1. Punctuation in a url say
  2. *well never understand
  3. Not yet firm
  4. Dbacks in box scores
  5. Residue in a charcoal grill
  6. Pt. of many long weekends
  7. *large bovine of american folklore
  8. Loaf that may contain caraway seeds
  9. *political satirist who wrote holidays in hell
  10. Ten for openers
  11. Louisa may alcott classic whose main characters are hidden in the answers to the starred clues
  12. Teller of corny jokes stereotypically
  13. Not strict with
  14. Compete in the super g e.g.
  15. Climbing vine with purple flowers
  16. Fist of legend action star
  17. __ latte: dairy-free order
  18. Org. with a climate change section on its website
  19. The older of baseballs two leagues: abbr.
  20. Cross off
  21. Rose and fell on the waves
  22. Leader with an .edu address
  23. Garden district's city informally
  24. Look surprised
  25. Camel part
  26. Bombed at the box office
  27. Much-thanked group on oscar night with the
  28. Researcher's funding
  29. Like almost all byu students
  30. Mouthfuls of bubblicious
  31. Touches up as text
  32. Summer mo. without a federal holiday
  33. Pine tree state delicacy
  34. Where to find kennebunkport
  35. Two toyota models
  36. Sitcom roommates
  37. Exterior of an egg
  38. It’s no crying over spilt milk
  39. Important ingredient in baking bread
  40. Don’t speak about it, it’s a topic here
  41. I drew it all myself,
  42. Winter, spring, summer, autumn
  43. To attain victory
  44. Medicine or vitamin unit
  45. Purple color or flower
  46. Funny, silly laugh
  47. For example, honeydew
  48. To express a desire
  49. Failure to win
  50. I have high for this new job
  51. Study of ancestry
  52. To scribble in a margin
  53. The color of milk
  54. Zen state of mind
  55. To make someone feel bad
  56. A problem that makes sinks stop working
  57. To enter without being invited
  58. It happened of the blue
  59. To follow rules
  60. Scream at the top of your lungs
  61. Quiet i can hear myself think
  62. To become older
  63. To lose liquid through a hole
  64. To sleep badly at night
  65. 5 o’clock shadow
  66. Sign that represents something
  67. Something useless, rubbish
  68. You cannot in my business like that
  69. A place for old expensive stuff
  70. Flower and yoga position
  71. Not worth a red cent
  72. Stop it, i’m not in the for that
  73. To yield flowers
  74. What is left after a fire
  75. To do or to perform something
  76. Music with lyrics
  77. Computer data layout
  78. To support, uphold
  79. To entrench, fix deeply
  80. Speech organ
  81. Antonym of variable
  82. To come to a party
  83. Angry reply
  84. Type of jewelry
  85. Someone telling a story
  86. A tiny apartment
  87. Brother sister are siblings
  88. Greek clothing
  89. The top or the highest point
  90. Constantly on guard
  91. Seeing him was the of my day
  92. Me a second to collect myself
  93. He received a standing
  94. To tarnish, make dirty
  95. A space or a room used to work in
  96. To detest, hate
  97. Measured in pounds or ounces
  98. Oak, fir, elm
  99. You need one’s to be their friend
  100. He’s always been her admirer
  101. Lacking any taste
  102. Meant to, doomed
  103. A type of dried fruit
  104. Thaw in political tension
  105. Antagonistic or unfavorable
  106. To divide or disconnect
  107. To book in advance
  108. To drive way too fast
  109. Musician with nimble fingers
  110. Rough copy
  111. Tea or
  112. Power, strength, pressure
  113. It’s just a little
  114. To contort, twist
  115. The other end of a pencil
  116. Not tightly fixed, ready to fall off
  117. Damage by water or wind
  118. T in nafta
  119. Detached from everything
  120. Meant to by fate
  121. Normal or basic
  122. To evaluate, estimate
  123. In , it’s a good job
  124. Unpleasant wound on a heel
  125. To take a case to a higher court
  126. Super funny
  127. Example expressionism, realism
  128. Small american bird
  129. Beam used in surgery
  130. To overcome with force
  131. Wedding passageway
  132. Total, of the highest degree
  133. To give money for something
  134. Completely by yourself
  135. Opposite to night
  136. She knows which way the blows
  137. It won’t bother me
  138. Despotic power
  139. Robust and vigorous
  140. If you go to the east, bring me sweets
  141. Inside oneself
