1. ''crocodile'' dundee's other nickname
  2. Opposite of ''persona''
  3. Ones taking off?
  4. Palette user of old
  5. Conditioner's cousin
  6. Show-biz word
  7. Family name in an 1869 romance
  8. George iii descriptor
  9. 'o thou pale ___ that silent shines': burns
  10. Roll in a locker
  11. Yukon heritage river
  12. Ancient water wheel
  13. Houppelande e
  14. 'sister act' sisters
  15. Most chichi
  16. Hip '60s type
  17. Common blood type, briefly
  18. ... and 96-across: 'willing to open chests and work on vessels'
  19. Contaminated by fallout
  20. Cruellest mo., to eliot
  21. Pg wodehouse
  22. Business ledger recorders
  23. Formidable woman
  24. Free range eggs
  25. Houston ball club
  26. Dartmouth college town
  27. Popular long running tv programme
  28. This puzzle's honoree, for one
  29. Worth no points, say
  30. Troubadour's love song
  31. Shout from a field
  32. Starting crew
  33. Mythical figure represented in vermeer's 'the art of painting'
  34. Los angeles nbaer
  35. Word with mining or steel
  36. ... and 69-across: 'excellent filing skills required'
  37. Riyal earners
  38. Fed. air monitor
  39. 'you -- big trouble!'
  40. Sport with tiny jockeys?
  41. Cars such as the rio and soul
  42. Undercover op
  43. ... and 112-across: 'strong, disciplined hands a must'
  44. Painter klimt or composer mahler
  45. Last leftover
  46. Egyptian royal cross
  47. Bart simpson's grampa
  48. Jewish deli snack
  49. Fence-sit
  50. Person making a bid
  51. Bygone sedan
  52. Equally unlikely
  53. Speak like porky pig
  54. Visibility, in product names
  55. Typical golf shots
  56. Oenophile's specification
  57. Country w. of somalia
  58. 'would -- to you (1985 pop hit)?'
  59. Far from strapped
  60. Highballs?
  61. Hit the ball hard
  62. Settled things
  63. Punishment on the knuckles
  64. They may be tall
  65. Cookie-selling gp
  66. Seaman's jacket
  67. Senators' holdings
  68. Utah's ___ national forest
  69. Spousal response
  70. What the french once called 'la belle rivière'
  71. Like some flexible lamps
  72. Eyebrow, e.g
  73. Pope after gregory xi
  74. Leafy alcove
  75. Friends' feud
  76. Ogling types
  77. Tennis great john
  78. Interval of three whole steps
  79. Co-explorer of 1804
  80. ... and 50-across: 'experienced in conducting surveys for sites'
  81. Reinforced, as a jacket
  82. Tweezers holders
  83. Pollster's need
  84. Trendy glasses?
  85. Capitol reef national park site
  86. Surfers' shopping destination
  87. Asset at the card table
  88. Armoire feature
  89. Part of a spreadsheet
  90. Resident of italy's capital
  91. European economic org
  92. Equipped with sails, as a windmill
  93. Salt, in ste marie
  94. Wharton conferral
  95. ___ jean, aka marilyn
  96. One of the sex pistols
  97. Honor system's basis
  98. Chew, as rodents do
  99. Copper or cobalt
  100. Clown's height-enhancer
  101. Slav
  102. Ticket entitlements
  103. Motion-picture spools
  104. New york state's ___ canal
  105. Quick eyed, in glasgow
  106. Paul tracy revolution?
  107. Upper regions of space, figuratively
  108. Thing you may be dared to cross
  109. Pig or sports fan, at times
  110. Mooch, as a cigarette
  111. Plat afresh
  112. March composer john philip __
  113. Remote button with two vertical bars
  114. Scratch or scuff, say
  115. In return, produces shape of things to come from golf club
  116. Some nasa missions
  117. It connects points of equal air pressure
  118. Parisian negative
  119. Like a banned book, perhaps
  120. Novel note to say cheers sticking to one's guns
  121. B, b, b and b
  122. 'my cousin vinny' co-star
  123. Head of a french monastery
  124. Irish before the famine possibly get fianna to compete
  125. Got to hand it to a mediterranean island
  126. Type of doll for the vengeful
  127. How to treat new year for group at home
  128. Garment for rob roy
  129. Sheepish panic is a mouthful
  130. Raises dust dotted near old workshop
  131. Finicky, picky
  132. Sudanese junkyard?
  133. Spicy black stuff goes red and glows in dark
  134. Potentially strange taking in sign to get pardon
  135. Pinhead-size spy photo
  136. Make 24-down
  137. Like bees attacking
  138. Deuce beaters, in cards
  139. Father, son and holy ghost, e.g
  140. Karloff of scary films
  141. French 101 word with two accents
  142. Frills, ribbons, ruffles, and such
  143. Chopped side dish
  144. Bring in a "not guilty" verdict
  145. Lite cigarette boast
  146. Best-of-all ending
  147. "stuck __": elvis hit
  148. Parlor or den
  149. It replaced the punt in ireland
  150. Department with public funds
  151. Medical hardening
  152. River residue
  153. Quattro manufacturer
  154. Lunar landscape feature
  155. Raise, as young
  156. Skipper's area
  157. Outer banana
  158. Big shoe specification in libya?
  159. Where to study chem. or hist
  160. Soothing soaks
  161. School assembly locale, often
  162. Hanks film
  163. Journey up a mountain
  164. Palinesque comedian?
  165. Careless about not having a husband
  166. Lamb mom
  167. Longstanding quarrels
  168. British actor nicknamed 'serena' after his knighthood
  169. Game player's haunts
  170. Big solos during death scenes, often
  171. Thames island
  172. Tv spot, typically
  173. Bad thing to have in your veins
  174. Fountain build-up
  175. Knows the value of fool chopping up roses
  176. Where prince harry played strip pool
  177. Sch. woody allen flunked out of
  178. Navigate a web page, in a way
  179. Shakespearean denial
  180. One's 40 across, so to speak
  181. Wkrp's les
  182. Common word for neo
  183. Friday draw provides dog transport on call, perhaps
  184. Cookie in ice cream, often
  185. Annoying places for gum to stick
  186. Suit worker
  187. The greatest possible number of seabirds?
  188. Ipad-to-imac activity
  189. "never give a sucker an even break" star
  190. Meat- or fish-filled pastry
  191. Chess soldiers
  192. Signe graphique
  193. Spinners on tricked-out cars
  194. Region de la peninsule des balkans en 6 lettres
  195. Blues standard first recorded by ma rainey
  196. Algues marines 6 lettres
  197. Taché par endroits 4 lettres
  198. Troupeau de boeufs conduit par un gardien
  199. Terme injurieux designant un homme de rien
  200. Sermon
  201. Popular sport
  202. Knead muscles
  203. Collision between motor vehicles
  204. Boxer you shouldn't bet on
  205. Engross the attention of
  206. Walked through the woods
  207. Justice who took o'connor's seat on the supreme court
  208. So-called kissing disease, familiarly
  209. Olive and canola
  210. Smallest teams
  211. Who's leaving housewarming for small shrub
  212. Diagonally arranged abdominal muscles
  213. American homestead turns heads at posts and telegraphs reportedly
  214. Incredible how mother superior is broken in heartache
  215. Qatari or kuwaiti leaders
  216. Highest ranking
  217. Time to break something
  218. Island produce
  219. Boy gets impetuous and bold
  220. Improve neat mug arrangement
  221. Fold the plate over
  222. Weep about tune played for a long time
  223. When repeated, a hit 1997 movie
  224. He keeps talking about balloon
  225. Serious player in the ring
  226. Final word from a french deity
  227. Private object has unknown nature
  228. Force enemy to land
  229. Pied piper's pack
  230. German male forced to shine
  231. With 37-across, narrator of 'hitchhiking with lolita'?
  232. Returned part of a theater ticket
  233. Foul-mouthed bear of film
  234. Not contracted out, say
  235. Scotch dilutant
  236. Abbr. followed by '!!!!!1'
  237. Fireman's view perhaps finding whip in plane
  238. Duane ''dog'' chapman, on an a&e series
  239. "visual" observation (part 2)
  240. 2007 novel by bernard cornwell
  241. First woman to sit as an mp in the house of commons
  242. Alcoholic drink consisting of orange juice and vodka
  243. Nicholas — 16th-century english playwright who authored the comedy ralph roister doister
  244. Stately home in northamptonshire; last resting place of diana princess of wales
  245. Bbc radio comedy programme starring tommy handley that ran from 1939-49
  246. Former province of south africa whose capital was pietermaritzburg
  247. Micky — actor and musician who played the title role in 1950s us television series circus boy
  248. Emilio — actor whose roles include william h bonney in 1988 action film young guns
  249. Actor whose roles included professor spats in 1968 film the night they raided minsky's
  250. 1893 operetta by gilbert and sullivan
  251. 2002 film thriller starring milla jovovich and michelle rodriguez
  252. M g — australia test cricketer who took 6-82 against west indies at adelaide in 1997
  253. One may be thrown into the fireplace
  254. Room for carry-ons
  255. Fractional monetary unit of bulgaria worth one hundredth of a lev
  256. Hans werner — german composer of 2007 opera phaedra
  257. Actor who played mr waverly in 1960s us television series the man from u.n.c.l.e.
  258. Expression of a pouter
  259. "visual" observation (part 3)
  260. Music's steely ___
  261. Treatment for bacterial infections
  262. Betting everything
  263. Green-blue deposit on copper
  264. "___ coming to take me away!"
  265. Firehouse mascot
  266. Amer. economic assistance
  267. Reply to a liar
  268. Programs for 11-across, briefly
  269. Effet du moiré 7 lettres
  270. With 40-across, kid's toy ... and a word that can precede the first word of the starred answers
  271. Free of stubble
  272. Think of bible studies subscriber
  273. Lack of cohesiveness
  274. Is this what the old greeks put in the kettle?
  275. Slip in one side and out the other as middle eastern hotel comes across rough
  276. Middle aged?
  277. Fireplace food-warming shelf
  278. Needs a rider for shifting shore
  279. Idle who performed in the 2012 olympic closing ceremonies
  280. Effortless to go right and easier
  281. Like many modern-day pirates
  282. Number of last station lines in sonnet
  283. Disney's football-kicking mule
  284. Lifeboat gear
  285. Quiet imp is one for the books
  286. Drama of 2 etc is a doddle
  287. Deep narrow gorge with steep sides
  288. Alaric strangely keeping his name in his head?
  289. Boat with two elephants
  290. Providing additional support
  291. Dreamy work for doctor being informed case was a doddle?
  292. Smith falsely accepting honour for 11's ideas
  293. Plant with showy flowers — i rally sam (anag)
  294. Images showing card with number removed from 1 down wrongly
  295. Marsh plant family gets award for hero raised
  296. 'my big fat greek wedding' libation
  297. See 39-across ... and a word that can precede the last word of the starred answers
  298. Like some security software
  299. Reportedly foolish trick with chips?
  300. 14-time all-star catcher rodriguez, familiarly
  301. Q4
  302. Fairy tale bullies
  303. ___ protocol (1997 agreement)
  304. Redundant count
  305. Buildings location
  306. Stat of a batters success: abbr.
  307. Grocery-store freebie
  308. Kings shoot them
  309. Trypanosomiasis transmitter
  310. Person raising and selling dogs
  311. Something thats taboo
  312. Accumulation has an unkind sound
  313. Sesame __ (burger bun tidbit)
  314. Guy always agreeing with the boss
  315. Absorbent kitchen-floor cleaner
  316. Hairy television cousin
  317. Gi's stint peeling potatoes, for example
  318. Prophetic observation
  319. Awaited someone's arrival before going to bed
  320. Have remorse about
  321. Lords ... or subjects
  322. "grenade" singer mars
  323. Days of __ (long-ago time)
  324. Word like bring or be
  325. Off-center, as a hat
  326. Chinese bronze-disk instrument
  327. Stash in an overhead bin
  328. __ by (obey, as a law)
  329. Pad for kitchen scouring
  330. 100 to 1, for one
  331. Tool for household scouring
  332. Quantity of 12: abbr
  333. Contest with calf roping
  334. Mix at a gala
  335. Person who doesnt mingle
  336. Alters before publication
  337. Bone protecting a leg joint
  338. A2
  339. Handheld duster with bristles
  340. Letters in - or on - boxes
  341. Slim nail
  342. Bear out, as feelings
  343. Harness race paces
  344. Mental concoction
  345. Where arthur ruled the court
  346. Parisian parting
  347. Where will rogers was born
  348. Dc mlb team
  349. Boring party, say
  350. Meat safety agcy
  351. Popeyes main squeeze __ oyl
  352. Hounds' followings
  353. Is in low power mode
  354. One siamese twin
  355. "project __": fashion design show
  356. You might add it to the pot
  357. Early wielder of a bow and arrow
  358. Quarterfinals group, perhaps
  359. It hits the ground silently
  360. Grizzly who runs ahead to make sure there aren't any traps?
  361. Port city on honshu, japan
  362. King moves into cash trade involving shady dealing
  363. Displaying astonishment
  364. Silly — unmethodical — punch-drunk
  365. Like the man on one of the tarot cards
  366. Scattered songbird at end of street
  367. Dense bushy area
  368. Make out cross initially
  369. Young horse with alien wasn't born yesterday, today or tomorrow
  370. Time demands things to do
  371. Australian clergy member with multiple vaginas?
  372. Minor but necessary part
  373. Colorado state song composer
  374. '___ you gonna eat that?'
  375. Puts up a fight for young republican at end of july
  376. Lactose source
  377. Concentrated coffee
  378. Shouted deep and loud
  379. Shoreline of a freshwater body
  380. Brass player in a military group of musicians
  381. Independent, nonconformist, a rebel
  382. Checked someone's blood for diseases
  383. Recipe-filled reference work
  384. Strong negative reaction
  385. Alcoholic beverage, anagram of pet lip
  386. Pain __, tablet for relieving pain
  387. Tables on which sacrifices are offered
  388. Harry potter and the __ child
  389. Murtaugh and riggs find chaos in __ weapon
  390. Crunchy and thin
  391. __ union, act that merged the scandinavian thrones
  392. Desiring a family, clucky
  393. Fixation, object of infatuation or obsession
  394. State of consciousness
  395. __ and ashes, a show of repentence
  396. __ box escape; houdini stunt in a submerged crate
  397. Coming home, coming back
  398. Hop-drying farm building
  399. Outlandish or extravagant
  400. Having mutual understanding with another
  401. Attendant or companion in the royal household
  402. Novel by herman melville and opera by britten
  403. Roasted skin of a pork joint
  404. Customer support once a purchase has been made
  405. Start legal proceedings against a suspect
  406. In melville's tale, bartleby was one
  407. One who is skilled in the secrets of anything
  408. Annual book with info on dates, weather, etc.
  409. American __; antique collectors reality show
  410. Sound __; added noises to create extra drama
  411. Destructive beetles of grains, flour stores, etc
  412. Splitting off from an iceberg
  413. "before you could say jack __"
  414. Surfeit, surplus, over-abundance
  415. Covering your eyes with your hand in embarrassment
  416. Run lines; practice for a performance
  417. Make something better with new ideas
  418. Run-off from packed ice crystals
  419. Scottish term for irritableness
  420. Family home that features in austen's persuasion
  421. Use them for cutting paper or even pizza
  422. Vicarage or rectory
  423. 1586 conspiracy to kill queen elizabeth i: __ plot
  424. Knocked into a __, means to outdo or defeat
  425. Exciting, breathtaking
  426. Sentiments of welcome
  427. Acoustic music, e.g. without electric effects
  428. Wobbly sea creature with fronds
  429. Graphic that shows relative prominence of words
  430. Little sausages in bacon make pigs in blankets
  431. Sunglasses and a fake moustache form this
  432. Offers advice or a shoulder to cry on
  433. Southern african round hut with conical roof
  434. Sweet alternative to wax for hair removal
  435. Service that comes to your door with parcels
  436. Title, introductory material at top of a newspaper
  437. Achieved this outcome, __ in this outcome
  438. Footwear that has sparked a subculture
  439. Plant used to feed livestock, also called lucerne
  440. Stained, blemished
  441. State of the ozone layer
  442. Plans, instructions for building houses
  443. Nickname for uk-france connecting underpass
  444. Not short in extent
  445. Shouted at a comedian to disrupt the show
  446. Baby frog with a wiggly tail
  447. Characteristic of a russian dictator
  448. Rogers centre's old name, home to the blue jays
  449. Don't stop believin' band
  450. Metal plate in a printing press
  451. Pod save america podcaster jon __
  452. Waved, coiled
  453. Begin typing in from the margin
  454. More than one person
  455. Physical proof to enter
  456. Globe shape, like a bubble or planet
  457. Italian sweet pastries eaten at venice's carnevale
  458. "living the life of __"
