1. Bodybuilders six pack muscles
  2. Cured salmon often added to a bagel
  3. Baklava dough var
  4. Korean, for one, eats cooking by a welsh girl
  5. Know all i found on ocean in ragtag crew
  6. Knocking back lager is a slight mistake
  7. Kitty turned up with an artist of the highest standing
  8. Kiss a hollywood legend, d 2003
  9. Kinsman skirting tyneside with huge sigh of relief
  10. King on the rise and partly open
  11. King henry is missing from composers characters
  12. Kind of watch showing the time via moving hands
  13. Kind of smoked salmon
  14. Kind of nut inspiring a marsupial
  15. Kind of chicken dish made popular in 18th century russia
  16. Kilns we built specially for seafood
  17. Kill off terminator it’s full of holes
  18. Kept horses mad about light
  19. Keep writing about new standard
  20. Keep firm grasp in wrestling
  21. Keen eyed alumnus with man
  22. Karma has liar beaten heres elected female
  23. Throat part behind the mouth and above the larynx
  24. Cooked on a board
  25. Paul , former frontman for queen and bad company
  26. Harry potters loyal friend longbottom
  27. Type of physics partial title of a bond film
  28. London prison where executions once took place
  29. New orleans park and zoo named for ornithologist
  30. Beverage container with straight sides, no handle
  31. Having castors
  32. Golden , popular pale green type of apple
  33. Wisdom, everything that is known
  34. Former major food market in paris
  35. Peace treaty to formally cease hostilities
  36. Healthcare app offering guided meditation
  37. Star that has exploded
  38. Asian mammals covered in keratin scales
  39. A croatian city and the set of kings landing
  40. Singer of your body is a wonderland
  41. Chaucer ancient canterbury tales manuscript
  42. Snooty, condescending, toffee nosed
  43. Field event with the fosbury flop style
  44. Type of fight cited in the star spangled banner
  45. Round italian food that is often paired with spaghetti
  46. Opening or hole in a bone
  47. Brooke, middlemarchs main female character
  48. Expert who studies plants
  49. Jim carrey movie about an untruthful lawyer
  50. Metal rich soil used in sword making
  51. Rolled balls of sushi with decorative garnish
  52. Beetles, early metallic moniker of the fab four
  53. "my dog ate my homework" is one
  54. To spay or geld an animal
  55. Young man training to become a knight
  56. Nationality of the author marcel proust
  57. Throat clearing reflexes
  58. The northernmost ocean in the world
  59. Our species, homo sapiens
  60. Two of these dont make a right
  61. Outline or side view
  62. Hitting a cricket ball
  63. Alexander who discovered penicillin
  64. Volcanic island off the southern coast of iceland
  65. First name of president lincoln
  66. Bacterial infection of the nervous system tetanus
  67. There was a little house on it in the 1970s series
  68. Character someone who vouches for you
  69. Trio that wrote to love somebody
  70. Swedish university town near lake vanern
  71. Actor who played godfather michael corleone
  72. Equestrian skills contest
  73. Oregons largest and most populated city
  74. Area of france where the d day landings took place
  75. In the us, the house and the senate, collectively
  76. Author of the hornblower stories
  77. Apostle of jesus who took the place of judas
  78. A colorful round candy disk on a stick
  79. Band who had a rush of blood to the head in 2002
  80. Think fondly about an events details
  81. Last inca emperor before the spanish conquest
  82. He sang goodbye yellow brick road and rocket man
  83. Arctic island said to be the worlds largest
  84. What we had before gopro
  85. Cats with pale bodies and dark faces, tails, paws
  86. Afflicted with chronic joint inflammation
  87. Vessels to let wine air out
  88. Name of the world in both fallout and epic mickey
  89. Housewives of beverly hills, reality series
  90. Region of central europe linked to coal mining
  91. Wine hannibal lecter drinks with liver
  92. School, college
  93. A long billed bird known for scooping up fish
  94. Skin fold caused by aging
  95. Performing vocal music
  96. Wendys last name in peter pan
  97. Neil gaimans comic series published by dc
  98. Along with sullivan, produced pirates of penzance
  99. Indigenous australian leader from botany bay
  100. Parasitic lifeform in the half life game series
  101. Retributive, punishing, disciplinary
  102. Ocean between europe and north america
  103. Shaun ts intense cardio workout video
  104. 1988 christmas comedy starring bill murray
  105. Green snake species, thought to be worlds biggest
  106. Number of lines in a sonnet
  107. Weathered bottle pieces washed up on beaches
  108. Home state of colonels fried poultry
  109. Water spirit with horse hooves from celtic lore
  110. Mississippi birthplace of elvis presley
  111. Former chief resident miranda on greys anatomy
  112. Tiny settlement without its own church
  113. What the first s stood for in ussr
  114. To take off, as a rocket
  115. Connected with a flexible joint
  116. Another name for vitamin b 9
  117. Black and white bird of prey known to hunt fish
  118. Paper thin bread from the middle east
  119. 1971 ian mcshane thriller set in london
  120. Lovingly, devotedly
  121. Annika swedish professional golfer
  122. Opposite of being knock kneed
  123. English poet known for the flea and the sun rising
  124. Place with rollercoasters and rides
  125. Amazons billionaire founder
  126. Southeast asian mammal nicknamed "bearcat"
  127. Twisted yarn patterns in knitting
  128. Metal bars in the road, above rainwater channels
  129. These girls "traveled down a road and back again"
  130. Lavas rock state
  131. Greek lyrical poet from the island of lesbos
  132. Cellular telecommunications devices
  133. Congo primate once known as a pygmy chimpanzee
  134. An inventor might seek the protection of one
  135. Mississippi rich chocolate dessert
  136. Effect of a flash on facial feature in photos
  137. Traditional birthstone for january
  138. Prehistoric reptiles
  139. 90s sitcom, a "show about nothing"
  140. French ski resort, venue of 1924 winter olympics
  141. Taylor swift collaboration with kendrick lamar
  142. Lackey who wrote the heralds of valdemar series
  143. She played jackie brown
  144. The latin word for silver
  145. His ships were the niña, pinta and santa maria
  146. A strong supporter of a person or movement
  147. Where us congress meets to do whatever they do
  148. An impediment to movement
  149. The legal proving of a will
  150. The famous sunken ship found in 1985
  151. Ariel is this kind of mythical sea creature
  152. Marinated dried salmon in a dill sauce
  153. Judith, lead singer of the seekers
  154. Anderson who stars in tv show black ish
  155. Metallic element used to coat tungsten filaments
  156. Inland sea of turkey, also called propontis
  157. 1990s handheld digital assistant with stylus
  158. Iqaluit band that includes inuit throat singers
  159. Door knocker in the run up to an election
  160. Book by hobbes advocating absolute sovereign rule
  161. Alfred, director of psycho
  162. Sofia vergara and shakiras nationality
  163. Cartographers
  164. Indian state of which chennai is the capital
  165. He leaves icy patterns on winter mornings
  166. Shade of sunflowers early coldplay hit
  167. Small, single masted sailboats
  168. Terrifying scar faced horror film doll
  169. Religious friend who objects to war
  170. Westminster and downton
  171. Actress rosemary clooneys actor nephew
  172. 2005 spielberg drama about operation wrath of god
  173. Common element helps determine age of objects
  174. Canadian born wife of peter phillips
  175. Name of the central family in peaky blinders
  176. Juan manuel , argentine f1 master
  177. Wolverine is one
  178. Four wafer fingers in chocolate
  179. Pakistan premier from 1993 96, benazir
  180. A raised platform from where sermons are delivered
  181. Suck liquid from, as gasoline
  182. Shame, a disappointing scenario
  183. Conceit, big headedness
  184. Steal a chair to sit down
  185. Benjamin franklin compared this symbol to a turkey
  186. Astronauts zero gravity task outside their craft
  187. A rhythm king and rolling stones bassist
  188. He wrote the book creamy & delicious
  189. Max fleischers 1930s flapper cartoon character
  190. Doc brown helps marty get back to it, in the film
  191. Extremely transparent or easy to understand
  192. Stirring or beating milk to make cream or cheese
  193. Bib front apron or sleeveless dress over a blouse
  194. She was queen of england for most of the 1800s
  195. Botswanas capital, built in 1964
  196. Comments that reveal a movies plot twist
  197. Horse coat with white and non black patches
  198. This fungus causes mario to double in size
  199. Anne , second wife of king henry viii
  200. Mark left by an iron that is too hot
  201. Cover, planting aimed at stopping soil erosion
  202. Constellation with the brightest star, canis major
  203. Canadian singer songwriter of girl on a road
  204. Dense bread rings that are popular in new york
  205. Wolf, thwarted in attempts to catch lambsy pie
  206. Around the world in this many days
  207. The nickname of englands great bell
  208. He who has this has hope, per a bible verse
  209. Snacks preferred by shaggys best dog friend
  210. Capital city of supermans home planet, krypton
  211. Garden areas with concrete paving
  212. Puzzling cube comprising 26 smaller cubes
  213. The pyrimidine paired with adenine in dna
  214. Becomes more easy going
  215. Ceramic kitchen vessel for keeping sodium chloride
  216. Pilot, flight expert
  217. Promoter who managed elvis presley and johnny cash
  218. Shape made by the four bases of a baseball pitch
  219. Musical performance, anagram of article
  220. Side eye looks, denoting suspicion
  221. Thin trees seen in a series of paintings by monet
  222. A type of writing created from ones imagination
  223. Hindu and jain goddess of wealth and prosperity
  224. A young goose
  225. Sport played with a shuttlecock
  226. German spa resort, capital of the state of hesse
  227. Animal who gives its name to insincere tears
  228. Jerry lee lewis sang of lace and a pretty face
  229. Likes to stay inside, alone
  230. Malinowski, 20th century prominent anthropologist
  231. Queen of african kingdom of ndongo, 1581 1661
  232. Very small home that can be pulled by a car
  233. Passing legislation into law
  234. Star wars story of jyn erso and the death star
  235. First mate of the pequod in moby dick
  236. Position of cabin storage lockers on an aircraft
  237. Roman city on the site of modern day budapest
  238. To acquire something by paying for it
  239. Matt groening series set in the 31st century
  240. A pickle before pickling
  241. Examples include bittersweet and alone together
  242. Henry, best known as the fonz
  243. Root thought to help with memory
  244. Joy , naturalist who raised elsa the lion cub
  245. This boris became the uks pm in 2019
  246. The kind of lesson painted by rembrandt in 1632
  247. Boxers assistants, also known as cornermen
  248. Strikers skip work and do this to the workplace
  249. Rings that hold compasses still on a ship
  250. Family name of pitt in a river runs through it
  251. E g caulk, or silicone glue to go round a bath
  252. Nickname of bruce springsteen
  253. Meat from a cows mouth
  254. Admin region that forms the toe of italys boot
  255. Georg philipp, prolific baroque german composer
  256. It is lost and regained in two john milton poems
  257. James, only us president to remain a bachelor
  258. Three sided geometric shape
  259. To make bigger
  260. Scottish short cloaks
  261. "devil take the " a track cycling event
  262. Water filled pool for feathered garden visitors
  263. Long tongued mammal that eats termites
  264. 2019 dark comedy series about grieving widows
  265. Alice , wrote the color purple
  266. Technology used to capture memories
  267. Noisily
  268. Body 2008 ridley scott action thriller
  269. Tasting sharp and pungent
  270. Dried grape found in cakes
  271. Remove from office, overthrow from power
  272. English record producer and pioneer of new hip hop
  273. Video game mission where you keep someone alive
  274. This ocean touches africa, asia and australia
  275. Fissures or breakages in walls or floorboards
  276. Baltimore nfl players
  277. London hotel at which oscar wilde was arrested
  278. Name of the simpsons high school principal
  279. The opposite over the adjacent in trigonometry
  280. Stick used to stir an iced cocktail
  281. Sound heard with tinnitus
  282. Name of imaginative purple dragon at epcot
  283. New zealand governments executive branch building
  284. Augustus, author of the hymn rock of ages
  285. Country where of horses and men was filmed
  286. A temperature scale, can be changed to fahrenheit
  287. Country pope john paul ii came from
  288. Chimneys are made of these baked clay blocks
  289. Labed, french actress, trigonometrys ray
  290. The sphinx is known for this sort of question
  291. Horn spectacles tortoiseshell glasses frames
  292. Battle at which octavian defeated antony
  293. This is out of the bag if a secret is divulged
  294. Large asian antelope, also called the blue bull
  295. The pointed tools used in archery
  296. You can go your 1976 fleetwood mac anthem
  297. Fancy word for napkins, table lines
  298. A nightmare on elm streets villain, krueger
  299. Dog breed whose name means butterfly in french
  300. Cell organelle that makes protein
  301. A heavily eroded and barren area
  302. To be work shy, to feign illness
  303. Pulsating pain in your noggin migraine
  304. Translucent blazing red gem linked to mexico
  305. Outdoor home device used to signal ones arrival
  306. Decline or refuse an offer or invitation
  307. Hard italian cheese often grated over pasta
  308. Desmond played q in 17 james bond films
  309. David bowies alter ego ziggy
  310. What you get at school and college
  311. Emmas surname in jane austens 1815 novel
  312. Oaks, conference that led to founding of the un
  313. Edward viii, gregory xii, or emperor diocletian
  314. Largest animal on earth
  315. She starred in ghost and g i jane
  316. Actor who played leland stottlemeyer in monk
  317. Canadian divisions, e g nova scotia and alberta
  318. Devils on prunes wrapped in bacon, then baked
  319. Traditional clacking instrument of spain
  320. Laid out feasts, serve yourself food feasts
  321. The mean or standard in a group
  322. Make into something dip or encroach into
  323. Had a bout of syncope
  324. Bungie video game preordained events
  325. Type of process at the bottom of ones sternum
  326. The mariana trench is found in this ocean
  327. Paying attention not taking risks
  328. Carved wooden dolls common among pueblo peoples
  329. Denvers nfl team
  330. The host of the tonight show after johnny carson
  331. A california city a medium spice pepper
  332. Cartons of twelve eggs
  333. Loose fitting frilly headgear of 19th c women
  334. Human/lion statue in egypt
  335. Stickers used to decorate a vehicle
  336. Skull wielding prince in a shakespeare play
  337. Allison, oscar winning i, tonya actress
  338. Running order of a business meeting
  339. Rain comes with these kinds of clouds
  340. Nintendo portable game console launched in 2017
  341. Code for order of operations in mathematics
  342. Type of rainbow "pebbles" flintstones cereal
  343. Smallest stringed instrument in an orchestra
  344. To zigzag between obstacles in skiing
  345. Michel, imperial russian ballet choreographer
  346. Opposite of a bad loser, one who takes defeat well
  347. Someone famous, often an actor or musician
  348. Rocky bodies that form a belt beyond mars
  349. This piano man didnt start the fire
  350. Red fruit harvested in water
  351. Breathing pores along a caterpillars body
  352. First name of russian cosmonaut tereshkova
  353. Scottish two handed swords
  354. Marvel movie cube containing the space stone
  355. William smith williams profession
  356. Glaze a painting with an opaque color
  357. Shed, garden nursery used before planting out
  358. Squash and crease so it needs ironing
  359. Singer who co created black is king
  360. Something that is far away
  361. Moon near uranus mount near venus glacier
  362. West indian state with capital at gandhinagar
  363. Hawkeyes specialty in the avengers
  364. Dash off quickly and eagerly
  365. Ford sports car, named like a wild horse
  366. Platform with many diy games, including adopt me
  367. Gift or ability
  368. This oluo is a nigerian american writer
  369. The permian periods largest supercontinent
  370. Tv series with jon hamm
  371. Vw car model also known as the bug
  372. Not new headwear analogy meaning out of date
  373. He sings stuck on u and location
  374. Woven fabric similar to the texture of silk
