1. Animals like paul bunyans babe
  2. Person who might celebrate pi day or star wars day
  3. What a magician might wear over his back
  4. Patriots quarterback newton
  5. Funny person i scold about clothing
  6. Funny bloke is something to see in paris
  7. Fun was had in bed cavorting as newlyweds
  8. Fulton played mr in a 1970s sitcom
  9. Fulminating in a bad way, republican takes lead
  10. Fuel or power controller
  11. Fuel company with a shortfall finally
  12. Fruit, round, as it happens
  13. Fruit with extremely likeable fragrance has a fine lustre
  14. Fruit with a thick rind and juicy edible pulp inside
  15. Fruit in a tarte tatin
  16. From the usa
  17. From a noble family
  18. Frivolous four interrupt rehearsal
  19. Friendly bug maybe regularly found in fruit
  20. Friend with ideas altered fence of stakes
  21. Friend outside trendy theatre, finally, for afternoon show
  22. Frequently remove roof from top of house
  23. Frenzy not so many, when half hearted
  24. French territory bought by the united states in 1805 for $15m
  25. French president, 2012 17
  26. French philosopher, d 1650
  27. French city accepts english relative
  28. French chanteuse
  29. Freed seducer
  30. Free, so vacation in province
  31. Free of deceit
  32. Free guitarist being given one for nothing gets rude rejection
  33. Free from pressure ease
  34. Franks very dry with a learner
  35. Frank &mdash , singer
  36. Fox should cover conflict once in progress
  37. Fountain in it tossed up clergyman
  38. Found plough removed from parisian fortress
  39. Fortune truss keeps after taxes
  40. Formerly arm 25% of workforce
  41. Former print media, say
  42. Former president of america consumed by misguided anger
  43. Former postman, one now living abroad
  44. Former partner playing tune in order to leave the stage
  45. Former measure of length
  46. Former leader of conservatives was wont to be forgiven
  47. Former bbc text service
  48. Former antimalarial drug
  49. Formation of words sounding like what they mean
  50. Formal setting for a trojan king
  51. Form of fortune telling
  52. Force 8 on the beaufort scale
  53. For example, 1588 play the armada, super, finally
  54. Footwear placed outside toilet when giving display
  55. Footing bill, initially lacking change
  56. Foot could be protected by this prime minister
  57. Foolishly, we have case of tequila in unusually warm weather
  58. Fool with dickens over
  59. Fool about to get at chap almost drunk
  60. Food for new recruits
  61. Food cooked or served in a roll
  62. Following sequence from popular performance
  63. Folklore story
  64. Flyers second article abridged
  65. Flyer that talks about advanced inner personality
  66. Flyer left in drier houses
  67. Flycatcher&rsquo s charge, we hear insect being picked up
  68. Fly low with daring
  69. Fluid moving machine
  70. Flowing outer garments
  71. Flowering shrub or tree burn alum
  72. Flower from wood miles away
  73. Flower attached to tail of giant guinea pig
  74. Fleshy and hanging loose
  75. Flag flown by ship crossing river
  76. Five characters, wolves in disguise
  77. Fitting fresh cover for metal bearings
  78. Fitted out
  79. Fishy girl
  80. Fish tanks, for example, moved away from highly corrosive liquid
  81. Fish struggle to swim
  82. Fish and fruit wonderful in spain
  83. First of items dropped by steward behind small storage containers
  84. First man from south to join a kings fleet
  85. First batsman in door, perhaps
  86. Fire in notre dame upset american football people
  87. Fire close to club lounge
  88. Finish getting runs in place for batsman
  89. Fine tune bacterial
  90. Fine material is used in sock not right
  91. Find out rector slopes around
  92. Find an answer to
  93. Final, formal brushoff for augustus or gwen
  94. Final sprinkling of salt
  95. Final score ulster beaten
  96. Film the womans gas
  97. Figure label required on front of case, nothing on bags
  98. Fighter helping movement of the people
  99. Fighter catches greek priestess dressing
  100. Fight about retro tool
  101. Fiery spirit of monk bringing round power tool
  102. Fierce sort of row about £1,000
  103. Fierce changes involving climate, ultimately how’s the arctic in summer
  104. Ferret food
  105. Fergie corrupt ref shocks you
  106. Female is drunk, engaging another female in tussle
  107. Female god performs
  108. Female embracing crew in lift
  109. Fellow yankee&rsquo s call for attention
  110. Feeling of contentment
  111. Feel great sorrow
  112. Feel empty, needing compassion over dump
  113. Fed up in the morning, anto is upset about one slur
  114. Featuring lots of famous people
  115. Feature in garden party with superb sandwiches
  116. Feature framing ring and choker
  117. Favouring english athlete one came first
  118. Faultless from rookie
  119. Father embracing a deity in temple
  120. Fathead soon deduce a timeless quality, unfortunately, thats shared by johnson and his cohorts
  121. Fate of some plotters
  122. Fasten article in short time
  123. Fast train meant primarily for luxembourgs third head of state
  124. Fast equine pace
  125. Fast celebrity on holiday, missing california
  126. Fashion leaders in ascot outfits look stunning too
  127. Farewell bargain announced
  128. Fans missing dark beer drinks
  129. Fancy drink, with sherry having been emptied
  130. Fan, perhaps, of decommissioned vehicle
  131. Famous russian, as presented in disney film, avoiding capital of france
  132. Famous old market in bay &mdash ten grand for refurbishment
  133. Famous latin hymn
  134. Family internally raised capital
  135. Familiar sun to sat
  136. Fake member of parliament initially says latin must be included
  137. Fake barrier doesnt open
  138. Faith very receptive to suggestion
  139. Fair flat
  140. Faint, without disturbing younger family member
  141. Faded out the answer to what started norton on the radio
  142. Factory transformed into a cultivated area
  143. Face covered in spots, son not caring
  144. Fabric in green, pure and simple
  145. Fabric cut it is seen in a soft glow
  146. Provides with sustenance
  147. Other member of the duo with john oates
  148. Public square once bisected by the berlin wall
  149. Medium sized antelope of southwestern africa
  150. Bill & ted had an excellent one
  151. Curaçao liquor comes from an island in this sea
  152. Mistaken people are barking up this, the
  153. Queen of the ancient persian king mausolus
  154. First name of belgian saxophone inventor sax
  155. Welsh , popular dish of cheese on toast
  156. Naked ruler who needs some clothes in the folktale
  157. Peter, english actor known for quo vadis
  158. Video sharing website whose logo is a play button
  159. Light breezes or gusts of wind
  160. Train carriage for sleeping in
  161. Hard swiss cheese named after a town near geneva
  162. Magnetic navigation device
  163. Elder of the two brothers who directed fargo
  164. Long brown fruit known as the date of india
  165. Fingertip device for measuring blood oxygen levels
  166. Grated cheese from parma, also called parmigiano
  167. What tiger woods strikes with his club
  168. Porcine minister of propaganda from animal farm
  169. Rocky horror dance, starts with a jump to the left
  170. Fairground game with a surprise prize
  171. Nasas orbiting research station, launched 1973
  172. Mott the roll away the stone rockers
  173. Jarlsberg cheese is named after a town here
  174. Cycling
  175. Usually the biggest bedroom in a house
  176. Device carried in case of severe allergic reaction
  177. Conquistador who became 1st governor of new spain
  178. The female leaders of beehives
  179. Grace, computer programming pioneer
  180. Medical show starring zach braff as john dorian
  181. Scottish city known for its rich fruit cake
  182. Surname of batmans police commissioner friend
  183. Beach town west of los angeles where barbie lives
  184. Austen heroine elizabeth with too much prejudice
  185. Only muscle in the body attached at one end
  186. A topic or theme, like mathematics or english
  187. Antique sewing machine foot pedal
  188. Artist whose works include summertime number 9a
  189. Country associated with jerk chicken
  190. Cloth decor around windows
  191. 70 80s band once known as angel and the snakes
  192. First name of mr leary or mr olyphant
  193. Monstrous christmas demon in some alpine cultures
  194. Chair for an infant to travel safely in a vehicle
  195. Another name for a baby swan
  196. A brief or momentary view
  197. An edible type is named after carrageen, ireland
  198. The river of woe in the greek underworld
  199. French singer also called the little sparrow
  200. Java coffee comes from this island nation
  201. Automatic lawn watering machine
  202. The nine banded is a type of this burrowing mammal
  203. A group of people living together a local society
  204. Christina ricci played her in the addams family
  205. New zealand produce once called chinese gooseberry
  206. Japanese puppet state in northern china, 1932 45
  207. Shoving or pushing others aside using an arm joint
  208. It makes perfect, according to a saying
  209. A japanese horizontal hand scroll a type of sushi
  210. Scottish city that gives its name to angus beef
  211. Its the h in waters chemical arrangement, h20
  212. Belinda, heaven is a place on earth singer
  213. Green or white pulse named after perus capital
  214. Describes cows that dont eat processed food
  215. Heart of , classic joseph conrad novel
  216. Stratford is this nz north island regions capital
  217. Ben, co wrote good will hunting with matt damon
  218. Tom ellis plays the devil in this tv series
  219. Captain of the ill fated rms titanic
  220. Room where you find a stove and fridge
  221. Uk pop star behind 2020s future nostalgia
  222. More pleased, more content
  223. Type of salad named after a new york hotel
  224. Nationality of 90s tennis star stefan edberg
  225. Black , cocktail of vodka and coffee liqueur
  226. A chess move whereby a player makes a sacrifice
  227. Rapper who helped billy mcfarland launch fyre fest
  228. Tasty belgian treat talk a lot about nothing
  229. Tower you go to paris to see
  230. Period lasting 10 years
  231. Cantalupo, italy, is known for these fruits
  232. Small mouse like rodents with long snouts
  233. Host nation of the 2016 olympics
  234. Norse explorer, like erik the red
  235. Fine layer of hair covering a baby in the womb
  236. Cheshire, camembert and swiss for example
  237. Alter ego of comic book character kara zor el
  238. Institutions you can borrow books from
  239. End of performance waving gesture by a dancer
  240. A 1950s sitcom starring ball and arnaz
  241. Radioactive element named after a dwarf planet
  242. A fruit used to make a thanksgiving turkey sauce
  243. New york borough a whiskey and vermouth cocktail
  244. Espresso coffee topped up with hot water
  245. Patricia who wrote the talented mr ripley
  246. Textile finish for faded jeans
  247. Grand palace located in agra, india
  248. Brian de palma film with al pacino as tony montana
  249. Russian national airline with its hq in moscow
  250. World championship of sled dog racing
  251. Jack, popular californian cheese
  252. Save a webpage for later use
  253. Small silvery fish said to be named after sardinia
  254. Gaseous chemical element whose symbol is n
  255. Ice cold pack applied to a sprain or injury
  256. Surname of first us president to die in office
  257. Leaning to one side, like a ship
  258. Chinese military ruler in the early 20th century
  259. Hard knock wife standup comedian
  260. The word currant derives from this ancient city
  261. A square framework used in printing or surveying
  262. Iago and desdemona appear in this shakespeare play
  263. Turning from ice into water
  264. Musical about the 1899 paperboy strike
  265. Device used to administer breathable medication
  266. Angular degrees are divided into 60 of them
  267. Us city and a style of deep dish pizza
  268. Mice, rats, voles and squirrels for example
  269. Chestnut deer breed with white spots
  270. Sport with gloves, in a ring
  271. Depressed trough in the earths surface
  272. First name of jonathan swifts voyager gulliver
  273. Mask tucked above a seat what humans breathe
  274. Hale bopp and halleys are two of the most famous
  275. His age was the second avengers movie
  276. Tabasco sauce is named after a region here
  277. Patron saint of nurses
  278. This countrys cities include ankara and istanbul
  279. Scandinavian country known for its meatballs
  280. Damian, lead singer of rock band ok go
  281. Nelson mandelas job before entering politics
  282. Us president said to have inspired the teddy bear
  283. French town, the name of a type of whipped cream
  284. Charlie browns piano playing peanuts friend
  285. Port on australias swan river, near perth
  286. Brazilian dance that was a fad in the 1960s
  287. He plays architect michael in the good place
  288. Drinking vessel for pinot noir
  289. The wizarding world alley devoted to the dark arts
  290. Females in a pride of big cats
  291. A late night shift is likened to this cemetery
  292. Fragrant herb whose name means hay of greece
  293. Something that impedes progress
  294. Rich brown sugar, named after a guyanese port
  295. Swinging mechanism in a ticking clock
  296. Roman emperor who succeeded augustus in 14 ce
  297. Chickaree is a name for several species of this
  298. English county known for its clotted cream
  299. Downton actor elizabeth who played cora
  300. 15th century astronomer, grandson of tamerlane
  301. Publisher of book of world records
  302. Former republic of macedonia
  303. Nationality of justin bieber and celine dion
  304. Carpets, tiles, laminate, vinyl, etc
  305. Explosive hit for korean boy band bts in 2020
  306. Name given to the thursday before easter
  307. Real first name of chuck norris
  308. Putting a tattoo onto skin
  309. Surname of george in its a wonderful life
  310. 3d shape of a ball
  311. Middle east nation, and sugar coated almond
  312. First name of polar explorer shackleton
  313. A tropical monkey named after its cries
