1. No hurry, having a rest
  2. Fortified wine from jerez
  3. Julius caesar's last words to unexpected assassin
  4. Experienced in, having a knowledge of - sounds poetic
  5. Peninsula, mostly desert, at north end of red sea
  6. Former french coin of very low value
  7. Throw in self-conscious way
  8. Hurtful to the touch, like rose
  9. Alfred lord . . . . . . . . great poet of 'the lady of shalott'
  10. Robots in human form as in science fiction
  11. Savours or sensibilities
  12. Person with opinions contrary to church norms
  13. Strong coffee made with steam
  14. Rise with this bird to get up early
  15. Cited inn as source of happening
  16. Provide with a permanent income - perhaps a college
  17. Very jealous - see optics
  18. Take a train to albania's capital (6)
  19. Fertiliser salts found in train set
  20. Country in se asia, capital hanoi
  21. Idles about on children's chute
  22. Sing a song or melt fat
  23. Quality of excessive simplicity or innocence
  24. Carry out or kill
  25. Infectious and often fatal asiatic disease
  26. Penny-pinchers like scrooge
  27. Dr seuss books
  28. Accept with good grace - . . . . and bear it
  29. He thinks that he is socially superior to others
  30. Lump of turf or unpleasant person
  31. Acquired information, being well educated
  32. Animating forces or hard liquors
  33. Expel from a community or group
  34. Lennox, sugar ray and mary
  35. A staunch sort of plant?
  36. Legal description of a marriage to a person while legally married to another
  37. Insect, produces high-pitched drone
  38. Smelled offensively
  39. Church or cathedral of high rank
  40. A vote to select
  41. Tempers be strangely raised at this time
  42. Not far removed from nature
  43. Standards, averages
  44. Swimming garments or tree stems
  45. Puts things in order, neatens
  46. Child's two-wheeled vehicles
  47. Person who practices nudity
  48. Addressed a deity
  49. Running wild in groups and causing harm
  50. Country of the tsars
  51. The exultation of victory
  52. Preparing for publication by correcting etc.
  53. Took a break from activities
  54. It fills the cavities of bones
  55. Wading bird with long legs
  56. Smartly-dressed, but dubious, fellow
  57. Relinquishes a right
  58. Everything he touched turned to gold
  59. Aromatic bulb
  60. Identifying appellation signifying status or function
  61. Sell from place to place
  62. Man's hat with a tall crown
  63. Come upon, meet
  64. Most out of the ordinary and unexpected
  65. Freshwater or marine protozoa
  66. A short, pithy, instructive saying
  67. Traditionally thought to be the fish of knowledge
  68. Three-dimensional effect of sound
  69. Massive royal tombs of ancient egypt
  70. For some unspecified reason
  71. Flowers for kay the lover, by the sound of it
  72. Illustrations by hand
  73. Create or cause to happen
  74. Considered likely to happen
  75. Person who practises self-denial as spiritual discipline
  76. It's caused by choking or drowning
  77. Slow and apathetic
  78. Amuse, divert
  79. Disagree, take issue
  80. Marine reptile in the group testudines which includes tortoises and terrapins
  81. Bedclothes or sailing ropes
  82. Appetizers in an italian meal
  83. Makes sound like frog - perhaps dies
  84. Obsessive desire to lose weight with refusal to eat normally
  85. Be next to, like building
  86. For advert, allowed to exceed amount lodged in bank
  87. Some sister never strict
  88. Place in between other things
  89. Removes clothes
  90. Words spoken so that certain people won't hear
  91. Dried cocoa-nut kernels, source of oil
  92. Mix, stir
  93. Person who pretends to be someone else
  94. Take into custody or stop
  95. Creators of nuclear devices
  96. A grass harvester or a heavy punch
  97. Saucy, lively
  98. Confrere as one who compels obedience
  99. On a grand scale like long poem
  100. Rod or antenna for receiving signals
  101. Wild female follower of dionysus
  102. In a line as, say, a descendant
  103. Olim puer eram, nunc ____ sum, deinde senex ero
  104. Game in which missiles are thrown at target
  105. Given to posing, artificial in manner
  106. In good shape, not ill
  107. Just keep going like idling engine
  108. Haurimus, vel potamus
  109. Membrane sometimes on child's head at birth
  110. Radioactive metallic element found in pitchblende
  111. Insect, or flaw in computer program
  112. ––– heater, an electrical device for heating liquid, especially as a fixture in a domestic hot-water tank
  113. Attribute or ascribe, say a fault
  114. Returns loan or favour
  115. Devices linking computers with telephone lines
  116. Pinches - in the bud?
  117. A man's pocketbook
  118. Chemical element, symbol ra, atomic number 88
  119. With which to prune vines, possibly, at the king's head
  120. Ocean regions where there is little or no wind
  121. Calamity, sudden great misfortune
  122. State firmly and vigorously
  123. Save with difficulty - sounds abrasive
  124. New zealand international rugby team
  125. Muffle with slang joke
  126. Lee harvey . . . . . . assassinated jfk
  127. Have an extended morning sleep
  128. Thin covering on top, as of wood
  129. Posture or way of thinking
  130. More than a bird but less than a facial expression
  131. ___ gebrselassie two-time olympic running gold medalist
  132. More than a symptom but less than a jerk
  133. More than a snake but less than a bodily organ
  134. Number of worlds connected by yggdrasil in norse myth
  135. Classic auto with a so-called floating speedometer
  136. Recess with domed roof in a church
  137. 'open . . . . . .'' is a magic phrase to gain access
  138. More than a british islander but less than a team symbol
  139. More than a bagel but less than a walk
  140. More than a court filing but less than a status change
  141. Big striped cats poetically burning bright
  142. Further book printing, not english, for delivery to another country
  143. Small glass to measure spirits, and the quantity of liquor in it
  144. Tax-advantaged investment tools for short
  145. Calif. school that's home to the aztecs
  146. More than a color but less than a trade occupation
  147. Available for visitors, not away
  148. More than an insect but less than a u.s. president
  149. More than a weather forecast but less than a muscle injury
  150. More than a boat but less than an idea
  151. 1946 role for fonda or 1994 role for costner
  152. Flowering plant that's also a woman's name
  153. ___ sports bureau (stats record keeper)
  154. Astonished, astounded
  155. Half women and half fish
  156. Indulgent one starts to eat nuts in time of fasting
  157. Steadfast in affection or allegiance
  158. Most strikingly odd
  159. Full and complete
  160. Showing feelings
  161. A person who worships idols
  162. Unit of local government
  163. Hollow tubes
  164. Unhappy or worried state of mind
  165. Stage name of the magician steven frayne
  166. In the midst of battle? partially withdraw - tanks are coming back
  167. Ninth letter of greek alphabet, small amount
  168. Nationality of gadaffi
  169. Small in quantity or degree
  170. Colourless watery fluid of the blood
  171. The car that provides escape for criminal
  172. Wilderness at the edge of a settled area
  173. Male teachers
  174. Onlooker, spectator
  175. A range of elevations on the border between england and scotland, mainly in northumberland
  176. Sign of love from henry the peacemaker
  177. Sedimentary rock consisting mainly of calcium
  178. Translate or take one's own meaning from
  179. Mental or physical representation
  180. Remains of an ancient plant or animal
  181. Over, ended
  182. Superlatively little
  183. Anti-novel about romantic star of silent cinema
  184. Central areas of stadiums
  185. Stands for artists' canvases
  186. Caesar was killed in the . . . . of march
  187. Roses i find with flexible willow twigs
  188. A mighty physical particle or bomb
  189. Colour of northern ireland unionism
  190. Staff complement of an organisation
  191. Come back with a formal report on transactions
  192. Transparent covering of outer eyeball
  193. A shellfish that sticks fast
  194. I say, it's a former school chum
  195. Expression of disapproval - a repetitive palindrome
  196. Entry areas to theatres
  197. Coagulating enzyme that can curdle milk
  198. To do with sense of touch, as in lattice
  199. Mail to peru's capital
  200. Run to get a vase
  201. Felt about as if in darkness
  202. Too simple and trusting
  203. Feeling of imminent sickness, may be caused by sea
  204. Position of flag to signal mourning
  205. 'the . . . . . . . . is worthy of his hire'
