1. Rere or redd?
  2. Never bow to the southern bird
  3. That's no red man
  4. Inclination - or insincerity - to inability
  5. In the end they get some schooling in one
  6. Not such a dear little chicken, by the sound of it
  7. 2 or 11
  8. Set in the ford in the fridge
  9. Although out of the fridge, not fresh enough for what the chairman has
  10. The rat up in the broken arch may get it in the neck
  11. It's a good thing to make her stand on her head
  12. Does the bar gain from this?
  13. Make a pig of the south on drink
  14. The sound like greasy people
  15. The sound of the actual insect to play this away from school
  16. Be x, not w on this
  17. Must be fit for the tale
  18. The irishman is over the troubles for the nationalists
  19. Bear about the right a little to get the right price
  20. So up in here of course at first
  21. You won't get so much, son, if you're 3 down
  22. About a thousand of these subjects
  23. Brassieres have enough to make you split your sides laughing
  24. Army bone, perhaps, just for a giggle
  25. Just be careful of 9 down business
  26. Aramaic praise to god
  27. That's sticky enough to make a cat reel
  28. Has shakespeare been prohibited, by the sound of it?
  29. Cha has one in the middle
  30. The play has just started on the battlefield
  31. I would be all for it, in a symbolical sort of way
  32. It rises for the rest of you, in short (3)
  33. The little dog would do wrong to be in such a row (7)
  34. Won the seat by the vote
  35. Ask to get in at the start at the end
  36. I got up in one that was entertaining
  37. Would a place in ireland be suitable for that sort of pear?
  38. No, it is up to the dog to make such a fuss
  39. Grab a bit of the song and make chants of it
  40. Force them among the greens
  41. Currently, i've got a family in france
  42. Not posit this before i've finished it
  43. It's a bad show if it has to be this
  44. Perhaps one did not mind if one had to go into the fort
  45. Perhaps not such rounders, if one pleases
  46. It's natural to have eaten at the back of the hotel
  47. Got up and brought up a family
  48. Making up for a weight of gin
  49. Lying there, following a close shave
  50. Getting more turf won?
  51. Count up to ten in the ring for them
  52. Just figure how this could be eight-a-side with a label on it at last
  53. That's the start of play
  54. 17 across brings this to an end, as a matter of course
  55. It's perfect the way i had the ale mixed
  56. This angle is one that comes in again
  57. Leaves on it in the middle of the little road
  58. Tend to be wound around 28 across (8)
  59. So drunk it pours out
  60. Up head over heels on the set
  61. A by way of the north as the crow flies
  62. She's no broken arm, as would be usual before fifty
  63. Shrill and sharp enough at last for neptune
  64. Not a horse's hock
  65. The pest might be a bit with her
  66. Surely one becomes eligible for a dowry long before this
  67. One is likewise a gorgeous fellow
  68. Was around if they're straying
  69. Passionate plea of parisian pooch, by the sound of it
  70. Tendering for public relations, initially
  71. In the restless way, not the hard way
  72. Not yet morning and not a breath of wind
  73. Champs them in paris for the place one looks at in dublin
  74. Perhaps limbering for the mission
  75. To a certain degree, a glen for the fisherman
  76. How i'd get in the sea for 25 down, perhaps
  77. Not so much on to get this in class
  78. There's never a piece of them by the sound of them
  79. Came out, only to be taken to court, or so it is writ
  80. There's not a shade of it there
  81. At tea be there for the start of the hop
  82. Getting high at last at last
  83. It's not so off-putting to put a soft-sounding one in the letter box
  84. Pear throwaways
  85. Fix as a video clip
  86. Ritzy do
  87. 14 across for a european
  88. One has no right to be so abandoned
  89. Is a professional not up to being so positive
  90. Job in mail
  91. Very much inclined to have been a soak (7)
  92. P. ain't on the wall
  93. Might so da follow this to make the sound of the crow stick?
  94. A likely-looking lass
  95. If that vehicle is mine, you may take it as read, by the sound of it
  96. Sounds as if the heir gets drawn in there
  97. It's worn in general on top
  98. They're little of what comes at the end of 1 across
  99. See us as of habit with tom
  100. Such a rogue, one might make a lascar of him
  101. 19 across has a leg in this direction
  102. Very much like the sound of 40, perhaps
  103. As will be obvious, that's no sit-in
  104. That's what's actually the matter with a friend
  105. Does the creature claim to be an island on the water?
  106. It's 18 down, yet the end is not
  107. Lar is confused about the alteration in one that is 8 down in russia
  108. What a state your latest jumper is in! (3, 6)
  109. One on the bench to hand at last
  110. Might one divine the meaning of this?
  111. Forbearing, but that's the limit
  112. Rescue about fifty from bondage
  113. Rook one there on board
  114. Are there ever ants as old as they?
  115. The sound of two letters for one indian
  116. Flies for the twists like such birds
  117. It's not this, you see, that's so cold
  118. Royal feet make them, by the sound of it
  119. A drink of the hard stuff for lily
  120. Woe is me, that leaves me one day short!
  121. Not to be held back when what's left was wet
  122. A bit more tied in a knot will get one sent home
  123. That's not enough to make one tight
  124. Chant of a song - that's plain
  125. Don't finish so much
  126. Gee! oarsmanship has one getting bigger
  127. Gossip about the story about the teetotaller
  128. It's gathered lightly at last
  129. I'm, through time, a fury for 18 across
  130. Decoration can make 12 across sound
  131. I go about where there's nothing up to make it go properly
  132. Electricity from the river
  133. Trying there as one does one's wooing
  134. What a bad way to exist up there!
  135. Squeezing makes it sound nice
  136. Not go straight along with fifty inside
  137. I get to be so unjust to one with water all around
  138. Ten on the south-east
  139. They may be evens, even if they don't begin to be
  140. It's not beyond the pale to be ill at last
  141. Leslie follows tens and is snug
  142. Perhaps where there's a foot there's a tail, by the sound of it
  143. Not in time to be no more
  144. After this, ned would have longed for so long
  145. Again, fifty is awkward to have on hand
  146. Yet, coal may be some help for the church
  147. The singing boy was working in the theatre
  148. It's obvious that father turns up to be what he is
  149. Puts more sound on a sharp
  150. Get sound on ahead with it
  151. Wickedly little illumination
  152. A t.t. ached to do this
  153. They stick by employees
  154. A fifty, frightful forearms there
  155. No refuse here
  156. Nothing you and i haven't paid
  157. An accountant getting up for drink - perhaps too many
  158. Polish for scottish stream i got rid of
  159. Mocks what's not on in those senior counsel
  160. Does cathy make it for sale, by the sound of it?
  161. The joke about the piano makes it rise a little in south africa
  162. A sucker might loose its head by way of charge
  163. Soft drink for the niger in a high wind
  164. Gives back and puts away 5 down
  165. They show you and me for she
  166. Really meaning to be early about where the birds are
  167. Gives change for a half-century, together with all the rest
  168. Just a bit of movement at last
  169. Is it a rasher that's more like this ?
  170. They've got a little bit of a point back there, dear
  171. How i'd turn severe for the neighbourhood
  172. He'd get in a card and gorge on it
  173. That's where father comes back to put his clothes on
  174. It's of service to be of such weight
  175. Sounds dear to meet
  176. Outside work makes them cross at last
  177. Leaving it dry with gin
  178. Sounds cold but it's red hot
  179. Agree to be like the beaver
  180. Letting one free for subletting, perhaps
  181. They come 16 across
  182. A peril of the sea, as this might make it
  183. Is the conifer steady till the doctor comes? (%,3)
  184. At last in one after 15 across
  185. How fair the weather is for a pope
  186. Well, see you blush
  187. Make it possible to get the curse back with the french
  188. Call with my kind regards
  189. The former state of eire
  190. Knock up your boy in church
  191. So to be dead in a postscript may be smashing
  192. Battery for a sailor, by the sound of it
  193. Just bloody male craftiness
  194. Makes one's play his work
