1. Does prohibition-buster have the ability to provide a conduit for trade?
  2. Punitive action to restrict duke is what egalitarians want
  3. Priest touring see with crook
  4. Ham sandwich consumed with a drink standing
  5. Romanian professional tennis player
  6. Egghead's associate makes decisive moves on board
  7. Cleaner faces ruin, hooked on dope and heroin
  8. Leading 19 down - talk of the town
  9. Warlike skill shown when wearing coat of mail, perhaps
  10. Expel from a party in true fashion
  11. Seed with thick centre about to burst open
  12. Top secret primate?
  13. The bad life (certain diet)
  14. Kofi's people in lacklustre display
  15. Feature cool on a rodent
  16. At which point i don't want any more drink
  17. A 'red' flower becomes white and smooth
  18. No beef for kippers!
  19. Operation of falling in love?
  20. Lives with corrupt desires
  21. She's not quite like other girls
  22. Arithmetic is rejected by renaissance scholar
  23. Bt swapped wooden spoon for other prize
  24. The highlight of the nativity
  25. Finance companies issuing notes, not silver
  26. Unfit, so ousted
  27. Fears losing head and making blunders
  28. Public company that could be mine
  29. I call round on pressing business
  30. Slowly executed movements get a soldier into difficulties
  31. Wine, or pop
  32. Two universities in contention with the french mouthpiece
  33. Murphy was sick when 'e left
  34. Eagles can initially excite her
  35. Where the charges are not charged?
  36. Infection spreading up a leg
  37. Succour can come from refined bishop
  38. Swarm seen in retrospect as seemly
  39. An integral part of the house
  40. Pouring out for us exclusively
  41. Letter lost, allowed to fall on the ground
  42. Rising temper is a foregone conclusion
  43. Protest, showing some degenerate tarts no mercy in return
  44. Corral by which holy man keeps house in state
  45. Woman in wild is wild woman
  46. Failure is about to enter partnership
  47. Slimy, backward dregs of humanity embracing open university
  48. The worst place one can be - in pocket of thin coat
  49. Medic has a try to catch little monster
  50. Unknown hack to go to court over dish
  51. Hard rain falling on the dragon
  52. Father, perhaps, to tear about continually
  53. Motorway pile-up with hospital involved: a confused mess
  54. Hammer-wielder taking short chopper to chest
  55. Put at risk the outcome with ill-temper
  56. Cutter cut boy of an ancient region
  57. Drink absorbed in smart fabric
  58. Monitor shot girl
  59. Waif shows vital energy when boarding vessel
  60. Capital asset supports family
  61. Prepare glue, bond and stick
  62. Eccentricity of uneven quality
  63. Sailor comes up a rope - this one?
  64. Settles for cat food
  65. Entertainer at the 1 across?
  66. Inspiration for waugh's decline and fall, man at arms and two books further!
  67. Does jesus want bunthorne in exchange for this old car?
  68. She designs exotic lycra mantles etc
  69. What guarantees it's a boy? m-more choosy selection
  70. Marks ivan the terrible's english heart
  71. Imran khan has a cross to bear
  72. Avoiding girl getting ring
  73. Arranged unfortunately to include one publicly accused
  74. Introducing author to a senior artificer
  75. That is up to the german flier
  76. Not happy about lawrence's place
  77. Stops at a nice part? how wicked!
  78. He wrote about eliza mole
  79. Setter's relative energy encompasses student on first row
  80. Opera lover lost in transit
  81. This bloomer could be a big one
  82. Noble that is royal before
  83. 1 5's craft is quite likely to prosper
  84. Intersection at bologna, perhaps
  85. Make allowances for endless stretch at university at conclusion of course
  86. Common toilet - make for it!
  87. Alkaline compound of unstable character absorbing shortfall on the side
  88. Three rights, one heartless, make a wrong
  89. A brief question about 4 leaves you trembling
  90. Desired for rejection of reject, noted discrimination admitted
  91. Test we hear? a river
  92. Town fast approaching north
  93. I haven't cut up on motorway in colourless environment? i probably have!
  94. Middle of city centre scrapped in redevelopment, possibly?
  95. During send-off, show idle characters, such as women of leisure
  96. Cringeworthy cryptic clue got in (about hitler's bottom)
  97. A short-lived engagement
  98. Is afraid of disturbing adders
  99. Merchant who was in debt for a pound
  100. Ernest broke records
  101. Hope yet for an art form
  102. Difficult week in a hospital department
  103. Pays bill, say, for furniture
  104. Exercise with it in chatham
  105. Curse with 8
  106. Setter's function, one given to deceive
  107. ... a large area and not with people
  108. Poem in neat milton fashion, but cloying
  109. A girl to beat vigourously, perhaps
  110. Gettin' a lift in hertfordshire
  111. Former english kingdom reduced, thanks to our neighbours
  112. 15 novel, 'terrible truth of loco thorpe'
