1. Not straight, as a street
  2. Arrange for transport to the airport, perhaps
  3. Baghdadi, e.g
  4. Person pulled by a boat
  5. *recuperative resort
  6. Ice cream shop treat
  7. Learning technique
  8. Parker of hollywood
  9. Longhorn's red river rival
  10. A homeowner may take one out
  11. Canadian who played for the flyers
  12. Full circle, on the track
  13. Counterpoint composer
  14. One of a powerful race of gods
  15. Early westinghouse collaborator
  16. Of the summer games
  17. Goes in the ring fit to be tied perhaps
  18. Samuel adams or corona
  19. 'u crack me up!'
  20. Become woody
  21. Us states list
  22. Sweet made from almond and egg white
  23. The interruption in drilling is causing concern
  24. Fast run through musical staff
  25. Go well with diamonds say
  26. Northeast writer with the drug that helps you forget homer's odyssey perhaps
  27. Popular name for a tree-lined rd
  28. Any of the "be my baby" singers
  29. Employed person
  30. Show up unannounced
  31. Response from the faithful
  32. Lumps in coffee
  33. Checks the age of, in a way
  34. It's made of electrons and protons
  35. Close thing around the corner perhaps with young woman
  36. Student doctor loves cane
  37. Sounds sounds sounds like it's made for the paper
  38. Go past one's breaking point
  39. Bygone movie theater
  40. Overfish?
  41. Bounce around a canyon, say
  42. With right partner to jam otherwise it¿s one of a string
  43. Non-pc catchword creators
  44. Lyric about leo is mine
  45. Kinks classic hit song
  46. Aruba or bora bora
  47. Special honour as an acknowledgment of merit
  48. Look through seal on way to church
  49. Chow chow chow brand
  50. First name of 19-down
  51. Washroom cleansing bar
  52. 1995 kevin spacey movie (with "the")
  53. Not to be pressed for a whiny response from the loser you could say
  54. __ & the gang: "celebration" group
  55. Where the herd grazes
  56. Zales or tiffany's?
  57. Rice (sp.)
  58. Slanty, typewise
  59. Philosopher who was the father of dialectical idealism
  60. Ones before whom pearls are cast
  61. Momentum, informally
  62. Middling noble rank
  63. Sprat sold in a can
  64. New orleans section
  65. Anastasio of noodling
  66. Don't feel the pinch perhaps when all look back for african leader is example to lana
  67. 'you sold out of marinated indian cutlets or what?'
  68. Sneezy or sleepy
  69. Hoopster stoudemire
  70. It may be bleeped out
  71. Bygone russian autocrat
  72. Overcrowded u.s. hospital areas
  73. Outmoded street fixture
  74. Joan of arc, notably
  75. Huge windfall
  76. They're flashed at guards
  77. "__ paint you a picture?"
  78. Drinks in yards
  79. Marathon runner covers this call to america
  80. Four-footers
  81. Huggy-kissy kind of person you could say never looks at the keys
  82. Rod and rad
  83. Omani currency
  84. She is on to this long-legged bird
  85. Louisiana nickname
  86. Deaden sound for donkey covering loud noise
  87. Tom clancy's cia agent
  88. Europe-asia mountain divider
  89. 90 degrees from nord
  90. "breaking bad" cable channel
  91. When to observe 6-across in france
  92. 2011 world series winners, briefly
  93. Is this how to turn e-reader perhaps into theatrical feeling in film?
  94. Empire state building climber
  95. U.s. hwy
  96. Organ beset by alcohol
  97. Chain with market fresh sandwiches
  98. Time for both hands to be up
  99. Attacking with indian bread?
  100. Earth, to the french
  101. Whatever way you come at this even the french will get a sign of victory
  102. I see both sides on greek statue
  103. Place for corn
  104. Manning or wallach
  105. Ask for more money?
  106. Radical org. of the '60s
  107. Maker of opium, initially
  108. Rashers and sausages make greece ill
  109. Write to a disk
  110. Castle or dunne
  111. Indian yogurt/cucumber dish that even a child could make?
  112. Batshit
  113. Creamy indian dish prepared by just adding water?
  114. 'yesterday' or 'tomorrow'
