1. How father started or came back and passed away for a mimic (8)
  2. You'll get no change out of them, yet i've got it inside
  3. Seems momentary with this for male doctors only, for a lawyer
  4. The sort of tress that will get in such a mess with lying on it - or standing on it
  5. Lo, it's not, by the sound of it
  6. Drink in the ship for fun
  7. Must get 23 down in
  8. The cart before the rise may make it go off
  9. Just skinny on either side of one
  10. Make it at least
  11. Their work is part in play
  12. What a blessing the boy is willing to be a child of ulster
  13. When one fell it bled, perhaps
  14. In south america to you and me it's unruly
  15. Sculptor hardison
  16. Flinty french wine
  17. Didn't need to keep a dam there
  18. In a single time you make it lightly
  19. Perhaps 21 down there, no thank you
  20. Rent fuss is enough to make one get the wind up
  21. That gets white hot
  22. In the body of those in gaol there
  23. The actual flank of the star
  24. Meet by 8 across
  25. Very little of ten, thank you very much
  26. That's the place to make one fat, by the sound of it
  27. Quoting for a ward?
  28. Sweet girls in medicine
  29. Star round the rut-up with us
  30. Think about nothing of such a beastly little thing
  31. In view of this, it's for a god or a parent
  32. At last the snake gets rung up
  33. Back to the grand to fight another day
  34. The sort of drink that can be absolutely ripping with a ring
  35. Beat the fish at the bottom where the water is fresh
  36. Do something about making a deck hand of this
  37. Charity in the church is a mere afterthought
  38. It's all on the outside, but dead on the inside
  39. Could one stand the blooming noise here?
  40. What could i do with half a century? be lazy, by the sound of it
  41. Fooled this way to tow it with a duet
  42. The serve to demand falsehood
  43. Gutenberg's movable invention
  44. Perhaps across makes sailor cross
  45. Met acquisition
  46. How one may be taught to be one over the eight
  47. Rent what you've rented
  48. Dizzy's jazz genre
  49. Hawaiian tour company specialist?
  50. Cannes concept
  51. Before you can get transport down near the south pole
  52. Common sight on l.a. law?
  53. Disproportionate reactions
  54. What a surprise that what's flying about tea may begin to be swimming
  55. Sounds wet to be on a throne
  56. Three-syllable limerick foot
  57. Don't hesitate to get papers on afterwards
  58. Current site of ancient carthage
  59. Go wild on twitter
  60. Mid-morning coffee say?
  61. Presidents' day phenomena
  62. Followers who may be friendly or hostile
  63. Am i awake?
  64. Source of ignition
  65. Altered by time
  66. Skunk cousin
  67. Consequence of overtweezing?
  68. Problem for a claustrophobic driver
  69. Problem for roman britain?
  70. It all goes to show that it isn't in the river
  71. Standard of measurement
  72. __ blues: beatles song with the line even hate my rock and roll
  73. How a latin father in dry surroundings gets the hump
  74. Said goodbye dog-style?
  75. Et vehicles in theory
  76. Hired escort
  77. Low-voiced choir member's goal?
  78. Tony winner tammy
  79. Niños' needs?
  80. Base stealer's asset
  81. Socrates' pupil
  82. Eurasian blackbird
  83. Many mariners
  84. Attack a indisposed of it
  85. King novel that shared the first bram stoker award (1987)
  86. 1929 purchaser of victor
  87. Sword-wielder's cry
  88. Last of 11 across comes first back there
  89. Advanced teaching degrees: abbr.
  90. Tiny chuckle
  91. That's not a pony i'm riding so disdainfully
  92. Nose bag particle
  93. Nixon of sex and the city
  94. Consort of hera
  95. Texter's i will return shortly
  96. What a plighter plights
  97. Had a few
  98. Make up a story maybe
  99. Muffin fruit
  100. Hers and mine
  101. Surname of father-and-son british prime ministers
  102. Not cut and not given a clip, either, on the head at last
  103. Is ronald just a particle in the water, by the sound of it?
  104. Gee! stuck with a duel?
  105. Regina's prov.
  106. Kc-to-nyc dir.
  107. Vanishing ski lift
  108. Leonard is able to make half a spectacle of himself
  109. Bryn mawr graduates
  110. Induce euphoria in
  111. One who doesn't just think about it
  112. Pass gone seriously astray: abbr.
  113. Hard-hitting contests
  114. Cause of tremors at times
  115. Fab equivalent
  116. Full of glitches as programs
  117. Kindle reading e.g.
  118. On the face of this, watch it being so laid-back
  119. Do a gardening task
  120. Growth-oriented field?: abbr.
  121. How the din then got more water with it
  122. Cease to function
  123. Pull one over the ocean
  124. Big 12 rival of baylor: abbr.
  125. Bit of inside information
  126. Seems there's drought in tibet (2'1, 4, 3, 3)
  127. Arrived too much it seems, yet was victorious
  128. It's thought you'll get no change out of this in france
  129. N in cause of no help
  130. Not smart enough for the tttttttttt i had
  131. Can ada get to either side of ronald there?
  132. Electric supply for it in the big top
  133. John dillinger notably
  134. It's puzzling how i got to be in such a mange
  135. Emerald isle in poems
  136. That was for a present, it seems
  137. Name in shortening
  138. How francis comes to pay for postage
  139. As regards the south as it meets up with the east
  140. Cuisine with nam tok
  141. Murray with four grammys
  142. Flourless cake perhaps
  143. Not out where the o.m. is
  144. When checks are distributed
  145. Stick in a genealogy kit
  146. Rises in anger
  147. Security officer's shelter
  148. Alaska gold rush town
  149. Cause to convulse with laughter
  150. Emma novelist austen
  151. Not in want of one thing with one on the end
  152. Put an end initially to the stink of sweat in the light ship?
  153. It's thought to need some refinement among them
  154. Word on a handle
  155. Fleece-lined boots
  156. Seems they're all for a short rest
  157. Go tin?
  158. Tex's pal
  159. Bit of body ink informally
  160. Cathy's for sale by sound
  161. Gave a belt on the editor and left it at that
  162. Sounds as if one is in time, so watch it jerk
  163. Hammerlock or headlock
  164. Start to 9 across where there's firing
  165. Instigation for a prank often
  166. Platter at a wine bar
  167. Decline as stocks
  168. Spuds at a chophouse
  169. Grain in some beers
  170. Mba candidate's subj.
  171. Battery in a wireless mouse
  172. You follow it, by the sound of it
  173. Bring to light that this sounds illegal
  174. He's e there and wet
  175. What a bore for you to be in nine in france!
  176. About five lines to sound miserable with
  177. One in a broken spoon could be the very last thing you'd have
  178. What's here lets them do for the scots
  179. Came down from a height
  180. When they have stones in them that father set up
  181. Weed? nothing new about that
  182. Freshly cooked it and not too late
  183. Forces summon them to limbs
  184. Precious little weight for such a miserable accountant
  185. A rice mixture for him and a little more for erica
  186. The gaps it makes are not down the middle of it in italy
  187. Did begin to be done (7)
  188. By the sound of it, a fete for the little fellow
  189. At the wheel for the club
  190. That's a nut in the family way
  191. Sounds as if there are strings attached, but only vocal chords are involved
  192. They're just a little offshore of scotland
  193. By the way, high is main
  194. 'e is not still following the fourth part of play
  195. One must respect one who gets fed up again up there
  196. Get about two rounds on this
  197. Depending on the weather, i get married at last
  198. Avoids both panic and execution (5, 3'1, 4)
  199. On the face of it, the egg has been up there
  200. Take it as read from there
  201. Was sounding heavy in the van
  202. The lout was one of those expelled
  203. Perhaps the salt of summer, by the sound of it
  204. Can one like this? well, by the sound of it, no
  205. Twisted with pain in every way
  206. One is just a little depressed, by the way
  207. Take a bit out of a pamphlet
  208. What a beastly 100 with a ix!
  209. Is that how i study my image?
  210. Prizes that get given about there in the hospital
  211. Perfume or 8 across?
  212. There's room here for the twister back there over the way
  213. Perhaps die in debt if you 1 down too much
  214. It's been cut in the label with oil back there
  215. Sounds as if are grown up in current running
  216. Can't believe that one may get in over castro
  217. Shall we get back like a star that's dead?
  218. A star of the theatre will get a wave on here
  219. How 8 across might hurry to bury there with becket
  220. Leaving the book for a second
  221. Tasteful timing, perhaps
  222. Urges 18 down to get on with it
  223. Takes the skin off a turn of one with eyes shut
  224. Get around to being el bat, perhaps
  225. Get back to being in the flock
  226. You get this by lay, not by the lay-by
  227. One's put up with editor if he's so cold and hard
  228. Any vessel with a hold might claim to be such
  229. Half sheepish she is at being such an old queen
  230. With enough weight to have it set crooked in the inverse way of storytelling
  231. They're not principally for a gentleman
  232. He or she might be the one to finish the middle of them
  233. One won't take them for a drive
  234. Hanged the famished, decapitated priest
  235. Put out with a little 2 down
  236. Does he dose like this at last
  237. In sum, there's a crooked pet in the nose
  238. Start to eat up what is given from a box
  239. Leave in a huff when april has come
  240. Safe so to possess the north
  241. In command of the hundred of rome
  242. There's about a hundred and one in the postscript, in short (6)
  243. On the stove, even if it's strong and illicit
  244. After 23 down, sounds as you're soiled, perhaps
  245. Tea with you, oh, down under
  246. It's not a record to exist so cheaply
  247. Wow! i would get in it for her to be left
  248. Tries at last to set up one of the ceremonies
  249. What you must be to see the doctor
  250. One opponent of five in a den back there
  251. That's in character of blood
  252. Peers at the court of london
  253. That's a forbidding way to behave with a beard
  254. You'll get no change out of that
  255. Lots of them by the sound of them at length at last
  256. As this arrives it's not down with what 13 across does (5, 2)