  314. Cutting the grass of a garden lawn
  315. Czech capital, gives its name to a type of ham
  316. Someone who shoots with a bow and arrow
  317. Serial killer tv series starring michael c hall
  318. Author of jack ryan espionage novels
  319. Enyas 1988 breakthrough album
  320. The collection of stars also known as the dolphin
  321. This warns that a building is burning
  322. Leaving online feedback for product purchases
  323. Rolled pizza shares a name with a sicilian volcano
  324. Give a patient some paper to exchange for medicine
  325. Tallest mountain range in the world
  326. Sling, cherry tasting gin cocktail
  327. Comedian known for hot fuzz and sick note
  328. London district, gives its name to a fruit bun
  329. Legendary actress judy, mother of liza minnelli
  330. Big venue for sports
  331. Money paid when a court case is lost
  332. Sir robert, first english prime minister, 1721 42
  333. Fish accidentally caught in nets
  334. Little lad who prompted scrooge to change his ways
  335. Illegally cracking computer codes
  336. Chicken kiev is named after this countrys capital
  337. Rhea who played carla in cheers
  338. 2019 avengers movie that followed infinity war
  339. Generally a us term for a run down part of town
  340. Sensing appendage on an insects head
  341. First name of nettles, garner or lopez
  342. Popular swiss cheese anagram of lament me
  343. A person who is in the last stage of a competition
  344. Traditional gift on a 45th anniversary
  345. Head, vegetable with added body parts
  346. Country from where port wine originally came
  347. Character played by pamela anderson on baywatch
  348. Fraction equal to 20 percent
  349. Musical symbol on a stave for lower pitched notes
  350. Doctors who use scalpels to operate
  351. Its the a in telecommunications company at&t
  352. It went to war with el salvador over a soccer game
  353. Without power leads or electrical cables
  354. Mammal that is pregnant the longest
  355. Common type of printer that doesnt use lasers
  356. Facial hairstyles on the chin
  357. Erode by melting or evaporating
  358. Word that turns billy batson into captain marvel
  359. Cut wood pitbull song
  360. Small notepad
  361. Jane wyman was the first wife of this us president
  362. Baseball bench
  363. Bob, jamaican singer of no woman no cry
  364. Go somewhere away from home
  365. Ancient name for iran origin of the word peach
  366. Metal coils inside mattresses
  367. Tulips, daffodils or roses, for example
  368. Offering assistance to one who needs it
  369. Patch kids, classic brand of childrens dolls
  370. Unstoppable huge tidal wave speeding to shore
  371. Wired up to an anti burglary system
  372. Large outdoor fire often part of a winter festival
  373. Event at which a bridal gown would be worn
  374. 4 squared, or 8 doubled
  375. First name of olympians phelps and johnson
  376. Faithfulness, fidelity
  377. Meals eaten outside on a blanket
  378. Charles, british author of great expectations
  379. What you dont know cant do this
  380. Us city nicknamed the big apple
  381. Superhero who goes green when hes angry
  382. Number that some people think is unlucky
  383. Impartial and just treatment for everyone
  384. Global soccer tournament, held every four years
  385. Gmails logo is a picture of one
  386. Common phrase to say after someone sneezes
  387. Closed wall cabinet, often in the kitchen
  388. Medical professionals who care for teeth
  389. A giant peak in nature, like everest
  390. A prolonged period of dangerously hot weather
  391. Ornamental metal band worn around the wrist
  392. Setting ones phone should be on during movies
  393. Person in an animal costume at a sports event
  394. Round sugary foods sometimes dunked in coffee
  395. The sections a poem or song is divided into
  396. Whitney houston said i will love you
  397. This and blue are the hues of the ikea logo
  398. Organ in the mouth that detects taste
  399. Caged bird with beautiful song
  400. Painful contusion on the skin, caused by a bump
  401. Throw trash on the ground outside
  402. Letters that are not consonants a, e, i, o and u
  403. Describes soft, warm material, e g fur or fleece
  404. Middles of the eyes students in a classroom
  405. A place where flowers and food are planted
  406. How your mouth should be when eating
  407. Send goods out of the country
  408. The wives of kings
  409. Hurt someones feelings, what bad manners might do
  410. The olympics take place in summer or this season
  411. Flooded italian city, location of the grand canal
  412. Save the earth , reuse, recycle
  413. Devices that correct the pitch of instruments
  414. Wine or liquor typically comes in one
  415. Dr seuss elephant that hears a who
  416. Items of clothing worn one on top of another
  417. If paper beats rock, then this beats paper
  418. Santa claus is doing this twice to his list
  419. Oaths you should keep
  420. Greeting card firm with crown logo
  421. Military outfits that all look similar
  422. Da vincis most famous portrait
  423. Ocean that separates the uk and the usa
  424. Australian creature whose young is a joey
  425. Keeping oneself neat and tidy
  426. This is caring, according to basic manners
  427. Thieves, burglars
  428. Scandinavian seafaring warriors or a tv show
  429. Capuchins, gibbons, and marmosets
  430. They go with snakes or chutes in a kids boardgame
  431. See through glass panes in walls of homes
  432. Participating in a weight loss food regimen
  433. Outfit worn on halloween
  434. Common chemical element, anagram of no crab
  435. Punctual, running as scheduled
  436. Ozzy osbournes tv star wife
  437. Hunter who uses a bow and arrows
  438. Act correctly, follow rules put in place
  439. A spoken address to a god or deity
  440. Joints between shoulders and wrists
  441. Spread rumors about others
  442. Strong smelling crunchy salad vegetable
  443. Chess piece that might be in shining armor
  444. Snow particles that fall from the sky
  445. The father of simba in the lion king
  446. Celebrations, like those held on birthdays
  447. Response after being thanked in the us youre
  448. Frankfurters in buns
  449. Service for sending letters overseas by plane
  450. Politely meeting ones gaze, making eye
  451. Film series starring tom cruise, this impossible
  452. Eyewear that rest on your nose
  453. Dozing, having a short sleep
  454. Progress as a video game character
  455. A shape with eight sides
  456. Birds that say gobble gobble
  457. Genre of music associated with nashville
  458. Express regret, make an apology
  459. Literary hero who fights captain hook
  460. Courteous, like a good host
  461. Sessions at the gym
  462. Magical horse like creatures with horns
  463. High speed automobile pursuit
  464. Solo performers often use this type of guitar
  465. Microscopic organisms found in seawater
  466. Rudely grabbing for food from across the table
  467. Simple meal of a filling inside slices of bread
  468. Water becoming ice
  469. Another word for pants
  470. Whine or moan rudely
  471. Moving across water in a low canoe like boat
  472. Opposite mathematical operation to divide
  473. Bathroom fixture that has a flush and a cistern
  474. Concealing oneself
  475. Country once ruled by emperors and tsars
  476. One of 26 components of the alphabet
  477. Youtube is home to millions of these
  478. Man i feel like , shania twain hit
  479. Number of minutes in one and a half hours
  480. Paris giant metal tower
  481. Giving the lawn a cut
  482. Tall, strong, human like figures in myths
  483. Plant whose aroma attracts felines
  484. Knitted sweater
  485. Ones zone of personal space
  486. Spinach eating sailor with oversized forearms
  487. Two piece swimsuits for women
  488. Creature said to live under a bed
  489. Winter weather event that closes schools
  490. Moving a ball around with your feet
  491. Coin operated music player with song choices
  492. Cars on the road that might delay you
  493. Gazing at someone impolitely
  494. Part of the body between the wrist and elbow
  495. Savings pot, may be sat on until ready to hatch
  496. Vehicle that throws rock salt on roads in winter
  497. Silverware that should be used from the outside in
  498. Arnold schwarzeneggers country of birth
  499. Spy thriller tv show starring sandra oh eve
  500. Comfy seat for sunbathing by a pool
  501. Pops a hole in a tire
  502. Mathematical tools for drawing circles
  503. Long pasta strands often served with bolognese
  504. Put on a face covering if you have a cough
  505. Digestive organ that can be small or large
  506. Introductory action that should have a strong grip
  507. Bony white halloween figures
  508. What you should pay to one who is speaking
  509. So funny you might fall over
  510. Theatrical entrance for cast and performers
  511. Host of a tv or radio show
  512. Flash that causes thunder
  513. Personification of winter who nips at noses
  514. Well mannered male
  515. Sending a text or an im
  516. Completely the same, like twins
  517. Piece of cultural heritage that should be followed
  518. Permit granted on gaining permanent us residency
  519. Overlapping slates on the upper surface of a home
  520. Beethoven, handel and mozart, for example
  521. Verbal quarrels
  522. Round inflatable for playing at the seaside
  523. Old something that doesnt take a new approach
  524. Area of los angeles associated with movies
  525. People who dont know each other
  526. This neil was the first man on the moon
  527. Mollusk cases found on a beach shore
  528. Best area of a city for peking duck, sichuan pork
  529. Group of classical musicians playing together
  530. See if someone needs assistance
  531. Family name of homer, marge, bart, lisa and maggie
  532. This type of teller knows your future
  533. Sea creature with eight sucker covered tentacles
  534. Material created from cattle hide
  535. What you should do after making a mess
  536. Three little kittens lost these in a nursery rhyme
  537. Tweeting symbol looks like a gate
  538. A bad one always blames his tools
  539. Word said kindly when someone is leaving
  540. What jack climbed after planting magic beans
  541. Elected leader of the united states
  542. Astronaut neil or musician louis
  543. Long insect thought to have about 100 legs
  544. Compose custom thank you notes
  545. Talk over someone
  546. The crime of defacing or destroying something
  547. Celebrations that mark another year of age
  548. Clean oneself before a meal
  549. Dispensation of medication using a syringe
  550. Astronomer who observes the night sky
  551. Meaning of a sign with a crossed out cigarette
  552. Gym machine for runners and walkers
  553. Fast food brand whose logo is a golden m
  554. Silver bracelets worn by those under arrest
  555. Tea that is not packaged in a bag
  556. Country in the middle east an anagram of serial
  557. Dry, sandy region like the sahara
  558. Kind, having concern
  559. Footwear that can be roller, inline or ice
  560. Romeos love in shakespeare play
  561. Trip taken on an aircraft
  562. Round fastener on the front of a shirt or a cuff
  563. People visiting ones house
  564. A knights protective metal headwear
  565. Gas in the air which humans need to breathe
  566. Lead member of a sports team
  567. A set of straps used to fasten a draft animal
  568. Jungle book author rudyard
  569. You pass it when you shift blame onto someone else
  570. This us city is known for its automotive industry
  571. High protein, non dairy liquid
  572. Avenue in manhattan known for advertising agencies
  573. Disney musical about paperboys
  574. Julie, starred in educating rita and billy elliot
  575. Wounds or blemishes on the skin or other organ
  576. Lowest denomination coins in the uk and us
  577. Putting pictures or wallpaper up on the walls
  578. Large double reed instrument, bigger than an oboe
  579. Lightweight timber for making models
  580. Antiseptic mouthwash brand that kills bacteria
  581. Classic fast food eaten with fries
  582. Pop a bottle of this fizz to celebrate moving in
  583. Person who designs houses for a living
  584. Bird found in a pear tree in christmas song
  585. Dickens novel set in coketown
  586. Denmarks parliament
  587. Edges of a town or city, suburbs
  588. Metal that burns intensely white
  589. Sport in which michael phelps is a famous name
  590. Put away jars and spices in this kitchen cabinet
  591. Any living thing such as a plant or bacterium
  592. Giving the walls a fresh coat in a new shade
  593. Shorter pointer on a clockface
  594. Japanese sauce of soy sauce, mirin, and sugar
  595. Star wars bounty hunter, clone of jango
  596. Monarch toppled in the french revolution
  597. African country formerly known as abyssinia
  598. Coach on the voice, williams
  599. Pink tropical bird with long legs
  600. It has four rooks and two kings
  601. Comfortable footwear for indoors
  602. Swiss family in childrens book series
  603. Putting belongings in boxes in order to move house
  604. Us state that includes the keys islands
  605. First name of dutch painter van gogh
  606. Unpack pots and pans in this part of the house
  607. Early boat style, round and made of skins
  608. Author of david copperfield and bleak house
  609. Wrist worn timepieces
  610. Bakelite was the worlds first
  611. Directions for cooking food dishes
  612. Type of kids who wont get gifts from santa
  613. Citrus fruits, peel makes a fresh essential oil
  614. Biblical giant defeated by david
  615. Nationality of tennis star rafael nadal
  616. Thief who breaks into peoples homes to steal
  617. Decorative strings of flowers
  618. Jon heders film, napoleon and this explosive
  619. Dark scandinavian staple often made with caraway
  620. Build flat pack furniture
  621. This bee puts letters in their proper order
  622. Cartoonist who created garfield
  623. Smoke outlets on rooftops
  624. The house right beside another home
  625. Medical building where surgeons work
  626. Energy generating turbine complex
  627. Patriotic blue raptor in the muppet show
  628. Era before the jurassic
  629. They contain lines for actors to learn
