1. Sunscreen, usually
  2. Sought a senate seat
  3. Julie is upset over nev for being childish
  4. One-time water source
  5. ___ alliance (princess leia's group)
  6. Select fussily
  7. Author of the 1974 novel found in the starts of the starred answers
  8. Greek maiden with romantic dream about love
  9. Shakespeare's legendary king
  10. Doctor no: 'he's cut in half, my dear'
  11. Overlap
  12. 'the rich ___ over the poor': proverbs 22:7
  13. 36-across segment
  14. Titanic problem — diamonds are forever's finale needs £1,000
  15. Spy a refined male's mature books
  16. ___ lingus (carrier with direct flights from dublin to boston)
  17. A sample of growing vermin in small enclosure
  18. Groups of influential people forming conspiracies have crowds behind sorcery
  19. Place in madrid has developed a laugh about end of cia
  20. Layers of stone nyt
  21. Sham — mimicry
  22. Famed horror film locale: abbr
  23. Sports fans' party venue?
  24. Show dirt on o'connell street on st patrick's day
  25. Rich soft french cheese
  26. Actress/r&b singer hilson
  27. Black forest ___
  28. A friend to all is a friend to none
  29. "giant" bear
  30. Dress ruffles
  31. Oxidized coating
  32. Singer sophie
  33. Outing on a wagon
  34. Small, nocturnal mammal
  35. Like packaged kielbasa
  36. Improve as a butcher?
  37. One of the four oceans
  38. 'savages' director oliver
  39. Author depicted next to a steamboat on a 2011 stamp
  40. Oscar winner sorkin
  41. Ocean predator with giant jaws
  42. Southeast asian nation with delicious bread and cheese
  43. Old crosses
  44. Georgia's ex-status (abbr.)
  45. Difficult place to be in
  46. Indoor surfing equipment?
  47. Wolverine without a care in the world?
  48. Send dirty messages while waiting at the dmv, say?
  49. One may be blind
  50. Hollywood's welles
  51. Shaft above the road
  52. Daddy warbucks' charge
  53. How mistakes may be marked
  54. Maker of kibbles
  55. Co. that distributes 'wordplay'
  56. Initials associated with sinn féin
  57. 'milk' antagonists, for short
  58. Animal sound at the beginning of a nursery rhyme
  59. Sitcom about a wacky deck crew leader?
  60. Stuff in the trash
  61. Provide shade to?
  62. Someone whose life style belies their professed radical politics
  63. Two articles on river to which bees are attracted
  64. Clumsy people are all arms and legs
  65. "__ sera": luigi's "good evening"
  66. Cuban 35-down
  67. Arete
  68. Beach club amenity
  69. Disillusioned with a particular song, so no longer broadcasting
  70. I have a motivation to go to the doctor
  71. Put together aid in overseas development
  72. *freebie from the hygienist
  73. Deducted a cost from
  74. Good under pressure
  75. Reacted after a race
  76. E's putting together sale to stand up for the artist
  77. Serve a serving of
  78. Cbs drama since 2000
  79. Submissive type of crucifix rejected by mother teresa, initially
  80. Shout from a therapy patient
  81. Aromatic resin used to make varnish
  82. Student crime in the dock
  83. It may be involved in tallying the four theme answers
  84. The sound that will make you cross between the french and the english
  85. Yaphet of 'alien' and 'the running man'
  86. The beavers of the pac-12
  87. When repeated, a mild reproach
  88. Tractor's pull
  89. Web directory
  90. Lifted sacks, revealing character's foot, say
  91. Not new, to apply decoration that's showy
  92. Take action against wrongly parked car with part of boot against back of traffic light?
  93. "as i'm showing you"
  94. It's not the same if this separates men and women
  95. Former name of a congolese nation
  96. Sought out quickly
  97. Sire acquiring energy — with 9 + 4 is nominally said to be 21 6
  98. Heard tests
  99. Squab's sound
  100. Worker from another company?
  101. Oar type
  102. Punish by excluding
  103. 'the maltese falcon,' e.g
  104. Tale spinners
  105. Do some door drama
  106. Totally sad
  107. Something big on the campaign trail?
  108. Fly fisherman's concern
  109. Website address
  110. Resort near ventura
  111. *small collectible
  112. Twist, for one
  113. Laboratory maze critters
  114. Second largest city in france
  115. Many a pigeon's perch
  116. Rocket sound
  117. Literary character who had a title 'prayer for' him
  118. Apply, as healing hands
  119. Sound from a confederate soldier
  120. They hang around a butcher's freezer
  121. *paper for the paper
  122. Caleb and john dickson, for two
  123. Segment of cricket
  124. First in the sections they play up in musicals
  125. Fbi investigator, slangily
  126. It fosters bilingualism: abbr
  127. Marquee sharer
  128. "madame curie" star garson
  129. Roll controller
  130. Payment made to a copyright holder for its use
  131. Basins' accessories
  132. Speak slowly with long vowels sounds
  133. David who directed the last four harry potter films
  134. Where the fbi operates
  135. Likes to lord it that we hear e's in public relations
  136. Ruler who lived in the winter palace
  137. Feverish that there's only room for one singing voice in the shopping centre
  138. Bocelli or domingo, e.g
  139. … compound starts from any colour you like
  140. Nasdaq or nyse
  141. Talk the hind leg off a donkey when the butter arrives after the champ
  142. Like taken paths
  143. Parent's diner order?
  144. 'wynken, blynken, and ___' (eugene field poem)
  145. Major mail handler?: abbr
  146. Bird in paper with unknown weakness
  147. Took this on with sympathy
  148. Gone bad in the short month i see
  149. 'like you're really going to do that'
  150. Not, colloquially
  151. Hudson river pollutant
  152. It's good humoured how josephine and alan have six between them
  153. River flowing through kazakhstan
  154. State bordering thuringia
  155. Abbr. before some addressees
  156. Link in a floral chain
  157. Do that's picked, briefly
  158. 'adversary' in hebrew
  159. Tense withdrawing record label's money commercially?
  160. Dutch painter, d. 1669
  161. Live helium light attracts this beast
  162. Polite word to say
  163. 'i ___ man of constant sorrow'
  164. Hair care product
  165. Expression of a good volume to read in france and germany
  166. Setting one story about head of man united — on the contrary
  167. Plant the idea that there's one sign of learning at the institute
  168. Lunch with peter pan, perhaps
  169. Pirate battler, at times
  170. Certain bong material
  171. Far from the front
  172. Programme watcher, say
  173. In the paper this adds mystery to what¿s said with anger
  174. Evinced nostalgia
  175. Farbissina's 'austin powers' title
  176. Two-bit despot
  177. Give lecture to bill at bar on how to explain criminality
  178. Whence zephyrus blows
  179. Engine configuration
  180. Loft feature
  181. One of a mississippi quartet
  182. Botanical knot
  183. A second on the run, ultimately like that time
  184. Barolo and chianti
  185. Mexican pastries
  186. "those are my principles. if you don't like them i have others" speaker
  187. It's legal to poach one
  188. Unable to attend?
  189. They call for change in your travel plans
  190. '___ we came forth to rebehold the stars' (last line of dante's 'inferno')
