1. Keep on being saucy about half-sister
  2. It may catch one in the act
  3. Very serious internal trouble?
  4. Fragrant plant, though possibly inelegant
  5. Model phyl's a slim lady
  6. Beat easily, being right weight after initial training
  7. Shrink jeans, returning within a short time
  8. Being arranged like a communication cord
  9. Understands what the addressee eventually does
  10. One wearing a medal at work
  11. Girl, an abstainer, takes drug as a favour
  12. America ending negotiation without the bottom line
  13. Last resort of 9
  14. Where clement settled in north africa
  15. In old money nearly always there's a queen ...
  16. Biter's bit, taken the morning after
  17. Left-winger with disturbance coming up on the pavement
  18. A king for half a day, past and future?
  19. 1 across's place given to operas - to la traviata, say
  20. Wingers come up with home winner and nil to america, which is corny
  21. Extract from chapter seen to be concise
  22. Not disturbed in murderer's hold
  23. Put oar into confused speech
  24. Measure string for knot
  25. Showing lack of judgement, so do not try so many!
  26. Betray clare?
  27. A rule aunt adopted about appearing in the nude
  28. Stayed well away from work
  29. Club with a bit of spice
  30. Flirtations lead to many marriages
  31. Quiet, shy chap to turn into a violent one
  32. Being calm, scored
  33. Elemental prophet and emperor, one and the same externally
  34. Rode down naked? o, all right!
  35. Guinness collection perhaps included 'sally'
  36. Sound horse? on the contrary, no sound
  37. Develop characters, say, with a spanish wordsmith
  38. Actor with heart of gold and one rival
  39. Romance left abandoned in the wheat
  40. Pit workers with soldiers joining revolutionary's art movement
  41. Self-reliant girl died sadly
  42. Rate ben adam's bearing
  43. An admirer of cockney belles, do we hear?
  44. Hardly a hot tip for the highest objective?
  45. Elected to occupy safe position of no responsibility
  46. Game that's lost from the naughty nineties
  47. Gadabout left romancer at dance
  48. Stimulant to copy note into range
  49. Electronic list conceals arab's strong desire
  50. Type of 'it girl' lacking energy
  51. A case of a pain in the neck
  52. Swallow meat, but not at first
  53. I'm on to it: aborigine has no leader like rory bremner
  54. Attack a la thatcher the worker getting the sack
  55. Voices to measure up on sunday
  56. Garden pot broken by sponsor
  57. Porcelain for bishop given to a friend
  58. Joked about tv programme, one with leaves
  59. Follower in company with tom gets round piano
  60. Alice cured of the small intestine
  61. Leonard is upset by film with simone signoret
  62. Ms gardner started an avalanche
  63. Hedonistic request for guaranteed soliciting
  64. Yes! his revolting seed entered the pineal gland
  65. French city or town austrian leader captured
  66. Third world country incapable, with urban sprawl
  67. Hemingway's artist
  68. Singer of 'very hot day'
  69. Rolling stones thing and their regular performances of 'satisfaction'?
  70. Craftsman's prejudiced when penniless
  71. German woman almost consumes leg portion
  72. Uniform has to come clean
  73. Famous brazilian goes round the county carrying fat south american plant
  74. Undeterred by river, gently rain collected
  75. Iconic american, sadly no more ...
  76. The answer to this lies in the retort
  77. Foreign legion's drink
  78. Go over new art and poetry
  79. Hide away and gradually let out
  80. Fat and foolish, said poe
  81. Charm by being close listener
  82. Strong drink may lead to smash
  83. Put on about a pound
  84. New capital embraces quiet, ancient city
  85. Puzzle not about something to catch
  86. Tea 8 offering, maybe, caviare is promoted internally
  87. Italian hothead upsetting italian creator of inferno, blowing top
  88. Drug put conservative in relief
  89. Sharp taste rolled around centre of mouth
  90. Bird given something to take for sex appeal
  91. 24 across, something to catch, to catch, you heard, given success, caught
  92. Dire, boring roundabout in gorgeous shrosphire town
  93. Sponge cake elephant's picked up by the ears
  94. More's trouble - head being chopped off
  95. Nothing by novice would ultimately help someone experienced
  96. Pet beginning to ail when idiot's stuffed in ice cream
  97. Do they provide endless encouragement? yes and no!
  98. Element wanting change to back pair in soccer team
  99. Enthusiastic jazz singer behind london theatre
  100. For the most part be frugal with cream
  101. Former president could be sadly disgraced - a sting found out
  102. Picture of one crossing the red sea?
  103. Vessel that may help liven up a formal party
  104. Take care of a public exterior - get paint
  105. One of the three said to be in it?
  106. In the street one like et is conspicuous
  107. Ten - nil rout gets the bird
  108. Suppress mounting attacks on the french
  109. 14 with a month for holidays (one on tyneside?)
