dupe officer with italian brother in arms by inheritance
  154. Tale teller, having broken shin twice, narrates dance
  155. Voice objections to the transport system
  156. Popular ruler accepting everything by god's will
  157. Ancestral loyalty to island's in a healthy state
  158. A leading light in vermin turnaround
  159. Yokel needs ten (about) to get set
  160. Viper given to half of cleo's 9
  161. Prop is to remain
  162. Nigh and night possibly very close
  163. Cnn hired a drunk with an impediment
  164. Running off unceremoniously with a mate
  165. Sponsor prepared to give a lifetime guarantee?
  166. Manage to get a letter from greece to the woman
  167. Finest hose initially made from this
  168. 9 covering, true to form
  169. Gold wreath's put back in the bay window
  170. A bitter lament, i suspect, in bradshaw's work of fiction?
  171. Post is the preserve of the auditor
  172. Cold figure that made love in valley
  173. Athletic man's weight behind gun lobby?
  174. Path right back from an organ
  175. A device for lifting endlessly during depression is touching
  176. Giving name to a couple of animals, last going first
  177. Learner can upset many in old car when short and sweet
  178. Sportsmanship in mountain climbing retained by one camping?
  179. Pledge to pass on the inside?
  180. To speak of nobility is fruitless
  181. Where kids quietly rest and make fast cartwheels?
  182. Carry out directions for measured amount
  183. ... by pleading this causes his merriment
  184. Sipped, say, stew causing stomach upset
  185. Provide for wheel losing bearing
  186. Charming period
  187. Catch or miss with loop?
  188. Split holding on high mount given by gold-digger
  189. Pair when joined by royal?
  190. Cloth dress?
  191. Worker, nigerian, doesn't live on immunisers
  192. Writer's black: main road's leading
  193. Writer's b seen again
  194. Writer's month on railway with 23
  195. Blighty for argentine detective?
  196. Writer's into ice cream
  197. Half of everything is just a drop
  198. Writer's king, say, on the continent today for free?
  199. A slicer cut cakes
  200. Prejudice runs riot - body of law needed
  201. Drug - a girl curtailed pain in part of head
  202. It's not difficult offering charity, theologian admitted
  203. Standard position for a passing-out parade?
  204. One takes their pulse
  205. They were once needed by germans making their mark
  206. A colt needs schooling as a youngster
  207. Look out - one may be about to lose at tennis
  208. Home late having had a ramble after church
  209. Bring up fish on front of boat
  210. Weather protection for morning doctor's round
  211. The point of a dowry
  212. Allowed income?
  213. It's no longer of use when threadbare
  214. Shelter soldiers put up over obsolete weapon
  215. Battle game in london
  216. Robber took boodle and ran off
  217. Song about issue of atlas
  218. Literally manufactured - he includes also nuts
  219. Marriage turns very cool in gardens
  220. Declares anew
  221. Looter
  222. Faces made when cattle call loudly?
  223. After 8 12, go back to square 1 and spring up ('ow-d'ye-do, lynn) with profit
  224. Yorkshire waterway
  225. Ring round hospital, terribly angry, relating to top of gullet
  226. Whisky is a stimulant to a savoury
  227. Not up yet, embracing a model that's gone down
  228. Agree where to play?
  229. Complete with skill
  230. Doctor to negotiate for a party
  231. Imprisonment causes, it's said, jack strain
  232. 'convalescence is something useful to snooker players', snooker player said
  233. Warning: branch lies outside city
  234. Cover for members getting drunk on sunday
  235. Prone to cry 'insignificant party's artless!'
  236. Multiple occupancy housing starry group
  237. Railway squire disposing of one ill-gotten hoard
  238. Those working together pass many miles
  239. His brooding features turned eyes
  240. Game point involved guts
  241. Pull up in close up 1 down
  242. Time when king's in command
  243. People responsible for the upkeep of the neighbourhood
  244. Raising the issue in more than one way
  245. Right? yes, first time
  246. His vessel had a full complement of mates
  247. The peace subsequently includes the french
  248. Not all are like this to me
  249. Contestants tied in this event
  250. Garment worn by an artist
  251. Cross-continental
  252. On watch, man on board provides telescope part
  253. Short jacket for male in fake fur, worn by comic
  254. Breakfast and lunch combined
  255. Something that needs tying up seen in deluge, losing head
  256. Pair of wings accommodated by sea fish
  257. Reportedly, symbol of us power brings grief
  258. Vegetable, small and sweet
  259. Northern scandinavian gods have one, it's said
  260. Russian leader impersonating another bad influence in russia
  261. Port still in the bottle?
  262. Document of authorisation, if you don't want straight hair?
  263. Settle comfortably with arms up on broken leg
  264. Misfortune of criminal rings
  265. Result of walking over burning coals quickly?
  266. Sensational promotion of friend henry occupying negative response
  267. Forward to rub out trouble
  268. Being poor, it's difficult at college
  269. Communicated feelings born in struggles
  270. 'the nag's head' when not constrained?