  191. Winter ennui, e.g
  192. Nightly letterman list
  193. Money from a shark scattered in order in seven of this puzzle's answers
  194. Spiritualist’s gathering
  195. Fueled up, so to speak
  196. Dangerous thing to run on
  197. Fielder's woe
  198. Commencement speaker with scattered money from a shark?
  199. "kickboxer" actor jean-claude van __
  200. Cuisine featuring étouffée
  201. Emulate 41-across
  202. Heavy drinking, e.g
  203. Last grade in high school
  204. Barnyard bleats
  205. Honolulu hangout
  206. He took holyfield's title away in 1992
  207. Drug connection?
  208. Consigns to a disastrous fate
  209. Michael connelly
  210. 'what?' alternatives
  211. ___-cuban (musical genre)
  212. Highland denial
  213. Having a shot at winning
  214. Early copy
  215. It merged with the afl in 1955
  216. Won't miss at all
  217. Thumb in folklore
  218. Forensic clues with scattered money from a shark?
  219. Energy drive
  220. With 13 down, cannoli or spumoni
  221. Aphrodite's infant
  222. For no real reason
  223. This animal presumably spends its entire life in a shell ... correction: just the first part of its life
  224. Eight-time best actor nominee with no wins
  225. Early model of photo taker
  226. West canadian province
  227. Pilots emergency escape
  228. Lomond and ness, for two
  229. Trivial event at the bar?
  230. Irish born director of classical ballet
  231. Impress mightily
  232. Quietly
  233. Flaubert's emma
  234. Strong wind of southern france
  235. The olympic logo's five
  236. Odious ones
  237. Crude covering is positively greasy on a boat
  238. Alpine jumpers
  239. What a gun may be fired at?
  240. Items from drawers?
  241. Company honcho: abbr
  242. Williams of "bathing beauty"
  243. Artisan of 39 down
  244. Christ church or st patrick's
  245. Celebrated, perhaps
  246. Modern measures of popularity
  247. Parsley family herb
  248. Potential resource on an asteroid
  249. Dessert not for the diet-conscious
  250. Opposite of collected
  251. Social media fad that went viral in 2014
  252. Large-beaked bird found in africa
  253. Network with the all-time greatest number of emmys
  254. Fancy-schmancy language … or the contents of some special squares in this puzzle
  255. Chaotic situation metaphorically
  256. Forbid, prohibit
  257. Gas brand thats also a musical direction
  258. Something not to do before christmas?
  259. Whence the phrase wear ones heart on ones sleeve
  260. M.b.a. e.g.: abbr.
  261. Animal often with a mask around its eyes
  262. Tv host once with an explaining jokes to idiots segment
  263. Places where business is picking up?
  264. Popular italian car informally
  265. Website with the slogan understand the news
  266. What 17-across raised money for in brief
  267. Sensible women’s group gets directions
  268. Evaluated trade incorrectly
  269. Surfspeak compliment
  270. Sturdy outbuilding
  271. You might encounter a jam in one
  272. Tape is compulsory
  273. Kevin bacon film of 2000
  274. Row to turn game round
  275. Banked on the spanish being in dire trouble
  276. Mark brings up fellow having one weapon
  277. Does rewrite some verses
  278. Join in an emergency
  279. Alternatively gone off with a herb
  280. Young lincoln takes time to help
  281. Point thread out that’s touching the ground
  282. Developing country's need
  283. Wager includes fine form of profit
  284. Draw back from room
  285. Commentators of old
  286. Traitor has new tirade
  287. Swimmer changed tutor
  288. Bound to alter diet
  289. Boy with german tune
  290. Bitterness about british book
  291. Make contact on the subway?
  292. Stopped being a poet say
  293. E.p.a. targets
  294. Masked man's faithful companion
  295. Start of a mozart opera title
  296. *conflict between the houses of plantagenet and valois
  297. He performed after melanie and before joan at woodstock
  298. Fred — lyricist who co-wrote the musical cabaret with john kander
  299. Julian — artist whose works include prints of the members of the pop group blur
  300. White — eurasian plant of the mint family
  301. Carlos — 1998 french open singles tennis champion
  302. Formal name for the game played by venus and serena williams
  303. Alfred — judge who was master of the rolls from 1962-82
  304. River of central england that flows to the river severn at tewkesbury
  305. Matt — actor who played the title role in us television sitcom joey
  306. Best actress in a leading role oscar winner for kitty foyle
  307. Beginning of travel advice appropriate to the starred answers
  308. Steve irwin wildlife documentary series, with "the"
  309. Concerning writing of artistic value
  310. Flier
  311. Industrial city in nord france; medieval capital of flanders
  312. William — kingston upon hull-born politician and slave trade abolitionist who died in 1833
  313. City in north zambia; centre of a rich copper-mining area
  314. Vera — author of the memoir testament of youth
  315. Printing process using a cylinder with small recesses from which ink is transferred to paper in a rotary press
  316. Singer and actor whose roles include uncle jesse duke in 2005 action-comedy film the dukes of hazzard
  317. 1941 film comedy starring the crazy gang
  318. Sculptor's subject
  319. Weapons of our medieval ancestors
  320. Comic who voiced dusty crophopper in planes
  321. Salt or smoke e.g.
  322. ''princess diaries'' protagonist
  323. Season of glass singer
  324. Scottie in the 1940s white house
  325. Deceptive intent
  326. Pull against as a leash
  327. Locker room snapper
  328. Idea that terrifies thanatophobes
  329. Proprietor of springfield's kwik-e-mart
  330. Where achilles died
  331. More open perhaps
  332. Thelma's portrayer
  333. African landmark near the mediterranean
  334. Court divisions
  335. Pitcher's position in the lineup typically
  336. Made amends for what one did
  337. Coveted guests
  338. Fire in the blood
  339. Meetup from scruff perhaps
  340. This won't fill a filly
  341. Word after gift or chop
  342. Buzzing sounds
  343. Totally nails
  344. Beer garden offerings
  345. Marx treatise
  346. Screen ___ (film website)
  347. San ___ county new mexico
  348. College paths
  349. Savings plan initials
  350. Not hit the target
  351. Old ___ (ex)
  352. Aight cool
  353. Florida city home to calle ocho
  354. Landform similar to a mesa
  355. Restaurant ordering option
  356. Bit of ballet gear
  357. Gets in a tizzy
  358. Soothing gel ingredient
  359. Type of belly button
  360. Hot ___ (disaster)
  361. Quickly please!
  362. Tooth ailment
  363. Big little ___
  364. Careers in cubicles say
  365. Queen sugar star lifford
  366. Asset for a spot the difference player
  367. Some dancewear
  368. Sibilant summoning sound
  369. Spanish bites
  370. Some german cars for short
  371. Fast snake
  372. Animated mermaid
  373. Name that becomes another name if you move the first letter to the end
  374. Equipment on a red truck
  375. Baking tin with a central tube
  376. Doctor is right around you in therapy
  377. Figure skater asada
  378. Its juice might help lower blood pressure
  379. Nachos need
  380. Insignia on pirates uniforms
  381. Did intelligence work
  382. Potato ___ (appetizer)
  383. Shadowhunters character who falls for magnus
  384. Fish-eaters arranged to rest
  385. Role for ciara renee in broadway's frozen
  386. Liquids from maples
  387. Dazzling driving hazard
  388. Better with deception
  389. Blow smoke
  390. Ice cube's given name
  391. In a hurry to say hello we hear
  392. Mean is a twisted way for getting this
  393. Valuable floor coverings?
  394. "glee" extras
  395. Sounds like prohibitions on church reading
  396. Publican's pour, perhaps
  397. Hero player