  195. Did he rob in the child of another member of the crew, so he got deserted on an island?
  196. This makes things hot for those that are late (4)
  197. Could edward have helped being the fool he is?
  198. One is all there in diplomacy
  199. Need it to be about the company to make it so hard to read?
  200. Peas for the primates
  201. All pinched, but lots of them turn up at first
  202. The cost of not having it inlaid
  203. Sounds ruddy soft, i see and ate it verbally
  204. Perhaps shooting practice in case of accidents
  205. Your man catches fourteen in line with them
  206. Not giving in, i give pain at last
  207. Start to get 15 down out of the ground (9)
  208. It's for the dead to deserve it, by the sound of it
  209. In the matter of the north, give up the lightweight at last
  210. Being resigned to having a shy at this, perhaps
  211. One's starting to implore that it's not on-side
  212. Are you old-fashioned in craftiness, perhaps?
  213. Happen to be way out east
  214. This tout for a pea makes for skinny trouble
  215. Mother or saint flagging there of late
  216. Where you'll find us among the invaders
  217. The northerner will get it for nothing and get away with it
  218. Her and 'er straight down there
  219. He are locally
  220. One might be in size or sound
  221. Dead at last, and that's flat
  222. Most certainly this isn't 50%
  223. Cancelled the dane around the void
  224. What 1 across is today - quite literally
  225. That's where we turn up, being famous
  226. How upsetting for grany smith!
  227. Cooler or jug
  228. In this one's not tried to be in the red
  229. Perhaps she's silly or southern for value from them
  230. Could gin ever be the finish of one so mechanical?
  231. Dark coming there of late
  232. Perhaps they're all fasting
  233. Perhaps std and be tight
  234. She was never worth much in india
  235. There's a bar there and a bar hidden in 15 across
  236. Anarchy is with him
  237. For us at last, minute bits
  238. Short of one month, it's the duty of the king of france
  239. The poor brute makes a mixture of air so poisonous
  240. There's a blooming whale in hiding
  241. Well, they're not 'igh
  242. The sort of crow that can't fly for fright
  243. A blessed one that's very competent
  244. Such comfort might be let follow fifty (4)
  245. I take such a long time, sounding so idle as they
  246. Sees runs in a certain way
  247. Single r, single g, and that's flat
  248. Get up, theodore, and be less practical
  249. A slovak spouse, by the sound of it, puts an end to the game on board
  250. The groundwork makes one grand and even sicker
  251. They're not extremely businesslike
  252. Maintain it is in this month
  253. In song it's no good about everything
  254. Droning in sect
  255. Worry about 'er for long
  256. In ireland, john starts being spirited
  257. He gives us an impression of being called about twisted iron (6)
  258. Being soft without grain, this is not for sale
  259. Is that what makes the french so b----randy?
  260. The opposite of being fat and also delicate makes it hard to go overboard
  261. That'll do to be huge on this
  262. They're footless for the summers, perhaps
  263. Some way back the light is green
  264. Don't take things so easy and not be still like that (8)
  265. Dark, perhaps, for cheating
  266. All to the good that there's nobody that sounds like her
  267. Smelt out the numbers over the editor
  268. It's latin with her to be booked in the bible
  269. Sounds rank right in the middle
  270. One among those getting the gold on to the donkey
  271. What the stretcher did to a td with one leg
  272. Light for you in a single time
  273. Please turn the page to the state of poison
  274. A soft, loose sound in a manner of speaking
  275. Would this make a difference to a native, or would it?
  276. Depend on this following a ba - well, just
  277. Thereby hangs a tale
  278. By way of a rasher?
  279. Are the peers about to be a little that stops the favourite winning?
  280. Round the mountains of seville, perhaps
  281. Abandon edward with the yeast
  282. Being stolen, the medicine is too old
  283. I'd made something about the head
  284. May be pasted for the experts
  285. Sound of two in the making of nine
  286. Get that into your head - that's the drill
  287. Fighting not ever to get tight in a bundle
  288. Always the faithful same
  289. By the sound of it, not buying southern beer
  290. Northern french city gothic cathedral
  291. Got to be the start of 15 across
  292. How a couple of boys ran with a ton of this
  293. The sort of flying fish that's not respectable
  294. At first it's inside it at first
  295. On the surface that's smooth work for them
  296. Too bad for her, by the sound of it
  297. A 500 ampere way with a little water
  298. Gin with falling water in such a corny sort of way (7)
  299. My name is heather from 27 across
  300. Say, that's royal at last, in a manner of speaking
  301. Not the sole support of a rotter in 27 across
  302. This sum might pan a ma
  303. Is a half-century able to make this in a panama?
  304. There's something the matter with it, but eat it up
  305. Before one gets to the bus it's gone to hades
  306. H like a peril of the sea
  307. So odd for 14 down's partner to have a nun around
  308. Ran out and out in the craft
  309. Just presume the position to eat of an eveniing (7)
  310. Perhaps nothing for hire, by the sound of it, there
  311. Your ma? no, your da
  312. They're only cold but sweet on the court
  313. They're fit to have steel under their hat
  314. That'd turn your stomach over an insect for a change
  315. A maneater
  316. Make a sweep clean with this
  317. Nothign for cash, but with permission
  318. The south gets little x to the editor to get 9 across
  319. Put it on hold
  320. The heavy way one might walk the plank
  321. One is not four u, by the sound of it
  322. Call off a hundred to make this clean
  323. Ray and gus are so sweet together (6)
  324. Perhaps t's not unusual
  325. It's hard to get a cold like this
  326. Or if there's any amount of it with a clip
  327. Get bored, by the sound of it, with spirits
  328. Give him a lift with a hail
  329. Not 13 across meant, by the sound of it, for the church
  330. Not right to follow tea for fright
  331. Nothing to do with the family
  332. O, this may be held by the wing
  333. Oh, how grand for the resistance!
  334. Never leaves go of it
  335. To much chin-chin may give one this
  336. Those pigs seem seedy
  337. That's the one horse i ever could annoy
  338. Only a bounder would bind like this
  339. Org for tooth pros
  340. Wavy sort of painting
  341. Sounds of church bells
  342. Have to dismiss about the capital of russia on back there
  343. Office cubicle dividers
  344. Many months: abbr
  345. Crisscross clothing pattern
  346. You've got one in hand now
  347. Taste, hearing, or sight
  348. Stadium food seller
  349. Not, by the sound of it, a stringy leg of mutton
  350. Hoarse-voiced
  351. Celebration attendees
  352. Gee! stain them to a huge extent
  353. Cuts off, as tree branches
  354. Royal irish constabulary unites with artists for golden era
  355. Little, by the sound of it, as a rule around the street
  356. By the sound of it, time for you and me
  357. How a scot might lie about a divine
  358. Lousy little one, you with your needles sound
  359. It's hard to have so little money about me
  360. Have to have the one-eyed french
  361. So glad of its being lights out
  362. Feline catalogue helps the reaction (8)
  363. Food will turn up true to the mixture (7)
  364. Sounds wet any time now
  365. Made the whole of it sound dull
  366. Top man in legendary dining circle
  367. One dog in america equals a hundred in one bear in england
  368. Treat irreverently disregarding note from girl
  369. Trivia - sell amber
  370. Open exit?
  371. 20 down must have one to hold the water
  372. Write backing melody for final movement of suite
  373. Wrong to have street artists seized in the outskirts of albany
  374. After briefly not working, a head is in school again
  375. Allow wild speech supporting head of government
  376. America's first couple on aircraft discarded material
  377. Amuse with gossip implicating girl needing no introduction
  378. Argument against joining clique
  379. Article cameron edited, con­suming one kind of coffee
  380. Astronomer has star confused with this star, oddly
  381. Become affected by ignoring party leaflet
  382. Blunder contributing to emperor retreating northward
  383. Bring up a time and a place for spectacle
  384. Calls around noon after washington's intimations of danger
  385. County
