1. Marvel superhero with the power to shrink with the
  2. Where ian fleming spent much of the 1920s
  3. Pitchers push-off point
  4. Corn spot
  5. Invention of guglielmo marconi
  6. De ___ y de sombra (isabel allende novel)
  7. Thick layer of hair
  8. Bit of eastern music
  9. Praiseful appraisal
  10. Archangel of the apocrypha
  11. Bucolic work
  12. What a current flows into
  13. Trades barbs
  14. Subject of a 1927 royal charter
  15. Cover lightly as snow
  16. Aids in networking
  17. Bush campaign manager of 1988
  18. Fellinis first oscar-winning film
  19. Parts of films that require complex planning
  20. Factor in determining if the show must go on
  21. You can count on me!
  22. Runs the show for short
  23. Small order of whiskey
  24. Water formation on wax paper
  25. Shaggier alternatives to 55-acrosses
  26. Sitcom husband (and then ex-husband) of maris crane
  27. Quite accommodating
  28. Included in a way
  29. Like some complex intersections
  30. Typical graduate of starfleet academy
  31. Actress prepon of that 70s show
  32. Satirical website once owned by the onion
  33. Judgment setting
  34. Part of a frame
  35. Sought a treat say
  36. 1969 u.s. open champ
  37. 2019 u.s. open champ andreescu
  38. Call overseas?
  39. Small hunting companion
  40. Traditional sight next to many a mill
  41. Woodland warbler
  42. Martial art with rhyming syllables
  43. Many modern chart-toppers
  44. Abbr. in some job titles
  45. Singles player in the 1950s
  46. Ingredient in some italian sauces
  47. Where prince kuhio day is celebrated
  48. Element that burns with a green flame
  49. Hearst mag founded in 1886
  50. Author/tv personality who wrote your body is not a temple its an amusement park
  51. The world to ambitious types
  52. Beatles hit about a man who thought he was a loner
  53. This is just wonderful!
  54. Present time for short
  55. Its anthem is amhrán na bhfiann
  56. Theyre found in most clothes closets
  57. Put to shame
  58. Victim of a bark beetle attack
  59. Light-induced flow of electric charge
  60. Like many sci-fi aliens
  61. Coach for the bench players?
  62. Shot in the dark
  63. Studies in the sierra author
  64. Reward for giving perhaps
  65. Usually not eligible for tenure as a professor
  66. Heedless of the consequences
  67. The meyerowitz stories co-star
  68. Xenomorphs e.g.
  69. Switch positions often
  70. Uses for snoozes
  71. Not lots
  72. Looks to be the case
  73. Safari say
  74. Sch. with a phoenix campus
  75. Ashes (2018) singer
  76. Things to pick
  77. Like some dramatic refueling
  78. 2010s tv series that explores hacktivism
  79. More than vex
  80. Opposite of a scenic route
  81. Frames on a diamond
  82. Drying agents
  83. Standing acclaim at times
  84. Pete seeger wrote a book on how to play five-string ones
  85. Brown in the kitchen
  86. Jell-o serving say
  87. Strong core components
  88. Fall loosely
  89. 1 at times: abbr.
