1. Seeing that ye get to sing for this
  2. See the one that can manage to be the dealer
  3. How irritating to have to have the end of 27 across!
  4. A little tea comes out with the chicken and with grass on top
  5. Cenobites nyt
  6. Even first-class fish may make one sick
  7. It's not right among hundreds for them to be so split
  8. Give thanks for having such a large, open fire going, by the sound of it
  9. In church before paul (not formerly saul), so one should look up to him
  10. In the open he loses his head with rage
  11. There's little talk of the piano sounding as if there's something loose in it
  12. When there's nine and fifty five more (4,2,3)
  13. One might get up with a start like this
  14. This won't give one a start
  15. What a lucky 17 across!
  16. Said to be filthy and might become cruel
  17. One might stress that it's wet at the end of the street
  18. It's the layer's turn to be lively
  19. Maintain your little sister in a tin
  20. Its' the very devil to get a parrot onto the end of this
  21. With such a figure as you'll find in this, mary might be a shorty
  22. Un's killed where there's p
  23. Is the pig meant to sound so brown?
  24. About a hundred could be saucy as well as blooming prickly
  25. It's an eye-opener how much of the cake is in the awning
  26. How mad margaret might grate on one
  27. That ass is on fire in the ship
  28. All around the equipment back at first
  29. A road and an r.a. with it will help your motor keep its cool
  30. What bellerophon did to 15 across
  31. There's firing going on in there (and a pest there too)
  32. How noble to out for that in the ring!
  33. You and i will shortly be ok
  34. Made to scale in stockings
  35. What a splendid bargain - and there's so much of it!
  36. Is this made to scale?
  37. It goes down our throat for our throat, and, by the sound of it, gets joined to us
  38. One might hold the boat for the one with the brush
  39. How you leave when you've gone
  40. When there's the excitement of mixing the christmas pudding, perhaps
  41. To drink too much through this person
  42. That marriage would be just right to a striking extent
  43. It goes on ahead
  44. That once was the state of the emerald isle
  45. Only one on ahead
  46. In the tear, do it up for the rat
  47. Round and round t for 31 across
  48. The glen might have got it in the neck from them in donegal
  49. If one is the better for coming between edward i and edward ii
  50. Not a single miss for 27 across
  51. Do you be wounded by a dd?
  52. Such as this, there's about fifty, etc. in ireland
  53. Pose a fabulous one standing on his head
  54. The way to make it tough may also make it cross
  55. What you'd be in 12 across
  56. Perhaps how to get the mat to be quiet with your shoulders
  57. When the boats go, all is not well with the tvs and radios
  58. Business is blooming for them
  59. When the saucepans turn over, that's not the end of the journey
  60. Setter cared to mess around? that's none of your business!
  61. To start with, i was fed there, it seems
  62. Let it turn in the flat stone to make it starry
  63. Al is in such a bloody state - and there's any amount of it
  64. Refused to build this over the wye, by the sound of it
  65. By the sound of it, blowed if that's such a shady little bird
  66. What a blooming fishy lair!
  67. Becoming more numerous; increasing
  68. You might put this label on les, and that's flat!
  69. So silly - i had got to 10 up the street!
  70. What a bore to have this always inside!
  71. For the most part, and in a way, commanding
  72. Be gob, that's the right lump!
  73. Get on in the ride, and that's flat!
  74. What the gun has to get an irishman out of a job
  75. One might go and say this at the double
  76. You'd have deserved to have got this after half a century, as you've been taught
  77. Is that what the teller can do about the dead?
  78. The former basic stage of the general certificate of education, replaced by gcse
  79. All the holy sound of the ten i depend on
  80. Tin and ten under canvas, on purpose
  81. Agree to the sound of 22 across
  82. Might the g.i. lie in such a sour, yet holy, setting?
  83. It's silly to start to make this sort of 24 across
  84. All together with your child of ulster, perhaps
  85. The sort of bus that might take one down below, but not after this
  86. The sort of a 22 across, perhaps, that might get one round to being sullen
  87. By the sound of it, meet this in a bloody unusual way
  88. 1985 biopic starring jessica lange as patsy cline
  89. How one might get a mark for just retribution from 1 down
  90. The top of 16 down will leave this at the ball
  91. That was a whale of a dive, to judge by the noise it made
  92. About half a century for the earl in numerous ways
  93. Rush back to get one buck
  94. Under fire - metal, too
  95. `e has the destiny to be overweight
