1. Govt agency that oversees the t s a and fema
  2. Workplace with taps and tips
  3. Prepare for a race
  4. Sports league with the recently added seattle kraken abbr
  5. Bat mitzvahs and communions e g
  6. This is so frustrating
  7. Drink popularized during the tang dynasty
  8. Bostons liberty tree e g
  9. Poses for a photo
  10. Establishment thats usually closed on sundays
  11. Full of emotional swings
  12. Quantity of stew
  13. Bounced back as a sound
  14. Rebuke to marmaduke
  15. University email ending
  16. The faerie queene woman
  17. Whats rounded up in a roundup
  18. Part of a bird or museum
  19. Kind of reasoning
  20. Amateurs no more
  21. Discovery channel program that debunked popular beliefs
  22. Means of defense that doesnt actually have alligators
  23. Telepaths gift
  24. On guard against
  25. Natural food producer
  26. Letter shaped construction support
  27. Where meaningless words go in
  28. Southwest tribe or one of its dwellings
  29. Community facility that often has a gym and pool in brief
  30. Animals symbolizing innocence
  31. Hockey puck e g
  32. Bostons farber cancer institute
  33. Fairy tale chant from a giant … or the ends of the answers to the starred clues
  34. Bay area hub for short
  35. Relaxing soak after a long day maybe
  36. What a red faced emoji might mean
  37. Untagged in a game of tag
  38. Some investments for short
  39. *aromatic fragrance with a french name
  40. A to zed lexicon in brief
  41. Its c c old
  42. *what investigators really want to know
  43. The first x of x x x
  44. *amenity for jet setters
  45. Word before sauce or milk
  46. Opposite of yeses
  47. Island nation in the western pacific
  48. Backstabs
  49. Wall street average with the
  50. Any episode of parks and recreation now
  51. Stream from a volcano
  52. Its state fair is much visited by politicians
  53. Senator mike of idaho
  54. Quench, as thirst
  55. Osbourne of heavy metal
  56. Item sold in reams
  57. Fuel-eating cars
  58. *bowling alley's "start over" device
  59. Irregularly sharp-edged
  60. Man's name that's a green fruit spelled backwards
  61. Assures, as a win
  62. Butts, in slang
  63. *unscrupulous 19th-century tycoon
  64. Early olds auto
  65. Bull or ram
  66. *high-fiber cereal with dried fruit
  67. Late evening, informally
  68. Ray charles' genre, and a hint to the answers to starred clues
  69. Parsley or sage piece
  70. With 42-down, best supporting actress oscar winner in "marriage story"
  71. Students' play period
  72. Sommer of "a shot in the dark"
  73. Bony-looking halloween costume
  74. Word often seen before "shoppe"
  75. The "z" in zip code
  76. More than suggested
  77. The "d" in fda
  78. 1974 pension plan legislation
  79. Taunting cry
  80. Lump of clay, say
  81. Sophisticated and charming
  82. Body trunks
  83. Huge star in cygnus
  84. Is hurting
  85. Formally commend, as for bravery
  86. ___ emhoff kamala harris' stepdaughter
  87. Hurdle for an mba hopeful
  88. Rounded parts of hammers
  89. American idol creator fuller
  90. 2 for one
  91. Holiday door decoration
  92. Luxury automaker whose model names end with x's
  93. Very popular as an online video
  94. Epps in traffik
  95. ____ garner of the 'hangover' franchise
  96. Decision type
  97. ____ of arendelle in the 'frozen' franchise
  98. Two of a kind
  99. Political drama: the ____ ____
  100. Vancouver, to toronto
  101. An act, process or method of calculation or reckoning; the results of mathematics (noun)
  102. Allergen catcher
  103. Remove, as impurities
  104. Loss or absence of esteem: a discrediting (noun)
  105. To place the responsibility or blame for: charge; to credit a cause or person: attribute (verb)
  106. To cut or lop off a part of the body with surgery (verb)
  107. Underground network of tunnels made by rabbits
  108. Using a telecopier
  109. A snake, an annoying noise, or a babys toy
  110. Traditional japanese dance drama performance art
  111. Yuval noah, author of 2011s sapiens
  112. Cover a rooftop with layered reeds
  113. Large ring engraved with an emblem or initials
  114. French director known for made in the u s a
  115. Pit for refuse in ancient settlements
  116. Condition causing raised itchy patches on the skin
  117. Key in which beethovens ninth symphony is played
  118. Preserver of the universe in hindu tradition
  119. First name of famous us olympic sprinter gatlin
  120. A social group of people born around the same time
  121. Profession of orpheus in greek mythology
  122. Woven structure burned in effigy by druids
  123. Raise money using sites like indiegogo
  124. Gianni versaces fashion designer sister
  125. Cold, milky coffee poured over frozen water
  126. The movement of humans across the globe
  127. Common name for yellow ranunculus flower
  128. Us tv show based on small claims court cases
  129. Greek dramatist known for oedipus rex
  130. 2007 disney musical starring amy adams
  131. Native people who call themselves omàmiwinini
  132. Pool, snooker and billiards, collectively
  133. Frontmost part of gray matter
  134. The drunken uncle of olivia in twelfth night
  135. The ace, the tretyakov, and the uffizi
  136. A doctors assessment of a patients outlook
  137. Criss crossed garden frame for trailing plants
  138. Gary paulsen wilderness survival novel
  139. A lack of belief in any god
  140. Behind the scenes assistants in tv studios
  141. Breed of cats that is almost always female
  142. Major river on which the city of luzhou is located
  143. Metal containing iron
  144. Social setup or society based at two locations
  145. Stage name of comic performer julius marx
  146. Hand tools, or pincers, used to snip glass
  147. Small, tasty mouthfuls of food
  148. American idiot band with billie joe armstrong
  149. Covering garden soil with bark to protect plants
  150. Art of rolling and sticking strips of paper
  151. The interpretation of a cultures sacred text
  152. Pulse liked by hannibal lecter
  153. Roman red shade toxic mineral
  154. Chain of tourist cafes with pop music theming
  155. Volcano that destroyed pompeii in ad 79
  156. Netherlands islands contained aruba and curacao
  157. The friars name in romeo and juliet
  158. Science of body movements and human gestures
  159. Percussion instrument that comes in pairs
  160. Nursery rhyme youtube channel with jj and yoyo
  161. Study of how physical space effects society
  162. Retired wrestler whose real name is terry bollea
  163. 2014 sci fi with shailene woodley and kate winslet
  164. Barcelonas nickname for the casa milà
  165. The leading woman in a social group
  166. Asian country with famous lau pa sat hawker stalls
  167. Dutch artist known for his laughing cavalier
  168. Beef appendage that is popular as a soup
  169. Shifts in gene frequencies between populations
  170. French word meaning short summary of a text
  171. She transformed medusa into a gorgon in greek myth
  172. Branch of the un that oversees heritage sites
  173. Long metal pipe from which curtains hang
  174. A piece of bone or pot worn through the face
  175. Small fast moving car for driving
  176. This bobby brown plays sherlocks sister enola
  177. Grassland plain without trees or much vegetation
  178. First two words of a hypothetical question
  179. Female gandhi who was prime minister of india
  180. Novel the world according to davis
  181. Keyboard layout, named after its first six letters
  182. Remove ones money from business interests
  183. Pause a trial
  184. Cezanne painted a boy wearing one in 1889
  185. Working relationship between indian castes
  186. Author of detective novels and the children of men
  187. Tribal or social belief in two opposing forces
  188. Rousing trumpet sound when a vip arrives
  189. Japanese equivalent of a bigfoot or a yeti
  190. Wild sheep
  191. Poison used in gold extraction
  192. Italian cocktail with vermouth and campari
  193. Frank, composer who wrote guys and dolls musical
  194. Bra and corsetry company owned by courtaulds
  195. French chicken dish cooked in wine
  196. Superhero team including ajak and thena
  197. American prize in literature, music or drama
  198. The first part of the small intestine
  199. A cultures attempt to distance itself from others
  200. A ph is a measure of the potential of this element
  201. Florida resort known for the stadium golf course
  202. Hoaxer or pretender
  203. Lead or primary, showcase example
  204. Country where the magura cave paintings are found
  205. Surname of us president james abram
  206. Large waterfalls on the zambia zimbabwe border
  207. Something that pianos and toolkits both have
  208. A clan sharing a common ancestor with groups
  209. Small dried fruit made from a seedless grape
  210. Tiny regal bird with golden crown markings
  211. Spiritual greeting for yoga practitioners
  212. Type of wreaths shown around film festival names
  213. Belgium, netherlands and luxembourg collectively
  214. Female equivalent of a brethren or brotherly group
  215. Writer of the fifty shades of grey trilogy
  216. Former bronx bombers
  217. Take feel offended by something
  218. Wheeled device for measuring distances
  219. Medical name for bad breath
  220. Gymnastics equipment, e g bars or rings
  221. Lindsay lohans character in mean girls
  222. Policymaking committee of the soviet union
  223. Stage musical based on horton hears a who
  224. Interconnected area of living organisms
  225. An elongated style of communal or tribal building
  226. Keyboard that plays tape recorded sounds
  227. Hurston who wrote their eyes were watching god
  228. He was tvs mr robot and films freddie mercury
  229. An assessment of the price or worth of something
  230. The use of two languages by the same people
  231. Beijings famous gate of heavenly peace
  232. Experiencing an absence of willpower
  233. A language that evolved from a mix of languages
  234. Combined cross country skiing and ski jump events
  235. Ocean in which the seychelles are located
  236. Support beam, often made of iron or steel
  237. Devotional verses in the bible credited to david
  238. Ooze, muck
  239. Trade goods without using money
  240. The koala show also featured rawhide clyde
  241. The terminators car
  242. Light blocking curtains are this
  243. Tipping the , sarah waterss award winning novel
  244. Polydipsia is a particularly excessive one
  245. Robin, anthropologist who devised a social number
  246. Composer of the famous héroïque polonaise
  247. Johns, american abstract flag painter
  248. Dashing man wearing a hat at an angle
  249. Egg dish that might be lorraine
  250. Dormant state of an inactive pc
  251. A womans marriage to more than one husband
  252. Changing the actor playing a famous role
  253. Number of gallons in a standard barrel of ale
  254. 365 day calendar first introduced in 1582
  255. Summoning of demons and spirits
  256. Hard orange french aoc cheese, ball shaped
  257. Inborn reactions and ways of behaving
  258. Premolars with two points
  259. 12 note musical scale, each a semitone apart
  260. Hollywood film about the librarian marquis de sade
  261. Loose sleeveless cloak or outer garment
  262. British pie that combines steak and this
  263. Actress and lip sync battle host chrissy
  264. Gym session that makes walking difficult
  265. The cometh, eugene oneill play
  266. Extract impurities by melting
  267. And hawkes, publisher and seller of sheet music
  268. Unofficial leader of a group is first among these
  269. A long standing practice followed by a tribe
  270. Striped african mammals related to giraffes
  271. Totalitarian republic in the handmaids tale
  272. Dusty, desert wind that blows across the sahara
  273. Meliae, oreads, and naiads, in greek mythology
  274. Bride , payment to a womans family on marriage
  275. Currency of spain before the euro
  276. Non conformity, especially within a society
  277. Structure that forms egypts lake nasser
  278. Below the line section of the internet
  279. Herb from a type of sunflower
  280. 1997 drama starring judi dench as queen victoria
  281. To plateau, gradually become flat and even
  282. Marriage to more than one person at the same time
  283. Nemos submarine sea creature with spiral shell
  284. The united states first space station
  285. Jeff, diary of a wimpy kid author
  286. A lack of social norms in a group of people
  287. The penguins real first name in the batman comics
  288. Grass grain, traditionally fed to budgies
  289. Life saving injection device for allergy sufferers
  290. Egyptian goddess represented as a cobra
  291. Flashy metal jewelry for ones teeth
  292. Perfectly, completely
  293. A leader or major influencer in a polynesian tribe
  294. Officer in charge of a ships finances
  295. Bridge, venetian crossing housing rows of shops
  296. Hans, composer known for the gladiator soundtrack
  297. Baffling stone known as the map of the creator
  298. Fortified area of a town
  299. Rite of , a major event in a persons life
  300. Deciduous boreal trees of the genus larix
  301. Announce where you live to someone
  302. Medical name for vitamin a
  303. Rolling downhill in a see through ball
  304. Chocolate stump dessert
  305. Slash and burn farming practice in forested areas
  306. Mother of oedipus in greek myth and literature
  307. Soaked up spilled ink
  308. Set aside funds for a particular project
  309. Only chemical element whose name begins with k
  310. Printing plate made by the intaglio process
  311. Jackie kennedys last name after second marriage
  312. Ground, yellow wheat powder used for cooking
  313. Breathe in this cousteau invention
  314. Installed into and flush with a wall
  315. Funny woman melissa from bridesmaids
  316. Plastic framed ray ban sunglasses
  317. Obtaining food by searching for it
  318. Jack, legendary golfer nicknamed the golden bear
  319. Monet painted one on the grass in 1866
  320. Dont cut off your nose to spite it
  321. Country where human fossil lucy was found in 1974
  322. Maxim, leading male in du mauriers rebecca
  323. Audio equipment called cans in theatrical slang
  324. Mound, raised area of a field
  325. Marriage that links two separate groups or tribes
  326. Unsteady on the feet
  327. Pictorial, visual
  328. Slang, getting pleasure or kicks out of something
  329. Latin title for dye that gave us the name purple
  330. Data points, scientific measurements
  331. Tvs doctor crane, the radio psychiatrist
  332. Bird companion of the video game bear banjo
  333. N carolina isle, site of walter raleighs colony
  334. Evil doctor in despicable me movies
  335. Bird that shelley once wrote an ode to
  336. Starchy pearls in bubble tea
  337. In the stars, 2010 hit for tinie tempah
  338. Durable type of fake nails created with powder
  339. Nigerian snack, deep fried dough rolled in sugar
  340. Asian country with soyombo symbol on its flag
  341. Mucrology is the art of ritual painting with them
  342. Term for a ball pitched or thrown upwards
  343. Latin title of the christian hail mary prayer
  344. Flying , pirates of the caribbean ghost ship
  345. George, the last known pinta island tortoise
  346. Culture that only allows equal status marriages
  347. Its the go in the republican partys gop nickname
  348. How you might see when you agree with someone
  349. Feral domestic pig
  350. Those in your society sharing your age and status
  351. Horror movie franchise starring lin shaye
  352. Nationality of the composer béla bartók
  353. Study of a societys use of signs and symbols
  354. The most magnetic naturally occurring mineral
  355. Formal agreement to halt hostilities
  356. How one wishes a happy birthday after the fact
  357. Dutch director of basic instinct paul
  358. Tributes left to gods or ancestors
  359. Wild mushrooms growing in mystical circles
  360. Inside a train as a passenger
  361. Changing from ice into water
  362. Extend ones muscles to full length
  363. Handing out playing cards to players in a game
  364. Money given back for returned purchases
  365. St , large london station near kings cross
  366. Like heathrow in london or laguardia in new york
  367. Author of stories featuring bilbo and gandalf
  368. English king known as the conqueror
  369. Movie that made macaulay culkin famous
  370. Lizard that is able to blend into its surroundings
  371. Space explorer from nasa or esa
  372. They built certain pyramids
  373. Amateur , community acting groups
  374. Broadsheet to read on a train
  375. Device used to cut grass
  376. Lining paper used in baking
  377. It killed the cat, so it is said
  378. Jumpin title of 1968 hit for the rolling stones
  379. Moving stairs to take you up at a station
  380. Shakespeares forest play, a nights dream
  381. Domestic chores done around the home
  382. Revolving ticket barrier
  383. Long pasta strands often served with a bolognese
  384. A cataract of water crashing over a rocky edge
  385. Romantic mating rituals displayed by birds
  386. One click made while typing
  387. Gemstones that are usually green
  388. Principal rail track with branches or spurs
  389. A picture or painting of a person
  390. Twist off lid of a bottle or glass jar
  391. Unsolved crime not investigated for years
  392. You spill these when you tell a secret
  393. Happy , card game for collecting relative sets
  394. Carbonated, refreshing citrus drink
  395. Someone who creates high end fashion
  396. Pedestrian zone to traverse rail tracks
  397. Its what you do to playing cards to mix them up
  398. This famous new york statue stands on ellis island
  399. Jalapeños, habaneros, and poblanos
  400. Bicycle, vehicle that can be taken on a train
  401. Sports instructors or trainers
  402. An orthodontist a tooth doctor
  403. Noisy bracelets pop band behind manic monday
  404. Large bird that feasts on carrion
  405. Book a seat on a train
  406. Mythical fish woman hybrid
  407. Small grassy mound
  408. Small fragment of information
  409. Paris to london service that travels under the sea
  410. Sauce for a salad
  411. Enclosed pastures for horses
  412. This kind of home network reduces cables
  413. Angel, spirit who watches over you
  414. A bag worn over both shoulders
  415. Train that gladys knight took to georgia
  416. Comfy padded seat in the living room
  417. Turning to solids from liquids at low temperatures
  418. Someone who buys something from a shop
  419. Express, train agatha christie wrote about
  420. Waterways associated with venice and amsterdam
  421. Ending added to a word, e g ly, able or tion
  422. Fine powders milled from grains to make bread
  423. Leasing something, eg renting a hall for an event
  424. A green space that three men went to mow
  425. Crafter who creates with clay on a wheel
  426. Padded covers for keeping warm in bed
  427. Washington or clooney, for example
  428. Underground passage for trains
  429. Founder of ancient indian religion seeking nirvana
  430. Dry, sandy region of the world
  431. The united nations culture and education agency
  432. Fob that unlocks vehicle doors
  433. Japanese movie monster from the ocean depths
  434. Fields set aside for agriculture
  435. Energy used to power a train through wires
  436. Wrappings of a halloween mummy costume
  437. House of a hermit crab, found on the beach
  438. Computer key that makes all letters upper case
  439. Elvis presley hit with canine associations
  440. Miles covered on a train journey
  441. A four wheeled motorized all terrain vehicle
  442. Money that accrues on a bank balance or loan
  443. A sale at which buyers bid for goods
  444. Warm red spice used in making goulash stews
  445. Lights informing trains to slow down or stop
  446. Forge a document
  447. Physical and mental health and well being
  448. Let a caught fish go
  449. Theyre used to measure angles and temperature
  450. Train cars
  451. Grand meal fit for a king in medieval times
  452. The path a train will travel north or south
  453. With ham, a famous dr seuss meal
  454. Dutch city known for the van gogh museum
  455. Name of henry viiis wives howard, parr and aragon
  456. Large round object thrown about on the sand
  457. Animals with fuzzy tails who like bird feeders
  458. Applies lacquer to wood
  459. Two piece outfit worn by athletes
  460. Instruction on mail that should not be folded
  461. Alfred, director of psycho, strangers on a train
  462. Texting someone
  463. To cease performing an action
  464. Tank engine character from books and cartoons
  465. Removes the shell of an oyster aw
  466. Deep valley or canyon between two cliffs
  467. Justin who had a 2020 hit with intentions
  468. Listed costs to purchase items
  469. Reflective glass often hung on a wall
  470. Competes in a medieval sport with lances
  471. Tall green reeds that grow near water
  472. Workers rights associations
  473. Connect a train coach to the next one
  474. Loud jarring sounds that overlap
  475. Promontories with rocky shores and high waves
  476. Popular asian method of printing
  477. Drinks serving officer in ancient greek mythology
  478. Green book and lord of the rings star viggo
  479. A german event that fuses a funfair, beer and wine
  480. Us poet emily, wrote forever – is composed of nows
  481. Money raising event with laps of a pool
  482. Hint or allude to an idea
  483. Folk singer of the tree of forgiveness
  484. Person who dispenses tickets on a train
  485. Schedule detailing when trains arrive and depart
  486. Surname of italian divine comedy poet dante
  487. Knocked into a , means to outdo or defeat
  488. Honorific title for a roman catholic priest
  489. Manchester artificial waterway
  490. A specialist musculoskeletal doctor
  491. Act of legally raising another persons child
  492. Uk term for a train car horse drawn vehicle
  493. Late entry or outsider in a competition
  494. Australian animal with a duck like beak
  495. The style of a collar of a womens shirt
  496. Baked chocolate treats, gooey on the inside
  497. Stage and screen musical based on abba hits
  498. Device used for emails, zoom, work documents
  499. Pushing a train along a track
  500. Adhering to traditional religious beliefs
  501. Substances listed on the periodic table
  502. Safe than sorry
  503. July date when americans celebrate independence
  504. First name of tennis star nadal
  505. First name of dickens title character twist
  506. Circular devices along the bottom of a train
  507. Soft cushion for supporting the head in bed
  508. Two scoops of ice cream on a cone
  509. Protection given to a political refugee
  510. Stripe that comes before violet in a rainbow
  511. Other half of nation with trinidad
  512. Sleep for a little while, like a feline
  513. Fabric support bandages for broken arms
  514. Animals that once pulled trains transporting coal
  515. Folks put their soles on it when seated on a train
  516. A book with a toughened outer cover or jacket
  517. Type of guitar used by rock bands not folk singers
  518. Athlete who covers short distances at high speed
  519. Put a hole in something
  520. In mary poppins, dick van dyke sweeps these flues
  521. This hour is your last chance to do something
  522. Childs toy with tracks and locomotives
  523. Towel like rug to step onto after showering
  524. Practice makes it, according to a saying
  525. Great train , 1963 record heist on a uk mail train
  526. Sea creature, perhaps in a roll with mayo
  527. Hitting a tennis ball to start a point
  528. Original material girl, singer of vogue
  529. Train drivers panel with knobs and switches
  530. Ocean in which you can visit tahiti or hawaii
