1. Expanses of land or pamphlets
  2. Broomstick riderof children's tales
  3. Small guiter - george formby played it
  4. Tender or bid
  5. Adriot and skilful
  6. Kind of mountain cabin in switzerland
  7. A heap of dung or rubbish heap
  8. Given food to eat
  9. Shopkeeper's moneybox
  10. Natural ability or aptitude
  11. Throne for a kind of wasp
  12. Goes white, loses colour
  13. Move froward as army does
  14. Accompany to departure point, or chase away
  15. It's a spigot in america
  16. Shifty and misleading
  17. Combine with others as political parties may do
  18. Death or termination
  19. Casual vest-like garment much worn by youth
  20. Words opposite in meaning to others
  21. Hard-wearing clothing material, twilled cotton
  22. A way around, road or heart obstruction
  23. Hinder or delay
  24. Prefix indicating maiden name before marriage
  25. Genetic material often used by police
  26. Great greek with weak heel
  27. Outcomes, consequences
  28. One who reviles or a misuser of drugs
  29. Small creatures in vermicelli
  30. One who insists on something, like punctuality
  31. Small abscess under a nail
  32. Gte the better of in vulpine way
  33. A book or sound dimension
  34. Throw the .... ..; impose full penalty
  35. Hormone that controls body's absorption of sugar
  36. This poet is official in england
  37. Divides out, allots
  38. One who seeks or obtains satisfaction for injury
  39. Tiredness felt after long plane flight
  40. Effeminate in style - in tent?
  41. Allow to be released from a duty
  42. Liquids from fruits and vegetables
  43. .... curtain (film)
  44. Words in place of persons, places or things
  45. Swift, long-legged cats
  46. Proposed, recommended
  47. Person who lives or travels with you
  48. Toward the stern of a ship
  49. Fine, delicate or hardly noticeable
  50. Small pouch for money
  51. They eat no animal products
  52. 1 making ready
  53. Calculated approximately
  54. Automatic firearm
  55. Stooping
  56. Point to aim at
  57. Relating to a lustrous elementary substance
  58. Popular resort in the west indies
  59. Relating to antrim, say
  60. More fatuous or foolish
  61. Chinese skiffs
  62. New york yankees baseball player who married marilyn monroe in 1954
  63. Mild, not malignant
  64. Colder even than 31 across
  65. Lacking normal feelings as of affection
  66. It's good in france
  67. Not revealing one's thoughts readily
  68. Religious leader of jewish congregation
  69. False rumour also from france
  70. To do what or about priests
  71. Harden or season
  72. French rowers' transport
  73. Individually distinct in discreet way
  74. Quality of being grasping or plundering
  75. Jackie earle —, best actor in a supporting role oscar nominee for little children
  76. Notaries surrond spanish girl
  77. Mathematical statement using =
  78. Their job is to extinguish conflagrations
  79. Hidden or undisclosed, as motive may be
  80. Group of people hired to applaud something
  81. Absorbed information about leander
  82. Small shop selling fashion clothes
  83. Shapeless lump as of dough
  84. He's living it up, a party animal
  85. Ranted, being impassioned
  86. Cause or sanity
  87. Tell huguenot if you're imprisoned
  88. ''you can't have .... .... and eat it''
  89. Colective noun for geese
  90. In show-jumping, test of horse's jumping ability
  91. After-affect of drinking bout
  92. Having become unfriendly or alienated
  93. Heavy and burdensome: gravis, difficilis, magnus ponderis
  94. It is set up on a grave with inscriptions
  95. A misture of ale and lemonade
  96. Hereditary commander of feudal japanese army
  97. Wanders without definite aim or direction
  98. Intrude, being not tested
  99. An ill-tempered dwarf of group of seven
  100. Semi-precious stone of argent type
  101. Australia's koalas have good health!
  102. A hunting bird, may be peregine
  103. Fuits like granny smith's
  104. Ability to understand what is meant - some are quick on it
  105. Eve is known as adam's ..
  106. Declare, state vigorously
  107. Solvent, but not necessarily flush
  108. Katie lowes' role on "scandal"
  109. Convened came together
  110. Creature with soft body and hard shell like snail
  111. Take a break, relax
  112. Smartly clad, wearing stylish clothes
  113. Things added or attached but subordinate
  114. Devote to a sacred person or use
  115. Enervates in spas
  116. This enemy is major
  117. If not, except when
  118. Coat worn in northern ireland
  119. Large leaping mammal
  120. Notched, toothed
  121. Pounded with heavy implement
  122. Large group of singers
  123. Assaulting
  124. Distinctive forms of dress
  125. Pressed, rolled out
  126. John —, author of novels chocky and the day of the triffids
  127. Gentle, affectionate
  128. Pudding, sweet
  129. An ace shot in golf
  130. Valiant, courageous
  131. Bell, edison etc.
  132. Keep out of a drinking place
  133. Intensify, enhance
  134. Worthless, foolish nonsense
  135. Greet upon arrival
  136. Thin slices of potato
  137. Move unsteadily, tottered
  138. Location of wexford, say
  139. Callers
  140. Arranged gatherings
  141. Handsome youth loved by aphrodite
  142. Latin american dance - 1-2-3 rhythm
  143. Bubbling over with high spirits, animated
  144. Happy to get the part under contract
  145. Ragged child or sea creature with round shell
  146. All in all, completely - in latin
  147. German mark of two dots over vowel
  148. Musty or hackneyed
  149. Put on, as with garment
  150. Walks heavily with vagrants
  151. Bustle and bother
  152. Overshadow or eclipse
  153. Trustworthy or candid
  154. Code of the japense samurai
  155. Public fighting, a breach of the peace
  156. Sea journeys like sinbad's
  157. Concealed like fox's liar
  158. Acme or apex
  159. Town in galilee where christ spent his youth
  160. Drive around with great opera composer
  161. About to happen, looming
  162. Lizard that can change its colours
  163. Notorious russian monk embraced by puritans
  164. Use badly or cruelly
  165. Threw in the air like salad or coin
  166. Sieze or grab
  167. Great novel by tolstoy; ''war ... .....''
  168. A set of language letters
  169. Parable or symbolic story
  170. Not matter what the obstaclels; .... .... or high water
  171. Add sugar or honey
  172. Dickens boys who asked for more
  173. This man created his own success
  174. Caustic or cutting - like teeth?
  175. Coerce, force to obey
  176. A cunning plan or piece of trickery
  177. Trains for stress
  178. Viewpoint or posture
  179. Block or obstruct, as in golf
  180. Beneath or below
  181. Harsh and strict
  182. Hide billy or nanny
  183. Loud whistle or sea witch
  184. Ill, unwell
  185. Fish flake or weighing device
  186. Thin skins or papers
  187. Very old, belonging to times long ago
  188. Dinner chime or slangy medal
  189. Traditional women entertainers of men in japan
  190. Reward for prison guard
  191. Its capital is warsaw
  192. Person connected by blood or marriage
  193. Vast amounts of wealth
  194. Don quixote was wont to tilt at it
  195. Native to bombay, say
  196. Cask, drum
  197. Shoemaker's shape
  198. Untidy, unkempt
  199. Well-seasoned stew of vegetables
  200. Instrument to magnify distant objects
  201. Discussion with arguments for and against
  202. Increase twofold
  203. Maids don these gems
  204. Using atomic energy
  205. Skilled trade or craft worker
  206. Swimming meet
  207. Flooring fabric
  208. Writers, generators
  209. Vigour, vim, vitality
  210. Bamboo stems
  211. Celebratory period
  212. Young feline
  213. Changing state, moving
  214. Word added in front of another
  215. Substance that exerts some force or effect
  216. Reduce to small pieces by pounding or abrading
  217. Alludes, adverts
  218. Meat dish or hallucinogen
  219. Hidden, covert
  220. Appreciation or discernment
  221. Gets a loan
  222. Not permanent or lasting
  223. Curiosity of nasal kind
  224. Recitals for newspaper pieces
  225. Chain nerd up - it delays progress
  226. @ threat if danger
  227. Courage - or effrontery
  228. Very inderior in quality - do a count
  229. Stringed instrument beloved of old minstrel shows
  230. Arid of unfertile
  231. Blood-fluid of the gods
  232. Electricity generators or energetic people
  233. ''be it ever so humble, there's no place .... ....''