  375. Pernod , french alcoholic beverage makers
  376. Played the requisite number of golf shots
  377. Circus showman, p t
  378. Pet care brand owned by nestle
  379. One beings copies
  380. The book, disney movie featuring baloo the bear
  381. Walking in memphis singer songwriter
  382. Tom hanks and a volleyball stranded on an island
  383. Blaming someone for committing a crime
  384. Gaming company who produced the gamecube
  385. Southern plains region hit by severe sandstorms
  386. Corrosive pollution that falls from the sky
  387. Even or odd toed mammal with hooves
  388. Emergency medical assistance
  389. Chronological list of historical events
  390. The art of cocktail making
  391. Measurement in one direction, e g length or width
  392. Formal, identifying written form of your name
  393. Irish speaking region of the republic of ireland
  394. Popular "lunar" beethoven piano sonata
  395. Large ocean bird that inspired a coleridge poem
  396. 1999 drama starring brad pitt and ed norton
  397. Acceptance of views other than your own
  398. Much mocked cheerful typeface
  399. Egyptian triangular structures
  400. Its the s in aids, ibs and pms
  401. Way of remembering something, e g an acronym
  402. Bang caught with plenty of evidence
  403. Folk singer of forever young and we shall overcome
  404. General term for an animal kept as a witchs pet
  405. Jewish festival also known as pesach
  406. A teen film with winona ryder and christian slater
  407. Sci fi tv series created by gene roddenberry
  408. Aromatic new zealand timber trees
  409. Charles , fairy story author of cinderella
  410. Become preoccupied with, focus on tiny details
  411. Manservant, lackey
  412. Prince harry is the duke of this english county
  413. Batmans home city
  414. Musical based on a charles dickens book
  415. Thrillers, fave books of catherine morland
  416. Wireless internet device that directs traffic
  417. Riga is the capital of this european country
  418. Mixed language or louisiana folk music
  419. Add to a written document
  420. Fruit juice that makes a bloody mary red
  421. Italian actress loren, star of two women
  422. Kansas city, named in brown vs board of education
  423. Aintree racehorse, son of quorum and mared
  424. German emperor who abdicated after wwi
  425. The residents of a building
  426. Drink found at a microbrewery
  427. This great one was empress of russia
  428. Syndicated humor columnist and big trouble author
  429. Restarting ones computer
  430. Singer of diamonds on the inside
  431. The minimum drinking age in the united states
  432. Cyborg law enforcer in the film of the same name
  433. Ineffective remedy, cure all
  434. The country known for chocolate, waffles and fries
  435. Large aquatic mammal with flippers, aka sea cow
  436. Physicist stephen, guested on the big bang theory
  437. Small bone in the leg, properly called the patella
  438. Tv series based on the title character and demelza
  439. Los , us city, sometimes called la la land
  440. Powerful, wealthy business tycoon
  441. Raw sliced fish and lime, a peruvian dish
  442. Gaelic festival linked to halloween
  443. Simple, low impact exercise and method of movement
  444. Old free online microsoft communication service
  445. Roger , top pitcher caught in doping scandal
  446. A story told in three published parts
  447. Number equal to 1,000 million
  448. Kitchen, bathroom or medicine, for example
  449. Failings or weaknesses
  450. Science of measurements
  451. Disease transmitted by anopheles mosquitoes
  452. Winter neckwear items for blustery days
  453. She plays watson to jonny lee millers sherlock
  454. Whiskey made mostly from corn, plus malt, rye
  455. Feline animal crossing villager with heterochromia
  456. Thornton wilder play narrated by the stage manager
  457. Airport arrival process before taking a flight
  458. Award winning swedish crime writer, asa
  459. Freefall flying outfit with streamlined design
  460. Barack obamas vice president
  461. Used a tool
  462. Slightly salty water, not quite seawater
  463. An east asian edible mushroom
  464. Jazz musician nat, who recorded the christmas song
  465. Harry potters broom after the nimbus 2000
  466. Now invasive weasel like carnivore, used for rats
  467. 1996 fred anderson jazz album
  468. The state of keeping an eye out for problems
  469. These characters only wear blue in the oz books
  470. An artificial chemical compound
  471. 2015 pixar movie set in the mind of a young girl
  472. Female horse used for producing offspring
  473. American artist known for american gothic
  474. Winner of the 1989 nobel peace prize
  475. Andes peak famous for silver mining, near potosi
  476. A christmas baked good with nuts and spices
  477. Childrens den built up in the branches
  478. The educational institution before kindergarten
  479. Drinking vessels that some tiny dogs fit into
  480. Background actors with non speaking parts
  481. Thigh high boots worn by anglers
  482. International service club, founded in 1905
  483. Succulent desert plant with prickles
  484. A damaged region of an organ or tissue
  485. Express, luxury long distance train service
  486. A residential area just outside of a city or town
  487. Aioli mayonnaise tastes of this
  488. Writer judith, who wrote princess daisy
  489. Sharpened tree barricade directed to an enemy
  490. Steve buscemi was this character in reservoir dogs
  491. Beatle whose surname was harrison
  492. Magnets do this with iron shavings
  493. Pre trial session in a court of law
  494. Cauterizations, burns
  495. Founder of waldorf education principles
  496. Benedictine, grappa, tia maria, chartreuse
  497. A tart vegetable with poisonous leaves
  498. National bird of guatemala, on country flag
  499. Afternoon performance of a stage show
  500. Adventurer who scales mountain peaks
  501. Avid fan of doctor who
  502. Full first name of sonny corleone in the godfather
  503. The famous french cave with palaeolithic paintings
  504. You shouldnt count them before theyre hatched
  505. A clockwork orange aversion therapy technique
  506. Dubious theory, open to debate
  507. Extremely narrow fracture of a bone
  508. Sharp prick from a honey making insect
  509. Trumpet with trombone style slide
  510. Nickname of the child on the mandalorian
  511. What nutella is made from
  512. White garment worn by a chorister
  513. Each role playing gamer needs this before starting
  514. Sealed space vehicles in which crew travel
  515. Bavarian city of three helmets, near munich
  516. Looks at the clocks worn on wrists
  517. Post big nfl game, honolulu hosts this yearly game
  518. Partner of sachs in the name of an investment bank
  519. Gage, railroad foreman who survived brain trauma
  520. Formal document or constitution
  521. Its said to make the heart grow fonder
  522. Item with a screw, for hanging up drinking vessels
  523. Stranger things fictional town
  524. Perfect example of something
  525. The world war i carrier pigeon who saved 200 men
  526. Caustic compounds, found at the top of the ph scale
  527. Australias vast open wilderness
  528. Name for seals, having no visible hearing organs
  529. The animal that represents easter
  530. Solderless electrical connections
  531. Soft velvety material used for clothing
  532. Yogi bears sidekick
  533. Nickname for australian soldier
  534. Reading out a proverb
  535. Inclined chutes found in parks and playgrounds
  536. Conclude with reasoning
  537. Indian kings
  538. Feared in blue oyster cults ode to thanatophobia
  539. Small crustacean, served cocktail style
  540. Her real name is belcalis marlenis almanzar
  541. Racket sport played against a wall
  542. Venetian historical jewish quarter of venice
  543. Imagery adopted from comic books, entertainment
  544. The bone below the sacrum the tailbone
  545. Migration to dig for precious metal
  546. He sang like a rolling stone and its alright, ma
  547. Person who devises innovative products
  548. Court panel have been unable to reach a verdict
  549. Its the e in american manufacturing company ge
  550. Domineering man in george du mauriers trilby
  551. It could be cuff, charm, tennis or bangle
  552. Accident that was narrowly avoided
  553. Substance used as the "lead" in pencils
  554. Trees with yellow flowers, aka golden chain
  555. Fortification with a wooden wall
  556. The 90s show with cher, dionne and amber
  557. Ian flemings british secret service agent
  558. Fabric sewn, shaped to hide ugly upholstery
  559. Pop group who had good vibrations in 1966
  560. Style of chinese food from guangdong
  561. Insect such as the yellow winged darter
  562. Become suspicious whiff a rodent
  563. The largest city of this us state is milwaukee
  564. Seven kingdoms of anglo saxon england
  565. A crash between two objects
  566. Damaged tips of strands of hair
  567. Fermented combo of flour, yeast, water for baking
  568. High pitched sound made by a dog
  569. League of legends spin off, teamfight
  570. John lennons 1971 song about being a dreamer
  571. Charles foster kanes final utterance, in the film
  572. The outer shell of a pill, holding the ingredients
  573. Bird that rises from the ashes
  574. States, period of unrest in chinese history
  575. Albert einstein was a clerk for these
  576. Andrea , renaissance painter of religious works
  577. Third name of a roman citizen
  578. Video game rodents seeking to be led to safety
  579. Alfred , writer of principles of economics
  580. Purchases that a company will pay back for
  581. Results in experiments need this to be useful
  582. Joining or slurring notes together in music
  583. Fragrant green orange whose oil is used in perfume
  584. Kidney patients artificial blood cleaning process
  585. 15th century printing pioneer william
  586. Singer justin, who married hailey baldwin in 2018
  587. His canterbury tale was on the deadly sins
  588. Golf club used for getting distance
  589. Northern spanish language and region
  590. Artwork that literally means "fresh" in italian
  591. A fight between two armed forces
  592. Also called maui dolphin, native to new zealand
  593. Eddie murphys character in the shrek franchise
  594. Dolly parton was born in this state
  595. Period of japanese history from 1336 to 1573
  596. Rental property with tables, beds, etc supplied
  597. The flirty dancer in the hunchback of notre dame
  598. Air filled ring inside a bicycle wheel
  599. Day of the week named after the norse god odin
  600. Bubbly alcoholic celebration drink
  601. A heart song named after a predatory fish
  602. The fourth ghostbuster
  603. Us city to which the titanic was headed
  604. Closed path to control the flow of electricity
  605. Flowering plants with forget me nots and lilacs
  606. Spicy relish of fruit, vinegar, spices and sugar
  607. Potential disaster, a disguised trap
  608. Cushioned furniture to prop feet on
  609. Smash mouth covered this band for shrek
  610. The part of the small intestines before the ileum
  611. Any domestic fowl, like a chicken or duck
  612. Margot, australian star of suicide squad
  613. 1998 steven brust fantasy novel
  614. Lose track of something
  615. Youd see this art in new yorks moma
  616. Shaking jazz dance
  617. City where the peasants revolt of 1381 took place
  618. Radio or internet transmission
  619. Host nation of the 2018 fifa world cup
  620. Moss like covering on a tree trunk
  621. Spineless cactus with psychoactive properties
  622. An irregular outgrowth of scar tissue
  623. The oldest bridge crossing italys grand canal
  624. Tolkiens halflings
  625. Depressions in the ground caused by meteorites
  626. Three leafed object
  627. Elsas song from the first frozen movie
  628. Mtv series about very young parents
  629. Serving tables at a restaurant
  630. Theoretical particle faster than lightspeed
  631. Container that holds vehicle engine lubricant
  632. Respected, honoured, esteemed
  633. Beaters for xylophones
  634. Mountain lions, pumas
  635. Al , saudi news agency covering the middle east
  636. Persecutor, tyrant
  637. Ancient greek battle over paris love for helen
  638. Two wheeled transport with fast engine
  639. Vast saltwater lake in iran
  640. Singer of graceland album and you can call me al
  641. Unfairness of a court ruling
  642. The inability to experience pleasure
  643. An animal that feeds on refuse or carrion
  644. Artwork or photograph of an urban area
  645. English seaside town known for its tower
  646. Eponymous brothers in an 1880 dostoyevsky novel
  647. Queen of the desert in 1994 comedy film
  648. The class of animals that includes frogs and newts
  649. A new convert
  650. Romanian deli meat often served on rye bread
  651. The comic book series with rorschach and nite owl
  652. Speak of him and he might just show up
  653. Line of keats ode to a nightingale " i listen"
  654. Lead guitarist for queen, also an astrophysicist
  655. Prize, annual british award for architecture
  656. Frogspawn, newts, etc a pretty low person
  657. Ninth month of the islamic calendar
  658. The perfect representation of a quality
  659. Female moneylender
  660. D, k, or b 12
  661. Silk fabric with gold or silver embroidery
  662. Do this with fists and feet and pads
  663. Sea navigation instrument that measures distance
  664. What you might surf through on a tv
  665. Convictions a person has about the meaning of life
  666. The khan with the largest land empire in history
  667. Shark deep water predator with fluffy gills
  668. Detective poirots friends call him this
  669. Only us state whose name begins with f
  670. Docu film about twin towers high rope walk
  671. Long pointed shoes of the past, aka poulaines
  672. Timer used for athletics events
  673. Monkeys known as "organ grinders"
  674. Emergency evacuation exercise
  675. Discipline studied by keynes, friedman, and smith
  676. Partners of protons
  677. Device that creates plot, suspense in a film, book
  678. She headlined the 2015 super bowl halftime show
  679. Deeply upset, emotionally scarred
  680. Batter, club
  681. Underwater peak that rises from the ocean floor
  682. Large passenger aircraft, e g boeing 747
  683. The texas massacre
  684. Game with plastic sticks and falling marbles
  685. The supplementary material at the end of a book
  686. Shaping for a skirt, bigger than a tuck or dart
  687. German in nature, especially an order of knights
  688. Lauren , 40s actress who could whistle
  689. Trout fish species named for american indians
  690. Paint that contains milk protein
  691. A time period marked by global glaciation
  692. It sounds like knot but is defined as nothing
  693. Boyz ii men record producer and ex x factor judge
  694. To plug in a device for later portable use
  695. Singer thats slightly too high or low
  696. Bathroom sink with cabinet underneath
  697. Uncle of the addams family
  698. Two wheeled horse carriage in the philippines
  699. Tristan , volcanic islands in the atlantic
  700. Kermit the frog sings about this connection
  701. Destructive grasshoppers that decimate crops
  702. Kathryn, director of the hurt locker
  703. Ice crystals that form an arc around the moon
  704. The feel and look of a patterned surface
  705. Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday or friday
  706. Reindeer with a red, shiny nose
  707. Sweet, fluffy french bread
  708. The day after today
  709. Floating pond plant that creates "carpets"
  710. Snake like monster that can turn people to stone
  711. Canine that protects your property
  712. Yeast spread invented by cyril p callister
  713. Brett , lead singer with suede
  714. Describes the trill, powerful voice of a soprano
  715. 16th c french engraver and his serif typeface
  716. Something you long for might be a sight for these
  717. Thomas edisons brightest invention
  718. Spotted dog thats a mascot for us firefighters
  719. The master of whisperers in game of thrones
  720. A difficult task
  721. Two substances combined together
  722. Business simulation game for animal park fans
  723. Jazzy two step swing dance
  724. Spilling into the air as a plume of smoke
  725. Bojacks last name
  726. Artists palette containing different hues
  727. This fixes a problem
  728. A 1984 film about destructive multiplying monsters
  729. French speaking swiss canton on the sarine river
  730. Most of these blood vessels carry oxygenated blood
  731. Powerful rulers of ancient egypt
  732. Exhausting, removing all power
  733. An activity where one slides downhill over snow
  734. German american writer of ham on rye
  735. Scottish band whose name is pronounced "churches"
  736. Animal that walks on four limbs
  737. Device that stores rotational energy
  738. Kelly, first winner of american idol
  739. Dr delbert , alien astronomer, treasure planet
  740. 1985 best picture oscar winner
  741. Slow cooked italian rice dish
  742. Drove sideways round corners