  531. What the dead are doing in amcs zombie series
  532. Creators of paintings and sculptures
  533. Hard pad on which a horse rider sits
  534. Drivers use these to make a train stop
  535. Long tailed aquatic mammals related to weasels
  536. Formal legal proceedings or court cases
  537. Wish granting spirits
  538. Vessel for boiling water for tea
  539. The tough white outer surface of a tooth
  540. Holdups that cause problems for commuters
  541. String instruments that are larger than violas
  542. Ronald, 40th president of the united states
  543. Loft spaces, beneath the roofs of houses
  544. Royal grandfather of princes william and harry
  545. Prize often awarded to a sporting champion
  546. Woman crime fighting alias of diana prince
  547. Jodie who starred in the silence of the lambs
  548. Quick meetings giving information
  549. Wall mounted circle for hanging things
  550. Oven with timed rotation to prepare ready meals
  551. Source used for academic research
  552. Tropical fruit that divides opinion on a pizza
  553. Steel, metal that doesnt tarnish
  554. Round objects a caddy might clean for a player
  555. 2008 mark wahlberg thriller, the this
  556. One who assists in the act of a crime
  557. Turn the key on a clockwork device
  558. Caustic chemical used for bathroom cleaning
  559. Person selling wares on the streets
  560. Type of love that was a 2020 hit for lady gaga
  561. This vegetable is said to repel vampires
  562. River flowing from germany to the black sea
  563. John steinbecks classic book, of mice
  564. Low sound made by a hungry stomach
  565. Flowers that ignited dutch bulb mania in the 1600s
  566. They can be emulsion, gloss or matte
  567. Comic, film about group of extraordinary gentlemen
  568. Halfway point of the traditionally warmest season
  569. Extreme weather with showers of ice
  570. Soap , plunger topped bottle for liquid soap
  571. Creamy pasta sauce containing ham and cheese
  572. Out of bounds, not allowed
  573. Roman gladiator who led a slave revolt
  574. Activate this to wirelessly connect headphones
  575. Describing symmetrical shape based designs
  576. He ran the 100m in 9 58 seconds in 2009
  577. Brass instruments with long slides
  578. Kids often have this cold symptom
  579. Raw, not cooked, like a cake or bread
  580. An enclosed stall for showering a square office
  581. Female species who was married to mustafa or simba
  582. Motivational chat to raise spirits
  583. Cell division that creates two identical cells
  584. Famous waterfalls on canada us border
  585. Pre ipod portable music player, battery powered
  586. Liquid cleaner for hair in the shower
  587. Nero is said to have done this while rome burned
  588. Wonder woman, katniss are great at this sport
  589. Book of the bible that introduces adam and eve
  590. Sticky stuff on the back of tape
  591. Hostility between two countries or states
  592. Boxer ali who was the greatest
  593. A guilty one is something you shamefully enjoy
  594. It can come in handy to keep hair off face
  595. Airy and roomy, like a room that isnt cramped
  596. Explosive material invented by alfred nobel
  597. 2009 documentary about michael jacksons tour
  598. A flat, moveable shelf for resting over the tub
  599. Venus , plants that eat insects
  600. Document holder with a metal clasp at the top
  601. Sex , netflix show with gillian anderson
  602. Block building game with creepers
  603. Dont get sucked into this sinkhole at the beach
  604. Style of bath with swirling water
  605. Title of the wife of a us president
  606. Product , form of advertising in tv shows, films
  607. Places, situations
  608. Fast food circular alternative to a french fry
  609. The basic design sheet of a project or renovation
  610. Heavenly bodies in a belt between mars, jupiter
  611. Practice session to prepare before a performance
  612. Greek messenger with wings french luxury designer
  613. These gates await those who go to heaven
  614. Pays off a judge
  615. The anatomical anomoly in polydactyly an extra
  616. Prestigious english university, founded in 1096
  617. Julia louis dreyfus character in seinfeld
  618. Flat lands at river mouths, with many streams
  619. Back , the protective tiles behind a sink
  620. Medical professionals who treat patients
  621. Curved edible seed from a brazilian tree
  622. End an online session by signing out
  623. 2004 supercar album
  624. Cosmetics a type of free standing bathroom mirror
  625. Totally radical, dude
  626. Whirling sufi follower
  627. Softly with little or no noise
  628. Baggage x ray device at an airport
  629. Warm knitted shoes worn by infants
  630. A wall mounted bathroom storage space
  631. Domesticated birds, e g chickens or turkeys
  632. Italian manufacturer of coffee products
  633. Navratilova, iconic tennis player
  634. An old iron bathtub might qualify as one
  635. Red submarine in tom clancy book title
  636. Mouth, chunk and data sought treasure in the
  637. Highly sought after fungus, unearthed by pigs
  638. Traditional customs or practices
  639. The rock band who sang dont stop believin
  640. Liane moriarty bestseller and hbo series, lies
  641. A bathroom that can act as a sauna
  642. Ship that carried the pilgrims to cape cod
  643. Tropical plants lining the streets of los angeles
  644. Groups of musical performers
  645. Fried potato cake at breakfast
  646. Dutch city where you can visit the van gogh museum
  647. Chairs, cupboards and dressers, for example
  648. Bridge over troubled water singer with simon
  649. In business and branding, its what tm stands for
  650. Long sponge like scrub used while bathing
  651. Clips shown on youtube, mp4 files
  652. Number of players on a cricket team
  653. Scientist who wrote on the origin of species
  654. Purify fat by heating it
  655. It keeps bugs from coming in open bathroom windows
  656. Annie, american sharpshooter of the wild west
  657. New yorks moma gallery displays this kind of art
  658. Coiled hair tightly with a chemical treatment
  659. Often wild playing cards outside of the normal 52
  660. What the academy award statuette is mostly made of
  661. An artificial structure that resembles a cave
  662. Singer and actor jennifer, starred in dreamgirls
  663. Sci fi series with captains kirk, picard, janeway
  664. Theres egg on it when youre made to look foolish
  665. Another name for a rock groups male lead singer
  666. Type of plastic flooring often used in bathrooms
  667. Caribbean nation with a trident on its flag
  668. Basketball pass thrown above another player
  669. Rum based cocktail named after a cuban port
  670. Loops of electrical current
  671. What little girls often wear in their pigtails
  672. Legendary hollywood actor and director clint
  673. Keep these pincers in your bathroom cabinet
  674. Businesspeople develop these professional groups
  675. Not susceptible to a particular disease
  676. First name of fred flintstones best friend
  677. Giant squid like creature feared by sailors
  678. Tablet versions of printed materials
  679. A recess in a wall where shelves can be built
  680. Gas added to balloons to make them float
  681. Nickname for the heart, and its beating
  682. Robot vacuum brand, cleans floors when switched on
  683. Béchamel, veloute, espagnole, and hollandaise
  684. Flat boards that enclose a bath
  685. Henry viis relation to henry viii
  686. Bend, eugene and portland are cities in this state
  687. Surname of shawn, better known as jay z
  688. A person or animal that is fully grown
  689. Casper, jacob marley and moaning myrtle are these
  690. Mercedes benz singer janis
  691. A plan for a pattern for making something
  692. A group of spectators at an event
  693. Items exhibited during a court trial
  694. Woody, spiky herb that many add to potatoes
  695. Us rapper behind 2021s what you know bout love
  696. They represent energy levels in food
  697. Weightlifting movement raising a bar to the hips
  698. A window in a ceiling for natural rays
  699. A in disguise
  700. Time when the sea edge is nearest to the shore
  701. It blends hot and cold while filling the sink
  702. Character associated with parboiled rice brand
  703. Passenger side dashboard compartment
  704. Where friends statuses show up on facebook
  705. Logged out of the internet and away from ones pc
  706. Use them to clean your teeth or your toilet
  707. In japan, its called pocket monsters
  708. Ice, frozen dessert sold in carts
  709. What meteorologists study
  710. Device that connects chargers that dont fit
  711. Us state represented by alexandria ocasio cortez
  712. Style of shower door opened by moving to the side
  713. Birds come in gold, brush and darwins varieties
  714. What the m in md stands for
  715. A line from casablanca, heres at you kid
  716. Small, powerful watercraft to move other vessels
  717. Wet form of pollution that damages plants
  718. Five sided shape us national security hq
  719. Japanese hot liquid dish with tofu pieces, seaweed
  720. One piece body fashion item
  721. Enclosed cabinet often found on a bathroom wall
  722. Brand of batteries that has a bunny
  723. Describes a design uniting many different styles
  724. Well mannered, like a fairy tale prince
  725. Tvs wisecracking teen detective mars
  726. Giant reptilian monster from 1950s japanese film
  727. Billionaire born in pretoria in 1971
  728. Wall mounted heater
  729. Gymnastic performance bars of equal height
  730. Google chrome and microsoft edge, for example
  731. Of the sea a popular decor style in bathrooms
  732. Body part that is cold when you ignore someone
  733. Toy with tracks to build and put vehicles on
  734. Once in a , iconic talking heads song
  735. Dress , practice performance of a play
  736. As of this moment, in three words
  737. People local to an area us sitcom set at college
  738. Creatures like crabs, shrimp, and scallops
  739. Jamaican record breaking sprinter
  740. People who saw criminal acts taking place
  741. Wireless technology for sharing between devices
  742. Soft feathers from a sea duck used to make bedding
  743. Senior university lecturer
  744. Tm sign of registered intellectual property
  745. Hg wells first wrote about this man in 1897
  746. A shaped boards for supporting painters works
  747. Birds prominent head feathers
  748. Tropical fruits with white or pink pulp
  749. Country that first sent person into space
  750. Quid give and take, something for something
  751. Now is the of our discontent
  752. Groups of bees flying closely together
  753. Erase an unwanted message
  754. Outer casings for windows or photos
  755. Peter dinklage was this game of thrones lannister
  756. Joining together of two businesses to form one
  757. Diving platforms
  758. This luxury brand includes emporio and giorgio
  759. Si unit of force, symbol n
  760. The ocean bounded by africa to the west
  761. Potential deciders of a trial outcome
  762. Songwriter john known for imagine, instant karma
  763. Container outside a home for postal deliveries
  764. Unit of energy in food
  765. Frets, panics
  766. Shape of each individual wax cell in a honeycomb
  767. Selfish, inconsiderate pig like motorist
  768. Girl with ruby slippers in the wizard of oz
  769. This grays is a textbook on the human body
  770. Whale with a large tusk resembling a unicorn horn
  771. Crime of copying someones signature
  772. Legendary bird said to rise from its own ashes
  773. Gliding high in the air without flapping wings
  774. Gustav klimts 1908 mosaic painting
  775. Shakespeare wrote about this night
  776. Pheasant with an eye spotted train of feathers
  777. The closed path an electric current flows around
  778. Georgia city that hosted the 1996 olympics
  779. First name of flamboyant queen frontman mercury
  780. Movie where wolverines stopped a soviet invasion
  781. Nesting home constructed for garden birds
  782. Clinton who ran for us president in 2016
  783. Hard grain seeds
  784. Roald dahls book about a girl with telekinesis
  785. Like a toenail expanding under the skin
  786. Let sleeping , dont open old wounds
  787. Showy, tropical houseplants
  788. Material used for motorcyclists jackets
  789. To put off or delay
  790. French financier, gave his name to a basic sauce
  791. Gloop, he fell in a chocolate river
  792. Precious jewel, e g a ruby or emerald
  793. Alteration in ones dna
  794. Ballet with graceful, white water bird dancers
  795. Uno, poker, cribbage, for example
  796. Knightly combat on horseback
  797. Using birds to hunt
  798. Capital of connecticut
  799. Quality shown when one has bad manners
  800. Insult for someone who is not very strong
  801. Brass instruments played by wynton marsalis
  802. Commissioned , military people
  803. Natural vision, without binoculars or a telescope
  804. Cleaning and arranging feathers with a beak
  805. To surgically remove a limb or body part
  806. Unit of electricity equal to one million volts
  807. Teaches or tutors anagram of aces duet
  808. French disco duo behind pharrells get lucky
  809. Comment from the author at bottom of page
  810. Brides should have something old, new, and blue
  811. Mysterious russian monk who aided tsar nicholas ii
  812. Super warm undergarments for the winter
  813. Youtube trend of taking products out of packaging
  814. Its the c in washington dc
  815. Slang for beautiful woman or a match ending punch
  816. Carnivorous birds of prey that eat dead animals
  817. Us supreme court justice ruth bader
  818. Tap dancing penguin in happy feet movies
  819. Oceanic phenomenon that means the girl child
  820. Internet access using a telephone line
  821. Powdery pastels for drawing
  822. Roman caesar assassinated by brutus and company
  823. The study of plants
  824. Number at the very top of a dart board
  825. Traditional head coverings for muslim women
  826. Expensive handbags or shoes are these symbols
  827. Bluegrass musicians call this instrument a fiddle
  828. Kidman known for big little lies, the undoing
  829. Eagle, dark brown bird of prey
  830. Pop a wine bottle open
  831. Take a criminal into custody
  832. Displays, dramatic mating rituals of some birds
  833. Film studio that shows a rocky peak on its logo
  834. Animated sitcom featuring the griffin family
  835. Performance that follows a warm up act
  836. Event in which sprinters pass on a metal baton
  837. Washing cuts and scrapes can prevent this
  838. Popular ways found online to learn to do things
  839. Recorded story that you listen to
  840. Only us state whose name begins with l
  841. A honey farmer or apiarist, who tends hives
  842. Amy who sang rehab and mark ronsons valerie
  843. Personal crops of veggies are grown here
  844. Lift off phase of a space rocket
  845. Tropical, forest dwelling bird with a bright beak
  846. Nascar or f1 contestants
  847. An official language of belgium and monaco
  848. Name given to a child named after their parent
  849. Greek goddess of reason and wisdom
  850. Bilbos book and ethnicity
  851. Caribbean rumba shaker instrument
  852. Coats with fur lined hoods
  853. It might be acidic, but its still a fruit
  854. The location of brandenburg gate
  855. Lounge around in glorious mud
  856. Tile with dots, in a well known tabletop game
  857. Affronted, displeased
  858. Portable light worn strapped around the forehead
  859. Dance footwear that make a clickety clack noise
  860. Cooking implements
  861. Management of a museums collections
  862. Oxygen from the outdoors
  863. From or relating to italian watery city
  864. Finding a spot in a tree to rest overnight
  865. Business enterprise, anagram of moon ploy
  866. Thumbs up, nod of assent
  867. Small parrot with romantic name
  868. Citrine is a traditional birthstone of this month
  869. Leia, peach or diana, for example
  870. Youd see these in a madame tussauds museum
  871. Gems or hoops worn in a pierced lobe
  872. Sound of silence hello , my old friend
  873. Martin, director of taxi driver and huge
  874. Young bird that is learning to fly
  875. Those who hire workers
  876. Miguel de , author of don quixote
  877. Long robe for wearing in the evenings
  878. Nellys 2002 hip hop song about the heat
  879. Emma thompson film about a stand up comedian
  880. North american raptor with a white head
  881. Time of year when the most rainfall is experienced
  882. Opening for light in a camera
  883. Video game company that makes the switch console
  884. Partying person who seeks pleasure
  885. Wading bird with pink feathers
  886. Fellow singer or musician in the same group
  887. An extremely intense, persistent headache
  888. Jack nicholsons character in 1989s batman
  889. Sitting on a branch or fence
  890. Cold treat people scream for
  891. Matter that sinks to the bottom of a river
  892. Home, film about migrating canada geese
  893. Seated string musician, plays large upright violin
  894. Asian country of which hanoi is the capital
  895. Sudden sharp or shooting pains
  896. Crime of paying someone to influence them
  897. Another name for a bullfighter
  898. 2 4 6 8 appreciate
  899. Another term for a cars transmission
  900. Grid opening on a building for exchange of gases
  901. Western tv series with a rollin theme song
  902. Yellow and black markings on a bees body
  903. First female pilot to cross the atlantic, amelia
  904. Naturally occurring sugar in milk
  905. Gossip girl star blake, wife of ryan reynolds
  906. Representative icon in a game blue alien movie
  907. Long legged freshwater birds that nest in trees
  908. Blood is divided into these, called a, b, ab and o
  909. Ancient religious building
  910. Largest desert in africa
  911. Paris fashion house whose logo is two cs
  912. Thinner bone of the lower leg
  913. Writing implements made from birds feathers
  914. A mixture of flour and liquids used for baking
  915. Proverbially, you shouldnt cast them before swine
  916. Emma, star of 2017s beauty and the beast
  917. Rap battle insults
  918. Food type that makes you feel at home
  919. 7 letter country found mixed up in leningrad
  920. Water bird with a large throat pouch
  921. Gun used in crafts, melts sticky stuff when on
  922. Use peroxide on a brunettes hair
  923. Relation of hades to zeus in greek myth
  924. Accidental escape of fuel from a pipe
  925. N carolina capital named for queen besss favorite
  926. Agitating with a brush to add volume to hair
  927. Photograph taken when one is arrested
  928. 2016 film with amy adams as a scientist
  929. Victorian era game, goal not to have the last card
  930. Schematic drawing of a system structure
  931. Tall, yellow, beaked sesame street character
  932. Donors can give one of these two organs and live
  933. Leafy christmas decorations hung on doors
  934. Combat sport with swords and all white outfits
  935. Harry potter and the chamber of these
  936. Meat from a deer, elk or antelope
  937. Music event, e g glastonbury or burning man
  938. Czechoslovakia became slovakia and the czech
  939. Sit on eggs to keep them warm before they hatch
  940. Napoleon was defeated in this 1815 battle
  941. Slang word for close friendship of two males
  942. Russian, french, or thousand island
  943. Surname of runway superstar naomi
  944. Space , early shooter video game with aliens
  945. Driving an 18 wheeler
  946. Keeping in the same spot in the air
  947. Luxury sketchbook brand anagram of meek lions
  948. Fuzzy striped insect that feeds on nectar
  949. Dangerous spinning water vortex
  950. Director of kill bill volume 1 and jackie brown
  951. Bird trained by chinese fishers to catch fish
  952. Formal suit fabric with a pattern of thin lines
  953. Seaport city on canadas southwest coast
  954. Short clip taken from a longer audio recording
  955. Make up a skit on the spot
  956. Another name for the author of a book
  957. Where locks reach the forehead mens can recede
  958. Corn , freshly picked, unprocessed maize
  959. Extracting gas or oil from bedrock
  960. Game birds living in their natural habitat
  961. Identity, getting confused about who someone is
  962. It never dies in the title of a james bond movie
  963. Nitrous oxide is known as this kind of gas
  964. Cellar room or rooms beneath the ground floor
  965. Heavenly hall for norse heroes
  966. Singing without musical accompaniment
  967. Tuneful warbler eva cassidy compilation album
  968. Moving back and forth, like a dogs tail
  969. The patella, a bony lump in the middle of the leg
  970. Actor ben who connected gone girl and argo
  971. Mountain town in colorado next to the rockies
  972. Create this by closing the door, curtains
  973. Gulp a drink down
  974. To give evidence at a trial
  975. Word at the end of a standard nasa countdown
  976. Circus entertainer who tosses balls in the air
  977. Like mashed ice used for some cocktails
  978. Rope battle with people pulling on either end
  979. Bright, decorated paper parasol for cocktails
  980. Tank for fish and marine life
  981. Woman with hair that isnt blonde, red or gray
  982. Ru pauls reality show
  983. Creator, like henry ford or tim berners lee
  984. Silver, villainous sailor from treasure island
  985. Month in which st valentines day is celebrated
  986. Stuck in a tight spot, like these fish in a can
  987. The holidays are coming with this brown drink
  988. Has the ability to attract other metals
  989. One who writes online diaries
  990. Hoppy lager or the tall glass its served in
  991. Garfield the cats favorite dish
  992. The pair of blood filtering organs of the body
  993. Long handled teaspoon for agitating cocktails
  994. Small australian marsupial with powerful hind legs
  995. Knotty sounding disney film about rapunzel
  996. Changes, the way dna does
  997. City some call the big apple
  998. Large jug for serving drinks in
  999. Answer a call or question
  1000. Thermidor is a traditional dish of this seafood
  1001. Island in the caribbean associated with reggae
  1002. Idea that pops into ones head
  1003. A thousand times a thousand
  1004. Sacred metal cup used in ceremonies
  1005. Microsoft office email program
  1006. Flat kitchen utensil for frying and stirring
  1007. A bridegrooms male assistant at his wedding
  1008. Vicious stinging insects, larger than wasps
  1009. The grass is always this on the other side
  1010. Green brassica vegetable, grows like a mini tree
  1011. Stimulant found in coffee and black tea
  1012. The most sugary
  1013. Piece of ground from the lunar surface
  1014. Tile game where you match the spots or pips
  1015. Out off limits
  1016. Volcanic event like the one that covered pompeii
  1017. Framed decorative images hung on walls
  1018. Boston political protest with refreshments
  1019. Spiral metal device for opening wine bottles
  1020. Military vessel that travels under the sea
  1021. Kids cant move if they get caught in this game
  1022. Person who carries someones clubs round 18 holes
  1023. He helped save the world in independence day
  1024. Beer brand known for whassup campaign
  1025. Animals on a farm, e g pigs, sheep or chickens
  1026. It is power, according to a famous phrase
  1027. Vertical tunnel in a pit to extract coal
  1028. Fictional character also known as 007
  1029. Professional who studies laws of nature
  1030. People who subscribe to a twitter feed
  1031. Most probable
  1032. Red fruit thats sometimes turned blue in drinks
  1033. Ever after when things go wrong
  1034. Under 21 card game at the casino
  1035. You stand on this when being pulled behind a boat
