1. The candidate from the beach party swore to ___
  2. Pink floyd guitarist
  3. Transcontinental region
  4. Modern site of mesopotamia
  5. Third x or o
  6. Junkie's need
  7. Sun devil stadium's sch
  8. One saying 23-/44-across
  9. St. roads, often
  10. Guilty ones
  11. Supper for swine
  12. Home for hamlet
  13. Regimented as strange difference of opinion
  14. Whiskey named for a famous ship
  15. Very extremely
  16. Honor, in a way
  17. Physiques, casually
  18. Meat — in ovens (anag)
  19. Go on about breeding ground on top of buck's home
  20. *political propagandist
  21. Sounds like golfer with club has a slice for lunch
  22. Crafty plans
  23. Nest stealing bird
  24. Talk keenly
  25. Turns into bad habit with foundation near greece
  26. __-mo video
  27. Chess announcement
  28. Girl has one whiskey in 24 hours and is deprived of control
  29. Thin bubble on the skin
  30. Abstract principles
  31. Shiny, say
  32. Rule over a kingdom
  33. Uncover sheep hiding vase
  34. Very unkind
  35. Boy initially free to win girl
  36. Ancient warship with three banks of oars
  37. Oil-drilling device
  38. Movement founded by yasser arafat
  39. Leap with one full rotation
  40. Skewer-ed entree
  41. Ingot units
  42. Irish setter with one limb is going around the bend of course
  43. Girl and dancing partner
  44. Classic 1740 romance subtitled 'virtue rewarded'
  45. Flavorful plant
  46. Muscle cramps, e.g
  47. Rapier cousin
  48. Is this what it means for an artist to talk through one's hat turning heads?
  49. Tire gauge no
  50. Org. that provides w-2 forms
  51. Bullets and arrows, etc
  52. State south of sask
  53. Protected oneself
  54. Consummate, virtuoso
  55. *last chance in court
  56. Complainer's sounds
  57. Magician's hiding spot, sometimes
  58. Home of top theatre award: boy is shocked
  59. Are ahead of schedule
  60. ___ royale (lake superior park)
  61. 'that's crazy!'
  62. Word with "knock" or "weak"
  63. Cry at home, maybe
  64. Cartoonist guisewite, or her comic strip
  65. Not exactly easy, the guardian admitted — a small legend, solvers agreed
  66. With a suspicious eye
  67. Old stage line?
  68. Sports team management group
  69. Something easily bruised
  70. Some winners on a fox show
  71. Lucy's pal on tv
  72. Charity benefit, say
  73. Black hawk's group
  74. Book with a lock and key
  75. Yellow-and-red gas station symbol
  76. Rug often groomed
  77. Girl from norway shows where lad should go to find a forest clearing?
  78. 13-down athlete
  79. See something to the very end
  80. Farrakhan's group
  81. Solve every clue here and you won't go down
  82. Han river capital
  83. Brain's creation
  84. Cellphone feature, for short
  85. 1980s hairstyle that may have involved a kit
  86. In favour of suitable way to make money
  87. Musician to spread her wings?
  88. Something to unsubscribe from
  89. Word in a boast
  90. Camouflaged sniper keeps dry in utility room
  91. Consent to investigation? i don't know
  92. Release soldier not on general staff
  93. Tail end of owls fly away in dry half sleep
  94. Inflatable lining
  95. Setter's funny way
  96. Baby-dandling locale
  97. Bombing at a comedy club
  98. Dutch exporter's forte?
  99. Some brackets
  100. Began brawling
  101. Word repeated on tv by a sweaty, coked-up robin williams
  102. Explanation for former stance
  103. What cosmologists wonder
  104. I'm calling with a certain qualification
  105. Filler for some balloons
  106. Toady uniform for lawrence about right
  107. Album jacket
  108. Mtv awards symbolized by astronaut statues
  109. Dance scene in 3 12 in case ferryman comes round
  110. Like some mus. notes
  111. Excel, alfresco or not
  112. Sailor grasps point on ruler
  113. Letterless phone key
  114. With 25-across, party that sets out to watch paint dry?
  115. '___ born great', said malvolio, the mathematician
  116. Open up with a french party
  117. Brilliant display in france is late in a way around castle
  118. Get one's rear in gear
  119. Britney spears's favorite of her own songs
  120. 1960s nightclub name add-on
  121. Horn-to-horn contact sport?
  122. Candy company named for a literary character
  123. Flickers of anger during escape
  124. Sheep valued for its fine wool
  125. Quick spins?
  126. Placated, pacified
  127. Fastener in a utility pole, often
  128. Upwardly mobile person
  129. Barometer for brokers
  130. Uncensored, as it were
  131. Easily built home
  132. Two types of cake
  133. Words of reproach, and a hint to how the four longest puzzle answers are formed
  134. Positive thinker's declaration
  135. Maker of a special-delivery flight
  136. One way to get downtown from jfk
  137. Poacher's prizes
  138. Spring-cleaning event, maybe
  139. Madonna was one as a tween
  140. Brief parts in movies
  141. "broom-hilda" creator myers, familiarly
  142. Arabic word for ''desert''
  143. Suffix with harde- or wilde-
  144. Deliberately lose, as prejudices
  145. Winfrey who maybe someday will mention my crossword books to her fans
  146. Street corner cupholder
  147. Krill killer
  148. Avalon's co-star, often
  149. Crawling ''king''
  150. Pass out on the field?
  151. As anyone can see
  152. Winter fur of the stoat
  153. Stood for a snap
  154. 'families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream' prez
  155. Anti-allergy drug
  156. Johnny cash's "___ been everywhere"
  157. Someone who carries a torch?
  158. Atlantic follower, in monopoly
  159. Streaming-video site
  160. Lethargic bear
  161. Slogan to convince kids to buy u2 albums?
  162. Candy bar named for some literary characters
  163. 74-across issuer
  164. Server's suggestions
  165. Hyperhidrotic
  166. Mueller-stahl of 'shine'
  167. Garb for a private pupil?
  168. Weed-b-gon manufacturer
  169. Draw for an inside straight, say
  170. Airline purchased by howard hughes
  171. Martin luther, to pope leo x
  172. They're between mus and xis
  173. Apartment costs
  174. Sparkly gemstone
  175. It's unlikely to air on pbs
  176. 'yeah, i did it ... oh well!'