  234. Made into a nice cheese
  235. Unimportant people or baby fish
  236. Elected leader of a town
  237. Sound made by a telephone
  238. Tool or implement
  239. Shakerspeare play ''troilus and ........''
  240. Highest point or climax
  241. Female giants in fairytales
  242. ...... christie wrote great detective stories
  243. Go towards
  244. Make effort using rivets
  245. Excessively, to a sickening extent
  246. Cuddle into soft place
  247. French morale as in de corps?
  248. Oliver hardy's comedy partner stan ......
  249. County town of westmeath
  250. Launches assault or criticism
  251. Cloak or headland
  252. Might hunter of genesis
  253. Talk wildly at youth dance?
  254. Change or modify
  255. Cain left eden for the land of ...
  256. Large flatfish used as food
  257. Explosive material used by terrorists
  258. Church recess with domed or arched roof
  259. Keep back or arrest
  260. Trivial lies as by child
  261. Abridged, or planted in small container
  262. A large soft travelling bag
  263. Each is extremely behind note
  264. Pictures one playing games
  265. Pals out on strike
  266. Excellent in same garb
  267. Explosive found on beach
  268. Rough sea point after calm
  269. Longed for wood on the day
  270. Artist follows gold quality
  271. Encourages farm produce
  272. Sonar involved in crime
  273. Roof tile or pub credit
  274. Yellow citrus fruit with acid taste
  275. Wanders in leisurely, winding way
  276. Kind of bows by women, bending the knees
  277. Tv entertainment with host talking to guests
  278. Cricket thrower or posh hat
  279. Of water, clear and transparent
  280. Belongs to me, not you
  281. Makes hard, inures
  282. Reserved in literary way?
  283. Obstruction of blood vessel by clot
  284. Profession of bing, frank or perry
  285. 1983 film comedy starring rodney dangerfield
  286. Best actor in a leading role oscar nominee for champion the bad and the beautiful and lust for life
  287. 1981 novel by dick francis
  288. Finnish driver; 1996-99 world rally championship winner
  289. 2010 comedy-drama film starring reese witherspoon and paul rudd
  290. Long-handled agricultural tool with a curved blade
  291. Nicholas — actor who played marcus brewer in 2002 comedy-drama film about a boy
  292. Franklin — us president from 1853-57
  293. 2006 prix de l'arc de triomphe winner ridden by stephane pasquier
  294. Don — london-born boxer who fought rocky marciano for the world heavyweight title in 1955
  295. Genus of asian shrubs with white flowers and red berries
  296. Composer of operas the death of klinghoffer and nixon in china
  297. Town and resort forming part of the principality of monaco
  298. City in north rhine-westphalia germany north of cologne
  299. River in new jersey and new york us that flows into newark bay
  300. Lure lamb in out of the rain
  301. Remembrances of things past
  302. This day's child has far to go
  303. 2007 horror film starring lindsey haun and jack huston
  304. Robert o'hara — irish soldier leader of the first expedition across australia from south to north who died in 1861
  305. Covers against the weather
  306. Conjectures, reckons
  307. Regulated activities or showed the way
  308. Set free, discharged
  309. State of excited uncertainty
  310. Hammer and strings instruments
  311. Arrangement of parts that function together
  312. Act of supplication to a deity
  313. Average or intermediate
  314. Raised edge of a round object
  315. Alike, resembling
  316. Adapt, alter
  317. Size and style of type
  318. The christian messiah
  319. Birds of the night
  320. A salad of shredded cabbage, mayonnaise, carrots, onions, etc
  321. Prying, snoopy
  322. Clean and tidy
  323. Enterprise, undertaking
  324. Average psychic
  325. Mucky, marshy
  326. Desire, inclination
  327. Melt (fat)
  328. Clean using self-employed contractor
  329. Whole formed by two or more elements
  330. Signs or warnings for the future
  331. Instinctive or mechanical
  332. Takes advantage of - daring deeds?
  333. Most tardy or recent
  334. Something gifted in a will
  335. Northerner in american civil war
  336. Small trench or channel
  337. Gold-coloured alloy used in decoration
  338. Great river of 30 across
  339. Bring to an end - make a parcel
  340. Russian author of the short story easter eve
  341. Spares for one going by
  342. Command makes one hurry, energy rising
  343. Routine and monotonous
  344. More varied
  345. Not confined, like escaped prisoner
  346. Informally swindle or get the better of
  347. A cape in south america?
  348. Soon, precious stone
  349. Small round stoneless fruit
  350. American tramp or english bottom
  351. Pitch or timbre
  352. A poor miserable person
  353. Dark green pear-shaped fruit
  354. Outflow or point of concern
  355. Absolute or tacit
  356. Yellow birds or islands off africa
  357. Snipes at backbones
  358. Made or became less bright or cheerful
  359. See there, behold - in france
  360. Region of the ne united states including rhode island and vermont
  361. Hard black mineral or plane engine
  362. The belief that pleasure is the chief good in life
  363. Listen secretly to others' conversations
  364. Nothing in nogales
  365. Run __ (seek a political position)
  366. He puts the ball in the net
  367. Mental disorder with delusions as or persecution
  368. Rich and smooth like milk product
  369. Baking staple
  370. Run __ (do financial calculations)
  371. Things added to the end of books
  372. Arm art for short
  373. Exam for hs juniors
  374. Vips wheels
  375. Pasta often found in minestrone
  376. Eager beavers demand
  377. Theresa may or boris johnson
  378. Three in germany
  379. Subtle kind of commotion
  380. Glamorous as from abroad
  381. Flattered so to speak
  382. Poet of unexpected rhymes
  383. Trap or entangle
  384. Depot postings: abbr.
  385. Run __ (stall as in football)
  386. Despatch aloft or make fun of
  387. Great respect, perhaps among thieves
  388. Beach buckets
  389. Damage reputation of, cause to be disbelieved
  390. Dodges, escapes capture
  391. Sumo term meaning 'push'
  392. Ceremonious or prescribed
  393. They fought with richard i in the holy land
  394. Large seabird or constant burdan
  395. Consecrate with sacred oils
  396. Prepare to go round part of theatre
  397. Fashions and trends
  398. Slowish run, of horse or person
  399. Temporary suspension of employment
  400. Rasied high, glorified
  401. The silent historian (acc)
  402. Book that lists details of the famous
  403. Ace part of speech produces memorable phrase
  404. Another pagan term?
  405. Diplomat committed to seeing someone shortly
  406. Drink following party - that's a mistake
  407. Commercial, manufacturing enterprise
  408. Ever entered into firm with capacity to take direction?
  409. Fellow with impotent lover
  410. Good girl? crystal could be one!
  411. Hate violent crime associated with men
  412. Head for new zealand with scandinavian
  413. Help victim of a con artist in hearing
  414. Homework at inferior karachi uni initially takes little work
  415. Foolishly fond of your wife
  416. I am heading to soirée wearing straw hat
  417. I paint car in a slap-dash way for aristocrat
  418. In a bit of fluster after horse bolts
  419. Mafioso cut down in wicked vendetta's finale
  420. Man that must take pee in wood
  421. Master with gas released big noises
  422. Miserable function a performer gate-crashes
  423. Most important horse soldier at the front
  424. On occasion, lairy dons dished the dirt
  425. Perhaps fingers in the air meet requirements
  426. Pressure to split up old sort and a model
  427. Pretty flirty cow might do this, i'm told
  428. Proper tune i chat about