  386. Cross about mother taking time to find shoe cleaner
  387. Cry that shocks
  388. Driver may change into this kind of party clothing
  389. Driver of one vehicle or another over short period
  390. End up with performer on strike
  391. Estimates from the right assuming record increase
  392. Evidence of canoodling making olive's bet look silly
  393. Expensive for an animal by the sound of it
  394. Fellow reportedly carrying girl's basket
  395. Need to be smart bra in this
  396. First or last name, or character of oxford writer
  397. Going beyond the usual limits to get extra bit on suspect
  398. Gop argues falsely they break people down
  399. Head ultimately shunned by every exotic dancer
  400. Heavy vehicle operator
  401. Inappropriate for ailing duke to receive spell in prison
  402. It parallels number ten - as its occupants do in today's solutions
  403. Kind of desk disreputable female just needs time to shift
  404. Knight, say, capturing rook to make a breakthrough
  405. Language barrier initially faced by poins after joke by japanese-american
  406. Like position of moderate, as shown in recent rally
  407. Like some music or, perhaps after initial cuts, like some poetry
  408. Line in column on northern or eastern city
  409. More confident as litigant, suppressing resistance
  410. Finished at last at the last of the road
  411. Muscle 19 down turned to right
  412. Daniel has got about four for lying
  413. No trump action about wmd material? he's crazy
  414. Not conversant with name for a mathematician and physicist
  415. Phrase otherwise concerning washington, for example
  416. Picture within another
  417. Playwright, for audience, author of meaningful work?
  418. Pre-2018 royal dog
  419. Predecessor of 1 down on both sides of the pond
  420. Property manager?
  421. Provided with assistance, having shaped up the dole
  422. Quarrelsome left back blocking a couple of spurs' youngsters at the start
  423. Quick to find unconventional fellow with note for henry
  424. Raised immediately about article on diamonds in varying states
  425. Reds fan, perhaps, i help when distressed after 1-0 upset
  426. This of this is what this is made of
  427. Remarkable things of prophetic significance seen by female in pennsylvania
  428. Revealed by soldiers after party in the open air
  429. Sets about republican involved with hard copies
  430. Shut up about waste
  431. Go just a bit finally
  432. Similar to gripping second book
  433. By the sound of it, let 'er be stuck up in this
  434. Single gem in a ring
  435. Soldiers calling for forgiveness of sins
  436. Some introduced to embellish part of military uniform
  437. Some propagandist not operating in good faith?
  438. What royalty cost with the north and the south
  439. Somewhat inferior support prior to defeat
  440. Stopped copper meeting informer in belfast
  441. Given back for 'er, perhaps (8)
  442. Thatcher's rival, so-called? leading rebel
  443. Behold an object that there's nothing like
  444. From them, these here smiles, see?
  445. It's time desmond got up and did the removing
  446. A sucker that needs a sucker to suck on
  447. Not two, no?
  448. Never leaves off - always putting there
  449. It's healthy within in europe
  450. He would get drawn along after all the rest
  451. He will get older (like crosaire) but still cope
  452. By the sound of it, one gets fired from the church
  453. Let it stand around the rest of this
  454. Bury the foliage in volume
  455. Spellbound at the way in to all those hundreds
  456. Had a go, just in case in court
  457. A godly guy is ted
  458. Di's pa rage? can't be much
  459. This 6 down comes over the bed
  460. Beats them for the old-fashioned parties
  461. This ring is simply ripping
  462. Is there a single sick one in ireland? (1'5)
  463. The half-century, that's what i am and it's the end
  464. Never be so nasty in the ship as they are
  465. She works relatively inwards for the church
  466. You'd be stuck with that
  467. For him, a tory, a tale
  468. You might gain a day when you cross it
  469. Rebuts a hater
  470. Issue in the family way
  471. 2010 dance move dip head to elbow
  472. Transplant the broken trees
  473. One may have come to swear by them
  474. It's no go if one does this
  475. Given leave to be employed after the former century
  476. By sound or by mouth, by the sound of it
  477. Perhaps the ebb tide is
  478. Start to take the spade to it by hand or by numbers (7)
  479. Gee! it's puzzling how hot it all gets
  480. Top hole, it's best by train
  481. You'd get the double beat from this bid
  482. Have a shy for this?
  483. He sounds deep, by the sound of it
  484. Came across one of a lot back there
  485. Irish waters need quays,, by the sound of them
  486. The cheek of twelfth night one gets so sick of
  487. Sounds as if an opener is one one loves
  488. How pleasant to get the wind up just a little
  489. More power to more company, perhaps
  490. How charming to be at about a hybrid
  491. Impose a penalty for being sort of funny? (6)
  492. Don't be extravagant - it's no good
  493. Sounds like the key to the garden in dublin
  494. There's no knowing them
  495. The school fight for marks from marx
  496. Brews, by the sound of it, what may be made at last
  497. Charles, and 'e's after him after him
  498. One of 27 across is in the money
  499. One has to pay to have it so grand
  500. Report on 'er for a sausage in england
  501. Sounds as if ten may make a hole to help the climber
  502. Going up and down, by the sound of it
  503. No sacks on them, by the sound of them
  504. The artist produces about fifty such under protest
  505. One has an interest in them for clothing
  506. About to tell the ampere to go away on ahead (7)
  507. It's a bit thick the way this fell in bits around the girl
  508. 29 across is what it comes to
  509. Not slower in the evening, of course
  510. A short? no matter
  511. After tea you get them blooming well by mouth
  512. This ingrate will begin to shoot
  513. Smooth to treat the animals at last
  514. Skill with the w.c.
  515. Any amount of traditional tales at last
  516. Where a dam was a sire
  517. Owning to this it's here here
  518. Give comfort on the organ
  519. Gaudily garbed
  520. They're all in a pack
  521. In the duet i test this but it broke
  522. Father starts to try to find this out
  523. In the past then, not, by the sound of them, one over the eight
  524. Helped oneself too much so as to pass on the road
  525. Sounds like an old crock that'll kill you
  526. They're beating in a pack
  527. Is that the way radio used to work for molly malone, by the sound of them?
  528. Be all there as a race may finish
  529. Y or b for hal and eeeee, perhaps
  530. In 27 across it's all right to call her up
  531. By the sound of it, such a berry is not for burning
  532. Not so much need to have got not so much
  533. The carp might do this and saw to it on the way in
  534. They may be paid politely
  535. It has an inclination, indeed, to get poured out
  536. One of a novel three has to arrive here, by the sound of it
  537. Cat, i see, may go so much more than pop
  538. That's the way to get away with it
  539. Conditions in schools
  540. Where they learn to be very fishy
  541. They are given to being tense, perhaps
  542. Make the most of iiiiiii, by the sound of it
  543. Cat is confused and nervous, i see
  544. Nice to see you've got 1 across, by the sound of it
  545. A fifty thousand with one are all for money
  546. They're noisy for the young in two shales or more (7)
  547. A backward doctor with our zeal
  548. Always wet but never fresh
  549. To be a second offender is a sticky matter
  550. She's had a ring from him (6)
  551. Funny the way one may arrive before one is late
  552. Five before but no more
  553. The side of 1/10? (6)
  554. Done without what's on in the smithy
  555. Not given thanks for such skill
  556. One likewise one truck in the street
  557. Fire the imagination of
  558. Begins to get so crusty in the ship
  559. Person who looks after the bets
  560. Characteristic of early stages of human development
  561. Amount of money given on a regular basis
  562. An alternative sound of a hymn
  563. There's the sound of him there
  564. Failure to meet a goal of requirement
  565. By the sound of it, display the weapon for the japanese boss
  566. Falsehoods by a half-hundred among friends
  567. This native has a choice for a change
  568. Some work, by the sound of it
  569. Area of open high ground covered with grass and heather
  570. Father's going up the tree
  571. In winter after this discharge
  572. To have been on the rack would have been enough to make a saint sick
