1. Make a living laboriously - a palindrome
  2. Depicter in state of dilapidation
  3. Practise like actor
  4. Suppositions, may be accompanied by buts
  5. I wondered about this warm bed covering
  6. Modern dance hall or event, in brief
  7. Ronald . . . . . ., a film star and president
  8. Office desk receptacle for new post
  9. Smothering or suppressing
  10. Wander in leisurely way, like stream
  11. Orchestral composition as prelude, or a friendly advance
  12. This bladder is attached to the liver and stores bile
  13. They are forced to live in foreign countries
  14. In song, molly malone used to sell these and mussels
  15. Result of action, or cause to happen
  16. First major segment of a play
  17. Stretch of water between s ireland and cornwall
  18. Cricket contest between countries, usually one of a series
  19. Antenna or tendril
  20. Mail to capital of peru
  21. Cause lasting resentment or annoyance
  22. Slang food for worm-like larva
  23. Threads, thin strands
  24. Wipe feet on this before entering
  25. A mug for beer
  26. I arrive at southern resort area in france
  27. Groups of things of the same kind
  28. Undomesticated living things
  29. Abstruse, arcane
  30. Cause hurt, damage
  31. University half-year
  32. Ran away from confinement
  33. Inclined, bent towards
  34. Indefinite or unknown location
  35. Mode, of action say
  36. Appearance, facet
  37. Look at, scrutinise
  38. Small compartment for astronauts
  39. Food waste or trash
  40. 6 june 1944
  41. Motifs, subjects
  42. Popular chinese starter
  43. Woman's sleeveless undergarment
  44. Accedes, acquiesces
  45. Precipitous rockfaces
  46. Slim lino for large numbers
  47. Head of a native american tribe
  48. Relation between things
  49. Causing to remember
  50. Holds and uses, say weapon, with the hands
  51. Existing as a natural characteristic or quality
  52. Become pregnant - imagine
  53. Hitler was one, like stalin and franco
  54. An actor who overdoes it in meaty way
  55. Head of the communist state after the fall of the tsar
  56. Drilling can be tedious
  57. Let fatso have voice above natural range
  58. Scale of temperature named after swedish astronomer
  59. Let's hear it again for the greek nymph who loved narcissus in vain
  60. Concealed, having been put away secretly
  61. A deep dish for serving soup
  62. Affectedly playful or extreme
  63. These are pulled to release parachutes
  64. Grow smaller like slang psychiatrist
  65. Covets and yearns for
  66. Sends out, or important topics for discussion
  67. Protruded like eyeballs from emotion
  68. Arabian nights hero who opposed forty thieves
  69. A drug or drink to make one more active
  70. Unpleasant effects from last night's drinking
  71. Oration in canadian province
  72. Slightly drunk or very small
  73. Rue diet for the learned
  74. Made deep resonant sound - or prospered
  75. Solitary person, anchorite
  76. Send from one person to another, or broadcast
  77. Walk affectedly to get chopped meat
  78. High rank or prestige
  79. Sharpens on leather for sports
  80. Test gaze on official journals
  81. One or the other will do
  82. Signs of physical condition or illness
  83. Common stinging plant
  84. Pretends or fabricates
  85. State of deciduous tree in winter
  86. A wild male pig
  87. Extinct monster like barney, children's tv pal
  88. Exchanged for money, as cheque in bank
  89. Take on as a pal
  90. Way out or means of exit
  91. Alarmed, fearful
  92. High steep rocks
  93. Over which 23 down rules
  94. Arrested, seized
  95. While or on the other hand
  96. Selection and allocation for medical aid
  97. Keen-sighted bird of prey
  98. Bond, link
  99. Communication with encoded message
  100. Lean back to rest
  101. Informed with certainty and confidence
  102. Made less in size etc
  103. Nordqvist of the l.p.g.a.
  104. Noise named after the god thor
  105. 2002 george clooney film set in space
  106. French day named after the roman god of war
  107. Containing as much as possible
  108. One of a pair of hollow pieces of wood or bone for spanish dancing
  109. Kind of force generated by the earth's rotation
  110. ___ españa (old colonial domain)
  111. I'm here if you have any questions
  112. Find the dimensions
  113. Division of an ocean
  114. Paul who was the longtime center square on hollywood squares
  115. Setting in the rocky horror picture show
  116. God who gave an eye in his search for wisdom
  117. Creation of a dentist or a potter
  118. Traditional product of north holland
  119. Sci-fi character who claims fluency in more than six million forms of communication
  120. Phanerozoic ___ (current period in the earth's history)
  121. Title female role in shakespeare informally
  122. California county containing muir woods
  123. Helper, attendant
  124. Provides access to
  125. Musical instruments and body parts
  126. Accent, stress
  127. Christian ritual
  128. Cautionary messages of danger
  129. Was of the same opinion
  130. Compass point at 45 degrees
  131. Enormous, mammoth
  132. Turned into the wind
  133. Fag, coffin nail
  134. A callas may find way to milan's famous opera house
  135. Rarest rib for the eminent lawyer
  136. Water-filled trench around a castle
  137. List of duties to be done, or people to do them
  138. Vertical piece between treads of staircase
  139. Forced to live in another country
  140. Crass dana as prophetess of disaster
  141. Boldness, may be brazen
  142. Sanity, the ability to think
  143. Renamed in order to wander in leisurely way
  144. 'birds in their little nest . . . . .'
