1. Darn in dortmund
  2. Sail fixed to a bowsprit
  3. The rockies on scoreboards
  4. Post o r destination often
  5. Rap lyrics in slang
  6. Lento or allegro
  7. Pattern thats hard to break
  8. Where livestock eat
  9. Decoration at el palacio real de madrid
  10. Loreleis lure
  11. Wind farm output abbr
  12. Alphabetized say
  13. Looked back on
  14. Climate change e g
  15. Wine barrel strip
  16. Hoppy request at happy hour
  17. Actor whose breakout role came as a shirtless cowboy in thelma & louise
  18. Supporter of roosevelts agenda
  19. Take in maybe
  20. Datum for a chauffeur for short
  21. Product once advertised with the line the splendor of your skin
  22. Ralph who founded the american museum of tort law
  23. Homonym of 39 down
  24. Load off ones mine
  25. Noncommittal response to you coming
  26. Carter who portrayed wonder woman
  27. Ruby e g
  28. Aesthetically pretentious informally
  29. Appalls
  30. School administrator
  31. Range of knowledge
  32. Tribe of southern montana
  33. Pitch correcting devices
  34. Beat oneself up over say
  35. Cruella de vil for one
  36. The burghers of calais sculptor
  37. Is mainly a catalog of blunders churchill
  38. Pop group with a dedicated museum in stockholm
  39. Floral archway
  40. Drives home say
  41. Classical poem form
  42. Kind of news often aired at 6 and 11 p m
  43. Deck originally known as carte da trionfi
  44. Men in black say
  45. Things consumed for psychedelic trips
  46. Word after green or smoke
  47. Take care of some personal baggage
  48. Fast food chain with famous star burgers
  49. Out of 105 across
  50. Strike out specialists
  51. Ladybug e g
  52. Worry for a great depression bank
  53. Conversely in brief
  54. E bond
  55. D con
  56. Abbr on a flight board
  57. Compete in pursuit of
  58. First of ten
  59. And like magic … its gone
  60. Yep that happened
  61. Cause for revolution perhaps
  62. Avocado pit for one
  63. Anheuser busch inbevs stock ticker symbol
  64. Lebron james in his n b a debut e g
  65. Like crater lake compared to any other u s lake
  66. G flat
  67. Susan who portrayed the youngest child on the brady bunch
  68. Anastasia protagonist of fifty shades of grey
  69. 2012 best picture winner
  70. Surgeons professional org
  71. Guam or the u s virgin islands abbr
  72. Deliberate betrayal
  73. Setting for c s lewiss the lion the witch and the wardrobe
  74. G force
  75. P trap
  76. Put back on the market as real estate
  77. Class acts
  78. Going from point a to point b
  79. Start brawling
  80. C span
  81. One with a discerning palate
  82. Cow herd troop
  83. Tony e g
  84. Citrus fruit used in thai dishes
  85. The eocene e.g.
  86. Voles to owls
  87. Through honest methods
  88. Enjoy a trampoline
  89. Defeat in a footrace
  90. Org. that's 29-across backward
  91. Toy story character voiced by annie potts
  92. The view co-host
  93. Stir-fry dish often served with hoisin sauce
  94. Counterparts of aves.
  95. Obstacle racer boone
  96. ___ cracker crust
  97. Final steps in some makeup applications
  98. Place to canoe
  99. Away from each other
  100. ___ out a victory (barely wins)
  101. Hits the wrong golf ball say
  102. Director's captures
  103. Biggest festival in vietnam
  104. Home to kelp beds
  105. Comedian's thing
  106. Org. that jin young ko competes in
  107. Tehran stock exchange's country
  108. They're hard to look at
  109. Hunt for talent
  110. Idelle weber genre
  111. Have another go at transmitting
  112. Fashion designer kawakubo
  113. Stuff in a mine
  114. Kettle part
  115. Liquor to soak raisins in
  116. Animal that oinks
  117. People of distinction
  118. Music style from jamaica
  119. Meat in an italian sub
  120. Phrase before verbalizing an internal monologue
  121. Had to have
  122. Letter before beta
  123. Bamia veggie
  124. Hymn from the works by european variously recalled at intervals
  125. Hymn bringing wonder to good group of people
  126. Husband of florence
  127. Husband left in this country, an abandoned wreck
  128. Husband involved in manoeuvre for some time
  129. Hurry up and fix gas leak, eh
  130. Hurries back for a short car trip
  131. Humorous character
  132. Human ethical argument finally accepted
  133. Huge shock nostromo alien can none get lost
  134. Huge precious stone mounted on middle of tiara
  135. How to spin a car quickly
  136. How to provide danger in alpine feature
  137. How rook flapping by motorway gets a parasite
  138. How one may lie in party game, stutteringly
  139. How might one break an egg get cracking
  140. Hotlines, perhaps, between ideologies being different
  141. Hotel in pleasant position
  142. Hot spanish sausage
  143. Hot gas is subject of clip
  144. Hostel laments accepting obsolete experimental coin
  145. Host briefly entertaining monster, a sort of accountant
  146. Horticulturalist&rsquo s fantastic red range
  147. Horse the french used for such farming
  148. Horse in studs outside, glittering
  149. Horribly sick near use of cosmetics
  150. Horny individuals new year in the french style
  151. Horny beast and colonist run off together
  152. Hoot of laughter
  153. Honourable man wasting time
  154. Homers mythical greek hero of the trojan war
  155. Hollywood star who could move into elite domain
  156. Holiday in bay
  157. Holding line, it rarely disturbed gunners
  158. Hold tightly and firmly
  159. Hit with the palm make up
  160. Hit sung loudly after dropping out
  161. Historical role players career not flourishing
  162. His older tvs repair is not long lasting
  163. His excellency joining newly weds in scottish isles
  164. His band shot to fame where isherwood lost his head
  165. Hint limits one getting wrong kind of food
  166. Hinged metal cover of an engine
  167. Hindu queen managed india
  168. Hidden from public scrutiny with summer over
  169. Hickory tree nut
  170. Hesitation to put launch onto loch
  171. Here it is
  172. Here is game with drunken groom about to wake up
  173. Herald of the greek gods
  174. Henry viiis sixth wife
  175. Henry swallowed strong emotion
  176. Henry sort of cross with horse coming first
  177. Helpful creature shows way to get good marks
  178. Help revolutionary over variable period in us
  179. Help politician to conceal british tale of woe
  180. Help net a surprisingly large creature
  181. Heart medication immediately starts to induce nausea
  182. Heard bell tolling for ms gwyn
  183. Headwear initially tested in the city
  184. Heading off, one subsidising fellow journalist short of fare
  185. Heading off north and east at first on river that runs into the med
  186. Head, looking embarrassed, jumped around
  187. Head of society chasing supporters for money
  188. Head of serpent mostly emulating adam and eve in eden wily thing
  189. Head of a male religious order
  190. Head in side view
  191. Head east, the wrong way, to reach city on the ruhr
  192. Head bishop ousted not again
  193. Hes out, free to work where 8 is
  194. Hes often out on the tiles
  195. Hes learned a vehicles parked in street
  196. Hes in a spy novel going on pointlessly
  197. Hes declared sane after treatment, in a state of being mentally alert
  198. Hed get reform, if violently
  199. He was bound to prove entertaining
  200. He perhaps gets spattered with rain
  201. He composed line in exam papers the wrong way
  202. Hawk headed god exists to save lake birds
  203. Having stomach issues caused by fizzy cola and ice
  204. Having shape of y fronts in young peoples style is leaving oldies in despair
  205. Having powerful weapons, some israel cunningly concealed in turn
  206. Having lost case, simply with no case to lose
  207. Having ducks in horses area causes commotion
  208. Having difficulty deciding end for trueman
  209. Having a dispute
  210. Have control of backup groups carrying spades
  211. Have contempt for small crop
  212. Have a home not left to turn dirty
  213. Have a brief light sleep
  214. Haughty or worthless
  215. Hateful injury to the person, or tear
  216. Hassle as government department cuts pay
  217. Has to move a long way back for descendants of muhammad
  218. Has old bowler possibly arrived at end of pitch
  219. Harsh bird cry
  220. Harry&rsquo s husband, plump, no romeo
  221. Hardliner wants exit terms renegotiated
  222. Hard work removing new bit of hair in jam
  223. Hard toenails have broken hard bit of shower