  113. Tradesman's admission is perfect
  114. Appearing anaemic, if left for dead, cures sought here within island
  115. ... by italian one either way in london, on order
  116. Point to virtually dumb filth
  117. Suspicious bag unopened
  118. Undesirable movement practically contained
  119. Plague of live television
  120. Top wine waiter's pointless and muddled, showing sluggishness
  121. Sinister cult has locked up its riches
  122. A conventional us vessel for pulling back round a country
  123. Bucolics, say, turn up to feed drug to pointer
  124. Sporting myth - viewer has to be treated with a 'v'
  125. Syrian city not prepared to support macallistair's enlightenment?
  126. This vehicle reverses into its club
  127. Understanding needed to encode a letter in translation?
  128. Encourage head to drop towards feet of clay ...
  129. The guardian's about to make a stink
  130. Children taking mariner to a watery grave, perhaps
  131. Putting prophet up in model dwelling results in triangular relationship
  132. Girl kept downstairs (being non-u) going to dance, finally?
  133. The commander's rather naughty religious ruling
  134. Signal to approach amateur footballer
  135. Sword protects leader of boston spa from a chessman's breach of rule 4
  136. Expression for madman accepting commission on island
  137. Senior church figure in a skirt
  138. Lawrence enters hell in tramp's religion
  139. Overthrow fat obstacle
  140. Springtime visitor from afar catching flower and fish
  141. Feel very cross with girl keeping support up
  142. Moment that can worry sheep and cattle
  143. Jar in which pound may be kept in ready money
  144. Superior tram?
  145. Completely wrong direction
  146. Cooked best o' fare?
  147. Follow rex in to make certain
  148. Covers being used to protect sheep
  149. Batting short time - more unpleasant bouncer may threaten one
  150. Cordial conspirator not favoured by the top people
  151. Radiation from sun absorbed by mrs bather damaged organ
  152. Piece of music from h. alpert we'd often played
  153. Hauled from location on the south coast
  154. Nothing twitching in the ear
  155. Algonquin creed dressed up in high-flown language
  156. People looking down on others in mum's row of houses
  157. Chap in charge of meryl keeping time with arrivals in group
  158. Backward boy, about first century, with a lot ... with a lot of energy
  159. Single drink taken by mouth - externally in the first place
  160. Incendiary mob with brief frenzy
  161. Scientist without direction, not good enough for milton keynes?
  162. Artist to draw game
  163. Verse in poet with another saucy addition
  164. Don't run so much, even though showing no distress
  165. Looks on minerals as horrible things
  166. Credit with having the very best
  167. A woman wanting information about the west
  168. Not so reasonable - really a bit of a pig
  169. Held in check, so fell behind others
  170. Corpulent oriental lot!
  171. Rush around and secure a useful appliance
  172. Thin sheet metal used for fencing
  173. Give the underworld boss a month and cause consternation
  174. Gain or otherwise from rowing
  175. Property of some interest - a tentative offer seems likely
  176. Little one goes into two, which goes into 1,100 - basic sort of division
  177. Financial centre almost entering tangible performance
  178. Dickensian pervert
  179. Yarn spun around about shows style
  180. Noted study (ho hum): pedestrian activity
  181. Bow in peking oddly during minor blast
  182. People making fish fingers heading off to river
  183. Where napoleon bonaparte delivered source of drug, having admitted the strain of office work
  184. How odd a call to stop
  185. Danger signal makes all but 50 prepare for battle
  186. Milan university turning out graduates
  187. Report of big air crash
  188. Cooked hash set all solid - must be long-standing
  189. Fellow sailor says blair wants his tea stirred round
  190. Senility makes chief magistrate display thanks
  191. Mischievous when the month starts late
  192. Fruit tree for community leader
  193. Stopping: not out to prolong outdoor hobby
  194. Talk affectedly at me first about the fruit mixture
  195. Transvestite unlikely to dominate a relationship
  196. Follow story read out
  197. Poorish lad used as subject for genetic research
  198. Thrust may provide sauce briefly?
  199. Cord is flipping original
  200. London location supplying english pork and cherry pie
  201. Unethical business exchange, involving hot food previously
  202. Kentish town is, like, in favour of obstructing lawrence's return
  203. Feverish city rep gets treatment
  204. In modern parlance, i emphatically eschew having regular teeth
  205. Fling with frequency
  206. A tiresome character consuming single drink at the first local
  207. Compiler conceals name of old scold
  208. City, seized by strange inclination, goes belly up
  209. Animal's low points
  210. I brawl endlessly over plant extract
  211. You are on a mobile, giving his location
  212. Musical tempo above ground?
  213. Sportsman in london suburb deprived of space
  214. Item: 'three volunteers - you, you and you!'
  215. Numbers of little stones?
  216. Impale - it could lead to an early demise
  217. Tramp got up! about time!
  218. Real bargain for a publishing house
  219. Body part that provides limited motion
  220. Nutty treat in new orleans
  221. The ego feels no injury
  222. Like mosley - no saint, but a name above business
  223. Where patients are treated internally
  224. Shadows on the log hearth
  225. Mind about mid-afternoon drift
  226. A stage partnership?
  227. Perhaps men say he's a sycophant
  228. Song that once charmed ulysses
  229. Sphere of vision
  230. Person who stoops to alcoholic excess?
  231. Eleventh hour revival from the side
  232. Wreck shoe, turn grey
  233. Slip without leader into recess
  234. Day nothing changed?
  235. Seat for the beach
  236. Fixed intention
  237. Loosen open
  238. ... blue sort of clue
  239. Alfred the great's exceptional home economics report?
  240. Part of pound - i mean part of dollar
  241. End of rope in tangle could be this
  242. Body meeting to pledge help to golfers?
  243. Graduate's sporting association in the island
  244. Thinks too highly of what concerns cricketers
  245. Peculiar people with time for a scrap
  246. Drank a lot back at the store
  247. Condition of the (very best) paintings?
  248. A language, possibly vital one
  249. Clock up and send money in payment
  250. Pitch assistance turning up over ball game
  251. The breaking position?
  252. A painter is artificial, if not natural
  253. Monster with no drink to knock back?
  254. Undemonstrative conservative getting on with it
  255. We raised a bloom, a monster
  256. An officer is beginning to train one without special skills
  257. Blighters start to court publicity
  258. Old headmaster giving orlando maths revision
  259. Shakespearean king's daughter depicted by stubbs
  260. Moving cautiously, say, to admit a transgression
  261. Pace to entrance say
  262. So-called man-lion hybrid
  263. She may be a little time
  264. ... to turn paris into a dream, ...
  265. Ring devout woman about word
  266. Main type of fastener
  267. ... skill and experience
  268. Gun-toting general's deputy
  269. The subject of progeny
  270. Have offspring and, inevitably, a mess!
  271. Providing tea for single companion
  272. A director's tip
  273. Prime minister lets go and goes to pieces
  274. Gentlemen of the press making cracks?
  275. Book - something to fall back on
  276. Get-up that makes a sober individual rage
  277. A couple of beasts uniting could present a problem
  278. A consumer bearing with a change of rate
  279. Vow made by page left on one side
  280. Transient arrangement needed right now
  281. Collective name of the countries of central and eastern europe under soviet domination during the cold war
  282. 1887 stage play by arthur wing pinero
  283. Site of a benedictine monastery in central italy accidentally destroyed by the allies in 1944
  284. Francisco de — 16th-century spanish explorer who completed the first known navigation of the entire length of the amazon river
  285. Songbird of the old world tropics with a glossy black plumage and forked tail
  286. Author of 1789 novel the castles of athlin and dunbayne
  287. Form of off-road motorcycle racing also known as scrambling
  288. Town in namibia situated on a bay formerly known as angra pequena
  289. Cesar — swiss hotelier who died in 1918
  290. Large flightless bird of northeast australia and new guinea
  291. Town in lazio italy to the east of rome containing the remains of hadrian's villa
  292. Jo — 1987 wimbledon mixed doubles tennis championship winner with jeremy bates
  293. Crush ostentation - damn!
  294. Brian — english composer and record producer associated with ambient music
  295. Us actor who played zeke kelso in 1965 comedy film that darn cat!
  296. Dwarf in norse mythology who has a magical ring that can produce gold
  297. 2004 novel by karin slaughter
  298. Necklace worn by tutor casually
  299. Stand and turn after backing enigmatist's setting
  300. A decadent poet admits verse by churchman's right
  301. Artists apply to less than saintly monk
  302. Cosmetic treatment for hyperactive waterway
  303. Dodgy, squire (nudge nudge wink wink)!
  304. Labourer covering a test drops note of support for bowler?
  305. Rupture received in the same place in ireland
  306. 9 place of spanish origin
  307. Dated lad with hot turns
  308. 19's hair needing combing?
  309. 19 walker to pole captures dictator
  310. 19's expression of contempt about time
  311. Most unorthodox love until now
  312. Seek to dispose of bird
  313. Surprised expression in group to be neglected
  314. Scottish highland coastal village
  315. Singer left most of troops from down under
  316. G-girl teacher in old see-through vehicle
  317. One in wig finding way through wall
  318. One instrument or another? no thanks love
  319. Weaving? here? this is most essential
  320. Uprising hordes obscuring donkey, black, obscuring device
  321. Club managed by county's opener in the cricket side
  322. One set off after another with revolutionary, or the incas
  323. Decorated a lid in freehand
  324. The dollar showed the way, but then collapsed
  325. Europeans can create sensation
  326. A bank hold-up?
  327. Most responsible soldiers start a retreat
  328. Timekeeper for ebbing process
  329. Winds up clock initially and then forgets
  330. Slave-driver to name ratty characters for punishment
  331. Short coffee-colour garment
  332. Instrument made by hunter out of broken harp
  333. Wild ass threw stones
  334. Curtains available rather in europe than further east
  335. Late arab leader when downhearted
  336. Books are rejected but could be an inspiration
  337. Little sheep rejecting a doctor for a false god
  338. In confusion one girl takes a pill
  339. Drunkards are about, even in kent
  340. Irish prison officers have taken to the bottle
  341. Ragtimer's weed?
  342. Copper in dealing with fur is not wholly lost
  343. 10, 16, 18's disavowal of 1 across provides un agent with naughty cat - miaow!
