1. "fear the walking dead," e.g.
  2. Legendary name in racing
  3. Douglas author of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
  4. Keeps away from
  5. What the f in finsta stands for
  6. Tight deadlines may make an electrician's job __
  7. Excel spreadsheet command
  8. Leaves for a drink
  9. How it looks, with "the"
  10. An electrician who is testing results may become a __
  11. Where fdr was once governor
  12. Face with courage
  13. Poetic devices
  14. Link to another story?
  15. It may be raised at an outdoor wedding
  16. An electrician resolves legal matters at __
  17. "let's begin, okay?"
  18. Doesn't hack it
  19. A stressed electrician may need an __
  20. They may be going around
  21. Saskatchewan neighbor
  22. Patronize, as a motel
  23. Person well over 70, probably?
  24. Executed, in exodus
  25. "don't take it so hard"
  26. Butter component
  27. Kicks up one's heels
  28. Discuss ad nauseam
  29. Wichita-to-memphis dir.
  30. Big field in silicon valley
  31. Cocktail word with a tilde
  32. Upc bar code developer
  33. Travis of country music
  34. Sit a spell
  35. Contradictory prefix
  36. Marquee figure
  37. Creator of an iconic bear
  38. Sailors' tales
  39. Attach as with string
  40. Like a haunted house
  41. It's part of it informally
  42. Sunflower oil perhaps?
  43. In need of a drink
  44. Best-___ secret
  45. Octopus parts
  46. Crunchy puffed foods
  47. Chinese life force
  48. Prof.'s degree usually
  49. Purplish ink color
  50. Irritate and then some
  51. Hard-hit ball
  52. Start of hamlet, e.g.
  53. Time for a three-legged race
  54. Reggie jackson's position
  55. Medical practice emphasizing the manipulation of muscles and bones (noun)
  56. Person who is expelled or banished from a country (noun)
  57. To drive, push or cause to move forward or onward (verb)
  58. Having total knowledge, awareness or understanding (adjective)
  59. Two companies founded by elon musk
  60. Five major league baseball teams
  61. 2013 film with waltz, seyfried & farrell
  62. Zoom in on
  63. Consumer of service
  64. Riding horse over fences
  65. Type of hot dog
  66. Lyre hard to play — that business with the arms
  67. Luxury&rsquo s endless advantage
  68. Lunar feature cold very much not hot
  69. Lunar domain &mdash no sea, awfully lumpy
  70. Lumpy old bed aunt moved out of bedroom initially
  71. Lse admitting reactionary old man&rsquo s mistake
  72. Lower part of cheek
  73. Love role displaying creative style
  74. Love kiss with these they may be in bed
  75. Loud thing cat may do here&rsquo s a reminder
  76. Loud roar coming from fifty entering underneath
  77. Losing heart, ones ridden the tube
  78. Lose this and youre out of the competition
  79. Lord, say, invading position
  80. Lord emsworth originally entering came first
  81. Loose scrum rough up
  82. Loose family members ones seen in lodge
  83. Loops of rubber
  84. Looking for approval, show sequence of old
  85. Look to oust broadcasters central position in syndicate
  86. Look at a floodgate, ruined
  87. Long bodied reptile
  88. Long severe scolding
  89. Lofts stripped frequently
  90. Located in india, grand site of famous building
  91. Local church admitted to previous naivety
  92. Load of work thats no good
  93. Load intercepted by english lieutenant remains in vessel
  94. Live piece started
  95. Live in squalor
  96. Little pebbles hard during one run
  97. Little mischief makers, half of devons swimmers
  98. Little christopher&rsquo s equipment
  99. Little child wanting a black horse
  100. Little boy is holding it
  101. Little bit extra sons grabbed 50
  102. Linkages
  103. Lines from circles centre
  104. Lineage’s length included in startling comment supported by daughter
  105. Lincolnshire town 18th century painter
  106. Limitation as art reworked in autocratic approach
  107. Like these down entries and calm our nerves, just a bit churned up
  108. Like the core of an egg
  109. Like sandstone doubly covered in basilicas&rsquo bricks
  110. Like quiet poisoner
  111. Like derby, plainly
  112. Like changes round pub they work on the surface
  113. Like certain exercises with a crashing bore in charge
  114. Like bird with greyish appearance
  115. Like a pipe or hose
  116. Like a member of the military
  117. Lighting for short stay under canvas, deluxe style
  118. Light fingered types with permission to interrupt meals
  119. Liberal party housing spokesperson finally makes room
  120. Letters he has put in post to north and south its left, if not right
  121. Letter writing skill of witches and wizards
  122. Lethal venom bottles split into two
  123. Lets not have bird shivering — its uncivilised
  124. Lend setter, for example, audio equipment
  125. Lend a hand to musician scoring introduction to ballad
  126. Legendary vanished island, swallowed by an earthquake
  127. Legal meetings cut short and since disbanded
  128. Legal agreements for shrinks
  129. Left wing militants rejected a suit jacket from norma
  130. Left leaning parties saving time where men were detained
  131. Left with broken heart man you dumped not wanting to do anything
  132. Left large sized book in case
  133. Leaves fish out of water, might one suppose
  134. Leave layer covering ancient temple
  135. Leave home carrying penny metal fastener
  136. Learn something new about coach
  137. Lears daughter in good heart leaves for season
  138. Leaders to allow lascivious brits into french commune
  139. Leaders in the oval office, also
  140. Leader to lead with three articles
  141. Leader of oxford group keeping church cat
  142. Leader let independent radio broadcast
  143. Layer ones rolled back in storehouse
  144. Lawyer morocco unselfishly protects
  145. Launce
  146. Laughter about need to employ such a search
  147. Late spin doctor carried in current up north
  148. Largest, greatest
  149. Largest city in westphalia, with a top flight football team
  150. Largely excused, lolled around rear of bar perfect
  151. Large stone statue with a lions body and a human head
  152. Large plant seabird observed crossing sandbank
  153. Large bird once seen among jerusalem oaks
  154. Large african black and white stork rub a moa
  155. Lard costing nothing is this the healthy version
  156. Language units
  157. Language spoken by a cockney&rsquo s wife
  158. Language of castro bore translating
  159. Land for each university
  160. Lamb&rsquo s progenitor is core to sacrament
  161. Laid back corinthians teammate
  162. Laid up, search the internet to secure a fantastic job, wonderful for 22
  163. Laid on the floor and prepared to drink
  164. Lady of the lake
  165. Ladder lets one escape from dilapidated building
  166. Lacking distinctive features
  167. Lacking 19 1 across possibly, apropos the rise of first rate aria
  168. Labelled each book stolen by cardinal