  630. Sign outside a house to say its available to buy
  631. Author of the canterbury tales
  632. Small mongoose that often stands on its back legs
  633. Chinese city that hosted the 2008 olympics
  634. Nasa space probe launched in 1977
  635. Crystalline natural rock, popular in kitchens
  636. Corridor by front door, containing shoes and coats
  637. Wind instrument with origins in ancient greece
  638. One that bears a hereditary mutation or trait
  639. Coffee chain with famous christmas red cups
  640. Prickly winter shrub with red berries
  641. Set up this monthly payment to fill a kettle
  642. Thorough scrub to wash old home before leaving
  643. New orleans is known for these fat tuesday parades
  644. Tropical cyclone, typhoon
  645. Looney tunes french skunk
  646. The worlds heaviest species of snake
  647. Small, curved pasta tubes
  648. Square root of 169
  649. British word for what americans call a closet
  650. Design of a roman road, no bends
  651. Concrete platform just beneath a homes entrance
  652. Set up this house phone in the new home
  653. Small dimpled sphere thats knocked about a course
  654. Publishing task recording contents in order
  655. Common sayings with moral meanings
  656. Popular social media service for messages, calls
  657. Impartial judge of a cricket or baseball game
  658. Doll whose full name is barbara millicent roberts
  659. Tiaras worn by monarchs
  660. African expedition to observe animals
  661. To turn water into ice
  662. Odom jr, played aaron burr in hamiltons first run
  663. Name for pillaging viking or wall street investor
  664. Solid part of the earths surface
  665. Sinew linking muscle to bone, like the achilles
  666. Put socks away in here after moving in
  667. Actor olivia who won an oscar for the favourite
  668. Bang nails in to hang pictures with this tool
  669. Salary, money from doing a job
  670. Computer that manages network resources
  671. George, author of animal farm and 1984
  672. Name of batmans loyal and long serving butler
  673. Country led by gorbachev, yeltsin and putin
  674. Estimates of price given by moving companies
  675. Captain picard catchphrase for going to battle
  676. Sport with a puck
  677. The twin zodiac sign and collection of stars
  678. A large paper print, hung or stuck on a wall
  679. The passage at the back of the mouth
  680. A creamy soup usually made with shellfish
  681. Dials that measure electricity usage
  682. Construction site vehicles for lifting heavy loads
  683. Feminist rapper also known as fatimah warner
  684. Vine fruits that can be green or red
  685. The inside layer of a multi layered garment
  686. Lines in the ground after earthquakes
  687. Place money into a business venture
  688. Ocean bird with a throat pouch
  689. Tennis tournament for teams of two
  690. Avenues, roads places where houses are found
  691. Cosmetic product for darkening eyelashes
  692. Stone in ireland kissed by visitors
  693. Adventure movie set in a jungle board game
  694. Use this to add juice to a phone
  695. Worlds highest mountain, scaled in may 1953
  696. Aware, conscious
  697. Written acknowledgement of a business transaction
  698. The upper middle parts of human feet
  699. Loud instrument used by a lifeguard
  700. Put this money down on new house to show intent
  701. Soft fruit type, such as goji, acai, redcurrants
  702. Official overseas office for diplomats
  703. List of existing items and fixtures in a new home
  704. Get rid of excess stuff to make moving easier
  705. Blade nosed sea creature
  706. Liquid for freshening breath or cleansing gums
  707. Add on building that makes a house bigger
  708. He featured on uptown funk with mark ronson
  709. Barbra, legendary star of funny girl and yentl
  710. Old name for uluru, australian outback landmark
  711. Machine for moving leaves or snow
  712. Kind of table for eating meals at
  713. Carpentry tools for smoothing or shaping wood
  714. Affirmative 1980s urban slang and a song by cameo
  715. Unique, unrepeated event
  716. Places where judges work
  717. Indian stringed instruments with long necks
  718. Pieces of winter handwear
  719. Unit of currency in canada and new zealand
  720. Car manufacturer, models include prius and yaris
  721. Audrey iis little shop of horrors plea to seymour
  722. Disease carried in the saliva of infected animals
  723. Measurement from one end to another
  724. Spruce up wooden furniture with this spray
  725. Tasty, edible
  726. An astronauts journey outside a craft
  727. English writer of a passage to india
  728. Curved footwear for an equine
  729. Local group of residents
  730. Site of orville and wilbur wrights first flight
  731. The canadian comedian who starred in the mask
  732. An old fashioned name for a tomato
  733. Compass point directly opposite southeast
  734. Keep track of moving house tasks on this sheet
  735. Visitors to the new house ring this to come inside
  736. Eggs , brunch dish with hollandaise
  737. Outlet where medicine is dispensed
  738. Monopoly command that sends a player to prison
  739. George clooney film , where art thou
  740. Companies that operate passenger flights
  741. Storage facility for plant embryos
  742. Strands that grow in nostrils
  743. Loud wind instruments associated with scotland
  744. Nationality of someone from tripoli or beirut
  745. A story with a hidden meaning or moral
  746. Rain collector on the edge of a roof
  747. Wild west cowboy bar
  748. Arctic mammal with large tusks
  749. A person or company who pays someone for a service
  750. Financial capital of switzerland
  751. Popeyes profession
  752. Yellow fruit with appeal
  753. A cocktail made with mint leaves and lime
  754. Traveling door to door salesperson
  755. Aviation pioneer earhart
  756. Competing against other runners
  757. Outside walls made of panels and posts
  758. Unpack these items and place around the table
  759. Belief that goes against popular opinion
  760. In one vocal pitch
  761. French word for womens undergarments
  762. Getting used to a new home in
  763. Crusty baton of white french bread
  764. Animal that eats meat and plants
  765. Move to a smaller house and declutter
  766. Welsh town known for its bookstores and festival
  767. The big , starred jeff bridges as the dude
  768. California city known for its zoo, seaworld
  769. One who commits money towards funding a business
  770. To glue, stick
  771. Bowie song, opposite of villains
  772. Related to supernatural beliefs or mysticism
  773. Relocating from one house to another
  774. Velcro or buckle shoe fastenings
  775. Switch to decrease the brightness of a light bulb
  776. Dry red wine made from bordeaux grape of same name
  777. Hawkins chief of police in stranger things
  778. Person who checks books before they are printed
  779. Nearby inhabitants of a certain area
  780. Marvel hero with the power of the mind stone
  781. Eartha kitts 1953 christmas song
  782. The art of cartooning
  783. Stomach first dive into a swimming pool
  784. Pressing of palms to make a deal like a contract
  785. The evil clown from it
  786. Culinary herb also known as cilantro
  787. The chinese wonder that is 13,171 miles long
  788. Cooking appliance that contains a magnetron
  789. Sports star a rods full surname
  790. Expert in biology, chemistry or physics
  791. Tilda, played eva in we need to talk about kevin
  792. Be punted along venetian waters in this boat
  793. Famous musician with the last name ciccone
  794. Whey cheese stuffed in ravioli
  795. Fashionable woman of the 1920s
  796. Relating to a star
  797. Australian marsupial, similar to a kangaroo
  798. Set up furniture and style a room
  799. The screen of a desktop computer
  800. Exact cut miter tool with pull down handle
  801. With no hard copy online only
  802. Crispy green leaves ordered alongside your meal
  803. A unit of distance and a toy story toys surname
  804. Working without being paid as an act of service
  805. Medical screening of red body fluid
  806. Dough balls, like matzo, served in soup or sauce
  807. A describing word in grammar, like happy or hungry
  808. Tiny offcuts of wood
  809. The ability to predict what happens in the future
  810. Relief for fatigued muscles
  811. Bright jungle birds anagram of pro star
  812. Warm chocolate chip treats for afterwards
  813. Loud noise, describes a ferocious gale
  814. Lightweight protective decorating tape
  815. Student who did not complete their course
  816. Drinks, mayo and ketchup are all served in them
  817. Robin williams movie dead poets this
  818. Ballad hit for john legend in 2013
  819. Inauguration of a new store, the grand this
  820. Long hair near a cats mouth
  821. Documents used for international travel
  822. Popular mexican dish of a baked tortilla wrap
  823. Macedonian king and conqueror, the great
  824. 2019 drama series about ukrainian nuclear disaster
  825. Moist disposable cloth for wiping your fingers
  826. Up, fried eggs with visible yolks
  827. First black president of south africa, mandela
  828. Banished, deported
  829. Police officer from blytons toyland
  830. Cheerios or rice krispies
  831. Four legged reptile like a monitor or a gecko
  832. Put your , kick back and relax on the couch
  833. Drag queen who heads up a drag race tv series
  834. The position of a persons body while standing
  835. Team sport that can be field or ice
  836. 8th century seafarer from scandinavia
  837. Individual pieces of rice
  838. Someone who robs a person in a public place
  839. Arthur miller wrote about a famous view from one
  840. Rubber lightweight inflatable boat
  841. Nylon leggings
  842. A freshwater turtle named for a biting motion
  843. The options for what goes on your pizza
  844. Aldous huxley wrote the novel world
  845. One of two special administrative regions in china
  846. Cooling green salad veg often served on the side
  847. Crime boss who got done for tax evasion
  848. Digital file for storing lots of information
  849. Another name for manufacturing, starts with i
  850. Technology, e g fitness tracking band
  851. Shiva and ganesh are gods in this faith
  852. Clip on headpiece for holding hair in place
  853. The bulk of a country, not offshore isles
  854. A voucher code will get you this price reduction
  855. Diet options will let you count these if you wish
  856. Im leaving on a , dont know if ill be
  857. Flat surface that a basketball hoop attaches to
  858. Scan and replicate a document
  859. Artistic field associated with the thinker
  860. Small salty fish sometimes served on pizzas
  861. Previously unknown not experienced before
  862. Java and sumatra are islands in this country
  863. Tenth sign of the zodiac
  864. Pass a current through a material
  865. Save these for later if you cant eat it all now
  866. Digits order from a chinese menu using these
  867. Bringing back to life, resuscitation
  868. Sleeping beauty pricked her finger on this
  869. Scaling the , achieving incredible success
  870. Confused or got things out of order
  871. People from bonn and berlin
  872. Hollies song, place where passengers get on or off
  873. An untamed feline
  874. Popular stir fried rice noodle dish from thailand
  875. Sufferers of criminal acts
  876. From college with cobie smulders
  877. Boat designed to remove sediment from riverbeds
  878. American , stars a scarily good christian bale
  879. Lace cotton through the eye of a needle
  880. A paper serviette to keep your hands clean
  881. Vandalism and theft are examples of these
  882. Will smith played this citys fresh prince
  883. This dragon is a poisonous lizard from indonesia
  884. Hopefully your food isnt this oily taste or feel
  885. Another name for leaves/pages used in publishing
  886. Set of catholic prayers counted with beads
  887. Host city of the 2012 olympics
  888. Verbal intent to harm
  889. A day late and a short
  890. Leave a 5 star one online if you enjoy your food
  891. Comic book publisher of spider man and iron man
  892. The french word for the main course of a meal
  893. Bon jovi were livin on one in 1986
  894. Creatures that walk on two legs
  895. Butler, of 300, a family man, gods of egypt
  896. Us state ham and pineapple pizzas are named after
  897. Paris is also known as the city
  898. Outerwear, e g a puffer style raincoat
  899. Gandalf, dumbledore or merlin
  900. Leans backwards anagram of silencer
  901. Straight woodwind instrument with single reed
  902. Middle of a dartboard, or a winning hit
  903. Feeling sorry for you, not others
  904. Popular ride sharing apps food delivery service
  905. Movement of the wings of a bird
  906. She played katniss everdeen, lawrence
  907. Dark chinese liquid, often served on the side
  908. You cant teach an old dog new ones
  909. Fragrant vegetables used to make indian bhajis
  910. Drama series set in a 1950s ad agency
  911. Fundraiser with tickets drawn to win prizes
  912. Catalyst protein in a chemical reaction
  913. Small elements of a screen
  914. Emma, was a child actor in the harry potter films
  915. To bring someone up to speed
  916. The spiritual leader known as siddhartha gautama
  917. Part of the basil plant often served on pizzas
  918. Fast paced racket sport played against a wall
  919. Legendary city that was lost under water
  920. Indian samosas are this three sided shape
  921. The rolling stones had this for the devil in 1968
  922. Explain the details of something to someone
  923. To be or not to be, that is the
  924. When this animal is young, its called a joey
  925. Chinese stir fried noodles cooked with vegetables
  926. Spicy sausage often sliced on top of pizzas
  927. You go this whole distance when you work hard
  928. Small white shells that form on ships and rocks
  929. Down, classic novel about rabbits
  930. Convert something to a new use
  931. Restaurants accommodate these food intolerances
  932. Scale point where water turns into ice
  933. Detailed breakdown and study of something
  934. Wooden boards that run around the base of a wall
  935. Earth, wind, water, and fire are four of these
  936. Circular mexican flatbread
  937. The mountain with four us presidents
