1. Perhaps annual staff meeting for partners in reading
  2. Perhaps can it now put off storms?
  3. Performs in parties full of energy
  4. Performing with two legs
  5. Performing it, dua lipa got idea for recording
  6. Performer one at rest moved around
  7. Performer in north circled by fish on river
  8. Performer completely at sea about rossini’s finale
  9. Performer chanting rhyming lyrics to african american music
  10. Performer can depart after broadcast
  11. Performances seen around old time joints
  12. Performance of editor in broadcast about foremost of newspapers
  13. Perform sad song around school area
  14. Perform in terror, twanging muscle
  15. Perform in between activities
  16. Perform better than old fashioned party
  17. Perform better than competing retailers
  18. Perfectly pure fairytale heroine
  19. Perfectly concealing cop out in ulster?
  20. Perfect, ideal
  21. Perfect single knocking off number
  22. Perfect print to order
  23. Perfect place in the middle of luton, one in quiet area
  24. Perfect outcome of +
  25. Perfect maybe on horseback? dont relax
  26. Perfect line ups do unravel
  27. Perfect example of first car …
  28. Perfect day in scilly i, going about topless
  29. Perennial plant not many associated with disease
  30. Perennial plant
  31. Perennial digital assistant returns
  32. Perennial alpine plant we see lids
  33. Percussion orchestra
  34. Percussion instruments welcome in chinese rock
  35. Percussion instruments curtailed tempo with a lot of agitation
  36. Perceptive wife cleared out grate
  37. Perceive whats transmitted on the radio
  38. Per se
  39. Pep up
  40. Pep included by name in two columns today
  41. People working with in need of money
  42. People with their partners
  43. People with key arrive outside to open
  44. People seeking love
  45. People praising one of those late goals use it excitedly, without beginning to apologise
  46. People move quickly south of a european meeting place
  47. People in business using charm sent all over the place
  48. People helping to carry book stands
  49. People gossiped
  50. People going underground badly restricted they grumble
  51. People giving up, heading from our iq test, confused
  52. People generally entertained by deceptively simple memory test
  53. People following old lady in bleak, poor state
  54. People desperate to photograph sailor turning up on deck
  55. People collectively associated with china, mostly
  56. People characterising monks?
  57. People avoiding technology roughly before noon?
  58. Pens, say surprisingly integral part of communication network
  59. Penny, say, hugging american relative
  60. Penny submits additional business proposal for charles edward stuart and perkin warbeck?
  61. Penny envies hosts
  62. Penny condemned stout glaswegian in disgrace
  63. Pennies i organised in a heap
  64. Penitence
  65. Peninsula in russian region son overlooked
  66. Peninsula and related port in the med
  67. Pendulous flowered shrub
  68. Pences thing? just a little bit
  69. Pence dispatched again and put on display
  70. Pen in
  71. Pel
  72. Peg would be advised to finish early
  73. Peg out to follow rotter, golfer&rsquo s attendant
  74. Peers interfere improperly in economic system
  75. Peers briefly stand up to conservative nonsense
  76. Peering through fingers game
  77. Peering in closer, i found a little line in print
  78. Peeresss title
  79. Peer over top of unmade beds regularly to see a sacred place!
  80. Peel complimentary dried fruit
  81. Pedigree pomeranians tail interrupting story time
  82. Pedal expert read legal parts
  83. Peculiar way to represent tourism? yes
  84. Peculiar dialect used in a salvat­ion army meeting hall
  85. Peak in ionian islands seen from east
  86. Peacekeepers infiltrating old army? something fishy here
  87. Peace and love? left first to cut through pretence
  88. Pea or bean plant
  89. Pbs
  90. Pays out most of cost to protect duke
  91. Pays for offending scoundrels in close pursuit
  92. Payola
  93. Payoff
  94. Payment to prince, say, a member of the monarchy
  95. Payment keeping train in gear, once
  96. Pay police on base
  97. Pay no attention to italian chap down south
  98. Pay each for oneself
  99. Pay attention genius solvers getting theme
  100. Pay attention after nip, as it were, i burn
  101. Pay attention, holding cross thats cursed