  115. 'da da da i don't love you you don't love me aha aha aha' band
  116. Turner's autobiography
  117. With 47-across, writer associated with 38-/40-/41-across
  118. Ramped-up items?
  119. International tennis hall of famer who won consecutive us opens in 1997 and 1998
  120. Household hookup
  121. Certain music teacher
  122. Bangs or bonks, e.g
  123. One may go to the dogs
  124. Makers of the do-it-yourself tornado kit and earthquake pills
  125. South american cardinal?
  126. Place for an english king?
  127. What much space junk is in
  128. Pal of andy
  129. Rumpled sleuth of tv
  130. So very very
  131. University of maryland athlete, for short
  132. N'djamena's country
  133. Elite social category
  134. White house's french counterpart
  135. Railroad's main freight lines
  136. Miler sebas-tian
  137. A speedster may do it
  138. Biblical woman who changed her name to mara
  139. Over and done with anxious way of saying is historically
  140. Title on certain language videos ... with a hint to entering six answers in this puzzle
  141. Club requirements, maybe
  142. Article of female tennis attire
  143. Internet writing system that popularized 'pwn'd'
  144. Briquettes, e.g
  145. Lick, say
  146. Look pregnant
  147. Liking for biblical figure we hear is deserving of affection
  148. With no sea in lausanne declare null and void
  149. Guy from perth
  150. Powerline support
  151. Slurpable soup
  152. Cry made with a raised index finger
  153. Reproachful sound
  154. It's a bit of a blow for what judy started out life as perhaps
  155. Matisse's pieces
  156. Conversation starters
  157. Do this to the tune of jelly on the plate for captain
  158. Could start to laugh very loud for light-hearted banter
  159. Crazily sick on account for being related to olive
  160. Subway dangler
  161. It may be struck in a field
  162. Good for washing someone down with lady's finger for afternoon tea
  163. Like some pitched balls
  164. Biblical word on a wall
  165. Nothing at confection is a biscuit
  166. Like many an extra-inning game
  167. Boos, as a team
  168. Competition for truckers
  169. Arthur and benaderet
  170. Political event
  171. Botanical sticker
  172. Ny baseball player
  173. Prey for some big corporations
  174. Neuter, as a stallion
  175. Where dresden is capital
  176. It's east of yucatán
  177. Petroleum giant that merged with chevron in 2005
  178. Spans over lovely rivers?
  179. Gosling’s father
  180. Lima's location?
  181. Residences for cardinals
  182. Caroling consequences
  183. Rye mob is a small seed
  184. 2012 gold medal winner over maria
  185. It increases sudsing power
  186. Monogrammed neckwear?
  187. Too sure
  188. Outer ear
  189. They're found in citations
  190. Correct copy in jerusalem rebellion
  191. Put down a dog, say?
  192. Harmony when you make amends
  193. Group study
  194. Dictionary cross reference
  195. Onetime landers at lax
  196. Try catching something to swallow before irish civil war
  197. Puts barricades around
  198. Rituals at the end when saying goodbye
  199. God of seafood restaurants
  200. Chemist lavoisier
  201. Reliance on carrying passengers overseas
  202. Mcardle of broadway
  203. Sandwich bag closer
  204. Listener at that time is fired
  205. Storybook pirate
  206. Eat voraciously
  207. Valuable collections
  208. Military tactic
  209. Contribute funding
  210. Duck and dive heard here with top of the house
  211. Jessica marais
  212. Mama do singer
  213. Ty hardin
  214. Jennifer garner
  215. Sequel to golden girls
  216. Wilmer valderrama
  217. Utopia cast
  218. Phryne fisher cast
  219. Seinfeld cast
  220. Insurer with a caveman mascot
  221. Director tarkovsky or rublev who he made a film about
  222. Without any question
  223. Bodily injury or wound
  224. Do a pitcher's job
  225. Curry
  226. Gentle giant of steinbeck's 'of mice and men'
  227. Three types of boxes
  228. Creative knack
  229. Small terrier type
  230. Convenience store features
  231. Sterling, cooper, draper, and pryce, e.g
  232. Sell on site?
  233. Corner office denizens, briefly
  234. Hilum
  235. Durham sch. whose mascot is the wildcats
  236. What de musician plays?
  237. Yes-or-no decision method
  238. Like the best flushes
  239. 'the king's speech' speaker
  240. 1960s-70s war site, for short
  241. Trendy ski slope?
  242. Where a canary sings
  243. Diamond offense
  244. Series of rings
  245. Chinese mitten — decapod crustacean
  246. 1967 novel by ruth rendell
  247. 1953 film drama starring marilyn monroe and joseph cotten
  248. John — 18th-century designer of a famous eddystone lighthouse
  249. Martin — best actor in a supporting role oscar winner for ed wood
  250. 1821 novel by sir walter scott
  251. Biblical son of saul; a close friend of david
  252. The — 1889 novel by g a henty
  253. Henry wadsworth — author of poem the song of hiawatha
  254. Tall breed of dog also called a russian wolfhound
  255. Trucker's view
  256. Time when many an athlete gets into trouble
  257. Office manager's quantity
  258. The — 2009 film drama starring cameron diaz and james marsden
  259. Department of central france whose capital is bourges
  260. Standard monetary unit of romania
  261. M d — england test cricketer who hit 99 against new zealand at auckland in 1988
  262. Riccardo — f1 motor racing driver who won the 1982 monaco gp
  263. Org. wayne lapierre called 'jack-booted thugs'
  264. Like some garage floors
  265. Food fought over in old ads
  266. Pub. with more than 100 pulitzers
  267. Device in a card skimming scheme
  268. Red, blue and green food colors?
  269. Emperor born about four years after jesus died
  270. Meas. that radio station numbers refer to
  271. Loser's catchphrase
  272. It might keep you in bed
  273. Lennon's partner, often
  274. Trot out
  275. It's a lottery for splashing in after 12 in prom
  276. Mortgage restriction
  277. 1987 oscar-nominated role for denzel washington
  278. "oh no!" from poirot
  279. Gloria steinem alma mater
  280. To be covered by old bird reborn in autumn
  281. Make some loops
  282. Cohost of the 2007 peace prize concert with kevin
  283. Period of pregnancy
  284. No laugh coming back to boatman
  285. Chinese with time follow 12-inch masquerade singing the dubs are back
  286. "memoirs of a geisha" prop
  287. Handle the expense
  288. Altar adjunct
  289. National organic program sponsor
  290. Elton john record label
  291. One taking the lead?: abbr
  292. It's the expression of contempt for irish writer behind prince
  293. Characterized by extremes
  294. Tote board stats
  295. Fall short of a liberal text for the masses
  296. Grinds, perhaps
  297. Line at a cab stand
  298. 'such mishegoss!'
  299. Like yucca blossoms
  300. Pea family trees
  301. Dining gear
  302. Needs neck for one's money worth in romania
  303. Hard to look at, in a way
  304. Housecat, for example
  305. No light near german water perhaps for what's new in lyon
  306. Both, say, between your former partners initially
  307. Its logo resembles an odometer
  308. Carafe contents, maybe
  309. It set sail from iolcus
  310. Bp unit
  311. Cook landfall of 1777
  312. Author of the novel "doctor faustus"
  313. Neighbor of lithuania
  314. 1/1000 in
  315. Postseason award in many sports
  316. Defenders' assignments
  317. Bear in constellations
  318. Erstwhile eatery
  319. Avocado-shaped
  320. Word in the definition of anyone
  321. Forest youngster
  322. Genesis 6 construction
  323. Pitchers woe
  324. What pirates call their vessels
  325. Actor epps or sharif
  326. Certain hustler's tools
  327. Deposit of ore
  328. Small shovel
  329. Maui and kauai
  330. Small parts of floor plans
  331. Buccaneers city
  332. Exuberant feeling
  333. Weary exhales
  334. Colonial bloodsucker
  335. Hows that again? words
  336. Brief warning about the links?
  337. Pedestrian startler
  338. Federal inspection agcy
  339. Sticker in a bar
  340. Getting soaked, in a way
  341. Where dogs are often walked
  342. Dog groomers treatment
  343. Babe in the 1995 film, eg
  344. Rosemary's family
  345. Sounded reasonable
  346. Modern sources of reflections
  347. Charlie brown lament
  348. Class outing, often
  349. Top heavyweight, eg
  350. Getting too many rays
  351. Name on a rocketman poster
  352. Old revolutionist
  353. Considers with care
  354. Features of beer and sponges
  355. Wood-shop shaver
  356. Turn-of-the-season mos
  357. Saint-saens trio
  358. Big apples firefighters
  359. Diamond used as an abrasive
  360. Demographic cohort, for short
  361. Suppressed anger
  362. Fossil site in los angeles
  363. ___ fort (world heritage site in india)
  364. Biblical miracle units
  365. Give or take, say
  366. Snakes seen by indiana jones
  367. Voice-over emmy award
  368. How early lps were recorded
  369. On the job, for short
  370. Brad pitt award for 2019
  371. Sea of troubles
  372. Multicolored mineral
  373. Silent signals of approval
  374. Vowel sound in stand
  375. Some summer shows
  376. Coast guard vehicle
  377. Brother of andrew the apostle
  378. Arrive onshore, perhaps
  379. Mountain geography feature
  380. Something to sketch in
  381. Adjective for imitation
  382. Underline or italicize
  383. Where mariners go
  384. Sort of small swallow
  385. Its enough for juan
  386. Letters from desperate people
  387. It's seeing things
  388. Stepped up enforcement
  389. 'sing a song of watergate' comic
  390. Cookies in some ice creams
  391. Swab over
  392. "we logistics" co
  393. Don't exit
  394. Half a menu combo
  395. Dance outfit
  396. Main $$$ overseer
  397. Nco with three chevrons
  398. They're on the phone
  399. Drain-opener ingredient
  400. It may be said with the wave of a hand
  401. Homeric creation
  402. Summer setting in st. pete
  403. Epidemic, e.g
  404. "son of frankenstein" blacksmith
  405. Reactor safety org
  406. __ frank baum
  407. Banned book of 1928
  408. Car trip alternative to geography
  409. Firesides
  410. Source of the line 'they say miracles are past'
  411. Many look forward to them regularly
  412. Ancient knowledge
  413. Seaman's swig
  414. Early problem for the wright brothers?
  415. Chaos antithesis
  416. Wwii sherman carrier
  417. Brahms work
  418. Nba legend archibald or thurmond
  419. One doing hard labor
  420. Aetna offering, briefly
  421. Warned someone off, in a way
  422. 1955 grant/kelly thriller
  423. Aging, in ontario
  424. Mix like oil and vinegar
  425. Sunken naval power, per plato
  426. Plo chief mahmoud
  427. They cause stirs on 10-down: abbr
  428. Western climax
  429. Northern calif. landmark
  430. Fruit finder of rhyme
  431. Shout to a diva
  432. Snarky reply to "why?"
  433. Lunatics on the schedule?
  434. Addams family spouse, affectionately
  435. Two things of concern to a math-loving nurse?
  436. Pittsburgh pro athlete
  437. Very special goody
  438. Casper in the courtroom?
  439. #1 on a motivational speaker's reminder list?