  398. What a 25-across may have lost
  399. -- lines (connectors of ancient sites)
  400. First scorsese/deniro collaboration
  401. Bernoulli contemporary
  402. Muffin tidbit
  403. Dominant planet, in astrology
  404. Largest human cells
  405. Did a lawn chore
  406. Suddenly becoming extremely paranoid
  407. Heredity helixes
  408. Bakery machine
  409. Live up to expectations
  410. Bullish pronouncement
  411. Fertilization creations
  412. Ancient paradox poser
  413. Scrabble option
  414. ''top hat'' tapper
  415. With 41-down, ford part
  416. Air anew
  417. One may be a dwarf
  418. Kind of virus that infects birds
  419. 1% group
  420. End of the adage whatever be your goal keep . . . part 1
  421. Sans scruples
  422. Neighbor of ill and mich.
  423. End of adage part 2
  424. Valjean creator
  425. Emulates a hot dog
  426. Not very sturdy
  427. End of adage part 3
  428. 9 downs low number
  429. Play of the year award presenter
  430. Empathic phrase
  431. Mind big-time
  432. Letters in the definition of kiloton
  433. Over simplified?
  434. Ex-___ conservation
  435. During which
  436. Stressed feet, in poetry
  437. Starbucks menu item
  438. Unsurpassable levels
  439. Magical phrase starter
  440. Key players needs
  441. Juegos olimpicos prize
  442. Twitter producer
  443. Muscle thats mean
  444. Marker on paper
  445. Salem-to-reno dir
  446. Card collectors quests
  447. Places for addresses
  448. Carted away
  449. City near rainier
  450. Forensic analyst designation
  451. Film about a small chicken that won't stay away?
  452. Sunset observances
  453. 'twilight' group
  454. That oscar-winning rabbit
  455. British jazz element?
  456. Frequent winner
  457. Frequent picker-upper
  458. Fiddle-de- follower
  459. Companion of liquid and gas
  460. Played for a chump
  461. Chinese and indians
  462. Everyone in texas
  463. Racing craft
  464. Scruggs strings
  465. Same-state opponent, often
  466. Marco polo, by birth
  467. Diamond strategies
  468. Shortly, in stanzas
  469. Boy associated with february
  470. Bubble, in a way
  471. Suds taken internally
  472. Some rock bands
  473. Imaret, say
  474. Nestle product suffix
  475. Yin/yang belief
  476. Ready to roll out
  477. Messages sent from cells
  478. Photographic gear
  479. Long-running comics byline
  480. Rainbow flag component
  481. Any of the bucks
  482. Backbone or spine
  483. Unsettled states
  484. Rap name contraction
  485. Related by talking
  486. 'i can see mexico's southernmost state from this ship!'?
  487. Pitcher jesse with a record 1,252 regular-season appearances
  488. Indulged in some capers?
  489. Dons for the first time
  490. __ legs (quadruped's pair)
  491. Pair of horseshoes?
  492. Target of thieves who do card skimming
  493. Pre-revolutionary goings-on
  494. Un plaza display
  495. Fed. loan agency for mom-and-pops
  496. Language related to mohegan
  497. Risk growing a long nose, like pinocchio
  498. Unlike terra incognita, say
  499. Mel of the old giants
  500. Some cake slices
  501. They vote first
  502. Well-harmonized
  503. Cause of some wincing
  504. Make the same
  505. Funding for a spanish seafood dish?
  506. Stand sales
  507. Philosopher forced by nero to commit suicide
  508. Buffett's hometown
  509. Soda with a blue cream flavor
  510. 1972 glen campbell hit
  511. Gain entrance to
  512. Educ. for tots
  513. Old powdered apparel
  514. Wok, essentially
  515. Looks like a rake
  516. Cry of magic
  517. Film about a deli specializing in heros?
  518. Like some facebook friend requests
  519. Entertainer with a mandinka warrior haircut
  520. Lend for a short while
  521. Improved, as one's skill level
  522. Major tv network
  523. A u.p.s. driver may have one: abbr
  524. Abbr. on a dashboard
  525. Slimmed down, perhaps
  526. Roth -- (bank plans)
  527. Blizzard fall
  528. Fruit-filled wine
  529. With 43-across, cocktail made with curaçao
  530. Hudson river area zee
  531. Sun, on the riviera
  532. Gravy absorber
  533. Potential powerhouse not to be "awakened"
  534. D.c.'s river
  535. Answer to 'did you see which greek goddess walked by?'?
  536. Soups' go-withs
  537. Vented vociferously
  538. Nylon woven so that tears won't spread
  539. Brand of hot sauce
  540. Street guide
  541. 'space -- a premium'
  542. African outings
  543. Not even sufficient, strange as it may seem
  544. How fritters are fried
  545. Emblem carved on a pole
  546. Horse-drawn cart
  547. Make excessive demand on transport going south
  548. A legal term, with 51-down
  549. Find it intolerable to receive birthday cards and no love letters
  550. Prudence will have you caught up in the battle
  551. Extremely poisonous salt
  552. Fumbling for words
  553. He takes in the letters
  554. Governor imprisoned by a revolutionary member of tribe
  555. Defer action on
  556. Close to the color of a robin's egg
  557. Teach new job skills to
  558. The ultimate early riser
  559. Yiddish "yikes!"
  560. Cold comfort provides services in the end
  561. Appeared to be soundly joined
  562. Rounded cathedral feature
  563. Inward
  564. You're involved in how to design and it's beastly
  565. Parliamentary voting instruction
  566. Flapper's neckwear
  567. Russian peace nobelist sakharov
  568. It's a right first of all to be a poet
  569. Entrusted with putting ones initials to it
  570. Auto workers org
  571. Sn, to a chemist
  572. Spanish agreement comes between teetotallers of the orient
  573. Prince who became henry v
  574. Carted off to jail
  575. Interrupts the swans gathering in the foam
  576. Serves as a go-between
  577. Many an airport shuttle
  578. Broadway honors
  579. Megamistake
  580. Sidewalk stand soft drink
  581. Train's cargo carrier
  582. Jules who wrote 'twenty thousand leagues under the sea'
  583. Autonomous region of china
  584. The _____ ( 1973 horror movie)
  585. With 37-across, traveler's wheels
  586. Clearly its for a light wall
  587. Wwii gi jane
  588. One who introduces acts 7 letters
  589. They start with "hip hip"
  590. One who introduces acts
  591. Greek film director the favourite
  592. Fragrant ceremonial smoke
  593. Ubiquitous rv parks
  594. Bowler's back-row target
  595. Butter-and-sugar candy
  596. Enter slowly and carefully, as a parking spot
  597. Like senior statesmen
  598. Rick's beloved in 'casablanca'
  599. Trees that sway in a hurricane
  600. Bottom of the atlantic, for example
  601. Dwayne johnson comedy from 2010
  602. Hair care suppliers
  603. Dressing flavor
  604. Mila of 'that '70s show'
  605. The ____ (1997 horror film)
  606. Ghanaian tongue
  607. Omnivorous animals
  608. Diplomat philip
  609. Off limits, like an exhausted kangaroo?
  610. Further polishing is slight
  611. Casual dining chain
  612. It's a bad lie of course for fuel
  613. Too much to find sign of learning in the stomach
  614. Celeb's domain
  615. Inside of a winter jacket
  616. Initially ignoramus, after squeezing through, requiring more tuition?
  617. Young folk
  618. Apple pda
  619. Two words that have the same spelling but different meanings
  620. Some pentagon personnel
  621. Unfortunate reliance on a great passenger service
  622. Egyptian city, lepht?
  623. Slugger's big shot
  624. A guiding influence, say, for serial killer
  625. Water that parted in the bible
  626. Gym numbers
  627. How the land lies perhaps for fairer mart
  628. Health resort superior to mcdonald's for processed food
  629. Among flora i need cats and dogs?
  630. Revolting bard soon causing breach of the peace — from which all hell broke loose?
  631. Approval shown by clapping
  632. Evident if i produce what¿s unconditional
  633. Collection of odds and ends for sale
  634. "cool" nuclear idea?