  271. The way to speak? not the best way
  272. Head in olden days initially bewildered
  273. His cattle deployed for sport
  274. Hold your horses, love: right's missing out in 14
  275. Trout's new instructor
  276. Restock gets helpers in trouble
  277. Some verse from roderick
  278. One can't see they're closed
  279. Pressure to rule nerd out as a raider
  280. Unusual reserve with unusually icy centre
  281. Shout about railway
  282. Sphere with 12 and a half yard circumference at the bottom of the ring
  283. Sloth is so ineffective
  284. Dine out on hot food raised in smelly old place
  285. Virgin provided with exocet is bad for blood pressure
  286. Parasite using methadone, having kicked heroin
  287. Large plant turning into corrupt temporary 11
  288. Someone to help you view work by renaissance artist, they say
  289. Primate devouring a vegetable
  290. Director of music manuscripts binds schubert's first with elgar's
  291. Our leader's to issue positive statement about makeover
  292. Drop dead in uncultivated nigerian capital
  293. Said to be slowly cooked by zeus's lover in the workroom?
  294. Inflict a soaking, though partner keeps rain off
  295. End of investment that helps the poor
  296. Flog what might be silver
  297. T e — british military officer who authored 1926 volume seven pillars of wisdom
  298. Author of novels a small country and return to hendre ddu
  299. Title of the spiritual head of tibetan buddhism
  300. 2004-07 south africa national rugby union coach
  301. Nhl team; 2006 stanley cup finals winners
  302. Anthony — author of twelve-volume novel series a dance to the music of time
  303. Unit of time equal to one billionth of a second
  304. Preacher gives lent a transformation
  305. It could get charon in a fix on the styx
  306. 1987 romcom starring kim basinger and bruce willis
  307. Frank wedekind stage play first performed in 1906
  308. Opera by leos janacek premiered in 1904
  309. One way out of trouble?
  310. Tail trimmed to a point
  311. Mocker of one featured in foreign articles
  312. Solve mystery about kingcup
  313. Intensive poultry farm for veggies?
  314. Shoddy isn't a material
  315. The foreign cheese lacks a bit of moisture, which is to do with the weather
  316. She's a good woman, if overfree
  317. More hackneyed passage from 'the winter's tale' related
  318. Exercise like dance detailed in background
  319. Football side, not cricket side, to turn inside out
  320. Bird in bar holding a nose?
  321. Mark up boy, schoolboy
  322. Speak too highly of cricket captain's concern
  323. Soldiers losing track of child?
  324. Tip a golfer gave to prodigal
  325. Shabby towel about to disintegrate
  326. Created calm
  327. Luke lee playing small guitar in the popular style
  328. Doing better than 40, by the sound of it, in first gear
  329. Like the sun baked walls of academe?
  330. Keeping paste for christmas morning?
  331. They stop when out of bounds
  332. One who cooks crab?
  333. Helpers in distress? get fresh supplies!
  334. Asking her out is a withering experience
  335. Sign of roman god almost
  336. The canter needs to be adjusted for the jump
  337. Put out a plea for employment
  338. A cut limits inadequate grant
  339. Profit that shouldn't be taken unfairly
  340. Drunk as a snake?
  341. It was in form when young
  342. A celebrity's due
  343. Issue raised by a prospector
  344. He could get his work done by friday
  345. Weakened king slipped away
  346. Edward got up hurt and isolated
  347. Change luxembourg flag
  348. Takes advantage of dodgy dealer for a drink
  349. Dwarfs or giants starting rambles late
  350. Hud agency
  351. Tickled in the morning, then taken advantage of
  352. A sincere doctor needing a rise
  353. Something started from a springboard
  354. Belief in existence of god is obscured by them
  355. Carry on with former nurse
  356. Structure for young climbers
  357. Installation after 36 across
  358. Have a good time, as the stylist might
  359. Pussy getting his number after church raised a lot of questions
  360. Duke topped by duke
  361. Defective report by people who draw a guesthouse
  362. Here there's little time for trees ...
  363. Bad spirit is displayed over wildcat strike
  364. Issue some schemer generally raises
  365. Deficit for a wee while
  366. Force holding thousands means business
  367. Injured man had to carry a gun
  368. Never to name it could be wrong
  369. A greek character without a casual shirt? shame!
  370. Example of an insect blight
  371. For a seaman to offend a social worker is unusual
  372. To send for change is a continental resort
  373. Coat for a bird (naturally, a female)
  374. Liverpudlian bearing many to the river
  375. A little bit of paper punched out from church notice
  376. The crime of the generously proportioned girl
  377. Set out repeatedly to control cause of sleeping sickness
  378. He may be competent to travel at speed in freezing conditions
  379. Counters for distillation flasks
  380. Put off by type of music argued about
  381. Expressed regret for euro, say
  382. Fellow doctor supports beloved, a source of sweetness
  383. Belgium is split by faction into halves
  384. Fizz, give off bubbles
  385. Furore following elevated journalist's stay
  386. Girlfriend installed in french­man's love nest, maybe
  387. Plot in mainly undesirable environment
  388. Grumble when husband gets in hock, perhaps
  389. Gun manufacturer said to be an honest broker
  390. Half of olives made into this?
  391. Hard man with practical skills
  392. Her sons cut the damaged tree
  393. High-ranking asian woman say taken in by tramp
  394. Hold back company books and most of inventory
  395. Idiosyncratic member of parliament having name for liberal
  396. Impress sailors' leader; suspend from yardarm, say
  397. Impulsive yank soon antes up
  398. 2 prepared to bring gm food initially into line
  399. In a difficult situation - under siege
  400. Countermand kofi's diktat?
  401. In nightmare perversely argue with two bishops
  402. Insular spaniard working as cathedral junior
  403. Fifty outrageous soldiers gathering around entrance for a breather
  404. Ironically humorous
  405. It let losers
  406. Keen computer player
  407. Keeping quiet, with some little doubt
  408. Kept in hole in criminal drug den
  409. Lay sister originally holding not completely pious views
  410. Leave (sailing ship) without wind
  411. Ley lines set out in a confused manner?
  412. Log lying across motorway bend
  413. Long hard journey on foot
  414. Looking upward: good gracious, that's a big bird!
  415. Loot harbour, causing misery
  416. Meagre inflammation containing discharge
  417. Military policeman in preferred capacity
  418. Mind one tucks into fibrous food
  419. Mob must be mad, losing billions
  420. Moment before new seed splits
  421. Monk almost left devilish group of fellows
  422. Name of third-born registered in somerset house
  423. Novelist recalling old church
  424. Obsession - a state where one scrubs room regularly?
  425. Old man’s attempt to make some dough
  426. One reigning over a long period
  427. One who makes universal truth into crap writing perhaps
  428. Rossini's 2 duets or no other
  429. One's endeavouring to spot king and queen
  430. Pack of dogs carrying a plague
  431. Paint hope nursing men brutish at heart
  432. Passenger vessel operating on a regular schedule
  433. 1 down, seasoned wood two sailors brought into kent
  434. Perform check, covering county where homer settled?
  435. Person teasing cleric, one leaving worcs town
  436. Pointed front part of a ship
  437. Policemen’s ball held here?
  438. Preferred winding route via south of france
  439. Inspired to get one out of the wood
  440. Press campaign
  441. Priest in country after a spell oddly lost independence
  442. Processed grain etc, providing food
  443. Produce a regular throbbing sensation
  444. Pulse fast, nearly sick
  445. Put an end to trusted criminal carrying drug
  446. Put thus st mary is a very clever person
  447. Rebuked in hearing and carried away
  448. Release bargain offer for telly addicts?
  449. Remove clogs, seeing good time ahead
  450. Rest of university engaged in lie
  451. Restriction on amphetamine usage?
  452. Review of global it firm in sky features
  453. Revived a festival introduced by magritte and dali, originally
  454. River in french south, flowing west
  455. Roman silver coin - is unread
  456. Rubbish article in times
  457. Rule again, suffering spasmodic pain
  458. Precious little time ahead
  459. Rum methods wife deployed — don’t tell anyone
  460. Secure area of the sea
  461. The nitty-gritty of conflict over team changes
  462. See through end of telescope in port after it's set up
  463. Seedy soldiers kept in subject to argument
  464. Sailor's primitive shanty? utter nonsense!
  465. Shell uncovered beside cape - a crab's disabled without it
  466. Single chap from east embracing old woman
  467. Soldier perhaps catching disease far away
  468. Sort of lynx bishop caught in seagoing vessel
  469. Spot child eating fly
  470. Stay with reactionary american while away
  471. Stories appearing in american anthologies
  472. Stupid british artist getting out more?
  473. American company takes most of english city
  474. Temporary brand repositioning
  475. Theft by the tories? it’s a plot!
  476. Unusual or foreign items
  477. Upset roughly one litre of pharmaceutical acid
  478. Us detective
  479. Using no animal products
  480. Visited area excluded from redraft of final edict
  481. Wastes away, giving up fried food
  482. What keeps the old folk mobile?
  483. What snooker player does the wrong way round in bar
  484. Wheeler-dealer’s stage performance? flipping rubbish!
  485. Where you'd expect a barrister from superior chambers?
  486. Who’s head of mafia family? legendary old greek
  487. Wipe column that begins written correspondence, deleting endings
  488. Without money in tehran, terribly distressed
  489. Worthless classical poet promoting his verse
  490. A vegetable and a thick roe blended together
  491. Accumulate debt and float to an auditor? good gracious!
  492. Adequate turnover for guardian, working well without capital
  493. Agree to clubs participating in expert training
  494. Allegiance swapping sides initially, shifting to monarch
  495. Almost panic, getting award for way of cooking
  496. Amends article skewering coppers
  497. Sweet punishment
  498. Ankle-length garment worn by priests and choristers
  499. As well-placed models presumably are when sitting?
  500. Austere knight leaves climb in cairngorms, primarily
  501. Back with leader moving east in old portuguese possession
  502. Beg to get church involved in ballet movement
