1. Dour omen for boat not tied up to quay
  2. Cheap lodging house for hikers
  3. Saying grown familiar through repetition
  4. In the bible, he is swallowed by a great fish
  5. Cut, separate
  6. A monetary penalty - sounds great
  7. Clever like dickens's dodger
  8. Charlotte .. . . . . . author of 'jane eyre'
  9. Disease of mad dogs from serbia
  10. Turn as if on a pivot, like a kind of chair
  11. Shifty, not answering directly
  12. Van came carrying old cliff dweller
  13. Quickly taken photograph
  14. Rapt, intent
  15. Millions of stars in a band of light across the night sky
  16. Fasten, link to
  17. Makes a social visit
  18. Common bird, wild and domesticated
  19. Home of the president
  20. Bring about or put in order
  21. Prizes, remunerations
  22. Coffin with its stand
  23. Vehicles drawn by a horse
  24. Most effortless
  25. Laid an egg
  26. Legally, induce to commit perjury
  27. Carving in relief, on a brooch say
  28. Plant that lives and dies in one year
  29. Relaxing - that's a military order
  30. Scaremonger - the boy who cried wolf was one
  31. Sounds accurate like a clear-toned bell
  32. Found the answer, to problem or puzzle
  33. Figures of speech - pest or what?
  34. Member of the animal order containing whales and dolphins
  35. Constantly scolded or found fault with
  36. Date in july celebrating american independence
  37. A stable trough - bethlehem had a famous one
  38. Frightens or alerts
  39. Breach of international law governing conflict
  40. A flight of indoor steps
  41. Haute . . . . . . . is high-class cooking
  42. Prehistoric monster from jurassic era
  43. Short thick posts keeping traffic off road island, or for mooring ships
  44. Affectedly playful like senior angel
  45. Temporary substitutes
  46. Person who holds and administers property for another - sounds reliable
  47. More loved or expensive
  48. Circular coloured membrane in the eye
  49. Pulled vigorously at
  50. Unpleasant and spiteful like female dog
  51. Scotsmen throw it in sport
  52. Greatly surprised or astonished
  53. An official post-mortem examination
  54. Kind of examiner or bed canopy
  55. Portend, be a sign of
  56. John _; former uk no.1 tennis player
  57. Person who considers himself socially superior
  58. Place where guns and ammunition are stored
  59. Sink with cutlets
  60. Person not well suited to life or environment
  61. Agile and flexible
  62. Stipulations, often joined to conditions
  63. Here, sirs for appetising drinks from jerez
  64. Made concrete and certain rocks
  65. Bring something on oneself, often unpleasant
  66. Frequent customers of the local pub
  67. A fixed quantity allowed to one person in times of scarcity
  68. I get saint to urge or incite
  69. Mark . . . . . . was cleopatra's lover
  70. A lazy loafer
  71. Dismisses from army in disgrace, like bank clerks
  72. Host all with kind of onion
  73. One concerned with the classification of diseases
  74. Not wanted, in the way - in france (2.4)
  75. Most southerly point of england
  76. Harsh and punitive
  77. Waste away - sounds like a sporting award
  78. Impractical ambition like conceited aspiration
  79. For us, some kind of dessert
  80. 'tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow / . . . . . . in this petty place from day to day' (macbeth)