  145. Match of three successive games at bridge
  146. A french word, may be bon
  147. Violent or damaging action, a crime
  148. Ordinary, not refined
  149. Style or arrangement of procedure
  150. Religion based on teachings of muhammad
  151. Occurring irregularly - is copied thus
  152. Machine for cutting grass around the house
  153. A delay, or an armed robbery
  154. Divided like feet of sheep
  155. Set limit to price increase - of headgear?
  156. A rupture within the body
  157. Palace pal singing without musical accompaniment
  158. Express ideas in visible or tangible form
  159. Scolds informally
  160. Ambled in bearing lower jaw
  161. Express freely as with emotions
  162. In latin, with praise - may accompany university degree
  163. Rush of blood to the head, or a stroke
  164. To do with the middle ages
  165. Stir after to be really excellent
  166. Flavoured with additives from plant substances or seeds
  167. Is saluted with tiredness
  168. Interrupts as in dance - with knife?
  169. Painted or drew, or described
  170. Less high in place or position
  171. Strait, of little width
  172. Propel boat by manual means
  173. Shallow crossing place in river
  174. Pieces of meat, vegetables etc cooked on skewer
  175. Sacred book of islam with revelations of muhammad
  176. Men who over-dress, like beau brummel
  177. Plead or scrounge
  178. Hairdressers' and beauticians' shops
  179. Hypnotic, spellbinding
  180. Showing the way, out in front
  181. Observe, discern
  182. Spirits of the air
  183. Fashions or distinctive modes
  184. Aesthetically very pleasing
  185. Support for holding objects
  186. Of the time before easter
  187. Regard, esteem
  188. Sight, touch etc.
  189. Depravity, wickedness
  190. Accompany, to protect perhaps
  191. Form of quartz used as a gemstone
  192. Characteristic of a shiny solid element
  193. Long slender substances
  194. Purchasing
  195. Fully grown or ripe
  196. Smoke flues
  197. Amicable, favourably disposed
  198. Land suitable for grazing
  199. Prevailing direction
  200. Long raised strips
  201. Without making a noise
  202. It's not a copy
  203. Stretch lengthways
  204. Gave up a position
  205. Suffering from overexposure to the source of light
  206. Numeric process immediately prior to launching spacecraft
  207. Kind of white heron - greet it
  208. Adamant
  209. Widespread destruction and great disorder
  210. Higher than average - bad in golf
  211. Sell for lower price than another
  212. Edible marine mollusc sold by molly malone - not the cockle
  213. Joyful neigh of a horse
  214. Imply that thing or person is of little value
  215. Old form of address to king - rise to it
  216. She is married to a duke, earl etc
  217. They give up easily, can't last the course
  218. Mixtures of decaying substances added to enrich soil
  219. Whiten with a belch
  220. Nationality of citizen of greek capital
  221. Farm machine used for pulling
  222. Latin phrase for argument that attacks opponent rather than debates the issue
  223. Of clothes or cars, second-hand
  224. Person no longer famous, like banshee
  225. Feeling or repentance or sorrow
  226. Columnists pronoun
  227. Gaudy, excessively bright
  228. Motor-racing track or path of electric current
  229. The teachings of christ in a book of the new testament
  230. Colourless spirit flavoured with juniper berries - mother's ruin
  231. Gaze aloft or search for information
  232. Gushily great, excellent
  233. Maize heated into crisp edible balls, often eaten in cinema
  234. Inject life into, as with cartoon
  235. Socialise as with the rich and famous
  236. Cause for relish
  237. Win thus manually for an outright victory
  238. Decrease speed
  239. Picture mentally
  240. Small tropical lizard
  241. Just unbiased
  242. Not gentle or restrained
  243. Room for manouevre
  244. Large business or company
  245. Women’s knee-length trousers
  246. To do with cooking
  247. Water of life or brandy - in france
  248. Shaped like a spring
  249. Foolish chatter, just oul' talk
  250. Tube passed through eardrum to drain it
  251. Old song 'i do like to be beside the . . . . . . .'
  252. Well-to-do, got lots of money
  253. No gore spilled in this american state
  254. Neither big nor small
  255. Period of celebration
  256. Make the flower from strange lace mail
  257. Stimulating substance found in fine cafe, oddly
  258. Period of play in baseball and cricket
  259. Ring or visit
  260. Open-air enclosure attached to a house
  261. Athlete and knitted garment
  262. 'hello . . . . . . . ., my old friend' (simon and garfunkel song)