  459. Goal, bulls-eye
  460. Personal characteristics, the essence of someone
  461. Canadian iss astronaut chris, who sang in space
  462. Capital of occitanie
  463. The stone closest to the centre circle in curling
  464. Emollient in cosmetics; anagram of aqua lens
  465. Puffed out, covered in whale meat
  466. Male horse that has not been castrated
  467. Improvised rhythmic talking
  468. Laughing softly or quietly
  469. A silly or meaningless, intricate tale
  470. Large, baritone brass instrument
  471. Bashful, self-effacing
  472. Loyal death eater __ lestrange
  473. Japanese carp streamers used as windsocks
  474. Figure-skating move in an arabesque position
  475. It keeps the grass cut
  476. Program telling a computer how to do something
  477. Animals such as llamas, alpacas and dromedaries
  478. Irish nightly headless horseman
  479. Stickler, disciplinarian; anagram of emit rant
  480. Spock is a main character in this tv series
  481. Meat, tofu, and veggies in sugary soy sauce
  482. Painted using deft dabbing strokes
  483. Another word for smooches
  484. Cancels, renders invalid
  485. Facial hairstyles on lip and chin
  486. __ machine, for making a cup of beans
  487. __ berlin; songwriter who wrote white christmas
  488. __ snedeker, 2012 fedex golf champion
  489. Rum tum __, a curious cat
  490. Early movie cowboy, starred in lone star ranger
  491. Of or relating to killer whales
  492. As a joke, not meant to be taken seriously
  493. Humorous genre that uses irony
  494. Name of poldark's horse in the tv show
  495. Where an emperor or king lives
  496. Buddhist cave monuments in maharashtra, india
  497. Family guy's fictional, bivalve town
  498. Middle ages, hip-length sleeveless top
  499. Sign up for regularly sent content
  500. Overhead slide-displaying device
  501. Cocktail of gin, cointreau and lemon juice
  502. Narrow passages between houses and streets
  503. Fenced-in area for pets
  504. Gary __; lead singer of snow patrol
  505. Provide amusement, put on a show
  506. Walking unsteadily, wobbling
  507. It goes well with sausages
  508. Ruling monarch
  509. The great __ baking show
  510. Consider again, alter original plans
  511. A popular brand of permanent markers
  512. Acts of watching stealthily
  513. Revived, united, came together
  514. Aversion to something, not loved
  515. Giggles on stage, anagram of process
  516. Spicy, not salty
  517. First and last name of the man lusting for lolita
  518. Three-pronged symbol on the flag of barbados
  519. __ freak; someone who needs to feel in charge
  520. Hotel __, ny establishment where sid vicious died
  521. Bars, clubs, vibrant things to do in the evening
  522. Individual after whom a literary work is named
  523. Yellow poplar, state tree of indiana and kentucky
  524. Contract where no regular work is guaranteed
  525. Spaceman, like neil armstrong
  526. Superiority, of a higher rank
  527. What one means in getting from german to clare
  528. Crumbly meaty salad topping
  529. Warmly, like an invitation
  530. Antelope linked to the south african rugby side
  531. Lewis & harris town, center of the western isles
  532. Soap with no fragrance
  533. Columbian she wolf and beautiful liar singer
  534. British dairy milk confectionery company
  535. Online local community and classified ads site
  536. Basque wall and ball game with throwing baskets
  537. Gone __! sign to tell folks you are absent
  538. The __, pool player felson beats minnesota fats
  539. Music collection following publication on twitter
  540. Parachutes for spacecraft or aircraft
  541. Administrative divisions of switzerland
  542. Short interviews with members of the public
  543. Decaying animal flesh
  544. Smallest, most minute
  545. Fabric with a raised design made from fancy thread
  546. Take in as food
  547. Itemised desires, wants or needs
  548. Initials on a towel, for example
  549. Rise and fall, roll
  550. __ tomato, old cultivars, often differently hued
  551. The horizontal placed between goalposts
  552. Shadows created on the face with makeup
  553. Catholic leader chosen in opposition
  554. Support, shore up
  555. Ann __, wrote bel canto
  556. Came into view suddenly
  557. Relating to meteoric glass debris
  558. Chinese white copper
  559. "seven for a __ never to be told": magpie lore
  560. Control for channel surfing
  561. Relating to lines, especially straight ones
  562. Department store and inland sea in canada: __ bay
  563. Lars __; metallica's danish drummer
  564. Where you lay your head at night
  565. Watch clowns and acrobats in action here
  566. Shrines welcoming souls back to the living realm
  567. __ scott, who directed the first alien movie
  568. Candice __, south african catwalk model
  569. Native of kinshasa or brazzaville
  570. Putting off, discouraging
  571. Horseplay, boisterousness, jolly japes
  572. Asian mountain system with the famous khyber pass
  573. Former bus driver, sang from russia with love
  574. Shorebird also called a snipe or curlew
  575. Talk show host who rose to fame in hairspray
  576. In an energetic way, despite being elderly
  577. Looking around a shop before making a purchase
  578. Listing an actor in movie credits
  579. The only japanese song to top the billboard 100
  580. Strains, stresses
  581. Snooty, condescending, toffee-nosed
  582. Diving, dropping to the bottom of the ocean
  583. Roped off
  584. John __, animator-producer who gave birth to woody
  585. Falsified, bribed, acted dishonestly
  586. A nursery, kindergarten or nanny provides this
  587. Ornamental summerhouse structures for plants
  588. Vintage sparkling french fizz
  589. Briefness, concision, brevity
  590. Pastoralists who tend lambs and ewes
  591. The study of plant medicine
  592. Order given on a parade ground
  593. Unattached person, such as bridget jones
  594. Drawing device and style with a nib and a well
  595. Arthur __, british pm and duke of wellington
  596. U-shaped body of water, also called a billabong
  597. Leave a light on and just you and i singer
  598. __ broadcast; not transmitted from a studio
  599. Tristan __, volcanic islands in the atlantic
  600. A trick to get attention
  601. Actors in folk plays or mime shows
  602. Fiendish lackey to horned king, the black cauldron
  603. Some say this is caring
  604. Tutor preparing a student for an exam
  605. Mythical, flying creatures that breathe fire
  606. Person who neatens and washes a home
  607. Singer frank, who sold over 150 million records
  608. Dried up, dehydrated
  609. Legal arm of the israeli government
  610. One who performs stories
  611. Dashes that represent missing letters or words
  612. Country where the mamara sea is located
  613. A locomotive; a machine of moving parts
  614. And you come to me on a summer __
  615. Largest sand island in the world: __ island
  616. Shakespeare's longest play
  617. __ duck, classic mandarin dish named after a city
  618. Architect for the sacre-coeur basilica: paul __
  619. Not long ago
  620. Carries on, does not stop or end
  621. A priority, the number one thing on the list
  622. __ orbiter was world's 1st non-stop balloon flight
  623. Tree that loses its leaves annually
  624. Dick __, flying ace/racing driver with pal muttley
  625. Add two plus three to a golden wedding
  626. Hoofed mammals
  627. Fast food-shaped telephone in juno
  628. Gangster, extortioner
  629. __ d; jack black's musical venture
  630. Heart radio breakfast presenter, jamie __
  631. Hug, cuddle, clasp
  632. Humility, lack of vanity
  633. People who grade or rate a movie
  634. Put back together, resembling the original state
  635. Long-necked animal with brown patches
  636. Dublin's anna livia statue, the floozie in the __
  637. Popular professional wrestler, the ultimate __
  638. Mythical ancestral land of the polynesian people
  639. Expressed gratitude
  640. The butler's name in top cat, voiced by paul frees
  641. Swedish "royal" sponge cake topped with marzipan
  642. The __, jane austen's final unfinished project
  643. The evil dead's series director
  644. Self-__ litter box, no poop scooping required
  645. Classification group for putting things into
  646. The use of more words than necessary
  647. Fight or wrestle on a topic
  648. Minor acting roles
  649. Stage name of heavy metal singer marvin lee aday
  650. Ideas can be run up this staff
  651. French for seasickness
  652. Jim __, aviator and husband of amy johnson
  653. Lippy for use in freezing cold weather
  654. Maximum bit-per-second rate for data transfer
  655. Showing bravery despite difficulties
  656. Groups of performers, especially musical in nature
  657. Refusing to see or look after someone any longer
  658. Utilizes, makes use of , e.g. power, resources
  659. County __, westernmost northern ireland county
  660. Vilify, smear
  661. Swiss hotel chain - and ice cream brand
  662. Hearth at the base of a chimney
  663. __ camera, domed reading room of the bodleian
  664. Peaks, highest points
  665. Root vegetables glazed with honey
  666. This band is still into you
  667. Describes an actor messing up his lines
  668. Strong and with impact
  669. Poem by keats about a mythological shepherd
  670. The #1 place to go #2
  671. Newspaper death notice
  672. The study of time
  673. A term for people with brown hair
  674. Influential filmmaker of taxi driver, raging bull
  675. Sprinkler to stand under instead of taking a bath
  676. Unsophisticated country folk
  677. Massachusetts place, the athens of the new world
  678. The italian title of benito mussolini
  679. In harry potter, one without magic skills
  680. Producer mark, co-wrote shallow with lady gaga
  681. Quality of being extremely pleasing to the eye
  682. Young people, adolescents
  683. When harry met sally director rob __
  684. A difficult, precarious or entrapping position
  685. Imaginative in an artistic way
  686. Victorian poet of the charge of the light brigade
  687. __ house, dublin, home of the irish legislature
  688. Long russian island to the north of japan
  689. Film starring alec guinness: "kind hearts and __"
  690. The nike brand's slogan
  691. Woody climbing plants with showy blooms
  692. Playing the odds
  693. Webby, streamy, shorty
  694. __ phelge, pseudonym for stones' songwriting team
  695. Margot __, lois lane to chris reeve's superman
  696. Nuts that go in sweet pies
  697. Martha __, the foremost ballerina of modern dance
  698. Country where women outlive men by the most years
  699. __ of the king; last of lord of the rings trilogy
  700. Villain actor, dr. cecil __, in bolt
  701. Wicker baskets used by fishermen
  702. Unit of pressure; 17th-century mathematician
  703. Take precedence over
  704. __ saving time, or dst
  705. Vital, key
  706. Hunting game animals
  707. Aquarium
  708. Huge particle accelerator is the large hadron this
  709. Maghrebi staple of wheat semolina balls
  710. Exciting, holding one's attention
  711. Beatle song anagram of "got to cheer me": come __
  712. Tv series about the machinations of thos cromwell
  713. Irreligion, or a heathen belief system
  714. Illustrations and other drawn material in a book
  715. Traditional russian pinafore-style folk dress
  716. __ call, final bow at the end of a stage play
  717. Welcome end-of-stage screen message for gamers
  718. Sanctuary or secluded place to go and relax
  719. Big cat that cannot change its spots
  720. A expert craftsman that makes things by hand
  721. Terence conran's 1960s homewares company
  722. First to settle
  723. Spanish tipple of wine, fruit juice and spices
  724. __ disease, condition also known as the bends
  725. Covered something richly, like with jewels
  726. Thick, fleshy plant that easily retains water
  727. Black-and-white seabird, with "william" origins
  728. Someone who follows behind, at the back
  729. White tiger that injured stage magician roy
  730. Collection of an artist's works in a folder
  731. They tip poorly
  732. Built battlements
  733. Team up to take pressure air off
  734. Linked to harassment, being followed too closely
  735. Leaned one way, at an angle
  736. __ steve, film starring sandra bullock as a setter
  737. The r in a labratory's r&d
  738. __ lenin; first leader of the soviet union
  739. Make a break for 11 ses
  740. Garnish with designs that are pleasing to the eye
  741. Teachers hand them out in workbooks for good work
  742. Quick meals such as hamburgers, fries
  743. __ club, place where mycroft holmes socializes
  744. Weights on library shelves
  745. Simple, effortless
  746. Tropical, marine, legless venomous reptile
  747. Leonardo's "angled" invention used on canal gates
  748. Having sudden, fanciful or odd ideas
  749. Film director responsible for american beauty
  750. Alternative name for shakespeare's henry v
  751. In a soft voice or under one's breath
  752. Cushioned bottom of a 50s brothel creeper
  753. Skilled business negotiator
  754. Toothed circle that engages with a bike's links
  755. Actress star of barbarella
  756. Green area: abbr
  757. Disposal of dead bodies underground
  758. Homes in the ground made by rabbits, chipmunks...
  759. Mary __; patented a retractable dog leash in 1908
  760. __ plan, map drawn up for a wedding breakfast
  761. Eastern tube stop and trainspotting song
  762. Kahunas are traditional religious leaders or __
  763. Scaling the __, achieving incredible success
  764. Ian __ wrote the james bond books
  765. Cut short, trimmed
  766. Extravagance, expensive comfort
  767. J-j __, stranglers' bassist with a french name
  768. Principality at the south of france
  769. Ruling dynasty of thailand since 1782
  770. __ land, the happiest place on earth
  771. Chewy chocolate filling, made with nuts and honey
  772. All __ day is also the day of the dead's first day
  773. __ acid; aqua fortis, corrosive mineral acid
  774. The occupation of lady godiva's peeping tom
  775. Performing on stage; taking on a temporary role
  776. Words to songs
  777. Clean-__, describes a male free from whiskers
  778. Kings had food tasters to test for this
  779. Walking out deep into the sea
  780. Billy __, lead child with hawk in barry hines' kes
  781. Souk, market
  782. Princess __, the heir to the spanish throne
  783. Stephen __; theatre director of an inspector calls
  784. __ wabbit, how elmer fudd describes bugs bunny
  785. __ floss; website with facts and trivia lists
  786. Personal male servants, like jeeves
  787. __ 4; first us spacecraft to reach the moon
  788. Poverty, destitution
  789. Speak ill of, slander
  790. Ornamental, decorative knob
  791. __ gardens, florence's open-air parkland
  792. Large measure of spirits
  793. I'm so hungry, i could eat __; ambitious idiom
  794. Accessory made of precious metals and stones
  795. Put something in with a letter
  796. Ancient greek astronomer who wrote the almagest
  797. Individual sitting for a tattoo
  798. Pail or container
  799. Flat __; ultra-thin boy from children's books
  800. Energetic polish dance in triple time
  801. Starts a fire with small sticks
  802. Travel agents' classically named booking system
  803. Alan __, dramatist of the history boys
  804. __ balls, hard sweets with a kernel inside
  805. Takes part in, puts in an appearance
  806. Small colorful budgerigar
  807. Romp with another dog at their house
  808. High, andes lake between peru and bolivia
  809. Fruity and chewy, they don't actually contain vino
  810. Holey bowl for straining pasta
  811. __ whist, basic trick-taking card game
  812. Paradise and rock of ages actress, __ hough
  813. Walks in a weary, trudged, foot-dragging way
  814. Written collection of numbered entries
  815. Ominous, eerie
  816. Chris morris's satire created alarm and fake news
  817. Theatre of the __, works of beckett, ionesco, etc
  818. Stared at open-mouthed
  819. Fc __; popular dutch football club from enschede
  820. Slanderous remarks, slurs
  821. An angle larger than 90 degrees; to be oblivious
  822. Mike __, luke cage star
  823. Pivotal libyan battles of the ww2 desert campaign
  824. Zen meditations
  825. Wine and its region from hungary
  826. __ who, alien who travels in a tardis
  827. Ridiculously complicated and unnecessary processes
  828. Ink that can't be erased
  829. Introduced or spread by accident, e.g. a weed
  830. To miss something from the past
  831. The space-time __
  832. Killers, marauders, carnivorous animals
  833. To think on the spot, often as performance
  834. Having lower limbs that curve outwards at the knee
  835. Author of the godfather novels
  836. Actor knight who starred as scott of the antarctic
  837. Political group during the english civil war
  838. Teetering
  839. Equestrian __; acrobatic gymnastics on horseback
  840. Ring where one keeps their lock openers
  841. Cherry __, budding flowers on a tree
  842. Having no worries, being happy-go-lucky
  843. They oversee safety at motorsport races
  844. Warm, milky dessert made from durum wheat
  845. Continuous, without a break
  846. She __ to conquer, theatrical comedy by goldsmith
  847. Spooky, unnerving
  848. Dishonest tradesman, not only in the wild west
  849. City of a hundred __, describes prague's buildings
  850. Special stand-out painting for one or two nails
  851. __ kasady; marvel supervillain, host of carnage
  852. Luxury chocolatier named for naked horsewoman
  853. Hardy __, doleful-looking non-laughing hyena
  854. Multiplying shivers in song from grease musical
  855. __ passage, coastal route from seattle to skagway
  856. Flame __, substance that slows the spread of fire
  857. Erasure ep featuring covers of sos and voulez-vous
  858. London art gallery of the young british artists
  859. Variety entertainment shows of the victorian era
  860. Spider who hyped up her pig friend
  861. Expressing passionate grief
  862. Having complicity with
  863. A chart of planetary placements during an event
  864. Done in a badly behaved way
  865. Keith waterhouse play about a daydreamer
  866. Vintage playthings
  867. Protuberance, extra extremity
  868. Pcs or other data processors
  869. When a wound goes bad if not kept clean
  870. Yowling, howling sound of felines
  871. Kent mansion, grace-and-favour home of foreign sec
  872. A superfood, tiny black pods from salvia hispanica
  873. Crusting over of a wound or tattoo
  874. Misty __; american ballet theatre principal dancer
  875. A prison island in san francisco
  876. Scribbles, notes, random thoughts
  877. No understanding for what's sent in in irish fire
  878. On-air mention on the radio
  879. Become less gloomy
  880. Bloodiness
  881. __ islands; islas malvinas in the atlantic ocean
  882. Architectural spaces in a half-moon shape
  883. French beauty house, sounds like lengthy hairbrush
  884. Long-distance triathlon race
  885. Worshipped
  886. Carlos's band with a 1999 hit album supernatural
  887. Ascended
  888. 6 times the amount
  889. Protein molecules that work as catalysts
  890. Genre of television where the kardashians thrive
  891. Wildcat __, worker action of an unofficial nature
  892. Philip __; welsh inventor of the ball bearing
  893. Film-set assistant to chief electrician
  894. Jokers, wags, writers of farces
  895. Breaks into tiny little pieces
  896. Turns down, e.g. an invitation
  897. __ films, or cartoons
  898. Fungal skin disease with circular red patches
  899. Italian region with its capital at milan
  900. Spicy pepper that originated in mexico (spa.)
  901. Call __, be in charge of decision making
  902. Immature, childish
  903. Creasing, scrunching, collapsing
  904. They rode their bikes at over 100mph!
  905. Archaic/insulting term for a psychiatric hospital
  906. Afeared place of confinement for victorians
  907. The seeds inside the fruit in the garden of eden
  908. Highest mountain peak in guatemala: __ volcano
  909. Murder mystery in book, play or film form
  910. At a gradient, inclined
  911. Wool __, process of preparing fibre for spinning
  912. Someone who is up with the dawn, a bird metaphor
  913. Colour that closely resembles azure, cobalt, etc
  914. Long lasting, not fragile
  915. The dirty old town referred to by ewan maccoll
  916. Billy __, the protagonist of slaughterhouse five
  917. Fame and notoriety
  918. Baiting; entrapping
  919. Strut or stride in an exaggerated manner
  920. Absorbent porous pads used for soaking up spills
  921. Miss, ignore, don't see something
  922. Elizabeth __; developed anti-fungal drugs
  923. Theatrically striking
  924. __ bridge; home ground of chelsea fc
  925. Sacha baron cohen played one who led wadiya
  926. Collectible cap of the 1990s
  927. Leave no trace actress thomasin __
  928. Bacharach and david tune for dionne warwick et al
  929. Making a noise like a reversing truck
  930. As tough as __; very strong and resilient
  931. One of the four fines herbes of french cooking
  932. Anything but king, queen or jack in a deck
  933. Toxin, venom
  934. Thin metal rod for cooking cubed meat on
  935. First head of the luftwaffe: hermann __
  936. Disappointment, sadness, consternation
  937. Shaking and rolling of the shoulders in dance
  938. Auctioneer's platform
  939. Red gemstone, not ruby
  940. Tiny flies that live near water
  941. Fizz such as champagne, prosecco
  942. Valerie __, of rhoda and the mary tyler moore show
  943. Andrew rea's online cooking show binging with __
  944. Literary usage to sweep a female away by force
  945. __ ball, fluffy, throwaway ball for makeup removal
  946. Bafta-winning actress, __ bonham carter
  947. Flushed red in the face
  948. Huge cooking vessel in which to make casseroles
  949. Scottish folk song and dance gatherings
  950. Small jobs or chores to carry out
  951. Make mine music is the 8th __ films of wwii era
  952. Royal __; grant issued by the monarch
  953. Poisonous plant of the nightshade family
  954. Queen liliuokalani was the last sovereign this
  955. State bordering montana on the south
  956. Waist __, clothing item that pulls the midriff in
  957. Italian sieved tomatoes for sauce-making
  958. Hayabusa2 landed on one called ryugu
  959. Combines ingredients to create a dish
  960. Grips in the palm
  961. Groaning, making a grating sound
  962. Male kids fathered by one not their father
  963. Slang for being drunk or decisively beaten
  964. Engraved object that carries magical powers
  965. Devotees of the life and works of jane austen
  966. Former emperor of japan; father of akihito
  967. Family that contains plane trees
  968. Roald __; first explorer to reach the south pole
  969. Prevents a yawn
  970. Naysayers, people who analyse theatre plays
  971. Rally driver tommi __, world title-winner 1996-9
  972. Loving and friskily romantic
  973. Flexible kitchen tool for scraping out bowls
  974. Pattern of usual daily habits
  975. Listening intently with undivided attention
  976. __ and dogbert, office worker and his sidekick
  977. Repeat performances
  978. Showy flowers; anagram of pie nose
  979. Elias __, freemason founded a museum in oxford
  980. Pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my __
  981. Pasta strand from the far east
  982. Five-__ rule; hygiene myth for dropped food
  983. Lucky number __; 2006 morgan freeman thriller
  984. Not certain about something
  985. Brings things into correct position
  986. Spoon used for mixing cake batter
  987. Adjusting a radio receiver to find a station
  988. One who causes harmful or improper treatment
  989. Resting on the buttocks
  990. Regal baseball side based in kansas city
  991. North african orthodox honorific title for bishops
  992. Hired, paid to use
  993. Portable sun umbrella
  994. Bread of medieval britain: anagram of "tech man"
  995. Put a comforting arm around someone
  996. Give hope, ease the grief
  997. Bertie __, wodehouse's foppish english gentleman
  998. Humans recreationally returning to nature
  999. Altered
  1000. Satisfy desires
  1001. Pin __, sewer's padded needle-holder
  1002. Alkaline earth metal found in limestone
  1003. Northern european country with many islands
  1004. Timmy, who had a cockatiel called magic
  1005. The graduate dustin __
  1006. Temple __: pioneered humane livestock restraints
  1007. Breathing heavily
  1008. Opera singer jenny lind: aka the __ nightingale
  1009. Mughal emperor also known as alamgir
  1010. Cutting, edgy, sharp; anagram of ant trench
  1011. Handed over a package to the correct recipient
  1012. Every __; first novel in charlie parker series
  1013. French puff pastry tart filled with almond cream
  1014. Governance in the hands of philosophers
  1015. Allan __, foiled a plot to assassinate abe lincoln