  142. The new regulation will smoking in public
  143. To make a bomb explode
  144. Strongly opposed, unwilling to accept
  145. Undisturbed, tranquil
  146. To validate or approve
  147. To let the air out
  148. Too hard to catch
  149. Where can i the nearest shop
  150. Seven, eight, , ten
  151. Feel to contact me
  152. Boxing or football official
  153. To stop attacks during a soccer game
  154. We’re already packed like
  155. I was in need of some help
  156. Location description
  157. Surprise police operation
  158. The blow has him unconscious
  159. You’ll be done like a dog’s , frank
  160. His plea fell on ears
  161. Of line, dead
  162. He away from us, we lost him
  163. Unusual or unexpected
  164. Opposite to bad
  165. Male fowl
  166. To engulf, overwhelm
  167. A type of river transport
  168. Very motivated
  169. Your argument is null and
  170. “on ” studio sign
  171. Owner of a crown
  172. A short record
  173. The closest
  174. Lure, ensnare
  175. Beating about the bush
  176. To thrill, animate someone
  177. Being a chicken
  178. To put into effect, perform
  179. Lacking class
  180. To occur at the same time
  181. British motor racing track
  182. To absolve
  183. Attractive, cute
  184. A type of camp
  185. To consume food
  186. A tall plant
  187. Somebody who comes to events
  188. Official, ceremonial
  189. Equipment to get higher
  190. Hand movement
  191. Neil armstrong, for example
  192. Beau’s song
  193. Indignation, bad shock
  194. Place to store goods
  195. To walk unsteadily or to shock
  196. Damage, injury
  197. A moderate heat
  198. To dispute or to debate
  199. The month after april
  200. Do you see what i
  201. Not shut or closed
  202. Opposite in position
  203. With toil, i haste me to my bed
  204. Animated movie
  205. Look at him, he’s such an seeker
  206. Frank, earnest
  207. Quote source in scientific works
  208. Location of an event
  209. To look like, seem
  210. Careful with money
  211. The color of grass
  212. Stop innocence and tell me the truth
  213. Unpleasant assessment
  214. Beehive item
  215. Don’t touch the wound, it’s still
  216. Big task, specific duty
  217. I the entire show in 2 days
  218. Excellence, something praiseworthy
  219. Passage in buildings
  220. Wedding artifact
  221. Critical essay about a movie
  222. To come with something
  223. A natural stream of water
  224. A time measuring device
  225. It happened only
  226. 7 days
  227. Charming, smooth in manner
  228. Change in dna
  229. To recall, not forget
  230. To be furious, boil with rage
  231. Perks, welfare
  232. To be keenly interested
  233. He’s always been a in my side
  234. Variant, particular kind
  235. To hold back
  236. Necessary, important or essential
  237. One who keeps living
  238. To trust that something is true
  239. Room for one person
  240. He shoots and
  241. A shopping event with reduced prices
  242. Neither in the future, nor in the past
  243. A type of hotel room
  244. To spiral out of control
  245. The first episode in a tv series
  246. Hoity toity kind
  247. To stare greedily
  248. Tight pants
  249. Style of clock, but not digital
  250. To have pleasant goose bumps
  251. Status of sent order
  252. To walk with little sound
  253. Metal paper binder
  254. An intense kind of glow
  255. Necessitate, involve
  256. Sinners must for their sins
  257. Another word for “apartment”
  258. Portion, fragment
  259. Fund, policy
  260. A single try
  261. How you talk to me like that
  262. Inspiring compassion
  263. Thick, gooey medicine
  264. Place to treat sick people
  265. To cut off wool
  266. To show mercy or softer attitude
  267. In a , i was fired
  268. To desire, require
  269. And square
  270. Elevator in britain
  271. Money is the of all evil
  272. To silence, eliminate sound
  273. Mass migration
  274. Quality of being honest
  275. Make money or clothes clean
  276. Happening yearly
  277. I stopped in of the shop
  278. Please take it as a of my gratitude
  279. Where you cannot see vampires
  280. We’ll have my favorite chinese today
  281. To take to prison
  282. Triangle or circle
  283. She down and crossed her legs
  284. Homophone for fisher
  285. A crime against
  286. The opposite in meaning
  287. Inside the house
  288. To emerge, pour from
  289. A huge type of house
  290. Nice, affable