  635. Core exit is for everyone
  636. Curly hairs too generous to hide
  637. One can't be trusted to follow an order
  638. Unyielding, as the remaining part delivered
  639. Mark twain portrayer holbrook
  640. Contradict what's true for the most part
  641. Biblical prescriptions to order the men into the tents
  642. Pete fountain's instrument
  643. Croft over the sea
  644. Unimpressed with having seen it before in switzerland
  645. Like a thing that can only improve
  646. Guys in cuffs, hopefully
  647. Sidewinder trail shape
  648. Contest in which the lead keeps changing
  649. Tiara's relative
  650. Like many northern christmas morns
  651. Emery board's purpose
  652. With 11-down, court address
  653. It's cut at birth
  654. One thing to use in making a purchase
  655. Attaches a new handle to?
  656. ___ park (f.d.r.'s home)
  657. Means justifier, for some
  658. New-lawn truckful
  659. Item fit for 'ripley's believe it or not!'
  660. One who doesn't fit in
  661. Big name in glass or jewelry
  662. Adjust the margins of, for example
  663. Echolocation-using mammal
  664. Letters after 33 or 45
  665. Performance by cricket side that's certainly not appealing
  666. Aim to identify shuttle
  667. Like chicory vis-à-vis coffee
  668. Fervent requests
  669. Carpenter's filing tool
  670. With 45-across city where the masters tournament has been played since 1934
  671. Portuguese north atlantic island
  672. Sci-fi film extras for short
  673. Autobiographical book
  674. Scored on a volleyball serve
  675. Golfer who has won the masters tournament five times (2 wds.)
  676. Nickname of a tough section of the masters course (holes 11 12 and 13) (2 wds.)
  677. Baseball plate
  678. Dinner course after the salad
  679. Ardent and knowledgeable fans
  680. New ___ (official mlb cap brand)
  681. Houston mlb player to fans
  682. Sharp feature of a rosebush
  683. Greenskeeper's repair patch
  684. Quarterback manning who was mvp of super bowl xlii and xlvi
  685. Hearty holiday drink
  686. Having sound judgment
  687. Stir-fry vegetable (2 wds.)
  688. Creamy sauce in italian cuisine
  689. Like many a short play (hyph.)
  690. Golf club often used for an approach shot
  691. Fast-spreading social media post
  692. Make a sudden turn
  693. Rapper/actor born tracy marrow (hyph.)
  694. Stones in a jewelry store
  695. Child's railway train
  696. What skateboarders and skiers try to catch
  697. Look (at) with great interest
  698. Helen reddy's ___ woman (2 wds.)
  699. Exit ___ the gift shop (2010 documentary directed by british street artist banksy)
  700. I ___ it! (baseball fielder's cry)
  701. Sands of ___ jima (classic john wayne film)
  702. Flier of legend
  703. Bad temper — sharpen (a razor)
  704. Judge of hangings, say
  705. 'prik khing' cuisine
  706. Alcoholism euphemistically
  707. Respired, as a retriever
  708. Number on a football team
  709. With some i try to come across as having equal dimensions
  710. Choir assent
  711. Cabbage concoctions
  712. Place somewhere temporarily
  713. Upheaval caused by master's merlot
  714. Knock for six regarding german joiner
  715. 'less than perfect' actress, 2002-06
  716. About rush on ones batteries
  717. Clifford given spin in midwest papers
  718. Like the tyrant favoring social equality?
  719. … tory leader depicted in a charmingly old-fashioned print
  720. Good finish?
  721. See you bring back oxygen from court
  722. Susan who came back for 'l.a. law: the movie'
  723. Great writer, not commencing novel, starts to fill in coupons
  724. Packed up and shipped off
  725. Bake sale sponsor, briefly
  726. Friends of nancy the novelist?
  727. Before noon shift this is very formal
  728. Sport that's nearly pointless
  729. Get it together, treating disorder with drug
  730. What a sucker may have
  731. Moved carefully while in river heading north
  732. Redundant referral in first person
  733. Get really tangled
  734. Paranormal phenomena
  735. Breaking wind — a good characteristic of a master
  736. Nearing the tv station billboard, you did '77 ___' where the sign said '60 minutes'..
  737. Some hardwood trees
  738. Rocker, say, meeting conductor
  739. Finished parasailing
  740. Ways of operating: abbr
  741. Gymwear item
  742. Clock features
  743. Record left by teacher in siam
  744. Tony-winning musical of 2012
  745. To some degree, but not much
  746. Musical combo designs experiments?
  747. Occupy wall street instrument
  748. Nuremberg war criminal rudolf
  749. Query repeated by a kid
  750. Major telescope maker
  751. Super mario bros. letters
  752. Self-righteous type
  753. Tex-mex casserole of sorts
  754. Latin word on some diplomas
  755. Polynesian new zealanders
  756. Erie and suez
  757. Wacky, as humor
  758. Midol target
  759. ''out, cat!''
  760. Josephine of mysteries
  761. Bowlful at a japanese restaurant
  762. 1966 lynn redgrave title role
  763. Devil's specialty
  764. Refused to bid
  765. Nora ephron work
  766. Like one born in 1920, now
  767. Ben-gurion successor
  768. Room with exposed wood beams, say
  769. Powder that goes to the bottom?
  770. Winter forecast, sometimes
  771. Access to a nave
  772. Nastier (anag) — greek wine
  773. 16 inclined to hustle
  774. Name one's own right
  775. Valentine's day quantities
  776. Come to a secret and devious understanding
  777. Milton has nothing scene, say, at night
  778. Olympian learnt about sharing immortality
  779. Tremble with cold
  780. Fight with reserves for albums
  781. Stock regarded as a reliable investment
  782. Assess — examination
  783. Set of eight (var.)
  784. Sound round gripped by gripper
  785. Legendary sword: may yours never grow so!
  786. Act of a horse stopping short at a jump
  787. Guide one's dance partner
  788. 16 sound of sound made by jack
  789. *easy place to go downhill
  790. Collision type
  791. Receiving callers
  792. Spruce up to get name back after marriage with public relations
  793. Sotomayor selector
  794. Pine used for tepees
  795. Having fun catching copper in barometer, perhaps
  796. It's happening but not on television
  797. Genuine for shakespearean king to make comeback
  798. Embarrassed putting together morning caf¿ in shed
  799. Close to the wife we hear but never hits it off
  800. Season long plot
  801. The importance of living
  802. Be super awesome
  803. Scream evoking horror film technique
  804. Early challenge for barak
  805. Orange-flowered impatiens
  806. Examine oneself, literally or figuratively
  807. Go for this at court and not for reward
  808. Many writers work on it
  809. Like many churches: abbr
  810. "___ sunshine of the spotless mind"
  811. Show done at 30 rock
  812. Volkswagen brand
  813. Won't get a whiff gets nothing with stern below
  814. Type of fur cap the rcmp once wore
  815. Gets to #1
  816. Siding plaster
  817. Sushi bar sauce nyt
  818. Her and blaize, in a manner of speaking, won't go off properly
  819. Sea off new guinea
  820. Pour juices over what's not well in paris
  821. Actor mcclure
  822. Blanc with voices
  823. They're in control in the house
  824. Oss supplanter
  825. Relating to nerve cells
  826. Disparage openly
  827. Decorative device
  828. Desert city in mali
  829. Union contracts?
  830. No aristocrat
  831. Northern french province
  832. Lover madly married …
  833. Sounds like a girl keeps the last words
  834. Low seats or footstools
  835. Lively but ineffectual young men of the upper classes (informal)
  836. 'you go, señorita!'?