  743. Excuse or reason in advance of doing something
  744. This jimmy is an animated boy genius
  745. Ceramic material that is mostly iron oxide
  746. Olsen, the third person to be a space tourist
  747. Pompous, pretentious, affected writing
  748. Fashion house whose logo is medusas head
  749. Rpg warrior with divine power
  750. Herbal root valued for boosting energy
  751. One section of an internet site
  752. Pink fleshed fish that return home to reproduce
  753. Food item made with dough steamed in a corn husk
  754. Reached a zenith
  755. The second element on the periodic table
  756. Kevin loved her in the wonder years
  757. Suppressed an individuals freedom of speech
  758. Katia, geologist killed by eruption of mt unzen
  759. Composer of the 1790 opera così fan tutte
  760. The surname of wrestler stone cold steve
  761. Halsey joined the chainsmokers for this song
  762. Online platform to stay with locals during travel
  763. Country in which the yukon is located
  764. Photo orientation opposite to landscape
  765. Left handed fighter
  766. Naval commanders vessel
  767. County setting for poldark
  768. Teen film that gave us the character mclovin
  769. The title of a newspaper as it appears in print
  770. Shelving unit for novels
  771. Laying down beer in cold storage
  772. Modern yoga style made personal to an individual
  773. A passenger seat attached to a motorcycle
  774. Nation known for its lack of snakes
  775. Nickname of alcatraz prisoner robert stroud
  776. The beatles first release on the apple label
  777. Franks in buns
  778. There are five of these digits on a persons hand
  779. Apple laptop line with air and pro models
  780. Anna, editor in chief of vogue
  781. Bronco rodeo test of balance
  782. Daughter of prospero in the tempest
  783. The majority native language of the us
  784. What calvin harris did to rita ora via tweet
  785. A grand hole in the ground made by erosion
  786. Nissan owned car brand
  787. To go, ready and keen to get started
  788. Decrees, announcements, statutes
  789. Stars, gas and dust held together by gravity
  790. Removed stalk from strawberries
  791. Tasks like doing laundry or washing dishes
  792. Beach boys song, help me
  793. Arctic mammal with tusks and flippers
  794. The disney character also known as experiment 626
  795. Union of scandinavia in 14th to 16th centuries
  796. Swan princess in the ballet swan lake
  797. Caribbean, creole religion with african influence
  798. Biles, the most decorated gymnast in history
  799. A series where claire randall travels back to 1743
  800. Cars, factories and waste contribute to this
  801. Nickname for butch cassidys outlaw gang
  802. Person who writes about someones life and times
  803. Lunchroom at a school
  804. Lewis and clarks shoshone guide and interpreter
  805. Team shooting game using dye capsules
  806. Drummer and vocalist for the eagles
  807. Argo actor who left the kominsky method
  808. Medical term for curvature of the spine
  809. These ads on social media go after certain people
  810. Unique, brilliant, over and above the rest
  811. To leave to a person or beneficiary via a will
  812. The dead band whose fans are called deadheads
  813. Ex capital of denmark, replaced by copenhagen
  814. Last name of tom and dick, folk comedy "brothers"
  815. Small, orange aquatic pet kept in a bowl
  816. The plot things are getting interesting
  817. Uma thurmans character in kill bill
  818. Protective waterproof layer of a tent
  819. Marko, the hunt for red october commander
  820. Welsh rarebit is this on toast
  821. Metal that might be confused with gold
  822. Video sharing app with onomatopoeic name
  823. C s lewis novel the of the dawn treader
  824. First name of bluegrass singer krauss
  825. Carve and shape a block of marble
  826. Antm judge and former model dickinson
  827. Hearths in metalworkers workshops
  828. Victor, champion
  829. Hoyland, warm neighbours character
  830. What once was called a job is now called this
  831. Stumble over words, hesitate
  832. Computer game with creepers and skeletons
  833. Trite, overused statement
  834. June 16 holiday in the novel ulysses
  835. An insurance compensation for loss or damages
  836. Machine that produces and supplies electricity
  837. Coating of ice crystals on frozen surfaces
  838. Force an unwilling person to walk
  839. When one is hungry midday
  840. The formal name for the wiener dog
  841. Shes played cinderella and elizabeth bennet
  842. Frozen precipitation fell in flakes
  843. 2020 dance flick produced by alicia keys
  844. Unpredictable affection or loyalty
  845. Debit or this
  846. Pustulate, decay
  847. In fashion, its the l in lbd
  848. In geometry, a point where two lines meet
  849. Country thats home to the faveiro de wilson tree
  850. Freshwater cylindrical polyps
  851. Where beachgoers hide from the sun
  852. Tv forensics expert with a penchant for murder
  853. Times spent keeping watch over graves
  854. A guiding signal, usually a light or fire
  855. Thick paste in a wall of bricks
  856. To be perfect and without any defects
  857. Giant reservoir behind the hoover dam
  858. Repeatedly give similar roles to the same actor
  859. Matthew perrys character on friends, bing
  860. One of an octopuss eight feelers
  861. Flemish old brown ale with a long ageing process
  862. A brass wind instrument with straight tubing
  863. Golden horde founder and grandson of genghis
  864. The supporting handrail of a staircase
  865. Ceremonially free from guilt or sin
  866. The least expensive, most affordable
  867. Small cavity in the skin that a hair grows out of
  868. Meat from an elk or a deer
  869. Rossi lead singer of rock band status quo
  870. Destructive, scurrying household bugs
  871. An arrested person is taken into this
  872. Ring that gossips want to be in
  873. Dress up as a beloved pop culture character
  874. Expert commentators on sports
  875. University students do this with a major
  876. This cole plays jughead on riverdale
  877. Purchasing book for a business
  878. The only english word that ends in "mt"
  879. Unripened flowers used in cuisine
  880. Mollusks that produce mucin and have a shell
  881. Prêt à , describing ready to wear clothes
  882. Second of the jovians
  883. Rightmost pedal on a piano, for vibrating notes
  884. Curious george is this kind of animal
  885. Hanna barberas waistcoat wearing feline
  886. Mark, american abstract artist with latvian roots
  887. Individual with exceptional memory skills
  888. Coating, buffing designed to protect cars
  889. Nose focused description of a cold or allergies
  890. Meringue, soft fruit, cream from uk public school
  891. One wheeled pedal powered vehicle
  892. Dark salty condiment used in asian cooking
  893. Largest, most complex part of the brain
  894. Carrie underwood wants jesus to take this
  895. Line thats not curvy or angled
  896. Aka broad, podded seed hannibal had it with liver
  897. Bridge like game with 48 cards
  898. Remus lupin was secretly this creature
  899. The twin constellation
  900. Party before a wedding or a birth
  901. Surname of the family on everybody loves raymond
  902. North americas highest peak, re named in 2015
  903. Forcibly grabs
  904. A housefly starts life as this
  905. King koopa, marios chief enemy
  906. Surname shared by an england manager and captain
  907. War, 1950s asian conflict with un participation
  908. Simple simon met this person
  909. Miss gibson, singer of 80s pop hit electric youth
  910. Small hole making tool
  911. Diamond shaped pattern often used on socks
  912. Positioned next to or beside
  913. Carotenoids turn these birds feathers pink
  914. Singer with 24k magic album
  915. This online cache of knowledge is volunteer edited
  916. A cell or organism with a nucleus
  917. Mysterious scottish village that disappears
  918. Steven, famous director of e t and jaws
  919. Soup aisle array
  920. The great conqueror who was king of macedonia
  921. Apex predators of the sea
  922. Talkative, loquacious
  923. Many a mumbai resident
  924. Do as told
  925. Appetizer platter items
  926. Fowl fencing material
  927. Forecast that calls for a scarf and gloves
  928. Separate by type
  929. Like extreme 41-across
  930. Circle with primary and secondary hues
  931. Apple gadget with playlists
  932. Column before ones
  933. Prefix for rome's country
  934. Grand ole opry genre briefly that's also a hint to 21- 33- 41- and 51-across
  935. Chicago daily for short
  936. Female symbol of good fortune
  937. The sec's tigers
  938. Acapulco abodes
  939. Half a mork-to-orson farewell
  940. Nyc drama award
  941. Blanchett of ocean's 8
  942. Theater tier
  943. Deer in a lodge logo
  944. Set of eight
  945. Williams of laverne & shirley
  946. Beach house selling point
  947. All fired up
  948. T-__: 21-across item
  949. Fistful of dollars
  950. Calif. cascades peak
  951. Ok corral setting
  952. Like a forest
  953. Writer of tales with talking animals
  954. Name in a footnote
  955. Page with opinions
  956. Catch wind of
  957. Broke the news to
  958. Tend to pressing matters?
  959. City south of dallas
  960. Musical variety show
  961. Lady bird star saoirse
  962. Adjust as a ring
  963. Order a pizza and watch netflix say
  964. Translate the dialogue of maybe
  965. Start of a texter's hot take
  966. Eye droplet
  967. Homes for houseplants
  968. ___ platter (appetizer dish)
  969. Plan together as a scheme
  970. Forerunners of texts in brief
  971. In need of cheering up
  972. Fairy king in a midsummer night's dream
  973. Contaminate with a bug
  974. Wild card at times
  975. A promised land memoirist
  976. Verb for which synonyms can be found at the beginnings of the starred answers
  977. Colossal weight
  978. Musical intervals that are nearly octaves
  979. Cry on recognizing an ambush
  980. Use the tub
  981. Main seating section in many a plane
  982. R&b singer lennox
  983. Murmured tenderly
  984. Deg. requiring a defense
  985. Coastal city in san diego county
  986. Make up your mind!
  987. *marbled cut of beef
  988. Rescues from the pet shelter say
  989. Sea ___ (spiny creature)
  990. *craft by which quotations are put on pillows
  991. Wand-waving org. at the airport
  992. *nick jonas to joe jonas
  993. Congress's creations
  994. Succumb to gravity
  995. *weather a period of chaos
  996. ___ the line (conformed)
  997. Marked by ebbs and flows
  998. *he plays thanos in avengers: endgame
  999. Rolling golf stroke
  1000. Date time location etc.
  1001. Org. in many breaking bad episodes
  1002. Scrap of old cloth
  1003. The same
  1004. Cookie brand that partnered with pflag in 2020
  1005. The first ___ (christmas carol)
  1006. Quantities of paper
  1007. Workers with mundane tasks
  1008. Household storage space
  1009. ___-caps (movie theater candy)
  1010. Masjid leader
  1011. Hummingbirds singer tucker
  1012. Test for fit
  1013. Snake with a king species
  1014. Breakfast pairing
  1015. Love in france
  1016. Like chichen itza
  1017. Residue from burning
  1018. There are 1760 in a mile (abbr.)
  1019. Lands along oceans
  1020. Not trendy anymore
  1021. Gather from the field
  1022. Uses a towel
  1023. Beach volleyball need
  1024. U.s. language
  1025. Places for some solar panels
  1026. High up
  1027. Drummer's big moment say
  1028. Who what when where or why
  1029. Where to find wa wi and wy
  1030. The l in l.a.
  1031. A blow pop's can be chewed
  1032. Superstore salesman
  1033. Annual 500-mile race for short
  1034. The game is ___ (sherlock holmes)
  1035. Some real estate
  1036. Carnival attraction with a mirror maze perhaps
  1037. Toddler drop-off spot
  1038. ___ is not living. it is the use of living (audre lorde)
  1039. Currency in france and spain
  1040. Law of ___ (trigonometry rule)
  1041. Sign in a store window
  1042. Ending for oktober
  1043. Prefix for biotic
  1044. Transparent, shatterproof, artificial material
  1045. Statesman who founded singapore stamford
  1046. Fox mulder wanted to do this
  1047. The brain lobe involved in motor function
  1048. Having a baby cow
  1049. Language spoken in the swiss canton of grisons
  1050. Support, in sanskrit using props as bolster
  1051. James pen name of vet author alf wight
  1052. Wheel , use skill to negotiate a transaction
  1053. Coffee substitute associated with new orleans
  1054. Oscar nominated actress in hotel rwanda, sophie
  1055. Artist who creates a great amount of work
  1056. Rubbing teeth against each other when asleep
  1057. Stuff put on ice cream, like sprinkles or sauce
  1058. Tom , dramatist of arcadia and travesties
  1059. Outage period of a network or computer system
  1060. Time period when humans made early tools
  1061. Worn to stop water entering a swimmers nostrils
  1062. Another name for a german shepherd
  1063. Creator of freaks and geeks and spy
  1064. Weekend, us band, sang father of the bride
  1065. Slovenian wife of donald trump
  1066. Dry, full bodied golden sherry
  1067. Scoobys pal velmas rarely used last name
  1068. Bouncy coils
  1069. Nickname for the tube linking england and france
  1070. Something that causes an upsetting flashback
  1071. Corrective lenses worn on the face
  1072. Athletic event of throwing a heavy metal ball
  1073. Cat breed that goes limp and wobbly
  1074. Celebrated roman historian who wrote the annals
  1075. Fifteen, sixteen, the kitchen nursery rhyme
  1076. Gigantic octopus monster from swedish lore
  1077. Goldfingers henchman in james bond novels
  1078. Extremely violent or forceful
  1079. The organ where taste buds can be found
  1080. Title profession in a 2008 rainn wilson movie
  1081. Lego 2 song thats gonna get stuck in your head
  1082. Edward, us artist of nighthawks diner scene
  1083. A small tower on top of a larger tower on a castle
  1084. Special meetings of church councils
  1085. Folded cloth flaps on the front of a formal jacket
  1086. Fin located on the back of a shark or whale
  1087. Chinese variety of tea, neither black nor white
  1088. Container sometimes holding toy monkeys
  1089. The stone, 1984 comedy love story
  1090. These are what letters are in algebra
  1091. Retreat or backtrack from an original position
  1092. Male half of former hollywood supercouple tomkat
  1093. Joan jett sang of her love for this in a 1981 song
  1094. An animal that has four feet
  1095. Don quixotes horse anagram of it ran once
  1096. Midwestern state next to lake superior and canada
  1097. An eccentric or odd person, not a marine animal
  1098. Russian port and largest city in the arctic circle
  1099. Leads a kentish peoples revolt in henry vi pt 1
  1100. Italian expression and one of abbas songs
  1101. Shoe style with a long, thin heel
  1102. Grain based ingredient used to make cou cou
  1103. Nicholas , miniaturist of elizabeth i
  1104. Like a roof covered in straw instead of tiles
  1105. A common response to a stand up comedy routine
  1106. Young fish of the chip shop variety
  1107. A governments store of money
  1108. Light radiation opposite to uv
  1109. Stock scream heard in hundreds of movies
  1110. Gaultiers foundation gear with conical cups
  1111. A flat, round playing piece in a board game
  1112. Cherry pepper often stuffed inside olives
  1113. Jane, film director and writer known for the piano
  1114. Lady gagas 2008 debut album
  1115. Thick furred mammals, with pine and stone types
  1116. Large vehicle used on farms
  1117. Female representation test, named after cartoonist
  1118. Fluorine, chlorine or bromine
  1119. Piece of foliage from a quercus tree
  1120. First female us secretary of state, madeleine
  1121. Apple or pear brandy from northern france
  1122. Abby is this for abigail, bob is this for robert
  1123. A sailor a marine voyager
  1124. Nocturnal rodent with long hibernation period
  1125. Satirically imitative of a work of literature
  1126. Sport in which youd see a pitcher and shortstop
  1127. Type of lute plucked by bards
  1128. Find a solution to a problem
  1129. Supportive cushions for comfortable sleeping
  1130. Deliberately ignored
  1131. Prize winners badge made with ribbons
  1132. Was a lady, cole porter musical of 1939
  1133. Medal american childrens literature award
  1134. A marsupial endemic to the americas
  1135. City in northern germany with ancient university
  1136. Poisonous liquid metal used in thermometers
  1137. Font used in avatar movie meant to look egyptian
  1138. Toque , tall white chefs hat
  1139. New mexico city, site of a hush hush ufo incident
  1140. Behaves, replies to something another has done
  1141. Outermost part of the suns atmosphere
  1142. Paper that shows a legal right to work, park, etc
  1143. Thomas à , monk, writer of devotional treatises
  1144. Groups of songs or photographs
  1145. The bad guy from beauty and the beast
  1146. Mary of second wife of james ii of england