  291. Fee, scholarship
  292. The main object in a cinema
  293. She achieved success to her diligence
  294. A kind of door, entrance
  295. Quality of being scared of everything
  296. High and mighty, haughty
  297. To feel remorse
  298. Guess based on intuition
  299. Something peculiar
  300. To puzzle, bewilder
  301. To lose weight, he decided to sugar
  302. To flinch in pain
  303. Earnest, solemn
  304. A night
  305. Christmas comes once a year
  306. Piece of wood to make the fire burn
  307. Musical or congruous
  308. To remain faithful or attached
  309. To knit brows
  310. To gather together
  311. Lithe, supple, agile
  312. Change, moderate
  313. Someone who likes to take risk
  314. This is a of privacy
  315. In big amounts, a of something
  316. Don’t your chickens before they hatch
  317. Not a dog
  318. Construction that provides water
  319. Requisition for goods
  320. Docile, complying with orders
  321. Rural settlement
  322. Detailed statement
  323. Place for swine to live
  324. Quality of being interested in trivial things
  325. The moniker of alexander
  326. Shrewd, sharp witted
  327. I’ll myself of the opportunity to thank you
  328. She has a very high self
  329. Item from a first aid kit
  330. To give a guarantee, promise
  331. Seed that looks like a brain
  332. To condemn, speak against
  333. Don’t worry, i’m in english
  334. Paper that promises a discount
  335. For the reason that
  336. Activity, eruption, island
  337. Accurate, based on reality
  338. Shot to give immunity
  339. Item of furniture to sit in
  340. To attack with questions
  341. Eusocial wasp
  342. To maintain that something is true
  343. To break into pieces
  344. Goo, slimy mud
  345. Julius caesar never became one
  346. He brought all of sweets
  347. Someone learning to do a new job
  348. Someone renting a property
  349. The sky is the
  350. 3 3 is 9
  351. Baseball ball
  352. Profit from shares
  353. To cuddle cutely
  354. To cut ties with a relative
  355. Outer garment from south america
  356. Book genre
  357. To lean against something
  358. Put it on before going out in the sun
  359. Repulsive, morbid
  360. To rework text
  361. One portion of food
  362. Nimble, graceful
  363. Sister in church
  364. To balance precariously
  365. To smell something
  366. Famous swiss tune
  367. Quality of being rudely direct
  368. Title of a cardinal
  369. Words consist of
  370. Disgraced or dishonored
  371. To produce liquid that slowly escapes
  372. Dogs, foxes, wolves
  373. Quality of being firm and steady
  374. To dispel any doubts
  375. A pilot with cool sunglasses
  376. What makes people cry in the kitchen
  377. A greek letter
  378. To lose water
  379. Bringing people apart
  380. To fetch something back
  381. Hard blemish
  382. Substitute for sugar
  383. Where there is light, there is
  384. To keep in custody
  385. To accelerate
  386. To calm or to bring comfort
  387. To sum or append
  388. To ask in a strong manner
  389. Military rank badge
  390. Things to hold onto to avoid falling
  391. Declaration of truth
  392. Person making clothes
  393. Signal used to announce danger
  394. Brave, plucky
  395. To stay around for a while
  396. To save data from the internet
  397. Primary or first
  398. A secluded place
  399. She is an reader
  400. He tends to the blame to others
  401. To erase, remove
  402. To move in different directions
  403. Weird in a classy way
  404. I’ve just into the system
  405. Is a dish best served cold
  406. To start, begin
  407. To flourish or prosper
  408. To take by force or intimidation
  409. Chair for kings
  410. Moving away from the norm
  411. To be defeated
  412. Fraud practical joke
  413. Her past, she was a gentle person
  414. Equal or identical
  415. To wake up
  416. I used to a horse
  417. To prohibit
  418. Full of love
  419. Making people free from evil spirits
  420. Outdoor fire
  421. File of information
  422. Customer, someone buying goods
  423. Play it again more
  424. Which animal is named after its hands
  425. Lack of civilization or culture
  426. An unexpected or sudden event
  427. Large part of the face
  428. Important or outstanding
  429. Derisive look or sarcastic smile
  430. Philosophy that puts people in the center
  431. Describing a permanent attribute
  432. Person checking accounts
