1. Type of lamp with a volcanic name
  2. Magazine for docs
  3. Bullfight shouts
  4. *the bush type is the largest living land animal
  5. Tots' sport with bases
  6. *dorothy's female caretaker
  7. Majors in golf and tennis?
  8. Ghost hunters channel suggested by the answers to starred clues
  9. Ear-to-ear smiles
  10. It's taken by a witness with the
  11. *sasha fierce for beyoncé
  12. Narc's coup
  13. Barista employer
  14. Tgif! time: abbr.
  15. Piece of trivia
  16. Fancy residence
  17. Tinker tailor soldier spy author
  18. Start of a classic palindrome
  19. Tiny bird call
  20. Emulate an american attending the sorbonne say
  21. Humerus for one
  22. Ray of the tropics
  23. Urban dictionary focus
  24. No-name as a brand
  25. Drag on a joint
  26. Designated survivor
  27. Canceled abruptly
  28. Prefix with bar or car
  29. Online chat parts briefly
  30. 44-across platter
  31. Mark up with a red pencil say
  32. Tenth president
  33. Layer that absorbs ultraviolet radiation
  34. Handout at a planetarium
  35. Prioritizes in a sense
  36. Singers with silky voices
  37. Hold 'em variety named for a nebraska city
  38. Full range of facts related to a subject
  39. Request from a passenger who wants to get out
  40. Quoth the raven ‘nevermore' writer
  41. Intensify as in many electronic songs
  42. Subject in which the first words of 17- 29- and 46-across are sage advice
  43. It comes before first in mathematics
  44. Teen fan magazine that went online-only in 2018
  45. Menu choice for the error-prone
  46. Los angeles footballer
  47. Rodeo prize
  48. Southern u.s. region
  49. Dusk occurrence
  50. A plate and utensils
  51. Loud jack russell, for example
  52. Fun place for canines
  53. An essay or thesis, esp. for a doctorate degree; any extended writing (noun)
  54. To state or express positively and strongly: to declare; to affirm (verb)
  55. Strenuous exercise; a putting forth of great effort; vigorous action (noun)
  56. A work published, broadcast or produced in installments at intervals (noun)
  57. The weekend
  58. Two four-letter colors
  59. Six mammals ending with a vowel
  60. Six four-letter words with or in the middle
  61. Primate joint
  62. Germ-spread reduucer
  63. Out of ___ (somewhat unwell)
  64. Gallery stuff
  65. Yearly form-filing period
  66. Anagram of monday
  67. Breakfast sandwich base
  68. Liberty island attraction
  69. Metered vehicles
  70. Many characters in chilling adventures of sabrina
  71. Janelle james for one
  72. Dyson alternative
  73. One hundred in spanish
  74. Take it one day ___ time
  75. Adventures in wonderland character
  76. Lubricated perhaps
  77. Word before service or reading
  78. Sound in a chase scene perhaps
  79. Emperor associated with the expression fiddling while rome burns
  80. Vote held by one of 50
  81. Jello shaper
  82. There's more where that ___ from
  83. Long pastry
  84. Alison who wrote dining in and nothing fancy
  85. Elaborate ruse
  86. __ apart (shred)
  87. Birthday party pile
  88. Leased car or home
  89. More careful inspection
  90. Big batteries
  91. Detective for hire
  92. Openings in doors
  93. Pod in cajun cooking
  94. Farms wheat or corn
  95. Plop down on a chair
  96. Halloween face covering
  97. Off-__-wall (unconventional)
  98. Ships steering wheels
  99. Number taken from sixty
  100. Notice i alter bad swimming pool equipment
  101. Nothing cool for retirement? chill naked
  102. Nothing charged for mediterranean fruit
  103. Note covered in pieces of rice cake
  104. Not frightened of a fraud in development
  105. Not doing as much in class?
  106. Not a ham, as ham might be supplied for immoral acts
  107. Nose reconstruction in subcontinent or somewhere further east
  108. North sea port offering little work during peak
  109. No good turning to doctor to transform rainforest disorder
  110. No gas here cooking coq au vin? without question
  111. No anther’s tip in e g poppy without a broken stamen suggests squashings
  112. Nick, dangerous chap in the main
  113. Nice graph represented vicars work
  114. Newspaper items which explain the hulks furrowed brow?
  115. New zealands second largest city
  116. New alliance, critical, not half, opposing ministers?
  117. Nearly nothing can be found at bottom of storeroom
  118. Natural water flowing north
  119. Natural underground space
  120. Native of, eg, kampala
  121. Native australians take time to settle
  122. Native american quickly burying head in hands
  123. National leader of absolute principle is every single person in support?
  124. National health service
  125. Nasal problem? suggestion is provided about one after runs
  126. Narrowly avoids womens clothing
  127. Narrator of moby dick
  128. Narcotic retired army doctor secures more in milan
  129. Nanny rating times covers
  130. Naive set off without good food
  131. Secures, as a climbers rope
  132. Used a brillo pad
  133. Deny any responsibility for
  134. Order at an auto shop
  135. Washington airport name
  136. The report org
  137. To be, to the bordelais
  138. High hit to the outfield
  139. Boeuf ___ bourguignonne
  140. A lot of it is spam
  141. View off the coast of miami
  142. Number under a line
  143. Ingredients in gorp
  144. Prefix with cycle or cellular
  145. Cute pudginess in a toddler
  146. Knickers wearer, maybe
  147. Mentos buy
  148. In need of a timeout
  149. Big name in indoor cars
  150. Button beside #
  151. Mena of american pie
  152. Creamy beef dish
  153. Enthusiastic ardor
  154. Canyon bomber maker
  155. Start for girl or boy
  156. Broadway legend jerry
  157. Blast furnace setting
  158. Al capone chasers, informally
  159. Wolfgangs one
  160. Doj raiders
  161. Plaid designs
  162. Virgils lucky number?
  163. Pokes through
  164. Neighbor of tunisia