  263. Codswallop or trash
  264. Gaffer, boss
  265. Old name for celtic languages
  266. Posts at the ends of stair rails
  267. Strife, difficulty
  268. Stop remembering
  269. Small, gnawing worry
  270. Gazelles, impalas etc
  271. Enlarged or amplified
  272. Illumination from the earth's satellite
  273. Having high moral qualities
  274. Representations or reflections
  275. Areas for the production of milk etc.
  276. Combines by mixing
  277. Give information to
  278. The pursuit of happiness as a matter of principle
  279. Correct, right
  280. Reduced in size
  281. Town southwest of rye east sussex rebuilt after destruction in 1287 by flooding
  282. Peggy — comedy actress who played mrs bumble in 1968 film musical oliver!
  283. River rising in ukraine that flows across southeast poland to the vistula
  284. Nicolas — painter whose works include 1638's conquest of jerusalem by emperor titus
  285. Island in the firth of clyde whose only town is rothesay
  286. Lake — freshwater body of water in florida that drains to the atlantic ocean via the everglades
  287. Long-legged doglike mammal of southern asia and africa
  288. Tree whose small fleshy rounded edible fruit contain a hard stone
  289. The — 2017 novel by annie wilkinson
  290. 1980 derby winner ridden by willie carson
  291. Unit of measurement of angles
  292. Cylindrical packet of coins
  293. University town in ceredigion wales
  294. Coming to pass
  295. Flowering south american plant from whose dried root an emetic is prepared
  296. Fifa president from 1961-74
  297. Jacques — french writer and critic; author of 1912 collection etudes
  298. 2004 film drama starring kristen stewart and elizabeth perkins
  299. Game of cards for two to four players using a board with pegs and holes for scoring
  300. Polysaccharide that occurs widely in plant tissues
  301. M j — 2014 england odi debutant who made 106 against west indies in north sound antigua
  302. It has to be paid or given up as a penalty
  303. Not serious, like small sin
  304. Drifter is given food cooked and whisked in pan
  305. Ranges or opportunities
  306. A comedian's butt
  307. Dramatic ballroom dance from argentina
  308. Passing craze or peculiar notion
  309. Raised road across low or wet ground
  310. A deliberately retarded pace as in industrial action
  311. Having knowledge of, informed
  312. Tribal badge or emblem
  313. Puzzle in which pieces are fitted together to form picture
  314. It's a cagy kind of wisdom
  315. Show great fondness as to ed
  316. Of two lines, continuously at same distance apart
  317. Make known publicly with no nuance
  318. Don't cast these jewels before swine
  319. Staying power, ability to withstand prolonged strain
  320. Sacred building or side of head
  321. Small and delicate like fairy
  322. Small streak of smoke or cloud
  323. Cling to - or stop right there
  324. Swallow up like whirlpool
  325. Impurities on water surface
  326. Dark spot on skin or burrowing animal
  327. Take . . . . to fly like a bird
  328. Traveller to a sacred place like mecca
  329. Membrane covering the back of the eyeball
  330. Repeats aloud from memory
  331. Malignant growth
  332. Preliminary sketch or plan
  333. Precious australian exports
  334. Wet, showery
  335. Freebies demanded by fussy buyers
  336. Nightingale pledge takers: abbr.
  337. Good times for seashell hunting
  338. Clue ran oddly to atomicclue ran oddly to atomic
  339. Spirited, plucky
  340. First full mo. with 15 across
  341. Southwestern tie
  342. It's corrosive
  343. Propellant in part
  344. Tryout
  345. Short, quick stimulus
  346. Inflatable rubber bag, could be filled with hot air
  347. Military signal to turn the lights out
  348. Inspire and expire air
  349. Feels, has some awareness
  350. Gruesome, macabre
  351. Impressive arrangement
  352. Professional killer
  353. Unit of weight 2240 pounds
  354. Smallest or most tenuous
  355. Repairing
  356. Proceedings in a court of law
  357. Reckoned, took to be the case
  358. Halls for dancing to recorded music
  359. Measure for dr tyson
  360. Where a pager may be worn
  361. Lingerie item, briefly
  362. Online doctorfinder provider
  363. Land surface
  364. Headed the right way
  365. Scream school author
  366. Scribes mishap
  367. Sandman or joltin joe
  368. German social-science pioneer
  369. Allotted or appointed to a post
  370. Defiant assertion
  371. The weather in various locations
  372. Luxury handbag brand
  373. Parisian friend
  374. Changes, as a law
  375. Back-flash connector
  376. Painfully wished one had
  377. Start of a kids show-offy cry
  378. Cover for an ear
  379. Contingency details
  380. Fictional hunchbacked helper
  381. Series with many funny alums
  382. Four pointed structures in the mouth
  383. Goal feature
  384. Water flower
  385. Groovy cousin
  386. Iron spikes for climbing
  387. Bounded about
  388. Stooge howard
  389. Throaty comment
  390. Golfer at royal troon, often
  391. Flowing agua
  392. Source of seasonal color
  393. It will end on nov 3
  394. Passive element in the helium group
  395. Thing with fur and wings
  396. Any of a literary trio
  397. Fawn of kid fiction
  398. Finish of some fights
  399. What some taps tap into
  400. Level of a flight
  401. Connect, as two banks
  402. Dash suddenly
  403. Sellers of space
  404. Where free spirits are served
  405. Can that be?
  406. No fighting, now
  407. Gaping chasm
  408. Barely more than not at all
  409. Level of seats
  410. Proprietary right of possession
  411. Emit low rumbling sounds
  412. Financial gain over a given period of time
  413. Mythological fire-breathing creature
  414. Having a cheerful and self-confident air
  415. Nationality of citizen of quebec
  416. Sheer stockings for women
  417. Repeat aloud from memory, say poetry
  418. Anagram ‘cat’ possibly for name of governmental document
  419. Australian animal - a no-go ark
  420. Bag drink, rest bottled
  421. Bird, a sign of impending execution
  422. Boorish person
  423. Screw up to, say, electricity failures (5.4)
  424. Business in this place, form a close association
  425. Chip on a chop? only partly
  426. Climbing plant collected by book group that's very small
  427. Cloth grand to wrap drink and meat? on the contrary
  428. Concerned with check holding trial up, heading for gaol
  429. Conscious: put in prison, might you say?
  430. Daughter participating in lad’s dance in garage?
  431. What a predatory landlord charges
  432. Deliberately harmful
  433. Difficult problem: irrational number applied to gravitational measure
  434. Discharge engineers rescued by division
  435. Drink currently available in small formal event
  436. Endlessly extract wine that's sweet
  437. Engine part is not recalled in reminder
  438. English city courts transported with glee
  439. Fix case of ulcer, as chemist
  440. Floor level of a building
  441. Flower intimidates border
  442. Former student and friend circumscribing university by degrees
  443. French leader: how he refuses accepting a person from another country
  444. From here may come classic evidence cooker has never been cleaned, reportedly?
  445. Funny person, though not initially the best
  446. General directive had yet to be created from this?
  447. Girl rejected love given by us lawyer
  448. Go before powers, primarily, fade away
  449. Health centre with good serving, though not with pasta dish
  450. Infantryman seeing off first little guy
  451. Inferior - worthless
  452. Information may be written on this server
  453. Instrument sounded note, one essential to function
  454. Instrument: agonised sound if couple of parts switched
  455. Jobs for the boys
  456. Key bill
  457. Be taken thus if off-guard
  458. Knock splitting standard tropical fruit
  459. Late news, crush on street
  460. Limits to safety and support process
  461. One who takes power or position wrongfully
  462. Looked astonished: leader of greece to copy germany
  463. Natural height or greatness
  464. Lying on one's back
  465. Male director leaving the rest of the directors?
  466. Might one be in pub for drinking round o' lager, primarily?
  467. Number unknown, figure in stands
  468. Old doctor entering company group
  469. Old master seeing specialist after op, by the sound of it?
