1. Treat with the identical color scheme as this puzzle
  2. ___ kane longtime all my children role
  3. Subject of a better business bureau investigation
  4. Former federal reserve chairman bernanke
  5. Where crafty people may be found online?
  6. Any member of the united nations
  7. Wooden crossings that provide protection from the weather
  8. Internet company that helped launch tmz
  9. The national aeronautics and space administration for one
  10. One-ups
  11. Host tyler of whose line is it anyway?
  12. Media protector introduced in the 80s
  13. Sphere of power
  14. Luncheon of the boating party artist
  15. Robert the ___ much-storied king of scotland
  16. Classic poem that begins it was many and many a year ago / in a kingdom by the sea
  17. Subject of a book that goes from apple to zebra
  18. Leader who succeeded his adoptive father
  19. Trees whose name sounds like letters of the alphabet
  20. Gorilla expert fossey
  21. Racing legend earnhardt
  22. Held to account
  23. Gq or ew
  24. __ batman!: robin's cry upon spotting the ends of the answers to starred clues?
  25. Hard to stop air conditioners
  26. Hall of fame dodger manager tommy
  27. Trumbo oscar nominee cranston
  28. 2019 shawn mendes song that he first performed on snl: 5 wds.
  29. Avocado spread for short
  30. Word that can follow space or salad
  31. Egg foo ___ (chinese-american omelet)
  32. Actress petty who played lolly on orange is the new black
  33. Like hair that's purple blue or green
  34. Gillette brand that preceded the trac ii
  35. It might perch on a telephone wire
  36. Weapon needing bullets
  37. Treasure ___ (collections of valuables)
  38. What is this in ___ to? (why are you calling?)
  39. Juice box brand: hyph.
  40. Letters indicating distress
  41. Certify with a seal as a document
  42. Ostrich's cousin down under
  43. Used a barstool
  44. A messy eater might use one
  45. Decoration on a wrapped gift
  46. Stick deodorant alternative
  47. Peon in feudal times
  48. Fencer's sword that's not a saber or foil
  49. Take the ___ route (drive a less direct path)
  50. Actress elisabeth of amazon's the boys
  51. Puts into a soundproof booth perhaps
  52. Need i ___ more?
  53. Make a run for it
  54. ___ ticonderoga (revolutionary war site)
  55. Three-ingredient deli sandwiches for short
  56. ___ up some dirt (find scandalous information)