  257. A tiny he-cat is like them
  258. Read and learn once more is 'e in church?
  259. Be a little of such a rascal, in a manner of speaking, from ireland (5)
  260. Let 16 across have one of fifty such
  261. Might for the present, in a manner of speaking, this be a matter for one over the city?
  262. Let live there
  263. Beat heavily but very lightly as last
  264. Unconsciously firm with one's parent
  265. As usual it's absent mister back there
  266. Whatever sort of finish to 16 down you like
  267. Not as bloody usual
  268. Quickly the editor refused everything as a matter of course
  269. Padres don't have to go on them
  270. Perhaps more might for the bishop?
  271. The rat going around the chopped-up tree to go back
  272. What a joke to get over the smelly gent!
  273. That could be the blooming car for the people
  274. One's entirely free of soot, and free of everything else too
  275. Get her up to having been burned for a second
  276. By the sound of them, reason for row in the rookery
  277. A case of teetotal agony
  278. One hear here
  279. Get the bird down and let it come to and end
  280. Not straight talk, like a bad time for caesar
  281. With an oar 'e can fly
  282. Where he's e marine
  283. Tire of having hung around in the dole
  284. Notwithstanding them
  285. If cat sat here that's no lie (2'1, 1, 4)
  286. Absorbed and parcelled up, by the sound of it
  287. Such a tree is not left by 1 across
  288. Tied, by the sound of it, right out
  289. Sounds as if a corny deity comes by instalments
  290. The first bit of the first is inside it (7)
  291. Almost 27 across by night
  292. Pressing him under the old city
  293. Sounds as if a girl is helping herself in error
  294. Such a blank comes in volume
  295. Round around a round t
  296. One of the slats in the window of the gallery
  297. Darkness in the castle makes one too weak, by the sound of it
  298. A poacher might get one cooked
  299. With father got rid of, hopes were gone like this
  300. Thanks not really given
  301. Buck up to the south in rushes
  302. Pitch tan for one in 4 across
  303. Sound of a celler for a sailor, perhaps
  304. About a hundred in a mess, but this gets it all square
  305. Tried, thanks to ted
  306. It's all to the good for her to return
  307. Come in: it's a complaint inside
  308. Fit of temper if you get a little tea up your nose
  309. That's enough to make an r.a. wet
  310. Queen’s son
  311. Be patient if i have a big, beastly companion
  312. Was currently short a bit of the way round, perhaps
  313. Relatively large or well created
  314. Is ireland unable to - gee! - get a move on?
  315. That's because about you really mean it
  316. I used to be the doctor, so sacrifice me
  317. Old and all as he is, he coped
  318. If you catch cold from this, the doctor has anything to cure it
  319. Way it left? yes
  320. They're not right to get so flat with us
  321. The bottom of the pot may get burnt to make it fertile
  322. There's nothing lost by being kept
  323. One cannot believe in trinity
  324. Pitch a place to make it fit for kings
  325. They're grand for father in his shoes here
  326. A bin might make it good for feet
  327. She is to be 28 down
  328. All the same, suitably consecutive in hand for a poker
  329. Prize that is fine for a bike with this, by the sound of it
  330. Might be des is unable to sing with this
  331. The very way the mass may get to feel
  332. Last jedi director
  333. Governing body in a city
  334. Covering layer
  335. Moral rules guiding behaviour
  336. Brutal ruffians
  337. Very fast - mostly at sea, it seems
  338. Not a hard bargain for low quality soft wood
  339. Bet that's not your favourite price
  340. Stick at nothing to cheer about
  341. One may get hot and blow cold with this
  342. Bonaparte might sound as if he was a bit like this
  343. Is the open work reckoned to have been roughly cut? (9)
  344. Seen about this re the calm
  345. One may get out with a lure for experimental purposes
  346. Main, of course, may be the right to let one in
  347. For us, a one of 9 across
  348. Yes, it has claws, by the sound of it
  349. Explain this, in a manner of speaking
  350. Taking part in playing
  351. Being so perfect an insect, i am light greem
  352. Sat around the examiners as they swear to it
  353. Whose is inside course?
  354. Work or strike?
  355. Take note that's the little brother of the first lady
  356. That's when one's out of work
  357. Mate is bad company
  358. People of basic language
  359. Father returned and concealed bug
  360. Established beads are used
  361. Gaiety in plenty to fill his ball, by the sound of it (6)
  362. Lied about loaf
  363. You and you, perhaps, to a certain degree might fix this
  364. See how very large it sounds
  365. With this put, i reverse it
  366. Said that a fool might be about to die
  367. Taking everything as a matter of course
  368. A doctor does nothing with it, it's so deft
  369. Comes to nothing, but that's just as well
  370. Do they make pots of money? if so, one does not have to work hard for it
  371. You might find how to get over what's all round
  372. That's not the first time you'd find the commander at home
  373. Sounds as if one finds the weigh-ins fascinating
  374. This might happen to give a firm turn to the start of 13 across
  375. One works just under one foot of this
  376. Indeed the papers are feeling lowdown
  377. Not for me, r, at the end of death
  378. Fired for racing
  379. 1987 film drama starring michael douglas and charlie sheen
  380. 1994 comedy-drama film starring hugh grant tara fitzgerald and sam neill
  381. Daughter of minos and pasiphae in greek mythology who married dionysus
  382. 2008 novel by louis de bernieres
  383. Burrowing rodent of hot dry regions of asia and africa
  384. Musical instrument of india consisting of a pair of drums of variable pitch
  385. Author of novels a man of his time and birthday
  386. Former british gold coin valued at one third of a pound
  387. Digby — panasonic wild knights and former australia rugby union wing and centre
  388. Arthur — composer of 1949 opera the olympians
  389. City in southern california us; most populous in the state
  390. The — 1913 p g wodehouse novel whose title character is ogden ford
  391. Ty — detroit tigers baseball player and manager known as the georgia peach
  392. Antelope also called a wildebeest
  393. Well, that's not with a lisp - that's just stupid
  394. Perhaps one undertakes such berries, by the sound of it
  395. March out before you can be had like this
  396. Pass the river at this
  397. Dakota tribe of native americans whose leaders have included sitting bull
  398. Avery — president of the international olympic committee from 1952-72
  399. 1976 f1 world drivers' championship winner
  400. The speed of such a mode would not be extreme (4)
  401. Hear after half a century that his widow was merry
  402. Over one foot at nothing so smooth
  403. Ron gets confused in your prickly setting
  404. The mail gets lost in there in scotland
  405. Might this get around to have a second performance?
  406. Long to make a good deal out of this
  407. Not being the leader, robert is rapidly going downhill
  408. Get into position with every one in following open form
  409. How friends die of the shakes
  410. This will indicate that ned is back with a broken toe
  411. Unfashionable to be away from home
  412. All skinny for them with 4 down, so it is
  413. Aligned to the east, perhaps
  414. Huge, no, plenty
  415. Done time in the air
  416. Around the east it's for the moslem from the east
  417. Roman style of building
  418. Nothing to say, oddly, about a bean
  419. Employed nothing in a little bird as one is accustomed
  420. Nurse at hospital department promises to be controversial
  421. Initially, answer to a 29 across
  422. No go for this or tile that's broken
  423. Capital s, perhaps, at oxford at last, hugely
  424. Cutting the american soldier with nothing on hand
  425. May be given in a box, in a manner of speaking
  426. A film fan at the observatory
  427. Mad about ena though she's mad
  428. That's who gets ill in ireland
  429. Just before the last bus down there
  430. One kind of this could be made up
  431. Is never scornful in the ship
  432. Names changed to accommodate the minister
  433. One has no faith in a riot after art back there
  434. Has the knight to go back and forth for food?
  435. N.i., one by one
  436. Comfortable, copper retiring
  437. Not so odd at last as to be almost 1 across
  438. Material originally selected that will engross elegant dowager
  439. He will have to foot the bill or be in real trouble
  440. On following no following one of 6 down, by the sound of it
  441. Been in the pan around the north, pal?
  442. Thriller to undo with difficulty
  443. Are cats really so many times in existence?
  444. Not worked up, as seen roundabout
  445. Chews this, by the sound of it (6)
  446. Listen, a butt has one
  447. Unit of mass equal to 64.79891 milligrams
  448. What's the matter with the month, in short, i see?
  449. He's not one's child, so one puts one's foot down
  450. Novel by jean-paul sartre
  451. Being delicate, neil staggers round the welfare centre
  452. Back an one that it not the owner in the tent
  453. Stride where there's most drought
  454. It's herself that's not a bit thick
  455. This makes the serpent cross to a pronounced extent
  456. Be in beers in the wood
  457. Applaud such foolish talk a bit uppishly
  458. There is where one has got this
  459. Begin 29 across in the end in pain
  460. Nikon alternative
  461. Sovereign symbol
  462. French composer édouard
  463. Type of patch
  464. French refusal
  465. Pole carvings
  466. Controversial bit of punctuation
  467. Indian restaurant bread
  468. Reduce severely
  469. May have one spellbound on the way in
  470. With 9 across winner of 2008
  471. One of those dreaming of oxford?
  472. Moreover, there could be teams here
  473. Holiday in vietnam
  474. Lexus alternative
  475. Last president not a college grad
  476. Having bought it, one might make a mark against it, by the sound of it
  477. ''sapling'' might be said to have for 36 across there
  478. Remove the weapon from the limb of the inspector
  479. This will make you inclined to use your 6 down
  480. San jose costa __
  481. Clarinet look-alike
  482. __ stadium (seaworld structure)