  224. Hard to stop virtuoso for long
  225. Hard quality that&rsquo s appropriate when speaking
  226. Happening to commit foul at snooker, pocketing green initially
  227. Hannibal’s introduction into european battle, nothing less
  228. Hang around, at first, looking on in the extreme rear
  229. Hands on mans bum during prison time, sent up
  230. Handed over to host too much in dance
  231. Hamper request to partake in wager
  232. Hallucination is no end of nonsense
  233. Halfwit left stuffing fish
  234. Half heartedly mouth entertaining answer for emperor
  235. Half hearted cry of derision when meeting snake and rodent
  236. Half hearted &ldquo yes&rdquo from ruth, thought to be oddly absent
  237. Half the people looking to catch us have a sneaking feeling
  238. Half out of uniform ointment on cut legs rough
  239. Hairstyle for busy people
  240. Hairdressing tool
  241. Hair transplant claim involving setters
  242. Had no fear
  243. Hack possibly putting run in stockings
  244. H, perhaps, in the role of buccaneer
  245. King arthur’s sword
  246. Defeat with force prove stronger than
  247. Fizzy drink made from dark red stone fruit
  248. Country in which kookaburras can be found
  249. Leather made from the hide of an asp
  250. Recite different forms of a verb
  251. Neil, lance or stretch
  252. Rigid tennis surface, e g asphalt or concrete
  253. Large lake in eastern suburbs of berlin
  254. Greek letter for wavelength
  255. Defeat ruin the plans of
  256. First name of bohemian poet maria rilke
  257. Ponte vecchio is one of these
  258. The flowering season just before summer
  259. Timekeeping devices digital or alarm, for example
  260. Film that introduces us to the sunken place
  261. New stalks of bamboo
  262. This singer sang about respect and day dreaming
  263. The whole , 2000 comedy starring bruce willis
  264. Mannequin , viral trend of frozen poses
  265. Loki is this kind of god
  266. Security symbol on genuine banknote
  267. Liner that carries freight
  268. Tree with lilac flowers, found in warm climates
  269. Cutlery for eating bowls of broth
  270. Society that relies on crop growing
  271. Miniature plastic figurines of military fighters
  272. Small organisms that provide dinner for whales
  273. Capital of south australia on the torrens river
  274. Mariska who stars on law & order svu
  275. Brazilian currency from 1946 67, 70 86 and 90 93
  276. Indie rock band once led by tom meighan
  277. Make caviar juice balls that pop in the mouth
  278. Type of cat in alices adventures in wonderland
  279. Ozu, japanese director of noriko film trilogy
  280. Tiny finger protector from needles while sewing
  281. Small tree with bitter black berries
  282. Species of dumbledores pet bird
  283. Membrane containing liquid
  284. A material used to block cavities or cracked teeth
  285. Spiritual state between heaven and hell
  286. Filling of popular dutch sweet treat stroopwafel
  287. Character played by cole sprouse in riverdale
  288. Two time olympic gold and world cup winner abby
  289. A check to distinguish between humans and bots
  290. Chemical secreted by an endocrine gland
  291. Writer and actor behind hbos insecure
  292. Historic empress of russia
  293. Relating to the nerve organs, olfactory, hearing
  294. Plants with a lifespan of less than one year
  295. Custom made to a specific design, e g clothing
  296. Planet whose rings were discovered in 1979
  297. Herring soaked in brine and smoked
  298. Steampunk superhero played by ron perlman
  299. Large woodwind instrument capable of lower notes
  300. Island, miami sanctuary with winged wonders
  301. European peninsula that includes greece
  302. Where the streets have , 1987 hit single for u2
  303. She was the partner of bank robber clyde
  304. Adam, married to namibian model behati prinsloo
  305. John who plays finn in star wars films
  306. Twitter posts that only last 24 hours
  307. Rice, west african peppery tomato rice
  308. Purpose, advance plan
  309. Crop eating grasshopper in a swarm
  310. A three wheeled bicycle
  311. 1990s heist film with jada pinkett, queen latifah
  312. South american one footed female monster
  313. Cannibal character in the silence of the lambs
  314. Composer stephen, who wrote send in the clowns
  315. Way to make coffee with no hot water
  316. Legally having no money to cover your debts
  317. One who races short distances
  318. Heavy claw dinosaur, like semi precious stone
  319. Worlds fastest steam locomotive or a type of duck
  320. Richard linklater movie filmed over 12 years
  321. To travel over an area for discovery
  322. Partner of sears
  323. Estonian capital, a town of the hanseatic league
  324. Leopold bloom is the protagonist of this 1922 book
  325. Expensive red spice bought as a souvenir
  326. Spears who sang toxic, baby one more time
  327. Jones who starred in parks and recreation
  328. Furry russian hat with earflaps and insignia
  329. Maiden name of hillary clinton
  330. A large company might open one in tokyo
  331. Nighttime ban on leaving your home
  332. Loud, bawdy singer
  333. Fight or , automatic adrenaline driven response
  334. Indian waterway, home to a rare river dolphin
  335. Black and white bird drawn to shiny objects
  336. Third largest city in greece, on ionian sea
  337. Be kind , vhs rental maxim and jack black film
  338. The pouch in which an archers arrows are kept
  339. Sequel to christopher paolinis eragon
  340. Australian howard, who worked on penicillin trials
  341. Djs record deck
  342. The laws of a religious text
  343. Calvados and brandy for an underwater explosion
  344. Barking up the
  345. Monster with a human head and a lions body
  346. Having no distinct shape
  347. A raisin in the sun playwright lorraine
  348. Umble character in dickenss david copperfield
  349. Travel storage for cash fanny pack
  350. Beer brand promoted by three croaking frogs
  351. Catherines surname in wuthering heights
  352. , rock hewn churches of ethiopia
  353. Nickname for a left handed boxer
  354. Raw vegetables served with a dip
  355. Actor pike who plays the gone girl
  356. Hugged included, took on board
  357. 2019 duet with cardi b and bruno mars
  358. Leaves on which silkworms feed
  359. Swedish actor and comedian kyle, starred in kopps
  360. Wario is to mario as is to luigi
  361. The eagles were standin’ on it in winslow, arizona
  362. Cohesive group, all in agreement
  363. South of france coastal strip and tourist hotspot
  364. Dick , jockey to the queen and crime writer
  365. Company that made the 504 and 505 cars
  366. Official pardon for a political offense
  367. The daily grind imagined as a rodent competition
  368. Out of this world fiction genre
  369. Standard surf in surf and turf
  370. Organ of the body in which acid breaks down food
  371. Father of sikhism, born in 1459
  372. Long tendon at the back of the thigh and knee
  373. Fast, motor powered watercraft
  374. The o in gmo, science used to modify foods
  375. Ancient conflicts between rome and carthage
  376. Motorcycle star who married pink in 2006
  377. Period following the birth of baby
  378. Thick, woody arms of trees
  379. 1995 comedy movie starring alicia silverstone
  380. Pause briefly, wait a while
  381. Natation is a proper word for this sport
  382. Native american ground mixture of fat and protein
  383. Great city and main harbour of gondor
  384. Us military base synonymous with being impregnable
  385. Vast european colony in north and south americas
  386. Funny cooking show hosted by nicole byer
  387. Debut album of shadows fall, eyes to the sky
  388. Fortune telling a foreshadowing event
  389. Dr bruce, alter ego of the incredible hulk
  390. This word for a tagline originally meant a war cry
  391. Name for the young of prickly garden mammal
  392. Absurdist nobel prize–winning writer camus
  393. Mediterranean island off the coast of tunisia
  394. A 3d artistic representation of a person
  395. Grilled sandwich made with italian bread
  396. To impose a price or fee on someone
  397. The life day jobs for nicole and paris
  398. Swedish androgynous model and actor, erika
  399. Popular musical set in 1950s america
  400. Declared to the public
  401. Underskirt, once made with a hooped frame
  402. 40,000 is a popular miniature war game
  403. Bass player for the rolling stones
  404. Australian cylindrical fried pastry snack