  206. Save or discard
  207. Clues he'd dropped about timetableclues he'd dropped about timetable
  208. Given to charging excessive interest, in biblical or modern times
  209. Person used by another to do something risky, like feline foot
  210. Every single one, person or thing
  211. Quite confused on the briny?
  212. Crowded part of old arab city in n africa
  213. Pleasantly plump or rounded
  214. Close in time or place
  215. Individual and distinct
  216. Put up with or last
  217. Linear display of numbers
  218. Creed or opinion
  219. Directs or operates
  220. The striking of one body against another
  221. Grammatical divisions
  222. Talent or present
  223. Understanding the written word
  224. Line of people waiting for something
  225. Neck garment
  226. Institutions of learning
  227. Pile of rubbish
  228. Separates or cuts with a sharp tool
  229. Transmit by radio or television
  230. Looking furtively
  231. As one, singers perhaps
  232. Produce buds or germinate
  233. Type of apartment without a separate bedroom
  234. Black stick used for drawing
  235. Give an account of in words
  236. Appalled, shocked
  237. Angry stares
  238. Domestic swine
  239. Mental or other representations
  240. They break in to steal
  241. Tall, perennial, woody plant
  242. Manifestly or apparently
  243. Left the armed forces illegally
  244. Tree and church officer
  245. Gained points in a game
  246. Theatrical performers
  247. Appears i have to assess the value of
  248. Thick, blunt
  249. Animal life of an area
  250. Vex, annoy
  251. Try hard, make an effort
  252. One after the other, successively
  253. We locals consume salad of shredded cabbage, carrot and dressing
  254. Undergo hardship patiently
  255. Space for a specific purpose, say picnic
  256. Its fruit is aubergine
  257. Patron des gens de loi
  258. Ornamental
  259. Slender in design or build
  260. Rough particles of sand
  261. Jeer, make little of
  262. Fathered or brought into being by
  263. Standards for attainment or imitation
  264. Smear roughly or paint clumsily
  265. System for detecting objects with radio waves
  266. Further on, outside the scope of
  267. Person who tends a church and churchyard
  268. No dealing about enticing
  269. Less edible parts of animal, entrails and organs
  270. Female figure column
  271. In greek myth, the god of love
  272. A large wave that breaks on beach
  273. Italian dish with layers of pasts and mince between
  274. A female deer, situated at the back?
  275. List of business items for committee
  276. A proficiency level in judo
  277. Microscopic organism consisting of a single cell changing constantly
  278. State of the mind as regards anger
  279. Without help or support
  280. Defeats pulses
  281. Express remorse for terrible sepia logo
  282. Specialised clothing or set of parts for assembly
  283. Fight a lot to get some rubbish
  284. Rang about alien rock
  285. Stop about to relax
  286. Attitude, physical or mental
  287. Cower, shrink in fear
  288. Mark . . . . . was the pen name of samuel langhorne clemens
  289. Of the woods, rural
  290. The plain people in greece
  291. Scored with beliefs
  292. Stringed instruments such as george formby used to play
  293. Discovered where something was
  294. Organ of the body and short temper
  295. Apertures or job vacancies
  296. Line of text at the top of an article
  297. Resort town in north cornwall
  298. Territory of northwest canada; capital whitehorse
  299. 2008 animated film starring the voice talent of ben burtt
  300. Brown and white plover of north and central america
  301. Claudia — german supermodel who married film director matthew vaughn in 2002
  302. 1985 film drama starring al pacino donald sutherland and nastassja kinski
  303. Mrs — character in 1775 r b sheridan play the rivals noted for her misapplication of words
  304. Marlon — actor-comedian who played gawain macsam in 2004 film the ladykillers
  305. Standard unit of currency of eritrea
  306. Fred — 1874-86 flat race champion jockey
  307. 2000 comedy-drama film starring minnie driver and hallie kate eisenberg
  308. 2009 novel by jake arnott
  309. Contestant you're matched against
  310. Jurgen — liverpool fc manager at borussia dortmund from 2008-15
  311. 1997 novel by harold robbins
  312. Peter — british theatre director whose books include 1968's the empty space
  313. State of being the same in quantity, value or status
  314. The last king of troy, in greek mythology
  315. Denizen of italian capital
  316. The smallest continent
  317. Consider to be probable
  318. Caution, warning
  319. Lowest part of anything
  320. They travel to sacred places as acts of religious devotion
  321. Elevated area
  322. Acknowledgment of the truth of something
  323. Critical evaluation, of book say
  324. Manner or look
  325. Conceivable, imaginable
  326. Observed and checked out
  327. Starting places on the golf course
  328. One of two duplicates
  329. Have the same view
  330. Quick to take offence
  331. Circus peformers
  332. Female figure in greek architecture
  333. Made up for wrong done
  334. Poor sap, being to the point
  335. Countries where the state's revenue demands are low
  336. Not contented or peaceful
  337. Hustlers can be without mercy
  338. Put obstacle in the way, hinder
  339. Quite unable to hear - made of granite?
  340. Not fresh, being least
  341. Large rounded bottle for cider or wine
  342. Fall or let fall in drops
  343. Loud burst of thunder - or laughter
  344. First name of . . . . . . hemingway, american novelist
  345. Lose freshness and droop
  346. Played in lively way as children do
  347. A secret spectator
  348. Sharpens as on whetstone
  349. Recurring in a uniform manner, say pulse
  350. Impurities floating on surface, or despicable people
  351. Prizes and payments given for merit
  352. One who makes fabric with loom etc
  353. Net tax still existing, not gone
  354. Rude order to leave the premises
  355. Object awarded as token of victory
  356. Photo or likeness
  357. Animal able to live in both land and water
  358. Scarlet missive for memorable day
  359. Stretched tightly, unable to relax
  360. Clear and cutting
  361. Problems and difficulties - subtle or what?
  362. Despite that, notwithstanding
  363. An unimportant departure from of the truth
  364. Casts or hurls
  365. It is lit to celebrate guy fawkes's day
  366. Rough preliminary written versions
  367. A shrill yell as from fright
  368. No sir; it is rubbed on violin bows
  369. That which is smaller, as of two evils
  370. Language widespread in middle east and n africa
  371. A cleansing sort of tv serial
  372. Grade schoolers proud acquisition
  373. Letters rarely seen on speed limit signs
  374. Potato skins and mozzarella sticks
  375. Not decorated, plain and simple
  376. Software revision for short
  377. Tear apart, wrench
  378. Assists actor by giving forgotten words
  379. Ropes of hair
  380. A religious painting or representative figure
  381. Cloudy sky color
  382. Went over again and again
  383. Showed joy, perhaps
  384. Beaten ways
  385. Cooler with blades
  386. Just moderately good, it will do
  387. Flying frenemy of godzilla
  388. Sugar-topped fair treat
  389. Nixons cocker spaniel
  390. Be lively during playtime
  391. Afflicted with illness, say
  392. Trioxygen alias
  393. Brain trust member
  394. Hawaiian carving medium
  395. Limo rental occasion
  396. Set designers concern
  397. Bad news for bleacherites
  398. Copper source
  399. Object in space with bright centre and long hazy tail
  400. Says may i?
  401. Drip (in)
  402. Where elvis was born
  403. Study session, shortly
  404. Web wow!
  405. Cabernet, for example
  406. Pulled quickly
  407. Pay phone input
  408. Celestial red giant
  409. Screwball comedy
  410. Fresh with morning moisture
  411. 1556-1605 mogul emperor
  412. Italian grape-growing region
  413. The cardiff giant, notably