  81. Area rich in petroleum deposits
  82. Find a cure, strangely, in the colour
  83. They show the writers' names
  84. European union has registered fear about plant
  85. Issue an invitation to compete
  86. The life force, according to traditional chinese medicine
  87. The emblem of the us is bald
  88. Of groups of people with common customs
  89. Burning, of a corpse say
  90. Strand of body fibre
  91. Shown to wander within prison boundaries
  92. Pig's meat
  93. Devices to establish flat surfaces
  94. He's broken when investing in crooks ltd. foolishly?
  95. Drugs for a dimwit
  96. Animated hero, created by elzie segar, who first appeared in the comic strip thimble theatre in 1929
  97. Cocktail of gin and vermouth
  98. Procession of vehicles travelling together
  99. A tittering laugh
  100. Suspicious, shady
  101. A hollow graduate is making exceptions
  102. City in southern spain and spanish explorer
  103. Metallic element used in rat poison
  104. Scenery hung at the rear of a stage
  105. More unfamiliar
  106. Foul, evil
  107. Southern part of scotland, not mountainous
  108. Consisting of two political parties
  109. Word that can be exchanged for another
  110. Sets up for use or puts into office
  111. Moore or behan, say
  112. Finish off a task - . . . up
  113. One engaged in a hairy escape?
  114. Unit equivalent to 4.184 joules: abbr.
  115. H.s. teams mainly with freshmen and sophomore players
  116. Ancient roman writer of comedies
  117. Small green mediterranean tree fruit, nice in martini
  118. Usa lariat found down under
  119. 51-acrosses often hold them
  120. Film bit
  121. Peeled or cut the outer layer from something
  122. Gathers together with stitching
  123. Lower-priced ticket option maybe
  124. ___ museum home of the dead sea scrolls
  125. Great venetian explorer of china and asia in 14th century
  126. Musical symbol indicating legato
  127. Where the islets of langerhans are located
  128. 1980s arcade character with a propeller beanie
  129. Something to lace up before competition
  130. ___ norman 1983 pulitzer-winning playwright
  131. Susan who starred on tv's the partridge family
  132. Having a carefree confident manner
  133. Dig into the ground like a rabbit
  134. Small ornaments worn on bracelet
  135. Having a limit, not completely open-ended
  136. Moves forward like army
  137. The acts of taking someone away by force or cunning; kidnappings
  138. Wheel over which rope passes to lift things
  139. Save your money for a . . . . . . . . - to buy an umbrella?
  140. Former institution for parentless children
  141. Friend with a deeply personal relationship, like spiritual spouse
  142. Of speech, sharp and clear
  143. Waterloo's wellington was known as the . . . . . . . .
  144. Poet is so confused about forms of chemical elements
  145. To do with race and its customs
  146. They ensure the packet reaches its destination safely
  147. Milton 'they also . . . . . who only stand and wait'
  148. A loud uninhibited laugh
  149. Small tablet or sweet to be dissolved in the mouth
  150. Dry stuff to help start fire
  151. A plush-like fabric often on furniture
  152. Girl's name, and book of the old testament
  153. Colourful flower, if such a mix is possible
  154. Lures or attracts
  155. This action is an automatic response to stimulus
  156. Physicist has his nobler side
  157. Very black black or fast plane
  158. Top diva is a . . . . . donna
  159. The marquis . . . . . . is a byword for cruelty
  160. They detect the regularity of beatings
  161. This board is used by spiritualists and seances
  162. Shovelled fuel into furnace
  163. Strip cover from, as leaves from trees
  164. State of total agreement
  165. American state, capital annapolis
  166. Israelite leader in old testament who fought the battle of jericho
  167. Serial about country in middle east
  168. Span, connecting structure
  169. Of water, become still and stale
  170. Avenge it for not being positive
  171. Small flake of soot or indecent talk
  172. Obtain or arrange by using trickery
  173. Person who does good from unselfish motives
  174. Bores in army exercises
  175. End telephone conversation by replacing receiver
  176. Shout abuse at, a speaker say
  177. Mythological norse deity
  178. Irritation, anger
  179. Structure made in one place and placed elsewhere, in short
  180. Sweet roll and hairstyle
  181. Imitated in every aspect
  182. They rank just below priests
  183. They held land in return for services to overlord
  184. Moves slowly with the body near the ground
  185. Browbeat, ballyrag
  186. Short high warning tones
  187. Erupting fissures in the earth's crust
  188. Four equal parts
  189. Mythical monstrous bird
  190. Trimmed branches etc to promote growth
  191. Gloomy greek prophetess or one given to pessimistic prophesy
  192. Individual things, like pieces of furniture
  193. Large bird of prey that feeds on dead animals
  194. Low protective wall along edge of roof or bridge
  195. Made sibilant sound like snake
  196. National polls as for amendments of constitution
  197. Biblical sea, as i allege
  198. Fiery particles emitted by fire
  199. Pronounce words indistinctly
  200. The view from this point is good
  201. Death grin or sustained gaping
  202. Of weather, mild and clement
  203. A public affray or disturbance
  204. Prefix meaning new - just one
  205. Valuable dark furs
  206. Skilled activity
  207. Mrs blyton?
  208. Paddy field crop
  209. Long established and enduring works of art
  210. Adrian is seen in mediterranean island
  211. Class of animals including spiders and scorpions
  212. Walk in pompous self-satisfied way
  213. Great american inventor
  214. Maker and seller of knives, forks and spoons
  215. Very inferior in quality in numeric description
  216. Worthless parts of animal carcass
  217. Officer of the fbi in usa
  218. Modest groundbreaking ceremony
  219. Expression of mild regret from precious self
  220. Obstruct or delay with food basket
  221. Dug up a dead body
  222. Hem and . . . - grope for words
  223. Native of oxford
  224. Be too clever for
  225. Put a keen edge on
  226. A potato - what a brute
  227. Place where coin money is made
  228. Business or marital mates
  229. Mammals of desert areas
  230. Protective covering of metal
  231. Sequence of steps, course of action
  232. Choose, pick out
  233. Age of majority for some
  234. Member of a courtroom panel
  235. Severe or trying experience
  236. Mistaken or guilty
  237. Grand bed
  238. Pronged digging tool
  239. Search thoroughly delve
  240. Gestures or symbols
  241. Italian astronomer, a founding father of modern science
  242. Award conferred by college
  243. Rules imposed by authority
  244. Large migration of people to a new field of precious metal
  245. It doesn't conform to the general rule
  246. Curves over openings
  247. Avoided, dodged
  248. Panted, puffed
  249. Dark colours bless a mix
  250. Cunning losing final pursuit
  251. Protect from heat, cold, noise etc
  252. Compatible with mass of butter
  253. Random opportunity
  254. Farewell from a french deity
  255. Also known as a sail somehow
  256. Beat broth mixture
  257. Howling disguises hooter
  258. Eric prepared pilaf ingredient
  259. Italian cheese for spearman
  260. Country in interior of n africa, capital niarney
  261. Circulate margarine say
  262. Condition of excess fluid in the tissues
  263. Squealing over =
  264. Use remit for retained title of retired professional
  265. Resonates, shivers as with sound
  266. Cattle-breeding farm in america, say in texas
  267. Movable possessions, often accompany goods
  268. Give a man enough . . . . and he'll hang himself
  269. An elevated fiddle
  270. Usual way of doing something
  271. Supporter or patron
  272. Republic in southeast europe; capital kiev
  273. 1957 novel by christopher landon
  274. Asian country; capital seoul
  275. 1940 howard spring novel whose central character is hamer shawcross
  276. Father of james and john in the new testament
  277. Golfer; 1990 us open championship winner
  278. Region of southern france between the mediterranean and the channels of the grand and petit rhone
  279. Bairro in rio de janeiro brazil known for its beach
  280. Republic in southeast asia; capital vientiane
  281. 1990 uk no 1 single by madonna
  282. Computer program that sends junk email
  283. Frost formed by the freezing of supercooled water droplets in fog onto solid objects
  284. Personification of england from the name of a character in john arbuthnot's 1712 pamphlet law is a bottomless pit
  285. Unit of quantity equal to 12 dozen
  286. Fiery and passionate
  287. Technique of hammering a design from the underside of a thin piece of metal
  288. Flights of frightened cattle
  289. Hates to be in difficult position
  290. Carnivorous animals making sounds like wild laughter
  291. Large dog trained to rescue travellers in the alps
  292. Provoked with sewing implement
  293. Owing money, bank account overdrawn
  294. Great european peninsula containing spain and portugal
  295. Trick or device to attract publicity
  296. Feeling like love or hate
  297. Of ship, lean to one side
  298. A colourful communist
  299. Specially devised system of words, as by morse