  433. Person pursuing pleasure
  434. Extreme and constant fear
  435. Proven or sampled
  436. Calm or stoic
  437. To listen
  438. The , the better
  439. Particular material or stuff
  440. Unwilling not eager
  441. Sought after, desirable
  442. Greed strong enough to be a sin
  443. To accumulate, build up
  444. To determine the value of something
  445. Energy important for sportsmen
  446. Bizarre, dreamlike
  447. Brief appearance in a movie
  448. Gift from abroad
  449. Using a bullet
  450. To gleam or sparkle
  451. To look for, hunt
  452. It him a minute to figure out the riddle
  453. Commemorative carving
  454. To dote over, indulge
  455. It was such a lie
  456. To regret deeply
  457. Huh excuse me
  458. Frivolous, careless
  459. To stick to something
  460. To reduce in rank
  461. To make up one’s mind
  462. Not an original
  463. Old and frail
  464. David is her significant
  465. To make little noise while walking
  466. Mesmerizing or sleep inducing
  467. Persuasive talking
  468. Topping of a cake
  469. Believe world
  470. To mention, observe
  471. Under legal age
  472. I don’t know how to this tension
  473. Practice in a theater
  474. The opposite of affordable
  475. To stay away, abstain
  476. This pill will help you your pain
  477. Prudent, sensible, discerning
  478. Prophet or seer
  479. Euphemism for a curse word
  480. Advance knowledge
  481. To worship or cherish
  482. Winner, the best at something
  483. Safe and innocent of no threat
  484. To give directions
  485. I bought this dress just for this
  486. Barely visible, almost gone
  487. It was other than dave
  488. Than that, it’s fine
  489. Friendly, affectionate
  490. Referee’s device
  491. He ate a of sweets
  492. Strong belief in fate
  493. Medicine for skin conditions
  494. Funny tv show
  495. Prehistoric remains
  496. You hit me, i hit you now we are
  497. To apply warmth
  498. To appear or to arrive somewhere
  499. Less than uncommon or unusual
  500. Reduction in the productivity
  501. To put an end to something
  502. To comment on a text
  503. Money at the bank, bank
  504. Data to be processed by a pc
  505. To engulf food
  506. Capable of sound judgment
  507. Pagan, not part of a widely held religion
  508. Surpass in greatness
  509. I’ve been in this house for years
  510. State of the technology
  511. To prove to be false
  512. This art had a huge on my life
  513. Person with strong moral principles
  514. To nurture pets before finding a new home
  515. Liquid from fruit
  516. One asked to help settle a dispute
  517. Temporary impediment
  518. Even, silky to the touch
  519. Characteristic of a whole country
  520. Admired by many people
  521. People usually have 32 of them
  522. To have a meal
  523. Closed, not ajar
  524. To plot a crime
  525. Whirlwind or whirlpool
  526. Something sweet to finish a dinner
  527. To live in harmony
  528. To supply, furnish
  529. I can’t him to give up smoking
  530. Computer or mobile phone
  531. To achieve a goal
  532. Skillful, capable
  533. Large room for lectures
  534. Courtesy many doors
  535. Come freely, go
  536. Not making a single sound
  537. To display art
  538. Hurricane in a desert
  539. Funny short story
  540. To rest on the surface of water
  541. Dishonest seller
  542. Transport in the sky
  543. Edge of the sea
  544. Vast land mass
  545. To put up with something
  546. To assume, imagine
  547. Stick to aid walking
  548. The former and the
  549. Fly on the documentary
  550. Neither a victory, nor a failure
  551. Passionate, esp temper
  552. Turning around an axis
  553. Funny, anecdotal
  554. To twist together
  555. To mean, aim
  556. To articulate each word
  557. To menace, promise harm
  558. Snitches get
  559. His words any sense
  560. To predict, anticipate
  561. Something that ends a drought
  562. Makeup step
  563. To gain or to acquire money
  564. Midterm
  565. Pensive, feeling blue
  566. St peter or alexander
  567. To come from all directions, to envelop
  568. He was so stressed, he finally had a
  569. Sensible or objective
  570. To keep and refuse to surrender
  571. Roundabout, contingent
  572. Rattling noise, esp in the kitchen
  573. To be successful in opposition
  574. Progress in the current profession
  575. To call or ring
  576. A music term
