1. Try to extinguish birthday candles
  2. Morning times abbr
  3. Slice off like a dying tree branch
  4. Cocktail whose name is tahitian for good
  5. ___-tewa (arizona people)
  6. Do a sloppy job perhaps
  7. Where to ride frozen ever after
  8. Place to get a facial
  9. Hair-raising phenomenon
  10. Instruments for gus cannon
  11. Energy-efficient entrance
  12. Certification for a lifeguard for short
  13. Fencing blade heavier than a 56-down
  14. Sex race and robots author howard
  15. Late-night quest for snacks say
  16. For sure for short
  17. Graham greene's nation
  18. 4 9 or 49
  19. Word before form or thing
  20. Periods when 31-down is abundant
  21. Unifying song
  22. Moved like a toboggan
  23. Highest possible for short
  24. Go off
  25. Transport for whiskers
  26. One in german
  27. Around the way girl memoirist henson
  28. Second t in mtwtf
  29. For the ages
  30. Softball glove
  31. Reason for doing something
  32. Like some quiches
  33. Acquire informally
  34. ___ mujer fantastica (2017 daniela vega film)
  35. Was in first
  36. Apartment size
  37. Drizzle or downpour
  38. Heading on a help page
  39. Wapiti and caribou
  40. Court officials for short
  41. That's not ___ cut it
  42. Connecticut town with a steam train
  43. Clue flo and glow
  44. R&b artist braxton
  45. Suffix for towel
  46. Tree with cones
  47. Just right profile of monarch seen here
  48. Jumper on male that is extremely short and extremely baggy
  49. Juggling not right, as entertain­ment frightening children
  50. Judgment of exceptional minds &mdash recent
  51. Judge changing a pleas not a hot thing
  52. Joy or hate, for example
  53. Jolt container
  54. Joker and king involved with piquet
  55. Joke grasped by may queen
  56. Joely richardsons helping london theatre
  57. Jockey let teeth rot exactly
  58. Job, perhaps one dividing half of sheep up
  59. Jittery type with an eye for the birds
  60. Jelly maker to go round with others
  61. Jeans exchange hands initially, elongated stripes become checks
  62. Japanese governor carrying orients latest weapon
  63. Jaguar car on bend an original model
  64. Jacket, etc, that motorists in most often
  65. Swedish furniture