  483. After-dinner activity
  484. Not the rut of asia - not even in asia
  485. If that's only ten with the mob, get them underground
  486. There was no strike, because of the fog, by the sound of it
  487. When invasion was a headline
  488. Unhealthful
  489. Bone to the knee
  490. For one in society to have lost his head might make him so heated
  491. They always go on ahead
  492. Us golfer; 2007 winner of the barclays tournament
  493. 90s philippine leader
  494. And that's what you get for lying
  495. Potato exterior
  496. Frozen food forename
  497. Business jet name
  498. Just you listen how to make use of this with lint
  499. Heist proceeds
  500. City desk exec
  501. With m on this there'll shortly be rain
  502. Early synthetic fiber
  503. There's something in store for one who is not even half a boss
  504. Nickname like patty
  505. Emirs almighty
  506. Sovereigns decree
  507. Anglers holder
  508. Grand canyon caravan
  509. Formulate, as a phrase
  510. In view of what 14 down do
  511. Erin accent
  512. Informal apparel
  513. It is in an extremely truthful setting
  514. Takes on or in
  515. Pineapple, coconut and rum drink
  516. Fed health law
  517. Anatomical opening
  518. Group leading a simple life
  519. Nfl player honor
  520. Display of swagger
  521. Big name in beijing
  522. Shaped like lungs
  523. Sit abruptly
  524. Factors in turnpike tolls
  525. Usaf academy locale
  526. Shakespearean suitor
  527. Service station fixture
  528. Scram from danger
  529. Not hard to marry at such a midshipman
  530. Infomercial admonition
  531. Language in leipzig
  532. Heavy equipment hauler
  533. Many mass-market books
  534. Idris in the movies
  535. How mean so to save about such anger
  536. Natural feature such as the great barrier
  537. They're left of late
  538. Sounds as if this is able to cause amusement in church
  539. A limb is set around for such sad poets
  540. An acid pain the guts around the bar
  541. One is not to a c.c. 17 across
  542. Do they give one a bird's-eye view?
  543. Figure how the parrot has disappeared, by the sound of it
  544. I was the first at last to be sent off (6)
  545. Artist is well following unnatural dietary cravings
  546. Composer about to take up case of western gunslinger
  547. Do well in brief shakespearean role
  548. No harm in being so fresh
  549. Drunken rambler crossing moor, one desperate to maintain balance
  550. Is that what they do? hear, hear!
  551. Every other tory is at new restaurant's opening, having southern shellfish
  552. Extreme overhaul transforms houses
  553. Extremely disconsolate graduate, regularly called a failure
  554. Not quite monkey with a pea in bits
  555. Form of exercise is source of inflammation in cockney's feet
  556. Got the matter for a month, i see
  557. Gags despicable individuals told
  558. Gratuitous thrills? footballers attempt to defend them
  559. Group disheartened by a holiday in foreign capital
  560. Heading of mother's recipe is wildly inaccurate
  561. Hearing once again blair term essentially needs reviewing
  562. Importance of law requiring republican to intervene for third time
  563. In the middle of day, arrested by american government
  564. It's not appropriate to nod off during sex
  565. Leisurewear, its use at work initially is relaxed
  566. States as you get up
  567. Make light of everyone having wandered naked
  568. Never-ending foreign vote is ignored
  569. Oddly picked least popular school subject
  570. Performs erratically in cambridge footlights' productions?
  571. Postpone broadcast covering product's differentiating factor
  572. Small cavity features on putting green
  573. Step in tango right to attract judge's close notice
  574. Struggle with overcooked starter instead of cold dish
  575. Subversive characters turn on stars
  576. Support red nose activity
  577. That girl's suggestion sounded typical of a kid
  578. Unresolved affairs soon led wayward son to consume ecstasy
  579. Am entertaining with anything so wee?
  580. One might sow this for litter
  581. Sounding idle, i take a long time over them
  582. Of course that makes it hot for the cockney
  583. There one ate, naturally
  584. So silly, that is to say, about her
  585. Get it in the neck for fencing
  586. Has papa the pluck to phone around?
  587. By the sound of it, wholly the ruddy bag
  588. Sounds as if it's such as isaiah you get for 30 across
  589. For the sentry, it's his to worry about
  590. Weep to welcome the scots
  591. Got the galley goin' with ash in the wood
  592. Rev, o, up set?
  593. Lots of it into the bargain - that's good
  594. Served to a full stop at last
  595. It seems nothing but woodland, so get there before the others
  596. So trees get a hat: all for show
  597. More of a riddle than a clue to cover this
  598. Cap this grain according to your fancy
  599. Ted goes wrong and is wrong to be so off-putting
  600. Round the mountains of ulster from seville
  601. One served not to have been just hanging around
  602. See a start for 1 across
  603. No longer is 27 down a dandy tool of the bowler
  604. Makes a song about the east from burns
  605. It's wrong, as a rule
  606. The bears retired his no 42
  607. The girl and i follow benjamin from india
  608. This leads to a surplus of wild oats, perhaps
  609. William, being sick, is feeling bad
  610. Draw a bath round about this
  611. Sounds like the last thing you'd do with the fruit
  612. Pt does not get serious yet
  613. By the sound of it, not able to be a murderer
  614. On the pig, sort of horses, in the water at last
  615. Ostentatious drs? yes
  616. The french have a word for it, so have i and that's why i did it
  617. Gotten one more!
  618. Plenty to draw for the auction
  619. It will get you into trouble so to start from scratch
  620. Tell about it, but not much
  621. Grey for yeats and all for those on foot
  622. You poetry of ulster - out of this world!
  623. In this altogether? just a bit
  624. Got the boat broken, did i and edward
  625. Status for a june year, by the sound of it
  626. Create a record as a forger, perhaps
  627. The trousers come to an end with them
  628. Roundabout way to create an agitation
  629. As a matter of course it sounds no doubter
  630. Allow the county so to disappoint you
  631. Just judge how sporting one is
  632. A hundred cent gin with emphasis
  633. Might this be the gift of being all there?
  634. All together, now - what's he at for this? (3, 6)
  635. Very little, by the sound of it, about in a little time
  636. The god's back to make a grab for this
  637. It's wet in the rest with all those holes
  638. Meals end when they aren't 30 down
  639. Is she worth more than one buck?
  640. Goes round and round, up and down
  641. Put it before you?
  642. On the face of it, depressed
  643. See that it's not coming out of the deep-freeze
  644. This will come in for, by the sound of it, the prize for initiative
  645. Just in time to get me in the top (5)
  646. Thought to be needed to do crosaire
  647. Not at home with 40, by the sound of it
  648. At last a name with a broken nail
  649. Brings one bottom up with the side inside
  650. Go on ahead with the ruddy fruit, by the sound of it
  651. Belonging, perhaps, to make a saint sick
  652. Do get desmond up for his medicine
  653. I might be so unjust towards one with water all round
  654. It's all in order that he is in the gamble here
  655. Perhaps tunes of the south of late
  656. See, a support for her near dublin
  657. Have some truck with one who will pay a little more, perhaps
  658. Pardon employing a former century
  659. The saucy little beast is out of bed
  660. Squad of experts
  661. Draw h after all the rest
  662. Cathy's able to make it to the sales of them, by the sound of them
  663. The blooming peace is one of them
  664. Used blooming breath, by the sound of it, on what one should ring
  665. A little bird tells me they's all there
  666. Disc lose it and soil it at last
  667. Mad to put five hundred over the stern
  668. For england far back it swims in the air
  669. Go and leave the bloody stuff about
  670. Gang boss
  671. After half a century, you see, i would make it clear
  672. Cut it back, but not for the present
  673. Black star rapper
  674. Seems the river's willing to be a killer
  675. About double the things one must do for the screen and for the church
  676. There's nothing lying there, it seems
  677. Two have got the quarry in here
  678. Save for this, by the sound of it, and say yes
  679. You, in short, still in the country?
  680. The headless fowl may still be working enough to make one jealous
  681. That's one given to low talk
  682. Is a little bird going to empty it, by the sound of it? (6)
  683. Is fatherr up to stick over this point?
  684. In a manner not in accordance with governmental procedures
  685. Devon river names
  686. The quality of being able to put into words
  687. The girl in the can is yellow and acid
  688. Church office diocese
  689. Concentrated enough to begin in 31 across
  690. Get mountains in order, by the sound of it
  691. She will stop the flow
  692. Small container for pens odds and ends etc
  693. Within the hull of a ship
  694. Process of strengthening or energising
  695. Eddie scottish broadcaster
  696. O, that's 9 across
  697. There's not a band around him, it's behind him
  698. He is a very little - yet explosive feline, i see
  699. Longed, perhaps, to have thrown up at the end of the short street
  700. Cope with a in the dog's attack
  701. A bit shot, in short, in the little dear
  702. Not what a teller in a bank would be doing
  703. Produces more eggs, perhaps, one after the other
  704. They can't stand being what's in them
  705. So with three fifty one just gets lazy
  706. An attack of the bogs i possess
  707. About fifty, sound, noble organs
  708. For long now it's always cse, perhaps
  709. A northern god is losing his hair
  710. It's not so fine to have the ra in here
  711. With such a plot i get ruin
  712. Can't see for three little ones
  713. They serve at last to be insecticidal
  714. Poor about fifty for the lowest deck
  715. Kind of cross out of them
  716. What a tripod has for the yard
  717. That makes multum of parvo
  718. His watch is higher than the wise man