  57. Comic-book hero judge ___
  58. Ending for northwest or southeast
  59. Actress russo who appeared in avengers: endgame
  60. Unit of measure for a rancher
  61. Shake ___! (hurry up!): 2 wds.
  62. 2015 shawn mendes song with a video set in a parking garage
  63. Sonic effect in a large empty room
  64. Include in an acceptance speech
  65. Reversed an unfavorable situation and what you did in the theme answers
  66. Either of a pair in the tour de france
  67. Bad-smelling flower?
  68. Burnett or lovato
  69. Plays shows all around
  70. Good person hyperbolically
  71. It contains job descriptions
  72. Harm the dignity of
  73. Vowel sound in sigh
  74. Wine country valley
  75. Modifier for some music genre names
  76. Away from the center
  77. Org. scanning flyers
  78. Part of nsfw
  79. Harbor platform
  80. Soccer shoe protrusion
  81. Sits in the hot sun
  82. Least ideal
  83. A black lady sketch show producer issa
  84. Moved like toothpaste
  85. Hand sanitizer's target
  86. Summoned as a doctor
  87. Kettle's output
  88. Noble gas in lights
  89. Not hanging loose
  90. Make incorrect decisions
  91. Say more please
  92. It can be snail or e
  93. Dawson of rent
  94. It's smaller than micro-
  95. Sandwich sometimes made with facon
  96. ___ drop soup
  97. Invitation preposition
  98. Batted at like a kitten might
  99. Illusion-based visual style
  100. Frozen ii queen
  101. Ap english course for short
  102. Dumpster fire output
  103. Its stops include congress heights and federal triangle
  104. Uno mas uno
  105. Eat in a field
  106. Devoid of clothing
  107. They tried to bury us. they didn't know we were ___
  108. Gets down on both knees perhaps
  109. Job palindromically
  110. Haul to the dealership
  111. Thing of worth
  112. Russian region
  113. Spanish music
  114. Tremor of the ground
  115. Go by car
  116. Personal equipment
  117. Emperor’s wife
  118. Seek in vain
  119. Sharp-edged cutting instrument
  120. Jacket worn in dance
  121. Pacify primate with vegetables
  122. Stop altering letters
  123. Mailed nets off
  124. Difficulty for the first currency
  125. Serbia confused with one part of cold place
  126. Confused bale is skilful
  127. Negative out of ignorance
  128. Genus of plants of the saxifrage family with ornamental spikes of pink red or white flowers
  129. 1848 novel by william thackeray subtitled a novel without a hero
  130. Georgy — minister of defence of the soviet union from 1955-57
  131. James — best director oscar nominee for howards end a room with a view and the remains of the day
  132. John — actor who played blake carrington in us television drama series dynasty
  133. Collective noun for a group of quail
  134. John — 19th-century british statesman who led the anti-corn-law league with richard cobden
  135. Mediterranean coastal region between cannes france and la spezia italy
  136. Anneka — welsh television presenter whose credits include treasure hunt and wish you were here?
  137. Yellow-flowered evergreen shrub of the pea family also called furze
  138. Isle of — area of kent formerly separated from the mainland by the wantsum channel
  139. Archaic name for feast holy innocents' day held on 28th december in the western church
  140. Tony — snooker player; 1983 professional players tournament winner
  141. Egyptian sun god; one of the great ennead
  142. Tributary of the river thames that flows through oxford
  143. 1939 novel by patrick white
  144. Test cricket ground; headquarters of nottinghamshire ccc
  145. Musical interval considered as having eight steps
  146. Humphrey successor
  147. Would you have guessed? [last letter]
  148. Cabinet for curios [first letter]
  149. Common after-dinner entertainment
  150. Smartphones __ card [first letter]
  151. Class needing scientific calculators
  152. Unseats judge avoiding historic conflicts
  153. Variant of belgian language
  154. What some solicitors do on hearing a charge
  155. Where you'll find man in the street champions album newly released
  156. Worried after reversal of gun control
  157. Young peers happily sharing a mistress?
  158. A reptile about to strike - i must be agile
  159. Account in connection with amount of land
  160. After loose scrum, dismiss pack on one’s back
  161. Allude to trapping beast coming up from foreign parts
  162. Arguments from rivals after quiet jaunt
  163. Artist showing a lot of daring around rocks, taking end of chisel to one
  164. Artist with tight clothing threatening swimmer
  165. Asian religion - no hits
  166. Author of nonsense poems and limericks, d. 1888
  167. Avian features around turbulent lake? they're not too strong
  168. Bird going up rubbish heap gets very little to eat
  169. Blackmail english team hosting wrong side at lord's
  170. Blink - shut-eye?
  171. Boat from south jersey or guernsey?
  172. Brass section's top piercing note
  173. Breed of dog, one lean aggressive type
  174. Brought up nonsense about performer
  175. Cancel plant after one american withdraws
  176. Car - cat
  177. Careers madly round house for something to put shirt on?
  178. Change in entirety, for all time
  179. Chap i encountered in examination of nobleman's land
  180. China, third-rate location for alpines
  181. Clergyman, one accepting king's mistress as an exotic dish
  182. Coarse stuff from contrary girl booked after game?