  110. Into which, by analogy, a gallon won't go
  111. Begin with the gut
  112. 14 discovering god's name for himself in testaments
  113. One curiously vets bail cases
  114. A sorter's sorted, being a woman of her word
  115. 14's hectic year, involving writing
  116. Bill's no amateur lightweight
  117. Fiddling about with money - two sovereigns involved
  118. A match with new foe in '80s film - no problem at all with this
  119. Old man finds water bird slightly involved with detectives
  120. Equipment for partners in the copper belt
  121. Run a novel audit producing assessment that's too low
  122. Piece soup?
  123. Parliament success: what about mr coe? negative
  124. Scrambled eggs endorsed for firefighter
  125. A word used among master mariners
  126. Really vain, to be blunt
  127. Deny a gem's being reset for the waiting youth
  128. Second child's slip-up
  129. Dispute as daughter is told to go
  130. Reached high to marry, taking in royalty
  131. One's repeatedly running water
  132. Name darts-playing artisan
  133. To put it another way, the letters appear rash
  134. ... great music composed by one of 28
  135. Put pressure on journalists to drink
  136. General conveyance
  137. Birdcage
  138. Occasion for dissent?
  139. Detail of undressed kid taken to court
  140. Plate dropped in ablution plant
  141. Signal heard at 12 for yankee party
  142. One overly concerned with appendage for foot soldier?
  143. Spoken in haziness by preachifier
  144. Playful knockers spread over page one? time for delay
  145. W o o z y ?
  146. Place for abraham's issue of old spiderman comic
  147. Bears with lack of heart decay
  148. Find there's hell to pay for ...
  149. Mistake to do up letter bomb, say
  150. Publication became gentle
  151. Put down one jar after study
  152. Name an american university, which thatcher derided
  153. Tight religious clothing for a royal simpleton
  154. Port people rebuilt on tees
  155. Mostly at home with lee, say, or rangin' about with lee
  156. They could come up on the pools, as it were - ill winds!
  157. Bolt i have inserted in right frame
  158. Bereavement a second after sunrise
  159. Blake's bell ringer
  160. United states investments for rolling stones
  161. Drudgery producing academic chef d'oeuvre?
  162. Hearing several trapped in ruin, editor is crestfallen
  163. Daughter concealed traditional crockery
  164. Attend a soldier's party and make a run for it
  165. Points retinue makes to board
  166. Artist to pursue struggle for survival
  167. Boy upset at vandalised tourist attraction
  168. Pushing out a helicopter, for example
  169. Cheat with cards and make a pile
  170. Toxic litre - alcohol, knocking number out
  171. Baseball's number one american guy?
  172. Girl's demeanour puts mister outsider off
  173. Nurse makes visit around five with drug
  174. Saw illiterate children
  175. Reason android has no heart
  176. Make dolly sit in a rather lumpish way?
  177. The leg properly positioned to receive ball?
  178. Unpleasant time in bar - after spinning round, was sick
  179. Nelson was given about 2,000 in newspaper coverage
  180. Popular les, flexible and useful in many ways
  181. Dog is eating a short dog and is being treated accordingly
  182. So his jews haven't converted?
  183. Bearer of news about the comic relief in macbeth?
  184. Guru protecting wrecked boat from malicious interference
  185. Snake taking shelter when at rest
  186. Medic admitting abduction of tradesman
  187. Editorial report on songs
  188. 9's relations reduce the weight of letters
  189. Siren used by locum at locks?
  190. Round bird?
  191. Pig and gnu falling out about nothing are in the ascendant
  192. Pine to throw money
  193. Striking effect of powder reversed after taking drug
  194. Be king of niger?
  195. Concentrated on home numbers -that's about 5
  196. I've become strong; i leave off being subhuman
  197. Bloody rude aunt exposed, but not directly
  198. Class of lungfish in one's pond for a change
  199. Junction in electricity supply service
  200. Fire wood of the sort erica gets
  201. Wire reins do vary internally quite a lot
  202. Cruel slaughter at service area
  203. Historian told to continue performing
  204. Of peruvian ancestry? brilliant!
  205. Doing without strong drink - it's discouraged
  206. Turned key and pulled
  207. Friends turn up to dinner - an ample feast!
  208. Typical measures current in germany
  209. Advice on clues in anagram form
  210. Announcement from the roman capitol
  211. Stumbling upon clue for 'disconnect'
  212. Othello's lieutenant catches cold at exotic oasis
  213. Carol calls for mum at bedtime
  214. Sailor has explanation for forgiveness
  215. Smooth aspects of cromwell's horse
  216. It's not easy to cross an english poet embracing the french
  217. A tree is beginning to topple - one on a volcano
  218. Go on stage with tina turner to receive guests
  219. Discharge vietnamese leader in laos settlement
  220. Jumble sale, including spot marker for vehicle parts
  221. Speed trick radio 1 dropped? bravo!
  222. Little woman's a rebel in school
  223. Creatures in a horror film: dogs laying siege to central bank
  224. School is counting every second of xmas breaks
  225. Key displayed by advocate for houdini, say
  226. Outgoing mail, i assume
  227. Nice lake drained for rude fellow
  228. Number wearing old garment seen in the south pacific
  229. Takes advance payments to include pamphlet
  230. Minister backs brown in old battle
  231. Band thrown up in cooler, lacking a leader
  232. Breaker of wild brutes
  233. By chance, a maverick on the staff
  234. Be my baby group
  235. Popping the question royally?
  236. Clipped, dishevelled, aged bird
  237. They fly, like songstresses!
  238. Idea occurring later
  239. I'm perched on white stick
  240. Mend or repair
  241. Divide equally
  242. Pose, holding award: a form of acceptance
  243. Several flukes prevent the balloon going up
  244. Jack has a way with him in foreign parts
  245. Piped music
  246. Left one gainfully employed as an apprentice
  247. Forcibly puts forward awkward truths to school head
  248. Teach a king english, with an hour off for a bite?
  249. Thunderclap curtailed in eastern mix-up
  250. Swag? swag not legit: not with nil result!
  251. False impression from conservative: give him time
  252. Convenience outside one's primitive shelter
  253. State call includes study of cultivation
  254. Benefit swallowed by cost of a room that's odorous
  255. Time of confusion say
  256. Opponent has iron ring put in
  257. Chap has one chief
  258. Envisage holding document
  259. Lad rejected gift, which is outrageous
  260. Demands fool accepts king
  261. Man set out part of bloom
  262. Yemen upset rival
  263. Contrived murder most foul
  264. Us state like a lake in africa
  265. Ride a bit carelessly and get a wigging
  266. Peers slow to reform, lacking teeth
  267. Various kinds of person entitled to a pension
  268. Coach horse to take most of risk on the outside
  269. Jousting tournament doesn't include one pet
  270. My tribute made to element
  271. Interdiction that's about to stick
  272. Turned one large seed into vegetable plant
  273. Awkward skier's about to try
  274. Meaningful study
  275. 1 2 ... but not first and second!
  276. Close to 3.75p once?
  277. Stood by any other name from shakespeare?
  278. Where woodmen stay is light brown and cold inside
  279. Fast on the italian pulse
  280. Sources of energy arising around the queen's harem
  281. Large computer for the scholar below me
  282. Contend a herb carries little weight
  283. Traverse black spine
  284. Bully from the hills holding hands
  285. Cold drink dispenser from egypt
  286. Origins of short and long vowels obvious in salute
  287. Show total return by one state
  288. Crazed male, an upholder of heresy
  289. William shakespeare tragedy published in 1609 set during the trojan war
  290. Coastal resort of andalusia spain southwest of malaga
  291. 1895 thomas hardy novel featuring the character arabella donn
  292. The — stage play by aphra behn subtitled the banish'd cavaliers which premiered in 1677
  293. Actor who played the title role in 2010 comedy-drama film cyrus
  294. 2001 film thriller starring naomi watts and laura elena harring
  295. South african golfer; 1965 us open championship winner
  296. Joseph — english actor and clown who died in 1837
  297. Yves — surrealist painter whose works include 1927 oil mama papa is wounded!
  298. Marsupial similar to but smaller than a kangaroo
  299. First major written collection of the oral tradition of jewish law
  300. 1973 action-comedy film starring burt reynolds in the title role
  301. Home in autumn, almost non-negotiable
  302. Frame funny letters
  303. 2011 volume by alan bennett subtitled two unseemly stories
  304. Strong woven material with diagonal ridges or ribs across its surface
  305. Man's eating a horse on a full stomach!
  306. Appearance after drinking too much distilled barley?
  307. It has misleading passages
  308. It keeps a sharp eye on german and american arms
  309. We hear it's bound to be a current variation
  310. It may be responsible for a hold-up on the line
  311. Soldiers armed with guns on manoeuvres
  312. The fall of niobe?
  313. Call for a national theatre show
  314. Fish and chips cooked with lard
  315. A helper worried about me only for one day?
  316. Killer's in a dive when after jack
  317. Cook greeted at wapping on return
  318. Brilliance of a single amethyst
  319. Breaker of secret recording failure
  320. A nude told off for revealing lumps
  321. Hard drudgery could be mild later
  322. A bluebird? no! one in exaltation
  323. Not knowing accompaniment to 3 23?
  324. Courses - they have 21 for the riders who are running
  325. Part of new york is sedate after turmoil
  326. Code of behaviour set down by first army officer?
  327. Hello, there's fog about! it can get one caught out
  328. Try to avoid paying debts? bank comes round in the proper manner
  329. Person in uniform teased within earshot
  330. Agreed an end to engagement, getting married
  331. A fry the steak bar cooked?
  332. Vain type, who so surprisingly attracts more than one female
  333. Taunt one coming in to face bowling
  334. A second source of pollen containing nothing
  335. Left-wing performers who may mess around with the text?
  336. Araucaria's favourite guardian incentive
  337. Whirlpool in the west: fifty corpses resurrected
  338. Time to drink a twist
  339. It's not corruption
  340. Return most of my income? certainly not!
  341. Get smart tree at university
  342. Start of play: letter from abroad about battle
  343. Insect taking cover, retreating from swallow
  344. Wrong about soviet lead, bolshevik ultimately meeting untimely end
  345. Novel piece of furniture, externally unadorned, with three middle drawers
  346. What's missing from book title? small insects
  347. Had youngsters fooled
  348. Run to raise money and totter
  349. Clothes may be spared
  350. The man's filled up with endless biscuits - such a bloomer
  351. Say round about a hundred can organise the putting up
  352. Show pine's wrong in a bodega
  353. Being out of ready money, barter
  354. Remedial treatment, if dirt's a problem
  355. Way back, flying coppers in with security equipment
  356. Flag that is quite normal
  357. Laxity of knight caught wearing flimsy garb
  358. Leave well-known solicitor
  359. General bitten by snake becomes numb
  360. Oil giant wrecked artwork
  361. Drip through steeple
  362. Obtain let-off with ill-advised complaint
  363. Cobra or python
  364. Moved rapidly
  365. Police officers protective garment
  366. God's rule is greatest in those people
  367. Image of old bishop up in satellite
  368. Sunrise time
  369. Evenings in ads
  370. Big apple baseballer for short
  371. Forward or return note
  372. Southern salesmen picked up in phone distribution
  373. Firm friends?
  374. City lived in turmoil; it's a downward slope
  375. What the babes did in panto for a tree
  376. Ace with stunt almost comes to grief - the fool!
  377. Mad comic with union movement is out of touch with audience
  378. Vehicle moved aimlessly
  379. Send out round the east for what's required
  380. Ravine covered in black stuff - a dye
  381. Are they carried by conductors?
  382. Immediately at the scene of the action
  383. Desperately seeks aid to keep 17 23 utensils from 17 23 18
  384. Don't pay expert to secure gold plate
  385. Get thee hence (relative to a 5)
  386. To be that fond of the compiler is charming
  387. 'the monument' is a church - not a pub!
  388. 24 across, or large-bottomed?