  429. Quite angry about female star of the deep?
  430. Second self
  431. Spongy dessert knight tucks into after sailor
  432. Superior evening meal son polished off
  433. They smuggle another's drugs in shoes
  434. Use less mdma? come on, silly, one's consumed by it!
  435. Woman i married shows spirit
  436. Projection to tie a rope around
  437. Colour of cosmetic that’s at the bottom of the pile?
  438. Make cow-like noise
  439. Withdraw nurse again
  440. Column of light on the fish?
  441. Examined, dug into
  442. ___ stone, the help star
  443. Insects related to butterflies
  444. Once around the course
  445. Gestured, signed
  446. Illness, malady
  447. Camouflage to hide identity
  448. Staple food is too apt, strangely
  449. Concerning oneself
  450. Of service or assistance
  451. Partially, to a degree
  452. Odious, being earthborn
  453. Standoffish like a fool
  454. Tiny plant found on rocks and trees
  455. Cut sheep's woll with large scissors
  456. Percy ...... shelley, great engligh poet
  457. Shed hair or skin prior to new growth
  458. Maps for ship's captain
  459. Oscar, great irish writer
  460. Diffused liquid such as vapour or condensation
  461. Leopard-like cat of s america
  462. First name of dickens's scrooge
  463. Catch brief sight of
  464. Woe is i author
  465. Gone baby gone
  466. Compliments or bunches of flowers
  467. Turn rail around in practical test
  468. Inclined or leaned towards
  469. Arching with annoyed disappointment
  470. In scotland, a wide river valley
  471. A cry of adoration to god
  472. Old unit of italian money
  473. Employ or confront
  474. Der fuhrer
  475. Dines or consumes
  476. Bring or lead in as for initiation
  477. An informal male swindler
  478. Old song: ''... o' my heart''
  479. Drills or wearies
  480. Move up and down like robert
  481. Pale in botswana
  482. He repairs water pipes, installs washing machines etc
  483. Food programme of restaurant
  484. Juicy stone-fruit related to plum and peach
  485. Very skilful and proficient
  486. Negligent like misers
  487. Short thick manual digit
  488. Make to spin around
  489. Molest or harass
  490. Snarl or embroil
  491. Resist change, be conservative - like patrick?
  492. Slip it over the flower part
  493. Kind of rat for sailor
  494. In addition to (2, 4, 2)
  495. Each of six children born at one birth
  496. Terminates prematurely or miscarries
  497. An explosive particle as in bomb
  498. An idle or dishonest vagrant
  499. Extreme and utter, as nonsense may be
  500. Scolds or censures
  501. Chinese system of unarmed combat
  502. Romantic musical composition or ecstatic statement
  503. Scottish attendant for fisherman or shooter
  504. Fame or eminence
  505. A slight pain or pang
  506. Discontinues, ends
  507. Institutes of higher education
  508. ''when ... hang by the wall / and dick the shepherd blows his nail''
  509. Grains used as food
  510. Anglers, say
  511. No pegs on this substance to soak up
  512. Heartily, cordially
  513. Greet or applaud
  514. Colour after knotting the fabric to produce an irregular pattern
  515. Pause, waver
  516. Moves in a curve
  517. Amalgamate, blend
  518. Fabric for sail, tent and painting
  519. Unravelled, stocking for instance
  520. Themes, topics
  521. French secondary schools
  522. Sudden burst of flame
  523. Jewel from oyster
  524. Empower, endow
  525. Pieces of action in play or film
  526. Expressed disapproval, objected
  527. Hero from arabian nights who said ''open sesame''
  528. An enclosure for horses or cattle
  529. A savagely cruel act
  530. Recognise as specific person or thing
  531. A light pleasant wind
  532. Francis albert, mourned singer
  533. Spirit that robs graves and devours corpses
  534. The nobility en masse
  535. In slang, one's flat or bedsitter
  536. Tangled and unkempt, as hair may be
  537. This doctor is a political story-polisher
  538. Small tower, on tank or castle
  539. Deadlock, stand-off
  540. Stewed with woollen materials
  541. Medical instrument for examining the ears
  542. Thick stick used as weapon
  543. Still existing, actual
  544. Ill natured
  545. Les noces de
  546. Negative and detrimental behaviour
  547. Physical law of floating bodies
  548. Of a corpse, preserved from decay
  549. American folk and blues singer
  550. Shed moisture or stop talking
  551. Outstandingly good, others should imitate
  552. Burned slightly at the edges
  553. It's the root of all evil
  554. Medium in amount or intensity
  555. Sheer rock faces overlooking sea
  556. With lines or spokes from a central point
  557. Jubilant, quite chuffed
  558. It's a grand race at aintree
  559. Warlike or combative
  560. More than one can tolerate - or stomach
  561. Small rounded lumps
  562. Lumps of metal, say gold
  563. A thin outer covering as of wood
  564. In docile, obedient manner
  565. Make insistent requests for entropium
  566. Frighten, alarm
  567. Teased into being calm
  568. Made less stressful or difficult
  569. Causing compulsive use or consumption of, say drug (9)
  570. Come about, result in
  571. Revolved or changed stance
  572. First this is first choice before others
  573. Of, at or towards the sides (7)
  574. Oversupply, plethora
  575. Permit, consent to
  576. Transmit disease to another
  577. What you get for tit
  578. A very small quantity, from french
  579. Look at with wide-open mouth
  580. Roman god of the sea, with trident
  581. Facts and figures as fed to computers (4)
  582. Keep in sugar
  583. It's thrown in winter fun (8)
  584. Sagely
  585. Mutilated, wounded
  586. Innocuous, benign
  587. Anything that exists
  588. Honour, prize
  589. Coca hotel is a treat
  590. Carted, dragged
  591. University site
  592. Closed up, watertight
  593. Playful king and writer of nonsense verse
  594. Swayed
  595. Constituent part
  596. Foal
  597. To do with a form of energy
  598. Aggression, force
  599. Existing from the beginning, basic
  600. Deep gorge or ravine
  601. Esteem, look up to
  602. Capitulate, relinquish
  603. Closed plane curve
  604. Round flat seed
  605. Chilly perspiration brought on by fear
  606. Exactly the same words for brave tim
  607. Mixture of sugar and egg-white baked crisp
  608. In gaelic legend, the children of . . . turned into swans
  609. A pick-me-up drink, nice with gin
  610. Concealed in orchids
  611. Dog-like animal with howl like laughter
  612. Mourned, grieved
  613. Edible bivalve mollusc, sticks to rocks
  614. First-year students in university
  615. Sever bonds or abandon self-control
  616. Disorderly and slovenly
  617. Citizens of castro's country
  618. Classification of grey-coat
  619. Shave, say, pencil
  620. Annoy or badger constantly
  621. Vocally cordial in earthy way
  622. I mean, when everything's said and done
  623. The bible has four . . . . . . . . of the apocalypse
  624. Once-notorious prison in san francisco bay
  625. American ex-soldier or old hand
  626. Very painful, really hurtful
  627. Roof of canvas stretched on frame as shelter
  628. Set up a business or prove to be true
  629. Informal outfits or costumes - rise and shine
  630. Boss posing as creditor
  631. England's longest river
  632. A salt-water lake enclosed by reef
  633. Letter carrier's org. (abbr.)
  634. Beer available at a 1-across
  635. Singer levine who was a coach on the voice for 16 seasons
  636. White iverson singer ___ malone
  637. Prickly plant, emblem of scotland
  638. Person who prefers his own company
  639. Former one life to live actress who plays carrie big boo black on orange is the new black (2 wds.)
  640. Russian doll actress who plays nicky nichols on orange is the new black (2 wds.)
  641. ___ brute? (julius caesar rebuke) (2 wds.)