  837. Money for nothing?
  838. Fashionable young woman of the upper classes (informal)
  839. Wooden barrel
  840. Doorway, entrance
  841. Nyc transit org. created in robert moses's waning years
  842. Extremely heavy fall over inland spain that skimmed water
  843. Soldiers' wakening call
  844. Remind you i'm leading on spur of the moment
  845. Copper has fee for doing what the parish priest says
  846. Dish of meat and vegetables cooked slowly in liquid
  847. Opposite of acceptance
  848. Used in bread making
  849. Causes for some wars
  850. One in ruff, hard to overcome
  851. Like a dancer or an antelope
  852. Help to worship un­likely to be spread by ear
  853. Traditional dress of indian women
  854. Disentangle french party
  855. No getting out of these hairs of late
  856. Olympic leap for evan lysacek
  857. Other than a lion — perhaps something less concrete
  858. Who classically breaks a horse but a noble french lady?
  859. Life-changing promise
  860. They're not the best when r¿ r¿ comes across very loud twice
  861. Recover barney in the vicinity
  862. Bare skin — enthusiast
  863. Afterthought proper to turn up on my return, having assumed title
  864. One who obtains money by force or threat
  865. Disrespectful behaviour
  866. Finds customers from social media, perhaps
  867. Massive egyptian monuments
  868. Miami's marino
  869. Where to hear hearings
  870. Seismograph pen
  871. Impractical person who rigged sail in rough tide?
  872. Imaginary craps advantage
  873. Pompous pretensions, and this puzzle's theme
  874. Bully mercilessly
  875. Joy division's '___ lost control'
  876. Gets delivery of paper from b&b on cruisers
  877. Not getting it
  878. Hugely popular cookie
  879. Someone who fails consistently
  880. Good for nothing made to ride around with l-plate
  881. Cast a stone in devon
  882. Like celebrities, much of the time
  883. Loquacious boxing champ
  884. Spoofing, with 'up'
  885. Number one in bowls?
  886. When a baby might say his first word
  887. Product with a clog talk webpage
  888. Put in the clink
  889. They have large schools
  890. 1 or 2 timothy
  891. 1945 event
  892. Pretends not to care
  893. ___ kreme
  894. Totally tired of yellow journalism?
  895. Sounds frowned upon at dog shows
  896. Askance
  897. A third one is the subject of many science fiction stories
  898. Upper class gp
  899. Like questions of what is knowable
  900. Take on gradually
  901. Private's prank
  902. Bavarian automaker
  903. Magritte, coty or russo
  904. 'the sheik' and 'the general'
  905. Disco doctor
  906. Online id numbers
  907. '___ not' (informal denial)
  908. In a feline way
  909. Explorer aboard the st. peter
  910. Cake and ice cream, to dieters
  911. Seek mercy
  912. All-around good egg
  913. Pta members
  914. Becomes a plaintiff
  915. Like tuareg tribes
  916. Condition for homer
  917. Small palm, say
  918. Jebel ___ (moroccan mountain)
  919. With limited funding
  920. It's all in the ___ now (behind)
  921. ___ rover evoque (land rover car model)
  922. Taste of sugar
  923. ___ of new york 2002 historical crime film starring leonardo dicaprio
  924. Rock concert site
  925. Coming-of-age film about dna?
  926. Burgundy capital
  927. Shakespearean holiday film?
  928. Like the five films in this puzzle's theme?
  929. Bit of carping
  930. Turkey is always next to it
  931. Freezer-to-toaster brand
  932. Gp. in a '50s labor merger
  933. Ship securers
  934. Colleague of luciano and jose
  935. Tuberculosis bacterium, eg
  936. Skirt or curtain feature
  937. Diving judge's job
  938. Reason to say duh!
  939. Brings to mind, as a flavor
  940. Focuses on the road, say
  941. Mariners skill
  942. O body swayed to music, perhaps a swan near a lake?
  943. Modifications to text
  944. Goes astray for a bit
  945. Stadium personage
  946. Follows, as a tip
  947. You shouldnt believe it
  948. Animal with pseudopods
  949. Part of an aircraft wing
  950. Another word for a scalawag
  951. Bit of pool wear
  952. Having all one needs
  953. Cancun-to-havana dir
  954. In need of toning down
  955. Inundates with junk
  956. One who doesnt give up
  957. Standout diva performances
  958. Gives quite a shock
  959. Leaves on the line
  960. Determines as the source
  961. Family name in shakespeare
  962. Place to look for a date
  963. Member of hoi polloi
  964. 100% pure
  965. Leading light (informal)
  966. ___ knox, co-star of lon chaney in 'the mummy's tomb'
  967. Alternative is to get back to her
  968. Vietnam's da __
  969. Lake in niger
  970. Goes on ahead when girl is working on colour
  971. It may be stashed at a hideout
  972. Not shady
  973. And the rest (latin)
  974. ''making a point without making an enemy,'' per newton
  975. Actor jacobi
  976. Misguesses, e.g
  977. Zombie bases
  978. Capitol tourist attraction
  979. Manoeuvre to play requires overseeing by jerk
  980. Bore — exercise
  981. Melancholic to lie about age
  982. Final car to pull in
  983. Bygone n.y.s.e. ticker symbol
  984. Steak and chips perhaps for mum in hotel
  985. Essential element of dot-com transactions
  986. 2010 grammy winner for "just the way you are"
  987. Angry birds, originally
  988. Part of a certain log
  989. It's on the pan-american highway
  990. Sci-fi stock character
  991. At a loss for words flyer covers labyrinth
  992. Spooky tv series
  993. Performer reinterprets a sitter
  994. Image on a 1957 soviet stamp
  995. 'copper canyon' and 'coroner creek'