  102. Pay attention to what the spectator does
  103. Paved area where aircraft are parked
  104. Pause during race to turn top on damaged post
  105. Pauls companion, spineless parasite blowing top
  106. Patterned knitwear dear &mdash fogy able to get half off repeatedly
  107. Patterned flooring made with wooden blocks
  108. Pattern knitted into popular anorak
  109. Patronising spanish fizz that is bottled in large runs
  110. Patronising houri, health not suffering
  111. Patronage of usa epics doubtful
  112. Patron supposed to be heard?
  113. Patriarch sees a female supporter with noahs son
  114. Patients resting place
  115. Patient wants nurse in
  116. Patience, perhaps, delaware police partly used up
  117. Patience maybe displayed by manager in firm with rising ambition
  118. Pathogenic agent
  119. Pasty faced saint in eastern land
  120. Pastry used for baklava
  121. Pastrami sometimes contains paste used in japanese cookery
  122. Pastor
  123. Past poetically revealed by wizened local, looking back
  124. Passionate, well built chaps kept in check
  125. Passion of republic once ousting english
  126. Passion in forest, city wanting it
  127. Passion displayed by north eastern girl
  128. Passing wind, single dad goes back inside
  129. Passing time with artist playing tennis
  130. Passes through a sieve
  131. Passages in street on dry island
  132. Passage orchestra leader left out, ultimately unhappy with practice
  133. Passage one&rsquo s going to read out
  134. Passage of time managed by model
  135. Passage in a detached place
  136. Passage from pithead, i think?
  137. Passage from memorial mass for mahler?
  138. Passage connecting successfully into barrels in kent town
  139. Pass over good points in industrial city
  140. Pass first of exams, then blunder
  141. Pass by centre and stare
  142. Party time for little dorothy
  143. Party people getting present
  144. Party led by adulterous leader? for shame!
  145. Party leader pursues old edu­cational institutions growth
  146. Party in a long foreign craft
  147. Party hosts ending on floor, one over the eight perhaps?
  148. Party has a politician thats informative
  149. Party hard? what an idiot i am!
  150. Party game in which a well known christian hides very quietly under container that doesnt close
  151. Party fringes in torment, ailing badly
  152. Party food is cold? not entirely
  153. Party favourite in power
  154. Party carrying end of wicker hamper
  155. Partway through study characterising compost heap
  156. Parts of every year produce confusion, so to speak
  157. Partly persuade the realists to become spiritual
  158. Partly hide bristol&rsquo s scattered rubbish
  159. Partly coincide with
  160. Partly coincide as regards circuit
  161. Parties around university and its grounds
  162. Particularly reliable source of cash among sweetshops stock?
  163. Particular, distinctive
  164. Particular sci fi film seized by irish legislators
  165. Particular recollection of cool drinks coming round
  166. Particular issue very much distracted them in government
  167. Particles of dry grass crossing a river beneath mountain
  168. Particle to attach firmly, were told
  169. Particle identified by greek character, an athenian demagogue
  170. Participants in range
  171. Partially dried grape
  172. Partially carbonised vegetable matter saturated with water
  173. Partially burns
  174. Partial text remains source for mathematical values
  175. Partial duplication of travel document is concerning
  176. Partaking of booze killed wrestling champion
  177. Part exchanged item
  178. Part of winter nasty for bird
  179. Part of wine glass
  180. Part of venezuela due for uprising, like most of europe once
  181. Part of ulcer is extremely red
  182. Part of the goal is to traverse the pub
  183. Part of the chorus thats followed by foxtrot
  184. Part of target, securing free escort
  185. Part of swordsman&rsquo s kit shows evidence of damage by poet
  186. Part of song cyril botched
  187. Part of shopfront, as cased by female spies?
  188. Part of service university held in public
  189. Part of salad not left on a plate
  190. Part of sad elegy for english singer
  191. Part of record player male keeps close by
  192. Part of rarefied atmosphere related to prestigious universitys backing
  193. Part of prayer? yes