  300. Modern paid assassins
  301. Person who lives alone and avoids people
  302. American prairie dogs
  303. Rascal up to get monk's short cloak
  304. Venice was once known as queen of this sea
  305. Aural impudence
  306. Palindrome for a flop
  307. Kind of bathroom sponge for rubbing back
  308. Old romans raced in them
  309. Repeat from memory before an audience
  310. Elevate murderer to make an uproar
  311. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds etc
  312. Murder of a king
  313. Severe setback, like thump to torso
  314. Something a person wrongly believes to exist
  315. Biblical leader who fought the battle of jericho
  316. Type of monkey and blood category
  317. Trembled, with cold say
  318. Black stick for drawing
  319. Most recent or least worn
  320. Sent in, strangely, for sport
  321. Sole, lone
  322. Without any difficulty
  323. Trash, tripe
  324. Expresses in words
  325. Sorrowful, unhappy
  326. Creative, aesthetic
  327. Complained, opposed
  328. Strain or emphasis
  329. Extended, limbs or muscles
  330. Throw it in winter
  331. Found fault with and rapped on the door?
  332. Forecast, foreshadow
  333. Regular traveller from suburb to city
  334. Corsages, small bouquets
  335. Swinging beds
  336. Time allowed to pay
  337. Microseconds?
  338. . . . health . . . is a __ best wealth: franklin
  339. Long-time partner of 42 down
  340. Ancient iranians
  341. They show you to your seat
  342. Manmade fibre
  343. Newspaper article giving an opinion
  344. Skipping work?
  345. Ancient greek hero, and novel by james joyce
  346. Put aside for later consideration - in cupboard?
  347. Urges or drives to do
  348. State just south of the himalayas
  349. Attraction in west potomac park
  350. Appellation associated with large net profits
  351. Tables
  352. Word from the hebrew for certainly
  353. Djia company founded as a quick shipper
  354. Sports clubs
  355. A bill of . . . . . . lists cargo
  356. Obtains by force or intimidation
  357. A period of play in horse polo
  358. Be prominent and superior
  359. Face veils worn by muslim women
  360. Traditional song sung by sailors
  361. Disease known as lockjaw from rabid dog bite
  362. Sign, say
  363. Deprived of, perhaps by death
  364. Duty for the bereaved
  365. Duel venues
  366. Nostalgi-cool?
  367. Got the job done
  368. Pabst dispenser
  369. Clear or bright
  370. Big moods
  371. Gobi locale
  372. Who are you?
  373. Ids often 56% hidden
  374. Apt eye rhyme for bread
  375. First note of tonic solfa scale
  376. Very up front
  377. Many literary anagrams
  378. 2019 emmy nominee adams
  379. Prominent new mexico sights
  380. Bid nod
  381. Polar environmental concern
  382. Be bamboozled
  383. One writing pointedly
  384. Unofficial questioning
  385. One up, barely
  386. Defense forces
  387. Oozy substances
  388. Clip for a bulldog
  389. Class with no struggles
  390. Guitarist accessory
  391. Unwieldy thing
  392. Cvs insurance subsidiary
  393. Show ardor
  394. Paper departments
  395. Ipa, say
  396. Many a truck and train
  397. About 5, for coffee
  398. It may start your day
  399. Therapy subjects
  400. Run onstage?
  401. April shower in stadiums
  402. Sri lankan currency
  403. Didnt miss any of
  404. Wiped from the ledger
  405. Gift list addressee
  406. Teen whos had 40+ jobs
  407. They need to be cut off
  408. Rapper lil uzi __
  409. Peak of early 2000s cinema
  410. Sharjah citizen
  411. It flies both ways
  412. Doesnt honor
  413. Tobacco relative
  414. Lets rock and roll!
  415. Train engineers, eg
  416. Holders of leaves
  417. One way to be out, in mlb
  418. Moved, as a movie camera
  419. Warmly touching
  420. Claws star __ nash
  421. The-rhyming dude
  422. Kazakh capital renamed in 2019
  423. Approached nightfall
  424. Short take?
  425. Defending team
  426. Protection for squatters
  427. Speech often seen on c-span
  428. Metaphorical margin of victory
  429. Gaynor, garland, streisand, __
  430. 90s tech
  431. Having only two answers
  432. Loud whistle or kind of witch
  433. Stayed-in place
  434. Prophetic book after micah
  435. Citrusy flavor
  436. Data compression aid
  437. Group projects
  438. Succeeds to the max
  439. Reduced after dark
  440. In islam, a holy war
  441. Expose, remove face covering
  442. Natural impulse governing behaviour
  443. Too old for task - gone too far
  444. A wise and experienced teacher
  445. Cautious, not giving away secrets
  446. A mighty man like goliath or carnera
  447. Old tool for threshing grain
  448. Ancient combat weapon or very tough woman
  449. Killing most foul
  450. Adapted transport framework, caledonian, headed northwards
  451. Blood disorder - ie i am ana
  452. British ultimately ruin safari, upsetting africans
  453. Brute, obsessive and obstinate about vacuous idealism
  454. Clear about having cooked short connective tissue
  455. Soot flake or sexual innuendo
  456. Conclude backing of, say, louis xiv's subordinate
  457. Staggered about - in irish dance?
  458. Day of very hot and sunny weather
  459. Determined to achieve something at all costs
  460. Person who regularly travels some distance to work
  461. Extremely fast leak spanning break, i think
  462. Factory drivers by english channel
  463. Female star of the 1942 film casablanca, d.1982
  464. Fine to soak topless people
  465. Green and keen, jack making a new start
  466. Inspiring a feeling of delight
  467. Judged weight of caution restraining a newspaper
  468. Junk food served by university in a prohibition?
  469. Limits within which something can be effective
  470. Literally strap a problem for links
  471. Machine that produces the winning premium bond numbers
  472. Member of the british 7th armoured division in north africa, 1941-2
  473. Nutty, fruity biscuits not all there
  474. Old soldier, a camp commander?
  475. Once more elect good revolutionary to communicate
  476. One hiding in rocks removing a pair of pants
  477. Perhaps earth map taken by alien
  478. Person experienced in life
  479. Provoke to fury
  480. Remove wet medic with prickly exterior
  481. Revival of second addict on return call
  482. Phoney kind of hams
  483. Roman lyric poet, d.8bc - a chore
  484. Set of lines, one of five penned by pasternak regularly? au contraire
  485. Shun old artist, wife having run off
  486. Solvent abuse finally suppressed by cross unknown man
  487. Stems from him getting zero when playing spades
  488. Sumo wrestler thrown over in strike zone
  489. Trip by air
  490. Us word for z
  491. Valets alternately clothing cool, classical hero
  492. Voyeur
  493. Way to stop another week disappearing -- can't be bothered with this
  494. Wood cut and prepared as building material
  495. Just about or scantily
  496. Oscar wilde 'the importance of being . . . . . . .'
  497. Stuffed with dates
  498. A fancy old necktie
  499. Title of indian philosopher gautama 5th century bc
  500. Feeble or ineffective man
  501. Black and white flightless antarctic bird
  502. Glass pieces in windows
  503. Household rubbish is placed in it
  504. Lucky if it's four-leafed
  505. Sewer water
  506. System for improving memory
  507. Cordial reception
  508. Narrative description of past events
  509. Periodic counting of the population
  510. Dust-up, row
  511. Request, induce
  512. Short signals in morse cods
  513. Thin, aluminium sheet
  514. Periodic changes in sea levels
  515. Creator of the tempest in “the tempest”
  516. Witch’s lunch order?
  517. “hold on tight” band
  518. Trampoline act at a family reunion?
  519. Bell prompting someone to get into the tub?
  520. Trading a wimple for a turban?
  521. “another good suggestion!”
  522. Lightning strike?
  523. Laundromat-in-disrepair complaint?
  524. Swoons
  525. Website feature often indicated by a magnifying glass
  526. “danny and the dinosaur” author hoff
  527. Posting by a lacrosse owner’s parking spot?
  528. “because it is bitter and because it is my heart” author
  529. Toxin mentioned in joni mitchell’s “big yellow taxi”
  530. Isaac newton’s yacht?
  531. Miss piggy’s favorite water park ride?
  532. Parisian pop
  533. Baudelaire’s “___ fleurs du mal”
  534. Food that’s totally tubular
  535. “ben-hur” writer wallace
  536. Steadfast and true
  537. Real-life counterpart of napoleon in “animal farm”
  538. “agree totally!”
  539. “july’s people” author gordimer
  540. They have married into the family
  541. Richmond was its cap.
  542. “picnic” playwright
  543. Home of the wnba’s storm
  544. ___ publica (the state legally)
  545. Stephen colbert’s employer
  546. Native of baghdad, say
  547. Particular group of symptoms that always occur together
  548. University town near bangor
  549. Agcy. that investigates derailments
  550. Comics character who announced her pregnancy in the last strip
  551. “yes” in yokohama
  552. Well-worn grooves
  553. Org. that added a p for “paralympic” in june 2019
  554. Figure punished for looking back
  555. How a big bad wolf might storm off
  556. Comic’s performance
  557. Tony and oscar winner as the king of siam
  558. Incalculable amount
  559. Government tax on imports
  560. Bon jovi’s “___ on a prayer”
  561. '. . . . . . . . baby, on the tree top' (lullaby)