  996. Waits in long grass perhaps when getting stick
  997. Jason wears one in ''the bourne identity''
  998. Hidden goody on a dvd
  999. Sound out before you arrive with the brass
  1000. Something picked up from the trash
  1001. River through yuma county
  1002. One who runs on
  1003. Layer that covers 47-down
  1004. Robin williams, when from ork
  1005. 'are not!' elicitor
  1006. Where most georgians live
  1007. Realplayer alternative
  1008. Journal keeper of fiction
  1009. Hospitality giant
  1010. Atlantic city resort, with "the"
  1011. Pack count
  1012. The fab five of '80s rock
  1013. "the expendables" (2010) co-star
  1014. Sailor's concern
  1015. Ones with natural curls?
  1016. Scheduled finish time
  1017. Judge to be suitable
  1018. Hoopster artest who changed his name to metta world peace
  1019. Number of ''jours'' in ''septembre''
  1020. It may receive a few pointers
  1021. Have an afternoon lie-down
  1022. Dilation cause
  1023. Arthur __ stadium (us open site)
  1024. "brighton beach memoirs" playwright
  1025. Part of ama: abbr
  1026. One always snacking
  1027. Ones with fictional accounts
  1028. Chinese 116 across
  1029. Ready player ___ 2018 fantasy movie
  1030. ___ of fame (illustrious group)
  1031. 2001 film which is a sequel to the silence of the lambs and stars julianne moore along with anthony hopkins
  1032. ___ mary (prayer)
  1033. Used a loom say
  1034. The lost ___: jurassic park 1997 science fiction film starring julianne moore and jeff goldblum
  1035. Comedian brooks or actor gibson
  1036. Sketch comedy show created by lorne michaels: abbr.
  1037. ___ cooper leonard's roommate in the big bang theory
  1038. Actress ___ lyonne of russian doll and orange is the new black
  1039. Some allergy sources
  1040. Beyonce's if i were a ___
  1041. The big ___ 1998 crime comedy film about a bowler starring julianne moore and jeff bridges
  1042. Coming of ___ (growing up)
  1043. Vehicle in the movie speed
  1044. Lawn layer
  1045. People's sexiest man alive of 1992
  1046. Say what? expression
  1047. The winner takes it ___
  1048. Lion's warning sound
  1049. Actress heard of aquaman
  1050. Sinatra song ___ funny that way
  1051. Crazy stupid ___ 2011 romantic comedy film starring julianne moore and steve carell
  1052. Home to the pacers of nba: abbr.
  1053. Doctor ___ (british sci-fi series)
  1054. Fuse two metals together say
  1055. Like used towels say
  1056. Lacking sense or meaning
  1057. Jedi's adversaries in star wars
  1058. Marie ___ bruce 2004 comedy drama film starring julianne moore and matthew broderick
  1059. Palindromic father figure
  1060. Downtown ___ popular british drama series
  1061. The album 'honky tonk angels' is a collaboration of dolly, tammy and her
  1062. Savings account earning for short
  1063. Next of ___ (emergency contact info)
  1064. Experimental place for short
  1065. Police team for high-risk situation: abbr.
  1066. Shade darker than azure
  1067. Employee hirer, e.g
  1068. Veteran's award
  1069. Delano roosevelt park
  1070. Google choice
  1071. Kin of argon
  1072. This is dear mercy and thou
  1073. Fell on deaf ears
  1074. 'the fair's toughest man alive' (new york city, 1939)
  1075. Saucy behavior
  1076. Mussorgski's 'bilder ___ ausstellung'
  1077. 'puts the keys of the future at your fingertips' (philadelphia, 1876)
  1078. Canberra colleges
  1079. Strong apache leader
  1080. Sermon leader
  1081. Female counselor
  1082. Firenze's place
  1083. Plumbing appliance
  1084. Make an image
  1085. Victor vasarely's "zebras," e.g
  1086. Stretching spot, perhaps
  1087. They're not allowed
  1088. Red pepper spice
  1089. Jeans opener?
  1090. Exotic steak
  1091. Part of summer in santiago
  1092. Dollar overseas
  1093. Russian city and oblast
  1094. Bengalese wrap
  1095. Workplaces for 127 across
  1096. Roughing-it spot
  1097. Like some single-celled organisms
  1098. Act like an expert without being one
  1099. ___ daddy (n.b.a. nickname)
  1100. Find the faults in
  1101. They're hidden in seven of the long answers
  1102. Bend one's ear
  1103. Tennis player's asset
  1104. He defeated mccain
  1105. Far from aerodynamic
  1106. 'big' prefix
  1107. Plymouth colony settler
  1108. Two-time world figure skating champ slutskaya
  1109. Comic-book aide
  1110. Seaweed you can eat
  1111. Greek squares
  1112. Captive at troy
  1113. Stock held by a fence
  1114. Aristotle's 'fifth element'
  1115. What an evictee gets
  1116. 'you've gotta get your hands on this' (knoxville, 1982)
  1117. '50s blast, briefly
  1118. Composer dvorák et al
  1119. Old skating star sonja
  1120. Geste or bridges
  1121. Intl. broadcasting initials
  1122. Field standouts
  1123. Sleepy hollow's headless villain
  1124. Ginnie and fannie
  1125. Patronized a casino
  1126. Bruno -- (shoe brand)
  1127. Nebraska's most populous city
  1128. Family of the 27th u.s. president
  1129. Place for broadway performers
  1130. In a harshly insulting way, say
  1131. Little -- ('hairspray' girl)
  1132. 'good boy, rover'
  1133. It may have a helipad on its roof
  1134. White-as-a-ghost look
  1135. Weir's org
  1136. Not able to learn? can, in special course
  1137. I will bound across motorway at a bad moment
  1138. Part 4 of a layton quote
  1139. Tire parts
  1140. Dance with drink for sailors one set up
  1141. Quartet vying for contracts, top journalist reported
  1142. Part 5 of a layton quote
  1143. Friends are like this in novel, not otherwise
  1144. Girl that has first date after three months
  1145. Thousands of pounds
  1146. Some party men expelled after backing the opposition
  1147. "wild" one in a deck
  1148. Robin's haven
  1149. Piles of sand, originally, in river
  1150. Greek god of the ocean
  1151. Younger — subordinate
  1152. Part 9 of a layton quote
  1153. Secondary quality
  1154. Word before saw
  1155. Jackson and arkin
  1156. Labours
  1157. Pie producer
  1158. They're read on a kindle
  1159. Dosh (slang)
  1160. Like no ruddy appearance from a cast
  1161. Captain after a white whale
  1162. Big freeze
  1163. It's available from the royal society and from official sources, too
  1164. Learner driver's supporter holding one down
  1165. Hackman of "hoosiers"
  1166. Getting on, as a horse
  1167. Actual things, including good monarch's trappings
  1168. Green military cap
  1169. Restrain third man outside hospital
  1170. N. atlantic defence alliance
  1171. What an aphrodisiac may produce
  1172. Part 8 of a layton quote
  1173. "so long, signore"
  1174. Voice to vittorio
  1175. Call playful names, say
  1176. Launched a tirade
  1177. Use at mealtime, as dishes
  1178. Acts nervously in the waiting room
  1179. One may be hidden in a fake rock
  1180. Middle part of a shakespearean play
  1181. Upside-down six
  1182. Rain gutter locales
  1183. 'war ___ the answer'