  90. Food and nutrition service org.
  91. Minnesota wild for one
  92. Mullahs or ministers
  93. Very tough boss
  94. Deferentially
  95. Dancer's boss informally
  96. Irrelevancies
  97. The chi airer briefly
  98. Sign with a crossed-out horseshoe-shaped arrow
  99. Take a licking
  100. __ like you: adele hit
  101. __ spíritus: cuban city meaning holy spirit
  102. Polecat relative commonly kept as a pet
  103. Using whatsapp say
  104. Both ways at the start?
  105. Man cave for some
  106. World cup way to go!
  107. User's payment
  108. Filled-in word in the world's first crossword
  109. Boot from power
  110. Cherry ___ (certain firework)
  111. Take offense at
  112. Already come to light
  113. Ma ba or mba
  114. Curly or larry
  115. Kingdom southeast of fiji
  116. Often-dry gulch
  117. Word with the same consonant sounds as scheme
  118. Mario kart competition
  119. Seizing unjustly
  120. Health agcy.
  121. Short beginning
  122. Tool with a chain variety
  123. Be of ___ (help)
  124. Roll up
  125. It can follow red white or black
  126. Quiz material for short
  127. Soother of achy african animals?
  128. Part of lapd
  129. Bolivian beast of burden
  130. Yours is mammalia
  131. It beat lincoln for best picture
  132. Group of compositions
  133. Scopes out senator graham?
  134. Name on the covers of kids' books
  135. Island off the coast of cebu in the philippines
  136. Like blue-green colorwise
  137. Do the math maybe
  138. Places for pedicures
  139. Go there to play go
  140. Guy who writes wittily while smoking a cigar?
  141. From sudan to senegal say
  142. They played at le stade olympique
  143. Group in a barracks
  144. Do exactly the same as
  145. It's beautiful in bordeaux
  146. They pair well with rioja
  147. Green part of the govt.
  148. Every haji is one
  149. Sailing to a sailor
  150. Zigs when one should have zagged e.g.
  151. Born long ago
  152. Curates as calls
  153. Biblical kingdom north of edom
  154. When the first characters are introduced
  155. Automotive partner of rolls
  156. Garson of mrs. miniver
  157. Tending to complain
  158. Is unwell
  159. Like many residents of williamsburg brooklyn
  160. Food wrapped in a banana leaf
  161. You might chip in for it
  162. Steffi's husband
  163. Created on a loom
  164. Not that much
  165. 12-down alternatively
  166. From dublin say
  167. Prefix for distant
  168. Like some diplomatic roles
  169. Stuff from squids
  170. Good song
  171. Dinner with a seasoning packet
  172. Informative letters
  173. Resource in catan fields
  174. Let me take care of this
  175. My life: queen of the court author williams
  176. In need of practice
  177. Psychic ability
  178. College research overseer
  179. Word before sauce or salad
  180. Am i vital / if my heart is ___? (moses sumney)
  181. Doll invented by ruth handler
  182. Vendor's hut
  183. Bread eaten with hummus
  184. Make sense of
  185. Color akin to cyan
  186. Olive seed
  187. Use paddles
  188. Nascar driver e.g.
  189. Company that made pong
  190. Ungenuine person
  191. Feedback for an author
  192. Representative for an author
  193. Quick to anger
  194. One of the states of matter
  195. Shade of brown
  196. People also known as the nimiipuu
  197. Long-shot wins
  198. Not get caught by
  199. Member of the family bufonidae
  200. Out of ___ (clashing)
  201. Rounded shape
  202. Jambalaya ingredient
  203. Talented with a drink
  204. Sketch a tie
  205. Final use of salt
  206. Quick to knock with identification
  207. Weapons for small quarrel
  208. Won over for the present
  209. Copy of tapestry
  210. Crude sort of weld
  211. Bother at a party
  212. Deity in charge of alarm
  213. Triplets, quatrains, etc
  214. Picture posted on many a pole
  215. Diamond former
  216. Beer mugs, eg
  217. Salt and oxygen, to chemists
  218. The chi airer, briefly
  219. Henceforths opposite
  220. Take a licking
  221. __ like you: adele hit
  222. When many stand alone
  223. What a goose egg can indicate
  224. Minnesota wild, for one
  225. Standing acclaim, at times
  226. Six-legged bug
  227. Two-legged bug
  228. Had unwanted flexibility
  229. Shields from capture, perhaps
  230. Beach eater
  231. Screen icon since the 80s
  232. High-pitched protest
  233. Plan as antithesis
  234. Philosophical palindrome
  235. Rescuers in whodunits
  236. Like some dramatic refueling
  237. Calms, as a crisis
  238. Looks to be the case
  239. Regular slipper
  240. Reina tudor