  414. Marine predator of old
  415. Heart sonograms, familiarly
  416. Liquid soap dispenser
  417. Bluegrass legend scruggs
  418. Place for some savings
  419. Receiving little precipitation
  420. Space race inits
  421. Low-level flowery space
  422. Nonviolent belief
  423. Corddry of tvs mom
  424. Transfer, as territory
  425. Skips feeding
  426. Toon mail-order company
  427. The uss iowa, eg
  428. Speak very softly
  429. Concerning the mouth
  430. Alarmed suddenly
  431. Small rounded stones
  432. Enthusiastic enjoyment and a condiment
  433. Type of bowling
  434. Cut into small pieces, as meat
  435. Sham! sick country, one has to conclude
  436. Area at the top of the house
  437. Shamefully common places giving poor support, essentially
  438. She's always short
  439. Small cake of deep-fried minced meat
  440. Soliciting publicity explicitly in each case is legitimate
  441. Leather straps for a horse
  442. Son practised reversing in car that's a banger
  443. Spread malicious gossip
  444. Stick man ending in perpendicular lines
  445. Support upset about aggressive environment
  446. To save, i grant, was difficult with these
  447. Traditional cockney dish
  448. Underground storage organ for some plants
  449. Group of things of the same kind
  450. Unfair wager in which he blew lot stupidly
  451. Uninhibited singer with style that's lacking in control
  452. What greedy types have sadly doesn't start to go away - so, in truth, it's disgusting!
  453. With an rigid manner
  454. Measurement from front to back
  455. A sierra! wrong about clarkson's last car
  456. Artist reduced access
  457. The more of it, the less speed, it is said
  458. Auditor's recording device beat something to simplify calculation
  459. Ballroom dance originally from germany
  460. Heartfelt, sincere
  461. Barrister, for example
  462. Battle of britain? let me think
  463. Be back at bottom
  464. Be slow to introduce sex to role playing
  465. Began to write in reference book
  466. Blast out rocks - not the full amount
  467. Blot out recollection of caesarean section
  468. Brassed off
  469. Bright? not when head's gone
  470. Businessman with nothing? judgment needs reversing
  471. Cash needed to keep up a british institution, initially
  472. Classic book by forster has naked swimming
  473. Confident trump's behind rude outburst
  474. Corporation starts to acquire technology of chip producer
  475. Crank about to be placed in secure hospital
  476. Cricket trousers
  477. Crowded around men pursuing partisan
  478. Dawning of new era could be at hand
  479. Dives with power to crap - occasionally gull slightly worried tour leader
  480. Effort unrewarded - left in bar at party
  481. Lookouts or pathfinders
  482. Endlessly rebel against exploitation - calm down!
  483. English plume
  484. Foreign places lowering resistance on ship
  485. Free beer regularly included in performer's list of requirements
  486. Fruit harvest originally stops school in provence
  487. Fungal growth
  488. Get back from uncle ed's in about eight minutes
  489. Gloomy rendition of sober tune
  490. Has meekly compromised over current british businessman
  491. Helps case for atheism by tempering irreverent behaviour
  492. I'm surprised dons love cheeky part of theatrical ensemble
  493. Barely detectable amount
  494. Itemise
  495. Labour leader's penetrating treacherous parting glance
  496. Leaving university, coming out with this?
  497. Legendary vessel impounded by japanese navy is greek
  498. Light, brittle biscuit
  499. Lines in road, ones round new zone
  500. Long for leader to pre-empt trouble
  501. Nearly meet suspect linked to lead?
  502. New college blocking fees to improve on fool's mark
  503. Not circulating or flowing
  504. Others in work turned over very quickly
  505. Perceptiveness - good taste
  506. Politician with reduced brainpower tries to spin
  507. Provided for ellie splashing out - why one's very easily led
  508. Restaurant's first to open branch and last to go
  509. Selfish speech involving quarrel over old school subject
  510. Small piece inserted
  511. Go or bring back
  512. No longer inhabited and left desolate
  513. Formerly the monetary unit of portugal
  514. Atrocious, awful
  515. At whatever time
  516. Directed one's gaze towards
  517. Adverted, brought up
  518. Owned, had
  519. Snowstorm
  520. Gregarious, friendly mammals
  521. The doctrine that all violence is unjustifiable
  522. Woman chaperon
  523. Scene, view, vista
  524. Space just below the roof
  525. Showing strong feeling, intense in speech
  526. Social companion or military guard
  527. Approached boldly, solicited
  528. Jeer, belittle
  529. The tear-inducing vegetable
  530. Arouse sadness or sympathy like tear-jerker
  531. He makes flour
  532. Informally short of money - that's tough
  533. Secret and mysterious
  534. Popular yellow flower of spring - ask wordsworth
  535. Of the body, like nco
  536. Naturally, as was to be expected
  537. “young frankenstein” role
  538. Woody allen’s “you will ___ tall dark stranger”
  539. Turkey-roasting tool in the yellowhammer state?
  540. Start of a superman catchphrase
  541. Calamitous, causing great sadness
  542. “yo te ___”
  543. Col.’s subordinate
  544. Jazz players might be seen on it
  545. Financial award in the sunshine state?
  546. Old flames in the hoosier state?
  547. Core muscles in the palmetto state?
  548. “west side story” song sung by tony
  549. Palindromic revolving part of machine
  550. Org. that might hold a back-to-school night
  551. Boxing venue in the centennial state?
  552. Real estate in the bay state?
  553. Player in a red white and blue uniform
  554. Lee’s makeup
  555. Fogg’s heading
  556. Mentor’s charge
  557. Person who is helped or sponsored by another
  558. A lengthy vehement speech, may be abusive
  559. Home of the atlantic coast conference’s panthers
  560. Simba’s love
  561. 4×4 for short
  562. 1971 charlton heston sci-fi film with “the”
  563. Sire’s mate
  564. Katniss’s partner in “the hunger games”
  565. Where to give when you give a damn
  566. Whence the lion killed by hercules
  567. Han won the millennium falcon from him
  568. Dutch financial company with a lion logo
  569. Ma dithers about novel by dickens
  570. A long adventurous journey, as from homer
  571. “hey over here!”
  572. Conventional greeting, enquiry about well-being
  573. Cordially dislike, loathe
  574. Stuff to start fire with, very dry
  575. Sudden feeling of pain or conscience
  576. Papal state in italy
  577. Deep dislike and aversion
  578. Medicines or drinks with invigorating effects
  579. A deep track - get out of it
  580. Administer severe beating to
  581. Tasty north atlantic fish, sometimes red
  582. A troublesome situation or thermal spud
  583. Open and candid
  584. Layers as of rocks in earth's crust
  585. Pretend to be ill so as to avoid work
  586. Signed off on plan
  587. We locals consume shredded cabbage and carrots with dressing
  588. Once more, again - in latin
  589. Longing, wishing for
  590. This job does not require all of the working week
  591. Brass neck, boldness
  592. Stiff and clumsy
  593. Font for printing
  594. Lower oneself with a rope from a mountainside
  595. Attentive, watchful
  596. He presides at a meeting
  597. Marvelled or questioned
  598. Native or naturalized member of a state
  599. Subdivisions of a play
  600. . . . . . . ahern
  601. Small house with a single storey
  602. Person requiring medical care
  603. Triangle with two sides of equal length
  604. Clusters of feathers worn as ornaments
  605. First point scored after deuce in tennis
  606. Comes out of or publishes
  607. Woody tropical grass with hollow stems
  608. Officer of the highest rank
  609. Habitually dirty and unkempt
  610. Army unit of foot soldiers
  611. Musician who's dazzlingly skilled
  612. Personification of the us government