  1184. Neckwear with a tux
  1185. Coblenz complaint
  1186. Goes out with periodically
  1187. Took over in a supervisor's absence
  1188. Hardy title teenager
  1189. 12-time nba all-star olajuwon as originally spelled
  1190. What financial projections are compared with
  1191. One finds the finance for films
  1192. Salute with a raised glass
  1193. City rds
  1194. Latin ending?
  1195. 1950s wmd
  1196. Kill mother off casually on estate
  1197. Short narrative or tale
  1198. Grant with an honorary award statuette
  1199. Iron over morning will give you a quarter of an hour of this
  1200. Child's one-piece garment
  1201. Can this be the speed to read the riot act?
  1202. Former tax on certain things requiring one's inspection for starters
  1203. Bad start puts holes in bark
  1204. Deep roar
  1205. It's not true to make fun around belief approaching university in limerick
  1206. Requiring a kind of light and energy, it is an eye problem
  1207. Haricot (anag)
  1208. Man returning with endless capital, a very old european
  1209. You used to be grand with sand behind you
  1210. Where arms may be kept
  1211. Guinness of the cinema
  1212. Sting in the tail when conspirator loses art
  1213. Works out plot that no one races
  1214. Pants-loop insert
  1215. Vito corleone's title
  1216. Displaying generosity in a bar
  1217. Writing crosswords is getting hard
  1218. Advocate of foreign affairs makes arabs so mad
  1219. High time for a palindrome?
  1220. Japan resident, say
  1221. Keen to see monster swallowing vessel
  1222. Soho sir
  1223. Sch. with a vancouver campus
  1224. Light-sensing eye part
  1225. Hold two jobs
  1226. Sound heard multiple times
  1227. By-means link
  1228. Two-wheeler for pavement riding
  1229. Monetary assets
  1230. Finally, faith in light brown ale is part of this
  1231. Url leader
  1232. Brutish baddies
  1233. 'idylls of the king' maiden
  1234. In moving back and forward it's over the top preparing for leaving
  1235. ___ gump shrimp co.
  1236. Wail like a wolf
  1237. *treasures stored at the tower of london
  1238. Chop as timber
  1239. *easy to trick
  1240. Small sprites
  1241. A female one doesn't have antlers
  1242. Model delevingne
  1243. Here's my instagram handle!
  1244. Memorable charlton heston role
  1245. Live test match beginning after embarrassment of real unknown getting a duck first
  1246. Tales of a time not long ago
  1247. She's not ___ anymore
  1248. Corolla or tacoma
  1249. Like many a teen's skin
  1250. First to arrive say or a hint to each starred answer's first few letters
  1251. Mother to north and saint
  1252. Informal vote
  1253. They're abominable
  1254. Lead-in to ball or cap
  1255. Prefix for chrome
  1256. Letters before a check mark at an airport
  1257. Goes viral
  1258. Dance like miley cyrus
  1259. (i'm so-o-o tired!)
  1260. Its electric variety is actually a knife fish
  1261. Outcries
  1262. When the dog days start
  1263. In a happy way: var.
  1264. Fuzzy toy that was supposedly intelligent
  1265. Far apart as eyes
  1266. Mustard for example
  1267. Pastries often served with chutney
  1268. Cooks like some leftovers
  1269. Rocky face
  1270. Kind of date that might cause a dumping?
  1271. Fool — model aeroplane varnish
  1272. Reflex hammer targets
  1273. Or, as it leads to sudden enlightenment
  1274. Somewhat safe swords
  1275. Bond's were shaken
  1276. Cheech marin's 'born in ___'
  1277. Make a play for mother and father around romeo
  1278. Sound of an anti-mosquito device working
  1279. Contrived to admire kofi, perhaps
  1280. Fishy fellows?
  1281. People from potsdam
  1282. Alternative to alpine, in skiing
  1283. The medical examiners are the subjects of the book
  1284. Widely known as star following mark
  1285. Event after morning twilight
  1286. Before man exists … before that? an article of faith
  1287. Feathery layer
  1288. One might feed you a line at the hospital
  1289. Archaeological excavations
  1290. Known to be true
  1291. No longer in the oven
  1292. Spin doctor covers every attempt to influence the faithful
  1293. Spot measure is good advise from priest to confessor perhaps
  1294. Sari state?
  1295. Constantly chew at
  1296. Niña's aunt
  1297. Brand of squash
  1298. Composer erik of the nearly unplayable 'vexations'
  1299. Schematic representation of articles of faith
  1300. Makes a change for men on double to be covered by time in atlantic
  1301. Doubt source of gospel?
  1302. Champ for church service given mark of approval by a small number in report
  1303. Barcelona forward
  1304. Wild ox of dom
  1305. Finding a cure for being somewhat self-conscious in movie
  1306. Kin of 37-across
  1307. Pleasantly diverted
  1308. They teach lessons when double entendre is hers
  1309. Muppet who has trouble putting down the duckie
  1310. 4th planet inhabitant
  1311. Fool has faith leader hold recruits' capital
  1312. Taking to task 7 3
  1313. Makes rules stricter
  1314. Red pepper sauce
  1315. Dexterous punch
  1316. Barrier to career progression
  1317. Cordoned-off space
  1318. Snacks served with salsa
  1319. Beastie boy adam yauch's nickname
  1320. Inadvertently revealing comments
  1321. Jazz great stan
  1322. Special communicative skill, briefly
  1323. People who log into workstations
  1324. Become friendly again
  1325. John candy 'sctv' character johnny
  1326. Descended from the same language
  1327. Quiet and timid
  1328. Big letters in trendy handbags
  1329. Put back on, as weight
  1330. Not seaworthy
  1331. Wish never happened
  1332. It has a stash of cash
  1333. Shade that's not hot
  1334. Do some cartooning
  1335. Pixar title fish
  1336. Some scottish musicians
  1337. Decent, upright sort
  1338. Certain decree
  1339. Began stirring
  1340. Party balloon filler
  1341. E-commerce site owned by ebay
  1342. What an angry person needs to blow off
  1343. Self-gratifying episode
  1344. They leave the stage with old tune playing
  1345. Reverse current flowing through damaged dynamo
  1346. #1 ray charles r&b hit 'i've ___ woman'
  1347. Curly tormentor
  1348. Skate mogul hawk
  1349. As i said in 15 27 4 23: 'funny farm? the whole lot are dolts, boss!'
  1350. Prone to backtalk
  1351. Suzuki offering, briefly
  1352. Part of a mr. clean costume
  1353. Sick note written by doctor in bury
  1354. The foreign representative is in a shed changing car parts
  1355. Bean and combs
  1356. Seats of power
  1357. 'illmatic' and 'stillmatic' rapper
  1358. Water nymphs — sad ian (anag)
  1359. More than shout
  1360. Deceptive talk
  1361. Career-long
  1362. Plenty of poetry?
  1363. When it's warm, start to sunbathe with topless mime artist
  1364. Sting initially had awfully dark times
  1365. Layers of nits
  1366. Recent grads' activity
  1367. Org. headed by benjamin jealous
  1368. Dull as last character leaving cul-de-sac?
  1369. Where the irrational go
  1370. Rich chocolate dessert with a crust
  1371. Key used after reworking of a half-hearted 27 dance
  1372. Hot roofing material
  1373. Question of self-doubt
  1374. Pom-pom
  1375. Author turow
  1376. Caller’s need
  1377. Food brand with a pawprint logo
  1378. Say under one's breath
  1379. Philbin's ex-partner
  1380. Popular tops
  1381. Letter need
  1382. Non-deluxe sofa covering
  1383. Give ground-ball practice, maybe
  1384. Collection of synopses
  1385. What a keeper keeps
  1386. Needing spice
  1387. Word with house or song
  1388. Princess provoker
  1389. Coffee's allure
  1390. Payback seeker
  1391. Shake in reproach, as a finger
  1392. Believed, so to speak
  1393. Birdbrained, as it were
  1394. One who's always looking down
  1395. Rains in the winter
  1396. Attacked in droves
  1397. Teaspoons, perhaps
  1398. Classic judy garland song
  1399. Top of some clock dials
  1400. Guessing game question
  1401. Easter song title critter
  1402. Large continent with a short name
  1403. Tap-___ (short putts)
  1404. General mills cereal brand that means complete
  1405. Groundhog day star murray
  1406. 8th us president who spoke dutch as his first language: 3 wds.