  1016. Sons of a brother
  1017. An online journalist or writer
  1018. Field, ride, struthers, collectively by first name
  1019. Norma __, faded star of sunset boulevard
  1020. __ of asha, hit single of 1997 for cornershop
  1021. Someone's ruin or downfall
  1022. Marked-down, __ than the previous price
  1023. Device for cutting shapes, holes, notches in paper
  1024. Gothic portuguese monastery and heritage site
  1025. Vegetable whose red variety is purple and white
  1026. Novel with a happily ever after loving partnership
  1027. __ lamp, light source in a sun bed
  1028. What's left after ocean water evaporates
  1029. Seeds and legumes
  1030. Reveal or disclose, e.g. a secret or criminal
  1031. Boar avatar of lord vishnu
  1032. Shout from the audience directed to performer
  1033. Temple dancer who meets tragic end in la bayadère
  1034. Stinky, black and white animals
  1035. Resumes, restarts
  1036. Describes different-colored yarn strands effect
  1037. Running, football and tennis are all these
  1038. Agreeing to take something
  1039. Uni on the river cam attended by isaac newton
  1040. Describes hands or leaves shaped as a kitchen tool
  1041. Zapp __, captain of the starship nimbus
  1042. Name for newborn seals, describes their look
  1043. Peggy __-hicks, aussie composer of opera sappho
  1044. Strived or toiled
  1045. Pair of entertainers who work together
  1046. Contest between yachts over the same course
  1047. Scientist, he developed vaccines for polio and flu
  1048. Friends and __, the kin you spend new year with
  1049. Rendering insensible
  1050. Intoning, reciting a simple song
  1051. __ cattle, red-white cows from the west of england
  1052. Those who are taking part in a competition
  1053. Same as gmt, according to the phonetic language
  1054. Appoints, offers employment
  1055. The god __, richard dawkins on lack of faith
  1056. A lens for only one eye
  1057. Bring them an apple and you'll become their pet
  1058. Prickling feeling that makes you want to scratch
  1059. Orinoco, bungo and wellington, the __
  1060. Turned upside down
  1061. To receive something from your ancestors
  1062. Catalan-speaking italian commune in sardinia
  1063. Square chocolate baked good
  1064. Bernard __; french cyclist with badger nickname
  1065. More airless
  1066. German chemist who developed the use of aspirin
  1067. Love story, __ and thisbe enacted by "mechanicals"
  1068. Comic book monster based on algonquian legend
  1069. Lacking rain
  1070. Apollo's twin sister; greek goddess of hunting
  1071. Fabric worn around sleeve, for identification
  1072. Stunt in which david blaine balanced on a pillar
  1073. Sanskrit name for mountain posture
  1074. Perfect reflection of a pattern
  1075. Gabbing, light talk
  1076. She was a spy during world war i
  1077. In the end in nice it come to what i have for an ordinary verb
  1078. Someone who is easy to influence
  1079. Holly __, played by lois chiles in moonraker
  1080. Noisy device for power cutting or chopping trees
  1081. Intoxicated in modern lingo
  1082. Unexpectedly halted vehicle engine
  1083. Only english city excommunicated by the pope
  1084. The moving of palm trees in a breeze
  1085. Update with news on road and rail conditions
  1086. Make someone feel alone
  1087. Hard worker, labourer
  1088. Odists eg
  1089. Greeting that means hello in french
  1090. An event where people are married
  1091. Greedily taking something for yourself, like a pig
  1092. Dominic __; vin diesel's fast and the furious role
  1093. Emotion, such as love, without end
  1094. __ wardrobe, restricted number of clothes items
  1095. George __, bond of on her majesty's secret service
  1096. A person who explores an unfamiliar place
  1097. Dense bunch, like with stars
  1098. Straight partner in a comedy relationship
  1099. Seam __, forked tool that tears away at threads
  1100. Old term for the past participle of blend
  1101. City of __, floral sobriquet for florence
  1102. Country that won the 2018 fifa world cup
  1103. Together with hydrogen, it makes water
  1104. Quirk, peculiarity
  1105. David __, lead singer of the temptations
  1106. Screechy sound-making dial up device
  1107. Feel sorry and repentant
  1108. Useless argument
  1109. Cousin of beatrix potter's benjamin bunny
  1110. Exchanged one thing for another
  1111. Vow __, pledging marriage promises again
  1112. Another term for a booking in football
  1113. __ bricks, bright construction toy with bristles
  1114. Small-holed jars for salt and pepper
  1115. Starring role, the most important one
  1116. Pointy-eared race
  1117. Forecast something based on the current status
  1118. Sea __, someone in charge of a merchant ship
  1119. Inactive secret agent for potential future mission
  1120. Lake __, rift valley body of water aka rudolf
  1121. Heiau are these ancient places of worship
  1122. John cabot's ship in which he reached america
  1123. Wolf whistle, jeer
  1124. Device that puts a word doc onto a piece of paper
  1125. Got something deviously, contrived, finagled
  1126. Sight from catania nyt
  1127. Includes peas, chickpeas, lentils, peanuts
  1128. Old name for margarine when introduced in england
  1129. Vital equipment for a wave catcher
  1130. Oven that cooks via radiation
  1131. Backing of creative types by wealthy investors
  1132. Individual costs of items
  1133. The __, spoof musical with springtime for hitler
  1134. Mounds made by the wind on a beach
  1135. Grossed out; turned off
  1136. Probes due for condition the morning after?
  1137. Afterword or addendum in a book
  1138. Long, thin french stick of bread
  1139. A parent's father
  1140. __ boards; wooden strips at the base of walls
  1141. Caught in a trap
  1142. Spot for pedestrians to get to the other side
  1143. Round collar named after boy who never grows up
  1144. Adventures, capers
  1145. Blue-flowered veronica species
  1146. Changing partners during a dance (a man's name)
  1147. Restores nevada city tax key with direction
  1148. Strip of road reserved purely for bicycle users
  1149. John __, founder of international law firm in 1838
  1150. Queen's 1984 hit frequently heard on the airwaves
  1151. Machine for showing motion pictures on a screen
  1152. Legally allowing someone to carry out something
  1153. __ island, piratical movie, a box-office flop
  1154. Shiftily, attempting to avoid detection
  1155. Made all the plans
  1156. China __, movie with jane fonda and jack lemmon
  1157. Hit song by destiny's child; perseverant person
  1158. Soundly sleeping
  1159. A convenience at a festival or on a building site
  1160. __ dirt; deep-rooted grime
  1161. Young male bridal attendants
  1162. __-up box, a repository for fancy dress items
  1163. Paperwork for registering an invention
  1164. Gary __, south african golfer, winning nine majors
  1165. To be in a bad mood; rainy weather
  1166. James __, comedian who responds to spam emails
  1167. Decorated women's headgear tied under the chin
  1168. The __ man, pagan effigy and a cult british film
  1169. Lower leg muscles found at the back
  1170. A tattoo shop or artist's workplace
  1171. Teeth-cleaning twig
  1172. Wreck, plunder or damage
  1173. Cautiously aloof
  1174. __ grass, vegetation used to shore up sand dunes
  1175. Lotus-__, lazy and stupefied types
  1176. Deficits, money not recouped
  1177. Birds of prey grip their victims with these
  1178. Herbaceous plant used in nigerian soups
  1179. Jelly roll __, pianist who wrote king porter stomp
  1180. A large and luxurious home
  1181. Rectangle showing off cross-stitching skills
  1182. Jean __ worked with perrot to choreograph giselle
  1183. Edible viscera of a fowl
  1184. Became too big or old for something
  1185. Anne of __, queen, the so-called flanders mare
  1186. Con, lie
  1187. Composer of "the fairy queen": henry __
  1188. Advertising's major new york avenue
  1189. Assimilate, take in and retain information
  1190. Loose dry particles, like cosmetic foundation
  1191. Night of the long __, incident in germany in 1934
  1192. __ ball; sphere that spookily floats under a cloth
  1193. Luke __; dicaprio's character in growing pains
  1194. Rational __ theory, a theory of economics
  1195. __ q. harcourt, big boss of milo in atlantis
  1196. Fox & __, uk pub name in former hunt areas
  1197. Cloud-__-land, an imaginary utopia
  1198. Novel by chinua achebe: a man of the __
  1199. Margaret __; "lady edison" paper-bag inventor
  1200. Sugarloaf mountain country in south america
  1201. __ out; basketball technique to obtain rebounds
  1202. Most current
  1203. Subdued, scolded biblically
  1204. First-named military man in the british grenadiers
  1205. Tinkerings, dippings into other people's business
  1206. Witness that can speak to person’s good name
  1207. Saying one thing, but doing the exact opposite
  1208. Author of the da vinci code
  1209. A made-up alias used instead of the real one
  1210. A castle, and a metonym for n irish government
  1211. Extinct flightless seabird
  1212. __ like flies, means falling in large numbers
  1213. Startle someone
  1214. A traffic jam, especially on a motorway
  1215. Rigid disciplinarian
  1216. British phonographic industry's music gong
  1217. Childish, babyish
  1218. Overnight party for school friends
  1219. The __, paranormal horror starring vera farmiga
  1220. Girlfriend of the sundance kid
  1221. Very small, colourful chalets at the seaside
  1222. One of d'artagnan's three henchmen
  1223. To have the __, be in an advantageous position
  1224. Having met specific qualifications
  1225. Famous park and palace in potsdam, germany
  1226. People in the military have to wear this
  1227. Student cafeteria, or a store for food and drinks
  1228. Most profound or sincere; e.g. __ condolences
  1229. Cath __; british modern vintage brand
  1230. __ castellanos, mexican poet and writer
  1231. Not yet discovered
  1232. Played two shots on a par three in golf
  1233. Friendly and pleasant
  1234. Woven recepticles
  1235. Married, joined in matrimony
  1236. Steals salmon or pheasants
  1237. Blanket-toting linus's last name
  1238. Professional singer or dancer
  1239. Name of the moneylender in merchant of venice
  1240. Defensive structure at the base of a fortification
  1241. Fragments of metallic plastic used to adorn
  1242. Siegfried's stage performance partner
  1243. Walk in an arrogant or confident way
  1244. Teddy __; dicaprio's shutter island character
  1245. What you are do when you drink water
  1246. Underwater vessel used for exploration or military
  1247. Sudden, genius idea
  1248. Chairs, tables, and desks
  1249. Tackling problems in a sensible, practical way
  1250. Evergreen shrubs that grow in the chaparral
  1251. Device that illuminates the front of a stage floor
  1252. Teetering at the brink
  1253. Thin atmosphere on the moon
  1254. Class of small freeholders cultivating their own land
  1255. Hand __, wound-on material protects punching hands
  1256. Mr __, loved by harriet and emma's suitor in emma
  1257. Hired help who tends to plants and shrubbery
  1258. Town and county in leinster province
  1259. Revive or reignite an old relationship
  1260. A channel for smoke to leave a fireplace
  1261. Harsh noise made by dogs
  1262. Applicant, participant in a race
  1263. Staple of new york city: statue of __
  1264. Guarantees that something will happen
  1265. The __ of the western world, play by j m synge
  1266. Paul __; british stage and television hypnotist
  1267. Eggs cooked shell-less in water
  1268. French island territory near mozambique
  1269. Moderate, lessen, appease
  1270. Group of supporting singers, dancers or musicians
  1271. End a meeting or book
  1272. Slow-moving with exaggeratedly slow footsteps
  1273. Any army aircraft for battles
  1274. Bird island's true name, located off of oahu
  1275. Makeup technique for smooth foundation
  1276. __ cry; rousing battle call
  1277. His brief moment on computer provides bravado
  1278. Gyrated like a belly dancer
  1279. High priest who accused jesus christ of blasphemy
  1280. Linda __, recording artist of blue bayou
  1281. Advance reservations for flights, hotels, trains
  1282. Working out the possibilities
  1283. Late __, slow developer
  1284. Step up covering flawed game with unknown quanity
  1285. Pretend to be another person to entertain others
  1286. Lessening, like a storm
  1287. Glamorous vitality, flamboyance
  1288. Shoemaker, miguel rivera's dad in coco
  1289. In conflict or competition with someone
  1290. Devotional letters written to a star
  1291. Play __, entertainment from queen
  1292. Vanilla __, stronger than vanilla essence
  1293. Removing fluff and particles from surfaces at home
  1294. A ww1 equine called joey is central to this tale
  1295. Diver who performs underwater research
  1296. Brash, cocky
  1297. King __; three-headed godzilla monster
  1298. Banana brand with blue-and-yellow sticker
  1299. Government run by king or queen
  1300. Bicycle with assisted pedal power
  1301. Pitman or gregg, for example
  1302. Singer known as little miss dynamite
  1303. Huge fashion footwear, used on lunar surfaces?
  1304. Hurley, banks and montgomery, for example
  1305. Inflicted public humiliation on someone
  1306. Using finger to indicate someone should approach
  1307. With a pleasant taste or aroma, appetizing
  1308. Curtain __; opening act ahead of main attraction
  1309. Cutlery items for putting flour into a bowl
  1310. Stripy-tailed primates on madagascar
  1311. Wavy lines
  1312. Flaw
  1313. __ l crews; nasa inventor of a space bumper
  1314. Michel __, russian choreographer of ballets russes
  1315. Feathers __, evil penguin, foe of wallace & gromit
  1316. Dense wooded area where trails are formed
  1317. Alternative to "fight"
  1318. __ mushrooms. small rounded white edible fungi
  1319. Thickos, like laurel and hardy at oxford uni
  1320. Something to do, such as swimming or painting
  1321. Restricted, limited
  1322. __ up baby, movie with hepburn, grant and leopard
  1323. Small hand-held piece of plastic for strumming
  1324. Tete de femme bronze sculpture by pablo picasso
  1325. Eggy pancake, often fed to vegetarians
  1326. Tips for making everyday chores easier
  1327. Languid, restless, limp
  1328. Sweet dessert food made from roasted beans
  1329. Tiny, dinky, miniature
  1330. Entry paid to get into an attraction
  1331. To promote a product
  1332. Sam __, director of violent westerns with slo-mo
  1333. Done as a knee-jerk reaction
  1334. Literary awards for science fiction
  1335. Ship tilting dangerously
  1336. Lasting longer than usual
  1337. Venomous snakes like copperheads and rattlesnakes
  1338. Hoarseness rendering a person unable to speak
  1339. Matching outfits worn by military units
  1340. Average or typical
  1341. Professional food service providers
  1342. Emotions, internal reaction
  1343. Rival competitor
  1344. The b music on a traditional 45 rpm record
  1345. Root vegetable looks like an oddly-shaped turnip
  1346. They protect your tables from wet glasses
  1347. __ of ireland, a classic reference for belfast
  1348. Jewelled headband worn like a tiara or crown
  1349. Bent, not straight
  1350. Mobile phone app for photos and lip sync videos
  1351. Casino __ first bond outing for daniel craig
  1352. __ at the hip
  1353. Bird __; henry moore's curved, bowl-like piece
  1354. Greek movement to unite greece and cyprus
  1355. Be very noticeable, eye-catching
  1356. Copied satirically
  1357. Close caring relationship
  1358. Timber from conifers
  1359. The hairs on a brush or of a beard
  1360. Hair-style technique to get a beehive
  1361. Using a device to put a design from pc to paper
  1362. Adjective describing a pleasant and attractive person
  1363. Describes herbs that are used in cookery
  1364. Eighth prime number
  1365. Posture such as downward dog
  1366. Small, dark spots often found across the nose
  1367. The males of this ocean creature carry the babies
  1368. White noise __, to help calm a baby
  1369. Taking tiny mouthfuls of a drink
  1370. Runs after
  1371. Container for burning hot coals
  1372. This train don't stop there __, by elton john
  1373. Expressed annoyance and irritation
  1374. __ bid; first bid for an auction lot
  1375. Orange-mandarin hybrid grown in cyprus
  1376. Spasm of mouth muscles; symptom of tetanus
  1377. Design with repeated elements
  1378. Velvet __ satire with russo and gyllenhaal
  1379. Putting up a tent
  1380. An advertising plan, political media
  1381. Kitchen tool to separate spaghetti from water
  1382. A superhero or villain double personality
  1383. Lying with eyes closed and dreaming
  1384. Pallor, pastiness, sallowness
  1385. Chief support, prop or strength
  1386. Alvin, simon and theodore are this animal
  1387. Works out, notices
  1388. Best of a __; pick of a poor selection
  1389. __ and makepeace; crime drama series set in london
  1390. __-sink drama, 1950s theatrical social realism
  1391. Turnover with pizza dough with meat, cheese, etc
  1392. __ peter __ paul, playground tune about 2 dickies
  1393. Bestows or grants a title
  1394. Ancient rabbit-sized australian marsupial
  1395. The rosetta stone is displayed there: __ museum
  1396. La __, slave ship with famous revolt of 1839
  1397. Repurpose ingeniously something seen as waste
  1398. __ of saint teresa; baroque sculpture by bernini
  1399. Secret spot to retreat to
  1400. French word that's the r in rsvp
  1401. Nickname for judson's nature-loving bronze female
  1402. An ankle that isn't broken but muscles are pulled
  1403. The captain's family singers in the sound of music
  1404. One __, basketball box score, 1 min and 12 zeros
  1405. Long tv program to raise money for charity
  1406. Air-powered building that grinds grain
  1407. Nickname for posh hat worn by men at royal ascot
  1408. 2009 jared leto film about the last mortal: mr. __
  1409. Reflector, looking glass
  1410. The incredibles elastigirl holly __
  1411. Robert __, director of nashville and gosford park
  1412. Arts & __, design movement of strawberry thief
  1413. Tropical, far flung
  1414. Irish for mountain, such as appended to donard
  1415. Farmer pickles' tractor in bob the builder
  1416. Unhurried, supine, lacking urgency
  1417. Sporting penalty (benching) for bad behavior
  1418. Financial plan
  1419. Dairy slang for tacky, corny or uncool
  1420. Poet who kept a bear in his trinity college rooms
  1421. Beating leg movement in ballet
  1422. Distorted and monstrous
  1423. Gale __, seam resident in the hunger games
  1424. Warning that bad things will happen
  1425. A patriotic hymn based on william blake's poem
  1426. Of moulds, yeast etc
  1427. 'head of a catalan peasant' painter
  1428. Casualty of apple's switch to intel
  1429. Modern lecture franchise
  1430. Major american export
  1431. One who smokes religiously?
  1432. One making a coat warmer, say
  1433. *end an affair
  1434. Call ralph on the big white phone
  1435. Regular care
  1436. What 'burns, burns, burns' in a hit country song
  1437. Japanese candy sticks
  1438. Start of a tot's recitation
  1439. Sly canine working in the e.r.?
  1440. Disparate
  1441. Emergency preparedness needs
  1442. Liberty league school
  1443. Concession from a fighter's corner, perhaps
  1444. Players who made a historic touchdown in 1964
  1445. Network whose fed. funding seems forever imperiled
  1446. Christ the redeemer overlooks it
  1447. Combed back, as bangs
  1448. Presidential candidates' early battleground
  1449. Romeo's 'i love you'
  1450. Tropical storm protection
  1451. Make unreadable to the enemy
  1452. *'the book of mormon' and others
  1453. Official in charge of sorts?
  1454. Hayshaker
  1455. Natural hair conditioner
  1456. Take casual friday to extremes
  1457. The once-___ (seuss character)
  1458. Sales dept. staffer
  1459. I might be mistaken for it
  1460. Statistical books
  1461. *german capital, formerly
  1462. Astronomers' 'year zero'
  1463. Window fitted vertically onto a sloping roof.
  1464. Expose (pretentious claims?)
  1465. Invertebrate such as a snail
  1466. Many flowers grow in them
  1467. Quattroporte builder
  1468. Human inheritance
  1469. Doctor to be set free providing law and order in canada
  1470. Expressed a totally negative opinion, of a play say
  1471. Triangular upper part of a wall under a roof
  1472. Offensive about a particular gender
  1473. Medical center (abbr.)
  1474. Barrier in sheltered side of wall gets windfall
  1475. Two-time role for emma thompson
  1476. Henry i see is in clare for communion
  1477. Cut into thin strips
  1478. Charm dubious eruption over national concert hall
  1479. Travelling a route regularly
  1480. Led the pack
  1481. It makes many twists and turns
  1482. Space made by burrowing creatures in fruit, wood, books etc
  1483. Miami heat player who was the 2006 n.b.a. finals m.v.p
  1484. Clover, e.g
  1485. Cash for extra service
  1486. An unwanted underskirt
  1487. Looking back he is in pub ¿ a place that doesn't serve whiskey
  1488. Wine obtained from a particular harvest of grapes
  1489. Irish love to take over computer software for drink
  1490. The simplest units of chemical compounds
  1491. Year-end refrains
  1492. Nightshade family vegetable
  1493. Barnes & noble's nyse symbol
  1494. Grooming accessory
  1495. Minister 7 letters
  1496. Bbc quiz show
  1497. Their use is shocking
  1498. Hypnotist's look
  1499. Red state, formerly
  1500. A fool horribly out of favour
  1501. Coats removed before eating
  1502. Whimper from man with heart of stone
  1503. Hunk noted for streaking
  1504. Ont. site of a war of 1812 battle
  1505. Without attracting attention, say
  1506. Expense account item
  1507. Par ___ (french airmail)
  1508. David -- roth
  1509. Accepts an invitation, perhaps
  1510. Titan or atlas, briefly
  1511. Needing to be relaxed seated in a bad way
  1512. Bikini tests
  1513. Game with four-person teams
  1514. Cocktail party trayful
  1515. Creator of ''the newsroom'' for hbo
  1516. ''it'll be __!''
  1517. Girl in public relations is a basket case on bike
  1518. Retired with difficulty
  1519. Table staple, once
  1520. Beaver takes air back to fan
  1521. Girl comes across norwegian pocket money in abundance
  1522. Dispatch controller to bars for paperwork
  1523. What's the point to one-way streets or war?
  1524. Canadian border state with insignificant short time in america
  1525. Have one's work cut out regarding leading irish country to spain
  1526. Start for friday?
  1527. Prophet read on ash wednesday
  1528. Colorful marine fish with spiny, fanlike fins
  1529. Getting square
  1530. Start of a back-up plan?
  1531. Non-pc choice
  1532. Famous higher-up in admissions?
  1533. Experts at jet propulsion
  1534. Cronus, e.g
  1535. Occasions to use tubs
  1536. Oil, for one
  1537. 1945 battle setting, familiarly
  1538. 1862 battle
  1539. Layered entràée
  1540. Figure in a forest
  1541. Manicure, as a lawn
  1542. Navy ncos
  1543. Some urban rec facilities
  1544. Careful wording, maybe
  1545. Where meteorologists relax and talk shop?
  1546. Urban vent
  1547. Olympic gold-medal gymnast conner
  1548. Nonhuman villain of a classic 1968 film
  1549. Chihuahua ''cheers!''
  1550. Obsolescent belt attachment
  1551. Pedals
  1552. One foot in a line
  1553. Did a dash
  1554. Addition, of a sort
  1555. Was fed up
  1556. Web app platform
  1557. Sci. of the environment
  1558. Onetime billionaire investor laurence
  1559. Adman's demo reel?
  1560. Coins that disappeared during the french revolution
  1561. Old cleveland-based gas company
  1562. Two long parts of the body
  1563. Potus's alternate title
  1564. Dishonest gambler's toss
  1565. S. amer. country
  1566. Try to reach headquarters, say
  1567. Common place for something to drop
  1568. Wish one ___ (rue)
  1569. Longest lasting
  1570. Beam over
  1571. Mchenry and knox
  1572. Half a yale cheer
  1573. Scores for canadiens
  1574. Keying-in skill, in a first language?
  1575. Versatile kind of tire
  1576. Channel that covers capitol hill
  1577. Drop it like it's hot rapper known for wearing designer sunglasses (2 wds.)
  1578. ___ off of my cloud (rolling stones hit)
  1579. What'd i say singer whose sunglasses are in the smithsonian (2 wds.)
  1580. Only the lonely singer who always wore wayfarer sunglasses (2 wds.)
  1581. Director jordan who appears in the music video for weird al yankovic's white & nerdy
  1582. Support as a lower court's ruling
  1583. Move like a dragonfly or a butterfly
  1584. Many 3-down attendees (abbr.)
  1585. ___ two (a handful) (2 wds.)