  440. 1920s hollywood breakthrough
  441. Rule-following corporation division?
  442. Taiwan strait port
  443. Pediatricians' wall hangings
  444. Verbal groans
  445. Black-tie ball, e.g
  446. Apple computer line
  447. Card in a seer's deck
  448. Speedy subatomic particle
  449. Bad service result?
  450. Royal title: abbr
  451. Call in a pledge
  452. Opera fan's opposite of ''buffa''
  453. Rhetorical question of amazement
  454. Shady nook
  455. Hear you will stack log with this
  456. Sign of hope amid the gloom
  457. Thirty, in montréal
  458. Sailor has all cards on the clock
  459. Ship, affectionately
  460. Some ford autos, briefly
  461. Not affected, i'm ahead of frenchman for one in france
  462. More mighty
  463. Kernel keeper
  464. Home, in honduras
  465. Perfect boyfriend
  466. Unbroken view of countryside for oman and russians leaders in central america country
  467. Father goes back to opening for aperitif
  468. Common events in whodunits
  469. Former chrysler c.e.o
  470. Rhythm and blues both have silver odds and sods
  471. That silver rubbish has a shimmering, superficial quality
  472. "he's __ no good"
  473. Denver hrs
  474. Folks will hear this in front of ship (2'1'3)
  475. Wild animals, their howl sounds like laughter
  476. Healthful food regimen, traditionally
  477. Rear, in the navy
  478. Official language of austria
  479. 39th president of the us
  480. Chinese menu staple
  481. David duchovny
  482. Tiny ___, singer of 1968's 'tip-toe thru' the tulips with me'
  483. Phryne fisher
  484. Group of caves
  485. Utility boat
  486. At a panel for long smoke
  487. Son of aeolus
  488. Overwhelming attack
  489. S for ___; or earth huggers club
  490. Cowardly person
  491. Act of plundering
  492. Style of string playing bouncing the bow
  493. Fine cement
  494. Turin treasure
  495. Religious madness
  496. Fine net ground used in lacemaking
  497. Hypothetical particle linked to attraction
  498. Relating to a disease compulsive
  499. Assorted team swimming contest
  500. Giving warning or reprimand
  501. Remote employee
  502. Background environment
  503. At last, about to draw attention to old tales
  504. High-performing wall street investment
  505. Jamaican specialty
  506. Bob and jakob of music
  507. Lily genre
  508. Overlay with plaster, perhaps
  509. Like the area under an awning
  510. L for ___ ; or peruvian city
  511. Most little league ballplayers
  512. Smeared with pitch
  513. Store-sign gases
  514. Devoured, with 'down'
  515. Modem units
  516. Make up lowest score in maine on track
  517. Stroke, by the sound of it, on time
  518. Number whose square equals its square root
  519. Informal tests of knowledge
  520. Hard outer skin, of an orange say
  521. At last cian discovers what it means to be ethnic and scientifically proficient
  522. Machines that convert power into motion
  523. Scary dinosaur, for short
  524. Word with "family" or "shoe"
  525. Spear lands in substandard fair
  526. Tither's precentage
  527. Work permit for a particular product for a gent
  528. Provide a background
  529. One man breaks down between flagpole in sailing ship
  530. Terminal expectation: abbr
  531. Playwright akins and tony winner caldwell
  532. Domed areas in church, usually where the altars are
  533. An apple for apple inc., e.g
  534. Is it taxman's job for government to pay for razor, say?
  535. Training authority joins intelligence agency in front of driver
  536. Woodcutter found in trance
  537. A-line originator
  538. "so there!" (var.)