  344. Tree retaining a classical part, which is sticky
  345. House on river for big game
  346. Hooter in the morris cowley
  347. Tree's parts in restoration dramatist's film
  348. You silly bbc! at sea about diplomacy, using intimidating methods
  349. Musical shot with a form of 9 by tree and field
  350. Weed-chopping tools
  351. Kind of light protection
  352. Fail to justify half of conviction
  353. Washrooms for short
  354. Sign of iron age mining
  355. Mug that can be lifted
  356. This book is bound to last
  357. Silent street performer
  358. It boosts latin for a change
  359. Tutor following ...
  360. Vineyard fruits
  361. Jan. holiday honoree
  362. Evidence of depression?
  363. Cards required for this pastime!
  364. It bears the burden onto it as arranged
  365. All of the pack and then some seaman
  366. To arrange willy-nilly, which mandelson and ayling did, is accepted
  367. Sounds like a company car
  368. Lady diana manipulated?
  369. Pacific character of a drug, amphetamine, being reversed
  370. March sunny? not entirely - diabolical
  371. Two events in one for cycle, sites of 2004 and 1948 olympics half-completed
  372. Point to eradicate or delete
  373. Little land is left to the east
  374. Vocalists who scale the heights
  375. The spanish, say, take time out to find a deputy
  376. A portion's spread out to kill vermin
  377. Maintained unusual tidiness
  378. Secret american resort
  379. Generally having a regional accent?
  380. A drink that the darts player needs
  381. A beater for those who carry the guns?
  382. Semite in the desert is attached to oriental dance
  383. Development in greece men vandalised
  384. King manipulated heart-felt rage about germany
  385. 'sign on sheet!' - force individuals to stand around
  386. One ridicules small chest
  387. A paper under consideration
  388. Weed or plant during bad weather
  389. A short stay in cold hospital, to cure this?
  390. African explorer follows latitude line to manoeuvre into bay
  391. Almost killed before warning light is moved with no urgency
  392. Ambrose regularly ignored wife
  393. Train for show
  394. An author’s weakness — what might be said about quentin crisp hugging queen?
  395. Animal in hospital, sore unfortunately
  396. At sea, leaving opening for sailor?
  397. Bashful around papa over proper form of protection
  398. Ray the lodger's a sportsman
  399. Beware over aunt brewing purgative medicine
  400. Support expert capturing cheat
  401. Boards with yours truly over boozer
  402. Boxing minor asset transported to china?
  403. Bring up a small and good girl to drink wine for health?
  404. Tree or shrub that english nco's planted in soil
  405. Bush cricket
  406. Cake boxed up in varied amounts
  407. Chuck to leave for game
  408. City district with no hotel
  409. Classical performance area
  410. Cleaner back
  411. Clear out around pigsty with mum
  412. Coffee served with hot milk
  413. Competitors with yen for fresh start give up the fight
  414. Computer program needs attention to be published
  415. Correct objective in middle east? on the contrary
  416. Corrie's sacked staff
  417. Country screwed from the start with someone like boris briefly around
  418. Did corrupt us lawyers rent out houses with little light?
  419. Disparate states working together a fiction king feeds
  420. Drinks: concerned with price to fill empty cups?
  421. Explosive individual in explosive situation off the coast
  422. Enquires; requests
  423. Eurasian primrose with yellow flowers
  424. Finding a succession of oriental rulers in northants town - not right!
  425. Excessive labour seen travelling around north america
  426. A message those in education may come to terms with
  427. Extremely short after nothing's done
  428. Favourite early sinatra?
  429. First in sewing team, one has a thread
  430. Floor below apartment 11?
  431. Gave excellent service to ant at first, upsetting partner
  432. Go back in cab at seven
  433. Going up a trace
  434. Going without oxygen, coming round in panic i bore an airhole
  435. Parish officer who'd be about to cause trouble on tv
  436. Good breaking stone in game
  437. Graduate entry requirement includes study plan
  438. Guide round lima during festival handed out bills
  439. Having a soft spot for
  440. Heavenly event
  441. Hunk leaving northern english port
  442. Hurry down to feed plant - can start in kitchen first
  443. I'm off distributing aid to brussels
  444. In need of a drink, gp maybe ending in distillery
  445. Individual copies turned up to evaluate
  446. Innocent, beautiful
  447. Jack leaves shake that contains unpasteurised milk
  448. Laura's selective about who may introduce them
  449. List of acts forced to busk to eat
  450. Logical system error mostly with unfruitful broken lab gear
  451. Lover’s letter read out
  452. Lubricated like a spring, but not with carbon
  453. Managed, chief position
  454. Many young men bringing in nothing
  455. Match; at a distance
  456. Member of parliament enthralled by that woman's big boobs
  457. More intelligent, a little nephew is erudite
  458. Musical — crowning glory perhaps?
  459. Naked, lucy puts on revolutionary total moisturiser
  460. Name of son, also yankee
  461. Restore what sounds like rule, say
  462. Name this setter over something that comes up again
  463. Nation understanding you
  464. Nearly get wed without ring and symbolic meal
  465. Never-worn garment in a state?
  466. Play the lawyer in america without impact
  467. Note sea's rising - go in wearing these
  468. Note wave-riding champ come up again
  469. One absent after duel goes wrong
  470. One's often in meadow making love - it's wrong to look
  471. One's queen having arguments about taxes
  472. Organisation; intervention
  473. Ornithologist finally returned nest, after leg up
  474. Pimp's beginning to exploit her virtue - however, he may not succeed
  475. Plant herb, so winding around us
  476. Plant that flowers, ending around the middle of july
  477. Point at lord hall gatecrashing celebrity finale
  478. Potential fly-by-night's below royal rank
  479. Public transport cut - complaint of the countryside
  480. Put in an awkward position - it's what trump's good at
  481. Quick look round in hollywood location recalled a feature of manchester
  482. Real sos at sea, when unable to propel boat?
  483. Remaining bits reused, i gathered
  484. Robot to operate lunar excursion module
  485. Rubbish government consumed by nastiness
  486. A tree with bark?
  487. Rugby lad's annual fitness test given up
  488. Run cafe
  489. Sad brown cape changed for fawn
  490. Scholar’s leading part in standard assessment task
  491. Section of latrine needing trough emptied
  492. See a nerd performing romantic song
  493. Lay to rest party split
  494. Settled by common consent
  495. Shocking treatment in part upset old prince
  496. Single nurses are far from impressed
  497. Person who's discharged for always carrying a hand-warmer
  498. Situation for a man with iron balls?
  499. Six books date from one year
  500. Blush when attacked in beastly fashion
  501. Slow to a standstill
  502. So fine art hewn, if sculpted
  503. So many footballers in germany little help at christmas
  504. So walls go around cavity insulation
  505. Specified details put in order
  506. Spitting image fan entertains large kid with the truth
  507. State's little advantage for everyone at university
  508. Strength of unusual wines
  509. Support for driver re deaths in a crash
  510. Sweet sauce of eggs and milk
  511. Swine has large following in capital
  512. Switch carpet again
  513. Talent for finding underground bar for a quick drop
  514. Ten suspiciously following one in sheep's clothing
  515. The woman will dismiss flak, perhaps
  516. Time pedalo moved for young swimmer
  517. He'll judge a section about right with little hesitation
  518. Two letters did you say? too much
  519. Underwear that's uncool for fashion leaders? it's not important
  520. Undesirable corporation let middle eastern city stand
  521. Unprepared before accepting times rate
  522. Uproar of billions over murdered brother
  523. Volume penned by fielding?
  524. Wartime worker with doctor going back into lines
  525. Make many a pile, being economical
  526. What’s regularly taken round in party in agra?
  527. Where the umbilical cord was once attached
  528. Writer virginia, receiving honour, is coming back
  529. Wrong filling for tusk that's trouble for cavities
  530. Polish fruit, cored, is chewy
  531. Born to be stimulated by drink
  532. Outer coating of vessel
  533. Leader of investigation removed dress
  534. Spat out during sophisticated sort of comedy
  535. Dickens embraces granny before a lucky strike
  536. Literary tips accepted by regular diarist
  537. 'heavens, it's turning cold', declares seer
  538. Gammy leg? rotten eyesight? this might help
  539. Little laboratory mice operated on with old laboratory equipment
  540. It isn't all go
  541. A letter, say, may be an attachment
  542. They may be required to be met
  543. Real bargain for a football team
  544. This canine is a biter on sight
  545. One's love's not much of a picture, looking poorly
  546. One in free port deal aims to make a killing
  547. Great fiddle led dicky to sit with legs apart
  548. Eu 26 to bring about a property change
  549. A little rump steak served on ice, maybe
  550. Arrives at one’s starting point again and the first clue to the puzzle theme
  551. Something the confused might knit
  552. Some people who lick your boots are repulsive
  553. She gives service english employ
  554. Slangy reciprocation of a compliment and a second clue to the theme
  555. Marge’s neighbor
  556. Could these birds be flamingos?
  557. Nation whose leader was elected unopposed?
  558. Rejects a delivery and a third clue to the theme
  559. Rids of roughness in a way
  560. Bodies said to be at odds with what's evil
  561. Vase-shaped pitcher
  562. Namesake of the super bowl trophy
  563. Agcy. with an interest in your interest
  564. Friars club fetes
  565. Mean to smother a cry of disapproval, being shocked
  566. Playwright initially liked garment over the shoulders
  567. Parisian hat in fancy peach and gold
  568. Leather shade
  569. Sit on the throne, which is wet by the sound of it!
  570. Dynamic person with a thousand in the bank
  571. Being absent-minded, take coat to party
  572. Africa's late in starting to appreciate this dish
  573. Drink leads to nasty reaction at university
  574. Row with first person to split one's hooter
  575. She drowned up river; he raised flag
  576. Sol campbell on the bench? get away with you!
  577. Lowers stock of the hoi polloi
  578. No order for unordered currency
  579. Electron bound to arouse notice in times? quite the reverse
  580. Could be due from old sweat
  581. For a noted fair sight, they say, book that dame, diana
  582. Left first and third characters from 'count dracula's sin', failing as a play
  583. Heroine of berlin and vienna not very bothered
  584. Indicator of trouble to come before the fall
  585. Calm letter from abroad about high rise turned up
  586. Girl with bad back after a ball
  587. Butterfly man?
  588. Die to complete the training
  589. Pedal in church the french set in order
  590. Big room one left untidy - a mess
  591. The position lies precariously to begin the fighting
  592. The way to go round using a permit
  593. Code number for the fabric
  594. Admit defeat against a good player, say
  595. Foresight shown in quiet homework
  596. He entertains a lot
  597. Bold behaviour from publisher
  598. Farewell to inca characters from spanish city
  599. He makes adjustments more suitable to modern times
  600. Sheep doctor in ireland
  601. American women honour old weapon
  602. Sailor having to go round with singer
  603. Dance with male during refrain
  604. Well, just ask!
  605. Dance with love at home to record
  606. Dance with beat and vitality
  607. Dance? they say we did with topless dress!
  608. Dance in row
  609. Check fly, perhaps, having caught end of zip
  610. Infer anger by prisoner? the military might
  611. Yes i can, yet both sides dubious
  612. Fruit that has no common rhymes
  613. Mournful note - greek playing flute
  614. Lets, perhaps, be intimate in the morning
  615. Sanitising agents for scouring passages
  616. Looks like tension initially in muscles
  617. English politician in trial uproar
  618. Poet with little time for wine
  619. Biblical name for eliot's heartless mariner
  620. Free connection could bring you into such discussion
  621. Troubled, i arrive here for a seaside holiday
  622. Touchdown caller
  623. Historic british school
  624. Runs like mad
  625. Cooler to swing? nonsense!
  626. Ballpark treat
  627. Fancy scarves
  628. Notable downing street address
  629. Dudes with fab abs
  630. Fast atl crossers, once
  631. High street employees after those lifting items?
  632. Hurry off and hide
  633. Hunt down the source of
  634. One getting into old film star's bodice
  635. Country cut by a canal
  636. End-table lighting
  637. Produce carrier
  638. School zone traffic stopper
  639. Newscast story
  640. Indonesian tourist isle
  641. Low-alcohol brew
  642. Bubble-bursting sound
  643. Small amount of lotion
  644. One's no right to go in off them
  645. Mother __ (peace prize nun)
  646. Biggest australian city
  647. Claret and cabernet
  648. Last course with a crust
  649. Mini modified genera of seaweed
  650. Advantage of puzzle lacking number and name
  651. Leading united and excited
  652. Plump knight's gone thin
  653. Jeb's cut out part of sentence
  654. Part of mimi's tra-la-la-ing is bluster
  655. Bone in the doctor's fish?
  656. Johnny-come-lately means resistance
  657. Pretext about our lot being in the river
  658. In the latrine, thermometer is lower
  659. Critical comment 8 letters
  660. Soldier going up-river with a pistol
  661. Leaves flanking old game
  662. Devon borough including paignton
  663. Andy internal affairs actor
  664. Many adore a little garlic
  665. Look after the ruddy whiskey!
  666. Soft fall?
  667. Get less recoil
  668. Evidence of railroad plant
  669. It ensures you won't be spotted having christmas dinner
  670. Drawer for the christmas presents?
  671. Find crab near australian city
  672. In this way, there's a sort of thaw - but who cares?
  673. It opens up as christmas approaches
  674. 'whitehall begins to take a stand' - such words are misleading
  675. Priest and curate outed, leading to schism
  676. Monotreme with nothing on account
  677. Latin and french, these novels
  678. Untidy hairdos emanating originally from old colony
  679. Interest in making a name in american establishment
  680. Golf club lacks parking, say
  681. Schedules mean items will be thrown overboard
  682. He floated a company to avoid liquidation
  683. Stock controller's pen
  684. Turned and fled with detectives in pursuit
  685. Liqueur makes chairman so drunk!
  686. ... how medusa's snakes may be put on?