  389. Optical equipment teacher returned in the afternoon
  390. Hastens to order rice menu with nasty consequences!
  391. Excavator of beauty spot
  392. Mad rush to get stuffed in the home counties
  393. 17 recipe for happiness supplied with fungi she cooked
  394. Metropolitan dropped at the office
  395. Travelling drama tutor?
  396. Does he believe an emperor will return?
  397. Like drink? somehow this should keep you going
  398. A wee drop is what's lacking
  399. ... a prophet spoken of in the clothing trade
  400. Gas lighting
  401. A concept a kid worked out, full of excitement
  402. A horse run in morning like 30’s 8
  403. Free spectacles available in college
  404. A way to go on 22 across?
  405. Acknowledged henry was unwell
  406. Arabs perhaps coming from other shores
  407. Aroused by adult party in ireland
  408. Function curtailed at nightfall
  409. Arresting liberal democrat, copper picked up investigation — there's only one way out of it
  410. Degree required for sphere of work in nursery?
  411. Arrive to take care of male with minimal energy
  412. As 22 across might be, by one german in 6, perhaps
  413. Vladimir's second home
  414. Award state power over psychological drug
  415. Being dry, replacement unfortunately left out
  416. Bishop, worn out, blustered
  417. Bloomers german chap initially lampooned in room 101
  418. Rock plant highly sought after
  419. Brutal fellow, cur ultimately hostile in former colony
  420. Buck's other half receives pounds as handout
  421. Change course when vessel's caught in the swell
  422. Carmen in east london area, leading to boos and hisses?
  423. Strip joints opening tonight
  424. Chat about hospital being involved in small leak
  425. Cheek - that, going topless, authority figure needed?
  426. Cleric, very holy within? the reverse — a venomous type!
  427. Cloak our resident druid originally ordered in black?
  428. Complain having lost english holdall
  429. Concierge unusually with load of time describing earth-based system?
  430. Conducive to wellbeing
  431. Conservative leader suspended for being shifty?
  432. Continually annoy, as it happens, old-fashioned society girl, on return
  433. Cooked: did prune in advance?
  434. Costly address to partner
  435. Cotton fruit
  436. Covering miles, a swallow comes up onto mate's tail feathers
  437. Crime of minister wanting leader removed
  438. Current very hot? not right
  439. Dagger's not used ’til fight
  440. Notice to cut out and show
  441. Delete from will's tinder his raving about me subjectively
  442. Descriptive words no good for teeth pig's lost
  443. Loved seeing a cheat blushing
  444. Discarded item of furniture outside pub
  445. Eg, dogs trained to find drugs
  446. Elderly fellow reported a swindle after a thousand is taken
  447. Excited to go and do the unfinished pattern on fabric
  448. Explosive new book describing dates with former england footballer
  449. False, outrageously dupe president first
  450. Feeling tense in front of teacher being nasty
  451. Feline admirer not at ease in this?
  452. First one off to get a tan? better take top off
  453. Flower that's yellow, outside germany or in it
  454. Food dish absurdly presented to heathen idol
  455. Fret when drippy folk are in the ascendant
  456. Fungi with some seaweed one's eating cold
  457. Gather food for the audience
  458. Godly type goes round in leisurely walks
  459. Good morsels thrown out? that's stupid
  460. Heretics fled
  461. Hoping to relieve pressure, cooked around 200 dumplings
  462. Husband dined out like 13’s 3
  463. Ice pack only partially needed
  464. Illustration from india engraved in copper
  465. Indian princess has hair a man styled
  466. Information needed by two guardian spirits
  467. Initially serves up pleasant summer drinks
  468. Initially sitting on child’s toilet suffering from rash?
  469. Just emptied open lorry
  470. Kippers? they're on the way from mallaig to fort william
  471. Leaves through different gate, admits airline
  472. Letters dispatched in fliers
  473. Like mr & mrs smith, finally was dying
  474. Little bits of dirt under sofas, typically
  475. Upset, if miler's speed remains unwavering
  476. Locate neckwear taken from university challenge?
  477. Mad religions, sadly causing dismay
  478. Holder of the colours
  479. Massaging ego - nut’s way of speaking
  480. Meaning one route to 3
  481. Money problems? don’t start!
  482. Fielder makes initial mistake
  483. Move energetically
  484. One of four on the fiddle
  485. Nancy's very cross and that's wrong
  486. Newly re-enact entry as occasion for commemoration perhaps
  487. No longer needed by group - a stand-in
  488. Animals raised by celebrity
  489. Not all of the athletes in preliminary race
  490. Noteworthy waste was recyclable - feature of most 8s
  491. They tempt men to look for murderer in the streets
  492. Oap
  493. Letter redirected to college
  494. Once at my studio, i might produce such a programme
  495. One taking notice in my school
  496. Outweigh; cancel
  497. Parody about flower company's final omission
  498. Pastry in very thin sheets
  499. Place to drive from, with refusal to waste a minute
  500. Practical joke, jest
  501. Prisoners upset by past vice
  502. Promise fun as one route to 3
  503. Put down iron after crease initially comes out of collar
  504. Rat briefly cuts supply in plant
  505. Request daily list for mps
  506. Returning ingredients, a chef drops bananas, needing bread
  507. Rhubarb found in beet, upside-down, back-to-front
  508. Risks with daughter and son full of wrath
  509. Rue missing intro for white bird
  510. Runners on less firm terrain here — fine, in spite of stumbling
  511. Sad face, taking in storm on vacation
  512. Scheme for small piece of land
  513. Cast head as reserve
  514. See one's stoned
  515. See some memories being conjured up
  516. Seeking to attract favourable publicity
  517. Sexually ambivalent? leave chap from the ’50s, intolerant of others' ideas
  518. Prepared to fly with oriental politician to point inland
  519. Sexy bottom? it might encour­age rapid but unwelcome developments
  520. Shelter, perfect place when once lacking energy
  521. Shoot gangster, heading west in capital
  522. Showed (a film) again
  523. Signal to include large hint
  524. Small piece, not genuine, about learner
  525. Son that is returning gym skirt
  526. Song from callas maybe minutes away
  527. Speedy; lively
  528. Spooner's appearance for what reason? conceited fellow?
  529. Standard document
  530. Straighten back of jacket? i would, certainly
  531. Strict believers making jokes about educated female
  532. Striking hat? it might be haydn's
  533. Stroke's continuation
  534. Sulk pretty regularly
  535. Superficial display taking everyone in
  536. Sweet drink — price, oddly, is around tuppence
  537. Torment clergyman when initial resistance becomes hard
  538. Turning out to be the online type
  539. United achieved victory, we hear
  540. Unsettled after scientology's first dissemination
  541. Unusual pattern a ruler re-established
  542. Very broken-hearted at outset apparently having such a story?
  543. Visionary caught one in here
  544. Volume used by us associate in prosaic way
  545. Wastes time by being indecisive
  546. Woman's right to a german address?
  547. Expert ruler takes off trench coat
  548. It's beyond the 18's capacity to draw
  549. Student entering dull game makes it unique
  550. Take cover from french hand-washer
  551. Raced round to betray
  552. One who prepares piece of furniture
  553. Bunch follows sweet flower
  554. Cattle spasm is due to movement
  555. Is beat in support for proof
  556. One who's always there and about?
  557. With a thousand out, is for returning to work?
  558. Deserve rebuke
  559. Do not vote using a black mark
  560. It holds cup - a brassy one?
  561. The sideline of a woman?
  562. Peevish smile that keeps sides apart
  563. Open country - more for musicians to get upset about
  564. Captured by old foe, rich industrialists' heads roll
  565. Prevent attendant causing obstruction
  566. Puddings detected by detectives ...
  567. Crazy plan to restrain military assistant
  568. ... multicoloured sweets (see in an optical illusion)
  569. Cheese for clarence's brother
  570. See 'hate awfully'!
  571. Mckellen possibly in a play
  572. Bump start for jellicle cat
  573. Outfit changed on inclination
  574. Spirit often drunk in ancient times
  575. Coach attached to cricketing side in play
  576. Saving firm in money difficulty
  577. Campaigner found in the fronts of words of the four long across answers
  578. You and i e.g.
  579. One who is deep, not silly
  580. Feature of many a flannel shirt
  581. Standard weekend
  582. Concert stage sights
  583. Lacking a key musically
  584. Makes unreadable in a way
  585. Summer olympics host between london and tokyo
  586. Snooker on the green?
  587. Concern about being in charge in isolation
  588. Six bringing skill to practicality
  589. Called for a peeled orange
  590. It may weaken or strengthen an army
  591. Drink up, holding lip? that's original!
  592. Sprayer of plant's fluid about to cover blue ground
  593. Some modern italian? on the contrary
  594. Endlessly overworked writer
  595. Proper support, two thirds of 100%
  596. Musical books contained bunkum
  597. On the continent, local time holds unfinished puzzle up
  598. Formidable weapon thus gripped in charge
  599. Cardinal following short, narrow passage emitted tremulous noises
  600. 27 fought to replace university with hospital management when hitler disposed of his storm troopers
  601. Reformed leninist evoking one lost capitalist leader?
  602. Where wind gathered, alastair campbell a king you have to admit
  603. Break for french acteur (translation)
  604. Deliver a blackbird
  605. Outcome of cheese production
  606. The french index is not right
  607. Anglo-american takes the rap sadly for middle eastern banker
  608. Tramp reaching end of road in song
  609. Establish counterblast, as it were?
  610. Contractions from bearing? yes, lots! awful!
  611. Short-termist's record hour no mere accident
  612. As is right and proper at home ground
  613. Ignatius's new revelation giving one strength
  614. We addicts very critical abusers? not a trip!
  615. Out of sympathy with the common mood, like the corn laws
  616. Dyke's man gets verbal proposition
  617. Cast iron part no one could make, causing undue delay
  618. Girl with english inheritance
  619. Row at church puts a stop to organ
  620. Setter's right to a place in the field, being a fearless warrior
  621. Where hunters meet to bag a duck
  622. Failed flier crashed without completing a cruise
  623. Similarly, the money basket is fluctuating
  624. Poet fails to start the food
  625. Boy nearly bought one in colombia
  626. Fed up with unknown challenge
  627. West indian dish gives energy to each belly
  628. One teetotaller will break up a party as before
  629. See 31
  630. Repeated knocks make irish twins retreat
  631. Could be so slim and supple
  632. Beverage given to child in school
  633. Masses of writing about ex-pupil
  634. Mad about mickey, almost deserted
  635. Top of gas cooker is cracked
  636. Loan shark certain to be found in the old city
  637. Tar gets nose broken in mutiny
  638. Thus does sneak preview?
  639. Pronoun for a mom
  640. Sits on the throne
  641. Many an ebay user
  642. Word after drinking or driving
  643. Classroom staffer
  644. The irish law books facing the viewer
  645. Tense tennis moment
  646. Waited to be found, maybe
  647. Dearest possession that mary had, after suffering initial reversal?
  648. Black-and-yellow pollinator
  649. Way, way back when
  650. Winter skating sites
  651. __ year (2020 or 2024)