  539. Timothy leary drug
  540. Fusses by a mirror
  541. Sonic bursts
  542. Something in one's eye?
  543. They move your dinghy
  544. Fuzzy marsupial
  545. Path of a pop-up
  546. Silly smile, maybe
  547. Pants part that gets a lot of wear
  548. "you've got mail" internet giant
  549. Hospital pro
  550. Strike slightly
  551. Outdated tape format
  552. Breaking of a mirror, some fear
  553. Virginia's washington and ___ university
  554. Classic actor ___ g. carroll
  555. Official agreements
  556. Swedes lie for alpine plant
  557. Cinders looks down on when tired
  558. Ancient home of irish kings
  559. Gear with docking stations
  560. Eyelash application
  561. His dark materials girl played by dafne keen
  562. Captain marvel actress gemma
  563. Cockpit occupants
  564. With 47-across, modern-day chauffeur
  565. First-person french pronoun
  566. Sons of anarchy actor who plays detective nate lahey on how to get away with murder (2 wds.)
  567. On the sheltered side to a sailor
  568. Actress macdowell who has a cameo in the hulu series four weddings and a funeral
  569. The birth of a nation actress who plays law student michaela pratt on how to get away with murder (3 wds.)
  570. Bar in a birdcage
  571. Oscar- emmy- and tony-winning actress who plays lawyer annalise keating on how to get away with murder (2 wds.)
  572. Tangerine throwaway
  573. No place to sit on broadway (abbr.)
  574. November 11 honoree for short
  575. Path for a drinks cart
  576. Part of speech that is conjugated
  577. Chip dipped in salsa
  578. Play-___ (fun factory brand)
  579. Quaint little hotel
  580. My chemical romance music genre
  581. Outlet for heat in a building (2 wds.)
  582. Skewered snack
  583. Morning ___ (msnbc news/talk show)
  584. Leader going to a match is potential flasher
  585. Raw edge on foot goes round and round
  586. Fiery volcanic output
  587. Youngest brady daughter
  588. Actress kingston who plays river song on doctor who
  589. Pollo ___ (south american grilled chicken dish)
  590. Kitchen gadget that might be egg-shaped
  591. Social engagement
  592. Mamma ___! (musical featuring songs by abba)
  593. Knives out actor chris
  594. Get something wrong making fun in silicon lake
  595. Elia kazan's oscar-winning film
  596. Look over leeringly
  597. Code inventor
  598. Off top of one's head, thickness is very close, but not close enough
  599. False dan word
  600. Figure at sarah's cigar store?
  601. Take action, legally
  602. Female domestic animal
  603. What dead men do
  604. Rough sounding barrister stands by right to breakdown cathy
  605. Yodeling tribute band's repertoire?
  606. Carries a mortgage, say
  607. Why vocal french cleric has right natter
  608. Like some divers
  609. It's used to pluck a stringed instrument
  610. Steamrolled stuff
  611. Chicago basketball team sold to the vatican?
  612. Tom speaks old greek language for relating to ions
  613. Sets of small tables that fit closely together
  614. Nobleman with me in dive is causing disagreement between people
  615. Woodworking grooves
  616. Alfred of publishing
  617. Aikido masters
  618. It may be requested in a vote
  619. Isn't for some people?
  620. Poems with dedications
  621. Jacks off, slangily
  622. European country with a king
  623. Tattoo ___
  624. Like under-watered plants
  625. Human bodies' trunks
  626. "iron chef" supplies
  627. Some gypsies
  628. Machu picchu person
  629. Tv show opener, often
  630. One returning from the theater?
  631. Teleport, as harry potter
  632. See after
  633. Memorable time for historians
  634. A real smarty
  635. Something for snorkelers to look at but not touch
  636. Hip berry
  637. 'rocky horror picture show' dance
  638. Brave crossword solver's tools
  639. Make a noise reliable
  640. Got real?
  641. Many recital pieces
  642. Use the ladle again
  643. Pulse indication
  644. Not sure of all this excitement with feeling coming over broken infected tissue
  645. "the natural" protagonist hobbs
  646. More impartial
  647. Thick-skinned citrus fruit
  648. Like cobs and toms
  649. I¿d mix drink and it¿s perfect
  650. Dives for cover
  651. Never want to see these under table at hellfire club playing footsies perhaps
  652. Trick french police with eliot as these don¿t get any peace
  653. Rangers' home in n.y.c
  654. 2011 outbreak cause
  655. Reveal all?
  656. One known for great service
  657. Pole ran in for no match here
  658. Prosperous, wealthy
  659. Very rich russian businessman
  660. Some guernseys
  661. Where soldier doesn't stick to guns near yard is disorderly
  662. *rewards cardholder's benefit
  663. Bilgewater
  664. Break habit and see you before easter ready for a fight
  665. His voice is heard after "live, from new york ..."
  666. Icky cafeteria mixture
  667. Vessels with pedestals
  668. *computer-generated visual media
  669. ''the plains of passage'' author
  670. Top-knotted doll
  671. Adversary attacker
  672. Constituent of large reefs
  673. Engine driven by water
  674. Large yellow juicy fruit
  675. Meat trimmings
  676. Grimace in pain
  677. Jeweler's hundred points
  678. Partner to do-si-do with
  679. Hand-holding dance
  680. Slowly slide into chaos
  681. Astral glows
  682. 1992 madonna album
  683. The coast, to a spaniard
  684. Angle or cycle starter
  685. Fighter pilots wear
  686. Television show about bugs
  687. Barbecue variety featuring vinegar
  688. Newcomer informally
  689. French composer saint-saëns
  690. Self reliance writer
  691. Grammy nominated singer in moonlight
  692. Windowsill plant
  693. Hunting or fishing
  694. Actress chabert
  695. Unfavorable impression?
  696. Trapeze artist's safeguard
  697. Big-nosed character of 1980s tv
  698. Cafeteria worker's topper
  699. Under oath legally
  700. Lose courage
  701. Islamic legal code
  702. Concert concession stand buys
  703. Key or cay
  704. Howling beasts
  705. April wine 1981 cover tune
  706. Sprinter's target
  707. Kaczynski or koppel
  708. And all these corny tv shows are brought to you by..
  709. Major german river, in german
  710. Cheap cars of the 1990s
  711. Dick cheney and george w. bush, for two
  712. Typical guy on romance novel covers
  713. Rife with conversation
  714. Late dramatist who turned down a knighthood
  715. Aboriginal throwing stick
  716. Between s and f on a laptop
  717. Appeasements rapprochements
  718. Work through to hear this christian text
  719. British artist who turned down knighthood
  720. Small group of intriguers
  721. Sleeker more polished
  722. Contract or narrow
  723. Thought or cash for extra service
  724. The lum hat wantin a croon
  725. Ancient emperor
  726. Showing more bravado
  727. Safety fence
  728. Book correction
  729. Pastrami or salami
  730. Missal stand's place
  731. 100% convinced
  732. Beta release, in essence
  733. Makes copies of, maybe
  734. Salt lake city rail system
  735. Ecuador is a member of it
  736. It's either hot or cold here in the bar
  737. Online "seems to me ..."
  738. Newsman who famously defined news as 'something somebody doesn't want printed'
  739. 'a tree grows in brooklyn' writer betty
  740. The dead centre for thomas to meet bishop
  741. Cold dish of various vegetables,
  742. Orientation guides
  743. Gowns that are rarely worn out
  744. Alien introduction?
  745. Los alamos national laboratory locale
  746. Attends to as one might a captured soldier
  747. Cut through borders for flat cutting sides
  748. End of an amherst address
  749. A hung jury forced the judge to ___
  750. He's inclined to agree
  751. Brit.'s falklands war foe
  752. "bye-bye, brigitte"
  753. 1980s 'meet the press' host marvin
  754. Return bearing support for away match
  755. It may be eaten undressed
  756. Employees pursuing phds, perhaps
  757. Three-oscar actress
  758. Stop from spreading
  759. Course of sewers, for short
  760. Letter from greece for the sign of gratitude
  761. Wasn't guessing
  762. They change seasonally
  763. Fifth word of the lyrics to 'american pie'
  764. Drinks bourbon neat, maybe
  765. The lumberjack quit because he was ___
  766. Autumnal abbr
  767. Portman or kunis, in a 2010 film
  768. Old cw sitcom starring a country music star
  769. Dickensian surname
  770. Successful show's situation
  771. Weeded carelessly?
  772. Lawn care item
  773. They might swing
  774. Come together in the army; fall apart in politics
  775. Petty or grand crime
  776. John or paul, but not ringo
  777. Crocs may sit in one
  778. Projection insulated by the nodes of ranvier
  779. Purchased, then altered?
  780. The chess columnist had occasionally ___
  781. Daily letters
  782. Building material for great plains settlers
  783. Pioneering sort
  784. Announced who gets to do jonah?
  785. Test before practicing
  786. Jodie's residence?
  787. Part of einstein's famous equation
  788. Half of a 'karate kid' phrase
  789. Emmy-nominated comedy series on fx
  790. Country runners: abbr
  791. "we'll just see about that!"
  792. Woodsy thicket
  793. Hard to debate
  794. Good, to guillaume
  795. Displays in annoying quantity
  796. Sussex stable area
  797. Maker of golf street shoes
  798. 69-down's co-star in 'the quiet man'