  470. One may film cricket club receiving morning instruction
  471. One's charged a lot of money
  472. Ready to invest in vegetable? ready no longer
  473. Reduction in growth around one flat region
  474. Reimbursement for goods damaged in transit
  475. Request breakfast, record sandwiches
  476. Ring cycle, say: unreasonably large, ott, and ultimately lengthy
  477. River runs into all the seas?
  478. Seat rider adjusted before
  479. Secure network beginning to decay
  480. Small boat propelled with oars
  481. Small finch, once popular as a caged songbird
  482. Small insect-eating songbirds
  483. Source of information generating anger with chinese?
  484. Staffordshire town side lacking energy and value
  485. Star of long ago abandoning duke in european city
  486. Two girls discussed something found in pants, for example
  487. Stop doing that! - use a scissors
  488. Use it when swimming in couple of odd bits of water?
  489. Weak agent restricting operation
  490. What should be run by expert?
  491. Without revealing who you are
  492. As of now, during this time
  493. Some people drop these to sound important
  494. Met punk looking neglected with matted hair
  495. Sing falsetto like swiss mountain people
  496. Accustomed or inured
  497. Sent out beams or waves, like house heater
  498. He makes and repairs barrels
  499. Having poker face, expressionless
  500. Mass of ferns on hillside
  501. Honest like a vertical post
  502. Behave obsequiously in fear or servitude
  503. Body parts like biceps
  504. Throw into obscurity, perhaps the sun
  505. Send in another direction, or entertain
  506. Soon, in a while
  507. Tells off, rebukes
  508. Island where napoleon was born
  509. Greek youth who fell in love with his own reflection
  510. A vase, as for holding human ashes
  511. Means of transport or long tail on dress
  512. First name of swift's gulliver
  513. Leather with velvety nap used in shoes and clothes
  514. Words with magical power, or a period of time
  515. Blamed me, being preserved from decay
  516. Old song 'tea for . . .'
  517. Make recesses or notches in
  518. Funny entertainer, often stand-up
  519. Made bigger, say photo
  520. Colloquially bored or discontented
  521. Youth who assists priest at mass
  522. Tied up to berth like ship or boat
  523. Acknowledgement given for deed or quality
  524. Society rookie
  525. Org. with an academy in new london
  526. “life is like ___ of chocolates”
  527. Home country of pitcher julio teheran
  528. Conserve or cut down
  529. Become inflamed and infected
  530. “arms and the man i sing” poem
  531. Wholly engrossed or imbued
  532. Gender-specific possessive
  533. Kia compact
  534. Claptrap, hogwash
  535. Person who drives around in stolen cars
  536. Benjamin of “law & order”
  537. Part of a fielder’s glove
  538. Cnn’s burnett
  539. Pitcher’s stat
  540. Slugger who in ’61 hit 61 (a good place to start)
  541. Hibernator’s home
  542. Barista’s creation
  543. Inclined towards displaying love
  544. “a god in ruins” writer
  545. Bus driver on “the simpsons”
  546. Internal ornamentation
  547. Primary social groups
  548. Male scion
  549. Fabric, material
  550. Greek nymph who pined away until only her voice remained
  551. Coded communications
  552. Brightly-coloured tropical bird with large beak
  553. Move headlong at high speed
  554. Director or controlller of machinery
  555. Renovated, restored
  556. Strange or unusual
  557. Boundary, demarcation line
  558. Strong drink distilled from wine
  559. Sure holds up these joints
  560. Mental positions
  561. Most important or greatest in size
  562. Help, lend a hand
  563. Glare at, being free and not confined
  564. Ate greedily, stuffed oneself
  565. Taped hi-fi with great french singer called the little sparrow
  566. Go back, tide or hairline (6
  567. Disputed, opposed verbally
  568. Summoned back or remembered
  569. Gather into wrinkles, cause lips to bulge
  570. Italian island home of the mafia
  571. Threw down or ran fast
  572. Walk heavily carrying wood?
  573. Drive mad in huge inn
  574. Peace and agreement
  575. Poke or stimulate
  576. Stinking like breath
  577. Deadly contagious disease, or a swarm of locusts
  578. Annoyed and troubled continually
  579. Walk - go by . . . . . . mare
  580. Torchier kind of colourful speech
  581. Mark of appreciation like clapping and cheering
  582. Can invade as beforehand
  583. Frightful act of citatory kind
  584. Sets of words, or punishments awarded by courts
  585. Two dots for the same again
  586. Pallid or faded-looking - following rinse?
  587. Cheerful and encouraging, as music can be
  588. Country of the aztecs
  589. To do with or looking like a monkey
  590. It is called the ship of the desert
  591. Air-like substance created by heating
  592. Ugly old women or witches
  593. Show this to make a loss
  594. Not well matched or even
  595. High opinion or regard for
  596. Wagered or gave financial support to
  597. Difficult to manage informally
  598. Continuous fusillade or a torrent of questions
  599. Reveal or explain
  600. Indicates or designates
  601. Of an intellectual kind 8 letters
  602. Just a small amount
  603. It lays eggs in another's 15 across
  604. Cage for rabbits
  605. Where foliage remains throughout the year
  606. Pertaining, relating
  607. Muckheap
  608. Orange flower part used in flavouring food
  609. Radioactive element used for nuclear energy
  610. Occurrence, occasion
  611. Went, came or brought back
  612. Mentally or physically skilful
  613. Hard seed with furrowed shell
  614. One cell for the irish girl
  615. Formal piece of writing
  616. Ale, lager
  617. Grain, tiny piece
  618. Signs of pleasure or amusement
  619. Monotonous, routine work
  620. Priests or ministers of the christian churches
  621. Moves shoulders in gesture of indifference
  622. A large spoon for serving soup
  623. Classified or graded
  624. He bills me so as to improve or decorate
  625. Ruthless competition of canine cannibals
  626. See there, howzat - in france
  627. Forecasts, maybe the weather
  628. Come together as allies or comrades
  629. Cruel sort of body sore
  630. Preside over admirers, as for churl to do
  631. Make thoroughly wet, soak through
  632. Peevish, inclined to complain
  633. Informally, a really hot day - it burns!
  634. Clabbers in popular word game
  635. Collar button or horse farm
  636. Hard shiny stone used by sculptors
  637. Verdi's opera set in ancient egypt
  638. Religious ceremony for driving out an evil spirit
  639. Fine silky coat of angora goat
  640. Slick hit may be laughter-inducing
  641. Eruption of spots on skin
  642. Portuguese river flowing to sea near lisbon
  643. Country invaded by saddam hussein
  644. Sir . . . . . . scott, famous scottish poet and novelist of 'ivanhoe' etc
  645. Marine animal or sign of authenticity
  646. Go backwards, disimprove
  647. A simple character in nursery rhyme
  648. The grand . . . . . . of colorado is a natural phenomenon in usa
  649. Corset for part of battle area
  650. Inside skin of, say, orange
  651. Feeling of joy for it alone
  652. Small red berry of a thorny tree
  653. Has sap got old turkish officials in tow?
  654. Satire
  655. 1492 and 1776
  656. Clear a passage, provide space for
  657. 'here we go gathering . . . . in may'
  658. Disease that withers plants such as potatoes
  659. Take court action against
  660. Pale of face, quite grey
  661. About or around - in latin
  662. Trends and styles as in clothes
  663. The launching of a spacecraft - sounds explosive
  664. Informal description of clothing industry
  665. Ugly and frightening beast as in 8 across
  666. Using every effort - everybody exit
  667. Judge in redeeming
  668. Liquid food flavourings
  669. Kind of roof-tiles, or painful disease with rash
  670. Constituents, ingredients
  671. O'hare or kennedy, say
  672. Prediction, of weather perhaps
  673. Communist government council
  674. Clear quartz pieces
  675. Conically-shaped utensil
  676. Line from the centre to the circumference of a circle
  677. Topics, subjects
  678. Added or took in
  679. Figure skater fleming who won an olympic gold medal in 1968
  680. Sunday night baseball channel
  681. Activist and former quarterback kaepernick
  682. ___ majesty's secret service (1969 james bond film) (2 wds.)