  613. Deny or relinquish
  614. No limit singer
  615. Misrepresentation or deception
  616. It frames the mouth and holds the teeth
  617. Central criminal court in london
  618. Nymphs of the woods
  619. Winner of first place
  620. Insert, interrupt
  621. Proficient, skilled
  622. Bishops hooked staff
  623. Gum like substance
  624. Sculpture with carvings projecting slightly from background
  625. Like minded person
  626. Stand up daily mirror
  627. Spurs and england defender 4 4
  628. Conceited and ineffectual
  629. Chatty man comedian
  630. Films are projected onto it
  631. Physical skill in handling things
  632. Riptides of lively kind
  633. Japanese style of robe or gown
  634. 1968 world war two action film
  635. An informal fighter - sounds ragged
  636. Australian prime minister 2013 to 2015
  637. Small compartment where things can be securely stored
  638. Disentangle or undo like knitted fabric
  639. Where a white-collar worker works
  640. Mass of ferns as on mountains
  641. French city with annual film festival - sounds permissive
  642. A song for sailors or a ramshackle house
  643. Lift with aid of block and tackle
  644. Ode to a female deer
  645. The business of flying aircraft
  646. Ritz reps has drink of white wine and soda water
  647. Conceal a thing or fact - . . . . . up
  648. They share in an activity, business or marriage
  649. A den for edward
  650. Rhythm, musical beat
  651. Team of actors in a play
  652. Ex-lover - the fire still burns
  653. Things that are given in part payment for others
  654. Central upright part of flower or drinking glass
  655. Without a mark, completely clean
  656. Considering oneself socially superior to others
  657. Stuff that whitens, hair or cloth
  658. Gradual approaches to a climax, calculated increases
  659. Skimpy bathing costume or pacific atoll
  660. Part of a sentence with its own finite verb
  661. Make ill or totally disgust
  662. Informal evasions or derelictions by octopus
  663. Not to be expected, don't bet on it
  664. Square-cut stones, or masonry made from them
  665. Teams or facets
  666. American game like snooker
  667. Small building or shelter
  668. Lame or disable
  669. Person appointed to substitute for another
  670. Injury or harm
  671. Spongy tissue lining rinds of oranges, or the essential part
  672. Custom or established practice
  673. Escape from aircraft in emergency
  674. Make an impact, or have bearing on
  675. Booty, plunder
  676. Fall down with liquid globule
  677. Informal fight for waste material
  678. A spanner, or a muscular twist
  679. Blamed for intolerable noise
  680. Commercial enterprise, the making of goods, say
  681. Bend them and have a few drink
  682. Collared, nabbed, copped,
  683. Altered or adapted
  684. State of isolation within society
  685. Dishonour, ignominy
  686. Males with skill in the manual arts
  687. Unsophisticated or inexperienced
  688. Effigies worshipped as gods
  689. First in the order of birth
  690. One of the two upper chambers of the heart
  691. The clothing is always the same,
  692. Hamlet, prince of . . . . . . . (7)
  693. Consumed food
  694. Corrupted, sullied
  695. Desire strongly or persistently
  696. Slowly moving masses of ice
  697. Areas of 4840 square yards
  698. Elaborate formation of filaments made by spiders
  699. Red fruit or vegetable
  700. Refund of some of the amount paid
  701. Elaborate public party, in spain perhaps
  702. Completely puzzled, with no idea at all
  703. At right angles to the base line
  704. Appends or increases
  705. Person whose age has impaired their intellect
  706. Rigorous or crucial appraisal
  707. Thin sharp bit of wood
  708. Intense repugnance
  709. Transparent covering of the eye
  710. A quantity larger than is needed or immoderation
  711. Procter & gamble detergent brand
  712. Shade of color on an artist's palette
  713. Music store inventory for short
  714. Make an analogy (to)
  715. Leaving ___ vegas (1995 nicolas cage/elisabeth shue film)
  716. Apparatus, tools
  717. Castle rock actor who plays pennywise in 44-across (2 wds.)
  718. Actor corddry of hot tub time machine
  719. Stranger things actor who plays young richie in 44-across (2 wds.)
  720. Chatter endlessly
  721. Smithwick's beer
  722. More displeasing to the senses
  723. Water brand that's an anagram of naive
  724. The dark ___ (idris elba/matthew mcconaughey film)
  725. Vice actress adams
  726. First month (abbr.)
  727. Horror sequel starring 18-across and 32-across set in derry maine (3 wds.)
  728. ___ day (kevin costner film about an annual nfl event)
  729. Jeopardy! offerings
  730. Room in the shawshank redemption
  731. Enough already! you made your point! (2 wds.)
  732. Pop diva in 2018's mamma mia! here we go again
  733. Succulent desert plant
  734. Cast away float
  735. University of florida athlete
  736. Role for omar epps in 1999's the mod squad
  737. Reaches a conclusion or finds a solution
  738. Furrows forehead in bad humour
  739. Actress daly of spider-man: homecoming
  740. Tv's deal ___ deal (2 wds.)
  741. What not to ___ (tlc makeover reality series)
  742. Spoke or said dramatically
  743. Sluggish and inactive condition
  744. Dylan thomas wrote '. . . . . milk wood'
  745. Is without, wants
  746. Move slowly and stealthily
  747. Discovered suddenly or, in modern slang, made advances towards
  748. Feather-headed, crazy
  749. Motionless, like some electricity
  750. Point out, make known
  751. State of a group's confidence and spirit
  752. Collection of carved or moulded figures
  753. Of noble bearing, like a king
  754. Thing believed to bring good luck to its owner or team
  755. Most sage and knowledgeable
  756. These are very scarce indeed
  757. Showing qualities associated with good taste and manners
  758. Entry barrier as to field
  759. Of cooked food, give another go in the microwave
  760. In vain, a waste of time
  761. Uproar of fury or general noise
  762. Determined - sounds crooked
  763. Block or slab forming base of column
  764. A general political pardon, perhaps for tax defaulters
  765. Scottish attendant for shooting or fishing sportsman
  766. See stop-go kind of military march
  767. Old spear or voracious lake fish
  768. A bequest, something left in a will
  769. Percussion instrument like brass plate
  770. Very short of money - tough
  771. What judge does for jury before they retire to consider verdict
  772. Vim, vigour
  773. Reject or humiliate person
  774. Form of noun or verb in respect of more than one
  775. Improve, increase the attractiveness of
  776. Comfy and cosy like bug in rug
  777. Musically, in moderately slow time
  778. Small collar of fur with ends hanging in front
  779. Fabric used by the military
  780. Creates something with wool
  781. Post-medieval flourishing of art and science
  782. Polite indian term to a man
  783. Desert watering-holes
  784. Spouse’s parent
  785. Of ship, failed to hold a straight course
  786. Stick up attach
  787. Lawyers may be called to it
  788. Taking everything into consideration - use scales
  789. Pull at, or a boat that pulls
  790. Wine is often stored here
  791. Slang order to go away, get lost
  792. Mauls cur, being well developed physically
  793. Person with deep interest in art and beauty
  794. Round and pleasantly plump
  795. Nickname for new york
  796. He plots and plans
  797. Cool confection, sweet frozen dessert
  798. A wide-brimmed mexican hat
  799. Intense hostility between nations without actually fighting
  800. Altered, changed
  801. Small, rounded stone
  802. Steal the strangely fit people
  803. Nurse, nun or relation
  804. Vast northern russian region
  805. Well-worn (of cloth)
  806. Wears a religious turban
  807. Desired had to have
  808. Winding pin
  809. Town’s official proclaimer
  810. Mails the uprights?
  811. Simple or guileless
  812. 'the best-laid plans of mice and men gang aft . . . . .'