  183. Composer's lightest note in rising melody
  184. Conclude sappers like working
  185. Countryman to consider keeping wife and daughter apart
  186. Criminal handlers of stolen goods keeping identification secrets
  187. Crush half of troy weight
  188. Cultivated bush sheltering rook perhaps?
  189. Democrat moving in to make changes for promoters
  190. Eastern firm set up by an indian, perhaps
  191. Eg clydesdale press first to show revolutionary engine
  192. Eg, foxtrot or tango
  193. Elasticated band for fastening hair
  194. Electric current, in various places, brings about wonders on screen
  195. Engineer chappie on island turned up dead
  196. Enlist who is set to work in support for the opposition?
  197. Extra circle in dance - suggestion for the hula?
  198. Former partner strongly criticises european extension
  199. Former star of american musicals in a main role?
  200. French madame and monsieur have words before ceremony
  201. Gain worth cryptically having a fit
  202. Gather where beaver's seen and weather the storm
  203. Government absolutely should embrace liberal links
  204. Hairdresser: one supplying insults?
  205. Helium, for example
  206. Heralding british taking on us city planning policy?
  207. Incompetent pirate may be getting better and ready to encompass end of sea dog on shallow water
  208. Islam's holy book
  209. Japanese art, complete with fine raised frame
  210. Judge from spain comes across the wrong way
  211. Judge recording to be without opening catchy tune
  212. Key argument in legal document
  213. Knock over empty potty; headstrong toddler may get it
  214. Lady from lisbon hears no evil
  215. Largest uk cinema chain
  216. Lash out, taking extremely lucrative journey
  217. Last few batsmen lie, so they say
  218. Last of shade still protecting excessively hot canine
  219. Little fruit from greek imitator
  220. Location that’s superb when going back
  221. Main channel's receiver concealing coating of rust
  222. Measure of quake magnitude
  223. Merry monarch's order for salad?
  224. Moan about feeble national trust
  225. Most equable ladies regularly appearing in film
  226. Niche product ultimately diverted folk
  227. Not too good east of prairies for a picnic
  228. Nothing in london and paris ahead of endless discussion about china?
  229. Nurses treated current stabbing early in the day
  230. On paper, maintain shortcut
  231. One chattering should be quiet with snake adjacent
  232. One furnishes capital home with more elaborate fencing
  233. One who imitates leaders of peta yet chooses to wear fur?
  234. Onion place - possibly descriptive of france at some time
  235. Overact badly, receiving worried member's standard warning
  236. Part of training regime on ship has youngsters boxing
  237. Party seen to be in contravention
  238. Patriots withdrawing singular honour for hollywood legend?
  239. People who hide on board, hoping not to pay for the trip
  240. Person in theatre who performs surgery using rubber and ruler
  241. Person one detests - ie not beer
  242. Playwright once releasing book to be grabbed by males ready for casting?
  243. Pudding where we'd expect to see tea, it's said
  244. Putting self-portrait on display, bashfully
  245. Recalled best serve, right one for various things
  246. Records describing campaign returned to lounge
  247. Reflex spasm of the diaphragm, producing a gulping sound
  248. Refuse to acknowledge sample from golden years
  249. Remove fellows attending party
  250. Restraint used to slow a wheel's rotation
  251. Result of making mini bats for children's game?
  252. Right to vote in an election
  253. Rising volume with air conditioning that makes puss go mad?
  254. Sailor looking fatigued aboard, running back and forth
  255. Salad plant to reveal unexpectedly to big cat, first off
  256. Scientist's recent quality falling short
  257. Skip university in pursuit of love
  258. Small measure of semi-solid food
  259. Someone from dar es salaam?
  260. Someone who writes in french, to the thunderer?
  261. Source of cutting gear and machinery
  262. Special gift almost certainly something valuable
  263. Spiteful person used to remove vetness from vindscreen?
  264. Spy; burrower
  265. Sudden anxiety with satyr-like character in charge
  266. Tacky individual originally in very small plainclothes unit
  267. Take out child, heading off after school on vacation
  268. Tart crumbled in officers’ dining room makes a soft base
  269. Tear wrapping from éclair that’s readier to eat
  270. Technical word island country used for “ending”
  271. The type to put in an order
  272. Time taken for a specified planet to go round the sun
  273. Town, perhaps, left in the grip of progress
  274. Traditional requirements for roasting shrew?
  275. Try case of larceny hesitantly
  276. Uncultivated area
  277. Uneasy and unready to receive, getting out
  278. At no time [initials]
  279. Carrier with tokyo hq
  280. Days prior
  281. In a dark mood
  282. Beer fermenting agent
  283. Winning slot machine line
  284. Gig for a clown
  285. Author gide
  286. Land treaty word
  287. Go viral
  288. Cyber security org
  289. Fitness training apparel
  290. Stray [last letter]
  291. Port sse of sanaa
  292. Bulk candy containers
  293. __ laredo (rio grande city)