  1407. 31st us president who would chat with his wife in mandarin chinese: 2 wds.
  1408. Maker of the rdx compact and the nsx sports car
  1409. State where pocatello and twin falls are: abbr.
  1410. ___-wee herman (comic character)
  1411. Laila who was the panda on the masked singer
  1412. Word that can go before tax or pitch
  1413. Instagram or snapchat for example
  1414. 20th us president who campaigned in both english and german: 2 wds.
  1415. Shade between black and white
  1416. Renter's dwelling: abbr.
  1417. Drinks that are brewed from leaves
  1418. Structure where you find honeycombs
  1419. ___ poissons (the little mermaid song that means the fish in english)
  1420. ___-garde (on the cutting edge)
  1421. Your mother's sister to you
  1422. Adam who currently sings with queen
  1423. Product made by uniroyal
  1424. Forces that come from pascal¿s units
  1425. Honor for the best athlete in the league: abbr.
  1426. What ___ ever going to do without you?: 2 wds.
  1427. Tax-collecting group: abbr.
  1428. Coffee-serving vessel
  1429. Drink of white wine and cassis
  1430. The last thing he wanted director rees
  1431. What jeff probst calls the bandanna worn by a contestant on survivor
  1432. Sugar bowl-raiding insect
  1433. In living color comedian david ___ grier
  1434. ___ the light (finally understood)
  1435. Hot stuff that comes out of a volcano
  1436. Pennsylvania city situated on a great lake
  1437. Met ___ (annual celebrity party in manhattan)
  1438. Texas hold 'em pair called 'pocket rockets'
  1439. Tear-gas target
  1440. Type of decree
  1441. Jet engine opening
  1442. Hardly unexpected
  1443. Common images on stamps
  1444. Rob's not been kind ringing the sheriffs' men
  1445. Agreeing with a reporter
  1446. Some french came back revealing mammy to be overwhelmed
  1447. [witches haunt this sidewalk]?
  1448. Places for jacks
  1449. It may be rallying
  1450. Amanda's identity revealed in a digression
  1451. Hangs around — reclines comfortably
  1452. Classes at the top have superior film
  1453. Statue in a study
  1454. Bear, cub or bruin
  1455. Miss designation
  1456. Faux-pas acknowledgment
  1457. Bollywood princess (var.)
  1458. Www.medicare.__
  1459. The morning after former assessment
  1460. Thesis statement
  1461. He wrote guides to shakespeare and the bible
  1462. Juvenile obsession for young boxer devotion
  1463. Loudly sound — instrument
  1464. ___ marshall (cat power)
  1465. Letters after sen. charles schumer's name
  1466. Los juegos olímpicos prize
  1467. New york citys ___ delano roosevelt park
  1468. A means of protecting from attack
  1469. This is dear mercy and thou ___ it not: romeo and juliet
  1470. Cutter's kin
  1471. Greenish-blue deposit on copper
  1472. Some phone notifications during march madness
  1473. One might be measured by the pound
  1474. Conway in the country music hall of fame
  1475. Stat that doesnt apply to teslas
  1476. First billboard #1 hit for u2 … and a hint to the answers to the four starred clues
  1477. Numerical goal
  1478. Womans name that sounds festive
  1479. Guinness record-holder for the most career goals in football
  1480. *film technique sometimes used to show the passage of time
  1481. Mickey's costar in 'the wrestler'
  1482. Type of company, in short
  1483. Old testament pottage fan
  1484. Help to get back on ones feet?
  1485. Language in which hello how are you? is halò ciamar a tha thu?
  1486. New york paper that published the very first crossword (1913)
  1487. You cant take it with you director 1938
  1488. ___ fring breaking bad bad guy
  1489. To helen poet
  1490. Billboards year-end #1 single of 1979
  1491. Lin ___ author of the best seller the importance of living
  1492. Old-timey after-school drink
  1493. Swimmer is miserable having caught cold
  1494. It might take the cake
  1495. Bicycle clips setting
  1496. What might end a wrestling match
  1497. System of modified spellings used on the internet
  1498. Like n.f.l. referees since 1975
  1499. A stark to a lannister on game of thrones
  1500. Health measure opposed by many gop politicians
  1501. Patient mover
  1502. Area of a two-master near the rudder
  1503. Any of the multitudes of the addlepated
  1504. Living as a parasite with yarn causes havoc in computer
  1505. Exceptionally brave person
  1506. Schoolwork sticker
  1507. Country with a saffron, white, and green flag
  1508. Animals with pincers
  1509. Sports officials in black
  1510. -gate events
  1511. Touch that's another touch backwards
  1512. Taraweeh leader
  1513. Animal that the phrase main clause might make you think of
  1514. The dungeon's loo is messy? keep quiet about it!
  1515. Detachable stick in a book
  1516. ___ club (musical group)
  1517. Mount ka'ala's island
  1518. Waiting to exhale author mcmillan
  1519. Projectiles propelled by exhalation
  1520. Dentistry number, familiarly
  1521. Electronics brand hidden in power cable
  1522. Unification church follower nickname
  1523. Iowa's region
  1524. Community meeting space
  1525. Next in fashion host chung
  1526. Walks sneakily
  1527. Oscar winner for les miserables
  1528. Internet game site
  1529. Forms a row
  1530. Does some laps perhaps
  1531. Burn with liquid
  1532. Number in spanish or italian
  1533. Georgia baller
  1534. Tops a tart, say
  1535. Riverside structure
  1536. Bills between ones and fives
  1537. Christina who played zelda fitzgerald and nellie bly
  1538. Observes unflinchingly
  1539. Revise with new information
  1540. Exam for a h.s. junior
  1541. Sure thing cap'n!
  1542. Patriot act host minhaj
  1543. Charming and confident
  1544. Consequence of traffic emissions
  1545. Pump the brakes
  1546. Blending-in garb for short
  1547. Black ink crew creation for short
  1548. ... and its composer
  1549. The common type in athens
  1550. Woman far from fighting at sea
  1551. Turns up, last remark in this spot is a ball
  1552. Mardi gras, for one: abbr
  1553. Where olympus rises
  1554. Hemingway title ender
  1555. Creates a union
  1556. Vacations led by twitter?
  1557. Island featured in 'the count of monte cristo'
  1558. Pizzeria item
  1559. Uproar about one's bill
  1560. Source of bloating
  1561. Cheeky girl gives clergyman a kiss
  1562. Walled city of england
  1563. Focus on satisfaction
  1564. Word on a sharpie
  1565. It ships with most apples
  1566. Antietam soldier, for short
  1567. Aid in punching holes
  1568. Long passes
  1569. Reserved parking space, e.g
  1570. Profile changes?
  1571. Garbage-disposal problem
  1572. Sander who designs for uniqlo
  1573. Brewpub order, briefly
  1574. Black, viscous stuff
  1575. Speaker's challenge scrambled three times in this puzzle
  1576. 'tarzan' star
  1577. Designer imprint
  1578. Poopdeck __ (popeye's dad)
  1579. Danny zuko, for one
  1580. It's plucked with a mizrab
  1581. Operation red dawn city
  1582. Like much flatware
  1583. Bodily organ with no definite structure, function, or truth-value at all?