  813. Firmly fastened like ship
  814. Fly by march on (time)
  815. Tent’s waterproof flooring
  816. Unit of type
  817. Wedge-shaped brick at top of arch
  818. Super-achievers
  819. Deceive, defraud
  820. Outcome, upshot
  821. It supports a plant
  822. It's neither solid nor liquid
  823. Forever or on every occasion
  824. Keep it up and be optimistic
  825. Not artificial or man-made
  826. Weapon that's thrown or projected
  827. Causes liquid to flow out
  828. Immediately, forthwith
  829. Inhabitants of baghdad
  830. Examine the components parts
  831. Of towns and cities
  832. Teutonic mythological creature
  833. Acting as subsidiary or support, for an army perhaps
  834. Affable, warm and friendly
  835. Small-scale representation
  836. Systems of words in different areas
  837. Measured, metrical
  838. Not siding with any parties to a dispute
  839. Say hello to the ice pellets
  840. Dejected by lack of companions
  841. She never married
  842. Knowledge or consciousness
  843. Added to the end
  844. Out and out, extreme
  845. In the normal course, routinely
  846. Cut or separate
  847. Doctor's bag or old british pm
  848. Make bid in gentle way
  849. Render null or disprove
  850. A lush field of grass
  851. Large round bottle in wicker casing
  852. Cuba beer for outdoor meat meal
  853. A chinese large-bowled frying pan
  854. Spoil by clumsy work, make a hames of
  855. Measures the heaviness of
  856. Letters that slant
  857. A vary small quantity, just a trace - from france
  858. A swell sort of addition
  859. Pans out in simple card game
  860. Nervous and easily alarmed
  861. Yellow songbirds or spanish islands off africa
  862. Nationality of citizens of havana
  863. Single in terms of partnership
  864. No brainer singer
  865. Floating speedometer
  866. Blind alleys or jobs with no prospects
  867. Means of entry, a way in
  868. Writing tip of old pen
  869. Tibetan paradise created by james hilton in novel 'lost horizon'
  870. Soft round cap without a peak
  871. Handsome, with features sharply outlined
  872. Melted like snow
  873. External membrane of body
  874. Sensible, based on reason
  875. Retrieve, say data stored in computer
  876. Without energy or vitality
  877. Daintily good-looking, maybe as a picture
  878. No surprise group
  879. The . . . . desert is a barren plateau of s mongolia and n china
  880. Rubbish - it's ox stomach linings
  881. Sacred cup for consecrated wine
  882. Don't bang your head against a . . . . . . . . . - you can't win
  883. A small pill or an inscribed panel on wall
  884. Great greek poet of the iliad and the odyssey
  885. Impose something unpleasant, perhaps a wound
  886. Cause or motive
  887. Really inexpensive, may be grubby
  888. Contagious skin disease causing spots and yellow crusts
  889. A fleet of vehicles travelling together
  890. Female deer at the rear?
  891. Wooden or plastic pin for hanging clothes
  892. To diffuse 6
  893. Arid as some wine may be
  894. Permanent mark left by a wound
  895. Of voice, made a rough grating sound
  896. Spring or swoop down on to attack
  897. Sherlock holmes's doctor companion
  898. The person to blame
  899. Fall in small drops as from wet clothes
  900. Callers, guests
  901. Small tool for scooping or spreading
  902. Charles . . . . . . . ., early aviator
  903. Second house of the oireachtas
  904. Bedclothes and sailing ropes
  905. Took to one's heels
  906. Extravagant, superb or beyond belief
  907. Successful stroke, conspicuous success or connection to a website
  908. Person in an organised group
  909. Gruyere, brie etc.
  910. . . . . . . . in alex (film)
  911. Bare or simple
  912. Very small villages
  913. Cocktail of bourbon, sugar and mint over crushed ice
  914. Parity
  915. Enclosed passageway wtih rooms off
  916. Attached by means of a pointed piece of metal
  917. Became fully aware
  918. Not smooth or uniform
  919. Sullied or harmed
  920. Central area in a building, open or with glass roof
  921. Weedkiller or pesticide, say
  922. Signals or points to
  923. . . . . . and shaker, he or she wields power and influence
  924. Source of our heat
  925. Grant made by a law court
  926. Most essential part of an idea
  927. Another form of 'tis
  928. Group of musical instrumentalists
  929. Everything you own
  930. Tangles and growls angrily
  931. Tension and exertion
  932. Indistinct or not clearly expressed
  933. Initially, powerful explosive
  934. Warning sound or signal
  935. Very well, let's have it thus
  936. Former english weight for wool - dot it
  937. Regroups as in politics, but in slangier way
  938. Case given to a barrister
  939. An unwanted follower or dependant - swings out of you
  940. He's a man after my . . . . . . . . - i like him
  941. Is jealous of, begrudges
  942. Affected person, strikes attitudes
  943. Never-ending, existing always
  944. He renounces former religion - may opt at sea
  945. Home of the high kings in ancient ireland, now under motorway threat
  946. Old word for compose and write, say a letter
  947. Complete reversals, of cars or attitudes
  948. Cause to start, set in motion
  949. Absolutely exhausted
  950. 'it's no use crying over . . . . . . . . .'
