1. Multi talented flexible
  2. Weak ground ball
  3. Glaringly vivid
  4. Dessert alcoolisé
  5. Ressusciter e
  6. Moon of saturn oceanid
  7. 'a little ____ now and then keeps life from stagnation' (fanny burney)
  8. South africa-born actor who played captain beattie in 1966 sci-fi film fahrenheit 451
  9. Receiving gladly
  10. An old liberal working in sheffield?
  11. Tree named after german god odin? time to give up!
  12. Champions with hesitation entering western pubs
  13. Openings in a game when getting to the end
  14. — woo; name of the pekinese dog in all creatures great and small
  15. Lacking any vision, outrageous male appearing as drag queen?
  16. The furniture is pleasing, we're told
  17. Fur pouch worn with scottish highland dress
  18. A dance for one person
  19. Christmas with weakling and playwright
  20. Small italian dumplings served with sauce or parmesan
  21. A drink for baby
  22. Marched home around church
  23. A river in south east africa forming part of the borders between south africa, botswana and zimbabwe
  24. American after fortune for plant
  25. Animal: one leapt out
  26. Combo's leader plays new love song
  27. Compass showing north during storm
  28. Drama writer in junior enclosure
  29. Fellow brought over gives slight bow
  30. Fictional railway boss's diet, perhaps?
  31. Get rid of former pm, half-heartedly
  32. Grey flatfish crossing river
  33. Habitual drug user
  34. Key member, close
  35. Kind female by a church font
  36. Known; open
  37. Mark in second vehicle
  38. Novel and courageous symphony?
  39. One pointing out group one disapproves of?
  40. Outer city regions
  41. Part of conditional release the old man ignored
  42. Put off m1 before race, leading to conviction
  43. Relating to plant study
  44. Reportedly follow story
  45. Sacked from orton play (joe's last), departs
  46. Salt-marsh plant
  47. Time to remove unwanted plants in river
  48. To a position within
  49. Unfortunately butter possibly going up, and dessert wine
  50. Young man may get praise skipping university
  51. Dutch city 1713 treaty
  52. Largest phlegraean island
  53. _ leaf rag, a composition by scott joplin
  54. Ballet position, or a card game
  55. Sédimentaire e
  56. Surname of britain's first green mp
  57. 1959 stage play by jean anouilh
  58. A way of doing or being
  59. Another name for the mineral aventurine feldspar
  60. Relative's gun-cleaning occupation
  61. Devotes one's attention to present-day clothes
  62. Decide not to run with small old-fashioned weapon
  63. Spotted pieces undergoing chain reaction
  64. It could be spare for diners
  65. Magazine in current style
  66. Companies nursing sailors get round depression in field
  67. Completely broken down
  68. Composer not wanting to secure run
  69. Cultivated plant of the genus delphinium
  70. Decline to accept drink having answer ready for bulgarian
  71. Dessert created by small program with skill
  72. Distance from end to end
  73. Eloquent and plausible
  74. Enormous pair of soldiers
  75. Enthusiast i dressed in flowing caftan
  76. Escape when entering old railway inn
  77. Evil termination from sin in place in church
  78. French vote for returning divine female
  79. Brave good soldier defends everyone
  80. Grab woman who's on the streets
  81. Heavenly body exemplified in titania? show bottom!
  82. Idolatry
  83. In rear limb, large scab
  84. Interested party prone to tangle with krays
  85. Judge's job is tedious
  86. Like metro to travel a distance
  87. Live dance music from monk or bird
  88. Mother's request for silk
  89. Muslim women's veil
  90. No bame person would spin such a harmless story
  91. Partner briefly i used to connect with
  92. Possibly wise move to drop very sorrowful expression
  93. Recipe ingredients x-rayed, suspiciously found across motorway
  94. Relative speed
  95. Result of operation of prison sewer?
  96. Revised chief grade as far as diplomat
  97. Ridge of sand
  98. Run through cumbria, say - it's rural
  99. Victory idly wasted in a breezy way
  100. Shabby bar, unfinished property in which bomb found
  101. Shock as canal sides crumble
  102. Some coral with a heavy price
  103. Sort of house, nothing secret when in it
  104. Spot round by north-east with space for dedicated surfer
  105. Step into a&e, fred!
  106. Still relaxing
  107. Stone slab in battle ground
  108. Study deadly virus in a bright young dwarf
  109. Swears at area transport
  110. Tailless school cat turned up in wicked place
  111. The first colour?
  112. Thinking timid agent needs replacing
  113. Exterior account for resin
  114. Use milk mostly in mixing cereal
  115. Wife abandoning film director becomes intimate
  116. Wisdom in town with elderly tourists?
  117. Writer upset one drink at pub, then second
  118. 1941 film about a young circus elephant born with large ears
  119. Abstract poem, about to be dropped, is put in book
  120. Advertisement that's likely to be pulled?
  121. Area of high level ground
  122. Argue incessantly as mistress sprat liked to?
  123. Attractive cave reached round river
  124. Be a soldier without sleeves, do we hear?
  125. Bond actor, roger, d. 2017
  126. Book male unseen
  127. Book silent night, for one
  128. Break time at school?
  129. Filius neptuni qui concha sonanti caeruleum agitat
  130. Endorsing, with note, is pleasing
  131. Effronterie e
  132. Moral rule guiding behaviour
  133. Abridged essence
  134. Raised area on which the pitcher stands in baseball
  135. County academic clutches english volume
  136. Edmundo —, trinidad-born bandleader and nightclub owner who died in 2011
  137. Dennis __, 1960 wimbledon men's doubles tennis championship winner with rafael osuna
  138. Core of vesuvius expanded invisible radiation
  139. Some paper gets left in field
  140. "life is like riding a bicycle. to keep your - you must keep moving." albert einstein in a letter to his son eduard
  141. Used in some countries as proof of name or age
  142. William —, 17th-century navigator after whom — bay in the northwest passage west of greenland is named
  143. Can start arranging to negotiate
  144. Ring boy about burden
  145. A standard cylindrical drum with one drumhead
  146. Raise sides of excellent coat
  147. Tear out taking certain item of value
  148. Shane —, australia-born former bristol shoguns, northampton saints and worcester warriors fly-half capped twice by england in 2006
  149. Butterfly-shaped archipelago of five islands in the heart of the caribbean including basse-terre and la desirade
  150. Fine yellowish-brown pigment
  151. Fears it could be less speculative
  152. Get pay, not advance initially, out of the country
  153. Eclisse e
  154. Bless archaically
  155. Quality of being well organised
  156. Zadora actress
  157. Reader one gives a hand to?
  158. Thomas ___, english composer noted for ‘rule, britannia’
  159. Michael _; british sci-fi author
  160. A noisy ghost
  161. Enlarge widespread change
  162. Female star of american beauty
  163. Bbc tv sitcom that starred david jason and nicholas lyndhurst
  164. Denied it’s rubbish on the day
  165. Biblical place in the wilderness of judah, on the western shore of the dead sea, whose vineyards were celebrated in solomon's time
  166. 1989 film starring jeff bridges and beau bridges and michelle pfeiffer
  167. Squalid hq
  168. Again, rursus
  169. Before the event, bargain is to get the most attention
  170. Part of a ship just above the hold
  171. Variété de laitue
  172. Ensemble des lois constitutionnelles e
  173. Relatif aux huitres
  174. Relatif au lait e
  175. Habiter e
  176. Navrante e
  177. Détériorer e