  938. A glossy periodical, often published monthly
  939. Proposal, inappropriate offering to demi moore
  940. The opposite of a leader
  941. Shes got a secret store filled with lingerie
  942. Prawn , white crunchy chinese snacks
  943. Scottish woodwind instrument
  944. Style of jeans popular in the last decade
  945. Essences, branded shampoo
  946. No meat or dairy in their order, please
  947. Many space missions were named after this god
  948. Disobeys orders
  949. Author sisters emily, anne and charlotte
  950. Under starters , the call to start a horse race
  951. Grilled tortilla chips covered with melted cheese
  952. Stranger things actor ryder
  953. A 2010 kesha song and a social media app
  954. Chemical element number 1
  955. This will ring when your food arrives
  956. Giant amazonian snake also known as a water boa
  957. Rounded droplets of liquid
  958. Fatal flaw in a character, like achilles heel
  959. In depth magazine or newspaper articles
  960. Popular dish of deep fried squid
  961. Permanently encase paper in plastic
  962. To produce a regular throbbing sound or sensation
  963. Speaks , makes an opinion incredibly clear
  964. Radar finder that locates storms
  965. Motion of a cat drinking milk
  966. Cocktail another name for a gasoline bomb
  967. Affixing with pin and nut
  968. Prince harry and prince williams father
  969. Matching clothes, like those worn in some schools
  970. California valley associated with high technology
  971. Green fruit used to make guacamole dip
  972. Kate, the rose to dicaprios jack
  973. Gwen stefanis rock band from the nineties
  974. On the internet, lol is laughing like this
  975. Tv show with pranks, named after a male donkey
  976. Electronic eavesdropping
  977. Athletic event run over 110m
  978. One heavenly body blocking out another in the sky
  979. A decorative sprinkle of herbs on top of your food
  980. Tremendous, suggesting a fable
  981. There was a disney movie about this greek god
  982. Its the k in kfc
  983. As exhausted as a canine
  984. A wolf in sheeps this is a hidden danger
  985. These birds have tail feathers up to 6 feet long
  986. Taylor swifts second surprise album of 2020
  987. Order this sweet and smoky sauce on the side
  988. Chinese wok cooked grain, often mixed with egg
  989. Portable step counting device
  990. Full lunar appearance closest to the earth
  991. Latin phrase used to mean the other way around
  992. He sings 24k magic, finesse and grenade
  993. Examples include france, china and mexico
  994. Playground game involving jumping on squares
  995. Veggie dishes often replace meat with these fungi
  996. Jury verdict if they decide youre innocent
  997. Uks postal service, not just for the queen
  998. The people watching a movie
  999. Quantity of motion an object has, not velocity
  1000. Another name for a russian wooden stacking doll
  1001. South african diamond in the british crown jewels
  1002. Broadsword calling where eagles dare callsign
  1003. Us singer whose debut album was little earthquakes
  1004. Pauli, proposed the neutrino in beta decay
  1005. A severe headache
  1006. Bestselling kids book by lebron james
  1007. Frances sun king
  1008. George carlin called it a non prophet institution
  1009. Rail against, contradict
  1010. A flemish person would come from here
  1011. Cylindrical describes mike oldfields bells
  1012. Almond liqueur or small macaroon biscuit
  1013. East german city largely destroyed in ww2 bombing
  1014. Joke satirically about
  1015. A type of quark found in kaons
  1016. Type of wallpaper beloved of indian restaurants
  1017. British star of ai, the holiday and hugo
  1018. Wave oscillating in time, up and down only
  1019. Lombardy lake also called lario
  1020. One of hogwarts headmistresses, dolores
  1021. Royal albert fine china company
  1022. Who david played the harp for in the bible story
  1023. Sweet, fluffy fried dough snack eaten in nigeria
  1024. Protons and neutrons are the only two of these
  1025. The crime of killing a monarch
  1026. Italian fashion brand with a former f1 team
  1027. Silken fabric with an ornate design woven into it
  1028. Electrons orbit the nucleus in these
  1029. Stretches or expanses of land
  1030. Business magazine that publishes rich lists
  1031. Large species of thrush
  1032. And juliet animated take on shakespeare play
  1033. Crockery for a hard boiled breakfast food
  1034. Calves stomach lining used in cheese making
  1035. Atlanta baseball team
  1036. Sonys smartphone brand launched in 2012
  1037. Hugh, who played doctor house
  1038. Floppy, fancy scarf worn like a tie
  1039. Ancient egyptian goddess with the head of a cow
  1040. The force of gravity on an object
  1041. Czech composer of the 1893 new world symphony
  1042. Where partners might find love on the courts
  1043. Music festival held in indio, california
  1044. Dumas, who wrote the count of monte cristo
  1045. A river or stream that flows into a larger one
  1046. Star of memento, l a confidential
  1047. Ancient, enigmatic new zealand stone wall
  1048. Animal that has recently emerged from an egg
  1049. Pushy, out for what one can get
  1050. Thin layer of meat rolled up and braised
  1051. To treat someone roughly by force
  1052. Movement about a central point, in physics
  1053. Aussie tennis pro who won 11 singles grand slams
  1054. Changeableness, flexibility
  1055. Giant indonesian volcano that erupted in 1883
  1056. Manicure applications that use an led light
  1057. To line a room with wooden boards and panels
  1058. The late actor omar sharifs nationality
  1059. Michelle obamas memoir
  1060. Eight legged creature, e g spider or scorpion
  1061. A value that will always be the same in all cases
  1062. Nickname of beethovens piano sonata no 15 in d
  1063. Makes use of, e g power, resources
  1064. The italian operatic tenor who was born in 1935
  1065. Antiparticle of a fundamental elementary particle
  1066. 1950 doris day musical about nanette carter
  1067. South american member of opec
  1068. Number directly opposite 5 on a standard dartboard
  1069. The amount of energy a photon has depends on this
  1070. Cup summer contest for european football clubs
  1071. Enthusiast who takes part in historical role plays
  1072. Haunted ghost ship linked to multiple tragedies
  1073. Writing instrument with no internal reservoir
  1074. Organ thats a hand cranked musical instrument
  1075. Avoidance of something dodge, renege
  1076. To chatter unintelligibly or rapidly
  1077. Overseas representative of the pope
  1078. Water sport in which you might catch a crab
  1079. Handle attached to a rudder used to steer a boat
  1080. The value of the shares distributed by a company
  1081. Prêt à , describing ready to wear outfits
  1082. Groups of baryons that sound like greek letters
  1083. Austin powers character played by verne troyer
  1084. Ground dwelling, now thriving new zealand parrot
  1085. Marine snail eaten with a pin
  1086. To declare or find someone not guilty
  1087. Ada, 2009 nobel laureate for ribosome work
  1088. A region with virtually no particles
  1089. Fantasy land in coleridges kubla khan poem
  1090. Heavy duty car brand, originally from the military
  1091. Mathematical hypothesis backed up by evidence
  1092. Instrument for navigation includes a telescope
  1093. Fundamental particles such as electrons or muons
  1094. Its flag is a yellow star on a red background
  1095. Noisy underground insects that emerge yearly
  1096. Fashionable or on trend, in a french way
  1097. Cartoon superhero with supersonic sonar radar
  1098. Spats like covering worn over shoe and pants
  1099. Club cant handle me and low rapper
  1100. Berries used in gin or in rabbit dishes
  1101. Doctor in boris pasternaks 1957 novel
  1102. Important protein in hair, nails
  1103. The idea of something being two things at once
  1104. Torah scroll on doorposts of some jewish homes
  1105. Tabbed dividers with a z labels
  1106. Political news commentator
  1107. Waterproof jacket, usually with a hood
  1108. Greek figure who flew too close to the sun
  1109. Crime writer kathy who inspired tv series bones
  1110. Lucky cricket with onomatopoeic name, in mulan
  1111. Large cupboard or room for storing food
  1112. Korean style seaweed roll, stuffed with rice
  1113. A christopher nolan movie, the dark this
  1114. Legendary kingdom of link and princess zelda
  1115. Emiliano, leading figure in the mexican revolution
  1116. Another name for the russian wolfhound
  1117. One of two parts into which something is divided
  1118. Athletes foot is caused by this
  1119. Take this to get a player out in cricket
  1120. Rajasthani city famous for its palace of the winds
  1121. Kenny loggins sang danger zone for this movie
  1122. Changes in variables, per the greek capital letter
  1123. Audios seen pal
  1124. Sole, base, lower layer
  1125. The maximum displacement of a point on a wave
  1126. Acting falsely to improve your reputation
  1127. Book about boy whose mum dies in a bombing, the
  1128. Small recess beside a fireplace
  1129. Channel tunnel train service carrying vehicles
  1130. Another name for cambodia
  1131. Baring the neck, shoulders in low cut dress
  1132. Comedy genius who made spaceballs, blazing saddles
  1133. High energy particle moving through space
  1134. A deeper understanding below the surface
  1135. French car manufacturer with lion emblem
  1136. Another name for an electron shell
  1137. Dishes topped with breadcrumbs and cheese
  1138. Landing piers on the seashore
  1139. Another name for lower back pain
  1140. Rare isotope of hydrogen, contains two neutrons
  1141. Vivid shade of reddish purple, and a flower
  1142. Golf stroke where no contact is made with the ball
  1143. British soldier during the 18th and 19th centuries
  1144. The four seasons composer, born in venice in 1678
  1145. What priests and nuns might be following
  1146. Greek goddess of agriculture and fertility
  1147. Suckerfishes
  1148. These are opposite in particles and antiparticles
  1149. Renting out residential properties
  1150. Pushing, jostling
  1151. 1997 spielberg film about 19th century slave ship
  1152. Triumphant trumpet signal
  1153. A competitive bobsleigh or toboggan for one
  1154. Particles that feel the strong nuclear force
  1155. German motor company with trucks, buses and cars
  1156. Like forced labor
  1157. Walled city district of hong kong
  1158. Country where dragon stout is brewed
  1159. Exceptionally warm spot in a garden or patio
  1160. Type of fracture in which a bone breaks diagonally
  1161. Surreal and grotesque dramatist gogol
  1162. Old fashioned uk coinage worth 21 shillings
  1163. French heir apparent of the middle ages
  1164. The zero charge of neutron
  1165. Herbal cocktail addition that balances sour, sweet
  1166. Proper name for vitamin a
  1167. Flower used in fragrances, also known as vervain
  1168. Name of the israeli parliament
  1169. Young girl with magical powers in bewitched
  1170. Blocks of data transmitted across a network
  1171. Hindu deity of an elephant with a broken tusk
  1172. Non magical people in harry potter series
  1173. When a nucleus splits, releasing energy
  1174. Swivel wheels on an office chair
  1175. Resident of the state of indiana
  1176. Rembrandt painted a famous lesson in this subject
  1177. Full of enthusiasm or praise
  1178. Curious figure button in 2008 hollywood movie
  1179. Scraping surrealist technique liked by ernst
  1180. Purple gem purported to prevent drunkenness
  1181. Data taking only certain values not continuous
  1182. Game in which scoring a bingo wins 50 points
  1183. How kublai khan was related to genghis
  1184. Queen who came to the throne in 1837
  1185. Indian spice with black seeds in small green pods
  1186. Insect that feeds on the sap of plants
  1187. Sophie who wrote the shopaholic novel series
  1188. Strike up a friendship with someone
  1189. To the extent that, to such a degree
  1190. Bubbling well road is a thoroughfare in this city
  1191. Mulans love interest in the 1998 disney film
  1192. Active in the daytime
  1193. Mercury metal alloy combination of many things
  1194. Mosaic style flooring made from wooden blocks
  1195. Rate of change of momentum a sudden urge
  1196. Ward assistant in a hospital
  1197. Green citrus fruit that turns yellow when ripe
  1198. Bars or ingots of gold or silver
  1199. The longest word with no vowels in english
  1200. Great bodily or mental anguish
  1201. Structured rhyming poetry loved by shakespeare
  1202. Physics theory that was a big leap
  1203. Algonquian word meaning aloof from party politics
  1204. Also called chinese gooseberry, it has brown skin
  1205. Long stalked red bulbous christmas flower
  1206. Taylor swift song with romeo and juliet theme
  1207. Location of londons famous observatory
  1208. Lower level storage space for saving files
  1209. The size or extent of something
  1210. Sturdy equine companion of highwayman dick turpin
  1211. Celebratory activity or event
  1212. Object of the phantom of the operas obsessions
  1213. A lavish french style of velvety, piped fabric
  1214. Types of quarks that make up protons, neutrons
  1215. Surname of thor and the huntsman actor
  1216. Stubborn, obstinate, pigheaded
  1217. Greek dish of stuffed and baked vine leaves
  1218. Plane of earth for measuring longitude
  1219. Strongly scented garden flower
  1220. Portable lamps
  1221. Aka +ve, in physics
  1222. National airline based in rome
  1223. Australian actor who played hulk in 2003
  1224. Sebastian faulks novel about wwi
  1225. Greek equivalent of the roman god mors
  1226. To put into different categories
  1227. The rock band who sings misery business and decode
  1228. Indiana town that hosts the indy 500 race
  1229. Yearly celebration of the life of james joyce
  1230. Government formed by two political parties
  1231. A test subject might be likened to this rodent
  1232. Danish physicist, pioneer in quantum theory
  1233. Depressions in the ground, also called dolines
  1234. An area of skin supplied by a spinal nerve
  1235. This is emitted from unstable nuclei
  1236. Musicians timekeeping pendulum