  1036. Tall coffee made from espresso with hot water
  1037. Necessary oils used in aromatherapy
  1038. First name of actors modine and mcconaughey
  1039. Climb down a flight of stairs
  1040. Instant coffee brand that it all starts with
  1041. Legendary kingdom ruled by king arthur
  1042. Synthetic material such as pvc
  1043. The prohibition movement stopped its sale
  1044. Entertainment genre with unicorns, trolls, elves
  1045. Bodies of water like smaller rivers
  1046. Crime committed against your own country or state
  1047. Force of physics discovered by newton
  1048. Jimi who played guitar upside down and left handed
  1049. Henry who played the fonz in happy days
  1050. Chain of coffeehouses with mermaid logo
  1051. People who are not members of the military
  1052. Type of pen that dispenses ink with a metal sphere
  1053. Yellow tropical fruit juice in a piña colada
  1054. Person who studies the events of the past
  1055. Sci fi show about theme park cowboy robots
  1056. Like an avalanche but of mud and dirt
  1057. Weather predicting rodent in bill murray film
  1058. Electronic amusement played on a computer or tv
  1059. Hot drink brewed from unfermented verdant leaves
  1060. A long, wide view or image, often of a landscape
  1061. Leg joint protectors worn by a skateboarder
  1062. Monthly payment for homeowners
  1063. Tall glass or drink such as a long island iced tea
  1064. Sunshine provides this, some bulbs mimic it
  1065. Animals and plants found in nature
  1066. 2008 grammy winning taylor swift album
  1067. 3d shape with circular ends and flat, smooth sides
  1068. Life on the , a modern day nomadic existence
  1069. Sound made by a traditional clock
  1070. A secret place or clubhouse
  1071. Two kids can sleep one above another in these
  1072. Castle that can be defended against attackers
  1073. Strong drink from france the green fairy
  1074. It can be isosceles, right angled or equilateral
  1075. Large broad key at the bottom of a keyboard
  1076. Dew, us sweet drink snow topped peak
  1077. Short drinking glass acrobat
  1078. Follow up films
  1079. Small glass balls, dropped into toy runs
  1080. Large explosion said to have created the universe
  1081. An exact copy anagram of caliper
  1082. The pa in ipa or india
  1083. Flashed in the light, gleamed
  1084. Lingers, often illegally
  1085. Type of lenses worn as an alternative to glasses
  1086. Experience active participation
  1087. The 24 days that lead up to christmas
  1088. Sums, cumulative figures
  1089. Bash herbs in a cocktail glass to release scents
  1090. The long, narrow individual leaves of a grass
  1091. Arenas or stadiums for live music concerts
  1092. Getaway islands corfu and kos are in this country
  1093. The type of building where royals live
  1094. Hungry hungry animals in a childrens game
  1095. Surname of the actress known as sjp
  1096. Fortified wine from spain, aka jerez
  1097. Change the fit of an article of clothing
  1098. Food that complies with strict jewish laws
  1099. Long, bendy pool float, also known as a woggle
  1100. Youre said to bring it home when you earn a wage
  1101. High, backless chair for drinkers in a saloon
  1102. Regular medical checkup
  1103. Devastating 1930s drought on the us prairies
  1104. Someone who performs by playing an instrument
  1105. Pearl harbor and black hawk down actor josh
  1106. Orange juice that has been freshly pressed
  1107. Noisy anti theft device fitted on a vehicle
  1108. Espresso with foamy milk on top
  1109. A move to the next level at work
  1110. Toe or finger injury from exposure to cold
  1111. Home nation of football star lionel messi
  1112. Tall yellow garden plant, produces edible seeds
  1113. Latin phrase meaning seize the day
  1114. Ancient people associated with the pyramids
  1115. No sugar cola brand with red, white, blue logo
  1116. Person who oversees an internet page or forum
  1117. In business terms, its the o in ceo and cao
  1118. Silly and pointless, unimportant
  1119. American diners do these coffee top ups for free
  1120. An archipelago is a group of these
  1121. Nobel prize won by marconi in 1909
  1122. Tom , tall drink with gin and lemon juice
  1123. Where honeycomb is found a hairdo from the 1960s
  1124. National , satirical magazine
  1125. Cork or bung for a bottle of wine
  1126. The first name of the dutch painter van gogh
  1127. Loom automatic textile machinery
  1128. Legendary popstar who had a hit with vogue
  1129. 1988 christmas action movie starring bruce willis
  1130. Fire breathing insect
  1131. Red fruit juice component of a sea breeze
  1132. Edison helped invent this bright idea
  1133. No longer in use, like the human appendix
  1134. Some say these attract
  1135. 60 minutes of cheerful cut price drinks at a bar
  1136. Redemption, starred morgan freeman, tim robbins
  1137. The study of the physical features of the earth
  1138. The remains of a takeaway eaten the next day
  1139. Park, codycross world with funfair rides
  1140. Theatrical speech delivered by a single person
  1141. Establishment that sells alcohol illegally
  1142. Figure or person in a book
  1143. Wriggly garden creature that lives in the soil
  1144. How heavy something is minus packaging
  1145. Republicans rivals
  1146. Buzzing motion that can be turned off in codycross
  1147. Who roger rabbit 1988 disney movie
  1148. Go or move back from a previous position
  1149. Calling devices that can be used for playing games
  1150. The s in apples ios software
  1151. Most common grain used in beer brewing
  1152. Train , tickets please for this codycross world
  1153. Optical contacts
  1154. Merlin is this type of magical man
  1155. Style of strapless womens bag designed to be held
  1156. Artwork made from tiny tiles of stone or glass
  1157. Owen, plays arc in knight squad
  1158. Falling of rain and ice combo from the sky
  1159. Having a blue checkmark on twitter
  1160. Like watching , describes a tedious activity
  1161. Sea, deep blue codycross world
  1162. These are raised in an expression of surprise
  1163. Install a game from an app store
  1164. A persons initials designed as an emblem
  1165. Hunger games actor jennifer
  1166. Its what little boy blue fell asleep under
  1167. Michael, actor husband of catherine zeta jones
  1168. Strips of leather beneath shoe laces
  1169. Radio on demand show online serial is one
  1170. Chunk of hair caught in a cats throat
  1171. This countrys capital is dublin
  1172. Refreshes of content in codycross
  1173. Ford model that created pony class of cars
  1174. There was a man who walked a mile
  1175. Light, egg based dish that rises
  1176. Sharp bend on a motor racing circuit
  1177. Energy drinks brand with tv soapbox race series
  1178. Adams, tv show about a man and his bear
  1179. Whirlpool bath found at a spa
  1180. Kate who won an oscar for the reader
  1181. Gather, like tokens in codycross
  1182. Grid of letters for typing codycross answers
  1183. Old english canine breed
  1184. Italians like this small and strong cup of coffee
  1185. Youre said to cut to it when you get to the point
  1186. Person who secures finance for a movie
  1187. Highly skilled musical performer
  1188. Adventures, codycross world with tents
  1189. Isaac, scientist associated with gravity
  1190. Tough, cup shaped seeds of an oak tree
  1191. Sets puzzles are placed into these in codycross
  1192. Uniting of two companies to form one entity
  1193. A condition caused by poor blood flow to the brain
  1194. Musical instrument often made by zildjian
  1195. Romantic language from paris codycross language
  1196. Tv dog with a talent for rescuing people
  1197. Zodiac sign from late february to late march
  1198. Parts of wedding dresses that trail on the ground
  1199. Double any number from 10 to 99
  1200. Popular piece of chicken for sandwiches
  1201. A road or highway crossing above another road
  1202. Button to move on to the next game carry on
  1203. Iron rich green vegetable with a stalk and florets
  1204. Times, world in codycross set in middle ages
  1205. Enormous gorilla monster in hollywood movies
  1206. The summer one is the official end of spring
  1207. Vpn and lan are types of these
  1208. Books are borrowed in this 15th codycross world
  1209. Involves, requires, demands
  1210. Icons that represent video game players
  1211. Explosive theory of the origin of the universe
  1212. Doping drug that might be anabolic
  1213. Type of willow tree that seems to be crying
  1214. Everybody loves sitcom starring ray romano
  1215. Us state know for atlanta, peaches and peanuts
  1216. Letter , smasher who solves 10 codycross puzzles
  1217. Fake copy of a banknote or painting
  1218. After , following the real event
  1219. Saint whose day is celebrated on march 17
  1220. Unit of measurement for volume of sound
  1221. Kings 11/22/63 concerns this presidents death
  1222. Circular sacred pattern in buddhism
  1223. American chocolate company
  1224. Roaring decade of the 20th century
  1225. Area with cog icon for tweaking game experience
  1226. Type of quiche with bacon
  1227. Volcano that destroyed pompeii
  1228. Flora, codycross world about plants and animals
  1229. Frida kahlos famous facial feature
  1230. Aquatic flightless birds that live in icy colonies
  1231. Gallant, knightly conduct that some say is dead
  1232. Makes bigger, e g an image
  1233. Singer morissette who created a jagged little pill
  1234. Build up of hardened dental plaque
  1235. A mammal like a mouse or chipmunk
  1236. Spy named jason who has forgotten hes a spy
  1237. Flat phone or tablet surface for viewing apps
  1238. To feign death is to play like this animal
  1239. Took a break from eating
  1240. The moon as it progresses from new to full
  1241. Nickname for a canadian 1 dollar coin
  1242. This machine created hard to crack codes in wwii
  1243. Kansas city nfl players
  1244. City in which batman operates
  1245. Country in which popocatépetl volcano is located
  1246. Movable pivots where two bones meet
  1247. Ship, all aboard for a luxury codycross world
  1248. A professional bookworm
  1249. Game players expression that gives nothing away
  1250. Nirvana drummer and foo fighters frontman
  1251. Craft that codycross travels in across worlds
  1252. Armoires
  1253. Wool mask like covering for the head and neck
  1254. October holiday directly before all souls day
  1255. Science of the stars and planets
  1256. Keira who played elizabeths swann and bennet
  1257. It can be cordless, cellular or mobile
  1258. Group of people, like all those playing codycross
  1259. Sport for dirt bikes in off road races
  1260. Sent several unwanted emails
  1261. Made a noise like two glasses touching
  1262. Common name for mandible, in lower half of skull
  1263. Beatles album and tv film, magical tour
  1264. Stretchy bodysuit worn by a gymnast
  1265. Earphones combined with a microphone
  1266. Popular professional wrestler, the ultimate
  1267. Account area to find your stats and personal info
  1268. Montevideo is the capital of this country
  1269. Medical term for memory loss
  1270. Part of a house thats an anagram of boredom
  1271. Allocating roles for a play
  1272. Chips, english battered seafood staple dish
  1273. Wrist worn plates of armor wielded by knights
  1274. Ryan gosling is this type of driver in drive movie
  1275. Gem traditionally found in engagement rings
  1276. Tourist travel destinations codycross 28th world
  1277. When two jobs share common tasks
  1278. Slow moving, wandering river
  1279. Became less intense over time
  1280. Plants, trees, foliage
  1281. Competitor to play against head to head
  1282. Teaching session to learn how to play a game
  1283. Singer of diamonds, whats my name
  1284. One of many small brown spots on a face
  1285. Opposite of rows they go down in codycross
  1286. Flour from ground cassava root, used in pudding
  1287. Car part that helps it be less noisy
  1288. Surname of father and son actors kirk and michael
  1289. Cracking codes finding puzzle answers
  1290. A fanged creature of the night, except in twilight
  1291. Baltimore , birds that play baseball
  1292. Tasks/jobs done in science workshop space
  1293. Maya who knew why the caged bird sings
  1294. Johannes vermeers painting, girl with a pearl
  1295. Red wedding took place at this type of large feast
  1296. A country with a volatile political situation
  1297. Describes soil rich in limestone or calcium
  1298. Raised in jungle, hes really earl of greystoke
  1299. Done, solver of an initial codycross puzzle
  1300. Black and white mammals known for their foul smell
  1301. Key on a computer keyboard shortened to esc
  1302. Character who sat on a tuffet, little miss this
  1303. Elvis had a heart like this
  1304. The exchange of goods without the use of money
  1305. Plum shade thats a core codycross hue
  1306. Bulb that gives one bad breath
  1307. Wall stickers that can easily be removed
  1308. Williams, thicke and hood
  1309. Cone shaped piece of equipment for filtering
  1310. Tree disparaging term for an environmentalist
  1311. Putting papers away or in order
  1312. Last name of britney, singer of toxic
  1313. Childrens author beatrix who created peter rabbit
  1314. Legendary king who wields excalibur
  1315. Usual number of people on a jury
  1316. Broad, thick, often permanent pen
  1317. Continent of france, slovenia, portugal
  1318. Fabric covering for the floor of a room
  1319. Meryl, most oscar nominated actress of all time
  1320. Meal eaten outdoors on a blanket
  1321. The only female face cards in a standard deck
  1322. A litter of pigs
  1323. Lucky stable footwear
  1324. Saint whose day is celebrated on february 14
  1325. People born in or native to cairos country
  1326. Reproduce a document with an electronic device
  1327. Dark green, wavy leafed vegetable
  1328. Keep in touch by calling people on this
  1329. Blood sucking bugs that spread malaria
  1330. American word for what brits call a flat
  1331. A doctors identification of a patients illness
  1332. Local language of sicily, capri and sardinia
  1333. The blank spaces around the pages on your printer
  1334. Dog breed, e g king charles or cocker
  1335. Fuzzy fruits grown in georgia and elsewhere
  1336. Swiss tennis champion roger
  1337. Turn on this device to reduce coffee beans to dust
  1338. Have a box ready if you need to blow your nose
  1339. Only neighboring planet whose name begins with n
  1340. The grass, notice not to walk on a lawn
  1341. Device on which video games can be played
  1342. Shy brother to sleepy, sneezy and dopey
  1343. Tint, darkening dye instead of mascara
  1344. Wisecracking superhero played by ryan reynolds
  1345. Its where youre working if youre wfh
  1346. Use it to keep track of the days and months
  1347. Table protecting pad on which plates rest
  1348. Outdoor cooking thats shortened to bbq
  1349. Make this drink by blending fruit and yogurt
  1350. Lumpy bodied whale species
  1351. Connected without cables
  1352. Live musical performances
  1353. Notepads are often bound with a coil of metal
  1354. , reuse, recycle
  1355. Nickname for the bell in a famous london tower
  1356. The sound a turkey makes
  1357. Large serving bowl from which soup is ladled
  1358. Iconic actor marilyn, born norma jeane mortenson
  1359. Youll need one to communicate via video chat
  1360. Sport in which muhammad ali was a world champion
  1361. Rain bearing weather formations
  1362. Region full of trees
  1363. Rude and crass, like one who has no manners
  1364. Timothée, star of 2019s little women
  1365. These are seen in the sky when it drizzles
  1366. Write quickly or messily, as when on the phone
  1367. T rex or brontosaurus
  1368. Track , running and throwing athletics events
  1369. Green veggie that looks like little trees
  1370. The lettered buttons for typing on a computer
  1371. His alter ego is clark kent
  1372. The opposite of backward
  1373. Annoying roommate in the big bang theory
  1374. Dragon, reptile with facial hair
  1375. Gobi, sahara or kalahari, for instance
  1376. Spectacles you might need these while you work
  1377. Your , how to address royalty
  1378. Alice in wonderland author lewis
  1379. Will, bill or billy are short forms of this name
  1380. Frozen chunk that keeps a drink cool
  1381. The smallest of the fingers
  1382. A bmx is one, and a tandem is one for two
  1383. Indian religion based on guru nanaks teachings
  1384. Suit patterned with vertical lines
  1385. Read it to keep track of the days events
  1386. Puzzle with clues for words that go down or across
  1387. Flat wall mounted ledge for displaying things on
  1388. Country home to the sydney harbour bridge
  1389. Blues dance move associated with earl tucker
  1390. Tool for rubbing out unwanted writing
  1391. Singing dolly who works 9 to 5
  1392. Chilly animated movie with manny the mammoth
  1393. Tool for banging in nails
  1394. Geometric figures rectangles, triangles, squares
  1395. Special skill, often something you have naturally
  1396. Electronic book reader from amazon ignite
  1397. Spice from the ground seed of an evergreen tree
  1398. The atlantic, pacific, and indian
  1399. Green fruits traditionally left on teachers desks
  1400. Barn in which a horse is kept
  1401. Belly , nickname for the navel
  1402. Slammed a basketball through the hoop
  1403. Youll need to sign yours on official documents
  1404. Frame with paper attached for presentations
  1405. Uneaten food saved for another meal
  1406. Giant reptile that can be saltwater or freshwater
  1407. Decoration pasted onto the sides of rooms
  1408. Racket sport played over a net with a shuttlecock
  1409. Mac, band that had a hit with little lies
  1410. Type of circus with a trio of simultaneous acts
  1411. You kiss under this plant at christmas
  1412. A parcel, sent through the mail
  1413. Pad by a homes entrance for wiping muddy shoes
  1414. Country from which usain bolt hails
  1415. Performing music like dr dre and eminem
  1416. Joint of a finger or thumb
  1417. Slicing paper in half with shears or a blade
  1418. Thick wool jersey or pullover
  1419. It has the longest neck of any mammal
  1420. Autumn month in which halloween is celebrated
  1421. Gooey chocolate cake treat
  1422. Shooting star shower in the night sky
  1423. Books for keeping track of days and schedules
  1424. 1997 immortal bond film tomorrow
  1425. Bright pens can do this to important text
  1426. These cords let you plug in more than one thing
  1427. Sport with sticks and pucks in a frosty setting
  1428. Bubbly that gets popped open to celebrate
  1429. Male who brings in the catch of the day
  1430. School subject about the world and places
  1431. Places to borrow books
  1432. Lizard known to be able to match its background
  1433. Sound of approaching thunder
  1434. Its only skin deep, or in the eye of the beholder
  1435. The tough outer edges of slices of bread
  1436. As well as loving, fridays child is this
  1437. The nationality of someone from paris
  1438. Flat tools for drawing straight lines
  1439. Homes, residential properties
  1440. Japanese art of cultivating tiny trees
  1441. A rough drawing a type of pad for rough ideas
  1442. Edgar rice burroughs jungle dwelling adventurer
  1443. Nickname for the academy awards
  1444. Largest country in north america
  1445. Reduce the length of something
  1446. Long, cream filled pastries coated in chocolate
  1447. Event to which the word matrimonial refers
  1448. Philanthropist gates, not bill
  1449. Device that reproduces on screen files on paper
  1450. Felling trees so they can be used as timber
  1451. Device that joins papers together with a metal pin
  1452. What goldilocks thought of daddy bears bed
  1453. Band musician who beats a rhythm
  1454. Sea creature with eight tentacles and three hearts
  1455. 2019 smash hit for billie eilish
  1456. They help you keep track of the time
  1457. Filled your suitcases ahead of a trip
  1458. Agent, spy secretly working for two sides
  1459. People, homo sapiens
  1460. Bus parts that go round and round all day long
  1461. Legal , official currency of a country
  1462. Cute baby cat
  1463. Portable computer that can be held on your knee
  1464. First name of star wars filmmaker lucas
  1465. Starchy vegetable made into a soup with leeks
  1466. Tv buffys job description, vampire
  1467. Ankle injuries caused by twisting
  1468. Sweet dish served at the end of a meal
  1469. Mandatory outfit worn by a student or employee
  1470. Nordic nation whose capital is reykjavík
  1471. Room in a house for cooking and preparing food
  1472. Blooms to brighten up the workspace
  1473. Text shown when hovering a mouse over a link
  1474. Canine gives its name to a strong document clip
  1475. Her albums include music, ray of light and mdna
  1476. White game playing sphere in snooker or pool
  1477. Cinematic seafarers of the caribbean
  1478. Shiny mouth cosmetic, popular in noughties
  1479. 2020 hit for miley cyrus and dua lipa
  1480. Blows up or bursts
  1481. Long key on the bottom row of a keyboard
  1482. The creases in an older persons skin
  1483. These project the sound from a computer screen
  1484. Dog, yoga pose that stretches calf muscles
  1485. Replica of the figure of christ on the cross
  1486. Tube like structure used for snowboarding
  1487. One or two scoops sweet, cold treat on a cone
  1488. Prepared for the highest level of emergency
  1489. Spending time outdoors, sleeping under canvas
  1490. Expression when parting
  1491. You can sit down on them in parks
  1492. Lift these repeatedly in the gym to grow muscle
  1493. Eat and chill in front of this streaming service
  1494. Random drawings made while working or writing
  1495. Bright plumaged birds that can be taught to talk
  1496. Appliance pop tarts are often put into
  1497. Tough fabric used to make boots, belts and wallets
  1498. A flat shape with six equal sides
  1499. Device that copies a paper document to a computer
  1500. It goes before nemo and dory in two pixar movies
  1501. Tool used by a wizard to cast spells
  1502. Director of batman and beetlejuice
  1503. Mattresses filled with liquid
  1504. Place in california to see lots of film stars
  1505. Files or papers
  1506. Festive celebrations, e g notting hill and rio
  1507. Device for restoring the point of a pencil
  1508. Apocynum plant thats harmful to canines
  1509. Able to float in water optimistic, happy mood
  1510. Eve, bbc crime drama starring sandra oh
  1511. Robot phone operating system by google
  1512. Northern atlantic island nation home of bjork
  1513. Ideas based on gut feelings rather than proof
  1514. Salary department where clerks work
  1515. Cosmetic tooth coverings
  1516. Leafy salad vegetable, like iceberg or frisée
  1517. Chinese dog with characteristic wrinkled skin
  1518. Going through the , acting automatically
  1519. Shakespeare play that features iago and desdemona
  1520. Type of pursuit game
  1521. Peter gabriels follow me follow you rock band
  1522. One of the 4 cs when inspecting a diamond
  1523. Technology allowing files to be wirelessly shared
  1524. German dog breed with characteristic fluffy muzzle
  1525. Vietnamese city that used to be known as saigon
  1526. Mounds made of crisp beaten egg whites and sugar
  1527. Issuer of printed books
  1528. Evita didnt want it to cry for her
  1529. Egyptian queen consort with famous bust
  1530. The outer layer of the human skin
  1531. Throw a ball for a dog to bring back
  1532. Must visit monuments on tourists agendas