  1147. Brown mind control stage mentalist
  1148. Number of countries whose land the equator touches
  1149. Immerse material in colored solution
  1150. Ancient egyptian citizen trained to read and write
  1151. Canine pet that enjoys sitting on its owner
  1152. When solomon grundy was born
  1153. Food that is salty or spicy instead of sweet
  1154. The rest of bullwinkles name
  1155. Marina abramovic piece, the artist
  1156. Designed to work comfortably with the human body
  1157. "forget it, jake its "
  1158. Facial scars
  1159. Country singer of play it again and drunk on you
  1160. Childs soft stuffed ursine toy
  1161. Commonly eaten fungi
  1162. Bay, the former name of nunavuts capital
  1163. Conjured up pictures in the mind
  1164. Actress theron of mad max and atomic blonde
  1165. Tube style pasta
  1166. Italian city home to michelangelos david
  1167. Rapper known for lollipop, shooter and mr carter
  1168. Castle in which shakespeares hamlet is set
  1169. Vast city park and music venue in north east leeds
  1170. Seasonal allergic reaction to pollen
  1171. Busiest time of day for commuter travel
  1172. People thought to have committed crimes
  1173. The only mammal that cant jump
  1174. Corona , southern crown constellation
  1175. Synthetic spread used as a replacement for butter
  1176. A team that works in harmony has this
  1177. All in one overalls, named after a town in india
  1178. 2019 ed sheeran and justin bieber duet
  1179. Simon peggs frequent on screen counterpart
  1180. Pet whose name is also an unwitting test subject
  1181. What the flying wallendas famously walk on
  1182. Celtic language spoken in northwest france
  1183. Day of the dead festivals country of origin
  1184. Group of lines that form a unit of a poem
  1185. Play or tv show designed to make us laugh
  1186. Punjabi battle saw charge of 16th queens lancers
  1187. Margaret , us sex education pioneer
  1188. A style of beard named after a sheeps cousin
  1189. Alfred to bruce hobson to arthur
  1190. Leaves from the screw pine used in asian dishes
  1191. Youngest crusher from star trek next generation
  1192. When a doctor sends someone to a specialist
  1193. Squirrel sized striped rodent
  1194. Alkali metal with the chemical symbol fr
  1195. Name of miamis american football team
  1196. This musical story features the sharks and jets
  1197. Room where you might find a bidet
  1198. Return to the spotlight after a break
  1199. Person who seeks financial compensation in court
  1200. Cheesecake and ice cream are examples of these
  1201. Country whose parliament is the bundestag
  1202. Stick for shooting balls
  1203. Americas biggest big box store chain
  1204. Twisting rod for yarn or cotton
  1205. The green , superhero named after glowing lamp
  1206. Humbled, embarrassed by your actions
  1207. Small clay flute dating back to ancient times
  1208. Entomology is the study of this
  1209. Vibrant shorts named after an atlantic island
  1210. One who gives certainty without doubt
  1211. Electric potential difference
  1212. English breakfast food that rhymes with "trumpet"
  1213. Cartoon princess of brightmoon
  1214. Model making material made from flour and water
  1215. Relating to the sky, in astronomy
  1216. Overwhelming victory in an election
  1217. This cuban singer was called the queen of salsa
  1218. Not matched or even
  1219. The sot weed factor writer
  1220. North east asian region home to the jurchens
  1221. Three discipline sports event
  1222. Joining wires together with a melted filler metal
  1223. John t thompson invented it during world war i
  1224. Nickname for a left handed boxer or pitcher
  1225. 1969 michael crichton thriller, the strain
  1226. Microorganism, restores bacteria to digestive tract
  1227. Theme park ride with a vertical plunge
  1228. A russian astronaut
  1229. French square dance for four couples
  1230. The english dame who starred in skyfall and cats
  1231. Mystery solving dog who first appeared in 1969
  1232. A person who loves games and puzzles
  1233. Relating to the ancient or celtic britons
  1234. Smoked herring that some have for breakfast
  1235. Only european capital whose name begins with z
  1236. Margaret, author of 1969s the edible woman
  1237. Neckerchief band in scouting
  1238. Wide bottomed trouser style, popular in the 1970s
  1239. Call me maybe singer carly rae
  1240. Body of water crossed by moses in exodus
  1241. Exceptionally bright meteorite
  1242. Club golfers call the big dog
  1243. Creatures in jewish legend created from mud
  1244. Term for which a position in office is held
  1245. Juan, 1969 successor to spains general franco
  1246. Type of stone that removes hard skin from feet
  1247. Japanese art of tree shaping
  1248. Queen of less german fashion house
  1249. Prehistoric period just after the stone age
  1250. Westley always says this to buttercup
  1251. Waste gasses released by vehicles
  1252. The mother of the nine muses in greek mythology
  1253. British actor whos been king arthur, bill clinton
  1254. Uk band who released ummagumma in 1969
  1255. Continue to work, but without much progress
  1256. Largest port city in europe
  1257. Deadlock, stalemate with no possible progress
  1258. Austrian artist known for his drawings of women
  1259. Family in downton abbey
  1260. Looking around for customers
  1261. Fonda family actress who debuted in easy rider
  1262. Main character in little women
  1263. 18th century horse won all his races over 18 years
  1264. This type of star is born when supernovas explode
  1265. Cognitive battles
  1266. Compliant an object that is fit to work with
  1267. A chilly reception, not a warm welcome
  1268. The cartoon band behind 1969s sugar, sugar
  1269. These artists tag buildings illegally
  1270. Large peruvian city near to important adobe temple
  1271. David, author of cloud atlas, born 1969
  1272. Australian cattle worker
  1273. Getting involved in protests and local politics
  1274. Roots such as ginger, galangal, turmeric
  1275. Actress mary, founded studios with fairbanks
  1276. Month in which nasas apollo 12 reached the moon
  1277. Aerial lift to a mountain top with gondola cabins
  1278. Margaret "hot lips" featured in tvs m*a*s*h
  1279. Patella protectors worn by novice skateboarders
  1280. Light with a longer wavelength than visible light
  1281. African country in which freddie mercury was born
  1282. Salary without overtime hours added
  1283. Near the edge anagram of alarming
  1284. Very slow, annoyingly so
  1285. When something doesnt develop in the body
  1286. Japanese salad made from pickled cucumbers
  1287. Tennis star who won all four grand slam titles in 1969
  1288. A seven sided shape
  1289. Screen broadcast by a non active tv transmitter
  1290. A daring robbery might be committed in it
  1291. Mary, mother of jesus, was from here
  1292. Caribbean island reclaimed by the uk in 1969
  1293. Swiss lake also known as verbano
  1294. Outfit worn to enable human flight
  1295. English bulldog in paw patrol
  1296. Overhead lift event in olympic weightlifting
  1297. Dutch fishing vessel anagram of gorged
  1298. Exclamation of surprise, popular down under
  1299. Simple alloy of tin, copper and lead
  1300. Type of murmurs created by dorothea tanning
  1301. Small upper chamber of the human heart
  1302. Alanis morissettes little pill was this in 1995
  1303. Quadrilateral with 4 right angles & 2 longer sides
  1304. Pre decimal coin nicknamed two bob
  1305. Joseph, author of catch 22
  1306. Steve buscemis role in reservoir dogs
  1307. Hatshepsut, wilhelmina, and eadgifu
  1308. Country that elected its first female pm in 1969
  1309. Deep belly laugh
  1310. Saffron comes from a flower in this genus
  1311. Grain used to make malt whisky
  1312. To make unauthorized alterations to something
  1313. Undead warrior in norse mythology
  1314. German ww2 tank
  1315. Multiple spandexes
  1316. Segment that forms part of a longer comedy show
  1317. Broad sweeps of water across paintings
  1318. Flooded or swamped
  1319. Writing or art focused on one very precise subject
  1320. Carries the stylus on an old fashioned turntable
  1321. Country in which cate blanchett was born in 1969
  1322. Stylishness, dapperness
  1323. Epilogue, postscript or afterword pages in a book
  1324. 1924 agreement on the reparations paid by germany
  1325. Sweet fibrous saccharum grass
  1326. Spending demographic of the english elderly
  1327. Oscar winner catherine, born in wales in 1969
  1328. Iconic new york city taxi company
  1329. Repaired a damaged painting
  1330. Dropper for measuring out liquids
  1331. British royal who became prince of wales in 1969
  1332. Parody, derision
  1333. A designers studio or workshop
  1334. Confounded, disconcerted
  1335. An intaglio printing process
  1336. Daphne du maurier novel with girls name
  1337. Nationality of aung san suu kyi and u thant
  1338. Katie, american multi medal winning swimmer
  1339. The mansion, disneyland attraction opened 1969
  1340. Leftovers, parts not used productively
  1341. Small rolling hills formed by glacial action
  1342. White horse breed associated with vienna school
  1343. Sum paid on top of savings or investments
  1344. Aerodynamically shaped front part of an aircraft
  1345. The most reactive non radioactive element
  1346. Tom roberts the rams, iconic aussie painting
  1347. Rotating champagne to move sediment towards corks
  1348. Stephen king miniseries based on novel from 1978
  1349. Combining all or both elements involved
  1350. Stories from the city, stories from the sea singer, born 1969
  1351. Nerve exhilarating, heart thumping
  1352. Candymans main weapon
  1353. Electromagnet formed from a coil of wire
  1354. These canadiens won the 1969 stanley cup
  1355. Charles dickenss house in kent
  1356. Word used to describe a large sum of money
  1357. French region that birthed a creamy potato dish
  1358. A velvety fabric used in clothing and furnishings
  1359. The scorpion king was a sequel to this 1999 film
  1360. She released davids album in 1969
  1361. French monarch, husband of marie antoinette
  1362. The fastest of all sea creatures
  1363. Name for old russian woman or grandmother
  1364. I sing the body , 1969 ray bradbury anthology
  1365. Patrick ajax, barca and netherlands forward
  1366. Willy who became german chancellor in 1969
  1367. Legendary kingdom in which the zelda games are set
  1368. Initial cost or investment
  1369. Small error, problem in the process
  1370. This indonesian lime is also called makrut
  1371. This max created makeup for movie stars
  1372. Music technique of quick changes between two notes
  1373. Legendary greek hero who flew too close to the sun
  1374. Compounds commonly made from two metals
  1375. A sweet tropical fruit with spiky red skin
  1376. Mo willems writes and draws books about this bird
  1377. Famous tv street that debuted in 1969
  1378. Thandie, was in crash and mission impossible 2
  1379. Site of ancient wonder temple of artemis
  1380. Thin indian flatbread
  1381. Be horrified or shocked by
  1382. Give peace , 1969 anti war anthem by john lennon
  1383. Decorative shaping of trees and bushes
  1384. British motor maker with winged logo
  1385. Baltimores world series runners up, 1969
  1386. Leos brightest star and the herald of spring
  1387. The medical term for fainting
  1388. Hiltons astoria brand of luxury hotels
  1389. Villainous doll in childs play
  1390. Shakespeare tale of magic, revenge and a shipwreck
  1391. "process" thats the smallest region of the sternum
  1392. Male beachwear that borat wore
  1393. A jeweled egg created in st petersburg, russia
  1394. Dark wood used by chippendale in furniture making
  1395. Glen campbell played la boeuf in this 1969 western
  1396. Impetuous, reckless, impulsive
  1397. Purchase something, get something
  1398. Ancient greek oil storing vessels
  1399. Joe jackson, linked to the black sox scandal
  1400. Arboretums that concentrate on conifers
  1401. Pigweed plant, cultivated for leaves or grain
  1402. Resistance to diseases or illnesses
  1403. Sad lament, a portuguese melancholic music form
  1404. Diana riggs sassy role in the avengers
  1405. Dyson branded hand dryer
  1406. Fashion brand founded as a new york jeans shop
  1407. The science of classifying organisms
  1408. Dennis, english thriller and occult author
  1409. Currency of portugal before the euro
  1410. 3d shape with rectangular faces and square ends
  1411. Add as an attachment
  1412. Jimi hendrix track that closed woodstock in 1969
  1413. Shrub with dense foliage, common in garden hedges
  1414. Island split between malaysia, brunei, indonesia
  1415. Part of a foot between the ball and the ankle
  1416. Island that hosted a us vietnam summit in 1969
  1417. A candle holder that is attached to a wall
  1418. Loose 1970s wear, as worn by demis roussos
  1419. Punctuation mark found twice in motley crues name
  1420. Long white radish also called a mooli
  1421. Name of number one mean girl
  1422. Book of changes classical chinese text
  1423. Ashe, the main stadium at the us tennis open
  1424. Developing a new skill or getting an asset
  1425. Briefly cooking vegetables in boiling water
  1426. Darren, black swan director born 1969
  1427. German printer who made movable type popular
  1428. Kant wrote some of practical reason and judgment
  1429. Michigan place, glenn miller had a girl there
  1430. The icy body thought to orbit our solar system
  1431. Hardwood tree with leaves with pale undersides
  1432. Legendary manchester united manager, retired 1969
  1433. Ruling dynasty of jordan
  1434. Fortune telling by studying someones hand
  1435. Spotted with light and shade
  1436. Hell hath no fury like a woman
  1437. Seeds from trees of the genus juglans
  1438. Together with someone else
  1439. Jason, arrested development star born 1969
  1440. Composer of the opera turandot
  1441. Step in, low heeled shoes
  1442. Heaved, felt nauseous
  1443. Middle name of 1969s president, richard m nixon
  1444. Amateur walkie talkie communication service
  1445. Irish saint, founder of clonard abbey
  1446. Fomer prison upon which the old bailey was built
  1447. Dan brown novel that followed the lost symbol
  1448. Debra, creator of tvs offspring
  1449. Only instrument given two sections in an orchestra
  1450. Catch sight of in the distance
  1451. To introduce air into something
  1452. Software that stops junk mail from being delivered
  1453. Joyous or praising songs or poems
  1454. Sacred well near to the kaaba in mecca
  1455. City the beatles gave their final performance in
  1456. Cook so liquid evaporates
  1457. Corset style garment covering the chest
  1458. Zeus battled him for supremacy
  1459. Jim, 1912 olympic gold medal decathlete
  1460. Marsupial that famously produces cube shaped poo
  1461. A mature reproductive cell
  1462. Sorcerer from fantasia with a back to front name
  1463. Marketing materials and ads, for short
  1464. Travels with , 1969 graham greene novel
  1465. Antares is a member of this arachnid constellation
  1466. He made his screen debut in 1969s me, natalie
  1467. French wetland region, a haven for horses, birds
  1468. Emotion felt on a deserted island
  1469. British singer of hit song wuthering heights
  1470. This georges became french president in 1969
  1471. Spanish cousin of french toast
  1472. Shaping and engraving gemstones
  1473. Space between the hairline and the eyebrows
  1474. Horse foal between its 1st and 2nd year of life
  1475. The brewers daughter, from happy families
  1476. Pass that legally allows parking, fishing etc
  1477. Buffys job description a vampire one of these
  1478. Smooth and shiny, like a window
  1479. Skirmish between armed groups
  1480. Bids in an online auction
  1481. Dickens wrote a tale of two of them
  1482. Royal chair, sounds like its been tossed
  1483. Young woman who might be in distress
  1484. Describes religious people who celebrate hanukkah
  1485. Soft, round, french hats
  1486. Where one might do a merlot tasting
  1487. A safety device that rapidly inflates on collision
  1488. Lizard kept as a pet isa on dora the explorer
  1489. Pay , publicly praise loyal service
  1490. Heavy wooden hammer for banging in tent pegs
  1491. First name of media mogul murdoch
  1492. Landslide on a mountain slope
  1493. To be famous for bad deeds or being evil
  1494. Intensely competitive, like hungry canines
  1495. Underwater accident, like the titanic
  1496. The dark forest near hogwarts castle, forest
  1497. Like a building declared unfit for use
  1498. Meaty pasta sauce often served with spaghetti
  1499. Actor who married katie holmes in 2006
  1500. Singer of im yours and the remedy
  1501. Spycraft, cloak and dagger activities
  1502. Medium dog breed with long, golden coat
  1503. Titular treasure type in a 2004 nicolas cage film
  1504. Chinese practice of balancing energy in buildings