  652. Poison churchman during 'omen' remake
  653. Large coffeemakers
  654. Persons specialty
  655. Happy, perhaps, under his friend's last name, the star
  656. Alphabetize, for instance
  657. Whole wheat or rye
  658. Retirees benefits org
  659. Chefs condiment
  660. Deg of distinction
  661. Seventh of a week
  662. Fluffy rug
  663. Duration, as of a film
  664. __ foot in: enter
  665. Hoopsters footwear
  666. Centaur or chimera
  667. That aint never __ happen
  668. Willow or maple
  669. Mans collared office attire
  670. Sunscreen ratings: abbr
  671. Bit of sewing
  672. Echo dot assistant
  673. Opinion pages
  674. Poem from an admirer
  675. Jingle-writing guys
  676. Sparked, as ones appetite
  677. Something ungrammatically spoken between oneself and the heavens?
  678. Hailing english, or hailing a pole, not english, perhaps
  679. Indian state provides double entendre with 'poke'
  680. Belligerent acts from german leader invading a nether region not popular
  681. Plant of the teasel subfamily 8 letters
  682. It deals automatically with dirty habits
  683. Rotten pears lie under me
  684. Gyorgy ligeti
  685. China in first phase regeneration
  686. Its colours originated memorably with richard
  687. Cooks use this american port no more
  688. This pipe doesn't wind, however
  689. She surprised alice
  690. Lasting effect of blue an' red blend
  691. They know nothing about soaring
  692. Coins that betrayed iago, originally
  693. Plain, yellow american bird
  694. The only scotsman to be wise?
  695. Gold beneath getting louder: take the food i made
  696. Blondes tennyson had his 18
  697. Lewd student, american, upraising german air
  698. Principal keeps soft reeds playing when up against a deadline
  699. Looks at message of greeting
  700. Work in the channel islands producing plants
  701. Refuge making no charge - a questionable arrangement
  702. A relation calling for a certain amount of cooperation
  703. Many love tea and coffee
  704. Bread scattered among the leftovers for a bird
  705. To leave someone helpless is the london way
  706. Victoria was not posh spice initially (synthetically made exterior)
  707. Drag character or characters from 'www.', one entered with an 'enter', perhaps
  708. Separate urinals out of order
  709. Dictator offered nothing for it: chap ravaged by kind of disease with no known cause
  710. Resorting to the war, there's trouble getting into it
  711. Leaving it may be good at 2
  712. Tread a measure?
  713. Girl cut gym without having to try
  714. Kid said to have wielded influence
  715. Trainee management course
  716. Record firm price for arab territory
  717. Latin rock leading to a fall in criminality
  718. No drawback to rent in yorkshire
  719. Water regulator likely to cause pub brawl?
  720. Dressed for dealing in disguise
  721. Model held in greatest demand?
  722. Harks back to socrates' art, not as debatable
  723. Claim made by one wearing the trousers
  724. Can soccer managers expose backscratcher?
  725. What a cucumber produces to raise the spirits (and inspirit one!)
  726. Britten's work scraping the barrel with wagner's
  727. Knock off o'connor first
  728. Wild tiger seen in this national park
  729. Accidentally ruins map when protesting furiously
  730. Checker on liner shows artistic ability
  731. A short time in, for example, derby's environment
  732. People briefly granted money for camphor
  733. Avenger failing to impress
  734. Geographical feature is like this round maidenhead
  735. Slag gets drawstrings for bloomers
  736. How father put sugar over the vegetable shoots?
  737. Ismail features in french sea song
  738. Masculine element taken into account by criminal
  739. Examination raising some regular objections
  740. In these days we may be stricken with fear
  741. Milk drunk in columbus's ship?
  742. Uninformed soldier turning to girl with book
  743. Decide to gamble no further on finding money in the food
  744. Left possessions in landed property
  745. Beautiful girl carying a gun is nothing to worry about
  746. Dazed, having swallowed cigar butt and likely to croak?
  747. Punishing course of study at poly gone to be reshaped
  748. Dump the wife, if i were you
  749. Relapse, left in cheeky situation
  750. Sailor rounds port having jettisoned love happily, say
  751. Reportedly, this works soil no longer fertile
  752. Don leaves oath by which those who live also die
  753. Against having a girl around as a slave
  754. Book that's recalled in english test
  755. One may be surprised when they go up - must be hairy!
  756. Fine fellow with items to sell on the harbour
  757. One may be seen as 'old' after end of first year!
  758. Cell's nucleus lacking in particle
  759. Mark on script by a man in charge looking after things
  760. The first 45 minutes slightly burns the pictures in a residential area
  761. Road on riviera or in southwest england, as they say?
  762. Drink and drink, missing a round - pass one
  763. Clown turning up on a high with a scrubber
  764. Not necessary to expose 10 toes
  765. Ice for a short time in italy
  766. Stairs - outside stairs - as removed and destroyed at dawn
  767. Weirdo gives horse to king
  768. Mr bean, raised outside prison, provides 22across 15s
  769. Milk from the next or the next but one house
  770. Lion and mule entangled on the floor
  771. Fish - ones swallowing plain biscuit
  772. Protection symbolised by ringing 100?
  773. Ozone-destroying chemicals (abbr.)
  774. Access digits for long-distance callers (2 wds.)
  775. Apparel company launched by shark tank investor daymond john
  776. Law & order spinoff featuring ice-t familiarly
  777. Fox business network's ___ regan primetime
  778. Uno card that causes the next player to miss a turn
  779. ___ support (pc user's helpers for short)
  780. The french pass back from this place
  781. Hebrew prophet of two old testament books (abbr.)
  782. Classic card game that inspired uno (2 wds.)
  783. Demolition man actor wesley
  784. Arrives after an event has started (2 wds.)
  785. Uno card that causes the next player to take more cards and lose a turn (2 wds.)
  786. One-celled creature studied in biology class
  787. Dress or be casual
  788. Implant again settles heart
  789. Runs out of juice as a smartphone
  790. What the front-runner has at the start of a race (2 wds.)
  791. Uno card that changes the direction of play
  792. Mn and nm (abbr.)
  793. Uno card that lets a player declare the next color to be played
  794. Truckers on a radio for short
  795. What nielsen ratings measure
  796. Strand at the ski chalet say (2 wds.)
  797. It's just a ___ (reassuring words to a toddler's parent)
  798. Three-time beach volleyball olympic gold medalist ___ walsh jennings
  799. Britain's got talent standout boyle
  800. Corporate money manager (abbr.)
  801. Elmer who hunts a cartoon wabbit
  802. Track and field event (2 wds.)
  803. Facts and figures on a sports news crawl for short
  804. One of three granted by a genie
  805. Actor palminteri of bullets over broadway
  806. Waged an insurrection
  807. Lerner and loewe musical about king arthur
  808. Like tropical storm winds
  809. Films that are not intended for younger audiences (2 wds.)
  810. Tv drama whose title appeared on a california license plate (2 wds.)
  811. Pop singer mclachlan and comedian silverman
  812. ___ the girls i've loved before (julio iglesias/willie nelson duet) (2 wds.)
  813. Church based in salt lake city utah (abbr.)
  814. One on after current string instrument
  815. Turn in best strumpet
  816. Condescend to plan lacking direction
  817. Tropical bird to lift the ultimate trophy
  818. Breakdown in disagreement
  819. About time peter french found an occasional lodging
  820. Fears loss of opener to slips
  821. Their failure to work leaves one speechless
  822. Royalty on long island
  823. Row about thief removing lining in hat
  824. Work on medical solution after doctor writes
  825. I, for one, may be heard making positive declaration
  826. Peevish driver getting right inside
  827. King henry gets involved in craze
  828. Animal from bog taken to centre of staging area
  829. Gold (water colour)
  830. Pizza topping doubly average having eaten seconds
  831. Fizzy drink with pork and apple, perhaps, as drug source
  832. Missing excuse, hiding nothing, no fuss, so america to step down when dismantled?
  833. Flower that's been laid into red bouquet
  834. Once more fit out on vessel during search
  835. Cut centre page out
  836. Clubman doesn't begin to speak
  837. Catching someone in the net?
  838. The old banger's on the way from norwich to newmarket
  839. Auden permitted to compose impromptu
  840. Fail to qualify and get the bird
  841. Girl calling for someone to help
  842. Women used a tear causing a royal response
  843. Highball contributes to alcohol in the bloodstream
  844. Doctors care? lie put about in hypocritical show of concern
  845. Flourish on husks and meal
  846. Nurses start to show sign of affection
  847. Shrill and unrefined, they say, taking care of the guardian
  848. Differentiate flow
  849. Takes in with the eyes of a sailor
  850. Experience diminished energy
  851. Damaged car in tense passing situation
  852. Flag raised when there are festivities
  853. Sound evidence of the presence of trippers
  854. These voices were heard in xanadu
  855. Drum generated by piper?
  856. Directions in heraldry
  857. Risk a penalty without aspiring to be slim and good? impossible!
  858. Half 19 having a peep at you (revised version)
  859. Hustling needed to get heater
  860. Members getting their 3?
  861. Inside - almost outside - the front page is lacking in taste
  862. Rough pegs worked in potentially explosive situations
  863. Part of circuit training beginning with the morris dance?
  864. Knotty ash, perhaps, ends sound work by hawthorne
  865. Be a fool about a lady of rank
  866. After the end of winter a tree appears more promising
  867. Smyrna now is water, so to speak
  868. Crusoe's original place in scotland
  869. Texan should remember to remove ends from sausage with love
  870. 31 bringing torment turning up in the morning, sadly in the morning brought up
  871. Possibly with it to wear the crown?
  872. 31 to enter, if mispronounced?
  873. I said pearl should be reset - by us?
  874. Go back to amateur operator writing system of old
  875. 31 girl ...