  1237. People employed in an organization
  1238. Napoleons famous wife and empress
  1239. Playfulness, trivial or merry behavior
  1240. Flower with many subspecies, always symmetrical
  1241. Dolly partons famous song about a husband stealer
  1242. Renew interest in, bring back to life
  1243. Peaks the highest points on a wave in physics
  1244. Fictional setting in the handmaids tale
  1245. City known to the ancient egyptians as waset
  1246. This is the b in fbi
  1247. According to einstein mass is equivalent to this
  1248. Artful jack russell in oliver & company
  1249. Second largest city in syria, after damascus
  1250. Warming treatment that boosts hair growth
  1251. 2015 meg ryan film about a wartime messenger
  1252. French inventor of the rechargeable battery
  1253. Tease, irritate, deliberately annoy
  1254. Grizabellas not easily forgettable song from cats
  1255. This bumpy ground sounds odd
  1256. Dangling toy suspended above a babys cot
  1257. Apples music playing program
  1258. A coiled, gradually widening circle a helix
  1259. Manual worker who fuses metal together
  1260. Out of view, purposefully unable to be seen
  1261. Dish of bread dipped in melted cheese
  1262. Traditional folk tale or myth
  1263. Londons famous clock tower thats not very small
  1264. Gnome like dolls with bright up combed hair
  1265. Locations, settings
  1266. Its played on ice for the stanley cup
  1267. Carry on wayward son band dorothys home state
  1268. First name of actors mcconaughey and broderick
  1269. Lawn game of knocking balls through hoops
  1270. Spread one on the lawn and have a picnic
  1271. Large flightless bird with a long neck
  1272. Regular stopping place, as on a bus or train route
  1273. Month named after the roman god of doorways
  1274. Vineyard beverage from dark grapes
  1275. Singers must do this with their voice to be heard
  1276. There are 64 of them on a chessboard
  1277. Blood sucking swimmers once used in medicine
  1278. Computer that sits on a table, rather than a lap
  1279. Italian fashion house founded by gianni in 1978
  1280. Actor samuel l , star of snakes on a plane
  1281. The type of shoe cinderella lost at midnight
  1282. Wooden dolls that contain more dolls inside them
  1283. Divine mother pop singer
  1284. Root vegetable similar to a carrot, but white
  1285. The brick stack above a household fireplace
  1286. Roses are red, and these are blue
  1287. Portable cd player with loudspeakers
  1288. Treatment given by a psychologist
  1289. Responds to an email
  1290. Bottlenose is a type of this marine mammal
  1291. Speech problem, can be reduced by singing
  1292. Inland, not out at sea
  1293. Metal attractors, like those that link toy trains
  1294. The commercial advertisement for a movie
  1295. Berliner pastries come from this countrys capital
  1296. What is happening in the world now, current
  1297. A number equal to one thousand million
  1298. A flat plastic disc for throwing
  1299. Government tally of a population
  1300. Simple bead filled counting frame
  1301. Attractiveness, in the eye of the beholder
  1302. Surname of reds and the sixth sense star bruce
  1303. A building dedicated to religious practice
  1304. Animals that are turned into calamari
  1305. Nationality of the artist claude monet
  1306. Toy shooter, makes a bursting sound when fired
  1307. Latin american rattle instrument, comes in a pair
  1308. Jump over an obstacle while running
  1309. Ocean that lies between africa and australia
  1310. Early developmental stage of a baby in the womb
  1311. You can inflate these or fill them with water
  1312. An important event or holiday
  1313. Objects studied as proof in a criminal case
  1314. Underwater creature shaped like a cosmic symbol
  1315. When you cook or make something yourself its this
  1316. Game of jumping over a crouching persons back
  1317. Handle , label on a parcel with fragile contents
  1318. Device that sends electrical impulses to the heart
  1319. Tv show set on wisteria lane, housewives
  1320. Game played by jumping into numbered squares
  1321. Not permanently or for a long period of time
  1322. Total number of dots on a 6 sided die
  1323. To remove software from a computer
  1324. Floridas cape, home to the kennedy space center
  1325. Need a lot of this for downloading tv, films
  1326. Stages of a boxing match
  1327. The movie genre with fight scenes and car chases
  1328. An artists quick or preliminary drawing
  1329. Person attempting to buy an auction lot
  1330. Inuit ice houses
  1331. It makes a jack in the box jump out of the box
  1332. Tate modern and musee dorsay are examples of this
  1333. Traditional spanish dish of seafood and rice
  1334. Adhesive pictures collected in an album
  1335. Surname of tennis stars venus and serena
  1336. Tool for close cropped hairstyles
  1337. Sound of huge drops of water hitting the ground
  1338. Insects, televisions and radios have them
  1339. British 19th century queen with a secret
  1340. Plastic circle spun around your waist
  1341. Bends in rivers winding routes
  1342. Resisting the system like a bronco
  1343. Point that is used to show fractions of numbers
  1344. Taught sport
  1345. You can have a barrel of these plastic apes
  1346. Swarms of these insects are known as plagues
  1347. Couple, duo or a pair
  1348. See them in a dolls hair or trailing from a kite
  1349. Device that produces on paper whats on a screen
  1350. The film or television genre involving cowboys
  1351. Director or major title in business or military
  1352. Alternative name for a computers delete key
  1353. Sport that made dwayne johnson famous
  1354. Green buildings often use this kind of energy
  1355. Measurement of distance in space toy astronaut
  1356. Kick idiom meaning to die or pass away
  1357. Plant you might kiss under at christmas
  1358. Pieces of jewelry that might match earrings
  1359. Handheld rubber band catapult
  1360. Person receiving overnight treatment at a hospital
  1361. There are two in the second lord of the rings film
  1362. Toy company that makes barbie anagram of elm tat
  1363. Hair in a humid environment
  1364. Mentors offer words of this
  1365. Seeds produced by cereal crops
  1366. Logs for furniture
  1367. Hot , popular brand of toy car
  1368. Where roulette tables and slot machines are found
  1369. Rules of polite society
  1370. A tropical cyclone often given a human name
  1371. Prank toy that releases an awful smell
  1372. Rhyming named actor who starred in school of rock
  1373. Soft toy resembling a large brown mammal
  1374. Relating to solar system bodies, e g venus, mars
  1375. Cleanliness is said to be next to it
  1376. Topics or disciplines taught in school lessons
  1377. Game of matching together different dotted tiles
  1378. According to a saying, its the best medicine
  1379. Consuming large amounts of food and drinks
  1380. Longest running race of the olympics
  1381. Painful, involuntary contracting of a muscle
  1382. Trespasser who enters someone elses property
  1383. Matilda, traditional australian folk song
  1384. Describes all avians living in an area
  1385. Pandora did this to a box
  1386. Fan or enthusiast of a sports team
  1387. Classic board game that flips a man into a bath
  1388. Second in command on a pirate ship
  1389. 2019 biographical film about elton johns life
  1390. Corporations, business enterprises
  1391. Wontons or dough balls, can be found in soup
  1392. Flammable liquid used as vehicle fuel
  1393. Six pointed geometric figure
  1394. Green vegetables, edamame in japanese cuisine
  1395. A person who pretends to be someone else
  1396. Classic property trading board game
  1397. Kind of map on which x might mark the spot
  1398. Small pillows scattered on beds or sofas
  1399. Felt frog muppet who has difficulty being green
  1400. The broad, round bodies of trees
  1401. Mechanical figures, like rock em and sock em
  1402. Car that is both electric and requires fuel
  1403. Cosmetic shadow can be applied to this on the face
  1404. Do this to mechanical toys to make them work
  1405. Small snow hills
  1406. Mexican resort town near chichén itzá
  1407. Not stirred how james bond likes his cocktails
  1408. Type of driver used for a bank robbery
  1409. To be full of anxiety and worry in anticipation
  1410. Deliberately shabby looking soft toy figure
  1411. Smoothie maker, for quick juicing of fruits
  1412. Live life to the
  1413. What birds do to avoid the cold winter
  1414. Monster who drinks blood
  1415. First name of the poets blake and wordsworth
  1416. Durable material from which lego bricks are made
  1417. A company operating planes and flights
  1418. To be well known for a bad quality or deed
  1419. Nursery rhyme mary mary was quite this
  1420. Game of two teams pulling opposite ends of a rope
  1421. Outward signs of a health condition
  1422. Ocean that separates africa and the americas
  1423. Happy , card game of matching relatives
  1424. Sea creature found clinging onto ships hulls
  1425. Lazy, weary, unenergetic
  1426. Shootout at the ok corral
  1427. Lower house of indian parliament
  1428. Mountains that lie on the france spain border
  1429. Number of layers in maya heaven or higher world
  1430. Ol , frank sinatra nickname and facial trait
  1431. Orbits the nucleus and has a negative charge
  1432. Maya war dress fabric was hardened with this
  1433. Mild thai curry made with peanuts and potatoes
  1434. Becoming tired, showing signs of exhaustion
  1435. Spanish word for a close confidante
  1436. Danish author hans c of the tinderbox fairy tale
  1437. Military style fitness class for intense exercise
  1438. Nationality of the composer charles ives
  1439. Sabrina the teenage witchs surname
  1440. A style of thick and tall boot heel
  1441. Childrens author and illustrator, helen
  1442. Largest urban settlement in tasman district
  1443. These decorated the clothes of maya elite
  1444. Denzel washington portrayed this black activist
  1445. Someone who engages in unofficial military warfare
  1446. Rattled, flustered
  1447. Editors who arrange book contents into lists
  1448. The q in medical acronyms ruq and luq
  1449. Auto lifter
  1450. Rank of zoological classification below a kingdom
  1451. Bread with a bouncy, undercooked appearance
  1452. Division of the economy, e g retail, hospitality
  1453. Country in which denim was invented
  1454. Maya crop grown to weave into cloth
  1455. Scientist muppet assisted by beaker in the lab
  1456. Tennis grand slam played in queens, new york
  1457. Society predating ancient maya, died out c 400 bc
  1458. City where the schönbrunn palace is located
  1459. Religious or moralizing speech
  1460. German composer of the ring cycle of operas
  1461. A hot spring that sends up jets of water or steam
  1462. Ascribe, attribute to
  1463. Greek sun god or a rocky balboa opponent
  1464. Stickers used to add designs or motifs to walls
  1465. One violent possible factor for maya decline
  1466. First name of jude laws artist sister
  1467. What overpayers get from the tax office
  1468. Tall tower point on a mosque used for prayer
  1469. Singer madonnas birth surname
  1470. Quantity of cargo or passengers on a plane
  1471. An opening or hole in bone like the magnum
  1472. Meetings for international heads of state
  1473. Chocolate cream mix for coating cakes
  1474. Calculation of when an unborn baby will be born
  1475. Treat oneself with decadent food or gifts
  1476. A period for gathering crops
  1477. Georgia city that hosts the us masters golf major
  1478. Maya hunting weapon long pipe for shooting darts
  1479. When the ocean level rises with the wind
  1480. English actor known for get out, daniel
  1481. Restaurant, place to chow down
  1482. He led the persians in the battle of thermopyale
  1483. Following the rules for how to act with manners
  1484. Tree nymphs of greek mythology
  1485. The transparent frontmost layer of the eye
  1486. Country once forming part of south maya lowlands
  1487. Renowned meteor shower, typically seen in november
  1488. Flip between windows on a computer screen
  1489. Maya farming trick for watery areas, field
  1490. Half notes
  1491. What she does to conquer in a goldsmith play
  1492. The offspring of plants of two different species
  1493. Us vp during bill clintons presidency
  1494. Silence is this
  1495. Supplementary business venture
  1496. Sides of bacon
  1497. Maya city named city of the two adjacent pyramids
  1498. Greek, e g parliament
  1499. The danube flows into this hued body of water
  1500. Reject or deny absolutely
  1501. Mammal also known as the red bear cat
  1502. Melina, actress and elgin marbles advocate
  1503. Removal of fluid from a blister or other wound
  1504. First name of hamlets mother
  1505. Maya made tools and weapons from this black rock
  1506. Game where one guesses the fib
  1507. Spanish name for maya kukulcan temple, el
  1508. Long, loose fitting robe of northwest africa
  1509. Motown quartet, sang baby i need your loving
  1510. Disney wizard with an apprentice
  1511. Castle overlooking mysterious waters of loch ness
  1512. Festive german mulled wine from xmas markets
  1513. Maya deity who made humans from corn hun hunahpu
  1514. Another word for a roundworm
  1515. Suitable or safe for drinking
  1516. More sinewy or overcooked meat
  1517. Networks of burrows dug by wild rabbits
  1518. Storks tail feathers, used to decorate dresses
  1519. A small camping tool for cutting wood
  1520. Financial help in times of penury
  1521. Winners, those who are triumphant
  1522. Musical symbol that cancels a sharp or flat
  1523. Growing shoots and buds
  1524. Phoebe waller bridges hit tv comedy
  1525. Horse or mule caretakers
  1526. Mayan language began to be in 1950s deciphered
  1527. Starlight , stage show on roller skates
  1528. Motorcycle daredevil evel
  1529. To hold up
  1530. Nervous, worried, on edge
  1531. Large eastern swiss canton, also called graubünden
  1532. Rex, sophocles athenian tragedy
  1533. Large molecule made up of many smaller units
  1534. Londons equivalent to new york citys broadway
  1535. René, french inventor of the stethoscope