  687. Meditating for all that time ...
  688. Paint roller covers passage initially
  689. Electrical safety device for explosive lighter
  690. Insist upon a sure thing for the auditor
  691. Odd people in error in eden
  692. Norfolk town always separate
  693. Wise random number generator
  694. Pickpockets - parasites and fools
  695. Shop exit
  696. Joint force
  697. Out of which surprise, sadly, he gets into trouble, or quits
  698. Suffering a hot bum, right? dress in these!
  699. Tars, men on stormy decks
  700. Trial hero's irish girlfriend turning up in siberia
  701. The sweetener in a state of austerity? me!
  702. Here belgians note a partition with the french
  703. Sound measure destroyed bed lice
  704. Old tax docked to pay tribute
  705. Note fish hang about
  706. Attractive binding
  707. A little crawler joining the currently popular party
  708. Balance a vessel containing cold drink
  709. Talk of an irishman - soft rascal
  710. Recent stage production of 'the spy'
  711. An american indian chief could make a long story longer
  712. Cry out in pain, being chicken-hearted
  713. When overdue, a lot of books may be hidden
  714. Society follows better customs
  715. Partner embraces english girl to restore harmony
  716. Sovereign tucking into buffet gets bellyache
  717. A good match for quasimodo?
  718. Hide experienced soldiers during exercise
  719. Composition represented in recital
  720. It's unsightly to look resentful
  721. Songster of field and frolic
  722. Crush gets too much for wife at steering wheel
  723. Idler putting newspaper inside towel
  724. Nonchalantly dispel time restriction
  725. Set aside final ace and prepare to do battle with a pair of kings
  726. Weary with a line from 'the north wind'
  727. Student taken in by unfamiliar expression from america
  728. With charm and cunning, taking little time
  729. Force to renew involvement with fruit
  730. 'drop them!' - proverbial expression in asian city
  731. Puppet producing a lot of litter?
  732. Italian recipe involving one chicken's head to be plucked
  733. Seafood that's the object of heart-warming exercise
  734. 5 down with firm religious ethos
  735. Unconventionally packaged spirit aurally recounted by 23 down?
  736. Bridge hands in training get something to write on
  737. How to keep a wild echidna?
  738. Safeguard the wildlife enclosure
  739. Twist a bit off the tree
  740. Look at drill going to-and-fro
  741. One with the will to try a rocky height
  742. Part of the joint where the spat took place?
  743. Place on the border needing a sign of security
  744. Tube to get the pulse going?
  745. Killing ___ (tv drama starring emmy winner jodie comer)
  746. Double indemnity film genre
  747. Born ___ way (lady gaga song)
  748. Take one and lower one's temperature outside in town of shakespearean origin
  749. Scots girl painter embraced by cat
  750. Somewhat impolitic retention of island
  751. Inversely indicate win without knockout?
  752. Little hopper in winnie-the-pooh stories
  753. Sitcom pioneer who was in the first class of inductees into the television hall of fame (2 wds.)
  754. Broadcast news pioneer who was in the first class of inductees into the television hall of fame (3 wds.)
  755. Actor lowe of the west wing
  756. Actor gary who plays beethoven in immortal beloved
  757. Just the way you ___ (billy joel ballad)
  758. A roman catholic bible makes a very small hook
  759. Singles in a tip jar
  760. Sports league with lakers and spurs (abbr.)
  761. ___ interest (personal stake)
  762. Fictional pet detective ventura
  763. Give gas to as an engine
  764. Actor hill of suits and psych
  765. Television comedy pioneer who was a member of the first class of inductees into the television hall of fame (2 wds.)
  766. Poker player's my hand is too lousy to keep playing (2 wds.)
  767. Peter ___ peanut butter
  768. Decide once and for all (2 wds.)
  769. ___ street blues (1980s tv police drama)