  241. Stabilizes
  242. More than vex
  243. Treat shaped like toes
  244. Opposite of a scenic route
  245. Urgent petition
  246. Frames on a diamond
  247. It might go with a miniskirt
  248. Both ways at the start?
  249. Conical firewood shape
  250. World cup way to go!
  251. Place for a pit stop
  252. Hard to handle, in a way
  253. Reward for giving, perhaps
  254. Big name in haitian rap
  255. Out too late
  256. Heedless of the consequences
  257. Rummy offerings
  258. Proceed deviously
  259. Edible part of anything
  260. Uses for snoozes
  261. Some jamaican jams
  262. Number, not name, in pms familiar address
  263. Number of pills required by queasy sea dog
  264. Number clever enough for game show
  265. Nuclear generator
  266. Novel , yard hike consuming a couple of days
  267. Noticed something happening internally at this age
  268. Notice absorbing card game gets curtailed
  269. Nothing new in literature, originally
  270. Nothing new in extremes of sartre&rsquo s language
  271. Nothing gets ahead of the greatest, latest thing
  272. Nothing between first couple of swine? here&rsquo s the female
  273. Noted canonical hour, by the sound of it
  274. Note tipsy gamers ruined computer software
  275. Note hes showing everything current inside, but he doesnt do s
  276. Not up for pushing back origins of this extreme argument
  277. Not safe in a tight skirt
  278. Not restricted
  279. Not much material in first thirteen letters?
  280. Not married ambition i abandoned from the start
  281. Not leaving work behind, in a manner of speaking?
  282. Not just teeth wobble about when drinking litres
  283. Not in power, party men will be not in the house
  284. Not finishing, freezing cold curry
  285. Not enough in a sample of dust to match with
  286. Not created to order
  287. Not appropriate to have forty winks in it
  288. Not a year for upsetting that local
  289. Northern person abandoning hull in the end? it almost happens!
  290. North western state bordering canada
  291. Non sexual
  292. Non professional guards not just about serving protocol
  293. Noble creature with pride beheaded after moving protest
  294. Nob accommodating old italian poet
  295. No way! preposterous one wont face up to reality
  296. No source for dairy product in peanut based dish in this period of time
  297. No longer bothered by verdi works showing greater activity
  298. No good wheedling about capital
  299. No fighting now start to consider calm following fury
  300. No deal act, boris and i worked up it helped johnson win once
  301. Nighttime drink
  302. Nice speech mama’s prepared it may be needed ?
  303. Nice heads hosting adult conversation?
  304. Newspaper report dismissing new collection
  305. New screw turned and extracted again
  306. New puppies possibly born in rubbish receptacle
  307. New look needing sash from japans capital
  308. New fiddle not seeing debut in gentle movement
  309. New court case not about to get support all over the country
  310. New clue i can&rsquo t gradually introduce
  311. Never to return wearing dress in theatrical space for visitors
  312. Nervous study i must keep going over
  313. Nerve outing mp that&rsquo s unruly
  314. Nero or i
  315. Negative figure in drama, ultimately, or in the novel
  316. Needing support, being half unpinned
  317. Neaten by cutting
  318. Neat, polite and not totally italian
  319. Neat point about turnover of the old plant
  320. Neat feature in place to retire guy’s niche?
  321. Nearby game?
  322. Naval crewmember
  323. Nautical merchant
  324. Native to phuket, for example
  325. Nationalist group kept in touch
  326. Nasty old boy turning violent in old constituency
  327. Name that could open doors for you
  328. Name of nasas florida site from to
  329. Name of eighteen undisputed kings of france
  330. Name of commoner quietly erased by church
  331. Name for rich fabric could be a, b, c, d, or e
  332. Naked pecs? add muscle for striking effect
  333. Nacreous gems
  334. Like gouda or gruyere
  335. Sit n spin?
  336. Lines of code
  337. Like the haka dance, in origin
  338. Give too much airtime, say
  339. Nondairy drink option
  340. Thick layer of hair
  341. Checked out for a bit
  342. Bit of eastern music
  343. Water formation on wax paper
  344. What a current flows into
  345. Cover lightly, as snow
  346. Aids in networking
  347. Bush campaign manager of 1988
  348. Small order of whiskey
  349. Included, in a way
  350. Sought a treat, say