  503. Body of christians threatening war leader
  504. Bone formation of fractured scalp in particular
  505. Have visitors but don't serve?
  506. Book house overlooking ocean
  507. Brief and precise
  508. Broadcast is just what bald cockney needs?
  509. Buccaneer’s reportedly indelicate manner
  510. Burglars duck atop roof-edge
  511. Business and financial dealings
  512. Buyer of goods
  513. Capital guy coming aboard boat party, say
  514. Catch half-decent fish
  515. Certainly not around since the first christmas, santa's first to give the present
  516. Chain, restrain
  517. Churchyard tree the solver talked of
  518. Commemorative awards
  519. Confident, like retiring american left-winger
  520. Curmudgeon in receipt of nutmeg's misdirected delivery?
  521. Damage statuette, knocking head off
  522. Deal; cheap buy
  523. Deliver poem perhaps about spectacle mentioned in speech
  524. Details of pitch from crucial name on contract
  525. Dictator’s parentage in dispute
  526. Disturbing a french kid he produces a nose rag
  527. Drink shouted for social reformer
  528. Drug makes writing bolder one supposes
  529. End bit of house getting extension
  530. Endlessly stylish greek character
  531. Have relation. possibly parent, to protect one
  532. Erotic pinch missing bottom: good gracious!
  533. Man or woman is kept outside hospital department - such may be waiting for doctor
  534. Attacks on lass out of order - unruly thug to be locked up
  535. Cold joint may be one of those things served at meal time
  536. Shout of joy from little band coming in
  537. 'plantagenets' given wrongly in response
  538. 20's turnover
  539. Turner's rubbish? yes, possibly
  540. Monk spoken of in london as criminal
  541. Heartless colleens rejected love in ireland
  542. Stoker has article written before one of the patriarchs
  543. Like the proposal to ban hunting?
  544. One drug after another for leading lady
  545. This should keep one in comfort to some degree
  546. Support the boards - but behind the scenes
  547. To create a disturbance could mean jail!
  548. Offering a girl transport, that's all
  549. Quiet about decent characters setting an example
  550. Oils requiring special treatment for storage
  551. Indicating the wine is running out?
  552. Wants to be seen returning about five hundred
  553. Name for a pet (female) in the orient
  554. Animal refuge that is about right for a certain group
  555. Dance couple's mounting pique
  556. A fellow advocate
  557. Bad marks for parts on style
  558. I am turning up with one peg, perhaps
  559. Recoil can lead off, start, turn and back
  560. Rider who could return straddled over a bull?
  561. Group contains one prodigy
  562. Roaster does so to get tip
  563. Routine to study and speak when beheaded, so to speak
  564. At least three compositions in the midlands
  565. Hercule ii, revolutionary french churchman
  566. Lively piece for island company around jersey etc
  567. Speaks ill of dental exchange for 10 oz.
  568. Complain about a bone being genetically modified on account of domestic appliance
  569. Disreputable aspect of setter in 23 across?
  570. Percussionist circles
  571. Incline to install oven at land's end?
  572. Robin's partner, perhaps, to have a dip
  573. An endowment of sophisticated commodities?
  574. Live number, it's said. gracious!
  575. Lines for article in carrier with first class directions for making sauce
  576. Grouse about initial radio transmission of space
  577. Goes bad with nothing in the undergrowth
  578. Intricately veined salad plant
  579. Discovered erect nipple?
  580. Foreign article on explorer of the subconscious's untamed regions
  581. The immediate object is a close shave
  582. Leading soldiers bolt back with piece of earthenware
  583. Gut linings required if sick in 6
  584. Present tense first used in journal that gets handed down
  585. Woman's upper-crust origins in french city
  586. Butler's ac/dc mentor
  587. Youngster left diamonds outside booth
  588. The address of a single person
  589. Girl turns tail at the docks
  590. Cinderella's sisters were so unfair
  591. Gathering for a drink, we hear
  592. Is outwardly better when played by ear
  593. Overhead branches
  594. He keeps on accumulating endless unhappiness
  595. Maturing drink in silver container
  596. It's fully in order; make nothing of it
  597. Keeping in shape, being opposed to psychiatry
  598. Unexpected result of parnell's policy
  599. He's stupid in trying to open it without a key
  600. One in service could be hurt by fire
  601. Artist's pictures cherished for surreal content
  602. Number observed to contain 10 in it
  603. Sending down of student from showing little industry
  604. Disregard devastated region
  605. Settle attempt to supplant no good in english
  606. One could be on hand long ago
  607. Outdoor slippers
  608. Gap left by removing the head from all parts
  609. 'christ rose transfigured', they sing
  610. Name given at registration - a feature of old cars
  611. Internet bank aims for scholars
  612. Beth adores compiling this
  613. Where the vp presides
  614. Pine detritus
  615. Litter left in mower
  616. Being rented
  617. Off-leash play area
  618. Brimless caps
  619. Two men after one flat
  620. Ulaanbaatar native
  621. Term for economic obfuscation
  622. Word with string or sing
  623. Sign of an armoured vehicle
  624. Given for dinner
  625. Mad about you daughter
  626. Focus of a modern crisis
  627. Cleans out badly?
  628. Half a pair of pliers
  629. Beverages brewed indoors
  630. United artists parent co
  631. Get back custody
  632. Prepare, as yesterdays dinner
  633. Before much has happened
  634. Ebbing and flowing from mount ida lately
  635. Relaxation exclamation
  636. Luxury watch
  637. Children's organisation for latter-day noah?
  638. Dietary catalyst
  639. Covert ops accrual
  640. Athletes wishful contortion
  641. Parts of hips
  642. Many an animated twitter pic
  643. Mr crocketts home
  644. Theyre poured at bars
  645. In any fashion
  646. Music city airer
  647. Nested object
  648. Castaways salvation
  649. Thats preposterous!
  650. Perfume sample bottle
  651. River in some renoir paintings
  652. Credentials, for short
  653. Llbean headquarters locale
  654. Final four openers
  655. Archetypal invention with list
  656. Dirty cow with relatives
  657. Far from private
  658. I leave cleric in 15
  659. Fitting destination and surroundings of great ouse or nene
  660. ... bill for pcs
  661. Being abusive is something to hold onto
  662. Enthusiasm causing artist to turn obstinate
  663. Girl accepting unusual coin for plant
  664. Bird may be a hindrance about the hotel
  665. Group of small rocks
  666. The rest of the liver
  667. Doves press for a first course
  668. A girl to get on with the devil
  669. Pure nonsense about firm having to make good
  670. Very strict in making separate point
  671. Centres often with minds
  672. Mr harris going up to supporter with flowers
  673. A little cloudiness, although it could be blue in north america
  674. One lingers somehow to get a drink
  675. He should make the list
  676. There are a number of lines in this
  677. Wire to a friend abroad showing friendliness
  678. Eponymous heroine has ones opposed to king in sporting stadium
  679. Praise surrounds bird heading range
  680. Small bloomer when knowledge is in short measure
  681. Window when framed by good joiner
  682. Contrary to the object of worship?
  683. Get ready to time event
  684. Sabbatical return of r-raid without quarter
  685. Give food and drink to judge concerned with call for silence
  686. Champion half of 13
  687. Tenor note in spotted tile
  688. ... but now pretty? elucidate
  689. Ancient cross featuring heavenly being's shortened lines
  690. Assume one should be clad in mail
  691. Deal with wind
  692. Those responsible for 5 4 draw goose eggs in the modern fashion
  693. Collector of string less bulky?
  694. Rag organiser?
  695. Comic stealing catch phrases
  696. Footballer as big creature not half in the ascendant
  697. King has one of two writers in female attire
  698. Part of america is disagreeable - take major road to bypass it
  699. Ship's watch seeks a profitable catch
  700. Teaching flower arrangement for rock singer?
  701. Catch the italian in trip over the roof
  702. Weaken when losing pounds in germany
  703. Time to study philosopher? that's dreary!
  704. Highwayman powerless in italy
  705. Relative beginners to needlework, in each case expecting
  706. See in the godson an image of oneself
  707. In truth, rallying is a form of slavery
  708. Fuss in cry of kitten in field
  709. As misinformed about monarch as a cat or dog, say
  710. Turn over or wear it, if appropriate?
  711. Concerning 12 sent back by paragon
  712. Venerable character of 29-bearer
  713. 12 1s in heraldic 29
  714. Little dog, having lost lead, ain't about to belong
  715. Judge on drug in clear
  716. High-flier, one in bed ...
  717. Well-oiled, domination-related perversion
  718. Bird embracing two males, very fortunate
  719. Crab, little one
  720. No long shot should go out of knockout competition?
  721. Extensive work in prison not beginning for revolutionary's killer
  722. Dive he's often resorted to, where one mixes with ...
  723. Society girl broadcasting, extremely lovely, with style
  724. Record carriers worn by old priests
  725. Skilful at training the italian cats
  726. Sizable deficit discovered in energy supplier
  727. ... slippery types
  728. Drink gets through with informal assent ...
  729. Like a totally traditional swedish kitchen left out for a 6
  730. Salon do, not including a 6
  731. Prepare 'silver' - is able to back 'spirit'
  732. Caveman talk about bad behaviour and taking drugs?
  733. Crazy rich asians actor who plays tom who keeps running into kate in 30-across (2 wds.)
  734. Some school fundraising groups (abbr.)
  735. Violinist's stick
  736. Hotel rwanda oscar nominee cheadle
  737. Desert islander's casual dress occasions?
  738. Alastair, reportedly, wants counterfeit work on a big scale
  739. Pigpen sound
  740. Holiday romcom starring 18-across and 38-across and featuring songs by george michael and wham! (2 wds.)
  741. The godfather mobster greene
  742. Nala and simba at the start of the lion king
  743. Continent of 17-across and 45-across
  744. Actress long of in too deep
  745. Game of thrones actress who plays kate who keeps running into tom in 30-across (2 wds.)
  746. Thornton wilder play ___ town
  747. South american country whose capital is bogotá
  748. Scary movie 2 actress spelling
  749. Restaurant menu with reds and whites (2 wds.)
  750. A mighty wind actor eugene
  751. ___ out (jordan peele film nominated for four oscars)