  1536. Sinkholes or wells, major maya water sources
  1537. Maya numeral system was this base 20
  1538. Fixed wing aircraft with single set of wings
  1539. Punishment by limiting movement
  1540. Author who wrote waiting for the barbarians
  1541. Farming product used as maya currency
  1542. Bitters trinidad and tobago herbal alcohol
  1543. Mechanical digger or earth mover
  1544. Narrow lined pattern used on shirts and suits
  1545. The philosophical idea that only ones mind exists
  1546. Surname of spider mans best friend harry
  1547. Bitter quarrel, rivalry or competition
  1548. Fighting in a ring, or placing in a square
  1549. Fermi, who developed the first nuclear reactor
  1550. Fire guard to protect against falling coals
  1551. British claymation dog who appears with wallace
  1552. Lush greenery surrounding many ancient maya cities
  1553. How nicolas cage is related to jason schwartzman
  1554. To warm up before doing gymnastics
  1555. Musical direction for very swift playing
  1556. National airline of australia with kangaroo logo
  1557. Dry up due to lack of water
  1558. Collage craft used for maya jade masks
  1559. Bill kroyers 1992 film about the last rainforest
  1560. A legal obligation to repay a loan or debt
  1561. Dutch artist whose middle name was harmenszoon
  1562. This country made up the middle of maya homelands
  1563. Increase the stakes in poker
  1564. Talc is the softest on this mineral ranking system
  1565. Style of cowboy hat named for its large size
  1566. German model and americas got talent judge
  1567. Sacrificial gifts for maya gods
  1568. Plant family to which the pineapple belongs
  1569. Catch a falling star singer of tvs xmas specials
  1570. Kind stable owner in the nativity story
  1571. Separate short digit on the foot of a cat or dog
  1572. The functional unit of the kidney
  1573. Ornamental art and music of the 17th century
  1574. Backed up someone elses claim
  1575. Tiktok put this fleetwood mac album back in charts
  1576. Searched for food in the wild
  1577. Extended grand porch on the front of a building
  1578. Word with greek origins meaning relating to motion
  1579. Bread baking cookware
  1580. Pain relief medicine derived from willow bark
  1581. Ropes used by police to preserve crime scenes
  1582. Currency of the netherlands before the euro
  1583. Rapper, starred in boyz n the hood and ride along
  1584. Leads the musical hep felines in the aristocats
  1585. Mens accessory with a windsor knot
  1586. Textile craft for high class maya women
  1587. Headwear based praise or credit
  1588. Thors hammer in norse mythology
  1589. Cab, jazz singer famous for minnie the moocher
  1590. Menu that prices items separately
  1591. Blue headed alien in 2010 animated movie
  1592. Capital city of the last maya kingdom to fall
  1593. Silver alloy and british currency
  1594. Wilhelm, german discoverer of x rays
  1595. Reckless, without thinking of the consequences
  1596. Irritable, off color, bilious
  1597. Number of months a year in the maya haab calendar
  1598. Faith and martinis can be this
  1599. Willow plants used in basket making
  1600. The pope in old french
  1601. An angle more than 180 but less than 360 degrees
  1602. Animal the maya saw as embodying the world
  1603. Number of oscars won by titanic and ben hur
  1604. The dominant type of protein in all animal milk
  1605. People starting work or school at the same time
  1606. Jada pinkett smiths daughter
  1607. Country forming part of mesoamerica in maya times
  1608. Mr specter senior law firm partner in suits
  1609. Name given to the hd screens of apple products
  1610. Alpine dress incorporating a bodice and skirt
  1611. Juan manuel, five time formula one world champion
  1612. Maya calendar measuring from creation onwards
  1613. Common name for woodland plants called digitalis
  1614. Bones found in fingers and toes
  1615. Feeling the urge to travel
  1616. Paper notes, summaries, to help understanding
  1617. King louie in the jungle book was this animal
  1618. Traditional etching done on ivory
  1619. Hit for rod stewart with a girls name
  1620. Allele that is passed on, but not dominant
  1621. Purpose built cycling track
  1622. Shaman in maya society
  1623. Like a dress with no shoulder supports
  1624. Separate a number into hundreds, tens and units
  1625. Evaluation of an employees work performance
  1626. Way of firing up a car engine in an emergency
  1627. Third baltic state, along with latvia and estonia
  1628. Project that works on wrongful convictions
  1629. Mayan language branch starting with letter h
  1630. Deep fried fruits in filipino cue street food
  1631. Tightly wrap a baby in a snug blanket
  1632. Negligible force in quantum physics
  1633. North east france where the roses are blooming
  1634. Crosses between stallions and donkeys
  1635. Monae who starred in hidden figures, moonlight
  1636. Long road or rail bridge with a series of arches
  1637. Systems of government administrations
  1638. Farming method used by maya on hillsides
  1639. Musical group thats a quartet plus one
  1640. Miró still life with dilapidated footwear
  1641. Hand tools used for breaking mosaic pieces
  1642. Writer of fifty shades of grey
  1643. Oldest son of the prophet abraham
  1644. Latin legal phrase describing third party funding
  1645. Verb, often goes with gnashing
  1646. Official name for maya books made from tree bark
  1647. An evil curse, an imprecation
  1648. To go completely wild and out of control
  1649. Horses, donkeys, mules
  1650. Hitting a tennis ball high
  1651. Mexican state where maya lived hot pepper sauce
  1652. Si unit of electrical conductance
  1653. Italian city associated with stringed instruments
  1654. A translucent ingredient made from collagen
  1655. Nationality of linus torvalds and the moomins
  1656. Austrian hosiery company
  1657. Looking skeptically at something
  1658. He keeps the enterprise running smoothly
  1659. First video on this platform was me at the zoo
  1660. Extreme climate event, may have ended the maya
  1661. Latter part of dutch painter rembrandts name
  1662. Archetype of a young, naive girl in books or films
  1663. Lively and energetic, despite advancing years
  1664. Facial mockup to help police find a suspect
  1665. Asian grown legumes anagram of bang menus
  1666. Musical instrument found in a cathedral
  1667. Open air area for selling cars
  1668. Maize flatbreads often eaten by the maya
  1669. 2005 horror movie about a monster in the closet
  1670. Musical about tracy turnblad dancing on tv
  1671. Finding flaws in video games
  1672. Condition of painful inflammation of joints
  1673. Kawiil i, celebrated maya ruler of tikal
  1674. Lets a dog off its rope
  1675. X rays and ultrasounds are these types of machines
  1676. Assign to a cause
  1677. Couplets are poems with two line versions of these
  1678. Option for daters on match com to filter profiles
  1679. Record of an event named after length of film
  1680. Poultry birds eaten and revered by the maya
  1681. Temperate zone ferns that appear to flower
  1682. Invisible boundary that is not to be crossed
  1683. Famous tv ratings company
  1684. Maya god presiding over merchants and warfare
  1685. Picture is a tattooed man in circus
  1686. Hare , a c bhaktivedanta swami prabhupadas cult
  1687. Preserving food in special airtight jars
  1688. A skilled musician or conductor
  1689. One who secretly adores you
  1690. Time of deep beaches
  1691. Stock market workers who liaise with customers
  1692. Deadly red flowers in land of oz meadow
  1693. Pulls or aggravates a muscle
  1694. An ocular sphere
  1695. When evidence is presented at a court case
  1696. The in oz, novel by illustrator john r neill
  1697. Pestle like device used to mash drink ingredients
  1698. Forcibly removing from power
  1699. Hes the son of han solo and princess leia
  1700. Eighth and outermost planet in our solar system
  1701. Last name of actor jeffrey from burn notice
  1702. Teasing, poking fun at
  1703. The beatles miss rigby
  1704. Borrowing cash on a possession
  1705. Illustrator of the wonderful wizard of oz, w w
  1706. Second most popular sauce after chocolate
  1707. Medical name for bodily weakness or wasting
  1708. Another name for the chemical element tungsten
  1709. Hippy culture, loose and bright tunics
  1710. Cairn dog breed, played toto in the wizard of oz
  1711. Easternmost of north americas great lakes
  1712. Sailing along rivers for pleasure
  1713. They keep things separate, like when tiling a wall
  1714. Extra attentive, e g parents
  1715. Supernatural nicole kidman film, the
  1716. Boy visitor to oz in the yellow knight of oz
  1717. North american cat with tufted ears
  1718. From a distance singer, bette
  1719. A shallow body of water that rhymes with immune
  1720. James, lead actor in oz the great and powerful
  1721. Pull out of a business deal at the last minute
  1722. Oz figure aka the soldier with the green whiskers
  1723. Citizens legal obligation to sit on a trial
  1724. Italian word for symphony, in some orchestra names
  1725. To be tangible relating to the body
  1726. In westerns, what the villain wore on his head
  1727. Red bull gives , energy drink advertising slogan
  1728. Visual designs on a computer screen
  1729. Surname of british formula 1 star lewis
  1730. Ancient roman port city south of rome
  1731. Character with nieces in l frank baum book series
  1732. Structure built to house pigeons
  1733. One of the small bones that form the spine
  1734. Stare at this patterned poster to see a 3d image
  1735. Anchors , a command to set sail
  1736. Sparkly shade of dorothys shoes in baums novel
  1737. Related to the supernatural
  1738. Britt, swedish actress, wife of peter sellers
  1739. Island state that joined the usa in 1959
  1740. Iron tripod for a pot or kettle to stand on
  1741. Bright, little boy featured in the road to oz
  1742. Competitors in a running event
  1743. Black , medicinal plant said to be cooling
  1744. Clothing company epitomized by wool suits
  1745. Mix, blend of two culinary styles
  1746. Fabric thats been padded, stitched in squares
  1747. Nationality of playwright anton chekhov
  1748. Back to oz, 1972 animated fantasy film
  1749. Parasitic fungi that attack plants
  1750. Small, onion like bulb
  1751. Sitting with one leg on either side of a horse
  1752. Siesta oclock
  1753. Fabric of dorothy gales blue and white dress
  1754. Putting a cat among these birds causes chaos
  1755. Travel agents classically named booking system
  1756. Actress judy, dorothy in the wizard of oz in 1939
  1757. Simon and garfunkels 1965 song, the sound of this
  1758. Geographic area including australia and polynesia
  1759. Kicks to strengthen abdominals while laying down
  1760. Stone fragment with huge linguistic significance
  1761. Directed, showed to a seat
  1762. Scientific study of animals and their behavior
  1763. Home , making homemade beer
  1764. Knead ones muscles
  1765. Carrie fishers legendary actress mother debbie
  1766. One can buy milk there
  1767. Healthy kind of diet everyone should have
  1768. The ancient trade route joining china and the west
  1769. Political drama with julianna margulies, the
  1770. Questioning, like the land of oz dromedary
  1771. E unum, motto on us currency
  1772. Try out for a part in a play
  1773. Author of the shaggy man of oz
  1774. The art of stylishly decorated homes, design
  1775. A large extinct elephant like mammal
  1776. He starred in the money pit opposite shelley long
  1777. Congratulate someone for cooking a steak
  1778. Italian car manufacturer with ypsilon model
  1779. Description of a news event
  1780. Two wheeled scooter sometimes used for city tours
  1781. Tropical fruit also called pawpaw
  1782. Offshore drilling platform for liquid fuel
  1783. First name of singer eilish and actor lourd
  1784. Diamond pattern seen on socks
  1785. Of civilization, epithet for mesopotamia
  1786. Comedian bear on the muppets
  1787. Candy country marshal in legends of oz movie
  1788. Electronic dance music with a repetitive beat
  1789. Social media company with ceo jack dorsey
  1790. Singer of give me everything and timber
  1791. Brings together to make a whole again
  1792. Actor jim, lion in legends of oz dorothys return
  1793. Tiny depressions on the surface of a golf ball
  1794. Canadian one dollar coins
  1795. Edith, pen name used by l frank baum
  1796. Substance used to darken pale skin tone
  1797. The perennial herb also called wild marjoram
  1798. Beam wrapped in ribbons as a folk celebration
  1799. Corroding, affected by oxygen
  1800. Witch of the east in 1975 the wiz broadway musical
  1801. He always rings twice, according to 1946 movie
  1802. Sailing ship used for voyages of exploration
  1803. Cyclone, e g the storm in the wizard of oz
  1804. Band that had a heart of glass in 1979
  1805. Criminal offender who has served time in prison
  1806. A giant coniferous california redwood tree
  1807. Shakespeare play that opens with the three witches
  1808. Opposites of peaks
  1809. Southern country in the land of oz
  1810. Light pole that illuminates a street
  1811. Undesirable disadvantage of a plan
  1812. A reverse shot in tennis
  1813. Mingle, like particles that affect each other
  1814. Capital city of tuscany, italy
  1815. Climbing plant with pale purple hanging flowers
  1816. Fast moving primary roads
  1817. Group, experts who oversee a particular project
  1818. Wife of l frank baum
  1819. Invisible creature that fought alien in 2004
  1820. The e in ev, where v is vehicle
  1821. Customer who leaves feedback on a purchase
  1822. Former segregated settlement in south africa
  1823. Paperboy, in a disney musical
  1824. Rocks with mineral crystals inside
  1825. Dorothy gales relative, married to uncle henry
  1826. A bet on both sides for insurance
  1827. Its said to be bated if youre scared or anxious
  1828. The spanish tennis player whose surname is nadal
  1829. French windmill, might be red
  1830. A fortune can predict the future
  1831. Fly trap spun by an eight legged weaver
  1832. Cubes of this make halloween cocktails more spooky
  1833. Riddle, conundrum