  951. Cares for during illness
  952. Industrial dispute - everybody out
  953. People who know and use several languages
  954. Tube for hurling darts
  955. Soothed like baby with song
  956. A skilled worker like plasterer or joiner
  957. Snow-white had seven of these companions
  958. Person who conducts a siance
  959. In brief, traditional christmas stage shows for families
  960. Take on too much - . . . . . . . more than you can chew
  961. Long white robes worn by priests
  962. Beat up so as to help
  963. A gap or pause in the middle
  964. Without responsibilities - . . . . . . . . . and fancy-free
  965. Cause displeasure or hurt, be nasty towards
  966. The self, or self-esteem
  967. Not long ago, in the immediate past
  968. Not previously known or done - inaudible?
  969. Establish or settle comfortably
  970. Pardon me, being inclined to mention famous people i have met
  971. Sack with cleaver?
  972. Island nationality of citizen of ajaccio, say napoleon
  973. Very far away like meteor
  974. Shakespeare : 'the . . . . . . of errors'
  975. A sorbet for a braggart
  976. American state associated with mormons and their faith
  977. In heraldry, a dragon with wings, two legs and a barbed tail
  978. Many, multifarious
  979. Official statement for publication
  980. The most abundant chemical element in the universe
  981. Low, woody, perennial plants
  982. Beautiful insect and swimming stroke
  983. A mishap
  984. Non-verbal sign that has significance
  985. Mentally quick or radiating light
  986. Black-and-white striped african equines
  987. Applying to all or most of a group
  988. Partners in marriage
  989. Gloomiest or blackest
  990. Small boat designed to pull larger ships
  991. Predatory arachnid
  992. Outer skin of a potato
  993. Scandinavian kingdom
  994. In these, payment is overdue
  995. Male singer and saltwater fish
  996. Withstand or defy
  997. Not rough or wrinkled
  998. 18 holes of golf and boxing bouts, say
  999. Reduce worth, degrade
  1000. Declared as fact
  1001. Window that opens on hinges
  1002. Fanciful, notional
  1003. Stretch of railway used to store trains
  1004. Free from limits, power perhaps
  1005. Separate into portions
  1006. Headgear, worn for protection
  1007. Photographic image with tones reversed
  1008. Persuade someone of the truth of something
  1009. They row boats
  1010. Obscure, unheard-of, nameless
  1011. Almost pleasurable sensation of fright
  1012. Work-shy idlers
  1013. Exorbitant or unlawful rate of interest
  1014. Pieces of rock
  1015. Confuses or becomes rotten
  1016. Levy or force upon
  1017. The virus that causes aids
  1018. Serial about jewish nation
  1019. Relative of a spoonbill
  1020. Lightly dye
  1021. Purple potable
  1022. Joyriders ride
  1023. Start to pilot?
  1024. If not, then - sounds like a threat
  1025. Complexities, metaphorically
  1026. Pampers, perhaps
  1027. Foggs heading
  1028. Big inits in casinos
  1029. Lees makeup
  1030. Isnt this fancy?!
  1031. Conan quality
  1032. The e of ransom e olds
  1033. Heat spot
  1034. Peptide part
  1035. Org promoting healthy canines
  1036. Measures of newspaper ad space
  1037. Jump in a pit
  1038. Some bygone service stations
  1039. Big name in fair verona
  1040. Pre-defibrillation cry
  1041. Slightly influence
  1042. What rotors do
  1043. Drink that might be hard
  1044. Henry who founded life
  1045. Grass with prickly burs
  1046. Doing dishes, eg
  1047. Breakfast bit
  1048. Annoyance for an oyster eater
  1049. Last words before starting
  1050. What filler necks connect to
  1051. Bud, eg
  1052. Lawn measure
  1053. Avid enthusiast
  1054. Bid indicating a balanced hand
  1055. Spiritual energy
  1056. A storm of wind and rain
  1057. Prelude to a fall
  1058. Insurer bailed out in 2008
  1059. 2009 nobel laureate
  1060. Unbridled pep
  1061. Easternmost part of central greece, once the territory of athens
  1062. Turnoff, of a sort
  1063. Big employer in delaware
  1064. Moody and bad-tempered
  1065. Chamois spot
  1066. Accompany to point of departure, or chase away intruder
  1067. When evening news may air
  1068. A trusted adviser or teacher
  1069. I run game to get colourful flower for windowbox
  1070. Animal of kangaroo class, carries young in a pouch
  1071. Make harsh metallic sound, get on nerves
  1072. Vertical post in rugby goal - strictly honourable
  1073. Rejects scornfully like unwanted suitor
  1074. Overcome, force to yield
  1075. Another name for castle in chess
  1076. Novels for an untidy woman
  1077. Bit of racetrack action
  1078. Sound-squelching button
  1079. Need a cpap device perhaps
  1080. Steven tyler to liv
  1081. Chuck wagon fare
  1082. Assessment of alkalinity
  1083. Volkswagen group member
  1084. Botticelli or michelangelo
  1085. Quarrymen's workplaces
  1086. Just do it et al.
  1087. Eight for lisa simpson
  1088. Pesky swarmers
  1089. Crunches work them
  1090. Big name in soup mixes
  1091. Cotton or coffee
  1092. Performs like cardi b
  1093. Ancient town near naples buried by volcanic ash
  1094. Provisional certificates entitling holder to dividends
  1095. Long-term investment briefly
  1096. Like big-bucks casino games
  1097. Prom hairstyles
  1098. Reason to use a cpap device
  1099. Grass from a farm
  1100. Power trio instrument
  1101. Flies to frogs
  1102. Hockey goalie's wear
  1103. River delta's location
  1104. Easy-to-peel citrus
  1105. Scandalous info
  1106. Cereal with elf mascots
  1107. Blouse or tee
  1108. It follows a curtain's rise
  1109. Chunky pasta sauce brand
  1110. Dodger with 407 homers
  1111. Give or allow as a privilege
  1112. Mythical reptile said to cause death by its breath or glance
  1113. Pumice stone target
  1114. Sporty ford briefly
  1115. Friend of aramis and porthos
  1116. Chairman on chinese currency
  1117. Conspiring group
  1118. Full of back talk
  1119. First note of tonic sol-fa scale
  1120. Pitted with little holes, like skin
  1121. Hold on tightly, be dependent
  1122. Buy and sell in business
  1123. Of the woods or forests
  1124. Widespread hatred or disgust felt towards someone
  1125. A final demand - or else
  1126. Join rope ends together by weaving
  1127. Of body, supple and flexible
  1128. Yield, surrender
  1129. Proud and overbearing
  1130. A pearl may grow in it
  1131. Go white as with fear
  1132. Christian sacrament requiring pouring of water
  1133. Armoured, or posted in america
  1134. Contradict, prove that statement is wrong
  1135. Cheapen, bring disgrace on
  1136. Large triangular muscle that covers shoulder and raises arm
  1137. The near-perfect garden
  1138. Routes or methods quicker than the usual ones
  1139. Line on map connecting areas of equal pressure
  1140. Evade by moving out of the way
  1141. The situation as it is now - in latin
  1142. In brief, army rank below officer
  1143. Packed down like tobacco in pipe
  1144. He's not a member of the nobility
  1145. Brother of moses who had blessed rod
  1146. Silly person or idiot
  1147. Bottle-stopper for a southern city
  1148. Having natural talent
  1149. Greek equivalent to roman cupid
  1150. Activity designed to boost self-esteem or conceit
  1151. Envy or bad feeling towards
  1152. Pacified, dispelled anger
  1153. Release or free
  1154. A chrysalis as of butterfly
  1155. Sliver of wood or piece of potato
  1156. Oliver goldsmith wrote 'the . . . . . of wakefield'
  1157. Prominent aspects and full-length films
  1158. State of the grimaldis
  1159. Sorcerers, magicians
  1160. Hand-held firearm
  1161. Endeavours, attempts
  1162. The bourne ___ third jason bourne novel written by robert ludlum in 1990
  1163. Rowboat rowers
  1164. Light on a bedside table
  1165. If you ask me to texters: abbr.
  1166. Functional, handy
  1167. ___ life frank sinatra's famous cover
  1168. ___ michele of scream queens
  1169. Underground support for a plant
  1170. The ___ spy thriller written by robert ludlum which was completed by a different author after his death: 2 wds.
  1171. Accede, acquiesce
  1172. The bourne ___ second jason bourne novel written by robert ludlum in 1986
  1173. Mount whose name means i burn in greek
  1174. That's a big ____ (forbidden act): hyph.
  1175. Yogi bear wears a green one
  1176. ___ mcgregor of angels and demons
  1177. Scabbers in the harry potter franchise
  1178. Bodybuilder ___ ferrigno who played the hulk
  1179. ___ of clans popular mobile game
  1180. Relatives get a us tan
  1181. Where it begins
  1182. Experiencing pain
  1183. The grain may make you bleary
  1184. Hurled, snowballs say
  1185. Fresh, unused
  1186. Expose, reveal
  1187. Door fastener or tuft of hair
  1188. Central mass of a cell
  1189. Repeated aloud from memory
  1190. Greek letter and small amount
  1191. It gives the name of the writer of an article
  1192. Temporary bridge for getting on and off a vessel
  1193. Unusually great in size
  1194. Feeling of ill will
  1195. Noise that wakes
  1196. A sprat for the old governor of persia
  1197. Bears a likeness to
  1198. City of 15 acrosses
  1199. More deficient in beauty
  1200. Went without food
  1201. Justly, correctly
  1202. Narrow strip of water
  1203. Thrifty management of resources
  1204. They're the sabbath for christians
  1205. Fitted out with whatever's necessary
  1206. Unwholesome atmosphere or unhealthy vapours
  1207. Prolonged periods of time
  1208. Toward wales
  1209. They deliver mail
  1210. Certain, decisive
  1211. Larval frogs
  1212. Feigns, dissembles
  1213. 'our revels now are . . . . .' (the tempest)
  1214. So margins, strangely, could be living things
  1215. Shouting to interrupt a speech
  1216. End, conclusion
  1217. During the intervening time
  1218. Extremely cold, frozen
  1219. Converts waste material for use again
  1220. Opera glasses
  1221. Bookies' odds matching the amount staked
  1222. Asian country, capital jakarta
  1223. Protrusion of organ through wall of abdomen, a rupture
  1224. Small covered canoes as used by eskimos
  1225. Tried hard for voters
  1226. Overdoes in too much medicine
  1227. Also, in addition
  1228. Intrude on somebody's territory or time
  1229. '. . . . was not built in a day'