  1533. Lawyers disagreement with a point made in court
  1534. One of three in a pregnancy
  1535. Kids who have not quite hit puberty yet
  1536. Major river flowing through india and bangladesh
  1537. Legs limbs thrown widely apart
  1538. Canis major star also known as the dog star
  1539. Like a fruit thats not ready to eat
  1540. The extraodinary gentlemen were in one
  1541. Elizabeth ii has kept these dogs all her life
  1542. Nelson mandelas activist wife
  1543. Nationality of composer jean philippe rameau
  1544. Marvel superhero played on screen by paul bettany
  1545. High ranking clergy who looks after a diocese
  1546. This is 50m for an olympic swimming pool
  1547. Wait for believe that something will happen
  1548. Diadems, partial crowns for the top of the head
  1549. Treacherous icefall on mount everest
  1550. Middle eastern marketplace with alleyways
  1551. The dachshund like dog in the toy story movies
  1552. Root vegetable with a daikon variety
  1553. Line charts or bar charts
  1554. Long fur needs to be brushed or itll become this
  1555. Remind a forgetful actor of their lines
  1556. Robin, who played jenny in forrest gump
  1557. Mad figure at alices tea party
  1558. Prefix that means against
  1559. The road to el , film with album by elton john
  1560. Cruella de vil wanted 101 of this breed
  1561. Number of illegal acts that occur in a place
  1562. Implanted device that regulates a heartbeat
  1563. Gaps, periods of between sets of exercise
  1564. The brothers, had a hit with unchained melody
  1565. Sputnik one was the first of these earth orbiters
  1566. You cant teach these to an old dog
  1567. Cleaned transferred illegal money
  1568. Creole rice dish closely related to gumbo
  1569. Greek thinker who founded the lyceum school
  1570. A wig an artificial style for the top of the head
  1571. City that hosted the 2008 summer olympics
  1572. Portman she starred in black swan, jackie
  1573. Crossbred sighthound and working dog
  1574. More hazy, anagram of irksome
  1575. Sound you only hear when its silent all around
  1576. Bovine energy drink brand
  1577. Singer roy, who had a hit with oh, pretty woman
  1578. Addition of money to a bank account
  1579. Long haired toy dog from a mediterranean island
  1580. Movement of the atmosphere around a planes wings
  1581. Spluttered, like fireworks
  1582. Extended ones muscles
  1583. Napoleon bonapartes famous sweetheart
  1584. Right out of , unconventional and unusual
  1585. Its name literally means badger dog in german
  1586. Type of power with a compressed liquid in motion
  1587. Ginsburg, us supreme judge dubbed notorious rbg
  1588. Keliss brings all the boys to the yard
  1589. Dried flower petals that add scent to a room
  1590. Country thats home to wild dingoes
  1591. 3% of 1960s movies showed someone sinking in this
  1592. A line in geometry that touches a curve
  1593. Popular dog breed anagram of alpines
  1594. Quickly stirred or hurried away
  1595. Your may vary
  1596. Mount doom was this, where frodo dropped the ring
  1597. Dog breed often seen as an emblem of the uk
  1598. Four sided jewish top
  1599. Introducing a maximum upper limit
  1600. Stylish short haired 1920s lady
  1601. African nation with similar flag design to the us
  1602. Phrase said when a judge enters the courtroom
  1603. The cartilage sometimes found in meat
  1604. Undead drink of rums and fruit juices
  1605. 2000 us democrat presidential nominee
  1606. Rough, gritty boorish and foul mouthed
  1607. A pampered pooch small enough to hold on the knees
  1608. Still ones run deep, according to the proverb
  1609. Making up scenes on the fly on stage
  1610. Connection, clothing company with fcuk brand
  1611. Batman and jackie brown actor michael
  1612. Giant tech company founded by larry ellison
  1613. A dogs snout a protector covering its mouth
  1614. First name of the bell jar author plath
  1615. Yellowstones old faithful is one of these
  1616. Mystery solving dog whos best friends with shaggy
  1617. British brand of 4x4, merged with jaguar
  1618. Three joint rulers in ancient rome
  1619. Confuses, bewilders
  1620. Dog that chases a hare round a track
  1621. A series of passenger seats on a moving cable
  1622. B i g was also called biggie smalls
  1623. The sagrada família is a site in this spanish city
  1624. Area that is prone to high water during rain
  1625. 2019 mystery drama starring daniel craig
  1626. Circular sequence of living things like plants
  1627. South africas old system of racial segregation
  1628. Glittery garland strung around a christmas tree
  1629. Danai, who played michonne on the walking dead
  1630. Uniquely, a portuguese water dogs feet are this
  1631. Police fill lineups with these probable suspects
  1632. Another name for the lighthouse of alexandria
  1633. North americas driest desert
  1634. A doghouse
  1635. Beautiful female nature spirits
  1636. Extra copy of a file stored on a computer
  1637. Stories by rudyard kipling
  1638. Number puzzle with squares to fill in
  1639. Cut of beef that may be watching you
  1640. Metal worn on the ends of sleeves
  1641. Acclaimed us tv and radio interviewer, died 2021
  1642. Family movie series about an enormous st bernard
  1643. Bankrupt, broke extremely poor
  1644. Familiar term for ones husband, wife, partner
  1645. Language that has forms called nynorsk and bokmål
  1646. Huge tumble experienced by humpty dumpty
  1647. Dental work to treat an infected tooth
  1648. A belt of these lies between jupiter and mars
  1649. Irish terrier breed named for its distinctive coat
  1650. Common condition causing patches of rough skin
  1651. Keep quiet stop talking
  1652. Ground wheat into flower
  1653. Reformed thief scott langs superhero character
  1654. Male choir members with deeper voices than altos
  1655. Country once led by golda meir
  1656. Nickname for the australian sheepdog
  1657. Racehorse rider
  1658. Polar region with icy cold air polar
  1659. Bar based 1980s sitcom starring ted danson
  1660. Famous movie dog who came home in 1943
  1661. Choose not to be involved in something
  1662. Followed their owner closely, like a dog
  1663. Allocate sums of money for various living costs
  1664. Photography book published by brooklyn beckham
  1665. Professional who liaises between two parties
  1666. A dogs frontmost feet
  1667. Nitrous oxide is commonly known as this gas
  1668. Phone app that teaches other languages
  1669. The four separate spaces inside the heart
  1670. Style of armchair that leans backwards for comfort
  1671. Ladys doggy partner in the 1955 disney movie
  1672. Fish commonly associated with caviar
  1673. Grammatical case that indicates possession
  1674. Pass, cease to be important
  1675. Song when a cowboy trades for wings
  1676. Expanse of barren australian landscape
  1677. Base ingredient of jello and photographic film
  1678. Went red in the face, while cleaning the toilet
  1679. Dampen, wet slightly
  1680. 1985 benefit concert for famine relief
  1681. Blotched, like a dalmatians coat
  1682. Malicious nurse in one flew over the cuckoos nest
  1683. Cat on a hot tennessee williams play
  1684. A medium used for growing microorganisms
  1685. African dog breed that cannot bark
  1686. Territory owned by a noble, also called a duchy
  1687. Plant or animal material used as an energy source
  1688. This style of cookie includes a slip of paper
  1689. Exercise to strengthen a lower limb
  1690. Gps that follows people
  1691. Actor dick who starred in diagnosis murder
  1692. Cats and dogs, not good weather for a walk
  1693. Charles, the author of a christmas carol
  1694. Versatile waterproof synthetic material
  1695. Major international hit for oleta adams in 1990
  1696. Money paid ahead of schedule
  1697. The furthest way or from the middle
  1698. Musical that opens with bobby… bobby… bobby baby…
  1699. Condition caused by a lack of oxygen in the body
  1700. Siberian dog breed with long, bright white fur
  1701. Draw near to, walk towards
  1702. Lake shared between bolivia and peru
  1703. Ban on reporting a specific news story
  1704. Pinscher, german breed of guard dog
  1705. Clinical, scientific approach to a crime scene
  1706. Collar, festoon, princess or bib, for instance
  1707. He married sophie turner in 2019
  1708. Overcome with physical feelings of adoration
  1709. Mountain dogs come from the alps and here
  1710. Genre of modern fiction with female lead figures
  1711. Romeos last name in romeo and juliet
  1712. A large pot used by witches
  1713. Party, monthly beach gathering held in thailand
  1714. Betty crocker brand logo
  1715. The scorpion king was a 2002 sequel to it
  1716. Breed whose name means brushwood dog in japanese
  1717. Mid atlantic state bordering washington dc
  1718. Male reproductive hormone
  1719. Novak, tennis ace born in belgrade in 1987
  1720. Common type of cross head screwdriver
  1721. A hair of the dog is said to be a cure for one
  1722. Buoyancy of water
  1723. Popular dairy product made with bacteria cultures
  1724. Actor washington, star of remember the titans
  1725. Country linked to the uk by the channel tunnel
  1726. Season that´s also called fall by some
  1727. To be, or not to be shakespeare play
  1728. What people often watch on twitch
  1729. Out of , access onto property is not allowed
  1730. Playground tilter for bouncing up and down
  1731. Botany is the study of them
  1732. Sport in which the davis cup is contested
  1733. Making cow sounds
  1734. To be extremely angry the fast and the
  1735. Music awards given by the recording academy
  1736. Hippy living space where many people share
  1737. The british passenger liner that sank in 1912
  1738. Throws a baseball
  1739. Hormone injection that treats diabetes
  1740. Place for storing dried grass at the top of a barn
  1741. When a number is multiplied by itself
  1742. It awards gold play buttons to its biggest stars
  1743. Problem with two equal solutions
  1744. Popular dark irish stout, known for its harp logo
  1745. Hit abba jukebox musical movie with meryl streep
  1746. Fairground ride with ride on horses
  1747. Foolish and juvenile
  1748. Simple, tied back style for long hair
  1749. Choice of sound heard when a phone receives a call
  1750. Triumph, winning result
  1751. A type of rich seafood soup, clam
  1752. Hitting a door to gain entry during a police raid
  1753. Strip of cloth worn around the sleeve
  1754. Batman villain whose real name is harvey dent
  1755. Online audio broadcast, like self made radio show
  1756. Drake knows its you when that bling
  1757. Slight recognition of hope in someones eyes
  1758. Tall, conical hairstyle popular in the 1950s
  1759. Biel actor producer in the sinner
  1760. The most delicious meal
  1761. Shadowy 1940s movie genre
  1762. Highly prized fungi to grate over dishes
  1763. No man is , everyone needs support
  1764. Precious green gemstones
  1765. First moral philosopher of ancient greece
  1766. Stationary, not going anywhere
  1767. Piper goes to prison in orange is the
  1768. Princes little red chevrolet sports car
  1769. Tropical island group between cuba and florida
  1770. Hanging bar that acrobats use in circuses
  1771. Bright orange squash often used to make pies
  1772. Give formal praise to someone for their actions
  1773. Stand up event for spontaneous performances
  1774. Wheel of , classic puzzle solving game show
  1775. Person who does not believe in gods
  1776. Hydrogen, boron or carbon, for e g
  1777. Criminal who sends fraudulent emails
  1778. Traditionally, a brides parents pay for it
  1779. A style of writing used on a computer a font
  1780. Completely absorbed dunked in water
  1781. Male daredevil who performs dangerous tricks
  1782. Branch of floor gymnastics using ribbons or a ball
  1783. Cats use these facial hairs for spatial awareness
  1784. One who travels daily for their 9 5
  1785. Hammering sound of rain on a rooftop
  1786. Us state famed for horses and fried chicken
  1787. Stage productions with songs
  1788. Dark azure shade of sailors uniforms
  1789. Light cant escape this place in space
  1790. The irresistible force meets the object
  1791. Rule out a suspect from criminal enquiries
  1792. Tiny picture thats a preview online
  1793. Angel, niagara and victoria are examples of one
  1794. Fast paced group exercise on stationary bikes
  1795. Pastel green nut that comes in a shell
  1796. Last announcement for flight passengers to board
  1797. Not clipped, like an unruly beard
  1798. Gold digger rapper, ran for president in 2020
  1799. Cow mammary organs, milk is extracted from them
  1800. Adam, lead vocalist of maroon 5
  1801. Scrooge, scottish uncle of disneys donald
  1802. Type of horse that gymnasts balance on
  1803. Check these electronic messages using your phone
  1804. A casual, short sleeved top
  1805. Heat water for cooking, just lower than a boil
  1806. A trip on a boat or ocean liner
  1807. Constellation also known as the twins
  1808. Units equal to 2 2 pounds each
  1809. One of 101 in a book or disney movie
  1810. Absolutely bamboozled and speechless
  1811. Sport you might see a piledriver performed in
  1812. Exotic tomato like, orange fruit with sweet pulp
  1813. Sweet spread made from oranges or other citrus
  1814. Bonaparte and dynamite
  1815. Making a long jump
  1816. First name of fashion designer kors
  1817. Step by step cooking or baking instructions
  1818. Firefox, chrome or edge
  1819. Order to do something
  1820. One of the twelve main disciples of jesus
  1821. Marvel 2019 superhero film, avengers
  1822. Trip over a word when speaking
  1823. The former turkish empire established by osman
  1824. A person connects these when something makes sense
  1825. Keep your friends close and your closer
  1826. A grooms chief usher at his wedding
  1827. Closed a door with great force
  1828. Units in celsius or fahrenheit
  1829. South american fish with very sharp teeth
  1830. Casual us word for mothers
  1831. First name of wartime leader churchill
  1832. Combat sport with swords
  1833. Cheese processing gadgets
  1834. Peter, director of the lord of the rings films
  1835. Bright yellow circular arcade game character
  1836. Silent canine companion to aardmans wallace
  1837. Animal that lays live young, like a rabbit or cat
  1838. The five largest vertebrae
  1839. This is cited in a footnote
  1840. Graffiti artist to law enforcement
  1841. Chrissy the model wife of singer john legend
  1842. How to stop an astronauts baby crying
  1843. Double , two bad things happening at once
  1844. Pungent, not sweet taste
  1845. Biggest club used by a golfer
  1846. Van , or companies transport resources
  1847. Cream that comes in a spray can
  1848. Seat on a couch
  1849. Like a gun after it has been fired
  1850. Unethical, villainous way of acting
  1851. Big baddie in a movie
  1852. Lionel richie and diana ross sang about this love
  1853. Person who has moved from another nation
  1854. Kelsey, better known as frasier crane
  1855. Homers greek epic poem
  1856. Absolutely necessary, never leave home without it
  1857. Deep south state in the us, nicknamed bayou state
  1858. 64 or c64, early computer with a rhyming name
  1859. Government system in which the people have power
  1860. Time marty mcfly went back to
  1861. Actor frontman of rock band 30 seconds to mars
  1862. Collectible card game magic the
  1863. Catch somebody off guard, out of the blue
  1864. Wine specialist at a restaurant
  1865. Jane austen wrote about pride and this
  1866. Top of a mountain conference for heads of state
  1867. Style of hat thats actually made in ecuador
  1868. Iphone, service to locate missing device
  1869. A house or shelter for a cat or dog
  1870. Jamaican music genre pioneered by bob marley
  1871. Garlicky chickpea dip
  1872. Extra cards in a full deck, with jester images
  1873. Partner of a pestle
  1874. Friends character whose twin was on mad about you
  1875. Champagne soap
  1876. Countries on the same side in a war or conflict
  1877. This type of power means total power
  1878. 2020 hit for lady gaga and ariana grande
  1879. Egg , mcdonalds breakfast sandwich
  1880. Taking the top layer off boiling liquid
  1881. Anubis was a god in this ancient mythology
  1882. Not reserved nor humble shameless
  1883. Fast flowing river rapids or downloads
  1884. In boxing, its what ko stands for
  1885. Scammer who pretends theyre a poker novice
  1886. Gravys flakey bread friend
  1887. Fragrance generally worn by women
  1888. What mary poppins does in her 2018 title
  1889. Not on schedule, running late
  1890. Outcome of a criminal trial
  1891. Clear material famously used by swarovski
  1892. Che, figure in the cuban revolution
  1893. The sugar found in milk products
  1894. Crouching down with knees bent
  1895. Big circular storm that comes in off the ocean
  1896. What lottery winnings are often written on
  1897. The a in adhd
  1898. Fees paid to artists for using their music
  1899. Positive thoughts
  1900. Mars rover that landed in the gale crater in 2012
  1901. Image display device for home movies
  1902. Textured scrub for cleaning your skin
  1903. Bouncing a basketball
  1904. Dance classes or cardio exercises
  1905. Describes educated person with refined traits
  1906. Silver white precious metal with atomic number 78
  1907. Johansson who is black widow in marvel film series
  1908. How damp the air is
  1909. Dont in anger, 1996 hit for oasis
  1910. To transfer content from the internet to a device
  1911. Galapagos reptile that can live 150 years
  1912. The trevi in rome is an example of one
  1913. Easier than taking the stairs in your mansion
  1914. Cooking food in liquid after frying lightly
  1915. Us state known as the last frontier
  1916. Decorative flower, like the moon or ladys slipper
  1917. Digital machines that might be your servants
  1918. Hanging fabric used as window coverings
  1919. Twin constellation with stars castor and pollux
  1920. Baby grands
  1921. Empire once ruled by genghis khan
  1922. Gruyere, edam or pecorino
  1923. Performing group of acrobats or comedians
  1924. Major art museum in paris, home to the mona lisa
  1925. Substance perhaps feared by werewolves
  1926. Professionally brighten up a smile
  1927. Mass of frozen water that melts as climate changes
  1928. Pattern of percussion beats
  1929. Criminal gang involved in drug trafficking
  1930. Son of poseidon and greek god of the sea
  1931. Daughter of will and jada pinkett smith
  1932. Shares of companies one might invest in
  1933. Frances hodgson burnett wrote about a secret one
  1934. Old type of computer disk made of soft plastic
  1935. The bony structure that forms the hips
  1936. Crack , sunrise, daybreak
  1937. Like the tunes starring bugs bunny
  1938. Stalked animals for sport
  1939. A person or business who buys and sells goods
  1940. Age in the title of 2015 avengers movie
  1941. Rhyming cocktail with rum, curaçao and orgeat
  1942. Mass departure old testament book
  1943. Underground safe house for protection
  1944. Take one number away from another mathematically
  1945. Telephone assistant who connects calls
  1946. Place to keep rare fish in ones home
  1947. Mail, meg ryan and tom hanks romance
  1948. Citrine is a birthstone associated with this month
  1949. Oil and fat mixture, like mayo type of paint
  1950. Place of prosperity, e g thanks to gold discovery
  1951. What a tv show jumps when it becomes unrealistic
  1952. Food delivery branch of ride sharing app
  1953. Someone who receives your social media updates
  1954. Rhyming nickname for table tennis
  1955. Visually , or partially sighted
  1956. Piece of equipment thats used to hit the links
  1957. Batman is known as the caped one
  1958. Tropical fruit often used to make upside down cake
  1959. Egyptian queen who married mark antony
  1960. Astronomical time unit measuring 9 46 trillion km
  1961. Ones fantasy house
  1962. Its the most time of the year, christmas hit
  1963. Extra revenue minus costs, e g not gross earnings
  1964. System of dots and dashes used for secret messages
  1965. Donate effort and time to a cause
  1966. He was one of apples co founders
  1967. Giving a sworn statement in a court of law
  1968. Avian name for a golf score three below par
  1969. Entirely unaware
  1970. Vehicle for underwater travel
  1971. French term for a professional driver
  1972. Safe, fortified spot in ones house for protection
  1973. Giant reptile associated with florida
  1974. Athlete who wears boots with blades to twirl, jump
  1975. Legendary rock band fronted by james hetfield
  1976. Medieval french teenage war heroine
  1977. Computer component for saving files
  1978. Sweet dreams are made , sang the eurythmics
  1979. Loosening, untying
  1980. Enormous extinct elephant like animal
  1981. Strength or effectiveness of a medicine
  1982. Keeping ones money in a financial establishment
  1983. Hugh, star of logan and les misérables
  1984. Machine for chopping wood into small bits
  1985. Common name for the bodys tympanic membrane
  1986. Strike action from a place of work
  1987. The opposite of a departure at the airport
  1988. Period of the year when crops are ready to pick
  1989. The other name for vitamin b1
  1990. Sports implements used to hit tennis balls
  1991. Abbey, tv drama starring hugh bonneville
  1992. Elephant headed god of wisdom in hinduism
  1993. Academic study of past events
  1994. Clingy, insulating body cover for cold water swims
  1995. The sliding compartments in a desk
  1996. Steal an occupied motor vehicle
  1997. Well known cryptocurrency
  1998. 1978 hit for the police with a girls name
  1999. Deep fried ball made from chickpeas
  2000. Yellow animated workers who wear dungarees
  2001. Freud, known as the father of psychoanalysis
  2002. A personal one might help you get in prime shape
  2003. Facility where clothes are washed and ironed
  2004. Shafts or columns of sunlight
  2005. Gerbil like rodent kept as a pet
  2006. Child caretakers
  2007. To business begin in earnest
  2008. Another name for a diary
  2009. American express black cards official name
  2010. Its the f in a radios fm bandwidth
  2011. Deaf composer who performed his ninth symphony
  2012. A persons pulse
  2013. Heir or next in line to the throne
  2014. Fancy japanese cow meat
  2015. Mock or tease, in three words
  2016. Shirt fastening underneath the knot of a tie
  2017. Living things, life forms
  2018. When voting for something, rules
  2019. Small flat bowl found beside a bathroom sink
  2020. Plantation of grapes for winemaking
  2021. Tatum, actor from magic mike, 21 jump street
  2022. Tv show with beach lifeguards in red suits
  2023. Court, mock or unofficial legal proceedings
  2024. Small, intense coffee with expensive machines
  2025. Decision maker in a business film maker
  2026. Colorful theme park built from tiny plastic bricks
  2027. Painting or drawing of a persons face
  2028. Narcotics that work like those derived from opium
  2029. A virtual home on the internet
  2030. Shaving cheese or veggies into small pieces
  2031. Having no productive purpose
  2032. Corporation, business
  2033. Null , means not legally valid
  2034. Island nation where you could visit montego bay
  2035. Millionaire in danny boyles oscar winning film
  2036. Remains of ancient living things
  2037. Thou shalt , commandment protecting life
  2038. Singer with on stage alter ego sasha fierce
  2039. Bird known for eating roadkill
  2040. Kicked out of ones home