  405. Fictional central european country
  406. 2010 ballet themed suspense with natalie portman
  407. Mind bending 1990s lynch show, mountainous name
  408. Gardening, covert urban planting missions
  409. Set of equipment needed for a science experiment
  410. The largest birds on earth
  411. The black iron ball used in quidditch
  412. To find a solution
  413. Art created by combining objects on a surface
  414. In norse mythology, thor is the god of this
  415. The part of the throat behind the nose and mouth
  416. Vonn, four time overall world cup ski champion
  417. Number of squares in one row of a scrabble board
  418. Takeovers, when firms change hands unwillingly
  419. René , new nordic chef, owner of denmarks noma
  420. Past participle of the verb bring
  421. Lap or route loop that electricity runs around
  422. The consideration aretha franklin asked for
  423. Reindeer skin boots worn by the inuit
  424. Baywatch star and model pamela
  425. Like a river that has stopped moving
  426. Arctic rodents in 1990s video game
  427. You cut to it when you come to your main point
  428. Nasal inflammation, caused by cold or allergies
  429. Message sent by wire, then printed for delivery
  430. Nancy , ed sheeran song about his grandparents
  431. Disease cured by the worlds first vaccine
  432. Ava who directed selma and a wrinkle in time
  433. Large wine growing region in northern italy
  434. Having no morals anagram of less hurt
  435. Garden feature in which avians can take a dip
  436. Virtual particle moving energy between two particles
  437. Holds captive in a cell
  438. Lily tomlins co star in tvs grace and frankie
  439. Club for driving a golf ball out of a bunker
  440. Legal responsibility
  441. Square, green area north of the white house
  442. State animal of louisiana no longer endangered
  443. Band who released another brick in the wall
  444. Father of jaden, willow and trey
  445. Water based gel inside a plant cell
  446. Household chore of cleaning dishes after eating
  447. To the , continue to fight until the last moment
  448. Sweaty and cold, like hands can be
  449. To try to sell goods by going from place to place
  450. Aida, lorfeo, and rigoletto, for example
  451. Us sculptor who made rotterdams anteater
  452. Peter pan has problems with this escaping
  453. Card game in which you could play a clash squeeze
  454. German beer made with fruit soda
  455. Most residents of this canadian city speak french
  456. Whisky , compton mackenzie novel and film
  457. The unit of measurement of temperature
  458. Scene of a motor racing disaster in france in 1955
  459. Ugly beasts that live under bridges or in caves
  460. Lili reinhart stars in the film hearts
  461. Makes affluent
  462. Birds of prey known for feeding on dead animals
  463. Not working full days
  464. Kate who wrote big sky, life after life
  465. Form of gymnastics performed with a hoop or ribbon
  466. Word for a piece of property thats passed down
  467. Anagram of postings
  468. Unable to sing music in correct pitch
  469. Cheaper cut of meat from a lambs neck
  470. He played hawkeye on m*a*s*h
  471. Costa , spanish coast of light around cadiz
  472. Storehouse for animal feed or grains
  473. Hillarys sherpa companion on first everest ascent
  474. Thin flat snack, companion to cheese
  475. Interwoven like hair
  476. 1997 jodie foster movie about alien interactions
  477. Old word for one who tries or attempts something
  478. A rebirth of a cultural movement or style
  479. Belgian city that hosted the 1920 olympics
  480. John, author of the pelican brief and runaway jury
  481. Sacred hindu text of vedic hymns
  482. Harvey two face in batman forever, tommy
  483. Supporter, promoter, backer
  484. Mexican american actor and misfit of magic
  485. Headache with light sensitivity, nausea
  486. Soy sauce mixed with pineapple juice, brown sugar
  487. Ronald, wrote death of the novel and other stories
  488. Quickly flick through a book to get the gist
  489. Tv drama starring mandy moore and milo ventimiglia
  490. Mirror image design, like a butterflys wings
  491. Stanleys surname in a streetcar named desire
  492. Person who arranges incoming shipments of goods
  493. Name of taylor swifts 2020 album
  494. Artificial palm resort built in dubai
  495. Word game with double and triple letter squares
  496. Water carrying sign of the zodiac
  497. Spine toting headless horseman in irish legend
  498. Nationality of tennis star dominic thiem
  499. Date to remember deaths in duty of armed forces
  500. Layer of fat that insulates polar mammals
  501. Squarish diamond cut
  502. John, author of tinker tailor soldier spy
  503. Eastern european country, capital city is minsk
  504. Cds are this kind of disc
  505. Began again after a pause
  506. The ace detective played by jim carrey
  507. 1950s us police tv show later known as badge 714
  508. A faceless skinny supernatural character, man
  509. Hector, legendary french composer and conductor
  510. Play that starts a football game
  511. 87, in roman numerals
  512. Blood bowl is a football game released in 1986
  513. Of hand, card tricks with quick fingers
  514. Australian city that hosted the 2000 olympic games
  515. North american french colony, capital port royal
  516. Reaction to something extremely awkward
  517. The first name of a disney duck and a us president
  518. Reticulated , the worlds longest snake
  519. The wizard from the arthurian legends
  520. Peninsula that includes spain and portugal
  521. List of items or issues dealt with in a meeting
  522. The part of the song sung after every verse
  523. Large paintings that fill walls
  524. Cooking verb that sounds like a golden girl
  525. Talk with linda richmond
  526. The patron saint of translators
  527. Four of these chase pac man around his maze
  528. Describes having been turned to liquid by heating
  529. Long horned antelopes of africa and asia
  530. One individual beat of a word
  531. Relationship of the marxes, stars of duck soup
  532. Vivid orange yellow spice, used in some lattes
  533. Lively, frisky
  534. David, star of the x files and californication
  535. He sold his music to universal for $300m in 2020
  536. Smaller of south americas two landlocked nations
  537. To be pitiful in an embarrassing way
  538. Tiny dairy vessels for tea parties and more
  539. New york artist who died in 1988 aged just 27
  540. Element with the atomic symbol k
  541. Whetstone, to knives
  542. Posh word for drinks
  543. Sara, popstar who wrote the musical waitress
  544. Lonely card game for a single player
  545. Romance novelist who wrote the duchess deal
  546. Country in which mogul rupert murdoch was born
  547. Pink floyds unintelligible album title of 1969
  548. Jamaica and barbados are in this sea
  549. Fixing broken computer code
  550. The , stars henry cavill as a monster hunter
  551. Lamborghini 4wd model released in 2014
  552. Style of fur hat with ear flaps
  553. Birds of a , a similar or like minded group
  554. Botanical name for the stem or stalk of a leaf
  555. Your hand, tpau classic ballad
  556. Oral symptom of tetanus
  557. Dáil lower house of irelands parliament
  558. First british astronaut to visit mir space station
  559. Artist who painted the art of painting in 1668
  560. Sam, shouty beret wearing comic
  561. Symbol verifying a websites secure certificate
  562. Edith who won a pulitzer for the age of innocence
  563. Hilary swank film, dollar baby
  564. Official tournament ranking list in sumo wrestling
  565. Strange human conditions displayed at sideshows
  566. Fry and bender are characters in this series
  567. Cypriot bay and raf base
  568. Belly porcine meat that is cured
  569. Famous suite of music by edvard grieg
  570. Parody film famous for dont call me shirley
  571. Fully grown male horse
  572. Nationality of drake, mike myers and jim carrey
  573. What people swear to tell in court
  574. Tax exempt shopping area in a port or airport
  575. Modern style paris exhibition complex
  576. Early portable gun supported by a stick
  577. Twist or turn these to walk inside houses
  578. Dave navarro played guitar for this janes band
  579. Type of burn a sunburn is
  580. Rented a private plane
  581. Small characters in a book series by mary norton
  582. Stuffed animal named after theodore roosevelt
  583. Director of the 1927 movie metropolis