  719. Gee, that lair for the boy will keep him happy!
  720. There's no battery for this
  721. Listens to the east for the last transport
  722. Saw this with x over (or below) it
  723. Two bees get burst in the blue
  724. Sir, get back to the fish for the meat course
  725. The skipper gets one on a title
  726. Might the north set steel for the milky way for this?
  727. Be quiet and cut it with a sound bit of you
  728. Praise be the god this will water the girl, by the sound of it
  729. They might in time have had the gall to go to sea
  730. 22 across starts back with him
  731. That's owing everything with permission
  732. The short answer in a blooming crusty setting
  733. How a pen can make a chain in a number of ways (4)
  734. Not to do your duty
  735. Have work on hand on foot underfoot
  736. Yes, a perfume is sound
  737. Of course he was coarse
  738. With the firm he has got one on sticking
  739. What to so with your cellar, by the sound of it
  740. They each have a quay on board, by the sound of it
  741. Give her a ring and occupy the line
  742. Get this published abroad, by the sound of it
  743. A sprung lot of them
  744. Give us a song after tea, just to annoy
  745. Two is the first to be late in the day
  746. Like or no, you'll get fire quickly from this
  747. Rather not on the fish's
  748. Fired brightly to be hot at last
  749. When there's some prior warning, of course
  750. Does this make an eel a can?
  751. Bound in this to get everything at last
  752. Be certain to follow about 17 across, in short
  753. With a ba, king gets being made so crusty
  754. Bits of ice in her to a relative extent
  755. None left, all right
  756. A god gets torn in bits about it at sea
  757. His majesty has lost weight, having been pondering, perhaps
  758. It's argued that edward might be urged to sound beastly
  759. That's a setback for that bloke albert
  760. Get stripes with them, sir
  761. Do they happen to be chances?
  762. Is it great to read it?
  763. Goers about little, thin samuel
  764. Finished with that northern girl
  765. At this point, t is not at this point
  766. Safe tale of the cid
  767. They can make trunk calls to there in england at last
  768. The bloody ta as an alternative to a
  769. In short, the tree is chopped up around the south
  770. Sneaky pete actress who plays sarah pfefferman on transparent (2 wds.)
  771. Ice capades setting
  772. Scoreboard count in an mlb game
  773. ___ inside (sticker on many pcs)
  774. Showbiz representative (abbr.)
  775. Sinus doctor (abbr.)
  776. Search party actor who plays josh pfefferman on transparent (2 wds.)
  777. ___ grande (southwestern border river)
  778. The newsroom actor dev
  779. Loads and loads (of) (2 wds.)
  780. Actor jeremy of hbo's watchmen
  781. Stir crazy co-star richard
  782. Girls actress who plays ali pfefferman on transparent (2 wds.)
  783. Regular tv show
  784. Small talk (2 wds.)
  785. ___ tape (waterproof adhesive)
  786. Nevis's sister island in the west indies (2 wds.)
  787. Vowels acknowledging a loan
  788. Way to go kid! (2 wds.)
  789. Automaker with a leaping feline in its logo
  790. ___ sematary (2019 remake starring john lithgow)
  791. Let it be around the truck around the middle east
  792. Silent bays
  793. Beijing air pollution
  794. For the army the fish is on, about to get the knight up
  795. The habitual language of advertising
  796. Though among all the rest, the little sister does not give in to them
  797. Perhaps the sound of the present time. do you get it?
  798. Not the row of 15 across nor the sound of weeping
  799. I came like caesar for the meat, my boy
  800. No, about five it leaves wash behind
  801. Did the cargo on the top of this?
  802. Currently, the circuit is not a lengthy one
  803. As usual, no-one on the bench
  804. Have you got the answer to this?
  805. Gee! shine this to get the sound of it
  806. A horse with a label with edward around
  807. A plays apart
  808. From this horror comes gore all over the ship
  809. Faith, there's none of it, and that's why it comes at the end of it
  810. Might go on ahead of the saint in a cloud of rain
  811. Perhaps eee for comfort
  812. Is there the slightest sign of a state being around the north?
  813. Getting to be suiting one
  814. One is not forward if one stands another round of drinks, it seems
  815. Is at the wheel in the waterr
  816. One thousand such, one thinks, would be only nine
  817. Forsaken by arnold in the water
  818. New t's end with 16 down, in short
  819. Just stick to chat about thanks
  820. Just observe how happy it is
  821. Not wanting to start to ring about the mixed-up teens
  822. By the sound of it, not made your inverse, perhaps
  823. Be in no hurry to get round the end of the street
  824. This could be entirely owing to having a permit
  825. Sidney was up, cultivated and in high spirits
  826. The matter of a century in a mess - that makes it all square
  827. Heat has got the missus confused
  828. Too noble not to be red in vain, by the sound of it
  829. The first lady at the height of her holiday
  830. No points for this try
  831. May go off and be started
  832. Mean to take a great interest in everything
  833. Having had a brush with them, the south is in tears
  834. In view of this, it's past 23 down, by the sound of it
  835. Take a bun to this ball - quite enough
  836. My light is green - that's perfect for the insect
  837. There's a cab in here for him
  838. Drip around to get me topped up
  839. Look, that's the sort of thing that's on the boil
  840. The settlements need them
  841. Ned longed to follow this time
  842. She followed ruth to claim she was in pain there
  843. Perhaps the sound of a splendid flower in south america
  844. They hold the st, there
  845. The quaking middle
  846. Bound to be in it, extremely so at last
  847. Boy has a game with his mother on board
  848. Not so hot a draw of late
  849. Put one - or more - on it, son
  850. I get a broken can for the old folk
  851. Perhaps final footing then
  852. In view of these, they'll let you in around tea
  853. At first one across will stretch into ice
  854. They come again for just ice
  855. They may be made and made with the poles
  856. Rushes up to the stag at the south
  857. That's how the horse refuses, by the sound of it
  858. At present the south is white
  859. A gang might make the beastly king nervous (4)
  860. Off the road in america in a crabbed manner
  861. Belong with it?
  862. Not a cellar, by the sound of it, for cattle
  863. Plenty for the east to have come first up here
  864. For a fish, a half-century at last
  865. Let around an inclination
  866. A scot there for one of these people
  867. Let's follow the one here for the prickles
  868. May be dipped, but that will never make it red
  869. Was sore about what i've got muddled, yet i've got there
  870. See how they learn
  871. There being no tears in it, there's nothing to pay for it
  872. See how you need a whip for this carriage
  873. Got the letters off for the appointments
  874. A saint would hesitate to say it with this
  875. Possess what's between the poles for the bristles off like this
  876. Pot able to be like this?
  877. Are my lights green, friendly and spanish-speaking?
  878. Perhaps they're encompassing there on board
  879. They're all partly not one over the eight?
  880. Leg ends here
  881. By the sound of it, you lasso a bull for her, by jove!
  882. Don't forget about a century - the whole of it
  883. One quartet that's one quarter of what's down here
  884. What has to be done with the dough, by the sound of it
  885. High jinks on the high notes
  886. 'e's there where they're tough, mighty tough
  887. Managed to have been in a hurry
  888. Helen has her vest in little bits
  889. No figure could be so partial as this
  890. That's the last of the silk up there
  891. Spoken sharply in the ship near dublin
  892. There's work to be got out of the fridge there
  893. Tell about the dead
  894. Reared up and got up
  895. She's very good for me
  896. How t is placed on the green
  897. Black castles in the air
  898. It irritates noah to take his vessel from pole to pole
  899. They're short of breath - so wearing!
  900. Of course it's first to mother and so up it's red
  901. The ref does not agree to such sorts of employment
  902. As well they're good and effusive
  903. Head of the corps in the core, by the sound of it
  904. Everyone to come back and give out
  905. Gee! that's about seven up from geneva
  906. She gets nothing for one of 4 down
  907. Iconic environmental book
  908. My brother, kenneth, used to have a smashing time on the bench
  909. Name on napoleon dynamite shirt
  910. How cowboys work with tillers?
  911. Hereabouts it gets turned with a spade in church
  912. Maybe ten or a scorcher, perhaps
  913. Not shut up in 19 down
  914. What a wrench to have to work with a nut!
  915. Lures are hidden up the street in consequence
  916. Stays around her
  917. Led in the fog in a very bland manner
  918. So it's about a tree, the sound of an all-rounder
  919. R&b star whose name contains a period
  920. Does he make one fit to go by rail?
  921. Iron and nickel alloy
  922. That's not right to the right a little
  923. Although with a weapon, the cockney gets hurt
  924. One gets over two like this
  925. Armour, for instance, by the sound of it is flexible
  926. This water may flow up for a change
  927. How odd for mrs. adam to have a nun around in such a way
  928. That will give one one's comeuppance
  929. Not fleet of foot for one
  930. Stays around
  931. Roger casement
  932. The sweeping away of soil by precipitation
  933. Oneself informal
  934. After timothy is back, i get a way to moderate it
  935. After one has not been drinking, got sore and stuck
  936. At least one of the gospellers was not so hot
  937. Following one of 15 across this ruddy well looked bad
  938. Treated nurtured
  939. In layers that are not hens
  940. D's among the goons' boys
  941. By the sopund of it, see this to make 23 across
  942. See, 'e is in nine for a creed
  943. Victoria had it without a drought, by the sound of it
  944. Mark how the bull is there
  945. Valuation of an artistic priest with a sail
  946. 28 across would end in ireland, in a manner of speaking (6)