  2041. Em forster wrote of one to india
  2042. Fuel gas with formula of ch4
  2043. Jennifer who was married to ben affleck, 2005 18
  2044. Sink , expression of success or failure
  2045. Power tool for smoothing surfaces
  2046. Opposite of acid on the ph scale
  2047. The available audience for a product to be sold
  2048. Type of toast covered in egg and milk
  2049. Professional car parkers
  2050. Thickets, prickly shrubs
  2051. Trojan prince killed by achilles in greek myths
  2052. Doing a cleanse might help get rid of these
  2053. C s lewis fictional fantasy world
  2054. How sweet the sound that saved a like me
  2055. Nationality of tennis star caroline wozniacki
  2056. Funfair with aquatic slides and rides
  2057. Reggae singer of no woman, no cry
  2058. Muppet who played the wicked witch of the west
  2059. A creature that only eats plants
  2060. Dom perignon, for example
  2061. Storing fluid in the body, water
  2062. Better late , said of a delayed event
  2063. Latin name for the great bear
  2064. Website for storing ideas for crafts and hobbies
  2065. Abandoned duties as a monarch
  2066. Sensor used in place of a mouse for a laptop
  2067. Small building on a property with toilet inside
  2068. A stay at a luxurious resort, whenever you want
  2069. Franchise name of a new hope and the last jedi
  2070. The two breathing holes in a persons nose
  2071. Management of land covered with trees
  2072. A pumpkin became this transport for cinderella
  2073. What the government will make you do after winning
  2074. Sam smith song way too good for
  2075. Dont get caught in this blinding snowstorm
  2076. This dad is a seth macfarlane animated series
  2077. 10 km swimming race or 26 mile run
  2078. Celestial body used to guide a ships course
  2079. A spring bloom on a fruit tree or flower
  2080. Straight faced, showing no reaction
  2081. Single eyeglass worn by stereotypical rich people
  2082. First person to establish a new settlement
  2083. Force that gives weight to physical objects
  2084. Common farm machine used for tillage
  2085. Sweet distilled spirit
  2086. To make official, such as a political appointment
  2087. Alpine country where salzburg is located
  2088. Reload an internet page
  2089. Company that sold branded bricks for $30 each
  2090. Soothing plant often used to relieve sunburn
  2091. Jewels that are forever, according to an ad slogan
  2092. Frozen chunks used to chill drinks
  2093. James joyce wrote a portrait of the artist as one
  2094. Free standing cupboard used to store clothes
  2095. Track and field event where people flop over a bar
  2096. You go under it when you have surgery
  2097. Worker who waters and trims plants
  2098. Electric piano
  2099. Winners, champions
  2100. Disfigured batman villain who always flips a coin
  2101. Nickname for tech industry valley in california
  2102. Series of unbroken shots in tennis matches
  2103. Phoebe waller bridge’s acclaimed comedy series
  2104. Blue hue what a water bird might lay
  2105. Propulsion device worn on ones back
  2106. Canadian province with largest population
  2107. Spot where youd find a divan or a four poster
  2108. Celebrations, extravagant social events
  2109. Fish eaten by egyptians and shown in hieroglyphs
  2110. Tell, swiss folk hero with a crossbow
  2111. Join or move to a different faith
  2112. Wax talk in an extremely enthusiastic way
  2113. Profession of meryl streep or jennifer aniston
  2114. Cell division that produces identical offspring
  2115. First section of an aria, meaning singable
  2116. Tough, quick to recover
  2117. Queen latifahs title in a 2021 cbs series
  2118. Bright spot that appears at either side of the sun
  2119. Fitness training with jabs and punches
  2120. Small ornament on a score, like half a trill
  2121. 1923 gb shaw play about a famous french heroine
  2122. Point where tectonic plates meet
  2123. Surely not la crème de la crème
  2124. The tinted muscular discs in the eyes
  2125. Icy strait between alaska and russia
  2126. Approach someone in a threatening way
  2127. Two words followed by al fine, al coda or al segno
  2128. Not see through or translucent
  2129. Belt or cord worn around the waist
  2130. A marsupial also called the banded anteater
  2131. Bambis skunk friend
  2132. Alla , music tempo like a military walk
  2133. The scarlet letter was a symbolic mark of this
  2134. Describes an election that has been manipulated
  2135. First city to host the olympic games three times
  2136. Train locomotive
  2137. Rich, affluent
  2138. Music terminology for at a walking pace
  2139. Native of the mediterraneans divided island
  2140. These woodland animals sound annoying
  2141. French f1 team had constructors titles in 2005 6
  2142. Notation to hold a note, also called a birds eye
  2143. Sideways on
  2144. Cartons in which strawberries are sold
  2145. Central perk coffee house manager in friends
  2146. Sternutated
  2147. Infamous norwegian traitor of world war ii
  2148. Score symbol for lower register, not treble
  2149. Diplomats follow this version of manners
  2150. Physicist james, who discovered the neutron
  2151. African bird known for its enormous beak
  2152. Precious metal used in decorative gilding
  2153. French chocolate dessert also a noblewoman
  2154. Almost but not quite
  2155. Fill to overflowing spill over
  2156. Melody with leaps, i e larger than a major 2nd
  2157. Thick, insulating undergarments for cold weather
  2158. Ingredient in making bread that allows it to rise
  2159. Easier, alternative melody to play, like an ossia
  2160. Incendiary gel made from gasoline for bombs
  2161. To be on a temporary break
  2162. Gaten matarazzos stranger things character
  2163. Port capital of the gulf state of oman
  2164. Airily operatic vocal style like an aria
  2165. Name of every british king from 1660 to 1765
  2166. Expenses paid trip undertaken by a politician
  2167. The individual games a snooker match is split into
  2168. Sticks passed during relay races
  2169. Feeding basin used by farm animals
  2170. Area of mars that looks like a face in some photos
  2171. Partially cook in water like spuds before roasting
  2172. Argue over petty differences and details
  2173. Con , instructs trumpeters to mute themselves
  2174. Grated bars across windows
  2175. Tear around out of control like young children
  2176. Tethers or bridles for horses or cattle
  2177. Long running tv western with michael landon
  2178. Italian phrase meaning with feeling in music
  2179. Scene setting group of people on a stage
  2180. Sudden fits of extreme delight
  2181. Type of poem that tells a story
  2182. Game set in fictional universe of warhammer 40,000
  2183. Followers of jason searching for the golden fleece
  2184. Tiny music interval, smaller than a semitone
  2185. Blockage of a bodily organ or tube
  2186. Winter sport overseen by the iihf ruling body
  2187. Site of us civil war operations led by gen grant
  2188. Musicians order to follow the soloists tempo
  2189. Malay fruit with red spines
  2190. Note known in germany as h, where b means b flat
  2191. Gray metalloid with the symbol sb
  2192. Their heads are green, and their hands are blue
  2193. To calculate the amount of something
  2194. Arts and culture complex in central paris
  2195. 2019 hit movie about strippers who steal
  2196. Or listesso tempo, same time in new rhythm
  2197. Using long shears to remove tree branches
  2198. Liquid particle in the air
  2199. Collective word for leaves of plants
  2200. Belgian maker of chocolate seahorses
  2201. Instruction to mute drums with cloth
  2202. And cartier, australian isles in indian ocean
  2203. Element form with differing relative atomic mass
  2204. Monet painted a famous impression of one in 1872
  2205. Visual marking of crescendo, diminuendo wedge
  2206. System of changing direction when sailing a boat
  2207. Maria, a russian retired tennis player
  2208. Fragrant musical medley format
  2209. German parliament building in berlin
  2210. Quality of having great learning, being educated
  2211. Unaccented note before main stressed music phrase
  2212. Keith waterhouses compulsive fantasist
  2213. The largest city in northern thailand
  2214. Place where performers wait backstage
  2215. Sudden group of people who might dance or sing
  2216. Suonare, let note ring as in harp, guitar music
  2217. Type of engine invented by frank whittle
  2218. Golden currency in the harry potter universe
  2219. Bacon cooked over low heat to melt the fat
  2220. Mildness in legal punishment a pardon
  2221. Unable to be altered, like a metal ship
  2222. Cue musical order to riff until next section
  2223. Invasive twining plant with white trumpet flowers
  2224. The number of tablespoons in a cup
  2225. Lacking interest or originality
  2226. Short, trill like ornament that bites
  2227. Without a hard, permanent cover
  2228. An elaborate celebratory meal for many people
  2229. Mustafa kemal founder of republic of turkey
  2230. Course at which first us female jockey debuted
  2231. Playing style between staccato and legato
  2232. Native to a place, like kangaroos in australia
  2233. Opera of separable pieces, not continuous
  2234. Author nick of about a boy, high fidelity
  2235. Revolution that led to division of czechoslovakia
  2236. Relating to mice and rats
  2237. Bocca , italian for singing with closed mouth
  2238. Body warmers, sleeveless jackets
  2239. Second wife of nelson mandela
  2240. Queer eyes culture and lifestyle expert brown
  2241. Packed, pushy rugby formations
  2242. Belgian canal city dubbed venice of the north
  2243. Scientific study of fungi
  2244. An inexperienced person a novice
  2245. Roman structure for carrying and supplying water
  2246. Ben affleck thriller about a missing wife
  2247. Nutrient made with help from sunlight
  2248. Music term indicating a punishing, anguished tone
  2249. Macbeth witches quote, and caldron bubble
  2250. Leonid, soviet who survived an attempt on his life
  2251. Musical instructions for loudness and softness
  2252. Honey hay herb used to infuse sausages and wine
  2253. Umbrella to protect from the sun
  2254. Fluffy white russian dog breed
  2255. French word for bun hairstyle
  2256. Point of no return river
  2257. Wobbling sound, denoted by strokes across notes
  2258. Sicilian wine used in zabaglione
  2259. Adds water to a solution
  2260. English romantic poet wordsworth
  2261. Bent over backwards to pass underneath a bar
  2262. Italian for to nothing diminuendo that dies out
  2263. Letter, deliberately malicious note
  2264. Time signature indicated by a line through a c
  2265. African waterway opened in 1869
  2266. Carnivorous tower of london guard
  2267. Troublemaker, rogue
  2268. It takes 1 21 to time travel in back to the future
  2269. Point at which a person starts to feel pain
  2270. Make flute like sound on violins by bowing lightly
  2271. Christian sacrament of receiving communion
  2272. Paris fashion house with lair du temps perfume
  2273. Capital of the orkneys, with st magnuss cathedral
  2274. Begged desperately and earnestly
  2275. Scale using only the white piano keys
  2276. Daughter of oedipus play written by sophocles
  2277. Jewish pastry triangle rolled into crescent shape
  2278. Broad term for beautiful italian vocal technique
  2279. Anagram of grounded
  2280. American park where hikers summit half dome
  2281. Founder of auction house that takes his name
  2282. Chopin wrote works in this polish dance style
  2283. It has a smoke shelf, damper, flashings and a pot
  2284. Tiny country entirely surrounded by south africa
  2285. Bass left hand piano line of broken chords
  2286. This medical term is also known as lockjaw
  2287. Type of narcissus, and a golden yellow hue
  2288. Circular building often topped with a dome
  2289. Monarchs representative in an overseas colony
  2290. Play a piece at ones own pleasure, in free tempo
  2291. Games company that published grand theft auto
  2292. Tumbling descent you dont have to pay for
  2293. Describes a rotund old stove
  2294. Utterly stunned, unable to comprehend
  2295. Writer of iconic generation x, douglas
  2296. Monochrome pattern named like a canines canine
  2297. Mathematical expression with two terms, 2x + 3y
  2298. Collecting and polishing rocks as a hobby
  2299. Bouncing musical technique for a violin bow
  2300. Famous greek persian battle of 490bc
  2301. Ancient egyptian sky goddess, the mother of ra
  2302. Former currency of finland before the euro
  2303. Chinese rice porridge, also known as jook
  2304. Surname of heavyweight british boxer anthony
  2305. Forest worker who extracts sap from rubber trees
  2306. Music with no key, as from second viennese school
  2307. Sea witch villain in disneys the little mermaid
  2308. At the same time, during
  2309. Dark, emotional genre, like wuthering heights
  2310. Edinburghs international performing arts festival
  2311. Time, meaning of music term tempo rubato
  2312. Supporting horizontal over a door or window
  2313. Muguruza, spanish wimbledon winner
  2314. System of ropes and pulleys to move stage scenery
  2315. Confident, composed
  2316. She played ziva david in ncis, cote
  2317. Mess of , foolish exchange made in haste
  2318. Half woman, half snake in greek mythology
  2319. Sport in which a foil or épée might be used
  2320. Sweet anise fritter with spanish origins
  2321. Alpha, bravo, , delta, echo
  2322. Square root of 256
  2323. The wizarding worlds british prison
  2324. French dramatist who wrote tartuffe
  2325. Self playing keyboard of the early 20th century
  2326. Star of american hustle, enchanted, arrival
  2327. The kind of letters used to spell major cities
  2328. Jumped out of a plane for fun
  2329. Flemish physician known as the founder of anatomy
  2330. Norway originated term for traitor
  2331. Location in london of shakespeares globe
  2332. Educational, instructive
  2333. Arthur millers salem witch trials play, the
  2334. Female personification of berlin with many statues
  2335. American playwright of you cant take it with you
  2336. The play, superstitious name for macbeth
  2337. Nucky , tv character played by steve buscemi
  2338. Cast of a play, excluding the lead roles
  2339. Theatrical company with resident actors
  2340. The truth is out there tv drama series
  2341. Motion, constantly moving
  2342. Of or relating to bison
  2343. Peruvian beef heart kebab roasted on a skewer
  2344. Device that illuminates the floor of a stage
  2345. Holly , a character from breakfast at tiffanys
  2346. Deliberate absence of conjunctions in a sentence
  2347. Non mainstream theatrical performance
  2348. Small chinese dumplings
  2349. Four maya godly beings who held up the sky
  2350. Surname of cherie, steampunk author of boneshaker
  2351. Mind reading monkey like japanese monster
  2352. City in which the ftse stock exchange is based
  2353. Member of the teen titans born toni monetti
  2354. Frozen carbon dioxide used for misty stage effects
  2355. J j , stranglers bassist with a french name
  2356. Prints in the ground, made by animals
  2357. A challenge can be likened to this kind of battle
  2358. Cross style on swedish and finnish flags
  2359. Area of paris whose church was painted by van gogh
  2360. Skidmore & merrill built the burj khalifa
  2361. The night of the , killer reverend bob mitchum
  2362. Its finished, because its everywhere
  2363. Yellow, gummy mixture of uranium minerals
  2364. Biblical wife of isaac and mother of jacob
  2365. Lush and green, like vegetation
  2366. Beethoven 2008 drama starring ed harris
  2367. Minor walk on role in a play
  2368. He had a complaint in philip roths 1969 novel
  2369. Yorkshire location of the brontë parsonage home
  2370. Robert , actor, sundance film festival founder
  2371. Old fashioned name for tetanus
  2372. Pants, chained trousers of the punk era
  2373. Palais , home of the paris opera until 1989
  2374. Ballerina born margaret hookham became margot
  2375. Drama style that actively involves the audience
  2376. The battle at which admiral nelson lost his arm
  2377. Short lived having little real substance
  2378. A radioactive element with the symbol pu
  2379. An apparatus used for moving patients
  2380. Excessively sentimental theatrical genre
  2381. Japanese art of making paper diorama models
  2382. Bird of prey on american samoas flag
  2383. Annual prague film festival
  2384. Marshland monster in j k rowlings 2020 novel
  2385. Zodiac sign of someone born on halloween
  2386. Theatrical performance during the afternoon
  2387. The flag, popular childrens outdoor game
  2388. Cypriot capital city, divided by the green line
  2389. Michael jacksons 1996 world tour
  2390. Freddys last name in a nightmare on elm street
  2391. Incision making tool used by a surgeon
  2392. A type of electromagnetic radiation, light
  2393. Plays, religious performances in medieval times
  2394. Swiss mountain dog breed
  2395. A chain is only as strong as this link
  2396. Rembrandt painted a storm on this sea in 1633
  2397. Immature only beginning to emerge or appear
  2398. These perils are found in untidy gardens
  2399. Lillie , actress known as the jersey lily
  2400. Historic swedish open air museum, opened in 1891
  2401. Mother of the muses in greek mythology
  2402. Cannibalistic canine name for a ruthless situation
  2403. Traditional good luck wish before a performance
  2404. Ancient skeleton fossils that vanished in 1941
  2405. Point on a compass directly opposite northwest
  2406. Not conforming to standard opinion or belief
  2407. Frog, salamander or newt, for example
  2408. Largest body of water in the alps
  2409. Backstage call for first acts actors to get ready
  2410. Spin on one foot like a ballerina
  2411. It could involve a palm, a crimp or false shuffle
  2412. French writer who developed theatrical naturalism
  2413. Hollywood producer john, directed predator
  2414. Real, madrid opera house, founded in 1818
  2415. Anna, star of x men and true blood
  2416. Mashtots, inventor of the armenian alphabet
  2417. Aussie city sees gay & lesbian mardi gras festival
  2418. Street theatre, oldest playhouse in the us
  2419. The short fleshy flap covering the earhole
  2420. Disk, old tech featured on the save button
  2421. Paving between house and back garden
  2422. Eilish, singer of bad guy
  2423. Large black birds that live at the tower of london
  2424. Townscape or landscape from the italian for view
  2425. Country to which the kookaburra bird is native
  2426. Carving wood by shaving off thin layers
  2427. Ruler with great power anagram of teapot ten
  2428. Card game also known as boodle or pope joan
  2429. Theatrical consultant with expert knowledge
  2430. Desdemonas father in shakespeares othello
  2431. You shouldnt look this creature in the mouth
  2432. Mark , sprint cyclist and world champion in 2011
  2433. Where actors wait before going on stage
  2434. Staple sweetening crop used to make egyptian juice
  2435. Its based on the israeli series prisoners of war
  2436. Whims sudden, last minute changes of mind
  2437. Swedish martial arts actor dolph
  2438. On my shoulders makes me happy
  2439. Action that is out of sight of a plays audience
  2440. French art form of the 1940s meaning stain
  2441. Sea animal preserved as a fossil 2020 movie
  2442. Toy sized version of an automobile
  2443. Charlotte brontë book about lucy snowe
  2444. Seating with the audience on either side
  2445. Snake like device for watering a garden
  2446. Territories governed by mongol rulers
  2447. Camille, artist born in the virgin islands in 1830
  2448. Surname of the only us president to have a phd
  2449. Ancient catalonian city with seu vella cathedral
  2450. Merry, high spirited
  2451. Agent coopers preferred pie in twin peaks
  2452. Director of 1998 movie shakespeare in love, john
  2453. Nationality of artist vilhelm hammershoi
  2454. Scientific study of plant life
  2455. The mysterious affair at , agatha christie story
  2456. Spicy indian vegetable snack fried in ghee
  2457. Springy cord used in extreme jump sport
  2458. Group of theatrical performers
  2459. This wall art sounds like it might leave you cold
  2460. Furthest point from the moon in an objects orbit
  2461. Divining for water or minerals with a rod
  2462. 1965 british espionage film the file
  2463. A person who secretly watches to gain information
  2464. Loud and enthusiastic applause
  2465. Bangladeshi fried pockets containing vegetables
  2466. Crimson uniform of an 18th century british soldier
  2467. Doris, nobel winning author of the four gated city
  2468. Largest historical region of czechia
  2469. Decade in which the tony awards were first held
  2470. A single flower worn as a decoration
  2471. Traditional garments of german speaking nations
  2472. Soft gentle summer breeze
  2473. Blanches last name in a streetcar named desire
  2474. Author ambrose who disappeared in mexico in 1913
  2475. Dog who saved a baby from a wolf in welsh legend
  2476. An unusually hard or tough surgical scar
  2477. Jerry, co creator of superman with joe shuster
  2478. Sounds like a stallion with a sore throat
  2479. The komodo dragon is the worlds largest one
  2480. French bread sandwich sold on vietnamese streets
  2481. Longest battle of ww1, in france
  2482. El retiro park is an attraction in this city
  2483. Fruity name of south africas longest river
  2484. Stage , nerves before or during a performance
  2485. Corridor beneath the audience in a playhouse
  2486. The cat , tom and jerry short, oscar winner
  2487. Lane where the desperate housewives lived
  2488. Greek skewered kebabs
  2489. East african nation with serengeti national park
  2490. Following traditional practice conformist
  2491. First name of dickens title character nickleby
  2492. Preparing a set ahead of a stage performance
  2493. New haven ivy league hue, adopted by other schools
  2494. Fragrance launched in 1925 by jacques guerlain
  2495. Composer who wrote 4 34 minutes of silence
  2496. Spoken thoughts by a lone character on stage
  2497. Woody allen 1977 movie starring diane keaton
  2498. William blake, francisco goya, and juan luna
  2499. First name of henry viiis mother
  2500. Light green jamaican citrus that is not pretty
  2501. Red and green visual symbols for actors in a play
  2502. A state of disuse
  2503. Ann leading figure in stem cell research
  2504. Trufflehunter in prince caspian book
  2505. Singer pj who let england shake in 2011
  2506. Masked performer in a folk play
  2507. With daub, an ancient method used to make walls
  2508. Popular puzzle rooms people play to get out of
  2509. Overused trope in books or movies
  2510. Tesla, who pioneered modern electricity supply
  2511. Blue, butterfly species extinct since 1940s
  2512. Type of wine that is spiced and served hot
  2513. It sounds like this gamebird likes to complain
  2514. Mary, case of spontaneous human combustion
  2515. Flashing light used for special effects on a stage
  2516. The monnaie de paris makes this countrys coins
  2517. Playwright alan who wrote the history boys
  2518. Father of modern pathology, rudolf
  2519. Fruit of a common summer bloom used in cough syrup
  2520. The highwayman dick turpins possible day job
  2521. Motor racing circuit in gauteng, south africa
  2522. Renaissance artist known for his view of toledo
  2523. Soft edged stage spotlight
  2524. Big, heavy ocean waves
  2525. Uk civil liberties campaigning group
  2526. Treachery, untrustworthiness
  2527. Zoo , u2 hit inspired by berlin transport hub