  177. Swift's birthplace
  178. Post-wwii aviation gp
  179. 'love is not all' writer
  180. Barbary residents
  181. Some after-dinner options
  182. Mariska hargitay's nbc show, for short
  183. Abner's last name
  184. Bar manufacturer of film
  185. Pool entry?
  186. Anchor's run
  187. Negotiating pros
  188. Bout prize
  189. Kona airport freebie
  190. Business dependent on reps
  191. 'you ain't got ___ at all today!': cab calloway lyric
  192. Its tune is also used for 'my country, 'tis of thee'
  193. Onetime cohort of jackson and cowell
  194. 2001 film with five oscar nominations
  195. Puts away broken seat
  196. Five-time all-star catcher santiago
  197. Stealth enabler, for short
  198. "battle cry" squad members
  199. Precious metal reflected over to give roman garb
  200. Tending to seep slowly
  201. "rescue me" rating
  202. Buck for a tune?
  203. Forty winks perhaps for mafia head coming back on leave
  204. Chinese author lin __
  205. Anxiolytic, e.g., for short
  206. Cataclysmic nuclear explosion
  207. Man about town carried by self-opinion
  208. When stunned employees earn their pay?
  209. Depiction on olympic medals
  210. Isn't the first direction from manual
  211. Arduous — dangerous
  212. After-school offering, often
  213. It breaks a fall from the sky
  214. Accent (used over ñ) in spanish and portuguese
  215. "sesame street" curmudgeon
  216. Irish sly grog shop
  217. Principal mcgee portrayer in the "grease" films
  218. Miracle (anag)
  219. How mean to sound like a trade with 20 down
  220. Kandy resident
  221. Destroyed bacteria
  222. Section above or below the equator
  223. Hospital clinic visitors
  224. University researchers
  225. They're produced with built-in plugs
  226. Sash band
  227. "against all ___" (phil collins)
  228. Diabolical for imf to take leave of fanaticism
  229. Beetle that is inside hospital wards gets an audience
  230. Shakespearean fool
  231. Turn a certain corner
  232. Star of the motivational video 'be somebody ... or be somebody's fool'
  233. 'por ___ cabeza' (tango standard)
  234. Relatively speaking, you and me are in the money
  235. Hustle and fuss
  236. What leftovers may be for
  237. Jack-o'-lantern effects
  238. Kings and queens, say
  239. Report producer
  240. Studio makes allowance to cover lie
  241. After-work plan, for short
  242. One who's often dreaded
  243. Region getting better score with time
  244. Idea of negative charge
  245. Always in one version
  246. Huge vats possibly
  247. So unexpected as to have not been imagined
  248. Travel agency for the youth of ireland
  249. Best-selling artist of the 2000s
  250. Ad targets
  251. Frequent hieronymus bosch subject
  252. Reunion invitee, maybe
  253. First female athlete to host ''snl''
  254. Supermarket debut of z58
  255. Storms and others
  256. Place for toppings
  257. Cause of a car rental surcharge
  258. Solo racers
  259. Mend metal connections
  260. Keeps it coming, maybe
  261. '___ it down!'
  262. Spirograph, e.g
  263. Sholem aleichem protagonist
  264. Toy warnings?
  265. Land chronicled by lewis
  266. Growl relative
  267. Group handling hand-held phone sales?
  268. The snake r. runs through it
  269. King hussein's capital
  270. Unglazed ceramic jars
  271. Big leopards
  272. Mazatlán munchie
  273. Leon who won a pulitzer for his biography of henry james
  274. Desert africain
  275. Shoulder location
  276. Judea's ___ the great
  277. Bring into effect again
  278. What some mothers wear, in an epithet
  279. Spot for a farm laborer's sunburn
  280. Start of a seasonal song
  281. Pager signals
  282. Smell of sour milk?
  283. Local council member: abbr
  284. Jerry rice's record 208, briefly
  285. Round entree
  286. Six-time emmy winner
  287. Legal proceeding over a meth bust?
  288. Part of a stand-up's routine
  289. Comparable thing in huambo?
  290. Faculty officials
  291. Suffix with balloon or cartoon
  292. Purchase in a dutch mall, perhaps
  293. Risky stock category
  294. Family or school get-together
  295. 911 v.i.p.'s
  296. Knicks venue, for short
  297. Meals, more formally
  298. Weavers' willows
  299. Rock-climbing challenges
  300. Hero makers
  301. Group specializing in spinal complaints?
  302. Royal trappings in oran?
  303. Course rentals
  304. Style expert klensch
  305. Occurring in small knots
  306. Word before a or t
  307. Oasis, often
  308. Group supervising subs?
  309. "it's always something" autobiographer
  310. Alto's ''instrument''
  311. With one's heart, if nothing else
  312. Vice-presidential family
  313. Collection of fronded plants
  314. Garbo of "grand hotel"
  315. Convention id tag
  316. Some modern memos
  317. Group providing pro bono services?
  318. Diary tidbit
  319. Collection of software
  320. Class that's a cakewalk
  321. May preceder
  322. Northern plains people
  323. Stream from an aerosol
  324. Chair part to lean on
  325. Loosen up, to a pitcher
  326. Like ballplayers during the national anthem
  327. African howler
  328. New jersey city on raritan bay
  329. Alarming way to go?
  330. Souvenir shop apparel
  331. R.i. governor chafee
  332. Pew book
  333. __ proud of you!
  334. Course for new immigrants: abbr
  335. Nato and others
  336. Card-playing surface
  337. Cell pic taker
  338. Does high-tech eye surgery on
  339. Speck of land in a lake
  340. One-named brazilian soccer star
  341. Divers oxygen holder
  342. Sidewalk-paving material
  343. Spiny, yellow-green, tart-tasting fruits
  344. Bear pal of piglet
  345. Watermelons covering
  346. Dish that holds a dinner
  347. Day after mon
  348. Thickly cover
  349. __ good turn (be helpful)