  947. By the sound of it, see you for some of the red ones - nowadays not pc
  948. Better for such a sprite to be going on his way
  949. Perhaps a boxer may erupt
  950. Oo! they get shot with so many drinks
  951. Gone for the middle of the score
  952. Where the dickens is he more wanting?
  953. Sorry for one and ten in pennies
  954. One's got to be in a hurry to have got ten more
  955. Famous way to turn on edward
  956. Possibly grounded in a libel
  957. Maps the mountains
  958. These get about tit for country
  959. What 10 across gets you to
  960. Got to grips with an there
  961. The train runs over the bird
  962. Capital of holland in a gilt setting by day
  963. It's up to me to be finished with the change
  964. That will give me quite a start
  965. Let 'er get to put 'er foot down
  966. Wrathful alalalalal?
  967. The doctor will make a play of getting at this in a a fog
  968. Object to such clumsy carving
  969. On the face of it for him they have to have an ache in us
  970. It sounds great to be shot at
  971. Sticky strap surrounding the south
  972. Was not ted sound?
  973. She can be overweight, perhaps, but can't be this
  974. 1/10, perhaps, all inside, maybe
  975. The girl and the boy were not at odds
  976. Led back to the twisted tee so as to remove it
  977. The county will provide a little tea with the wine; take it as read
  978. Seen to follow around you, in short
  979. Where there's a hero, a blockage in the way
  980. The rock might be a sham one here
  981. One who 2 down will this at the double in agreement
  982. Perhaps 50 = 10 + 10 + 10+ 10 + 10
  983. Label for a backward fly-by-night
  984. President resident there
  985. This horse bled on the rough road
  986. Only skin deep, so beat it
  987. Less than human in a tempest (7)
  988. All to the good for one with short legs to lose its head
  989. That's no handicap for links
  990. Old type of a, i see, overhead
  991. One always goes on foot, to a large extent
  992. Get blooming little by way of money
  993. How we sing to beat in an old-fashioned way
  994. That's you with cunning in a stately way
  995. Getting apes on board? yes
  996. By the sound of it a primate is fighting, but not as a regular
  997. Your will be done and made late
  998. Get plenty of time for pigs to fly with
  999. Gets a hundred lots of twenty-five sheets
  1000. Get green over nothing with us, but not mean to be like that
  1001. Flower like a viola
  1002. Overthrow of power
  1003. Serve with eggs?
  1004. Moor ship
  1005. Secret romance
  1006. Spirit made with sour fruit
  1007. Thrown hurled
  1008. When most land was frozen
  1009. Ancient stringed instrument
  1010. Gather livestock
  1011. Sharp twinge of hunger
  1012. Blamed for crime
  1013. Smooth as it turns by the minute
  1014. The first late she up and down
  1015. H/s, perhaps, is still there
  1016. Pen fuel about doubler?
  1017. Miss her as she was born
  1018. __ and downs (good and bad times)
  1019. Every __ 1983 song written by sting and recorded by the police: 3 wds.
  1020. Take care of an overgrown yard
  1021. __ urchin (marine animal)
  1022. Corporate honcho: abbr.
  1023. Highways lodgings
  1024. __ leppard rock band whose drummer is known as the thunder god
  1025. Suffix used with govern or count
  1026. Alex’s ex on abc’s happy endings
  1027. Sting hit from their third studio album which won them a grammy award for best rock song in 1992: 3 wds.
  1028. Pink floyd or green day for one
  1029. National flower of england
  1030. Surface or originate
  1031. Strip of fabric worn over the shoulder
  1032. If i ever lose __ single that won sting a grammy award for best pop vocal performance (male) in 1994: 4 wds.
  1033. A __ bad luck (period): 2 wds.
  1034. Far more than needed: 2 wds.
  1035. Cinematic technique for long-drawn-out scenes for short: hyph.
  1036. The __ (robert de niro baseball film)
  1037. Pair of entertainers
  1038. Female equivalent of sir
  1039. List on a webpage or food listing
  1040. Nickname for a yale university student
  1041. __ control (exterminator’s service)
  1042. Color wheel selection
  1043. Lincoln __ for short: abbr.
  1044. One in italian
  1045. Terms of __ (legal contract)
  1046. H on a faucet
  1047. Keanu’s famous sci-fi role
  1048. Tiny morsel of leftover food
  1049. Just a __ bit (tiny amount)
  1050. He who said a revolution is not a dinner party
  1051. Wincer’s cry
  1052. Doctor who airer: abbr.
  1053. Common features in antique clocks
  1054. Scavenges
  1055. Jackson 5 hairdos informally
  1056. __ log (christmas dessert)
  1057. Any higher offer? that's sad
  1058. What's a backward cleric doing in a joint like this with saul around?
  1059. On with a switch with the pants from there
  1060. In the bird, half a century is in
  1061. An xmas tree
  1062. The whole of it sounds so boring for the law
  1063. Where to find the atlas mountains
  1064. And there you have it! exclamation
  1065. Organisation that protects music copyrights
  1066. Puppy feet
  1067. Sing-__ (community singing)
  1068. Being hauled to the garage: 2 wds.
  1069. Fueling good gas brand with a triangular logo
  1070. Is this why it's about your boy?
  1071. Oriental beast from africa
  1072. So grand and so sleepy without so fast a time
  1073. No delay in giving the word from the wings (6)
  1074. Where one might get down to having a drink with a salesman, by the sound of it
  1075. Make one pay the precise amount from a bit of play
  1076. Just a half portion for mary, of course
  1077. This ride is never side-saddle - none better
  1078. Take a basin to safety there
  1079. One is in the fat of the northern race
  1080. Sounds cold, and if it's cold you'll need this
  1081. The boy from south africa may be cold and green
  1082. In the face of it, expectorate into the river
  1083. A this is one of the northern races
  1084. No trouble to stand with a further fifty
  1085. Customary costume
  1086. For one in france, brother kenneth is all in one piece
  1087. How 'e gets nothing drawn up
  1088. How the bee might be festive with claret
  1089. By way of what's twisting up here for room
  1090. Irish nationalist leader whose election to the house of commons in 1828 forced the acceptance of catholic emancipation