  799. Ward and others
  800. Shutter component
  801. Editor's rejection of a tribute?
  802. Almost half a glass?
  803. Specialized sch
  804. The spendthrift scuba diver usually ___
  805. Oasis treats
  806. Middle ___ (transcontinental region)
  807. Indigenous arctic people
  808. Stage director's concern
  809. Graduate has trick to cure meat
  810. Like playing tennis with the net down, to robert frost
  811. Possible response to 41-across
  812. Kind of tag for a web designer
  813. Pre-socratic greek philosopher
  814. Homeland security responsibility
  815. What you may have to enter to enter
  816. Home of wichita falls
  817. Surreal finale?
  818. Part of a job application
  819. Something a bib catches
  820. Doesnt touch
  821. Milk: fr
  822. Busy bee, for short
  823. Capts assistant, maybe
  824. Bit of conniving
  825. Boring events
  826. Lower extremity affliction
  827. Game ball material
  828. Easy group
  829. It has a very big bed
  830. Another name for the moonfish
  831. Mushroom in ramen
  832. Short drop-off?
  833. Nosh at noon, say
  834. Orchestra heavyweights
  835. Puts on or things put on
  836. Word with tippy or twinkle
  837. Monks digs
  838. Neighbor of an emirati
  839. Unbridled joy
  840. Suffix with black or brack
  841. Cartomancers deck
  842. Democratic politician julian
  843. Evening hour in spain
  844. Minor cut, say
  845. Generate, as suspicion
  846. Scurriers near streams
  847. Masochists pleasure
  848. Gas-relieving brand
  849. Deli sandwich, hold the vowels
  850. Spew anger
  851. Gopher, eg
  852. Yonder, in dialect
  853. Flower for a corsage
  854. Prepped for surgery
  855. Makeup holder
  856. Outta luck!
  857. Didnt just float
  858. Not commercial: abbr
  859. Kind of book or ad
  860. You might open one at a pub
  861. Undergo rapprochement
  862. Educational tv spot, for short
  863. Common wedding hairstyle
  864. When tripled, etc
  865. Ring a helping hand for temporary solution
  866. Lake from which the blue nile begins
  867. "flashdance... what a feeling" lyricist
  868. On one¿s marks go along with this
  869. They may be boutiques
  870. Complex gp
  871. One way to study
  872. Poppin' lemonade is one of its flavors
  873. Cleaning with a broom
  874. Dancer known for her execution
  875. Air canada centre team, informally
  876. What's won or lost is last place burning witch is found
  877. Midwestern twin city
  878. Church bible provides little currency
  879. Berkshire hathaway company
  880. Doesn't quite reveal
  881. Left nothing in the tank
  882. Causing face-clenching, maybe
  883. Paul or lloyd of cooperstown
  884. Curse repellers
  885. Streetwalkers tramping with sashes
  886. Type of mining
  887. 1980s cosby co-star
  888. Kentucky explorer daniel
  889. Ricky martin's springboard to fame
  890. Gives you a breather for twinge in banna strand
  891. Orbital position nearest the sun
  892. Have a cold response?
  893. Map coordinate: abbr
  894. Suffix with "direct" or "detect"
  895. Some band members
  896. Certain pancake makeup
  897. Like 3 a.m., say
  898. Author who influenced verne
  899. Cleese role in "monty python's the meaning of life"
  900. Interest, informally
  901. Can¿t be proud of morning in a shed
  902. Like 24-down, eight times
  903. Break last letter in america on way to german port for prophet
  904. Novel identifier
  905. Birthplace of queen sonja
  906. Some light fare
  907. Woman called after wedding for what sounds like a joint
  908. Part of a pc's innards
  909. Commune se of palermo
  910. Jacob¿s eldest gives reference to you ben
  911. Where the pawnee r. flows
  912. Places where talk is cheep?
  913. And the others? yes, but the original way and so on
  914. Oceans, for instance
  915. ''forrest gump'' oscar nominee
  916. Tennis player nadal
  917. Jungle knives
  918. Like toast without butter
  919. Group that regularly plays a classic dice game?
  920. Action at a 29-down
  921. Sweet serving, often
  922. Booker prize winner arundhati ___
  923. Off the reservation, gi-wise
  924. Where busybodies live?
  925. Consonant such as "f" or "v"
  926. Like kale and endive
  927. Certain fire starter
  928. Multi-act show
  929. What teddy roosevelt said to carry
  930. Processional leader
  931. She lived with tv's bradys
  932. Orpheus' strings
  933. Begin a game of 'she loves me, she loves me not ...'?
  934. Sonar image
  935. Palindromic auto model
  936. Spellcaster
  937. Grinding tool used with a mortar
  938. Ancient garland for the head
  939. Sir galahad, e.g
  940. Net trading
  941. Do some prodding
  942. Like many doilies
  943. Borg or nobel
  944. Rhododendron relatives
  945. First-class piece of infant's wear?
  946. They might make your mouth water
  947. Pickup truck section
  948. A boxing ref may call one
  949. Louisville race
  950. It has a small charge
  951. Boats' rears
  952. Extirpate
  953. Headset half
  954. ___ constrictor rainforest snake
  955. Give stars to a film say
  956. R&b artist with the hit so sick: hyph.
  957. Nanny's quiet!
  958. California airport in westchester: abbr.
  959. Kanye ___ rapper who won the grammy award for best rap song in 2005 for jesus walks
  960. Picasso's mastery
  961. Kingston's country
  962. ___-z rapper who won the grammy award for best rap song in 2010 for run this town
  963. American actor who plays jim halpert in the office: 2 wds.
  964. ___ of the tiger theme song of rocky iii
  965. Mississippi ___ pie
  966. Rapper who won the grammy award for best rap song in 2004 for lose yourself
  967. Space between two generations
  968. Child's room, often
  969. Brazilian ballroom dances
  970. Footwear company acquired by adidas in 2005 and was promoted by cardi b
  971. John's love ___ ono
  972. Rock duo steely ___
  973. Kendrick ___ rapper who won the grammy award for best rap song in 2016 for alright
  974. Adele's song rolling in the ___
  975. Sound of the alphabet between r and t
  976. Yoo-___ popular chocolate drink
  977. Words on a dustbin usually: 2 wds.
  978. Slumber party attire: abbr.
  979. Fuel pump purchase
  980. ¨como ___ usted? (spanish how are you?)