  770. Prepared for a triathlon say
  771. Tesla motors co-founder ___ musk
  772. Vein rich with ore deposits
  773. The ___ dead (rock band co-founded by jerry garcia)
  774. Brewpub mugful
  775. Actress ward of fbi
  776. Former vice president al who wrote an inconvenient truth
  777. The wicked wizard gets to book a protest by the right
  778. Unit in a powerpoint presentation
  779. Bee to opie on the andy griffith show
  780. Actor eugene who has appeared in all eight of the american pie films
  781. Puts the past in the past (2 wds.)
  782. Actor ruffalo who plays the hulk in the avengers films
  783. Young sheldon actress potts
  784. Drink's not so cool, one might say
  785. Actor lugosi of classic horror films
  786. Kiss my grits waitress of classic tv
  787. Burns doesn't do any work on book
  788. A strange device is better than one with nothing right
  789. Slough keeps articles enclosed
  790. Pacifier to go on trial
  791. Was an offender heard in a province of pakistan?
  792. Tough, shrewd and practical hands rode range
  793. Nick has to stop work
  794. Talk for a change about empty apartment
  795. Showed appreciation for creation of co-designer
  796. Got together after an important point cropped up
  797. Legislation that went against the grain
  798. Vehicle it is illegal to leave in the street
  799. Roman general has a hold on father
  800. The overflowing craft of poetry
  801. Oral examinations for wine buyers?
  802. The rest of the workers call for help
  803. Create goodwill by being a close listener
  804. I turn to a matter of trivial importance
  805. Second man fitting in as chief officer
  806. Charm is not working for the royal family
  807. Seasonal listening for one awaiting a connection?
  808. Admiral finished as next to no good
  809. Pork pies provided by house agent
  810. Pump for latin translation
  811. A dart aimed at the bull
  812. Odd not to get the guardian, which is a collector's item
  813. Legitimate head deposed, which is highly 5
  814. Travel through water reflecting assumed identities
  815. A 16 can be lethal
  816. Feeling of boy getting two ducks?
  817. It describes how 3 turns up in bad form
  818. One may get drunk on ale glut or otherwise
  819. Live and die initially successfully
  820. A spy spied - hence that uncomfortable feeling?
  821. Childless woman in charge almost all round
  822. Can't gas children, possibly, but could be abducting them
  823. Dire straits of doctor led astray by professional show-off
  824. Honest, but uninteresting, artist wearing strange tights
  825. Cryptic clue about new relative
  826. Right for inclusion in theatrical hamper
  827. Tolerate being close to river
  828. Conductor for children's entertainment
  829. Urge to hand over morning to sandwich filling
  830. Declares that girl's put on weight
  831. Pouting songstress clark not without love
  832. Having no complaints when circulating, endlessly doing so?
  833. Boat more appropriate for the substance in this privileged vehicle?
  834. Unfavourable review of 'road to' movie starring bing crosby only?
  835. Skip a page turned over, referred to many times
  836. Silver and gold changed to coins in israel
  837. Peek surreptitiously
  838. He accuses falsely, as the ship's officer said
  839. A fellow with nothing to say
  840. Medic, before operation, takes out leader of soho's nonconformists
  841. Brit in oz has time in an organisation
  842. Due to the wind, oil drifts in each direction
  843. Jade's bird to strip first
  844. Sailor's something round to swallow
  845. Pots break during trip?
  846. Doubt being in irritable state
  847. Person of rank loses face over serviceman returning favour
  848. Indulgent daughter got in trouble
  849. 5 assorted musicians in illegal trade
  850. Episodes featuring pets
  851. Tropical tree with excellent hard covering
  852. Going last, i'd months to prepare
  853. Eunice bell translation shows liveliness
  854. Fellow of no practical use?
  855. A kind of english flag
  856. Show that one agrees with the head
  857. With doubly posh fellow other virtues point to modesty
  858. Original englishman's club is l-shaped
  859. Course of spenser's 20
  860. Plump for mercury without funny hat, the old perpetual roller
  861. Fry it with oil and delete rococo quality
  862. Horse for battery?
  863. Work up during morning tea?
  864. Woodwork at the fish gate
  865. Action in a struggle with tobacco
  866. Bird, no chicken, entering award with the others
  867. Change around, alien to ireland (south), to encourage advance of professional
  868. Type of switch, worn and disconnected
  869. Take risks to get chilled fish?
  870. Russian bed without a head
  871. Ability to see very well inside the boat
  872. Do a letter correctly and it will be accepted
  873. Blow the whistle to keep hands going round
  874. A hindu bear?
  875. Pad in which to make love and then rest
  876. Agile and casual, but not to begin with
  877. Eastern place of work or play is paradise
  878. Dashing chap with exotic tan on cheek
  879. Though a pound short, victualler may be making a profit
  880. The merry-go-round instrument
  881. Useless demonstrations of hunger marchers?
  882. Cover for soldiers in scrap beset by enemy at summit
  883. Opening bars, take penny off drink and bar won't close
  884. Smoker's request made for dieting
  885. Endless financial support not starting around end of may
  886. In retirement, a country boy follows a spiritual man
  887. Manilow finally worried, having offered 'silent night'
  888. Cccccc aaaaaa tttttt?
  889. Worm turning to red meat
  890. Layer around left layer
  891. With heads rolling, a desire for one's own to do so?
  892. Star inside nebula
  893. Military expedition caused havoc with capture of richard i
  894. Craftsman less inclined to work after midnight
  895. Ms new booty
  896. Real bargain for a winery
  897. Salesman is not to put on new coat
  898. Decorated tin plate
  899. Such robbery from handbags mars outing
  900. Real bargain for a bar patron
  901. Appliance for one who likes old farm vehicles?
  902. Unearth little jumper that's quite french
  903. Old pm, drunk, knocked over seat? act done carelessly! he must be rare hearty fouling up lines on stage
  904. Old right-winger gives yon revolutionary service
  905. Camp bed overlooking lake
  906. Residu pateux provenant de la distillation du petrole 4 lettres
  907. Light-hearted lady isn't last to be trashed by bigots
  908. Petite corneille noire a nuque grise 7 lettres
  909. Under fire first to last, reportedly showing style
  910. There's trouble in a book
  911. Crumpet may be, so to speak, in bed
  912. Philosopher is later to change his name
  913. Do they help one to become competent in races?
  914. Brussels functionary
  915. Result of losing one's mobile in africa once?
  916. Justine frischmann
  917. With new income around, company becomes viable
  918. An armed timing device
  919. Forgot the lines in production
  920. Broken rule again leads to complaint
  921. Drink from the basin
  922. Difficult to make love other than on grass
  923. Large number of solvers doubled? piffle!
  924. Force to resume hostilities yielding fruit
  925. North european keeps to this type of computer
  926. Bloom's part in about 50 copies
  927. Unfinished plane flight to a star causes reflection on transience
  928. Refuse to work in needlework period
  929. Dispute about key change
  930. Just like a priest to teach one religious instruction badly?
  931. Publicity including a possessor of wings and a prayer
  932. Lily gets swamped by sea of projectiles
  933. Traditional postprandial custom should get us through immigration
  934. Place for boats on eastern river
  935. French poet that is missing in climbing party can't get home like this
  936. Lots of sheets pull somewhere in cornwall
  937. Irrefutable blockhead overlooking river dee
  938. Chinese food well spread
  939. Hibernian hotel flies flag
  940. Subordinate holds fruit for the men of the family
  941. Betrayal destroyed thy career
  942. Veronica makes career profitable
  943. Acted without past being enlarged upon
  944. Empty-headed steward is juvenile
  945. Drain fish that's delicious
  946. Such men resist holding on
  947. Knocked back drink fit for a king
  948. Place to find a little boy represented in stone
  949. This beats vegetables!
  950. Return journeys by jet
  951. More cautious individual having a fling
  952. About sunup he had to admit defeat
  953. Pause for inspiration
  954. Hector - a good man to look out for
  955. Weapon providing artillery support
  956. Surgical device for shredding carrot
  957. Amelie has it, in a manner of speaking
  958. This can put over a part of the 17th century
  959. Caught paddy on the nail
  960. Poor roy can be remembered as nosy
  961. Windjammer right up to chief blower
  962. Sounding like the sacred ambition, possibly, in somewhat colourless style
  963. Breeding ground with bottle?
  964. The norfolk pimpernel, poet and soldier
  965. Sailor from the east left a hurtful mark
  966. Times up at last
  967. Bombshell about fairy king breaks around setter and solver
  968. Mug finds drug in 23
  969. Wintry reflection by owl: nb sadly in decline
  970. Hebrew measure used by the pharaohs
  971. Turn up rare set of ornaments
  972. Deliveries executed, but carried too far
  973. Speaks angrily about gears
  974. Previously at church
  975. Admitting defeat finally, so guessing cryptic clues
  976. Harmony is the point in marriage
  977. 12's end - in numbers these follow for young people
  978. Trousers held by peg put on the box
  979. Vet again concerned with finding piano swallowed by bumble bee, possibly
  980. Left in france - could be awkward
  981. She's in peak form in crete
  982. All hands to mow the crop
  983. Tom came up with it, it's understood
  984. He hopes to get suitable clients
  985. Charming arab about to swindle the french?
  986. Remarkable bird, end of parrot caged
  987. Heavy ball
  988. City was smart once
  989. Ahead in the tennis match, but not happy
  990. Bacon, perhaps, with bitter lacking head at first
  991. Space for a quarter in the guardian
  992. Might this be a deterrent for tease about to use tongue endlessly?
  993. Horse, napoleon's initial ride, his horse?
  994. Burlesque with outlets for game
  995. 6's bird's opposite number
  996. 18's first lady outside the border
  997. 18's heart needing 20 hearts
  998. Foundering signal
  999. Listening to bad music, maybe
  1000. College donors, often
  1001. You need to ride craftily to manage a title
  1002. Liquid expanse
  1003. Needing a stronger sunscreen
  1004. Scarecrows desire
  1005. Earth or horse? (reactionary labour writer)
  1006. Salisbury sip
  1007. Neighbor on a 1990s sitcom
  1008. Move like a cat burglar
  1009. Cardiology chart, for short
  1010. Sad end of 18's workplace on the river
  1011. Frackable rock
  1012. Hound, in two senses
  1013. Copper under training in a line from the kitchen
  1014. Transmitted sound
  1015. React to a dad joke
  1016. Fume quietly
  1017. Don't keep us in the dark: it's earth
  1018. Short vacation
  1019. #1 hit for the jackson 5
  1020. Certify as true
  1021. Saddle, bridle, etc
  1022. He eats fruit and ghosts
  1023. Where a squid stores its ink
  1024. Perhaps annie drinks quickly, leading to clashes
  1025. Old english land-holder therefore grabs a lot of money
  1026. Meat from un cochon
  1027. Residence, informally
  1028. Marine creature managed to back onto itself almost
  1029. Us ally in e asia
  1030. Food court pizzeria chain
  1031. Nightmarish experience
  1032. 'subtly shaded nude composition', admits party
  1033. Travel - road up - head out of town along the boyne
  1034. Instructed over the phone by eliot stretching
  1035. Head's unwelcome visitors after school: without enthusiasm, one leaves cutlets
  1036. Returned pilgrim's greeting interrupted by a record player
  1037. He painted a european in a boat, mostly
  1038. Female (with plan)? male (hugging bar)? it's a bit of both
  1039. Hot trail in mine led back to military transport
  1040. Many long stockings contain this
  1041. Greek character putting medical qualification on form
  1042. Legally ban illegal stimulants and (contrariwise) depressant
  1043. Lady dines out, showing gluttony perhaps?
  1044. One run scrambled in overthrow
  1045. A girl in distress sought by lohengrin
  1046. Fine at first, then harsh and cold
  1047. Don's touching sympathy
  1048. Having gone downhill, trollopean died
  1049. Move officer into counselling service
  1050. Put the opposition in to get them out
  1051. English brew up for feast
  1052. A container in choice metal
  1053. Single part transposed by composer
  1054. Drink current at watering holes
  1055. Get company in to cork the bottle?
  1056. Risk over american leader showing the nature of his ambition?
  1057. Dime reportedly divided in two, as put in by novel schoolteacher
  1058. Taffy's home - right, left and roundabout
  1059. Detectives give weapons to stick on the mast
  1060. Well in essex (north) and on a roll
  1061. Zero tax on company with backing sheets
  1062. Money placed in shot?
  1063. In sleepy state, take hot slice
  1064. Converter's way with frenchman?
  1065. A key man, not unknown in ancient street
  1066. Machine with gamma for chi when deciphered
  1067. National leader (11) raised money for youth hostel
  1068. Account for endless red wine
  1069. Fbi agent holding rule to be unsound
  1070. Warder gets wino drunk in hitchcock film
  1071. Share 50-50
  1072. Biodegrades say
  1073. It wasn't built in a day
  1074. Intl. carrier until 2001
  1075. Tiny brass instrument heard in penny lane
  1076. Archie to prince harry
  1077. Upheaval involving architect with the church
  1078. Never mind the gossip about the doctor going back
  1079. Beekeeper looks very much like a pianist
  1080. In the main, i quit youthful wickedness
  1081. Plumed accessories
  1082. Additive in some 56-down
  1083. Really bummed
  1084. Reptile with beaklike jaws
  1085. Ad campaign targeting a wide area
  1086. Two-time speaker nancy
  1087. Salsa holders
  1088. Still mooing
  1089. 50-across' look
  1090. Heavens-related
  1091. Fairway trimmer
  1092. Fore-and-after feature
  1093. Vowel sound in sue
  1094. Lavish do
  1095. Restful state
  1096. City south of fort worth
  1097. Works by picasso e.g.
  1098. Riveted to the tube say
  1099. Espy courage award namesake
  1100. One making a date with the future?
  1101. Keen follower of anne, the first lady
  1102. Where the ring fits so, broadly speaking
  1103. 'it's good to be french!' (a line from a wake-up call)
  1104. Jade ring for her services
  1105. 100 iq e.g.
  1106. Fairy tale brutes
  1107. Toon mirages
  1108. Ecological disaster film
  1109. Take cover, wednesday's here! *** off!
  1110. Puts the question verbally: fish?
  1111. Cons and tearaways?
  1112. Don't forget about raise!
  1113. She was very tearful in retiring with honour
  1114. Being malicious, the german newspaper leader wasn't straight
  1115. Elgar's regal composition
  1116. Seen as a fault in the orient - and stupid
  1117. A man shunned for striking players
  1118. Many tots need correction, it's argued
  1119. A little crawler going round quietly to investigate
  1120. Euphemism for rude word that's death to one esteemed sir
  1121. Green growth very good? the last thing you want on lawn!
  1122. Rodent beginning to tuck into bird no more
  1123. Places of danger to sailors suffering with sore heels
  1124. Blow the whistle when mate is imminently expected?
  1125. One like thatcher seen as queen among dull english?
  1126. Old devil with letters providing the formula to produce a pet
  1127. Vote for albion left out, hope mistakenly, though might this be the reason?
  1128. Appeared to be perfect model, then do i seem kinky embracing mine?
  1129. Duty owed here to james, incomplete prince, english stuart perhaps
  1130. Plant appearing different in lead
  1131. Cows drink in insects
  1132. Cut for a game of cards
  1133. Oaf seemingly unconcerned about northern iraq, formerly
  1134. Immoderately lies like this for lime trees
  1135. Dreamy romanticism is beginning to hold back the south of france
  1136. Sound match for easterner
  1137. Big waterfall isn't upriver by old city
  1138. The motorcycle diaries character guevara
  1139. Gives the go-ahead slangily
  1140. Enclosed bed for a baby
  1141. 2010 teen comedy film starring emma stone and amanda bynes: 2 wds.