  752. Classroom i know! i know! (2 wds.)
  753. Actor ___ elliott of a star is born
  754. Drink without pausing (hyph.)
  755. Actor alda of bridge of spies
  756. Smiling smugly
  757. Language for two-way communication?
  758. Grocery store aid
  759. Word that follows green and 8 in film titles
  760. Divisions on a timeline
  761. A woman from over the sea - danish maybe
  762. One has to run right away
  763. Stout leader, but a fool
  764. Might set about small daughter with cosmetic
  765. Figure there are soldiers about to get involved
  766. Schools transport
  767. Receives sound information in actual practice
  768. Expire, though previously fit as a fiddle
  769. Tot worrying dad
  770. Wild cormorant abandons north for roadrunner?
  771. Wine from another world sadly unfinished
  772. Wine and cheese topped with drink
  773. Even parts of clue contain how to enter this sport
  774. Somalian's country
  775. Brainless dolly should lose some weight
  776. Wine vault's contents
  777. Audibly audible elephants, perhaps
  778. Wine too old, unlimited
  779. Wine and places to buy it on account
  780. Wine, less than half its content given up for soak
  781. Wine, food and beer
  782. Wine not entirely feeble, leave for storage
  783. Result, given lob?
  784. Wine, a degree sweet
  785. Keep object cold in place of pole
  786. Bulb working with something charged
  787. Aim to enshrine deceased dynasty in surrey town
  788. Come to the farewell party!
  789. Stick or stay in?
  790. Drunkenly utter slander
  791. Resurrected dead sumerian child minder
  792. Joint in 4 festered
  793. Old uncle embraces anglican compere
  794. Eccentric ornithologist's hat
  795. Appointed to incorporate board game into table-cover
  796. Interrogates the footwear
  797. Dependent on having bowel control when eating goat's head
  798. Almost everybody put feet up inside at dusk
  799. Reportedly used boat on overland route
  800. Cattle, say, gathering round ancient king
  801. Substance periodically found at 20
  802. Saving up as things developed
  803. Mourn lost mountaineer
  804. Man with vessel, a skiff
  805. Nevertheless, how the tower fell
  806. Peter's adjusted control on radio
  807. Where easy riders have their say?
  808. Gateshead scared off beggars
  809. Fake gem loses weight in the river
  810. Persecute damage on rubber ring, mainly
  811. Business traveller? that goes with the job
  812. Leave a bar with university teacher
  813. Atlantic figure of doom
  814. The burglar works out on the island
  815. Better old city parking, as on board?
  816. Fog dispersal arrangement once provided back at party
  817. Arrests sailor starting scraps
  818. Draw attention to bearing in design fault
  819. Unidentified object could be a clay pigeon
  820. Emancipated worker's carte blanche
  821. Key worker not prepared to be dictated to
  822. Fatherly friend swallows a tear
  823. He dispensed with scruples some time ago
  824. Shopping convenience for the honest operator
  825. Is it mounted twice on the wall?
  826. Heart-warming lots of letters about the aim of changing conditions
  827. Cast aside excitement involved with the girl astride a horse (said right?)
  828. One with knowledge of sin got punished by church leader
  829. Court work with little time for good turn amid depression
  830. Scene of witches at the opening of macbeth after disposal?
  831. Filler for a garden centre in 1008
  832. Araucaria absent in exam about dealing with comparison of pressures
  833. Started in scottish (not northern) isles: they get depressed in church
  834. Former bbc man's change of heart is a demographic concern
  835. Bits of hips visible in brazilians
  836. Wrote chekhov's last novel to include imperfect tense
  837. Trucker's favourite person's goya, surprisingly
  838. Out of sight, upstanding couple mince around
  839. Church member almost eats a quarter cake topping
  840. Club short of weight, always
  841. Lemon chicken
  842. Nothing in part of flower that's different
  843. Gloomy son's lost card game
  844. Give the ok to insect as heraldic beast?
  845. President no longer seen as disgusting toerag?
  846. Person of earlier civilisation in south africa upset dick
  847. Like sick child keen to hug provider of books
  848. Managed a wicket after a minimum of twelve deliveries?
  849. Fellow realtor persuasive outside front of abode
  850. Applaud one having egg on toast
  851. Strictly
  852. Climbed awkwardly scrabbled
  853. Not the youngest
  854. Determined resolute
  855. Clean car interiors
  856. Atlantic ocean bay
  857. Take someone’s place ungraciously
  858. Mooch along
  859. Lived in green gables?
  860. Theory of green-ness
  861. Outsider maverick
  862. Symbolized by doves
  863. Reclaim use again
  864. In pain but passed on without hardship
  865. Brussels offers a prize for good nutrition ...
  866. Tepid evangelist?
  867. It's wrong to put up with a left-winger
  868. Loosen mixed bundle containing work of 12
  869. Scheme for pla
  870. 12's about time to get off, which is impracticable
  871. Sort of teachers (sic)
  872. Triad thugs run wild
  873. There are two points he can possibly raise
  874. Jam - thinly applied?
  875. Urge pa, go around with people of the same generation
  876. They struggled to maintain faith in the past
  877. Slice the approach shot
  878. Quit when there's a strike about work
  879. Don, still in bed, gets up
  880. Autopsy - no doctor's admitted body to see
  881. No one here sane
  882. Novelist to unite by fusion?
  883. Lives in a warren
  884. Quell bring under control
  885. Exceptionally good crop
  886. Humphrey old film star
  887. Macgraw film actress
  888. Alien spaceship perhaps
  889. Bush harbours condition that's half arab offered
  890. Give consent agree to
  891. Measured with thermometer
  892. Do very little
  893. Protective layer around plants
  894. The guardian's about to cook food on the barbie?
  895. Menial work caught jack among rabble
  896. Granted nobody had settled
  897. Desolation of writer coming to a head
  898. Looked at warily
  899. Rebuke or reprimand
  900. Chocolate syrup brand produced in 1928 based in new jersey
  901. ___ point (with limitations): 3 wds.