  194. Part of photograph identifies louse
  195. Part of number missing leader in god
  196. Part of mayfair is home for some europeans
  197. Part of london one learns about
  198. Part of london oh so naughty!
  199. Part of london not totally boring, with attractive woman taking time out
  200. Part of girdle a seamstress let out
  201. Part of germany sport here always ignoring english
  202. Part of engine unaffected by reversal
  203. Part of dynamo under barrow
  204. Part of domain name for hostelry
  205. Part of clique becoming canadian province
  206. Part of church one enters lacking sophistication
  207. Part of cannon leader of roundheads found in tree
  208. Part of breathing apparatus to display intact, reportedly
  209. Part of brain disease rarely concealed by a stroke
  210. Part of body eastern lady initially covered with a gown
  211. Part of body area includes unknown thin material
  212. Part of arthurian windbreak
  213. Part of antihero, guess ones villainous
  214. Part of a large building
  215. Part i for instance
  216. Part covering right hole
  217. Parrots from city gardens
  218. Parrot identified by poet eliot initially rejected
  219. Parody beginning of show, and finish
  220. Parliamentary activity not marked by strong principles?
  221. Parliaments reduced intake
  222. Parliament has money for the wine
  223. Parking vehicle gives sense of achievement
  224. Parking so men can get round track
  225. Parking out of town? nearly all is private
  226. Parking on meadow with rear of car covered in mist is childs play
  227. Parking japanese car in complex network
  228. Parking in wrong drive
  229. Parker cooked hot fish outside
  230. Park keeper visiting old yankee where fruit trees grow
  231. Park water supplier gets picked again
  232. Park personnel first measure, then put new handle on
  233. Park always admitting one radio
  234. Parisian venue where french twice will block awkward gremlin
  235. Parent exchanged boring tool
  236. Parent briefly next to opening of sett, feeding badger
  237. Pard
  238. Paradigm shift in poem it has terminal consonance
  239. Papers theatrically exaggerate revolutionary muslim leader
  240. Paper supporting american in dispute
  241. Paper initially backing up main files
  242. Paper bags quietly turned around
  243. Papa abandoning biased craftsman
  244. Panoramic rome&rsquo s historic housing something very fine
  245. Panic diverted this year
  246. Panels assembled to provide lodging after game
  247. Panel show score indicating pretty good musical
  248. Panel of directors supporting career
  249. Pan side in series
  250. Palm seed
  251. Pallet picker upper
  252. Palladium, introducing old character, cut back
  253. Pale peat moss human gps
  254. Pale daughter&rsquo s magic accessory
  255. Palace attendant having no time for messenger
  256. Pal quaker
  257. Pal, jazzman, regularly seen in square
  258. Pal whos liked by ,,?
  259. Pal beginning to play the fool?
  260. Pakistans first capital
  261. Pair in cage suspended, the first to be sent down
  262. Paints flange in a sprocket at first
  263. Paintings fill up boring gaps in walls
  264. Painting over one line
  265. Painting loch ness with monsters eye in it
  266. Painters reason to take the bus back?
  267. Painter stern after spilling a thinner on the ground
  268. Painter of british water?
  269. Painter gives extremely detailed subject of self portrait to sovereign
  270. Painter foremost in british art study
  271. Painter doesnt usually respect every rookie, each starting out
  272. Painter clear about ordering latin free funeral
  273. Paint with slight sheen
  274. Paint im mixing for instruments
  275. Painfully loud
  276. Pained expression when cutting very short ticket
  277. Pain, one produced by needle?
  278. Paigle
  279. Paid player said to keep runs down
  280. Paid actor supplying cues
  281. Page starts to rally some university bigwigs
  282. Page missing from new receipt, dont exchange ticket
  283. Page in group that can hide in bushes?
  284. Page from battered hello devoured by bachelor quietly
  285. Pagan with depressed troops going up gully?
  286. Paddy on the way?
  287. Pacts
  288. Pact partners initially will pen concerning new union
  289. Packed, to be on the safe side
  290. Packages gripping non drinker in waterloo, stamford bridge, say?
  291. Package in unusual place outside front of restaurant
