1. Notable periods of history
  2. Good as hell singer
  3. Theyre exposed by sandals
  4. Food thats often folded before eating
  5. One certain thing, not random
  6. Title for lee or grant: abbr.
  7. The colosseum, e.g.
  8. *selling point for a used car
  9. Homer's "rosy-fingered" dawn goddess
  10. Raise, as sails
  11. *going out with another couple
  12. In the stars
  13. Lena of "alias"
  14. Old-school "omg!"
  15. With "the," rare batting feat whose components begin the answers to starred clues
  16. Note to the staff
  17. Work bound to sell?
  18. Former swedish cars
  19. *high club in a deli
  20. Krall of jazz
  21. *metaphor for the perfect person for the job
  22. Arnie __, don draper's neighbor on "mad men"
  23. Suffix with direct
  24. Uses a stun gun on
  25. Like a tour without a leader
  26. Prefix with ware
  27. Pair of shillings, in british slang
  28. Fresno-to-l.a. dir.
  29. "wish i'd thought of that!"
  30. Creator of the gop elephant
  31. Age of reason philosopher john
  32. Stress or worry, it's said
  33. Wildlife preservation method
  34. Film wise man with his own grammar
  35. Very long race
  36. Golfing venue
  37. Zimbalist jr. of "77 sunset strip"
  38. Raise, as kids
  39. Animal kingdom network
  40. Summer episode often
  41. Peron played by patti lupone
  42. Harry potter enemy malfoy
  43. Go over as a line
  44. Story from a mill
  45. Taxonomic groups below kingdoms
  46. Cocktail made with lemon juice
  47. Word after paper or video
  48. King in latin
  49. *it might record a biker's stunt
  50. It's smaller than an ocean
  51. Thrown football's path
  52. E f or g but not h
  53. Neighbor of greenwich village in nyc
  54. *how best-sellers sell
  55. It orbits earth
  56. Three five-letter countries
  57. Three eight-letter birds
  58. Four words starting and ending with c
  59. Four mammals starting with s
  60. Peruvian empire
  61. Shields or pollard
  62. Kendrick or kournikova
  63. Trout or tyson
  64. Summon with gesture
  65. Prizes for peace science etc
  66. With own bathroom
  67. Musically pleasant
  68. Knock vale swathed in grass
  69. Knob on a sword handle
  70. Knife obelus
  71. Knife literally raised in fight
  72. Kinnock maybe good labour leader electorate not yet sure, for a start
  73. King of the franks and holy roman emperor, d 814
  74. King needs a wash, mum reflected in capital
  75. King meeting a judge for contact sport
  76. King brought inside to finish tantrum
  77. Kind of wine relative knocked back, bagging university degrees
  78. Kind of solver who doesnt obey set of rules
  79. Kind of love thats very open, like 8 and 15 exemplifying 3 7
  80. Kind of humour with virtue &mdash so funny
  81. Kind of art work of 13
  82. Killer stalks frenchman in spanish location
  83. Killer of abel
  84. Kill time with ale drunk around pub, endlessly
  85. Key person in an activity
  86. Key change of price around end of month
  87. Key at one point right with far from moving piece
  88. Kettle, say
  89. Keep preserving the standard
  90. Keep it up when lifes tough