  294. Far from pleased
  295. Afc south athletes
  296. Low-soot light source
  297. Sen warren, eg
  298. Shutterbug who bugs
  299. About 11 percent
  300. Stout choices
  301. Audible respiration
  302. Violate a truce
  303. Drug injector
  304. Scoring play stat
  305. Brown-bottled beverage
  306. Arnolds co-conspirator
  307. Pinball wizards reward
  308. Service animal
  309. Say good things about
  310. 20s headline nickname
  311. Appeal for aid
  312. Word with dollar or dog
  313. What this clue has two of
  314. Chile chain
  315. What some potato skins are
  316. Its cleared for takeoff
  317. Certain tusker
  318. 60s ag
  319. Occult observations
  320. City grid feature
  321. Nyc hoops venue
  322. So there it is!
  323. Shoes made by reebok
  324. Sufferer cleansed by jesus
  325. Turns the wheel
  326. Rest easy! [initials]
  327. One in a wet suit
  328. John in albert hall
  329. Cotton-tipped product
  330. Word before show or secret
  331. Hair annoyance [initials]
  332. Zero calorie mixer [initials]
  333. Most knotty
  334. One of the old big three
  335. Steam, for one
  336. Minor peer answer
  337. Term for a hotel page in the us
  338. Small bluefin tuna with long pectoral fins
  339. Greek hero with superhuman musical skills
  340. The wasp factory novelist
  341. Vehicle that makes wide turns
  342. Fijian golfer who won the 2008 fedex cup (2 wds.)
  343. Inhabitants of a classroom farm
  344. Actress winningham of american horror story
  345. Holiday that ends holy week
  346. Garments with underwires
  347. Actor benjamin of law & order
  348. English golfer who won the 2018 fedex cup (2 wds.)
  349. Swedish golfer who won the 2013 fedex cup (2 wds.)
  350. In da club rapper 50 ___
  351. Schoolyard comeback (2 wds.)
  352. Comfy shoe with holes in the top
  353. Beyoncé's vocal range
  354. Gas in bright open 24 hours signs
  355. Mlb division for the mets and the nats (abbr.)
  356. Flow regulator in a heart or on a trumpet
  357. Sligo's country (abbr.)
  358. Finding neverland dog
  359. The book of mormon co-creator ___ parker
  360. Chili con ___ (spicy entrée)
  361. Holiday ___ (christmas film starring bing crosby)
  362. The first r in r & r
  363. Sault ___ marie michigan
  364. Granola bar tidbit
  365. One of nine clue cards
  366. Measure of precipitation
  367. I'm all ears! (2 wds.)
  368. Five-time wimbledon champion borg
  369. Like a farming community
  370. Thinks in southern slang
  371. Botanical victory symbol
  372. Used item of clothing
  373. Starred as butch cassidy
  374. Applies paint lightly
  375. Lightweight crown
  376. Founder of asia religion
  377. Source of online information
  378. Triangular end of wall
  379. Confier
  380. Baseball kit
  381. Mousy fearful
  382. Waned abated
  383. Just a little (inf)
  384. Location for making movies
  385. Lincoln creator of big nate
  386. Pass by like time 6 letters
  387. Deva victrix
  388. Mountain path
  389. Touch or sight
  390. American psycho author bret easton ___
  391. Kay & ___ comedy central's sketch comedy series
  392. Pecan or peanut, eg
  393. Coded pest
  394. Try, as a mai tai
  395. Sacred recess
  396. What the agog wait with
  397. Tesla starter
  398. Ability to amuse
  399. Genre for abba
  400. Lesh of the grateful dead
  401. Iota follows it
  402. Land on a gulf
  403. Part of the dhs
  404. Opposite of mal
  405. Like happy hour attendees
  406. Coming clean phrase
  407. Surface for the golden knights
  408. Build with imperfections
  409. Gets in the net
  410. Some are sworn
  411. Bring in the barley, say
  412. The minnesota lynxs org
  413. Be omniscient
  414. Put an asterisk on
  415. Say a second time
  416. 1969 wimbledon champion jones
  417. Emerge(d) victorious
  418. Whats heard by a goatherd
  419. T sizes, briefly
  420. Made colonial music, in a way
  421. Online contact info, casually
  422. Opposite of subtract mathematically
  423. ___ friedman guitarist and backing vocalist who toured with creed from 2009 to 2012
  424. Prescribed medications: abbr.
  425. Flirt with persistently with on
  426. Gymnast's floor cover
  427. Fromer lead vocalist of creed on the albums human clay and my own prison: 2 wds.
  428. Boxing match segment
  429. Name of a dozen popes
  430. ___ majesty's secret service: 2 wds.
  431. Mark ___ guitarist and vocalist of creed from 1993 to 2004 and 2009 to 2012
  432. ___ marshall bass guitarist of creed from 1993 to 2000 and 2009 to 2012
  433. Slippery as winter sidewalks
  434. This is ____! (300 dialogue)
  435. ___ time (manager's dictum): 2 wds.