  577. A folklore story from the past
  578. Miserable and inadequate
  579. Symbol of medicine
  580. Regretful of sins
  581. Decomposing or tainted
  582. Mafdet’s head
  583. A shanty or a crude house
  584. A loud shout
  585. Alluring woman or alarm sound
  586. Somebody who was given something
  587. To understand a secret code
  588. Hard yoga pose for the abs
  589. Inhabitants or dwellers
  590. To provoke, insult
  591. Act of tempting strongly
  592. Everybody agreed, it was a decision
  593. Dense bushes
  594. Lump of some food
  595. To walk like a duck
  596. A place to hide in
  597. Autumn carving materials
  598. To expand, broaden
  599. A pool rod
  600. Antonym of slow
  601. To be the second one
  602. One of the parents
  603. Canadian loo
  604. I can’t hear them, we are out of
  605. Cat like
  606. Designer, author
  607. To try really hard
  608. The tiniest
  609. Sacred construction
  610. Equipment for war
  611. To make something damp
  612. The opposite of glossy
  613. Flight bonuses from credit cards
  614. House of an oyster
  615. Mild, not hard
  616. It keeps mosquitoes away
  617. Tool to cut grass
  618. They were about to fight, i had to
  619. To choose or to pick
  620. There are lots of places to in this city
  621. A bit, somewhat
  622. True nature of something
  623. Sealed so that water can’t enter
  624. A reflexive pronoun for people in general
  625. Someone accused of disbelief
  626. Hardly, only, just
  627. Quality of not being hard
  628. A mythical creature, an evil elf
  629. Creature and garden decoration
  630. Gooey kids’ toy
  631. Type of tender seafood
  632. To lift something with special equipment
  633. Different versions of one text
  634. To become pregnant
  635. Thank you, but your concern is
  636. A cloud of gas and cosmic dust
  637. Annoying or hurtful
  638. Juicy and rich
  639. Tiny cake
  640. Being well supplied or having a lot
  641. Having the deepest knowledge of the world
  642. Certified, documented, confirmed
  643. Present , past perfect
  644. To reach its destination
  645. Wages time
  646. To humor or comfort
  647. Dash between two words
  648. Poker faced or emotionless
  649. Common european bird
  650. Water outlet for firefighters
  651. A leg part
  652. Place to hang pictures and photos
  653. Another word for fall
  654. An instrument used for rowing
  655. Characteristic of kings
  656. Everlasting or perpetual
  657. Person good at poker
  658. Desolate, unpromising
  659. Ambassador’s residence
  660. She was deep in work
  661. Deliberate vandal
  662. Not fixed, shaky
  663. One of the most popular sports
  664. Whatever or every
  665. A wound mark
  666. The king with a mane
  667. Window in a roof
  668. Devoid of meaning
  669. Sweetly innocent and beautiful
  670. English doesn’t have double
  671. Popular costume for halloween
  672. A medium horse pace
  673. Sport that originated in britain
  674. Dealings or communications
  675. Coloring chalk pencil
  676. Spikes to grill some meat
  677. He has a very schedule
  678. Have a good or fun time
  679. Special card in a deck
  680. Has the cat got your
  681. Popular ice cream delight
  682. Long family feud
  683. Large scale tactic
  684. Hair, cough
  685. Did you talk to her she looks utterly
  686. Inquisitive or weird
  687. Gnarled or intricate
  688. In generous amount
  689. To pack things or to swell
  690. To condemn or to blame publicly
  691. Stocks or claims
  692. It hurts when you catch a cold
  693. An anesthetic from the 19th century
  694. Police authorization
  695. Small motorless ship
  696. Computer equipment
  697. Land, marriage
  698. Ear for insects
  699. To express public support
  700. Portable power unit
  701. Raised or increased
  702. Buoy movement
  703. A circlet of flowers or a chaplet
  704. Assignment or duty
  705. To rest, but not in a lying position
  706. None of the two given options
  707. Being questioned
  708. Antonym for softer
  709. Between and buzzard
  710. To show to seats
  711. Makeup product
  712. Stunning, beautiful
  713. People of common language and traditions
  714. He had a deep voice
  715. Having a glow being dazzling
  716. A smaller river joining a larger one
  717. Reason people get sacked at factories
  718. A competition between drivers
  719. Couple, two people
  720. To influence someone or something