  1505. High rocky peak, e g everest or k2
  1506. To be extremely large in size
  1507. Tomato, old cultivars, often differently hued
  1508. Lamar humble and bad blood singer
  1509. Cartoonist, stop motion creator
  1510. Not on the outside within the body
  1511. Game played with rectangular tiles with dots on
  1512. Affleck and lopezs power couple nickname
  1513. Shirt thats undone at the collar
  1514. Nettle, plant that causes a tingling rash
  1515. Grit sprinkled on road surfaces in cold weather
  1516. The turtles biggest hit happy
  1517. Award winning whoopi, star of sister act
  1518. Type of device created to end the world
  1519. A large land mammal with tusks and a trunk
  1520. Bart and lisas tv fave the itchy and show
  1521. Camera accessory for close up shots
  1522. Batmans feline nemesis and part time lover
  1523. A companys involvement in community projects
  1524. One wheeled transportation method
  1525. Beasts of fantasy and fiction
  1526. A short, tubular noodle with ridges on its outside
  1527. Money transfer company that joined ebay in 2002
  1528. A crunchy vegetable with long stalks
  1529. Long, bladed weapons
  1530. Mouthing song words without actually singing
  1531. A fugitive, like billy the kid or jesse james
  1532. Tv episodes aired after their premiere
  1533. British island and namesake of a us state
  1534. Female initiated dating app, with bee links
  1535. Adventurous boy created by hergé
  1536. A skin condition that causes dry, irritated skin
  1537. Popular gummy bear company headquartered in bonn
  1538. Easily shaped and reshaped
  1539. Christmas film where kevin defeats burglars
  1540. Golden spanish currency loved by pirates
  1541. First month of autumn in the northern hemisphere
  1542. Van morrisons girl
  1543. Egyptian queen who features in a shakespeare play
  1544. Vehicle driven by an officer of the law
  1545. Gallileos device for seeing the stars up close
  1546. Emotional "syndrome" after children leave home
  1547. Nationality of the playwright anton chekhov
  1548. The baha men wondered who let them out
  1549. Peninsula between the gulf of mexico and caribbean
  1550. Part of the day that sounds like its grieving
  1551. Covers in fat or oil
  1552. Exercises that are basically pushups then jumps
  1553. Sweet filling made from milk, sugar, butter
  1554. Toxins, venoms
  1555. Feature to allow a phone to become a wi fi source
  1556. Money awarded in court for pain and suffering
  1557. Symbology professor in a dan brown series
  1558. Another name for the three kings in the nativity
  1559. Flat or curved overlapping tiles placed on a roof
  1560. An explosive with a countdown clock
  1561. Someone from the country associated with pharaohs
  1562. Friendly gesture where two closed hands meet
  1563. Tv show with protagonist walter white bad
  1564. To pass a slower moving vehicle
  1565. Burning the oil
  1566. Study of flight and aircraft
  1567. 2016 blockbuster with a bear battle, the
  1568. Pyrotechnic detonation, maybe of an evil base
  1569. Jazzy woodwind instrument played by bill clinton
  1570. Dish by a dublin cook with mutton and potatoes
  1571. The st bernard named after a famous composer
  1572. All stages of existence, from birth to death
  1573. High wire that daredevil acrobats balance on
  1574. Clumsy, as if your hands are made of meat
  1575. University teacher, maybe of archaeology
  1576. Weather element measured by an anemometer
  1577. Ancient ceremony or rite
  1578. Tank engine who lives on the island of sodor
  1579. Ken is this famous dolls boyfriend
  1580. Egyptian god anubis had the head of this wild dog
  1581. The shape of the earth
  1582. It expression of joy at success
  1583. Ancient people who inhabited the city of texcoco
  1584. A person who sells food or household goods
  1585. Bright green japanese horseradish sauce
  1586. The comic company responsible for hulk and thor
  1587. Air bubbled devices used for checking plumbness
  1588. The english city that the beatles are from
  1589. Battle with bare hands
  1590. A feeling awareness, consciousness
  1591. Road races run over distances of 26 2 miles
  1592. First to play queen elizabeth ii in the crown
  1593. Type of hook on a rope used to climb walls
  1594. Taz is this type of devil
  1595. Singer of piano man, uptown girl and my life
  1596. Launch a book or a movie again
  1597. Like some predetermined conclusions
  1598. Margaret, uk prime minister for all of the 1980s
  1599. Private office, behind the scenes
  1600. Dusty springfields 1969 hit, son of a man
  1601. Only us state whose name begins with d
  1602. American word for what brits call coriander
  1603. Da vinci the blue teenage mutant ninja turtle
  1604. Ms lopez, commonly known as j lo
  1605. Group of fish species rich in omega 3 fatty acids
  1606. Knife attached to a gun
  1607. Mimic who sits on the doormat
  1608. Much ado about , shakespeare comedy
  1609. Pocket sized carriers for money and credit cards
  1610. Charlize theron starred in this killer movie
  1611. Start a car without a key
  1612. A mill, pounder or mortar
  1613. Load software onto a computer system
  1614. A patio a flat paved area beside a house
  1615. Appointment to check vision
  1616. Place that has gone missing in time
  1617. Drugstore soda dispensers popular in the 50s
  1618. Unpleasant, annoying
  1619. The boxer who took a bite out of holyfields ear
  1620. Doing quick, freehand drawings
  1621. Star sign of someone born on christmas day
  1622. Legal or religious voiding of a marriage
  1623. Furry skin, green inside with black seeds
  1624. Better late , said of a last minute occurrence
  1625. Name of the hunchback of notre dame
  1626. A wide brimmed hat from mexico
  1627. Short quip said by an adventure hero
  1628. Supportive sticks to aid walking
  1629. Former british island colony associated with china
  1630. Athlete who finishes in second place
  1631. Childs ornament for keeping coins and notes safe
  1632. Someone who prefers their own company
  1633. Lenovo range of tablets designed for business use
  1634. It goes with a lion and a witch in cs lewis book
  1635. An animal that feeds on leaves
  1636. Indiana joness weapon of choice
  1637. Swap, e g ideas or resources
  1638. Hot drink made with unfermented leaves
  1639. Powerful desire that a pregnant woman might get
  1640. Have faith in the existence of something
  1641. Type of belt containing various useful tools
  1642. Upright columns that support a building
  1643. Members of the kings or queens family
  1644. Movie about one eyed willys treasure, the
  1645. A bill for goods or services provided
  1646. Double, double, toil and this
  1647. The opposite of fusion
  1648. Cleaning utensil for sweeping up dirt from floors
  1649. Gulp down some water
  1650. Mobile phone operating system, not apple
  1651. Voter in a political ballot
  1652. Humpback hunter
  1653. Precious gems worth lots of money
  1654. Portion of sentence with subject and verb
  1655. Amazon ebook reader
  1656. Long choux pastry sandwiched with cream
  1657. Oops, this britney did it again
  1658. Indiana joness trademark hat
  1659. Informative charts plotted with data
  1660. Satirical skit imitating an original work
  1661. The two most powerful chess pieces on a board
  1662. Chain of christian prayer beads
  1663. Carpet cleaning sucker
  1664. Museum that contains the mona lisa
  1665. Well exclamation of disbelief
  1666. Process by which an animal casts off its hair/skin
  1667. Security devices with keys or number combinations
  1668. Talk someone out of doing something
  1669. Loud, high pitched audio screeching
  1670. Risking money or ones life
  1671. Kerosene powered light sources
  1672. Region of the world where all clocks show the same
  1673. Merry go round where one rides horses
  1674. Technology that doesnt require connective cables
  1675. A heated drink made using fermented apples
  1676. Speech a villain gives when the hero is captured
  1677. Gossip might be heard through this fruity plant
  1678. A being from this planet
  1679. Artisan occupation of joseph, jesus father
  1680. Rapper, cooking show co host with martha stewart
  1681. Potato, carrot or broccoli
  1682. Wwe performers
  1683. Spanish city home to gaudis sagrada familia
  1684. Giant spider named after taranto in italy
  1685. Type of sleeper agent working for years
  1686. Trip for a newly married couple
  1687. Sand traps on a golf course
  1688. Strong physical or emotional force
  1689. They say that opposites do this
  1690. Star trek alien with a bumpy forehead
  1691. Country that used the deutschmark before the euro
  1692. Group of criminals who there is still honor among
  1693. Curved bars that support a cradle or gliding chair
  1694. A knitted garment, aka a jumper
  1695. A brownish yellow condiment
  1696. Grapple with an opponent like a wwf fighter
  1697. Shedders of feathers
  1698. Putting away empty boxes until after christmas
  1699. The square root symbol
  1700. Dome of the skull, encasing the brain
  1701. French port, famously evacuated in 1940
  1702. Rock that muppets live on
  1703. Ashton, who married mila kunis
  1704. Sparkly plastic that covers many decorations
  1705. Flat, horizontal reinforcement on a boats stern
  1706. Decade of the korean war and the polio vaccine
  1707. Nhl legend wayne, known as the great one
  1708. Immediate imprisonment after arrest
  1709. Microsofts email service
  1710. Extremity at the rear end of a fish
  1711. Taking the yellow brick road leads to the city
  1712. Evergreen shrub wrapped in ribbons
  1713. Stung, burnt, chafed
  1714. Mathematics branch with equations
  1715. First name of torn singer imbruglia
  1716. Christmas gatherings where decorations are hung
  1717. Cut of pig meat from the leg
  1718. A painting of scenery, as opposed to a portrait
  1719. Place for detaining military prisoners
  1720. Traditional material for violin bow strings
  1721. Repeated inhaling and exhaling
  1722. Mini replica home decked out to celebrate
  1723. To change from a liquid to a gas
  1724. This bad boys actor married jada pinkett
  1725. East asian country comprised of 17,000 islands
  1726. White ursidae frolicking with penguins on décor
  1727. California alma mater of googles co founders
  1728. This task must be done to keep the tree moist
  1729. Traditional music style from southern spain
  1730. Garden birds with speckled chests
  1731. Cooking an egg by cracking it into boiling water
  1732. Houses front hall, spruced up with decorations
  1733. Dark feline thats said to bring bad luck
  1734. State of an optimists glass
  1735. Russian mystic who advised tsar nicholas ii
  1736. Title character of medical drama greys anatomy
  1737. Reverse a decision on a verdict in a court case
  1738. Adelaide is known as the city of them
  1739. Granite city on the ocean in scotland
  1740. Homespun, country style of holiday decorating
  1741. Theres one of these born every minute
  1742. The capital of this country is athens
  1743. The horse like animal that brays
  1744. Club in the musical cabaret, also a chocolate bar
  1745. Unfiltered, unsweetened apple juices
  1746. Frozen water, but glass and hung from the tree
  1747. Dennis was one in the long running comic strip
  1748. Spanish f1 driver fernando
  1749. "but, soft what light from window breaks "
  1750. Ones official voting paper
  1751. Synthetic wool material for warm winter coats
  1752. Rebel, comic star of the pitch perfect movies
  1753. Relive memories, like ornaments origin story
  1754. Cinematographic film upon which animations are made
  1755. Name for one of a djs decks
  1756. Form of government elected by popular vote
  1757. What many mammals do in the winter
  1758. For health reasons
  1759. When a businesss revenue equals its total costs
  1760. Delicate china material used for special baubles
  1761. Capital, like the letters in this clue
  1762. 1998 heist film set during an intense storm
  1763. Increased to include more content
  1764. Plumage used to make the first artificial trees
  1765. 2015 tame impala album
  1766. Chris lilleys 2019 netflix series
  1767. Australians add these oceanic houses to their tree
  1768. Number of stripes on the us flag
  1769. Jolie who played maleficent on screen
  1770. Solid street or building entrance barriers
  1771. Fictional chocolate slab with a golden ticket
  1772. Tight fitting horse riding trousers
  1773. Spinal column of a human being
  1774. Palace in granada, spain
  1775. Plungers used to dispense medicine
  1776. Enthralling, thrilling novel
  1777. Aquarium for pet guppies to swim in
  1778. Crafted by a relative, like a loved decoration
  1779. Director of lost and star wars the force awakens
  1780. Long glass vessel used in scientific experiments
  1781. Winning act in a boxing match
  1782. French sweet meringue sandwiches in bright shades
  1783. Academy that features in a netflix series
  1784. Smooth or bumpy endings of flights
  1785. Wrapped with paper and ribbon
  1786. To intentionally refuse to take notice
  1787. Tighty, lefty loosey
  1788. Winged cherubs, sometimes on the top of a tree
  1789. Austin powers cheeky catchphrase, "oh "
  1790. Maria in west side story sings that she feels this
  1791. Marinated meat sticks, a grilled snack
  1792. A snowmans orange nose
  1793. Violin virtuoso menuhin
  1794. Formed into an oval shape, like in knotting
  1795. Latin word for seasickness
  1796. Member of a group of missionary catholics
  1797. Celtic language of ireland and scotland
  1798. Stephen king novel about a crazed fan
  1799. Cognac brand or sports car modifier
  1800. Places or sites, e g points on a map
  1801. Jingle , arnold schwarzenegger christmas film
  1802. Garments hung by the fire, empty until christmas
  1803. Material through which heat cannot pass easily
  1804. English electronic band with fragments of freedom
  1805. Gymnastics move with a whole body turn
  1806. Imp who decorates windows with snowflakes
  1807. Three legged camera stands
  1808. An aromatic berry that grows on evergreen trees
  1809. Breakfast cakes
  1810. Sondheim musical about a theatrical demolition
  1811. Fake medicine in a drug trial, controls experiment
  1812. How julius caesar was killed
  1813. Stanley, filmmaker who directed the shining
  1814. Turning over, doing 360 in a kayak
  1815. Tasteful, like a chic take on christmas decorating
  1816. A rodent commonly kept as a pet
  1817. The deer, injured animal by frida kahlo
  1818. Use a stand to ensure a tree is straight, not this
  1819. Hair drying treatment using a round brush
  1820. Gem that is the hardest natural substance
  1821. Work of fiction shorter than a usual book
  1822. Five musicians who play together
  1823. Tiny candle, lit to make a table ornament glow
  1824. Make smaller, decrease
  1825. Shes played by helena bonham carter in the crown
  1826. These rates turn one currency into another
  1827. The f in sporting acronym concacaf
  1828. Seasoning also known as jamaica pepper
  1829. Joint formed by the humerus and scapula
  1830. Religious title that is abbreviated to "rev"
  1831. Record company staff advocating record plays
  1832. Light with a wavelength longer than visible light
  1833. Wife of heavy metal singer ozzy osbourne
  1834. Building block of life c on the periodic table
  1835. Impish elves with pointy hats and long beards
  1836. Experts often do this for ceos give guidance
  1837. A chevrolet model or an african antelope
  1838. Name of eight english kings, most recently in 1936
  1839. Written record of your recollection of past events
  1840. Male lackey who always agrees with the boss
  1841. Pick me ups, health boosters
  1842. Time travel film starring joseph gordon levitt
  1843. Fictional indiana setting for parks and recreation
  1844. Replenish ink cartridges or paper
  1845. Paul mccartney wrote hey jude for this lennon
  1846. Aussie city known for fruits
  1847. Hot yoga style
  1848. Circle of pine needles, hung on the front door
  1849. Antarctica is the coldest one on the planet
  1850. Its beginning to look a lot like this
  1851. Unnamed individual private identity
  1852. Film with male model derek played by ben stiller
  1853. Remove software restrictions from a phone
  1854. Collective name for the four major tennis titles
  1855. Glitzy fabric wrapped around the water stand
  1856. Bfg way of referring to a person
  1857. Smile like , 2003 hit for the killers
  1858. Beverage in a tall glass with little or no alcohol
  1859. Egg dish served with bacon and hollandaise sauce
  1860. Runways walked along by fashion models
  1861. An evergreens seed, painted white to look snowy
  1862. Robin, voice of the genie in disneys aladdin
  1863. Basic si unit of weight, symbol kg
  1864. Trader who buys and sells for profit
  1865. Island country known as ceylon until 1972
  1866. Special christmas plates and cutlery dress this up
  1867. The physical parts of a computer