  350. Group dealing with hard stuff?
  351. Group testing antipasto tidbits?
  352. Match venue
  353. Swashbuckling episode
  354. Grad student ordeal
  355. Ear buildup
  356. Wimbledon winner in '87
  357. Priest, e.g
  358. Extended narrative
  359. Boxing championship
  360. Ones looking
  361. Regime in niamey?
  362. Nice smell
  363. Communicate with hand gestures
  364. Precipitation around 32 degrees
  365. Make point about gospel writer
  366. Any organism capable of voluntary movement
  367. ____ hollywood, 1991 fox movie
  368. Yarns involving swindles about revolutionary leader
  369. Reveal — command
  370. Wash one's hands of a town in cork
  371. Wear thin — brawl
  372. Gets carried away by love skipping march
  373. Reaction to opportunity causes patrick to approach lea
  374. Ranking suit, after the bidding
  375. Stuart____, 1999 fox movie
  376. Safety device to protect bird
  377. Stored in a database, say
  378. Marine shipping lane
  379. Bye jacques
  380. Genre popular in seoul
  381. Perhaps heart-broken, girl holds onto soldier
  382. Lifted the lid
  383. African big-game hunt
  384. Seven dancing castaways?
  385. International organisation's help is implicit
  386. Abandon one on flight
  387. Sprang from a-team hiding in fresh shelter
  388. Rich city from which masefield's quinquireme was coming
  389. Like the verb 'be' in many languages: abbr
  390. Insecticide ingredient
  391. After getting in the beer he went round preaching
  392. Method of fighting causing fabric to break in two, reportedly
  393. Second of two bell sounds
  394. Exaggerated the perfect tyre
  395. Adorable small square is first put to the test
  396. Smashing try getting involved in aging shuffle of wild dancing
  397. Added a chip to the pot
  398. Boss on a campus
  399. Planet worker
  400. Distributed equally
  401. Giving out
  402. Mumbai-based film industry
  403. Ma who plays beautiful music
  404. Roughrider george
  405. Doctorate grillings
  406. Special operations warrior
  407. Univ. facility
  408. Tournament in which you play everyone else at least once
  409. Makes a mad dash
  410. Museum acquisitions
  411. When a factory whistle may blow
  412. Wild west headgear
  413. First corner after 'go' in monopoly
  414. Word after fire or police
  415. Swindle again
  416. Oscar-winning actor for 'little miss sunshine'
  417. Sunset, in los angeles
  418. Deviation from the standard
  419. Across-the-atlantic flier of old, briefly
  420. Gets too high, for short?
  421. Mealtime chat
  422. Years you've lived
  423. They feature king abdullah
  424. Nobel prize site
  425. Angelic headgear
  426. Golfer's front or back
  427. "war on drugs" slogan
  428. Parlour game involving finding rhymes to a given word
  429. Future wife belatedly beginning crash diet to fit into dress
  430. Spoil the surface of
  431. Scrabble flat piece on the house
  432. Feedback producers
  433. Tablet that was the key to deciphering egyptian hieroglyphs
  434. Straight-bladed dagger
  435. Acquired or understood
  436. Picture books' decorative border
  437. Gorgon — jellyfish
  438. Catch girl brooding?
  439. Glide around a rink
  440. Pointy-hatted garden character
  441. Lacking direction
  442. Girl friday out of one¿s tree
  443. Ecdysiasts purchase
  444. "the hunger games" actor kravitz
  445. Risk being regularly engulfed by tear gas
  446. Artist going out to sea has a point
  447. Light, as a conversation
  448. Tricking into capture
  449. Dutch beauty queen?
  450. Italian cathedrals arouse odium
  451. Bring oil and rice to be cooled and hardened
  452. Evil spell informal
  453. Monastic italian town 7 letters
  454. Guy prometheus actor
  455. Golf resort in warwickshire
  456. 'the tsar's bride' composer
  457. Colour black and green
  458. He'd bib ale not primarily fit for consumption
  459. Reprobate wooster briefly in bosom of family
  460. Finds info about
  461. First group to get invites
  462. "unmistakably lou" grammy winner
  463. Joins as a couple
  464. Use a tuffet
  465. Bulging belly with blocked tubes, it's said
  466. Is upset surrounded by new unit in original place
  467. Prepares to deal with
  468. Tortellini in ___ (italian dish)
  469. ___ folder
  470. Dull, hard, faceless men make female grouse
  471. Rose in between you and me
  472. Observed intently
  473. Early europeans cast runes, when uncertain
  474. Industrial and kind of foul
  475. Rudd's overnight flight?
  476. A bit tight-lipped about being responsible following overdraft
  477. Minimal resistance
  478. Cricket world cup powerhouse: abbr
  479. Type of bear or ice cap
  480. Spanish-speaking explorer
  481. Potted herb spot
  482. Photo ___ (journalists' desires)
  483. Talk show caller's opportunity
  484. Right-angle shaped letter
  485. Pres., for one
  486. All-night flights
  487. Story told by 15 across
  488. Controversial mentalist geller
  489. Morning condensations
  490. Job for firemen
  491. Theater sect
  492. Home for ibsen
  493. Deep draft of liquor
  494. Like maryland crabs in the winter
  495. It's impressive
  496. Safe from approaching danger
  497. Taken into account in terms of a container's weight
  498. Love vow lies shattered
  499. Sets the pulse racing as nearly there over small stream
  500. Perhaps sick and tired of father coming back feeling not well with frenchman
  501. Lout, lummox
  502. Ministry reversal of rule on not skating
  503. Vagina, slangily
  504. Employee's update
  505. Fancy bathing costume with broken thong missing came out of merseyside
  506. Violin rub-on
  507. Figure with unspecified amount to try to look the same
  508. Comment that rubs it in
  509. Sponsor ain't in boat for peter and andrew
  510. N.y.c. commuters' inits
  511. Uncle of folklore and literature
  512. Keep this to ourselves
  513. Train the bus
  514. Shape at a circus or a wedding
  515. Word after e or g
  516. Make use of silver inside, in a manner of speaking
  517. Seek immediate medical assistance, in a way
  518. Prom corsage, perhaps
  519. I'm on an upwards course, born to be a candidate
  520. Sportscasting commentator's forte
  521. They all agree ¿ see a way through second last letters
  522. Boring devices
  523. Elizabeth i certainly demonstrates this principle
  524. In the interest of another, looking back it¿s just flab on person
  525. It might be placed in a book
  526. It put ireland on the map for man associated with mountains
  527. A dogsbody provides trick questionnaire at a charge
  528. Canadian hipster magazine
  529. Footballer hazard of chelsea
  530. Yard container
  531. Paint choice on an artist's palette
  532. Hasbro game whose players perform surgery on cavity sam
  533. The sinner tv network
  534. My favorite mistake singer sheryl
  535. Like a sailor avoiding the draft?
  536. Iphone ''personal assistant''
  537. Beach near los angeles
  538. Hasbro game where named objects share a first letter
  539. Ask nosy questions
  540. Stores together as a set of mixing bowls
  541. Rolling in the deep britpop star
  542. Hasbro game featuring the gumdrop mountains
  543. Puppyspeak ouch!
  544. Edible pod in gumbo
  545. Open-and-___ case (lawyer's cakewalk)
  546. Grumpy facial expression
  547. 3-d medical scan for short
  548. Floor cleaner that needs to be wrung out