  292. Pack&rsquo s overtaking east asian runner
  293. Pack short underwear thats wild
  294. Pack including second two cards ones worn
  295. Pack bits and bobs?
  296. Pack animal has problem with tendon
  297. Pacino goes to stage right, getting round quickly?
  298. Pacifist in america jumped off cliff
  299. Pacific salmon marinated in alcohol
  300. Pacific ocean warming
  301. Pacific island starts to use planes over liners, usually
  302. Paces about at home, close to staying, then getting away
  303. Pace about
  304. Pablo &mdash , artist
  305. Pas said why beforehand
  306. Pas neurotic about preliminary safety procedures
  307. P o w
  308. P i s
  309. P i
  310. P d q
  311. Rafael on the tennis court
  312. Mineral easily split into layers
  313. Gem found in the outback
  314. Daly with a tony for gypsy
  315. Like the ocean and most potato chips
  316. Pianist cliburn plays basketball defense?
  317. Tv host behar takes mass transit?
  318. Trash-loving grouch of childrens tv
  319. They bring tears to chefs eyes
  320. Unstraighten as a wire
  321. Illinois city on the illinois river
  322. Actress rogers flips out?
  323. Kelly seen live in the morning
  324. Battle site where davy crockett died
  325. Singer dylan has fun in the snow?
  326. Its a shame …
  327. Bit of legislation
  328. Businessman gates gets out of the poker game?
  329. So thats how it is
  330. ___ of the durbervilles
  331. Mollusk with an iridescent inner shell
  332. Stores for future use
  333. Bit of seaweed
  334. Words to songs
  335. Dressed like rupaul
  336. Much-anticipated parts of super bowl broadcasts
  337. The kiss sculptor
  338. Get in place for the camera
  339. Month of many unhappy returns?
  340. Fall asleep while watching tv perhaps
  341. Today show rival for short
  342. Spot for a football coach
  343. Went by bicycle
  344. A) b) c) and d) on a multiple-choice test
  345. Fictional 6-year-old at the plaza hotel
  346. Listings in a calculation of ones net worth
  347. And ___ to go before i sleep: robert frost
  348. Award earned by a scout
  349. Elizabeth of the avengers series
  350. Time long gone
  351. Boy in knickers perhaps
  352. Bartender on the simpsons
  353. Unchangeable leopard markings in jeremiah
  354. Irs-conducted ordeals
  355. Irritably needing food
  356. Bing who teamed with hope in road to … films
  357. Like much lore
  358. Pre-release buzz
  359. Enjoy an e-cig
  360. Very cool rapper?
  361. Extremely muscular in modern parlance
  362. Smoothie additive also used to sprout hair on terracotta pets
  363. Playing an extra nba period
  364. Split with the band maybe
  365. Alternative to a crowded elevator
  366. Hobbit on a quest
  367. Roberts' pretty woman co-star
  368. Tie game result
  369. Shaft on a sienna
  370. Flanders on the simpsons
  371. Worked up a sweat
  372. Like many parents at graduations
  373. Michelle obama or laura bush … or any starred woman in this puzzle for her position?
  374. If nothing ___
  375. Closest to spoiling
  376. The karate kid mentor
  377. Completely charm
  378. Baroque composer of many fugues
  379. Team instructor
  380. Stage in an insect's life cycle
  381. Stiletto __: shoe part
  382. Waze suggestion
  383. Outdoor security illumination
  384. Tennis toppers
  385. Shucked shellfish
  386. Sloppy room metaphor
  387. __ na tigela: brazilian berry dish in a bowl
  388. First ten u.s. constitutional amendments
  389. Fill 'er up fluid
  390. Turn on the waterworks
  391. Defeat cunningly
  392. Flat renter
  393. Where horse races begin … and where the beginning of 19- 30- and 40-across might be seen
  394. State with a greeting in its name
  395. Apple pie-making tool
  396. Hoops officials
  397. Word after user or stage
  398. Provocative as humor
  399. Word of greeting
  400. In it for the long __
  401. One blamed for losing a game
  402. Sunday school site
  403. 2016 vice presidential candidate
  404. It follows that …
  405. Capital where pizarro died
  406. Long-eared runners
  407. Water to juanita
  408. Canceled like some missions
  409. French and italian for two
  410. Clarke of game of thrones
  411. Screeners at lax
  412. Tenth installment in a fighting video game series
  413. Catcher of snaky fish
  414. One of two in a typical musical
  415. Awareness-raising spot for short
  416. ___ dreams (heart hit)