  1834. Inhabitants of l frank baums fictional land
  1835. Sound transmission that mimics natural hearing
  1836. Biblical book on the migration of israelites
  1837. Orientation, the course of a route
  1838. Swift handwriting invented by isaac pitman
  1839. Nickname for a scarlet chested robin
  1840. Describes a movie shot without huge funding
  1841. Arthur miller play about every male descendant
  1842. Land of oz fountain containing water of oblivion
  1843. Any way the final lyrics of bohemian rhapsody
  1844. Much sought goblet of arthurian legend
  1845. Data can often do this without causality
  1846. Fictional continent on which the land of oz lies
  1847. Maiden name of actress joan, baroness olivier
  1848. A river in motion is doing this
  1849. Winged porcine in the later land of oz novels
  1850. Worlds second biggest selling spice
  1851. Birthplace country of yves saint laurent
  1852. This kind of cable will boost your battery power
  1853. Showy, dazzling display or performance
  1854. Near the , means verging on the coarse and lewd
  1855. Describes conditions below freezing point
  1856. Moving force or a stimulus
  1857. Island in the sky in 1934 novel speedy in oz
  1858. Machine used to raise and move boxes, crates
  1859. Tom yum soup originates from this asian country
  1860. The comedian who flew over cannes in a bee costume
  1861. The witch is dead, song sung by the munchkins
  1862. The history and description of coats of arms
  1863. Religion in which there are four noble truths
  1864. Us state and subject of a popular musical
  1865. Canine companion for a blind person
  1866. Electromagnetic radiation that gives off heat
  1867. Use different words to describe something
  1868. Describes someone who comes up with unique ideas
  1869. Keys and passwords grant it
  1870. Only chemical element whose name ends with t
  1871. Dorothys pet cat in the oz book series
  1872. Clash of the titans quote release the
  1873. Acting sheen who played president on west wing
  1874. Small hunting hound the breed of snoopy
  1875. Abseil down a cliff or rock face
  1876. Rods that radiate from the middle of a bike wheel
  1877. Indirect taxes on goods
  1878. First name of the good witch of the south
  1879. Quid , latin expression meaning this for that
  1880. Home to bottling and selling fermented grapes
  1881. Rock singer of extraordinary and why cant i
  1882. A twice baked italian almond biscuit
  1883. Relating to the sea and sailing
  1884. Card game using pegs to keep score
  1885. Cardio fitness class with music and step exercises
  1886. The woman someone is going to get married to
  1887. When a doctor sends a patient to a specialist
  1888. Family in national lampoons christmas vacation
  1889. Captain cooks pleasant name for the tongan isles
  1890. Or 8 d
  1891. It keeps a joey in its pouch
  1892. Paul, composer on the wizard of oz 1902 stage play
  1893. Fraud tool to capture credit card info
  1894. Pupils become this in low light
  1895. Mound left by colonies of small insects
  1896. Long thick corkscrew shaped pasta
  1897. Emerald city witch played by rachel weisz in 2013
  1898. It and venus are the two planets without moons
  1899. Microsoft office program for little reminders
  1900. Samuel, irish playwright of waiting for godot
  1901. This band sang come as you are
  1902. Real name of nick, tin woodman in the land of oz
  1903. Not widely known inside information
  1904. Set of five playing cards, e g royal flush
  1905. Company that oversees the us music charts
  1906. Talking rodents in the land of oz
  1907. Legal term for due care or attention
  1908. Between a rock and a , an impossible situation
  1909. Land of oz device that grants one wish per day
  1910. To be fair, just or unbiased
  1911. Famous duchamp painting, nude descending a
  1912. 1986 film with david bowie and jennifer connelly
  1913. Tall shoes, such as stilettos
  1914. Land too full of water to take in more fat type
  1915. Sugary suckers
  1916. Explosive pyrotechnics set off at parties
  1917. Its the smallest dog breed, and a mexican state
  1918. Happening over and over, like in the water cycle
  1919. The lead dancer in a ballet company
  1920. Equipment for riding waves behind a motorboat
  1921. Native to the us state where cia is headquartered
  1922. Carbon ash compacted for use as fuel or art
  1923. Rock or sand deposited at the bottom of rivers
  1924. Female star of 2018s a star is born
  1925. Legally becoming parents to someone elses child
  1926. Stage and movie musical with abba songs
  1927. Quick snacks, e g burgers, fried chicken, etc
  1928. Millionaires offshore banking site
  1929. Automatic reaction, not thought through
  1930. Used a duster to shine a household surface
  1931. Basin, land area where water empties into river
  1932. Afeared, concerned, anxious
  1933. Tv transmission type that permits hd
  1934. Leafy garnish often used by restaurants
  1935. Cats and dogs pouring, drizzling, spitting
  1936. Stylish shirts for women
  1937. To see the future, gaze into this type of ball
  1938. Titanic sinker smaller than a glacier
  1939. Sleep inducing bedtime song
  1940. Their leaves lose water through the water cycle
  1941. Item spun during a common kissing game
  1942. Fight, contest, battle
  1943. Steam press a transfer to a t shirt
  1944. Mushroom found on tree stumps, not in the ocean
  1945. Alex, who hosted jeopardy
  1946. Dcs biggest rival in comics, superhero films
  1947. The u in ups
  1948. Prequel musical to the wizard of oz
  1949. Grim , personification of death
  1950. African animals with black and white striped coats
  1951. Wooden frames that hold canvases or paper
  1952. Preserved shell water is ancient groundwater
  1953. Competitions between two mounted knights
  1954. Timon and pumbaas catchphrase is matata
  1955. First name of the beatles guitarist harrison
  1956. Sticky tags that can be written on
  1957. Turns that smile upside down
  1958. Direction heated water moves in when evaporating
  1959. Winter hand garment that isnt a glove
  1960. The largest flowering plant family in the world
  1961. Number of years celebrated by a pearl anniversary
  1962. Arm muscle used for dumbbell curls
  1963. This instrument is a rounded concave brass plate
  1964. Upper chamber of us legislative assembly
  1965. Humans breathe this element it makes up water too
  1966. Eric carles literary caterpillar was very this
  1967. Bull, martin scorsese boxing biopic
  1968. Detain a suspected criminal
  1969. Han solos wookiee co pilot
  1970. An ology meaning the study of water, its cycle
  1971. People often do this to furniture for a new look
  1972. City, imperial palace complex in beijing
  1973. Nut collecting animals who like bird feeders
  1974. Gong for primetime or daytime tv excellence
  1975. Calculating, like keeping track of water runoff
  1976. This man made a giant leap for mankind, neil
  1977. Closely united or interwoven
  1978. Facial treatment often using clay, minerals
  1979. Unkindly, meanly
  1980. Condition of water after evaporation not solid
  1981. Drawing, sketch, painting, etc
  1982. Perform lotus, downward dog on this workout rug
  1983. Need this to hear gaming buddies
  1984. Partition that splits a room
  1985. Death at a , dysfunctional family comedy
  1986. Bird that likes showing off its beautiful feathers
  1987. Instrument played by dizzy gillespie
  1988. What gelatin does when you shake it
  1989. Light rainfalls in spring april
  1990. Nickname of egyptian ruler, tomb found in 1922
  1991. Beverage preparation expert in a coffee shop
  1992. The hunt for red , tom clancy and submarines
  1993. Words that have an s added at the end
  1994. Springs places where rivers begin
  1995. Fraction equal to 25 percent
  1996. The 2019 film where brad pitt goes to mars
  1997. Ultra challenging triathlon endurance event
  1998. Feeling of dizziness, loss of balance
  1999. Extinct, elephant like creature
  2000. Tv genre of love island and big brother
  2001. Shaped molds for making cookies
  2002. Raining little balls of ice stopping a taxi
  2003. Flared style of jeans cut to cover your shoes
  2004. What is often provided by corporate investors
  2005. Network of living things, including water cycle
  2006. The wooden puppet who turned into a boy
  2007. Giant hairy spider
  2008. Giant maze that may contain a minotaur
  2009. First , person who attends emergency situations
  2010. Successfully deposited a parcel at its destination
  2011. Pair of sticks with a point, for drawing circles
  2012. Problem solving instruction followed by a computer
  2013. Where santa and his elves live
  2014. Popstar whose albums include prism and smile
  2015. Beer brand shortened to bud
  2016. Those who fund the government
  2017. Rhythmic thud of a pulse
  2018. Construction plan, architects design
  2019. Move around, the way water does in its cycle
  2020. Soaks meat in seasoned liquid
  2021. Saline liquid that makes up the ocean
  2022. Sword pulled from the stone by arthur
  2023. Final strand, breaks the camels back the
  2024. Said of a thing that has no appealing qualities
  2025. Ancient animals whose name means terrible lizard
  2026. Borough of new york city beckhams eldest son
  2027. She plays wonder woman on the big screen
  2028. Its the m in the political abbreviation pm
  2029. A match made here, a perfect partner
  2030. One better than gold certification for album sales
  2031. Element putting the h into h2o, the water molecule
  2032. To stray onto private land
  2033. A barb tailed and flat bodied fish a model of car
  2034. Overflowing of water from riverbanks
  2035. Crunchy, like bread rolls with a hard outer layer
  2036. Flood or huge downpour of rain
  2037. To move quickly with small hurried steps
  2038. A spread of food on a table, for everyone to share
  2039. American actor duff, star of cheaper by the dozen
  2040. Number of seconds in a minute and a half
  2041. Margaret, writer of the handmaids tale
  2042. Country in which the bastille was famously stormed
  2043. 3d spherical models of the earth
  2044. The music genre associated with bob marley
  2045. Combining of different air masses that causes rain
  2046. Facebook app for direct communication
  2047. Wide brimmed mexican hats
  2048. Fake lake or other water storage
  2049. Painful indigestion, often after eating
  2050. Spinal columns
  2051. Flight , a member of cabin crew
  2052. Egyptian queen killed by the bite of a snake
  2053. Exchanges of water between land, ocean and air
  2054. Lines of hair above our visual organs
  2055. Word for religious and mysterious
  2056. Mirror in a car that shows the vehicle behind you
  2057. Ornamental band worn around the wrist
  2058. Pollution causes this bad downpour in water cycle
  2059. Whale named for its curved appearance
  2060. Kid in 1969 butch cassidy western
  2061. The whole kit and , absolutely everything
  2062. This steel has written more than 140 novels
  2063. Boxers rebounding training equipment
  2064. Frozen plane on the ground that stores water
  2065. Loss of feeling in a body part
  2066. The crime of illegally hunting wildlife
  2067. Air , rising breezes that carry steam upward
  2068. Central american coastline or a biting insect
  2069. Candy other than brittles that rhymes with vittles
  2070. Measurable depth of sky water dropped over time
  2071. Someone who is very energetic is this
  2072. Pasta based name of alfredo in pixars ratatouille
  2073. Avid reader, always lost in a novel
  2074. Person who sets papers to test students knowledge
  2075. Wetness water cycle provides this to the land
  2076. Black and white part of an electronic piano
  2077. Uses something to gain advantage
  2078. Cover a document in a protective plastic cover
  2079. Hovering, like steam after evaporating
  2080. Country where its thought golf was first played
  2081. Abs stands for this type of braking system
  2082. The chemical element represented by cl
  2083. Antony hopkins played him in silence of the lambs
  2084. Rapidly or at a fast pace
  2085. Illegally accessing computer data
  2086. Construction in which buzzing insects make honey
  2087. Injection that provides disease immunity
  2088. Annual publication for events of the year ahead
  2089. Parties in spanish
  2090. Distance on a football field
  2091. First name of bloom, actor in lord of the rings
  2092. A loud rumbling noise that occurs after lightning
  2093. Study of rock formations, including historic water
  2094. Runway down which models parade in fashion shows
  2095. Change for the better, turn over one of these
  2096. Title for a judge of the supreme court
  2097. Snares and cymbals form part of this musical setup
  2098. Plastic stick for mixing sugar into tea or coffee
  2099. Artisans who make items from clay
  2100. Undo, go back condense from steam back to water
  2101. French breakfast pastry, half moon shaped
  2102. Executive ones make tv shows happen
  2103. Emergency gas powered machine for electricity
  2104. The place where tickets are sold or reserved
  2105. This type of beasts and where to find them
  2106. Kitchen storage for cumin, pepper, thyme, etc
  2107. Permanent storage disk of a pc
  2108. Tiny water units that move fast in evaporation
  2109. Spiders and scorpions
  2110. Martial artist who uses hands and feet
  2111. French heroine who heard voices
  2112. Natural shower like niagara
  2113. Folders where most incoming emails land
  2114. Let go, like clouds do to their raindrops
  2115. Ruffled hair in an untidy way
  2116. Commercial transport of goods via sea, rail or air
  2117. Nutrient rich material from recycled veggie scraps
  2118. Reese witherspoon starred in blonde
  2119. Leafy green vegetable known as a superfood
  2120. Branch of mathematics using letters
  2121. Causing water to increase in temperature
  2122. Wicked or cruel act
  2123. Wheeled carriages pulled by horses
  2124. A five sided shape
  2125. David who played agent mulder in the x files
  2126. Ebay button for making an instant purchase
  2127. Charm with magic, protective powers
  2128. Footwear brand with go walk range
  2129. Cold dessert cooked inside a baked alaska
  2130. How wet the air is