  549. What one birthday candle represents
  550. Movie about war heroes say
  551. Hasbro game where players offer insincere apologies
  552. Not at all taxing
  553. Texas fort defended by davy crockett
  554. Wimbledon implement
  555. Peter who co-wrote "puff, the magic dragon"
  556. Unit of ranch land
  557. What sunbathers soak up
  558. Almost any get rich quick! come-on
  559. Huggable toy bear
  560. Currency of france and italy
  561. Chili-serving utensil
  562. Quiz show attempt
  563. Unreturnable tennis serve
  564. Through this means
  565. Gave an r or an x, e.g
  566. Subject of a car and driver report
  567. Coin with twelve stars
  568. Celebrant's robe
  569. Carpeting computation
  570. Least bumpy
  571. Birth mo. of most libras
  572. Greeting card figure, maybe
  573. Cry at the bullfight
  574. Dealt with one's urges, in a way
  575. Light bluish green
  576. Puts one and one together?
  577. 'channel orange' musician frank
  578. Eye-popping canvasses
  579. Much of a golf hole
  580. Kind of button or attack
  581. Sports spectators' place
  582. Life's pleasures
  583. Reading chair accompaniers
  584. Samsung rival
  585. It's just under 8: abbr
  586. Tipoff
  587. Detergent with a glass in every box, long ago
  588. The 1 and 2 in 1 + 2 = 3
  589. Im pioneer
  590. Not finishing side dish
  591. Rebel against another performance from actor perhaps
  592. Photoshop option: abbr
  593. Sum borrowed
  594. Small metric weight unit
  595. Obtain get
  596. Journalist (inf)
  597. Advice comments
  598. Empty talk (inf)
  599. Base of spine
  600. Saintly victim
  601. Stops at a space station
  602. Team whose colors are blue and orange
  603. Ideal song slipping by
  604. Show about helping out with bank heists and kidnappings?
  605. Former despot amin
  606. Ceremonial military outfit
  607. Subatomic particle, now said to travel faster than light
  608. Master's and bachelor's
  609. Most in need of insulation
  610. Centipede's features
  611. Check out with nefarious intent
  612. The real ___ (the genuine article)
  613. Postal codes, for short
  614. Girl boycotts stamps …
  615. Become a member again
  616. Warehouse machines
  617. Theater successes
  618. Welder's adhesive
  619. Without bells and whistles
  620. San diego tourist magnet
  621. Come to pieces
  622. Get wild and woolly?
  623. Extremely awkward, failing to get tips
  624. ''ornery'' guy
  625. Like some marketing
  626. Show where they often use luminol
  627. African expression of disapproval is retracted
  628. Make a booboo
  629. Porky's penultimate parting word
  630. Very hard match can start in oval
  631. It's better to light one than curse the darkness, it's said
  632. Thaw providing running water outside holiday home?
  633. Story line shape
  634. Tech whiz, say
  635. What a calico is?
  636. Well-informed shakespearean play for study preparation
  637. Drives approach lough on both sides from different roads
  638. The girl from ipanema?
  639. Initially postmaster general goes back and forth for fish
  640. Bible's first reported grandkid
  641. Providing enough for everybody to be buried
  642. '___ 'em!' (mob's cry)
  643. Exoneration for people on the playbill?
  644. Lion's pride, say
  645. 'you will be ___' (last line of 'wishin' and hopin'')
  646. Least current not unknown when recollecting tyne and tees
  647. Most distressed
  648. Casino stock
  649. Singer jason
  650. Filling material for a tiling job
  651. Support for practicing pliés
  652. Sonoran succulent
  653. Cousin of "blah blah blah"
  654. Bootcut skinny brand
  655. Classic play whose title is an abbreviation
  656. Concert itinerary
  657. Like vampires
  658. County in a 2008 tony-winning drama
  659. Put one's tax forms in the church offering?
  660. 'man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything' speaker
  661. Requiring an adult escort
  662. Palindromic holy roman emperor
  663. Big name in smoothies and juices
  664. Silk necktie
  665. Printing employee
  666. Anxiety you may feel on a friday night slangily
  667. Resident of doha nyt
  668. Spice rack item
  669. Extreme unease
  670. One of the 30 companies that makes up the dow jones industrial average
  671. Completely clean out
  672. Extremely accurate timekeeper
  673. Show about an engaged couple's plan z?
  674. Internet connectivity problem
  675. What a shot might hit in soccer
  676. Guillotine out to slice through vessel, sliced into pieces
  677. Traditional indian healing tree
  678. She has fair hair
  679. Chevy electric car
  680. Drupe arrondie 9 lettres
  681. Looking at disobeying in the end
  682. Longest-living member of the rat pack
  683. Nightwear for a steel tycoon?
  684. Swahili's language family
  685. Indian icon
  686. U.s. territory that's now two states
  687. Unexpected but welcome
  688. Roleo item
  689. Bowler's dream, new balls caught in the slips
  690. Made to look lean over nato trouble for newest arrival
  691. Cruel and vicious
  692. Grunge or gunk
  693. Unexpected but welcome thing
  694. Simple melody
  695. Rusher's job
  696. Thing at a stand
  697. Like many gazebos
  698. Carry on out of confirmatory design
  699. Lashes leave them
  700. Uttered a high-pitched cry
  701. Blood type is infected from work
  702. Sit on — suffice for
  703. ___girl (nation created by oprah in an 'onion' article)
  704. Delaware's twelve-mile circle, e.g
  705. Resident of the largest spanish-speaking nation
  706. Sixth born gets allowance for movement
  707. Westminster reject
  708. It¿s incredulous to hear dye cast over what could be elvis
  709. One climbed clear as english author
  710. Call 24-28 tara street
  711. "you bought it, you own it"
  712. Go by land, getting cold
  713. Bloch and hemingway
  714. The fdic may insure them
  715. What invalid card readers might read
  716. Vigorous pull
  717. So a priest generating widow's share of estate gets taken to cleaners
  718. 'can you forgive ___?' (trollope novel)
  719. 140-character message
  720. Dress that's draped
  721. A couple stepping it out produces fathers of twins it¿s said
  722. Disorderly digs
  723. Kipling's 'sleepy brown bear'
  724. Part of batman costumes
  725. Sliwinska of 'dancing with the stars'
  726. Large japanese wrestlers
  727. Be engaged in — hunt
  728. Reprimand ending
  729. Dish cover, possibly
  730. Band that sang "the star-spangled banner" a cappella at the 2000 world series
  731. Donald trump, jr.'s mom
  732. Green covering for shells
  733. They have duties
  734. Press for a hit?
  735. Moving theatrical production?
  736. Family doctors who curse and show a little skin?
  737. (with 38 across) test subject #3 perceives g as blue, e as pink, h as yellow; maybe he likes to play ..
  738. '___ is ours; results are god's': john quincy adams
  739. Sport that requires helmets
  740. Teen dreamboat
  741. John irving's alma mater: abbr
  742. Drop the alien from the act?
  743. Got through the grapevine
  744. Informal contraction equivalent to 'see'
  745. After 11-across, use photoshop to make people look less evil, or after 73-across, boxer's makeup artist?
  746. Single from 'i am... sasha fierce'
  747. It makes campfires crackle
  748. Tisch topic
  749. Jack of tenacious d
  750. 'walk away ___' (1966 #5 hit)