  96. Tomas de ---, monk who was first inquisitor general of spain
  97. That's about the first lady to have been on the bench
  98. Half finished food can be seen as exceptional
  99. Seen to follow around the north
  100. How heavenly when the omnibus came back over one mile!
  101. Yale has such a narrow entrance ot it
  102. The king might be after his b.a. with some heat there
  103. The sort of dishonesty one might expect from jack - to an extreme extent at last
  104. Don't go and get pitch all over you
  105. Cleverly augment line of colour
  106. For greece, like a roman series, by the sound of it
  107. Might such a brilliant one get dealt with?
  108. Two-thirds of the oxygen makes it precious hard
  109. Where 'e's there as well in range
  110. That will be a most striking encounter when one does this
  111. Bored yak disturbed part of a computer
  112. So you won't be able to get this one
  113. Woe to those that be bound to sound like that
  114. It's got put on around, you see, as evidence
  115. Has 'e got to sit it before ten in the morning?
  116. Long for poetry like this
  117. That might make one lively and b- - - randy in france
  118. Number 1 hit in the us and uk for john denver
  119. Does this encourage it to be in the twisted vine?
  120. Strip your spouse at last
  121. She got level with him
  122. The object is quite sound enough to be doing something sound in the garden
  123. Got sore about where i've got to
  124. How hard to be eve!
  125. Where silk may be tight
  126. Since they're about the east to a relative extent
  127. How one might abandon him with the yeast
  128. Any of various plants having a white feathery appearance, such as traveller’s joy or spanish moss
  129. The first lady is mourning under the broken rig
  130. By way of being sheepish
  131. Old cart in the ship for old lovers
  132. Mature scripture writer
  133. The old ship is in the ship
  134. Reckoning that's when they get to bray
  135. Where you might get on into the north-east
  136. Has father got a mixture of syrup for writing
  137. They're silly enough to be in the soup
  138. Which word meaning “fictional humanoid” was coined by czech writer karel ?apek?
  139. Broadly speaking, patrick, you may be found in the flat
  140. How a scot is unable to be in the garden
  141. Be prone to get belied, perhaps
  142. Heat? o, that's where to find 4 across and 25 down
  143. Was a little scared of having been in front after the beginning
  144. Sounds as if it's full of 16 across without being dull
  145. It's clear that there's something mischievous in the cover of this
  146. Pass this and help yourself too liberally, perhaps
  147. Get a move on and make a hit with 26 down?
  148. Not 6 across may 6 across
  149. The mixture, i see, on principle
  150. What one may eat the head of
  151. Father might possess this cross, by the look of it
  152. One makes tens, or a one that's respected
  153. 1 down must have it
  154. By the sound of it, making all well in the scrum
  155. Might the deity jar with the turn of this boss?
  156. Sing something hot before i would
  157. Sounds as if the beasts might be 35 across there
  158. Is the south seedy on water?
  159. One may thus be in a hurry to take the wrong turn
  160. That colourless piano was all i had
  161. To get the rum up with water is enough to make one beastly seedy
  162. The pound i possess, not being late
  163. The dr. ought to cause it, but not for a long time at last
  164. Sounds as if one might go off in church
  165. That is a gent for a broom
  166. The river one is on may be the death of one
  167. How kind and true an arrangement!
  168. A good catholic, so he is, in the building
  169. Being so tough, the girl gets back around one
  170. How grand in the irish times so to spoil it!
  171. Has'e got involved in the duels? no, avoids them
  172. Sick at last of this sort of little flower
  173. A double century i make a hole in, but not on purpose
  174. By the sound of it, florence, make yourself scarce and escape
  175. Spirits can make one not so extreme
  176. If the sea gets into it, you can make a beam of it
  177. Wo beastly if one has to be at the wheel
  178. How one may start once more to have accents for the summary
  179. At least comfort will make one so fat
  180. Shall we turn up just a shade after father?
  181. It's wholly on ahead, by the sound of it
  182. It's enough to make the south sick to be on the sea
  183. That coud be a very special sort of purse
  184. One might have been sounding scarlet with this
  185. You had your meal late in the evening so as to be slimming
  186. Nothing by way of a wing thus be held
  187. There's an obligation to make the fatherly fellow conservative
  188. Rather inclined to be unreasonable
  189. With 150 in fruit, one might get to be a swell
  190. One will go off at the edge of the street at last