  562. It used to be formosa
  563. Constantly irritated by deer pets
  564. Resembling each other
  565. Sentimental with moist optics
  566. Remain in sedentary posture, take no action
  567. Nonsense, rubbish - ask informal thomas
  568. Cloth coverings for legs - bishops may wear them
  569. Take flight with reversed appendage
  570. Overwhelm or surprise, as cricket thrower may
  571. Piece of material used to cover hole in clothes
  572. Current period of 24 hours
  573. Curves about cars
  574. Celebration, religious or artistic
  575. Traffic control by policeman for toy pundit
  576. Spoke with sibilant defects
  577. Place for old-fashioned dancing - and romance?
  578. Speak wildly and incoherently
  579. A student's rubber, or the one who uses it
  580. It's an eating house - face up to it
  581. A festival of feet
  582. Cease, desist
  583. Makes rasping sound, hard on ear
  584. Became clear like the rising sun
  585. Of the mind, given to gloomy and unhealthy ideas
  586. A wild public affray
  587. A loud bang, or an account
  588. Wailing women of gaelic myth - kind of has-beens
  589. This cord attaches baby to mother
  590. Foreshadowed, was an advance sign of
  591. Don't be discouraged - seek cardiac support (4,5)
  592. Fight between opposing forces
  593. Moist discharge from nose or eyes
  594. Indian city in which mother teresa nursed the poor
  595. Race finish with contestants exactly even - or moribund?
  596. Tattered and threadbare
  597. Together as on bicycle for two
  598. Complete lack of respect, as sometimes of court
  599. Trustworthy and true
  600. Female sea monster in greek myth, lived opposite whirlpool charybdis
  601. Temporary substitutes, like fingers in dykes
  602. Inhabit, dwell in
  603. Tend, incline
  604. White linen liturgical vestment
  605. Very wealthy ancient king
  606. Withdraw, break away
  607. Member of a people of southeast africa
  608. Peculiar ali had this flower
  609. Place to lay eggs
  610. Debating or disputing
  611. It's placed at the end of a word
  612. Porous substance to absorb liquid
  613. Very fancy or complicated
  614. Trickster god of norse mythology 4 letters
  615. Moves in a twisting or spiralling pattern
  616. Opera cycle by wagner
  617. Imperial capacity measure
  618. Cringing in fear
  619. Large sturdy boxes with lids
  620. Treasure island protagonist
  621. Disquieted, upset
  622. Seward british royal biographer
  623. Assert or demand
  624. Diluted spirit usually rum
  625. Main ingredient of bread
  626. Instructive, perhaps overly so
  627. Meal outdoors cooked on a grill
  628. Small orange carp
  629. German city-seaport on the elbe
  630. Lunar ocean movements
  631. Irish accent or strong shoe
  632. A scornful expression or remark
  633. Little rascals, mischievous children
  634. Men of courage, chief characters in plays
  635. In greek and roman myth, nine goddesses of the arts
  636. Based on things known to be true
  637. Take off weight as by dieting
  638. Sink beneath writing fluids
  639. Harden with heat and water
  640. Drive demented in huge inn
  641. Let rust settle on sea-creatures
  642. Socialise, spend time together
  643. Peaceful or romantic scenes of country life
  644. Newspaper articles or parts of face
  645. Suffering from mental weakness due to old age
  646. Cowmen do have a loss of status
  647. Informally alert like soccer player
  648. In cooking, . . . . . . bleu is excellent
  649. Marks corresponding to the wounds on christ's body
  650. Small piece of buckshot
  651. Military bugle call sounded at sunset
  652. Large shed for housing aircraft
  653. Nationality of citizen of nicosia
  654. Archaic word for see or observe
  655. Hair on horse's neck - name it
  656. Get back, say losses
  657. Passed time dreamily in lunar manner
  658. Group of musicians found on cart-horse
  659. Rough nasal sound of disgust or anger
  660. Lives in, inhabits
  661. To do with bulls, bull-like
  662. Satan, son of the morning
  663. Affirmative male sycophants
  664. Plant with round white root used as vegetable
  665. Yielding a profit
  666. Kalahari and gobi
  667. Prizes or remunerations
  668. Balm, salve
  669. 'they are not long, the days of wine and . . . . .' (dowson)
  670. Gems and precious metals
  671. Soft, thin pieces of paper
  672. Type of crisp lettuce
  673. '. . . . . . weather' (as sung by billie holiday)
  674. Moved around aimlessly
  675. Vigorous and dynamic
  676. Creations with pigment and liquid
  677. Fleet of small craft
  678. Prescribed food
  679. Roman catholic cathedral with special privileges
  680. Move silently and secretly
  681. Fairy, pixie
  682. Table for religious ceremony
  683. Forced open by leverage
  684. Gautama . . . . . . 5th/6th century asian philosopher on whom a religion is based
  685. Relatives from kinnegad
  686. Hands over or rescues
  687. He may use a white stick or canine assistant for guidance
  688. Motioned about reduction in rank
  689. Overjoyed, happy and excited
  690. English county noted for relish and pudding with beef
  691. Please let us know if you're coming letters
  692. Singer green and politician gore
  693. Soccer great hamm who wrote winners never quit!
  694. Aol and msn e.g. (abbr.)
  695. Ancient remain preserved in rock
  696. Fined etc for having disease
  697. Reprimands, tells off harshly
  698. Highest point or position
  699. Placed in . . . . . . . . - suspended for a while
  700. Familiar umbrella - a small one?
  701. Prefix with natal or conservative
  702. Encryption, disguised language
  703. Texter's that's so funny!
  704. Man of great courage and deeds
  705. Bruised optical area due to blow
  706. Gauche and clumsy
  707. Layers or thicknesses of earth
  708. Well-spoken and civil
  709. Racial groups living in communities headed by chiefs
  710. Put to flight on tour
  711. Melt down or give performance
  712. Top up drink or stimulate
  713. Informal injunction to have sense, be mature
  714. Small waves in slipper
  715. Alter for small coins
  716. Formal command of law court requiring certain action
  717. Extirpate, find and destroy
  718. Afrikaners who fought two wars against britain
  719. Scribble meaninglessly, fiddle with pen
  720. A shellfish that sticks to objects under water
  721. Archaic pigs, gadarene in bible
  722. A spare one may be fat around the middle
  723. Transferred liquid from receptacle, or rained heavily
  724. The first ancestor
  725. Person who should be present but isn't
  726. Locked so as to make immobile, like illegally parked car
  727. Slow down, stop there
  728. Go at speed through working life?
  729. One without mother or father
  730. Tapped or criticized
  731. Swing used by circus acrobats
  732. A fissure in the earth's crust with molten rock
  733. Tyranical dictator
  734. Decisive moment, turning point
  735. Washed and ironed
  736. Corrects, puts right
  737. The power of seeing
  738. Slender missiles
  739. Mowing tool
  740. Blunders, slips
  741. Nurse, nun and sibling
  742. Come together or run into
  743. Emperor of japan
  744. The king of rock 'n roll
  745. Lines spoken by characters in drama or fiction
  746. Smelling of, evocative
  747. Stress, accent
  748. Coercion, force
  749. Relating to shared knowledge and values of a society
  750. Prized, precious
  751. Tall slender grasses of wet areas
  752. Pamphlet, leaflet
  753. Large vessel and tax
  754. Warhorses
  755. Well-known phrase or proverb - just speaking
  756. Lying in wait for, perhaps to rob like highwayman
  757. Brilliant performance as in music, sounds bold
  758. 'marry in haste and repent . . . . . . . . .'