  683. Star trek genre for short (hyph.)
  684. Verifiable bit of info
  685. Annual mid-season mlb event won by the american league 4-3 in 2019 (2 wds.)
  686. ___ to train your dragon (2010 animated film)
  687. Compressing, crushing
  688. N.y. mets rookie first baseman who won the 2019 home run derby and drove in two of the national league's runs in the 2019 13-across (2 wds.)
  689. The nationality in his glen
  690. Sahara or gobi
  691. Two-time nba finals mvp durant
  692. Cleveland indians pitcher who was mvp of the 2019 13-across (2 wds.)
  693. After-shave relative
  694. Produce seemingly out of nowhere (2 wds.)
  695. Emcee's opening informally
  696. ___ it's one two three strikes you're out …
  697. Home of the asu sun devils
  698. Falling ___ you (celine dion album)
  699. I don't ___ it (huh?)
  700. Mlb player based in anaheim
  701. That's the rumor (3 wds.)
  702. Home province of the nba champion raptors
  703. They're bestowed on the first day of lent
  704. Charges for rounds at the pub (2 wds.)
  705. Nba executive and former player vandeweghe
  706. Heist mastermind debbie played by sandra bullock
  707. When there, do as the native do
  708. Desires and expects
  709. Seasoned minced meat stuffed in casing
  710. Rib of lamb
  711. Unlawful premeditated killing
  712. The world of plants and animals
  713. Flexible strip of a whip
  714. Bar a ham from playing the biblical patriarch
  715. A large one of 17 across
  716. Can romeo go to the west african state?
  717. Expressed mirth
  718. Long-tailed primates
  719. Most adjacent
  720. Deliver from danger
  721. First one way, then the other
  722. Pieces of fabric left over
  723. Large american farm
  724. Sharp barbs as on roses
  725. Animal in early stage of development, still in womb
  726. Common animals, birds or parasitic insects
  727. Perverse or sarcastic in expressing opinion (6)
  728. Cache of weapons or english soccer team
  729. Doctor colleague of sherlock holmes
  730. Curt, terse
  731. Eaten in usa - would make you feel sick
  732. Delicate sort of bid
  733. In your ear, this insect is a rebuke
  734. Small box in shop for holding cash
  735. Of fire, fiery
  736. Took a chance, gambled
  737. Cowered in fear, shrank back
  738. Artistic representation of mary with the body of christ
  739. Flare up, being fierce
  740. Kind of groove or fixed habit
  741. Spooky, creepy
  742. A carved or sculpted figure
  743. Flogs or afflicts greatly
  744. Large gourd fruit or stuff in bone cavities
  745. Funny men in the circus
  746. Give or entrust to
  747. Combine and form one whole, as political parties may
  748. Act as agent for presenter
  749. Dirty, needs a wash
  750. Form of verb that indicates time before the present
  751. Shrink, grow smaller
  752. An old roman salute as to caesar
  753. In measured and level way
  754. Schoolbag for children's books
  755. Unnecessary bother or excitement
  756. Cause of trouble or worry, like bean
  757. Places in correct or desired sequence
  758. Badger with constant complaints
  759. I nag gal, having group of nerve cells
  760. Did not succeed, perhaps at exam
  761. Detects, makes out
  762. They deliver you from danger
  763. Period for pleasure
  764. Traditional australian utensil
  765. Ruminate, mull over
  766. It's added to the beginning of a word
  767. Distracting manoeuvres
  768. Has concerns or interest
  769. Grant an exemption or justify
  770. Noisy toy and snake
  771. Delicious food of roasted ground cacao beans
  772. Old style of ornamentation
  773. Suffocated in water
  774. Shipping line
  775. Occurence, happening
  776. Droop, sink
  777. Quietly, without fuss
  778. Well worn with loose threads
  779. Below average - it's good in golf
  780. Create an uproar - elevate murderer
  781. To do with or used in cooking
  782. Mediterranean country, capital nicosia
  783. Go to bed or quit work
  784. Person with great knowledge or skill, specialist
  785. Beliefs forming basis of political philosophy, say marxism
  786. Ludicrous, laughable
  787. Inherent but not made clear
  788. Energy, pep
  789. Clumsy or awkward, as nun gaily goes about
  790. Farm housing for bovines
  791. Causes to have a certain shape or character
  792. Find application or task for
  793. Average or stingy
  794. Keep back by delaying progress
  795. They make a mess of things
  796. Continued firmly or obstinately
  797. Fiery particles
  798. Stole cattle or made whispery sound
  799. Original or most conservative members of a group, like ancient sentry
  800. Happen or come about as consequence
  801. All and . . . . . . - various or several
  802. A very poor person, really broke
  803. Weaken self-control or courage of
  804. Rash sect using stiffening stuffs
  805. Hang about doing nothing
  806. Raptors small forward
  807. Wrinkles forehead in disapproval
  808. An imposing gate or doorway
  809. Maintain pace with, don't lag behind
  810. Garment that preserves waves
  811. A thousand million
  812. No score in tennis, dear
  813. Two successive lines of verse, usually rhyming
  814. Walk through water or mud
  815. Gambol, play about
  816. Arabian goblin with strange powers
  817. Soft-hearted, not hard to borrow from
  818. Stand-offish, being a fool
  819. Roman victims of 290 bc
  820. Initials describing activities of self-sufficient worker in home
  821. Slight pang, maybe of conscience
  822. Regions, administrative areas
  823. Opportunities or risks
  824. Tuesday before ash wednesday
  825. Marked by physical force
  826. American prairie wolf
  827. Old county courts of england
  828. Discovered of the new world
  829. Fabric woven from flax
  830. Containers for magnetic tape
  831. Bring in something new
  832. Matter laid down or money in the bank
  833. Warning light in the distance
  834. Disorderly, dishevelled
  835. Narrow sled for snow
  836. Shrub and cleaning instrument
  837. Vista or stage setting
  838. Relative and type of knot
  839. Dig in turn, coming in uninvited
  840. Fine smooth cotton thread for stockings
  841. This monster is jealousy
  842. They give hints about horse races
  843. An old inn or public house
  844. Ventilated, or hung out to dry
  845. Food, or price of bus ticket
  846. Stemless water plants found in a gale
  847. French misters
  848. Din lot of noise
  849. Nudge jostle
  850. Composition of building
  851. Temporary support structure
  852. Turned from ice to liquid
  853. Fixed to wood
  854. It;s used to surface roads
  855. Type of wire used as defence
  856. Be uneasy about
  857. Long piece of fabric
  858. Injure with knife
  859. Stand rise
  860. Twinges of discomfort
  861. Restore and redecorate
  862. Parts of wind instrument
  863. Helper fetcher (inf)
  864. Chemical element occurring in pure form in diamonds and graphite
  865. Put on guard, warned
  866. Be festive, have a good time
  867. Being equipped with 25 across
  868. I arrive in french holiday coast
  869. Describe in more detail - very complicated
  870. This acid is used for dyeing and leather-making
  871. Smart retorts or witty replies
  872. Statuette awarded by hollywood academy
  873. He shows people to their seats in theatre
  874. Clear and definite, can be touched
  875. Indelible picture made in the skin
  876. Deliberately, as intended
  877. Painful muscle seizures
  878. Edgar allan . . ., american writer of creepy stories
  879. Enclosed area as around a college
  880. Portable bed for baby
  881. Like some silly questions
  882. ___-garde (fresh ideas or thinkers)
  883. British musician sir ___ john
  884. Like a group of mini crosswords in this game
  885. Sugar and spice and all things ___
  886. Forum of judges say
  887. Compilation of quotes
  888. Body button
  889. Predatory greed and extortion
  890. Programs that drive computer, not hard
  891. Money received as wages or interest
  892. Writer of opinions on plays, concerts etc
  893. Became gradually narrower as candle may
  894. Boatman across the river styx
  895. Prime seat for leisure period
  896. Melt fat or sing a song
  897. A sheep's woolly coat
  898. Cheap cigar for egoist
  899. Top up glass or petrol tank
  900. Thin strip of metal, may be barbed
  901. Venom, harmful substance
  902. Quality of excessive innocence or simplicity
  903. Good-looking and healthy, like scottish prince charlie
  904. Part of face or informal impudence
  905. Bar used to turn rudder of small boat
  906. Very old, like some civilizations
  907. This son, if the son of another, is a healer
  908. It's now sri lanka
  909. Evident, seeming
  910. Broken into sharp pieces
  911. Emblem, icon
  912. Rigid, unbending
  913. Despatching
  914. Disagree, dissent
  915. Wind and keyboard instrument
  916. Notify in advance of danger
  917. Dangerous feats to gain attention
  918. Russian carriage pulled by three horses
  919. Forceful contact between two objects
  920. Clearly and unmistakeably
  921. Strikes heavily or kills, biblical word
  922. Native of america
  923. Fluids from cuttlefish
  924. Members of a nomadic people
  925. Russian sturgeon, source of caviar
  926. One-celled animal found in water
  927. Structures to protect from weather or danger
  928. Strong posts on road or quay
  929. A wasp does it
  930. Lustrous structure in an oyster
  931. Superior, of the highest quality
  932. Asserts, avers
  933. Presented for consideration
  934. Alcoholic appetiser associated with jerez
  935. 11 down creator of 'a passage to india'