  436. Social pressure source?
  437. Penny pincher (rhymes with biker)
  438. Statistic for lou gehrig or manny ramirez (anagram of 53a): abbr.
  439. January holiday initials
  440. Containing neither meat nor dairy
  441. New world songbird
  442. Expert in a certain topic
  443. It flows from the cottian alps to the adriatic
  444. Lead-in to -scope
  445. Regular at a fitness center
  446. Something cast in cleromancy
  447. Rugged class
  448. Cash ___ (restaurant caveat)
  449. Insecte coléoptère vert doré
  450. Abbr for an open slot
  451. Dressing room attendant
  452. Some kaffiyeh wearers
  453. Clean, as a lab coat?
  454. Horrify, in hampshire
  455. Assouplir e
  456. Eggs florentine, once?
  457. Bishops gathering
  458. One who bugs another person?
  459. Interweave, as hair
  460. Super bowl liii loser
  461. Island near krakatoa
  462. Ebbing and flowing, say
  463. Taunt or annoy
  464. ___ mai (boo'd up singer)
  465. Closest pals slangily
  466. 0.17 square miles for vatican city
  467. Looks over rapidly
  468. Tries to shed some pounds
  469. Like jalapenos
  470. Exhibit as art
  471. Strongly against
  472. Often-torn knee part for short
  473. Home to an english racecourse
  474. Lil ___ x (panini rapper)
  475. Inspiring talk type
  476. Moves as fast as possible
  477. Salty parts of margarita glasses
  478. Alma mater of 20 british prime ministers
  479. Vermont's time zone
  480. Standout on the gridiron
  481. British playground area
  482. Dessert often baked in a ramekin
  483. Cross words about a puzzle?
  484. Refrains from eating
  485. Like some condos
  486. Prepare to hit as a dartboard
  487. Music site with a big youtube following
  488. Satellite radio company
  489. Prince harry to archie
  490. Top scores for simone biles
  491. Who wants to visit muscle beach
  492. Evil agency in get smart
  493. Street stand with full permits
  494. Tattoos show
  495. Perdre sa fraicheur
  496. Real-time sports commentary
  497. Incremental
  498. Ab-toning exercise
  499. Bright stars
  500. Hotel giveaway
  501. Response elicitors
  502. Contradictory idea
  503. Shape of a kiwifruit
  504. New england nfl team for short
  505. Not able to lift much weight at the gym
  506. Opera singer with a law degree from the university of pisa: 2 wds.
  507. Pieces of equipment not used by unplugged guitarists
  508. Where the nostrils are
  509. Radio and tv journalist with a degree from brooklyn law school: 2 wds.
  510. Oh ___ your heart!
  511. Prefix for integrate or interest
  512. Venue where you could have a me day
  513. ___ beans (ingredients in succotash)
  514. ___ the terrible (16th-century russian ruler)
  515. Tv talk show host with a law degree from northwestern university: 2 wds.
  516. Sleep for a half hour maybe
  517. ___ off (fired from a job)
  518. Parts of a dormitory
  519. Are not ungrammatically
  520. Author of the eerie poem the raven
  521. With 57-down tater tots maker
  522. The most popular newborn girl's name in the us in 2018
  523. New arrival in the family
  524. Lawyer dershowitz who represented claus von bülow and o.j. simpson
  525. Lathery water
  526. Chaz ___ (cher's son)
  527. Director brooks or gibson
  528. Web browser's page organizers
  529. Word that can go before inspiring or struck
  530. For-hire vehicle that's often yellow
  531. Pen ___ (distant correspondent)
  532. Color of a bullfighter's cape
  533. ___ mask (headwear that can be pulled down to cover the face)
  534. ___ never tell!
  535. Whip it band that was nominated for the rock and roll hall of fame
  536. Nickname of mariska hargitay's law & order: svu character
  537. Cookie whose flavor is used in a lip balm
  538. It's served with the main course
  539. One of the sounds made by rice krispies
  540. Email that you might ignore
  541. What have ___ to lose?: 2 wds.
  542. Home for a farmer's pigs
  543. The ___ squad (claire danes film)
  544. The empire strikes back pilot ___ solo
  545. Limb that extends from the shoulder
  546. ___ perfect world …: 2 wds.
  547. Place for christmas ornaments
  548. Standing ___ roast (beef entree)
  549. Poke sharply with a finger