  1586. Suffix with peck or puck
  1587. Words on a greatest hits album (2 wds.)
  1588. Help for a motorist who had a breakdown
  1589. Life of pablo rapper who popularized shutter shades (2 wds.)
  1590. Nascar participant
  1591. ___ a ballot (submits one's vote)
  1592. ___ thunder (action-film satire starring robert downey jr. and jack black)
  1593. Big dances held at the end of the school year
  1594. One slice of pizza from a whole pie often
  1595. Pancake pan
  1596. ___ noted (i understand)
  1597. ___ on both your houses! (2 wds.)
  1598. Url ending for most library websites
  1599. 2000 ricky martin hit
  1600. Cable channel with many supernatural/fantasy shows
  1601. Bed of ___ (bon jovi single from keep the faith)
  1602. Better ___ (2018 hit song by post malone)
  1603. Tunnel of love boat shape
  1604. Part of the conspiracy (3 wds.)
  1605. Answer with a 50-50 chance of being right
  1606. Suit adequately
  1607. Type of track or trader
  1608. Phone billing plan
  1609. Kind of overalls
  1610. Usage fee of a kind
  1611. Liberal arts subj
  1612. Mason's jobs
  1613. Flickable lighter
  1614. Landscaper supply
  1615. New -- (artist like enya)
  1616. Rural "what if ...?"
  1617. Big band contingent
  1618. Beats a retreat
  1619. Got burning again
  1620. -- lump sum
  1621. 'larry --' (2011 tom hanks film)
  1622. 'vincent & --' (1990 film)
  1623. 'what a girl wants' star bynes
  1624. Fyn citizen
  1625. Coiled about
  1626. 1725 vivaldi work, in a first language?
  1627. Bailiff's cry, in a first language?
  1628. 'the da -- code'
  1629. One doesn't have to practise it
  1630. Mao or marx follower
  1631. Unhappy at being first needing enjoyment from humiliation
  1632. Standing on the summit of
  1633. Infuse with co2
  1634. United nations wavers
  1635. Looking for 5 across?
  1636. Adrian loses bearing and gets a spasm swimming off italy
  1637. Standard issue for a minister
  1638. A lever used to take the lid off
  1639. Transport with the aid of delicacy
  1640. Clothes for a play or fancy dress ball
  1641. Jung or reiner
  1642. Wait a____
  1643. Fights that dogs enjoy
  1644. In favour of returning writing to mother as a matter of politeness
  1645. Like some internet videos
  1646. Newly enlisted member of a force
  1647. Doctor's fee covering performance
  1648. Pirate gets a medal
  1649. One¿s best bib and this when little thomas sings for his supper
  1650. 'no man is an island' writer john
  1651. Litre's predecessor
  1652. Introduce girl to mysterious rite involving incense
  1653. City in united arab emirated
  1654. Humiliated mortified
  1655. Ms oakley wild west heroine
  1656. Roofed a house
  1657. Making a connection
  1658. Holding someone close
  1659. Centimeter's predecessor
  1660. Manage a pain and a cold with a cocktail
  1661. Dues payment
  1662. One of seven parts
  1663. Former gold coast country
  1664. Convey goods
  1665. Coop for small animal
  1666. Dull and uninspiring
  1667. Song with a retrospective melody
  1668. Death to the world from one party to the next
  1669. Jessica of "murder, she wrote"
  1670. Pace — pacing
  1671. Auto oil additive
  1672. The 's' in cbs
  1673. Between, to bedard
  1674. Assert one's right of possession
  1675. Fields for flocks
  1676. 1992 robert altman film about hollywood
  1677. Which was to be demonstrated (legalese)
  1678. Make a mistake if i get stuck in court returning from something extreme
  1679. See nothing under one's nose planning cleverly for the future
  1680. Canadian temperature scale
  1681. Effervescent "dr"
  1682. Mountain, to mcdiarmid
  1683. Apple computer, lovingly
  1684. Golf score units
  1685. Pastor's abode
  1686. Cassettes and eight-tracks
  1687. Go pfft, as an engine
  1688. *coach's clichéd reminder
  1689. Deviant sci-fi character
  1690. Current currency, for many
  1691. Comeuppance for shakespeare?
  1692. How some are missed
  1693. Bird that pops out of a clock
  1694. Biblical haircutter
  1695. Dennis the menace's toy
  1696. Tool to make channel, one going underground — terrible ordeal inside
  1697. Mopey look
  1698. Provide a synopsis
  1699. Father's call provides possible cold comfort
  1700. Enthusiastic father comes back about six
  1701. Enter russian leader, governing at the top
  1702. Outlandish dame
  1703. Unstated approval
  1704. They're by the fireside ok — nine logs chopped up
  1705. Indigenous arctic peoples
  1706. The adage (anag) — make progress
  1707. Succeed, but just barely
  1708. Unstated approval say
  1709. Tree trunk bulge daily themed
  1710. Like the club that sinatra zappa and capra belonged to
  1711. Metric measure of capacity
  1712. Wonderland girl's name
  1713. Idiot parking right by a junction
  1714. School leaver dee goes back over old money
  1715. Give sonny ten for the poet
  1716. Does she sort train journeys with mum — cracking offer?
  1717. Nipper appeared on its logo
  1718. Ghastly white
  1719. Phillies infielder chase
  1720. One in 8 working 'toad' metaphor
  1721. Most pretentious, in a way
  1722. Winter hrs in nyc
  1723. Like a drained battery
  1724. Airport eating areas
  1725. Silences, mob-style
  1726. Eighties glam-metal band
  1727. Nasa moon-landing vehicles
  1728. Johnny who played sweeney todd
  1729. Coca-cola variety
  1730. Brangelina, now, eg
  1731. Like hawks and eagles
  1732. Obamas cia director
  1733. The new mutants cast
  1734. Dog-food category
  1735. Beautiful, in berlin
  1736. Hefty cake layer
  1737. Less spurious
  1738. Skinny-necked pear
  1739. Jazz drummer warren baby ___
  1740. Montados and croquetas
  1741. Toddlers playpen, eg
  1742. Moth-resistant suiting
  1743. 88 or 98, carwise
  1744. E4 in a kings gambit, say
  1745. School-uniform accessory
  1746. Deception in stylish openings to armani's new evening line
  1747. Letters after a long-ago date
  1748. Baseball and golf
  1749. Evergreen guy goes to old town meetings
  1750. Amazon transactions, e.g
  1751. Get under one umbrella
  1752. Monastic italian town
  1753. Pulpit of old
  1754. Matter or situation
  1755. Tremble from weakness
  1756. Disorganised informal
  1757. Part of 8's heartless soul replacing top of model car — corgi, perhaps?
  1758. Matter or situation informal
  1759. From the end, co-ordinate as one in france on pins and needles
  1760. Mess informal
  1761. Make or pass laws
  1762. Hard dry biscuit
  1763. Soldier's clothing
  1764. Henrik ibsen, for one
  1765. Oriental companion
  1766. Number of prime ministers on downing street?
  1767. Sparkle, as shoes
  1768. 'tara road' author maeve
  1769. Bobbing in respectful greeting
  1770. It may be flared or pierced
  1771. Prolonged ringing
  1772. Each answer to a starred clue ends in one
  1773. One side of the hoover dam: abbr
  1774. Start to drive of course at the time to cut pearly whites
  1775. Rock legend jimmy
  1776. Emotion of the miffed
  1777. 'li'l' comics fellow
  1778. Ha'penny crown provides army with strong position
  1779. Jack that's one-eyed and lacks a heart
  1780. Under sail, say
  1781. It may go from ear to ear
  1782. She arranged to stay tight-lipped, so, thus noteworthy to musicians
  1783. Made like a kangaroo
  1784. Violent reaction to traffic
  1785. Piddling point to pick
  1786. Cardiac chambers
  1787. Pulitzer winner for "a death in the family"
  1788. Comic on a roll
  1789. Credulous — but inwardly hard and assertive
  1790. 'third uncle' singer
  1791. With regard to friday staging strangulation is quiet chilling
  1792. Packer's best friend?
  1793. Like the kremlin
  1794. Unhurried and with care
  1795. Sports officials, briefly
  1796. Singer whose music plays in new age stores
  1797. Hooked up, as oxen
  1798. Drill instructors?
  1799. Square food?
  1800. Do lunch, e.g
  1801. They may be sold by the dozen
  1802. Dildo or k-y jelly, e.g
  1803. Start of a four-part saying
  1804. 11d and first of the year following the sign in
  1805. Watts in a film projector?
  1806. Miniature white horse is on the air
  1807. Extraordinarily, i am rid of what's neither going up nor coming down
  1808. Furnish with new weapons
  1809. Causes continual difficulties or trouble
  1810. Ruby finds engineer with cue for new plot
  1811. Drawing providing egyptians have no apes
  1812. 'jeopardy!' legend rutter
  1813. 'go on with melody', nuts implore?
  1814. Irishmen unadventurous caring for one initially
  1815. With no sense of right and wrong
  1816. Set free, anagram of oodles
  1817. Vehicle operator
  1818. Towards the inside
  1819. Mickey loves this bow-wearing mouse
  1820. Make possible, facilitate
  1821. Pounding, beating quicker than usual
  1822. Glossy finish for nails
  1823. Academic papers
  1824. Slang term for sunglasses
  1825. Green liqueur in shamrock shakes: creme de __
  1826. Outer cover or shell of a mobile phone
  1827. Pointed metal rod, used to test if a cake is done
  1828. Time of day for cooking breakfast
  1829. Slogans, sayings
  1830. Choices, different selections
  1831. Spray can for deodorant or other mist
  1832. Tricking, fooling people
  1833. Commercial cargo
  1834. Walks like a two-year-old
  1835. Cruel and despotic absolute rulers
  1836. Very hard rock used for building monuments
  1837. Chopping hair off
  1838. Computer display of favorite files and programs
  1839. From which to hang mugs in the kitchen
  1840. Leftovers from making a decent cup of coffee
  1841. Lucky leaves
  1842. Specialists, people with in-depth knowledge
  1843. __ duff; red-headed girl in tiny toon adventures
  1844. Card game played by partners, with bidding
  1845. Carnivorous fish viewed on caribbean scuba trips
  1846. Homegrown bands that practice in this car port
  1847. Stripping off body hairs with sticky substance
  1848. Squidgy foam pad for washing the body
  1849. Photo __; when race winner is decided by an image
  1850. Problem __; someone skilled at finding answers
  1851. Who bella loves in twilight
  1852. Explode with anger
  1853. Immeasurably deep gulfs
  1854. Ordered food at a restaurant that is picked up
  1855. Situation or circumstance, e.g. best-case __
  1856. Dairy substitute made from asian beans
  1857. Kitchen utensil for separating solids from liquids
  1858. Leather made from the hides of young cattle
  1859. The pope is this, that's for certain
  1860. Individual troops
  1861. Makeup used on the mouth, often bright red
  1862. Metal cutters for nails
  1863. Voluntary, done by choice
  1864. Male astronaut, cosmonaut
  1865. Car light that illuminates the road ahead
  1866. Noughts and __; tic tac toe game
  1867. Connected by family
  1868. Broad blade of an ax
  1869. Condensed or abridged version
  1870. __ by the light, song by bruce springsteen
  1871. Boring speaker who goes on and on, full of hot air
  1872. Slyness, furtiveness
  1873. Scented spray for the wrists and neck
  1874. Walkers in the walking dead
  1875. Cleaning oneself with soap and water
  1876. Rolled, stuffed tortilla
  1877. Device or machinery, like in a clock
  1878. Supervised fun-time for preschoolers
  1879. Apply this to underarms to stop smells
  1880. Drunk, single father raises six kids in this show
  1881. Decline, refuse, turn down
  1882. Tumbler, highball, flute, shot and pint
  1883. Dedicated to a cause; involuntarily sent to clinic
  1884. Talked or chatted with
  1885. Hard part of the face, highlighted and contoured
  1886. Circular dough on which toppings are sprinkled
  1887. Guidance suggested by the movie rating pg
  1888. Thai hot mayo sauce with garlic
  1889. An animal that chews its food
  1890. Markings on road for keeping a safe distance
  1891. Putting words into sentences
  1892. Quickly finish a book without absorbing details
  1893. Toenail beauty treatment
  1894. Using string to remove food from between teeth
  1895. Mournfully, painfully, resentfully
  1896. Snipping tools for fingernails or hair
  1897. Acquire things by paying money
  1898. Angered, annoyed
  1899. Jam or pickle
  1900. Decorative container for a geranium, for example
  1901. Jumped to conclusions, supposed
  1902. Adverse reaction, especially of public sentiment
  1903. Large printed photos hung on walls
  1904. Frank hornby, erno rubik, margarete steiff
  1905. Attach this to a hair dryer for curly hair blowout
  1906. Relating to time; describes non-religious peers
  1907. Little oniony vegetables
  1908. Gives public seal of approval
  1909. Decorative pouch attached to hose
  1910. Glimpses into someone's mind
  1911. Making eyeshadow shades merge into one
  1912. Small turtle
  1913. Business finances; money going in and out
  1914. Get knots out of hair
  1915. Take makeup off at the end of the day
  1916. __ baggage; luggage over an allowed weight limit
  1917. Fling, romance
  1918. Battled, contested
  1919. Transparencies viewed in a projector
  1920. Equipped to fly
  1921. Spoil oneself with beauty treatments
  1922. Wildboyz and jackass stunt performer
  1923. Friendly, gently
  1924. Slithery reptiles with no feet
  1925. Lucky, stuffed animal
  1926. Sugary viscous liquids
  1927. __ rouge; red windmill cabaret in paris
  1928. City in ireland that's home to croke park stadium
  1929. Insult about cowardice, a bird analogy
  1930. Person who goes into combat
  1931. Time when crimes go unpunished, weapons handed in
  1932. To undergo the process involved in bread-making
  1933. Brave, courageous
  1934. Darkening product for the eyelashes
  1935. Cream and sugar candy
  1936. Ocean mammal with feline name
  1937. America __, star of ugly betty
  1938. As a result of, accordingly
  1939. Door __, without these you can't enter rooms
  1940. Dj stands for disc __
  1941. Places to get hair cut or nails painted
  1942. Words found on last page of a book; in conclusion
  1943. Grassy field for grazing livestock
  1944. Pick-me-ups; drinks with restorative powers
  1945. Dress style where anything goes
  1946. Not on the level, furtive
  1947. Both a hat and a central american country
  1948. City of __, illuminating nickname for paris
  1949. Told little white lies
  1950. Snow white's seven roommates
  1951. Glossy fluids to add shine to hair
  1952. Shiny, not matte
  1953. More lofty
  1954. Oaty traybakes, cut into slices
  1955. Discard something that is no longer useful
  1956. Typical start of a personal daily record of events
  1957. Makeup products
  1958. Eponymous movie portrayal
  1959. Long speech by an actor
  1960. A small unique speck of winter precipitation
  1961. Weaponry, munitions
  1962. Head covering to keep hair dry when bathing
  1963. Arena for indoor olympic cycling
  1964. The white end of a natural manicure
  1965. Timepiece hung in a room for all to see
  1966. Dishonest, not genuine
  1967. Musical ensemble with trumpets and horns
  1968. A trained wine steward in a fine french restaurant
  1969. Narration for cartoon character roles
  1970. Dancer's end-of-performance palm gesture
  1971. A perfect copy, a xerox
  1972. German shepherd who became a hollywood film star
  1973. Rinsing, cleaning
  1974. Infants' chatterings
  1975. Make food more sugary
  1976. Charting for navigators
  1977. Dabbing paint effect
  1978. Hire cars
  1979. Tools with bristles for applying eyeshadow
  1980. Dispensed liquid from an aerosol can
  1981. Requests made to a god
  1982. Organic matter turned into soil
  1983. Hide spots using makeup
  1984. Least busy and expensive period to travel
  1985. Dairy animal excretions
  1986. Iridescent sparkle
  1987. Beg, entreat, beseech
  1988. In a big way, enormously
  1989. Hand signal, beckon
  1990. Cultivated agriculturally
  1991. French word for the face
  1992. __ kong, arcade game to try to reach a princess
  1993. Except if, if not
  1994. Days, weeks, months or years ahead of today
  1995. Hollow place to apply anti-perspirant
  1996. Written verse; not prose
  1997. Drink made from roasted beans
  1998. Clint eastwood's dollars trilogy role, man with __
  1999. Top-level domain for companies
  2000. Spittle, drool
  2001. __ spray, defensive mace but not a big staff!
  2002. Seats, e.g. in an office, studio
  2003. __ preen, make oneself presentable
  2004. Rots like metal
  2005. Outlined, depicted
  2006. Buy, take ownership of
  2007. Style of sweatshirt without a collar
  2008. Being able to move the body and run
  2009. Limb of an octopus
  2010. Established or conservative, eg faith or religion
  2011. Dreamer, fantasist
  2012. Vegetables served raw
  2013. Supply an area with water for plant growth
  2014. Detangling hair with a comb-like tool
  2015. One who supports a cause with violent methods
  2016. Barney is a purple one
  2017. Lotion to protect the skin from uv rays
  2018. Brief film appearance from a well-known person
  2019. Later than intended, after the event
  2020. Phrase meaning a dead cert
  2021. Possessor of many acres, he/she may have tenants
  2022. Breaking laws, committing criminal acts
  2023. Fixative aerosol for styling the head
  2024. Most important or senior male in a family
  2025. Dilute, make less concentrated
  2026. Historic berlin building damaged by 1933 fire
  2027. Amber light on a monitor to indicate sleeping mode
  2028. __ out a song; singing loudly and enthusiastically
  2029. In front for now
  2030. Person who cuts hair into a new look
  2031. Presents for being loyal to a company
  2032. Receptacles for ember disposal
  2033. Serving food to customers at tables
  2034. Nickname of trumpeter louis armstrong
  2035. Promised, vowed
  2036. The one that is most generous and helpful
  2037. These creatures make cobwebs
  2038. Outline, silhouette
  2039. Most faint or unclear
  2040. No. 1 hit song for the band europe: the final __
  2041. Mark a measurement scale on something
  2042. Royal pink crustacean from a takeaway
  2043. Crafted, adapted into something different
  2044. Behind, towards the rear
  2045. Taking hair several shades lighter
  2046. End point of a limb, for example a fingertip
  2047. Using cotton to remove eyebrow hairs
  2048. Dirty lines that form around the sides of a bath
  2049. Wild, sudden change in emotions and feelings
  2050. Sworn enemies or opponents
  2051. Karl marx's working masses
  2052. Pale, unhealthy complexion
  2053. Non-hawaiians who emigrated to hawaii
  2054. Deceptions, swindles, confidence tricks
  2055. Early combustion engine made by a german engineer
  2056. Medieval bringer of news or a newspaper title
  2057. Closest living relatives to extinct quaggas
  2058. Flowering plant that produces saffron
  2059. Hagia __, the great basilica of constantinople
  2060. Electricity cables in a home
  2061. Cruella de vil's henchman, paired with horace
  2062. Hook-shaped bone in the wrist
  2063. __ heinen, dutch supermodel, starred in payphone
  2064. Voyaging boats used by early hawaiian settlers
  2065. To be well thought of
  2066. Stealing goods, in times of war or social unrest
  2067. Passion fruit's other name
  2068. Male pop group
  2069. Strings of flag decorations in a garden
  2070. Vast treeless plains in russia
  2071. Methods of operating
  2072. Harvesting what one has sown
  2073. We the people, perhaps all male?
  2074. Ballroom dance from the caribbean
  2075. Hand-tapping kakaus are commonly known as these
  2076. Crow-like birds with red and yellow-billed species
  2077. Sailing ship like the santa maría or the mary rose
  2078. Variability or changeability of a situation
  2079. Tremendously, greatly relieved
  2080. The descendants author kaui hart __
  2081. Substantially stamened hawaiian state flower
  2082. Essential energy
  2083. "doneness" of french steak we'd called "bloody"