  417. Hero of the battle of trafalgar
  418. Spongy mushrooms
  419. Narrator in your head and a feature of 20- 25- and 45-across
  420. Like many a wine cask
  421. Ready to come out of the oven
  422. Train in the ring
  423. Play to ___ (draw)
  424. Inattentive goof
  425. Girder with dual flanges
  426. Thickness of a credit card roughly
  427. Thrilling matches?
  428. Aspiring sort
  429. On the edge of one's seat
  430. Runners in halls e.g.
  431. World leader in warhol portraits
  432. Ne or sw e.g.
  433. Rest atop as a bed
  434. Breed known for its good milking ability
  435. One making a comeback?
  436. Brand with a veggieful line
  437. Walk at a leisurely pace
  438. Toyota model named for a flower part
  439. How corn is planted
  440. It rises over españa
  441. Mario's brother in video games
  442. Chain offering breakfast all day
  443. Doubled a hawaiian food fish
  444. Patricia who won an oscar for hud
  445. The family circus cartoonist
  446. Boston hooper for short
  447. Tab and caps lock e.g.
  448. Some taekwondo conditioning
  449. The source of ___-regard (morrison collection)
  450. Bhindi bhaji ingredient
  451. Electrolyte component
  452. Like a frog
  453. Washed without water
  454. Garlands given as gifts
  455. Race runner's identifier
  456. Maintains a long-distance friendship maybe
  457. Fruit similar to pitaya
  458. One of more than 1.6 million in a marathon
  459. Poke bowl topping
  460. Feeling in one's heart (or other muscles)
  461. Make upset in a way
  462. Made one's spidey sense tingle
  463. Tofu steak coating
  464. Oceano liquid
  465. Band with the debut album diamond life
  466. Coppola who won best director at cannes in 2017
  467. Small business saturday event
  468. Halsey's ___ at love
  469. Word before bear or opposite
  470. It's less important in a game of chance
  471. Word in a world cup chant
  472. Unsquare dance composer
  473. Prefix for factor
  474. Genre for the bodysnatchers
  475. Pictures on a desktop
  476. Little ___ (pop group)
  477. Reverify
  478. Green chemistry challenge org.
  479. Combination of two things
  480. Football player covering a wide receiver often
  481. Sans-___ font
  482. Number the stars author lowry
  483. Parasite actress jung-eun
  484. Is the target of successful revenge
  485. Shampoo bottle promise
  486. Full-screen exit key
  487. Sound of impatience
  488. Usps vehicle
  489. Blazer accompaniment
  490. Once __ while (occasionally)
  491. Etched deeply
  492. Stopover by a queen
  493. Provocative, as humor
  494. What a used car is worth
  495. Bills depicting hamilton
  496. Spanish enthusiastic assent
  497. One blamed for losing a game
  498. Fill er up fluid
  499. Female in a stable
  500. Color associated with envy
  501. Mail-in contest submission
  502. Uncooked carrots and celery
  503. Celebrity whos worshipped
  504. British farewell
  505. Split with the band, maybe
  506. Water bordering ohio
  507. Lowland with flowing water
  508. Meas of fuel efficiency
  509. Readied for publication
  510. At an even pace
  511. Suffix for social or suburban
  512. Quiet person chops cheddar cheese
  513. Quiet member of the family?
  514. Quick writer, jonathan
  515. Queries hamlets dithering in s place for
  516. Queen punches popular trader in reading
  517. Quad
  518. Runners in halls, eg
  519. New mexico-to-missouri dir
  520. Feeling unhappy or angry
  521. Girder with dual flanges
  522. It may be in the autumn air
  523. Marking, as a gauge
  524. Like many a wine cask
  525. Pepsi or sprite, quaintly
  526. Tone of some old photos
  527. Certain drunkard
  528. Catcher of snaky fish
  529. Screeners at lax
  530. Aid for returning a lost pet
  531. French and italian, for two
  532. Horned african beasts
  533. Canceled, like some missions
  534. Like some binary questions
  535. One using monstercom, maybe
  536. Doubled, a hawaiian food fish
  537. 1956 mideast imbroglio
  538. Big water filtration brand
  539. Slangy frat house request
  540. Left unexpectedly, in slang
  541. It helps make you you
  542. Big corporate news
  543. Everything ___ go!
  544. Major purveyor of mattresses
  545. Brand with a veggieful line
  546. Component of an arnold palmer
  547. Red state, once, for short
  548. Rest atop, as a bed
  549. Easy ball to smash
  550. Joins again, as a race