  2528. Stage play with acclaimed mechanical equine prop
  2529. Beautiful and expressive speaking
  2530. Poisonous flowers producing digitalis
  2531. The amount of charge per unit mass
  2532. Demonstrandum, the qe in qed
  2533. On stage comedy slip in a slapstick routine
  2534. End of the line railway station
  2535. Generic name for putter, nine iron, driver
  2536. This gemstones name comes from the greek for wine
  2537. Presumed inventor of stainless steel harry
  2538. The second largest living shark in the world
  2539. Jamón , prized ham from spanish black pigs
  2540. Swears off, shuns
  2541. Skilled horseman of the russian army
  2542. Orange tinted white hue, inspired by tablecloths
  2543. Nelly, who sang broken strings with james morrison
  2544. Buying furniture to put in an empty house for sale
  2545. Middle east country where keanu reeves was born
  2546. Speedy hungarian low cost airline
  2547. Three stripe logo of adidas originals
  2548. This ocean trench is the deepest on earth
  2549. Fruity green hue, popular on 1970s carpets, cars
  2550. Captain ahabs ship in moby dick
  2551. What a defeated party is said to lick
  2552. Worked in a particularly strenuous way
  2553. Discuss between yourselves
  2554. Land that can be cultivated for growing crops
  2555. Acid produced by the body after exercising
  2556. Sash or belt worn around the waist
  2557. This pope led a team of white hats in tvs scandal
  2558. Dark blue plant dye highly popular in textiles
  2559. Scrub wallaby known for smiling in photos
  2560. A small, often round, chocolate coated candy
  2561. Number of players on a standard cricket team
  2562. Milos, director of one flew over the cuckoos nest
  2563. Blue award for the fastest transatlantic ship
  2564. Biblical book in which samson and delilah appear
  2565. Richie, opening act of woodstock
  2566. Military sounding part of a nut
  2567. Brown ink hue used by old masters for sketching
  2568. Some wwii code talkers spoke this language
  2569. Slow moving, lacking in energy
  2570. The gardener who was lady chatterleys lover
  2571. Europes most southerly capital city
  2572. Green used in iranian crafts, representing nature
  2573. Blessed afterlife fields in greek mythology
  2574. Sound made by an excited donkey
  2575. The first track on david bowies album hunky dory
  2576. A hinged surface of an aircraft wing
  2577. Eggshell blue trademarked by nyc luxury brand
  2578. Fashionable 1920s party girl
  2579. State university of new jersey
  2580. Describing a ball thrown upwards from the hand
  2581. Red paint used by bob ross on his calming tv show
  2582. Clay oven for cooking chicken in indian cuisine
  2583. Live action battle combat game, founded in 1977
  2584. Mesoamerican group made this unfading azure hue
  2585. Loft insulation material
  2586. Qualms, feelings of doubt or hesitation morals
  2587. Mikhail, russian satirical writer doctor
  2588. Bernard sumners blue monday rock band
  2589. Ranges, south australian mountain chain
  2590. Warbled like a songbird
  2591. Nickname for a baseball thrown too high
  2592. A nine sided shape
  2593. Daffodil like flower with bright yellow petals
  2594. Movie with steve mcqueen playing a cop
  2595. Pale green glaze, prized for mimicking jade
  2596. S shaped clay roof slate
  2597. Expression aimed at someone with pretensions
  2598. Person who software is designed for, pc owner
  2599. Old time ale jugs
  2600. Hash symbol plus six characters hue marker
  2601. London theatrical awards, named after sir laurence
  2602. Scott adamss comic strip office worker
  2603. Nasa space probe launched to venus in 1962
  2604. Famous canadian poet of the dark between stars
  2605. Embargo, veto
  2606. To cast a shadow over
  2607. Chinese herb said to provide energy and focus
  2608. Chemist, has a toxic green dye named after him
  2609. Turnable word for a something that turns
  2610. Emperor who dissolved the holy roman empire
  2611. Flummox, confuse, unnerve
  2612. Strong hued material, forms the base of paints
  2613. Country where the rock band thin lizzy originated
  2614. Live action role playing
  2615. The maximum operational altitude of an aircraft
  2616. Small edible molluscs with spiral shells
  2617. Genus of trees to which the oak belongs
  2618. Pallas or hygiea in our solar system, for instance
  2619. Prepaid stamp fee in the 1840s
  2620. Chewable shade of pink
  2621. School superintendent in dickens hard times
  2622. Exploits, capers
  2623. Deep fried fishy starter
  2624. Patrick swayze movie pain dont hurt
  2625. Hatchback style car that also has suv features
  2626. Bright blue first used to dye cement for pools
  2627. Not needing oxygen to survive
  2628. South african locomotive known for luxury
  2629. Once thought to be the universes average hue
  2630. North american groundhog that tosses lumber
  2631. John, inventor of coca cola
  2632. When shall we three , opening line of macbeth
  2633. Netflix crime show with blind leading lady
  2634. Covered with ice
  2635. Demoted to the league or division below
  2636. Pass site of wwii battle in tunisia in 1943
  2637. Brontë sister who wrote the professor
  2638. Medical term for a white blood cell
  2639. Green made from copper statue of libertys shade
  2640. Sneaking illegal things across the border
  2641. Incense burner at a chinese shrine
  2642. Marvel villain born with the name kyle richmond
  2643. Offshoot from a river or stream
  2644. Fastening popper on a garment
  2645. Paint type with staying power against uv rays
  2646. A disparaging remark
  2647. Julius caesars last words in shakespeares play
  2648. With a surface that curves inwards on both sides
  2649. Dull green brown used for camouflage uniforms
  2650. Applying a direct coat of plaster to a wall
  2651. Binks, star wars alien from naboo
  2652. Youngest child of queen elizabeth ii
  2653. Another name for the russian wolfhound dog breed
  2654. Teased, blew raspberries
  2655. Spectrum created on early morning moisture
  2656. Basic unit of electrical current
  2657. Sailors disease caused by lack of vitamin c
  2658. Another name for indian yellow
  2659. Three headed giant whose cattle hercules stole
  2660. Harriet known for helping slaves escape
  2661. Name of first artificial orange pigment
  2662. Greedy, covetous, money grabbing
  2663. Long, tapered flag on a tudor warship
  2664. Alternative name for beethovens sixth symphony
  2665. Rodent who was asleep in a wonderland teapot
  2666. The rate at which employees come and go
  2667. Against the flow
  2668. Cloudy grape coating, lends its name to blue hue
  2669. Paradise , sequel to miltons paradise lost
  2670. Collarless sweater with a rounded head hole
  2671. Egyptians made yellow pigment from this mineral
  2672. The good , series about abolitionist john brown
  2673. Narrow, spaghetti like thick pasta tubes
  2674. Raf wwii planes were disguised with this hue
  2675. On foot
  2676. Part time professor to be lower on the totem pole
  2677. Real first name of beatles drummer ringo starr
  2678. Ancient rounded flute with finger holes
  2679. Chinese shape puzzle
  2680. First blank page of a hardback book
  2681. Soil animal home, turns kitchen waste into compost
  2682. Facing in the direction of the wind
  2683. Matisse was an early adopter of this synthetic red
  2684. Designer of chain reaction style machines, rube
  2685. Signs carried by protesting marchers
  2686. Blue ovum of red breasted bird blue paint hue
  2687. Italian salt cured, air dried beef
  2688. Quality of a mineral measured on the mohs scale
  2689. Criminal archenemy of sherlock holmes
  2690. Brother of pegasus, son of medusa and poseidon
  2691. Radiohead album or divers disease
  2692. Bright screaming pink, name comes from perfume box
  2693. Having advantage due to weight
  2694. Hostile, not friendly
  2695. A flea market, in other words
  2696. Number denoting red, green and blue content in hue
  2697. Sweetgrass offers native american plant wisdom
  2698. Touch operated pointer sensor on a tablet
  2699. Hit by the cardigans on romeo + juliet soundtrack
  2700. Bond formed when atoms share electrons
  2701. Purple plant shade the desperate housewives lane
  2702. Pay someone to cover their expenses
  2703. Popular renaissance hue of orange red
  2704. Little bird that has just left the nest
  2705. Written language of the ancient sumerians
  2706. Wall protector also known as skirting
  2707. 1980s music associated with smiley face emblem
  2708. Unconventional, out of the ordinary
  2709. Ancient woodland of eriador, in middle earth
  2710. White ish green, named after a post dinner sweet
  2711. Ability to transmit unspoken thoughts to others
  2712. Searched all over the place
  2713. Smaller than normal, in a fluty way
  2714. Situated in the interior of a country
  2715. Dyes made from coal tar, revolutionary in 1850s
  2716. Urgent police search for a wanted criminal
  2717. Diacritic marks popular with metal bands
  2718. Jugendstil, the austrian variant of art
  2719. Bitter, leafy vegetables
  2720. Another name for rooks on a chessboard
  2721. Mineral made into reddish dye by ancient egyptians
  2722. An epistolatory novel is written as a series of
  2723. Brownish, tawny animal fur
  2724. Mary poppins and diagnosis murder actor dick
  2725. A warship protected by a strong metal
  2726. Any herbivore mammal that chews the cud
  2727. Skies were painted with this blue, 1860 onwards
  2728. Deeds, , emmeline pankhurst quote
  2729. Scale for rating the heat of peppers
  2730. Journalism prize given by columbia university
  2731. Cosmetic company lushs original fizzy explosion
  2732. Original name for magenta dye
  2733. Discovery channels annual marine predator event
  2734. Kevin bacon boogies in this 1980s dance flick
  2735. Rapper kendrick lamars real surname
  2736. Folding method that alternates back and forth
  2737. Book publishing type that isnt hardcover
  2738. Crime of deliberately destroying property
  2739. Forked furculae found in birds
  2740. Small south african loaf filled with curry
  2741. Texas city that glen campbell sang about
  2742. Agricultural professional
  2743. Preliminary versions of printed pieces
  2744. A coarse, unbleached cloth often used for painting
  2745. Demi, singer of 2020s anyone
  2746. Small piece of french confectionery
  2747. Another term for a star in heraldry
  2748. Wooden planks fixed to walls as shiplap
  2749. Vitamin b6, also known as folic acid
  2750. Fake ducks used as lures in hunting
  2751. Actor comedian goldberg, of sister act, the view
  2752. Outer cover of a book used to keep off dust
  2753. Boxing stance where the right hand and foot lead
  2754. Power, energy from a socket or outlet
  2755. Dostoyevsky novel in which prince myshkin features
  2756. Evergreen flowering plant in the coffee family
  2757. A decorative fade to white around an image
  2758. The , aaron sorkins presidential tv series
  2759. Saturday night live and ghostbusters actress kate
  2760. Famous concert hall in new york city
  2761. The wife of odysseus in greek mythology
  2762. Many printers are also these image taking machines
  2763. Expensive meat from japanese cow breed
  2764. A pithy or memorable saying or observation
  2765. Slightly salty water found in an estuary
  2766. 2018 mission impossible movie
  2767. Writers in ancient times
  2768. Round shaped song by post malone
  2769. Child legally raised by non biological parents
  2770. One strand of the fringe on a bodys sight organ
  2771. Jim who writes the dresden files
  2772. Resin based solution used to coat a printed piece
  2773. Sea into which the amur river flows
  2774. Red, yellow, and blue are these types of hues
  2775. Ice cream treats named after a day of the week
  2776. Loud coastal alarm sounded in bad weather
  2777. Done in time, its said to save nine
  2778. Temporary ruler in place of an underage monarch
  2779. There are 12 in a pica
  2780. Where an email waiting to be sent is stored
  2781. Ally , 2000s drama series about a boston lawyer
  2782. This jim played the grinch and the mask
  2783. Cabins in the forest, or places built by beavers
  2784. Millionaire playboy in an f scott fitzgerald book
  2785. Rock monkeys whose albums include four out of five
  2786. Unit equal to 1000 sheets of paper
  2787. Hook shaped accent marker used in polish
  2788. Cooked in a pastry crust, e g salmon
  2789. Tooth decays found by dentists
  2790. Weasel like animal known for killing snakes
  2791. Nickname of hugh grants mickey in 1999 comedy
  2792. She wrote girl meets boy and how to be both
  2793. Printing orientation that isnt landscape
  2794. Machine for marking letters with postage
  2795. Clyde, us astronomer who discovered pluto in 1930
  2796. Cavalry officer count lover of anna karenina
  2797. Empty spaces on the edges of a sheet of paper
  2798. Mary the anthropologist, wrote purity and danger
  2799. Canoed in alaska
  2800. The continental region including europe and asia
  2801. Bright red eastern european beetroot soup
  2802. Battle commemorated by 1813 beethoven symphony
  2803. Many printers are also these duplicating devices
  2804. Colonel associated with kfc fast food chain
  2805. Shirt fabric worn by lumberjacks
  2806. Translucent logo printed over a document
  2807. Toner package inserted into a laser printer
  2808. Mcdonalds kids deal with a toy or book
  2809. Uk region containing sussex, kent and london
  2810. Deepwater shark named for its large maw
  2811. Country singer of go rest high on that mountain
  2812. Miniature fairy garden in a glass container
  2813. Story of ones life
  2814. Roman queen, mother of emperor caligula
  2815. Star of 21 jump street films, also beanies bro
  2816. Woman with light, yellow hair
  2817. Simple japanese style beds
  2818. Diagonal font type slanted to the right
  2819. Peter, spider mans alter ego
  2820. Hot spring which shoots water into the air
  2821. Annual conference of online video makers
  2822. He had an alternative personality named hyde
  2823. Performance floor for spanish flamenco shows
  2824. The last and largest meal of the day
  2825. Alexander, sculptor credited with inventing mobiles
  2826. Calf muscle whose name means sandal in latin
  2827. The h in the scary tv series abbreviated to ahs
  2828. Saint of prague, 10th century bohemian missionary
  2829. Female lead in shakespeares as you like it
  2830. Megan thee , us rapper and artist
  2831. Unbound book
  2832. Pink wading bird that can nest in caustic water
  2833. James corden hosts the show in the us
  2834. Sea containing over 1,300 islands
  2835. Arc de , paris military archway
  2836. Site of archduke franz ferdinands assassination
  2837. British architectural period 1714 1830
  2838. Keyboard , outspoken internet commenters
  2839. Plastic 3d printing material on a spool
  2840. Rory mcilroys home town in northern ireland
  2841. Rapper, actor on ncis los angeles
  2842. Ex eastender dean, who spent time in the jungle
  2843. Shaggy brown plains dweller, similar to bison
  2844. The measure of light reflected from ink
  2845. Italian name for the city of florence
  2846. Alphabetical characters mailed messages
  2847. Strong, shatter resistant acrylic glass
  2848. Charlie, silent movie star of the great dictator
  2849. Intricate circular symbol in buddhism
  2850. Crumbly, strong veined english blue cheese
  2851. Company that produces and sells beer
  2852. James, he was the voice of darth vader
  2853. Nationality of the uns first secretary general
  2854. Do this to on screen text before reformatting it
  2855. Russian stringed instrument with triangular body
  2856. Number of degrees in half a right angle
  2857. Private collection of wild or exotic animals
  2858. Art magazine co founded by andy warhol
  2859. Single letter, number or symbol
  2860. Italian, tomato topped bread to cook from frozen
  2861. Hard, fancy paper that emulates animal skin
  2862. Johnny, lead guitarist of coldplay
  2863. Disc to smooth power flow in a cars crankshaft
  2864. Venomous underwater serpent
  2865. The opposite of majority
  2866. Tools, card or paper distressing devices
  2867. Former british colony on the pearl river delta
  2868. From the very beginning of a court case
  2869. Crafting clothes from wool using long needles
  2870. Slingshot device for flinging stones
  2871. The next prime number after 59
  2872. Colonial estate of the spanish empire
  2873. Imaginary bar where the bottoms of letters sit
  2874. Charles dickens wrote the papers
  2875. Jewish festival of light in december
  2876. Those responsible for a minors financial accounts
  2877. Tom clancy character played by ben affleck
  2878. Name of henry viiis only son
  2879. Host city of the 2000 olympic games
  2880. Secret, creole wife of rochester in jane eyre
  2881. Disneys vain hunter who tirelessly pursues belle
  2882. Instruments played by flautists
  2883. Group of similar items sold together at an auction
  2884. Land locked african country, capital lilongwe
  2885. Quality that can be measured in grams and tons
  2886. Thick dip made from chickpeas, oil and garlic
  2887. Loose style of neckwear, similar to an untied tie
  2888. Renaissance painter of venus and adonis
  2889. Muppet who plays the drums
  2890. Section at the bottom of a page
  2891. Headline across the full width of a page
  2892. Liquid filled patch of sore skin caused by rubbing
  2893. Garments worn by eastwood as the man with no name
  2894. Nationality of nobel winning writer pablo neruda
  2895. Head spokesperson of a legal jury
  2896. Seven a side court sport with raised goal rings
  2897. One sided printing
  2898. Best new artist winner at the 2019 grammy awards
  2899. Undoable knot, cut by alexander the great
  2900. Proof of your order, often paper or email
  2901. Vast tent for hosting weddings and outdoor parties
  2902. Place where printed materials are bound
  2903. Cocktail of cranberry, grapefruit and vodka
  2904. Breakthrough 2017 comedy for tiffany haddish
  2905. Stiff, thick paper used for table tents
  2906. Medical term for intense pain along one nerve
  2907. Poetry that does not follow a particular pattern
  2908. Poke tiny holes in paper to make it tear easier
  2909. Hoofed ruminants, e g gazelles, elands
  2910. Mikhail, last leader of the soviet union
  2911. Mount everests mountain range
  2912. First name of washington, the first first lady
  2913. Went through a revolving door
  2914. First name of la lakers star player james
  2915. Type of forest found in a taiga
  2916. Loose leaf piece of paper put into a publication
  2917. Nymphs of greek myth dwelling in fresh water
  2918. Velveteen animal in a childrens book
  2919. 1980 blondie hit, their second us number 1
  2920. Parks and rec city knope creates a capsule for
  2921. Enforcing a levy on goods or incomes
  2922. Patterned textile woven from silk
  2923. Gooey chocolate cake associated with mississippi
  2924. Antarctic penguins with white eye patches
  2925. Mini chinese rolls share their name with a season
  2926. Press an image into paper
  2927. Australias great wilderness
  2928. The grass is always on the other side
  2929. Fruits with a soft downy skin anagram of he paces
  2930. Type of well into which coins are tossed
  2931. The tall, pointed tower of a church
  2932. Strong pull of a river flow of electricity
  2933. Bounce a basketball around players on a court
  2934. A hot bath will relax these
  2935. The rough textured horns of a deer or elk
  2936. Internet application for searching for web pages
  2937. Territory surrounded entirely by water
  2938. Handheld sports item for hitting tennis balls
  2939. Bumpy and rough textured irregular
  2940. Sportswear brand with three stripes logo
  2941. Blood filtering organ on the left side of the body
  2942. Craig, actor who became james bond in 2006
  2943. Musical shows, e g la traviata, madama butterfly
  2944. Dripped like a roof with a hole in it
  2945. Dental apparatus used to straighten teeth
  2946. Tv viewers, stars try to deduce the singer
  2947. Round moving parts that enable vehicles to travel
  2948. A wrinkle or fold anagram of sea car
  2949. Chewing and swallowing snacks
  2950. It puts the mac in a mac n cheese
  2951. What the art critic did to the play
  2952. Five armed sea creature with a bumpy skin
  2953. Gifts which should be brought to birthday parties
  2954. Areas of new york, such as queens, the bronx
  2955. Powerful cutter with a ripcord for tree chopping
  2956. Sandpaper like board for shaping the fingernails
  2957. Skiing event direction opposite to up a mountain
  2958. Not keen on being in photographs or videos
  2959. Smooth skinned animal living in water and on land
  2960. Back to black singer amy, who died in 2011
  2961. Book that someone writes about someone famous
  2962. An especially fine, glossy textured pottery
  2963. Harsh weather event with swirls of icy flakes
  2964. An exact copy
  2965. To inhale and exhale air
  2966. Flat boards for storing books or crockery
  2967. Sketched shape without much detail inside
  2968. Type of clock that displays electronic numbers
  2969. Batman villain named for an antarctic bird
  2970. Tough, glossy fabric made from animal skin
  2971. Anatomical name for the belly
  2972. When red, this fish is a misleading clue
  2973. Starter, main, dessert are all these
  2974. Dog that is trained to follow the scent of a human
  2975. Coarse grained marble like rock anagam of tearing
  2976. Brand name synonymous with tissues
  2977. Orange is the , prison based netflix drama
  2978. The soft, light plumes that cover a bird
  2979. Making or coming up with something
  2980. Places in the home where people go to sleep
  2981. Long, running race often done for charity
  2982. Describes stones used to walk across streams
  2983. Large mammal with rough skin and a long trunk
  2984. Design, the decorating and layout of rooms
  2985. Womans cosmetic for around the mouth
  2986. Use these to shave off bristly hairs
  2987. Russias capital and home to the red square
  2988. Evil spirits, fiends
  2989. Satsuma and mandarin are types of this fruit
  2990. Planet in the solar system known for its rings
  2991. Instrument of jennifer batten and slash
  2992. Its covered in receptors called taste buds
  2993. Painful mark on the skin caused by a bump
  2994. Alarm, grandfather or cuckoo, for example
  2995. Type of icing rolled out and smoothed over cakes
  2996. Stars and these, nickname for the us flag
  2997. Someone who grades tests and sets homework
  2998. North american name for the brown bear
  2999. Tape that tears easily and is used by decorators
  3000. Michael, us sprinter with many world records
  3001. These close when you wink, blink or sleep
  3002. The skirt that hides a beds legs
  3003. These are inflated at put up at parties
  3004. A smooth skinned peach anagram of trace nine
  3005. Chase, a pointless and fruitless pursuit
  3006. Career in advertising or promoting
  3007. Raised mound in the road to slow down cars
  3008. Thick, fluffy blanket
  3009. Instantly moves to another palce like in star trek
  3010. Shellfish that cling to rocks, ships and whales
  3011. The children of your uncles or aunts
  3012. Theyre associated with the jolly roger flag
  3013. Corrosion that gives iron a rough, brittle texture
  3014. Writing system consisting of raised dots
  3015. Name given to a female lion
  3016. Spectacles designed to fix eyesight
  3017. This can be rough when its windy or stormy
  3018. First name of artist van gogh
  3019. Bus service that runs between airports and hotels