  751. Tour de france distances: abbr
  752. One little insect ..
  753. Do one's part poorly?
  754. Dynamint lookalike
  755. Iraqi leader ___ al-maliki
  756. Not even close to macho
  757. They don't have class
  758. Investment options for batman's publisher?
  759. Spa sanitizer
  760. Approached third quarter, say
  761. One presenting the earth as flat?
  762. First thought of
  763. 'weekend update' anchor between miller and macdonald
  764. Suffix with "poly"
  765. Source of some teen angst
  766. Copied someone else
  767. I should not be in it, according to an adage
  768. Country where chandler fled to in friends
  769. ___ jackson michael's sister with the hit song that's the way love goes
  770. ___ leno late-night tv host
  771. Hachiko's breed
  772. ___ kavinsky character played by noah centineo in to all the boys i've loved before
  773. The road not ___ by robert frost
  774. Strain the brain
  775. Bedlam inmates
  776. Pizza hut's headquarters city
  777. Immaculate conception year
  778. Computer image type
  779. Transplants in a greenhouse
  780. Moral philosopher immanuel
  781. Hive inhabitant
  782. Shell variety?
  783. $100/night, eg
  784. Big booty
  785. Bygone smartphone
  786. It disappears on rising
  787. Soldering device
  788. Eve in killing eve, for one
  789. She has her own network
  790. Note holder on a refrigerator
  791. Audiences show of impatience
  792. Abbr before c, f, v or x
  793. Jewelers instrument
  794. Tv viewers vantage points
  795. Bring down, as a flag
  796. Grease for baking
  797. Lets go places sloganeer
  798. Osha or the fcc
  799. Dreaming state
  800. Researchers specialty
  801. Televised comedy event
  802. In adulthood
  803. Crass state
  804. Takeaway of a fable
  805. Practical state
  806. Like the summer sun
  807. Plant that yields a salve
  808. A tall one is exaggerated
  809. Player who passes on passing
  810. Sounds at a fireworks display
  811. Compound used in solvents
  812. Drivetrain gear
  813. Mom-and-dad orgs
  814. Longtime arizona congressman mo
  815. Like some gas elements
  816. Words after easy or that
  817. Desert bounded by the altai mountains
  818. Key for computer bailout
  819. Picture shows?
  820. ___ to go (keen)
  821. Slice holder
  822. Excessively suave
  823. Flag pin settings
  824. Berry packed with antioxidants
  825. Auto repair franchise
  826. Build like a bulldog
  827. In virginia, see you perhaps with nothing in a vacuum
  828. Look like one you¿d get in paris we hear
  829. Pink-nosed cereal pitcher
  830. River near vicksburg
  831. Boy who fought his father in a 1969 hit
  832. Daring display
  833. Boy scouts grounded for being on base
  834. Rubbish — bed
  835. Liver, spleen, etc
  836. Northern party gets closer to the french needing rhythm
  837. Acting, perhaps
  838. Leaf through (a book)
  839. Ignore remark to get over yourself
  840. At end of line for orator
  841. Rays' home field, familiarly, with "the"
  842. Item on argentina's flag
  843. Grass-like plants of wetlands
  844. "the night circus" author morgenstern
  845. No money for travelling on foot in snow with holy book
  846. At last, benjamen, at last
  847. Out with it in in a manner of speaking
  848. Good wishes no good on hospital ward returning the injury
  849. Times given names
  850. Group of musicians playing together
  851. Specialized patio panels
  852. Frizzy coifs
  853. Conforming to jewish dietary law
  854. Ethiopia's largest lake
  855. Bankrupt european automaker
  856. What hikers wear?
  857. Sales pitch for a cleaning product
  858. Projecting brims to shade the eyes
  859. Packers fans
  860. Bishop gets a second from university we hear
  861. Large striped felines
  862. Boast possession of
  863. Where stock is found
  864. Madcap kin of '50s fiction
  865. Kentucky senator mcconnell
  866. City east of utrecht
  867. Glassware of liffey valley's finest polished off by pub team at end of match
  868. Suddenly get it from revelation
  869. Turntable feature
  870. Surrender, so to speak
  871. Pool maneuvers
  872. Hallucinogen, for short
  873. Happy hour orders
  874. Man in the lion's den
  875. Catalog component
  876. Southern st
  877. Followed a caller
  878. Do a steno's job
  879. Respond to the alarm clock
  880. Comic with a ''popular mechanics'' column
  881. Color on san jose shark uniforms
  882. Bill listings
  883. Wednesday relative
  884. City warmed by the gulf stream
  885. Oft-discouraged sentence
  886. Kind of romanticism
  887. Stereo knob that balances volume
  888. One on a catboat
  889. Japanese restaurant soup
  890. Signs the check, in a way
  891. Finishes lacing up
  892. Actor claude of 'lobo'
  893. Hardly one's library voice
  894. It may be drawn at night
  895. Old amc car that came fully loaded?
  896. Took a short trip
  897. Good kind of guy to have around
  898. 'gone --' (1997 film)
  899. Petroleum-packed peninsula
  900. ___ khan (villain in 'the jungle book')
  901. Very valuable violins
  902. People wear masks in this: abbr
  903. Took off, as a bird
  904. Saucers in the air
  905. ___ scott actor who played ben wyatt on the television show parks and recreation
  906. Anderson cooper's network: abbr.
  907. Popular historical strategy video game: abbr.
  908. National park in new mexico famous for its gypsum dunes: 2 wds.
  909. Amy ___ actress who played leslie knope on the television show parks and recreation
  910. ___'clock when the clock hands form a straight vertical line: 2 wds.
  911. Chris ___ actor who played andy dwyer on the television show parks and recreation
  912. College year division for short
  913. Pulls someone's legs
  914. Threats along the beach
  915. Cry with a head slap
  916. Mattel's popular card game
  917. Young fellow (rhymes with bad)
  918. Nine digit personal id: abbr.
  919. Give a major makeover (anagram of vamper)
  920. Aziz ___ actor who played tom haverford on the television show parks and recreation
  921. Venezuelan record producer who collaborated with kanye west on yeezus
  922. "ice cream castles in the air," in a mitchell song
  923. Singer harry
  924. Common ___ (sound judgment)
  925. Bikini top for short
  926. One of ned stark's son
  927. Teen's skin trouble
  928. Rashida ___ actress who played ann perkins on the television show parks and recreation
  929. Height-increasing part of the shoe
  930. ___ the great king of ancient greek kingdom of macedon
  931. Luxury cars from germany: abbr.
  932. Smallest unit of an element
  933. ___ pressure (group's influence)
  934. Smelting leftover
  935. Rub the wrong way say
  936. Internet address starter: abbr.
  937. Hasta la ___ baby line from terminator 2: judgment day
  938. Opposite of vertical for short
  939. Skewer offerings (var.)
  940. Maya ___ designer of vietnam veterans memorial
  941. Insecure bettors
  942. '-- only had a brain'
  943. Some herbs
  944. Aggressive type
  945. Early tie
  946. Did ordinary writing
  947. Following words
  948. H.s. dropouts may earn them
  949. Bad feeling in the pit of one's stomach?
  950. Mex. madame
  951. Titles differently
  952. Traditional italian tune
  953. Jessie the hammer
  954. Town meetings
  955. Total expert
  956. Monsieurs shout
  957. Similar stuff
  958. Brutus abettor
  959. Manufactured goods
  960. Alone, as a female on stage
  961. 'seats sold out' abbr
  962. Brand name on a waistband
  963. Seriously impair
  964. Golf round result
  965. Kind of cattle or beetle
  966. Charged 86-across
  967. Diminishing
  968. Rémunération percue par une banque
  969. Good place to 91-across
  970. Habitant de cap rouge
  971. Like wide belts, fashionwise
  972. Quad bike, for one
  973. Hired prankster on the set?
  974. Providing of questions for answers on 'jeopardy!,' e.g
  975. Take a fresh look at
  976. Native to cusco
  977. Native to cusco or quito
  978. One rummaging
  979. David bowie 1980 album
  980. Response to "was it that bad?"
  981. Break up, as a union
  982. India's chennai, formerly
  983. Mine in rome
  984. Where brigham young settled
  985. Star of the 1981 revue "the lady and her music"
  986. Youngsters in uniforms
  987. Natives of new zealand
  988. 'dark lady' singer after pigging out?