  2084. First explorer to land on both poles: roald __
  2085. Notoriously dirty place
  2086. Boxer brian __, nicknamed hawaiian punch
  2087. Australian media dynasty, also in the uk and us
  2088. Zebras are full of them
  2089. __ burana, carl orff's cantata
  2090. An addition to a will
  2091. Yusaku __; billionaire wannabe first space tourist
  2092. Secondary storyline
  2093. Riga is known as the paris of the __
  2094. Marc __, russian-born artist of cow with parasol
  2095. Motherly owl in the fox and the hound
  2096. Big island's triathlon __ world championship
  2097. Spanish bread served with olive oil and garlic
  2098. Movies with sound
  2099. Triangular flag; wider at hoist than at fly
  2100. Sumo wrestling rings
  2101. Kauai's grand canyon of the pacific
  2102. Study of birds' eggs
  2103. Penal __; settlement for exiled prisoners
  2104. Fate or accident
  2105. Ailment, affliction, illness
  2106. Limestone sinkhole used by mayans for sacrifices
  2107. Big island's official name
  2108. Turning a ship or aircraft unsteadily
  2109. Muslim long open coat
  2110. Movie in which humbert humbert is a seducer
  2111. Mischievous elf
  2112. Richard __, western explorer of mecca incognito
  2113. Add on; anagram of napped
  2114. Endangered sea turtle breed common to hawaii
  2115. Attend a zippy matchmaking event
  2116. Maui's inactive volcano
  2117. Force to walk somewhere, like an amphibian?
  2118. He played freddie mercury in bohemian rhapsody
  2119. Swiss watch brand designed for aviators
  2120. Ancient austrian salt-mining settlement
  2121. Showed off something
  2122. Honolulu's yearly endurance race
  2123. Creative style displaying random objects
  2124. Boiled pseudo-grain that is also used as a red dye
  2125. Give up a throne
  2126. Not crooked
  2127. Honolulu and molokai'a author alan __
  2128. A trespass or imposition on someone
  2129. Laysan is a breed of this large winged seabird
  2130. Pirate explorer who arrived on kealakekua bay
  2131. Not having a smell or aroma
  2132. Quickly drawing, or preparatory drawing
  2133. Its bubbles can get to your head
  2134. Cartridge belt slung over the shoulder
  2135. Medical branch dealing with male diseases
  2136. Foul muddiness of waters
  2137. Aromatic baubles that perfume a wardrobe
  2138. Sound created by two vowels in one syllable
  2139. Traditional male outfit, malo in hawaiian
  2140. A non-standard feature or characteristic
  2141. Moscow art gallery
  2142. Peppers that come in yellow, red, orange and green
  2143. Half-human, half-robot, e.g. from blade runner
  2144. Now-feral kangaroo cousins who escaped oahu zoo
  2145. Touching tongues
  2146. Overindulgent, with no morals
  2147. This us singer just wants to have fun
  2148. __ copy, duplicate a letter using this inky paper
  2149. Non-stick coating for pans
  2150. Seventh most populated hawaiian island
  2151. Baby swan, often mistaken for an ugly duckling
  2152. Quaffed, drank
  2153. Aloha means "the presence of" this
  2154. Still alive
  2155. A pithy phrase or axiom
  2156. Egyptian statesman, its president 1956-70
  2157. Basic elements of digital photos, picture elements
  2158. Mri and x-rays are two types of this in medicine
  2159. Process of cutting a felled tree into logs
  2160. Moved furtively
  2161. French word for an artist's workshop
  2162. The least willing to work
  2163. Sharp mandibles on an insect
  2164. Belgian city, venue of the 1920 olympic games
  2165. Jason momoa's water superhero character
  2166. Buzz, e.g. phone setting with the ringer silenced
  2167. Time free from work or responsibilities
  2168. "the plane!" was shouted on hawaii's __ island
  2169. Deliberate destruction by resistance fighters
  2170. Sexual yoga and meditation
  2171. Sacred volcanic big island mountain
  2172. Another name for the pomelo fruit
  2173. Harry __, protagonist of updike's rabbit novels
  2174. Only emirate with no coastline on persian gulf
  2175. Forties-based best picture winner from here to __
  2176. Square of standard deviation
  2177. Unusual or weird
  2178. Hazards, perils
  2179. It delivers gas to the engine
  2180. Pottery type with liquid clay decoration
  2181. Five cards in suit with a bullet
  2182. Copies actions and phrases
  2183. Hedy __; film-star radio communications inventor
  2184. Adjective meaning an ex or used to be that
  2185. Pakistani city, capital of punjab province
  2186. The youngest of the 12 titans
  2187. Kauai's plant collection-based nickname, __ island
  2188. Get off a bus or a train
  2189. Nene, the hawaiian goose, evolved from this goose
  2190. French heir to the throne
  2191. __ rock, hawaiian islet home to a bird sanctuary
  2192. Get-together with old schoolmates
  2193. Pre-raphaelite painter of bubbles
  2194. Asia-pacific region, with hawaii and micronesia
  2195. Young hotel porter
  2196. Largest of the three branches of shia islam
  2197. Middle eastern language also known as farsi
  2198. Green veg eaten at christmas, hated by many
  2199. Money made
  2200. Demarcated edges of lined notepaper, for comments
  2201. Root vegetable also known as yucca root
  2202. Japanese national holiday in april
  2203. Figures of speech
  2204. It's happening again
  2205. Made from tin, copper, silver, iron or gold, etc
  2206. In good faith, genuine
  2207. French term for with breadcrumb crust
  2208. Description of the eastern alps in austria
  2209. Hawaii's well-populated capital
  2210. Sea dog breed endemic to hawaii
  2211. Italian term for drawing/design; an arts journal
  2212. Call a formal meeting, often in religious settings
  2213. __ wedding, musical, pr man in hawaii
  2214. In short supply, missing
  2215. Nervous, edgy, skittish
  2216. Hawaiian island that once contained a leper colony
  2217. Maui's main airport town
  2218. Euphemistic term for a car theft and abandonment
  2219. Medicinal root used in teas and supplements
  2220. Small south american camelid, smaller than a llama
  2221. Traditional hawaiian flowy floral or patterned dress
  2222. Dig up something that has been buried
  2223. Chinese fruit with white flesh
  2224. Semi-autobiographical movie about bukowski
  2225. Popular port for cruise ships in the bahamas
  2226. Dress that wraps around the body
  2227. Types of hallucinations that are seen
  2228. Pacific island region of early hawaiian settlers
  2229. Bitter attitude, full of venom
  2230. Head of a school, such as skinner in the simpsons
  2231. Second-highest alpine peak, on swiss-italy border
  2232. French game of guiding balls through wooden pegs
  2233. By-product of equine pregnancy, an aphrodisiac
  2234. Tiny island with lua makika crater in the middle
  2235. Motto, mantra
  2236. Newcomers at university
  2237. Last season of this hasselhoff show was in hawaii
  2238. Hawaii wave's sweet spot
  2239. Italian almond liqueur, brands include disaronno
  2240. Nick __, the author-voice of the great gatsby
  2241. Singing to hit higher notes than usual range
  2242. Doug's best dog friend
  2243. Uncivilized, unenlightened times
  2244. Scores in the 60s, usually
  2245. Orwell's home to boxer, snowball, clover et al
  2246. Long-pointed shoes of the past, aka poulaines
  2247. Rearing someone with care, nourishing a life
  2248. Hawaiian endemic flower with pompom blooms
  2249. Brain region that deals with sensory perception
  2250. Of forebears, anagram of lancaster
  2251. Indoctrinate, propagandize
  2252. In hawaii, "mauka" means head toward these
  2253. Attorney in other words
  2254. Crown-shaped pattern from dropping into water
  2255. Yiddish word for "complain": rhymes with fetch
  2256. 6th-century king who united the franks
  2257. Tube for moving liquid, spelt with a y
  2258. __ orders, instructions to be read at a later date
  2259. Scots plaid
  2260. Northern italian city known for balsamic vinegar
  2261. End of the day, when the sky darkens and turns red
  2262. A board game piece shaped like a human
  2263. Castrated male chickens
  2264. Room where church officials put on robes
  2265. __ ferguson; agricultural machinery manufacturers
  2266. Without limits; never-ending
  2267. High hills that can be volcanoes
  2268. Eighties band fronted by youngster annabella lwin
  2269. Site of the wright brothers national memorial
  2270. Fierce burning when oxygen enters a closed room
  2271. Imitation marble
  2272. Ancient division of land; anagram of we take nap
  2273. Eastern european dumplings
  2274. Someone who is always ready to give up
  2275. Business knowhow
  2276. Fish that swells up into a ball with pointy spines
  2277. Fine, pigmented cobalt-blue glass
  2278. Richard __, welsh actor, married elizabeth taylor
  2279. Sliding gate in a lock
  2280. __ fowl, black-and-white speckled game bird
  2281. A lucky __; close shave, near miss
  2282. Paralympic sport similar to bowls
  2283. Animal skin parchment upon which acts are printed
  2284. __ wonderland, dance track from earth, wind & fire
  2285. Black-and-white bird with large yellow/orange bill
  2286. Element ra discovered by marie curie in 1898
  2287. Antiquated term for alphabets
  2288. Mediterranean term for stuffed grape leaves
  2289. Confused, bothered by something
  2290. Non, je ne __ rien, sang edith piaf
  2291. Prying or forcing something open
  2292. Madeleine __, bill clinton's secretary of state
  2293. Scholarly written account of something
  2294. Wedding anniversary celebrated as diamond
  2295. Saint considered "the apostle of germany"
  2296. Spanish for red-colored; sport club internacional
  2297. Lump of lunar basalt
  2298. Mammal with overlapping scales like a pinecone
  2299. F1 indication you are about to be lapped
  2300. State of utter confusion, a nautical allusion
  2301. Extraterrestrial hunting creature versus the alien
  2302. Usual location of sports stories in a newspaper
  2303. Worldwide scouting party and get-together
  2304. Fleshy, visible part of the ears
  2305. Stripy-nosed primate, the biggest monkey
  2306. Downward journeys, final parts of flights
  2307. __ zone; deep ocean layer lit by natural beams
  2308. Permanent military post
  2309. The grapes __; pulitzer prize-winning novel
  2310. Covering of feathers on a bird
  2311. Opera by modest mussorgsky: boris __
  2312. Theologian, led the reformation in switzerland
  2313. Ready to bear
  2314. Symmetrical tropical flowers, source of vanilla
  2315. Like poppadoms but thicker, and grilled not fried
  2316. Highest-scoring dartboard sections
  2317. Apollo's twin, daughter of zeus and leto
  2318. Southernmost city in the us
  2319. Pacify someone, placate, calm
  2320. Much-lauded german u-boat film of the 1980s
  2321. Removed stains by scrubbing hard
  2322. Tank top and bikini bottom two-piece swimsuit
  2323. Marion __; designed early disposable diapers
  2324. The __, 60s band, ready-made for a tv show
  2325. Flowering plant used in medicines; aka boneset
  2326. __ instinct, human desire to move with like groups
  2327. Marked with patches of light
  2328. Vegetables associated with the term "a la crecy"
  2329. Julie __; singing nun in the sound of music
  2330. Goalie peter, played for england at 3 world cups
  2331. Side of the house or ship protected from the wind
  2332. Uneven stripes
  2333. Verb with a germanic root meaning war
  2334. Rules governing grammatical structures in language
  2335. River where handel's water music had its premiere
  2336. French term for thin fruit puree or sauce
  2337. Planet with rings around it
  2338. Japanese business word for continuous improvement
  2339. Swell with air like a sail
  2340. Dalton __, screenwriter blacklisted by hollywood
  2341. Pattern or blueprint for something
  2342. Reddish-brown skinned apple variety
  2343. William of __, 14th-century occam's razor inventor
  2344. Yellow-greenish color of white skin when ill
  2345. Futurama fry's first name
  2346. The outer dermis of a cobra
  2347. Female south korean golfer with career grand slam
  2348. The __, 2018 historical drama starring emma stone
  2349. Largest city in trinidad and tobago
  2350. Bring laws into force
  2351. Outdoor event that extols skilled workers
  2352. A right know-it-all called alexander
  2353. Globules of water that fall from the sky
  2354. Word that means "concerning the human body"
  2355. Private network accessible to employees
  2356. Characteristics on an animal's coat or skin
  2357. Introductory explanation to a book, show or report
  2358. Says, anagram of treaties
  2359. Brownish italian beans called rose-cocos in france
  2360. __ sleeve, type of lp cover popular in the 70s
  2361. Addition to a fabric to make it colourfast
  2362. Missal, hymnal, prayer book
  2363. In addition, furthermore
  2364. Giant's __, natural columns in northern ireland
  2365. Adamant, unwavering, resolute
  2366. Sailing to __, yeats' poem
  2367. Tropical fruit with spiky-leaved top
  2368. Beauty fix, a minor cosmetic procedure
  2369. The __ of cherbourg, film with catherine deneuve
  2370. Skater move leant forward with leg extended behind
  2371. Louis __, nation of islam leader
  2372. Circular patterns used to date branching plants
  2373. Gluey and syrupy, like flour protein or rice
  2374. Atticus finch's job in to kill a mockingbird
  2375. Gaelic equivalent of the name kieran
  2376. Tells the difference between bases and acids
  2377. Insect with metallic sheen, can be a stag
  2378. __ line, poland's contentious border in the 20th c
  2379. Greek island famed for ancient colossus statue
  2380. __ webb, aussie golfer, us open winner in 2000, 01
  2381. Relating to wine
  2382. Pedal technology widely used by guitarists
  2383. Put forward a motion at a meeting
  2384. Top-level domain for learning institutions
  2385. __ bid; sneaky auctioneer's act to push price up
  2386. Imprints of once-living things found in rocks
  2387. Acacia tree substance used in glues, confectionery
  2388. Capital of new zealand's northland region
  2389. Beggar, especially a religious figure
  2390. Trickery or lie
  2391. "to sleep: __ to dream", famous hamlet quote
  2392. Mathematical sequence, sum of two previous numbers
  2393. Beginning, inauguration, first steps
  2394. Lord __, the tracker of butch and sundance
  2395. Describes a briton living between 1901 and 1910
  2396. Sharp-toothed reptile with scaly, ridged skin
  2397. Comfort, encourage, put someone at ease
  2398. This lear invention put automobiles in tune
  2399. Sweet red vermouth, produced in france
  2400. Bends in rivers that wind and loop around
  2401. Babylonian pyramidic temple tower
  2402. Real name of cinema producer samuel goldwyn
  2403. Trade and distribution port
  2404. Fait __; a done deal
  2405. Kipling: city where the "flyin' fishes play"
  2406. Find this patterned conch on the beach
  2407. Comfier than a belt perhaps
  2408. Sea animals that look like flowering plants
  2409. Leg brace
  2410. Charles __, french/armenian crooner and songwriter
  2411. Obstructs, blocks up
  2412. Selma __, swedish writing's first nobel laureate
  2413. Earth is part of this spiral galaxy
  2414. Least populated country in the horn of africa
  2415. What aussies call extras in cricket
  2416. Chewing gum brand, marketed as being non-sticky
  2417. Bass panzer
  2418. Old money in portugal
  2419. Inkblot test, by swiss psychiatrist with same name
  2420. Big, yellow bloom with brown, edible seed head
  2421. Yasujiro ozu's last film: an autumn __
  2422. Washing instructions symbol, a circle in a box
  2423. Novices, raw recruits
  2424. Artist award for a us children's illustrated book
  2425. Country that gained independence in 1957 as ghana
  2426. Rivals that you have a cordial relationship with
  2427. Raised bit of skin, caused by cold
  2428. Confidence __; con artist, fraudster
  2429. Flying __ technologically improved textile work
  2430. Showy blooms from a bush of the marshmallow family
  2431. Meghan and harry's windsor cottage
  2432. __ city, rarefied denver has a lofty altitude
  2433. Boat hires for temporary, exclusive use
  2434. How germans say 30
  2435. Me __; shipmate speak for fellow crew members
  2436. Impression made by a puppy's foot
  2437. Platforms shoes of the 17th c
  2438. Chinese lottery with densely written tickets
  2439. Shiny fish with snake-like patterned skin
  2440. Uber-confident, arrogant
  2441. Porsche __, sports car in which james dean died
  2442. Medium-pitched female singers
  2443. Nocturnal animal with black-and-white head
  2444. Eye symbol used by the ancients
  2445. Caribbean isle whose capital is scarborough
  2446. Quantity with magnitude, but not direction
  2447. Legs __; limbs thrown widely apart
  2448. Dummy or likeness, often burned on a bonfire
  2449. __ sheath, the material surrounding nerves
  2450. One who gives secret info to the press
  2451. Bright golden, auburn hair
  2452. Nora __, sleepless in seattle director, writer
  2453. Eye of the __ by ken follett
  2454. The backbones of a reef
  2455. Biblical leader of the israelites after moses
  2456. Diaphanous lightweight material for ballgowns
  2457. __ islands, south china sea archipelago
  2458. Scientific word for cows
  2459. Seabirds related to shearwaters
  2460. Contradicting, calling into question
  2461. Country where chicken pastilla is a popular dish
  2462. Pet cats with stripy, mottled coats
  2463. Senna and prost drove for this british f1 team
  2464. Author of the poem troilus and criseyde
  2465. 1997 crime movie starring laurence fishburne
  2466. Band comprised dolenz, jones, nesmith, tork
  2467. Tv series set around the carrington family
  2468. Football confederation of south america
  2469. Mother theresa of __; old spelling of indian city
  2470. Industry that manages large areas of woodland
  2471. Shape of the moon that's like a croissant
  2472. Smiled coyly
  2473. Describes a mournful, funereal tune
  2474. British for having amused yourself
  2475. Animated location in who framed roger rabbit
  2476. Irish nun and saint, a patron saint of ireland
  2477. This huge animal has thick, wrinkly skin
  2478. Land titles owned by a person
  2479. An excessive enlargement of an artery
  2480. Multiplied three-fold
  2481. Small flowering plant with roots used in medicine
  2482. Mavis __, soul singer, often with her family
  2483. Religion whose five articles of faith start with k
  2484. Stippled with small dots, like a thrush's chest
  2485. Third largest planet in mass
  2486. Busy port in brittany region of france
  2487. Brazilian sugar cane spirit, part of a caipirinha
  2488. Fitting windows, making glass
  2489. Mythic seals who can take human form
  2490. Pinto; black horse with large white patches
  2491. Clive __; novelist of dirk pitt thriller series
  2492. Metal tool for shaping cookie dough
  2493. Rambunctious golden retriever film __ and me
  2494. Big-toothed rodent that builds dams
  2495. Nickname for pennsylvania's largest city
  2496. Tanning apparatus where you get to lie down
  2497. Exclusive circle of close friends
  2498. Released or expressed emotions
  2499. Don henley's band: the __
  2500. Refund or return of part of a payment, e.g. tax __
  2501. __ perm, tightly curled hair like a showy dog
  2502. Taught sports to someone/a group
  2503. Places dogs are sent when owners are away
  2504. Alaska __, major road running south to canada
  2505. Stephen king's novel about weight loss
  2506. Phone __, power, never available when you want it!
  2507. Devotion, sticking by one's side
  2508. Hit song from movie a star is born
  2509. Girls who prefer tree-climbing to dolls
  2510. Around-the-chest restraint for a dog
  2511. High __; fuel with a high performance rating
  2512. A set of maybe 9 or 18 holes for golfing
  2513. Sherlock holmes was a notable pipe __
  2514. Second largest continent in the world
  2515. Fabric around a dog's neck with a nametag
  2516. A turntable's needle
  2517. Cake made from orange root vegetables
  2518. __-minded professor; eccentric comic book figure
  2519. Germ-killing chemical, also used in laundry
  2520. Fragments of broken rock and bricks
  2521. Different types, like labradors or beagles
  2522. Heath who played the joker
  2523. Long __; complicated mathematic task
  2524. This circular trick might be taught after "stay"
  2525. Large amphibian with big croak, says ribbet a lot
  2526. Controls for carers to keep children safe online
  2527. A doggie midsection might be calling out for one
  2528. Something that didn't happen; a total let-down
  2529. __ bottle; liquid-filled source of warmth
  2530. Things asked for
  2531. Condition on toes and fingers from extreme cold
  2532. Newly created device or process
  2533. Depose, topple a ruler from power
  2534. Rules of being polite
  2535. Singer of tiny dancer and bennie & the jets
  2536. Chinese pork dish with bones, can be sticky
  2537. These noise-makers are often found in a dog toy
  2538. Type and color of sky with no clouds
  2539. Foolish; without a cerebrum
  2540. You should halt when this turns red
  2541. Ease a burden, take the edge off
  2542. Giant cartoon great dane
  2543. Individual stripey seating at the seaside
  2544. Online building game with blocks and houses
  2545. Part of the __, to be well established or integral
  2546. Use a product to remove germs from an area
  2547. Protagonist or antagonist in a story
  2548. Decorated food with small details
  2549. Spooky festival day at the end of october
  2550. World's least densely populated territory in 2019
  2551. E.g. cattle sold at farmers' auctions or markets
  2552. Consistency helps establish these daily activities
  2553. Pale purple named after a sleep-inducing herb
  2554. Slapping a raised paw completes this action
  2555. The activity of flying planes
  2556. Pencil or pen used to surround the lash lines
  2557. Former british colony in china, returned in 1997
  2558. Machine for separating grain
  2559. Rapped, banged on a door
  2560. Smooth beach stones
  2561. The s in cites, the treaty that protects animals
  2562. Small fastening device that is secured with a key
  2563. Buddies, pals
  2564. Deal __, impediment to coming to an agreement
  2565. Italian pastry tubes with sweet ricotta filling
  2566. Of __ men, steinbeck story
  2567. __ of hand; nimbleness in magic tricks