  642. Disturbs or overturns (6)
  643. Glasses that clip onto nose without side-pieces
  644. Former third watch actor who plays joe caputo on orange is the new black (2 wds.)
  645. Late-night host samantha
  646. Ye ___ shoppe (quaint sign)
  647. Cookie crumbled as a topping for frozen yogurt
  648. ___ moment (solver's breakthrough)
  649. Actor hayes who plays jack mcfarland on will & grace
  650. Family matters character played by jaleel white
  651. Spanish small plates
  652. 2000s sitcom starring country singer mcentire
  653. Boston legal actor auberjonois
  654. 911 respondent (abbr.)
  655. Chicago p.d. actress heche
  656. Approximately 2.2 pounds briefly
  657. Spritzer mixer (2 wds.)
  658. Plastic shoe with lots of holes
  659. Prop on bob ross's the joy of painting
  660. Remain loyal to somebody ready for emergency
  661. Get your . . . . . . . ; have revenge or recover property
  662. Don't you ___ me (#1 song for the human league)
  663. Long loose garment or dressing gown
  664. Band of people, usually criminals
  665. Not worthy in character or purpose
  666. Goes faster than in foot-race
  667. Nasty fellow like addled ovum
  668. Soothing stuff for lamb
  669. Drag along behind, say barge
  670. Important person with large toupee
  671. Corpse revived by witchcraft in w indies
  672. State in western usa, capital carson city
  673. Mythical fruit inducing state of dreaminess
  674. Throw light on a problem, make clear (9)
  675. Uncontrollable natural event like earthquate
  676. Involving the supernatural, esoteric
  677. Overwhelming victory in election, or a natural disaster
  678. Single out for harassment, persecute
  679. Protective covering for knight of old
  680. Strict order from top cop in part of clapham?
  681. Pillar supporting a rail, may be rustable
  682. Flatter using dairy product? (6, 2)
  683. Albert, who founded the theory of relativity
  684. Marsh plant with tall straight stem
  685. Traps for nasser
  686. A long arduous march
  687. A very narrow crack, a little hirsute?
  688. Able to attract metal, or charismatic
  689. Succeed in life, do well
  690. Shovels coal into furnace
  691. Certify or authenticate
  692. Exact or levy, say tax
  693. Felon, malefactor
  694. Long-necked wading birds
  695. Imaginary place of great wealth and opportunity
  696. English monarch decapitated mathematician
  697. Think intently and at length
  698. Outlying or neighbouring area
  699. Staid and sober
  700. Suddenly and unexpectedly
  701. Window for the patriot?
  702. Ben alone is ruined without a raise
  703. Game played with long-handled racquets
  704. Affront, offend
  705. Member of english county council
  706. Person who takes a middle-of-the-road political position
  707. Central location of 1916 rising
  708. Transparent colourless form of 3 down
  709. Asylum, sanctuary
  710. I tag law of the bird
  711. Liveliness and energy
  712. Cow meat
  713. Fold of loose skin on some old necks
  714. Old units of length
  715. Shock since salad has run out
  716. Mist or shimmer due to heat
  717. Oval-shaped edible seed
  718. Gavel, small mallet
  719. Askew, lopsided
  720. Contradicted, negated
  721. Old king half-regretted a plan
  722. Average or mingy
  723. Remuneration, earnings
  724. Geometric proposition
  725. Not restrained or attached
  726. Opening in a wall for firing through
  727. Cluster of flowers along a stem
  728. Structure whose roof has only one slope
  729. Disorder, turmoil
  730. Margin, fringe
  731. It turns the rudder
  732. Greatly desired
  733. Radical right developing
  734. Inability to use language
  735. Plastic mug
  736. Short amusing opera
  737. Titled peers of the realm
  738. Have the financial means
  739. On the road, they reflect light
  740. ... levi (novelist)
  741. Dance during which partners may change
  742. Runs and skips playfully
  743. Small creature like snail without shell
  744. Indigenous aborigines of new zealand
  745. Tool used for boring holes
  746. Defective, not in good working order
  747. A rich crescrent-shaped bread roll
  748. Animal that can live on land or in water
  749. Any time for convenience or pleasentness
  750. Sooty and sweep's friend
  751. Man's hat with wide brim and high crown
  752. Not many affected by a contrary word
  753. Mythical animal, half horse and half man
  754. Flat fish or sun beam
  755. Very thin biscuits
  756. Hans _, 20th-century austrian physician who first described a form of autism
  757. Fill with, infuse
  758. One who refuses to obey authority
  759. Messengers, now often on motor-bikes
  760. Roll it out for vip
  761. Words repeated as an aid to meditation
  762. Ancient priest of wales
  763. Julian barnes novel of 1980 set in london and paris
  764. Paths of satellites around planets
  765. British army regiment whose motto is who dares wins
  766. Of royal appearance or status
  767. Repeated twice, this becomes an african drum
  768. One who causes deliberate damage to plants or machinery
  769. Of soldier, illegally absent - initially
  770. Leaf of book or boy servant
  771. Dog-like animals with cry like human laughter
  772. Go away - transparently
  773. Fabric made from fine silky wool of goat
  774. Remain faithful to - being adherent?
  775. Swarm in meet
  776. Top athlete, victor
  777. Accident, unlucky accident
  778. Band of sky much used by astrologists
  779. Deserve or warrant
  780. Yellowish-brown colour or resin
  781. Grounds of university or college
  782. Impassioned about diva
  783. Presage, portend
  784. Lassie in church pathways
  785. Bring matters . . . . . . . ; force a crisis
  786. Generator of electricity on monday
  787. Futuristic tracking device
  788. Active oil wells
  789. Flow of one line of verse to the next without pause
  790. Commercial vehicle or front of army
  791. Domestic feline lacking a tail (4, 3)
  792. Need you tonight
  793. Woe is i author patricia
  794. Bitterly pungent 5 letters
  795. Good grasps of business
  796. Large gatherings of people
  797. Elbow grease, exertion
  798. Become imbued
  799. Parts of sentences without verbs
  800. By a small margin
  801. Russian beetroot soup
  802. The ramayana heroine
  803. Welsh capital
  804. Nothing more than a small pond
  805. Large felines of forests
  806. Listened, minded
  807. Helpful device
  808. Manipulate clay or dough
  809. German composer of operas
  810. Approached unnoticed
  811. Openly promised
  812. Long dark shellfish
  813. Exclamation expressing triumph
  814. Larger than a mouse
  815. Brewed from malt
  816. Take in information
  817. Fierce north american animal
  818. Expedition usually in africa
  819. Small ball in necklace
  820. Toni morrison’s 1973 novel
  821. Prefix with scient and present
  822. Opposite of tails
  823. Physician in the armed forces
  824. ___ express (washington to boston train)
  825. Principal film or non-news article
  826. Saoirse ronan
  827. Use mum for this repository
  828. Fractured, damaged
  829. Prehistoric cave dwellers
  830. Holds dear, prizes
  831. 'nothing could be ... than to be in carolina' (song)