  876. This is asking for trouble ... 'who i use to iron'
  877. Officer useless in southeast, where his dialect's not spoken
  878. See special instructions
  879. Keep parfait around, part chilled
  880. Laugh following old carriage? not half! there's an uproar
  881. So double act in variety is clipped
  882. Bit of play but no movement on board
  883. I want a free, democratic island
  884. They join together in operations
  885. Clever stroke to point
  886. Cut a cloak
  887. Refuse to criticise
  888. Dead right i see to invade retrospective performance
  889. Rod stewart's first idea jolly!
  890. Free music! which publishers cut-price charles ives overtures?
  891. Hector has no right to the insignia
  892. Beat or scrap
  893. Wales gave unusual example of 1
  894. Flier got hind leg partially broken by accident
  895. Polish river's said to be preferable
  896. Gray mood caused smart worker to leave 1 ac.
  897. Sassenachs, in short, mad about cutting out characters
  898. Cruel wound that's hard to heal
  899. Without planning post office is in extreme disarray
  900. Knowing all to be in most nice order
  901. Problem over total
  902. Advantage gained when bowler finds it ...
  903. Given time, perhaps, on judgement day
  904. Bread supplier
  905. Endgame played by partners?
  906. It makes things damp in the evening
  907. Caleb, too, sported this tie
  908. Singers trained at high school?
  909. King edward had a problem with rye
  910. Where conflicts of interest are resolved, unseen and tied up soundly
  911. Birds barred on the racecourse
  912. The offence of considerate vandalism
  913. A winter in france going topless? a joke everywhere
  914. Quiet piece of cloth in tartan
  915. Part of word given by orphan?
  916. Revised criticism with calf binding is standing up
  917. Confession of a gadabout and globetrotter?
  918. A power circuit, perhaps, raised in 6
  919. Prenom du defenseur gill
  920. Boring prohibitionist
  921. Cosmetic promotion seen in viewer screen
  922. With reorganisation of station, be firm
  923. Fish to be taken with a rod, that's quite plain
  924. A sheepish creature is one of a well-known trio
  925. Blase and far from satisfactory employee
  926. Employ model that's wrong - his didn't involve 4
  927. Ill defined situation or subject
  928. Needlecase 4 letters
  929. Not abridged, containing nothing hot or vulgar
  930. Encouraged - lost canoe, but still encouraged!
  931. Wanting life to be exact
  932. Revolutionary racket is interrupting gift-bearer
  933. When to indicate or appoint
  934. Oriental pushes off to ancient city
  935. English worker keeps on being stylish
  936. Girl lived under speakeasy
  937. Relentless advance of harridan supporting a month of hype
  938. The way a good man catches a plane, for example
  939. Joiner takes venture fairly slowly
  940. 'lift the beams', we're told
  941. The unemployed lied wildly about certain tory women
  942. Miss fellow catching fish
  943. ... as arabs may be, here?