  936. Refusing to acknowledge reality, living in illusion
  937. Searches manually as at security check
  938. Cower before gamebird?
  939. Depraved optic with superstitious curse
  940. Small or casual meals, often hurried
  941. A detective like sherlock holmes
  942. Most southerly point of south america
  943. Freight vehicle permitted outside eastern mediterranean
  944. Hibernators home
  945. Spam comes in them
  946. Bills no more
  947. Mlb commissioner manfred
  948. Theyre fed by the street
  949. Bold competition
  950. People who seek union with god by spiritual contemplation
  951. Honey-gathering worry
  952. Prism and pyramid
  953. Small edible shellfish, pink when boiled
  954. A god in ruins writer
  955. Knights undertaking
  956. Grounds for extra innings
  957. Cry used by fox-hunters to urge on hounds
  958. Part of the hardees logo
  959. Deduction-finding pro
  960. Good grips utensil brand
  961. Urbana athletes
  962. Celiac concern
  963. Part of a fielders glove
  964. Horse racecourse that hosts the sussex stakes each summer
  965. Half ___ (yosemite attraction)
  966. Melancholy wind
  967. Not blackball, say
  968. Works hand in glove (with)
  969. Important movie credit
  970. Swap for a stinging insect
  971. Plains natives
  972. Performs code cleanup
  973. Snack items from mars
  974. Of speech, short and pithy
  975. Snack item from nabisco
  976. Refrain chunk
  977. Pair of 11s?
  978. Highlands cryptid
  979. Actress best of old hollywood
  980. Part of a makeup artists kit
  981. They have teeth but dont bite
  982. Like perfect games
  983. Arms and the man i sing poem
  984. Satans spawn
  985. Motors (around)
  986. Shortstop kaz matsui, by birth
  987. Ecole teacher
  988. Gained back, as ground
  989. Business casual material
  990. People working at home
  991. One taking a lot of slugs?
  992. Trouble for sylvester the cat
  993. Barn dance call
  994. Nordqvist of the lpga
  995. Person in a class of
  996. Name in an eliot title
  997. Weeds, say
  998. Bad response from an audience
  999. Stir up, rouse to action
  1000. It may be looped for a throw
  1001. Snack items from hostess
  1002. Major head bones
  1003. Modernizes, say
  1004. Green-conscious grp
  1005. Lunate shape
  1006. Gracefully well-proportioned
  1007. Snack item from reeses
  1008. Setting for some round trips
  1009. Horace and juvenal, for two
  1010. Heads to nome, say
  1011. Change materials
  1012. Juicer, maybe
  1013. I shrank from hindu god, avatar of vishnu
  1014. Suggestive, pointing to
  1015. Quite splendid, magnificent
  1016. Fit he must be in order that he can lift things
  1017. Sacred writings as in old and new testament
  1018. Jolted and shocked - like james bond's martini?
  1019. Enjoy yourself - at fancy dance?
  1020. A serious or difficult situation
  1021. Geometric figure with five or more sides
  1022. Cavalry swords with curved blades
  1023. Just beaten, often at the post
  1024. Paradigm or model
  1025. Archaic sorrow or distress
  1026. Not a great performer, but he has been capped!
  1027. Old ghosts or modern sunglasses
  1028. An informal fist-fight or brawl - strike vertically?
  1029. Self-inflicted penalty as may occur in soccer
  1030. Table containers for salt and pepper
  1031. Building where coin money is made (4)
  1032. Catch boat
  1033. Not in good physical condition, or not suitable
  1034. Dread evil, being a reckless person
  1035. Made a noise and was detected
  1036. Stammers in repeating the first consonants of words
  1037. Unimportant things, minor matters
  1038. Margin, edge
  1039. Celebratory scraps of coloured paper thrown at weddings
  1040. Young beautiful woman of the moslem paradise
  1041. Iron stand like tripod for pot or kettle
  1042. Witty remark contained in a single sentence
  1043. Raised the price of a property after accepting an offer
  1044. Woman's work never done in this notts town?
  1045. Young child or lobster's claw
  1046. These are usually sown in youth
  1047. Great late jazz singer . . . . fitzgerald
  1048. The government in power or systematic plan
  1049. Proportional, not absolute
  1050. Practise before a public performance
  1051. Devious, evasive
  1052. Coming to terms or becoming established
  1053. Followed the tracks
  1054. Quandary, predicament
  1055. Inflammation of the membrane of the lungs
  1056. Two-winged insect
  1057. Fervour, zeal
  1058. Limited, in short
  1059. They make bread and cakes
  1060. Resorted to cast iron drawer
  1061. Sets in the ground
  1062. Small piece of cutlery
  1063. Aged to full flavour
  1064. Enigmas, puzzles
  1065. Powerless or incapacitated
  1066. 1979 semi-autobiographical fantasy film directed by bob fosse
  1067. Renounce or yield
  1068. Completely lacking approval for secure retreat
  1069. Magnifier of distant objects
  1070. Man-made jet of water
  1071. Laughable, really ridiculous
  1072. Author of the pilgrim's progress from this world to that which is to come
  1073. William —, british poet and critic who authored 1930’s seven types of ambiguity
  1074. Inflammable gas produced from petrol
  1075. Old watch or slang heart
  1076. A colloquial better or a regular client
  1077. Opinion offered as to what to do
  1078. Crusted sore on cut or wound
  1079. Get better or get back
  1080. Picturesque view or stage dicor
  1081. Very thin biscuits, may hold ice-cream
  1082. The scandal that brought nixon down
  1083. End relationship - shatter it?
  1084. Gigantic like a famous doomed liner
  1085. University city in marche, italy, housing the cattedrale di sant'emidio
  1086. Horseman of the s american plains
  1087. Tool with broad flexible blade - alas, put away
  1088. Initially, confidential number for use of bank card
  1089. To do with the isle of man - say a cat
  1090. Ammunition store or english soccer team
  1091. Member of an arabian people who lived around petra, in present-day jordan, in the hellenistic and roman periods
  1092. Chatter thoughtlessly like brook?
  1093. Elected member has switched - chamber taken aback, god willing
  1094. Deprived of feeling, perhaps by cold
  1095. Part of body or tree
  1096. The juice in trees
  1097. Famous gambling city in nevada
  1098. Spoke in low unclear tone
  1099. Involve in a crime, give evidence accordingly
  1100. Carthorse for group of musicians
  1101. Bat used by nadal or federer
  1102. Clark of the daily planet in dc comics
  1103. Actress hayworth of cover girl
  1104. Praiseful song
  1105. ___ california mexican state on the border
  1106. Christopher ___ actor who plays dr. emmett doc brown in back to the future
  1107. American composer and conductor who scored music for back to the future: 2 wds.
  1108. Make less angry or deprive of weapons
  1109. Exclamation of pleasure at taste sensation
  1110. Narrow route through high mountain, like the khyber
  1111. Hermione harry and ron e.g.
  1112. E-mail that often includes fraudulent schemes
  1113. ___ thompson actress who plays lorraine baines-mcfly in back to the future
  1114. Like guys who finish last as per a quote
  1115. ___ mcfly michael j. fox's character in back to the future
  1116. I counter, being subject to abnormal anxiety
  1117. One should save money for a . . . . . . . . - may need it to buy umbrella
  1118. South ___ 2018 winter olympics site
  1119. Roly-____ bug also known as potato bug or a doodlebug
  1120. Vienna based black gold group: abbr.
  1121. Reader of product instructions
  1122. Trims text perhaps
  1123. Navy and air force's land support
  1124. Short boxing punch
  1125. Folded mexican snack
  1126. My ____! (oops!)
  1127. Most preferred in chat room slang
  1128. The ___ ranger johnny depp movie
  1129. Surprisingly agile
  1130. Google's product which has a white envelope as the logo
  1131. Leonard ___ author of i am spock
  1132. Writ commanding person to appear in court
  1133. Auto additive with a mostly red oval logo
  1134. Condoleezza of bush's cabinet
  1135. Very well, as you ask - everything's fine
  1136. Allergy with asthmatic symptoms caused by pollen
  1137. Biblical builder of great ship
  1138. Hebrew patriarch from whom all jews trace descent
  1139. Beautiful flowers, seen annually in tralee
  1140. Biological number
  1141. Make allusion, or turn to for information
  1142. Small shed for storing, say, garden tools
  1143. Jazz point guard
  1144. Economic number
  1145. First podcast to win peabody
  1146. Says unpleasant and untrue things about
  1147. Disturbed or tousled, feathers or hair
  1148. Trail blazers point guard
  1149. Lists of figures arranged in columns
  1150. Common singing bird or throat infection
  1151. Rugby formation - they get down to it
  1152. An emotional problem or inhibition - suspend it
  1153. Unyielding to requests, stubborn
  1154. Area of level high ground
  1155. He discovered the law of gravity
  1156. Looked with partly closed eyes
  1157. Power to affect others
  1158. Pompous fool or beast of burden
  1159. A roll of leaf tobacco
  1160. Person in the business of buying and selling
  1161. Freshest, most modern
  1162. In the shape of a helix
  1163. Vessels for boiling water
  1164. Amount remaining after deductions
  1165. Limb extremity
  1166. Baseball bowler and container for liquid
  1167. Adult male domestic fowl
  1168. Obtains or becomes
  1169. Help, assistance
  1170. Device to move gas or fluid
  1171. Person who finds finance for films or plays
  1172. Ask to take part in a contest
  1173. Women of rank in the british peerage
  1174. Lighter in colour
  1175. Equipment for making a descent from an airplane
  1176. Seeming to be but not necessarily so
  1177. Awkward, inept
  1178. Pieces of paper or bedclothes
  1179. Tedious, irksome
  1180. Competition or conflict
  1181. Walked with measured strides
  1182. Indefinite small amount
  1183. Pieces of information carried from one person to another
  1184. Increase at a rapidly accelerating rate
  1185. The one who brings home the money
  1186. Hanging beds of canvas or rope
  1187. Horse riders put their feet in them
  1188. Empty area, may be outer
  1189. Tape i made about mary and the body of jesus
  1190. Wild evergreen shrub with yellow flowers and sharp thorns
  1191. Call upon in prayer, perhaps for protection
  1192. No tax payable as in airports
  1193. Supposition or idea
  1194. Locates us in failed or doomed endeavour
  1195. Units for measuring sound
  1196. Repeats of a film
  1197. Of the sky, dark and cloudy
  1198. Stupid behaviour or talk
  1199. She entertains guests
  1200. Conflict between people who rub each other the wrong way
  1201. Island in 33 across where cats have no tails
  1202. Symbol or emblem used by organisation
  1203. Happening or following in turns, one after the other
  1204. Esteem, have high regard for
  1205. Jumps or bounds
  1206. A sharp reply or vessel used in distilling
  1207. Person in overall charge, really the top man
  1208. He's mighty in battle
  1209. Australian tree-climbing bears
  1210. Scribble about old ode
  1211. Apparatus for weaving cloth
  1212. A surety for river's tidal mouth
  1213. He makes and sells knives, forks and spoons
  1214. Female foxes or spiteful women
  1215. Jeers, mocks
  1216. Popular drink made from ground beans
  1217. Attractive addition or bonus, as on cake
  1218. Dawn as signalled by rooster
  1219. Being furtive or underhanded
  1220. Railway carriage or sports instructor
  1221. Archaic command to go away, banish
  1222. Loud sort of board game with dice and counters
  1223. Water flows beneath the surface of sea or lake - swimmers beware
  1224. Hardly ever, most infrequently
  1225. Top dog like hitler, stalin and franco
  1226. Nose holes
  1227. Becomes less formal - straightens up
  1228. Sharp-pointed tips on a stem
  1229. Work history
  1230. Drums and kitchen vessels
  1231. Henry moore, for one
  1232. Without delay or deviation
  1233. Confined to the home area
  1234. Alleviate, assuage
  1235. Venue for plays and films
  1236. Hard doughnut-shaped roll
  1237. Dodged, eluded
  1238. Paved areas for out-of-use aircraft
  1239. Not sensible or intelligent
  1240. Study of the physical world
  1241. Projection of a gear wheel
  1242. Keep in a good state of repair
  1243. Principal part of a country, not an island
  1244. Rough outlines
  1245. Qualities of colour, music or speech
  1246. Scattered about like leaves or litter
  1247. Antiseptic found in seaweed
  1248. 1938 film comedy starring stan laurel and oliver hardy
  1249. Kind of radio channel like brief tidal movement
  1250. Refuse to accept or react against
  1251. Puts distinguishing sign on - begins aurally
  1252. Showing the marks of hard labour, as hands may
  1253. Trimmed by cutting away roots and branches to promote growth
  1254. Food passage to the stomach
  1255. Pet menu for a great many
  1256. Famous doomed transatlantic liner
  1257. Investigated as dentist does tooth
  1258. Quite splendid, really excellent
  1259. Make sound like as stuck pig
  1260. James . . . . 007
  1261. Plant with leaves or seeds used medicinally
  1262. Cure-all in a canape
  1263. Great german composer . . . . . . van beethoven
  1264. A lively jumping dance
  1265. 1st earl of -; depicted by matthew goode in the crown, the title of princess margaret's photographer husband antony armstrong-jones