  832. A building and the land belonging to it
  833. Aromatic root of a plant of the ginger family
  834. Way of thinking or behaving
  835. Narrow cart with runners for travelling on snow
  836. Swings or spins round and round
  837. Kind of betting odds - seven of them
  838. Painful swelling at base of big toe
  839. Hard stone that sparks if struck against steel
  840. Remove impurities or make cultured
  841. A child of uncle or aunt
  842. Old testament books excluded from protestant bible
  843. Showing malice or great ill will
  844. Graven image or greatly admired person
  845. Remain hidden in supine and canine position (3, 5)
  846. Any of the small planets revolving around the sun
  847. In the best possible way
  848. Scottish lake famed for mythical monster
  849. Keep in reserve, do not release
  850. Having no pity or compassion
  851. Scribbled aimlessly on paper
  852. Free from living micro-organisms, absolutely clean
  853. The dispersion of jews throughout the world
  854. Superficial as beauty is said to be
  855. Schoolboy dodging school
  856. One who weeps easily without good cause
  857. Rebellious person of immature years - from ankara?
  858. Prates about meal
  859. The process of styling hirsute head
  860. Infertile, unproductive
  861. Kind of accomplice or clothes add-on
  862. Pinches and twists sharply
  863. Blends with, integrates
  864. Small fierce animal with slender body and reddish fur
  865. Lifts with ropes and pulley
  866. Bear up on scottish hillside
  867. A lot of noise and commotion
  868. Take . . . . to fly away (4)
  869. Not co-operative or of assistance
  870. Informal drive and initiative
  871. Pay up or sink down
  872. Jumble and disorder
  873. Revealed or made known to
  874. Small hotel or country pub
  875. Seed of an apple
  876. Boundaries, confines
  877. Be sorry for wrongdoing
  878. Roman god of dreams - sleep in his arms
  879. Posh english school of note
  880. Like grains or hard particles
  881. Examiner of street
  882. Triangle being essential
  883. Influence in one's favour or circumvent
  884. He's a first-year undergraduate
  885. Odd, funny
  886. Words that can be interchanged with others
  887. Evidence that helps to solve a problem
  888. Part, bit
  889. Cherished or valuable
  890. Imitating, copying
  891. Monk's room
  892. Bait, lure
  893. Lost freshness or brilliance
  894. ... corpus, writ to bring a prisoner before a judge
  895. Furthest or highest degree
  896. Applicant, nominee
  897. People who move about according to the seasons
  898. Missives
  899. Environmental condition, surrounding
  900. Inedible fungus
  901. Strap up the small fish
  902. They train to compete in sports
  903. These and stones may break my bones
  904. Lodgings for troops or evacuees
  905. Attached direct to central computer
  906. Clumsy, not coordinated
  907. Bodily fibres carrying sensations to brain
  908. Blade of a propeller
  909. Loses the head, takes fright
  910. Command to be straight
  911. Strait between south america and the south shetland islands connecting the pacific and atlantic oceans
  912. Not looking good, threatening
  913. May be a foreign potato
  914. In america, it's a faucet
  915. Fragrant herb for wise man
  916. Speck or period
  917. Cords for tying shoes
  918. Oil change needed after a journey in north africa
  919. Manage with. even if not satisfactory
  920. End of the day in terms of light
  921. So long, see you - in france
  922. One who markets an engine component
  923. Remain in touch or informed about
  924. Hero of greek myth who performed 12 great labours
  925. Romp rowdily, frolic
  926. It spreads heat around room or cools engine
  927. In the works, this tool is a headache
  928. Take ale there: it's light and delicate
  929. Peruse or scan again; it's dearer
  930. Important person, very loud
  931. Occupation of lands or houses for rent
  932. Go after the guy with the fruit
  933. Annoying and irritating
  934. Dominant or obsessive thought, from french
  935. Munches noisily like horse at bit
  936. A kind of fish zoo
  937. Showing impudent lack of respect
  938. North american eskimos
  939. Addicted to alcoholic drink
  940. Conveyance for transporting passengers or goods
  941. Move to and fro, as with cradle
  942. Put money or effort into
  943. Tolerate, put up with
  944. Tinker tailor soldier ___, john le carré novel
  945. Cleaves or divides
  946. Member of old peruvian indian race
  947. Class of german airships such as that involved in a famous disaster in 1937
  948. Public celebration in spain
  949. Yuri . . . . . . . made the first manned space flight
  950. A sticklet for formal rules and details
  951. School teaching year shows difference in pitch
  952. Person who has been injured or swindled
  953. Strange or rare objects as from abroad
  954. Leave the bed or reach the top
  955. A bet or stake
  956. A nun – ultra eccentric and abnormal
  957. Causing injury or damage, say poison or malice
  958. Kind of rehearsal like thirsty trot
  959. Makes or becomes different, changes
  960. An american monkey-suit
  961. Title used for the hereditary male ruler of sark in the channel islands
  962. Parent to her tom
  963. Course, path
  964. Elegant, moving beautifully
  965. Lidded storage boxes
  966. ... ho (film)
  967. To do with artistic writing
  968. Dna-containing part of a cell
  969. Strong cords
  970. Good quality sound system, in short
  971. Order colour
  972. Changed to suit another purpose
  973. Forms, outlines
  974. Becoming, decent
  975. Took to be the case
  976. Observed or took account of
  977. Ball, orb
  978. Five- or six-pointed figure
  979. Most ridiculous
  980. Students or learned people
  981. Everyone confused name of french dance
  982. Succession, order
  983. Goodly but indefinite number
  984. Photograph used in medical diagnosis
  985. Complied with instructions
  986. Colander, sieve
  987. Grounded, founded
  988. Cessation, conclusion
  989. Unkind word for slow learner
  990. A film is projected onto it
  991. Juicy tropical fruit or slang hand grenade
  992. Dispatch trio, trained to show total command
  993. Invite, bring about
  994. Object worshipped by primitive people or fixation (6)
  995. Bring about, being skilled in machinery
  996. Not accurate or veracious
  997. One who sells goods to the geneal public
  998. Strikes foot on something and loses balance
  999. Most strict and demanding
  1000. Keeps oneself alive, continue to exist
  1001. German lyrics or songs, as written by mozart
  1002. Thief who steals in small quantities
  1003. One who takes power from pursuer
  1004. Uncommunicative, saying very little
  1005. One who carries, maybe a coffin
  1006. Part of eye or flower
  1007. One who writes the words of a song
  1008. Discolourations on satins
  1009. Class or division of things
  1010. Area where understanding is lacking or one is unsighted
  1011. Longfellow poem: ''. . . . . . . the hesperus''
  1012. One who plays a vigorous role, especially in politics
  1013. Oppose, put up defence
  1014. Not many, only a handful
  1015. Dead healthy food
  1016. A humorous precept stating that if something can go wrong, or turn out inconveniently, it will
  1017. Oscar wilde wrote ''the importance of being . . . . . . . '' (7)
  1018. A young chap into ballads
  1019. Former ceo of polly peck's lowest point
  1020. Foorprint or trail
  1021. Sean . . . . . . wrote ''the plough and the stars'' (1 '5)
  1022. Eat ___ love 2010 movie starring julia roberts
  1023. Amount of work or laundry
  1024. Sinusitis-treating doctor: abbr.
  1025. Astrological symbols determined by one's date of birth: 2 wds.
  1026. Professional name of shawn corey carter who is an american rapper and founder of roc-a-fella records: hyph.
  1027. Ancient germanic alphabet (rhymes with dune)
  1028. ___-rooter american company which provides plumbing services
  1029. Beekeeper played by peter fonda in a 1997 film
  1030. Without foundation or substance
  1031. Reagents for army nco
  1032. Aubrey ___ graham canadian rapper who is known for his single god's plan
  1033. ___ dogg professional name of calvin cordozar broadus jr. who is an american rapper and had changed his alias in 2012
  1034. Secret ____ (james bond for one)
  1035. Capital of the republic of ireland
  1036. Professional name of marshall bruce mathers iii who is an american rapper who has been labeled as king of hip hop
  1037. Sir arthur ___ doyle writer of sherlock holmes
  1038. He tells a good story
  1039. U.s. unincorporated island territory in the western pacific
  1040. ___ wayne professional name of dwayne michael carter american rapper who was flagship artist of cash money records
  1041. ___ car rentals (type of car rentals): hyph.