  3020. Green berry like fruit with a bristly skin
  3021. Policy to protect against fire, theft, illness etc
  3022. Public uprising or revolt
  3023. Use this to open the wine
  3024. Soothing salve to smooth out your wrinkles
  3025. Toy storys buzz
  3026. Caterpillar transforms into this beautiful insect
  3027. Owner or keeper of a dog
  3028. Season when leaves fall from trees
  3029. These smooth skinned fruits are sold in bunches
  3030. Connections between bones, e g shoulders, ankles
  3031. City in which you can visit buckingham palace
  3032. Make a surface smooth and shiny by rubbing
  3033. Adam and eve met the serpent in the garden
  3034. Little red riding hood carried food in this
  3035. Christian holiday associated with painted eggs
  3036. Ancient hexes or spells
  3037. To the goes the spoils
  3038. Large black and orange striped cats of asia
  3039. Like the kalahari in africa or the gobi in asia
  3040. Character who asks to be, or not to be
  3041. Kitchen appliance for rapidly heating food
  3042. Legendary hero who led the merry men
  3043. Water dwelling reptile with tough, bumpy skin
  3044. A paper handout with questions to answer
  3045. Cartoon movie or tv show
  3046. Blue or pink food to chew not swallow
  3047. Joints that connect the arm to the torso
  3048. Rough calcium rich rock anagram of meets lion
  3049. Another word for choice
  3050. Primate, simian
  3051. Worn by boxers on their hands
  3052. My pony, classic brand of collectible horses
  3053. This word makes an ass of you and me
  3054. The tough, smooth outer casings of eggs
  3055. They carry electrical impulses around the body
  3056. Undead brain eating monster
  3057. A fireside to relax and keep warm around
  3058. The edge of a country or state
  3059. Flat topped furniture item, usually with four legs
  3060. Roman caesar written about by shakespeare
  3061. Friday, body swap film with lindsay lohan
  3062. Be careful smooth surfaces can be this underfoot
  3063. Sent away from home as punishment
  3064. Forensic crime solving show in a florida city
  3065. It has a rough textured side for striking a light
  3066. Off , out of control
  3067. Household chore of pressing and smoothing clothes
  3068. Abraham, us president assassinated in 1865
  3069. Long sleeved garment worn on the top half
  3070. Boggy areas where walkers boots might stick
  3071. If someones afraid, kids say theyre this bird
  3072. Doing this to paper can leave a rough edge
  3073. Cold storage for ice cream, frozen pizzas
  3074. Cyndi lauper sang that girls just wanna do this
  3075. Sun exposure turning skin darker or red
  3076. Like paper rolled in a ball anagram of lump cred
  3077. Sport featuring butterfly, breaststroke, crawl
  3078. Main heroine in the harry potter series of books
  3079. Mario games company, maker of the switch handset
  3080. A hand sign that means great or ok
  3081. The ocean that separates brazil from africa
  3082. Long dress that cinderella wore to meet the prince
  3083. The length of a journey
  3084. Cats long, sensitive, bristly facial hairs
  3085. Uneasy lies the head that wears it
  3086. Tunisian town with extensive mosque
  3087. The largest moon in the solar system
  3088. The uffizi is a famous attraction in this city
  3089. French circular loaf with large hole in the center
  3090. A rising tide lifts them, according to the proverb
  3091. Hermias lover in a midsummer nights dream
  3092. Architect of the labyrinth in greek mythology
  3093. Loftus , soccer, rugby stadium in pretoria
  3094. The surname of the siblings who went to narnia
  3095. Albatross, human powered channel crosser in 79
  3096. Calcium build up in fetlocks of horses
  3097. He accurately measured the length of the seasons
  3098. Marvel supervillain who rules the negative zone
  3099. Expression of youth coined in antony and cleopatra
  3100. Fake story that gets told so often its believed
  3101. Scottish city in which tony blair was born
  3102. Simulating combat on tabletop battlefields
  3103. Boxer between 49 and 51 kilograms
  3104. The phoenix and , shakespearean allegorical poem
  3105. Quinces profession in a midsummer nights dream
  3106. 2002 horror movie set aboard a haunted ocean liner
  3107. Sandro botticelli painting about spring
  3108. Scottish engineer who devised the horsepower unit
  3109. Hoofed mammals like horses and rhinos
  3110. Especially tall top hat, like abraham lincolns
  3111. Name of william shakespeares mother
  3112. Us wwii plan to supply the allies with materials
  3113. To eradicate or destroy completely
  3114. 20th letter of greek alphabet, name is simple u
  3115. Of or relating to seals
  3116. Surname of the sisters in pride and prejudice
  3117. Collective nickname for shakespeares royal plays
  3118. Disciple of jesus also known as levi
  3119. Neapolitan ice cream with embedded fruits
  3120. Céline, portrait of a lady on fire director
  3121. Burn this trees limbs to ward off evil spirits
  3122. First name of oprahs long term partner, graham
  3123. Where shakespeares merry wives come from
  3124. Legal term for someone paid an annuity
  3125. The dead, central timber of a tree trunk
  3126. Sonnet 94 lilies that fester smell far worse
  3127. 1596 play, now partly attributed to shakespeare
  3128. Highest mountain in south america
  3129. Boxer known as dr steelhammer
  3130. Number of passenger capsules on the london eye
  3131. Extremely stubborn
  3132. Lost shakespeare play thought to be set in spain
  3133. First shakespeare play ever filmed, in 1899
  3134. Country that once spent the escudo coin
  3135. Stadium formerly known as green point
  3136. An unusually thick scar that forms after surgery
  3137. Juliets balcony is an attraction in this city
  3138. St italian monk and archbishop of canterbury
  3139. Treaty, subject of two irish referenda 2008, 09
  3140. Its what an argentiferous rock would contain
  3141. Stage prop that caused the 1613 fire at the globe
  3142. National intelligence agency of israel
  3143. Famous raphael fresco the school of
  3144. Life is but a walking one, according to macbeth
  3145. Englands first official poet laureate john
  3146. Lando calrissians planet in star wars
  3147. Douglas l coleman discovered this energy hormone
  3148. Viaduct bridge of france, the tallest in the world
  3149. Shakespeares escalus warns that some by fall
  3150. Number of countries the equator passes through
  3151. Spy who pretends to be interested in defecting
  3152. Princess imogens step brother in cymbeline
  3153. George harrison wrote something for this boyd
  3154. An endless variety or amount
  3155. Resort in the bahamas, the closest to mainland usa
  3156. Nickname of marvel hero wendell vaughn
  3157. South american relative of llamas and alpacas
  3158. Biancas elderly suitor in the taming of the shrew
  3159. Sans serif typeface named after mount rainier
  3160. The belief that all material things have a spirit
  3161. Master ford advises too soon is better than this
  3162. He invented the microwave oven, percy
  3163. Large cat breed that goes floppy when picked up
  3164. Monstrous creature in shakespeares the tempest
  3165. God of healing and fertility in aztec legend
  3166. Possible co writer of shakespeares henry viii
  3167. Auguste rodin sculpture the of calais
  3168. First country to elect a female head of state
  3169. Method used to self amputate to avoid prey
  3170. Oscar winning special effects artist carlo
  3171. Absolute dominance or supremacy
  3172. German pre lenten carnival
  3173. She connects greys anatomy and killing eve
  3174. Friar who married romeo and juliet
  3175. Mexican little bell pepper aka rattle chili
  3176. She explains action is eloquence in coriolanus
  3177. Italian born american formula 1 driver mario
  3178. Ludwik lejzer , inventor of esperanto
  3179. Island country that is the smallest asian nation
  3180. Guard who speaks the first line in hamlet
  3181. Dave sims character cerberus is this odd animal
  3182. Lustrous, resembling mother of pearl
  3183. Nymph in greek myth transformed into a laurel tree
  3184. Venus and , shakespeares 1593 narrative poem
  3185. Greek amber spirit
  3186. German board game designer hall of famer, klaus
  3187. Mentis, latin for sane
  3188. Inability to speak difficulty in speaking
  3189. Mass marketed virtual reality headset brand
  3190. A person who feigns sophistication and coolness
  3191. Jim, chief of police in netflixs stranger things
  3192. He explains that all the worlds a stage
  3193. Sunglasses brand founded in 1936
  3194. The birth of a , us history with d w griffith
  3195. Motor racing wheel coverings with smooth treads
  3196. Teen winner of 2014 nobel peace prize
  3197. If a foot were a hand, this would be the thumb
  3198. The outer part of a birds wing
  3199. Jennie , mother of winston churchill
  3200. Able to be broken or shattered
  3201. Sir john a, first prime minister of canada
  3202. Shakespeares longest one is 71 lines
  3203. French nickname for beethovens 26th piano sonata
  3204. Japanese general with hidden stash of gold
  3205. More than one eight legged sea creature
  3206. English chef graham kerr, aka the gourmet
  3207. Structure built to take advantage of a nice view
  3208. It derives from the persian for the king is dead
  3209. Subtitle to shakespeares henry viii
  3210. Large triangular muscle of the shoulder and back
  3211. Neolithic monument in irelands county meath
  3212. Sportswear brand with a panther logo
  3213. Our doubts are these, according to shakespeare
  3214. The body part also known as the mesencephalon
  3215. Chinese city where you can visit disneytown
  3216. First 5x tour de france winner jacques
  3217. Sensational advertising hoopla
  3218. The 24 hour period named after the norse god thor
  3219. Coarse woolled sheep of the lake district, uk
  3220. Artwork depicting jesus behold the man
  3221. Female subject of shakespeares sonnets 127 152
  3222. With 685 lines, shakespeares longest female role
  3223. Home state of budweiser beer
  3224. Extremely clear or transparent
  3225. Coriolanus wife in shakespeares play
  3226. Ari up and palmolives female british punk band
  3227. Former french colony in indias puducherry region
  3228. Romanian olympic gymnast, first to get perfect 10
  3229. Bookplate printed with owners name or initials
  3230. Old term for a reform house for petty criminals
  3231. Unnamed subject of many of shakespeares sonnets
  3232. Volatile, fluctuating having changing moods
  3233. Cruise, nautical test sailing of a ship
  3234. Movement of a body part toward or over the midline
  3235. Czech animator of stop motion puppets
  3236. Smallest of all british birds
  3237. South france region they dont speak langue doil
  3238. Enobarbus says she has infinite variety
  3239. Reptilian species in alien franchise
  3240. English royal house from 1399 1461
  3241. Knickknack, doodad
  3242. Compensation earned by someone in public office
  3243. The day to day costs of running a business
  3244. El , spanish name of goyas the witches sabbath
  3245. Anagram of grungiest
  3246. Large stiff feathers of a birds tail
  3247. Horse drawn carriage with a folding hood
  3248. World cup winning french footballer didier
  3249. Instrument for measuring the pressure of a fluid
  3250. Astrid , beatles friend, dreamed up their look
  3251. In acting, also known as sound effects
  3252. Dutch giant ball pastry
  3253. Gadget that helps musicians keep time
  3254. The king of bohemia in the winters tale
  3255. We were not born to sue, but to , richard ii
  3256. Its chemical formula is nh3
  3257. Proverbially, its the soul of wit
  3258. A 16/17th century italian astronomer
  3259. Ancient greek formation of heavily armed infantry
  3260. Family of giant wide mouthed marine fish
  3261. London royal porcelain factory of sanitaryware
  3262. Shylocks daughter in the merchant of venice
  3263. Apples slideshow creation software
  3264. Isaac , spanish folk pianist, wrote iberia
  3265. Solinus is its duke in the comedy of errors
  3266. Ice t album where og stands for original this
  3267. Taking a dip in the pool
  3268. Table contents, periodically
  3269. Time taken for radioactivity to reduce by 50%
  3270. Before cds, music tape with reels inside
  3271. Invasive twining plant with white flowers
  3272. Largest of spains canary islands
  3273. Pilot manfred von richthofens nickname
  3274. Jewish holiday marking the israeli exodus
  3275. 1902 novel inspiring multiple films the four
  3276. Omega 3 rich foods, e g sardines, anchovies
  3277. Bank accounts held overseas, not on the mainland
  3278. With damnation, punishment for sinners
  3279. Sour yellow drink made of citrus fruits
  3280. Life, the tagline associated with panasonic
  3281. A rock orbiting the sun anagram of raid toes
  3282. African country once ruled by haile selassie
  3283. Heavy is the head that wears this royal hat
  3284. Losing the hair of an animals winter coat
  3285. Incredible, tremendous looking
  3286. General name for cups, plates and other tableware
  3287. Scorsese movie characters
  3288. Narrators last name in the great gatsby
  3289. Arcade game of flipping metal balls around a board
  3290. Treble speaker producing high audio frequencies
  3291. Exhibition of artworks
  3292. Revival, renewal
  3293. Nottingham official who was robin hoods foe
  3294. Adjective that relates to the liver
  3295. Study of life or protecting the environment
  3296. Dry period with no rain
  3297. Return to the northern hemisphere, like some birds
  3298. Front sheet of a school project
  3299. Balance along a flat strip between two trees
  3300. She was driven in the title of a 1989 oscar winner
  3301. People who tune in to radio broadcasts
  3302. Type of dance with no choreography
  3303. French word for rampart its a kind of street
  3304. Fashion designer with flagship pink ny store
  3305. Astrological sign of someone born on christmas eve
  3306. Sneezy immune system responses to pollen
  3307. Teenage girl detective in books, film, tv shows
  3308. Tamper proof carrier for large sums of money
  3309. Far eastern fish, some carry eggs in their mouths
  3310. The greek goddess of agriculture
  3311. The month of sundance and the golden globes
  3312. Pre exercise preparations
  3313. Day, youre never weird on the internet author
  3314. Outdoor bed often made of rope mesh
  3315. The moon landing was one giant leap for it
  3316. Country in which vienna and innsbruck are located
  3317. Final legal decision in a court of law
  3318. Chile produces more of this metal than any country
  3319. Roman who betrayed, assassinated julius caesar
  3320. Type of particle collided at cerns lhc
  3321. Sitting on a lawnmower
  3322. Cut of boneless meat or fish
  3323. Painting eggs with stain
  3324. Deceptive malware with ancient greek name
  3325. Modal verb implying obligation or requirement
  3326. First name of the walking dead actor reedus
  3327. Tennis grand slam held at flushing meadows
  3328. Money on 2014 hit single for sam smith
  3329. Practical jokes played on april fools day
  3330. Kiosk selling papers and magazines
  3331. Total of all the dots on a 6 sided die
  3332. Running a state
  3333. Typing tools attached to computers
  3334. Tall yellow bloom of the genus helianthus
  3335. Smallest type of blood vessel in the body
  3336. Methodical and systematic in work
  3337. Book about irish people, by james joyce
  3338. Second largest city in massachusetts
  3339. Lift hair shade with darker strands
  3340. Spring in italian
  3341. Current advice is to do 10,000 a day
  3342. According to the buggles, video killed the
  3343. Two academic girls want one fun night in this film
  3344. Pendant that stores a photograph
  3345. Battle, intensifying struggle
  3346. Get together of businesses to control a market
  3347. Weasel relative commonly kept as a pet
  3348. Ended the same, like name , tame , and game
  3349. The pulpit inside a mosque
  3350. Wooden poles attached to the feet to walk tall
  3351. Louisa may who created little women
  3352. Small plates of chinese food, such as dumplings
  3353. Large square shaped bay in central canada
  3354. The area at the back of ones neck
  3355. Short mythical creatures often found in gardens
  3356. Changing views of the moon during a month
  3357. First name of the performer known as j lo
  3358. Peered intensely with eyes half closed
  3359. Edge of a property or a line you dont cross
  3360. Country where springs songkran festival is held
  3361. Fish , where fish eggs are born and grown
  3362. Conflict between two groups in the same country
  3363. Social network for employment connections
  3364. An ugly one turned out to be a swan
  3365. Closed cupboard or cabinet for storing clothes
  3366. Vin diesels line in guardians of the galaxy
  3367. Missing facial feature in da vincis mona lisa
  3368. Device for copying documents into a computer
  3369. Natural environment in which an animal lives
  3370. Gas found in cleaning products such as bleach
  3371. Live space and time welcoming anyone to perform
  3372. Two wheeled, human powered vehicle
  3373. A fictional archaeologist played by harrison ford
  3374. Female parents celebrated on a specific sunday
  3375. Putting stoppers in bottles
  3376. Three pronged weapon held by sea god neptune
  3377. Material for ancient egyptian scrolls
  3378. Dried green herb often poured on pizza
  3379. The protein fingernails are made from
  3380. Term for a surfer getting thrown off the surfboard
  3381. Permission is approval has been given
  3382. Ancient sailor in samuel taylor coleridge poem
  3383. Twisting natural disaster most common in spring
  3384. Little movers brand of disposable diapers
  3385. A computer program for exploring the internet
  3386. Furniture that has been attached and doesnt move
  3387. Sax, inventor of a brassy woodwind instrument
  3388. Person who illegally sells concert tickets
  3389. Small flow of water, a little stream, a trickle
  3390. Chastain, actor in mollys game, zero dark thirty
  3391. Pale, soft shades
  3392. Disarms, makes safe, stops a bomb
  3393. Do you remember the 21st night of this month
  3394. Structure built among branches
  3395. Rapid spinning movement in ballet
  3396. Someones former school or university
  3397. Exhibit with life like models of famous people
  3398. In basketball, an unopposed attempt to score
  3399. Project runway host, americas got talent judge
  3400. Yellow weed whose name refers to a big cats tooth
  3401. Agrees to take
  3402. A spring one is young, according to a saying
  3403. Longed for anagram of end year
  3404. Period of activity when logged in on a computer
  3405. Title for a female russian ruler
  3406. Chemical element hg, liquid at room temperature
  3407. Weightlifting apparatus on a pole
  3408. Farm grown fruits and vegetables
  3409. Name of the boy who befriends et in the movie
  3410. Actress taylor, partner of sarah paulson
  3411. Bob marleys backing band
  3412. Gorges with steep, rocky sides
  3413. Indoor heating from tree branches
  3414. Italian knitwear fashion house
  3415. Image item displayed on a screen
  3416. Juicy fruits that might be blue, red or black
  3417. Main star and producer of i love lucy, ball
  3418. 1988 song by tracy chapman about escaping poverty
  3419. Tennis alternative to singles
  3420. These in april bring flowers in may
  3421. Liquefied petroleum gas, often used for grilling
  3422. Enroll someone onto a jury
  3423. Hitting a ship with another
  3424. Attractive places to tie up a yacht or boat
  3425. Freddy, villain from a nightmare on elm street
  3426. Blunt, terse
  3427. The first taste sense in alphabetical order
  3428. Paper pad for rough pencil drawings
  3429. Green growths on tree branches
  3430. Punctuation marks sometimes associated with oxford
  3431. Chopped into strips by forcing through holes
  3432. Rider, 80s tv series starring david hasselhoff
  3433. Rows or chains of mountains
  3434. Famous event that occurred on the hms bounty
  3435. International pact or agreement
  3436. There are 16 of them in a pound
  3437. Crafter who makes rugs, fabrics
  3438. W r burnett novel and 1950 film the asphalt
  3439. Sugary liquid attracting pollinators to flowers
  3440. Last name of beyoncé alter ego sasha
  3441. A popular phrase, thick as these
  3442. Wonders, miracles, sensations
  3443. Julia, actress who married daniel moder in 2002
  3444. When food is cooked but is still firm, like pasta
  3445. Stage musical that features all that jazz
  3446. Spheres of floating soap
  3447. French cleaner shrimp in finding nemo
  3448. Letters one should mind, in a saying
  3449. Having a thick and sometimes sticky consistency
  3450. Outdoor movie theater with parked vehicles
  3451. Operating a wind powered boat
  3452. Microsofts email app
  3453. Minecrafts main tool
  3454. Artichoke, knobbly veg looks like a potato
  3455. Switch on this home cinema machine to play discs
  3456. Hanging instrument played by the breeze
  3457. Package paid to fired employees
  3458. Major london square known for its pigeons
  3459. Small, striped rodents like alvin or dale
  3460. Writer who created huckleberry finn
  3461. Bring legal action against someone
  3462. Someone who sets a good example to others
  3463. Ancient roman system of underfloor heating
  3464. Medical word for surface of skin
  3465. Celebrations, carnivals
  3466. Ian mcewan novel and film starring keira knightley
  3467. Participate in ornithological observation
  3468. Singer carrie or actor blair
  3469. Dancers end of performance palm gesture
  3470. Device that shows movies on large screens
  3471. Us president theodore, after who teddies are named
  3472. Giant house that may be haunted
  3473. Its said to be worth a thousand words
  3474. Wrist clocks, digital or apple ones can be square
  3475. Pc home screen on which your icons are found
  3476. Celebration at midnight on december 31st
  3477. Epic fantasy book and tv series, game of
  3478. Financial system of a country
  3479. How wool garments are often made
  3480. Or be square , invitation to a party
  3481. Areas of dense woodland with tall trees
  3482. The amount of money available for an enterprise
  3483. Sweet scented part of a plant
  3484. Yellow fruits used to make limoncello liqueur
  3485. Number of minutes in half an hour
  3486. Central american country with a famous canal
  3487. Two dont make a right, revenge never pays
  3488. Rug for the floor, may be square
  3489. Topmost parts of houses, often used for storage
  3490. Works of fiction, story books
  3491. Person who does ballet, cha cha or two step
  3492. The part of an item of clothing covering the arm
  3493. Lots of pieces make up this square puzzle
  3494. Bike with three wheels
  3495. Buildings for christian worship
  3496. Type of card with a persons job, email on it
  3497. Cuts or picks ripe crops
  3498. Bound paper pad for writing in
  3499. From the continent of spain and sweden
  3500. George lucas famous sci fi film series
  3501. Pale orange stone fruit
  3502. Rectangular carton that new footwear arrives in
  3503. Trip bill and ted went on a bogus one
  3504. Room set aside for laundry and large appliances
  3505. Enormous cow like animal, like a bison
  3506. Shiny, silvery liquid element with symbol hg
  3507. The vampire , supernatural tv show
  3508. Digits mac version of microsoft excel
  3509. Wrapped up gift for christmas, often in a box
  3510. Electric hair cutter for a very short style
  3511. Devotion card stamped with every coffee bought