  584. Social media site that lets you build pinboards
  585. Photo taken quickly and casually
  586. Square root of 361
  587. Happy, upbeat
  588. Large tropical island off the south coast of india
  589. 2014 movie starring miles teller as a drummer
  590. Ham and pineapple pizza
  591. South american rodent like a chinchilla
  592. Relating to the heart arteries
  593. Comfortable upholstered seat for one person
  594. Stage musical based on a monty python story
  595. Publishing house paired with stoughton
  596. Three pronged stand on which a camera is placed
  597. Sörenstam, golfer who won 10 majors
  598. A body of coastal water sectioned off by a reef
  599. Kids see them in a 2018 kanye west side project
  600. Cheaply produced alloy of tin or lead
  601. Jacinda, new zealands third female prime minister
  602. Sour herb used in soups and sauces
  603. Rooms on board a cruise ship
  604. Samantha who played alpha in the walking dead
  605. Type of hat worn by indiana jones
  606. Wooden storage keg for alcoholic beverages
  607. Early nickname for princess diana
  608. Me at , very first video uploaded to youtube
  609. La grande , big loop tour de france nickname
  610. Black and , brand of diy power tools
  611. Crown like bands of jewels worn on proms
  612. A cry for help, from the french for help me
  613. Jazzy sticks twirled by majorettes
  614. Eliza who played missy pantone in bring it on
  615. Dish baked in the oven, topped with breadcrumbs
  616. Sheep parade through this spanish citys streets
  617. Flemish baroque artist peter paul
  618. The gas powered burner used in science labs
  619. Associated press publication with a usage guide
  620. Criminals on the run
  621. A painting of a static object, like a fruit bowl
  622. Captain cooks landing point in eastern australia
  623. Adventurer and love interest of flash gordon
  624. Brazilian town whose inhabitants vanished in 1923
  625. Pop group of jesy, jade, perrie and leigh anne
  626. He played freddie in bohemian rhapsody movie
  627. Cate who starred in elizabeth and blue jasmine
  628. Mock up product idea before mass production
  629. Canadas largest and newest territory
  630. Represents w in the nato phonetic alphabet
  631. Arrange and space text so that it fills up a line
  632. Common name of piñón or pinoli, edible seed
  633. Name of the only english king to be executed
  634. A reindeer ran over her in an elmo and patsy song
  635. Slouchy shoulder carrier with crescent shape
  636. Pole star, used for navigation by early explorers
  637. These are more commonly known as manatees
  638. Encrypted, shady network of internet servers
  639. Formal medical name for a breastbone
  640. Surname of elton johns husband, david
  641. Country led by angela merkel
  642. Official copy of a document or record
  643. Scented ones are popular in the home
  644. The kid of a nanny and billy
  645. Keating who knew how to get away with murder
  646. Card suit alongside clubs, hearts and spades
  647. Michelins annual publication of hotels
  648. Covered in egg and flour mixture, then fried
  649. Eerily unusual or unnerving
  650. A scar that forms over a healed wound
  651. Shaving brand said to be the best a man can be
  652. Manor, ancestral home of washingtons family
  653. Good to bad rubbish
  654. South american lake said to be the worlds highest
  655. Glass bottle with a stopper in which wine is kept
  656. Creator of the evil dead series
  657. Hairstyle with tight, orderly braids
  658. Things used as proof in a legal case
  659. Elvis, british singer backed by the attractions
  660. Maria mayer nobel prize–winning physicist
  661. City in the us that hosted 2002 winter olympics
  662. The promenade where cannes film festival is held
  663. Destination for frodo in his quest to destroy ring
  664. Superhero raised by his uncle ben and aunt may
  665. An officer and a , 1982 romantic drama
  666. Swimming race in which any stroke is permissible
  667. Like a lawn that hasnt been mowed in a while
  668. Metal fastening for diyers that divides in two
  669. Experience as if you are floating above yourself
  670. Small particles like muon neutrinos, electrons
  671. Scuttling, winged household pest
  672. Bernie taupin is this music legends lyric writer
  673. How busy you are in your job from day to day
  674. Actress joan, known for her feud with bette davis
  675. It puts the n in the gas no2
  676. Unable to move or motionless
  677. She dated cedric diggory before kissing harry
  678. African stork like bird named for its huge beak
  679. A hugely tall monstrous female an ogress
  680. Flamboyant pianist known as mister showmanship
  681. The aftereffects of drinking alcohol
  682. The r in r&d, where the d is development
  683. Legal statement made by somebody under oath
  684. Place where the video game character kirby lives
  685. Cinderella had a fairy one
  686. Exaggerated and absurd branch of visual comedy
  687. German born composer of the tales of hoffmann
  688. Wisconsin city known for its breweries
  689. Site of a failed invasion of cuba in 1961
  690. Someone with a luxurious lifestyle
  691. One who sails on a large personal cruise ship
  692. Singer whose albums include lemonade and 4
  693. American writer of essays nature and self reliance
  694. Peruvian dish with raw fish soaked in citrus juice
  695. Mixed up animal characters, e g bumblelion
  696. Main pack of riders in a bicycle road race
  697. Famous surviving portrait of william shakespeare
  698. Point, place offering a good, clear view
  699. 8 sided shape
  700. Comedy about mob boss and psychiatrist, this
  701. A town in england and the capital of nova scotia
  702. Small, smooth stones on a beach
  703. You and gossip girl actor penn
  704. President whose first lady was known as ladybird
  705. Sheet like layers of overflow ice
  706. Tubes inserted to keep blood flowing
  707. Street where traffic drives in a sole direction
  708. Brackish carnivorous eels
  709. Thrash metal band of kerry king and jeff hanneman
  710. Hawthornes scarlet
  711. One who analyzes and rates a movie
  712. Tv football expert
  713. Nikita khrushchev led this country, 1953 64
  714. Red salad vegetable used to make a pomodoro sauce
  715. Stick used to load muskets
  716. Trainee employee who works often without pay
  717. Provoke, disturb
  718. Country of celtic origin, with the language gaelic
  719. Energy drink said to give you wings
  720. Bob marley song of 1977
  721. How a cheese filled pizza crust might be described
  722. Drawings found in prehistoric dwellings
  723. Popular style of wire framed sunglasses
  724. Protection extort money out of business owners
  725. Game involving wickets, mallets and heavy balls
  726. Stheno, euryale and medusa in greek mythology
  727. Hostess frosting filled cake, said to last forever
  728. Monet famously painted his own garden here
  729. Eldest son of gomez and morticia addams
  730. Foreshadowing signs, omens
  731. Sally , blue car in cars movie
  732. Set of jokes or gags told by a stand up comedian
  733. First little piggys destination in the rhyme
  734. A sharp difference such as day and night
  735. Richard, actor who played thorin in the hobbit
  736. Meteors are also known as this kind of star
  737. Popular kids christmas tradition, elf on
  738. Its the v in mvp, most player
  739. He plays logan roy in succession
  740. Man, archaeological hoax found in sussex
  741. A drawn out boring account
  742. Lupine group
  743. Term of endearment for a small, cheeky child
  744. Large dishes for shared meals
  745. Debbie , author of cedar cove romances
  746. Irish county, or british politician lord
  747. Person who delivers a religious sermon
  748. Presidents surname in netflixs house of cards
  749. Abrasive sheet used for smoothing wood
  750. Covered walkways in christian religious buildings
  751. What parents say to children fighting over a toy
  752. Culinary , a district with no decent eateries
  753. Israeli prime minister benjamin
  754. Illuminated northwest seaside resort
  755. Chemical element, symbol nd
  756. Seafood with a pointed, weaponlike bill
  757. Audrey hepburn song in breakfast at tiffanys
  758. Napoleon represents this russian in orwells tale
  759. Social classes in hindu cultures
  760. Hand held spade for digging holes
  761. Danny, star of matilda, twins and batman returns
  762. Daughter of the rose family in schitts creek