  944. Survey of opinions
  945. Astrological constellations
  946. Strongly masculine
  947. 'english trees' provides solution
  948. Bay is not bay when at sea
  949. Soft part of ear
  950. Merely simply
  951. High-spirited energetic
  952. Soft and moist
  953. East londoner's to once more consider turning criminal
  954. Sport 'times' featured in spring report
  955. Quickly spread
  956. Golfer’s tee shot
  957. Removed covering from gifts
  958. Short-lived blunder oversight
  959. Adaptable multi-purpose
  960. Cover provided by staff in bar
  961. She has a certain charm, as shakespeare would say
  962. Setter's bloodless skewer
  963. China and cuba on stony ground
  964. Round a hundred, old man
  965. Another setback as the result of stiff breeze?
  966. It's useless to instal one in the vehicle
  967. Another word for technique or method
  968. The garden of earthly delight painter hieronymus ___
  969. Takes charge say
  970. American energy company that produces crude oil and natural gas
  971. Going back to the lapel lining's number one fashion
  972. Defence gets one bail improperly
  973. Sign of impending storm in crowd (150 university players)
  974. Outstanding impression make by drunken replacement
  975. Animal seen to run on mount etna
  976. Stoppage to assist reform
  977. Simple working editors having no right to proceed cautiously
  978. Girl, we're told, with characteristic responsibility
  979. Main part of evidence showing that federal agents are holding right girl
  980. Old man used to land fish
  981. Wake up in the nick
  982. Plot developer
  983. Grounds for a good man to back opera
  984. Spots moles
  985. Man's chains can be cast off
  986. ... we don't understand and the mayor can't deliver
  987. Great giver of laws is absorbing
  988. A 2001 joke going around, like the best dodgers?
  989. Exalted rapper confiscating a thousand books
  990. Bailed criminal, having restrained spinster, is allowed in courtroom
  991. Chief is wrestling before coming in
  992. Oarsman on island has a go on a typewriter
  993. Singular french firm stifling a touch of class - it points downwards
  994. 1 across is red, like revolutionary
  995. Clip king in bar
  996. Row after resistance in charge is not from the battery
  997. Drunken pool night exploring the nether regions
  998. Like this fighting all the time?
  999. Only poor environment for women in city
  1000. I'd meat rejected by holy leader
  1001. Plant with lofted precision when not using driving club
  1002. South american indian tribe found in the foothills?
  1003. Aggressive, feeble companion arrested
  1004. Source of sugar cane, reportedly
  1005. Massive stirrers stick with sociable people
  1006. When our secret troops are bad, one kills
  1007. John senses abnormal laxity
  1008. Always after a winter warmer, grant lodged a complaint
  1009. Group of ten, one taken away
  1010. Stitch up with thread?
  1011. His cherubs depicted cheekily, upsetting his moony cherubs
  1012. Doctor admits this setter's pudding, but i'll go down fighting!
  1013. Stuff to study for an exam
  1014. Directions taken by clergymen
  1015. Supernatural calm created round a soldier
  1016. One providing cast-off clothing?
  1017. Greedy person swallows leg just out of the oven?
  1018. A half-cut blonde i'd seen in article with false denial and this on top?
  1019. Unreliable chap, albeit with character reference
  1020. Try disease container, producing irritating sensation
  1021. Dog will be barking some day
  1022. Grid unlimited, answer demanding 'chambers'
  1023. Horse carrying disease detailed orange stuff
  1024. Fancy one darling, shortly?
  1025. One lying about problem
  1026. Mixed 4 milligrams of drink
  1027. Flair for 12 suffering
  1028. P-premature description of london's king
  1029. It's for pinning colour on half of air gun
  1030. However, 20 went out for a snack
  1031. A weapon receiving humble consideration
  1032. Central rule can break down
  1033. Single woman accepting a drink that's fantastic
  1034. Ancient solvers holding girl up without much ado
  1035. Hacks take credit for dining utensil
  1036. Playwright breathing flame
  1037. Go up, up with henry, in song
  1038. Spites blix over possible arms sales, say?
  1039. Name one old testament woman: nobody else!
  1040. One blocking smells from danube? not a chance!
  1041. Baroque bairns sculpted by plumber's mate, say?
  1042. Capuletti, verona's lost love, consigned to some risky stake
  1043. Hot, frenzied moans at back almost reversing taxi
  1044. Character discerned in one's claret, some say
  1045. Vain activities
  1046. City of southwestern honshu
  1047. Some leases forbid them
  1048. Gas pressure principle, by including oxygen as well, failing
  1049. Topper with a creased crown
  1050. Putting the pole first, fuchs? pass out! get festive!
  1051. Sophisticated elegance
  1052. Clay in suspension, i see, is down to earth
  1053. Restaurant kitchen work
  1054. Annie lennox or sheena easton
  1055. Diamond of songs
  1056. Long-eared creature
  1057. Cholesterol-controlling drug
  1058. A thtrain on beach bums?
  1059. Burn with a sudden intensity
  1060. Neatnik offender
  1061. Belonging to the lady
  1062. Early stages of development bill for botanical protection
  1063. Green and mendes
  1064. Former general taking heart from fruit and flower arrangement ...
  1065. Source of some sicilian smoke
  1066. Hoppy libation
  1067. Tests of performance
  1068. Essential oil adding nothing to speed in vehicle
  1069. Anthropoid animals
  1070. Item in a scrabble rack
  1071. Dutch given to drink - that's fishy
  1072. Beast of burden returning to a legendary settlement
  1073. Mother's ruin's part of 7, which is said to be curative
  1074. She needs no provocation to get involved in a row
  1075. Heath's relative sorted 21
  1076. Yard held individual with a drug
  1077. Follow appropriate sign of clerical occupation
  1078. Stubborn worker apt to flap when steps are taken
  1079. Material displayed by salesman in church
  1080. One has one of them, another three
  1081. Sort of saw for pine
  1082. One drunkard turns to espy another
  1083. They may be eaten in morocco, inviting glances
  1084. Shades of ibsen
  1085. I'm stunned given less width wrongly installed - performance of cowboys
  1086. One offering lift from rue paris
  1087. Transmission of heat from cold source of water heading off, lots here heading off
  1088. What could be subtler during search for weapon!
  1089. Cite evidence to decapitate evil mussolini
  1090. Prepare for war with random timetable, one ignored
  1091. Suffering caused by initial loss of flag
  1092. Heartbroken squeal about milliner is momentous
  1093. English can be discovered in french street following ...
  1094. Fly all over horse
  1095. A fool about money
  1096. Fraud gets round a scavenger
  1097. Intended for duck as well
  1098. Guideline for most of the study
  1099. Net pay received by one tangling with latter-day gypsy
  1100. Model in check on a piece of viewing apparatus
  1101. Degree given to canto of sorts in european city
  1102. Fashion in which tyrannosaurus rex heads for extinction
  1103. Ale vendor finding it too much to bear?
  1104. It protects the furniture of clergy on board
  1105. Walk jauntily, given support
  1106. Reverse role - sailor as pest eliminator?
  1107. Fall on jazz fan taking a right turn
  1108. Line that cuts through sussex and kent, etc is powerless
  1109. Argues against 'operation ugly dogs' keeping neutral
  1110. The thing is, after lap dancing, one gets hair screwed up
  1111. Knee-bending dance
  1112. Cattle farm crew
  1113. Salt dry or smoke
  1114. Pungent produce buy
  1115. A word in your ear: civilian vessel's engaged in exercises
  1116. Crafty strips for taking off getaway clothes
  1117. Revolutionary machine, revolutionary pole device
  1118. Gastric juice e.g.
  1119. Be louder than with out
  1120. Welsh rarebit base
  1121. Group playing 1960s hits e.g.
  1122. Number in a sound check
  1123. Practical joker's deed
  1124. Tv daughter of jed bartlet
  1125. Trebek with answers
  1126. Custer to sitting bull
  1127. Where to buy a cream puff
  1128. Opera libretto listing
  1129. Places to boat and fish
  1130. Nurse's hand-out before operational cuts are made?
  1131. The wrinkly simpson
  1132. Cite as a yogism
  1133. Happy emoji
  1134. 2 broke girls diner cook
  1135. Soccer goal part
  1136. Caffeine kick
  1137. I doubt that a tough guy film star needs to go topless
  1138. Lacking lumps
  1139. Lotus-___ (daydreamer)
  1140. Toward sundown
  1141. Insert delete et al.
  1142. Londoner's pardon me . . .
  1143. Ship's shelter
  1144. Halloween treat with orange creme
  1145. Regrouping strategy
  1146. Le mans entrant
  1147. Coat rack protrusions
  1148. Shown in a theater say
  1149. Propel as a rickshaw
  1150. Hunk's physique
  1151. House stark patriarch
  1152. Pungent pale-blue gas
  1153. Protrude as a chin
  1154. In progress to holmes
  1155. Freelance author's pitch
  1156. Word in christmas songs
  1157. Sewer rodents
  1158. Flickr postings
  1159. Generous daily help, albeit disorganised
  1160. Ingredient in some salves
  1161. Mimic with contempt
  1162. Winfield in cooperstown
  1163. Transvaal trekkers
  1164. Impose as a 3-down
  1165. Tops with buttercream say
  1166. Hunger is sharp about morning
  1167. Exactly what is wanted in a situation
  1168. Possibly seated and quite composed
  1169. Leg spinners out for a catch
  1170. Spot of wet weather
  1171. New masters selected academic groups
  1172. Maiden bowled in matches here? unlikely!
  1173. Society gossip to 5? he should be arrested!
  1174. Sworn when a 5 went wrong
  1175. First of champonship's players accepting line call?
  1176. Clip showing male animals
  1177. Prime ministers said by 18 to describe 19
  1178. No life can be recorded
  1179. Burning without flames as john brown's body did
  1180. Pinner has gardens bordered by southeast's river
  1181. Puts up with family headgear
  1182. Footman in 5, said to be somewhat officious
  1183. Ox of history or ox of oratory?
  1184. He spies it out by addition of letters
  1185. Maker of priestly garments?
  1186. Scene of 12 giving the first part of 14 across an end
  1187. 2 articles hardly do what can't be done
  1188. Libertine or collector
  1189. Boy turns to beast when fighting addiction
  1190. Disposition of doublet, hose, etc
  1191. Essex man's instrument's piercing tone's a problem
  1192. 4's wrong sound with head tucked away
  1193. Close game which is different or called 'close'
  1194. Morality play for himself?
  1195. 4's shoe
  1196. Rich continental couple securing central england for spain
  1197. Boring, boring arsenal's centre behind front two
  1198. Amicable source of warmth that can be lethal
  1199. Plant when season's not begun
  1200. Ruth contains first example of devotion
  1201. Zola doesn't end without a message
  1202. Fannie ___ (mortgage loan company)
  1203. Crocodile-like animal?
  1204. What women ____ (mel gibson movie)
  1205. ___ rodriguez actor who plays manny delgado on the sitcom modern family
  1206. Essence of a being that rhymes with sole
  1207. Rubs out spot embodying greasy spoon repulsion
  1208. Idiots - old ones possibly
  1209. ___ hyland actress who plays haley dunphy on the sitcom modern family
  1210. Words on a garbage bin: 2 wds.
  1211. ___ bowen actress who plays claire dunphy on the sitcom modern family
  1212. Reject as charges
  1213. Sound measure of tenth babylonian deity?
  1214. Morty's mom on rick and morty
  1215. Sylvester stallone role in first blood
  1216. ___ gas (argon or neon)
  1217. ___ stonestreet actor who plays cameron tucker on the sitcom modern family
  1218. There's a lot of interest taken in it
  1219. Fundamental or name of an early computer language
  1220. Chat room chuckle: abbr.
  1221. ___ dokie
  1222. Z alphabet-wise
  1223. 1000 ml: abbr.
  1224. Sue grafton's ___ for outlaw: 2 wds.
  1225. Word in many superhero names
  1226. African bearded antelope
  1227. Indian-born character on the big bang theory fondly
  1228. Soft drink with a redwhite and blue logo
  1229. Daughter of loki in norse mythology
  1230. Kind of crossing made by drake's ship
  1231. ___ winter actress who plays alex dunphy on the sitcom modern family
  1232. Former governor of florida ___ bush
  1233. Yarn that's embroidered
  1234. Space to turn round and berth
  1235. The height of architectural draughtsmanship
  1236. Man-eater, a little bit upset - he's on an old ship
  1237. Homework upset handsome man, hence the language
  1238. She-canine hid abode - futility shown here
  1239. Don't start having a baby when on the throne
  1240. Buck keeping wife within call
  1241. The ray is possibly not the controlling factor
  1242. The other way the old chap ran
  1243. Rock salt - draw round it
  1244. Map to employ again after drink
  1245. Still no variations?
  1246. Makes adjustments for girl having second thoughts about head teacher
  1247. Venus, for one
  1248. Rock experts?
  1249. Conveyance for two
  1250. How great, sarcastically
  1251. Tv anchor tapper
  1252. Bread baked in a tandoor
  1253. Bit of dance instruction
  1254. Pioneering arcade game company
  1255. Specimen of southern liberal
  1256. Word before we or flush
  1257. One making a scene outdoors
  1258. Feeling less anxious when deputy has taken over
  1259. Green outer layer of a statue
  1260. Edwards or ramstein: abbr
  1261. What aftershave can do
  1262. 1993s ___ accords
  1263. The grapes of wrath migrator
  1264. Source for restaurant reviews
  1265. Actor writing article on spain, perhaps
  1266. Pale ___ dot (earth)
  1267. Lacking a compass, say
  1268. Is unable to include cooker in agreement
  1269. Very enthusiastic, the opposite of a great female singer
  1270. Merchant of venice affecting one at noon
  1271. Object after getting churned up dairy product
  1272. Slattern with no nurse around to get milky coffee
  1273. Answer to peron, born in chile, is within reach
  1274. Timber (a ton) hiding a garden plant
  1275. Forget me not genus
  1276. Brian came shortly before from wales
  1277. Wild the whole time
  1278. Official agency cannot recruit any teachers to begin with
  1279. Persuade bad starter to finish
  1280. Where there's confusion about the french car
  1281. French making new start to waterway
  1282. Small old penny black
  1283. Snick a boundary
  1284. Disciplinarian marks a test roughly
  1285. Exquisite food
  1286. The vulgar crowd we all have to suffer
  1287. Power at mains switch
  1288. A broken romance?
  1289. Spicated, you say, otherwise barbed
  1290. Cheese in france: what for? all round nonsense!
  1291. C-cacophonous cautionary condition
  1292. Hat once quietly tipped here?
  1293. More epigrammatical, say, than this oracular medium
  1294. Lay down rough pale stout
  1295. The way the compiler did it is capital
  1296. Ludicrous encore put back in to annoy
  1297. Inverted layer containing sulphur, easily chilled
  1298. Fur that's not initially practical
  1299. Scientist and actress juliette, dropping point, acquires condensation
  1300. Measure taken by vermin raised to be popularly acclaimed
  1301. Town putting name to voice
  1302. Upset eggs in church, making a terrible mess
  1303. Oriental writer in the audience
  1304. Animal finding snake in the grass
  1305. Desire to tour country is feminine
  1306. Sequin for embroidery soon becoming a must
  1307. Wine from river, that is, to throw out
  1308. Guttersnipe on an indian scale messin' up
  1309. Abroad she captures one mammoth, about to become fit
  1310. Perfunctory compliance unfortunately isn't ok with me
  1311. At which cobblers, like elves, rushed
  1312. Little lower, showing a bit of leg
  1313. Do house buyers find extremes in tom hanks' character?
  1314. Production of play without leading characters
  1315. Hanger-on takes sovereign to heart
  1316. The bottom line - how to get a rejection slip
  1317. 29 after last nun leaves?