  1868. "theres a bear in there, and as well"
  1869. American magazine known for celebrity news
  1870. A trees arms, covered in lights
  1871. A destination frequented by tourists
  1872. Red fruit that comes in rainier and bing varieties
  1873. James who went from miami to the la lakers
  1874. University in england and city in mississippi
  1875. People who complete their pilgrimage to mecca
  1876. Thin candles placed in windows during the season
  1877. Quick to open, hook and loop fastener
  1878. A juvenile cat
  1879. A person who can commune with the dead
  1880. Jordan peeles 2017 horror movie
  1881. Dont be a debbie
  1882. He and crick discovered the dna double helix
  1883. Bank robbers escape car
  1884. Buri animal ornaments, made from brush of palms
  1885. Final touchdown of a flight
  1886. Crushing, changing to pulp
  1887. Things might go down to it if time is scarce
  1888. Small solid lumps of gold
  1889. The movie genre about people in love
  1890. Brown whose tree was merely a few sad branches
  1891. Country conquered by eric ix of sweden
  1892. Mrs roosevelt, campaigning wife of fdr
  1893. Businesses offering boarding for pet dogs
  1894. A protective helmet worn by a factory worker
  1895. Fried treats with a hole in the middle
  1896. Repeated yearly, like gathering and decorating
  1897. Main disk on a laptop where all info is stored
  1898. On , feeling extremely happy
  1899. Quasimodo was the hunchback of this place
  1900. He plays luther on tv, heimdall in marvel films
  1901. Department where doctors send tissue to be tested
  1902. Nfl players who catch passes
  1903. Plant hung for kisses
  1904. Safety rail alongside a staircase
  1905. Brief communication app, where messages disappear
  1906. Island off australias south coast, capital hobart
  1907. The art or skill of preparing cocktails
  1908. Marvels movies about iron man, thor and hulk
  1909. Clean, germ free
  1910. Your , term to address a female monarch
  1911. Caribou who help santa, decked out holiday style
  1912. Class right below first on bigger flights
  1913. Short but strong french emperor of the 1800s
  1914. 2009 x factor star who sang dance with me tonight
  1915. Holiday tubes with toys and jokes, on tables
  1916. Short bristly facial hair
  1917. Unopened bloom on a thorny garden plant
  1918. Pies often use fruit for this
  1919. Thrilling slide through the air on an aerial cable
  1920. Throb or vibrate, like a heartbeat
  1921. New zealand prime minister ardern, elected in 2017
  1922. Got popular on twitter
  1923. Shabby detective played on tv by peter falk
  1924. Self service luggage check in at an airport
  1925. Look through these to see peoples decorations
  1926. Weather forecast of the current conditions
  1927. Foldable fabric parts on the side of a russian hat
  1928. It puts the h in h20
  1929. Secret identity for a covert or military mission
  1930. To have difficulty doing something
  1931. Barack obamas memoir a land
  1932. Spicy pepper common to salsa
  1933. Become too warm, e g by wearing too many layers
  1934. Common dog tricks include sit, lie down, and this
  1935. Nickname of russian rulers peter and catherine
  1936. Jim, iconic rock star from the doors
  1937. In a few minutes, soon
  1938. Mary with flying umbrella and bottomless handbag
  1939. Tv show where partners try to win the race
  1940. Matter in a state between gases and solids
  1941. Throw this to the wind, goes the saying
  1942. Crafted from wool and long needles
  1943. Stuffed pasta, from the italian word for wrap
  1944. Style that psy had a worldwide hit with in 2012
  1945. Vogue magazine is all about this
  1946. Roman sea god often shown riding a chariot
  1947. Rubber garment for swimming in icy water
  1948. Its said to have "killed the cat"
  1949. Speech delivered by a solo actor
  1950. Extra food from a meal stored for later
  1951. Phd qualification
  1952. Lightweight jacket layer worn for extra warmth
  1953. Mi6 agent 007
  1954. Its also known as all hallows eve
  1955. Policy in case of accidents or damage to property
  1956. Foot garments worn inside wellingtons
  1957. To move blood from one person to another
  1958. Sandy spots by the ocean
  1959. Versailles, schönbrunn, and buckingham
  1960. The main ingredient in coleslaw
  1961. Wizard, sorcerer
  1962. Brand name of a waterproof all weather fabric
  1963. A candidate put forward for political office
  1964. Chapel in the vatican with a notable ceiling
  1965. Long bodied red crustacean, large front claws
  1966. Protective headgear worn by skiers
  1967. Period drama where the crawleys live in this abbey
  1968. Written proof of payment
  1969. The , outdoor gear brand with peak related name
  1970. American crocodile cousin
  1971. Desktop tool, perforates small circles into paper
  1972. Romantic attraction to people of any gender
  1973. Float like a , mantra of boxer muhammad ali
  1974. Her hits include roar, firework and part of me
  1975. The first t in tbt an old picture on social media
  1976. Enormous swirling circle of water
  1977. Clothes worn over indoor garments
  1978. Deport someone so they can face justice at home
  1979. "light as a , stiff as a board"
  1980. Hard rock band rage against the this
  1981. Filled with trust that something will come true
  1982. Actor uma who has starred in tarantino films
  1983. Device fitted to a climbers shoe on icy ground
  1984. A decorative wreath made of flowers and leaves
  1985. Warm, waterproof garment worn on the slopes
  1986. Medical or scientific publication of research
  1987. Land ruled by a male monarch
  1988. The sweet course, not a dry place
  1989. Stopped working for the rest of ones life
  1990. This word is a homophone of aloud
  1991. The loser competitive weight loss reality show
  1992. Triangular flag flown from a ship
  1993. Surname of talk show host oprah
  1994. Country from which ugg sheepskin boots come
  1995. Actress cate who starred in the lord of the rings
  1996. A science fiction tv show about a time lord
  1997. To give support to a person, cause or action
  1998. Circus performer who holds a big cat at bay
  1999. Handwear for knights or skiers
  2000. A latin phrase that means "the other way around"
  2001. The opposite of defense
  2002. Command given to a courtroom when a judge enters
  2003. City in which the godfather is set
  2004. Space to stretch your limbs on a flight
  2005. Long, knitted garments wrapped around necks
  2006. Canadian and american mountain range
  2007. The sense that isnt vision, smell, taste or touch
  2008. These may be cut if youre skipping steps
  2009. Kayaked or canoed
  2010. Padded, with several layers stitched together
  2011. Metal attracting objects with poles
  2012. Precious stone that marks a 60 year anniversary
  2013. Microsoft software and "the eyes to the soul"
  2014. Arrow button that changes typing to uppercase
  2015. The very first unlike anything else
  2016. Shawl from kashmir
  2017. Small pieces of paper thrown in celebration
  2018. Intestinal pouch that often needs to be removed
  2019. Asian cuisine featuring sushi and ramen
  2020. Its provided in court to prove a case or plea
  2021. This anne won an oscar for 2012s les misérables
  2022. Dog found in a yoga class
  2023. Art made by pasting together different materials
  2024. Ed, whose hits include castle on the hill
  2025. Capital city of the us state, georgia
  2026. Female rockers or girls with these
  2027. Amelia who crossed the atlantic by plane
  2028. Heat trapping, e g long underwear
  2029. Its proper name is a cosmetic rhinoplasty
  2030. Spotted big cat that lives in africa and asia
  2031. Electronic gadgets, e g tablets, phones, consoles
  2032. Waterproof garment worn by fishers
  2033. People who traditionally join unions
  2034. Lockable writing desk
  2035. Grass trimming machine
  2036. A biological substance posing a threat to health
  2037. Condition when extremities are exposed to cold
  2038. Work without getting paid
  2039. White dog breed with black spots
  2040. Work on various jobs at the same time
  2041. Fun birthday activity, e g musical chairs
  2042. Bugs bunnys foe who wears a flapped hunting hat
  2043. Target score in a game of blackjack or pontoon
  2044. The edge of a town or city
  2045. Weaken or thin a solution by mixing in water
  2046. Fluffy wool from a rabbits coat
  2047. Santorini, maui and st lucia are examples of this
  2048. List of things you want to do before passing
  2049. Cornucopia, aka the horn of this
  2050. Lyrics its fun to the y m c a
  2051. Sport played by novak djokovic
  2052. Vehicle that uses two different power sources
  2053. Large groups of sheep
  2054. Fabric or synthetic sheets for cleaning and wiping
  2055. Autumn spice often paired with cinnamon
  2056. Country from which the ushanka fur cap comes
  2057. An lcd is a liquid crystal one
  2058. Rolled up cylinder of straw in a farmers field
  2059. Two word request to be my husband or wife
  2060. Hand , mini heat pads for your pockets
  2061. Medieval japanese swordfighter
  2062. Outlet for smoke on the roof of a house
  2063. Sudden sharp pains
  2064. Openings on a coat for keeping your hands warm
  2065. More bubbly than
  2066. Large stone, or city in colorado
  2067. Angelina jolie or halle berrys profession
  2068. Venomous snake with a royal name
  2069. Chocolate treat brought by a magical bunny
  2070. Headgear with holes for the eyes and mouth
  2071. Differing hour areas around the globe
  2072. Metal abbreviated to mg on the periodic table
  2073. Inadvertant error or accidental omission
  2074. Person who studies the past
  2075. Footwear worn on winter slopes
  2076. Legal dispute presented to a judge
  2077. Linings for shoes or boots
  2078. Mini mountain where a bugs life insects live
  2079. A young childs bedroom
  2080. Exercise session at a gym or with an instructor
  2081. Uppermost layer of the earths surface
  2082. A giant, one eyed monster
  2083. The cat in the hat and sam i am creator
  2084. In your ears, symptom of tinnitus
  2085. Milestone anniversary during a monarchs reign
  2086. Dakota, appears in tv series the alienist
  2087. An item bought for a much lower price, a good deal
  2088. Liquid meal that warms one after a day in the cold
  2089. Breadcrumb and herb mixture served inside a turkey
  2090. Durable velveteen textile with lines called wales
  2091. Extremely powerful snowstorm
  2092. Strip worn by runners to keep their ears warm
  2093. 1999 brendan fraser film set in egypt
  2094. Unsure, not confident, anxious
  2095. Director of batman, dumbo and edward scissorhands
  2096. Teenage mutant ninja turtles catchphrase
  2097. Gradual development of a species over time
  2098. Hair after its been combed and straightened
  2099. Thick winter socks, filled with gifts by santa
  2100. Inspirational wwii slogan with rosie the riveter
  2101. Those who kill famous or powerful people
  2102. Feathery layer inside a puffy jacket
  2103. Person who reads, evaluates a new book
  2104. Grammatically, an interrogative sentence asks one
  2105. Male singing style for hitting high notes
  2106. Television broadcasting stations
  2107. These, like calcium, are found in spring water
  2108. Fragrant pale green herb often served with chicken
  2109. Sweater without buttons
  2110. Criminal who deliberately sets something on fire
  2111. Extra teeth that develop in some adults back gums
  2112. Scraping leaves out of ones yard
  2113. Tremble because of feeling too cold
  2114. Bladed cutting tool used by a sculptor
  2115. Like dark car windows
  2116. Remove the hard parts from meat
  2117. Aroused ones interest
  2118. Person affected by a crime
  2119. Slang for person who hangs out in drinking joints
  2120. Soft sheeps wool used for extra warm clothing
  2121. Jane, author of sense and sensibility
  2122. Winning move in a game of chess
  2123. Promising a good return on investment
  2124. He was a fresh prince then an mib agent
  2125. Artificial material, not natural, e g polyester
  2126. The current holder of an office
  2127. Like baby bears porridge in the goldilocks story
  2128. Rock condiment at dinner
  2129. Largest living animal on the planet
  2130. Relics, ancient objects
  2131. Garments worn beneath your clothes
  2132. Move back and forth
  2133. Beyoncés eldest child, born 2012
  2134. Indirect, inexplicit, not clearly expressed
  2135. Countries with black, white, green and red flags
  2136. Its not this, sung by tom jones
  2137. Actor and ex president of the philippines, joseph
  2138. Dish of lightly battered fish and/or vegetables
  2139. Long bladed knife on angolas national flag
  2140. Cut intricate holes in wood for ornamental reasons
  2141. Short heavy clubs used as weapons
  2142. Former currency of greece before the euro
  2143. High powered yellow pressure cleaner brand
  2144. Scribed language started in ancient iraq
  2145. Hybrid equine, crossed with stripy mammal
  2146. Arranged references into alphabetical order
  2147. Greek fleet footed goddess of the hunt
  2148. Get fully involved in something
  2149. Giving birth to a horse
  2150. Planning diagram with linked thoughts and themes
  2151. Proteins that acts as biological catalysts
  2152. Government in which two people hold equal power
  2153. Flag design with three parallel stripes
  2154. Race of warlike women who excluded men
  2155. Louis xivs nickname
  2156. Slimming plan, maybe more suitable for equines
  2157. S american nation with red, yellow and green flag
  2158. Rodríguez, 1500m runner who collided with burka
  2159. Painter who spent the end of his life in tahiti
  2160. 1987 film with peter weller as a cyborg officer
  2161. Old town road rapper
  2162. Broadway musical set at kit kat klub in berlin
  2163. The bottom edge of a skirt or dress
  2164. Fortified shelter, and hidden position for attack
  2165. Rising upward with only the upper part visible
  2166. Part of the small intestine after the duodenum
  2167. Territory held by noble above a viscount
  2168. Danish researcher of atomic structure
  2169. Number of rays of sun on kazakhstans flag
  2170. Dry cured salmon and dill
  2171. Cut into the conversation, add a point of view
  2172. Non dominant gene
  2173. Ancient warrior king, son of philip ii of macedon
  2174. Changeable, unpredictable moods
  2175. Mountain in ancient greece where the muses lived
  2176. Emblem in the middle stripe of ghanas flag
  2177. Michael who was on ncis and bull
  2178. Queen hit that ends with the line "fried chicken"
  2179. The park in the title of an 1814 jane austen novel
  2180. Its who you operate on in a game of operation
  2181. Impressionist art style with shapes and symbols
  2182. Flying a flag at a low height as a mark of respect
  2183. Stocking an emergency shelter just in case
  2184. Summer festival season at the royal albert hall
  2185. Old term for one who inspires fights
  2186. A share of profit paid to a companys shareholders
  2187. Bogarts role in 1941 movie the maltese falcon
  2188. The whole kit and this
  2189. Dennis, "non flying dutchman" of soccer, born 1969
  2190. Settling down in the branches overnight
  2191. Imperial seal of japan, known as chrysanthemum
  2192. Shakespeare wrote about the taming of her
  2193. Judy, seaside husband and wife protagonists
  2194. American writer of the checkerboard trilogy
  2195. Traditional knitting technique from scotland
  2196. Military standard flown by ancient roman armies
  2197. Description of wenceslas in christmas carol
  2198. Frozen flavored dessert
  2199. Dropping a weight into water to measure depth
  2200. Country of birth of filmmaker lars von trier
  2201. Become less intense, e g pain
  2202. Act of bending a joint or limb
  2203. Circus ancient roman chariot racing venue
  2204. Alan, travel presenter, spoofed by monty python
  2205. Caribbean spice island with nutmeg on its flag
  2206. Apogees opposite
  2207. Gland in the throat that controls metabolism
  2208. Projecting spouts at the end of hosepipes
  2209. 9th month in muslim religion of fasting and prayer
  2210. Force time out from employment for wrongdoing
  2211. Where anglers hold on to their fish
  2212. Shapes on swiss, greek and maltese flags
  2213. Jerome k jerome wrote about three men here
  2214. He invented the first mechanical computer
  2215. Lady female cursed with ugliness in folklore
  2216. Thrower and catcher of many objects simultaneously
  2217. Extensive area of land with a big house
  2218. Huddles of rugby players, packed closely together
  2219. Manufacturer of electric model train sets
  2220. Goddess who gave her name to the capital of greece
  2221. Large raptor also known as a sea hawk
  2222. Seafood from pointy shells
  2223. Red fortress style building on gibraltars flag
  2224. Jewel covered headbands associated with royalty
  2225. Dense star that sends out radio waves
  2226. Assorted or mismatched crew of people