  902. Read letter by letter
  903. Express approbation of last rose, perhaps
  904. Name for publication composed in mad haste
  905. Arrangement of flowers in the pit
  906. Watch a wise man in aftermath of blitz
  907. Most uncommon map, perhaps of interest to philatelists
  908. Part of coat the french friend turns up
  909. Fox that's providing final resource 1down 7
  910. European agreements on board
  911. Girl from welshpool went away
  912. Reputation on feet?
  913. Instrument forming border between graduates
  914. Ursa senior holding young shrub first
  915. One captured by formal king of troy
  916. Sticky substance makes you fall again
  917. Whisper some of spinoza's ideas
  918. Flawed agate, black inside, is soaked in boiling water
  919. Cover for sleeper makes bottom grow bigger
  920. Mixed choir holds onto dead flower
  921. Re-run bath cured pain
  922. No-hoper holds false idol to be one who rows
  923. Work gathered up in time
  924. Most obscure deed unfinished, leading to annoyance
  925. Read about blair backing restraint
  926. Fun in 'the office' - a tv series
  927. Clue found in a drawerclue found in a drawer
  928. A boring couple
  929. Refuse to be a hazard to the environment
  930. Give out central part of text due for revision
  931. Fireproof third party
  932. Like an egg, it's blown
  933. Engaged in current affairs?
  934. One is beset by cats, which can be dangerous
  935. Cloud type 7 letters
  936. Architectural feature erected in plain, if tasteful, fashion
  937. Land measure 3 letters
  938. Coming or approach
  939. Element used to a degree in ointment
  940. Charm a cross model
  941. Trollopean character's not on the level
  942. Capital of 1 in south africa
  943. Satisfied when prepared for firing?
  944. One carrying offensive weapon, who refuses to strike a poet
  945. Man's hair lacks style, producing great puzzlement
  946. 9 did time
  947. 5 could be dandy, say
  948. Hoist operator to drink river without companion
  949. 7 to graduate weapon
  950. 1 had knock-down effect
  951. City in partial country? come again?
  952. Painter's house
  953. Wells in east anglia and tyneside: these incur tax break
  954. 6 gives new ending to old poet
  955. Circle where surviving poet returns in us uniform
  956. Vessel to fix in future
  957. Jellyfish hides fantastic gem that's hot
  958. Freaky nude given drug to add character
  959. Vessel a joke with new acquaintance?
  960. Navigator held back by hiccups eventually
  961. Form solid pile in solid form
  962. Maniac or mad material
  963. Paint food container
  964. Heavenly body of retrospective designer - and french sex appeal
  965. Butterfly has a holiday, having captured the heart of pinkerton, a naval officer
  966. United nations entertaining the spanish writer
  967. Condition beginning to deteriorate, so it's said
  968. Driver with case of wet rot turned back
  969. Where to see ships under repair or those undergoing trials
  970. A number left on a trip for the pottery
  971. It's purely symbolic
  972. Imprison and reduce to silence
  973. Very drunk, loses opening in game
  974. Supervise for a small charge
  975. Fish woman a source of bad feeling
  976. Plays the defensive type of cricket for which derbyshire is noted?
  977. Received a hero's treatment when landed
  978. Aurora's 26 achieved with this?
  979. Utopian's habits
  980. So are david blaine's appearances
  981. One could be adept: him or her?
  982. Wasting time upstairs, pa! messing about together
  983. Nelson's house left to relation
  984. How ru selectors shoulder defensive advice?
  985. Men driven mad - so what?
  986. Tweak pianos sustaining band
  987. Nun left in charge
  988. In confines of space, weightless? drift off
  989. Small, yet troublesome, irritation
  990. Novel still caging awful brute, having detailed bird
  991. Ben overlooks such a presence as block overlooked, say
  992. Novel from which even hot cauldron erupts
  993. English church with something candid, we hear, lacking english bearing
  994. Ben taking drug gets cross
  995. Skill demonstrated by many from start, catching favourite
  996. African city where rising speculation has been twisted around
  997. The young french former film critic has shelter and month overlapping
  998. Woman on the boards gets a bit of salad - about time!
  999. Drawing this number's right in the ship
  1000. Sun's exposure breaches the privacy of physical gratification
  1001. The front-seat passenger is so determined
  1002. Mug smashed after use
  1003. One who makes a lot of signs
  1004. Almost night!
  1005. Po11 could be written on its front
  1006. Fragrant tree, old and at heart gnarled
  1007. Hoisting this, the builder strained a ventricle
  1008. This soldier appears strange without one
  1009. Helpers disguised as martians
  1010. Target of thirsty archers? nonsense!
  1011. Embroidered cloths showing exotic striptease
  1012. Final move for vice-consul
  1013. Two-year-olds run in it - in two ways perhaps
  1014. Hunts with seeming success
  1015. Edited diaries involve liberal pm
  1016. They get taken in by foreigners
  1017. Newly written aria to man's loved ones
  1018. Mockery makes bohemian girl weep
  1019. Remarkably alert in site of evacuation
  1020. Humble dwelling - one with a rodent
  1021. Court officer's trap catches nothing
  1022. Common occupant of churchyard recorded address to trio in ireland
  1023. State from which mahler's wife received a degree
  1024. Second-rate low-lifer's objectionable offspring
  1025. Complexion of papers about novelist, revolutionary and vegetable, in reverse order
  1026. Skin is censored in advance
  1027. Brown saint? brown saint
  1028. What is the right translation of 'rednecks'?
  1029. Instrument - one adopted by famous performer
  1030. The cry of one bird or another
  1031. Man that's great in bed given cigar
  1032. Sad to see newspaper involved in unconscious movement
  1033. Brown water, perhaps
  1034. Short to back, thoroughbred's first into steady form
  1035. Surly drivel about king
  1036. River, extra oddly, which is fine
  1037. Brown to continue round route
  1038. Trouble in bundestag growing
  1039. Brown river lacks source
  1040. Danger signal sees inexperienced driver approaching amber, crashing into everyone
  1041. Winger gives angry account
  1042. Am not! follow-up
  1043. Policeman seizes haul in fortified house
  1044. Guwahati garment
  1045. Weightlessness, informally
  1046. Forceful military attack
  1047. Surprisingly active
  1048. Joes 2008 running mate
  1049. Star player
  1050. Feel sorry for decapitated bird
  1051. Jurists focus
  1052. Small inner hebrides island
  1053. Broker initially plugged puncture in old master
  1054. Large inner hebrides island
  1055. Gathers some audio evidence
  1056. Be tightfisted
  1057. Airy prefix
  1058. Oenophile, on occasion
  1059. Molar parts
  1060. Leaders of florist's union can have some irrational antipathy for plant
  1061. Farm portion
  1062. Nick's section cannot change
  1063. Reasons to keep drink under control
  1064. Avoid bog in river crossing
  1065. Sect reads esoteric philosopher
  1066. Chief means to effect an entrance
  1067. Likely consequence of defective hearing
  1068. Town and no big deal
  1069. Boy turns on another in scotland
  1070. Naval infantry?
  1071. A rise for the workers
  1072. Deceive company? on occasion
  1073. It could make me a lord
  1074. Disagreeing about one point, tongue in cheek
  1075. Light diet may be ordered
  1076. Point to a colonnade
  1077. Unquestionable friendship has such features
  1078. Again what should hold it together?
  1079. Statesman's creation of genesis second in articles
  1080. I don't know success
  1081. Dish having outrageous 19, devout in church
  1082. In favour of drink, quarter abandoned
  1083. Pandas clasp at last of bamboo, right pair suffering
  1084. Distributing drugs, seeing vice in midst of plague
  1085. Individual kept in place by escort is a poet
  1086. No bunker could be perfectly even
  1087. Prejudice exists to break up a masterpiece
  1088. Strong drinks won't keep your legs warm
  1089. Bank keeps one hundred - just
  1090. Foot soldiers start trouble in cellar
  1091. Historical learning aids formerly used in sunday school
  1092. Robbery featuring a girl in grammar school with no head is an essential element in opera
  1093. Fish turn up at seaside structure: more ready to drop off?
  1094. Likely to blow up rodent about to turn tail
  1095. Come-on, clearing solvers
  1096. Two little boys over the water
  1097. Supply lines with no delay
  1098. Horses on attachment?
  1099. Astringent vapour: a number follows with about twice as many
  1100. Artist with revolver
  1101. Frankie of the four seasons
  1102. Run to person accepting responsibility about direction
  1103. Hark! i lob mixture over vegetable
  1104. Egyptian leader before mubarak
  1105. The nhl's art ___ trophy
  1106. Ladies love country boys singer
  1107. Chips smothered in queso
  1108. Games with a masseur
  1109. Start by not watching tv?
  1110. Love affair involving proper self-respect
  1111. Chair repairer perhaps
  1112. Johnny who played willy wonka
  1113. Hotel website postings
  1114. Foaming-at-the-mouth critter
  1115. Labour fear about some source of cheap drink
  1116. Spheroid 'dos
  1117. Flat formations
  1118. Beachside building
  1119. Fish sold at bait shops
  1120. Kissing on the street briefly
  1121. Driver's warning indicator
  1122. Yeast unit
  1123. Rectify a lost email say
  1124. Many a retired professor
  1125. Painter's splatter protector
  1126. Five small deer about to go wandering
  1127. Declare when playing cricket match
  1128. A punitive measure
  1129. Fabricated steel-cored conductors
  1130. Sardonic driver possibly in charge
  1131. No traffic is met in this street
  1132. Tv programme available in bars
  1133. Bound over for three months
  1134. Laughing stock of africa and asia
  1135. English church, one without a clue, all at sea
  1136. English getting on, but attractive
  1137. Poules ravished by chanticleer, which is fishy
  1138. Van 3 feet off with little time - it's too late
  1139. Mark, a man of straw
  1140. Not in favour of having a drink
  1141. Ought to be quiet when dreadfully loud
  1142. Get overhead protection by embracing revolution
  1143. ... two little houses a little earlier, i assure you!
  1144. Agricultural worker at back of boat?
  1145. Stag holding out had requirement for building site
  1146. Making for berne like americans after 24?
  1147. A little insect's english relative
  1148. Crest hotel in unusual place
  1149. Firm in the money
  1150. Cricket commentator's words signifying end of transmission
  1151. Take financial action when game official's delayed
  1152. Bavarian part song
  1153. Mostly modern ta trained to the highest degree and ready for battle
  1154. 4 as plane or ship?
  1155. Invert 4/9/500 recurring
  1156. Actor christian ___ from vice
  1157. Mountain peak in switzerland say
  1158. Suffix with neur or hypn
  1159. The remains ___ 1989 novel by kazuo ishiguro (birthday today) for which he won the booker prize and which was also adapted into a film: 3 wds.
  1160. Initials on a bounced check: abbr.
  1161. 4 cold in the country
  1162. 4 huntin' round university
  1163. Absolute or final for short
  1164. Delivery vehicles with sliding doors
  1165. Exit ___ (election-time survey)
  1166. Lord byron's daughter and famed mathematician ___ lovelace
  1167. 1995 novel by kazuo ishiguro for which he won the cheltenham prize: 2 wds.
  1168. Time 4 constricted by 4 in africa
  1169. Hood caught 4, or 4 at large?
  1170. Formula ___ (auto racing)
  1171. Result of a brainstorm
  1172. Single-named singer behind shepherd moons
  1173. ___ me go 2005 novel by kazuo ishiguro for which he won the ala alex award and which was also adapted into a movie: 2 wds.
  1174. New york's carnegie ___ (food chain)
  1175. Swedish literature prize that kazuo ishiguro won in 2017
  1176. Asian country where kazuo ishiguro was born
  1177. South korean sportswear company
  1178. General on the menu of a chinese restaurant
  1179. Thick bushy hairstyle
  1180. ___-up (anger or frustration)
  1181. The world's ___ extraordinary homes (british miniseries)
  1182. Leave one's country
  1183. Sri lanka's old name
  1184. The buried ___ 2015 fantasy novel by kazuo ishiguro which was nominated for the 2016 world fantasy award for best novel
  1185. Promotions that disrupt videos for short
  1186. Old-fashioned excellent!
  1187. ___ worthy (consider to be deserving)
  1188. Plant that attracts kittens
  1189. Home office site informally
  1190. Location for airpods
  1191. Chop a video
  1192. Soap chemicals
  1193. Little distinction
  1194. The french mark all dice differently
  1195. I pick up a key to look round someone's house
  1196. Scoring in many games, but not tennis
  1197. Oxford accent
  1198. Memorable revolutionary character
  1199. Ewbank coach
  1200. Tako sushi
  1201. A noted textbook
  1202. Scattered faithful, formerly tin-plated
  1203. Assume visitors are short of time
  1204. Eddy's to try to contain scrap
  1205. Composer maintains mahler's 6th is a send-up
  1206. Shell out for free bus rides
  1207. What to do when grilling fish at the tollgate?
  1208. Ungifted erstwhile racket-wielder in america
  1209. Sing to her in french with delicacy
  1210. When to shoot, say, at the workplace?
  1211. Prows place
  1212. No. 7, otherwise 9, taking in opening for cave-dweller
  1213. Detente issue
  1214. Spicy finger food
  1215. Character in friends
  1216. Priests swing them
  1217. Online buster of myths
  1218. Half-assed sort?
  1219. Singled or doubled
  1220. Almost the last word in fermentation
  1221. Words declining an invitation
  1222. Tallchief of ballet
  1223. Tako, on a sushi menu
  1224. Doctors no. 11, mostly additive to food
  1225. Rastafari messiah
  1226. One tapped for a stage show?
  1227. Riposte with sword, retaining skill with right opening
  1228. Still being developed
  1229. In poorer financial shape, say
  1230. Pitching no-nos
  1231. No. 1's information on spa outbuilding
  1232. Gets a six-pack, say
  1233. Kind of kind
  1234. Drinks in flutes
  1235. Blatant falsehood
  1236. Swimmer with big calves
  1237. Get going already!
  1238. No. 78, fruit in a can? on the contrary, outranking ...
  1239. ... no. 79, first, and ...
