1. Time for a countdown abbr
  2. Official document informally
  3. Sluggish flow
  4. Still in it
  5. Once youre forced into this theres no going back
  6. Initiates a proposal maybe
  7. Oversize letter at the beginning of a chapter
  8. Elementium or obsidium in world of warcraft
  9. Sixers in pro sports for short
  10. Enterprise group
  11. Do ya band informally
  12. One who knows the drama of raising children
  13. Elusive thing for a popular show
  14. Letters that can fill in the blanks of a d er to make an appropriate surname
  15. Become slick in a way
  16. I shall see thee i die look pale with love much ado about nothing
  17. Classic hit that begins my friends feel its their appointed duty …
  18. One way to gauge how well connected you are
  19. Broadway character who sings the rumor
  20. Attraction at a water park
  21. Queens we are the champions vis à vis we will rock you
  22. Relative of mauve
  23. Certain bank job
  24. Diciembre doce enero
  25. Lead in to service or sacrifice
  26. Spot of coffee
  27. Tnt in poker slang
  28. Free add on
  29. Like some parking and poetry
  30. Amusement park ride perhaps
  31. 1994 olympics locale abbr
  32. Scrip specs
  33. Props to a proofreader
  34. Crystal gazers lead in
  35. Sure they can go right ahead
  36. Big name in slip on shoes
  37. G i pal of forrest gump
  38. Counterpart of blanche
  39. Country without an official army navy or air force
  40. Did a bang up job
  41. Japanese car whose name means reward in early german
  42. Joins as a team
  43. Double vision?
  44. Items often checked
  45. Will it play in __?: vaudeville phrase
  46. What eee signifies?
  47. Pound product
  48. Fabric with metallic threads
  49. Musical e equivalent
  50. Cesar millans gift?
  51. Blind date?
  52. Films partly made in stages
  53. Deal with creases
  54. Texas hq of frito-lay
  55. His-and-hers concert souvenir?
  56. Texans neighbors
  57. Old language that gave us blunder
  58. The music man setting
  59. Quakers in colorado?
  60. Puts an edge on
  61. Extra nfl periods
  62. Comforting affirmation
  63. Starts to fight
  64. Star over paris
  65. Much urban housing: abbr.
  66. Nyc art district
  67. Letters before a view
  68. Customizable nintendo persona
  69. Have on to a brit
  70. Feast on 44-across
  71. Bleed (for)
  72. Supreme monarchs
  73. Provide generously as ones time
  74. When a classic film gunfight started
  75. 1945 big three meeting site
  76. E and fg in sports
  77. Is beholden to
  78. Original king kong film studio
  79. One of the seven sisters
  80. Hitch star
  81. Accomplishment that makes an individual competent or eligible for an office, position or task (noun)
  82. The quality of being important (noun)
  83. Quality or degree of producing effectively with a minimum of time and effort (noun)
  84. Neighbor of belgium
  85. Three four-syllable words
  86. Three five-letter musical instruments
  87. First three greek letters
  88. Parts of overalls
  89. Gareth or christian
  90. New orleans player
  91. Former president
  92. Bye baby _______ (nursery rhyme)
  93. Kept anchored
  94. Time for many an mgm premiere
  95. Consultation remunerations
  96. Divers defense
  97. Hairy-footed hero/narrator
  98. Unfortunate poor person
  99. Call up
  100. Consider in detail
  101. Swimsuit cover-up
  102. Kept out of view?
  103. Disciplinary programs
  104. Its carried out
  105. Action or war
  106. Paleoanthropological paradise
  107. Exhibits with out
  108. Taco truck descriptor
  109. Handled lightly with with
  110. Add to the list
  111. Practice following a lunar calendar
  112. Content provider?
  113. Knots up
  114. Travelers joined it in 1998
  115. Minimum opener
  116. Thors mother in the marvel universe
  117. Mag into trendspotting
  118. Course with what martha stewart calls a powerhouse vegetable
  119. Put too much into
  120. Support for the faithful
  121. What the tibetan plateau caused to form
  122. Catch used as currency in old england
  123. Smartphone add-on
  124. Durable group
  125. Be all over the map
  126. Fill in the blanks speculatively
  127. Hymn recorded by caruso
  128. Avatar embodiment
  129. Expound on nothing in particular
  130. Rickshaw family member
  131. Coy rejoinder
  132. One of harrisons heroes
  133. Certain class uniforms