  2131. Medical treatments or health cures
  2132. Hamlet says that to be or not to be is the
  2133. The sound made by a turkey
  2134. Second in charge
  2135. Spirit often drunk to warm up in cold weather
  2136. Public room in which to sit and relax
  2137. Begged to a deity
  2138. Snuggle down, make a comfortable spot
  2139. Instrument known as a fiddle in folk music
  2140. Name often shortened to joe or joey
  2141. Fastenings on necklaces or bracelets
  2142. Special bladed shoes worn by ice dancers
  2143. Big streams of water with strong or weak currents
  2144. Simbas dad in the lion king
  2145. Long winter socks hung at a fireplace at christmas
  2146. The shape of most cell phones or chocolate bars
  2147. Liquid paths for transport, like canals or streams
  2148. A thick, warm blanket or winter bed covering
  2149. Non locals, people not in the in crowd
  2150. Thomas cruise mapother iv better known as
  2151. They come in bouquets anagram of reflows
  2152. Rumbling sound often followed by lightning
  2153. Places electronics are plugged in to get power
  2154. Walking underneath these is considered bad luck
  2155. Olaf in frozen, who was obsessed with hot weather
  2156. Room where babies sleep
  2157. Athletes who use clubs to hit ball into tiny hole
  2158. Sweetly scented bean added to ice cream
  2159. Female who appears on screen playing a part
  2160. Huge orange vegetable, made into soup at halloween
  2161. Instrument that looks like a mini guitar
  2162. Infection of the hearing organ
  2163. Banged on a door
  2164. Large expanses of hot, barren landscape
  2165. Maps help people go in the right one
  2166. Meat patty served in a bread bun
  2167. A household hearth to sit around and warm yourself
  2168. Black crumbly sticks used by artists
  2169. Marine creature named for its blade like nose
  2170. Voice amplifying loudspeaker
  2171. Deluge of snow, anagram of have canal
  2172. Warm feather filled quilt or cover for a bed
  2173. Its lyrics include doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo
  2174. Undead walking creatures
  2175. Type of room where you sit before a train arrives
  2176. Grasshoppers that destroy crops
  2177. Study of the earth and rocks
  2178. Cartoon character with a pet monkey called abu
  2179. Renaissance painter, inventor, and scientist leo
  2180. Arm covering parts of a shirt, worn long in winter
  2181. Tingling on the skin, relieved by scratching
  2182. Robbers, criminals who steal
  2183. City home to disney world in florida
  2184. House , searching for a property to rent or buy
  2185. Cut into pieces, like vegetables
  2186. Actors caine, fassbender and j fox
  2187. Warm fabric throw often placed over a bed
  2188. Springy jumping toy for bouncing up and down
  2189. French sparkling wine served at celebrations
  2190. People from madrid or barcelona
  2191. Helmet like wool covering for the head and face
  2192. If you knock it, your arm might go numb
  2193. Mens thermal underclothes to cover the whole body
  2194. Fast dog breed who lent its name to a bus company
  2195. To present someone to another person
  2196. Combine , farm machine for cutting crops
  2197. Coming in after first place
  2198. Owner of a store selling general food supplies
  2199. Chief ingredient of pizza sauce
  2200. Describes tuneless singing
  2201. The final design of a magazine or webpage
  2202. Ice homes some inuit use as shelters from the cold
  2203. Restart a computer system to fix a fault
  2204. Mouth recommendation from personal experience
  2205. Demands for compensation
  2206. Sheeps wool lining of winter coats and jackets
  2207. Nickname for legendary scottish lake monster
  2208. Eye covering game played with a baby
  2209. Insulating underclothes
  2210. Blue or lilac bloom with a relaxing scent
  2211. Logs and timber collected to burn in a hearth
  2212. Carbon , toxic gas with the formula co
  2213. Running around from place to place
  2214. If its too cold outside, youd best stay
  2215. Giving presents
  2216. High up platform built in the trees
  2217. A thin, fried circle of batter
  2218. Shiver my , a pirates famous exclamation
  2219. Word puzzle where letters are jumbled up
  2220. Fleshy part of a hearing organ, sometimes pierced
  2221. Legendary ape man of the american wilderness
  2222. Opening pendants with space for photos
  2223. What animals that move to hot places in winter do
  2224. Sleepless in this us city, according to the film
  2225. Age a girl would celebrate her quinceañera
  2226. To protect against the cold by wrapping in layers
  2227. Cosmetic surgery to fix saggy jowls
  2228. On , impartial, showing no allegiance
  2229. Moving belt in a sushi restaurant
  2230. A warming drink of liquor, sugar, and spices
  2231. Vastly popular video game, world of this
  2232. Numbers with a value of less than zero are this
  2233. Type of lion that lives near giant hills
  2234. Main character part in a play or film
  2235. Baddies in superhero movies
  2236. J m barries boy who never grew up
  2237. Parasol that provides shelter from natural rays
  2238. Underground railway network
  2239. Singer john, had a global hit with all of me
  2240. Remove possessions from moving boxes
  2241. In grammar, the opposite of singular
  2242. Milky way is its own within the universe
  2243. Fruit used to make cider for mulling
  2244. Photo taking device
  2245. Spongebob makes these patties in the krusty krab
  2246. The scandinavian country whose capital is oslo
  2247. Removing water, like damp clothes by a fire
  2248. Got to make its time for me to leave
  2249. Springtime festival associated with a bunny
  2250. First name of famous egg that fell off a wall
  2251. Having zero purpose, ineffectual, beyond repair
  2252. Wool scarf, sounds like itll obscure your talking
  2253. The middle of an ovum, its deep yellow
  2254. Salad vegetable that puts the l in a blt sandwich
  2255. Big wave caused by an earthquake
  2256. Title held by the great leaders of ancient egypt
  2257. You might keep yours crossed to wish good luck
  2258. Useful or clever tech devices
  2259. Seller of fresh animal meat
  2260. Period of extremely dry weather with no rainfall
  2261. In your dreams, more than you could wish for
  2262. Slimy, purple antagonist of monsters inc
  2263. A place that provides protection
  2264. John swigerts quote, we have a problem
  2265. Don´t count these animals before they hatch
  2266. Hold this over your head to stay dry in the rain
  2267. Ocean into which the amazon flows
  2268. When you are sad about someone dying
  2269. Cows have four of these organs humans have one
  2270. Wear these to keep your feet warm while you sleep
  2271. Movies the titans or a walk to
  2272. Divers costumes
  2273. Female that is head of the hive
  2274. Taking an airplane
  2275. Sticks and these rocks may break ones bones
  2276. A small, dark dried grape
  2277. White, puffy objects in the sky
  2278. Pill to swallow device like an ipad
  2279. Lean against this horizontal bar over a fireplace
  2280. George, wrote nineteen eighty four and animal farm
  2281. Name given to a male goose
  2282. Humpty, who broke into pieces after a fall
  2283. Laps of a pool from side to side
  2284. Coat, blazer
  2285. Shop where bread, rolls and pastries are sold
  2286. Canal that links atlantic and pacific oceans
  2287. Use this spouted vessel to brew up a hot drink
  2288. Shaggy cat with lengthy fluff
  2289. Jordan peele is behind the revival of the zone
  2290. Best stay indoors in this heavy winter snowstorm
  2291. Sport played by lions, bears, and bengals
  2292. Cooking in a hot oven or by a hot fire
  2293. University academics
  2294. Sitting down in a dropping manner
  2295. Breakfast food, looks like an undecorated cupcake
  2296. Winter mountain sport you need to dress warmly for
  2297. A person who rents property from a landlord
  2298. Winnie the poohs small, pink best friend
  2299. Black bug with hard outer wings
  2300. One book in a series the loudness of sound
  2301. Pointed tool used in sewing
  2302. Interior , how a home is decorated
  2303. Rock showing a long dead animal
  2304. Spanish male friends
  2305. Someone who helps others recover from illness
  2306. All in one vacation location
  2307. Sharp tools commonly juggled or thrown
  2308. It has a lens, a shutter and a flash
  2309. Lethal weapon and mad max actor mel
  2310. Floor of a house below ground level
  2311. Outline or example document
  2312. Back limbs of an animal
  2313. Cooked on a low heat, like soup or broth
  2314. Conflict when a country fights against itself
  2315. Using special string to clean between teeth
  2316. Womens tight fitting coverings for the lower body
  2317. Service that brings things to your door
  2318. When prices go up and money´s value goes down
  2319. Romantic saint whose day is february 14
  2320. Leisure attraction with thrilling rides
  2321. Edible nuts often roasted and eaten warm
  2322. Electric kitchen device for quickly heating food
  2323. Rhyming animal that often follows see you later
  2324. Wetness that keeps falling on my head
  2325. Title held by the wife of a us president
  2326. O positive, ab negative, for example
  2327. 3d artwork, often made from clay or metal
  2328. Some animals do this to escape the winter cold
  2329. Cosmetic product used between lashes and brows
  2330. Shakes with worry
  2331. Warming protectors worn either side of the head
  2332. Skeletal part of the back of the foot
  2333. Young plant that is just starting to grow
  2334. Power tool attachment that makes circular holes
  2335. For christmas is you, by mariah carey
  2336. Metal household heater, often fixed to a wall
  2337. Longest running race at the olympic games
  2338. Plenty more fish dont lose heart
  2339. Warm aromatic pepper often added to winter drinks
  2340. Over consumption sin
  2341. To thaw food out, defrost
  2342. Sweater like wool jacket that opens at the front
  2343. Friendship ending property buying board game
  2344. Film about giant gorilla killed in new york
  2345. Identity document required for overseas travel
  2346. Taking a quick midday snooze
  2347. Dominoes with the same number on either end
  2348. Long haired peaceniks of the 1970s
  2349. Toaster made pastry snack
  2350. Online home for content and information
  2351. A plot of land where apple trees grow
  2352. Canadas most populous city, on lake ontario
  2353. The bell tolls hemingway novel or bee gees hit
  2354. Transactions with interest
  2355. *data transmission science
  2356. Khaki-colored
  2357. Cartoon maker of iron bird seed
  2358. Salinger teen who says i prefer stories about squalor
  2359. *elementary school fundraiser
  2360. Piece for three instruments
  2361. They're often pop-ups
  2362. Dig deeply (into)
  2363. Pigs out (on) briefly
  2364. Blacken in a pan
  2365. *rank for tv's columbo
  2366. The i in mit: abbr.
  2367. Ceremonial conical structure
  2368. Tra-__: refrain syllables
  2369. Track meet infractions … or short words hiding at the beginning of the answers to starred clues
  2370. Had the flu say
  2371. Love to pieces
  2372. A as in athens
  2373. Not be fooled by
  2374. Continue to subscribe
  2375. Decide on
  2376. Patronizes as a restaurant
  2377. Not bright as a light
  2378. Many a nasa mission
  2379. White-__: formal
  2380. Ref. work that added yolo in 2016
  2381. Proposer's preferred response
  2382. Paperless party announcements
  2383. __ up!: quiet!
  2384. Sell directly to the consumer
  2385. Manhattan or staten
  2386. Defame in print
  2387. Woman's name backward or forward
  2388. Vaulted alcoves
  2389. Raise a hemline on say
  2390. Three-time a.l. m.v.p. (2003 2005 and 2007) informally
  2391. One of several on a tractor-trailer
  2392. Sweetheart in salerno
  2393. The big easy in brief
  2394. Promotional goodies handed out at an event
  2395. Gymnast simone
  2396. Yu-u-uck!
  2397. Charge with a crime
  2398. Words spoken after a big raise?
  2399. Garden of earthly delights
  2400. Made a verbal attack with out
  2401. Shelter that might be made of buffalo skin
  2402. Ply with chocolates and roses say
  2403. Kind of vehicle to take off-road
  2404. ___ the grouch
  2405. Tv channel for college sports
  2406. Sunni or shia in islam
  2407. Not at liberty
  2408. Like a 10th or 11th inning in baseball
  2409. Nine-digit government id
  2410. Cheers at a fútbol match
  2411. Eight lamb chops typically or a frame for 15 pool balls
  2412. Cups saucers pot etc.
  2413. Inelegant problem-solving technique
  2414. One of the twin cities
  2415. Like some college bros
  2416. ___ get you!
  2417. The p in ups
  2418. Jack nicholsons weapon in the shining
  2419. Events for which the answers to the three italicized clues were built
  2420. Parts traced for turkey drawings
  2421. Totally spies! spy
  2422. Country with a five-sided flag
  2423. James who played uncle phil
  2424. Like some friends or numbers
  2425. Nintendo player's cheating aid
  2426. Cry of contempt
  2427. Reeves who led the vandellas
  2428. What the second letter of 10-down stands for
  2429. In a sec
  2430. Roll for initiative item
  2431. Is dressed in
  2432. Music genre for millie small
  2433. Not optimal
  2434. Yes in french
  2435. Two hours before noon
  2436. Avenues e.g.
  2437. ___ and match
  2438. The war with grandpa star thurman
  2439. Gelato unit
  2440. Laugh or cringe say
  2441. That was a million years ___
  2442. Fenty beauty owner's nickname
  2443. British ferris wheel
  2444. Feud between inventors
  2445. Nba player with a purple-and-gold jersey
  2446. Thing skipped on a lake
  2447. No man's ___ (video game)
  2448. The french quarter's city
  2449. Floats along
  2450. '80s rock instrument for short
  2451. Taurus or pisces
  2452. I ___ scientist (stem diversity initiative)
  2453. Late sleepers
  2454. Wheels with cogs
  2455. Let your geek flag fly
  2456. 2020 us open champion
  2457. Top of a top 10 list
  2458. Position for f or saturn
  2459. What humidifiers humidify
  2460. Like cats but not cat
  2461. Feature of l or <
  2462. Man cave basically
  2463. Butterfly-catching tool
  2464. Name that might be short for andrea