  1091. Nothing like the ruddy headgear of 7 down
  1092. How the pest's up to be playful with strings attached
  1093. 's lazy, so 'tis so to edge
  1094. Sounded rebounded
  1095. Long to be yellow and sound sheepish about her
  1096. Burnt, crude, ground stuff
  1097. Will the three of them allow there to be eight lines?
  1098. Pointedly withing the compass of the church
  1099. One loving the sound of a violin player?
  1100. Grow a fondness for
  1101. †“ famed rights advocate
  1102. Place of security
  1103. From where i sit, briefly
  1104. Trio often heard in december
  1105. Guides of a sort
  1106. Major source of coffee beans
  1107. No longer green, say
  1108. Large print source
  1109. High percentage of criminals?
  1110. Includes surreptitiously
  1111. What causes a will-o-the-wisp
  1112. Maui setting: abbr
  1113. Clue collectors, for short
  1114. †“ journalist and author
  1115. Blood drive worker
  1116. One good at reading emotions
  1117. Long to get more to get the saint sick
  1118. Psalm 63 opening
  1119. Part of a swiss bank account
  1120. Sounds as if there's no-one like sister
  1121. †‘ memoirist
  1122. Side of a coin with the principle design, heads rather than tails
  1123. Model of vengeful obsession
  1124. Nyc-based dance troupe
  1125. River through dortmund
  1126. Cereal mascot since 1933
  1127. Maker of the classic radarange
  1128. The 1 of 10-1, say
  1129. Really in this up and down
  1130. Parts of a portfolio: abbr
  1131. Forest mother
  1132. What helicopter rotors do
  1133. I ___ (sticker message)
  1134. Playing on both sides
  1135. Took by threat
  1136. Moved, as in a greenhouse
  1137. Words accompanying uh-oh!
  1138. Ms units
  1139. Something a cobbler may hold
  1140. Get ones hair just right
  1141. Romulus, exempli gratia
  1142. Award for best moment, eg
  1143. Suffix with sex or text
  1144. Largest cell in the human body
  1145. Symbolic socioeconomic divider
  1146. Honor-able org
  1147. Exxonmobil abroad
  1148. †‘ noted politician and orator
  1149. Popular sports news website
  1150. Information on a game box
  1151. The king of latin pop
  1152. Sounds during a strep test
  1153. Ann and andy, notably
  1154. Cut out the chaff and come first right away
  1155. A short a may get drawn into this
  1156. There's not so much on this at school
  1157. May counsel rest along with his shares
  1158. Fad passing across to british province
  1159. Case for an embassy worker
  1160. Get there by flight
  1161. The conifer is well turned out
  1162. Greet the girl in flowery, familiar fashion
  1163. Seems she made him not so rough
  1164. May be green when they start, but must rank as experienced
  1165. With the help of coats i can make it to the north
  1166. How pat might learn to get a family
  1167. One must have faith in et x x
  1168. Is this when one from 12 across may begin to make a pig of himself
  1169. Careful, but lacking in polish
  1170. Might one go solo? how capital!
  1171. Get around to be what's the matter with 18 down in the sea
  1172. Thirsts to make much of it with the apes around
  1173. All so odd, but not at last
  1174. Just the one, but plenty of it
  1175. Robert _, 19th-century english poet noted for his dramatic monologues and the ring and the book
  1176. Beau _, french phrase meaning a noble or gracious gesture or act, especially a meaningless one
  1177. Did not mind the smithy before tea
  1178. Stumble on a journey to the 19 across
  1179. How a hundred leave when you let them off
  1180. Lab for labour for this lad
  1181. Will the motor ever work out of control? (6)
  1182. At half past, call a number
  1183. Go to court for this in clare at last
  1184. They have the leading roles in the theatre
  1185. City in henan, china on the southern bank of the yellow river
  1186. Was informed that it's tough out east
  1187. One's ally is by way of not being firm enough around ten
  1188. Reckoning how silly she seems with men before tea
  1189. Horse, one jumping obstacle?
  1190. Light enough to get one up, by the sound of it
  1191. One gets less confused when they're so little in the water
  1192. Sounds as if the finest wine is to be found there in volume
  1193. Water did be spitting from them up the last thing at night
  1194. That's for the bally two of them in france
  1195. He's all right but he's not the principal one
  1196. I, cat, have but little to say here
  1197. Runs off to put one's foot down over the seed
  1198. Look, the old river is old - very old
  1199. Place for a catcher's guard
  1200. Home of the detroit tigers
  1201. Kite's place
  1202. First female indycar winner
  1203. Money on the table
  1204. Prefix with brow or cycle
  1205. By way of being noble in the morning
  1206. Bike gang missing leader
  1207. There's just a chance that one may be all there
  1208. This will make one fed up about the high wind
  1209. Mea culpa in a newspaper say
  1210. Whole foods produce item
  1211. Art town north of santa fe
  1212. See that it doesn't get frozen
  1213. At a pinch one boxed one's way to the joint first
  1214. Underworld bigwigs
  1215. Siberian expanse
  1216. Hose annoyance
  1217. Pie chart division
  1218. Tableware for a boiled cackleberry
  1219. Passionate kiss informally
  1220. Constant lip-chewing e.g.
  1221. Golden-yrs. fund
  1222. Many a dreads sporter
  1223. Asian land where dollars are spent
  1224. Each casually
  1225. Causes to smile
  1226. Don't tell this - it's so corny i won't believe it
  1227. The sound of the caws goes before this
  1228. Funereal heaps
  1229. Hunting garb briefly
  1230. Pluto until 2006
  1231. And thereby hangs a tail from him from arnold
  1232. 7 down in them
  1233. Her poetry about ray is so negative
  1234. Makes one sick to have come across this in ice
  1235. European flung out of swamp
  1236. Inclined not to have enough space during dec. up there
  1237. It gets known to all points of the compass
  1238. Highly-poisonous spotted weed
  1239. Go in to comb at there?
  1240. Sounds as if the would work as the fish comes in
  1241. That'll make them dogs noisy to get them on board
  1242. Currently not on irish envelopes
  1243. Re porter, not stout?
  1244. By rail and by road
  1245. Aussie actress and ex-wife of tom cruise
  1246. Is it all because of this or about being in the heat?
  1247. Need to make a garden here
  1248. There's no point at all in it's being at this point for 35 across
  1249. What a whale of a bloomer for him!
  1250. Who has been dropping his aitches and letting a little escape?
  1251. That's enough to lure ten onto the ice
  1252. 50's got 10 in for radio
  1253. That's where you'll find the scent of it, but it seems it will never blow up (8)
  1254. Will two allow this to be roundarm?
  1255. O, this where pussy has been in a big pussy
  1256. Mean to twist your blooms
  1257. Stands, by the sound of it, as inversely as they
  1258. Not for the ship at port said, by the sound of it
  1259. Coils get coiled and get dead when they swing
  1260. What's not plain are not, maybe
  1261. Long live in italy over one hundred promises to pay
  1262. Shocking so to cut it with a ram
  1263. Mirror for one, old and a bit cracked
  1264. The wind goes around on ahead
  1265. Fuel and solvent that is also called kerosene
  1266. That's one thing that happens to pie's poetry
  1267. Padding for a backward, blackward bird
  1268. Shortly before the march
  1269. Being up, brought up
  1270. A professional is not positively up to this
  1271. Start to stick out in front of her and also behind her
  1272. Promise to help yourself to less than necessary
  1273. Many girls want the authority that such appointments give
  1274. Fate might give des a tiny bit of this
  1275. Perhaps deader than your man the da
  1276. Bow at the back of japan
  1277. Earlier vintages do not come from grapes
  1278. Frees this, by the sound of it
  1279. There's a cast of them
  1280. Can this be chopped in bits and planted somewhere else?
  1281. What a sweet 11 across!
  1282. Place this wherever you like
  1283. To ease the tension it gets pitched into the river
  1284. It's cross and useless and gone and got mixed
  1285. Rather be at length
  1286. Six's what matters for lords
  1287. Though still it's fighting
  1288. Elisabeth shue
  1289. Keep it properly lubricated - that's the drill
  1290. Singers triumphant move after a performance
  1291. Good chance for a snapshot
  1292. By the sound of it, one knows how to do up yours and mine
  1293. Confessions of a shopaholic
  1294. She will try to grow from a shrub into an elm
  1295. Write no in french, flying along, perhaps
  1296. That makes one sore in the inside at being older
  1297. Might ro use this of a morning
  1298. Be close to an althogh
  1299. Some study, by the sound of it
  1300. Being cross, bred to be ungainly
  1301. There's a song - or a catch - in it
  1302. Musically they succeed, by the sound of them
  1303. Baton de crabe e
  1304. Intérieur des terres en afrique du nord
  1305. Prévenant e
  1306. Veep cast
  1307. How, by the sound of it, a cow can get down to it
  1308. May your boy lend thirteen by line
  1309. Close with it
  1310. One's sibling is in church
  1311. Oh, you idiot! one can fool you
  1312. Make a date with 'er to read it
  1313. I'm set to be irish you have in hand
  1314. The old drunkard will get 17 across up on the spot
  1315. Where there's no mad occupant
  1316. That sounds like a shaky sheikh
  1317. He gets around in a whirl in the water
  1318. Gives away a half a hundred and that's plenty
  1319. Fun for four in fleshy fashion
  1320. American word for docker
  1321. One instalment of the pie's poem
  1322. Not having feet, an adder can't do this before the fall
  1323. Start to put your foot down and quickly get away with it
  1324. Is the horse settled in there?
  1325. Nothing in the reign to make nothing of
  1326. May by the sound of it, be addressed and blown up
  1327. Sounds as if they're dutch there, but they're black
  1328. Nice of the river to have dispatched it, by the sound of it
  1329. May get doubled in fatal fashion
  1330. One of the scotsman's cattle has got stuck in the mud, by the sound of them
  1331. Is maths a way to make one quite breathless?
  1332. You have to squeeze to get the sound of what the bells do (5, 3)
  1333. Pussy sounds kind of a bloody one
  1334. Even the worst of candles must be this
  1335. He will succeed for them
  1336. The rest in berries, by the sound of it (6)
  1337. Spirits of shell?
  1338. Sounds as if he could start 28 across
  1339. Not all of this got teeth in it
  1340. With taste for hidden glee over the insect
  1341. By the sound of it i will shortly be in the water a little
  1342. Got a hump when one arrived at fifty
  1343. With the sound of his horn he had a bite in it
  1344. Such a ship may fly below the green
  1345. The sort of scrap that not even people start
  1346. With pa in a lot like this, one cannot be comfortable
  1347. Many at sea for a scrap
  1348. Just the sound of a little laughter from the better half of 16 down (9)
  1349. It comes to an end in such a splendid way
  1350. The supplication of the south by jet
  1351. Perhaps above average to be even stingier
  1352. In this there is no peace
  1353. There's none so light as this
  1354. Perhaps ex, as a matter of course
  1355. To be well-known around fifty for being so fiery
  1356. Does a get loose to a relative extent?
  1357. One goes along with this
  1358. There's no knowing if she has it for sale