  191. Where one might have a box to have her in there
  192. How the gaelic comes after tea, in short
  193. It may grow to be many yards long
  194. That never made your sound
  195. Prone not to be up to it
  196. He's under the car for the cock (5).
  197. It could be pretty well over the cock and be seedy
  198. That comes to one gross
  199. Unlike a 12 across, they're let in
  200. Edward the singer performed in the theatre
  201. At some stage they get delivered, in manner of speaking
  202. Has it got its share of the sky?
  203. A keeper? his pay?
  204. When there's a rodeo at the palace, there's a pig in it
  205. How a star turns red in bits
  206. It would sound great there to get ash on it - steel too
  207. Get the wheels on the car seen to after work
  208. Bet he could get in there in a lazy sort of way
  209. How to tell a serving officer to serve as a man of medicine?
  210. Being eight feet long, no wonder it was the next best thing to be frightful to miss muffet
  211. Re: saturn, they're not on either side of it
  212. I'm back with the candy for 17 accross
  213. That's the wrong way to do up our end up your nose
  214. The harbour starts the walk that's covered-up
  215. God, after being on the water mother's gone up
  216. Slack enough not to be able to walk-u
  217. The way heads toss and turn up
  218. At sea, cuts up
  219. What this stork would do to the baby would be eat-up
  220. Over fish, an indication to write-up
  221. By the river, this tree can never turn up
  222. Bit of a spud chopped-up
  223. In spain that feline fellow is sure to turn up
  224. Fifty-one's tied-up
  225. To sound dead, time is not in it, perhaps
  226. Lo, that might be it
  227. It's just a whim to put a cap on what onemay be 34 across
  228. Only a bounder could clear this
  229. He'll make one fit to be employed by the railway, perhaps
  230. What included a top hat for lincoln
  231. The little mother to either side of her, you may take it as read, by the sound of it
  232. Mean to get into a scrape with a stone
  233. Leap to one's feet after 1 across
  234. It's for him to be in the water, just a little
  235. This may,by the sound of it ,lead to a holiday at state expense
  236. Many low enough not to be like the end of 7 down
  237. Sounds as if mr. e's not well-known
  238. It's a bit of a gamble to get a taxi back with such precious little weight
  239. Is one ne'er able to make her start to get angry
  240. You can't catch a greek letter in the mine
  241. After tea 1 down is a winner
  242. Even a peek may prove costly
  243. Are you with a twisted tail in such a formal fashion?
  244. Play for time to make the time faster it seems
  245. Happy to be so long in the ship
  246. Sounds as if there might be some more, yet there are no more, like this (3)
  247. The place for her?
  248. How 'e gets the duel confused, so as to avoid it
  249. What a powerful sside, perhaps
  250. Not austral, and not the british navy, either
  251. Is it from such poetry that ron gets his dough, by the sound of it?
  252. Have a beastly drink and fly away with it with the p1. over the end
  253. That's where it's extremely around the saint in church
  254. Does silly john go 5 down, by the sound of it?
  255. Mange might cause this solicitor to vegetate
  256. O, that's where it is in the bar from the mould
  257. The extreme case of a doctor like a jerk
  258. Produce the eggs afain, perhaps, in shifts
  259. What one says might be comparatively absolute, perhaps
  260. There's something about drink that 17 down may cause
  261. It may just happen that they sound musical
  262. If you write this in the street you'll be finished
  263. Salt it and smoke it in scotland
  264. In view of this one might be going up and down in the carpenter's shop
  265. Seems that hundred he had was all under grass
  266. Being a leading moslem, i claim to be ending as 31 across is beginning
  267. This might get the boy to tag on in a couple of quid
  268. That's not a firm, french one for a horse
  269. Take an iron to apartment no.10
  270. One short, it seems, but that doesn't matter
  271. Arrived too much, perhaps, as the winner
  272. 2004 fantasy romcom with anne hathaway and hugh dancy
  273. In such saintly surroundings i become part of the salt of the earth
  274. One questions how tubby they would get by the hundred
  275. Status leaves such a bad taste in one's mouth
  276. Just a little leg of salmon, sir
  277. Less happy to hide his work about a pound
  278. It will do for her never to come back
  279. You have to have the french to get the point of this
  280. Pay one of them to get around, of course
  281. The clergy in flight?
  282. It may be made by civil servants, perhaps, before tea
  283. Run this; do wrong, too
  284. Time to dress? that's rubbish
  285. One does not drink when there's beer about and one is at the races, perhaps