  759. A company's printed symbol or emblem
  760. Person making sly critical remarks, like gunman from hiding?
  761. Bar that manipulates rudder
  762. Ten plus eight
  763. Electricity generator
  764. Two or more atoms
  765. Most sacred literature of hinduism
  766. Subtract remove
  767. Opposite of southerly
  768. Minimum rise and fall of sea
  769. Give off ooze
  770. Compel require
  771. Any water-paddling bird
  772. Information at top of page
  773. Seeped blood
  774. Howl weep
  775. Demean oneself
  776. Here and there, sounds circular
  777. Citizens of ancient city in asia minor invaded by wooden horse
  778. Thus, leave spelling unchanged
  779. Blew duo away for desiring or pretending
  780. Made slight movement to divert attention, as fencer does
  781. Tangle or become tangled
  782. Proud superior attitude towards others
  783. Excessive or irrational self-conceit
  784. Breaking bad protagonist for short
  785. Distant and detached
  786. Notation in business correspondence meaning last month
  787. Homes for baby birds
  788. Like clothes that are a size larger
  789. Fruit-bearing units
  790. Change the structure say
  791. Place where you can push your cart through aisles
  792. Call attention or allude to
  793. Substance that nourishes
  794. Donkey or silly person
  795. Motions us to fail to get benefit or enjoyment from
  796. Part of the eye or bright flower
  797. The fortune teller may use a . . . . . . . ball
  798. Puts in wrong place, loses
  799. Absorb, food or information
  800. Hail mary in prayer (3.5)
  801. Hare-hunting hound among beasts
  802. Rotated thumbs in idle manner
  803. Mixes up playing cards before dealing
  804. Equitable or reasonable treatment
  805. Wretched, lacking all pride - perhaps an apology
  806. Kick . . . . . . . . . and die
  807. Printed pieces of paper as issued for travellers
  808. Of noun, neither masculine nor feminine
  809. Nationality of citizen of lima
  810. They walk the hills
  811. Absolutely right, informally explosive
  812. Smelled very badly
  813. Famous porcelain from china 14th-17th centuries
  814. Group of words within a sentence
  815. He's hard to convince
  816. Volcano in sicily, quite neat
  817. Shoves in between other objects, packs tightly
  818. Puzzling question about ropes
  819. Firmly supported, stable
  820. Involving punishment as by the law
  821. Small measurement unit of distance
  822. Deal with, manage successfully
  823. Child's construction set
  824. Stretched, drew out
  825. Playing field or boxing ring
  826. Ladies' light dressing gown
  827. Principle pipe for h2o
  828. Introduction to a play
  829. A language and people of africa
  830. Stream, brook
  831. Ecclesiastical residences in church of scotland
  832. A full supply
  833. Emblem of the third reich
  834. Essential substances found in strange mini vats
  835. Obstructions, impediments
  836. Disappear without trace
  837. Travelled slowly, as a plane on the runway
  838. Relax, pause from work
  839. Mathematics of points, lines etc.
  840. Practice session, rehearsal
  841. Analgesic drug or agent
  842. Thin mixture of flour and liquid
  843. Beef stew black diamond
  844. Equipment to break a fall from the sky
  845. St george's slew one
  846. More debonair, smooth and sophisticated
  847. Make feline howl about curate law
  848. Bury a body - in the middle?
  849. Blame for leisurely walk
  850. Deserts, say a sinking ship
  851. In the same book or passage, often abbreviated
  852. Seraglios, women's quarters in muslim household
  853. Brief newspaper feature on death of prominent person
  854. Skittles, ix objects to be knocked down
  855. One who insists on minor details, may be a conceited know-all
  856. Acted up to, involved in sudden overthrow of government
  857. Flout dub, being undecided
  858. Garner, harvest
  859. Movement for supporting the state of israel
  860. Ancient lord of venice
  861. A slang blunder - drop it
  862. Curbs he places on heavenly babes
  863. I sport with a drinking toast in germany
  864. Sign on this line to authorise
  865. Nice sec for branch of knowledge requiring systematic study
  866. Cite acts, being overjoyed
  867. Snuggle up, settle in comfortably
  868. Not arrived up to now, like the future
  869. Person who writes words for songs
  870. Stories told to illustrate moral lessons, as in the gospels
  871. Gratuity or light touch
  872. Tyrant like mussolini or franco
  873. Large snake that strangles its prey
  874. To do with flowers, flowery
  875. These should be sown while you are young
  876. Legitimate target like blonde animal
  877. Children's game in which each jumps over the other
  878. Make smaller or slim down
  879. Blank page at the front or back of a book
  880. Chancy, suspect
  881. Rupture of a blood vessel
  882. Send off, ship
  883. Not divided or shared with others
  884. Stop, give over
  885. Ship that provides supplies to other ships
  886. Matter left behind after other parts have been taken away
  887. Brisk and lively tempo, musically
  888. Court of justice or arbitration
  889. Motor control to regulate speed
  890. Angel of mercy
  891. State of extreme confusion and uproar
  892. Had an inclination, or looked after
  893. Briefly, the rank of a corporal or sergeant
  894. Had a slight trace of - hit hard
  895. Separate in a trap
  896. Old unit of sterling worth 21 shillings
  897. Drive onwards, encourage
  898. Adored man on constellation with great spiral nebula
  899. Thrusts forward as fencer does
  900. Worn away as by water or weather
  901. Conforming to what is usual
  902. Long poem telling of heroic deeds
  903. Particular style of art or literature, may be green
  904. A financial penalty - excellent
  905. Dilate with individual item
  906. Louts on sofa
  907. Long shrill cry as of pig in pain
  908. Social division in hinduism
  909. Of practical assistance, doing something for another
  910. Moved suddenly like game missile
  911. Vanquish, win against
  912. Refrain from insisting on right or privilege
  913. Informally, just a mo', or don't let go
  914. Faints as from emotion or heat
  915. Took temporary possession of unoccupied building, or crouched
  916. Flouting copyright
  917. Where people may make a scene
  918. An appropriate future moment
  919. Audible exams
  920. Rank in judo
  921. Abacus clacker
  922. Subjugated state
  923. Leave it on for altitude of a place
  924. Pence, eg
  925. Fixture in a church sanctuary
  926. Some exchanges, in brief
  927. Stephen colberts employer
  928. Whole of civilization
  929. Charging too much, say
  930. One of four rhyming letters
  931. One-two punch, eg
  932. Board appointment, for short
  933. Beside oneself with excitement
  934. Ruler-on-knuckles blow
  935. Bon jovis ___ on a prayer
  936. Drag accessories
  937. Climbed, went up
  938. Sixth, in siena
  939. Words for coordinating action
  940. Shape of a corkscrew or spring
  941. Boosters of bad cholesterol
  942. Hormone source, often
  943. Org supporting museums
  944. Frightens like warning devices
  945. City in the mohawk valley
  946. Being, to britannicus
  947. To do with great european mountains
  948. Food thats totally tubular
  949. Bread accompanying vindaloo
  950. Annoyingly aggressive
  951. Cause for caution
  952. Baylor base
  953. Product of meiosis
  954. Ozone feature
  955. Many a family vacation
  956. Snarky laugh sound
  957. Lab-classifying org
  958. Campaign derailers
  959. Ivies, eg: abbr
  960. Pepper with facetious insults
  961. Image on an oscilloscope
  962. Kind of pizza
  963. Sardaigne ou sicile
  964. Another good suggestion!
  965. Agree totally!
  966. Candy sold in straws
  967. Judge on the diamond
  968. Tackle box accessories
  969. Comics performance
  970. Person who lacks strength, mental or physical
  971. Microwaving no-no
  972. Brave, eg
  973. Home of the wnbas storm
  974. Eagles album and song of 1973
  975. One of the first four books of the new testament
  976. Political hanger-on?
  977. Enigmatic people
  978. Cheats on a diet, perhaps
  979. City on the gulf of finland
  980. Maker of 22 across
  981. Trot-gallop go-between
  982. Spanish interrogative
  983. Steely determination, not to be deflected
  984. Dandifying neckwear
  985. Eat off the good china, say
  986. Angle measured by an astrolabe
  987. Java additive
  988. Weep noisily like a child
  989. Of small width, strait
  990. More painful or vexed
  991. Informal intellectual of ovoid type
  992. Nasal eruption as caused by cold or dust
  993. Complete details of items recorded for reference - tick them off
  994. Points out the resemblance of one thing to another
  995. Codes of conduct for business
  996. Devoted admirer or air cooler
  997. Part of foot under spinet
  998. Up-and-down toys
  999. He who may be bit in tribe
  1000. Soldier's water-flask
  1001. In any location
  1002. Harsh, strict
  1003. Building, putting up
  1004. Popular snack in the cinema
  1005. Beloved or costly
  1006. Superior, first class
  1007. Mariner's waterproof hat
  1008. It rotates to push against air or water
  1009. Constituent part (7)
  1010. Female bovine animals
  1011. Declined, rejected
  1012. Preferences, predilections
  1013. Substance like air
  1014. Encouragement, stimulus
  1015. Inflatable thin rubber ball
  1016. Sweet beverage of diluted juice
  1017. Slow slithery animal
  1018. Extinct reptiles
  1019. Decrees, edicts
  1020. Totals, sums
  1021. Showed the way, lead
  1022. Place for a flower box
  1023. Place for a musical
  1024. Overdo on the hibachi
  1025. Magic silk hat wearer of song
  1026. Yell after a slice perhaps
  1027. There's the . . ., a difficulty or impediment
  1028. Haven't decided
  1029. Count ___ (2004 carrey role)
  1030. Louisville race familiarly
  1031. Pickled vegetables briefly
  1032. Lax and ord guesstimates
  1033. Brother of moses who founded the jewish priesthood
  1034. Informally alert or competent, like good soccer player
  1035. Look through a spyglass
  1036. Play through a minor injury perhaps
  1037. Took an uber
  1038. Nuke event briefly
  1039. Fail to decide
  1040. Jack by another name
  1041. Scatters as sunlight
  1042. May 1942 naval battle site
  1043. Fad critter introduced in 1998
  1044. Avian source of oil
  1045. Like all pre-1927 movies
  1046. Great cities or large letters
  1047. Cello, sir, played for coal-miners
  1048. Rod-like bacterium found in lilac bus
  1049. Ford a creek say
  1050. Law or caine title role
  1051. Minnesota gridders for short
  1052. Feudal master
  1053. Arrival board datum
  1054. Poorly lit, not too bright
  1055. White fur associated with judges
  1056. A thread or a beach
  1057. Notation meaning unanimous, with nobody dissenting
  1058. Sterling units or imperial weights
  1059. Filled with horror or consternation
  1060. They're seen coming from a plane into the airport
  1061. Absolutely clean, free of micro-organisms
  1062. An outline drawing or a comedy number
  1063. Sea-lord who loved lady hamilton
  1064. Bullet or missile aimed casually
  1065. Having the right frame of mind - for old band number?
  1066. Drifter is attracted to food whisked in pan
  1067. Scottish islands north-east of orkneys, noted for ponies
  1068. Persons of exaggerated propriety, too easily shocked
  1069. He pays for room and board
  1070. Too much, surplus
  1071. Episodic story from israel
  1072. Disturbed or inverted
  1073. Become less severe and more forgiving
  1074. Slum part of city occupied by minority group
  1075. A restorative tonic drink
  1076. The one who holds the prisoner
  1077. Kind of oxygen layer in atmosphere, has hole in it
  1078. Ascertain cause of illness in san diego
  1079. In slang, a foolish person or just the head
  1080. Cure for disease or difficulty
  1081. Articles or goods left in a will
  1082. Kylo ____ (star wars character)
  1083. Word that rhymes with the digit 8
  1084. The big bang theory network: abbr.
  1085. 2012 science fiction film directed by ridley scott starring michael fassbender
  1086. Robin ___ 2010 historical drama directed by ridley scott starring russell crowe
  1087. State of being famous or distinguished
  1088. Die down as storm may
  1089. ___ kings 2014 biblical film directed by ridley scott starring christian bale: 3 wds.