  573. Oleanders
  574. Most unusual combination of artist and engineer
  575. The doctor may go back to do this a second time
  576. It's up to the afflicted to have this effect on one
  577. Draw in the matter of the pamphlet
  578. By the sound of it, is polly gone with the half dozen of them?
  579. D'you perhaps make what is real mixture?
  580. Give a town a tap for pillage
  581. That's the end of wee kay, by the sound of it
  582. A border clearance, by the sound of it
  583. One's riding like a pedlar, or so it sounds
  584. The first to have got one gin in by the mouth
  585. It's all to the good for the hound to have lost its confounded head initially
  586. The lovely morning gets to be yours and mine
  587. Does this allow one to deal with straight hair?
  588. Man might have got to be so old and have coped
  589. Is there enything so dry outside to make it all so windy inside?
  590. That's blooming little to get for your money
  591. May be copper growing on the shore, by the sound of it
  592. That's pussy for a morning on the island on the water
  593. How a supporter gets around and gets the wind up
  594. Behind comes an offer that's not so tough
  595. Twice in, in what is in
  596. Not conscious of being so silly
  597. Traces of how one plays this a second time, perhaps
  598. Is she going to get out of it?
  599. I'd turn to a wager, i see, to be 23 down with sugar
  600. Can one squeeze all that's news in this?
  601. I see it's best in there with the eggs
  602. What one does with 5 down, absolutely southern
  603. Will laurence leave in slow time?
  604. Perks with this? nil, if you scatter it all
  605. Nothing in what's evil speaking with this
  606. Yes, in there with the guest in initially
  607. Not being all there, i can teach
  608. For the most part, all right on board
  609. Let's follow this vocally for underwear
  610. Do they take another critical look at one's work?
  611. Fans of the sky
  612. The sort of bungalow that every actor fears
  613. Not in the literal way and not in the pointed figure
  614. What sally does?
  615. Does this give one a blow on the head?
  616. Are very close in the nest
  617. The girl takes over e x 10 for the added bits
  618. N with some l for fruit
  619. I'm starting in the matter of a foot for the poet
  620. Bent, thanks to lent
  621. Not at all like a steed before tea
  622. L = x, by the sound of it
  623. Barely even without even 34 across
  624. Was intent during the night
  625. By the sound of it, that's the least one on the premises
  626. Sounds as if one stays in the house but always stays outside
  627. Might be ex with it
  628. Although prone to shoplifting, is most attractive
  629. In business i find many abuses
  630. Dive around us in a deceitful way
  631. Has got the wrong end of the stick
  632. Ronald, i am no good as a driver
  633. Nobody on the bench, as usual
  634. Sounds as if you will make a note that this may be on fire at christmas
  635. Do this, notwithstanding
  636. The doctor was leading up to the pretty girl
  637. Sounds as one might bury one that's getting on in years and be fruity
  638. We have to pay them to travel to the markets, by the sound of them
  639. Is she a gain to come out?
  640. Sounds as if the wretched knight is behaving like a creep
  641. The rev. nun gave the fear of god to the editor
  642. One's seen you're the elder, by the sound of it
  643. Kit will give you tea in of it
  644. The gentleman gets confused about ireland, how to be getting there
  645. So to cry out , it seems, is just a shade cowardly
  646. Stand in for this in the matter of a gift
  647. Little desmond turns up about little x as 28 across is
  648. Aged, in short
  649. Did, by the sound of it, dispatch so little without 30 across
  650. Poured before you, by the sound of it
  651. Might it be equally sound to come first a bit?
  652. Fairies manage with such oversight
  653. Twist it to make it wither
  654. Model by the minute?
  655. When 15 across comes brightly
  656. Canines to right of them, canines to left of them, all for the chase
  657. Perhaps a case of teetotal agony
  658. Gets green by day in dublin
  659. Don't get a single one
  660. A bit out from a religious publication
  661. Catch sight of the uppers the wrong way
  662. The little youngest of the family is quite willing to be a blessing
  663. Actually, there's about one on the same side
  664. To start with, live it up badly
  665. Might p raise this?
  666. Turn red, get sick, being off the track
  667. A mischievous death by hanging, it seems
  668. Heavy in many or the opposite in words
  669. Do up yours and mine as they come to 15 across
  670. Such confusion in a way that sounds so straight
  671. What a bore it can be in the army
  672. Sound of centres, perhaps
  673. The point of this is that the artist gets onto this at the seaside
  674. La! would she 18 across for the wash?
  675. It is what they are for the irish times
  676. You like to have one just before sat. starts
  677. Get us up to bed with it, or to work for the irish times
  678. Once it's with us to make light of them
  679. How puzzling to have mange all around one
  680. It's fun to have tea after this for pygmalion
  681. What point into the english channel will have you in stitches!
  682. Of late, 22 across will begin to get 27 across
  683. How the pet got around the elm over the curtain
  684. See you, tea gets wound like this over the lass
  685. Talk may let up for possession
  686. The saint may get out bit by bit at last
  687. Not such an odd 27 down for the poet
  688. Thus i forbid pressure along it, all the same
  689. Not by the way of the plane, by the sound of it
  690. In this half a dozen may be playing male and female
  691. What the pobble did in the milky way?
  692. Just look at its teeth going up and down
  693. It's a gamble so to be giving a hand
  694. He gets around the open and close work
  695. By the sound of it, not so low over a thaw for a long, fellow-indian
  696. They're up to sit around reginald in feline fashion
  697. How the afterthought turns up at this point and gets around
  698. It's to be a garden burial, so push it
  699. Of course it will give 3 down for a cockney
  700. Spelled, perhaps, and sing in need
  701. We all draw it
  702. Sore about the teetotaller being in water
  703. How the artist gets a face on the forearm
  704. Will 'e keep in the train?
  705. Go by and cry with father's tea
  706. The battle begins to get heated with this
  707. This might help one 8 down - or sound like it
  708. This has had a cut in the hidden nude at last (6)
  709. Very much in want of no refuse
  710. Be regretful yet bitter about herb
  711. One has a feeling that it will come to a full stop about one
  712. This'll kill you; one is in a broken spoon
  713. Isn't sold yet - it just isn't moving
  714. Is the south always cut off?
  715. After last month the artist is way-out
  716. You don't want to wear it any more at the start of the voyage
  717. This has to be mouldy (4)
  718. Objecting to the absence of amateurs in the game
  719. Back about patrick makes it a little light
  720. Far downstream
  721. Not for driving a cannon-ball
  722. Status starts to irritate
  723. Not able to get the girl into baby's bed
  724. The sound of a tree in india puts an end to 22 down
  725. We talked about the sound of 18 across
  726. Only fair way to use this (4)
  727. The very sound of 1 across is enough to make you want to throw up
  728. The calm of the tiny seer
  729. Never to be found in the flat
  730. Shortly to be a scotsman and get th wind up
  731. Have too much, of course
  732. Stand perhaps as you were
  733. Perhaps st once more for 32 down
  734. They fight, that's to say, in 6 downs
  735. By the sound as for tea they stole with him
  736. Dorothy is a bit of a nut
  737. Spirit leads to high spirits
  738. A leg, for instance, might make 'er supple
  739. How the rod makes it incandescent like the start of 9 across
  740. Quite finished, quite everywhere
  741. A perfume is what gets you a rise
  742. States red there
  743. By and by the name is not known
  744. You may get dealth with, and get to grips with, this
  745. Perhaps not left in completely
  746. All a lower half of this heroic heaven
  747. A foot short in parts of the fish
  748. Put more on around here and get stuck with it
  749. Get more from such seed, by the sound of it
  750. Bankrupt with fury at having to pay such percentage
  751. You need a swallow to do this
  752. Your at court with all respect
  753. Just for a second they're in want
  754. Not the sort of piles of pain but of stones
  755. 526 or 555?