  1318. Gunboat diplomacy could be a bad dream for the church
  1319. Martin served in ulster
  1320. Theme of photo picture exhibition
  1321. Colour of old third foot?
  1322. Sunbathe, maybe at a price
  1323. Cooked food for a non-drinker in compensation
  1324. Breaking dates hastily, being really single-minded
  1325. Up-to-date general
  1326. Being in credit, the french are less encumbered
  1327. Can't be taken in? there's no answer to that!
  1328. Permanent dwelling
  1329. Initiating a breach
  1330. King of troy, one conveyed like a baby?
  1331. Theatre - one's dedicated to performing
  1332. Touring south, poor not rich, pays fare from the southwest
  1333. Good horse providing beef
  1334. One such advice-barker's troublesome around rear of fiat?
  1335. One creating friction with shabby hospital investment, a result of inflation?
  1336. Reject and reject one rejected
  1337. Frozen layers, which may be cheesiest
  1338. Make new arrangements for the holiday place
  1339. Draw made randomly?
  1340. Rate tony, perhaps, as a lawyer
  1341. Spirit of rock?
  1342. Body of assessors examine 'o' grade
  1343. Urge free report to newspapermen
  1344. Set out taking in force to harass with gunfire
  1345. Pip's girl - is she from across the water?
  1346. Semi-slow cooker for east european
  1347. Stay for a time in the bathroom
  1348. Footsore cattle?
  1349. A largely 1 across age - 24 hours, alas!
  1350. Trunk growing from roots
  1351. People who applaud nonsense can be useful in the garden
  1352. Think of french rescue
  1353. No hope keeping student like bunter
  1354. Ensign and quaker agreed
  1355. Got over insect bite
  1356. Order made only after promotion
  1357. Gentile's a painter
  1358. Poorly valued live entertainment
  1359. Vessel going round lake casts off
  1360. It's very much used as a prefix
  1361. The marathon, perhaps?
  1362. Fruit in tree can go off
  1363. It's divine embracing girl in time off
  1364. Dealing with team capsized in river
  1365. Reveals united nations' demand in writing
  1366. Keep your thanks in check
  1367. Yearning to penetrate paintings put up by the airway
  1368. Artistic movement's waveband receives gold 6s
  1369. Garden implement takes type of beetle prisoner
  1370. Sailor catches another up in the capital
  1371. People with something in common take notice of dyke
  1372. Gives ground, with sponsor so very strong
  1373. Literate and in good health, getting about these days
  1374. When required, call to have base reassembled outside
  1375. Associated with alderman concealing deception
  1376. Shape of doom in the atlantic for ships and aircraft?
  1377. One of the family sat up during the stoppage
  1378. Move with stealth among feckless idlers
  1379. 9 make an impression
  1380. French painter rises shortly over the hill
  1381. Doubly the 22 across and the 3 with 9 26
  1382. Passed open book, skipping introduction
  1383. Energy to express one's disgust?
  1384. Rocky, light and cool, i suspect
  1385. Royal meeting leaderless immigrant finally changed his nationality
  1386. Shield appearing cute on chest, almost battered
  1387. African girl maintaining europeans
  1388. Financial support at kitty hawk?
  1389. Mount which has to gallop faster?
  1390. Remove italics from text?
  1391. Bread served with tandoori chicken
  1392. Fuss over feathers
  1393. Siblings sharing a ceremony?
  1394. … because you don't want to cross me
  1395. Contact a fictional pirate?
  1396. Cal. entries
  1397. With 58-down life of pi director
  1398. Hardest to come by
  1399. State that celebrates pioneer day
  1400. Girls' neat figures?
  1401. Retreating soldiers cover leading egyptian officer
  1402. Add 1 across to a party of sailors...
  1403. Gridiron complement
  1404. 1 across could be gaudy, if lacking heart
  1405. Many gentle types show lack of attention
  1406. Constellation named for a mythological ship
  1407. Fixers in flight for 15, dior fashion
  1408. ... sailor aboard takes a lead
  1409. A touch of style
  1410. Speech from 'love on the dole'?
  1411. Involve in late changes
  1412. Foremen's outright blunders
  1413. Pays out and relaxes
  1414. Very different from east poplar
  1415. Could be another's fishing ground
  1416. In poor health, expired taking the waters
  1417. A girl, british one aflame with yen to show appeal to her man?
  1418. Yes, aprons go messy herein
  1419. One of the porters' conveyances they trundle for hospital
  1420. Idea sung about in part of mass
  1421. Nasty smell with vessel in kitchen going over - little encouragement to enjoy food!
  1422. Sham argument from one of the foreign secretary's supporters?
  1423. King's wife in explosive country
  1424. They stop interim arrangement
  1425. Solo recital sounds like a non-stereo record
  1426. Demon start to rage and horrify us
  1427. Spelling power
  1428. Step taken to account for the bends
  1429. Spirit-tapping (almost) is good for the stomach
  1430. Judge in nude cavorting! that's not unusual
  1431. A maths problem? its victims think it's a wheeze
  1432. They're left when the planes's taken off
  1433. Girl grasping left hand
  1434. Bread producer has a profitable business
  1435. Piety embraces love to a great extent
  1436. Drinks hard, being dissolute
  1437. One to inspire the flower of york? right!
  1438. Against poetry talks
  1439. Dissipated bear smell is of no importance
  1440. Rush to see the rain
  1441. Leave flower on going
  1442. Old sailor's waterproof sheet
  1443. Arriving by tube?
  1444. Old letters returned by chinese nurse
  1445. Rigid model seen off
  1446. Is incumbent on someone to have done with falsehood
  1447. American friend takes a turn more often than not
  1448. Global degree of freedom
  1449. Non-bowler put in to bowl
  1450. Show fond regard for the opposite sex
  1451. Muckspreading may be a remedial application
  1452. Spoils the opening of blackpool illuminations
  1453. Help one man in trouble? that's fantastic!
  1454. Money taken at gunpoint?
  1455. Bones in a cage
  1456. Rapper rich ___ quan
  1457. Informative talks
  1458. Tower bridge spans it
  1459. Card with neither a number nor a face
  1460. ___ place or show
  1461. Nebraska city near iowa
  1462. Without a musical key
  1463. Dumpster woe
  1464. Back in a very short time
  1465. Bill dubbed the science guy
  1466. Inverness inhabitants
  1467. Almost due time to break monotony
  1468. Cry from the heart of basques, unanimously
  1469. Glasses have them
  1470. Artwork featuring the 58-across
  1471. Chimpanzees and such
  1472. Mormon leader smith
  1473. Post office opening
  1474. 2019 award for soccer star alex morgan
  1475. End ___ (consumers)
  1476. So upbeat a piece!
  1477. Record being played in front of mobile home causes unrest
  1478. Celebrity going to switzerland for a stiffener
  1479. Coastal abode
  1480. Iranian money unit
  1481. Beginning of the back nine in golf
  1482. Ohio city near michigan
  1483. Trucker's outfit?
  1484. Command whose icon is often a floppy disk
  1485. New hampshire's washington e.g.
  1486. Rodgers of the packers
  1487. Busker's bills
  1488. Verb that rhymes with a related organ
  1489. Right away! acronym
  1490. Cascades or a hint to the molecule stream hidden in 3- 8- and 33-down
  1491. Yule informally
  1492. Workplace social time perhaps
  1493. Risks getting bleeped
  1494. Oppression involves putting tube into each part
  1495. ___: miami (2002-12 show)