  981. Dexter and the affair network: abbr.
  982. Bubble ___ (cover)
  983. Like a phone battery without charge
  984. Rapper who won the grammy award for best rap song in 2017 for hotline bling
  985. Kyiv and kharkiv's country for short
  986. Controversial flavor enhancer: abbr.
  987. A good day to ___ hard bruce willis movie
  988. Genesis father of three
  989. Dig for coal say
  990. One who makes you yawn
  991. A cop might put someone under it
  992. All-points bulletins, e.g
  993. Not just nerves
  994. Pinkish red chinese fruit
  995. Artist's cover-up
  996. Gloom-filled
  997. New york hotel or hollywood studio
  998. Yesterday in spanish
  999. Jack bauer organization
  1000. Filipino boxer
  1001. Killer of the night king
  1002. Paris or washington subway
  1003. Pinkish red chinese fruit with white flesh
  1004. Young weaned pig nyt
  1005. Flaw in computer code
  1006. Pessimist's question
  1007. Be the victor
  1008. "a great __ indicates a great man": cyrano de bergerac
  1009. Earthshaking events
  1010. Town squares?
  1011. Mean monster of fairy tales
  1012. "the devourer of all things": ovid
  1013. Free, as from ropes
  1014. Far from sickly
  1015. Small vise in a wood shop
  1016. Oldest gabor sister
  1017. Boxer beaten in ''cinderella man''
  1018. Money bet
  1019. Empereur romain
  1020. Rendre chatoyant e
  1021. Évolution e
  1022. Enclaver e
  1023. Moqueur e
  1024. Raviver e
  1025. Body shop convenience
  1026. Stage of existence
  1027. Cover at the bakery
  1028. The elevator operator __
  1029. Not 'five easy pieces,' but the 1994 family film ..
  1030. Wax cylinder
  1031. Emphasize gloatingly
  1032. Pasta formed into tubes
  1033. Opposite of rises
  1034. Mi6 : britain :: ___ : u.s
  1035. Lake at one end of the welland canal
  1036. He said 'my reputation, iago, my reputation!'
  1037. 1986 u.s.s.r. launch
  1038. Patriots' group
  1039. 2012, por ejemplo
  1040. 2004 best actor winner for 'ray'