  3512. Blood sucking monster said to transform into a bat
  3513. Hub for resetting the lights when they go out
  3514. Its raining, its pouring, the old man is
  3515. Triangular egyptian building with a square base
  3516. Broth based food served in bowl, not cold
  3517. Baby one more time singer spears
  3518. A flight that does not arrive on time
  3519. Sudden heavy rain showers
  3520. Toy building block with famous brand name
  3521. Basic name for lingerie
  3522. Rectangular entryway to get into a house
  3523. He wanted to follow god in 2019
  3524. Up is the of down on is the of off
  3525. Annual celebration type of rectangular card
  3526. Small plant shoots, clipped from larger plants
  3527. Emerald hued hot drink made from leaves
  3528. Handover of a patient to another professional
  3529. Small rectangle storage device, plugs into laptops
  3530. Ding dong that says someones at your house
  3531. What ko stands for in boxing contexts
  3532. 007 character played by daniel craig
  3533. Spiny, quill covered american mammal
  3534. Light butter substitute made from vegetable oils
  3535. Country in which perth and melbourne are located
  3536. Rectangular paper item for revision, learning
  3537. Rabbit that asks doc whats up
  3538. Steiff is a famous maker of this cuddly toy
  3539. End up back at this shape or starting point
  3540. Bomb blast
  3541. Electrical charge thats opposite to negative
  3542. Shock car component for smoother journeys
  3543. Two , describes a clumsy dancer
  3544. Hockey and skating happen in these cold venues
  3545. Lawn at the rear of a house
  3546. Not curved like the edges of a square
  3547. Fairy tale character with very long hair
  3548. Sandwich shop with green and yellow logo
  3549. Sign of the zodiac represented by a bull
  3550. Court plea thats in opposition to innocent
  3551. Long rectangular tools for measuring
  3552. Nicole, star of bombshell and moulin rouge
  3553. Rolled or slatted coverings for windows
  3554. Day of the week that is an anagram of dynamo
  3555. Vital body parts, e g liver, heart, brain
  3556. One, top of the charts
  3557. Big rectangular greens where sports are played
  3558. Traditional inuit snow homes
  3559. Duck noises or fake doctors
  3560. A lose overcoat the upper part of a mans suit
  3561. Beaches, seashores
  3562. One who lives on land surrounded by water
  3563. A basketball player forcing the ball into the hoop
  3564. Takeaway container for deep dish or stuffed crust
  3565. It wasnt on purpose
  3566. A vendor, someone who trades or sells
  3567. An approximate cost of something
  3568. Rectangle to keep your page when reading
  3569. Span of years equal to a persons existence
  3570. Stomach noises when you are hungry
  3571. Not connected with cables, such as wi fi
  3572. Three sided shape of a house of cards
  3573. Losing your nerve, frozen tootsies maybe
  3574. A hat to wear when washing to avoid wet hair
  3575. Social media app with square photos and stories
  3576. Response to questions the accused wont answer
  3577. Explosive formula invented by the chinese
  3578. Moving seat that transports skiers up mountains
  3579. Playground game with chalk squares to jump in
  3580. Large, white furred, arctic predator
  3581. This brings thunder, lightning, waterdrops
  3582. Title used for us presidents wife
  3583. Huge rectangular poster placed on a highway
  3584. Long, stylish mode of chauffeur driven transport
  3585. Harry potters sport, played on broomsticks
  3586. A formal statement given in a court of law
  3587. Small or large digestive organ
  3588. Beef, chicken, vegetable seasoning block
  3589. Team plans discussed ahead of a match
  3590. Garments the emperors were new
  3591. Places, number of digits after the point
  3592. Throwing action for dice
  3593. Includes crab, oysters, fish, scallops
  3594. Microsofts email program
  3595. Cold boxy appliance for keeping ice cream in
  3596. Made a sound like a turkey
  3597. Shiny surfaces that reflect your appearance
  3598. Having a foul scent
  3599. Paper rectangle allows entry to a cinema, train
  3600. Performing on stage taking on a temporary role
  3601. State directly south of washington state
  3602. Surname of the famous literary detective sherlock
  3603. Snow whites seven roommates
  3604. Grid patterned breakfast food, made in an iron
  3605. African mammals with black and white stripes
  3606. A four leafed one is a good luck charm
  3607. Many great books have been adapted to these
  3608. Country associated with sophocles and aristotle
  3609. Touched down at the end of a flight
  3610. Automatic ads that appear on screen
  3611. Us world record holder swimmer matt
  3612. Mindset that basic abilities can be improved
  3613. Soft, wrinkled nut served in a waldorf salad
  3614. The twin brother of pollux in greek mythology
  3615. Repetitive swimming training exercises
  3616. These handheld spinners were a craze in the 2010s
  3617. Minor amendments to a piece of written work
  3618. The valve between a hearts atrium and ventricle
  3619. Add it to injury to worsen bad luck
  3620. Threw, launched
  3621. Name given to female foxes
  3622. This is the warmest sea on earth
  3623. A four sided spinning top used during hanukkah
  3624. Toni morrisons 1987 pulitzer winning novel
  3625. Dancing violently at rock concerts, in a pit maybe
  3626. Star trek race to which worf belongs
  3627. Control capsule in medical trials
  3628. Large tapering body of veg that grows underground
  3629. Meditative focal points for energy in the body
  3630. 2015 james bond movie starring daniel craig
  3631. Strong current that can take a swimmer out to sea
  3632. Award, confer
  3633. Bad, terrible tasting alcohol
  3634. Short trailer to promote a movie
  3635. Run or swim as fast as you can
  3636. Relating to the cosmos, with planes and projection
  3637. Epiphone are famous makers of this instrument
  3638. Horse pace slower than galloping
  3639. Tropical lake ideal for wild swimming
  3640. Dutch gibberish, nonsense
  3641. Shakespeares doomed danish prince
  3642. Hat worn by sinatra or bogart
  3643. Netflix series based on the story of pablo escobar
  3644. Angela who became german chancellor in 2005
  3645. Xerxes and darius once led this ancient kingdom
  3646. Site of nuclear power disaster in 1986
  3647. Soft bullets that kids shoot from nerf guns
  3648. Rest periods between swimming sets
  3649. Exceeded, outdid
  3650. What lady kluck, maid marian played in robin hood
  3651. Dolly partons home state
  3652. Loud speaker setting for an in car phone
  3653. Team ball sport in a pool with goals
  3654. Unrealistic hope or aspiration
  3655. Leap from the side of a pool and get wet
  3656. Fold the corner of a books page
  3657. Stocks and these, financial stakes in corporations
  3658. Organisms studied by a bryologist
  3659. Rock band 10cc werent this in 1975
  3660. Ruffled and peaked headgear associated with easter
  3661. Actor ray, star of everybody loves raymond
  3662. Defensive hairs on porcupines
  3663. Slippery slides found at a water park
  3664. Speaker of the us house of representatives nancy
  3665. Mma contests
  3666. Pool employee to rescue swimmers in trouble
  3667. A close friend derives from the latin for bread
  3668. Delicate part of a valentines flower
  3669. Swim stroke with arms circling at the same time
  3670. Like many chocolate chips used for baking
  3671. Type of object that may meet an unstoppable force
  3672. Smaller stream that flows into a larger river
  3673. Compressed block of coal dust used to start fires
  3674. To clear or absolve someone of guilt
  3675. Hormone that promotes female characteristics
  3676. Angela lansbury starred in murder,
  3677. Go underwater in a metal crate to swim with sharks
  3678. Like carpets, boards or rugs, collectively
  3679. Hard to see slippery surface in freezing weather
  3680. Legal name for the crime of murder
  3681. Take matters into your tackle issues directly
  3682. Water, using feet to stay upright in deep water
  3683. East asian country between china and russia
  3684. Contraptions, especially new technologies
  3685. Electrical wires or power leads
  3686. Repeated shows broadcast on tv
  3687. Types of swimming races
  3688. Shredded finely, like cheese
  3689. Collective term for particles as a substance
  3690. The collective name for a lion, tiger and leopard
  3691. Manuel, us freestyle swimmer won rio gold
  3692. Joan of arcs french first name
  3693. The smallest of the worlds oceans
  3694. Summertime sadness singer lana
  3695. Flat plan showing text, images, etc on a page
  3696. It, triumphed, perfected a task or skill
  3697. Brand of breathing apparatus for divers
  3698. French term for set price meal of several courses
  3699. Futuristic, hi tech
  3700. Glass container for preserving foods
  3701. Top right corner square on a monopoly board
  3702. Single wheeled vehicle usually propelled by pedals
  3703. Metal piece that locks and unlocks a home
  3704. Longer word for swimming fins worn on the feet
  3705. The storytellers role in a play
  3706. Trouble a dangerous situation is unfolding
  3707. Elf played by orlando bloom in lord of the rings
  3708. Industry that involves hotels and attractions
  3709. A male who practices witchcraft
  3710. Names shown on a screen at the end of a tv show
  3711. Country that separates morocco and tunisia
  3712. Part of the pool where people cant stand up
  3713. Round pastas made from potato or semolina
  3714. Simple camera with a tiny aperture
  3715. A carnivorous plant, venus
  3716. Legendary jazz singer billie
  3717. Sidestroke swimming kick like a cutting tool
  3718. This stocky canine is often a symbol of britain
  3719. Swim sessions for learning to crawl
  3720. Boat used to clear riverbeds
  3721. Brand of warm, sleeved blankets made of fleece
  3722. Models and prototypes of designs
  3723. Tough triathlon with swimming of up to 3 9 km
  3724. Its said to not be over until she sings
  3725. To bar from participation or entrance
  3726. Lewis who wrote alices adventures in wonderland
  3727. Illegally downloaded a song
  3728. A space where things are put away for later use
  3729. Male diver who resembles a toad
  3730. Language in which you might say ciao bella
  3731. Some people swim this water between uk and france
  3732. Lines by robin thicke
  3733. Sayings on coats of arms
  3734. The scientific study of the human body
  3735. Name of petes dragon in childrens fantasy films
  3736. Hard keratin protection for foot digit
  3737. Call the stop threatening someone
  3738. Dad does his daughters locks in this oscar winner
  3739. Chemical added to pool water for cleanliness
  3740. Type of pen with a refillable liquid ink supply
  3741. 1960s us sitcom about a talking horse
  3742. Edited to withdraw sensitive information
  3743. Current below the waves
  3744. Place thats an anagram of a blowgun
  3745. Club, monte cristo, pb and j, etc
  3746. Security bolt on a door to prevent entry
  3747. Ovenproof dishes, pots and pans
  3748. Figure of eight swim float to place between legs
  3749. Cuisine associated with ramen, gyoza and sake
  3750. Image, someone who looks identical
  3751. Like vitamins, theyre important nutrients
  3752. Viral prank involving an astley hit
  3753. Luxury pool with a side that goes on forever
  3754. Frozen patterns created by disneys princess elsa
  3755. This ugly baby bird turned into a beautiful swan
  3756. 12th astrological sign, represented by fish
  3757. The west ones include the bahamas and jamaica
  3758. To fix something to make it more comfortable
  3759. Nice cloth used on the table for a party
  3760. Projections found at the back of peoples throats
  3761. 1990 horror about an author and his biggest fan
  3762. Ring, flotation device for young swimmers
  3763. Sir edmund, british astronomer known for his comet
  3764. Like a donut covered in a shiny, sweet coat
  3765. Humped desert animals, bactrian or dromedary
  3766. If it , collection of four stephen king novellas
  3767. Zinedine french ex soccer player, nicknamed zizou
  3768. Attract attention jumping into a pool make a
  3769. Jason and the argonauts collected a golden one
  3770. Main source of income, dont quit your
  3771. Out of , beyond safe limits in a pool
  3772. Covered in a birds plumage
  3773. Clothing requirements to be worn to an event
  3774. Canine name for americas long distance busses
  3775. A dive that ends by painfully hitting the stomach
  3776. Sink for cleaning the face and hands
  3777. He was prime minister of italy during world war ii
  3778. A collection of literary works or poems
  3779. Weaver known for alien, ghostbusters fame
  3780. Landing of a plane or a rocket
  3781. Warmed up the oven before putting food in
  3782. Ecuadorian islands rich in wildlife species
  3783. Product that is traded
  3784. Device used to time a swimmer during a race
  3785. One who performs tightrope or trapeze tricks
  3786. Adjective describing the rapper biggie smalls
  3787. Natural, outdoor swimming possibility
  3788. Lenins party that led the 1917 october revolution
  3789. To use a bright shade to make something stand out
  3790. Remain hidden, ready to ambush
  3791. Unexplored regions of the cosmos
  3792. Arrangement of 12 pairs of bones around the chest
  3793. To be true, hard to believe something is real
  3794. Us medal winning swimmer katie, olympic gold at 15
  3795. Laurel tree product, often used in cooking
  3796. Like cassandra, one who tells the future
  3797. Exercise where muscles consume oxygen
  3798. Burning or corrosive, like acid
  3799. Movie showing during the daytime
  3800. Canadian artist nelly who sang im like a bird
  3801. Like milk thats passed its use by date
  3802. Delayed ones morning alarm for a few minutes
  3803. Term for a performance given outside
  3804. Photographers space for developing photos
  3805. Male astronaut
  3806. Three headed dog said to guard the gates of hell
  3807. Ride waves without a board, using your chest
  3808. Glory, adeles first singles hit
  3809. Nip , stop before it gets out of control
  3810. Sharon, x factor judge and cohost on the talk
  3811. Sorcerer in shakespeares the tempest
  3812. Lifeguards blow these to stop unruly swimmers
  3813. How well a drug works
  3814. Churchs drainage spout with grotesque likeness
  3815. Putting money aside for later
  3816. Style of close fitting wool hat
  3817. Sport with stick and ball, sometimes on ice
  3818. Little pieces left after you eat toast
  3819. Connect tv to power supply put phone on charge
  3820. Twin sign of the zodiac, from may into june
  3821. Metal runners for directing toy trains
  3822. The bony joints between the legs and the feet
  3823. Cement , vessels that turn to keep cement wet
  3824. Gecko or chameleon
  3825. Official language spoken in marseilles and paris
  3826. Proverbially, a friend in need is a friend
  3827. Qualification one receives upon graduation
  3828. Modes of transport, e g busses, trains, cars, etc
  3829. Extended period of above average temperatures
  3830. Tongue , funny rhymes that are tricky to say
  3831. Fire up a gas grill to eat this outdoor meal
  3832. Soft wool jacket, fastened at the front
  3833. Weight that keeps the entrance of a room open
  3834. Popular kids brand of toy oven
  3835. Down process of turning electronics off
  3836. Story tellers role in a play or book
  3837. Cold sounding icing spread on top of a cake
  3838. Person always at the front, and has followers
  3839. Large flat dishes for serving dinner on
  3840. Gas that can raise the pitch of a persons voice
  3841. Oak trees produce these hard squirrel treats
  3842. Audio device for playing music on dual speakers
  3843. Giant fire breathing reptile, the emblem of wales
  3844. Kidman, richie or scherzinger, for instance
  3845. Another, more old fashioned term for a fridge
  3846. Metal staffs passed between relay runners
  3847. Water office machine where staff chat and sip
  3848. A shade of purple beginning with v
  3849. Period of time for events yet to take place
  3850. Anne of green these, lucy maud montgomery book
  3851. The teenage mutant ninjas are this animal
  3852. Main currency unit of russia
  3853. Facial hair of the upper lip
  3854. Cover that softens light from a switched on bulb
  3855. Another word for animals
  3856. 1972 classic mob movie, the
  3857. The beatles sang about a yellow one
  3858. Behind the scenes, in the wings
  3859. Leader of the us federal government
  3860. Outdated video camera, switch on to make movies
  3861. A feeling of contentment anagram of shapes pin
  3862. Wax with a wick that is burned to provide light
  3863. Japanese art form of growing small trees
  3864. Insert a light bulb in here and switch on
  3865. Babys toy that makes a sound when shaken
  3866. Yellow citruses
  3867. The indentation on the underside of the shoulder
  3868. Country once ruled by napoleon bonaparte
  3869. Houses constructed from ice blocks
  3870. Much needed period of relaxing on your own
  3871. Continent on which the alps are located
  3872. Martial art performed by a cinematic kid
  3873. Demonstrated to be legally true
  3874. Turn these on to count seconds for boiling an egg
  3875. Politicians reading stand
  3876. Spotty big cat that can run extremely fast
  3877. Artist who uses brushes
  3878. Aiding, assisting
  3879. Check of the scales prior to a boxing bout
  3880. Baby , device to listen in on the little one
  3881. Units used to measure temperature
  3882. Play songs on a playlist in a random order
  3883. Ring drawn around the middle of the earth on maps
  3884. Turn on this electric bed sheet for winter warmth
  3885. Cooked at high temperature in an oven
  3886. Managers often do this with subordinates
  3887. Ugly relatives of cinderella
  3888. Person who legally takes in a stray animal
  3889. Landfill gas produced by cows and compost
  3890. Use these machines to make xeroxes of documents
  3891. Birds that were used to deliver mail in the past
  3892. Group of four musicians
  3893. Sewing neat bottom edges on clothing
  3894. Fly on , an eavesdropper or silent spectator
  3895. Eruptive landform that spews out hot lava
  3896. Amazon alexa device with voice recognition
  3897. Gentlemen prefer them, according to the musical
  3898. Corrective lenses fitted in frames
  3899. Inflatable cushion that makes a noise when sat on
  3900. Chilling, like ac is doing to air when switched on
  3901. Long spear thrown in an athletic event
  3902. Tension cooker, makes food quickly
  3903. Small bushy tailed tree dwelling woodland mammal
  3904. Creases and lines on a face
  3905. Cabled phone for the house or office
  3906. Creator of new fashion styles and outfits
  3907. Shape of the frame used to rack pool balls
  3908. Breath of , something new and exciting
  3909. Light one to keep warm while camping outdoors
  3910. Cosmopolitan, vanity fair or gq, for example
  3911. Distribute seeds over a wide area
  3912. City to which the titanic was heading in 1912
  3913. Begin again what to do to frozen computers
  3914. The tiny flowers produced by trees in spring
  3915. Fuel filled handheld device for starting fires
  3916. Childrens gloves, often connected with a string
  3917. Remote put batteries in to channel hop
  3918. Regular sum of money paid to retirees
  3919. Pardon, excuse someones actions
  3920. Syrupy, grid shaped breakfast foods
  3921. Leaping, springing upwards
  3922. Dimpled sphere hit by putters
  3923. A light that is extremely bright
  3924. Jolie, star of changeling and director of unbroken
  3925. Hardwood with a dark red tint used in decoration
  3926. Metal use it to hunt for treasure in the dirt
  3927. Ball and socket joint at the top of the arm
  3928. Music boom box for silver discs
  3929. A person who writes a book or a play
  3930. Country where quebec and ontario are found
  3931. Charge these communication devices to make calls
  3932. Upper part of a document, opposite to a footer
  3933. Title of the third jumanji, welcome to the this
  3934. Flat netted object for playing tennis
  3935. Related or belonging to the cat family
  3936. Window coverings that can shutter up and down
  3937. Machine for crushing oranges, apples into liquid
  3938. Classical composer wolfgang amadeus
  3939. I want to , queen hit with vacuuming video
  3940. A mark left on soft ground when walking
  3941. Sudden deluge of snow down a mountainside
  3942. A single pulse of our circulatory organ
  3943. Whoopi goldberg hides in a convent in this film
  3944. Cord or cable for plugging things in further away
  3945. Plug this in to give the grass a trim
  3946. Luggage carrying frame on top of a car
  3947. Hair possible hangover cure
  3948. Small spiny mammal that can roll into a ball
  3949. Light source to switch on at the work table
  3950. Across body tennis shot
  3951. Electric piano, sounds like a computer part
  3952. Three wheeled bicycle
  3953. Military leader in charge
  3954. Electric household item, like a dishwasher or oven
  3955. Major annual american football competition
  3956. Stock storage location for a large retailer
  3957. Things that are different, yet attract
  3958. Shock from one car to another to make it go
  3959. Signatures collected as part of a protest
  3960. Kids game with squares drawn on ground in chalk
  3961. Its the full name for what we call the flu
  3962. Asleep during the day, active at night
  3963. Strong shot of coffee machine makes it at home
  3964. Alphabetical list with words and their definitions
  3965. Words politely said after someone sneezes
  3966. Find cows, pigs, sheep, ducks here
  3967. Doing this to electronics fills them with power
  3968. Domestic work surface anagram of pot bleat
  3969. Height of the water in our ocean
  3970. Heap of decaying organic matter in a garden
  3971. Hollywood legends audrey and katharine
  3972. Bellowed, said very loudly
  3973. Giant rock, often found on a mountain
  3974. Machine with microphone to sing along to songs
  3975. And no play makes jack a dull boy
  3976. Dog that is a mix of breeds
  3977. Its where humpty dumpty sat
  3978. George ex boxer who created famous grill
  3979. Type of card found in a deck, such as ace of clubs
  3980. The invisible force that keeps us on the ground
  3981. Tough fabric or hide used to make shoes and belts
  3982. Plundering invaders
  3983. Getting into a groove with other musicians
  3984. Someone your work with
  3985. Where gene kelly went singin
  3986. State where laptop power is on but screen is off
  3987. Wrist restraints for an arrested person
  3988. An octopus has eight of these
  3989. This electric bell rings where there are flames
  3990. Improve the seating class of a plane passenger
  3991. Power cells used in remotes and toys
  3992. Dog that can be cairn, boston or west highland
  3993. Symbols on the swiss and maltese flags
  3994. Removing particles from household surfaces
  3995. Half woman, half fish creature
  3996. Turn this on to cook veggies with evaporated water
  3997. A female deity
  3998. Swears allegiance, like to a flag
  3999. Between an elbow and wrist
  4000. Straps for fastening on clothes and shoes
  4001. Where baseball players wait for their turn to play
  4002. Speak a lot, go on and on
  4003. Deadline after which you must remain at home
  4004. Two kinds of orange juice, this and pulpy
  4005. First name of film director hitchcock
  4006. Different directions or paths to follow
  4007. Some call this plant science
  4008. Microblogging website founded by david karp