  756. Xx - that's the score (6, 3)
  757. That's paper-thin or fresh and fast by the foot
  758. Not enough of a twisted game re this
  759. Thus a little tea is not what this one has too much of
  760. The cleric i have to put more life into
  761. What you make out of fishing?
  762. Got to be no longer a sucker
  763. Bare the former 2 down
  764. Occur to be a very soft sound in a very foul sound
  765. Are even raised six feet from the dead
  766. One was talking about what may be in a wheel
  767. I have the doctors round for tee shots
  768. Get fit to go by rail
  769. It's grown at santry for the poor
  770. Here we all are with the ra: soiled
  771. The painful thorn in ireland's side
  772. The south was acting in a flat-footed way
  773. Time is up to give out this
  774. This got the wee lord down
  775. Whips up a quick breakfast
  776. Some works by pablo neruda
  777. Conquistadoras loot
  778. Tofu or tuna servings
  779. ___ sexy (1992 dance hit)
  780. Social-media brag
  781. Some brothers, say
  782. Without delusion
  783. What prufrock dares not eat
  784. Is this to get one sound taut?
  785. Subsidized petrochemical
  786. Not yet out
  787. A large one makes a sound?
  788. Reason for a recall
  789. Popular actress
  790. Ms docs?
  791. Trendy summer drink
  792. In one hidden claim without friendship
  793. Stuffy address
  794. Stickie, eg
  795. Homeland security agts, eg
  796. One, ten, or one hundred
  797. Writer-director perry
  798. Like the name usain bolt
  799. Qui ne manifeste aucune peur
  800. Tendance pathologique à proférer des mots orduriers
  801. Plongeuse née à montréal
  802. You must not make by way of an offer here
  803. He was protesting he was not able, by the sound of it, to be about fifty-five
  804. To have smooted things over, she got over him
  805. May get to lope like a buck against one
  806. By the sound of it, goin' on water but growin' on hill
  807. K in closest relation to this
  808. Plunging around in search of water
  809. By the sound of it, in view of this it's not the june year
  810. Comparatively 22 down
  811. Accordingly, the saint has it on hand
  812. A priest seemed to have been able to get sound, perhaps
  813. Sounds a little beastly going on ahead
  814. Get milk through one with me about four
  815. Drink up what's there nearby
  816. Same sort of fellow as 30 across, equal to his offspring
  817. Catch it up a bit at last
  818. The short a in this may be long drawn
  819. Single r and single d as the wash has been
  820. Are they built at all to draw one along behind them
  821. To rip the top of 22 across is enough to make you weep
  822. After a century such damage would delight you
  823. As usual, or mother is in it
  824. Put life into a spouse from ulster
  825. Not a dam' gardener there and need to make one
  826. Allow it to be about a broken can for a doctor
  827. He got this on with gravity
  828. Nothing i had in the more old metal money
  829. Beat it into the hide - just picture that! (6)
  830. Long to be after the rabbit
  831. Although with cover, 'e has the devil all round him
  832. Dig it, al, on foot for reynard
  833. Big and tubby with half a hundred
  834. Not easy to stand to
  835. One may question if there may be work after tea
  836. The peer's consort is about fifty in any number of ways
  837. Escalators
  838. When it 9 across, by the sound of it
  839. Change with change of neat with every other
  840. Go down with what may go up and go off
  841. One is made with 3 down to be armed
  842. Booked out for play
  843. What a strike is what 19 across wants to take part in (1, 5, 3)
  844. Only a small part of a small bird
  845. Be seated, richard, for a cid
  846. Bury the sets in bits
  847. It costs a lot to be so beloved
  848. She was first of late
  849. Return the chosen
  850. Seen about at a house that's upper
  851. Is the seaman living there with poetry?
  852. In a vat, i can have a chapel
  853. One is not moderate about the fog at last
  854. Saint, you dying from work?
  855. Powder up pussy about fifty
  856. Sorrowfully needed when work is pressing
  857. Ask for quarter of the crop
  858. Makes boxes around the east
  859. One's polish is not of the southern variety
  860. Never before has the skipper had a bride on board for him
  861. Gives warning on board when it's on the rocks
  862. For them, is relatively up with what makes the end of 10 across
  863. The french have a word for it - i have too
  864. Mother was bleeding, or so she sort of said
  865. Ate about the leg of the little bird
  866. Might this permit one still to be raw after a century?
  867. Not much leave left for a degree
  868. All the seats are taken in hand for poker
  869. A little of the plural gets to be biting, yet calm
  870. The poet might do up about six
  871. C might make it caper, being no pro
  872. The doctor, well he's not so boring
  873. Nothing but names for the fat bird
  874. By the sound of it there's a lot of it, but not down there to start with
  875. All for sprat to begin 7 down
  876. An ulster fog is a 14 down
  877. You get on after this in school
  878. A vessel might give 22 across quite a start
  879. Thou dost be inclined to be very spare (7)
  880. One can't take such a thing lightly
  881. Dies about 50? nothing to it
  882. O, it's nothing but this as the air is
  883. The lad is all for facing them
  884. They're like a deadly afterthought
  885. The dear little beast is around her
  886. You'd be insane to go on ahead with one
  887. The answer to this is that it's dissolved
  888. That swell diana is no more
  889. How your friend was fed - he's got good taste
  890. Might be henry the first, with reservations. very fishy
  891. By the sound of it, paid up over a boy of his
  892. In dates the gnat went to the bad
  893. Such as this i rate, in a manner of speaking
  894. Beware of the whole at this, in a manner of speaking
  895. Put your foot down over the editors and ran away with it
  896. Got around to having the long fish in colour
  897. That's one, likewise
  898. Round dates for weights there
  899. To go back and forth in this at base
  900. By the sound of it, not for the rocks - and not for granny either
  901. Yes, it left here like that
  902. In 6 down it would get any in response
  903. Not for fore following
  904. It's himself, patrick, so it is that's in livery trouble (9)
  905. Thanks not given for such skill (6)
  906. Before a half century a tree might long to be in the brain
  907. Ten over one of six feet for rent
  908. Watch ones weight
  909. Wingtips tips
  910. Windblown pile of snow
  911. Postal letters, colloquially
  912. Item on a cops belt
  913. Healthy cabbage variety
  914. Some american workers
  915. Latvia, until 1991: abbr
  916. By the sound of him, does he have claws after the rain, dear?
  917. Hurdle for phd hopefuls
  918. Isp owned by verizon media
  919. Anglers fishing lure
  920. Courtroom proceedings
  921. Portable storage device
  922. Unwanted inbox fillers
  923. Then it's about to tow the city
  924. They're all round, but of course they're only half round
  925. Over around the teetotaller needs water all round
  926. A person sounds like the first sum
  927. As a rule, each of them is aching, by the sound of it
  928. Do you like this in volume? then love this
  929. Drink up about all of it, ducky
  930. Cloth is not in it as a matter of course
  931. Change it in church, by the sound of it
  932. Perhaps a heavy way to be hanging around
  933. Has it in her to make it the same again
  934. That's got c on crete, just to make it hard
  935. There will be some interest in false teeth
  936. They're to go back and rest in the water for life
  937. Up in line like the wolf
  938. Being conscious once more of its being a cameo, perhaps
  939. Set down all right, by the sound of it
  940. The poetry catherine makes is all so negative
  941. Rubs out what are shortly in 20 down
  942. See, oh you, the transgressions in the family
  943. Long enough to be hot for a cockney
  944. I need a long, 14 down story