  2568. Nicked, stole, or nipped the skin
  2569. Political events; motor racing contests
  2570. Singers nancy or frank
  2571. Wolf __, noise emitted suggesting elicit conduct
  2572. Running after, perhaps one's tail or a passing car
  2573. Singing show with coaches on rotating chairs
  2574. Saying hello, perhaps with a paw shake
  2575. Deadly sin that involves over-eating
  2576. Number __; slang term for an accountant
  2577. Small container for fire-lighting sticks
  2578. Owners need this tolerance when training a puppy
  2579. A measure of how many people a room can hold
  2580. Adults do this at bars, parties and dinner
  2581. Spa treatment for feet, toenails
  2582. One of the main followers of jesus
  2583. __ thinking, imagining something is possible
  2584. Facially restrained dogs
  2585. Wooden packing crates carried by a forklift truck
  2586. Weather event central to greensburg tv series
  2587. __-doo; scooby's nephew who has puppy power
  2588. Red, blue, and yellow, but not green
  2589. Person who helps theater types with their costumes
  2590. Root vegetable used to make tapioca
  2591. In the winter, these protect the feet
  2592. Drink enough water to stay healthy
  2593. Disney club __ island, frosty multiplayer game
  2594. Force created by pressure differences
  2595. Stroking an animal
  2596. Made bigger, a photo for example
  2597. British supermodel naomi
  2598. Effect of breezes across a lake produces __ waters
  2599. The big red cartoon dog
  2600. Sweet term of endearment, often for a small child
  2601. Phone mode to switch to when in the sky
  2602. Dieters
  2603. Use smoke as a method of pest control
  2604. One who is more assertive than others
  2605. Day __, people enjoying an outing
  2606. Striking like a boxer
  2607. Scottish musician
  2608. Saving animals through networks of people
  2609. Blue __, brooke shields shipwreck movie
  2610. Cartridges that contain gunpowder but no bullets
  2611. Add salt, pepper, spices to a dish
  2612. Scenic views
  2613. The full price paid by shoppers
  2614. Tool that turns nuts and bolts
  2615. "__ patter of tiny feet", or the arrival of a baby
  2616. Painters like to use a blank one
  2617. Measurement in degrees of square's interior angles
  2618. Androids or automatons
  2619. Animated story of sisters elsa and anna
  2620. Former no. 1 song by nickelback: how you __ me
  2621. Discussion where pros and cons are argued
  2622. Prank where someone's underpants are yanked up
  2623. See-through part of a car, loved by dogs
  2624. Capital of greece, one of world's oldest cities
  2625. Sleigh dogs
  2626. Bring together objects, especially as a hobby
  2627. Dairy foods such as brie or cheddar
  2628. Investigate, sniff out every corner
  2629. Devices worn to correct vision or protect from sun
  2630. Drawing implements
  2631. Katy perry's bon __
  2632. Establishing a friendship
  2633. Many happy __ of the day! a birthday saying
  2634. Metal cups, harry potter had one of fire
  2635. A welcome sight at the gates of heaven
  2636. Five-pointed witchcraft symbol
  2637. Mischievous saint bernard film
  2638. Highest price an ebay buyer is prepared to pay
  2639. Dog and bone is rhyming slang for this device
  2640. Image hoster integrated into dating app tinder
  2641. Performances with an audience, not pre-recorded
  2642. One hundred and one of these spotted pups
  2643. Oval-shaped item retrieved from a scrum
  2644. Marks made by sharp needles
  2645. Clear drinks container for knocking it back in one
  2646. Cleaned by immersing in water and suds
  2647. Shoulder __; triangular bones on the back
  2648. Securely, without danger
  2649. Irish tough guy actor liam
  2650. Nipping, especially common with puppies
  2651. Sci-fi weapon that shoots particle beams
  2652. Abseil, swing down a cliff face
  2653. Keyboard layout named after top row of letters
  2654. Continent in the northern and eastern hemispheres
  2655. Shaving implements with sharp-edged blades
  2656. Jamaica's blue mountains are famous for this drink
  2657. Staring fondly into puppy's eyes
  2658. Bee in one's __, to be intent upon something
  2659. Class of dogs with cocker and clumber varieties
  2660. Following or trailing a person or thing
  2661. Toast marshmallows or boil water over this
  2662. Upon meeting, dogs are often found doing this loop
  2663. Rough figure for a price or value
  2664. Impetuous, rash, possibly dangerous
  2665. Spherical dish made with ground flesh, breadcrumbs
  2666. Female house owner who rents
  2667. The grand __ hotel has fiennes as a concierge
  2668. "we shall __", protest song of us civil rights
  2669. Spraying garden plants with h2o
  2670. __ effect; building of momentum, amplification
  2671. This connects two bones in a body
  2672. Actively burn calories
  2673. Physical parts of a computer, e.g. cpu, keyboard
  2674. Area ruled over by royalty
  2675. "an army marches on its __"
  2676. Wood used to enclose a yard to prevent escape
  2677. Medieval palaces, often with a moat
  2678. Passed on, anagram of layered
  2679. Tennis played in teams of two
  2680. Spikey pointed tool used for mining
  2681. Flying disc toy, ideal for the beach
  2682. Grassy meadow, often kept for animals
  2683. Type of dog who assists people with medical needs
  2684. Length of hair gathered and banded together
  2685. Differing from one another, very varied
  2686. Female spirit who wails to warn of coming death
  2687. Letter __, a blade used to slice an envelope
  2688. They can be acute, obtuse, right or straight
  2689. __ town; sitcom about romance and aging
  2690. Spoke, communicated
  2691. Foods given outside of meals
  2692. Warning blasts from a police car or ambulance
  2693. Structure a disk prior to being used for storage
  2694. Four-legged reptile, can be a monitor
  2695. Play freely without worries
  2696. __ press, scandalmongering newspapers
  2697. Work stoppage, industrial action
  2698. The smallest known moon in the solar system
  2699. Me, a name i call __
  2700. I don't think we're in __ anymore, toto.
  2701. Someone who suffers from memory loss
  2702. Returning a ball after it has been thrown
  2703. Originally this was the tenth month of the year
  2704. The __ is my life, nelson mandela's autobiography
  2705. Pups are prone to making this; prank
  2706. Unreasonably, inequitably
  2707. Part of a chicken's ovoid that isn't the yolk
  2708. Singer alannah myles' nationality
  2709. Tiny pony from northerly scottish isles
  2710. Reworking the entire electrics in a house
  2711. __ hints; not asking outright
  2712. Another name for mother country, place of origin
  2713. This newspaper purposefully prints false stories
  2714. Images, artistic representations
  2715. Stretches of water which are the least deep
  2716. Secret identity of a comic book superhero
  2717. High-speed internet access, faster than dial-up
  2718. Not long-term or permanent
  2719. Full of life and not about to slow down
  2720. Multi-legged creepy-crawly
  2721. Fancy drinks that imitate alcoholic ones
  2722. Where visitors to your home might sleep
  2723. __ all others; wedding vow of commitment
  2724. Big western canadian city
  2725. Illegally distilled alcohol
  2726. Fell down, of buildings and people
  2727. In song, the reptile you should never smile at
  2728. Wiped out, probably from following a puppy all day
  2729. Sadness, in french
  2730. Elon musk's project to put a person on mars
  2731. Yield an argument, concede a fight
  2732. For he's a jolly good __; song of appreciation
  2733. On hidden __ shows, people are unaware of filming
  2734. Metamorphic rock used for fancy countertops
  2735. Field __, country pastimes including hunting
  2736. Pimp __; vehicle makeover mtv reality show
  2737. Also known as cows
  2738. Person who takes part in a board game
  2739. Bonne __, good luck in french
  2740. __ on the mount, christ's teachings
  2741. __ cricket, talking insect from pinocchio
  2742. Knees and elbows are examples of these
  2743. Word added for emphasis; anagram of denied
  2744. Pink root vegetable, eaten raw in salad
  2745. __ rico, birthplace of rapper daddy yankee
  2746. Madden-__ oscillation; tropical weather pattern
  2747. Another word for stockings, used in wwii
  2748. Contribute to charity
  2749. Plays a slender double-reeded woodwind instrument
  2750. Atlas __; ayn rand's magnum opus
  2751. Losing finalist; second-placed talent show entrant
  2752. Large chair for two people, or a small sofa
  2753. Hours when a machine or computer is inactive
  2754. Slang term for a coffee, with a guy's name
  2755. Rusted iron or copper
  2756. Increases in size, makes bigger
  2757. Kelly, who won the first series of american idol
  2758. Piano prodigy who won america's got talent in 2019
  2759. Comedian who performs in front of a live audience
  2760. Entry in smartphone with friend's number
  2761. Twenty of these make a us dollar
  2762. __ truckers, chilly driving reality tv show
  2763. Heritage, ancestral background
  2764. Can't get you out of my head singer: kylie __
  2765. Leg __, essential dance-class dress of the 80s
  2766. Capsicum fruits
  2767. A small apartment is the size of a __
  2768. German word for "german"
  2769. People with no skin pigmentation
  2770. Oldest of four major golf championships: __ open
  2771. Tough skin usually pushed back around fingernails
  2772. Terse, using very few words
  2773. Rob, steal or loot
  2774. Edible molluscs with black shells
  2775. Vision-correcting components of spectacles
  2776. There are 16 of these in a pound
  2777. The __ millionaire; ultra rich giving away wealth
  2778. Numbered tile with spots, for a game
  2779. Simple text communication device
  2780. Polar __, frigid cold snap
  2781. Shiny fabric designed to look like satin
  2782. One who melts metal onto metal
  2783. True crime tv anthology about gypsy rose
  2784. Tim __, director of the nightmare before christmas
  2785. Love __; contestants live as couples in a tv villa
  2786. __ coast, north italian coastline on salerno gulf
  2787. Walk at a gentle, leisurely pace
  2788. Aston __, british car maker
  2789. Orange, black and white cat
  2790. __ black; amy winehouse's 2006 bestselling album
  2791. Most advanced in years of siblings
  2792. Using a knife to slice up a cake
  2793. Sheer delight
  2794. __ jacobs of love, community, and ibiza
  2795. V-shaped symbol and the name of an oil company
  2796. __ with the stars; celebs with ballroom skills
  2797. One who supports their country
  2798. Long, white lawn flowers with a yellow middle
  2799. Official currency of afghanistan
  2800. Swimming styles, e.g. butterfly, front crawl
  2801. Health professional who helps deliver babies
  2802. Singer zara, who won swedish talent show talang
  2803. Petrol-based substance used to surface roads
  2804. Hell's __; gordon ramsay's restaurant reality show
  2805. Diver's breathing tube used with a facemask
  2806. Conceited person, concerned only with themselves
  2807. The least of a set of numbers
  2808. Running __; exhausted, nothing left in the tank
  2809. Metal catches to lock belts in place
  2810. __ runway; fashion design reality show
  2811. Month named after the two-faced god
  2812. Emerged from inside an egg
  2813. Slippery __; 1986 studio album by bon jovi
  2814. The __, events surrounding christ's crucifixion
  2815. Related to nerves in the back of the eye
  2816. Small orange fruit, originally from tangiers
  2817. Only dog breed mentioned in the bible
  2818. Food __, device with blades to whizz up food
  2819. Rules governing good manners and polite conduct
  2820. Tone deaf, unmelodic, dissonant
  2821. Name for nasa mathematicians in hidden figures
  2822. Mtv show with strangers sharing a mansion
  2823. Historically, a man who had a short-barreled gun
  2824. Nominated, male statement-maker
  2825. Enjoyably tasty
  2826. The __; reality tv show about ozzy's family
  2827. Building with a roof supported by columns
  2828. Shut down a laptop or games console
  2829. Us presidential vehicle, a reinforced cadillac
  2830. Putting ingredients on scales
  2831. Outdoor reality show that tests wilderness skills
  2832. Calm the mind, take time to reflect
  2833. Vehicle used to play 18 holes
  2834. __ general; leading lawyer in a government
  2835. Became swollen with water; e.g. an __ river
  2836. Book that doesn't have a soft cover
  2837. Dad jon's surname, from jon & kate plus 8
  2838. Screen part of a pc
  2839. Green herb often used as garnish on a plate
  2840. Made in __, elton john album based in the uk
  2841. Go downhill after improved health
  2842. Real housewives reality star bettheny
  2843. Blades or oars for rowing a boat
  2844. Duck __; a&e reality show with the robertson clan
  2845. Civilizational attributes of a certain group
  2846. Most northern african nation on the prime meridian
  2847. Joie __, french idiom for love of life, or energy
  2848. More hurried
  2849. To stop during a flight in a connecting place
  2850. To direct or order another to do something
  2851. Hanging toys for babies
  2852. Green herbal plant part, used in pesto
  2853. Top of the bill, lead feature
  2854. Bloodsucking, opportunistic
  2855. Diving move where the body bends at the waist
  2856. Horse-riding path
  2857. Disturbance, rumpus
  2858. Nickname of simón bolívar, the __
  2859. __ park, overwrought tune by richard harris
  2860. Negative comments or feedback
  2861. __ big brother; vip version of reality show
  2862. 50s movie icon who died in a porsche spyder crash
  2863. Roofline channels directing rainwater from a house
  2864. Clippings from a sheep
  2865. Softened the blow
  2866. Where unfilmed action or speech takes place
  2867. South park's wearer of a beanie
  2868. Middle value in a set
  2869. Ring on a stove
  2870. __ county; california home of the real housewives
  2871. When everyone knows someone's name
  2872. Steps in a process
  2873. Persona of the outrageous singer born john lydon
  2874. Competing groups in survivor reality series
  2875. Clock with a chirping bird alarm
  2876. Gm's military-style suv
  2877. Dip in the golf course, could be filled with sand
  2878. Small decorative items, a word with french origins
  2879. Baby whales or rhinoceroses
  2880. Ocean-going cruise ships
  2881. Spanish equivalent to the english surname smith
  2882. Rabble-__, person who incites an angry mob
  2883. Motion to dismiss an image in a dating app, say
  2884. Number of kids and counting in original series
  2885. Plane trips, flights
  2886. Oviform, elliptical
  2887. Artists' sticks used to create monochrome marks
  2888. Walking at a gentle, leisurely pace
  2889. Thick dairy drink, can be vanilla, strawberry...
  2890. Business that trades in company shares
  2891. Huge big-footed creature spotted in north america
  2892. Women's __, wi; community group for females
  2893. Eclipses, makes a brighter impression than
  2894. Small vessel with a motor, used in offshore racing
  2895. Unsuccessful; an absence of apples, pears, bananas
  2896. Singer carrie, who won american idol in 2005
  2897. Fabric with thin lines, used for suits
  2898. Male geese
  2899. Unit of food energy, approx 95 in an apple
  2900. Tv talent show for groups and individuals, the __
  2901. Watered down, made less concentrated
  2902. __ at the mouth is to be raging, with spittle
  2903. Dish of boiled cornmeal
  2904. Spanish female form of the name john
  2905. Big __; reality show where strangers live together
  2906. Distance from side to side, width, thickness
  2907. Dorothy went off to see the wizard in the __ city
  2908. 12 months off before university
  2909. Famous norse explorer from iceland: leif __
  2910. __ ball, fortune-telling sphere
  2911. Keep going, continue
  2912. Flown on a beach with hazardous water conditions
  2913. Art __, french style of lalique and tiffany
  2914. __ idol; talent show that discovered jordin sparks
  2915. Related to cooking or preparation of meals
  2916. The __; oscar-winning film directed by john ford
  2917. They prowl the streets, following people
  2918. __ of the corn, stephen king short story and film
  2919. Music style with outrageous, flamboyant outfits
  2920. Site where energy is generated by tall turbines
  2921. Extreme __; dramatic property revamp show
  2922. This south african city fires cannon daily at noon
  2923. Material or substance likely to burst into flames
  2924. Country with the world's second largest art museum
  2925. Slightly windy
  2926. Sign out of an online account
  2927. __ dress, usually camouflaged wear for battle
  2928. Bodysuit, single-piece nightwear garment
  2929. __ and hum, u2 album of 1988 featured "desire"
  2930. Anger, fit of pique, often precedes tantrum
  2931. Small round tower that features on a castle
  2932. Jersey shore housemate who became a wwe wrestler
  2933. Gray, powdery fungal disease of plants
  2934. Stadiums, arenas, clubs, etc where events are held
  2935. Difficult-to-stop spasm of the diaphragm
  2936. George __; author of 1984 big brother novel
  2937. Raised sections of earth's surface between faults
  2938. Martial arts weapon of sticks linked with a chain
  2939. Big brother confessional space with famous chair
  2940. Legal statements from both sides in a court case
  2941. __ bushes, attract all sorts of garden insects
  2942. Billing process that is online only
  2943. American lager with red crown logo
  2944. Camouflages, false appearances
  2945. Loudspeaker, sound-enhancing device
  2946. Choreography tv show, instructed by abby lee
  2947. Having strong feelings, easily upset
  2948. Pseudonym of huck finn author samuel clemens
  2949. Punctuation mark connecting independent clauses
  2950. With great speed; anagram of hot pastes
  2951. Fata __; mirage just above the horizon
  2952. Lea & __, makers of worcestershire sauce
  2953. Construct again after damage or destruction
  2954. Kate & __, ryan and jackman time travel film
  2955. Christian __; project runway winner-turned-mentor
  2956. Soapy spheres that float
  2957. __, sage, rosemary and thyme
  2958. Trucks in the us, __ in the uk
  2959. Gran __; spanish adaptation of big brother series
  2960. This country's gymnast was 1st to score perfect 10
  2961. Rituals of contacting passed people
  2962. Food sellers, especially green ones
  2963. Garden flower and vivid shade of pinkish-purple
  2964. Post __, the ps added to a note as an afterthought
  2965. Prices that represent great value for money
  2966. City once known as constantinople
  2967. Liquid removal from a field
  2968. Describes short, wild snow storms
  2969. __ & tiaras; child beauty pageant tv series
  2970. The __ news, award-winning novel by e annie proulx
  2971. Stock, aitken, __, pop producers of the 1990s
  2972. Poultry, several fowl
  2973. Checking a piece of writing for errors
  2974. So you think you __; moves from hip hop to cha-cha
  2975. The fairy __; back-to-the-workplace reality show
  2976. Wooden post carved by native americans
  2977. Nickname of nba player kevin durant
  2978. Way of life where nothing is sent to landfill
  2979. Currently holding office
  2980. Money lender with extortionate interest rates
  2981. Metallic element used in fertilizers
  2982. Fly __; hidden-camera documentary
  2983. German for "welcome"
  2984. Fresh taste of citrus peel
  2985. Upton __, author of the jungle, about meatpacking
  2986. Well-known, but perhaps for the wrong reasons
  2987. Beating an egg
  2988. Large pieces of leather from dairy herd
  2989. Search for gold and minerals
  2990. Clearance in a vehicular tunnel or under a doorway
  2991. Reality tv series with links to mafia families
  2992. __ matilda, traditional australian folk song
  2993. Jennifer __; won an oscar for a beautiful mind
  2994. Used a duster to shine a surface
  2995. Mighty, with toned muscles
  2996. Enter the __, bruce lee martial arts movie of 1973
  2997. Where aslan and mr. tumnus live
  2998. __ o'connor; nothing compares 2 u singer
  2999. Domino's makes them
  3000. First name of musical supremo lloyd webber
  3001. Shocked, astounded
  3002. Chatty, rumor-led conversation, tittle-tattle
  3003. Running at steady speed to avoid distance burnout
  3004. Utensil for removing a vegetable's outer layer
  3005. Horseback seat
  3006. Finnish invention of steam baths and birch twigs
  3007. A forklift lifts this wooden box
  3008. White poplar trees
  3009. Refrain from voting
  3010. Complete exhaustion from overdoing exercise
  3011. Closed route of wires for electrical devices
  3012. Of an ice floe
  3013. Immature soybean pods served steamed or boiled
  3014. Get ready for something, make a plan
  3015. Gmc __, the a-team's black/red ride
  3016. Snuggles, hugs
  3017. __ velvet; crinkled fabric
  3018. University in cambridge, massachusetts
  3019. __ wax, melt and stamp to close letters, envelopes
  3020. July 18 worldwide; song by simple minds: __ day
  3021. Latin name for the planet venus; devil
  3022. I've got a bad __ about this
  3023. Kenny __, south park's wearer of an orange parka
  3024. Harsh feedback comments on a piece of work
  3025. Farrah fawcett popularized this hair style
  3026. Battlestar __; glen a. larson's sci-fi franchise
  3027. Timer to measure how long a sprint takes
  3028. Button accordion instruments
  3029. Lobster dance in alice in wonderland
  3030. Small, steamed sweet or savory chinese parcels
  3031. Cream with a skin softening effect
  3032. Ravage, destroy
  3033. Expression of acknowledgement to a comment
  3034. __ modulation, am; radio transmission frequency
  3035. Clean in order to remove bacteria
  3036. Skin cream to protect from uv rays
  3037. Large equine, suitable for dragging farm vehicles
  3038. Abrasive steel cleaning material
  3039. Mathematical symbol larger than any real number
  3040. Training plan with timings
  3041. Walter __, us news anchor from the 1960s
  3042. Prime __; zero degrees longitude line at greenwich
  3043. Units of energy in food that can be counted
  3044. Writer of a learned or journalistic piece
  3045. Small cutlery item used as measurement in recipes
  3046. Goods returned to their original condition
  3047. Code __; cracking an encrypted puzzle
  3048. 2014 sci-fi drama, based on lois lowry book
