1. Frozen drink available at burger king restaurants
  2. Let me think things
  3. Organization that trained jason bourne abbr
  4. Benedicts nickname maybe
  5. Juvenile predator gets choice fish circling river
  6. Justify the rise of crude bombast
  7. Just rewards &mdash puddings by the sound of it
  8. Just over three foot channels, note, are direct
  9. Just book early for a change
  10. Just a dream
  11. Junior tearaway, ultimately having no urge to reform
  12. Junior doctor for bury and wigan at last
  13. Jumble sales top stuff bringing little enthusiasm at first
  14. Judge once concerned with one found guilty of stealing fruit
  15. Joyful orchids cultivated without state backing
  16. Joint camp launch in chaos, so many changes to be made here
  17. Joiner hawked bottom of wardrobe on phone &mdash smooth
  18. Johnson for one keeps employing latin in a funny way
  19. John recited with some force, thats clear
  20. John or paul perhaps got the best of the french
  21. John confronts drunk punching two bores
  22. Jewellery &mdash that is included in american range
  23. Jewel thief to hold his horses
  24. Jeeves, for example, introduces glen to tango
  25. Jam accompanying a track started by queen
  26. Jacobs missus maybe runs vessel
  27. Born from jets automaker
  28. Sign of danger
  29. Like letters in an outbox
  30. Transport again
  31. Connecticut home of the american crossword puzzle tournament
  32. One may reveal a secret
  33. Pro bowl side: abbr.
  34. Past regulation briefly
  35. Cal poly setting initially
  36. Area 51 figures supposedly
  37. Way to earn interest?
  38. Black narcissus figures
  39. Word on mail from toledo maybe
  40. Just the best
  41. One often chosen for lightness
  42. Arced woodshop tools
  43. Join us for lunch? regrets
  44. Put back in the fridge
  45. Hair problem and what three short puzzle answers each has
  46. Many a quote for short
  47. Temaki or futomaki
  48. San __: texas city nickname
  49. Thicken as cream
  50. Martha's vineyard arrivals
  51. Most unexpected
  52. Slow up
  53. Internet recovery program
  54. Flee in fear
  55. Possibles
  56. As a bonus
  57. Came to
  58. Puerile retort
  59. Socal ball club on scoreboards
  60. Curry and antetokounmpo recently
  61. Sear and simmer
  62. Resell to desperate fans maybe
  63. Fine partner
  64. Shortening maybe
  65. French cabbage
  66. Zellweger with two oscars
  67. Frolicking marine mammals
  68. Statues' midsections
  69. Coat as with chocolate
  70. Need for catching butterflies
  71. Unfortunate occurrence
  72. Put together like an anthology
  73. Daughter's sibling perhaps
  74. Bit of hope metaphorically
  75. Groups that improvise songs
  76. Deeds list them
  77. There's no getting around it
  78. Medium for news sometimes
  79. The morning show co-star
  80. Nutrient-dense green
  81. Film and tv series about a girl raised in the wilderness
  82. Leaving nothing on the table
  83. Pricing tool
  84. Waxed gear
  85. Life for one
  86. Fabrics with shiny threads
  87. Purple gemstone
  88. Grub for a grub
  89. Tries to get clams to open up in more ways than one
  90. Where to see progressive icons flo and jamie
  91. I'm not wearing underwear today show
  92. Aristotle of greece
  93. By the book
  94. Home of the gallo winery
  95. Like many celtic patterns
  96. Land south of the caspian sea
  97. Type of bar
  98. Finishing a suit in a way
  99. Rumbled overnight
  100. High ottoman title
  101. There's no ___ in baseball!
  102. Jayhawks
  103. Outburst of laughter
  104. Former persian monarch
  105. Hermione granger's activity
  106. Walker who wrote the color purple
  107. Diana prince to wonder woman
  108. Terance of the clippers
  109. Enlightened exclamation
  110. Tablet with pro air and mini versions
  111. One of 4840 in an acre
  112. Down in front!
  113. My opinion is . . .
  114. Structure for bees
  115. One-named dirty laundry singer
  116. Movement with many celebrated figures
  117. Five-digit number on an envelope
  118. Some desktop computers
  119. Comedian byer
  120. Hospital areas for short
  121. Translation of soy or estoy
  122. Hospital workers for short
  123. Name that's also a breed of cattle
  124. Area where someone lives
  125. Defining feature of a phobia
  126. Evildoer's den
  127. Instruments in temples
  128. Some bonsai trees
  129. Part of a workout set
  130. Spanish but
  131. Cool later!
  132. Don't care anymore
  133. Producer/actress viola
  134. Place to experiment
  135. Cold slippery quality
  136. Both old and cool
  137. Are we doing this?
  138. Groan-inducing joke maybe
  139. Uconn women's basketball e.g.
  140. Like a radio edit
  141. Flies off the shelves
  142. Halsey collaborators on boy with luv
  143. Unexpected disruptions
  144. No. 1 song e.g.
  145. Kanza language project nation
  146. Getting 100% on
  147. Caffe ___ (italian for black coffee)
  148. Pop band formed by alana danielle and este
  149. Makes a misstep
  150. Archaeologist's assignment