  1041. Period of george w. bush's presidency
  1042. Pentathlete, at times
  1043. Like many potato chips and peanuts
  1044. Tailgate party places
  1045. Spread out letterhead with fourth of july for all to see
  1046. Co. for web users
  1047. Get a handle perhaps on what¿s learned in the army?
  1048. Fly ___ mushroom
  1049. Summer tv filler
  1050. Printed results of baseball games
  1051. "mountain" or "rocket" finish
  1052. Spruce or sequoia
  1053. How many tv programs are aired nowadays
  1054. Press out from splinters for short fine fibres
  1055. Goes around nice development leading to church of the french
  1056. Situation after deuce
  1057. Working, as a machine
  1058. Slender stems
  1059. It may be graven or spitting
  1060. Neurologist's order, for short
  1061. Computer clutter
  1062. Dinghy's cousin
  1063. Grump or dump trailer
  1064. Sets of tasks, as at an office
  1065. Zigzag on skis
  1066. Price-fixing bloc
  1067. Like drive-thru fare
  1068. Positively charged electrode
  1069. Newscaster williams
  1070. Model who co-starred in 'las vegas'
  1071. Shelter for 37-across
  1072. Tourist perhaps is reliable but not outstanding
  1073. Big-billed tropical bird
  1074. Cookie trayful
  1075. Raced on foot
  1076. Don, as something more comfortable
  1077. Twice, to tiberius
  1078. Toolbar gives opportunity to eat restaurateur¿s words perhaps
  1079. Horror director wes
  1080. Between green and orange and capable of running
  1081. Diner reading
  1082. Japan's tallest peak
  1083. Letter from rome admits breakdown of new york city in cia cell
  1084. Copier fluid
  1085. Sharpshooter's weapon
  1086. A sucker might use this
  1087. Big containers in a tavern
  1088. Common clue for "erne"
  1089. Lance or midori
  1090. Socioeconomic tension
  1091. James of the nba
  1092. Province on hudson bay: abbr
  1093. Auto racing safety device
  1094. Judgement that is in the way of the car
  1095. Video game manufacturer
  1096. Change one's pants?
  1097. Vision ''pair''/ice-cube ''pair''
  1098. Snipping ''pair''
  1099. Put words to music what is wrong with force
  1100. Gene that has nothing to do with detectives is death for a lot of people
  1101. Spot for a peel
  1102. Plucking ''pair''
  1103. It really happened for turkish leader on french street
  1104. Crusoe or gilligan
  1105. Parts of an outfit
  1106. 62-across to an astronomer
  1107. Already occupied, as a seat
  1108. Hear shift in bible coming back over in asian capital
  1109. Built up devastated edward around what is massive
  1110. One aids another
  1111. Drafts may be served on it
  1112. Traveller's check perhaps for bright residence
  1113. Goes by airplane reportedly to get kiss that is contemptibly small
  1114. The older brothers in the family
  1115. Striped scavenger
  1116. Boxing match ender
  1117. Cardinals' beaks
  1118. The next thing to a ban is to do nothing
  1119. Jaded ones
  1120. Love for scarlett
  1121. 'the 39 steps' author john
  1122. Miner's hat feature
  1123. Cattle breed named for an english county
  1124. Serves a draft, e.g
  1125. Elton john's first first name
  1126. Million-millennia period (var.)
  1127. Princely inits
  1128. Protection for a skater
  1129. 62-across to a yankees fan
  1130. Shower floor piece, perhaps
  1131. Horror author barker
  1132. Bear lairs
  1133. Skin-care product ingredient
  1134. Age at which jim morrison, jimi hendrix, janis joplin, kurt cobain and amy winehouse died
  1135. Blabbed to an ornithologist?
  1136. Sewn-on ornamentation
  1137. What nonparallel lines do eventually
  1138. Immeasurable time (var.)
  1139. 62-across to a mathematician
  1140. Golfer's shirt
  1141. Be excessively loud, as a radio
  1142. Letter-shaped bit of nasa equipment
  1143. Poetic, palindromic preposition
  1144. Digit with a ring, maybe
  1145. Blabbed during a dryer maintenance chore?
  1146. One of an amorous pair
  1147. Light measure
  1148. Kite stabilizer
  1149. Outer garments for batman and superman
  1150. Flightless bird of argentina
  1151. Where bulls and bears are cheered
  1152. Where the beverly hills hotel is located
  1153. Sabrina portrayer melissa joan __
  1154. What no centipede has exactly 100 of oddly
  1155. Roles on 52-across
  1156. Where the answers to 20- 24- 36- and 46-across have appeared in lights
  1157. Shaped like the president's office
  1158. Carne __: taco filling
  1159. On screen ticket-holders perhaps
  1160. Hand drums similar to tambourines
  1161. What a necklace with a pendant has
  1162. Social unit sharing the same dwelling
  1163. State nicknamed the land of 10000 lakes
  1164. Chest pain is all in your head
  1165. Words before "a whip"
  1166. Sentry's imperative
  1167. 8-down's first home
  1168. The caine mutiny author herman
  1169. Make an effort to hold onto girl for broadcaster
  1170. Kids' swimming aids
  1171. Brooklyn mc kweli
  1172. Many a cub scout den leader
  1173. Threesome on a clipper
  1174. Letters for louis quatorze
  1175. Use one's gray cells
  1176. Give off, as rays or an odor
  1177. Make do with nursing recipe for foie gras
  1178. Matching pullover and cardigan
  1179. Phenomenon evidenced in the 2011 film subtitled 'never say never'
  1180. A restrained manner
  1181. They may be rolled or steel-cut
  1182. Yellowstone spouter
  1183. Horse's hoof sound
  1184. Half-human on "star trek: the next generation"
  1185. Second tv showing
  1186. Problematic plan in use for land-to-sea project
  1187. In progress, to sherlock
  1188. Pop selection
  1189. Clarify who you used to be before end of july for cleopatra¿s salad days
  1190. Vitruvian man reached out for bird with penny
  1191. Old carriage takes ron away from china rose
  1192. Melt, as ice
  1193. Went for a ticket, in a way
  1194. Causing puckers
  1195. 'family matters' neighbor
  1196. Leather shop punchers
  1197. Yellow-and-green hat name
  1198. Guevara nickname
  1199. Prepare leftovers, say
  1200. Clothing with a cats stain, perhaps
  1201. Figs. that aren't final
  1202. It can be read on a 10-down
  1203. French king hugh ___
  1204. With 30-across, one with two working parents, maybe
  1205. Where to find a keeper
  1206. Jimmy dorsey classic "maria ___"
  1207. Caraway-seeded bread, often
  1208. Whodunit feature
  1209. Great to a '90s rapper
  1210. Biblical rescue ship
  1211. Word said twice after que
  1212. Focus on imparting exam-related knowledge
  1213. Pinot noir par exemple
  1214. Where to leave tips for nail extensions
  1215. Do concerts in many places
  1216. Baby babble sounds
  1217. Indecisive sounds
  1218. On a team with us
  1219. Person who may go pro?
  1220. Like beethoven mostly when he composed symphony no. 9
  1221. Anti-flood embankments
  1222. Web developer's elegance?
  1223. Beret's scottish cousin
  1224. So-so to coco
  1225. Kitty starter in poker
  1226. Giant's chant in jack and the beanstalk
  1227. Game that amuses babies
  1228. Washington lobbyists' thoroughfare
  1229. Blue on many faucets
  1230. Degree preceder?
  1231. Revolutionary war hero hale
  1232. Full steam ahead!
  1233. Wearing-down processes
  1234. Sign of protests?
  1235. Poetic contraction that drops an i
  1236. Long formal essay
  1237. Mythical goat men
  1238. Stubborn things per john adams
  1239. Apple product that can have 3tb of storage
  1240. 'america's got talent' judge mandel
  1241. Midori who landed a historic triple axel
  1242. Carrier that added 'ways' to its name in the '90s
  1243. Band with the album ''
  1244. Indian state known for tea
  1245. High school hurdles, briefly
  1246. Numeric labels for computer users
  1247. Time of excitement about toys, perhaps
  1248. Lumberjack's devices
  1249. Disney frame rarely used in the age of cgi
  1250. Huge name in electrics
  1251. Brand name repeated in a kreayshawn title
  1252. Sal's splies
  1253. Former food label abbr
  1254. Ancient advice sources
  1255. Disapproving pout approaching face in pack
  1256. Forest floor sight
  1257. Final four gp
  1258. Slant lawyer puts on night before
  1259. Answer from a different room
  1260. Hardly an instance of modesty
  1261. Thorny patch (var.)
  1262. Stamp when there aren't enough stamps
  1263. Stylish point of sale fashion centre
  1264. Protection for a mechanic, say
  1265. Goad, cowboy-style
  1266. Oh, either do it or don¿t do it for challenges
  1267. Loonlike diving bird
  1268. Verse on greek theatre
  1269. Flows, of water say
  1270. Long-plumed herons
  1271. Verbally overwhelm
  1272. Words on a hawaiian license plate
  1273. Revolutionary green turns blue when boiled
  1274. Loin du coeur
  1275. Rassasier 6 lettres
  1276. Port du nord du liban
  1277. Mythical flying sandals breaks up alternative form of opera singing
  1278. Ont une ile 6 lettres
  1279. Rassasier e
  1280. Associate post allows one to go clubbing perhaps
  1281. Eclat vif et passager 9 lettres
  1282. Famille de singes cynocephales
  1283. Camescope e
  1284. Garment for 49-across
  1285. Superficially fluent
  1286. Creator of u.p.c.'s
  1287. Iris flower
  1288. Donatello sculpture
  1289. Large-tongued comics dog
  1290. Like some flared skirts
  1291. When to go stargazing
  1292. “splashy” recreation area
  1293. “10” actress
  1294. Fictional character who says 'i now prophesy that i will dismember my dismemberer'
  1295. A bit of everything
  1296. Take electrons from, perhaps
  1297. Container for pickles
  1298. Unfriendly types
  1299. “community” actor jeong
  1300. It holds stories together at conclusion of novel
  1301. Say it wrong
  1302. Takes up grass in marrakesh
  1303. Dead rough summer shirt doesn't hold water
  1304. Willy loman, e.g
  1305. Less-traveled road
  1306. Suffix with "weak" or "earth"
  1307. Springtime hunter's find
  1308. Tumbler locale
  1309. Health gp. based in atlanta
  1310. Houston ice hockey pro
  1311. Spider-man's creations
  1312. Chess competitor
  1313. Buffalo bob smith's puppet
  1314. Facetious words of enlightenment
  1315. Powerful drought accompaniers, often
  1316. Immediate vicinity
  1317. What ariz. and hawaii are the only two states not to have
  1318. Fx show about a stand-up comic
  1319. Being, to berlioz
  1320. Italian city associated with the real-life saint nicholas
  1321. Suburb of cairo
  1322. Poet who made radio broadcasts in support of mussolini