  763. Beethovens dramatic middle musical period
  764. Scandinavian home of the h&m fashion store
  765. Herbivorous marine mammal akin to a sea cow
  766. Weight used by a fisher to go deeper
  767. To handle, difficult to deal with
  768. A painful bump on the joint of ones big toe
  769. Astronomer known for his laws of planetary motion
  770. Princess leias home planet in star wars films
  771. A persons bmi is an index of this quantity
  772. Father of icarus in greek mythology
  773. Robotic race of doctor who antagonists
  774. Terracotta chinese mausoleum figures
  775. Get near to a destination or another car
  776. Gooey, sweet chocolate cake slabs
  777. First lady obama
  778. Opposite direction to northern
  779. Author milan who writes romance novels
  780. Describes a sudden, spur of the moment reaction
  781. Tiny rodent that builds a spherical nest
  782. Athletics event in which greg rutherford competed
  783. Scientific table that lists chemical elements
  784. Shapes with four equal sides and 90 degree angles
  785. Stirring, invigorating
  786. Number of pawns that start a chess game
  787. One hundred years of solitude by garcía márquez
  788. Famous pattern range of ceramicist clarice cliff
  789. Tom who took over the role of spider man in 2016
  790. Spocks defining characteristic on star trek
  791. Screeching night predator with pale plumage
  792. Goop founder gwyneth
  793. Broadway musical with puppets
  794. Civil law where damages can be awarded
  795. A roman city destroyed by mount vesuvius
  796. You get four of them on a quattro formaggi pizza
  797. Music streaming app with green and black logo
  798. Wrestler the rock often raises this facial feature
  799. Another name for a pi or detective
  800. Technique of blending paints to create haze effect
  801. Bits , bits and pieces
  802. Large neck vein taking blood from head to heart
  803. Payment demand for household fuel burned
  804. Lower spine section
  805. Fissures in breaking glass
  806. Shelled nuts that rhyme with toucans
  807. Salty old , describes an old mariner
  808. Made straight hair coiled or spiral in shape
  809. Mozarts strassburg concerto was written for it
  810. Patrick, first woman to win an indycar series race
  811. Kauais grand canyon of the pacific
  812. Its medical name is sternutation
  813. Jamie , actor of the fall/fifty shades of grey
  814. Word game with square of lettered dice
  815. River that flows through bucharest and belgrade
  816. Country where atole is a popular hot beverage
  817. The red gem that is januarys birthstone
  818. Bed covering you can make a fort out of
  819. Nautical measurements equal to three miles
  820. Seven branched candlestick, a symbol of judaism
  821. Stockholms international airport, code is arn
  822. Us political drama with olivia pope as the focus
  823. What the netherlands is sometimes known as
  824. Designer husband of vogue writer richard buckley
  825. Moorish castle or palace in medieval spain
  826. Dwell or reside in
  827. Dance with quick heel toe moves and running man
  828. The wind in the , adventures of toad and ratty
  829. Tibetan flours used locally in cereal
  830. Type of salmon, involved in a punch up perhaps
  831. Rock band formed by bryan ferry in 1970
  832. John who directed the thing and halloween
  833. Seek shelter from heavy rain or gunfire
  834. Identical, geometrically
  835. Southernmost of europes three baltic states
  836. Warm winter blanket made from knitted squares
  837. Container for dogs to drink from
  838. Tool that stops you forgetting important facts
  839. British actor whose middle names are john mungo
  840. One of 13 founding members of the us
  841. Banned from a drinking establishment
  842. Three headed dog in harry potter
  843. Last name of wrestler macho man randy
  844. River 2003 clint eastwood neo noir drama
  845. The s in usa
  846. Bridge, where criminals heads were displayed
  847. Craft material made from woven willow
  848. Jeffrey donovan is spy michael westen on burn
  849. Strapless purse or handbag, held in the hand
  850. Removed a female pets reproductive organs
  851. Film and comic book brand known for avengers
  852. Furniture for lounging, sleeping and sitting
  853. They have deadlines
  854. Tasting or looking like an orange vegetable
  855. Hidden pouch on magicians table
  856. Grammatical case expressing possession
  857. The fault in , 2012 book by john green
  858. Apex or highest point
  859. School fair game with random, mystery prizes
  860. She sang i love rock n roll with the blackhearts
  861. Movie titles, the day after , escape from
  862. Targaryen who was the mother of dragons
  863. Athlete who holds the current title
  864. Measurement across middle of a circle
  865. Circular drain opening in the bottom of a sink
  866. Bushy tailed forest creature that sleeps in a drey
  867. Stone monster you might see on a buildings roof
  868. The biggest hit song by colbie caillat
  869. An ill intentioned person dennis the
  870. Ted, cnn mogul and americas cup skipper
  871. Winged snake on an egyptian pharaohs crown
  872. Mischievous girl of beverly clearys book series
  873. Zebras are known for this black and white pattern
  874. Hiro hamadas personal healthcare companion
  875. Taste of bananas, oranges or cherries
  876. Norwegian hanseatic city for visiting cruise ships
  877. White, touch outer casing of the eyeball
  878. Actor schilling, orange is the new blacks piper
  879. Trimming ones lawn
  880. Internet superstore founded by jeff bezos
  881. Hagia , ancient turkish church and mosque
  882. Fanny, english diarist aka madame darblay
  883. Having low levels of red blood cells or hemoglobin
  884. Describes a stare as hard as metal
  885. Coulrophobia is a fear of these red nosed comics
  886. Artist josé guadalupe created the catrina
  887. Pail used for carrying water or mixing concrete
  888. Stage name of performer claire elise boucher
  889. Wealthy sultanate on borneo
  890. The android avenger
  891. Classic magic user in d&d
  892. Impractical tv series with dares and pranks
  893. A four leafed one is said to be lucky
  894. Hairs that stand up on the back due to nerves
  895. Word repeated four times in a james figurine album
  896. Filled steamed bread balls in chinese cuisine
  897. Kris, the lead character in miracle on 34th street
  898. Foldable waterproof garments for rainy days
  899. What an equivocator is doing about the bush
  900. There are 60 of them in one minute
  901. Collided, banged into another vehicle
  902. Homer, marge, bart and lisas surname
  903. Hotel worker who carries guests luggage
  904. Silly pranks and tricks
  905. Maiden name of the linda who wed paul mccartney
  906. Video sharing site with lots of vloggers
  907. How play restarts after rugby ball goes into touch
  908. St , patron saint of pisa, not leicester
  909. Batman character whose real name is barbara gordon
  910. Westernmost country in africa
  911. Film about an animated penguin who loves to dance
  912. Nobel physicist, discovered energy quanta
  913. Instant, prompt
  914. Heavy metal band of david draiman and dan donegan
  915. Boxer who is challenging for the world title
  916. Former us secretary of state albright
  917. Seasons festive expression
  918. French site of english victory over france in 1415
  919. Mythical creature also known as a monoceros
  920. European country once ruled by baudouin
  921. Arrogance, to walk with a
  922. The actor who voiced olaf in the frozen movies
  923. Defeated grendel
  924. A group of stars or galaxies connected by gravity
  925. Walter, actor who played horace in hello, dolly
  926. Square building stones cut to match each other
  927. Trouble is , something bad is going to happen
  928. Large indonesian island with tropical rainforests
  929. Poisonous plant with umbrella like white flowers
  930. Blonde abba singer faltskog, was married to bjorn
  931. The style of food of a specific region
  932. Place to pick up prescriptions
  933. Dedication or commitment to a cause
  934. Pointy motel in pixars cars
  935. Taking without consent thieving, robbing
  936. Wire pulled vehicle, famous one in san francisco
  937. God of childbirth in ancient maya tradition
  938. Sport that can be american or aussie rules
  939. David , 60s actor most famous for blow up
  940. Us country singer reba
  941. Person who is native to madrids country