  1042. Kanye omari ___ american rapper who founded the record label good music
  1043. Camera feature that rhymes with doom
  1044. European capital with a viking ship museum
  1045. Word before phobia to signify fear of heights
  1046. Pitcher hideo ___ who last played for kansas city royals in 2008
  1047. A tennis player calls it love
  1048. ___ amaru shakur american rapper who was born lesane parish crooks and acted in movies like juice
  1049. Ant-___ paul rudd movie
  1050. Opposite of across in a crossword
  1051. Any time money source: abbr.
  1052. Formerly in bridal introductions
  1053. ____ of the above (mcq option)
  1054. Theodore ernest ___ south african golfer known as the big easy
  1055. Hound or husky
  1056. Did ___ something wrong?: 2 wds.
  1057. Utilizar in spanish
  1058. We're ____ see the wizard … (the wizard of oz song): 2 wds.
  1059. Didn't expect to see you here!: 2 wds.
  1060. Worn and run-down, like clothes
  1061. Contraption or artifice
  1062. California river which is also a fish name
  1063. Naval designation for amphibious ships during wwii: abbr.
  1064. Namibia before 1990 for short
  1065. Passivity, doing nothing
  1066. A schoolboy's rubber
  1067. Serial about middle-east state
  1068. Famous novel of ww1 - ''. . . . . . . . on the western front'' (3, 5)
  1069. Give visible sign of embarrassment
  1070. Entice or attract
  1071. Stated repeatedly in treatise
  1072. A very heavy fall of rain
  1073. Place for a bird to perch
  1074. Takedown piece slangily
  1075. Not a member of the group
  1076. Take burden onto this joint
  1077. Spanish phrase meaning enough is enough
  1078. Spanish enough is enough
  1079. Enough is enough spanish
  1080. In addition, as well
  1081. Assert, avow
  1082. Incrimination of someone on a false charge
  1083. Decline, decompose
  1084. Affectedly dainty or refined
  1085. Pendent spears of frozen water (7)
  1086. Body tissue that affects movement
  1087. Self-propelled firework or missile
  1088. Held back or set aside
  1089. Carte forte faite de pate de papier
  1090. Illogique e
  1091. Representative, quintessential
  1092. Is the politician a libra?
  1093. Old european currency unit
  1094. Aloft, flying
  1095. Provoking or stirring up
  1096. Period of unusually low temperature
  1097. Does it weep, this bird?
  1098. Control, restriction
  1099. Brownish-yellow substance used as pigment
  1100. Single amounts of money
  1101. Stretch, pull
  1102. Board over house or shop
  1103. They enjoy inflicting pain on others
  1104. Sudden attack made into a country
  1105. Put old material into new form
  1106. Supernatural dwarfs or giants in scandinavian myth
  1107. Is ted going in and out?
  1108. Not repeated, being a single event or object
  1109. Informally, nervously tense and anxious
  1110. Present, make known
  1111. Kind of ring with seal
  1112. Feels small imprisoning water creatures
  1113. A group of nerve cells radiating fibres
  1114. Ornamental strip to conceal curtain-rail
  1115. Expertise level in juso
  1116. Great 17th century italian astronomer and physicist
  1117. Group of islands in th west indies
  1118. Stopper for closing hole in barrel
  1119. Much larger than average, say clothes
  1120. Unaffected, genuine
  1121. Pull or take out - maybe a tooth
  1122. Badge or representative device
  1123. Hoses, pipes, lines etc
  1124. Recuperate in gathering
  1125. Warm and loving
  1126. Alpine district of austria and italy
  1127. Creator of tom sawyer and huckleberry finn
  1128. Suffix for informal doctrine
  1129. Of animal, secured or hobbled
  1130. Mystify, bewilder
  1131. Smoking with rage
  1132. Accidentally, not planned
  1133. Southernmost region of spain bordering on atlantic and mediterranean (9)
  1134. Imaginary small being with magic powers
  1135. Great bay between france and spain
  1136. Building on sports ground for players and spectators
  1137. Greedy eaters
  1138. Word repeated as aid to meditation
  1139. Beams of sunlight
  1140. A really nasty headache
  1141. Great tree associated with lebanon
  1142. Lucifer or beelzebub
  1143. Small ornamental case-pendant
  1144. Buddhist paradise
  1145. Scientific study of substances - by pharmacist?
  1146. Object from the past sought by collectors
  1147. Retaliate - using fist?
  1148. Solemn and grave
  1149. Slim down or discount
  1150. Court hearings or experiments
  1151. Finished like cricket session
  1152. Sudden throat sound or minor mishap
  1153. Take as hard wood
  1154. Confined like dam water or suppressed anger
  1155. To roar at a speech-maker
  1156. Put something aside and forget where
  1157. Slangily trendy part of body
  1158. Plant with crisp root eaten raw
  1159. Centre or axis
  1160. Altogether nonsensical
  1161. Reply of denial
  1162. Locomotives, machines
  1163. Composer or performer
  1164. Passage, from a book say
  1165. Approximately, around
  1166. It has four equal sides
  1167. Knocked against
  1168. Recognisable names of goods
  1169. Pedalled
  1170. Stalwart, stout, tough
  1171. Shop for foodstuffs
  1172. Three-sided polygons
  1173. Spray of leaves or flowers
  1174. Crash, violent impact
  1175. Performance by a soloist
  1176. Devices for sending or receiving signals
  1177. Scope for freedom of action
  1178. Membranes that vibrate to sound
  1179. Attained, earned
  1180. Wood of fruit trees
  1181. After the expected time
  1182. The gas is there, oddly
  1183. Come after or achieve a goal
  1184. Ben . . . . . . is a sligo mountain range
  1185. Smartly attired, wearing stylish clothes
  1186. This bird gets the worm
  1187. Nervous jerk or tic
  1188. Woman's light ornamental dressing gown
  1189. Unplanned, as it happened
  1190. Being lowest in importance - gone stale
  1191. Hanging ornaments as on necklace
  1192. Taints in giant men
  1193. How you said “i’ve reached the top of the ladder”?
  1194. Armour-plated military vehicle
  1195. Words turned into other words
  1196. Cardboard or plastic container
  1197. Of weather, mild and gentle
  1198. Lofty associate of robin hood
  1199. Treats with soothing or sleeping drugs
  1200. Surrounding or enveloping, say temperature
  1201. An accepted truth or principle
  1202. Manipulated by digger
  1203. With a bite, dentibus, non prandiolo