  1240. Making 'ole in place of films?
  1241. Fixer for breeders?
  1242. Girl in england? really a boy in italy
  1243. Force of severe gale about beaufort's ultimate after windy gale rose
  1244. Own crew on ship
  1245. 17 to dine in south london area, losing weight
  1246. Sulphur, within which noxious deposits neat
  1247. Half-doubtful misgivings, which may suggest hostility or peace
  1248. Strong boy held up by result of previous failure
  1249. Spooner's battled against disease, such a case
  1250. Waste time giving little money to animal
  1251. Invader of greece gaining pleasure by himself in retreat
  1252. Menace collecting fine, one the most confined
  1253. Barking argonauts bark
  1254. Old book on pub crawl addiction
  1255. Huge car part
  1256. Blow instrument around noon
  1257. Busybody leader lacking leadership captured by uprising of napoleon
  1258. Note counting is so tiresome!
  1259. A morsel of food taken before church
  1260. They'll be there returning thanks over offers made
  1261. Invalid greek character attended by inexperienced persons
  1262. Dwelling on street with tricky ingress
  1263. Shoot at duck to be served at dinner, perhaps
  1264. Extensive block accommodating almost everyone
  1265. Bolster arranged on the bed at sea
  1266. A president without money, but with some power
  1267. Key given to a demanding oriental
  1268. Planned at home and taken care of
  1269. There's a big fall in optical deterioration
  1270. A dotty way to decorate!
  1271. Like whiskey, if rye is used to make it
  1272. There's no end of them in legends
  1273. Extremely important body parts
  1274. Powder one's bottom to raise applause
  1275. Top of amazon is wet?
  1276. Bring about decapitated bird's end
  1277. Apply to take the pee out of pundit
  1278. Deviate from perpendicular
  1279. Very productive ultimately in meeting
  1280. 25 worries over froth on beer
  1281. Where to go when three blocking road
  1282. Writer offered money got rejected
  1283. 25 country virtually european in order of clues
  1284. Report suggesting 'allow notes a-f'?
  1285. Release sailor - there you have it!
  1286. Cold lake embraced by stupid swimmer
  1287. Bell's latest - cast made-up, everyone?
  1288. 25 stuff about english
  1289. One's racehorses finish with nothing; need order to go faster!
  1290. Couple in a primal embrace, one doing it for love
  1291. Close call? close it!
  1292. In the solent i certainly need a siren
  1293. Pain alert issued around the delivery time
  1294. 17 over 25 20 somehow compromise eg full noses
  1295. The see's without an archdeacon; that's on the level!
  1296. Remove newspaper chief when breaking pipe
  1297. Method of buying, but certainly not twice
  1298. Olive is wet behind the ears
  1299. Ugly building makes you see red
  1300. He tends cattle and he follows wife, all tied up with rope
  1301. Partly dishonest one remains a potential executioner
  1302. Spanish nobleman explodes grenade
  1303. Form new groups with one left in command
  1304. One to recognise with wide hat, an unmentionable thing
  1305. Transporters strain to get to crewe nearly
  1306. Split and dispose of the partridges, perhaps
  1307. Age-old celebrations
  1308. A shameful retreat?
  1309. Protective measure for people at play
  1310. Put a chit in for wine
  1311. It's poisonous, thanks to natural mutation
  1312. Calling for military takeover
  1313. Fixed new date for back garden makeover
  1314. With organ study over, got paid employment
  1315. Acclamation bringing share of trouble to rm robin
  1316. Support for bowlers, perhaps, one pursuing the hard way
  1317. Honour about half a dozen at counter
  1318. 1 25 11 unanimous, you old ass, as flan is cooked
  1319. Figure of speech had sidney bewildered
  1320. Rig to fool men?
  1321. Don't accept one who whistles two notes
  1322. Person that's 'oly and tough going to flag?
  1323. Is half the field illegally positioned?
  1324. Roman lady was ignorant when in poverty
  1325. One processing a feature in film
  1326. Massive start lacks finish - that stinks!
  1327. Noble at holding title back, fantastic actor
  1328. Relative to 3 in 1 1?
  1329. Pine for the guardian's other half
  1330. Main location not initiated by court designer
  1331. Palm in desert, brown
  1332. Element covering most of elephant god in hair
  1333. Labour's struggle
  1334. Offensive smell rising at the locale: it's not nice
  1335. 'put that light out!' not these lowlifers!