  2227. Powerful japanese feudal lords
  2228. Triangular flag used by yacht clubs and sailors
  2229. The abbreviation rsvp comes from this language
  2230. Britten opera and a melville story
  2231. Musical symbol of the emerald isle
  2232. Repetition of a word for rhetorical emphasis
  2233. Pole for displaying a fabric patriotic symbol
  2234. Ripened fruits blown to the ground by the breeze
  2235. Mathematical study of groups of objects or data
  2236. Fourth of ancient romes four emperors of 69ad
  2237. Ordem e , motto on the brazilian national flag
  2238. Dense coniferous tree used in garden hedges
  2239. Emma thompson film about a victorian love triangle
  2240. First greek leading man
  2241. Angelina jolies famous father
  2242. A heavy burden around ones neck
  2243. Legal complaint
  2244. Meant on purpose
  2245. Wonder womans younger sister, introduced in 1969
  2246. Cement made from clay and crushed limestone
  2247. Japanese charcoal grilled chicken skewers
  2248. Number of stripes on the united states flag
  2249. Fate of anne boleyn and catherine howard
  2250. Name of the hotel in stephen kings the shining
  2251. It means "goodbye, until we meet again" in french
  2252. Luther, who sang endless love with mariah carey
  2253. Pacific island nation with frigatebird on its flag
  2254. Caught not ready
  2255. Person who believes in people over religion
  2256. The power that a number is raised to
  2257. Cream gene present in some horses coats
  2258. Katey sagal voices leela on this animated series
  2259. German communist philosopher and economist
  2260. Able to count and understand basic sums
  2261. African nation once led by haile selassie
  2262. Alexandre dumas novel based opera by verdi la
  2263. Toxic decorative plant, also known as nerium
  2264. Frequencies for broadcasting on the radio
  2265. Angela who played jessica fletcher
  2266. Describes movies shown during a plane journey
  2267. Vestments of priests or choristers
  2268. Youth movement with fleur de lis flag
  2269. Old fashioned custard dessert set with gelatine
  2270. Baron von evil sorcerer in swan lake
  2271. Hamlet says that to be or not to be is the this
  2272. Ny based designer famous for her wedding dresses
  2273. Commemorative flags exchanged by sports teams
  2274. Dont let the grass grow under
  2275. Medical advice thought to be from hippocrates
  2276. Look for slight errors or minor mistakes
  2277. Fish logo associated with christianity
  2278. Of or relating to crows
  2279. Top gears top driver, heavily in disguise
  2280. Glasses, spectacles, monocles, etc
  2281. Walks to the summit of a mountain
  2282. The small metal discs on the rims of tambourines
  2283. Surname of sportswear brothers adolf and rudolf
  2284. Eastern european state with an aurochs on its flag
  2285. Symbol of divine power in medieval heraldry
  2286. Jojo moyes sequel to me before you and after you
  2287. Warning sign to signal potential danger
  2288. The flammable gas whose molecular equation is c3h8
  2289. Martial arts move to trip an opponent
  2290. Argued, fought
  2291. Nickname for frances red, white and blue flag
  2292. Persian king, battled with alexander
  2293. Porcelain made from ashes, feldspar and kaolin
  2294. Its where freddy kruegers nightmares take place
  2295. Us fashion model and vogue cover regular
  2296. African island nation with a ten star ring flag
  2297. Animals that move to and from a given area
  2298. Hes danny on hawaii five 0
  2299. Collection of poems printed in one volume
  2300. Substance that identifies an acid or a base
  2301. Process of building computer based images
  2302. Ex con, prisoner
  2303. The region of turkey that lies in asia not europe
  2304. Tropical greenery on the cocos islands flag
  2305. Animal shell or case, like on a crab or scorpion
  2306. Dire straits brothers mark and david
  2307. Actor whose sons are named chet, colin and truman
  2308. Royal flag flown by the monarch of the uk
  2309. Barbara, sculptor known for mother and child
  2310. Hair dye technique with hair painted by hand
  2311. Penny , horror series set in victorian england
  2312. A semi hard swiss cheese often used for melting
  2313. Ludwig bemelmans childrens book series
  2314. Watery roller coaster at a theme park
  2315. Porky insult for conservative white man, pink face
  2316. Complete disaster or failure
  2317. Yellow complexion or pallor
  2318. Script on the flag of brunei
  2319. Tragic jacks surname in titanic movie
  2320. Cockney slang for a piano
  2321. Identity parade of criminal suspects
  2322. Gazprom and rosneft are companies in this country
  2323. Honey produced from nectar of new zealand tree
  2324. Color worn by officials in euroleague basketball
  2325. Largest of plutos five known moons
  2326. National flag flown by a ship
  2327. Pact, led to invasion of czechoslovakia in 1968
  2328. Get out and bird box actor lil rel
  2329. Nerdy person might know a lot about birds nests
  2330. Strings of triangular decorative party flags
  2331. Effect of a disease
  2332. The letters you have to mind when you behave well
  2333. Nation with same flag in continuous use since 1219
  2334. Bradley, cyclist, and tour de france winner
  2335. The name of thors hammer
  2336. Name given to the worlds largest insect
  2337. The killing curse in the wizarding world, avada
  2338. West end musical about take that
  2339. Risky business undertaking
  2340. Portman, wood, or dormer
  2341. Charging interest on a loan at a criminal rate
  2342. Jump into a new relationship after a break up
  2343. Constable painting of horse drawn cart in a river
  2344. 3 to 4 m long musical instrument with conical bore
  2345. Rorys fast talking mother in the gilmore girls
  2346. The son of sir lancelot in the king arthur legend
  2347. Beatrix kiddo alias in the kill bill series
  2348. Pete seeger, protesters sing we shall do this
  2349. Vagrant, drifter, beggar
  2350. Hair becoming flyaway through humidity
  2351. Vodka, triple sec, and lime juice straight up
  2352. The tolerance displayed by people in hospital
  2353. Georges, priest who proposed big bang theory
  2354. Thomas harris cannibalistic forensic psychiatrist
  2355. Logo or motif made from overlapping letters
  2356. Shapes on saint vincent and the grenadines flag
  2357. Dune and dna multi lingual actor, charlotte
  2358. Orpheus wife in greek mythology
  2359. Northernmost host city of the summer olympics
  2360. Four horse chariot atop the brandenburg gate
  2361. Warm goats wool for pashmina shawls and sweaters
  2362. Us president whose first language was dutch
  2363. Army wear
  2364. Heraldic name for a shade of dark red
  2365. Pungent allium, spicy if raw
  2366. Traditional woven handicraft on turkmenistan flag
  2367. Liquid component of blood
  2368. Sudden arrival of large numbers
  2369. Dafoe, star of at eternitys gate
  2370. Marla, mother of donald trumps daughter tiffany
  2371. Tough, white outer coating of a tooth
  2372. Improved a video game character
  2373. Male bees that do not have stings
  2374. Body of an artists work
  2375. Green marine creature on the cayman islands flag
  2376. Largest space telescope operating since 1990
  2377. Money or property left to someone in a will
  2378. Beyoncés alter ego sasha this
  2379. Ballets , dance company formed by diaghilev
  2380. Lead single on didos 2003 album life for rent
  2381. Game with holes, ball and wooden pins
  2382. Farm tool featured in american gothic painting
  2383. Site of romes leonardo da vinci airport
  2384. Unrefined brown sugar with portuguese name
  2385. El , russian designer, co developed suprematism
  2386. Largest ethnic group in sri lanka
  2387. American rodent also known as a woodchuck
  2388. Us microbiologist who developed the polio vaccine
  2389. Old rhyming phrase meaning ready to go
  2390. Central american nation with a rainbow on its flag
  2391. Dumbfounded, gobsmacked
  2392. Cap on haitis flag, also called phrygian
  2393. Video game where players seek an imposter
  2394. Composer of opera lakmé and ballet coppélia
  2395. Blade , third blade movie, with wesley snipes
  2396. Crucial, of central importance
  2397. Cylindrical sushi roll with two or more fillings
  2398. Describes typical snowy weather
  2399. How jude is described in thomas hardys book
  2400. Cambodian royal house since 1860
  2401. European country with a similar flag to chads
  2402. Weasel like mammals with glossy fur
  2403. Term used by indexer to retrieve content
  2404. Nathan fillion stars in this tv space western
  2405. Strip of cloth worn like a narrow tube top
  2406. 1970s fishing disputes between iceland and the uk
  2407. Partner close friend or accomplice
  2408. Athletic performer or tumbler anagram of my gnats
  2409. Blandings castle lord in p g wodehouse novels
  2410. Famous indian temple in the city of agra
  2411. Shrub that grows in salty coastal waters
  2412. Watching over the dead through the night
  2413. Evergreen depicted on the flag of norfolk island
  2414. Lightweight waterproof packaway jackets
  2415. Type of very short joke with few words
  2416. Descriptive keywords for search engines
  2417. Leo , irish prime minister from 2017
  2418. A book containing magical spells
  2419. Man and , 1903 play by george bernard shaw
  2420. Nothing is hidden, everything is easy to read
  2421. Yardbirds guitarist, joined with bogert & appice
  2422. Six pointed star on the flag of israel
  2423. Study of human physical growth
  2424. Steve rower with five successive olympic golds
  2425. Spin off tv series about hackers and online crime
  2426. Toughest category of ski slope
  2427. Supporting the interests of the masses
  2428. Greek cucumber and yogurt dip
  2429. Golden emblem on the argentina and uruguay flags
  2430. The incredibles character who has super speed
  2431. Reject by exercising ones authority
  2432. Raising a flag on a flagpole
  2433. The , by carrington
  2434. The food remaining after a meal
  2435. Outfits worn for taking a dip in the pool
  2436. A dummy used to display clothes
  2437. Caught this way means youre apprehended mid crime
  2438. Indoor running machine
  2439. Orange squash soup ingredient with a long neck
  2440. Game of jumping to numbered squares on the ground
  2441. Termination of employment being fired
  2442. Its left in the sand as you walk
  2443. Dish that soup can be cooked then baked in
  2444. Fruit liquids
  2445. Money and card holder
  2446. Hostile tensions within a society
  2447. The end, the last scene or episode of a tv series
  2448. Like land that is unable to produce vegetation
  2449. Another word for the horror movie genre
  2450. Pot of sour dairy product, good as a soup garnish
  2451. Wizards long capes
  2452. A type of pastry denmarks language
  2453. Hes charlie browns pet dog
  2454. Singer carey who had a hit with without you
  2455. Onion, brown soup from a gallic country
  2456. Locals might say they were born and this
  2457. A comfortable upholstered seat for one person
  2458. Measuring how heavy ingredients are for a recipe
  2459. Purchase of one business by another
  2460. In a word, book smart
  2461. A random change in dna
  2462. Jacket worn on top of your indoor clothes
  2463. Whizzing up soup to get rid of lumps
  2464. Walking on , 1985 hit for katrina and the waves
  2465. The long haired princess from the movie tangled
  2466. Fitness wearable devices that count your steps
  2467. Rules and guidance devised by the government
  2468. A sweet, chewy candy made from a medicinal root
  2469. A maize labyrinth
  2470. Medical assistance, e g for cuts and bruises
  2471. Wooden boundaries between gardens or properties
  2472. Hairs on the edge of the eyelid
  2473. Soup with a texture that isnt chunky
  2474. Italian town overlooked by volcano mount vesuvius
  2475. Number of members in a standard english jury
  2476. Its the new black in netflixs prison drama
  2477. Cold season when soups are a warming meal
  2478. These are fantastic in jk rowling movie series
  2479. Examples of these signs include leo and aries
  2480. California city, rum liqueur or chevrolet car
  2481. Nineties telescope launched into space
  2482. Used a knife to make a sculpture
  2483. First name of author and journalist hemingway
  2484. To be separated or alienated from ones family
  2485. Combine , farm machinery for cutting crops
  2486. A poker hand, or a us sitcom
  2487. Stock made from cow bones
  2488. The person to person spreading of news
  2489. Area of land prowled and marked by a cat
  2490. Round yellow beans, a good soup addition
  2491. The catherine who won an oscar for chicago
  2492. Golf club for clearing a ball from a bunker
  2493. Folk tales, ancient lore
  2494. Identifying a problem from its signs and symptoms
  2495. Famous 15th century french heroine
  2496. H keller, "life is either a daring or nothing"
  2497. A transparent tank of water where fish are kept
  2498. Pouring fat made from small mediterranean fruits
  2499. Basketball analogy for a shot thats a dead cert
  2500. Classic rum and citrus juice cocktail
  2501. Drive out spirits or demons
  2502. Round toy of soft foam meant to be thrown inside
  2503. The magic of merlin
  2504. Work or study assignments
  2505. System of rule by a king or queen
  2506. In rome, tourists throw coins in the trevi this
  2507. Legal document signed to secure an agreement
  2508. Four wheeler, for off road driving
  2509. The amount a company receives in sales
  2510. Cooking bones in the oven to make a stock
  2511. Written assignments that answer a question
  2512. Market traders selling stands
  2513. Film franchise, follows a sporty golden retriever
  2514. Inventor alexander bells middle name
  2515. Textured breakfast food similar to a pancake
  2516. Put your , relax after a tiring day
  2517. Most soups are this, not solid
  2518. Loose fitting, warm jumpsuit with a zipper
  2519. Stretchy cord used by daredevil jumpers
  2520. Record label started by berry gordy jr
  2521. Crunchy, ridged salad veggie, works as a soup base
  2522. Weapon used by aliens in sci fi books
  2523. Dark green, tree shaped veggie, good in soup
  2524. Mount carved with faces of four us presidents
  2525. Not showing any signs of breathing, unresponsive
  2526. Precious stones that are said to be forever
  2527. Star sign of january and early february birthdays
  2528. Pungent taste anagram of gray lick
  2529. Unit of mass equal to 2 2 pounds
  2530. The ongoing expenses of operating a business
  2531. Pattern or example
  2532. Clarified, clear french soup or stock
  2533. Fruits including limes and tangerines
  2534. Additional songs performed at the end of a concert
  2535. Carbs like sourdough and rye, to accompany soups
  2536. He was great in f scott fitzgeralds famous novel
  2537. Box that a wi fi signal comes through
  2538. Sheeps meat
  2539. Upper chamber of the united states congress
  2540. Mortal , video game fighting franchise
  2541. Maxima and minima
  2542. Hue of coldplays stars that "shine for you"
  2543. Only shakespeare play to win best picture oscar
  2544. Mother sainted by catholic church for aid to poor
  2545. Acts on the spur of the moment
  2546. 2010 movie about invisible, dreadlocked aliens
  2547. White dairy product to dollop on borscht
  2548. Egyptian queen, last ruler of ptolemaic kingdom
  2549. Intersections where two roads meet
  2550. No use flogging one, you may as well give up
  2551. Fungi that make a good creamy soup with thyme
  2552. Adventure video game series starring nathan drake
  2553. Fairy , magical mentor of cinderella
  2554. Supporter of or participant in protests
  2555. Red salad veggies that make a good sauce in soup
  2556. Relation of kublai khan to genghis khan
  2557. Changed, genetically altered crops
  2558. Transport container for an equine
  2559. French word for stock also a type of soup
  2560. You need to , 2019 taylor swift hit
  2561. Put money into a business enterprise or project
  2562. Diaries for jotting down your daily thoughts
  2563. Common activity for scientists and students
  2564. Evangelist ned who lives next door to the simpsons
  2565. Sums of money put into an account
  2566. Period of the mesozoic era a movie dinosaur park
  2567. Big, metal receptacle for cooking soup
  2568. Ancient greek poem thought to be written by homer
  2569. Lake in scotland with a legendary monster
  2570. The largest blood vessels in the body
  2571. How deep is , heartfelt song by the bee gees
  2572. Jewish holiday when matzo ball soup is eaten
  2573. Linked tunnel in space for sci fi time travel
  2574. Wiener dog
  2575. Machine that puts films onto screen in the cinema
  2576. Driving a small, open wheel car for fun
  2577. Dunking tomatoes in hot water to remove skins
  2578. One of christopher wallaces nicknames, b i g
  2579. Clothes that protect against strong gusts
  2580. Phrase of unknown origin, "the man, the myth, "
  2581. He was always hunting bugs bunny