  942. Slow and steady won him the race against the hare
  943. Plant with a lifespan of two years
  944. Name of the first space shuttle, launched 1981
  945. Natural, inherent ability
  946. Old english coin equal to 1/4 of a penny
  947. Of poland mother of king canute
  948. Puzzle of joining up numbers to make a picture
  949. Enlarged lymph glands in the nose or throat
  950. David, played vampire pi angel
  951. Sweet egg white dish, piled up to make a pavlova
  952. Paris, london, milan and new york fashion weeks
  953. Sewing up holes in socks, elbows
  954. Free drinks for all at a wedding reception
  955. Wind beneath my wings featured in this film
  956. Argentine painter berni flirted with surrealism
  957. This german city is europes third busiest port
  958. Louis xivs french royal house
  959. Brown, charles m schulzs loveable loser
  960. Billie, singer whose real name was eleanora fagan
  961. A butterfly shaped gland in the front of the neck
  962. Christopher robin, pooh played in this acre wood
  963. Chicken frying colonel
  964. Animals that are also known as asses
  965. Bronze alloy also known as red brass
  966. Always the same, remaining on all the time
  967. Lights, atmospheric marvel aka aurora borealis
  968. Singer who had a hit with hold back the river
  969. This fish is one of the main sources of caviar
  970. Office design with cubicles, not closed rooms
  971. The , french jail at middle of the revolution
  972. 1853 brontë novel narrated by lucy snowe
  973. Regency salon with green baize tables
  974. Dance moms star who gave us boomerang
  975. You have a chip on it if you bear a grudge
  976. Swedish environmental activist greta
  977. Gods dwelling place in ancient chinese mythology
  978. To be present at an activity or event
  979. Car part thats called the hood in the us
  980. City, christchurchs botanical nickname
  981. Fifth album of cartoon band gorillaz
  982. Tuesdays with 1997 memoir by mitch ablom
  983. Austin powers actor verne
  984. Describes yarns with knobbles that add sheen
  985. Collect your order yourself from the restaurant
  986. Beef steak cut from the longissimus dorsi
  987. Russian peasant of the 17th century
  988. The three upright posts of a cricket wicket
  989. Distant relatives on your family tree
  990. Phrase describing wrestler steve austin
  991. Pilferer of puppies
  992. Instrument combining a banjo and a ukulele
  993. Potsdam summer palace of frederick ii of prussia
  994. He starred opposite dwayne johnson in jumanji
  995. Completed university studies
  996. Thistle variety with a commonly eaten heart
  997. Able to cope with a set task
  998. Largest mountain range in cyprus
  999. English king of 1066 known as the conqueror
  1000. 2013 gerard butler action flick has fallen
  1001. A yokel, not a vegetable
  1002. Collect six wedges to win this game, trivial
  1003. Nitpick, complain about minor details
  1004. Founding father of the jewish religion
  1005. Crimson shade popular on the american frontier
  1006. Russian playwright of uncle vanya
  1007. Country from which pho noodle soup originated
  1008. Cyclists feeding bag during a bike race
  1009. Garden plot made from boulders and large stones
  1010. Cars metal skeleton
  1011. These are flicked to turn on lights
  1012. Refuse to let someone in, deny admittance
  1013. Measure of salts in water, as in desert areas
  1014. Idle, lazy, good for nothing person
  1015. Lambic beer with this fruit is known as kriek
  1016. General name for a creature that preys on others
  1017. Dustin hoffman, in a 1967 movie
  1018. The beckham also known as posh spice
  1019. Sport combining cross country skiing and shooting
  1020. Smock like vestment worn by the clergy
  1021. Defensive stockade for a military camp
  1022. Thick, medicated cream rubbed onto sore skin
  1023. Body that protects consumer rights
  1024. Giant ancient reptile anagram of rain duos
  1025. Singer of wuthering heights and hounds of love
  1026. Tv title character who builds tools from junk
  1027. Famous inventor whose middle name was alva
  1028. Amadeus was the movie of this composers life
  1029. Singer jason, who had a hit with take you dancing
  1030. Horizontal structures that support beams
  1031. The beginning the source of something
  1032. Adolphe, first president of third french republic
  1033. Feisty girl who drank her tea in the plaza hotel
  1034. Australian swamp creature with tusks and flippers
  1035. Mexican scarf, worn as accessory or baby carrier
  1036. Chinese philosopher and founder of taoism
  1037. Dana who partnered with fox mulder
  1038. A large, fish eating hawk
  1039. Disintegrate, break into pieces
  1040. Small stringed instrument, similar to a pandura
  1041. Retains heat from the sun
  1042. Another name for a dagger in punctuation
  1043. Beale , encrypted texts with treasure location
  1044. He man is protector of this realm
  1045. Bobbidi boo song from disneys cinderella
  1046. Grilled thai pork skewer
  1047. Scholarly intro to a specialist field of study
  1048. With dean, won olympic gold for figure skating
  1049. Wear condition from being used regularly
  1050. Dispute over territory anagram of wart fur
  1051. Portuguese archipelago and one of its islands
  1052. Tower sloping monument of pisa
  1053. The roman god of agriculture and wine
  1054. Points someone to the right place
  1055. The period during which an embryo develops
  1056. Extortion gang with italian roots
  1057. More modern, more pc word for a housewife
  1058. Mineral water with bubbles not still
  1059. Asian fruit, astringent or non astringent
  1060. Yellow transformer named after an insect
  1061. This countrys cities include perth and brisbane
  1062. London civic role of dick whittington
  1063. Fill with great delight cast a spell over someone
  1064. Opening in a garment that hides buttonholes
  1065. Utensils for taking skin off potatoes
  1066. Sign this ledger to record where youve been
  1067. Lisa, author of hello stranger, devil in spring
  1068. Animals that are active during the daytime
  1069. Mexican film director of roma and gravity, cuarón
  1070. Thomas , archbishop of canterbury, 1533 56
  1071. Sauce fish accompaniment made with green herb
  1072. Throwing, hurling
  1073. Close, but , nearly there but not quite
  1074. Thick dark liquid in medicated soap or shampoo
  1075. Saint whose day is on july 15, a rainy day
  1076. Sandstone delhi landmark built for mughal emperors
  1077. Mid range hotel chain, with m logo
  1078. Those who discriminate on the basis of gender
  1079. Painting or photograph of a scene telling a story
  1080. Adventures you have to complete, maybe impossible
  1081. Alcohol also known as the green fairy
  1082. Jacques, french aqua lung oceanographer
  1083. Global celebration held each april 22nd
  1084. Victor salvas 2001 horror film, jeepers
  1085. Roger hargreaves pink, food loving character
  1086. Yoga pose on all fours with back parallel to floor
  1087. Neil diamond sang about this sweet woman
  1088. Illumination for vehicles in unclear weather
  1089. Signs that help a doctor diagnose an illness
  1090. Being like a cave dark, damp quality
  1091. 90s sitcom with high pitched female lead
  1092. Earth, wind & fire sang about this month
  1093. Coffee pot with plunger to press down when done
  1094. 2018 series about an ill fated arctic expedition
  1095. Literary name by which a king cobra is also known
  1096. The father of john the baptist in the bible
  1097. The year wwii ended was nineteen
  1098. Animal shape of grooms cake in steel magnolias
  1099. Another name for a score of 40 in darts
  1100. Powerful light emitting explosion of a star
  1101. Flat bottomed utensil for cooking pancakes
  1102. Horizontal part of a bike frame below the saddle
  1103. Large mammal that is said to never forget
  1104. Scottish mountain near fort william
  1105. Anne, of the devil wears prada and les misérables
  1106. A three lobed clover and a shade of green
  1107. Meeting the conditions for a contest
  1108. A shot of coffee poured over a scoop of ice cream
  1109. Uk playwright behind 1969s what the butler saw
  1110. Outtakes, clips of mistakes caught on camera
  1111. Benny was in this 60s swedish pop group, pre abba
  1112. Medieval weapons affixed to end of a wooden shaft
  1113. Inventor tull, who developed the seed drill
  1114. Ravenous fish might enter a feeding one