  1142. Appearances (anagram of mines)
  1143. The ___ spider-man 2012 superhero film starring emma stone and andrew garfield
  1144. Ice bucket challenge cause: abbr.
  1145. Prefix with classical often
  1146. Warsaw country for short
  1147. Comic ____ (font)
  1148. News crew vehicle
  1149. 2009 apocalypse movie starring emma stone jesse eisenberg and woody harrelson
  1150. Chat room i believe: abbr.
  1151. Wing's no longer taking the strain
  1152. Right to go in, even if striking elsewhere
  1153. Buoyant heart befuddled by liqueur
  1154. Feel sorrow about a loss
  1155. Touch gently on the back
  1156. ___ land 2016 musical starring emma stone and ryan gosling: 2 wds.
  1157. Duck who is friends with bugs bunny
  1158. Major league baseball based in queens: abbr.
  1159. Goatee's place on the face
  1160. Palindromic duvernay who directed selma
  1161. Sao paulo country for short
  1162. Mark who created tom sawyer
  1163. Punctuation in many lists
  1164. Skillfully deceptive
  1165. Interstellar composer ___ zimmer
  1166. Actor billy ___ of titanic and back to the future
  1167. Drinker's party instruction: abbr.
  1168. Online chat platform: abbr.
  1169. Join together using a blowtorch
  1170. Hard to find antique
  1171. First field on many forms often
  1172. Crazy stupid ___ 2011 romantic comedy film starring emma stone steve carell and ryan gosling
  1173. Shoveler's target in winter
  1174. Farewell note in cable - it reveals the inner man
  1175. Officer showing resistance to one of 1 down
  1176. Tv show set in westeros: abbr.
  1177. Loose woman in bed, bedded with energy
  1178. Answer thus to one in town
  1179. Understands about grinding lens with cunning, but without reason
  1180. Bunch featuring many a perpetrator of one of 1 down
  1181. Elderly painter largely rejected
  1182. Lyrical writer gets the twitch
  1183. Vehicle of half-crazy proposer
  1184. He was bound to begin the show
  1185. Its curate is about to take up a country living
  1186. Sanchez vicario
  1187. Sends to prison stores
  1188. A child of three allowed on an excursion
  1189. Something we all have in common
  1190. Conifers specially prepared for a court
  1191. Heavenly haunt with lyre playing
  1192. Clipped two dogs (last two of breed)
  1193. Fruit popular in french inn
  1194. Arab who rhymes with bird
  1195. Drugged caddie met with rough treatment
  1196. Group overthrown by zeus
  1197. Dixon's fellow linesman in charge of the lodge
  1198. Mosquito killers
  1199. Common base word
  1200. Girl, a brat, chewing up the rock
  1201. Softball toss
  1202. Something a zoo animal isnt
  1203. Togs for a cowboy
  1204. Good thing to break, maybe
  1205. Unspecified series ender
  1206. Unrefined barrelful
  1207. Raciest classification
  1208. More out there, as humor
  1209. Digger up of bodies - once sounded fun
  1210. One of a zz top duo?
  1211. Aol, for one, in brief
  1212. Going viral, say
  1213. Nymphs run through the backs of sundry glades
  1214. Unrefined cartfuls
  1215. Shark attractant
  1216. Two men making sail
  1217. Brits gasoline
  1218. Word before light or study
  1219. Tilt-a-whirl and bumper cars
  1220. Bird - robin in uk, roadrunner in us
  1221. Start to succeed?
  1222. 1980s-90s sitcom family
  1223. Flier, predator and prey get punishment - time in prison
  1224. Little boy traps female into consent for promotion of photosynthesis
  1225. Playing soldiers with fellow artist's productions
  1226. Girl's number with commercial break
  1227. 8 intends to get a bullet out of the heart
  1228. Flower to wilt
  1229. Various people taking the plunge
  1230. One who had miracle to work - not all day, it was said
  1231. Worker's control of portable luggage?
  1232. Lack of vitamin b1
  1233. Loss to scots of what is showy but of little worth
  1234. Peter's gender is not likely to start an issue
  1235. Male/female, evenly distributed
  1236. Offensive weapons causing harm in main thoroughfare
  1237. Flower girl with a sign of bounce in her
  1238. Mystic form of 11
  1239. Wholly involved with the latvian grandmaster
  1240. Like lear's child, this one's gone to inhale joints
  1241. Composer told to depart from sloane square!
  1242. It is found in every river
  1243. Sphere of roman catholic leaders?
  1244. 'a thousand times no!' encapsulated in this reformer
  1245. Divine cowgirl, we hear, passed the salt
  1246. This from mr bentley, biographises intently, as you'd expect from a journo, unlike some imitators i know
  1247. The rage of zythum? amen to that!
  1248. The stone archaeologists treat so cryptically
  1249. When the buzzer gets loud, complain
  1250. Very little to fill in the morning hours
  1251. Settle sectarian differences
  1252. Keep watch on this chap
  1253. Deserter held by soldiers is not charged
  1254. Introduce in new list
  1255. Sweet wrapped in paper found in river
  1256. Crazy fellow getting one on account
  1257. Philosopher in fight at factory
  1258. Bullet found in drawing office?
  1259. Point company pressed, but got beaten
  1260. Ill-behaved underworld attendant?
  1261. Radical journal with capacity to incite
  1262. Replaced cobblers' hammers
  1263. It's laid down in mid-teens
  1264. Eel, for example, can manoeuvre with grace
  1265. Price novice pays for experience
  1266. Gave up right to stop deer straying
  1267. Cropped up in some paris engagement
  1268. Nothing in sport upset the soldiers
  1269. Utter state of two back in the pavilion?
  1270. Weirdo gets the occasional dance
  1271. Concise cv of trader's perfect
  1272. Hold on to propriety
  1273. Call the fishy fishwife
  1274. Smash the racists, backward about a trendy white affair?
  1275. Bananas like oranges? what makes bananas look like bananas?
  1276. Drink made one idiot hit back
  1277. Medal, eg when polished, gave off reflected light
  1278. Worrying when joining outside society
  1279. Small business, in short, could be on the way
  1280. An inducement for the char, possibly
  1281. Being in charge, left off feeling remorse
  1282. Eunuch drinking gin - it's a painful experience
  1283. The language of lithuania (minus 2) in translation
  1284. Holder of authority
  1285. Storage crate
  1286. Interlude pause
  1287. Turned-back hem
  1288. Resulting from biological change
  1289. Enduring hardship without complaint
  1290. Number in trio
  1291. Easily impressed by kiss en route?
  1292. Medicare provision initially shambolic? go for it!
  1293. Fierce feeder in country hospital in pennsylvania
  1294. Valletta’s country
  1295. Companion not entirely bowled over by catch
  1296. Playwright maintains the study of scripture is what a junkie needs
  1297. Homer’s wife in the simpsons
  1298. Thus brought up, animal receives penny reward for doing nothing
  1299. The potato's dug out - a tuber?
  1300. Tender bill for plant?
  1301. Being thrown together, german joined the italian in bar
  1302. Only about five find the answer
  1303. They are extensively used by oarsmen
  1304. Double up, for example, in pain
  1305. Sound opening pace
  1306. Rude boy nearly sent back for tantrum
  1307. Representative of ruler receiving backing of fool by day's end
  1308. Exaggerate when scorer lacks finish in goalless draw
  1309. Collective ventures which corbett had a hand in, those rarely done, we hear?
  1310. On which rep stood to be abused, or posted letters?
  1311. Imaginary god detailed in plan
  1312. Theme for check-up if required
  1313. Outcry over demand for alimony?
  1314. Times edition for children
  1315. Hilar
  1316. Girl getting out of bed for cheese
  1317. Controversy over communications masts?
  1318. Peacekeepers' notice chosen but not taken up
  1319. Politician tries clumsily to support strait-laced tracy
  1320. Air-conditioned by element of old italian society
  1321. Stoop to pointless scheme
  1322. ... in the form of sudden attack when 99 out of 100 rejected it
  1323. Ban written work containing plagiarism
  1324. Novice left mountainous region
  1325. Trade in vital fluid containing tungsten
  1326. Stinking row about honour
  1327. Rare appreciation of parent
  1328. Fuss over rugby player attached to racing boat
  1329. Force knight to leave ignoble order
  1330. Refined actress and child seen in short reel
  1331. Transport minister who said, 'stand and deliver!'?
  1332. Box the fodder and go to bed
  1333. Move on, with vertigo starting, in a knees-up
  1334. Cover for one lying in child's bed
  1335. Miss gabler, top half hidden, in a scarf
  1336. Feel bitter about being posted twice?
  1337. Two daughters in white splash about
  1338. Italian takes the biscuit
  1339. Does it give one a light tan?
  1340. Trail a wandering star
  1341. Appreciates verbal thrusts
  1342. Call-up date wrongly issued
  1343. Pool giving pleasure to many
  1344. Does it soil the cloth?
  1345. Genuine sounding contract
  1346. Flora's 14 has sent one mad
  1347. Two sources of light water emergency
  1348. Smashing gatso tv, lush driven to note the 16s was he?
  1349. Left one at ironbridge with time to draw breath
  1350. Jumbo pilot turning radio operator away
  1351. Hard homme de lettres climbing a tree
  1352. Fight shy of english for 'shy'
  1353. Exert a force over the opinion seeker
  1354. One thumbing through the guide to the 5 down?
  1355. It provides suits for lawyers at hearing no call
  1356. Physicist voiced painful things