  1230. Undecided as a debatable point may be
  1231. Chief male character in story or film - probably very brave
  1232. Form wrong opinion of, estimate incorrectly
  1233. Go . . . . . . . . . to beg humbly, clutching headgear?
  1234. Have longing or yearning
  1235. Wide street or road as in new york
  1236. Oath or a call for evil to come upon person
  1237. Central court of roman house, or a heart cavity
  1238. State of relaxation or rest
  1239. Line of ancestry
  1240. Business abbreviation for this month
  1241. Move slightly, or cause shift in opinion
  1242. Condition of a swan's feet
  1243. An ancient roman hello
  1244. An impetuous person with warm cranium
  1245. Carry out annual check of firm's accounts
  1246. A group of singers, often in church
  1247. Done in stages, shaped accordingly
  1248. Accept eagerly - with a leap? (4.2)
  1249. Excess of fluid in tissues causing swelling
  1250. Choosing ideas or thoughts from various sources, as memory may
  1251. Stream or rush of water entering the sea
  1252. A hot condiment, may be red
  1253. They buy goods or services, usually in buildings
  1254. Great irish-american playwright . . . . . . o'neill
  1255. A military store of guns and armaments
  1256. Something peculiar or strange
  1257. Person easily convinced or deceived - or shoved down
  1258. Having little money or means
  1259. Crackling or hissing noise caused by electrical interference
  1260. No favouring either side
  1261. Not big, much or important
  1262. Tall, thin structure
  1263. Spoofs, shams
  1264. Doorkeeper in parliament or 29 down
  1265. Land of clans and kilts
  1266. Quantity obtained by addition
  1267. Not shut or secret
  1268. Science of interaction of organisms and their environment
  1269. Open jars for flowers
  1270. Crave, hanker
  1271. Habits or import taxes
  1272. It shows the direction of the wind
  1273. Quick reply
  1274. Small shelter for doves
  1275. Part of a broadcast serial
  1276. They receive medical care
  1277. And dial up the owner of a magic lamp
  1278. Principal dish and right to enter
  1279. Thought up, created
  1280. Make a subtraction
  1281. Occupations requiring special skills
  1282. Oh what a tangled one we weave, when first we practise to deceive
  1283. Formal spoken communications
  1284. For the nose, in short
  1285. Example, illustration
  1286. Group of musicians or a co-ordinated outfit
  1287. A journey by sea
  1288. Look straight ahead - that's an order
  1289. A native of iberian country
  1290. Robert . . . . . ., male movie star of 'taxi driver' and 'raging bull'
  1291. Taste like sauce
  1292. This building has many storeys
  1293. Feeling effect of too much walking - put on slippers
  1294. The two most famous british universities regarded like 32 across
  1295. Any drink, say a beer
  1296. Units of weight in metric system
  1297. Represent or be a sign of
  1298. Small wooden houses like uncle tom's
  1299. Crass dana as gloomy prophetess
  1300. He seeks for water with hazel twig
  1301. Closely woven cotton fabric resembling satin
  1302. Frighten or intimidate
  1303. A long adventurous story - it's a gas
  1304. Form of address to a man, used without his name
  1305. Made estimate or hazarded opinion
  1306. Grew very gradually as darwin hypothesised
  1307. Look for something or someone, perhaps chaser
  1308. Able to move, not fixed
  1309. Alone, apart, detached
  1310. Planetarium that illustrates the positions and motions of bodies in the solar system
  1311. Holes or opportunities
  1312. Knitting up the ravelled sleeve of care
  1313. Nonconformist youths in the 1950s and early 1960s
  1314. Indelible marks on the skin
  1315. Most affluent and opulent
  1316. Passageways between seats
  1317. Sound of pain or disapproval
  1318. Philanthropic football player?
  1319. Write down, music or dance steps say
  1320. Precision, exactness
  1321. Football player with a line?
  1322. Football player who's pr-savvy?
  1323. A style, reminiscent of the past
  1324. Football player with management skills?
  1325. Football player at the beach?
  1326. It's abuzz with activity
  1327. On a future unnamed occasion
  1328. Hit one that was caught on the warning track say
  1329. Joe's 2008 election counterpart
  1330. Lusterless or uninteresting
  1331. Give off, heat say
  1332. Acknowledgment of being sunk?
  1333. Stout swords with a curved blades
  1334. Declared to be untrue
  1335. Nethermost
  1336. No and j
  1337. Dense growth of trees
  1338. Thorny shrubs with bright flowers
  1339. Stirs up, stimulates
  1340. Timid, diffident
  1341. Opening in a wall or fence
  1342. Foe, adversary
  1343. Leerers
  1344. Non-speaking actor
  1345. To do with office work and priests
  1346. Small room on a ship
  1347. Arriving at a destination or a goal
  1348. Surgical or military procedure
  1349. Got to be
  1350. Large piece of land with a large house
  1351. Chopped meat mixed with potatoes and browned
  1352. Made known, disclosed
  1353. Through which to hear privately
  1354. No cos cut up to get these large husks with white meat and milk
  1355. Drink made of beer and lemonade
  1356. Relative and priest
  1357. In the direction of ulster, say
  1358. Taint in a legendary giant
  1359. In . . . . . . - overdrawn at the bank
  1360. Get to cia in order to think deeply
  1361. Something that cures, disease or problem
  1362. Anchorite or religious recluse
  1363. Tense mom with souvenirs
  1364. Halt, desist, whoa
  1365. Most conceited and arrogant like male fowl
  1366. Commented, made observation
  1367. A very great hun of old
  1368. Pursuer of one who takes power wrongfully (7)
  1369. Govern harshly or weigh down
  1370. Poetry, a poem
  1371. He's being taken for a ride
  1372. Plaits of hair
  1373. Too old to be eligible
  1374. Gave access by unlocking
  1375. Converting by selling - say a riesling
  1376. Hit hard and often, subject to repeated violence
  1377. A child's toy bear
  1378. Fuss or commotion
  1379. Slangily stole, or made small dent in
  1380. Made discouraged, being undated
  1381. Family transport
  1382. Title person in a rolling stones hit
  1383. They're associated with nepal not peru
  1384. Keep visiting in a ghostly way
  1385. Popular office plants
  1386. *good name for a depilatory brand?
  1387. Smell the roses say
  1388. Bond film starring ursula andress
  1389. A subject for conversation or debate
  1390. Average or even, as for the course
  1391. *desperate canoer's means of paddling?
  1392. *terse order for two drinks without ice?
  1393. Emmy winner klum
  1394. Diminish in size
  1395. Width x height perhaps
  1396. Sloth appendage
  1397. Central facial features
  1398. *cat on a hot tin roof? (hint: each starred entry has two added letters!)