  1115. Word supposedly exclaimed by archimedes in joy
  1116. East thrace is the european portion of this nation
  1117. Encouragement in recognition of good work
  1118. Hyundai model named for a music piece
  1119. An alcoholic drink made through distillation
  1120. Dark autumnal brown name of an apple
  1121. English writer who wrote samson agonistes in 1671
  1122. Slope for winter sports
  1123. French starfleet officer
  1124. Underground storage room for wine
  1125. Prized breed of sheep with high quality wool
  1126. Tom hanks volleyball companion in cast away
  1127. Rear naval rank of inventor grace hopper
  1128. Fruits that appear on the national flag of fiji
  1129. Oliver stones 1987 best picture oscar winner
  1130. Kelly, member of destinys child
  1131. A surgeons very sharp cutting blade
  1132. Tgv, train à grande rapid french train service
  1133. Come before in place, order or rank
  1134. Small cabbage like vegetables from brussels
  1135. White blossom used as a perfume throughout history
  1136. Go on the run amok, go berserk
  1137. English poet who wrote the canterbury tales
  1138. Spools of threads in the body of sewing machines
  1139. Bastians dragon buddy in the neverending story
  1140. Become larger or wider like the pupils in the eyes
  1141. Lonely , series of travel publications
  1142. This was the largest empire in history
  1143. Angled, tilted
  1144. Ghostly dc superheroine featured in young justice
  1145. Duke , daredevil stuntman toy in toy story 4
  1146. Smallest of jupiters four galilean moons
  1147. Smallest ocean in the world
  1148. Little women author, may alcott
  1149. Tree latex used to make chewing gum
  1150. Part of the neck containing the pharynx and larynx
  1151. John who had a hit with all of me
  1152. Square id label scanned on business packages
  1153. Attempting to obtain someones bank details online
  1154. Crowing rooster
  1155. Michelle, star of 2017s manchester by the sea
  1156. Video game set in a dimension called xen
  1157. Acid, aka cream of tartar, from winemaking
  1158. Her tale is a drama series starring elisabeth moss
  1159. Rhyme or other device used to remember something
  1160. Classic horror monster who changes with the moon
  1161. Money that moves in and out of a business
  1162. Torontos nickname, which it shares with london
  1163. Dirty , 2018 janelle monáe album
  1164. Marvels master of the mystic arts, doctor
  1165. A rich jam like sauce, served with indian food
  1166. Augusts green birthstone
  1167. Steve, vocalist and guitarist born steve wold
  1168. This region of italy includes florence and pisa
  1169. Game of chance where players throw five dice
  1170. South african antelope with white facial stripe
  1171. American actor dawson, starred in rent, daredevil
  1172. Japanese art of creating fish prints
  1173. Tv detective monk is often this
  1174. Country north of latvia and west of russia
  1175. Jewish school for the study of religious texts
  1176. Shakespeares largest female role
  1177. Leigh, star and co creator of the saw franchise
  1178. The small indentation between the nose and top lip
  1179. Nickname for texas is the state
  1180. Prickly bushes on which blackberries grow
  1181. Humans create this nutrient by being in sunlight
  1182. Float with limbs outstretched five armed creature
  1183. Eccentric poker face singer who wore a meat dress
  1184. Rosalind, chemist whose work helped decode dna
  1185. Susan , wrote what katy did
  1186. Residence, home
  1187. Supersonic plane, broke the sound barrier in 1969
  1188. A rough, estimated figure for a business quote
  1189. White dog with a black spotted coat
  1190. He married priyanka chopra in december 2018
  1191. Ancient weapon that always comes back
  1192. Process cotton thread to strengthen it
  1193. Store for cereal crops
  1194. Assessed the value of a property
  1195. 2000 best picture winner set in ancient rome
  1196. Someone put forward for a vote or election
  1197. It steadies an artists hand as they paint
  1198. Author of pretty girls and pieces of her, karin
  1199. She sings without me, be kind, and eastside
  1200. Secret code
  1201. Supernatural beings that grant wishes
  1202. The walls in a room meet here
  1203. Rupert who played peter quinn in homeland
  1204. Third largest country in north america
  1205. Writer enid who created the famous five
  1206. Sarah koenig podcast about adnan syed
  1207. Critical ingredient in a manicure or pedicure
  1208. Another name for skipjack tuna
  1209. Capital of victoria, australia
  1210. Rod , writer of off the wall and boogie nights
  1211. Punxsutawney phil is this kind of creature
  1212. Garments worn beneath your outer clothes
  1213. View or image of an urban landscape
  1214. One who is addicted to beer
  1215. Sky wide flash that accompanies thunder
  1216. Anagram of draftable
  1217. 1990 action crime drama starring warren beatty
  1218. American inventor of the modern pin tumbler lock
  1219. Breaks down in water
  1220. Art that is purposefully surreal and weird
  1221. American stock market in new york
  1222. Begin to talk about a subject
  1223. The show, reality tv drama starring jim carrey
  1224. Commonly used for healing in rpg video games
  1225. Official language of mali
  1226. Animal that lives in water, such as sea otters
  1227. The uppermost curved portion of the stomach
  1228. Memorable, like a song with a good hook
  1229. What someone leaves behind in their will
  1230. Daniel defoes fictional castaway robinson
  1231. Classic chopped onion, pepper and tomato dips
  1232. The study of bird eggs
  1233. Oktoberfest commemorates therese and this prince
  1234. Zodiac sign from april 21 may 21
  1235. In islam its known as salat
  1236. First name of oprah winfreys husband graham
  1237. Make the most of, hold something dear
  1238. Country thats home to the little mermaid statue
  1239. The red flap of skin under a turkeys chin
  1240. Unstable body molecule also called a free radical
  1241. Hoppity celtic dance moves seen at a ceilidh
  1242. Going to the gym to lift weights, iron
  1243. Roman , audrey hepburn as royal princess
  1244. A small flat playing piece in a board game
  1245. Murmuring rock alongside germanys river rhine
  1246. Name for the maya underworld
  1247. Dress up as a movie or cartoon character
  1248. Maritime facility where ships dock
  1249. Some say walking under a ladder brings this
  1250. Crêpes , drizzled with orange liqueur set alight
  1251. Capital of finland, host of the 1952 olympics
  1252. Anton , swiss chef previously at the dorchester
  1253. English equivalent of the french name dieudonné
  1254. He sang wonderful world and cupid
  1255. Totally normal unexceptional
  1256. Bloodsport and kickboxer actor jean claude
  1257. Plastic substance patented in 1909
  1258. Roman temple to all the gods
  1259. Nintendo game with ink firing squid
  1260. Deeply felt relating to internal organs
  1261. Legal term for an unpredictable natural event
  1262. Last minute nerves before a major event
  1263. Gillian flynns 2012 psychological thriller
  1264. Nationality of track and field star jermaine brown
  1265. Deep pocket in magicians jacket
  1266. Gillette, invented and named a brand of razor
  1267. Selina kyle, feline obsessed batman villain
  1268. Frankie, tv show with jane fonda, lily tomlin
  1269. Medical sleep during space travel
  1270. One of the 6 divisions a polo match is split into
  1271. Spay or snip a pet before or after adoption
  1272. Wealthy historical italian political dynasty
  1273. Comedian jane, played prymaat in coneheads
  1274. Greta thunberg, avicii, and ingrid bergman
  1275. Email folder for unsent messages
  1276. Woody grass thats eaten by pandas
  1277. The tiny dot on a lowercase i
  1278. Isaac, author of the foundation sci fi book series
  1279. Rapper and actor who won an oscar for song glory
  1280. Attention , one who craves the limelight
  1281. What outdoorsy people do as a country walk
  1282. Chemical substances of two or more elements
  1283. Australian pilot who vanished mid flight in 1978
  1284. Beater for a kettle or steel percussion instrument
  1285. Activity that might involve paint, slime or mud
  1286. Seabird also known as a sea crow or sea raven
  1287. Seth macfarlanes tv cartoon about the griffins
  1288. Southernmost of the earths two tropics
  1289. Sweet sounding teacher who helps dahls matilda
  1290. Child, teen whos snuck away from home