  2582. Salt and pepper are this it adds taste to food
  2583. Fiji is made up of a series of these
  2584. Capsicums, they can be bell
  2585. Books might wear these when it gets cold
  2586. The sticky bituminous mixture used to coat roads
  2587. Accessories that create curls in your hair
  2588. 2017 circus movie the greatest this
  2589. Describes a car made between 1919 and 1930
  2590. Two words preceding mushroom for a white soup
  2591. Crispy and crunchy, like warm bread
  2592. Hal jordan, aka green this, dc comics superhero
  2593. The bird representing torontos baseball team
  2594. Female on court retriever in tennis
  2595. Chemical associated with swimming pools
  2596. Soup with all the letters a z
  2597. Be good at words to win this tile board game
  2598. Drove a car backwards
  2599. A powerful criminals right hand guy
  2600. Found on kittens in the sound of music
  2601. A figment of ones imagination
  2602. Moment in time that might be called "special"
  2603. Ellen, oprah, and kimmel were all hosts of this
  2604. Turning a black pepper mill
  2605. Seeing who can run faster
  2606. Runs away to marry in secret
  2607. Jason bourne lost this, forgot his name
  2608. Use this device to make hot water for stock
  2609. Short creatures often found in gardens
  2610. Some of these plants can grow 36 inches a day
  2611. One on one school instructors
  2612. Scandinavian country that lies west of sweden
  2613. Orchard fruits that pair with parsnips in soup
  2614. The art of painting on a moist plastered surface
  2615. Mathematical statement, such as x+y=z
  2616. Person held in confinement as punishment
  2617. In this hasbro game you have to pass go
  2618. New yorks famous theatrical district
  2619. Brushing an animals fur with your hand
  2620. Strong herb that grows on a bush in needles
  2621. Mode, in flight setting for a phone
  2622. Material from the hide of a young sheep
  2623. Your , respectful address for royalty
  2624. Just after sunset books by stephenie meyer
  2625. Degree between bachelors and phd
  2626. Very cold storage to put leftover soup in
  2627. A female who saves the day, like katniss or mulan
  2628. Citrus and cilantro raw fish dish
  2629. Taking the skin off potatoes
  2630. Frances 18 large administrative divisions
  2631. Girls with these play in rock bands
  2632. A trace cbs missing persons drama series
  2633. Cut out design used as a guide in drawing
  2634. Commodities traded to other countries
  2635. Object filled with water and thrown in a fight
  2636. Dnd, do not do this
  2637. Wrote something on twitter
  2638. What everyone looks better in
  2639. A substance burned for its sweet smell
  2640. Gap in a copse of trees
  2641. A child between the ages of 13 and 19
  2642. Business accounts that are overseas
  2643. Ocean that puts the a in nato
  2644. Something created by hand not processed food
  2645. A drink of any type
  2646. Food substances found in meat, eggs and milk
  2647. Columbus patron, spanish queen
  2648. Decorative paper that covers a present
  2649. Scatter herbs over a soup to serve
  2650. Marvel character whose real name is wade wilson
  2651. Sweet biscuits, sometimes with chocolate chips
  2652. Give him a carrot nose and coal for eyes
  2653. Nursery rhyme woman who swallowed a fly
  2654. Young cats that arrive in a litter
  2655. You hang this out on a clothes line
  2656. The early bird is said to catch it
  2657. The people who take part in a sport or game
  2658. Ape whose largest males are called silverbacks
  2659. Cat or dog is doing this to keep clean
  2660. Morally upstanding, in line with moral code
  2661. Values marked on product labels in shops
  2662. Give money or pet food to an animal shelter
  2663. Items that bring good luck
  2664. Inhabitants of ancient athens
  2665. Set of clothes worn together
  2666. A vote cast in an election
  2667. Continent in which france and spain are found
  2668. A babys toy and a type of snake
  2669. Computer tool for zoom meetings
  2670. Locomotives that run on tracks
  2671. Bitter yellow citrus fruits
  2672. Muppet frog, admired by miss piggy
  2673. Going for lengthy walks in the countryside
  2674. Audience clapping at the end of a play
  2675. Stoppers that block sounds when youre sleeping
  2676. Bowing down a praying position
  2677. Lightly cooking, like a slice of bread
  2678. To have one "in the closet" is to hide a secret
  2679. American, australian rules or soccer, for instance
  2680. Room in which youd find a shower and sink
  2681. Look into what is needed to adopt a pet
  2682. Supersonic passenger airliner first flown in 1969
  2683. Decoration to hang on a christmas tree
  2684. And dragons, a role playing game
  2685. Magically unable to be seen
  2686. Short, sausage shaped dog
  2687. Its the opposite of southwest
  2688. Gradually lose momentum or interest
  2689. Elongated, four sided shape an oblong
  2690. F1 world championship event
  2691. Movie star pet st bernard german composer
  2692. Transferring or passing something to someone else
  2693. Treats awarded to winners of games at parties
  2694. Timberlake or bieber, for instance
  2695. Male serving staff in a restaurant
  2696. Santas helper, dog taken in by the simpsons
  2697. Twenty times four
  2698. Clean, crisp bed covers
  2699. One who tries to knock over 10 pins
  2700. Cages for dogs to sleep in
  2701. The four female cards in a standard deck
  2702. They wake us up in the morning
  2703. Parts of songs either side of a chorus
  2704. Ten legged crustacean an anagram of bolster
  2705. One of six musical threads on a guitar
  2706. 2019 installment in the avengers series
  2707. Island country to the west of england
  2708. Bulging, like the head of a bottlenose dolphin
  2709. Top prize in a game of bingo or a lottery draw
  2710. Scrape at a post like a cat sharpening its claws
  2711. Bidding war with salesperson speaking very quickly
  2712. Popular snack while watching films
  2713. Folded material at the bottom of trouser legs
  2714. First name of taft, wallace or shakespeare
  2715. Exercises pulling oneself up with arms on a bar
  2716. The month when halloween is celebrated
  2717. The big apple, home to the met art gallery
  2718. Talk about details surrounding a pet adoption
  2719. Protect a pet with a jab to avoid diseases
  2720. Plants that have blooms
  2721. Elevation to a higher status at work
  2722. Mario eats these fungi to power up
  2723. What lungs are doing to keep people alive
  2724. Country lying east of chile and south of brazil
  2725. Submersible for undersea exploration or warfare
  2726. Legendary sovereign with the golden touch
  2727. Brush with disaster narrow escape
  2728. Dropping of hair by a pet
  2729. Cool , calm down
  2730. Valentines day is the 14th of this month
  2731. Apprehended by police
  2732. Famous tombs of ancient egypt
  2733. In shrek, donkey sang im a , the monkees hit
  2734. Bermuda shape, mysterious patch of atlantic ocean
  2735. The casting of political votes by a population
  2736. Crusted, whipped dessert thrown in somebodys face
  2737. Long feelers at the sides of a cats face
  2738. Removable artificial teeth
  2739. Making a formal request to adopt a pet
  2740. Small scale version of a sport played with clubs
  2741. A person who is very clever
  2742. Biscuits and other delicacies for pets
  2743. Go backwards on a video tape
  2744. Type of puzzle with pieces
  2745. The season characterized by leaves falling
  2746. Orange root vegetable that can be used in cakes
  2747. Winnie the poohs sad donkey friend
  2748. Planet between jupiter and uranus
  2749. Take the , nervously embark on a new venture
  2750. Its said to be bad luck to walk underneath one
  2751. Group of relatives wholl live with an adopted pet
  2752. Company behind mickey and friends
  2753. Clothes holder on a wardrobe rail
  2754. Joints that link the hands and arms
  2755. Making a good pairing with a potential pet
  2756. Refreshing citrus drink, especially in summer
  2757. Grand sporting contest held every 4 years
  2758. Banksys artistic method of choice
  2759. Visit jurassic park to see this extinct creature
  2760. Outfits worn by people pretending or acting
  2761. Six sided shapes
  2762. Computer accessory for typing letters and numbers
  2763. Classical form of dance, e g foxtrot, waltz
  2764. Blood vessels that carry blood from the heart
  2765. Thorny garden plant with bright blooms
  2766. Theyre given at birthday and christmas
  2767. Young people that a potential pet must be ok with
  2768. Cat that doesnt have long fur
  2769. Enjoy yourself, let the roll
  2770. Played on a console, e g mario kart or minecraft
  2771. Have this ice cream drink in a diner with burgers
  2772. A method for doing something
  2773. Hearth in a home where logs are burned
  2774. Fractured lower limb
  2775. Schooling, learning delivered by teachers
  2776. Be responsible for, take care of a pet
  2777. Legendary outlaw who led the merry men
  2778. Where adele said hello from the
  2779. Accuse someone in a legal trial
  2780. Pets show this tender quality by nuzzling, licking
  2781. Star of independence day and i am legend
  2782. Bras, boxers and briefs are examples of this
  2783. Sweet brown treat made from cacao
  2784. The seasonal long distance movement of animals
  2785. Think on your feet, make something up on the spot
  2786. Work for free, in an animal shelter for example
  2787. Literary doctor who talks to animals
  2788. Pink bird known for standing on one foot
  2789. In a forest, an open space with no trees
  2790. Amount of money paid for doing your job
  2791. A common saying, this makes perfect
  2792. First name of english actor cumberbatch
  2793. Adjusting well to a new home, in
  2794. Da vincis enigmatic dame
  2795. Cats that have no home and live on the streets
  2796. Monterey jack is a type of this dairy food
  2797. Describes the wolf in little red riding hood
  2798. Pick up vehicles
  2799. Type of bee that helps the queen
  2800. Dementia may cause elderly people to do this
  2801. Lucas, clooney, michael or washington
  2802. Androids, automated machines
  2803. Projectiles fired by archers
  2804. Mythical male creature with a fish tail
  2805. Staying out of view, like a pet in a new home
  2806. Pressed clothes to remove creases
  2807. Bells, one horse open sleigh song
  2808. The japanese art of paper folding
  2809. Place to see movies or plays
  2810. They attract or repel other metals
  2811. Famous torch holding statue, emblematic of the usa
  2812. Pay regular fees to help a shelter feed a cat
  2813. The eyes are the these to someones soul
  2814. Cold blooded class of animal
  2815. Set of straps that fit around a dogs shoulders
  2816. Outdoor grill for cooking burgers and kebabs
  2817. Animal "in the room" if youre avoiding an issue
  2818. Tv program with quiz questions and prizes
  2819. How the animals boarded noahs ark
  2820. Month that follows october
  2821. Financial records of a business
  2822. People who stay in hospital to receive treatment
  2823. One of these is usually followed by an answer
  2824. Hooved mammals that pull santas sleigh
  2825. Caressing a cat to help it feel at home
  2826. Commemorative landmark
  2827. Condiment for people who like things spicy
  2828. Winner of a tournament or a league
  2829. Graceful animal type, includes gazelles
  2830. Event where a drink was dumped in boston harbor
  2831. Not needed, like a dog cast out by previous owners
  2832. National lampoons , funny movie about a trip
  2833. Breathing hole in the nose
  2834. Got onto a plane ahead of a flight
  2835. Nintendos classic handheld game console
  2836. Crime against your king or country
  2837. Not standing, like a dog obeying an order
  2838. Ramen noodles that are ready immediately
  2839. A species with no living members is said to be
  2840. Performed the operation 25 / 5
  2841. Necklaces that can hold photos
  2842. Feline sustenance
  2843. Arctic , apelike band, sang r u mine
  2844. Comic book hero known as the man of steel
  2845. Removing dirt and germs from pet equipment
  2846. Circular toy spun around the waist
  2847. Storage shelter for drills, saws, wrenches, etc
  2848. Pet collar tag with your contact details on it
  2849. A time, the start for many fairy tales
  2850. Dough ball served in soup or stew
  2851. Gas with chemical symbol n
  2852. German , brown and black dog aka an alsatian
  2853. Prediction of weather for the day or week
  2854. Paper pocket to send a letter in
  2855. Long green salad food, eaten sliced or pickled
  2856. Charge held by protons inside an atom
  2857. Sign up with a vet
  2858. First name of hogwarts student granger
  2859. Christopher columbus crossed this ocean in 1492
  2860. Tv show where owners get goods valued, antiques
  2861. 2013 "frosty" movie with the song "let it go"
  2862. Changes, alters, fluctuates
  2863. Kitty , granules for a cat toilet
  2864. Pull an electronic device out of its socket
  2865. Also know as a bug or critter
  2866. Dance style in which you might perform a pirouette
  2867. Stockholm is the capital of the european country
  2868. Husband of mary in the bible
  2869. Save from danger, like shelters do to stray pets
  2870. Tunes, long running warner bros cartoon series
  2871. Word that puts the t in tlc
  2872. Didnt make a basketball shot
  2873. To do note with items to cross off when done
  2874. Town where jesus was born in a manger
  2875. Describing word in a sentence
  2876. Sweet treat that can be milk, white or dark
  2877. Bite this to get something over with quickly
  2878. Fast internet, not dial up
  2879. Tree that doesnt lose its leaves or hue
  2880. Sugary fruit spreads, jarred at home as a gift
  2881. A residence in a block or tower
  2882. John lennon song anagram of "a gemini"
  2883. This kind of pot is said never to boil
  2884. Gliding on an ice rink
  2885. Sets of instructions for making a dish
  2886. Woodys friend jessie is this
  2887. Putting cards in the mail
  2888. A, first piece of evidence in the courtroom
  2889. American retail giant and former owner of uk asda
  2890. Tiny, shiny, decorative particles
  2891. Sampling food or wine before an event
  2892. Writers, novelists
  2893. Act out the part of a character in a game
  2894. European country of which lisbon is the capital
  2895. Sound of a clapping audience
  2896. Paper proofs of purchase
  2897. Natural lines or creases in the skin
  2898. The amount of space between two people or things
  2899. Space in a home for children to enjoy their toys
  2900. Cutting tool for slicing wrapping paper
  2901. Paper to enclose presents in
  2902. Steep meat in herbs before roasting at christmas
  2903. Building where busy elves help santa make tools
  2904. Ugly bird in childrens story that became a swan
  2905. Orange aquatic pet that swims in a bowl or a tank
  2906. Surname of sir isaac, known for his laws of motion
  2907. Stickers on christmas cards to pay for postage
  2908. Personal watercraft for skimming across waves
  2909. Minnie mouses partner
  2910. Great desert of north africa
  2911. You have your head in them when daydreaming
  2912. Lip synching, video recording social app
  2913. Decorative ornament pinned to a garment
  2914. Birds with red bellies
  2915. Circle of holly to make and hang on a door
  2916. First name of singers eilish and holiday
  2917. Ted, known for roles in cheers and the good place
  2918. Robbers, burglars
  2919. Diary, logbook
  2920. Haunting ghosts or ghouls
  2921. Unfreeze prepared food, ready to eat at christmas
  2922. Layered dessert of pudding, cream and fruit
  2923. One against one tennis
  2924. Day off work, like at christmas or new year
  2925. Comforting, burning wood on a hearth
  2926. Puzzles with interlocking pieces
  2927. Dress bottoms
  2928. Christmas carol, hark the herald sing
  2929. A female parent
  2930. Nursery rhyme character who lost her sheep
  2931. Appetizers with a lettuce base and dressing
  2932. Treasure containers stashed by pirates
  2933. Quit, stop trying
  2934. Illustrated stories with panels
  2935. Black and white giant mammals from asia
  2936. To bring goods into a country from abroad
  2937. South american river and online shopping company
  2938. Relatives many try to visit around christmas
  2939. Claim that someone committed a crime
  2940. Finding it hard to relax or stop moving
  2941. Its in the middle of a baked alaska
  2942. An actors casting interview and performance
  2943. Public writing or drawings made without permission
  2944. Waxy cosmetic for the outside of the mouth
  2945. Protective strap in a car seat
  2946. Fragrant plant with lilac or violet flowers
  2947. Piece of travel baggage
  2948. Red and swollen through illness or infection
  2949. Official written agreement, signed to seal a deal
  2950. Theyre said to pull santas sleigh
  2951. Selecting something, such as gifts for others