  1336. Hear about work at hospital taking award?
  1337. Piteous fleur, flung out of university
  1338. Parchment unearthed from hovel - lumme!
  1339. Time in ugly retreats
  1340. Rare bosch composition: 'nipper by the sea'
  1341. Keen on involving retailers' leader in opening bars
  1342. Bread's an inflationary force on us money
  1343. Not entirely recent zeal to root out crime?
  1344. Oddly unread poet
  1345. Turn down improper proposal
  1346. Terrorists certain police officers are sent back to get rid of
  1347. Drunks returning to base unsteadily with banned material
  1348. Bluntly and unashamedly pink and blue
  1349. Force large drink on loose talker
  1350. Right nipple brought out as a special favour
  1351. I'd return in a cheap car, pretentiously polished
  1352. A number given to someone to sing
  1353. Issue oriental blend
  1354. In reality a cult with a difference
  1355. Bow comes from africa, oddly
  1356. Mathematician makes amendment to graph, say
  1357. All is not as it should be in the stud
  1358. Secures rent for one of a group of shops
  1359. Sewer's cramp?
  1360. Evangelical in windbreak recording sequence of operations
  1361. American writer may take on english
  1362. Drinks contain nothing that's bitter
  1363. Pointlessly miserable, threw up
  1364. Weapon carried by a knight, but not a lot
  1365. Tory? lib? an erratic politician ...
  1366. Cheek from neat flower
  1367. Successful escape requires them to be clean
  1368. Where poles are said to be in germany
  1369. Paper train
  1370. Fish and tea seller
  1371. Forerunner of the stiff short drinker?
  1372. Weapon of old bore, we hear
  1373. Opening session of match is the least difficult
  1374. Your hands could be lacking moisture
  1375. Dream working in the checkout, a boring task
  1376. The girl's turning up amazed old greek
  1377. A right pair - useless and exhausting
  1378. Artist in east london, producer of a colourful display
  1379. Where one can't see the wood, they say!
  1380. Calamitous reverses with no time for a smoke
  1381. Mixed, as in molecules
  1382. Mrs woodhouse's daughter claiming to be herself on rising
  1383. Piercing note
  1384. Still clear about a funded scheme
  1385. Doctor to employ computer gadget
  1386. Nothing about measure of cloth
  1387. With 29-down anticipates potential trouble
  1388. Total confusion at the creamery?
  1389. After this no more questions
  1390. Avoided a family affair perhaps
  1391. Look slyly back to dance
  1392. Checked the latest blog entry say
  1393. Alicia keys record label
  1394. Foot condition seen in oaters?
  1395. Otherwise humble social insect
  1396. Comparison of a motor coach to all other travel options?
  1397. County's sorry hike is over
  1398. Bounder getting alien support for younger son
  1399. Continue steadfastly, always wearing blue
  1400. Right under opposite remnant
  1401. Adjacent tendons' central parts
  1402. 'service' really includes something for breakfast
  1403. Strong spoke
  1404. Fruit of a familiar sea god?
  1405. One charges for a date
  1406. A winning run shows queen's rich
  1407. At the centre of revolutionary state
  1408. Broken glass often found on pavements
  1409. Drug obtained from a woodbine
  1410. Monet original found in mother's drive
  1411. Grown-up sunday clothes!
  1412. His companion was a wife and a mother to him
  1413. Moving arm up and down
  1414. Tolerate concern, but don't yield
  1415. Airman and royal marine oddly linked together
  1416. Reports cover new range of weapons
  1417. Something to lay, given end of life, laid in anger
  1418. Clinton was half a 25?
  1419. Wasted billion on million-to-one chance
  1420. A pro, i suspect, about to encourage noted exercise
  1421. Expensive mistake, left moving to centre, in appearing pompous
  1422. Vaccine holding choler back not so well? cause of many deaths
  1423. Lawrence accepts greedy bird returned by philosopher
  1424. Humorous remark made by working class about labour leader
  1425. Poet sticking head in river after midday
  1426. Flight in midwest with batman accessory
  1427. Reckless lady urged with caution
  1428. Adriatic peninsula or its air force
  1429. Desire terribly half the above
  1430. Interrupt the cricket and stay for the night
  1431. Space for the others to 13 22 here?
  1432. Appropriate epithet for flatulence, not all deception
  1433. Cooking recipe - use skewer?
  1434. Our slum is inclined to founder
  1435. Fresh out of clothes?
  1436. To get rid of trouble-maker finally introduce supranational crime busters
  1437. What can one do in this phase? my goodness, look back!
  1438. Mount with a castle destroyed by foe ultimately
  1439. Rabbit? not a 22-9 4
  1440. Sally's exposure
  1441. The one often seen with 16
  1442. Ball in sewer
  1443. Appropriate name given to animal with butterfly on
  1444. Mac's remarkable northern team - looking hot but ignored
  1445. Distraught dope-needer, i push drug
  1446. Tirade with nursemaid about to become purple
  1447. Phone the boss - he's responsible
  1448. He usually has a second helping
  1449. Such a net works loose
  1450. Subversive groups that research challenging academic subjects?
  1451. Little hitters' sport
  1452. Chinese flower named for a hot drink
  1453. Led an international relief agency?
  1454. Slough compiler's building
  1455. Elite navy member who's ready for action?
  1456. Spray paint container
  1457. Crunchy barbecue side
  1458. Tactic to prevent weapons treaty negotiations?
  1459. Confess what 8 can do
  1460. Philosopher made love with actress
  1461. Blue bloods star will
  1462. Name that stanley yells in a streetcar named desire
  1463. Game hunted with recoiling weapons
  1464. Press involved in backing outlet for writer
  1465. Guys who drive taxis
  1466. Lamb's rhyming relative
  1467. Student in strasbourg
  1468. Like parquet floors
  1469. Eighty in the gettysburg address
  1470. Wee whirlpool
  1471. Stick that may summon a rabbit
  1472. Former finance expert ken or daria
  1473. River by the great pyramid of giza
  1474. Where pizza was invented
  1475. Now on a medical drama
  1476. Not for putting 10 in a mess
  1477. King of asgard
  1478. Raisman in the 2016 olympics' final five
  1479. Make of car or part of it
  1480. Shut in a box, short of luck, reversing the one way out of it
  1481. Smell, starting with fish...
  1482. Corporation service, a function of weight and height
  1483. 9's revised by hammond
  1484. Doctor of timothy a help backing wife of oswald
  1485. Historian with time to party and no withdrawing
  1486. Variety actors have no answer to ground coffee, about one pound
  1487. See humour with bridge system 651 to end game (23 12)
  1488. He's not likely to be a good boy!
  1489. People seen struggling outside enclosure
  1490. Country concealing golden vista
  1491. Experienced composer makes records
  1492. Place for underground movement
  1493. Seized drug in red star shambles
  1494. Ambitious reform in sparta
  1495. Protect nurse travelling to spain
  1496. London tabloid piers morgan
  1497. Festive period when dieters eat out
  1498. Aren't breaks in payment inward looking?
  1499. Community still cock-a-hoop
  1500. Someone like you, living around kinky vice, runs place in indonesia
  1501. Bedroom feature, artists' bust?
  1502. Side of munich always invested in capital
  1503. Main restriction virtually absent in trade
  1504. Girl, conservative girl
  1505. Said to be on drugs in a pitiful state, though not proven
  1506. Source of sandalwood?
  1507. From september, berries form the main food of a north african
  1508. A drab block specially built for teachers' use
  1509. The gardener's joy makes for an easy life
  1510. This is sure to have an inflationary effect!
  1511. Some soldiers wheeled around and came back
  1512. Drinking song sung at christmas all round america
  1513. The chaperone expected a girl to rise
  1514. Speak irritably, or quietly answer back
  1515. Boring-looking like an eagle?
  1516. Ape hides article in top branches
  1517. Ray embraces north, the philosopher
  1518. Lots of storage space for carriage with a punch, it's said
  1519. People loved abandoning deacon motors briskly
  1520. Rough heavy metal bar in tamworth club?
  1521. Catching cat impetigo finally impregnates dreamer
  1522. Guarantee to be true
  1523. Food seekers
  1524. The other side's said to be batting in that place
  1525. More than is required for six deliveries?
  1526. Chignons
  1527. One to expect confidently to be an investment
  1528. Pieces of film in middle of reel showing darkening
  1529. Senior linesman?
  1530. Take in regulations set up at base
  1531. Note chap in reserves returning determined
  1532. Doubtful railway supporter easily brought round?
  1533. To which 'plant' can allude, possibly
  1534. The smart money, not much of it in the county, isn't taking the risk
  1535. Constrained to go to bed with gila monster
  1536. Coming up in rome,3 and 6
  1537. Coffee break to fill pause, getting too favourable an impression
  1538. Handy guy
  1539. Character voiced by samuel l. jackson in “the incredibles”
  1540. Roman general had a hold on father
  1541. Stimpy on “the ren & stimpy show”
  1542. Dig us out and i squeal, being in hiding
  1543. First-magnitude star in cygnus
  1544. College city on i-35
  1545. Horribly vain and aloof, but not successful
  1546. Walter ___ 1950s-’70s dodgers manager
  1547. 100 céntimos
  1548. One who does not eat quicker
  1549. Ad word often written with an exclamation point
  1550. Standard artillery pistol held up
  1551. Witnesses coming into view from left and right
  1552. “happy days” character played by marion ross informally
  1553. This is drunk with second type of potatoes
  1554. Dismissed fifty with help not available
  1555. Former indiana arena that hosted four final fours
  1556. Big fantasy sports betting site
  1557. Rock band with the 1988 #1 hit “need you tonight”
  1558. Onetime british band whose name consists of letters suggesting “bliss”
  1559. Alternatives to krogers and safeways
  1560. Urns appearing in final note about old testament
  1561. Something everyone on earth experiences
  1562. ___ ingalls wilder author of “little house on the prairie”