  945. Blooming well in the irish times
  946. Be sly, dear, with the cot
  947. In them to be warm
  948. Last a month, or that's all for the look of it
  949. Oaks, for one, containing a girl
  950. Short solution
  951. The result gets lofted
  952. How odd for the first lady to get a nun around
  953. This will keep one off the collision at last at last
  954. One is not out
  955. Drive from there to the stomach in a roundabout way
  956. There this is standing aversely, by the sound of it
  957. Just about one keeps one from the fire in the dock
  958. Lead with a bit of a twinkle from there on show
  959. Are they tall on men at all?
  960. One's bound to contain things
  961. Never a float for this
  962. Any body?
  963. Sounds cowlike round where the ship was made fast
  964. Perhaps not shins, by the sound of them
  965. T's able to frequent this
  966. Belly there but no bellow from it
  967. Anyone may give tongue, by the sound of it, before one gets to the bar
  968. How the conger got some shade of the port after it turned up
  969. She is so pleasant around the east in france
  970. All does not go smoothly for this rag set for fire
  971. Not in any sense, by the sound of it, just pure and simple
  972. Dorothea, she has been burnt for tests
  973. Not like either half of 21 down (8)
  974. If there's wound get this cross around
  975. Iron cads make for irony
  976. What are they doing in a joint like this?
  977. Rash fun with the sea
  978. One in her it's willing to get, it seems
  979. This makes a jaw a smashing place
  980. So the swimmer may incline to turn red
  981. To have been trapped is just not in it
  982. Is the irish times, for one, feeling the squeeze?
  983. Is a boy having a dip with the fish?
  984. Moor has to make her hot
  985. Idles, by the sound of it, so i take a very long time
  986. More unusually more underdone
  987. Permit it to be in the river, but remove it
  988. Blood's what the bull does
  989. See how this gets not fairly warm
  990. Got about the decay of the sound of the whole of it
  991. For the future i'll feel bad before this and bear it
  992. Debit, perhaps, and leave it that way
  993. Those sending letters stick them up
  994. Frank is able and performed
  995. To make it not so heavy will make it more bright
  996. Broken spurs, i see, will prove fatal with 31 across
  997. Perhaps it's not underclothing one will use up
  998. The fair died over the shed
  999. Biting a branch of police
  1000. Give pa in?
  1001. Fine to be in style as of old furniture
  1002. One who is large enough to get sick of being made for a lady, by the sound of it
  1003. He's bad and not one's sole support
  1004. Might luke use about fifty of them with strings attached?
  1005. Where hercules found stable employment for a month at first, in short
  1006. Force the business to be about two thousand
  1007. Not for a nit
  1008. May be better than the groom but he didn't get the girl
  1009. How i get deceived with a green light from shakespeare
  1010. How you praise with a leg of late
  1011. How senior counsel pure and simple might get to cite this wrong
  1012. Where two singles make one double
  1013. You get a toasted one at 4 down
  1014. About a hundred races are few and far between
  1015. That's if cane is made to give her a ring
  1016. The cleric gets near london - it all goes to show
  1017. Break for a journeyman?
  1018. One day be four, by the sound of it
  1019. Spoils what aren't in the short backstreet
  1020. The professor consumed this for the 20 across
  1021. Noted that this gets the girl round, thanks to the boy
  1022. Hi there, fellows! by the sound of them
  1023. Mother's jerk makes resin
  1024. Time for some self pampering
  1025. It's a sticky matter if one is a second offender
  1026. In here one has left for good
  1027. Four wheel off roader
  1028. Can frank be the one wot done it?
  1029. One fights a raid with the green
  1030. You've got to put your down on the eggs to get your hands on them
  1031. A sharp? not at all and not at all diplomatic
  1032. Bore to have stood this
  1033. Stylish enough to fit into new york initially
  1034. It would be mad to have a door like this
  1035. By the sound of it, i's or b's
  1036. Minauderie e
  1037. The things about one on are not agreeable
  1038. Easy now, florence. don't rush it
  1039. Made a meal of an e with an x
  1040. That's enough for you to have it fast over the wye
  1041. Seems albart is so overweight it'll be the death of him
  1042. You stood in the last colour
  1043. They're above you at the bottom of 1 across
  1044. Fools can do it if they've got bray head
  1045. By the sound of it, corn is up for a trout
  1046. Measuring mental processes
  1047. At the end of the street a horse over 'er makes 'er start to fall
  1048. Dye with the sentry always in motion
  1049. Welcome to a wee pig in scotland
  1050. Is the skipper entitled to have one on?
  1051. One's all eyes, by the sound of it
  1052. Pinch the start of this in a quiet sort of way
  1053. Sort of saw how to make it with x on
  1054. May have chilli but should not be chilly of course
  1055. No solicitor but still bats
  1056. One of the 11 across get the tunes twisted about nothing
  1057. Thus up, it goes down first, of course
  1058. May be sick with flatulence but that may do one some good
  1059. Does this call attention to a border?
  1060. Sounds as if the start of 8 across uses his tongue, but not in short
  1061. Can there be a girl as fruity as this?
  1062. Grease from greece
  1063. The sort of transport you can pay for?
  1064. This drum and eleven more will get you off the ground
  1065. It's likely to be fatal to be so feverish as this at last (6)
  1066. That man, will
  1067. Perhaps punctually the half of two dots
  1068. After the sound of a cough this is what you have to pay for a drink
  1069. There's too much of it, in a manner of speaking
  1070. That's disgustingly riotous
  1071. Not got by 17 across for the nun around the diocese
  1072. Does she get a rest right up there?
  1073. This pushed one to being a couple of thousand in the red
  1074. Of this might be a frequent number
  1075. Insist there's no risk, it's so sound
  1076. In this, of course, i was 7 down
  1077. How a priest may get the french fruit by computer
  1078. 'e'll sound so long and fishy in mayo with 'er
  1079. Of course that's the thing to do
  1080. Give tongue when 7 down
  1081. Its sound might make a vessel unsound
  1082. Not out for the last of the main meal
  1083. Did not do it in without even a little money
  1084. Sheepish cries from about fifty floggings
  1085. Sing about crooked bob with a cry
  1086. Seems a hefty pull is needed for this, but not for passengers
  1087. Fix it to get the artist back over the mountains
  1088. The cart comes back three feet outside the house
  1089. Bless rob, who is dribbling
  1090. Just picture how there are indians in it
  1091. In one day he is divine
  1092. May be passed up it in the moon
  1093. May be seen roundabout that it's calm
  1094. Hard by the tin - gee, that's shutting up!
  1095. The referee turns up and judges that they're at the end of the sticks
  1096. Need to get the wind up to get this going
  1097. Don't stretch it, not any more
  1098. In the matter of young show beef
  1099. Aggressively to arms! elbows out!
  1100. New wife of an officer never been married on board before
  1101. Back with the god relatively on one's knees
  1102. Goes round and round and up and down a hill
  1103. By the sound of it, is it not 15 across for the ceremony?
  1104. The way to give out arms for ceremony
  1105. Writing, perhaps, to be done by those who are 30 across
  1106. The thread is fine enough to be made to what i sell
  1107. If you're this, do 24 down
  1108. Smith's got them to get the beat
  1109. How at last a hundred burn to marry again
  1110. What are up in the mint for the moslem?
  1111. Is it not in the accountant thrown out onto the street? (7)
  1112. Her husband begins to be unclean
  1113. Is about to give one a hand? how perfect!
  1114. Clothed in a saucy way