  1204. Walks in pompous self-satisfied way
  1205. Fan or devotee
  1206. Favourite, perhaps a domestic animal
  1207. Bird's beak or statement for payment
  1208. A way in stone
  1209. Line of descendants of an ancestor
  1210. Of horse, with patches of white and dark colour
  1211. Tradesman's entrance
  1212. Discover the presence of, as sherlock would
  1213. Is unwell - sail away
  1214. A dandy like brummel
  1215. Fundamental or rudimentary
  1216. Adventurous sailor of arabian nights
  1217. Refrain from insisting on rights
  1218. In brief, notation for last month
  1219. St --'s head, headland north-west of eyemouth
  1220. Commonwealth east african country, capital dodoma
  1221. Loses speed
  1222. Rushed forward like wave
  1223. Adapt to new conditions
  1224. Kind of newt found in clefts
  1225. Chatter in thoughtless way - like brook?
  1226. And __ what happened?
  1227. Australian media tycoon who founded world series cricket in 1977
  1228. Common workday starting hr.
  1229. Patty hearst's sla alias
  1230. September 2 2019 … and what the first words of the answers to starred clues commemorate
  1231. A commissioned officer below the rank of captain in the british army
  1232. *ground out on which the fielder needn't tag the runner
  1233. Greek god of wine and fertility, also known as bacchus
  1234. Formal dress or costume
  1235. Italian wine favored by 66-across
  1236. State of anxiety or woe
  1237. Olympic country code alphabetically just before gha
  1238. Cross-country runner arrives in hurry - right?
  1239. The first female united states secretary of state
  1240. Not hot or cold
  1241. Animal to hunt rats and rabbits
  1242. Extinct reptile
  1243. He sells lean mass, oddly
  1244. A recurring beat
  1245. Tract of grassy land for livestock
  1246. Mesmerizing
  1247. Avoided dealing with
  1248. Seal we turn into a mammal
  1249. Jokes, japes
  1250. Various diets for various seasons
  1251. Hypersensitive reaction to certain substances
  1252. Closing sections of musical compositions
  1253. Childish, immature
  1254. Evasive, devious
  1255. Urge or force to action
  1256. Southern american state
  1257. Character, esteem
  1258. The more of it, the less speed sometimes
  1259. Made bold
  1260. City for the odd non-old
  1261. Draw upon a tinpot regime?
  1262. Ida inn provides for this nationality
  1263. Spiny, succulent plant
  1264. Group or class
  1265. I or o
  1266. Solid fat churned from milk
  1267. Named, called
  1268. Remove soap with clean water
  1269. Henri _ bresson, french photographer in the field of journalism
  1270. Cuddled or settled into
  1271. Popular racket game - anyone for it?
  1272. Sixteenth letter of the hebrew alphabet
  1273. Ratio of, say, map to reality
  1274. Gradually becoming louder as in music
  1275. Twisted or determined
  1276. Rejoice exceedingly, revel in
  1277. Seizures and convulsions
  1278. Large dog trained for alpine rescues
  1279. The peninsula containing spain and portugal
  1280. Zealot or extremist
  1281. The characters played by jennifer saunders and joanna lumley in absolutely fabulous have very loose ones!
  1282. Rail around animal's den
  1283. Not consumed as food
  1284. Significant or distinguished
  1285. Expectorated in slight quarrel
  1286. Casing for a sword
  1287. Leonardo da vinci's painting of enigmatic woman
  1288. The kind of house where entertainment is provided
  1289. Water barrier, quite mad
  1290. Slangy sunglasses for literary ghosts
  1291. Strong coffee mother brought in for fellow lodger
  1292. Do us a flavor chip brand
  1293. Involuntary movement
  1294. Talent show parts
  1295. Lifesaving donation perhaps
  1296. Trendy caveman diet
  1297. Food in a food fight
  1298. Indy 500 segment
  1299. Car floor cover
  1300. Settle in and get comfy
  1301. Object held sacred
  1302. Superstar singer
  1303. 1995 novel by salman rushdie
  1304. Though that is the case, all the same
  1305. 36-down are here
  1306. Narcos agcy.
  1307. A little lamb may follow her
  1308. Fourth prime number
  1309. You might keep them on someone
  1310. Signals assent
  1311. Loosens or ruins
  1312. Word after military or family
  1313. ___ spray (drugstore purchase)
  1314. Sup in style
  1315. Closely clustered
  1316. Decay in bones or teeth
  1317. The p in pg
  1318. ___ vegas aces
  1319. Common dalmatian name
  1320. Rootless aquatic plants
  1321. Quickly heated the outside of
  1322. Neighbor of n.d.
  1323. Emma of the favourite
  1324. One may be primetime or daytime
  1325. Sports centers for short
  1326. Type of film at sundance
  1327. Bars that produce suds
  1328. Counterparts to kgs
  1329. Clinton running mate
  1330. Organizer's pile next to keep perhaps
  1331. Hot guys
  1332. First two parts of afaik
  1333. Very small people as in some african tribes
  1334. Ghost of the opera
  1335. It might be unsweetened
  1336. Make an assessment of, measure
  1337. Assuredly, without doubt
  1338. George eliot wrote ''silas . . . . . .'' (6)
  1339. Put . . . . . . .; kill or terminate
  1340. Settle conclusively with informal embrace
  1341. Common image recording device
  1342. Money units in norway and denmark
  1343. Bewitch, charm
  1344. Major unit of tennis match
  1345. Fruits for social engagements
  1346. Presage, foretell
  1347. Revive unpleasant memory - using garden tool?
  1348. Go back on, or revoke in card game
  1349. Monument with tall pillar and tapering top
  1350. Imply in addition to the literal meaning
  1351. It's not odd
  1352. Jack who replaced allen
  1353. Large, heavy gun
  1354. Went at a fast gait
  1355. Former great british bake off host
  1356. Food inspection organization
  1357. Train between nyc and montauk
  1358. Measure of vitality nyt
  1359. Seed with hard shell and firm kernel
  1360. Suitable or likely
  1361. Pain in organ of hearing
  1362. Fruit with soft, sweet flesh
  1363. Seeming to be unaffected by pleasure or pain
  1364. Justice scalia successor
  1365. 'i'm ... of a white christmas' (song)
  1366. Vedette masculine de sommersby
  1367. Small, smooth, rounded rocks
  1368. ... and gretel (fairy story)
  1369. He developed a radiation counter
  1370. Preposterous, nonsensical
  1371. ... -margaret (film actress)
