1. Wife of jupiter
  2. Luster for your lips
  3. Opening on broadway
  4. Showing little enthusiasm
  5. "i'm thinkin' no"
  6. First in a line of russian princes
  7. Pastoral plaints
  8. With 9 across part one of the moderna and pfizer vaccines
  9. *broadcast medium for major u.s. sporting events
  10. Teacher with a class of one
  11. Model/actress kate
  12. Adrienne rich work, e.g.
  13. Issa of "the lovebirds"
  14. Auto company headquartered in silicon valley
  15. *request at a mom-and-pop store, maybe
  16. Align, as two signals
  17. Early … or where the answers to the starred clues' ending words can be found
  18. Brazilian port city
  19. Seller of souls
  20. *field trip transport
  21. Bigfoot in photos, e.g.
  22. Shade thrower
  23. Novelist ƒmile
  24. Fall in line
  25. Leadership after some coups
  26. Diy moving option
  27. Like some candy bar flavors
  28. Fertility lab cells
  29. Lauren of fashion
  30. "the rookie" network
  31. Organization that keeps "purr"-ps off the street?
  32. Arachnophobe's nightmare
  33. Comic strip landmass with a single palm tree
  34. Penguin-hunting swimmer
  35. "what baloney!"
  36. Button-shaped candies
  37. Airport near puget sound, for short
  38. Dave honored with a mark twain prize in 2019
  39. Common prom expenditure
  40. With 51-down, skewered middle eastern dish
  41. Puppy or kitten
  42. Down in one go
  43. Test for purity
  44. Valuable oil, say
  45. Sleep letters
  46. Have a go at
  47. As expected
  48. Rebooted '90s show: ____ ____ five
  49. Frankie avalon movie
  50. California weightlifting spot
  51. Become stronger
  52. Nice physique
  53. Is yummy
  54. A spanish conqueror of the americas, especially in mexico and peru in the 1600s (noun)
  55. A broad-brimmed, tall-crowned hat of straw or felt worn especially in mexico and the southwest (noun)
  56. A saloon or barroom, especially in the southwestern united states (noun)
  57. A deserter from a faith, cause or allegiance; one who rejects lawful or conventional behavior (noun)
  58. Vhs: ____ ____ system
  59. Three six-letter birds
  60. Five facial expressions
  61. Eight, in a pitbull song
  62. 'star wars' antagonists
  63. Cinco de ____ (celebration)
  64. Justified, conflict with editor following angry tirade
  65. Just over half of trivial article forming badge of office
  66. Just coming up, link for womans garment
  67. Just a tree outside
  68. Just proper
  69. Judges arrival about to take effect
  70. Judge trading shilling for time in estate
  71. Judge present times journalist to be doomed
  72. Judge on wretched tv show
  73. Judge and trustee in blue missing sierra find work here
  74. Journey round a particular place or area
  75. Journey back in seconds from ski resorts train station
  76. Journalist&rsquo s cardinal sin cancelling home visits
  77. Joiner employed in b&q
  78. Join stuck up priest in bed every now and then
  79. Join in swimming finally in lake
  80. John who scored where hibernian at home
  81. John &mdash , first us astronaut to orbit the earth
  82. Jean paul sartre&rsquo s deep discomfort
  83. Jazzy felt hat nothing to make you jump here
  84. Japanese verse originally hidden away in kyoto university
  85. Jam one drug inside another
  86. With more desire to eat than someone else