  989. Mortgage option, briefly
  990. Middle west ground to be avoided
  991. Frank to inform against business accepting non-union staff
  992. Gave a room a face-lift
  993. Makes a monkey out of what's destined to spend life in a cage
  994. Secret coteries broken up
  995. Realise the idea of comeback for me is stiff in the end
  996. A tract of meadow felt to be different
  997. Fail to keep a secret
  998. Item resting on andirons
  999. Live with director comfortably
  1000. Firm in rush to get a cat
  1001. Takes a new line in free verse
  1002. Touchscreen-touching tool
  1003. Online store offering
  1004. Farm apparatuses
  1005. 13-across, for one
  1006. Tucking into venison, can't be the wine pourer
  1007. Suspect's best defence
  1008. Cousin of vat
  1009. Cardiff's people
  1010. Politician's quest
  1011. Fuel for a firepit
  1012. Not class conscious perhaps of what¿s made of a lap around city
  1013. Neural activity measure, for short
  1014. Old-time area (anag) — made better
  1015. Kidman of 'australia'
  1016. Bubbly bar
  1017. Under-the-gun situations
  1018. With 37-across, ship of 1492
  1019. Suggestion (invited or otherwise)
  1020. Clark or wayne
  1021. Fairly large fair
  1022. Downplay, understate
  1023. Expect loyalty from
  1024. Winnipeg suburb
  1025. Discount a misprint in guardian
  1026. Sandpiper in difficulty
  1027. Causes one to drop like flies perhaps provided katy did something horrid
  1028. Aquatic beaver-like rodent
  1029. Target, as with a gun
  1030. A mass for disguised ranger
  1031. O'donnell of tv news
  1032. A good mind to cover one with breakfast additive
  1033. Rugmaking apparatus
  1034. Georgia was a part of it: abbr
  1035. Forerunner of gravure and tiller
  1036. Unwisely enticed
  1037. Mouthful of drink
  1038. Euro trading alliance
  1039. Top-ranking noble
  1040. State, in sorel
  1041. Prop for rembrandt
  1042. We heard jew with yemeni leader stared out with sentimental tears
  1043. Southwest saskatchewan town
  1044. One who has been to mecca
  1045. Give finest sob of pain
  1046. Military staff person
  1047. Modern means of id
  1048. Violin-playing comedian
  1049. Camping trip dampener
  1050. Kind of hat or coat
  1051. Popular tourist destinations
  1052. Checked for proof of age, for short
  1053. Where crockett famously fought
  1054. Cut out green on traffic lights
  1055. White dwarf, e.g
  1056. Like failed relationships
  1057. A fedex driver may have one
  1058. Part of a neck of veal or mutton
  1059. Small bottle without a name
  1060. Build station around the chain
  1061. Heart of the matter provides horsepower to drive back over it
  1062. *neck-and-neck election campaign
  1063. Shade round bottom of willow tree
  1064. Penalty for returning a library book late
  1065. Hockey defender bobby
  1066. Iris's location
  1067. Sounds of bells ringing solemnly
  1068. Before long nice way to say no after first letter
  1069. Armed services canteen
  1070. Mound, knoll
  1071. Fever pitch essentially has a variety of pushy characters
  1072. Slanderous article after female made out with politician
  1073. Second generation immigrant from japan is 18
  1074. Devising, designing
  1075. Sikh leader able to have a quick look
  1076. From roman beginnings, first characters get in close to it at number 10
  1077. "___ back down" (tom petty hit)
  1078. Illegal short sellers perhaps with dark mood in service economy
  1079. Epitome of messiness
  1080. 'will & grace' actor
  1081. Something of interest to miss marple
  1082. Rhinoceros follows me sheepishly
  1083. 1947 humphrey bogart movie
  1084. Marked by deceit
  1085. Practitioner of total patient care
  1086. Pacific current
  1087. Loud laugh, like a witch perhaps
  1088. Et from melmac
  1089. Watts towers neighborhood briefly
  1090. Easy-peasy … or a hint to the start of 17- 24- 36- and 51-across
  1091. College url suffix
  1092. Certain sibling, for short
  1093. 'clotted cream's first to have gone off, mr.jones'
  1094. Maze-running animal
  1095. Trendy type often parodied on portlandia
  1096. __ bind: stuck
  1097. Fashion brand identified by interlocking g's
  1098. Reduce to ashes in making pictures at this rate
  1099. Emulated simon?
  1100. Yankee editor briefly edited the observer, unassisted
  1101. Port for city of newcastle? it hardly has what's needed
  1102. Fix on a stake
  1103. Oft-able one
  1104. Drunk that's chosen to be legless? on the contrary
  1105. Do assorted chores
  1106. Founder of a major auto company
  1107. Visitor for the holidays, maybe
  1108. Cummerbund accompanier
  1109. "30 rock" star baldwin
  1110. 2005-'07 attorney general gonzales
  1111. Stretch the truth or stretch out
  1112. Put hair in rollers
  1113. Lisa of "a different world"
  1114. Badminton target
  1115. Convenience for an overnight guest
  1116. Zany one
  1117. Small prayer?
  1118. 20-, 27- and 43-across locale, in slang
  1119. *it gets you a ticket to ride
  1120. Kin of "dude"
  1121. Rushing units: abbr
  1122. *hold that might precede a noogie
  1123. Hectare between it and california provides home for ulysses
  1124. Lee and laurel
  1125. Sunset blvd. campus
  1126. Quarrel or disagree
  1127. Nah! it's around irish apple from ravine
  1128. Mischief-making activity
  1129. Sounds like a mule he heard with fruit making gin
  1130. Carried by beasts, parcels can go off
  1131. Tacks away from earth with little motion
  1132. Come clean perhaps how to put diy in its place
  1133. Total nonsense
  1134. Drop, in the name of love
  1135. Sounds like easygoing old man blows off steam
  1136. Swearing-in utterance
  1137. It's exclusive east european xenophobia
  1138. Not quite 13 together with advance payment
  1139. Quaint garden figurine
  1140. Hbo host bill
  1141. Repetitve learning
  1142. Small string ensemble
  1143. '80s tennis champion after being nationalized?