  1090. Flight regulatory organization: abbr.
  1091. Punishment awarded by court, or a set of words
  1092. 2008 action thriller film directed by ridley scott starring leonardo dicaprio: 3 wds.
  1093. Make fun of (rhymes with jazz)
  1094. Canadian province that borders minnesota and michigan for short
  1095. Singer like bing or frank
  1096. Play or sing it again
  1097. Agitated state (rhymes with skit)
  1098. The ___ city which houses the international court of justice
  1099. Matchstick ___ 2003 comedy film directed by ridley scott starring nicolas cage
  1100. Body spray brand or wood-chopping tool
  1101. Do the ____ (popular beverage slogan)
  1102. Magazine pagefuls for short
  1103. Apple's voice companion
  1104. Until next time slangily: 2 wds.
  1105. Typical ending of a semester
  1106. Children ___ 2006 thriller starring julianne moore
  1107. Trade organisations
  1108. A meat dish named after the city
  1109. Toothed wheel mechanism
  1110. Anderson cooper's channel: abbr.
  1111. Reproductive parts
  1112. Spicy or savoury condiments
  1113. Difference of opinion, dispute
  1114. Inactivity, indolence
  1115. Hard calcium rock
  1116. It holds a ship
  1117. Small fragments
  1118. Thanos to the avengers
  1119. Tracks, routes
  1120. Sheath for a dagger
  1121. Seize and take control without authority
  1122. S with seven pieces
  1123. Outdoor get-together
  1124. Visions, views
  1125. Reserve of money set aside
  1126. Placed by itself
  1127. Jolts, jars
  1128. Container for liquid or craft for water
  1129. Lacked, required
  1130. Popular tuber
  1131. Small or important part
  1132. Person legally empowered to witness signatures
  1133. Odd, unusual
  1134. Of shoes and ships and ceiling wax,/ of . . . . . . . . and kings (through the looking glass)
  1135. More lovely
  1136. Billionaire computer entrepreneur
  1137. Card game - span it
  1138. In the earliest stage of development, like new ideas
  1139. Signal sounded by army trumpet
  1140. Praise obsequiously
  1141. Bustle about, being slight and difficult to analyse
  1142. Game played by teams of swimmers with large ball
  1143. Having bunches of threads or feathers held together
  1144. Sibilant sound as of snake
  1145. Scold over arid pub
  1146. Make home, become established
  1147. Useless, doesn't work - a palindrome
  1148. Pushes or thrusts upward like a rocket
  1149. Street urchin or impudent child
  1150. Summing it all up, with just a few words
  1151. Orderly procedure, sometimes found in madness
  1152. Latin versions of 17 across
  1153. Terminates employment as punishment
  1154. Cordially loathed
  1155. English beer, mild or bitter
  1156. Informally, an awkward situation - or sore contact with rough edge
  1157. Tiny dickens boy from 'a christmas carol'
  1158. A grassy plain in hot regions with no trees
  1159. A fanatic or obsessed follower
  1160. Hole in the top of a volcano
  1161. Feeling of annoyance and embarrassment
  1162. Am veiled in style of the middle ages
  1163. Component of a skeleton
  1164. Musical or vocal sound
  1165. This clover is considered lucky
  1166. Children's game in which each alternately jumps over the other
  1167. Unemotional person of piscine association
  1168. Naturally, as one would expect
  1169. The final killer move in chess
  1170. Dessert of beaten egg-white and sugar, baked crisp
  1171. A book of instructions
  1172. Correspondence sent via internet
  1173. Of milk, go sour and form soft substance
  1174. Dictates to undergo conclusive trial
  1175. Break suddenly into little pieces
  1176. Word that sounds like another but has different meaning
  1177. Assault or criticise violently
  1178. Car part for carrying away gases - would make you tired
  1179. Really ideal in perfect fictional country
  1180. A flavoured water-ice served between courses
  1181. Makes movement to divert attention, as fencer does
  1182. Daze, knock senseless
  1183. Final profit when all overheads have been deducted
  1184. Delicious drink for cretan
  1185. Beef stew
  1186. Turtle or snake say
  1187. Contracting body part
  1188. Protect from decay
  1189. In an agitated and cheerful manner
  1190. Dish out, medicine say
  1191. Peers, matches
  1192. Unable to remember
  1193. Challenge to do something dangerous
  1194. Professional funny person
  1195. State of commotion and confusion
  1196. Dish of dried fruit and cereals
  1197. Former soviet states
  1198. Fermented food made from milk
  1199. Clock and heart
  1200. Bare and bleak
  1201. Building for military personnel
  1202. Signals, suggests
  1203. It constitutes 78 percent of the atmosphere
  1204. Body part and instrument
  1205. Alert mama to the old school
  1206. Common vegetable seed from pod
  1207. Circles formed by ridges in fingerprint
  1208. Giving away - maybe blood
  1209. Unmarried in citeable way
  1210. Left-handed person, especially a boxer
  1211. Exchanged one thing for another
  1212. Eventually, sooner or later
  1213. Notes distributed in class - thousand of them
  1214. Reprimanded or rebuked
  1215. The highest point or pointed end
  1216. Tilt with poles
  1217. Stagger about in lively dance
  1218. System using litre and gram as units
  1219. Escapes skilfully from pursuers
  1220. Full, gorged
  1221. State of weakness of mind caused by old age
  1222. Added or joined to larger thing
  1223. List of prices displayed as in pub
  1224. Insects or defects in computer programs
  1225. They'll play when the cat's away
  1226. Loiters with hard workers
  1227. Bends from the waist deferentially
  1228. A tibetan long-haired ox
  1229. Taints found in great men
  1230. Glide or race across snow with feet attachments
  1231. Placid and unruffled
  1232. Arithmetic system to the base of 2 as used by computers
  1233. Chief or most important, like a minister
  1234. Throbbed, expanded and contracted rhythmically
  1235. The most famous hun of all
  1236. Sound made to show disapproval or contempt
  1237. Move slowly or stealthily
  1238. Sweatier, being most tired
  1239. Cause displeasure to, bruise feelings
  1240. Spot the mail
  1241. The longest foot race in sport
  1242. Make high shrill sound as from fear
  1243. Upper house of parliament
  1244. Inflammation of the lining of the nose
  1245. Housing for cars
  1246. Air plum, oddly, from this plant
  1247. Suggests, postulate
  1248. Coupling, merger
  1249. Kiss during a nature walk?
  1250. Like cried-over milk
  1251. Window installer's course of instruction?
  1252. Sharp turns in alternating directions
  1253. Largish chamber group
  1254. Charles goodyear notably?
  1255. Strikes lightly
  1256. Eccentric who has status in the community?
  1257. Tiny dividers
  1258. Limu ___: bird in liberty mutual tv ads
  1259. Its jun. 2019 additions include bae and yeesh
  1260. Big galoot serving as first mate?
  1261. Café container
  1262. Hanna-barbera's __ doggie and doggie daddy
  1263. Dent in the hockey arena's protective shield?
  1264. Cesar millan specialty?
  1265. Measure of complacency?
  1266. Domus aurea builder of 64-68 ad
  1267. British county
  1268. Animal rights gp.
  1269. Becomes bigger
  1270. Aegean and mediterranean, say
  1271. Misleading lead
  1272. What strikes deep in stephen stills' for what it's worth
  1273. Barely-there beachwear
  1274. Seventh planeta
  1275. Body of water cut off from a larger body by a reef