  1291. French term for white onion sauce
  1292. A style of japanese unarmed combat
  1293. Type of whale with a long tusk
  1294. Takes a journey to new places
  1295. They dont care mj music video shot in brazil
  1296. Second emperor of indias mughal dynasty
  1297. The history channel series about ragnar lothbrok
  1298. Scabs that form after burns
  1299. Dying word of cinemas charles foster kane
  1300. He said open sesame to enter a thieves den
  1301. Blu sang breathe with sean paul
  1302. Island in venices lagoon
  1303. Travel bag to hold clothes and belongings
  1304. Cruz who starred in vanilla sky, sahara
  1305. It was the capital of turkey until 1923
  1306. Fried dessert made famous by krispy kreme
  1307. Sport the mlb starts playing in spring
  1308. Rotating car engine part that works valves
  1309. Mundi, disputed painting said to be by leonardo
  1310. Surname of peaky blinders gang leader alfie
  1311. Any anatomical passage moving air into the lungs
  1312. Meat eating animal
  1313. Sunken, lower than its surrounds
  1314. Third brontë sister, alongside anne and emily
  1315. Appetite that requires lots of food
  1316. Tom might have had a shot at jerry with this
  1317. Navigators altitude measuring device
  1318. Catchphrase of the teenage mutant ninja turtles
  1319. Mike , luke cage star
  1320. Rollercoaster theme park building video game
  1321. Pay for protection from damage or loss of property
  1322. The brothers long train running rockers
  1323. Simple sleeveless outer garments, e g, capes
  1324. Building blocks for making houses
  1325. Bat used in tennis and badminton
  1326. Small chunk of gold or chicken
  1327. Buddhist title given after 13 years of study
  1328. Head and mouthgear used to control a horse
  1329. Warwick davis film about a small would be wizard
  1330. Soviet space probes sent to venus in 1969
  1331. Of society, an upstanding individual
  1332. Ungol mountain pass with a tower, near mordor
  1333. Hart, host of youtubes you deserve a drink
  1334. Vast square shaped bay in eastern canada
  1335. Scooby doo character whose surname is blake
  1336. City in which john lennon was killed in 1980
  1337. Clause that adds a condition to a contract
  1338. Casual slang for to kill someone
  1339. Online class for work or school
  1340. Put on again, as makeup
  1341. Technical term for sausage skins
  1342. 1995 film where players get stuck in a board game
  1343. Wheeled bed that can hide under another bed
  1344. Sea, polar waters named after a british sealer
  1345. Missouri city with gateway arch monument
  1346. Freerunning sport with obstacles to navigate
  1347. Routine health appointment
  1348. Halloween vegetable that grows in a patch
  1349. A known phone number
  1350. Japanese lute with three strings
  1351. Clever, shrewd
  1352. Middle eastern country whose capital is amman
  1353. Third strike in a row in bowling
  1354. Motionless electrical charge rather than a current
  1355. Director joss, creator of buffy the vampire slayer
  1356. Vanilla is a type of this flowering plant
  1357. Shade of purple anagram of id go in
  1358. Lizzo was this good in her hit single
  1359. Bad guy in spy spoof austin powers series
  1360. Fermented, salty and sweet cabbage, korean style
  1361. Winners gifts
  1362. Bucket shaped receptacle for wastepaper
  1363. Bloodhound friend of fox in the fox and the hound
  1364. Chinua, author of 1958 book things fall apart
  1365. Muddy pit for wwi battlefield soldiers
  1366. Not my , not my monkeys
  1367. Swimwear brand synonymous with tight trunks
  1368. Fast food joint where you dont leave your vehicle
  1369. Substance making up an ocean
  1370. It ends a game of chess
  1371. R&b singer of stormy weather and album at last
  1372. Pseudonym of an actor
  1373. Matt damons massachusetts home city
  1374. Country in which you can visit the nullarbor plain
  1375. A quick test to look for a medical condition
  1376. Legendary giant said to be buried below mount etna
  1377. Knut, world famous former resident of berlin zoo
  1378. Retained, like energy remaining constant
  1379. Unexpected turn of events in a film or book
  1380. Facebook agricultural game discontinued in 2020
  1381. Country that controlled macau until 1999
  1382. Clarice in silence of the lambs
  1383. Used a ruler to find the length of something
  1384. Large american amphibian
  1385. Chateau de , french palace of francis i
  1386. Erich , communist leader of the ddr, 1971 89
  1387. Moving belt with passenger luggage at an airport
  1388. Bright blue precious stone, a form of corundum
  1389. The science of classifying living things
  1390. Public art or lettering often painted onto walls
  1391. Michael, author of jurassic park and disclosure
  1392. The , aussie train from melbourne to adelaide
  1393. Comic servant with a bright costume
  1394. Game hero whose last game took forever to come out
  1395. Disney movie where emotions are main characters
  1396. Beach treasures, e g mussels, limpets, whelks
  1397. Leftover amount after a division equation
  1398. Where mascara is applied
  1399. Ski mask style originally from ukraine
  1400. E finnish region of lakes, forests and bears
  1401. In grammar, a word for the performer of a verb
  1402. Rapper on katy perrys hit california gurls
  1403. Describes a book with well worn page corners
  1404. Up to this point in a document until now
  1405. Small tool for plucking mandolin or lyre strings
  1406. Lesney products toy car brand from 1953
  1407. Knobbly root vegetable, mashed or as a remoulade
  1408. Warm an egg until it hatches
  1409. Country between namibia and south africa
  1410. Star of cast away and forrest gump
  1411. Advancement toward a goal
  1412. Barry humphries female comic persona
  1413. Ace , capcom adventure video game
  1414. Spring flower that is a national symbol of wales
  1415. Wake up substance in tea, coffee, energy drinks
  1416. Facial area between the eyes and hairline
  1417. Construction material made with liquid cement
  1418. Lars, danish director of breaking the waves
  1419. 2019 novel by hannibal lecter author thomas harris
  1420. Low pitched instrumental melody of a song
  1421. Sparkly rhinestone gem
  1422. Rated to have a considerable chance of danger
  1423. Pop up city skating venues
  1424. Midwest us state, home to st louis
  1425. Ancestors, predecessors
  1426. Biological rhythms that occur in daily cycles
  1427. Health for characters in games
  1428. South african province, formerly with orange name
  1429. Alexander graham bell was the first to patent it
  1430. The los angeles area where movies are made
  1431. Fabric protector mops up foaming pints at the bar
  1432. She wrote the god of small things, roy
  1433. Hard brown seed filled growths on conifer trees
  1434. Cable that restores power to a portable battery
  1435. At the start of a flight, you prepare for
  1436. Frozen floating sheet
  1437. The ilium, ischium, and pubis, combined
  1438. American comedian amy in the film trainwreck
  1439. This domestic companion was mineral, not animal
  1440. Mixture of a liquid and tiny particles
  1441. Mother of persephone in greek mythology
  1442. Tropical trees with aerial roots
  1443. A type of sausage named after an italian city
  1444. Southern portuguese coast, popular with tourists
  1445. Will give health to the sick, kahlo artwork
  1446. Ocean in which the battle of midway took place
  1447. Tv show about the devil as an lapd consultant
  1448. Working out selling costs for goods
  1449. Elizabeth or miller, for example
  1450. Worn down at the heels careless, slapdash
  1451. Epic poem of ancient india, written in sanskrit
  1452. Doctor greys first name in greys anatomy
  1453. Droit de , feudal right over newly married women
  1454. Stray feline living in urban back streets
  1455. James , thinker who proposed the gaia theory
  1456. Salad side dish of raw shredded cabbage and carrot
  1457. 2019 hit for post malone and young thug
  1458. Bin zayed stadium, al jazira clubs home ground
  1459. Classic story of the boy who wouldnt grow up
  1460. Movie the , college friends reunite for funeral
  1461. Bottom cheeks forrest gump was shot directly here
  1462. Its the most frequently struck key on a keyboard
  1463. Crown wearing carnival ruler in brazil
  1464. Jane goodall is an expert on these animals
  1465. Supporter of the womens equality movement