  1359. Just grand in this sort of a horse from italy
  1360. The cock has, but not with teeth in it
  1361. Plenty of space at the north in the oyster
  1362. Fifty is thus a thousand if you bend it
  1363. Get 'er back up here
  1364. His dam might make the boy fruity
  1365. The work i set a back to for sleep
  1366. Perhaps under can, v as this
  1367. The eider duck has it and the plump girl will have to do it (4, 4)
  1368. A for 14 down in kildare
  1369. The south gets 17 across to get sent about dirt back there
  1370. The first letter of 19 across is u, by the sound of it
  1371. Thanks to edward an american serviceman is shaken
  1372. The north in an entrance on dad's side
  1373. It's for neptune to be carried in explosive
  1374. Need rope to have got ope once more
  1375. The old rifle is more nasty, in a manner of speaking
  1376. Am fired with ed after this with remorse
  1377. This stock thief made off and beat it
  1378. Stays with the gin to keep her in
  1379. What one might do with a swallow
  1380. The late is fit to be one
  1381. The primate is not in church
  1382. To be 27 across, perhaps, in a rocky sort of way
  1383. Did he do novel work for the church, by the sound of it?
  1384. There's little that's a model of this
  1385. As one da, red to do this?
  1386. Burns could start to be vocal like this
  1387. Minus a single saint that'll not give one the pip
  1388. That's the sound of nobody in the church
  1389. Got your elder in view, by the sound of it
  1390. Such lies you get from the head that wears a crown
  1391. Pale with ravings
  1392. Sew up the birds for the cowboys and the indians on show
  1393. The sentence ends precisely then and there
  1394. Ones winners one's dealt with
  1395. Sidney is back with his girl, only to sack her
  1396. Done with the twine
  1397. One was patient and given a drink
  1398. A little sleep will cure them - very fishy
  1399. Thick-walled part of a bird's stomach in which hard food is broken up
  1400. There may be a catch in them but nothing in them, on the face of them
  1401. Made mouly once more about those in play
  1402. Ta, ma, with this for the skin of the fruit (4)
  1403. Not the principal way to get in come
  1404. Let to have not so much to ease, by the sound of it
  1405. A.m. ends and were made thus for
  1406. She has them on when she seems to get lively once more
  1407. Returning safe, perhaps, but surely sound
  1408. Gee, this impulse is something to rue about!
  1409. O for the theatre!
  1410. Beat and possibly harm me
  1411. Sounds loose for a little
  1412. See about the strict, backward cleric
  1413. That should make bright of 7 down
  1414. Chosen people - some deselected!
  1415. The editor at last is getting around with them
  1416. Be so grand with a brush for the sweep
  1417. No present for father's little tea, perhaps
  1418. Inclination for one of the archers
  1419. Humorist who wrote for punch and contributed towards the reform of several divorce laws
  1420. Opposite of 24 down in church at last
  1421. Have a brush with the directors and win the lot
  1422. No down on the bird, just get it down
  1423. A weekday in colombia with new footwear
  1424. Let us sound like companies, in short
  1425. Wanted a gain, perhaps, with the middle in the end
  1426. . . . the soot away, for the draw
  1427. Only a sucker would never come to blows
  1428. Lies for late
  1429. Possibly festive in this direction
  1430. It's issued with a tin of beef, by the sound of it
  1431. Their pants are the ones to get one up after tea
  1432. Ho! it's all nothing in it for 15 across
  1433. Join in centre of tailpiece was positioned separately
  1434. Storage structure for 30-across
  1435. Frat pack actor wilson
  1436. Only president who was also chief justice
  1437. Can't take off but ends well off
  1438. Abcdefghijklm, i see, may go like a bomb (6)
  1439. Diane keaton's role in the godfather films
  1440. Gave speeches
  1441. Boston celtics' org.
  1442. A setback for galway for 24 across
  1443. A reply from the laboratory
  1444. Fitzgerald's great title character
  1445. Maleficent actress
  1446. Halloween headgear
  1447. On __: going wild
  1448. Miniature image to click on
  1449. 15-minute films say
  1450. Coyote cries
  1451. Blunt sword
  1452. Gp. responding to big apple blazes
  1453. Workday with a longer-than-typical break
  1454. Bach's __ and fugue in d minor
  1455. 2008 novel by danielle steel
  1456. The opposite of in to the front down under
  1457. So to 17 down may make one flag
  1458. Layers it up for a living
  1459. Humanities major
  1460. Nor or or in a dict.
  1461. Word before toast or after peach
  1462. A catalogue of sneer that they get by ear
  1463. By the sound of them, half a broken stone
  1464. Lacking variety musically
  1465. Editor or tailor e.g.
  1466. Red in the middle as steak
  1467. Pituitary and thyroid
  1468. That's for bid
  1469. In progress as sherlock's game
  1470. Couplet composed by model. one of eight
  1471. Would one be entitled to be about to turn a hair to have to do this?
  1472. Doing the groundwork makes him more like 21 across at last (6)
  1473. By the sound of it, i could never be found among that trio
  1474. Game like snooker
  1475. One might get to cong with 'er
  1476. You may see 21 across for this
  1477. The tricks of painting, if they're so cold
  1478. With this root, ghost of a barbarian
  1479. Just a shade of the north in a flier (6)
  1480. High in the ship, low at the show
  1481. A row gives me a strong point
  1482. Being so offensively loud, with this one may lose one's head without caution
  1483. Shelter on the port side, but it did not look good
  1484. Status in the british navy?
  1485. By the sound of them, raise from them
  1486. Our beloved edward has his hair standing on end
  1487. Are, in short, in the river in the country houses
  1488. Does it take about a century for this to go bad? don't believe it
  1489. Over one foot of lake around the north
  1490. Of course that's what it is, by the sound of it
  1491. Seen to be calm roundabout
  1492. Dance in eastern clubs coming to west from the same source
  1493. How like a washer!
  1494. Present at the match, so one can witness it
  1495. The way i give you a hand is just perfect
  1496. Mine's a guinness - get it in, you
  1497. This never causes the wearing of the green
  1498. Do they make one across?
  1499. How like a goose to be so sane about ireland!
  1500. Finally find the cobbler there
  1501. Good, of course, to make the passenger pay in punishment
  1502. Without status, however
  1503. Deserve to sound like a vessel of late
  1504. Will a fur get a cockney girl for me?
  1505. Sole right of father to get over what's pitched
  1506. Fog comes when the wind starts
  1507. Diligent eu sold us nuts
  1508. The toy comes back to clean up
  1509. How i get to sea with us across the world with him
  1510. For ascot, neither raps nor this
  1511. Can't very well walk into parliament after fifty-one
  1512. Collection, not delivery, for the male, by the sound of it
  1513. In truth, home for sound
  1514. 2004 comedy-drama starring jude law in the title role
  1515. You can't go putting your foot in it (2, 5-3, 3 )
  1516. 1991 film drama starring wesley snipes and annabella sciorra
  1517. 6 down to make loans
  1518. Tied, fast as the tide
  1519. Sent the sound of the artist up with it in a coma
  1520. By virtue of this one must play it by oneself
  1521. Road transport runs with what boats bring
  1522. A five-ampere temptress
  1523. A bit more risky to cut it so fine
  1524. When a hundred and fifty sing like this it grabs you
  1525. One leaves on one such
  1526. The south may be getting sound and getting a clip for it
  1527. Answer that one initially in french
  1528. Sprinkle the snake with the irish, in a manner of speaking
  1529. Complaining of being such a scheming fellow
  1530. Is tara going on ahead with them?
  1531. Will he get his teeth into this, by the sound of it? (6)
  1532. Made difficult to find
  1533. Maker of the maxima and murano
  1534. Rock paper scissors
  1535. Watch where you're going mister!
  1536. Prom night extravagances
  1537. Jose andres for one
  1538. Certain musical inability
  1539. Place for dirty laundry
  1540. Ed —, 2000 olympic men's 4 x 100m swimming medley gold and 100m breaststroke silver medallist
  1541. What the fools do when they get to bray
  1542. Such a swell will get her own back in scotland
  1543. Often-dedicated poems
  1544. Centerpieces at yuletide dinners
  1545. Convincing algorithmically generated video … and a hint to the word concealed in 17- 23- 34- and 46-across
  1546. Land between great britain and ireland
  1547. Best-selling author coates
  1548. Maker of the sedona and sportage
  1549. What lps are made of
  1550. Like athenians and spartans
  1551. Movers and shakers at a club?
  1552. Big wall st. event
  1553. Pest that might live in a pillow
  1554. Washington mystics' org.
  1555. Need for a game of pictionary
  1556. Notably better than the alternatives
  1557. H.s. reunion attendee
  1558. Subj. for a new immigrant perhaps
  1559. ___ leno's garage
  1560. Classic film set in cyberspace
  1561. Mopey musical genre
  1562. Fills up a cart say
  1563. The proper way first to look at this
  1564. Aperitif with white wine
  1565. Stem for corn
  1566. Mani-___ (me day treatment)
  1567. Lands left of late (6)
  1568. Are he and you with my dribble of age?
  1569. Takes out bits of them
  1570. Hilaire —; author who wrote cautionary tales for children
  1571. The gentlemen of ireland in the wood (3)
  1572. Numbers of 30 down after the south
  1573. Give one a weapon with our protection
  1574. A present for one such, verbally
  1575. Mean to demand more than enough interest
  1576. This may be felt
  1577. One might have a wild time there, by the sound of it
  1578. Book a good one to hang around the neck with the french (5)
  1579. Not for getting, this (4, 2, 4)
  1580. That'll carry on course, you bet! (4)
  1581. Goes around, hurried for fruit
  1582. That'll make one, likewise
  1583. A cat and dove in-law
  1584. Behind address, by the sound of it, or an engine
  1585. Pied piper river
  1586. There isn't an edward so renowned as this
  1587. No beat on the piano for a possible cure
  1588. Were goths bound by them to get around the north
  1589. X and nothing back, a little bird tells me
  1590. Silly about hundreds of such pastoral poetry
  1591. Not sweet, the french scotsman
  1592. Sounds in in france
  1593. I put on o in a perfect way
  1594. Did there be anny girl with such a truck, by the sound of it?
  1595. That's a nice rent - sweet, too
  1596. Not so hot for sundays, by the sound of them
  1597. The street i leased to got the point of it, piercingly
  1598. Though about fifty, eve gets in the tv - smooth stuff!
  1599. His reverence gets ale mixed about a little meat for show
  1600. May o have a bay that sounds like a bit of this puzzle
  1601. How men are made rather more stingy
  1602. There's a case of it that is in the valley
  1603. Copieuse e
  1604. Turn and still go
  1605. By the sound of it, as a rule with a strap
  1606. 'e treads on what's most expensive
  1607. Clapotement e
  1608. Last thing you'd do with a berry, by the sound of it
  1609. And that's no lie - must be
  1610. Two started to have made this strong in a hurry at last
  1611. A leap back again
  1612. Bound to be good for the young
  1613. See how to turn to make them turn
  1614. How a got to the island in a hurry
  1615. Property barriers