  1266. Assuage with tasty meat roll
  1267. Small battery-powered lamp
  1268. A mass departure as of jews from egypt
  1269. With identity kept secret, perhaps travelling thus
  1270. The dog star, brightest of the fixed stars
  1271. Put up with a caning
  1272. Mimicking like monkey
  1273. Fear getting taken in by boring magician's trick
  1274. Make necessary or involve
  1275. Related or similar - as a relative?
  1276. Not in an orderly manner, by whatever means
  1277. Something strange or eccentric
  1278. Choose specially for kind chap
  1279. Insensitive, having no skill at saying the right thing
  1280. Event found ten in cid mix-up
  1281. One who raises things like weights
  1282. Awkward left in france
  1283. Martin sheen's first name at birth
  1284. Rank aboard the enterprise: abbr.
  1285. British boxer khan
  1286. Wrap net around this belgian city
  1287. Collection or study of currency such as coins, medals or banknotes
  1288. Evening drink taken in rococo amphitheatre
  1289. Patron saint who said 'shoo!' to serpents
  1290. Role for which liam got an oscar nod
  1291. Enjoy a season in a day perhaps?
  1292. Patch plant
  1293. Journey with strokes?
  1294. He succeeds, reserving judge a flight in arabia
  1295. Contents of some 20-across
  1296. The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very __ is an act of rebellion: camus (attributed)
  1297. Lear's out for the flight of the nobility
  1298. D. wood to change her surname (1'4)
  1299. Singer franklin aretha's elder sister
  1300. Herb len raised behind the fen
  1301. It may be white, black, decaf or latte
  1302. Try hard to break rivets
  1303. A little thing for the pudding
  1304. Distillation product from coal tar boiling containing aromatic hydrocarbons
  1305. Married pair, are, like man u!
  1306. Neat and smart in appearance
  1307. Most important, like certain body organs
  1308. Scottish lake with traditional monster
  1309. Accompany to door, or peer from window
  1310. When the waves are receding, a means of turning the tide?
  1311. Make or become better, mend ways
  1312. Nimble and skilful
  1313. In song from 'oklahoma' this is as high as an elephant's eye
  1314. Great rock on the rhine where sirens lived in legend
  1315. Goblin in the hobbit
  1316. What is generally believed about a person
  1317. Statistic on number of fatalities as in earthquake - sound mournful bell
  1318. Greet, hail
  1319. Child's name for a villain
  1320. Vulgarly self-assertive, impudent
  1321. Something peculiar or unusual
  1322. Strange and colourful as from abroad
  1323. 'now is the . . . . . . of our discontent' (richard iii)
  1324. Elegant and moving easily
  1325. Able to pay for
  1326. Cellist or violinist
  1327. Optical instrument for distant viewing
  1328. A running buffet?
  1329. Device to hold a ship
  1330. Ghostly apparitions
  1331. Tracts of wasteland with scrubby vegetation
  1332. Cricket stumps
  1333. Smooth-haired hound
  1334. Had something for tea, perhaps
  1335. Gained understanding
  1336. Indicates the family name of a married woman
  1337. Place where military personnel take meals
  1338. Discharged a debt
  1339. Declaration that something is untrue
  1340. Food from cacao beans
  1341. Spend thoughtlessly or use inefficiently
  1342. Broke free, got away
  1343. Metrical units of capacity
  1344. The one that precedes all others, in time say
  1345. Put money into a company
  1346. — and sebastian; animated series for children based on cecile aubry's novel about a pyrenean mountain dog
  1347. Large extinct reptile
  1348. Group of lines of verse
  1349. Decorating with ornaments
  1350. Musical compositions in written form
  1351. Flexible willow twigs
  1352. Illnesses, maladies
  1353. Dark, thick, sticky liquid
  1354. Got bearings or became accustomed to
  1355. 2006 book by roberto saviano about the neapolitan camorra
  1356. Cod steak consumed in enclosure as for military prisoners
  1357. Not greeted or received with pleasure, quite the opposite
  1358. Small hills or masses of piled-up earth
  1359. Sally who was the first u.s. woman in space
  1360. With 43-down home for macron
  1361. Harbor mammal
  1362. Biological messenger letters
  1363. Endures some hardship inside
  1364. Bengaluru bread
  1365. Beach city near los angeles
  1366. Judge's proceeding
  1367. *teddy bear for one
  1368. Dalmatian doc
  1369. Road trip lodge
  1370. Emt training component
  1371. Calm and undisturbed, at peace
  1372. Having glowing visage, embarrassed
  1373. Cheese in spanakopita
  1374. Fancy hairdo
  1375. ___ came in through the bathroom window
  1376. Celebration's continuation and a hint to the ends of the starred answers
  1377. Friendly email sign-off
  1378. Fumbles say
  1379. ___ ii (2018 boxing movie)