  1115. How counsel dies at last and goes to heaven
  1116. Living like this, i cause pain at last
  1117. On 'em in us?
  1118. In top, ronald makes it quick
  1119. I consider it's ink in it that makes this spirit blue
  1120. So it comes up. behold how capital it is (4)
  1121. Sounds as if fresh flowers make one nervous
  1122. Glad to have filled fireplace, by the sound of it, with gratitude
  1123. Shades of the mountain ash, by the sound of it
  1124. Well, once more a professional. got it?
  1125. Being twice like this makes it mediocre
  1126. Golfing in the right direction
  1127. Ranch, so as to stop the movement of shipping
  1128. Begin to use your loaf in the wide sense
  1129. No, it's not the sort of sty that's fermenting
  1130. By taking in trim priest and heartless vicar, father said it all
  1131. Left a belt around the editor
  1132. He and ha, along with the rabbit there
  1133. Write it with ten more to make one of the sorry sort (8)
  1134. That's it, i get it in a spoon for a job
  1135. Tightly one over this, by the sound of it
  1136. Don't go away, little 18 down; just stop here
  1137. One ca? see the sound of it
  1138. If the saucepan gets burnt it gets fertile
  1139. May be heaved for the team, by the sound of it
  1140. Shakespeare tragedy featuring the villain iago
  1141. How i rests to a relative extent
  1142. The hard man was 15 across
  1143. Colours blended in dresden
  1144. One blooming name is mixed with one at last
  1145. Real grand, as a rule
  1146. Lo, by the sound of it, that can never be up there
  1147. Not the bottom of such a bid
  1148. Knows how to get it, by the sound of it
  1149. They're not out of it so know a lot of it
  1150. Little lousy, salty speeds
  1151. Naval port in brittany, north west france; home to a tall ships festival every four years
  1152. One ought to have them and be not left with them
  1153. Bit of a coconut that maybe gets to be a bit ropey
  1154. Go on ahead for safety
  1155. That's the way the two of them get to ireland - gee, what a nuisance!
  1156. Lacking reason, the crow is without sound, by the sound of it
  1157. This comes after the port, in a manner of speaking
  1158. Getting going in a watery way
  1159. Attempt to top serb involved tools
  1160. A grand, silly time for the rubber
  1161. It's always so grubby this way
  1162. The bobby is in church at the backstreet
  1163. It's tidy for the last of 8 down
  1164. Thor --, kon-tiki man
  1165. Comes first in one twisted tail at last
  1166. Sent around you, oh you, in flimsy fashion
  1167. Presumably it comes from the main seam!
  1168. Forbid the report? gee!
  1169. Have a list in the lists
  1170. Before the 27 across comes back after this it all goes down
  1171. Knock one out to make one turn mad
  1172. Transported as loner to city
  1173. Short number for twelve each way
  1174. The times editor perhaps has been removed
  1175. Takes one's crooked seat as a matter of course
  1176. Just like the poisonous end of the letter
  1177. Michael ___, author of novels including the andromeda strain and sphere
  1178. The main twist with us has us feeling bad
  1179. Less care leads to one cutting it fine
  1180. Is there a single thing that's one of such a true race?
  1181. Alternative name for the descending or south node of the moon's orbit
  1182. In mayo, get a mixture of ale to make the hard stuff
  1183. Two and two make them at the very least
  1184. Get to pulp it for to be doing this
  1185. How a hundred left and got let off
  1186. There's no end of living there by rail
  1187. How 21 down was known to his friends
  1188. Draw out no amateur pamphlet
  1189. This is a real place, whatever some may say
  1190. Claim everything - e, for instance
  1191. Place to do one bit of poetry in classical time
  1192. Tried to work out about one's boy, edward
  1193. The fuss one may have started to love
  1194. Shorten the top inside
  1195. Go over this and be just a little depressed
  1196. Perhaps wild-sounding awards
  1197. What the work-shy did, possibly receiving some dole
  1198. Had ex, perhaps, as a matter of course
  1199. Let ten not have the sting in its tail
  1200. They're arising in minutes
  1201. Portuguese gold coin current in early 18th-century england worth about 27 shillings
  1202. Peel was all for the outside
  1203. Complained of being like a door at last
  1204. Ted's about with noah there for africa
  1205. Go to law over having set fire to one the man in 12 across was sitting on
  1206. King called the lionheart
  1207. The fire may be dealt with by this, it's on the cards (5)
  1208. Go and press the bell as a bull might be doing it
  1209. How to be making my neighbour poor with the cards (9)
  1210. The virtue of playing by oneself
  1211. How an ordinary little quarrel may land one in court
  1212. What plump girls could never be
  1213. The poor beggar claims to be unable to make reparation
  1214. You don't mean to be so flattening with this, i see
  1215. A round of holes on this
  1216. Homer's hero might have had a swell time in one such
  1217. To arms, by the sound of it. to get around the two of 'em
  1218. One goes around to make the back bits fast
  1219. Not tickle the ivories to make the rust grand
  1220. One uniform with a tiny variation
  1221. As usual the bench is unoccupied
  1222. Not the right sort of container for such wine
  1223. Put an e back on for the norse
  1224. Moor would have heat on this lady
  1225. Does the bird run along it for training?
  1226. Can't set the thames on fire, but might have more luck with this
  1227. Get back to being on your own
  1228. 'e would not be by any means the first to get high with t
  1229. Six feet into a religious body from the hill if one's sounding anti
  1230. A place in kildare with your end
  1231. ~perfect way to die with your comrade
  1232. You might get the chop from thomas the indian, who is no dove
  1233. Blow round the fungus, white
  1234. With old force he has got 18 down
  1235. Deserve to have your ashes in one, by the sound of it
  1236. Starting to be out - gee, mind that!
  1237. He had shortly followed all the rest for drawing
  1238. May be going out by oneself, but never outgoing
  1239. They're popular in the wood without you, in short
  1240. He gets a bit of the quarry inside
  1241. Then your sailor boy gets soaked, but only by the rain
  1242. Cats tree'd all over the place
  1243. They go down in various old ways
  1244. Finish with an inversion in the white ant
  1245. Gather around the north, but all in the south
  1246. Sound for cats - more for hawks, though
  1247. Diane keaton godfather
  1248. Where one may get full on vegetables
  1249. It's most diplomatic so to soil the pet before a little tea
  1250. I had thought to have them oversea (5)
  1251. Where ashes may 3 down
  1252. 'e gets in troy's shell
  1253. Smith is after her for one of 25 down
  1254. 31 across gentlemen in wood
  1255. Might for the present be 21 down if the trout don't get it
  1256. That's a grave way to be prone to be
  1257. One's not in favour of the crescendo with it, i see
  1258. It's up to it, the minute bit
  1259. Dance like this is odd to a certain degree
  1260. Voyage au centre de la terre
  1261. Gee! marriages during morning service?
  1262. Rush around the corner and back again
  1263. Of course it's not to your man the da to thus get up
  1264. This gets us accustomed to the editor
  1265. Your man gave us the impression of a 12 across trap
  1266. Not a shinner, by the sound of it, a lot
  1267. Not at all poorly
  1268. Sounds as if this container will help one to drive, of course (3, 5)
  1269. What the dickens is this request from a twister
  1270. Right, that's enough to keep the pain player on board
  1271. Indians in the picture with us forbidding it
  1272. Strictly speaking, the south always comes before the east
  1273. Join the two of them together
  1274. Acquiescent at having left work
  1275. Spend your time to disenfranchise this, it seems
  1276. Not light as 1 across (6)
  1277. Looks smart for little bird to have no tail