  1276. Racing bird
  1277. Type of large monkey
  1278. Sentinels, guards
  1279. Star trek officer who famously kissed kirk in 1968
  1280. Sports centre covered by translucent hemispherical roof
  1281. Colour for the cheeks
  1282. Destroyer or defacer of property
  1283. Joined or linked together
  1284. Bilge, drivel
  1285. Pronunciation marks over the letter n in spanish
  1286. This biblical tower was very noisy, too many languages
  1287. Problems for dismal me
  1288. Helps with a dread disease
  1289. Loiters stealthily, lurks
  1290. 'never . . . . . . until tomorrow what you can do today'
  1291. Feeling of intense delight, or stimulant drug
  1292. Dry and unfertile
  1293. Cower with fear or embarrassment
  1294. Pilfered, stole thing of small value
  1295. Lethal, capable of causing fatal injury
  1296. Photo giving detailed view, as of actor
  1297. Curved under-parts of the feet
  1298. Embellish with old measure of length
  1299. Arch irma perched on comfortable seat
  1300. Go off at . . . .- . . . . like premature shot from gun (4-4)
  1301. Re-examination or alteration of version
  1302. Children's ailment with hard cough and difficulty in breathing
  1303. Not yet visible or developed
  1304. A scottish water-spirit in the shape of a horse
  1305. Point where two walls meet
  1306. Shortened as book may be
  1307. Published false and damaging material about someone
  1308. Give or come back
  1309. Nun in charge of a monastery
  1310. Flavouring usually taken with lamb
  1311. Of land, suitable for growing crops
  1312. Snarl or confused mass
  1313. Goods likely to long-wearing
  1314. Manages, gets by
  1315. Plot trajectory
  1316. Make a 3-pointer with a wheel of brie?
  1317. Residential overhangs
  1318. Serious stage work
  1319. Org. concerned with health
  1320. One may be hermetic
  1321. Parent in a blended family
  1322. Get from an estate
  1323. I'm so relaxed!
  1324. Baby or sonic follower
  1325. Unlike most puppies
  1326. End of the day, getting dark
  1327. A connecting part
  1328. Last-minute ebay bidder
  1329. Creeks and such
  1330. Deere implements
  1331. Really really liked
  1332. Golf legend palmer's nickname
  1333. Decorates with rolls informally
  1334. Mesh strainer
  1335. Pictures of mismatched outfits?
  1336. Pre-view letters
  1337. Britain invader of old
  1338. Impudent simian?
  1339. Teacher of metric land measure
  1340. Woodlands female
  1341. Like salad veggies often
  1342. Slob's leavings
  1343. Muscles worked by planks
  1344. Cheat me over broad heavy knife used in jungle
  1345. Prepare to score on a sac fly
  1346. Formal getup
  1347. Blanchett of cinema
  1348. Jeep from a 1972-83 tv show?
  1349. Crosswise on a cruise
  1350. Fit with wheels?
  1351. Car make that shared its name with a planet familiarly
  1352. Luminous signs
  1353. Used an atomizer
  1354. Poetic anagram of 11-down
  1355. Florida setting of the movie moonlight
  1356. Org. for federer
  1357. Arrive at reasoned conclusion from facts
  1358. Do well, be successful in life
  1359. Diminutive articles of underwear?
  1360. Machine or motor for tribune
  1361. Detect, find
  1362. Casual or unofficial
  1363. Mouth of a kettle
  1364. Title of respect, placed after a man's name
  1365. Sure thing, in short
  1366. Abdominal pain in infants
  1367. Oriental tobacco pipe
  1368. The force of attraction between masses in the universe
  1369. Feudal ruler
  1370. Long story telling of a hero's deeds
  1371. 12.5 per cent
  1372. They design roads, bridges etc.
  1373. Ingratiate yourself
  1374. Punch made with eggs and alcohol
  1375. Afternoon or evening meal
  1376. Involving matter, the body say
  1377. Situation or topic not clearly understood by eager ray
  1378. Drowned city of greek myth
  1379. Showy and gaudy but without real value
  1380. A break in something continuous, like a hedge
  1381. Short newspaper piece about deceased luminary
  1382. More mild and pliable
  1383. Feel deep sorrow as for a death
  1384. Observe and absorb - jot it down
  1385. Facebook messenger conversations
  1386. Employ coercion to cure foes
  1387. Large round container as for beer
  1388. Removable inner skin or large passenger ship
  1389. He searches for water using hazel rod
  1390. It is used to stick wallpaper
  1391. Large snake that crushes and swallows its prey
  1392. Higher than the average person
  1393. Change mind, reverse previous decision - on a bicycle?
  1394. Opera by balfe 'the . . . . . . . . girl'
  1395. Japanese craft of growing dwarf trees
  1396. Rubble, heap of broken pieces
  1397. A useless palindrome?
  1398. In your eye, this is a toast
  1399. Spur or stimulate
  1400. Abstained from food as in penance
  1401. A harmless white lie
  1402. Vid recorder
  1403. Q-tip's music
  1404. Company employee
  1405. Australian bush bird
  1406. Wheels on swivels
  1407. Ring great muhammad
  1408. Small groups of people working or being trained together
  1409. A return to fashion or use
  1410. A tailor may take it up or down
  1411. Crime that gets madd mad
  1412. Frankenfood item in brief
  1413. Shared living quarters
  1414. Kumar's partner in films
  1415. The fourth greek letter found at river's mouth
  1416. Prolly not
  1417. High-flying eagles e.g.
  1418. Kisses on love notes
  1419. Quiver or contract spasmodically, as eye may
  1420. Pro-firearm gp.
  1421. Phone again
  1422. Gp. giving tows
  1423. Title sorority of a 1985 film
  1424. Contract sealer: abbr.
  1425. Just-hired man e.g.
  1426. Skoal! say
  1427. Pinch into small ridges
  1428. Lanai e.g.: abbr.
  1429. Prefix with 74-down
  1430. Nagging dull pain
  1431. They're the ones to blame
  1432. Most sinless
  1433. Took to the sky
  1434. Shutout e.g.
  1435. Distill e.g.
  1436. Desktop introduced in '81
  1437. Measures of business profitability
  1438. Blazing thing
  1439. Dogma co-star matt
  1440. Chicago actress queen
  1441. In bad-tempered way like common crustacean
  1442. Send in a high arc as in tennis or cricket
  1443. Hawaii co-star max von —
  1444. Coiled shape
  1445. Stilted reply to who's there?
  1446. Office phone no. often
  1447. Bogland
  1448. Point of debate
  1449. Knightly trait
  1450. Works by painter henri
  1451. Crowding into
  1452. Yuk cousin
  1453. Raised train lines
  1454. Sidle through say
  1455. Hole to receive a shoelace
  1456. About even (with)
  1457. Kick a football
  1458. Weak from illness or age
  1459. Crowded like very busy street
  1460. Deprived by death, usually of a relative
  1461. Compels
  1462. Greek war deity
  1463. Network of med. providers
  1464. Formal expression of respect
  1465. On ship or plane - not on land
  1466. Repair of a fencing sword
  1467. The one you're up against
  1468. A kind of dialect
  1469. Narrow strip connecting two masses of land
  1470. Bread and cakes are produced here
  1471. Information given in a court case
  1472. Acts of acclaim
  1473. Singing bird and piece of mischief
  1474. Striking with the foot
  1475. Fashions or ways of doing
  1476. Beam of light and a fish
  1477. Bag-like part of the alimentary canal
  1478. Basis for belief
  1479. Man-made lake of stored water
  1480. Level or degree or magnitude
  1481. Move about aimlessly
  1482. Widely different
  1483. Remaining alive
  1484. 'in . . . . . . did kubla khan a stately pleasure-dome decree'