  1357. Er, i say, one is on edge
  1358. Fish-net tights are making frank get windy
  1359. Hearts flop; it's a great leveller
  1360. Ulcers affecting those who lie constantly
  1361. Stomach upset affecting certain lawyers, in fact?
  1362. One who found oxygen in speech of minister
  1363. 'soaring' for small violin, in g
  1364. Old photo hue
  1365. Worthy of respect, 'e 'as firm protecting 'im
  1366. Teleflora rival
  1367. Knife gives penny trouble
  1368. British offices show approval for witchcraft!
  1369. Like many courtside interviews
  1370. Holstein sound
  1371. Politically diverse ballot … and an apt description of each set of puzzle circles
  1372. Sentinel half-heartedly disturbed composer
  1373. Give out over a period
  1374. Particularly old painting put up
  1375. Marinated beef dish
  1376. Ted adopts new plan at this stage in the match
  1377. Asks for lift from sailors? that could be unpleasant!
  1378. Clothing subject to deterioration
  1379. Attachment to a car or a boat?
  1380. How to get away with murder lawyer annalise
  1381. Natural table
  1382. Coloured tuber rejected as the buyer wishes
  1383. 65-across feeder
  1384. Greeting bishop during farewell parade
  1385. Fancy model endlessly
  1386. Father makes bob sarcastic
  1387. Forgive sailor's answer
  1388. Run true to form in school
  1389. A religious lady - one in company representing the roman church
  1390. Leather shroud
  1391. Following a vigil
  1392. These days only males require time to find accommodation
  1393. Reflected it was no longer properly organised
  1394. Industrial action that's quite out of the ordinary
  1395. Old form of communication on the way out
  1396. 40 perches squarely over 10
  1397. River in china can be seen with a tube
  1398. Stoppers for 6s?
  1399. Budget sweetener?
  1400. Drink supplied in plastic container
  1401. Herb heard for a spell
  1402. Rider loses heart and bladder
  1403. The last people to utter rubbish
  1404. To follow up with broadcast is a boon
  1405. One-night stand with heartless girl points to something that may be catching
  1406. Onions first eaten by prince in bed on board
  1407. Ignoring every other aim, sing to a friend
  1408. Cold in space, we're told
  1409. Hundred thousand taken in after tax, that's characteristic of a smart outfit
  1410. Strange tale, relic of old italian lace
  1411. Silence in music, or in hamlet's last words?
  1412. Sports venue where dumas gets it wrong
  1413. The one foreign soldier with a turban
  1414. Deity enters tonsured cow
  1415. Relative going to northern switzerland to relax
  1416. Minor excursion finds worthy soul on winning streak
  1417. Man or monkey, say, mostly holding a doctor's instrument
  1418. Writer's loose garter is seized by angry mob
  1419. Tipsy ambassador's anything but stiff
  1420. One creating gold gets most of the gold
  1421. Where parisian fish are said to be dotty
  1422. One born time after time when hatching
  1423. Brave child?
  1424. Soup's right in mid-month
  1425. It's commanded by waving sceptre
  1426. Get duck from run-out produced by sudden change of mind
  1427. Sharp bit of vision would score 2 for hendry
  1428. Side facing a corner?
  1429. Simon cautions about being too self-righteous
  1430. Cat is given water in french country house
  1431. Small part actor gets a run
  1432. Dish for a scotsman? girl returns with one
  1433. Have chief job in school to execute
  1434. Weapon that increases the pulse rate?
  1435. Making a murderer genre
  1436. One making a diagnosis before school
  1437. *boston bowler's target
  1438. American in canada e.g. briefly
  1439. Psychological mediator per freud
  1440. Microwave measures
  1441. Thorn in one's side
  1442. *drink made with weeds
  1443. Cooked rib to pass round upstanding company, then pass vegetable
  1444. Firm finds gimmick almost getting in the way
  1445. Dilbert's is askew
  1446. Cod or hatteras
  1447. *geeking out in front of a celebrity say
  1448. Put in as a link
  1449. Once it's used, part remains
  1450. Big hitting
  1451. Drive leaderless klingons, you might say, round the bend
  1452. Last word of many books
  1453. Charity that hints at the starred answers' starts
  1454. Video game character that runs on many consoles?
  1455. Running of the bulls site
  1456. Shopping on amazon e.g.
  1457. The anxious effect of tiredness
  1458. Mcdonald's rival
  1459. Reef formation
  1460. Remove roughly as a page
  1461. Bay area rap legend mac ___
  1462. Retirement plan letters
  1463. Marisa of spider-man: far from home
  1464. Charlotte's message board
  1465. Having a high ph
  1466. Gemini man director
  1467. Key that can sometimes replace clicking
  1468. Neapolitan flavor
  1469. Word before an aha moment
  1470. Subject of dress codes
  1471. Mork's goodbye
  1472. Ancestral settlement where pendle witches hanged
  1473. Little birds spread one
  1474. One of five in hamlet
  1475. Jim's colleague on the office
  1476. Rugby player put on stone to breed
  1477. Disconcert a party
  1478. Dedicated artist goes back to the pit
  1479. One man flies erratically near end of competition
  1480. The basket is about to sway
  1481. Tough operator in business circles?
  1482. Moon module master's theme
  1483. The nuclear unit's social gathering?
  1484. Eminent man from the north, who can look down on scottie
  1485. Shrub growing round rowing club
  1486. Crowd into taxi with nothing to dole out
  1487. Complained about dean to doctor
  1488. Soldier on a horse discovering spring (hot one)
  1489. Go round french island factory
  1490. Scales, for instance, somehow pulls near
  1491. Naughty teaser urges seasonal treats
  1492. Blavatsky's boy and girl?
  1493. Leg it with us, moving furthest from fair
  1494. A check on her identity contrived to pass helen, and she had a chitchat with faustus
  1495. Spike at french city during the first part
  1496. Cortes and co. that squint producer loves
  1497. Quality of wood warped at end
  1498. Benedictine question with place about right?
  1499. I shouldn't have said that nothing works
  1500. Can't alfred make up his mind?
  1501. Means of reproduction to do with marriage? pointless, weird
  1502. Cat makes water
  1503. Friday's child makes you shiver
  1504. Told to go, having got off floor
  1505. 'john holds me' - this leads to correction or clarification
  1506. Wool untangled in rome
  1507. Horror is stated to be spurious
  1508. Fermented wines strengthen, as poets say
  1509. Does he buck the market?
  1510. Temple once at canterbury
  1511. Safe name for a boy
  1512. Less beautiful citrus fruit given to the queen
  1513. Gun dog stirred up a marine creature
  1514. Pimento-stuffed salad ingredient
  1515. Little man tate director foster
  1516. Drab military uniform color
  1517. Wood, cricketer with no runs, opening for yorkshire
  1518. Poet upset about king
  1519. Small drinks for church representatives
  1520. Pooch's bowlful
  1521. African champion captures soldier
  1522. Alumnus sitting with scarface is haunted
  1523. One swears about old hunter
  1524. Flowers wilt when left in the centre
  1525. Oscar competed in algeria
  1526. Rail about dissolute man making progress?
  1527. Bringer of clear sight, i? i'm dicey - deadly, possibly
  1528. Train off line? mangle is seen inside
  1529. England footballer incorporates special decoration in night attire
  1530. More luxurious model astride horse
  1531. In america my act's possibly associated with piano and contralto
  1532. Divine citadel giving city a second protection
  1533. Is 'embracing silver time'? on the contrary!
  1534. Plain welsh town that must have faulty name dropped
  1535. Love ice cream without topping
  1536. Leader once in a race over london green
  1537. Headmistress comes in to make a treat for the afternoon
  1538. A blemish on the church is seldom found
  1539. Something fishy to con the self-righteous
  1540. Perfect place for one to trade in
  1541. Anglican books of little value?
  1542. N.y.c. home of warhols campbells soup cans
  1543. Memory, for example, of macdonald
  1544. Metropolitan to preach revolution
  1545. Grammatical procedure of fictional felonious priest
  1546. One of a series this month on mental treatment
  1547. Being clean involves giving it space
  1548. The matter is to go to court
  1549. Figure getting into questionable career could mean jug
  1550. The way a bride may walk
  1551. ___ country area of south-central pennsylvania
  1552. A cockney is only a quarter as vulnerable
  1553. With children around, coppers get a move on!
  1554. Continue to attack such a music maker
  1555. A story with point for the non-british
  1556. One's present arrangements could well depend on it
  1557. Like number wonks informally
  1558. Crybaby girl about to grab sleep? elizabeth
  1559. Huge figure, brave character to follow nation lacking support
  1560. Two us leaders, australian long jumper and spanish golfer left gutted
  1561. Famous chair only?
  1562. Elton, the criminal, extended appeal
  1563. Curry unfinished, a lot eaten but no starter, leaving marks we hear
  1564. Seeping bit of liquid, having weed
  1565. Dress you and i are shortening
  1566. Nurse takes one's bedding up
  1567. Dressing, half nude, by the harbour
  1568. State of laundry not returned
  1569. Get angry, beginning to suppress a word of uncertainty