  1563. They can be used as icebreakers
  1564. Highlights of some political campaigns
  1565. Engine part that distributes lubrication evenly
  1566. Rocket mortgage fieldhouse player for short
  1567. Stubhub parent
  1568. Needle front?
  1569. Played a piccolo-like instrument
  1570. Emulate a nightingale
  1571. Reason for a cover-up?
  1572. Opposite of momentary
  1573. E.m. forster's __ end
  1574. Many a heist
  1575. Boxer's boxers
  1576. Brand munched by e.t.
  1577. I speak the truth
  1578. Racket used by champion needing short set
  1579. State hwy. often
  1580. Ones from afar
  1581. Require for success
  1582. It's thick, so put on top
  1583. See the ___ clear'd and then we will depart: king henry vi
  1584. Left in a vehicle with a bright girl
  1585. Allen of vermont
  1586. It's nw of qwerty
  1587. A man needs it: a mushroom
  1588. Visit the engine room perhaps
  1589. You __ devil!
  1590. Destroy moth in sack, which is waterproof
  1591. Who __?: new orleans saints chant
  1592. Don't bring me down gp.
  1593. Barista's occupational hazards?
  1594. Wheel oil
  1595. Tx library honoree
  1596. Compassionate words
  1597. One in favour of the classics
  1598. Synagogue storage cabinets
  1599. Harrowing, quixotic charge henry makes
  1600. There was ___ (james brown song)
  1601. English for 1-down
  1602. Food fights with butter?
  1603. Ghost’s utterance
  1604. Houston cougars’ cheer?
  1605. Leipzig’s thomaskantor from 1723 to 1750
  1606. Lounges about
  1607. Measure of a quibbler’s output?
  1608. Paradisiacal places
  1609. Plan identified with 5-down for short
  1610. Precipitation that isn’t even slightly subtle?
  1611. Props for a comedy act about transportation history?
  1612. Endless danger for a fairy
  1613. Refrigerator bin
  1614. Sci-fi cow’s secret weapon?
  1615. Shaggy apes briefly
  1616. Staggered, but got in line
  1617. Subject of a miraculous parting
  1618. First-class student to provide the final touch
  1619. Tightening muscle
  1620. Unhelpful who’s there? response
  1621. Without any unnecessary proliferation of verbiage
  1622. You might walk the dog with one
  1623. When english friends or french intruding, there's no blooming protection
  1624. They're like the army and navy air observation point; note the reversion
  1625. Queen making pawn act a role (of leigh and taylor)
  1626. Plod names unruly cell occupant
  1627. It helps to keep a cool head with cold argument
  1628. Stag party at balmoral?
  1629. Twisted coils formerly used for swing
  1630. Money from a mine in california
  1631. The first drink boy takes as a bandsman
  1632. The doctor will ___ you now
  1633. Hockey hall of famer lindros
  1634. Slip through the ___ (escape punishment)
  1635. Exceptionally dry
  1636. It makes it easier for the traveller to let someone have wine
  1637. Something one has to have
  1638. Tax a ship by letter
  1639. My old man (suitably clad) said: 'don't put money in the tin'
  1640. Be punished with punishment note
  1641. French animal left nut
  1642. Princess swallowed by fish or bear
  1643. No officer is reported for ill-feeling
  1644. Shed tears for saint in account of lottery
  1645. Odds on looking good?
  1646. Drunk gaelic ale - becoming mournful
  1647. Baldric's son rowan
  1648. Reach and slug a sovereign
  1649. Bird enthusiast takes the biscuit
  1650. Left crew cuddling queen? exactly!
  1651. Tool noticed after masonry course
  1652. Stop ned's heartless instruction
  1653. Second placed takes the lead in game? that's capital!
  1654. Comfort crossword setters in disgrace
  1655. Outside america there's flavouring in this food
  1656. Oriental romance raised cheer
  1657. Close with a ligature
  1658. One too young to make christmas dinner?
  1659. Stole time off - for christmas?
  1660. Loss of one's good reputation
  1661. His christmas present was one of three
  1662. When one wishes
  1663. Begin to make sense
  1664. Vessel that's ideal for the party?
  1665. Winter transport is murder, they say
  1666. Middle easterner playing solitaire, but not having to?
  1667. Cynthia takes a liking to alcohol
  1668. She follows one sort of track in pantomime
  1669. Small distance which widens when happy
  1670. Catching cousin with goat, disturbed
  1671. High jumper to run, it's announced
  1672. Display of arms, perhaps?
  1673. Heroic course cut short, at which point disaster strikes
  1674. Harry would make capital with the other side
  1675. Might this drive you when single to gatecrash parties?
  1676. Where queens find one way to avoid a bust up with kings
  1677. Tree covering second old boat
  1678. One can make so big a mistake in marrying again
  1679. Having held forth, poor rep was in pain
  1680. Grumbler at endless wild revel turned habitue
  1681. Get up around noon and have a swill
  1682. Kingsley's playing for sacerdotal approbation
  1683. Old garment adopted by government leader after call from moss, say
  1684. Dead river, or the merest trickle
  1685. Meet incongruously, in reversed roles, with local guide
  1686. Anomalous accent in which first letter's dropped
  1687. Apple, or purveyor thereof to teacher?
  1688. Battered hat with blemish at a funny angle
  1689. Time to ban recycled music in shops, say
  1690. The support one received as an innovator
  1691. Bar's to bar drunken poets
  1692. Help out illegally
  1693. ___-hulk (upcoming superhero show on disney )
  1694. Cable channel awarded 34 emmys this year
  1695. Former yankee who is first on major league baseball's career earnings list: 2 wds.
  1696. Smooth over as a rough road
  1697. Vegetables with bermuda and vidalia varieties
  1698. Person who's not to be believed
  1699. Honour accorded to a king supplies cautionary signal
  1700. Dumbledore's word of regret
  1701. With 34-across former yankee who is fourth on major league baseball's career earnings list
  1702. Brand of dvr
  1703. Where a flower girl sprinkles petals at a wedding
  1704. Darken your hair color perhaps
  1705. ___ timer (kitchen gadget)
  1706. ___ squad (team spirit group)
  1707. Smith whose debut album was in the lonely hour
  1708. Handheld device for treating allergic reactions
  1709. Project runway all stars judge mizrahi
  1710. Science-oriented school near boston: abbr.
  1711. Former yankee who is eighth on major league baseball's career earnings list: 2 wds.
  1712. One of the basic functions in trigonometry
  1713. Establishment where you might enjoy a mud mask
  1714. Abyssinian or siamese for example
  1715. Tunji kasim's role on nancy drew
  1716. Singer mcentire with three grammys
  1717. Newsroom furniture for an editor
  1718. Circle above an angel's head
  1719. Furious at being born in mid-assault
  1720. Drains designed to reach the lowest depths
  1721. Feeler from worker girl rejected
  1722. Chess piece that starts on a corner square
  1723. Actions on the auction floor
  1724. Medical system for determining which patients are treated first
  1725. Body organ with a lobe
  1726. Cheerful midshipman goes on leave
  1727. Cornerback apple of the new orleans saints
  1728. Booking for a lecturer or a band
  1729. London ___ (ferris wheel next to the thames river)
  1730. ___ julio (brand of mexican tequila)
  1731. Things loose women won't wear?
  1732. Anti-cooking, anti-gas
  1733. Odd way to travel about
  1734. Achievement that's never been topped
  1735. ___ take a hint: 2 wds.
  1736. Sound of an electric shock
  1737. Wager about a dumb animal being a dog
  1738. Fish in river with spear
  1739. Great bloke, a tragic greek admitting kiss
  1740. Ring king's given to little girl, literally
  1741. Many politicians wish they were so gorgeous
  1742. Hat where information about novice homosexual bishop collected
  1743. Large percentage of mankind i assume here?
  1744. Time in firm completed
  1745. Mum has binoculars - scram!
  1746. Stand connects to machine part
  1747. 101 under 99?
  1748. Queen mary's bottom
  1749. As more than one spoke about end of rhetoric, progressive
  1750. Anger about long-established clothing industry
  1751. Waistband seen in a window
  1752. Trigger-happy cowboy?
  1753. Politeness not unknown to an intriguing lady
  1754. Plate for a retailer's inducement
  1755. It's about even and found in ohio
  1756. Jack turns renegade
  1757. It's not, they say, something of mine
  1758. Unusually abridged piece of literature
  1759. Die, though apparently healthy, after pleasure's withdrawn
  1760. Electrical engineer demanding meal without salt, oddly
  1761. Sub rosa, flower is behind desk
  1762. Unknown author yielding nought to eastern queen
  1763. Bold sea cook creating something unknown
  1764. Car key on desktop or tabletop?
  1765. In france one small company becomes an international organisation
  1766. Material for story about modern composer
  1767. Green bins put out by green people?
  1768. Part of a rounders game
  1769. Soccer team briefly seen before end of term - it is free
  1770. Classical ruler's spin doctor am i?
  1771. Looking tough, had got out of the way with dignity
  1772. Team up with fifa et al: one fouled
  1773. Bush critic one caught falling out. so pride goes before a fall!
  1774. 20 revising lady windermere's opening chapter
  1775. He denies his land is disputed
  1776. Playing soldiers on this battlefield?
  1777. Yellow china tea say, brewed after 10
  1778. Greek tipping english mistress of a 21 - and the orange order, what?
  1779. Within time, without rain storm
  1780. Difficulty in hearing
  1781. Advancement crucial to a school principal
  1782. Much rain about a part of china
  1783. Travelled free to oxford, say, and got married
  1784. Old friends are unlikely to meet at this club
  1785. Daily prayers for those suffering from oedipus complex?
  1786. Swift portrayal of a rude lout
  1787. Fish with a pole in it and it's sparkling
  1788. Spirit of dutch city
  1789. Become holy when lowest is promoted to top churchyard
  1790. Slick, but not in this state
  1791. Bird with journalist in city gets rights of ownership
  1792. 8 23 22 to scrap in warehouse
  1793. Cornish resort entertains core of night shift
  1794. Slapped when 9
  1795. Warned by a note on day i cast off
  1796. Lively virginia clamped?
  1797. Substitute tears round chicane?
  1798. Broadcasting refined, having dismissed society girl
  1799. Group rising and falling
  1800. Kitchen implement lands me in it having eaten tea, we hear
  1801. Bit required for this routine
  1802. One introducing english triplets set about introduction for scotsman?
  1803. As astonished mind did, admitting working party worked unnecessarily
  1804. Devoted follower, a dog going round around island
  1805. Reason for diversion round panaji's state, these barricaded off
  1806. Tremble with someone like mcenroe entering contest
  1807. Pompous official to criticise pound after month
  1808. Spell differently the contents of 2
  1809. What the chairman does on the bed!
  1810. Room on liner for adventurous traveller
  1811. ... cut gums using these
  1812. Unfinished portrait upset john lennon, for one
  1813. Old author ready for business
  1814. Chicken causing a crowd disturbance
  1815. A boat can hold it thus, perhaps
  1816. A course for beginners?
  1817. This sum formed a link with corinth
  1818. Stalemate comes when i'm past my best
  1819. River heading southeast? not true
  1820. Excessive joy at end of rave
  1821. A perfume rising ...
  1822. ... with another, as they say, can present with a large bill
  1823. Dicky is bad, being a 4 for setting right
  1824. First class in singular lack of variation long established by 1
  1825. So this is refined and weighted for statistical displays
  1826. Public servants unfortunately off sick, almost beset by clients
  1827. Not qualified to speak
  1828. Married girl from spite
  1829. Game to get down to bare essentials
  1830. He's stopping at work
  1831. In french, france for example
  1832. Sounds like herbie the boxer swigs drink, 16 across's order
  1833. Sort of monster about to load gun losing head, once more put right
  1834. Suggesting not much on television, bad boy interrupts
  1835. Something to 15 when topless and blue
  1836. Bad to be rejected