  1278. Flourish the sound to beat a place for kings
  1279. Really home for hearing
  1280. No dark sales there
  1281. Finger it in spades
  1282. Sounds more with an ally
  1283. Sounds as if it's done in belgium as it's found in scotland
  1284. You won't find one on the curragh
  1285. So under the weather, by the sound of it
  1286. Ventilate a backward song
  1287. Hal? o, sort of cloudy
  1288. In the head of the army but the tail of the train there
  1289. When it's 29 across i sound high and sweet
  1290. Unusually, one could see you with it for poison
  1291. Will ae go up or the end go up
  1292. The alternative's possible for prayer
  1293. It's round around the capital of turkey
  1294. About a tiny speck? far from it
  1295. 17 across for a present
  1296. Always roundabout to look up to
  1297. Inclined to have to change down on it
  1298. Citrus by the hundred will cause belly sounds, perhaps
  1299. May 1100 contain 10050? well, this can make you
  1300. Soundly see you, esso, for a spray of sapphire
  1301. His in church in 30 across
  1302. In court up the den at last
  1303. Happen not to have the odd t here
  1304. Catch her from below and make her unconscious at last
  1305. It's fair to say you sound dark, sir
  1306. Five hundred such would be risking rage
  1307. Makes up like this at your singles
  1308. More than one little bit at the bottom
  1309. In the label, oil is up for carving with a jemmy, perhaps
  1310. Is he new there, or just in the paper?
  1311. Spinner that's big enough for a circus
  1312. Going around, by the sound of it
  1313. Is the north in to fail at last?
  1314. Get on in school if there's m in us
  1315. The shade of the south for a spell
  1316. For a sound on ahead, beat it
  1317. It's a nothing to die, by the sound of it
  1318. He's a key-man hereafter
  1319. Get up this sound from the sun
  1320. From the brook, by the sound of it, at the end
  1321. Rotterness, perhaps, by the sound of it
  1322. Never get in the way here
  1323. Half a hundred falsehoods from friends
  1324. Cork's, it is, that they work with
  1325. The sin that crosaire does be having
  1326. See about 28 down, backward cleric
  1327. A man is if they are not, in principal
  1328. Right to make it
  1329. Arrived at the half-century, only to get the hump
  1330. Let them get into sad ends for the rivers
  1331. Let it set around a little tea and get worn
  1332. They make aliving with all the tricks in a turn of them
  1333. Sounds as if one knows the poles are not in it
  1334. To get rid of it, start from scratch
  1335. Get rid of a boil of his
  1336. Your man has turned gloomy
  1337. Toss one to the high lands
  1338. At this stage it's all for show
  1339. Blow this to make it go round (4)
  1340. What a blooming fool you'd be to get into american intelligence
  1341. Dedicated to get a flat in the end
  1342. As a matter of course, this might come first in wales
  1343. Is this where you get your alibi other wise? (4)
  1344. Is nothing able to get to y as a scot would?
  1345. Perhaps was not still like this as indicated
  1346. These directors are all at sea
  1347. One might gamble on improvement
  1348. It would be hard work to beat this
  1349. At last at first will last
  1350. Bearing in mind that mating with this could be just for ma
  1351. Following a mixture of port i would be sluggish
  1352. The leg gets involved with eleven more in a sour setting for the church
  1353. Formerly i was the boss; now i'm sent away from it
  1354. Does that get laid for the horse of the east? (3)
  1355. One's at the end or one comes before a soldier
  1356. Sharper to have cut in the cut up ear
  1357. A seaman's thanks in how to keep off it
  1358. Hail to such mean fury!
  1359. Shooting flames will have such strength
  1360. Dumb in a sort of a sack of the west
  1361. Be obtaining little raising
  1362. Hurried back to come to one's allowance? that'd be telling
  1363. Sun up next
  1364. Ask one to come - that's where it is
  1365. One claims to have had a princess of savoy
  1366. The century is inclined to have had a 20 down (6)
  1367. There it's a boxing precaution
  1368. He is light enough to give one a lift
  1369. That isn't the last thing you'd be putting on
  1370. At this stage it's all part of the act
  1371. What the arab did to the plain you did to the pan
  1372. Seems a strong pull is needed to pull this by rail
  1373. Follow that this may be made to be seen abot you
  1374. The bishop is what the gaffer will do
  1375. Broken pegs around on a sucker may need a sucker
  1376. How the r.as make rooms for foxes
  1377. They're all so patient when it comes to boxing
  1378. Look hard and look up to one
  1379. That's what they do when they get to bray
  1380. It sounds as if one's always praying
  1381. For the most pasrt the partner is up to catch this
  1382. The pill starts to be poisonous in the end
  1383. Ate them by the sound of them
  1384. No bow for the bird of the south
  1385. It's for the poet not to have had a damp lair
  1386. Spare this for your grammar
  1387. What the spider's 14 down was
  1388. What sounds so foul is in the wine
  1389. It would appear
  1390. 34 across for the present for the bishop
  1391. In the end, 34 across was not so hot
  1392. The answer is to do your trade again
  1393. In short, not to have had a straight hair with a little tea in it
  1394. They blow around around on bikes
  1395. What may be said of a certain type of wheel, perhaps
  1396. I'd get pugs in spades
  1397. Blooming well become vocal at last
  1398. Not a certain way to have run this with sue
  1399. A bit in 1 across sounds like a bit of the leg in kildare
  1400. I'm in no hurry to have given a transfusion
  1401. That's a phony class of a thing to do! (4, 2)
  1402. Whichever way you take her you will never ram her
  1403. Get to grips with the messiah from him, by the sound of it
  1404. Not quite the north too soon
  1405. After last month i got married and lost ten per cent
  1406. This might even put a put a pot over it to make it illicit (1'2)
  1407. Seem like the sound of a noble with the fruit at last
  1408. Currently it glows in a chemical manner
  1409. You'll need a groom for one like this
  1410. It's up to father the choices of increasing the family
  1411. Relative to the mediterranean coast, by the sound of it
  1412. On in sixty of 28 across for integrity
  1413. Hanging on to x with a c, x with us
  1414. A writer might run away with the faithful wife of ulysses
  1415. Sister is good, either way
  1416. You sound like a follower of this in a cup
  1417. Like most good 25 down it can't be fired
  1418. Is nothing beheaded as it should be? (6)
  1419. Is that a team's not direct speech?
  1420. In ireland give him to a dog
  1421. Does it get up one's nose?
  1422. They are things one may get around to a certain degree
  1423. How surprising to be totally depopulated on ths by the end of it
  1424. They're not mythically footless, it seems
  1425. The story's about the east with shells
  1426. Remove this one mile up in eight, by the sound of it
  1427. It's great to do wrong if i get into this
  1428. Got up like a centipede? (7)
  1429. What a bind it was when the orchestra got out of date
  1430. Seen there isn't any sugar on top
  1431. One swore in an even more bad way
  1432. He needs ten more to subdue him
  1433. Pants to make them sour among the rest
  1434. Long to get the feeling
  1435. It makes him cross to lose his head being one for the sea
  1436. What's been burnt in an unrefined way, but not in the water
  1437. One you get change from?
  1438. The wrinkled, fruity artist is at home
  1439. Games on there might end in a huff
  1440. That sounds like a naughty number
  1441. Puts a no to get out of harness for the team
  1442. Fifty in a dog that's come to stay
  1443. The way to be had up on jumbo's back
  1444. Her hairy dress, by the sound of it
  1445. Take a swipe at him and that will wrap it up
  1446. Drawers in the taxi i catch for the government
  1447. About to fall for an adder, perhaps
  1448. That makes the tide late