  1570. Diarist's first female manx cat
  1571. Suggestion of ginger in red can, perhaps?
  1572. Hands-on science class
  1573. King of century unknown, honour the succession
  1574. The author of one roguish novel
  1575. After which the suspect parts with riches, sadly
  1576. Relax with a slender defender
  1577. Chap calling for an end to hostilities, this 1 across?
  1578. Our national title holders
  1579. Tick kennedy's heart's condition
  1580. In exerting more dubious pressure at the far crease in this sport?
  1581. No teetotallers here!
  1582. Bighead was in charge but went back for a dip
  1583. Rough border to the last in underfloor shelf
  1584. Money is said to breed sorrows
  1585. One scene in 25 worked with auden
  1586. Reportedly forced, become husband to an inamorata of 26
  1587. Fantasy writer leiber
  1588. Cupid's love for exotic foods to many can be mind-blowing
  1589. Not trampled under, don't move!
  1590. Disliked person putting me up in eastern city
  1591. Object for beginners to take home in new gear
  1592. What weight watchers watch
  1593. Seasoned, but looked about a hundred
  1594. See the sign?
  1595. ... elephant's mate, wholly captivated and guileless
  1596. Broadcast decline in supplies from above
  1597. Stubborn beast made for ...
  1598. Opening made by reactor, if icebound
  1599. Popular valentines feature a nymph
  1600. 'religious instruction in state' - czech republic's leader makes a promise to the people
  1601. About to repeat operation in faith
  1602. Bans spouse's family? quite the contrary!
  1603. Sense of guilt once scenic redevelopment occurs
  1604. Fat french consumer, a chirpy character
  1605. Take no action about multinational that's open to the public
  1606. Relative reversal of city (german one)
  1607. Seen when wheat's cut?
  1608. On average, cold thus acts in a healing way
  1609. Civvies reportedly miss it out
  1610. Quandary of less civilised people in a flutter
  1611. Work up about hot shot
  1612. As opposed to being oversusceptible in part
  1613. Paul's 10 black, held by white, can't be touched
  1614. Fruit cut, going to seed
  1615. Family's regal tragedy
  1616. Ms. ___-man (early 1980s video game)
  1617. Ingredient in some moisturizing gels
  1618. What weapons fire for short
  1619. Unconvincing like a weak excuse
  1620. Drake song that was #1 on billboard's 2018 year-end hot 100: 2 wds.
  1621. White-water transportation
  1622. From dawn ___ dusk (all day long)
  1623. 1970 film about a general that won seven oscars
  1624. R&b singer whose last name is raymond
  1625. Stay ___ (don't change that channel!)
  1626. News ___ (something that's reported)
  1627. It's always darkest ___ before the dawn
  1628. Give money for as a college scholarship
  1629. Individual frames of a comic strip
  1630. Best-selling book of all time
  1631. Actor with no subtlety
  1632. Best-___ scenario
  1633. Jonah ___ (2010 movie)
  1634. Duffel ___
  1635. Apple device that uses earbuds
  1636. Bet that's required to participate in a poker hand
  1637. Photographs for short
  1638. Towel holders on bathroom walls
  1639. Grand ___ opry (country music venue since 1925)
  1640. Annoying creature
  1641. Post malone and 21 savage song that was #5 on billboard's 2018 year-end hot 100
  1642. I don't ___ this aggravation!
  1643. Unfortunate yobbo
  1644. What comes out of a fire extinguisher
  1645. Ethan ___ (furniture store chain)
  1646. I should have told you this long ___
  1647. Nba player from toronto
  1648. Bebe rexha and florida georgia line song that was #3 on billboard's 2018 year-end hot 100: 3 wds.
  1649. How many amendments the bill of rights has
  1650. Target in a ring toss game
  1651. Fish and chips fish frequently
  1652. Test score that's as good as it gets: hyph.
  1653. Mess with pawn to knock down, getting level on board
  1654. Benefits of vehicle model held by some of 1 across
  1655. Places for campers to set up tents
  1656. Boy in where the wild things are
  1657. Singer charlie featured on wiz khalifa's 2015 hit see you again
  1658. Newspaper opinion page: hyph.
  1659. Internet phenomenon sometimes described as dank
  1660. Run but not at top speed
  1661. Much of the eastern hemisphere
  1662. Zedd maren morris and grey song that was #8 on billboard's 2018 year-end hot 100: 2 wds.
  1663. In back way composer trips
  1664. Actors pace and marvin
  1665. Stood still for a painter
  1666. Little red riding hood carried one
  1667. Teach me ___ to dougie (2010 hit song)
  1668. Word that can go before spread or head
  1669. Formal treaties
  1670. Music genre for lizzo
  1671. Lymph ___ (part of the immune system)
  1672. T-___ (current monopoly token)
  1673. Us soccer champion krieger
  1674. Shape of a traffic pylon
  1675. Feature of embroidery, a specialised topic
  1676. It's an old question of one blowing the whistle
  1677. Spring ballet performance
  1678. Hope saved its captive after all
  1679. Spots city maze complex
  1680. Former spouse called, agitated
  1681. Lobbies for 'yes', perhaps
  1682. An encounter with the unseen?
  1683. State of recently purchased garment?
  1684. Follows a meal in the mess
  1685. Dispirited doctor takes a year off
  1686. Several rooms with one key? stupid!
  1687. Purchase from bar before time
  1688. Hilary, perhaps, one of 3
  1689. Kitty undergoing giddiness is a deep concern for jack
  1690. Arab playing with brian's rugby team
  1691. Leader in lakeland drama
  1692. Verne's undisciplined banker
  1693. Reserve ready for the ring
  1694. Headdresses: an irish girl's wearing one
  1695. Hardy spot for perennial in confinement on raised ground
  1696. A veto on academic leave
  1697. Challenge the french tale about a bird
  1698. Belief in the cia is reversible
  1699. 4 - hot gelignite and hot tnt go unstable, leading to double 13
  1700. Cough so late?
  1701. Enlarge possibility for ruth?
  1702. Talk to the trees endlessly by a lake? that's between us!
  1703. 'need half-sighted nonentity to be in monarchy, (ie uk)': not a bad maxim to suggest why!
  1704. One german eaten by a horse: distressing!
  1705. Cutting second coming down
  1706. Wild cats flying with horses around
  1707. Business graduate least used to hold thrash
  1708. Seed capital invested for this return?
  1709. Spy detail on the garonne
  1710. The plumbing degenerates into a stain
  1711. Celebrating? it's your turn!
  1712. State in which animal always took food
  1713. Faction heard to make a noise
  1714. New soldier having little money
  1715. Work up in track apparatus used by gymnasts
  1716. Ignore the rebate
  1717. Agreement to have a go about decay
  1718. Driven mad by greed and trouble
  1719. Sailor's explanation for acquittal
  1720. A task i am set
  1721. Writer in jail steals crib easily
  1722. Writer needs help to travel outside
  1723. Having estates secured
  1724. See animal go wild in the bush
  1725. Question about the way speech is reported
  1726. University in the country gets representation
  1727. Beaten hollow
  1728. Nick's not going to church
  1729. Principle of having it both ways?
  1730. Novel turns at a party could be on the stage
  1731. Lake with the greater part in the continent, say
  1732. Principal fixer
  1733. A most respected one the old included in spanish title
  1734. Picture framer?
  1735. Pound that's for old iron
  1736. Friendly football body comes up with a story
  1737. Flower girl coming out of depression
  1738. Office worker from agency getting established causes tumult
  1739. The wallflower is, with nitre etc scattered around
  1740. House number seen in very soft mix
  1741. Vanity's restrained opening giving way to ego in performance
  1742. Resting during lean times: condition of being a bouncer, it's said
  1743. Camera guide potentially a piece of cake
  1744. Said on meeting the admiral rounding a river by tree sound?
  1745. Grudging response to 15: 'a toff over a butcher's has to live like an unborn baby'
  1746. It muffles the possibly hard-boiled cup entrant
  1747. Want to get into simpson's witchcraft
  1748. Filth in america is up - it's past the time to be chirpy
  1749. It's a big mistake to smack and one could be fired
  1750. Some star in performance
  1751. Early male requires a mother
  1752. Sick to a great degree?
  1753. Transport provider replaces rail in spain
  1754. It's miserable to lose backing in meeting
  1755. Number of volunteers is very small
  1756. She points to a post-viral syndrome
  1757. One is proper odd
  1758. Lurking, one man rising against the president
  1759. Flower of the bronx
  1760. Keep governor with tinned lager?
  1761. Pound, half of that loot
  1762. Battle, but no hill side
  1763. Possible description of old bloke, one in bed endlessly
  1764. Lots of pampered pooches heading off
  1765. Inside which male will be after a quickie!
  1766. Peter the 13?
  1767. Be unfaithful, when orient fc a shambles
  1768. Bow with end missing - i sent it to be fixed on time for musician
  1769. Appear to absorb two articles, one being the main thing
  1770. A form of harvest rotation?
  1771. Hopeless couple taken in by bad design
  1772. Safe place to let out the clutch?
  1773. County of broad vistas?
  1774. Holding back lecture can upset
  1775. They're unsuited for their work
  1776. Repeat order for tea dance
  1777. I hesitate to claim such valuable fur
  1778. Dud, dud, neil, rod and pam