  3049. Famous english potter who introduced queen's ware
  3050. Meaning to do something
  3051. Put it on the head when running
  3052. Triangular chocolate picked up in airports
  3053. Defeat an opponent in every single game
  3054. Gordon __ song: the wreck of the edmund fitzgerald
  3055. Tarzan's title, earl of __
  3056. Jim __; won an oscar for his role in iris in 2001
  3057. Nourishment from eating good food
  3058. Plant family to which pineapples belong
  3059. Deficit, less than expected
  3060. Strong metal alloy used in bridges and cookware
  3061. __ barber, jazz musician, composed mythologies
  3062. 2017 hit for rita ora about escapism
  3063. Feeling of tiredness, lack of energy
  3064. Greek dodecanese island, near bodrum
  3065. Advice or support from someone more experienced
  3066. Beginning, setting off in a race
  3067. Fair and even salaries for males and females
  3068. 1979 bob fosse choreographed musical, all __
  3069. To do with books
  3070. __ in the white city, book by erik larson
  3071. __ llewelyn; long-serving james bond series actor
  3072. Totalitarian state in nineteen eighty-four
  3073. Brisk, dynamic ballet jumps
  3074. Reflexive pronoun for a woman
  3075. Lead vocalist for the who: roger __
  3076. Expression of warning in fencing
  3077. Eggs, fish, meat and cheese are all this nutrient
  3078. Ensembles; sets of clothes worn together
  3079. A __ carpet comes from iran
  3080. Spiny anteater found in australia
  3081. Rupert __, media mogul who married jerry hall
  3082. Runners get a foil one to keep warm after a race
  3083. Accompany, chaperone
  3084. Margaret __, author of the sequel the testaments
  3085. Happy __; cowboy expression wishing goodwill
  3086. Keep or remember a thought or fact
  3087. __ dance, urban style of informal dance
  3088. John __, founder of anti-virus software brand
  3089. Cut-off pants or trousers for exercising in
  3090. Jack __ starred in some like it hot
  3091. Leg exercises that mimic sitting movement
  3092. Little __; female sibling elvis song title
  3093. Penny __, place of bagatelle and gaming machines
  3094. French city, scene of a catastrophic raid in 1942
  3095. A curriculum vitae, with skills and background
  3096. The force of a runner's foot against the floor
  3097. Another word for zero
  3098. When they go up, there is inflation
  3099. Fair __; acceptable, can't complain
  3100. Group of kittens; e-reader
  3101. Vitality or power
  3102. Carte __, a menu of the day, a bill of fare
  3103. __ you porgy, duet from porgy and bess
  3104. __ mule, cocktail of vodka and ginger beer
  3105. Romeo's friend who dies a bloody death
  3106. Seafloor dweller, e.g. flounder, plaice
  3107. __ star; prestigious award for top restaurants
  3108. Swollen skin bubbles on the feet from rubbing
  3109. Boxer's training equipment for hitting
  3110. Tight-fitting, stretchy leg coverings for exercise
  3111. Ancient chinese practice for arranging rooms
  3112. Catholic bead sets for prayer
  3113. Combined term for britain's top two universities
  3114. This helps piano students keep the pace
  3115. Full of life, dynamic, not tired
  3116. Shape of the head of an allen key
  3117. They supply the lines for forgetful actors
  3118. Herbivore dinosaur with distinctive thumb spikes
  3119. America's next top model presenter and producer
  3120. Fast, downhill olympic transport
  3121. Demanding task or daring competition
  3122. Short woody plants wanted by the knights of ni
  3123. Beetle with bioluminescence that produces light
  3124. Passport to __, ealing comedy film
  3125. Tells off, scolds, rebukes
  3126. Pals, buddies
  3127. Journeys, trips
  3128. Christina __, heiress daughter of magnate aristotle
  3129. Food that is lightly fried, then stewed
  3130. Bell __, originally sailors' trousers with flares
  3131. Tightness in a muscle
  3132. Doing non-impact exercise on a bike
  3133. Clear chemical with pungent smell used in cleaning
  3134. Finger __, toy figures to put on the hands
  3135. Army helicopter also sounds like a us coastal wind
  3136. Song by the beatles: mean mr. __
  3137. __ cyanide, christie's book, aka remembered death
  3138. Vulpine nickname for military leader erwin rommel
  3139. Rhodesian __, large hound with a singular mark
  3140. Fletcher __, role played by brando and mel gibson
  3141. Tightness, frugality, stinginess
  3142. Virtue, integrity
  3143. Supportive undergarment for female runners
  3144. Gym machine for runners
  3145. Piquant condiment addition to a meal of roast lamb
  3146. World's __ man, annual contest of muscle power
  3147. To be experimented on is to be this type of rodent
  3148. You've __; tom hanks movie with rival bookstores
  3149. __ moccasins, slip ons for operating a vehicle
  3150. Worn on the upper limb to hold a phone if running
  3151. Freezing cold water in a tub, for relieving aches
  3152. Hugged for a while
  3153. Death __, signed document to confirm an execution
  3154. Baked italian dish of layered pasta, sauce, cheese
  3155. Elongate the body to make it limber
  3156. Singer familiar with "growing pains": __ cara
  3157. Comes to an end
  3158. Nautical vessel that radiates a bright beam
  3159. Short, set times during a run for running faster
  3160. Card game where players hope to score 21 points
  3161. Eddie murphy's co-star in 48 hours
  3162. Globe __, the hearts on a four seasons pizza
  3163. Adolescent, not a grown-up
  3164. Israeli spoon-bending illusionist
  3165. Play a violin by plucking the strings
  3166. Budding; possibility for future greatness
  3167. Garden water trough for sparrows, robins, etc
  3168. Compassionate, forgiving, kind, sympathetic
  3169. __ castle, danish fortress, the elsinore of hamlet
  3170. The length that is run during a race
  3171. The flying __; gresley's 1923 steam locomotive
  3172. Technology to put on the body and measure fitness
  3173. Prune garden flowers that are past their best
  3174. More than one kid
  3175. Emma swan on once upon a time, jennifer __
  3176. American __, christian bale black comedy
  3177. A pull or injury to a muscle
  3178. First appearances; premieres
  3179. Palm tree fibers woven to make baskets
  3180. Adele __; full name of british soul singer
  3181. British brand of rye-based crispbreads
  3182. __ craters; depressions left by meteor strikes
  3183. __ butter, protein-packed spread
  3184. Duplicity, dissimulation
  3185. Land of __; sugar-filled setting in the nutcracker
  3186. Happy __; abba hit for end of december festivities
  3187. French word for hat
  3188. This is where cooking happens
  3189. Mission to tidy litter or waste
  3190. Do exercise, keep fit
  3191. Disc thrown on the beach for fun
  3192. Fred __, dancer, original surname was austerlitz
  3193. Give evidence in a court of law
  3194. Jean __, pirate/smuggler fought in the war of 1812
  3195. Author of "lolita": vladimir __
  3196. Timidity
  3197. Herb comes in flat-leaf and curly-leaf types
  3198. Impacted by something
  3199. Barks out orders
  3200. Damages to the body, pulled muscles or sprains
  3201. Device that disperses aroma from essential oils
  3202. Space rock that can form a belt
  3203. Camelot is a fictional one of these
  3204. __ traffic, vehicles driving towards you
  3205. Singer julio or enrique
  3206. Delay, tardiness
  3207. Cocktail made with rum and fruit juice
  3208. The dong with the __ nose: edward lear story
  3209. Strengthening legs by climbing stairs on a machine
  3210. Absorbent sheets for drying sweat at the gym
  3211. Machine for extracting fruit drinks
  3212. Beach cover-up wrap worn around the waist
  3213. Hit the first ball in a tennis game
  3214. Lindsay lohan set the __ trap
  3215. Another name for an attorney who goes to court
  3216. __ for disaster; something destined to go badly
  3217. What an elderly person might use to get around
  3218. Photographer's device
  3219. Australian slang for a bbq
  3220. Mixture, concoction
  3221. Stable, no fluctuations, like a good runner's pace
  3222. Winter sphere made from ice for fun fights
  3223. Ended or expired
  3224. Bubbles produced when washing dishes
  3225. Rock from space
  3226. Waterfowl with a poorly leg; someone weakened
  3227. Transformation of someone's hair and face
  3228. Lines on a map that join places of the same height
  3229. Small aphid that plagues garden plants
  3230. Sweet courses
  3231. Soda __; sodium carbonate for laundry and cleaning
  3232. In business, a person who buys things
  3233. Tongue __; funny sayings that are tricky to say
  3234. Sellers of blooms to the general public
  3235. Rank in the navy that goes after "rear" and "vice"
  3236. A brass __ is made with paper and wax or chalk
  3237. Ignorance __; sometimes it's better not to know
  3238. Foot support on a horse, hanging from saddle
  3239. British name for a cookie
  3240. Not listened to or heeded
  3241. With a pleasant or artificially sweet aroma
  3242. Turning from frozen ice to water
  3243. __ australia fair, national anthem from down under
  3244. Polish for wood collected from hives
  3245. Therapy of rubbing muscles to relieve tension
  3246. Entertainment company that makes mickey mouse toys
  3247. Large towns
  3248. Thin material covers for mattresses
  3249. Rock-a-bye baby's crib that fell from the tree top
  3250. The h in texting acronym imho
  3251. Surprises that aren't good
  3252. Old programs broadcast again on tv
  3253. A talkative colorful bird kept as a pet
  3254. Stringed instrument common in rock bands
  3255. Piña __, pineapple and coconut combo
  3256. Ventilating or hanging outside to freshen
  3257. Scorched, felt stinging hot pain
  3258. Ocean, salt water found next to sand
  3259. Pinching together material or pastry
  3260. Handgun with a rotating cylinder of bullets
  3261. Large gray circus animal
  3262. Pan surface that is easy to clean, e.g. teflon
  3263. Put your food in here to enjoy at midday
  3264. Tiny paper pieces tossed in celebration
  3265. Powerful and persuasive
  3266. Reading group that meets to discuss novels, etc
  3267. Carnival game where hoops are thrown over pegs
  3268. __ stains; marks that are hard to get rid of
  3269. Lets go of something
  3270. Parts of a garment that cover the arms
  3271. Any ancient egyptian ruler
  3272. Piece of skin pushed back on the nails
  3273. Someone who saves a person from danger
  3274. Combination of two or more ingredients
  3275. Pad at entrance to a home for wiping feet on
  3276. __ information; tmi, what oversharers give
  3277. Well-liked, with many friends
  3278. Anglers, those who catch aquatic life
  3279. Reindeer who was able to help guide santa
  3280. Rain rain go away/come again __ day
  3281. Woven floor coverings
  3282. __ tracker, watch worn when exercising
  3283. The most content
  3284. __ star; lights up the sky during a meteor shower
  3285. Eye makeup pencil for men
  3286. What the "a" stands for in "a&e"
  3287. Water soluble laundry detergent pouches or pods
  3288. Reduces in weight, or hair bleached by the sun
  3289. __ gown, a cloak worn over nightie or pijamas
  3290. Term for skins of vegetables once removed
  3291. Impeccably clean; without the tiniest mark
  3292. __ books; puzzles and challenges to keep kids busy
  3293. Over 200 human bones make up this
  3294. To dip your feet into water, or move a rowing boat
  3295. Wrapped like a sleeping snake
  3296. Potato __, perforated utensil for preparing spuds
  3297. More than double, three times
  3298. Yellow, dungareed character from despicable me
  3299. Card game when kids ask, "do you have any fives?"
  3300. Furniture polish brand with a name meaning promise
  3301. Overhead __ is where cabin bags are stowed
  3302. Cloth plant with fluffy white balls
  3303. Animals we ride, with tails and manes
  3304. __ cleaner; machine that removes dust from floors
  3305. Blustery, thundery weather
  3306. Photo taken by the person in the photo
  3307. Bread made from very ripe yellow peeling fruit
  3308. Emotion that loves company
  3309. They're the glass part of spectacles
  3310. __ night, horror movie about a next-door vampire
  3311. Liquid used on car windshields to remove frost
  3312. Mandy is a short form of this girls' name
  3313. Spray for making wooden furniture shiny
  3314. Avoided capture or detection
  3315. Medically mended an injury
  3316. Nuts used in sweet pies and ice cream
  3317. Shiny happy __, catchy tune by rem
  3318. Fizzy slang for champagne
  3319. Shouted like a wolf
  3320. Said when raising glasses and clinking them
  3321. Large space telescope, in orbit since 1990
  3322. Cloth for removing dirt from household surfaces
  3323. Turning over into a cylinder, like with a carpet
  3324. Bent, misshapen, like a nursery rhyme house
  3325. Repairing, e.g. a hole in clothing
  3326. What comes after the lightning
  3327. Sweet little cakes that might have blueberries
  3328. Move like a snake
  3329. __ robbery, the us equivalent of daylight robbery
  3330. Single part of an online site, e.g. home, about us
  3331. Someone who cuts up meat for a living
  3332. Threads spun by spiders that gather dust
  3333. Male witches with pointy hats
  3334. Group of participants in a program or app
  3335. Twirling, swiveling, turning around
  3336. Cash __, a till for adding up sales
  3337. Waiters might mention these choices first
  3338. Looking at something, e.g. birds
  3339. Displays to look at in museums and galleries
  3340. __ ring; together-forever finger band
  3341. One-wheeled vehicle that is tricky to balance on
  3342. Squares of padding to add comfort to seats
  3343. Nail buffing, shaping and polishing treatment
  3344. Where a college student might sleep
  3345. Little jump, in the style of a baby rabbit
  3346. Options, a range of alternatives to pick between
  3347. A handy place to cool down your drinks
  3348. Skincare for a dry mouth in cold weather
  3349. Toddler's raging outburst
  3350. __ of nottingham, a baddie in the robin hood tale
  3351. A light you can carry, with a glass casing
  3352. Veg cinderella uses as a coach after some magic
  3353. Picture made from small scraps of paper or fabric
  3354. Dish __; drying rack for washed plates and bowls
  3355. Robbers of people in the street
  3356. __ letter, it starts every sentence
  3357. Advertise a concert or event
  3358. Public display by lots of different planes
  3359. Cats also known as pumas and mountain lions
  3360. Sang with closed mouth
  3361. Bring goods into a country from abroad
  3362. Inform someone of some news, __ them
  3363. It forms water with two hydrogen molecules
  3364. Charles __ wrote on the origin of species
  3365. __ balloon; propane-powered flying machine
  3366. Polish brand that removes tarnish from metals
  3367. Male server in a restaurant
  3368. Small dots that make up a digital image
  3369. Wailed with tears
  3370. They never prosper, according to the saying
  3371. Short-form for an australian person
  3372. Cylindrical pail for carrying liquids
  3373. Crouches and curls up out of fear
  3374. Cold region at the north of the earth
  3375. Computer data storage device
  3376. Chemical cleanser for removing dirt from clothes
  3377. Porky china item for keeping money in
  3378. Solely for over-18s
  3379. Mockumentary set in a fictional paper company
  3380. Changes someone's mind in a debate
  3381. Acts of saying sorry
  3382. Compares, sets side-by-side
  3383. __ crab, perhaps lucky, arthropod with long tail
  3384. Large tv monitor, e.g. at a sports stadium
  3385. What a band performs and that you hear in person
  3386. Pocket series perfect for long car journeys
  3387. Bite __; be brave and face a situation
  3388. Doing up some buttons on a shirt
  3389. Thorough sanitation of a home
  3390. Ground planted with blooms, a sleeping analogy
  3391. Cucumber-type veg known as zucchini in the us
  3392. Scented spheres that protect clothes in storage
  3393. Where a judge and jury listen to evidence
  3394. Interrelated parts that make up something built
  3395. Get lighter, as when the sun comes out
  3396. Cryptic or quick word puzzle with tricky clues
  3397. Lenses put in the eyes instead of wearing glasses
  3398. Long car journey; a driving adventure
  3399. Foot __ disease; virus affecting cattle and sheep
  3400. Athletic people who can stretch and bend are this
  3401. To pause before doing something
  3402. Germs, microbes
  3403. Off __; out of control
  3404. Cloth for drying washed dishes
  3405. In no place, not anywhere
  3406. Someone who educates
  3407. Handheld container for collecting swept up dirt
  3408. Live together
  3409. Raining ice, the white stuff
  3410. The capital city of algeria, north africa
  3411. Pressing creases from clothes
  3412. Working on suppleness of muscles by reaching down
  3413. Fuzzy brown "milk" producing tree fruit
  3414. Human winter figures that turn to slush
  3415. Sweet __; sticky dipping sauce
  3416. Rubbing a surface vigorously to remove dirt
  3417. Lucky escape, near miss
  3418. Putting something back where it came from
  3419. She sits behind glass where money is deposited
  3420. Add emphasis to text by ruling beneath it
  3421. Face-to-face visual communication with skype
  3422. Beds, tables, chairs, sofas and cabinets, etc
  3423. Always read these in a contract before signing
  3424. Business or art of selling services and products
  3425. Area of scalp where hair has stopped growing
  3426. Forcing out a member of a political party for eg
  3427. Bullet points of things to do then mark off
  3428. Yellow flower linked to love of dairy product
  3429. Legal agreements, terms of use
  3430. Let fresh air into a room by opening a window
  3431. Jogging memory
  3432. Common greeting between businesspeople
  3433. __ sober, or totally free from alcohol
  3434. Remove unnecessary objects from your home
  3435. Three-event sports challenge
  3436. Nourishing substances in foodstuffs
  3437. Persecuted, maltreated, held down
  3438. South american country that's alphabetically first
  3439. Bellatrix __, witch daughter of the blacks
  3440. Chinese invention for lighting up the night sky
  3441. Air __; substance that makes a room smell better
  3442. Film-producing district of los angeles
  3443. Dazzlingly clean, glistening
  3444. Comedian who starred in school of rock lead role
  3445. Respond more emotionally than expected
  3446. Opposite of a smart device, it has few functions
  3447. Food staple made with buttermilk and without yeast
  3448. Minor untruths, often considered to be harmless
  3449. Illumination object; associated with getting ideas
  3450. Your wish is __, said the genie of the lamp
  3451. Recording made at a concert performance
  3452. Circus high wire for fearless acrobats
  3453. Painkiller also known as acetylsalicylic acid
  3454. __ clean; with no blemishes or stains
  3455. Winter sport with brushes and sliding stones
  3456. Smelly gas that cows' bottoms burp out
  3457. Saying that you have no knowledge of something
  3458. Hitting or bashing rugs to remove dist and dirt
  3459. Animal material popular in shoes and furniture
  3460. Someone thought to be guilty of a crime or offense
  3461. Educational facilities for kids
  3462. Blocked, e.g. bathwater that doesn't drain away
  3463. Circular discs of bovine dung found in fields
  3464. Sensing; touching
  3465. Blackcurrants, redcurrants, cherries are all these
  3466. Bronze religious figure and staircase in hong kong
  3467. Transfer a digit to the next column in a sum
  3468. Outdoor entertainment with slides and pools
  3469. Aquatic mammals, including whales and dolphins
  3470. Mixed drinks with alcohol and fruit juices
  3471. Ceramic piece, often a bird, supporting a crust
  3472. Oscar-winning b&w film of 2011 about the talkies
  3473. The __, an enduring west end play, opened in 1952
  3474. Telling the teacher about someone's bad behavior
  3475. Nourishment from food, keeps skin and body healthy
  3476. Necessary, can't do without it
  3477. Portable device charger with usb connection
  3478. Repossession, recovery
  3479. State of having convertible assets that can "flow"
  3480. Area of darkness created by blocked light
  3481. __ garden, where eliza doolittle sells her flowers
  3482. Fatigue after a flight; avoid with a staycation
  3483. __ ceremony; alternative to a christening
  3484. Surface material that broke off in slivers
  3485. Austrian painter klimt or austrian composer mahler
  3486. Specially-made
  3487. Small game birds with edible eggs
  3488. The bald ones are the us's national bird
  3489. Picturesque, attractive views
  3490. Baruch __, dutch-jewish rationalist philosopher
  3491. Sugar __, collectors pick them up from cafeterias
  3492. The __, us production of danish drama forbrydelsen
  3493. Life __ of a party
  3494. The butler in remains of the day
  3495. Kurt cobain's grunge band
  3496. Puzzling mysteries
  3497. Act of putting things in a suitcase
  3498. Big italian residence
  3499. Sandy, coastal stretches to walk or sunbathe on
  3500. Louis __, inventor of milk anti-bacteria treatment
  3501. Lace bodices
  3502. Jon favreau and vince vaughn navigate the clubs
  3503. Very hot; hissing sound when frying
  3504. Opened a non-buttoned jacket
  3505. Ansel elgort plays gang member tony in __ story
  3506. Get comfortable, feel at home
  3507. Seafood and potato patty, fried in oil
  3508. Going up rock faces or indoor rock walls
  3509. Spanish atlantic islands, name taken from dogs
  3510. Scottish new year's eve celebration
  3511. Bold angular typeface, also called blackletter
  3512. Send for, request the presence of someone
  3513. 80s some kind of wonderful heartthrob eric __
  3514. __ scissorhands is kim's unlikely beau
  3515. __ definition, two clues in one for a crossword
  3516. Alaskan brown bear species
  3517. Divers visit these former ships beneath the waves
  3518. Move military troops for action or battle
  3519. Branches of trees, good snowman arms
  3520. Proof of admission to an event or museum
  3521. Evening meal, can be taken at a fancy restaurant
  3522. Justly, honestly
  3523. Cartoon, the __ life of pets
  3524. Discover new places and sights
  3525. Dedicated, committed
  3526. German word for dry, in wine terms