  1144. Chose from a lineup briefly
  1145. When daylight saving time starts
  1146. U.k. reference work
  1147. Airline until late 1991
  1148. Comedian in black-ish after being nationalized?
  1149. Keto and paleo
  1150. I'd make something of otis for silly billies
  1151. Mechanical pencil need
  1152. Rest one's feet
  1153. Ones who right words?: abbr.
  1154. Headquarters for panasonic
  1155. Love story co-star after being nationalized?
  1156. Illuminated like old streets
  1157. Trouser measurement
  1158. Choir accompaniment
  1159. Book series with object-filled pictures
  1160. Second take say
  1161. Flu fighter's episode
  1162. Community center org
  1163. Powerful table tennis shot
  1164. Low-tech fryer?
  1165. Nutrient found in carrots
  1166. Slick to the touch
  1167. Like some lowbrow novels
  1168. Include in an email
  1169. City or highway stat
  1170. Shows such as game of thrones
  1171. Like investing all your money in one stock
  1172. Try to go unnoticed
  1173. Parent's words after because
  1174. Roman seven
  1175. In a sitcom say
  1176. Mature class between sixty and seventy
  1177. Ran ___ light
  1178. One who should fail a polygraph test
  1179. Open with amazement
  1180. Small sandy spot
  1181. Fate of cracked meissen?
  1182. "now that wasn't ___, was it?"