  1372. Having beautiful natural landscape
  1373. Thin pliable sheet of material
  1374. January to juana
  1375. Bando and others
  1376. Email command
  1377. Instructions for cooking leftovers
  1378. Pine tree or gaelic men
  1379. Native in land before arrival of colonists
  1380. Erstwhile acorns
  1381. A wild drinking session, doubles you up
  1382. Geometric figure with four right angles
  1383. Chinese dish of noodles, meat and veg
  1384. Light amusing play or film
  1385. Possible criminals - round up the usual ones
  1386. Body height or high reputation
  1387. A promise to pawn?
  1388. On fire - get down
  1389. Take property into legal custody
  1390. Make to feel imminent sickness, turn stomach
  1391. Fully grown and adult
  1392. Lines of hereditary rulers often families
  1393. Informally, a large tough person, maybe a boxer
  1394. Scissors, maybe, or fast sailing-ships
  1395. A thin flow of liquid
  1396. A scoundrel or scamp
  1397. Right or privilege of admission
  1398. ..... the line is conforming obediently
  1399. Hides, places out of sight
  1400. A bunch of flowers in praise or compliment
  1401. Feeble, having lost vitatlity
  1402. Burden or cargo
  1403. Eluded or dodged
  1404. Gradually developed as darwin put it
  1405. Set of crockery for serving light meal
  1406. Braver or cheekier
  1407. A mafia chief or spanish grandee
  1408. Noisy old car or slangy sausage
  1409. Wooden implement for cricket
  1410. Tacit or understood
  1411. State of anxious uncertainty while waiting (8)
  1412. Slangily steals or notches
  1413. Consisting of vessels for conveying blood
  1414. Neighbourhood pub or resident
  1415. Beat grain or make violent movements
  1416. Don't get out of this to land in the fire
  1417. Qualified or fit as bachelor may be
  1418. Tattered cloth or university romp
  1419. Complete reverse of car or attitude
  1420. Border or leeway
  1421. Portugese shrine or muhammad's daughter
  1422. Able to move about like modern phone
  1423. Extremities of the earth's axis
  1424. Thin down by adding water
  1425. Conceal identity, perhaps with make-up
  1426. Triangular bone that forms back of pelvis
  1427. Place to which the body of king arthur was taken
  1428. International sign of distress at sea
  1429. Peripheral in alarming way
  1430. Pieces of saints' bodies or possessions
  1431. Quiet and still
  1432. Having the tools to do the job
  1433. Paused, wavered
  1434. Marine substance, often forms reefs
  1435. Condensation at beginning or end of day
  1436. Double-backed border of a garment
  1437. Groups of related people
  1438. Body of people under a single government
  1439. Ordinarily, usually
  1440. Conversant with the witch's cat?
  1441. Imp, pixie
  1442. Lack of musical discernment
  1443. Capable of causing death
  1444. Washed out with fresh water
  1445. Metal disc given as award
  1446. Study of alleged influence of stars on human affairs
  1447. Tossed coin or slangily lost temper
  1448. Not similar or comparable to
  1449. Mythical greek sisters whose look turned people to stone
  1450. Kill in caledonia?
  1451. Fully grown, ready for eating
  1452. Something small but well executed, say role in play
  1453. Bottle or jar top
  1454. A slowish run
  1455. Goes on board ship or plane
  1456. Talk wildly and incoherently
  1457. Unit of speed used by ships
  1458. Disorderly, slipshod
  1459. He is said to be worthy of his hire
  1460. Of jointed sense-organs of insects and crustaceans
  1461. Old rifle
  1462. My your
  1463. Brooklyn actress who portrayed queen mary in mary queen of scots: 2 wds.
  1464. ___ mcstuffins: pet rescue
  1465. Jay who preceded jimmy fallon as the tonight show host
  1466. Kind of shaving cream
  1467. Actor gallagher who has a recurring role on grace and frankie
  1468. Music genre associated with sampling
  1469. Father or mother
  1470. Spent time together, socialised
  1471. Common skin problem for teens
  1472. Lil ___ vert (xo tour llif3 recording artist)
  1473. Nba player from dallas for short
  1474. Ocean's 8 actress who portrayed queen elizabeth i in elizabeth: 2 wds.
  1475. Card game where you might play a green 3 on a green 6
  1476. Donald to ivanka
  1477. Anne hathaway's character in the princess diaries
  1478. Color of superman's cape
  1479. The lobster actress who portrayed queen anne in the favourite: 2 wds.
  1480. Top pair in many poker games
  1481. Furrow or groove as in track
  1482. Heads of magazine staffs: abbr.
  1483. Long thin country in south america
  1484. Prefix for rhythm or degradable
  1485. Big ___ (18-wheelers)
  1486. Sounds from a pigsty
  1487. Salmon served with a shmear
  1488. ___-ida golden tater tots
  1489. California city that includes portions of stanford university: 2 wds.
  1490. R&b legend ___ charles
  1491. Chinese stir-fry cooking vessels
  1492. Abnormal lasting fear or anxiety
  1493. Nagged and brow beaten as by wife
  1494. Marine animal often found in bathroom
  1495. Vikings placekicker bailey
  1496. Hospital section for critically ill patients: abbr.
  1497. Hundred ___ wood (where eeyore and tigger live)
  1498. Frozen drink brand that's sold at target
  1499. Day-glo
  1500. Alternative to zoloft or lexapro
  1501. Jazz singer james who was played by beyoncé in cadillac records
  1502. ___ max beyond thunderdome (1985 movie)
  1503. Missing ___ (something that's needed to resolve a problem)
  1504. Sparred in the ring
  1505. Most populous four-letter state
  1506. Botanical ingredient in many lotions
  1507. ___ strauss (blue jeans entrepreneur)
  1508. Affliction where you see pink elephants: abbr.
  1509. Partook of a feast
  1510. Chipmunk's snack
  1511. Month of the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere
  1512. What a farmhand does to the udders of a 43-down
  1513. Atlanta's pro baseball team
  1514. The european freshwater fish scardinius erythrophthalmus
  1515. Angus or holstein for example
  1516. Actress turturro of the sopranos
  1517. Intrusively inquisitive
  1518. Timetable for activities
  1519. Like some missiles, deviously direct and subtle
  1520. Trinkets for wool workers
  1521. Continue firmly or obstinately
  1522. Metal cooking pot with long handle
  1523. Of a remark, appropriate for the occasion (8)
  1524. Coarse like clay
  1525. Straighten up and become less formal
  1526. Literary or artistic work imitating the style of another, often satirically
  1527. Reached or accomplished
  1528. Once the jewish quarter in a city
  1529. Start in for the process of being conveyed
  1530. Bend the knee in obeisance
  1531. Pair of spectacles on a stick
  1532. Be excessive like fulsome thespian
  1533. Direct or requisition
  1534. Silent, not speaking
  1535. Guaranteed the accuracy or reliability of
  1536. One in need is one indeed
  1537. Tiny organism that can cause disease
  1538. Regarding highly
  1539. Colourful baboon in the damn rill
  1540. Fabric, textile
  1541. Mozart or mendellsohn
  1542. Swear the make-up covers in a roundabout way
  1543. 'the longest way round is the ... way home' (proverb)
  1544. Small pool of rainwater
  1545. Commercial vehicle in the lead?
  1546. Mini tap on a large drum
  1547. Small religious groups
  1548. Exercises to enhance respiratory efficiency
  1549. Arrange systematically
  1550. If such a plant is a showy flower
  1551. Upright, refusing to yield
  1552. Ancient city destroyed by god for wickedness
  1553. Average, middling
  1554. Phase in sleep
  1555. Solo in norway
  1556. Pressing, compelling
  1557. Once more, once again; anew
  1558. Brown bison of north america
  1559. Mythological sea nymphs
  1560. Us stars made the composer
  1561. Employee who takes in or gives out money
  1562. Rural settlements
  1563. Child's play, piece of cake
  1564. Switching pound, go too, doing something wrong
  1565. Arouse or stimulate trouble
  1566. Walk very lightly - musically through the tulips
  1567. Do as the light brigade did
  1568. Oliver —, gamekeeper in 1928 d h lawrence novel lady chatterley's lover
  1569. Light weight coming in on cue
  1570. Hottest period of the year - hard on canines?
  1571. In a hasty or rash way - falling thus?
  1572. *arthur carlson portrayer on wkrp in cincinnati
  1573. Airport about 13 miles from the loop
  1574. Polite palindromic term of address
  1575. Treachery - decapitation takes place - that's logical
  1576. Soft to the touch like plush cloth
  1577. Reproached or criticised
  1578. Informally a strange or eccentric person
  1579. Country between togo and nigeria
  1580. Website for some custom-designed jewelry
  1581. *2000 stop-motion animated comedy hit
  1582. Producer rhimes who created grey's anatomy and scandal
  1583. Showers with flowers and chocolates maybe
  1584. Summer olympics contest whose participants do the ends of the answers to the starred clues
  1585. Bit of clothing often worn with shorts
  1586. Teases in good-humoured way
  1587. Harold who directed caddyshack
  1588. *late-night cartoon network programming block
  1589. Member of the largest rwandan ethnic group
  1590. Stage comebacks?
  1591. Muscles strengthened by belly dancing for short
  1592. State firmly, propound
  1593. Sudden strong blasts of wind
  1594. Licentious or obscene
  1595. How some exciting n.b.a. games are won
  1596. Staples center for one
  1597. Ornate woman's headgear
  1598. Of liquid, ooze slowly out
  1599. Filled with things strewn about
  1600. Tend to small depression
  1601. Grow smaller, taper off
  1602. Hypocritical talk - sounds negative
  1603. Suspend in front of glenda
  1604. A restricted eating regime
  1605. Bone of the middle ear also called the stapes
  1606. Animal manure
  1607. Shoved tightly between other things
  1608. Ranged about with male goose
  1609. Substance used in medicine, often abused
  1610. Deep groove as in a lane
  1611. Originally designed by christian dior in the 1950s, a style or silhouette of skirt characterised by a narrow waist widening to a full hem
  1612. Biased or unfair
  1613. All in the . . . . . . . .; suffering together
  1614. Required by custom or etiquette
  1615. Cavalcade or procession
  1616. Strictly religious people like rasputin
  1617. Decline to accept garbage
  1618. Angry and incensed
  1619. My fault - mea . . . . .
  1620. Sayings or maxims
  1621. Lacking intelligence, asinine
  1622. I'd boil over with sexual energy
  1623. Samson's false girl-friend
  1624. Of uk weights and measures