  1485. Continuing tendencies or general directions
  1486. Guides direction of, ship or plane
  1487. Earnestly religious and prayerful
  1488. Globule of precipitated moisture
  1489. Walked lazily along - so blamed
  1490. Nationality of citizen of kabul
  1491. Exact copy as of sport trophy
  1492. King of israel famous for wisdom and magnificence
  1493. Controls to secure accuracy - may accompany balances
  1494. The halfway tide
  1495. Provided with permanent income or ability
  1496. Instil life into - say cartoon
  1497. They do not finish in the first three
  1498. Soft containers filled with granules and used as seats
  1499. Clean out, being altogether uninformed
  1500. Moving about, able to walk
  1501. Platoon i join as a matter of choice
  1502. Biblical man who sold his birthright for a mess of pottage
  1503. Number of members required to be present at committee meeting
  1504. Bad temper or body organ
  1505. Ruthless competition as by cannibalistic canines
  1506. This love is between male siblings
  1507. Move as snakes do, or on hands and knees
  1508. Move rapidly forward like a wave
  1509. Accepted member of accepted group, has access to information
  1510. Complains to or at constantly
  1511. Behave obsequiously, humble oneself
  1512. Shakespeare: 'if . . . . . be the food of love, play on'
  1513. Vegetables preserved in vinegar or brine
  1514. Pushed lips forward sulkily
  1515. Returns favour or debt
  1516. Irregular or uneven in movement or habits
  1517. Entertaining in a mild way
  1518. Country's land-based force
  1519. Mad men actress who formerly performed as a clown named sunny: 2 wds.
  1520. Antlered animal with rocky mountain and manitoban varieties
  1521. One of the four girls in little women
  1522. Craft that supposedly might have traveled many light-years: abbr.
  1523. Wine country actress tina
  1524. Periodic counts of the population
  1525. Censure, berate
  1526. Underground supports for plants
  1527. Fabric scrap that could be used when polishing silver
  1528. People with geeky interests
  1529. Drag queen's hairpiece
  1530. Mchale's navy actor who performed for decades as a clown in milwaukee's annual circus parade: 2 wds.
  1531. Comedian's quality
  1532. Person who's gone through commencement for short
  1533. Department store chain that was sold by sears this year
  1534. Group considered to have superior status
  1535. Obscure, undefined
  1536. Preserve a dead body
  1537. Products of creativity
  1538. Make a judicial decision
  1539. Bart lisa and maggie's grandfather on the simpsons
  1540. Kawhi leonard's league: abbr.
  1541. Building with treadmills and weight machines
  1542. Get clean in the tub
  1543. Radiance that a pregnant woman is often said to have
  1544. Implement filled with ink
  1545. Tag actress who studied clowning in paris: 2 wds.
  1546. It's used to whiten laundry
  1547. Made by bees from nectar
  1548. Quit a poker hand
  1549. Trees that bear acorns
  1550. All the money made after expenses are paid
  1551. African mammal that may be either spotted or striped
  1552. Ride-hailing app
  1553. Yuletide beverage often served with nutmeg
  1554. Rock-a-bye ___ (lullaby)
  1555. What the serve has to clear in tennis
  1556. Ocean liner's distress call
  1557. Mess things up
  1558. ___ taylor (women's fashion retailer)
  1559. Male doll whose last name is carson
  1560. Natural countertop material
  1561. Medical diagnostic scan: abbr.
  1562. Snake eyes to dice players
  1563. Isn't that ___ much?: 2 wds.
  1564. Air that can be hazardous to breathe
  1565. It broadcasts all things considered
  1566. Christmastime door decoration
  1567. ___ moines international airport
  1568. City where you'd find the christ the redeemer statue for short
  1569. Dear ___ (advice column)
  1570. Official who calls penalties for short
  1571. Just ___ do you mean by that?
  1572. Former college football coach holtz
  1573. Person who earns a military medal
  1574. Pirates or buccaneers for example
  1575. One of eight matching chess pieces on a side
  1576. Imperial, majestic
  1577. Five plus one
  1578. From which things grow
  1579. Non-nationals - perhaps from mars?
  1580. Said to be a low platform
  1581. Just a thought or notion
  1582. Dames err about fantasists
  1583. Horrible, ghastly
  1584. Violent anger, maybe on road
  1585. Skill in handling things
  1586. Soup made from bovine appendage
  1587. Dangerous building or vehicle - could be lethal
  1588. Sent son to find short poems
  1589. A ruler with unrestricted power
  1590. Greek god of love, cupid
  1591. Routine or tedious tasks
  1592. Popular father - a palindrome
  1593. Distributes, gives as share
  1594. Scientific study of living things and their environment
  1595. Rajah's wife from iran
  1596. Herb with feathery leaves and spicy seeds
  1597. Made bet or pierced with stick
  1598. Having no purpose or target
  1599. Impassive visage as employed by card gambler
  1600. Facial condition of rudolf, famous reindeer
  1601. In the future, still pending
  1602. Temporary stopping of breathing, asphyxia
  1603. Large scissors as for removing wool from sheep
  1604. Person who believes in resolving quarrels by peaceful means
  1605. Palindrome for small child
  1606. Group of eight voices or instruments
  1607. Colourfully embarrassed
  1608. Destroy, ravage
  1609. City feline that prowls the back lanes
  1610. Move or spring back suddenly, perhaps in disgust
  1611. Native of european city of the seine
  1612. Payments by spouse to divorced partner
  1613. Piece of catgut stretched on violin
  1614. Painful time for baby
  1615. Recipients of medical care
  1616. Having words written out in full by hand
  1617. Make up, make peace
  1618. Formula for making
  1619. Postal tokens
  1620. Ancient plants
  1621. Adult male fowl
  1622. Adhesive for wallpaper
  1623. Unaccompanied singing
  1624. Alienated, disaffected
  1625. … the guy who vows to take his stetson to the grave
  1626. Alternative to martha stewart weddings
  1627. Baby gap purchase
  1628. Commitment to tell the truth
  1629. Going without clothes, socially
  1630. Iv checkers
  1631. J. carrol ___ (two-time 1940s oscar nominee)
  1632. … the guy who always shows up unannounced
  1633. … the guy who barely shows hes exasperated
  1634. Show that nbc 62-across for short
  1635. They follow springs by about a week
  1636. … the gal who delivered the greatest put-down ever
  1637. African baboon with red and blue muzzle and hindquarters
  1638. Lethal weapon force in brief
  1639. Well well well whaddya know
  1640. … the gal who loses it when pass plays are called
  1641. Cpr teacher maybe
  1642. … the guy who takes aerial photos for the military
  1643. Cheerily, brightly
  1644. West coast summer setting: abbr.
  1645. Aristocratic italian name of old
  1646. Dance that might include a chair
  1647. … the gal who spends all day at the hairdresser
  1648. Poker or whist, say
  1649. Exams given intradermally for short
  1650. … the guy who cant stop bragging about bragg
  1651. Dag hammarskjölds successor at the u.n.
  1652. 1995 crime film based on an elmore leonard novel
  1653. Note that sounds like an order to get with it?
  1654. Far eastern fruits that resemble apples
  1655. What a prefix or suffix gets added to
  1656. Pride parade participants may be in it
  1657. Weak kind of excuse for halting walk
  1658. Pitcher who famously claimed he was on lsd while throwing a no-hitter (1970)
  1659. Shade for a field worker?
  1660. With 68-down summer side dish
  1661. ___ terr. 1861-89
  1662. Gambling parlor letters
  1663. Sort of person whos blue: abbr.
  1664. Packing case with wooden slats
  1665. Continued for some time, endured
  1666. Skilful at handling things
  1667. Easy to take to, of pleasant personality
  1668. Hip sunglasses or gloomy ghosts
  1669. International distress signal as from sinking ship
  1670. Wandering tribes or people
  1671. Clown from french pantomime with white face and costume - tripe or what?
  1672. Dislikes strongly, despises
  1673. Slight disturbance on surface of lake
  1674. Have a shot at a written piece
  1675. Speak publicly against, having cue with no end
  1676. Rocked on the edge
  1677. Accuses, finds fault with -often in court
  1678. Too innocent or trusting
  1679. Point gained in bridge - a deception?
  1680. Informally excellent - really great
  1681. Grow or accumulate, say interest
  1682. Educational organisation, found or begin one
  1683. Always, without end
  1684. Caper, engage in lively play
  1685. Draw nearer to
  1686. A doctor's clients
  1687. Firmly loyal like genuine cerulean
  1688. Sheds fur or feathers
  1689. A fox's lair - very secret
  1690. Worship, usually a deity