  1323. Uses a powder puff on, say
  1324. Actual, after 'in'
  1325. Held in servitude
  1326. Brother right to cover own nose for obsequious person
  1327. Class for non-native speakers: abbr
  1328. Awkward as the hague has the copyright
  1329. Loud celebration
  1330. God fearing drink found in the church
  1331. Gave a wrong answer
  1332. Aa feature
  1333. Pillbox relative
  1334. Cavort with joker for list of potential partners
  1335. Elicit eye-popping
  1336. Black hawk part
  1337. Zach's "the hangover" role
  1338. When the supreme court term starts
  1339. Seasoned, in a way
  1340. 'the general' star
  1341. R&b singer arrested in 1993 for an 'overly suggestive stage performance'
  1342. 'david copperfield' villain heep
  1343. Violent attack leads to donkey trouble
  1344. What wow means to an honest person?
  1345. Wild duck goes to pieces in middle of deltas
  1346. Require defrosting
  1347. Natural seasonings
  1348. Dix et un
  1349. Ended a chess game
  1350. Sinatra’s birthplace
  1351. Worrying according to some
  1352. Hours actually elapsed
  1353. Sight from st. moritz
  1354. Spreads disease if combined with scent
  1355. Racing venue near windsor castle
  1356. Makes sure
  1357. Daises, podiums
  1358. Last word of the epistle to the romans
  1359. Option for reduced fare
  1360. Updated a blog
  1361. The law in a way provides an abundance of riches
  1362. Ran out of patience
  1363. Specialist who delivers for the sopranos?
  1364. Desecration, profanation
  1365. Old congregating locale
  1366. Spy fiction stock character
  1367. Words next to an arrow downtown
  1368. Excitement, so to speak
  1369. New york city has six
  1370. Dirty bedroom, as it were
  1371. William's mum
  1372. Swank on screen
  1373. Novelist glyn
  1374. 2008 documentary about agribusiness
  1375. Musician arrested onstage in 1967 for 'indecency'
  1376. Large moose-like animal
  1377. Scientist's small glass container
  1378. Split actress who plays magik in the new mutants: 2 wds. hyph.
  1379. Role played by keanu reeves in three movies from 1999 to 2003
  1380. Watson who played hermione granger in eight movies
  1381. People in charge of nightclub music: abbr.
  1382. Settings for many tv medical dramas: abbr.
  1383. Vegetable that's popular in new orleans
  1384. Easter's month this year
  1385. Game of thrones actress who plays wolfsbane in the new mutants: 2 wds.
  1386. Second-smallest us state (after rhode island): abbr.
  1387. Actor tim who voices buzz lightyear
  1388. Channel that airs total request live
  1389. Ages ___ (not very recently)
  1390. Molly's game actor idris
  1391. Stranger things actor who plays cannonball in the new mutants: 2 wds.
  1392. Santa clarita diet star barrymore
  1393. Shaggy beasts from tibet
  1394. Red rock casino resort & ___ (hotel in las vegas)
  1395. Embankment for protecting against floods
  1396. Alpha ___ omega (fraternity founded in 1865)
  1397. Love don't cost a thing singer's nickname: 2 wds.
  1398. Potato chip brand that has an annual do us a flavor contest
  1399. Sweet child o' ___ (guns n' roses song)
  1400. Valuable black liquid
  1401. White condiment for sandwiches for short
  1402. Twilight ___ (my little pony character)
  1403. Third-largest city in utah by population
  1404. Brownie ___ mode: 2 wds.
  1405. Unlikely to make the first move
  1406. Where you'd see a blimp
  1407. Ice queen in frozen ii
  1408. ___-hee! (sound of a giggle)
  1409. Small thin stick
  1410. Go out on a ___ (take a chance)
  1411. Country that's east of yemen
  1412. It'll take your breath ___
  1413. Opposite of outer
  1414. Actress kirstie of the look who's talking movies
  1415. Type of fish that can be used in fish tacos
  1416. Blend by hand
  1417. Bitter type of beer: abbr.
  1418. Like the people who will inherit the earth according to the bible
  1419. Avon's brand of anti-aging skin care products
  1420. Gosh ___ it!
  1421. Word that can follow slow or cow
  1422. Winner of seven french opens
  1423. Statement resulting in hand-raising
  1424. Non-alcoholic
  1425. Specialist who's paid in continental currency?
  1426. Like jesus or ashley tisdale
  1427. Golfer ernie called 'the big easy'
  1428. Famous spokescow
  1429. Dish garnished with crushed peanuts
  1430. Card reader of a sort
  1431. Always on the move
  1432. Carburetor parts
  1433. 'spring forward, fall back' syst
  1434. Hector's end?
  1435. Performs at a bee
  1436. Modeling material for moppets
  1437. Planet rescued by flash gordon
  1438. Marshmallow-and-chocolate treat that some people apparently microwave
  1439. 'a stroll in the air' playwright
  1440. When tripled a comment of annoyance
  1441. One of a pair of explorers on the missouri state quarter
  1442. Band arrested in 2012 for 'hooliganism'
  1443. Sharply dressed shoewise?
  1444. Five-letter world capital that locals spell as two words
  1445. Single quote?
  1446. Promptly canceled 2012 abc series
  1447. Big name in student grants
  1448. Specialist who listens to sole music?
  1449. ___ paradise on the road protagonist
  1450. Weapon associated with the film quote heres johnny!
  1451. Sack cloth
  1452. Citation abbr
  1453. Just saying?
  1454. ___ roddenberry first tv writer on the hollywood walk of fame
  1455. Ancient greek poet sometimes called the tenth muse
  1456. Nickname for baseball hall-of-famer ernie banks
  1457. Cant deal with that right now!
  1458. Canonized fifth-century pope called the great
  1459. Org. tracking workplace accidents
  1460. English setting for a series of impressionist paintings by monet
  1461. Ugly ones sometimes come out in december
  1462. Second-most common vietnamese surname
  1463. The scat got her tongue you might say
  1464. Uma thurmans role in pulp fiction
  1465. 1995 isabel allende memoir
  1466. ___ mitchell creator of the tony-winning musical hadestown
  1467. What wow means to a sage?
  1468. Like stereotypical seattle weather
  1469. Specialist who doesn't know what he's doing?
  1470. Coverings on ancient roman statuary
  1471. Womens basketball powerhouse for short
  1472. 4-down-choo!
  1473. Poe poem about a mythical quest
  1474. University of south carolina transcripts?
  1475. Where the meaning of life was sold in 2000 for $3.26
  1476. European museum whose name means meadow
  1477. Old ___ road longest-running #1 single in billboard history (19 weeks)
  1478. Home of 72-down
  1479. Mortimer ___ dummy of old radio and tv
  1480. Org. in charge of the 23-down
  1481. Country whose most widely spoken language is wolof
  1482. First name in the 1970s white house
  1483. ___ voce poco fa (rossini aria)
  1484. Letters on cardinals caps
  1485. High tenor
  1486. When the ghost of hamlet's father first appears
  1487. Adventure movie staples
  1488. Collard greens seasoner
  1489. Freestyle or crawl for example
  1490. Mapo doufu's country of origin
  1491. Amway competitor
  1492. It's golden they say
  1493. Food eaten on march 14
  1494. Translation of estoy
  1495. Items in recipe boxes
  1496. Material for modern miners
  1497. Neighbor of india
  1498. Sixth-graders often
  1499. Some april births
  1500. Heist planner perhaps
  1501. Do something immoral
  1502. The slender giant moray is the longest one
  1503. Tien len's country of origin
  1504. Host of the 2024 olympics
  1505. Shout out in a bibliography
  1506. Inviting words on a cake in alice in wonderland
  1507. English prep school for boys
  1508. Some july births
  1509. Silently allow entry
  1510. Election day sticker phrase
  1511. Test proctor's interjection
  1512. 'michael collins' actor quinn
  1513. Half dome handholds
  1514. Little women actress laura
  1515. Number of digits that some hands have
  1516. Mount featured on the armenian coat of arms
  1517. Shirt named for its shape
  1518. Yellow buttonlike flower
  1519. Parts of a digital image
  1520. Unit smaller than a hectare
  1521. Dallas nba squad
  1522. Mountain mentioned in the koran
  1523. Scouting mission for short
  1524. ___ state (mississippi university)
  1525. Word after coal or pine
  1526. Critic hilton
  1527. Artist chella
  1528. Certain military pilot's rank
  1529. Item in trouble's pop-o-matic
  1530. Word seen in wedding announcements
  1531. De-sudsed
  1532. Triangular snack chip
  1533. Who approved this clue
  1534. Predecessor of tiktok
  1535. New york mlb squad
  1536. Blackjack assets
  1537. Stimpy's chihuahua compadre
  1538. Some reproductive cells
  1539. Appeared ominously
  1540. Makeup of a sort
  1541. Radio-based navigational system
  1542. This fringe doesn't appear well
  1543. It makes it harder to drive
  1544. Reluctant to draw attention to oneself
  1545. Podge abandons sheepdog for her
  1546. Timon of athens, e.g
  1547. Queenly in-law of william of orange
  1548. Luxurious country estate
  1549. Santa ana neighbor
  1550. Melancholic diverse champion has reflected gel to hold ego
  1551. Crime lab tool
  1552. Spelled
  1553. Cordon bleu specialization
  1554. Hit for tony martin
  1555. Chemical discovery of 1898
  1556. In the end see back to einstein's equation for those who run shows
  1557. Part of a field hockey uniform
  1558. Black piecrust component
  1559. Baseball throws
  1560. Lab fixture
  1561. "__ liebt dich": german version of a beatles hit
  1562. Kurt's role in ''tombstone''
  1563. Look back at 1920s regarding blight correction
  1564. Book with the chapter 'how they dress in tahiti'
  1565. Caesar subordinate
  1566. Make certain titanic leaves uncertainties
  1567. Runs hot and cold on reflection for petty quarrel
  1568. Aaron spelling alma mater
  1569. Leader of some parades
  1570. Make easier to drive
  1571. In partying it's a bit pretentious
  1572. Finished a wall, maybe
  1573. More than stretches
  1574. Mus. direction often followed by "a tempo"
  1575. Rock and roll hall of fame doo-wop group from baltimore
  1576. Dedicated follower of fashion is in crumbling perth
  1577. Father comes back making lime for silver gild
  1578. Vespucci contemporary
  1579. It's quick to mature
  1580. I'm overwhelmed by counsel coming back over branch
  1581. 1099-__ (form prepared by banks)
  1582. Rhyming tequila brand
  1583. Audible mask
  1584. Name on the cover of ''my life as an explorer''
  1585. Physiologist who won a 1904 nobel prize
  1586. 32-down, e.g