  1183. Worm leaves mayflower for lettuce type
  1184. Denver's st
  1185. Nothing to bone of bones
  1186. Give one¿s name to rodent finding way around small horse
  1187. Scratch-and- --
  1188. Tiny flying nuisance
  1189. Have another look regarding donkeys on square
  1190. Country morning with heath
  1191. Affair over a call for silence leads to house protection
  1192. Evergreens — if failing, try elms
  1193. Gave in, softened
  1194. Like valuations of 4?
  1195. Like old graveyards at midnight
  1196. The hammer jessie
  1197. Steel additive
  1198. Vegan supreme pizza brand
  1199. 2005 steve martin movie based on a novel he wrote
  1200. Cooperate with a photographer
  1201. Basic orbital path
  1202. Greased the palm of
  1203. Tases, say
  1204. Gibson __
  1205. Sat staple
  1206. Yiddish jerks
  1207. Bug repellent
  1208. Accumulation of refuse
  1209. Wealthy people
  1210. Risked being pulled over
  1211. The hotheaded corleone
  1212. Spend freely
  1213. Cap rouge
  1214. Title for a retired female professor
  1215. Write computer code
  1216. Above, anthem style
  1217. Real surname of mark twain
  1218. Doubleday of baseball
  1219. Newts frogs and toads
  1220. Colts and fillies
  1221. Shrub with drooping purple flowers
  1222. Most worn
  1223. Loved tv dolphin
  1224. Tool for drawing arches
  1225. Federal medical grp
  1226. Take a look through, as a keyhole
  1227. Woody allen-esque worry
  1228. Rights protection org
  1229. “prizzi’s honor” actress huston
  1230. St. peter’s for one
  1231. Group of priests
  1232. Protected from rainouts, say
  1233. One way to transfer money
  1234. Us trade pact since 1993
  1235. Opera featuring iago
  1236. *protection for jousters
  1237. Used protection?
  1238. Criticize with barbs
  1239. Toronto maple leafs forward phil
  1240. Early record label for bobby darin and the beatles
  1241. Wth 41-across, 'buy her a ring, but make sure she agrees before necking ...'
  1242. Bankable vacation hrs., in some workplaces
  1243. Vet's office sounds
  1244. Actor harvey
  1245. Debated topic
  1246. Comic confused by glare finds space between life and death
  1247. Round table sitters
  1248. Hat with a tassel
  1249. Yellow ride
  1250. Electrified swimmer?
  1251. Talk hind legs off donkey for funny overnighter
  1252. Receive — salute
  1253. Humorously vulgar
  1254. Ocean flatfish
  1255. Mischance (anag)
  1256. Swinger like 10 24 across's beat
  1257. Tv science series
  1258. Basic organic unit
  1259. Us hadron in central america, strangely
  1260. Form of 22-across
  1261. Their fight song says 'there goes old georgetown'
  1262. Fragile — thin
  1263. Frozen sweets
  1264. Whiskey orders
  1265. Say the same thing again
  1266. Small institution goes over direction in smaller map
  1267. Amethyst or turquoise
  1268. Large woman's uncontrolled eating leads to swollen stomach
  1269. Be emotionally over-dependent
  1270. Gehrig or rawls
  1271. Addict needs this endless buzz: too many drugs leading to crime, unfortunately
  1272. Astrological edge
  1273. An indian may wear it
  1274. Be close to friday before coming to an end with offer of support
  1275. What priest says to gather together
  1276. Let go, as a prisoner
  1277. Ate the rest of
  1278. Legendary 3 building century
  1279. Swinger exercising no discrimination during arousal
  1280. Trojan horse's outside caribbean country
  1281. People meet at them after a period of time apart
  1282. Singer plugs tv award half-heartedly — it's an important mission
  1283. Locale for hieroglyphics, maybe
  1284. Provides accommodations for presenters
  1285. Driver's delight
  1286. "great" muppet daredevil
  1287. Very similar, as spirits
  1288. Query to brutus
  1289. Warm-up acts
  1290. Minnesota medical group
  1291. Up-and-coming actress
  1292. Woman with great will power?
  1293. Elk feature
  1294. Shows disuse
  1295. Enter town like a gunslinger
  1296. Coffee, tea or milk option
  1297. Covered with hoarfrost
  1298. One with a cookie fortune
  1299. What some rings read
  1300. Ending for coal or opal
  1301. Sulks around
  1302. Capitol on a fjord
  1303. Fodder storage units
  1304. Home of a herculean lion
  1305. Little bouquet
  1306. Mug site
  1307. Post-christmas clearance, maybe
  1308. One spotted at the rodeo drive taco bell?
  1309. Some cologne components
  1310. Hip-hop's ___ soul
  1311. Vacation home abroad
  1312. N.c.a.a. football champs of '09 and '11
  1313. Rotund president
  1314. Switzerland i see is in vogue
  1315. Rival of carl jung
  1316. Bird that lays a one-pound egg
  1317. Devils tower natl. monument setting
  1318. Arrived lifeless, for short
  1319. Considerable time
  1320. Curious to hear something to go back in the end to silver
  1321. Subtle tint
  1322. Post-er place: abbr.
  1323. Isn't ___ pity?: 2 wds.
  1324. 1986 janet jackson song whose title can mean disgusting
  1325. Lack of concern for expert on god in ireland
  1326. 1986 janet jackson song whose title can mean authority
  1327. Ant-man and the ___ (2018 marvel movie)
  1328. Did it ever ___ to you … (start of a sarcastic comment)
  1329. Implement held by a pocket protector
  1330. Boater's tool that sounds like or
  1331. I got you ___ (song featured in groundhog day)
  1332. Places wagers
  1333. Homer to bart lisa and maggie
  1334. 1995 janet jackson song whose title can mean fugitive
  1335. Study right before a test
  1336. Ditto: 2 wds.
  1337. 1993 janet jackson song whose title can mean once more
  1338. ___ have you know …
  1339. Tear ___ (parts of the eyes)
  1340. Vigoda who was in the godfather
  1341. Glaze, e.g
  1342. Kodiak resident
  1343. Word that can follow lima or string
  1344. Endorses as a political candidate
  1345. Yoko who tweeted i like to listen to the music of life
  1346. Pace who played ronan the accuser in captain marvel
  1347. Climactic two-person battle in the musical hamilton
  1348. Analgesic for father taking half 24 and getting less well
  1349. ___ willie winkie (nursery rhyme)
  1350. 1990 janet jackson song whose title can mean fun adventure
  1351. Retired game show host barker
  1352. What an ampersand stands for
  1353. Meat has trapped holy virgin
  1354. Organization for mothers fathers and educators: abbr.
  1355. Shot in the ___ (energy boost)
  1356. Marco who's the senior senator from florida
  1357. 1990 janet jackson song whose title can suggest a bad omen: 2 wds.
  1358. Ten-gallon ___
  1359. Cry loudly or play a mean sax
  1360. Oldest college in connecticut
  1361. Levine who was people's sexiest man alive in 2013
  1362. One of 24 and letters lost by ancestor
  1363. Graven image (sometimes false?)
  1364. Quaint worker doing a hansom job?
  1365. Get her onto new way to say hello
  1366. Scruffy looking ringleader finds cake behind range
  1367. Sympathy over a bit of bad luck from parmigiano-reggiano
  1368. Make speed as it has come to lawrence
  1369. Telescopic mascara manufacturer
  1370. Type of beads found in a dungeon, say
  1371. Appreciate reverse of online interconnection is not finishing school
  1372. Resort town lineup
  1373. Cross round a model village
  1374. Squid, on a menu
  1375. Part of door or window frame
  1376. Heteronormative census acronym for cohabitators
  1377. Like recording booths
  1378. Final track for an aircraft when landing
  1379. Leaded fuel component
  1380. Debater who uses comparisons
  1381. Steal the spanish coin
  1382. Caseworker's compilation
  1383. Shade of suede
  1384. Zero score (it's all you need)
  1385. Greek snake confuses egan for mop-top in garden
  1386. Measure of time or airplane wings
  1387. Makeup of the first house in the three little pigs
  1388. Freds neckwear on scooby-doo
  1389. Beats again and again in slang
  1390. 6-down locale
  1391. Coif that might use pins and spray
  1392. Classic catalog for air passengers
  1393. Symbol of sudden brilliant success
  1394. Someone with the power to settle the matter
  1395. Early stop for presidential candidates
  1396. Like unexplained house creaks say
  1397. Kiss offerer
  1398. Comic con e.g. stereotypically
  1399. Felipe or moises of major-league baseball
  1400. The ___ (apt anagram for they see)
  1401. Student in a contracts class typically
  1402. ___ calrissian member of the rebel alliance in star wars
  1403. Fire in the belly
  1404. Sound of insight
  1405. Delorean license plate in back to the future
  1406. Puppeteer shari
  1407. Breakout role for robin williams
  1408. Soldering 50-down e.g.
  1409. Rival of gottfried leibniz
  1410. Black magic, generically
  1411. A claim we hear without first letter sticking out
  1412. Typical algonquin round table member
  1413. Big smoker comes across marijuana on the house
  1414. Number of mousquetaires in a dumas book title
  1415. About 80% of the elements in the period table
  1416. Low probability of success and a hint to the circled letters
  1417. Org. whose members are experts at driving
  1418. Improve a video game character's abilities
  1419. Performs brilliantly
  1420. "i ain't got ___" (louis armstrong hit)
  1421. Salsa alternative
  1422. Speaks like a southerner
  1423. Repeating electronic rhythm sample
  1424. Labor day vips?
  1425. Place to get boots and bindings
  1426. ''moby-dick'' vessel
  1427. A mafia boss is handsome youth killed by boar in greece
  1428. Keeps reminding
  1429. Staff holds on to nothing as it goes down canal with a paddle
  1430. Bit of birthday mail that doesn't require postage
  1431. Desktop computer brand
  1432. Subject of a manohla dargis review
  1433. Process of becoming less
  1434. Winter shovelful
  1435. *"midnight's children" author
  1436. Old buildings — i find the top of one in the lakes
  1437. Place for hiking or camping reverently
  1438. Minister's title for short
  1439. Many eastenders watchers
  1440. Determiner of heredity
  1441. ___ ta be my girl
  1442. End-of-school-year pranksters (abbr.)
  1443. Coats and hats can be hung on them
  1444. What square footage measures
  1445. Paramore genre
  1446. Running shoe brand since 1979
  1447. Expressed dissent perhaps
  1448. Tropical fruit with a purple rind
  1449. Makes less tight
  1450. Crayfish relative
  1451. Villainous scientist character maybe
  1452. Declaration of love
  1453. Folklore figure bunyan
  1454. Love interest for blair and serena in gossip girl
  1455. Can we turn on a fan?
  1456. Natural hairstyles
  1457. Aretha franklin played it
  1458. Black friday sight, often
  1459. Be happy to receive
  1460. Where things may wash
  1461. Sam cooke's "you ___"
  1462. Miss ___ (psychic who totally faked that jamaican accent)
  1463. Hit the road, say
  1464. It's held for questioning
  1465. Where the vientiane times is published
  1466. Pulverized perfumery item
  1467. Song with the lyric 'looks like another perfect day'
  1468. Behaves like a puppy dog, say
  1469. They swing up and down in this puzzle's theme answers
  1470. Combination of rings?
  1471. Nhl nail-biters
  1472. March of dimes' original crusade
  1473. Ladder counterpart
  1474. Casino fixtures
  1475. Fleece sources
  1476. Site for eats/blow the whistle
  1477. Nerd excluders, often
  1478. 'for the boys' gp
  1479. O'neill whom j. d. salinger wanted to marry
  1480. They might be nervous
  1481. Defaced as a prank, as trees
  1482. Hard part of mathematics?
  1483. Concave kitchenware
  1484. Cheery cashier in progressive ads
  1485. Ref. with no substitute
  1486. Acct. with tax-free withdrawals, often
  1487. Franciscan missionary junípero
  1488. Outlet from a chamber
  1489. Wake-up call outcome
  1490. Martinets
  1491. Goes green?
  1492. 'i'm no exception'
  1493. Smug feeling
  1494. Glace, essentiellement