  721. Fast horse gait
  722. Anti inflammatory medicines
  723. To make someone tired
  724. To make someone reconsider
  725. Extreme love
  726. Plate for artificial teeth
  727. To unsettle, bother
  728. To relax or to restore mental powers
  729. Pants for official occasions
  730. A word to indicate preference
  731. Pointless, not effective
  732. I have not seen you for
  733. Enterprise, undertakings
  734. To construct
  735. None of his plans have come to
  736. To provide for, feed
  737. To intrude, interrupt
  738. You are not allowed to go out after the
  739. Skin irritation after being outside uncovered
  740. Water strainer
  741. He offended her, and now she holds a
  742. To be at risk or to be responsible
  743. Light teasing talk
  744. To breathe in
  745. Extra money after successful investments
  746. She’s ashamed, there’s a blush on her face
  747. Football judge
  748. Economy, water
  749. To mix or to merge something
  750. Careless, lazy
  751. To declare something publicly
  752. Making fake documents
  753. Wild canine from africa
  754. To make something warm or hot
  755. Yellowish, sickly
  756. To cook eggs in a specific way
  757. To care in a loving way
  758. Bird’s nose
  759. Animal of bad luck in greece
  760. Someone who copies others
  761. Place to buy goods
  762. The other place, not here
  763. Session before the premiere
  764. What you say when taking a photo
  765. Not major
  766. The opposite of heaven
  767. The constructor of words
  768. To hold back, prevent outburst
  769. Firefighters and policemen are issued a
  770. To get snugly and cozy
  771. To show to the world
  772. Saliva that comes when fast asleep
  773. A connection with another person
  774. A safe place from rain
  775. Luck or destiny
  776. Medieval expedition
  777. Painful or aching
  778. The lengthiest
  779. To bring something to one place
  780. Mrs hudson to sherlock holmes
  781. Kitchen item and a type of cake
  782. A thousand dollars
  783. Contest or combat
  784. Flat, disinterested
  785. Set, kit, package
  786. Somebody who gives salary
  787. To knead muscles
  788. A type of hat tied under the chin
  789. Covered with little marks
  790. Located at the bottom of the map
  791. To estimate, evaluate
  792. Severe, like winters in the north
  793. This decision is nothing but a band aid
  794. Arrogant, haughty
  795. Tolerance, letting things slide
  796. Speaking, i am not the best advisor
  797. There are 27 of them
  798. Ornament for neck
  799. Sorry, i’m late = excuse my
  800. Burst, disruption
  801. Being like no other
  802. A male person
  803. A short joke
  804. Smooth, showing no lines
  805. To inflict a severe damage
  806. To lift or push up
  807. The abbreviation of “amplifier”
  808. And bustle
  809. Not a professional player
  810. A small type of hammer
  811. A nameless or unknown person
  812. She eats an amount of sugar
  813. Prominent person
  814. Dads or fathers
  815. An unreasonable or prejudice opinion
  816. Making something tidy
  817. Resting unconsciousness
  818. Of vital significance
  819. Ability to travel from one place to another
  820. Sovereignty, rule
  821. Tv show in installments
  822. Part of the split dessert
  823. Artificial fiber
  824. Obstruction, block
  825. Offering the all around view
  826. Small motorcycle
  827. To declare without giving proof
  828. Favorite thing to do
  829. Unhappy, forlorn
  830. To remain, delay or stay
  831. A symbol of america
  832. Expression of joy and humor
  833. They say, ghosts this house
  834. Thugs, robbers
  835. Something considered standard
  836. Fighting the green eyed monster
  837. Cork or plug
  838. To supervise, control
  839. A person of a stingy type
  840. Island, hunt
  841. Gut, bowel
  842. To predetermine, doom
  843. To weaken, collapse
  844. Spookie beings
  845. Cat’s hand
  846. Attempts or efforts
  847. To emphasize, accentuate
  848. A language and a snake
  849. If you can meet with and disaster
  850. Powers to do something
  851. Car for celebrities
  852. Meager, inadequate, scant
  853. St stephen or martin luther king jr
  854. Healing session
  855. She sells them by the seashore
  856. Female from a pride
  857. Wrinkled or crushed
  858. After this mistake, i was on the spot
  859. To imitate
  860. Used hammer to affix