  1380. Stands for blackboards, artists' paintings etc
  1381. Room or key preceder
  1382. Giant author edna
  1383. Constructed as a web
  1384. Ink color for debts
  1385. Spongy toy brand
  1386. Final musical passages
  1387. Puzzles with seven pieces
  1388. Word associated with a lightbulb
  1389. Certain steel beam
  1390. Standard considered to be representative
  1391. Foodstuff also known as hardtack
  1392. Means or way of gaining entry
  1393. Puck and child
  1394. Key ring item
  1395. County event
  1396. Material description of heaven's gates?
  1397. Peril, threat
  1398. Join in without being invited or wanted
  1399. Items of business for committee
  1400. It's trendy in profession of teeth-care
  1401. Modern jargon for letter post, mollusc-slow compared to electronic transport
  1402. Round green fruit or a linden tree
  1403. An old servant or slavish person
  1404. Christmas bird or theatrical flop
  1405. Book by solzhenitsyn 'the . . . . . archipelago' about detention camps in ussr
  1406. Descend rock-face using a doubled rope - like isabel
  1407. Followers of chinese leader tse-tung
  1408. Nil score in tennis, dear
  1409. Living thing that undergoes genetic change
  1410. Bliss, intense delight
  1411. Small square pasta cases containing savoury filling
  1412. Speak out - be absolute
  1413. A belief or credo - it's a palindrome
  1414. Glandular organ that removes waste matter from blood
  1415. Acts of expiation imposed in absolution of sins
  1416. Ocean traffic lane
  1417. Duty period for ship's complement, kind of canine alert
  1418. Dry fruit of many evergreen trees, say pine
  1419. Make mark on or earn admiration
  1420. Enter someone's property unlawfully
  1421. Metrical unit of weight
  1422. Priest's assistant at a liturgical service
  1423. Munster or leinster, say
  1424. Optical illusion, in a desert say
  1425. Withstand, struggle against
  1426. The art of growing ornamental dwarfed plants
  1427. Brady and hanks
  1428. Incursion, entry for conquest
  1429. News agency
  1430. Squirrel's kin
  1431. Mythical stories from the past
  1432. Protection from danger
  1433. Irate, mad
  1434. They allow the bearer to enter a country
  1435. Craft for water transportation
  1436. Was this dutch renaissance man a strange masseur?
  1437. Designations or headings
  1438. Condition added to a legislative bill
  1439. Film genre, horse opera
  1440. Most untamed
  1441. Series of planned actions to achieve a goal
  1442. Catastrophe, tragedy
  1443. Believe the time to pay?
  1444. Graduated sequence of musical notes
  1445. Accentuated
  1446. Move on snow or water
  1447. Way of carrying our a task
  1448. Obstinate, unwilling to yield
  1449. Pertaining to what is left over
  1450. Time for which a stored item remains usable, as in shop
  1451. Quick or swift
  1452. Quite ridiculous, foolish
  1453. The company of which others are subsidiaries
  1454. Lewd santa included in 'the . . . . . . . . .', poem by t s eliot
  1455. Tarzan was a famous one
  1456. Concentrate on, perhaps with camera
  1457. Kind of pin for hanging clothes
  1458. Jumped with aid of pole
  1459. Moves briskly to and fro with swag (4)
  1460. Archaic sorrow or grief
  1461. Religious rite of purification with water
  1462. Mad dog disease imported from serbia
  1463. Tip thug, being nervous and tense
  1464. Below this, a boxing blow is illegal
  1465. A hearty informal goodbye
  1466. Irregular or uneven, not steady
  1467. Favourite candidates for deep dislike
  1468. Kind of cocktail consumed in dating
  1469. It's not even
  1470. Ace rarely placed in team event
  1471. A slight error or a passage of time
  1472. Discharge from court - not guilty
  1473. Wild run of frightened cattle
  1474. Idea formulated to explain something
  1475. Small piece of bread or pastry spread with savoury
  1476. Great rhine rock where sirens lived
  1477. Filled with feelings or qualities
  1478. Brats act in non-concrete way
  1479. Viscous substances kept in silo
  1480. Harare is its capital
  1481. Person who excels in techniques of singing or playing music
  1482. Sums of money saved for the future - by birds?
  1483. Nets gems in separate parts
  1484. A country excluding its adjacent islands
  1485. Permanent covering in frozen arctic regions
  1486. Tremble and shake, or receptacle for arrows
  1487. Useless, not worth bothering about
  1488. United us, being not fit for
  1489. Something insisted upon as part of an agreement
  1490. Feeble or ineffectual person
  1491. A swindler or a cyclone
  1492. Till to get light and pleasant rhythm
  1493. He propounded the theory of evolution
  1494. Examines carefully as dentist does a bad tooth
  1495. Barber's need
  1496. Loud and harsh-sounding
  1497. Bring person to court - . . . . . . corpus
  1498. Encircled with belt or band
  1499. Excellence in cooking is . . . . . . bleu
  1500. Finds on the dial
  1501. Manor head
  1502. Exactly, really
  1503. Candy for spring festival
  1504. Trees with toothed leaves
  1505. Angry, enraged
  1506. Sloping channels or slides
  1507. Atrocious, dire
  1508. Single parts of a whole
  1509. Obtained a university degree
  1510. Mariner, old salt
  1511. Hangs loosely, sags
  1512. . . . . and the paycock (sean o'casey)
  1513. Buses, carriages
  1514. Pal, mate
  1515. Tube to carry water, gas etc
  1516. Examination of component parts
  1517. Transgressing, rules say
  1518. Mixtures of chemical elements
  1519. Gain through effort
  1520. Destroy, ruin
  1521. Member of a ship's crew
  1522. Engrossed, absorbed
  1523. Brave, dauntless
  1524. Discuss through argument
  1525. Warm bedding
  1526. Expensive gems and card suit
  1527. European ermine
  1528. Turn around as on axle or spit
  1529. Legendary greek hunter for whom constellation is named
  1530. Small stringed instrument for short
  1531. Luxury passenger train where 50-across investigates a murder: 2 wds.
  1532. College basketball tourney: abbr.
  1533. Body decoration drawn with a needle for short
  1534. Tv network with an all access streaming service
  1535. Southwestern hill with a flat top
  1536. Ant-man's partner in a 2018 superhero movie
  1537. British author known for her murder mystery novels: 2 wds.
  1538. Devices that are an alternative to window fans: abbr.
  1539. They're built in movie studios
  1540. Initials on a sandwich menu
  1541. Asian city that is the most populous metropolitan area in the world
  1542. Body part exposed by a sandal
  1543. Flexible like an acrobat
  1544. What future attorneys study in school
  1545. Baseball batter's successes
  1546. Most hirsute or slangily difficult
  1547. Yorkshire terrier's bark
  1548. It's inside an exercise ball
  1549. Amy winehouse or judy garland in terms of vocal range
  1550. Belgian detective created by 35-across: 2 wds.
  1551. Lil ___ x (rapper who came out in june)
  1552. Head down a black diamond trail perhaps
  1553. Portray inaccurately as data
  1554. Give him an inch and he'll take a ___
  1555. Ventnor or vermont in monopoly: abbr.
  1556. Horton hears one in a dr. seuss story
  1557. Word that can go before pressure or group
  1558. They're often included in free versions of apps
  1559. Biblical woman whose name reads the same forward and backward
  1560. Cocktail that could be dry or dirty
  1561. Iphone message in a speech balloon
  1562. Hazelnut cocoa spread from italy
  1563. Culturally small-minded person
  1564. Goes for the bait like a fish
  1565. Singer/actress della who died in 2017
  1566. Website used by party hosts
  1567. Diplomat's quality
  1568. ___ hysteria (large-scale agitation)
  1569. Cookbook entries
  1570. Command that halts a horse
  1571. Cry of surprise that a dairy farmer might use: 2 wds.
  1572. Antlered resident of rocky mountain national park
  1573. Thoroughfare that may be scenic: abbr.
  1574. Second-largest city in south america after sao paulo
  1575. Cheer for flamenco dancers
  1576. Have a ___-roaring good time
  1577. San antonio's state: abbr.
  1578. Kind of hut - discard it
  1579. A permit for a cardinal
  1580. Rossini's opera 'the . . . . . . of seville'
  1581. Old name for england, once perfidious
  1582. Irony or ridicule in writing or speech
  1583. Bursts of enthusiastic applause, may be standing
  1584. Veer away endlessly
  1585. Sources for legendary rich king
  1586. Having common descent or origin
  1587. Evade by bodily movement
  1588. Facts known about a person - may be criminal
  1589. Relax - that's an army order
  1590. Signal to taxi in america - applaud it
  1591. Just a mistake
  1592. Person who does not believe in a religion
  1593. Beats into a froth, say eggs
  1594. Crucifix on door
  1595. Asian country, capital hanoi
  1596. Rear like child, or mention for discussion
  1597. Dream about carrying weapons
  1598. Stringed bats or loud sessions
  1599. A serenity leading to ocular stress
  1600. General direction or fashion
  1601. Melody on which variations are constructed
  1602. Imitated speech of predator
  1603. Possesses or owns
  1604. Aural kind of insect
  1605. A snare for central parts of amphitheatres
  1606. Words that sound the same as others but have different meanings
  1607. A narrowly avoided collision in seminars
  1608. Person in place or company to which he does not belong
  1609. At sea, on board ship
  1610. Building housing book collection, may be public
  1611. Imaginary line through the centre of an object on which it spins
  1612. Ragged children or sea creatures
  1613. Quick-witted and intelligent
  1614. Then enid came at last
  1615. Evil spirits that rob graves and eat corpses
  1616. Relating to vessels that circulate fluids
  1617. Of sequestered life under religious vows
  1618. Wild blue flower
  1619. Dirty and unpleasant
  1620. Noel . . . . . ., english playwright and actor
  1621. Exact, accurate
  1622. Bounder, scoundrel
  1623. Unable, incompetent
  1624. Second lowest male singing voice
  1625. It's allowed for a foul
  1626. Liberate, set free
  1627. Attaching with adhesive
  1628. Chives or coriander, say
  1629. Actor ____ bloom
  1630. It's better to light one than curse the darkness
  1631. Moves slowly and stealthily
  1632. Imaginary one-horned imaginary creatures
  1633. Portions, parts
  1634. Word with cat or power
  1635. The “a” in satb
  1636. Actor benicio del ___
  1637. Having an affected manner
  1638. Stuffed mexican pastries
  1639. Do anoint by way of a gift
  1640. “pretend like we didn’t just break the vase”
  1641. “kate & ___” (nineteen-eighties sitcom)
  1642. Going on forever, lacking conclusion
  1643. Available to men and women, clothes or hairdressing salons
  1644. Alphabetically first pop group with a no. 1 hit
  1645. Red-light-district houses
  1646. Goo goo dolls hit whose chorus begins “and i don’t want the world to see me”
  1647. Vertical like goal post
  1648. A medieval servant
  1649. Hurry up in old-fashioned way
  1650. Repetitive exclamation of disapproval
  1651. Hardy's comic pal
  1652. Wilt the ___ (n.b.a. nickname)
  1653. Thick soft quilt instead of bedclothes
  1654. Like much theoretical linguistics
  1655. Sulphuric acid or savage comment
  1656. Eden or arcadia
  1657. Has some pull
  1658. Caviar or masago
  1659. Cut or gashed with knife, being hassled
  1660. “i feel ___” (reaction to a penetrating comment perhaps)
  1661. “solidarity forever” or “there is power in a union”
  1662. Colin of “love actually”
  1663. Bike alternative with popular sharing programs
  1664. Muscle exercised with lunges for short
  1665. First somali-american to serve in congress
  1666. “h.m.s. pinafore; or the ___ that loved a sailor”
  1667. Hardest substance in the human body
  1668. Adjective for some funky bass lines
  1669. Campaign-wrecking news items often
  1670. Village for shakespearean prince
  1671. Feeling slightly sick, maybe with indigestion
  1672. Canadian city and province, french-speaking
  1673. Containing or tasting of salt
  1674. Title of italian-speaking woman
  1675. Arrogant pride, from the greek
  1676. Of or containing gold
  1677. Great hole as on top of volcano
  1678. Gentle, not malignant
  1679. Tediously familiar like ancient headgear
  1680. Having lost courage or determination
  1681. Region of ne canada, or a retriever dog
  1682. Sounding or singing together at the same pitch
  1683. An evasion of responsibility - policeman not at home
  1684. Deliberately, with full intent
  1685. Save your money for this damp day
  1686. The highest point overhead
  1687. Ponder or meditate in mature way
  1688. Shed tears of grief
  1689. Road with only one entrance-exit
  1690. Termination, conclusion
  1691. Attitude that people are generally selfish and untrustworthy
  1692. Provide service for like grocer
  1693. A great feast
  1694. Tidy duels conducted in careful or considered manner
  1695. Made ends of poetry lines have similar sounds
  1696. Don't let go - wait a minute
  1697. Person who creates or fashions things such as clothes
  1698. A brief or casual look
  1699. Bind to a promise, using hammer and metal pin
  1700. Melodies with words