  1616. American idol host ryan
  1617. Dodge one did
  1618. Thing to fiddle with
  1619. To go up and down, and under, him
  1620. An additon to the gate on father's side
  1621. Fiddle with such bows with annoyance
  1622. It's into hospital with 'er and with a guard
  1623. Authorised to make it taut in a tale
  1624. Currently, in short, in parliament
  1625. The sort of fetter that might cause wrists to fester
  1626. Little desmond is up about little x with sugar
  1627. Alters for the last of them at last
  1628. Get fit in the rest with control
  1629. The tune i'm dancing to
  1630. Symbolical c
  1631. Uu8o? that's no light matter
  1632. Steal the stream with an alloy
  1633. We daren't go a-hunting for fear of such dwarfs
  1634. This might soak the vet administering it
  1635. Initially that's in sight as one
  1636. Perhaps 17 across with us around the college?
  1637. Are, in short, such as this to be milk there?
  1638. Bound to be in beer
  1639. At the end of it one gets exasperated
  1640. Neither is it before the start of 30 down
  1641. Having such huge snouts they were unwelcome in france
  1642. That shows the actor when to start to make a cannon
  1643. Is one of your little tripes feeling ill?
  1644. He follows the brute back with a pleat
  1645. He's from ulster
  1646. Flow following this
  1647. Still in the bank but not sketchily
  1648. Seems they point to the south, but don't have to
  1649. For this to be on hand and be patient
  1650. Hail in the way the floor in finished
  1651. Sort of monkey in fifty-fifty for a turnover
  1652. Can you guide a single beast?
  1653. The firm member played his part and got firm
  1654. Say in liege to invest like this
  1655. Not so fine at last on line
  1656. Dove's birdcall
  1657. Mate of a ewe
  1658. Shape of an eyebrow or rainbow
  1659. Searching actor john
  1660. Ready-to-assemble furniture retailer
  1661. I'm a man ___ mission!: 2 wds.
  1662. Go to the ___ (make an all-out effort)
  1663. Actress anne with a recurring role on chicago p.d.
  1664. Animals that hiss and purr
  1665. Doctor strange actor who plays baron in gemini man: 2 wds.
  1666. Concussion actor who plays henry brogen (and his clone) in gemini man: 2 wds.
  1667. Only very slightly: 2 wds.
  1668. Inclines to get near to the east about five
  1669. ___ to the west wind (poem by shelley)
  1670. Tax-filing month for many
  1671. Appliances that are handy in the hot months: abbr.
  1672. Closer actor who plays clay varris in gemini man: 2 wds.
  1673. Would you like soup ___ salad?: 2 wds.
  1674. Malek who's the most recent oscar winner for best actor
  1675. Underground worker such as loretta lynn's father: 2 wds.
  1676. Quaint lodging place
  1677. Large salty body of water
  1678. The ___ parsons project (rock band)
  1679. Pacific ___: uprising (2018 sci-fi movie)
  1680. Don't have ___ man! (bart simpson saying): 2 wds.
  1681. Kool moe ___ (early rap star)
  1682. Olympus ___ fallen (2013 movie)
  1683. Word that can go after television or train
  1684. Flaky base of a pie
  1685. Madonna's who's ___ girl
  1686. Very specific area of expertise or a cubbyhole
  1687. Doing more ___ than good
  1688. Abbreviation before an alias
  1689. Sprites are to be had at this do
  1690. ___ ventura: pet detective (1994 jim carrey comedy)
  1691. Swedish pop group whose music was featured in muriel's wedding
  1692. Alarm clock's sound sometimes
  1693. What you're solving right now
  1694. Subtle nudge in the right direction
  1695. Laid on bed, tied on board
  1696. O, the state of the goner!
  1697. Information on a birth certificate or driver's license
  1698. Health insurance giant that's a subsidiary of cvs health
  1699. Weather ___ (item on top of a barn)
  1700. Bluish flower in a number of van gogh paintings
  1701. How sashimi is served
  1702. Sweet cake or doughnut topping
  1703. American girl toy
  1704. Flagship city of pennsylvania
  1705. One of the twins, the accountant, gets bad back to the end of 22 across
  1706. First ___ (2018 ryan gosling film)
  1707. If one turns timid, that's suspect
  1708. Bad, short month, i see
  1709. With the paper, back in the water
  1710. See you sound initially
  1711. They get sent out for the former drinks
  1712. Sounds as if one deserves not to be seen dead in them
  1713. Never more finish wrong way up
  1714. Naturally, not left in the way
  1715. Right away we're going
  1716. The girl is in a state
  1717. Get this, by the sound of it
  1718. Let it follow fifty - no trouble
  1719. The chances are that it's on the cards they have to be paid at first
  1720. B stands aside
  1721. A romantic stroll for an astronaut
  1722. Bring the fish along slowly, in a manner of speaking
  1723. In the country you are shortly still there
  1724. Higher than the calf, by the sound of it, in kildare
  1725. There's no knowing what the girl has for sale
  1726. See about the hat and get away with it
  1727. Does not have to be in short (5'1)
  1728. When the letter's stuck up that's stuck on
  1729. Blow cold with 15 across at last, by the sound of it
  1730. Composition of a drink for his reverence
  1731. They work relatively inwards
  1732. If it turns to counsel with us, it's for the treasury
  1733. Your way is way round
  1734. Sounds as if james begins to be nasty and nimble
  1735. Longed, perhaps, to have been sick at the end of the street, in short
  1736. Didn't go enough to have endured this
  1737. People with the gift of getting things done? (8)
  1738. Thus put off mine to make up my mind
  1739. Son and mother have a game together on board
  1740. Could shelley have been cracked?
  1741. N.i., go to bed
  1742. Of late left the land
  1743. The road to bray with a sick shin
  1744. Put your name to it again, perhaps, and get out
  1745. Sed is this to get revenged
  1746. Thought to have been and gone and done it
  1747. What the victim may do on his knees, by the sound of it
  1748. Unluckily, no good for music
  1749. Trot around the east either on land or in water
  1750. Exclamation of surprise, often thought of as australian
  1751. Make a note she got to come back having got fed
  1752. In the house of commons before the current matter
  1753. More punctual from the wings with a cue
  1754. The french female in weapons for the fright
  1755. The german boy turns white and sour
  1756. Late for transport
  1757. Rush around the bend as one got back
  1758. An sc might thus get his own back - or get bits of it
  1759. If one turns up at last it's the very devil
  1760. A small container for writing fluid
  1761. Pussy gave a throaty cry of horror
  1762. Sacks to sleep about ten
  1763. By the sound of it, the cat might refer to what it flies with
  1764. Perhaps 1.00 in the morning for a shaft in 22 across
  1765. A clip over the ear
  1766. A composer would have needed 'er for such a trap
  1767. Could make a case of pain for a teetotaller
  1768. Nat would not have been affected by such an range
  1769. Pleasant place, despite the frozen north
  1770. Clothes line in hornsea maybe
  1771. Software roger and pam designed, wasting energy
  1772. Put e on up there for what comes from the norse
  1773. The crooked rug 'e was pressing (4)
  1774. Makes one so that one can't see to pull them down
  1775. It's early to have p.r. in in there
  1776. An equivalent given in return or retaliation, blow for blow
  1777. Standing around at the bar?
  1778. Cunning son emptied lorry
  1779. Perhaps welfare the other way round, as you might say at last
  1780. Sounds as if everything is such a bore for them
  1781. Vocally operated, perhaps
  1782. It's thought to turn up in when it's twelve
  1783. Up to now to what's on your palm
  1784. Head of a house, that's me with reason (1, 6)
  1785. I am not the original thing at what what's charged
  1786. 'fate cannot harm me, - i have ____ to-day' (sydney smith)
  1787. There's bound to be some interest in a false set
  1788. They happen to be not so odd on the backstreet
  1789. Flies a little up and down
  1790. Six foot of it might be in bloom with her help
  1791. Proper idol losing hearts in card game
  1792. Be helpful with what the one that made 25 down made a meal of
  1793. Came in, perhaps, under a spell
  1794. Tall enough to be the one to do the pulling
  1795. Just a trace flat, by the sound of it
  1796. An edward - he was across one, perhaps
  1797. Playing with her affections may lead to marriage at last
  1798. Perhaps a flattening club, i see
  1799. Knobby without the start of 28 across
  1800. Mostly soiled of 24 across
  1801. Given time, i am graven, perhaps
  1802. Swell work at full speed
  1803. Rush around where you reckoned anew she's silly, perhaps
  1804. Managed when pressed the bell in here, dear
  1805. Place for a bull
  1806. Clue in the sun for what is 21 acrossclue in the sun for what is 21 across
  1807. What a lark to get away about father back there! (8)
  1808. Isaac, science fiction writer
  1809. Don't go if it is after being trouble inside
  1810. What's left is not so fine, so keep it back
  1811. What a tangle of kittens there!
  1812. I am having plenty of time for reflection
  1813. Look at the sound of the dotty old river
  1814. See, cure sound
  1815. In chirpy mode, found the needle
  1816. Difference between dive and diverse
  1817. Adder can't even do this, having no feet (6)
  1818. Address for the wheel, by the sound of it
  1819. The sort of graven image that may be on hand
  1820. Not a blooming amateur meal
  1821. That's enough to put one off the start of 19 down
  1822. Such a miserable accouontant will carry precious little weiight
  1823. The following may stick to you
  1824. In there i could make it a shade explosive
  1825. Region throughout which it is the same hour
  1826. No danger from a cockney lacking weapons or limbs
  1827. The sight of us upside down in the little bottle
  1828. Mother gets a feverish song about fifty
  1829. Cut up after this her ring
  1830. Behold the vessel with no w in it
  1831. Just got along with having been untruthful about one in parliament
  1832. Owing to this, there's nothing if one does this
  1833. A big squirt from its trunk into the air
  1834. Talk about an apostle!
  1835. Vegetarians' innocent years?
  1836. They're one over three
  1837. The sort of manoeuvre to get pussy back with a jerk
  1838. Leave the hairy water
  1839. 'e is not fair so to take it for a crown
  1840. How frightful so to begin on the french
  1841. One dodges the duel in this
  1842. Be rough with what is in latin before i get married (8)
  1843. The girl pondered how to be like queen victoria
  1844. It would turn your stomach to have eaten this for a change
  1845. They twist onto the limbs of a cockney
  1846. Wrap up what's been mown
  1847. How ten bits got tempted to get frozen
  1848. You'll get it in the neck
  1849. Sounds as if one has dismissed not so much that the nose can't get
  1850. This will make nothing of the entrance at last
  1851. The fish i catches are for the babies
  1852. Supporters sound like cattle at last
  1853. Leading to make more wait, by the sound of it
  1854. Can d. read this to get f. right?
  1855. With this to do i'd save counsel
  1856. Such bordeaux mixture may be drunk but won't make one drunk
  1857. Go by rail for doxology
  1858. It comes as a blow that that's what guinness does, by the sound of it
  1859. No 15 across for those that 1 down
  1860. English boy has a dip with the french
  1861. That's the address of the bride
  1862. Round bit, of course
  1863. See you, symbolically