  3527. Where bucharest is located
  3528. Hunters and their vessels in pursuit of cetaceans
  3529. Ian __, voiced tai lung in kung fu panda
  3530. High-quality glass
  3531. Nora __, american romance writer aka j. d. robb
  3532. Neil __; one half of the pet shop boys
  3533. Medium-sized african predator feline, tufted ears
  3534. Former tv detective with a cockatoo named fred
  3535. A mother and father are these
  3536. Transcendental poet ralph waldo
  3537. Describes those on horses
  3538. Including everything, a total
  3539. Monetary cost of travel by plane
  3540. Cutting or chopping down trees
  3541. Tumbler
  3542. Neighborhood of a city; one of four
  3543. The fast and the __, with a dodge charger
  3544. Untanned __; raw animal hide
  3545. Random choice from whatever is available; __ party
  3546. System of four age-based life stages in hinduism
  3547. Making a delicious meal
  3548. Do they know it's christmas? charity supergroup
  3549. Philosopher, founded the school of empiricism
  3550. Tends to pigs; a tale by hans christian andersen
  3551. Cook up a plan; create a method to solve a problem
  3552. Larger than usual or necessary
  3553. Stars was the best-selling album of this uk group
  3554. Astronomer who predicted the position of neptune
  3555. Local who shows visitors around places of interest
  3556. Park with fun rides and attractions
  3557. Comedic actor plays scotty in the star trek movies
  3558. Movements of data to a personal computer
  3559. Western imitation of asian lacquerwork; toleware
  3560. 1990s poster campaign for wonderbra
  3561. Baseball and football all-star
  3562. Espresso coffee with small amount of foamed milk
  3563. Passed the reinheitsgebot beer purity law in 1516
  3564. John __ wrote maritime poems sea-fever and cargoes
  3565. Russian city and a retro furry coat
  3566. Matchmaking reality game show
  3567. Belle and __; scottish indie band
  3568. Physical pain that accompanies tragedy
  3569. Toad that uses shovel-like hind limbs for digging
  3570. Place that looks after kids; what a nanny provides
  3571. Physical feeling that passes through the body
  3572. Destroys, terminates
  3573. Gardens with plants for science and visitors
  3574. Materials remaining after completion; food surplus
  3575. Location of scott's hut in the antarctic
  3576. Found an answer to a puzzle
  3577. Sitting on a horse and trotting or galloping
  3578. Feelings of sickness or queasiness
  3579. Cooking in hot oil in a shallow pan
  3580. Ways to go, different paths
  3581. Lavender, plum, lilac
  3582. Instruction booklet for an appliance or vehicle
  3583. Downton abbey actress froggatt's first name
  3584. Labels specific to companies
  3585. __ iphone, facility for locating someone's device
  3586. Part of a garment: bateau, sailor or puritan
  3587. Jonathan rhys __, irish actor and the tudor's star
  3588. Mount cook's maori name
  3589. Billie __, bad guy singer
  3590. Mr __, faun in the lion, the witch & the wardrobe
  3591. Time after time singer, cyndi __
  3592. Place bets here, where croupiers work
  3593. Sneaked a look
  3594. Wooden rooms with dry heat for relaxation
  3595. Figure of speech such as "brave as a lion"
  3596. Imperial measurements into which feet are divided
  3597. North atlantic isles known as the sheep islands
  3598. Blade star wesley's surname
  3599. James bond version of a classic martini
  3600. __ machine, apparatus for putting together fabric
  3601. Greek god of the harvest, son of uranus
  3602. Coat __, wardrobe instrument for hanging clothes
  3603. I second that __, smokey robinson and the miracles
  3604. Small camping shelter, misleadingly not for dogs
  3605. __ city, rome's moniker, meaning everlasting
  3606. Volkswagen's bug cars
  3607. Tolkien's character turned white after death
  3608. Making a reservation
  3609. Penelope __, from wacky races
  3610. What a finger pulls on a gun
  3611. Individual cakes with choc chips or blueberries
  3612. Root that coffee substitute is made from
  3613. Support, cooperation
  3614. Rolling or blading for fun
  3615. Unsuccessful, failed, carelessly carried out
  3616. __ heat, rash caused by sun and high temperatures
  3617. Moving to music
  3618. Exhibition of goods
  3619. Secret __; anonymous suitor
  3620. Book not based on facts or real events
  3621. Speak in a court case
  3622. A clockwork orange director
  3623. Excursion for no more than 24 hours
  3624. Devise, think up, __ a plan, a story or a meal
  3625. They turn hides into leather
  3626. Yellow storage space for several files or photos
  3627. Shouting someone's name
  3628. Younger daughter of prince andrew
  3629. Leaving a cake to lose heat
  3630. Any day when schools and workplaces often close
  3631. Coagulate, become thicker
  3632. Drummer's cymbals
  3633. Blue trumpet blooms, also herbal medicine extracts
  3634. Stock up on these basics when there's a good deal
  3635. Plant variety that has been selectively bred
  3636. Preparing and arranging things in advance
  3637. Double-bladed oar pastime for tourists
  3638. Outdoor grilling event
  3639. Nomadic arab people living in deserts
  3640. Nationality of singer joni mitchell
  3641. Took off clothes
  3642. Widespread health problem, like spanish flu
  3643. People who write about their daily lives online
  3644. Harmless devilish fish with giant wingspan
  3645. One with two spouses
  3646. Flirty female
  3647. St paul's conversion was on the road to this place
  3648. Riley's imaginary friend in inside out
  3649. Dog mating
  3650. Simulates or acts something out
  3651. Exciting deals just for a short time
  3652. __ almonds – peeled with a quick hot bath
  3653. Relaxing and serene, no interruptions
  3654. Unambiguous, obvious
  3655. Painted cloth to the rear of a stage
  3656. The easter period
  3657. Phone mode that switches off all notifications
  3658. Man and __, george bernard shaw on sexual battles
  3659. Country east of guatemala
  3660. Lying back and looking up at the stars
  3661. The most inactive, laziest
  3662. __ kent, jazz singer who released tenderly
  3663. Money available for a plan or trip
  3664. Deep __, clandestine voice to woodward & bernstein
  3665. With yellow citrus tones
  3666. Person at the front of a race
  3667. __ of comfort, small jots to make one feel better
  3668. Swiss chocolate truffle balls from lindt
  3669. Largest freshwater lake under antarctica's ice
  3670. Tight-fitting swimming briefs or shorts
  3671. Simon & garfunkel counted cars on the __ turnpike
  3672. Micro-brewed foamy alcohol
  3673. Sleuth, weighs up clues before naming the murderer
  3674. Time-__; a task that takes a long time to complete
  3675. __ of pisa, also known as the leaning tower
  3676. Making a lasting impression, unforgettable
  3677. Mary norton's tiny people book
  3678. Spoonful of medication used as a laxative
  3679. __ wu, star of fresh off the boat
  3680. Excessive self-pride, arrogance
  3681. Floor coating made from solid linseed oil
  3682. East german leader fell shortly before the wall
  3683. Lie on a lounger to tan the skin
  3684. Doris day film __ jane
  3685. Buying goods or browsing for them
  3686. Small sea fish, classified as young pilchards
  3687. Meant, had the purpose of
  3688. Describes an artist without a record contract
  3689. Mississippi city; birthplace of elvis in 1935
  3690. Relaxing 24 hours using steam rooms and treatments
  3691. Season of christmas in australia and south america
  3692. Aim high, have ambition
  3693. Pushkin novel eugene __
  3694. State separating line
  3695. Lahaina's famous tree from the eighteen hundreds
  3696. 2005 sequel to get shorty
  3697. Not formal, relaxed dress
  3698. Scattered pieces of waste from a wreckage
  3699. Fluffy, light, squirty hair product for volume
  3700. Layers placed at the bottom of drawers
  3701. Eric and julia __, created the miss world pageant
  3702. Black beverage to drink in a cafe
  3703. Churning turns cream into this
  3704. What sailors call land
  3705. Us business and finance magazine
  3706. Giant groups of people, gathered for an event
  3707. Midnight __: everybody's talkin' is the title song
  3708. Handcrafted tobacco products from cuba
  3709. Italian flat breads with tomato paste and cheese
  3710. Banishes, throws out, forces to leave
  3711. Government delegates or go-betweens
  3712. Maturing, becoming an adult
  3713. A curved missile thrown by aboriginal australians
  3714. Shakespeare's mother's name
  3715. Get back in touch with an old friend
  3716. Metallic cylindrical container for soft beverages
  3717. Handheld fireworks waved at new year
  3718. What a director says to start a scene
  3719. As stubborn as a canine
  3720. Art and model-making activities
  3721. Last part of a story
  3722. Taking long, tiring treks on countryside trails
  3723. Native of hamburg or frankfurt, for example
  3724. Beauty equipment for getting a tan
  3725. Heavy wooden hammer
  3726. __ of alcatraz, whose real name was robert stroud
  3727. Sweet, thick paste to cover cakes
  3728. __ test; checks the skills of a learner motorist
  3729. A type of diary, often filled with lots of detail
  3730. Making something different, making __ to it
  3731. Construction site safety headgear
  3732. Places of work for white-collar staff
  3733. A washing one does laundry
  3734. "warm" or "kind" way to end an email
  3735. Someone who never thinks of other people
  3736. Medical procedure undertaken by a surgeon
  3737. People from ghana
  3738. A list or schedule, for school lessons or trains
  3739. Romantic letters
  3740. Present or occurring everywhere
  3741. Heavy-bottomed skillet for searing food
  3742. Hot __, easter treat, one or two a penny
  3743. A person who adorns interiors
  3744. Genre for which stephen king is famous
  3745. __ trail; outdoor walk to look at trees and birds
  3746. Gratitude, appreciation, gratefulness
  3747. __ your tongue; staying quiet, not speaking out
  3748. Not married or with a partner
  3749. Brings down
  3750. Serviette
  3751. Geographical area or district
  3752. Making the sound of a cow
  3753. Truthful, not prone to lying
  3754. Very happy and chilled out
  3755. Jumping competition for ponies
  3756. Blitzed-up fruit served as a drink
  3757. Chemical compounds found in rocks, e.g. quartz
  3758. Focusing on minor details, eg small grammar errors
  3759. Learning, completing schoolwork
  3760. This ugly animal turns into a swan in a fairy tale
  3761. Public musical performances
  3762. Bad headache with associated sickness
  3763. Nip from an adder or a beer-cider mixed drink
  3764. Where lessons are given in a school
  3765. Hard hexagonal cells made by bees
  3766. Electricity sourced from revolving turbines
  3767. She had a dolly who was sick, sick, sick
  3768. Opposite of play it safe, make predictable choices
  3769. __ discs, or cds
  3770. Collection of pictures or models placed on show
  3771. Arachnids that spin strong webs
  3772. A truck with no sides for easy loading
  3773. Building from which books can be borrowed
  3774. A type of bean used in baked beans
  3775. Word on a doormat that invites visitors in
  3776. Heavy lump of rock
  3777. Customer feedback on products purchased
  3778. Huge, luxurious home
  3779. These are useful for reverting pencil mistakes
  3780. Become hard or rigid
  3781. Got the ball off another player in football
  3782. Someone whose husband or wife has died is this
  3783. Take clothes off at bedtime
  3784. Suction cup on a stick, for unblocking a toilet
  3785. Material made from raw cattle hide
  3786. Desiring something from a genie
  3787. Roald dahl's story about a young gifted girl
  3788. Mr. peck, an american actor
  3789. World's highest peak; tough challenge for climbers
  3790. Prosecco with peach purée or juice
  3791. Griddled rectangle of sweet batter
  3792. Third-place medal metal
  3793. Not casual; smart dress code
  3794. Sharp-edged tool for cutting stone surfaces
  3795. Keeping money without spending it
  3796. Pranks, practical jokes
  3797. Small, inflatable boat for recreation
  3798. __ magiswords, the ideal warriors for hire cartoon
  3799. Eggs and bunnies abound at this time
  3800. Mcdonald's is under the golden ones
  3801. Bug
  3802. Short back __, haircut delivered to the troops
  3803. Scientific classification for the common toad
  3804. Hard building material made from cement and sand
  3805. Substance that provides sustenance or nourishment
  3806. Something that prevents you from making progress
  3807. __ syne; traditional song sung on new year's eve
  3808. If you thought something but you were wrong
  3809. Comes back again, reappears
  3810. Measure of electrical power
  3811. Sticking to a healthy eating regime
  3812. Stud or hoop
  3813. __ jones's baby, diary-based movie sequel
  3814. A fabric bed that hangs between trees
  3815. Space __, rocket launched into space
  3816. Nelly, who sings give it to me with timbaland
  3817. Cross __; running sport through natural landscapes
  3818. Commanded food
  3819. Published in a book, magazine or newspaper
  3820. Cover-ups worn by chefs
  3821. The netherlands is known for these flowers
  3822. Big top where clowns and jugglers are found
  3823. The same as rare
  3824. Opposite of winning, being defeated
  3825. __ green, scottish destination for elopers
  3826. Warmed up, like hair curlers
  3827. Tools for making holes in hard surfaces
  3828. Financial professional
  3829. Bird that collects shiny things
  3830. Glossy newspaper with illustrated articles
  3831. World __ day marks birthdays of the baden-powells
  3832. Mellifluous avian
  3833. Not required
  3834. Type of fruity boiled sweet or pastel for crayons
  3835. Mrs. aniston, rachel green from friends
  3836. Indulged, catered to someone's every whim
  3837. Term served in a prison
  3838. Hard outer edges of a loaf of bread
  3839. Substances such as gold, tin, iron and copper
  3840. Soothe a baby, make it calm and peaceful
  3841. You'll __ back, like a rubber ball
  3842. Gizmo
  3843. Appliance that keeps food cool and fresh
  3844. __ alley, harry potter street with wizarding shops
  3845. Socks made from __ wool (panda food) are soft
  3846. Jason donovan hit, any dream __
  3847. Running races with baton transfers
  3848. Straight hair with ringlets has been __
  3849. Not deeply
  3850. Large grey mammals with tough, wrinkled skin
  3851. Lunar illumination; secretly have a second job
  3852. __ silence, kids keeping quiet for charity
  3853. Exercise machine for running indoors
  3854. What is actually happening, true life
  3855. Time of day that coffee makes it easier to face
  3856. Muddy pools of water
  3857. In need of water
  3858. One more; e.g. take __ apple: take one more apple
  3859. Ninja __; tv show with challenging obstacle course
  3860. __ around, being silly
  3861. Being turned down, opposite of acceptance
  3862. Italian unifier and a british dead-fly biscuit
  3863. Jack sprat could eat no fat, his wife could __
  3864. Strong metal arc for an equine's foot
  3865. Holding for questioning
  3866. Suddenly fell down
  3867. Choice that you make your mind up about
  3868. Driving big rigs
  3869. Tone of the hares in guess how much i love you
  3870. Unequally, in a biased way
  3871. Crunchy frozen blocks for keeping drinks cool
  3872. This is put on the head to keep locks back
  3873. Return to good health after illness
  3874. A place to buy reading materials
  3875. Reports about a positive happening
  3876. Awfully, really badly
  3877. Jonas brothers starred in this 2008 disney movie
  3878. Finger joints
  3879. __ through the grapevine; 1968 marvin gaye hit
  3880. Wooden window screens
  3881. Never finishing, always going on
  3882. Short bursts of running
  3883. Quality of gravies or custards that are not smooth
  3884. Blog showcasing a person's day-to-day
  3885. Norwegian kon-tiki expedition explorer thor __
  3886. Ice __, paddling competition at québec's carnival
  3887. Position at the top of the charts
  3888. Quick drying method of plastering
  3889. A __ government is one run by women
  3890. Author of jack ryan books, hunt for red october
  3891. Cunard liner became a floating hotel in long beach
  3892. Pencil __, it transforms blunt leads
  3893. Movie with kurt russell set in a fire department
  3894. Country to which the cockatoo is endemic
  3895. The grim __; death personified
  3896. Hybrid of domestic cattle and the european bison
  3897. Commit sound to tape
  3898. Fell below expected levels
  3899. __ in the womb, anatomical sketch by leonardo
  3900. Repeated each seven days
  3901. Cherry __, ben & jerry's punning ice cream
  3902. Trip made by an explorer; __ of discovery
  3903. Deserving of merit
  3904. Louisa may __, little women author
  3905. Perez hilton's specialty
  3906. The opposite of the waning of the moon
  3907. Lynn redgrave film and its title song: __ girl
  3908. Vivid shade of red
  3909. Place to adopt an animal
  3910. Parade ring, where horses are viewed before racing
  3911. Also __, or aka
  3912. Give the motivation to accomplish something
  3913. Trick shot masters dude __
  3914. Boo'd up singer
  3915. Jewelry that hangs from a neck chain
  3916. Alternative name for risso's dolphin
  3917. Danish pastry filling made with butter and sugar
  3918. 12th-century king of england, married to matilda
  3919. Urgently important issue
  3920. __ gears, cream album that features strange brew
  3921. One part of an online-based series
  3922. Name for military or political operations
  3923. Desert plant aka orache; anagram of lush bats
  3924. Origin of meghan markle's engagement ring diamond
  3925. Step-by-step how-to
  3926. Track __, another name for athletics
  3927. Sheets, pillowcases, blankets are this
  3928. Mapping out the day ahead of time
  3929. Katharine __; developed nonreflective glass
  3930. Austrian capital known as city of music and dreams
  3931. __ marsalis, composer of blood on the fields
  3932. Wrote one's name on a contract
  3933. Global trucks brand headquartered in sweden
  3934. __ rings; chunky, golden, worn on fingers
  3935. __ shower; pre-wedding party for wife-to-be
  3936. Claire and phil in modern family
  3937. Japanese dish of salmon draped over rice
  3938. Erna __; pioneer in computerized phone systems
  3939. Column or series dedicated to guidance
  3940. Trust or rely on
  3941. Magical pet pig in disney's "the black cauldron"
  3942. Senior members
  3943. Green brothers' channel crash __
  3944. Puppy licks
  3945. The comets lead singer
  3946. Visitor-focused video or program
  3947. Using a garden tool to neaten the edges of a lawn
  3948. Major 1950s conflict over the 38th parallel
  3949. Not using a script; making it up as you go along
  3950. The art of surviving in wild shrubland
  3951. Instruction, teaching, training, coaching
  3952. The beaux' __, george farquhar's play of 1707
  3953. Athlete who shoots and skis
  3954. Devotees, fans
  3955. At first, not finally
  3956. Still frames
  3957. Port city in kerala, india, also called kochi
  3958. Long-stemmed vegetable used in salad
  3959. Actress julie, who patented a range of lingerie
  3960. Protection away from danger
  3961. Modern day gourmand
  3962. Exile someone from the kingdom, in fairy tales
  3963. David __, london photographer of the swingin' 60s
  3964. Please someone by doing what they ask
  3965. The four __; mysterious worlds in the nutcracker
  3966. Reduced by 50 per cent
  3967. Bambi's mate and mother to their twin fawns
  3968. Cunning, deceitful, sneaky
  3969. Born in __, the boss sang about his country
  3970. Swiss town on an important lake
  3971. Singer who took a walk on the wild side in 1972
  3972. He plays the title role in anchorman: will __
  3973. Father-son team who created mt rushmore artwork
  3974. Racehorse kidnapped by the ira in 1983
  3975. Deliberate closing and opening of a single eye
  3976. Device that newsreaders read from on live tv
  3977. Cutting and combining video to improve the flow
  3978. Steinbeck's standard poodle, appears in a book
  3979. Distributors of bibles, notably in hotels
  3980. Toasted salted snacks, sometimes served on planes
  3981. End scroll of a film acknowledging workers
  3982. Dutch polymath of the renaissance, desiderius __
  3983. Breaking in half, like a cracker
  3984. Corkboard for pinning messages, __ board
  3985. Foot mark left by tigers, lions, bears, etc
  3986. __ washer; machine that uses high-powered spray
  3987. Gerhard __, spd german chancellor
  3988. Setting of midnight in the garden of good and evil
  3989. Voiceover commentator
  3990. Posting rude, sometimes off-topic messages
  3991. French art form of the 1940s meaning "stain"
  3992. Hitting with an open palm
  3993. Prisoner's marital visit
  3994. Oldest french brandy, produced in southwest france
  3995. Liquid mixture, in science
  3996. What fingerprints can do, relating to suspects
  3997. Mack __, bobby darin hit
  3998. Right-hand pages of an open book
  3999. __ zwick; directed dicaprio in blood diamond
  4000. __-cell disease features oddly shaped blood cells
  4001. Miserly or close-fisted
  4002. If this count is high, many are tuning in
  4003. It's blowin' in the wind, my friend
  4004. African country that contains all of lake kyoga
  4005. Moves up and down in an engine
  4006. Ancient japanese military boss
  4007. Hot, black drink made from ground beans
  4008. Hot water __, fill with water for a warm night
  4009. Using arms to propel a boat, with oars
  4010. Marked items on a scale for quality
  4011. Comic, satiric imitation of celebrities on video
  4012. Sitcom with ted danson as sam malone
  4013. Driver of a stolen car, for thrill or pleasure
  4014. Spanish white grape and a golden horse color
  4015. Wife of orpheus
  4016. Shiny like copper, silver or gold
  4017. Relax, calm down
  4018. Aiding and doing this for a criminal is illegal
  4019. All of one's hair up, resembling a horse
  4020. Species of the boating school teacher on spongebob
  4021. Told a news story, gave an account of an event
  4022. Responses below a video
  4023. Illnesses or complaints
  4024. The __, brawling irish movie with john wayne
  4025. Mother of hamlet
  4026. Leader of the first team to reach the south pole