  1496. Symphony for one
  1497. Sit (down) suddenly
  1498. Evil one rising in disorder, a restless spirit
  1499. Come back with a profit
  1500. Take advantage of the people present
  1501. Beat the endless spottiness!
  1502. They'll close talks after a request for silence
  1503. Scoffed about buffet put together
  1504. Approached a queen, being in dire straits
  1505. Judge set a mite wrong
  1506. Catamaran initially in the dock, one lost to noted female?
  1507. Flower, one i'm preserving in a pickle
  1508. Travel farther than, where abroad, the car's broken down
  1509. Feature of orson welles's ethic, a substitute for 'the third man'
  1510. Diversion lifted for relief by the way?
  1511. Us car, one abandoned, ridiculously cheap for an american?
  1512. Box contains english make
  1513. Careful procedure the last resort?
  1514. Suitable place in which to see armani - chelsea?
  1515. Lass, like this clue, n end f rpe?
  1516. Squeeze bullock to get bovine out of the middle
  1517. Slow to find the garlic devilish?
  1518. Virgin man in a pickle, model having fled
  1519. Composer's chosen movement by composer
  1520. Edges of very rusty pot replaced upside down
  1521. Clerical journalist - vicar going round in a skirt
  1522. Refused 19, going the other way?
  1523. Part of 13 to shove one into ill-fitting suit
  1524. Part of 13 for a dancer
  1525. Doesn't sound it, but it's hot
  1526. I'd return to break agreement in dispute
  1527. The charge incurred by you initially for treatment
  1528. It is charged for a portion without wine
  1529. Loud knocker cut short, appearing chilled
  1530. Safeguarded money certain to go to family?
  1531. Unreliable man i love, the heartless reptile, perhaps
  1532. Embellished, transparent feature of rude words one passed round the caribbean?
  1533. Elizabeth divorced from nick about to go berserk
  1534. School selection criteria
  1535. Codgers to maintain 'the queen's head', maybe, in places where the queen isn't!
  1536. Discussion on the way out?
  1537. Salary list
  1538. Covered with fat when consumed by gluttony
  1539. When one appears in person, it's slander
  1540. Swift passer-by starting to interrupt robbery
  1541. Had sample moulded for translucent cover
  1542. Bribe former worker with hesitation
  1543. Sweet spice with perfect taste
  1544. Hors d'oeuvres make anita spit
  1545. Native south american partly incapacitated
  1546. What can't be caught can be made bad in lieu
  1547. The schemer's only part of the writer
  1548. Price of 20 for itinerant healer, former pupil, going in from there and going on
  1549. One in 2 or 20, of course
  1550. Indecent books withdrawn (including most of thackeray's) on a day in july
  1551. Succeed in removing it from private bathroom
  1552. Inferior saucepan
  1553. A run to clinch the match?
  1554. Move king to a stronghold
  1555. The jam-making trade?
  1556. Confronted directly
  1557. Leg movement used in crescent pose
  1558. One responsible for statue of mother and child?
  1559. Rejection? not as a rule
  1560. One moving stealthily on foot in america
  1561. Breakfast that can be everything
  1562. Chicken appeared tender stuffed into tree, needing no more temperature
  1563. Useful for keeping some warm in knightsbridge?
  1564. Approximately 28.35 grams
  1565. Scrummy game involving love and kiss a basis for sauce
  1566. Interpret stake pocketed by the poor
  1567. Barrier providing cutting message?
  1568. Backs back with those eating 'ay?
  1569. Last of beer in port's for cattlemen
  1570. Principal, except with heartless tutors, acts the goat
  1571. Controversial issue of lustful king edward?
  1572. Browser's all right with one eye
  1573. Bend round to kiss missile launcher
  1574. 'bitmaps for ife' exposition's rather hot introduction
  1575. Shops for pieces of veal with fresh topping
  1576. Pays for utensil and plates supporter
  1577. Actor who costarred as rowdy yates on tv's rawhide: 2 wds.
  1578. Pouch-dwelling pal of pooh
  1579. Crank turning, in fact, engrosses one
  1580. Bassinet occupier
  1581. Actor who starred in the title role of tv's the life and legend of wyatt earp: 2 wds.
  1582. Victorian ___ (most of the 1800s in britain)
  1583. The ___ in the lion's skin (one of aesop's fables)
  1584. ___ over (discuss in detail)
  1585. Passing-the-bar hurdle for an aspiring lawyer
  1586. Part of something that's the farthest from the middle
  1587. Religious title for al sharpton: abbr.
  1588. Removable section of a table
  1589. Basic unit of heredity
  1590. Pixar fish with memory problems
  1591. App for ride seekers
  1592. Fish whose skin is sometimes used to make wallets
  1593. Written-down names of the people invited to an event: 2 wds.
  1594. Resort island of southern italy
  1595. World war i flying ___ (one of snoopy's personas)
  1596. Square or circle for example
  1597. Late worker?
  1598. Lays down new turf
  1599. Con artist's hoax
  1600. Regions on the margins of settled territory
  1601. Edible stuff
  1602. Will & grace costar hayes
  1603. Tetley bagful
  1604. Anyone ___? (call for more volunteers)
  1605. Old city falling short of ideal
  1606. Team least trained gets no satisfactory result
  1607. What's astir? broken bones
  1608. What ___ become of me?
  1609. What lines of poetry often do
  1610. Pattern of crossed lines as in a crossword
  1611. Garlic has a noticeable one
  1612. Person honored for bravery
  1613. Magazine whose name is a black hardwood
  1614. Slang term for an electric guitar
  1615. Sea-based military branch
  1616. Painter takes game on plate to the queen
  1617. Girl taking time out faced the bowling, no less
  1618. Plant used for arbours?
  1619. Mangled corpse heartlessly put out of view
  1620. Where witches venture
  1621. Research set out in periodical
  1622. Waif in pub in african port
  1623. Try keeping every one in case
  1624. Molly maguire hides cocaine in food processor
  1625. Little american pal showing german round baltic port gets the bird
  1626. Unsteady child's horse in gory condition
  1627. Jump at cake? gosh!
  1628. You'll cap gis anyhow by having beautiful buttocks
  1629. In the pacific it's done without reward - for love - which is impressive
  1630. Repeated instruction to puppy - you eat it!
  1631. A powerful man, the ambassador makes a pronouncement about cold
  1632. Monstrous having performance worker in charge
  1633. The girl with my french girl is poisonous
  1634. How a drive could be spiced up?
  1635. Turn plate into fortune with a little medicine
  1636. Wordy
  1637. Day to gain entrance to ship
  1638. Old solvers (singular and plural) on big wheel
  1639. Train for uterine disorder
  1640. Serve drinks, keeping a beast as lover
  1641. Hurting for money
  1642. Source of bureaucratic rules absurdly restricting heads of state?
  1643. Bridge costs
  1644. Laughed gleefully
  1645. Happen again on bishop accepting gold coin
  1646. Oddly afraid of hotplate in illustration
  1647. Surviving when on-board equipment doesn't show south
  1648. Locks principal in reception
  1649. Push member for right to duty-free
  1650. Kindly release outspoken oriental kids?
  1651. Use hands to build light shelter
  1652. Octave's arranged for bird
  1653. Big thaw causes river to swamp shelter
  1654. Went quickly through sheets of metal containing iron
  1655. Appear absorbing for an announcer
  1656. Sick at work?
  1657. Early problems due to power splitting tiny particles
  1658. Live worm's a source of fine fare
  1659. St martin about to pass on
  1660. Allusion to character?
  1661. Stop and stalk
  1662. I forsake muslim bastion when worried by 12
  1663. Sore toe, not head, at wedding?
  1664. Captain going round local yard - he's dispensed with trunks
  1665. Excursion requested for the 26 7
  1666. Gather there no getting out of hell
  1667. Turn to applying leverage to rebellion
  1668. See 1 across and 22
  1669. Inaction's disturbed the maestro
  1670. Travel in time beyond it and back from rome
  1671. S-stay behind for such a night with van gogh
  1672. Illuminate with reflection from sat-nav aspect
  1673. Evans, once keeper of, eg, dry pitches
  1674. Trojan 'ero in retreat returned like stephen fry at dundee
  1675. Transformers: ___ of extinction (2014 movie)
  1676. Homeless drifter
  1677. Matthew daddario's role on shadowhunters
  1678. Dot follower in a campus's url
  1679. Chicken piece also called a drumstick
  1680. Disagreeable stuff that forms on pond water
  1681. Actress blanchett who won an oscar for blue jasmine
  1682. Tummy or tooth problem
  1683. Annoys a little
  1684. Actor who starred in the title roles of tv's davy crockett and daniel boone: 2 wds.
  1685. Cuisine that includes massaman curry
  1686. Involves parents in revolt
  1687. Delivery charge for a flowering plant?
  1688. A vague idea permission is needed
  1689. Never return to attempt the resumption of possession
  1690. Protective wear that's split: look into this!
  1691. Stable fellow investing money in new store
  1692. Excuse certain to give rise to amusement
  1693. Inferior ground
  1694. Control apparent as others fall
  1695. 16 down 9's not quite made it to the other side?
  1696. Criticise sporting achievement
  1697. Number about to enter river, getting cold feet
  1698. 16 down 9's seen upside down, swallowing heads of dinosaurs, frogs, unicorns and larvae on weird night
  1699. Prince appears more wet?
  1700. See the french one on low marsh ground
  1701. Not seldom met with in soft endearments
  1702. Might pinter later mean to become an mp?
  1703. Formality of leading performer at church
  1704. One in a hundred may be a weed
  1705. Reconstruction of paris with energy wins commendation
  1706. Provoke girl to take part in strange rite
  1707. Old pain gets girl on edge
  1708. Cover wanting to abscond - why it's said to be a sin
  1709. Many had followed the original samaritan
  1710. Bog ore carelessly spilt at no. 11 ceremony
  1711. Carry out purchase without deed
  1712. Knock what's said on departing into desert
  1713. Seat that's too low for some
  1714. Go 'coo!'. flaunt busty novel choice, excited with very little showman's shout
  1715. Painter shows impudence after tea
  1716. A green nut (european) for sprinkling into cake mix
  1717. This is a blow below the belt, or i''m a dutchman!
  1718. A warning to say nothing about evidence of arson
  1719. Butchery firm owned by a combine?
  1720. In the main, it's classed as vermin
  1721. Plain girl goes to dance
  1722. Become a sitting tenant
  1723. Derivation of article discovered in french region
  1724. It's used on watch
  1725. A case for making a charge
  1726. Valiant choir somehow held a note
  1727. They are outnumbered in play
  1728. Licking strike that's irregular
  1729. Potable sort of 14 with right look in dish
  1730. Open to accept measure of work experience
  1731. His false teeth start to come loose - not to be trusted
  1732. Bundle a 3 4 into taxi - it's a predictable sort
  1733. Make do without extract, including piano
  1734. Hygienic installation to stay on time
  1735. Rut cut in from left
  1736. Shallow versifying in measure for measure?
  1737. Wow! the libel's fabricated! right, who blabbed?
  1738. Without ceremony, brother, i've returned old trafford's shorts!
  1739. Phil, some say, a royal playing for liverpool
  1740. Non-reithian reference to his fiefdom?
  1741. Fish so called with a new lawyer in new york
  1742. Heads turned by paintings etc devoted to a special purpose
  1743. Non-standard lime from a red standard
  1744. Charlie's predecessor hired killer
  1745. Special subject for american officer
  1746. Dumb harpo is lone star
  1747. Plastic material for cassius
  1748. European noblemen depicted by american author
  1749. Make good cop rue corruption
  1750. Joy on grant's first meeting with confederate general
  1751. Keep working (or playing) in london
  1752. Company sounded cocky?
  1753. Orchestrating score, take one of four quartets
  1754. Token in name only
  1755. I get point playing, going carefully
  1756. General method to get elbowroom
  1757. Music provider lured mice mostly abroad
  1758. Specify coat that's to be put on the door
  1759. River bend makes a neat arc
  1760. Observe at length the reference below
  1761. Partly erroneous copy
  1762. To harass thus is in itself clever
  1763. Cross-examiner?
  1764. Hope is dashed for her
  1765. Courage needed by chickens?
  1766. Top hat too fancy? it's a controversial issue
  1767. Not true talent
  1768. Dodgy gear forfeited in compromise
  1769. Hormone can make one get so randy, initially
  1770. Adherent's mainstay - one set of holy books
  1771. Run away from salons seen to be terrible
  1772. Go, start off, with green clearly observable
  1773. Looking like a star with stuff in show? the opposite
  1774. Salt mixed in a gelatin
  1775. Most religious? not one english composer