  1399. Hairstylist's clipping
  1400. Scenes of important events, like playhouses
  1401. Enter rapidly
  1402. Olympian beverage
  1403. Hoped-for reaction to this puzzle
  1404. Like the underpaid typically
  1405. Have the desire to informally
  1406. Jennifer lopez or sonia sotomayor
  1407. Have the audacity
  1408. Common chair feature
  1409. The r of rbg
  1410. Canal lake and city name
  1411. Like some nuns
  1412. Sardines containers
  1413. Big pharma watchdog
  1414. Retail event
  1415. Moisten during cooking
  1416. Tame animal kept for companionship
  1417. Come up as a need
  1418. Becomes older
  1419. Too bad to a bard
  1420. Match or end of a chess match
  1421. Their ___ were watching god
  1422. Rue items that describe person retired but retaining title
  1423. Social appointment between people who have not met before
  1424. He stirs things up, causes trouble
  1425. A small wave, or a gentle sound as of laughter
  1426. Unimportant things, don't waste time on them
  1427. Subject to verbal assault and insults
  1428. Occupy the mind fully as good book will
  1429. Any or every person involved, doesn't matter
  1430. Surprise very greatly
  1431. Little mischievous devils
  1432. Praise or approval, accompanies awarding of knighthood
  1433. Messenger of the gods, or a chemical element
  1434. Marked by intense activity
  1435. Person with fair hair
  1436. Athlete who leaps over barriers
  1437. Descendants or heirs
  1438. Filaments of a cobweb
  1439. Sherwood or pine, say
  1440. See arnold about these flowering shrubs
  1441. Spurt, jet
  1442. Small highpitched flute
  1443. Deeply felt or vehement
  1444. Biography after death, in short
  1445. Medium, middling
  1446. Most tenuous or smallest
  1447. Computer application, sounds like small fruit
  1448. Single woman
  1449. These trees flutter in the slightest breeze
  1450. Lady luck
  1451. Combination of amino acids in living things
  1452. Places of supreme happiness
  1453. Overcoming wildness
  1454. N.y. philharmonic for one
  1455. Make the rounds at a nightclub
  1456. Shackle for ankles or feet
  1457. Protracted, elongated
  1458. Time-teller
  1459. Small soft cakes of flour, fat and milk - eaten buttered
  1460. Red outfit for courage
  1461. I sent it, being the smallest
  1462. Flaw that spoils a thing's perfection
  1463. Jury verdict - the accused did it
  1464. Harsh cries of crows
  1465. Bombastic talk or balloon elevator
  1466. Robinson crusoe's manservant
  1467. Precious stone, jewel
  1468. Small insect with pincers at end of its body
  1469. Not easily achieved, took a lot of effort
  1470. Stickler for correctness, especially in language
  1471. Amounts of goods kept by traders
  1472. Slow-moving reptile that won race against a hare
  1473. Boxing weight or feisty fowl
  1474. Animal with long teeth like elephant or walrus
  1475. Pray pardon, my fault
  1476. Happiest sort of inscriptions on tombs
  1477. The product of tennyson or longfellow
  1478. Ward off, deflect
  1479. Undamaged, complete
  1480. One of those who sailed with jason to find the golden fleece
  1481. Sins you'd associate with greek god of wine and fertility
  1482. A casual, relaxing walk
  1483. Inexpensive accommodation as for back-packers
  1484. The biggest bird, can't fly
  1485. Fraternal conflict within country - ireland had one
  1486. They qualify or modify other words
  1487. Kindly and compassionate
  1488. Drives from power or office during a sunset
  1489. Carving in which design is sunken below surface
  1490. Make these to atone for injuries or loss caused
  1491. Lsd alarm for wild ducks
  1492. Become incoherent with emotion, or clog
  1493. Navy tie shows lack of sophistication
  1494. Morning condensation as on grass
  1495. Moon-driven ocean movements
  1496. A lot of unpleasant noise
  1497. Bring verdict for review by higher court
  1498. Person who does not believe in existence of a god
  1499. Breakfast dish of boiled oatmeal
  1500. Grade or step
  1501. Person who settles in another country
  1502. Words with the same meanings as others
  1503. Hostility, ill-will
  1504. Relating to soldiers or war
  1505. Wild flowers with bell-shaped heads
  1506. Program that performs repetitive tasks
  1507. After, by and by
  1508. Rejoice or commemorate
  1509. Trims drastically
  1510. Set sequence of steps to achieve a result
  1511. Hotel unit
  1512. Arbours
  1513. Turn red, in embarrassment or shame
  1514. Skins from top of heads
  1515. Beasts, creatures
  1516. Loathing, enmity
  1517. Formal frock, hospital garb and ceremonial dress
  1518. Strong offensive smell
  1519. Song for solo voice
  1520. Consequence or outcome
  1521. Touchstones, criteria
  1522. Tangible thing
  1523. Protective cover, for sword say
  1524. Empty, unoccupied
  1525. Place of safety or sanctuary
  1526. Bowed stringed instrument
  1527. Tenders, presents
  1528. Tv network with regular pledge drives
  1529. Mighty bellow
  1530. Australian rock band with the hit back in black
  1531. I've had ___ to here with this nonsense!: 2 wds.
  1532. Raptors small forward who made a series-ending buzzer beater against the 76ers in 2019: 2 wds.
  1533. Big containers in breweries
  1534. Defective firework
  1535. Actress mcclanahan of maude and the golden girls
  1536. Band with the 1980s hits africa and rosanna
  1537. Letting off or granting an exemption
  1538. ___ shot (photo of an arrested person)
  1539. Oil to a mechanic
  1540. Grading unit for uber or lyft
  1541. No's opposite
  1542. Trail blazers point guard who made series-ending buzzer beaters against the rockets in 2014 and the thunder in 2019: 2 wds.
  1543. ___ where's my car? (ashton kutcher comedy)
  1544. Talk to ___ later
  1545. Hard-boiled detective spade
  1546. Jazz point guard who made a series-ending buzzer beater against the rockets in 1997: 2 wds.
  1547. Triathlon vehicle
  1548. Bossa ___ (brazilian music style)
  1549. ___ the confusion … (while those other things are going on …)
  1550. Chili con carne for example
  1551. ___ & antiques (magazine)
  1552. The three wise ___ (bible figures)
  1553. Debate the pros and ___
  1554. Prepare some food
  1555. Information fed into computers
  1556. Dance whose performers might wear leis
  1557. Payment to a shareholder
  1558. Documents that prove who someone is: abbr.
  1559. Button that turns off a phone's sound
  1560. Vehicle for a snowy hillside
  1561. The ___ pumpkins (1979 band)
  1562. ___ and void (having no legal force)
  1563. Big kitty litter brand: 2 wds.
  1564. Sickness with a season in the winter
  1565. End of an academic's email address often
  1566. Cookie with a white creme center
  1567. Appliance that's sometimes self-cleaning
  1568. Pierces with a fork
  1569. Cable channel featuring chris hayes and mika brzezinski
  1570. The usual suspects actor benicio del ___
  1571. Vegetable used in vichyssoise
  1572. Morning lawn moisture
  1573. Company with the air max shoe line
  1574. Lack of experience, innocent
  1575. Defence against accusation - was seen elsewhere at the time
  1576. A domineering ruler like stalin or mussolini
  1577. Have being or continue living
  1578. Lovers for juliets
  1579. Curls set in small bunches
  1580. Important and in a hurry
  1581. Dazed or unconscious condition, sometimes caused by alcohol
  1582. Let the wind out of, braggart or balloon
  1583. Game birds with brightly coloured males
  1584. Companion in corset, perhaps military
  1585. Dim thing seen at witching hour
  1586. Steers clear of, dodges
  1587. Force to yield, tame
  1588. Name of goat at 12 across
  1589. Timepiece used to measure race results
  1590. Single shoot with leaves and flowers - sprinkle it
  1591. She was known as the maid of orleans
  1592. Goat's silky coating as material for shiny clothes
  1593. An unowned or abandoned child
  1594. Fool, deceive
  1595. Permit, let happen
  1596. Be suitable - . . . . the bill
  1597. Lecture from a pulpit
  1598. Deprived of power to feel
  1599. Send out liquid as from a siphon
  1600. Assign or distribute
  1601. Reach intended destination
  1602. Walk like small child
  1603. Be realistic - use your nous
  1604. Something secretly passed in class
  1605. Related to the matter in hand
  1606. Something that chafes or annoys
  1607. Specialist in manipulation of bones and muscles
  1608. Jottings about stone
  1609. Hasn't two for stands with shelves to hold small objects
  1610. ___-to-school (hint to this puzzles circled letters)
  1611. Line on a ski mountain map
  1612. With mind continually occupied, abnormally focused
  1613. Instructions for barrister
  1614. Where clouds form
  1615. Employee who always works a lot?
  1616. Accompanies, perhaps socially
  1617. A blade of march grass
  1618. Sent to avian home
  1619. Small grubby boy or sea creature
  1620. Formal agreement between two or more countries
  1621. Device for holding back impurities in liquid passed through it
  1622. Horses are bred and raised here
  1623. Obtain money by force or threat
  1624. Set fire to, light up
  1625. Class tip for synthetic materials
  1626. Explode, break open
  1627. Truthful and trustworthy
  1628. Outburst of anger
  1629. Red bourdeaux wine
  1630. Reptile found in the nile
  1631. Dinner that might be rare or medium-rare
  1632. ___ polo traveler and merchant from venice
  1633. Safari sight with a horn for short
  1634. Frees from dirt
  1635. Lacier type of confection
  1636. Take a ___ for yourself.
  1637. Item of personal property
  1638. Remove the cover of a pen say
  1639. Without fault or defect
  1640. Dismisses from a job informally
  1641. Oh ___ beautiful day it is.: 2 wds.
  1642. Slanted, pitched
  1643. Limbs engaged while raising toasts
  1644. The situation room channel: abbr.
  1645. The pit and the pendulum author edgar allan ___
  1646. S of snl for short
  1647. Picture used in medical diagnosis
  1648. A latin i know from rome, say
  1649. Peacekeeping group since 1949: abbr.
  1650. Confusions, jumbles
  1651. Elastic substance from trees
  1652. Type of clear-cut, lucent glass
  1653. Anagram of 33d that refers to an honest president
  1654. Singer ___ miller of like that
  1655. I’m not overwhelmed expression
  1656. Succumb to gravity and droop
  1657. Tongues, vernaculars
  1658. Professional name of laurence tureaud who acted in rocky iii: 2 wds.
  1659. Breathe out or pass away
  1660. Determined to lose true order
  1661. Transport stage altering standpoints
  1662. Dialect used in stronghold
  1663. Greek god of light, son of zeus
  1664. Agent sent out regrets
  1665. Areas for target practice
  1666. Conceal, screen
  1667. He ran badly but was elected
  1668. Creatures from the west
  1669. Absence of illumination
  1670. Betting corner has something shiny
  1671. Brute has article to mail off
  1672. A professional lady washer of clothes
  1673. Putters, drivers, wedges etc
  1674. Well stocked or gorged
  1675. Outlook for sentry
  1676. Rim or sharp side of knife
  1677. Pieces of turf dislodged by golf clubs
  1678. Kick this water container to die
  1679. A tool for inflicting injury
  1680. Sickened by glutting with sweet things
  1681. Popeye the sailor's favourite vegetable
  1682. Naturally marked with spots, like trout
  1683. George . . . . . . wrote '1984' and 'animal farm'
  1684. A wig or switch to supplement scalp covering
  1685. Negotiator between opposing parties
  1686. Late 19th century entertainment, and the theatre it took place in